Chapter 30 – World War Me

Chapter 30 – World War Me

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“So you got everything?!” Jax questioned in surprise.

“Aye, thought about settin’ the date fur sometime in September or October.”

“Money’s at the house…” Jax hinted as to the money they’d stolen from the Aryan Brotherhood.

SAMCRO had stolen their money and their drugs, and that was only the first step to Jax’s plans to sabotage them. That part was a piece of cake in comparison to what awaited them.

“I’ll stop by later tonight.

“Should be more than enough to pay for everything,” Jax said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh, and Riona says Aislinn’s dress will be ready in a couple days.”

“Aye. I’ll give ye the money for it tonight. But have Riona hang on to it. Bad omen ye know.”

“You got it.”

“How’s the old lady handlin’ the married life? Got yer balls in a vice yet?”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Not yet…” Jax teased in return, and Chibs nodded.

“She will soon enough. Just ye wait Jackie! Hand me that Philip head.” Chibs murmured as he rolled out from under the vehicle he was working on.

The president grabbed the screwdriver then handed it over. He narrowed his eyes however as Lyla was calling him. Jax answered the phone but glanced towards the office where his wife was.


“Jax, we’ve got a bit of an issue here…”

“What kind of issue?”

“The Ima kind…”

Jax let out a miserable sigh, and Chibs placed a hand along his shoulder as he’d overheard this.

“I’ll handle it.” He offered as he and Jax hadn’t a chance to tell the girls about the porn studio and their involvement in it.

“You sure?” Jax questioned with unease.

“Aye, but we gotta sit the lil lasses down tonight…” The Scot murmured with a touch of guilt.

The girls knew about the studio but only Happy’s involvement. They hadn’t a clue about Chibs and Jax’s owned percentage as well. Each of the Sons owned a percentage.


Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Take Hap with you.”

The Scot whistled out gathering Happy’s attention. Happy glanced that direction as he was working on an old Indian motorcycle.

“Sounds like drama at the studio.”

Happy frowned but stopped what he was doing and followed Chibs to Cara Cara.

Chibs and Happy entered the studio and could hear the commotion from the doorway. Happy had this unamused look about him, and Chibs sighed.

“Can’t we watch a scene or two first?” Happy pleaded.

“Ye can watch one afterward! Jaysus, yer worse than fuckin’ Trager.” Chibs uttered as the Son was eyeing a girl on girl scene. The VP grabbed him by the arm then pulled him back towards him. The Scot placed his hand along the nape of Happy’s neck and herded him along.


The young woman lifted her head, and Kip pulled over on his bike. He wondered what she was doing downtown and walking around on her lonesome.

“Hey… You alright?”

“I need to see Scotty.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Alright, I can take you to him.” Kip offered then gestured for her to hop on.

“Why didn’t you call one of us?” The Son questioned as he could tell she’d been on her feet for a while.

Her face was flushed over, and she had beads of sweat running down the sides of her face.

Aislinn didn’t comment, and Kip handed his helmet over.

“Hold on, sweetness.” He softly put as the young woman seemed utterly broken.

Aislinn wrapped her arms around him, and Kip hit the road.

“Oh shite!” Chibs hollered.

He and Happy were quick to break up the massive catfight between Ima and a younger porn star. The two were pulling at each other’s hair and screaming on top of their lungs. Lyla had this apologetic presence about her when she entered the room.

“What in the hell, ladies?!” Lyla snapped, and the younger star lowered her head in shame.

“I’m sorry. But this psychotic bitch was all up in my grill, and I don’t even know why!”

Lyla shook her head then gazed upon Ima.

“I told you to lay off. Didn’t I?!”

“Why was she in my shoot?!”

“You know why…”

“That was supposed to be my scene!”

“Well, I say otherwise!”

“You don’t make those calls.”

“Actually she does.” Happy uttered, and Ima frowned his direction.

I hired this one…” Happy pointed towards the younger porn star.

“We needed a fresher face.” He added with a flirtatious wink the new girl’s direction.

“So I’m being replaced?!” Ima hissed in disbelief.

“If you don’t watch the ‘tude’ you may very well be.”


“He means yer sorry arse attitude. Ye’ve got plenty of scenes ta shoot Ima. Ye always have. Ye gotta learn ta quit hoggin’ everythin’ up and let some of these other lasses have a go.”

The younger woman sent Ima a snooty grin.

“Ye know Lyla calls the shots. If ye don’t like it, then ye can talk  ta one of us. Ye hadn’t any business handlin’ this on yer own.”

Chibs grabbed a box of tissues off a nearby desk then handed the younger porn star one.

“Thanks…” She whispered then brought it against her busted lip.

Ima rolled her eyes, and Happy raised his brows on this.

“You givin’ my brother attitude?” Happy questioned taking Chibs and Lyla by surprise.

The man wasn’t fucking around either. No. He was dead serious.

“I…” Ima started to say, and Happy backed her into a corner.

“I’ve been called up here three times within the last month, and you’re always involved.”

“It’s not me! It’s Lyla. She keeps booting me out of the scenes!”

Happy leaned into Ima’s ear.

“I want her in the scenes.” He pointed towards the younger porn star.

“I picked her. So your problem is with me, not Lyla, not Jax, or Chibs, but ME! Face it… you’re old news, old pussy, just old period.”

Ima’s jaw dropped, and she wasn’t the only one. Chibs had never heard Happy talk to any of the girls like that. Lyla was just as stunned by all this if not more. Ima’s bottom lip quivered, and Happy nodded amongst himself. He cupped Ima’s chin then looked her in the eyes.

“I heard what ya said…” Happy whispered so only she could hear him.

She sent the Son this puzzled look, and he gave a mere nod.

Maybe a good ass raping will make her less of a cunt and don’t even get me started on Chibs’s old lady. I don’t think she was fucked hard enough. He quoted Ima’s words as she had been referring to the Lawless sisters. Ima gathered this look of absolute shock as she had said this to Scarlet. They were pissed and talking shit about the sisters.

“Maybe I should tell our president what you said.”

“Happy…” She pleaded, and the Son’s hold grew tighter.

“I didn’t mean it!”

“Doesn’t matter. You said it either way, and you don’t even know them.”

“You know… I don’t think we need you here.”

Happy lifted his head then nodded Chibs’s direction.

“You wanna see this bitch in another scene?”

Chibs curled his lip in disgust. He never liked Ima to begin with; much less take pleasure in anything she’d been in. He avoided her scenes like the plague. Her personality alone was a major turn off, and those fake moans of hers didn’t help matters.

“Once was enough for me,” Chibs uttered as he thought back to the one time he did watch her.

He swore he’d never watch another scene with her again. He didn’t get how Jax could be turned on by anything she did. Out of all the pussy in the world, Jax slept with this bitch and on more than one occasion. Why?! The Scot pondered.

“Why don’t you call Jax and see what he says?!” Happy smugly suggested.

Chibs nodded then got Jax on the phone. The president knew where the boys were going with this and gave the okay. The VP gave a simple nod, and Happy smiled.

“I think we’re in agreement. Hit the road. Your porn days at Cara Cara are over.”

“Happy, please. I’m sorry!”

“I know you are! That’s why I’m firing you!” Happy exclaimed as he dragged her towards the fire escape then shoved her on out the door.

Chibs couldn’t believe what he’d just witnessed. He’d never seen Happy like this. Chibs hadn’t a clue what Ima and Scarlet had said as Happy was the only one to even pick up on this conversation and what all was said. All Chibs truly gathered was how personal this was. He hadn’t any inkling as to why. Happy shut the alarm off then acted as if nothing even happened. Happy made the new girl feel right at home and even apologized for Ima’s behavior.

The VP checked on the other girls and made certain everything was okay before they left. That’s when he took notice of Scarlet. She was a teacher and in an all-girl scene. She had them bent over and was spanking them. Scarlet sent the Scot a wink once she spotted him. Chibs sighed amongst himself. This was normally a scene he’d be down for, but all he could focus on was how uncomfortable he was. He wanted to get the fuck out of there and ASAP.

“Ye ready, Hap?” He hollered.

“Hellllooo.” Happy uttered as he took notice of the scene as well.

He smiled and watched as Scarlet “punished” the other girls. Chibs cleared his throat as he was growing somewhat impatient.

“What’s with you?” Happy questioned.

“Nothin’ just need ta get back to the shop.”

“You look constipated or something.” Happy taunted.

“Yer gonna be constipated when I take me boot up yer arse!”

“Just let me see how this one plays out.” Happy murmured then made himself nice and comfy.

“I’m gonna get some coffee…” Chibs muttered then headed for the Cara Cara breakroom.

“Hey, bring me a beer and some chips!” Happy hollered, and Chibs muttered a slew of Scottish curse words under his breath.

“He’s somewhere in there,”  Kip said after pulling up to the porn studio.

The Son thought nothing of it. He assumed the girls already knew. He stayed put while Aislinn headed inside.

“Can we help you?” Another woman asked.

“Aye, I’m lookin’ for Filip Telford.”

The woman smiled and signaled for Aislinn to follow. Aislinn couldn’t believe her eyes as they passed by scene after scene. She’d never witnessed so much nudity and sex in her entire life. She came to a complete halt at one point and was fixated on a particular one. The male lead was choking the woman and roughly fucking her.

“You know how I like it…” She heard him say and Jimmy’s face came to mind.

This had her staggering back.

“You alright there sug?” The woman asked, but Aislinn hadn’t heard a word.

She locked eyes with the woman leading her Chibs’s direction.

“Nevermind.” She whispered then bolted on out the door.

“Whoa…” Kip said then shot to his feet.

“What’s up?” He hollered as she kept on running.

“HEY!” He shouted then chased after her.

“AISLINN!” He yelled before grabbing ahold of her. He yanked her towards him then Aislinn took her engagement ring off. She handed it over, and Kip looked to it in bewilderment.

“Tell Scotty I’ll be moved out before he gets home.”

Wait… What?!”

“I was goin’ ta end it but couldn’t. And here I was… thinkin’ I was bein’ selfish for wantin’ to hold on.”

“END WHAT?! Aislinn babe, what are you talking about?!”

“The doc called. Said she could get me in early. So I called for a cab and went to the appointment…”

“…okay…” The Son murmured wondering where this was going.

“I can’t have children Kip. The one thing he wanted most… I can’t give him! My tubes are too scarred up and nothin’s getting’ through. Doc says I can try surgery but makes no promises. My case is worse than usual.” Aislinn glanced towards the porn studio and let out a tearful laugh.

“I should be thankin’ him. He just made my decision a wee bit easier. Hope he’s enjoyin’ himself. Let him finish before ya go and ruin it with that ring.”

“Aislinn, it’s strictly business. Chibs isn’t…”

Don’t. I know all about the brother code. Don’t ya go and defend him. I know what he’s doin’! And I’m guessin’ that means he’s part owner considerin’ ya mentioned business.”

Kip just stood there in shock as Aislinn waved someone down then hitched a ride on out of there.

Chibs and Happy exited the studio then nodded Half-Sack’s direction.

“What brings ye here?” Chibs questioned, and Kip grimaced.

The VP and Happy exchanged glances on this. The Son cleared his throat then handed the ring over.

“What are ye doin’ with me girl’s ring?”

Kip relayed the message, and the Scot staggered back. Chibs felt as though he were drowning. He found it hard to breathe, and he couldn’t make out a word that was said after. The Scot couldn’t process what had taken place. All he knew was that he was holding Ali’s engagement ring and she was nowhere to be found.

“I can’t believe ye brought her here…” The VP muttered behind gritted teeth.

“Come on brother; I thought she knew!”

Kip let out a surprised grunt when Chibs grabbed him by the cut then socked him in the gut.


“Easy…” Happy uttered with a hand along the VP’s shoulder.

“DON’T YOU PUT THIS SHIT ON ME, MAN! THIS ISN’T MY FAULT! YOU SHOULD’VE FUCKING TOLD HER!” Chibs went to hit him again only to have Happy jerk him back, just in time.

“Kid has a point. Could’ve been any one of us… I thought the ladies knew…” Happy defended and Chibs curled that lip of his.

“Where is she?!”

“Don’t know. She hitched a ride with some guy in a big ass rig, red one, white trailer. He was headed north.”

The VP hopped onto his motorcycle and went to search for this truck.

“So where to?”

“Don’t care. Just get me out of town.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Ya could say that.” She heartbrokenly put.

The man nodded as he shifted gears and stopped at a light.

“Do you have a habit of hitching rides with complete strangers?”

“This makes a first.” She admitted.

“So you’re an Irish girl…” The man murmured in amusement.

“No offense sir, but I’m not up for any small talk. Just take me wherever you’re goin’, and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“Don’t got any…”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question, and the man grinned as he removed his hat then pointed to his bald head. The young woman managed to smile but wiped a stray tear off her cheek.

“Mind if I turn on the radio?” The man politely asked.

“Your truck. Do whatever ya want.”

“Fair enough. Name’s Milo by the way.”


“Like the Virgin Mary?” The man teased as he skimmed through the stations.

“Far from it… I can’t even bear a child.”

The man raised his brows on this.

“Take it that was your man you were running from?”

Aislinn didn’t answer and peered out the window.

“Last chance… If you want to go back now’s the time to say so.”

Aislinn kept quiet as they passed the city limits sign. The man nodded amongst himself and kept on trucking.

“Goddammit, Ali!” Chibs shouted as he couldn’t find the rig Kip mentioned.

He couldn’t believe she just up and left, with a man she didn’t even know. That didn’t even sound like something Aislinn would do. But the Scot thought back to what all Kip told him and what she must’ve seen in that studio and cringed. The Scot knew he was to blame. This wasn’t on Kip or Aislinn. No. It was on him. As if the news she’d gotten wasn’t bad enough, Aislinn just had to walk into that studio and discover what he’d been putting off. He should’ve told her about Cara Cara and his involvement months ago but kept making excuses as to why the timing wasn’t right. The Scot just fucked himself, and his girl was in a bad place. A place he put her in. She needed him, and he wasn’t there for her. He was off in the Cara Cara breakroom drinking coffee while Happy entertained himself with Scarlet’s domination scene. Chibs should’ve gone with that gut feeling and left the fucking studio.

Chibs hopped off his bike then dug the ring out from his pocket. He was standing in the driveway to his house when he slipped into a full-blown panic attack. The Scot couldn’t help it. He was picturing the worst things imaginable and just knew he was going to find her body in a ditch somewhere if she didn’t end up in another human trafficking ring. The Scot looked to the ring then doubled over. He reached to his gut and apologized over and over again.

It wasn’t just about the porn studio and how he kept that hidden from her. It was about Jimmy and how he was still haunting her, to this very day, and through the means of fucking her up so badly she may never have children, and now she thought Chibs didn’t want her. She hadn’t a clue. That was so far from the truth. Sure, the Scot wanted children. But he wanted HER more than anything. If that meant there were no children in their future then so be it. All he could think about was finding her and making everything right.

The man had a moment of desperation and ran into the house. He prayed to God she was there.

“ALI!” He hollered once he entered the house.

Chibs checked every room, but she was nowhere to be found. All her clothes were intact. Her guitar and fiddle were in the living room, along with her journal and notes. He headed into the backyard and still, nothing. There was no sign that she’d even been there. Chibs got on his phone yet again then left another voicemail. This made his tenth one.

“Come on pet; I get that yer pissed and ye have every reason ta be. But knock this fuckin’ shite off and fuckin’ call me!”

He slammed the phone down then paced the area. The Scot jumped once his cell phone rang but let out a disappointed sigh when he heard Riona’s voice instead.

“No sign of her I take it?”


“Oh, Mary…  What happened?!” Chibs told her about the appointment Aislinn had then admitted to his fuck up. This, of course, threw Jax under the bus as well. That wasn’t the Scot’s intention, but he couldn’t focus on that at the moment. All he could think about was finding Aislinn.

He could hear Jax and Riona arguing back and forth as Jax explained his part of the situation.

“Start searching the bars!” Riona barked but sounded like she were on the verge of tears.

She covered the receiver and Chibs could make out mumbling and knew Jax was getting another earful. Sorry, Jackie… The Scot thought but knew they both had it coming. All this did was make them look bad. Chibs could see what this must’ve looked like and knew from the way Half-Sack was talking that Aislinn thought he was seeking entertainment. Even with his word on how he’d never do that. He just gave her EVERY reason to believe otherwise. He did that by hiding the truth. He’d never forgive himself if Aislinn got hurt through all this. It’d be his fault, and he’d tell Riona to put a bullet in him and be done. She’d do it too. He hadn’t any doubt about that. Jax would be taking the plot next to his. The Scot humored himself as he could picture Ethan taking a piss on their graves and uttering the word assholes while he was at it.

“On it,”  Chibs uttered as he darted back out the door.

“We’ll find her,” Riona said but sounded just as broken as he was.

“Hope so.”

“I love ya and Jackson but ya two really fucked up! I can’t believe ya went and kept your part in all this a secret!” Riona furiously admitted and Chibs recoiled as she broke down.

“How could ya hurt her like this?! Why would you and Jackson keep somethin’ like this from us?! Ya know where Linny comes from. Ya’ve seen it yourself. He tore her up and to find out you’re makin’ money off somethin’ even remotely similar?! Ya just took a piss all over her! Ya might not condone rape, but you’re condonin’ the culture. That’s all my sister sees now!”

Jax muttered something in Chibs’s defense, but the Scot couldn’t make out what he said.

“Don’t even get me started on ya Jackson!” Riona fired back then hung up the phone.

Chibs sighed amongst himself then went on to hit every bar in town.

“Hey…” Milo softly called as he shook Aislinn awake.

Aislinn jumped then gathered her bearings.

“Didn’t mean to startle you, hun. Thought you might be hungry.” He pointed towards the café he was parked at.

“I’ll wait here.” She whispered.

“I’ve been listening to your stomach growl for the past hour. Come on; it’s on me.”

Aislinn had this hesitant look about her, and the man sighed.

“Could use the company. Kind of sucks eating alone all the time.”

He hopped on out of the truck then made his way around. He opened Aislinn’s door and gestured for her to climb on down. Aislinn climbed out of the truck, and the man shut the door.

“Where are we?”

“On the outskirts of Sacramento,” Milo said while opening the café door for her.

“Skies the limit.” He uttered once they were seated and looking the menu over.

“You gonna answer that?” The man asked as her cell phone vibrated, yet again.

The young woman shook her head no.

“That’s been going off nonstop. Must be some pretty worried folks.”

“They don’t need me around. Trust me; it’s better this way.”

“And why would that be? You don’t have shit on you, do you?”

Aislinn lifted her head on this.

“You won’t get far…” Milo added.

“Don’t ya think that my business?”

“Sorry. Just the father in me. You look like you’re about my daughter’s age.”

“You have children?”

“Four of em.” The man said with a prideful grin.

Milo brought his wallet out then showed her a few pictures.

“They look happy.”

“Hope so.” The man uttered then tucked his wallet away.

The waitress took their order then dashed off.

“Hardly seem them. Always on the road. Someone’s gotta put bread on the table, ya know?”


“So what’s your story, kid? Why are you running?” He asked as her phone vibrated, yet again.

She didn’t even bother to look at it just kept hitting ignore.

“Who says I’m runnin’?”

The trucker cocked a brow on this and Aislinn let out a miserable groan.

“Alright, look our food will be out before we know it. We can talk after we eat.”

“Thought I made it clear I didn’t want to talk.”

“That you did. But like I said… Don’t get much company nowadays. Besides, you have me curious. What makes someone like you run?”

“Someone like me?”

“That’s right… I mean whoever this guy is… He’s gotta be kicking his own ass about now. He must’ve REALLY fucked up!”

Aislinn blushed in response.

“Father’s worst nightmare. Having a daughter like you… I’m sure your old man is losing his shit worrying about you.”

“More like stuffin’ his face with a bottle of whiskey and losin’ another hand.”

Milo reared back on this.


“Aye. My pa’s a piece of shite, and I’m takin’ after him.”

“So you’re a gambling drunk too?” The man witted with a warm smile.

Aislinn sort of laughed.

“Well, I got the drunk part of that nailed down pretty well.”

“You seem pretty sober at the moment.”

“Aye, but I could drink me half a liquor store about now.”

Milo nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Mind if I smoke?” She asked, and the trucker gave her the go ahead.

The young woman reached over and grabbed an ashtray off one of the nearby tables. She lit her cigarette and Milo took notice of her trembling hands.

“You mentioned not being able to bear children… I take it you just found out today?”

Aislinn gave a sad nod, and the man recoiled.

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

Her bottom lip quivered, and she took another long drag off her cigarette.

“Is that why you ran?”

“Thought we were goin’ to do this after we ate?” The young woman murmured.

“Food’s taking too long.” He said with a playful wink.

“Oh look, I called it to the table!” He announced as the waitress set their burgers and fries down.

“Thank you.” He said, and the waitress gave a simple nod.

“I can’t repay you…” Aislinn said with this guilt-ridden expression.

“Eh, you can pay it forward when the timing is right.”

Aislinn picked at a fry, and a single tear ran down her face and onto her plate.

“Hey…” The man reached over then gave her hand a comforting squeeze.

“Whatever this is… You’ll get through it. We always do.”

“Doesn’t feel like it. I feel like I’ve already died. I lost everythin’ in one day.”

“Something tells me if you went back home that wouldn’t be the case. That phone of yours is ringing off the hook. Someone’s awfully worried about you.”

“It’s just Scotty and my sister. Trust me they’re better off. I can’t give them what they deserve.”

“And what is it they deserve?”

“He wants to be a father and my sister wants an actual life. She’s on her way to that.”

“Wait… Are you saying they…” The man hinted thinking this a Jerry Springer moment.

“No! Nothing like that! Riona would never… Now Scotty… I’m not so sure anymore. I thought I knew him, but I was wrong.”

“So he didn’t take the news very well, huh?”

Aislinn took a bite out of her burger, and the man waited while she chewed and swallowed.

“Not sure how he took it…”

“So you didn’t tell him…? I thought the kid you were with…”

“He’s just a friend. I was just relayin’ the message.”

“Ouch…” The man said then stuffed some fries into his mouth.

“Couldn’t break up with him in person? Had to have someone else do it for ya?!”

Aislinn recoiled on this, and the man sent her a shameful look.

“Man… that’s cruel. You didn’t even give him the chance to say his piece in all this.”

“I was gonna…”


The young woman wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Like I said… he wasn’t the man I thought he was. I was gonna tell him what the doc said… But found out he been lyin’ to me all this time…” Aislinn trailed off and got downright emotional.


“What do you do when you find your man at a porn studio? Not just any porn studio but one he owns a percentage of?”

“Holy shit!”


“Okay, I can see where you’re coming from. Hell, I think any woman would’ve run for the hills!” The man chuckled in disbelief.

“That’s some secret he had there! Still, maybe you should’ve heard his side before you ducked on out of town.”

“But you just said…”

“I know what I said. But I believe everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves before we jump the gun and go making assumptions.”

Aislinn sighed then stuffed another fry into her mouth.

“He needed to know about your situation at least. If nothing else, you would’ve had the chance to rub a little more salt into that wound.”

“I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Even though he hurt you?”

Aislinn nodded.

“Damn. He’s gotta be kicking his own ass. You sound too good to be true.”

The young woman sent the man an uneasy glance, and he laughed.

“Oh no… Not hitting on you. Like I said… You remind me of my daughter. I just meant you seem like the kind of girl that makes men crazy. Had to carry a bat around when my daughter hit that age. Fucking assholes were all over her.”

Aislinn managed to smile.

“Now you sound like my brother.”

“So you got a brother and a sister?”


“You’re just ripping out all kinds of hearts tonight, aren’t you?! What about your mother? How does she feel about all this?”

“Wouldn’t know. She died over a decade ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What’s this?” Aislinn questioned as the man handed a wad of cash over.

“That’ll get you on the bus back to Charming. There’s a town with a bus stop not too far from here. I’ll take you there after we eat. It’s time you went home, kid. They’re worried sick, and you know it. You’ll have plenty of time to clear that head of yours on the bus back. I’m not saying you should take that idiot back. But don’t turn your back to family. Not ones blowing up your phone like that.”

The young woman broke into uncontrollable sobs.

“You don’t understand. I can’t go back.”

“Why not?”

“Because it hurts too much.”

“You mean him…”

Aislinn nodded then handed the money back.

“You gotta face this head on. I know it’s a scary thought, but it’s something we all have to do at some point. You can run now. But he’s going to enter your life again at some point, and you’re going to need some sort of closure. Trust me… that’s something you will always regret if you don’t. So take the money. I’ll put you on the bus myself. You can think about what you’re going to say when you get there. Hell, give that asshole a good shiner. He probably deserves it. But don’t let him run you off from whatever family you got back home. Despite what you think, they need you, and you need them.”

“It’s late brother. Chances are she’s not even in town.” The president said, and the VP pinched the bridge of his nose.

The three of them had met up at the last bar Chibs had in mind. But no one had seen or heard from Aislinn. They called the shop a couple of times, and they too hadn’t heard from her.

“Ethan!” Riona damn near shouted as the thought never occurred to her.

A glimpse of hope hit Chibs as Riona dialed her brother. Ethan had the day off and hadn’t a clue that Aislinn was missing. Riona was pissed with herself. How could that pass her mind? Aislinn could be with Ethan!

“Hey,”  Ethan answered.

“Hey… Ya haven’t seen Linny around today have ya?”

“Um no… Is she on her way or something?”

Riona grimaced, and Chibs braced himself against the wall. He too was hoping she would’ve been there. Riona explained the situation and Jax and Chibs could hear Ethan’s rant over the phone. He went on to say that he knew “that old fucker would hurt Aislinn” etc.… Chibs let out a miserable laugh then headed outside.

“Look, we’ll pick Abel up from the clubhouse, and I’ll take you two home. Chibs and I will keep searching.”

“I want to be mad at her…” Riona admitted as she couldn’t believe how foolish her sister was being, yet she understood all the same. Aislinn was hit right in the feels, twice, and reacted. She couldn’t blame her, no matter how hard she tried. Riona understood her sister’s feelings and why she left town. She only prayed that Aislinn would come back to her senses and get back home before she ran into any trouble.

“What’s that?”

“Chibs and I were going to sit you two down tonight and talk to you both about Cara Cara and our arrangement.”

“Don’t ya go and fill me full of that shite!” Riona snapped, and Jax sighed as they were headed outside.

“No. I’m serious, Riona. Chibs and I made plans to do that tonight.”

“He’s right…” Chibs said as he’d picked up on this.

“How do I know ya two aren’t just sayin’ that to cover your own arses?”

“Think whatever ye want lass. Yer gonna anyhow. I have no reason ta lie ta ye. All I care about is findin’ Ali. I could give a shite about anythin’ else!”

Riona’s jaw dropped when she saw her sister’s ring. Chibs had it in the palm of his hand. He was sitting on his bike and gawking at it with this wounded expression. This had Riona looking to her own ring, and Jax sighed taking notice.

“I’m sorry Riona. It should’ve never come to this.” Jax sincerely put.

“It’s gonna take some serious grovelin’,” Riona admitted on her sister’s behalf.

But Riona was just as hurt by all this. She and Jax tied the knot just a few days ago, and this is how she found out?!

“It’s gonna take more than that, darlin’. Yer sister thinks I’m done with her. She was plannin’ on lettin’ me off the hook before she even knew about Cara Cara. All I did was give her more reason. I’ll find her.” He vowed then looked to Jax.

“Take her home. I’m gonna hit a few more places and see if anyone’s seen her.”

Jax nodded then hugged his VP.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“Not your fault Jackie. I should’ve seen this comin’.”

“That makes two of us.” The president admitted with an apologetic nod Riona’s direction.

“Just find her. Please.” Riona pleaded.

Chibs gave a mere nod then took off.

“You’re right…” Aislinn said, and Milo craned his neck that direction.

They were stopped at a red light.

“I need to go back home. I wasn’t thinkin’. I just wanted out of there.”

Milo nodded in complete understanding.

“It’s not just my brother and sister… But the wee one.”

“Wee one?” Milo questioned as the light turned green.

“Aye. I’m an aunt!” Linny proudly put, and Milo smiled.

“Well, there you go! I’m sure he’s missing you already!”

Aislinn covered her face then started to cry.

“Hey now… We’ve all been there. You just needed to clear that head of yours. That’s all. You knew you’d go back eventually. So don’t beat yourself up over it, alright?”

Aislinn nodded, and Milo patted her on the leg.

“I have to pay you back though.”

Milo shook his head.

“Don’t even worry on it. Just pay it forward whenever you can. All good, hun.”

“Thank you, Milo.”

The man gave a mere nod but reared back once he saw the flickering red and blue lights behind them.


“Eh, some dipshit sheriff is pulling me over.”

Aislinn’s heart sank when she saw the sheriff making his way to Milo’s door. She thought back to Chibs’s warning and flinched.

“You alright there?” Milo asked.

Aislinn nodded but sunk into her seat a bit. The young woman kept to herself while Milo dealt with the sheriff. The sheriff had the trucker hand his driver’s license and insurance over. Milo complied, but the sheriff was eyeing Aislinn.

“Who’s the girl?”

“Friend of mine.”

“A friend, huh? What’s your friend’s name?”

Aislinn glanced the sheriff’s direction. The man was decked out in a gray suit, and he wore his badge along his hip. The young woman thought he was overly dressed for his field of work. He looked more like an FBI agent or something along those lines.

Aislinn thickly swallowed. She had to keep that accent of hers at bay and sound American as humanly possible.

“Mary.” She lied, and the sheriff nodded.

“Got any ID, Mary?”

“Now why would she need that? She isn’t driving.”

“I’m going to need you both to step out of the truck.”

Aislinn’s heart was going ninety to nothing when she opened her door and stepped out. She made her way around, and Milo sent her an apologetic glance.

“What’s your surname, Mary?”


“Mary Smith?” The sheriff uttered with an amused chuckle.

Aislinn nodded.

“Alright, what’s your driver’s license number, Mary Smith ?”

“Don’t have one.”

“Social security?”

“Why are you asking me all that?”

“Are you a prostitute, Mary?”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped and Milo laughed like this was one big joke.

“Does she look like a fucking prostitute to you?!”

“Come in all shapes and sizes.” The sheriff murmured.

“She isn’t a goddamn prostitute. Don’t insult her like that!”

“It isn’t her I’m insulting… I highly doubt you could pick up a woman like this, not unless you were paying through the nose.”

“I’M NOT A PROSTITUTE YOU FUCKIN’ MOG! (person of low intelligence)”

“WHOA!” Milo shouted as the sheriff slammed her up against the truck.

The trucker took a step towards them, and the sheriff aimed his gun that direction.

“Don’t even think about it. I’ll shoot your ass.”

“Do you have to be so fucking rough?!” Milo snapped as the sheriff had Aislinn pressed up against the truck. He used his body to hold her in place while he cuffed her.

“Come on man! The kid didn’t do anything!” Milo defended.

“Only because I interrupted. How much are you worth, sweetheart? Twenty? Thirty?”

Milo gritted his teeth once he saw the fear and humiliation in Aislinn’s eyes.

“Leave her alone!”

The sheriff ignored this then stuffed her into the squad car. He cuffed Milo as well. He shoved the trucker into the back with Aislinn and went to move the rig.

“You alright?”

Aislinn nodded, but her face was all scraped up.

“Jesus,” Milo whispered.

“I’m illegal.” Aislinn softly put.

Milo cringed once he caught the meaning behind that.

“Oh shit…”

“Aye… I’m fucked. So very fucked.”

“I’ll get you out of this kid. Alright. Just let me think.”

“There’s nothin’ ya can do, Milo. I did this to myself. I just pissed my freedom away.” 

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backgalwaygirls homenext1

4 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – World War Me”

  1. The girls are going to kill them both… oh they had to have a studio… i mean i can understand want to make money legal like and everything but really?? Never expected happy’s attitude but damn good for him trying to protect the girls from them. I don’t blame them and each one get what they deserve. especially Ima.

    Poor Ali… oh lord to find out that you can’t have children and a surgery MIGHT give you a shot… Poor gil… that sucks… and then to find out about the studio thinking something about Scotty? That poor lass..

    Milo her guardian angel whether he knows it or not… She took a chance and fell right into his lap and he going to do his best to protect her. I’m glad she found a *friend* to listen and to help her see what is going on>>

    the cop i hope he meets a nasty end i truly do damn you can’t do that talk about having a chip on his shoulder. can’t rough her up like that even if she is illegal.. Chibs is going to lose it…

    Perfect timing like always was just checking my updates and there you were. You always know when i need a good read. 🙂 I hope your muse keeps dancing and inspiring you and that she helps you get your a.c. back on very soon. Until the next time *bows*

    (bitey dogs chase after the cop and Ima treeing them lol)

  2. Boys boys boys…. Why have u not talked to the girls about it?! That was not cool. And now Aislin is running on emotion and she’s got herself in trouble. I know, not her fault. Stupid asshole sheriff. Come on boys y’all best find her!

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