Chapter 31 – Jailbreak

Chapter 31 – Jailbreak

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 “You can’t be serious!” Milo hollered as the sheriff stuffed him and Aislinn into a cell.

“You haven’t read us our rights or given us an actual reason behind our arrest!” The trucker said but was checking Aislinn over.

“Jesus kid.” He whispered as blood oozed out from one of the cuts on her cheek.

“You alright?” Milo softly questioned, and Aislinn nodded but with a tear trickling down her face.

“I’m sorry hun.” Milo sincerely put.

Aislinn gave a mere nod, and Milo wiped a tear off her cheek. He leaned into her ear as he did this.

“Don’t give them anything. Just keep to your Mary Smith story. Alright?!”

The young woman nodded, and Milo led her to the cot. He could see the destroyed look on her face and knew the girl was scared out of her mind. He could only imagine. If this sheriff caught wind of the truth, he’d have ICE up here, within a matter of minutes. Milo retrieved a tissue from his pocket then handed it over.

“You got some blood…” He pointed towards the cut on her cheek.

“Thank you,” Aislinn said then held it to her face.

Milo leaned against the wall and regarded the sheriff in thought. The sheriff was sitting at his desk and talking to his overweight deputy. He’d make fun of the man’s weight then barked orders like he were some sort of servant, rather than that of an actual employee. The deputy didn’t defend himself and took whatever the sheriff dished out.

“What are you staring at, tubo?” The man said, and Milo reared back as this was directed at him.

“A man with a badge but shit for brains.”

The deputy laughed, and the sheriff smacked him on the back of the head.

“Real funny coming from the man that picked up a barely legal prostitute. Girl can’t be older than nineteen maybe twenty.”

Aislinn didn’t comment and stared straight ahead. She was afraid to say anything at this point. She figured silence was best for this scenario. She couldn’t risk giving herself away. The sheriff went on to taunt Milo by reading out all his information; such as his age, height, weight, eye color, full name, address, social security number, and his children’s names.

“Wonder how the kids would feel about you picking up a whore… Shit, forget the kids. How would the little wife feel? Oh yeah, that’s right. She’s dead. So you’re a widower picking up a sweet young thing and I interrupted that. Hell, you must be pissed!”

Milo gritted his teeth then wrapped his hands around the bars. His knuckles were white from squeezing the hell out of them.

“Watch your fucking mouth!”

“Awe, did I hit a sore spot?”

The sheriff came to his feet then made his way over. He twirled those keys about then peeked in looking Aislinn’s direction.

“Well, go on. Don’t let me or my deputy get in the way. You got a cot and everything. Fuck the little darling’s brains out.”

The sheriff laughed as Milo let out a growl.

“No need to be shy Mary. Drop those drawers and spread em!” The sheriff further taunted, and the deputy shook his head in disbelief.

Aislinn flipped the sheriff off, and he died of laughter.

“I don’t think I can afford you but appreciate the offer.”

The sheriff looked to the time.

“Alright, I’m headed out. I’ll be back, and we’re getting to the bottom of this Mary Smith bullshit. We’re gonna find out who you really are. I don’t care if it takes all night and day. I’d be getting to that now if I didn’t have a thing tonight.” The sheriff nodded his deputy’s direction.

“Keep an eye on em. That one especially, she’s a handful.”

The deputy nodded in response and the sheriff headed on out.

Milo and Aislinn found themselves somewhat relieved once the sheriff left. There was another deputy in the far back, but he kept to himself and was on the phone off and on. An hour and a half passed and Milo was desperate to come up with some sort of plan. Aislinn wasn’t looking so good, and the truck driver was growing more and more concerned. The young woman was awfully pale and had her arms wrapped around her stomach.

“Hey, are you alright there?”

She nodded, but Milo could see the pain written all over her face.

“You’re not pregnant or something, are you?”

The young woman burst into tears, and Milo cringed once he caught his mistake.

“Oh hell, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. You told me… and it slipped my mind.” Milo sat beside her on the cot, and it was then he realized that she’d started her period. She was doing her best to hide it, but there was no hiding it. Poor girl’s jeans were caked in blood.

The man ran a soothing hand along her back.

“You’re having all sorts of rotten luck, aren’t you kid?”

“I’m sorry I got ya involved.” She cried, and the man sighed.

“You didn’t do a damn thing wrong, kid, alright? Don’t you go and take the blame for that ignorant sheriff.”

It was during this a plan came to mind. That plan, however, sucked all the same. This girl had been put through the wringer, yet he was about to suggest something that just might do her in. But he hadn’t a clue how else to go about this. The man had to get her out of here. They couldn’t let ICE get ahold of her.

“Stare straight ahead and hear me out…” Milo whispered.

The chunkier deputy would look over every once in a while and with concern. That’s what led to Milo’s decision. He whispered those plans to Aislinn, and she nodded once she understood what Milo was going for.

“Think you can handle that?!” He sincerely questioned.


“You’re going to be alright. I’m getting you out of here. I promise.”

Milo cleared his throat then came to a stand. He made his way to the bars and put on his best act.

“She needs an ambulance!”

The deputy lifted his eyes on this.

“She’s with child and bleeding out! Your sheriff got too rough!”

The deputy said nothing as he made his way over. He was awfully fidgety when he peeked inside.

“Are you really pregnant?” The deputy timidly questioned and Aislinn nodded.

The man sighed then headed back to his desk.

“What are you doing?! She needs help! She’s going to lose that baby!”

“I have to call Tim.”


The man didn’t answer as he called the sheriff. He hung up after a couple of minutes and with this conflicted presence about him.


“Says not to believe a word either of you say and that you’re trying to trick me.”

Milo was gentle as he grabbed ahold of Aislinn and brought her up against the bars. The deputy winced once he saw the blood on her pants. He sighed with that conflicted mien again. The man glanced towards the other deputy only to realize he’d stepped out.

“Look, you got a husband or something you can call?” The deputy questioned, and Aislinn nodded.

But the thought of calling Chibs right now was like a dagger to the heart. It was bad enough he broke her heart but to turn to him NOW of all times?! No! She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. She didn’t want to see that look on his face. The smug I told you so one. The Scot would feel justified considering she dumped his sorry ass. What stung even more… was knowing these thoughts weren’t true. But she wished they were. It’d make it easier to hate him. Why did he have to go and fuck those women?! Aislinn knew that was his only reason for not telling her about the Crow Eaters being actual porn stars. She recognized a few of them from the Fourth of July gathering, and this had her thinking back to Chibs’s girl on girl comment when they fucked in the baseball field. The woman’s face flushed over, and with an anger, she’d never felt before. She suddenly wished Chibs Filip Telford were here! The young woman wanted to give him a swift kick to the balls and then some. How could he hurt her like that?! How could he betray her and rip away the trust she’d given him?!

“Make it quick. Before Michael or Tim get back.” He muttered then handed the phone over.

A wave of nausea hit as she skimmed her fingers along Chibs’s digits. Only she hung up before she even finished dialing out.

“May I try again? I hit a wrong number…”

The deputy nodded, and Aislinn prayed for her sister’s forgiveness as she dialed her number instead. Part of her hoped Riona wouldn’t answer, but the frightened side prayed she would. But it wasn’t until Abel answered that Aislinn realized the potential danger she’d be putting her sister in. If the sheriff caught wind that she was illegal… her sister would be tossed into all that mess as well. She couldn’t do that. No. Riona deserved to be here with Jax and Abel. Riona fought tooth and nail to get where she was now. Aislinn couldn’t take that away from her. She’d much rather die than to hurt her sister like that.

“Hello?” She heard the tiny voice say.

“Hey, there…” Aislinn said behind a quivery lip.

She may never see this boy or her sister again. This was probably the last time she’d ever hear that sweet voice. Aislinn had that heart-sinking feeling as all these thoughts hit her at once.

“Aunt Linny?!”

“That’s right, love.”

                Abel squealed with excitement and that only made it harder to conceal those tears of hers.

“Mommy not home. She forgot her phone. Daddy outside. I go find him.”

“No need for that. I called so I could talk to you.”


“That’s right, Abel. I just wanted to let you know that I love you. I want you to promise to take care of your mother, no matter what happens.” 

“I will. I love you too Aunt Linny.”

The young woman covered her mouth so Abel wouldn’t hear the distress in her voice.

“Daddy, it Aunt Linny!” She heard the boy call before the phone was snatched out of her hold.

“HEY!” Milo hollered as the sheriff yanked her out of the deputy’s seat then slammed her against the desk.

“What did I tell you?!” Tim shouted the deputy’s direction.

“She’s miscarrying! She needs her family!” The deputy defended.

“I’ll tell her what she needs.” The sheriff said before dragging her into a separate cell.

Once he had her in there, he backed her into a corner.

“Pregnant my ass! You whores will say anything, won’t you?!”

The sheriff thought back to his father and how he left his hardworking mother for someone just like this. All these whores were the same; fucking homewreckers that drove men out of their family driven homes. His father saw what other men saw… young, hot, tail. The little wife (aka Tim’s mother) back home wasn’t good enough. He (Tim) wasn’t good enough. His father ran off with some bitch just like this and had another family. He too was a trucker and was bored until he met the prostitute of his dreams. Bitch made it sound like she was the star of Pretty Woman and all because his father saved her and turned her into a new woman. The sheriff gritted his teeth then slugged Aislinn across the face.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Milo yelled.

The sheriff ignored this and lifted Aislinn up off the floor. He used his body to hold her in place then spread her legs. He laughed once he saw the blood.

“Well, I’ll be goddamned. You were telling the truth! That certainly makes a first. I bet you don’t know who the daddy is though, huh?”

“Should we call for an ambulance?” The deputy questioned.

“Nah, let nature take its course. Everything happens for a reason, right? Maybe this is God’s way of telling you-you’re not fit to be a mother.”

Milo recoiled as Aislinn winced like she’d been hit.

“I’m gonna have your badge for this,” Milo warned, and the sheriff laughed in mockery.

“Are you now?!”

“That’s right. You’re breaking all sorts of protocol and think that badge of yours gives you free reign. It doesn’t. It’s a shiny turd, nothing more.”

The sheriff nodded then lowered Aislinn back down.

“Try not to make a mess, alright?” He uttered before shoving her onto the cot.

He headed on out then locked up behind him. The sheriff made his way into the cell where Milo was, and Aislinn screamed out in horror as he went on to give the man a thorough beating.

“STOP!!!” Aislinn shrieked.

The sheriff looked over and smiled.

“Why are you doing this?” She questioned and reached between the bars.

Aislinn was in attempts to check and see if Milo was breathing when the sheriff stomped on her hand. The young woman let out an agonizing cry as he twisted that boot of his.


“Then let us go, and we’ll be on our way!” She pleaded as she struggled to get her hand out from under his boot.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?!”

Aislinn gritted her teeth on this.

“You can’t legally hold us here. We’ve done nothin’ wrong!” That ire had her slipping into that accent of hers.

This had the sheriff cocking a brow.

“Is that so… “Mary”?!” The man taunted, and Aislinn thickly swallowed.

The sheriff laughed then lifted his foot off her hand.

“Like I said… We’re getting to the bottom of this. Something tells me you’re hiding something. Something BIG and I can’t wait to find out what it is. Love the accent by the way. Is that Scottish? Irish?”


“Aislinn?!” Jax called when he answered the phone.

He heard someone holler “hey” before the line went dead. Jax looked at the number on the screen and saw that it came from a sheriff’s office a few towns over.

“Abel, what did Aunt Linny say?”

“She say she loves me and to take care of mommy.”

Jax couldn’t help but stagger back. He knew this was Aislinn’s way of saying goodbye. He hadn’t the heart to tell his son that his mother was staying at a hotel. Riona was too angry to be at the house with Jax, and she didn’t want to fight in front of Abel. So Jax made it sound as if Riona was working at the office. Jax hated lying to his son like that, but he couldn’t bear the idea of making Abel think that he and Riona were through. It’d devastate him. Riona, however, made it clear that she wasn’t leaving him, but they needed to talk AFTER they got her sister back. For now, his wife needed some time and space, and Jax understood that. He wondered if she even realized she’d left her phone behind.

Jax thought about calling the hotel and having his call transferred to Riona’s room but hadn’t the heart. He and Chibs were to blame for the situation Aislinn was in; even he knew that. The president just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t call her not with that news. That news being that her sister could very well be on her way BACK to Ireland. So Jax called the one person that would be just as devastated by this news. But Jax felt he hadn’t a choice. It was him or Riona.

“Jackie?” Chibs answered with a touch of hope in his voice.

“Hey… you might wanna sit down for this.”

“Sit down? I’m not sittin’ down! Just spill it out, Jackie!”

Jax sighed amongst himself. He knew Chibs had been searching nonstop for Aislinn. He could hear the weariness in the Scot’s voice.

“She called…” The president paused for a second as he was giving his VP a moment to let it sink in.

She tried for Riona, but Abel picked up instead,” Jax repeated what Aislinn said, and the pres could already picture the look on his VP’s face.

That kicked in the gut what the fuck have I done one. Jax had that same look when he had to explain everything to Riona.

“I’m sorry, brother.”

“Where’d the call come from?” Chibs questioned just as Jax was about to make that reveal.

Jax let out a reluctant sigh as he told him.

“Jaysus.” He heard Chibs whisper.

“I’ll get the…” Before Jax could even finish that statement, Chibs hung up.

The president nodded amongst himself knowing Chibs was headed that way already. Jax knew this was his VP’s way of saying he wanted to handle this on his own. Jax only hoped that Chibs would be careful in the process. These small towns were the worst when it came to local law enforcement. He’d witnessed this himself many times. They loved to pick on anyone passing through, anyone that wasn’t one of their own.

AC nodded Chibs’s direction. The VP grabbed his leather jacket and was headed for the door. The Scot had been at AC’s bar in hopes of Aislinn turning up considering she’d gotten a job here, not long ago. Chibs knew her music was one of her releases. Happy was off to a corner of the bar, keeping watch during Ethan’s shift. Something Ethan absolutely loathed but Weston still had that hit on him. The VP opened the door, and Happy leaped out and stopped Ethan from approaching him.

“HE KNOWS WHERE SHE IS, DOESN’T HE?!” Ethan shouted, and Happy gritted his teeth as it took everything he had to hold Ethan back.

Chibs overheard this but kept his back to them and hopped onto his bike. He didn’t give it a second thought. The VP headed home and grabbed a black leather duffle bag. He stuffed whatever came to mind inside. He took one of the cars he’d kept hidden and an extra set of license plates, ones that read Oregon. The Scot was mapping everything out in that head of his. He only hoped this office was as small as he remembered. If not, he’d have to get the boys involved, and this was something he didn’t want them involved in. He got Aislinn into this mess, and he was getting her out, even if she told him to take a hike afterward. He wasn’t leaving her there to rot or worse. He’d get her out of there, even if it cost his life.

Chibs kissed that ring of hers as he passed the Charming city limits sign and was headed to Calpine. He had it on a chain around his neck.

“On my way Ali…” He whispered with a heavy heart.

The Scot had been thinking of how he was going to make up for this and what he was going to say. But all he could focus on now was getting her out of that sheriff’s office. He just knew she was sitting in a cell and losing all faith in humanity, due to his stupidity. He prayed to God ICE wasn’t on this yet. If so… it’d be a literal war getting her back.

Chibs nodded amongst himself in thought. He figured it’d be worth spending the rest of his life in prison if it came to that. She was worth it. If only he could tell her that. No. If only he could SHOW her. The man was going to fix this. He was going to get his girl back! He was far from done when it came to Aislinn Lawless. But he hadn’t a clue on how to go about earning her forgiveness.

“Boy, you’re really milking it, aren’t you? Women have miscarriages every fucking day. Quit acting as if you’re the first. Toughen up and rid of the little bastard already.”

Milo had come to and was pacing the area of his cell. The sheriff had Aislinn cuffed to his desk, and he’d been drilling her for information for the past three hours. She wasn’t giving him anything. Milo found himself somewhat impressed. This asshole sheriff hadn’t any issue in roughing them up a bit and threatening them with whatever came to mind. But the girl didn’t fold for anything and kept that head of hers held high, despite the amount of pain she was in.

“That’s fucking disgusting!” The sheriff uttered as she’d gotten blood on his chair.

The sheriff uncuffed Aislinn then grabbed ahold of her hair.

“TIM!” The deputy hollered as he dragged her back to her cell.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” The deputy and Milo chorused as the sheriff unfastened her pants.

He pulled them down then forced her onto the toilet.

“JESUS CHRIST, TIM!” The deputy spat in disbelief as the sheriff went on to duct tape her to the toilet.


Bobby Munson came to mind when the sheriff said this. Something about that made the young woman even more depressed. She’d grown attached to each of the Sons and the mere idea of never seeing them, Riona, or Abel again… made her wish she’d just up and die already.

“I die, and I’ll haunt you to the ends of this earth. Wherever you go, whatever you do. I’ll be right there.”

The sheriff smiled then got right in her face.

“Please do… I’ll enjoy laughing in your face while you’re rotting in hell.” The man said before duct taping her mouth shut.

“You can stay just like that until you decide to talk.”

“How can she talk if you have her mouth duct-taped, you fucking psycho!” Milo spat.

“She can give me a sign. Something like tapping her thigh three times? That good enough for you princess?”

“Tim, you can’t do this. I think they’re telling the truth. You’re going to get us all fired.” The deputy by the name of Michael stated once he stepped into the office and saw the scene before him.

“I know what I’m doing. No one’s getting fired. I run this town, remember? I do all the hiring and firing around here! She’ll come around. Won’t you darling? You just need a little discipline. I take it daddy never gave you that. Well, that’s what good ole Uncle Tim is for. I’ll give you all the disciplining you need. You’re going to leave here a brand new woman!”

“You run what… two maybe three hundred people?” Milo scoffed as Calpine was a very small town.

This was a place where everyone knew everyone. Tim seemed confident enough that Milo was beginning to believe in the man’s own hype. If that were the case, Aislinn and Milo were screwed. No one would dare cross this sheriff, nor would they point any fingers and cause trouble. Hell, the two deputies working for him acted as if they were afraid to even cross him.

“I can tape you to your toilet as well. Watch it, tubby.”

Milo’s plans hadn’t gone anything liked he’d hoped. How in the world was this man getting away with all this crazy shit?! Milo shed a few tears of his own as he looked the girl over. The trucker wrapped his hands around the bars to Aislinn’s cell.

“You don’t deserve this. I’m sorry, kid. It isn’t normally like this…” He hinted as to the US and how the law usually worked.

The sheriff tilted his head on Milo’s words.

“Not normally like what?”

“I wasn’t talking to you.” Milo made clear.

“No, but I sensed a bit of something there. What are you two hiding? Hm? You wanna share with the rest of the class?”

“Just leave the girl alone. She’s innocent!”

“Yeah… real fucking innocent… let me tell ya!”

The sheriff sat down and was messing with Milo and Aislinn’s cellphones. He’d asked for their passwords, numerous times while interrogating them, but neither caved.

“How long would it take for you to upload their pictures and texts to our data?” The sheriff asked the chubby deputy.

“Few hours…”

“As in how many? I haven’t got all night Fred!”

The deputy sighed in thought.

“If I can take them apart and get into their…”

“I don’t need a fucking play by play of how you’re going to do it. I’ve seen you do it before. Just tell me how long!”

“I don’t know… Maybe seven, eight hours?”

“It took you four last time!”

“These are different phones. They take longer!”

“I want it done in two.”

“That’s not possible!”

“Well, you best figure it out fat ass!”

“It goes through a series of codes and…”

“Shhhhh… Take the phones and do your thing. I don’t care how. But I want these unlocked in two hours. Hell, I’ll even throw a couple burgers your way!”

“Taking this a little far, aren’t you?” The other deputy harshly whispered.

“Those cameras are all for show Mike! So quit sweatin’ it.” The sheriff said as the deputy looked around the office.

“For show?!” The deputy questioned in alarm.

“That’s right. I put them there to make the goddamn council happy. You haven’t anything to worry on.”

“I sure hope not. You remember what happened last time…”

This had the sheriff regarding Milo in thought.

“If it comes to that… no one would even know they’re missing. It’s just some trucker and his whore. Hell, we’d be doing his family a favor, and something tells me that one…” He pointed Aislinn’s direction.

“She’s an alien whore! So she certainly won’t be missed!”

Calpine was just as Chibs had assumed. He passed through this town years ago and remembered how small it and the sheriff’s office was then. In fact, he and the boys were pulled over once, and each of them received a ticket for speeding. Chibs shook his head in memory. The sheriff had a real chip on his shoulder and made it clear that this town belonged to him. The Scot parked a couple of blocks away then grabbed his duffle bag. He put on a ski mask and leather gloves. He wore a bulletproof vest beneath the black hoodie he was wearing. The Scot pulled that hoodie up over the ski mask he was wearing. He wasn’t taking any chances. He couldn’t afford to be made and was certain this place kept some sort of surveillance. The VP was taking one hell of a risk as it was. But desperate times called for desperate measures, and he only prayed he could pull this off and get him and Aislinn out alive. He’d guns and knives hidden in various areas along his body. He figured it was better to be over prepared than under.

Once Chibs had everything set up, he pulled up behind the sheriff’s office and parked. He used his silencer to take out any cameras surrounding the building. He switched that silencer out with his AK-47 then headed right for the front door. The Scot reared back however as it was locked. Why in the world would it be locked? Since when does a sheriff’s office lock themselves away from the public?! This had the Scot on edge. He knew he had to act and fast. The VP was certain the jiggling of the handle gave him away. Chibs didn’t give it another thought. He placed one of Happy’s homemade miniature C-4 charges (aka Happy Meals as the Sons called them) onto the knob itself. The Scot took a few steps back then prayed that Aislinn wasn’t within the vicinity of the door itself. He hit the detonator and was quick to act afterward. Chibs heard a couple of men holler out in surprise and he kicked whatever was left of the door down. The Scot barged on in then grabbed the nearest man. It was during this, however, he caught wind of Aislinn. It took him a moment to process what he was seeing. Was she duct taped to a motherfucking toilet?! The Scot lost all composure and shot the two deputies. He took out every camera in the office as well. He had the sheriff in his hold and spun him around. Chibs shook his head and disarmed the sheriff as he was in attempts to shoot him. The Scot took the blunt end of that AK-47 and beat the man to death. When he finished, he put every round he had left into his body.

The man in the cell beside Aislinn’s was backed into a corner. Chibs was searching for the keys and whatever belongings he could find of Aislinn’s. He stuffed her phone and the one beside it into his duffle bag, along with her house key, a mysterious black bag, and the stranger’s wallet.

“Who are you?” The man nervously asked.

Chibs didn’t answer and continued in his pursuit. He rolled his eyes once he spotted the keys on the floor beside the sheriff’s bloodied up corpse. He bent down then picked them up. It took him a couple of tries, but he found the right one and opened the cell Aislinn was in. He used one of his knives to cut her free. The Scot helped Aislinn to her feet, but she’d been in that position for so long her knees gave. Chibs didn’t comment as he braced her against him then pulled her pants up. He gave her a moment to gain the feeling back in her legs.

“My friend… please.” She pleaded once he removed the duct tape from her lips.

Chibs glanced the man’s direction.

“I’d appreciate it,” Milo said, and Chibs headed that way.

He unlocked his cell, and Milo stepped on out. When the Scot looked over Aislinn was using the bars for support. He rushed on back then scooped her up. Milo followed them out to the car. The VP placed Aislinn into the passenger’s side then opened the back door for her friend.

“Thank you.” Milo sincerely put.

The Scot gave a simple nod before handing Milo his phone and wallet back.

“I’m guessin’ these belong to ye?”

Milo nodded, and Chibs shut the door then got the hell out of dodge.

“Ye’ll always be better than I deserve. I lost everythin’, but I can’t lose you, Ali.”

“Scotty?!” Aislinn said with a gasp, and he gave a mere nod.

She wasn’t expecting the masked man to be Chibs. She figured it was her brother or Jax even, but not Chibs Telford! Not after dumping his sorry ass. Chibs lowered his hood then removed the ski-mask. Aislinn closed her eyes as a wave of emotions hit. She’d the urge to hug and kiss him and pretend all was right in the world. But it wasn’t… he hurt her, and that brought on a whole other urge; like taking out his fucking kneecaps.

“I understand ye wantin’ ta leave. But why’d ye hafta go and put yerself in danger?! I can’t believe ye just up and left, and with some man, ye didn’t even know!” Chibs scolded.

Don’t. Don’t ya even sit there and judge me on somethin’ like that. You’re a low down dirty liar and cheat! I can’t believe I fell for yer shite! I thought ya was different, but ya aren’t. You’re just like all the others! You will say and do ANYTHIN’ to get your way!”

The Scot gritted his teeth then growled under his breath. He looked straight ahead. He had to, or he’d fucking lose it. All he could think about was how thankful he was to find her alive and not in a fucking ditch somewhere. He wanted to tell her how much she meant to him. But her words cut like a knife, and he was bitter about her dumping him and running for the hills.

“So this is the son of a bitch that broke your heart,” Milo uttered in amusement.

Chibs grimaced on the man’s words.

“He did more than that. He lost my trust, my everythin’! I put everythin’ in him, and he had me lookin’ like a stook (fool).”

Chibs shook his head then pulled over. He braced Aislinn against her seat as he veered off the road and slammed on the brakes. Milo cursed under his breath as his head hit Aislinn’s seat.

“Are ya alright?” She called then peered back with concern.

“I’m fine,” Milo grunted but was holding a hand over his busted nose.

The Scot ignored all this and hopped on out of the car. He walked over to Aislinn’s side and opened the door. He held his hand out, and she refused it.

“Come the fuck on, Ali!” Chibs barked.

“The hell with ya!”

Chibs shook his head as he reached in and pried her out of the car. The Scot let out a couple grunts as she was waylaying the shit out of him.






Chibs tilted his head and thought back to when she called him a dirty cheat.

“Ali, what are ye goin’ on aboot? I haven’t fucked anyone!”

“Aye, sure ya haven’t. Like I don’t know what ya was doin’… Ya were there for a reason, Scotty. Man up and fuckin’ admit it. Ya even had Kip in on it! Usin’ the fuckin’ brother code on me and all that shite!”

“Are ye listenin’ to a fuckin’ word I’m sayin’?! I wasn’t with anyone! I was there on business!”

“Is that what ya call it?”

“Jaysus tap-dancin’ Christ, Ali, I’m tellin’ ye the goddamn truth. Ye gotta quit analyzin’ every aspect of our relationship and pickin’ it apart like yer just waitin’ for somethin’ ta happen because it isn’t!” But as he said this the man recoiled and had this look like a sack of bricks hit him.

The Scot pinched his eyes shut.

“I should’ve told ye about the studio and my involvement in it. But I’ve been walkin’ the straight and narrow with ye, pet. I don’t want anyone else! What does it take for ye to get that through that thickhead of yers!”

“Not hidin’ your percentage in a porn studio for starters!”

Chibs couldn’t believe what he was about to say. But knew he had to get his point across, and this was the only way.

“I’ll give my percentage to Bobby.”

Milo overheard this as well, and he shared the same stunned expression Aislinn had.

“Why does that surprise you?! I done told ye… all I want is ta make you happy. If steppin’ out of the business does that, then consider it done! I won’t have any part in it!”

“And that’d make me into the one thing ya men hate!”

“And what’s that?!” Chibs curiously questioned.

“That porn studio is a part of who you are. If I take that away, it’s like I’m tryin’ to change ya and we vowed never to do that!”

“Yer right, we did. But yer not takin’ anythin’ away, Ali. This is my decision. That studio has no effect on who I am. The Sons of Anarchy and YOU make me who I am. That’s all I need. Fuck the studio and everythin’ else!”

Aislinn lowered her head, and Chibs lifted her chin with a single finger.

“Look at me, pet. It wasn’t right of me, keepin’ somethin’ like that from ye. Even more so considerin’ everythin’ ye endured back in Ireland.”

A look of complete and utter shame crossed the Scot’s face.

“I saw the surveillance of the scene ye’d walked up on and of ye leavin’,” Chibs admitted.

“I know why it hit ye the way it did.” Chibs thought back to the look on her face then closed his eyes.

“I never wanted to be on the receivin’ end of that disappointment and shame. But it was there. I know what I did Ali because I saw it in yer eyes. I saw it all when ye walked out of that studio. I watched it over and over! I was torturin’ myself because I knew what I’d done ta ye! I broke my word, and I will spend the rest of my life makin’ it up ta ye.”

Chibs, however, dropped that finger.

“But ye know… that isn’t what hurt me most darlin’. Ye broke my heart too.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question and Chibs shed a few tears of his own.

“Ye were there because ye were goin’ ta drop me and before ye even knew about the studio! Ye weren’t plannin’ on givin’ me a choice. Ye were makin’ that choice for me. I can’t believe ye thought I wouldn’t want you! After everythin’, we’ve been through! That should be the one thing you NEVER question. Ye don’t seem ta comprehend my feelin’s for ye! Do I want children? Aye! But Ali love, I want YOU more than anythin’ else in this world. If that means we don’t have children, then we don’t have children.” Chibs ripped the necklace off his neck then let the engagement ring drop into the palm of her hand.

“I never said I wanted ta marry ye because of yer ability to cook, do the housework, or ta have children. I want ta marry ye because yer the one I want to grow old with. We don’t need children to be a family. Ali, we are a family and when ye turned yer back ta me, so easily. That fuckin’ hurt. Ye wanted ta give me an easy out. Ye wanted ta give me the opportunity to live out my dreams. Trust me. I get it because that’s all I want for ye. But Ali, I’m tellin’ ye right here, right now, don’t ye EVER decide that shite for me again. Only I know what I want. Not you, or anyone else!” Chibs tapped his index finger along his temple.

“I know what I want.” He emphasized once again.

“Now, you know I love those boys. I’d take a million-one bullets for them. But you come first, before them, before anyone. That’s what it means ta commit yerself to someone, and I’m committed ta ye! There was a time where all I lived for was the club. I can’t marry you and have that same mentality. It’s the same with yer sister and Jackie boy. The club knows the old ladies and kids come first, always will. That’s why we fight for not only one another but our loved ones. SAMCRO knows what family means, and that’s what we’re about. Clay had everythin’ backward. He put the club and himself before anyone else and look at where that got him. I’m not goin’ ta do that darlin’. I need ye to trust that, and I need ye to trust that when I say I’m not screwin’ around, that’s exactly what I mean!”

“So ya was watchin’ a scene then?” She innocently questioned.

Chibs wanted to snap at her but refrained. He knew this was his own doing. But the Scot wasn’t there for pleasure, and he didn’t appreciate the assumption. Of course, she was going to think the worst and picture the worst when he kept the studio from her; as well as the truth behind the “Crow Eaters aka porn stars”. If anything, that anger was directed at himself and his own stupidity. He could’ve prevented all this if he and Jax would’ve sat the girls down and hashed all this out before they even got to Charming. That’s what should’ve happened. But it was too little too late, and he had to work on gaining that trust back.

“It wasn’t a scene. I was dealin’ with an issue between one of the directors and two of her girls.” Chibs went on to explain the situation and why he and Happy had to be there.

It was during this however that Aislinn turned ghostly white and her knees buckled out from under her.

“ALI!” Chibs hollered and managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

Milo hopped out of the car and helped Chibs get her back inside. Chibs was checking her vitals over and doing whatever he could to bring her back.

“Easy darlin’…” He whispered once she came to.

“What happened?” She mumbled while batting her eyes.

“Ye fainted love.”

“I did?!” She whispered looking lost.

“Aye, yer anemia’s kickin’ in.” Chibs was prepared for this as he reached into his duffle bag and grabbed not only a box of raisins but her iron pills.

Aislinn regarded him in sheer amazement as he even had a box of tampons and pads in that duffle bag. It’s like he had her all mapped out.

Chibs caught the ring however as it fell out of her hand when he handed the pills over.

“Can I put this back on ye?” He questioned but with a touch of nerves.

She gave a tearful nod, and the Scot let out a sigh of relief.

“I won’t keep anythin’ from ye again, Ali. I give ye my word.”

“I wanted us to have a baby!” Milo and Chibs recoiled on how broken she sounded.

“I know ye did love. I wanted that too. But that doesn’t mean it’s over for us. It never did. There are other things ta consider, and we’ll give all those options a go. We’ll figure it out. But Ali love, we don’t have to have children. That is NOT a deal breaker for us. We just need each other and if we happen to be blessed with children down the road then all the better. But it won’t break us if that day never comes. Do ye understand, darlin’?”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs hugged her close.

“I hope ye do.” He said and held her just a little longer before putting that ring back on her finger.

“Don’t take this off again! I mean it, lass. I’ll hot glue it to yer fuckin’ finger if I hafta!”

Aislinn gave a tearful laugh, and Chibs hugged her once again.

Milo cleared his throat feeling like the third wheel.

“I’m glad you two made up and all but would you mind dropping me off at my rig?”

“Rig?” Chibs questioned.

“Yeah, if it’s not too much trouble.” He awkwardly put.

“Nah, we’ll get ye there.”

Aislinn and Milo revealed what all took place on the way to Milo’s rig. Chibs couldn’t believe what he was hearing. If he had known all that… He would’ve made certain that sheriff suffered to the fullest. The beating he got wasn’t near enough! This had the Scot pulling Aislinn in a little closer. She really did have the worst luck. What were the odds of running into all that?!

“Eat your raisins…” Chibs ordered.

“I hate raisins.”

“Aye, but they’ll work quicker than the pills ye took.”

“How’d ya know I was goin’ ta start?” She whispered.

“I’ve been with ye long enough to pinpoint these things,” Chibs said with a shrug.

“This it?” Chibs questioned as the rig was a few miles outside of town.

“Yep! Surprised it hasn’t been hit! Look, at the parking job on that. Fucking moron.” Milo bitched, and Aislinn softly laughed.

Chibs pulled up to the rig then parked the car.

“Guess this is where we part ways,” Milo said, and Aislinn gave a sad nod.

She stepped on out then escorted Milo to the truck.

“Might wanna see if the keys are still in there.” She suggested.

“Good idea.” He said and checked.

He nodded in confirmation, and Aislinn smiled.

“Lucky it wasn’t stolen.”

“Right? I doubt anyone even thought to look.” She said and the two locked eyes.

“Take care of yourself kid. As to that heartbreak of yours…” he nodded Chibs’s direction.

“I think he means what he says. Don’t be so hard on him. Now come here.”

Aislinn leaned in, and Milo hugged her.

“That was quite the adventure.”

“It was somethin’…” She said behind a giggle.

“So Ali, huh?”

“Aislinn actually.”

“I knew ya weren’t a Mary!” He playfully scoffed.

“You’re a tough one. I’ll give you that. Stubborn but you can definitely hold your own.”

Milo placed his hands along her shoulders then looked her in the eyes once again.

“I’d say I hope we meet again. But if these are the circumstances…” He teased, and Aislinn laughed.

“Take care, Milo. Go see your kids.”

“I will.”

Aislinn watched as he climbed into his rig. He blew his horn then waved goodbye before hitting the road.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 31 – Jailbreak”

  1. Wow… Never expected that to happen but then again you and your muse can always throw me for a loop sometimes. the dept. didn’t seem to be to horrible but that sheriff.. he got what he deserved although i agree with Chibs. he needed to be beaten more. Just because something happens in the past doesn’t mean the same thing is happening in front of you.. good lord…

    The phone call to Abel, oh man.. that was adorable and it tugs at your heart.

    Didn’t expect the Jailbreak should but didn’t.. that was very very wicked and the way they made up is even better. As for Milo.. i hope he gets back to his kids and makes sure everyone is fine…

    Another wicked chapter to a fantastic story. I love when your muse inspires two chapters at once! I hope she keeps inspiring you and she keeps your computer safe. Until then *bows*

    (Lets the bitey dogs loose on the sheriff 🙂 )

  2. omg i love milo and hate the sheriff…i want to strangle him. “Happy Meals” ROFLMBO!!! that tickled my pickle. chibs went full brutal there! insane! i loved it. i’m glad they finally talked it out, but cheese and crackers, that was some ish to go through to get there. hopefully, there were no loose ends. now go home and get things straight. jax and riona too. so glad i’m all caught up!!

  3. I’m in love with this story and the characters and I really need a Chibs in my life. This chapter was so intense, I need more.
    Thank you for writing

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