Chapter 32 – No Leaf Clover

Chapter 32 – No Leaf Clover

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“Mornin’,” Chibs greeted when Aislinn sat up in the bed.

The Scot was sitting at the table across the way and putting his boots on.

“Mornin’,” Aislinn replied but seemed rather lost.

“Ye alright there darlin’?” Chibs questioned.

The young woman didn’t respond and headed for the bathroom. Chibs shook his head once he saw the blood on the sheets. He’d called Jax after they got to the hotel last night. Aislinn wasn’t up for the long drive back. That and she needed a good shower and some clean clothes. The VP let his president know that he and Aislinn were safe and sound and he’d explain everything once they got there. Chibs grabbed another set of clothes from his duffle bag then knocked on the bathroom door.

“Aye?” She called, and Chibs opened the door.

She had the shower going and was about to step inside.

“Got ye some clothes. Don’t worry on the sheets. They’re used to that sort of thing, alright?”

“Doc suggests a hysterectomy if I want the pain to go away.” She sadly murmured.

“We’ll sit down and discuss all that with yer doctor.”

“I don’t want a hysterectomy. I want to keep tryin’…”

“Ali, if yer in pain…”

“I don’t care about that! I want yer baby!” She snipped, and Chibs sighed seeing how broken she was.

“Like I said… We’ll sit down and hash all this out with yer doctor. We’ll go over everythin’ and do what’s best for ye.”

“Hey…” Chibs softly called.

Aislinn had her face covered and was in literal sobs. The Scot was quick to bring her into his arms. “Shhhh…” He soothingly whispered and brought her to the bathroom floor. Chibs kept quiet as he rocked her. He couldn’t imagine how she must’ve felt finding all this out on her lonesome then to find out about the studio directly after. The man felt like a dick all over again. The girl had no moral support when she got that devastating news and all he did was dig that knife in a little deeper.

“Why didn’t ye call me?! Ye know I wanted ta be there!”

“Ya were workin’, and she said she could get me in if I hurried.”

“How’d ye get there?!”

“I took a cab,” Aislinn said with a shrug.

“Ali love, ye should’ve called. I told ye I was goin’ ta be there. I needed ta be there!”

Aislinn buried herself within his chest and let it all out. That’s all he could do. The Scot had never felt so useless. He wanted to help her but hadn’t a clue on where to even begin. How was he going to walk her through this? How was he going to make her see that everything would be alright; that he’d get her through this somehow?! Once he got her calmed down, he helped her into the shower. The way she held herself brought him back to Jimmy and everything he’d done to her and Keri. It wasn’t enough… Jimmy and the way he died wasn’t enough. The Scot wanted to bring him back to life, only to torture and kill the bastard all over again. He’d make this a weekly ritual if he could. Chibs cleared his throat as he forced these thoughts out of that head of his. He was no good to her this way. He had to let go of that fury, for Aislinn’s sake.

“How ‘boot I get us some breakfast?”

“But it’s past lunch.”

“Ye know I’ll find a place love.”

“Mind if I pull the whiny fiancée card?”

This had the Scot cocking a brow in question. She was the furthest thing from whiny. The girl just had some rotten luck.

“I’m not in a good place right now Scotty,” Aislinn admitted with a flushed face.

This had Chibs’s fullest attention. He could see the fear and humiliation in her eyes. She didn’t like admitting that, not one bit.

“I’m not goin’ anywhere pet.” He lovingly put.

“Thank you.” She said, but her voice cracked as she fought to keep it together.

“Why don’t we stay another night? I’ll have somethin’ delivered?” He suggested as the look on her face said it all.

Aislinn wasn’t emotionally ready. She couldn’t face everyone back in Charming just yet. The girl needed more time. It was too much at once; Finding out she couldn’t have children, at least not without surgery and even then her chances were slim. She went from that to thinking that Chibs was cheating on her and that psycho with a badge didn’t help matters. She’d every right… feeling the way she did. That was just a handful of things she’d been through. This wasn’t including all the shit that went down back in Ireland. Chibs thought it a miracle she wasn’t locked away in some mental institute about now. Just how much could one person take?! He thought that very thing back in Ireland. The Scot was beginning to feel as though Aislinn was God’s personal test dummy. It wasn’t right… There had to be some sort of turning point.

“Can we get bleedlin’ fluthered (very drunk)?”

“Aye, we’ll get shitefaced!”

Aislinn managed to laugh, and Chibs cut her a wink.

“We’ll make it through this.” He vowed.

“Yer not alone darlin’, ye never will be.”

“Just tell me what room she’s in!”

“Can’t do that.” The manager uttered with a shrug.

“You can and you will.”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Cause she’s my fucking wife, asshole!”

“If she were your wife you’d know what room she was in.” The manager scoffed in return, and Jax smiled but with that demonic laugh of his.

Jax had his hand along his gun when he heard a familiar voice. The president peered back at the sound of his name. Riona shook her head, and Jax cleared his throat once he saw where her eyes were. The president lifted his hand off the gun then tucked it away. The manager hadn’t a clue he was even carrying.

“I can’t believe ya!” Riona hissed before taking Jax by the arm.

The manager sent them an odd glance as she dragged her husband outside the office.

“Ya weren’t goin’ to shoot that man!” She reprimanded.

Jax sighed then stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“Tell me ya weren’t goin’ to shoot that man!” Riona reiterated, and Jax shrugged.

“Unbelievable!” Riona said while throwing her hands in the air.

“He wouldn’t tell me what room you were in!” Jax fired back.

“It wasn’t his job to tell you!”

“I wasn’t going to shoot him Riona. Look, we need to talk.”

“I have nothin’ to say to ya!”

“He found her…” Jax whispered, and Riona grew eerily quiet.

Jax hated when she got like that. He knew he was in for it. He’d much rather her yell or hit him even. But no… She had that death stare going, and Jax swore if she had the ability there’d be actual daggers shooting out from her eyes.

“He’s bringing her home…” Jax added, and Riona closed her eyes for a brief moment.

“Thanks for lettin’ me know.” She whispered then started to walk away.

“So that’s it…? You don’t want to hear what else I have to say?!” Jax hollered, and Riona stopped in her tracks.

“More like you don’t want to hear what I have to say…” She fired back, and Jax flinched.

“What do you want me to do, Riona?!”

“It’s not about what I want you to do! Can’t ya see that?!”

Jax flicked his cigarette onto the ground then stomped it out.

“Ya should’ve come clean, long before we said our vows.”

“You’re right. I should have. I can’t apologize enough babe. Just tell me what I can do!”

“There’s nothin’ ya can do! It’s already been done.”

“Look, just come home. I’ll stay at the clubhouse.  I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

“And what am I supposed to tell our son?!”

“Tell him the truth,” Jax uttered in defeat and Riona reared back in surprise.

“I’m serious. Tell him his father fucked up. He needs to know this is all on me, not you.”

“Ya make it sound as if we’re gettin’ divorced!”

“Cause you look like we are!” Jax spat in return.

“I already told ya… I’m not goin’ anywhere. But that doesn’t mean ya can take advantage and use our son in order to get your way!”

“Our son…?” Jax questioned in bewilderment.

“That’s right. I won’t have ya usin’ that lad to make me stay through all the shite ya plan on pullin’!”

“JESUS CHRIST RIONA, IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY THINK OF ME?!” Jax shouted as this made a first.

He’d never been mad at Riona before, but he most certainly was now. How could she think that of him?! Riona flinched once she saw the wounded expression on his face. But the woman stood her ground anyhow. She had to. She wasn’t about to let this one slide. No. Jax needed to know she wasn’t down for any childish games. And that’s all this was… what he and Chibs pulled. That whole boys will be boys mentality didn’t fly with Riona Lawless. They were grown ass men that knew what they were doing.

“Ya could’ve told me, but ya didn’t! How do ya expect me to react to all this?! Ya went and said those vows knowin’ ya was hidin’ that studio! Ya was actin’ the maggot, and ya know it! This ring… it was my ma’s! Ya put it on my finger and…”

Jax recoiled as she started to cry. The president reached out then pulled her into his arms. Riona went to pry out, but that hold got a little tighter.

“What room?” Jax softly whispered.

She muttered the number and Jax headed that way.

“Ye really were hungry!” Chibs said as Aislinn was on her fifth slice of pizza.

She nodded but continued in stuffing her face. Chibs wiped his mouth off with a napkin but laughed as Aislinn had sauce dripping down from her chin and onto her neck.

“Yer makin’ a mess darlin’ and yer oot yer face (very drunk)! ”

“Don’t care.” She murmured, and Chibs chuckled.

She took a hit off the tequila she and Chibs bought at the hotel store. She made that bitter face afterward then wiped her face with the back of her hand. Chibs chuckled as the sauce she had on her face was on her hand now. He’d never seen her like this. But this was Aislinn at her don’t give a fuck state and the Scot more than welcomed it. This was just what she needed. He’d do whatever he could to get her mind off of everything and let loose.

He had a maid switch out the bedsheets while they were at the store and it was just as he figured… they didn’t say a word on it. If they had, he would’ve reimbursed them anyhow.

“Mind if a bum a smoke?”

“Ye go right ahead.” He uttered with a gesture towards the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand.

Aislinn grabbed a couple. She handed one over then pecked him on the lips.

“And what was that fur?” He curiously questioned.

“Don’t ya remember?”

“Remember?” He asked as Aislinn lit her cigarette.

“Ya said I had to kiss ya if I bummed a smoke!”

Chibs chuckled in memory.

“Aye, I did, didn’t I?” He murmured with a grin.

“It’s a braw (good) rule.”

Aislinn smiled, and they smoked their cigarettes in silence.

“Ya kill a lot of people. Don’t ya Scotty?” She randomly put, and Chibs lifted his eyes on this.

“I’ve done my share.” The Scot admitted while handing an ashtray over.

“Riona tells me that’s what the Men of Mayhem patch means.”

“She’d be correct…” The Scot said but wondered where this was going.

Aislinn looked to be in thought as she put her bud out in the tray.

“So ya only receive those if ya’ve taken a life in honor of the club?”

The VP gave a mere nod.

“How many would ya say ya’ve killed?”

“Ye want me to round that up or…” Chibs teased, and Aislinn laughed.

“I can’t believe I’m okay with that! What’s that say about me?!”

“Not sure.”

“Ever killed someone and regretted it?”

“Aye… a couple.” He admitted with a frown.

“What about the deputies?”

“What aboot them?”

“They didn’t take part in what the sheriff did…”

“Yer wrong. They took part by standin’ by and doin’ nothin’! They could’ve stepped in if they really wanted. But they sat there and watched as he did those things ta you and yer friend! They were just as guilty!”

Aislinn nodded once she understood Chibs’s reasoning.



“What do ya think happens to ones like us?”

“How do ye mean?”

“You know… When we have to atone for our sins?”

Chibs took a good swig of that tequila before answering.

“Not sure. Guess we’ll find out. But my sins are by far greater than yers. Ali love, ye only took those lives to protect you and yer loved ones.”

“But haven’t ya done the same?”

“Aye, but I doubt the good Lord will see it that way.” Chibs let out a sinister-like chuckle.

“Ya just have to double yer hail Marys’ and confessions.” She teased, and Chibs died of laughter.

“If only it were that easy.”

“I’ll find ya…” She said, but it was the way she said this that had his eyes locking with hers.

“Find me?” He questioned.

“If ya get sent to the pits of hell, which I highly doubt, I’ll find ya!”

The Scot thickly swallowed. He hadn’t a clue what to say to that. No woman had ever said anything like that before. Aislinn meant it too. He could see it in her eyes.

“Likewise darlin’.” He wholeheartedly uttered.

“I’m sorry.”


“Thinkin’ ya was a dirty cheat.”

“Aye well, ye wouldn’t have thought that if I had been honest from the beginnin’.”

“Ya want the truth?”


“I didn’t have it in me to break it off. I would’ve caved and gave into my own selfish desires.”

The Scot was somewhat stunned by this reveal.

“That bein’?”

“Wantin’ ya in my life even though ya made it clear ya wanted children. I wanted to find a way to make ya stay.”

“Ali, I wouldn’t have left ta begin with.”

“I know that now. But I was preparin’ for the worst and thought I should be the one to let you go. I needed to prove how much I loved ya, by lettin’ ya live yer life and lettin’ ya find someone that could give ya everythin’ I couldn’t.”

“So yer sayin’ ye wouldn’t have ended it after all?”

Aislinn nodded, and the Scot shook his head in disbelief.

“So it was the studio…”

“Scotty, I didn’t mean the fault was all on ya… I…”

“Ali love, I think we both know it was. No use in sugar coatin’ it. I put that final nail in for ye. I don’t blame ye for takin’ it the way ye did. My anger had more ta do with me and my own actions. Now, ye won’t believe a word of it, and I don’t expect ye to. But there was a bit of irony to all this…”


“Aye… Jackie and I were goin’ ta sit ye and yer sister down and tell ye about the studio yesterday before shite hit the fan.”

“Are ya serious?!”

“Oh yeah… We both agreed on it before I even left for the studio.”

Aislinn giggled in thought.

“Isn’t that how it goes?!”

“Ye got that fuckin’ right.”

“Do ya have any idea what this has done to my sister?!” Riona said as Jax held her.

“To you and your sister.” Jax corrected, and Riona drew back a quivery breath.

“I’m not the one that found out she can’t have children!”

“If she has the surgery…” Jax started to say but refrained after seeing the destroyed look on his wife’s face.

“Ya say you were goin’ to tell us. But why’d ya wait until we were married?! Isn’t that somethin’ ya should’ve mentioned before?! Do ya have ANY idea how foolish I feel knowin’ those women at Chibs’s were porn stars?! Linny and I hadn’t any idea! None of ya said a word on it. All ya mentioned was they were Crow Eaters. I can’t believe ya have yer own fuckin’ porn stars. Porn stars ya made into Crow Eaters!”

“They’re not all porn stars.” Jax made the mistake of saying and Riona shot him a look of absolute hell.

Jax cleared his throat on this.

“Right. Shut up, Jackson.” He murmured, and Riona nodded in agreement.

“That would be wise.” She said but managed to smile.

Jax drew back the deepest of breaths then brushed her hair out from her eyes.

“I miss you. So does Abel. Like I said… come home. I’ll stay at the clubhouse, however long you need. You don’t belong at this shitty hotel. As for the porn biz… I’m not sure what to say to be honest. All I can say is I won’t make that mistake again.”

“You’re right. Ya won’t!” Riona made perfectly clear.

“I love ya Jackson, and I love Abel. I’ll do whatever I can to stay in Abel’s life. But pull some backhanded shite like that again… and I’ll be Abel’s mother, but I won’t be your wife!”

“Message received.” Jax bitterly uttered but with an understanding nod.

The president knew better than to challenge Riona on that one. She meant every word.

“What are ye lookin’ fur?”

Chibs questioned as he entered the room with a bucket of ice. Aislinn was digging through all the drawers and acting a bit anxious.

“I need paper!”


“I got a song that needs finishin’!”



Chibs snatched the hotel bible out of her hold.

“Ye can’t write on that!”

Aislinn frowned, and Chibs chuckled.

“You’re a terrible Catholic, lass! Yer journal’s in the duffle bag.”

The young woman froze on the Scot’s words.

“Ya brought my journal?!”

“Aye, couple of ‘em.”

Aislinn dug through the bag and regarded the man with this stunned expression.

“Ya thought of everythin’, didn’t ya?!”

The Scot shrugged then put the bucket of ice down on the table. He locked everything up and watched as Aislinn plopped down on the bed and got to writing. Chibs kept quiet and sipped on that tequila.

“And that’s a wrap!” She announced after a good twenty minutes.

The Scot raised his brows on this.

“I finished your song!”

“My song?!”


“Well, when do I get to hear it?”

“On our weddin’ day?” She said like it was a suggestion.

“I hafta wait that long?!” Chibs pouted, and Aislinn laughed.

“Guess ya had better get to those plans, Scotty.”

“Aboot that…”

Aislinn lifted her head on this.

“I was thinkin’ we should get married on All Hallows’ Eve.”

Aislinn laughed like he was joking.

“Wait… are ya mad or serious?!”

“Bit of both… Figured we’d have us a true reaper weddin’. But yer only allowed ta know the date. I got everythin’ from here.”

“So do I need a dress or a costume?!”

Chibs chuckled in thought. If it hadn’t been for recent events, he would’ve made a joke about seeing her in a little Catholic schoolgirl uniform. But the timing wasn’t right. That would earn him a slap if not more. That didn’t stop the man from picturing it though.

“I’ll worry on that. All ye gotta do is show up.”

“What time and where?!”

“Tell ye what… I’ll make certain yer right where ye need ta be and right on time. How’s that sound?”


“Good,” Chibs uttered with a smirk.

“What’s that?” She questioned as Chibs tossed some cash onto the bed she was sitting on.

“Part of our weddin’ funds!”

“Wha…” She trailed off as she counted some of it.

“How’d ya…”

“I found that at the sheriff’s station. It was in a black bag in his desk.”

“You’re kiddin’!”

“Nah, Ali love that’s over ten grand. Would’ve been fifteen but I stuffed the rest inta yer friend’s wallet.”

Aislinn sent the Scot an admirable look. She couldn’t believe he’d done that.

“Counterfeit!” She scoffed in disbelief.

Chibs shook his head no.

“I tested it. Trust me. I know my money.” He pointed to the bill he had tatted on his chest and winked.

“That there is drug money the sheriff confiscated. He was plannin’ on usin’ it for somethin’. So ye know it isn’t bein’ traced.” The VP confirmed.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Chibs nodded.

“Now, that’s not countin’ my part in the Aryan Brotherhood raid.” Chibs couldn’t believe he was telling her all this. But he meant it when he said he wouldn’t hide anything from her. That most certainly made a first. The Scot NEVER let a woman in on his business. Chibs, however, knew he could trust Aislinn. That was a nice change of pace… Having someone, he could confide in, someone that wasn’t a brother. He’d never had that. In fact, it wasn’t until now that he realized he never confided in Fiona. That marriage was filled with nothing but lies, betrayal, and shame.


“Aye, the fuckers that have that hit on yer brother. I told ye we was workin’ on it. These things take time. We went after their drugs and their green. They’ll come crawlin’ out of that hill like ants, and that’s when we’ll make our move.”


“We took their drugs for a reason…”

Chibs stuffed a cigarette into his mouth.

“That bein’?”

“We’re goin’ ta set them up. They can’t do shite if they’re facin’ life. Yer brother will be goin’ back to his normal life here soon.”

Aislinn leaped into his arms and hugged him. Chibs chuckled but cleared his throat. He removed the cigarette from his mouth then placed it behind his ear.

“There’s a reason I’m tellin’ ye all this.” He said while brushing her hair away from her eyes.

“That doesn’t sound good…” She hinted as to the tone in his voice.

“We’ll hafta get our hands a wee bit dirty if we’re goin’ ta pull this off.”


“We need them ta think we have the drugs on us, that we’re makin’ a run of our own. We’re hopin’ they’ll follow us out of Charmin’. The trip itself could take a week or so… It’ll be one hell of a road trip.”

Aislinn shook her head, and Chibs sighed. That meant he’d be leaving not long after they got back to Charming. He hated that considering recent events. Chibs wanted to be there for her, but at the same time, they were doing this for Ethan. He knew that was more important to the Lawless sisters.

“Never said it’d be easy. I said we’d get it taken care of. We can do this. We just have to be smart aboot it and take our time. If we don’t, it’ll raise too much suspicion. We’re settin’ up the breadcrumbs. We just need to lead them ta the trap. We’ll let the law take it from there.”

“Doesn’t sound like the SAMCRO way…” She teased, and Chibs smiled.

“It isn’t…” Chibs admitted but wasn’t sure what else to say to that.

“And how will the police know where to look?”

“Jackie’s got that part covered. Sounds like the new sheriff is just as eager to rid of these greasy scumbags as SAMCRO is.”

“You’re in bed with the sheriff?!” Aislinn mockingly teased.

“Aye, now lass. Don’t ye go and say that shite ever again, especially in front of the boys. That’ll earn ye a smack, and even I can’t protect ye then.”

“But that’s what it sounds like…” She whispered with a playful grin.

“We’re not in bed with anyone. But havin’ an ally in the field could do us wonders, and that’s what Jackie’s goin’ for. We need to take this head-on and see where it gets us.”

“What if she betrays ya?!” She sincerely questioned.

“Then it’d be her funeral. Sheriff’s smart enough ta know what happens if ye go and cross any Son. She may have the law on her side. But we have charters scattered about the US and UK. It’s never a wise thing… pissin’ off a Son.”

“Would ya really smack me?” The young woman asked after backtracking on Chibs’s words.

The VP gave a firm nod, and Aislinn frowned. Chibs wanted to laugh at her reaction. He hadn’t in him to hit her. Not that he had a habit of hitting women. Fiona… now that was a different story. She most certainly had it coming. But when it came to Aislinn, the Scot was too protective to pull some shit like that. Sure, she gave him a few good whacks on the back when he forced her out of that car. But nothing he didn’t have coming. Chibs deserved whatever she dished out.

“I’d give ye a good one, right on yer bahooky (bum aka backside)!” Chibs taunted before slapping her on the ass.

“Scotty!” She scoffed but with a giggle.

That giggle, however, was interrupted with a kiss. A kiss that said everything he wanted to say. Chibs knew he was lucky in earning her forgiveness and even luckier to find her alive and before ICE got ahold of her. The Scot laid her down and continued that kiss. He wanted to make love to her, but that stubborn monthly was in the way. So the Scot settled for a sweltering make-out session instead.

“Where is he?” Riona questioned as to Abel.

“At the house with Kip.”

“Does he know I’m here?”

“No. He thinks you’re pulling a lot of hours at the office.”

“Jackson…” Riona scolded.

“I hadn’t the heart to tell him his mother was at a fucking hotel. It should be me in this roachfest, not you!” Jax looked around the room with a frown.

“I wasn’t kickin’ ya out of your own house.”

Our house.” Jax corrected.

“And it would’ve been no more than I deserved,” Jax added as he was packing up her things.

“Let’s go.” He said once he finished and Riona gave a hesitant sigh.

“I’ll drop you off and I’ll stay at the clubhouse.”

“There’s no need for that.”

“You sure?” Jax probed as he was having a hard time reading her.

“Aye. There’s no need to even bring this up to Abel.”

“Riona babe, I fucked up. Abel should know the truth.”


“So he doesn’t make the same mistakes.”

“So ya want him to know his daddy is a perv and runs a porn studio?!”

“Well, when you put it that way…”

Riona laughed, and Jax smiled.

“I’ll talk to him…”

“Oh, Mary…” Riona murmured in thought.


“He’s goin’ to kick your arse!” She teased, and Jax laughed.

“Wouldn’t put it past the little man.”

“And I’ll hold ya down while he does!”

The following morning:

“Ye ready darlin’?” Chibs questioned once he had everything packed.

“Aye.” Aislinn softly put then pulled the hotel door to.

“I’ll turn the keys in.” He uttered as he opened the passenger side door for her.

Chibs returned to find Aislinn rocking out to No Leaf Clover by Metallica. Chibs took it upon himself to turn the radio up even louder, and Aislinn smiled as they hit the road.

“He awake?” Jax questioned as Riona peeked into Abel’s room.

The boy had the necklace Aislinn had given him in his hold and was snuggled up against his pillow. Riona shook her head no, and Jax nodded as he looked towards the couch where Half-Sack had fallen asleep. Jax hadn’t realized what time it was when they left the hotel. He couldn’t believe it was already morning. Both Jax and Riona were dead on their feet. They’d spent most of the night talking and making amends.

“Think we can catch a nap before he wakes?” Jax whispered, and Riona gave a hopeful nod.

Jax called his sergeant and let him know he’d be running things today. Riona showered then exited the bathroom to find Jax asleep on the bed. She nodded amongst herself then lay down beside him. The young woman didn’t realize how tired she was. She was out the second her head hit the pillow.

“Did she give ye a prescription?” Chibs questioned once they were on the outskirts of Charming.

Aislinn nodded. She had her head in his lap, and Chibs had his hand along her tummy. She welcomed the heat coming off it as it helped with the cramps. She’d some pretty severe ones on the drive back. A few of them had her curling up into a fetal position off and on.

“Let’s get that filled…” Chibs uttered when he passed the Welcome to Charming sign.

“I don’t have it on me…”

“Don’t need it. I’ll have her call it in.”

Chibs didn’t give Aislinn time to argue this as he was already on the phone. This doctor was someone he had known for years. He knew the Lawless sisters were in good hands once he found out she was back in town. Her name was Chesiree Cole. Aislinn regarded the Scot in surprise as the two were deeply engaged in conversation before he even mentioned Aislinn and her prescription. Chibs asked her how the kids were doing and what grade they were in now. Aislinn sat up on this and Chibs glanced her direction. He could see the baffled expression on her face and gave a simple nod. The doctor asked about his ex-wife and daughter, and that’s what led to the disheartening news about Keri. The doctor apologized then gave the Scot her condolences. Aislinn could hear the distress and shock in her doctor’s voice. Chibs cleared his throat then changed the subject by asking about his fiancée’s prescription. Doctor Cole let it known that she’d already called it in and told him what pharmacy. She chose that particular one do to the Lawless sisters’ situation. She let Chibs know there wouldn’t be any issue and it was under Ali Telford. Chibs thanked her then set up another appointment. He made it clear that he wanted to sit down and discuss Aislinn’s condition between the three of them. Doctor Cole was more than understanding and set something up for when he got back. When questioned back from where Chibs said vacation. This had Aislinn in a fit of giggles. Chibs popped her on the thigh and shook his head before hanging up the phone.

“Yer the worst…” He grumbled, and Aislinn laughed once again.

“Aye, I can picture it already. Filip Telford in his board shorts and cut, lookin’ like a certified beach bum of the biker variety.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad…” Chibs murmured with a shrug.

“We should make it one of those topless beaches and yer doin’ one of those Baywatch runs!”


“Old American show…”

“I’ll have to look that one up.” She said, and Chibs chuckled in thought.

“It’d make for some good homework, love!”

Aislinn grew rather quiet, and Chibs glanced that direction. She had her arms wrapped around her stomach, and her eyes were clenched shut.

“Do ye need anythin’ besides yer meds?” Chibs softly questioned as he found a parking space outside the pharmacy.

Aislinn shook her head no.

“Ye sure? No chocolate?” The Scot playfully questioned.

“Ice cream!” Aislinn randomly put, and Chibs laughed.

“What kind?”

“Em… Let me try that rocky road one.” She said putting on her best American accent.

“Alright, got myself a mission.” The Scot said before hopping on out of the car.

“You no make it right. Mommy does it better!” Abel scolded as Kip was making his chocolate milk.


“Yeah. She puts the whipped cream in after then the strawberries… but I no want strawberries today. I want cherries like Aunt Linny and Uncle Chibs!”

“You sure are picky!” Kip uttered, and Abel giggled.

“I no picky. I just knows what I want. That’s what mommy says!”

“Smart kid.” Kip murmured looking somewhat impressed.

“I is,” Abel said.

“Humble too!” Kip witted.

“What dat mean?”

“It means modest.” They heard and turned their heads to see Jax peeking into the kitchen.

“DADDY!” Abel squealed then hopped out of his chair.

He ran up to his father and Jax scooped him up then tossed him into the air before catching him and hugging him.

“Where mommy, daddy?” Abel said as he looked around.

“She’s sleeping.”

“Sleeping?” Abel asked with disappointment.

“Yeah, she’s pretty tired little man. Give her a couple more hours.”

“Okay…” Abel said with a sigh.

“You’ll see her soon. I promise.”

Jax sat his son down at the table.

“I hadn’t a clue you were even home,” Kip admitted as he grabbed the milk and a couple boxes of cereal.

“Yeah, we got in pretty late. You two were already out. Thanks for watching the kid.”

“No prob.”

Kip grabbed everyone a bowl and spoon then joined them at the table.

“The girls alright?” Kip questioned.

“Yeah…” Jax uttered while lighting a cigarette.

“So where’d Aislinn end up?”

“Sheriff’s office in Calpine.”

Kip froze in place, and Jax gave a mere nod.

“Why Aunt Linny there?” Abel questioned, and Jax flicked his ashes into the ashtray.

“Because me and your Uncle Chibs messed up, big time…” Jax admitted taking Kip by surprise.

“Yous mess up?”

“That’s right.”

“How’s you do that daddy?”

“We kept something from your mother and Aunt Linny… something hurtful. We didn’t realize how hurtful it would be until it was too late.”

“What did you do daddy…?” Abel rather snipped and this had Jax and Kip rearing back in astonishment.

Abel frowned then folded his arms about his chest.

“I no know why you do these things,” Abel said, and Jax recoiled.

He couldn’t believe that came out of his son’s mouth. Abel had that same look his mother had, that I’m very disappointed in you one. It felt like daggers coming from Riona, but it stung, even more, when it came from his son.

Kip cleared his throat looking somewhat uncomfortable.

“Dat why mommy leave? Cause you hurts her?”

Jax was floored by this. Once again his son was too intuitive. There was no sneaking one past him, and Jax suddenly realized Riona wasn’t the only one he’d let down.

“That’s right,” Jax admitted.

There was no sense in sugar coating it. Abel didn’t deserve that. He needed to know the truth. This had Jax thinking back to his old man. JT hadn’t any issue in letting him and Thomas know how things really were. If JT fucked up… he admitted to it. He had that same mentality with Gemma and the club. JT fucked up plenty… but he always owned up to it and did his best to fix it. Jax admired that and did his best to live up to his father’s expectations.

Jax cleared his throat then revealed the truth; only he kept it as PG as possible. But even through this, he let Abel know the truth behind Cara Cara. The only part he left out was the Crow Eaters and the benefits the MC earned from them. He’d explain that when Abel was older. This was awkward enough as it was.

“You mean those girls from dat movie?” Abel questioned.

“Movie?” Jax said in response, and Abel nodded.

He crawled out of his chair then headed to the living room. This had Kip and Jax’s full attention. They followed and watched as Abel hit the eject button on the DVD player. Kip’s eyes widened, and Jax sent the Son a look of complete and utter hell as he already knew…

“Tell me you didn’t…” Jax said behind clenched teeth.

“He was asleep. I forgot man…”

“I no know where Spider-Man went, but I sees Lyla and Ima,” Abel said, and Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You have got to be kidding…” He growled.

“I’m sorry man. I swear I…”

“Doesn’t matter… You had no business watching THAT here. NONE! You were supposed to be watching my son!”

Kip snatched the DVD out of Abel’s hand, and Jax closed his eyes for a moment.

“Go. I’ll deal with you later… in the ring.” Jax whispered that last part and Kip recoiled but sent the boy an apologetic glance.

“NOW!” Jax shouted then pointed towards the door.

Kip grabbed his keys then ran on out.

“That’s what they does to those girls, to my mommy, and to Aunt Linny.” Abel sadly murmured.

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“They? Who’s they?”

“The monsters… They takes their clothes off and make them cry. But Lyla and Ima no cry but mommy and Aunt Linny does. I no like that movie daddy.”

Jax dropped to his knees then grabbed ahold of his son. The man had no words as he hugged him. Jax felt like a failure. He let everyone he cared about down and in the worst of ways. He never thought about the studio and how it would affect the Lawless sisters and his son. All he thought about was the money it brought in. Riona tried explaining it, but no one explained it better than Abel. The monsters… Jax curled his lip in disgust. At this very moment, he was one of those monsters. He sat in one of those chairs and helped direct those girls during their scenes. Jax shared his visions with Lyla and gave her ideas on what to shoot next. Riona was right… He was feeding into the rape culture his son bore witness to! The president shot to his feet then ran into the kitchen.

“Daddy?” Abel called as Jax upchucked in the sink.

“Daddy?! What wrong?!” Abel cried and was tugging on his shirt.


“Daddy no feel good mommy. He sick!”

Jax started to say something on this only to wind up gagging. He couldn’t look her in the eyes. It’d kill him.

“JACKSON!” Riona rushed on over and was doing her best to calm him down.

Jax was in the midst of a panic attack. She’d never seen him like this before. The man was beside himself and having a complete meltdown.

“Why don’t you run daddy a bath?” Riona suggested as she wanted Abel out of the room.

Abel nodded and took off.

“I DON’T WANT YOU WAITING ON ME! EITHER OF YOU!” Jax barked taking Riona by surprise.

“JACKSON!” Riona scolded in disbelief.

“I don’t deserve it,” Jax uttered in a softer, yet defeated tone then grabbed his keys.

“What’s come over ya?!” His wife questioned as he was headed for the door.

Jax stopped but with his back to her.

“I have to fix this. I have to fix my family.” He said before leaving the house.

Aislinn was kicked back and listening to the radio when someone knocked on the passenger side window. The young woman shot up as this had her startled.

“Elvis!” She scolded, and the man smiled as she held a hand over her heart.

She shook her head but with a smile. Bobby opened the door then offered a hand. She took it, and the sergeant dragged her on out of the car.

“Wasn’t expecting to run into you here of all places! I hadn’t a clue you guys were back in town!” He said before hugging her.

“Where’s the worse half?” Bobby questioned.


“Ah… This is the perfect opportunity then!”


“Run away with me!” Bobby exclaimed then gestured towards his bike.

“That’s very tempting.”

“Then let’s quit talking about it and do it!” Bobby teased as he took her by the hand then started towards his bike.

Chibs exited the store and shook his head.

“Hands off me girl, ye greasy bastard!”

“We can outrun him!” The sergeant taunted with a grin Chibs’s direction.

The VP rolled his eyes as Bobby sat Aislinn down on his bike.

“Awe flowers? You shouldn’t have!” Bobby taunted while snatching them out of Chibs’s hold.

He went to take a whiff, and Chibs snatched them back. The Scot gave them to Aislinn, along with her bag of meds, a box of Cracker Jacks, and rocky road ice cream.

“Em, sorry Elvis I’m afraid Scotty’s outdone ya again!”

“With cheap ass flowers, crappy-ass caramel corn, and ice cream? Darlin’, I’ll buy ya twelve dozen roses, a popcorn machine, and your own ice cream shop!”

“Aye, and she can enjoy those while you’re in ICU.”

Chibs helped her off the bike then opened a bottle of water.

“Ye need ta go ahead and take those.” Chibs hintingly whispered.

Aislinn nodded then dug into the bag.

“So what happened? Why you all beat up again?” Bobby asked once he got a better look at her.

“Long story…” Chibs murmured on her behalf.

“You and I gotta talk…” The VP added.

Alright…” Bobby uttered in wonder.

Chibs started to say something else on this, but felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. He held up a finger seeing as how it was Jax.


“You in town?”

“Aye, just got back.”

“Mind if I call for church?”

“Now?!” Chibs uttered as he looked to Aislinn.

“Yeah. It’s important. I need everyone here.”

“We’ll be there,” Chibs said with a nod Bobby’s direction.



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9 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – No Leaf Clover”

  1. Oh hell.. all hell is about to break loose and then some i do believe.

    So glad Ali is feeling better and that chibs is taking care of her and telling her don’t matter about the kids even though she wants them from him. that is a good man right there.

    Jax go everything he deserved and then some unfortunately from Riona. I can’t believe he was going to threaten the manage of the hotel because he wouldn’t tell him where she was. actually take that back yes i can. he is a possessive bastard in a good way. lol

    Kip.. oh hell he knew better dear lord he knew better i feel for him… damn do i ever feel for him he is going to get it from jax for watching that movie with abel around

    Abel… what can i say… he is quite the little man… protective of his momma and auntie. and unfortunately he has seen to much in his little young life and for him to understand in a way what happen to the girls and to tell his dad about it.. I can understand why jax got sick.. hell i would of too if my little boy said that to me.

    Your muse and you outdid yourselves once again. and had your timing perfect for i was in search of something to read. I hope the your muse is keeping you and yours cooler by charming your a.c. into working for you. Until next time. *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs chase and tree kip)

  2. so glad they all talked. They needed to get it all laid out. And now Jax has a wake-up call. Selling off Cara Cara now?? Interesting. I don’t think all.of the guys are going to go for it. Can’t wait for the next!

  3. I have two confessions:
    1. I can’t watch the show anymore because I like your stories more.
    2. I kind of want to see Happy and Ethan together hahaha am I weird??
    P.s. awesome chapter I love Abel so so much.

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