Chapter 34 – A Reason To Fight

Chapter 34 – A Reason to Fight

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“Shut the fuck up.” Thomas spat, and Jax chuckled.

“I’m serious,” Jax uttered with a shrug, and Thomas rolled his eyes.

Thomas walked up to the manure tank, and JT opened it.  Manure and guns spilled on out of the tank, and Thomas gagged as some of it landed on his shoes. Jax died of laughter, and JT patted his youngest on the back.

“I told you…” Jax murmured, and Thomas flipped his brother off.

                JT waved the prospects over and had them sorting through all the guns and getting everything cleaned up.

“You too…” JT uttered, and Jax and Thomas reared back.

“We’re limited on time boys. That means all hands on deck. So get those gloves on and get to that spit shine!”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Jax said, and JT laughed.

                The boys watched as their father took off his cut then tossed it aside. He too put on some gloves and got to work.

“This is fucked up,” Thomas complained as he placed his prospect cut beside his father’s president cut.

“Yeah well, it got us across without raising any suspicion.” JT murmured.

“Shit!” Thomas shouted as he lost his footing and fell on his ass.

                This had Tig, Chibs, JT, and Jax dying of laughter.

“Fuck you guys.” Thomas spat and was looking at his new jeans and SAMCRO belt.

“Goddammit. I’ll have to burn these and get a new belt!”

“Get yourself a new pair of shoes while you’re at it son.” JT said while looking to Thomas’s white Nike’s.”

“Right?! Time to graduate to a decent pair of boots!” Jax said while pointing towards his Harley Davidson boots that were just like his father’s.”

“I like my Nikes. They’re comfortable.” Thomas said with a shrug.

Tig tossed one of the guns over, and Thomas frowned as some of the manure splatted across his face. Jax reached to his gut in laughter, and JT grinned.

“I always said you were full of shit!”

“Funny dad…” Thomas uttered.

“This better be the last run!” Thomas added and JT’s eyes locked with his.

“It is.” His father vowed.

“You said that last time, dad.”

                JT sighed and looked to Clay as he was in the garage talking to Gemma (JT’s wife at the time).

“It was supposed to be.” The president whispered and this had the brothers looking to their father in question.

                JT cleared his throat then got back to work.

“Look, it’s ole boomerang!” Chibs muttered and with a playful wink Jax’s direction.

                Jax shook his head as if to scold Chibs.

“I told you to knock that off.”

“Old habit.” Chibs unapologetically put.

                Tara parked the car and Jax took his gloves off then made his way over.

“Hey, little man!”  Jax greeted as he peeked into the back and looked to his son.

                Abel smiled and kicked his feet about.

“I got called in, and I can’t get ahold of Gemma,” Tara said.

“I got him,” Jax said but with slight annoyance.

                It seemed as if she was getting called in every day now. He and Abel hardly saw her. Jax waved one of the prospects over and had them get his son out of the car.

“Covered in shit,”  Jax explained, and Tara wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Okay, I won’t ask.”

“Might be for the best.”

“How’d his two-year boosters go?” Jax questioned.

“He pouted a little but was pretty chill otherwise.”

“So he didn’t cry?”


“That’s my boy!” Jax proudly exclaimed as the prospect carried his son into the clubhouse, along with Abel’s car seat and diaper bag.

“I gotta go.” Tara impatiently put as Jax was leaning against the car.

“Right… Love you!” He said, but Tara gave a mere nod and sped off.

                Jax shook his head and went back to helping the others.

“We got it. Take care of your son.” His father said.

“Hell, I’ll take care of the lil dude!” Thomas said with a smirk, and Jax laughed. 

“I bet you would! Anything to get out of this shit! No pun intended.”

“You’re goddamn right!” Thomas said then stepped out of the pile of manure.

“Alright, but you gotta clean up first,” JT said, and Jax saw it coming before Thomas ever did.

“What the fuck dad?!” Thomas shouted as his father had the hose and was spraying him down with ice cold water.

“STRIP SON!” JT ordered, and Chibs and Tig laughed.

“The fuck I will you bastard!”

“You’re not going into that clubhouse with shit all over you.” JT made clear, and Jax laughed as his brother stripped down to his boxers and JT finished spraying him off.


“Torturing our boys again?” Gemma called, and JT smiled.

“You know it. C’mere baby and give me a kiss!”

“I’ll take a raincheck on that!”

“Manure wrestle?!” JT playfully put and with a flirtatious wink.

“Another raincheck.”

“Well, you’re no fun!”

                Gemma gave a simple nod and acted as if she were headed for the office. The boys got back to work but were quick to holler out as Gemma had the hose now and was spraying JT, Jax, Tig, Chibs, and the prospects down. JT grabbed Gemma then pulled her into the pile with them. Gemma cussed up a storm and was punching the living hell out of her husband. JT laughed then pecked her on the cheek.

“You know you love me!” JT said, and Gemma rolled her eyes but with a smile.

“Not at this very moment.” She said then started to gag.

                JT chuckled but scooped her up and stepped out of his boots. He carried his wife into the clubhouse and got her cleaned up.

Jax opened his eyes then placed a hand along his father’s tombstone.

“Tell me I did the right thing…” Jax whispered with a heavy heart.

“Dad, please. I need them. I can’t lose my reason. I feel like everyone’s pulling me a different direction, and I’m spreading myself too thin. I have to lose everything in order to gain everything. How fucked up is that? I already lost you and Tommy…” Jax closed his eyes then dropped to his knees.

“I didn’t want to lose my mom.”

Jax jumped however as a crow landed on his father’s tombstone. It squawked at him then flew away. Jax gave a mere nod then came to his feet. He dusted the grass off Thomas’s white Nike’s then looked to his brother’s grave. 

“PULL BACK!” Jax shouted as a bullet struck his brother and Thomas fought to gain control of his bike.

“I got it, Jax!” Thomas hollered as he was doing whatever he could to stop this run from happening.

“NO TOMMY!” Jax struggled to get to him, but they were being shot at from all directions.

Thomas managed to shoot the man driving the truck but the driver lost control, and the truck flipped onto its side, landing right where Thomas was. The truck itself rolled over, several times,  and the Sons circled around Thomas’s remains.

Jax pinched his eye shut on this particular memory. He couldn’t help but think on the irony.

Jax made the same choice his brother made when faced off with Galen and Jimmy’s little brother. Cameron had been sent by the kings to blackmail Jax, just as Galen had his father, years ago. The kings were mistaken in thinking they could buy Jax’s loyalty. No amount of money could break the man’s word. This of course caused some strain within the MC. Clay was all for selling out. He didn’t care about the oath neither-nor did he consider what JT and Thomas had done for this club. They gave their lives in order to give SAMCRO their freedom. But that wasn’t the way Clay, Gemma, Bobby, Tig, or Otto saw it. Their only focus was the lack of green and their desire to have it all. But Jax, Chibs, Opie, and Happy saw it for the death sentence it truly was. This triggered a little tension in Happy and Otto’s relationship as well. Happy Lowman used to be all about the cartel and the money it brought in. But seeing Thomas and JT die the way they did… Changed the Son’s mind pretty quick. Otto, however, didn’t budge. It wasn’t long, after all, that mess that Otto was charged with murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Blood. There was so much blood. His little brother’s blood. But it was Thomas’s bullet that stopped that run from happening. That was the bullet that got them out of the cartel. JT had all the reasoning he needed now. He brought that reasoning to the kings, the very ones that set SAMCRO up, to begin with. The Irish got greedy, only to have it backfire. But it came at a cost for the Sons as well. They lost their youngest member that day. JT lost a son, and Jax lost a brother. The kings promised it would never come to that. But they failed the Sons and JT had all the leverage they needed. Thomas had gone above and beyond in getting that proof. Proof as in Galen ordering the hit “aka accident” that would get JT killed and Clay put into office instead as Clay was VP at the time. Galen knew JT wanted out of the cartel. But Clay didn’t. That’s what led to Jax’s belief that Clay was in on his father’s death and had been for years. JT believed Clay was out to get him as well but hadn’t any evidence. This was something that was kept hush-hush between the Tellers. The others worshipped Clay and thought he could do no wrong. But JT knew Clay better than anyone. He’d seen Clay at his best and worst and knew what he was capable of. That was one of the reasons he chose Clay as his VP and Jax as his sergeant. JT knew Clay could get the job done and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. JT’s mistake? Thinking he could trust Clay as they’d been best friends for years. It wasn’t long after Thomas’s death that Gemma left JT. He begged her to stay and make things work. JT blamed himself thinking he pushed his wife into his best friend’s arms.

He took Thomas’s death so hard he thought it was through his own neglect. He believed that and for the longest time… until another brother revealed the truth. That truth being that Clay and Gemma had been sneaking around and long before they ever lost Thomas. That brother was none other than Chibs Filip Telford as to why Gemma and Clay were out of sorts when it came to the Scot. Clay had been threatening Chibs for some time as he’d caught them awhile back. Chibs’s silence hadn’t anything to do with Clay’s threat. No. It had to do with Thomas and Jax. He couldn’t break their hearts like that. But the Scot couldn’t look JT in the eyes after knowing the truth. The Scot kept to himself and had grown more distant. But JT knew something was wrong as he and Chibs had a pretty good relationship and confided in one another often. The president knew his oldest son and Chibs were pretty close as well. So JT got the Scot nice and drunk one night, and that’s when everything came crashing down. The truth about Gemma and Clay’s affair came out, and Chibs beat himself up over it. He felt as if HE were the betrayer and the one that did JT wrong. JT went out his way to convince him otherwise. He didn’t blame Chibs. No. He blamed his best friend and wife and was angry with them for having put Chibs in that awful situation. It ate the Scot alive and to the point where it made him physically ill. Chibs was drinking heavier than usual and on antidepressants. He was doing whatever he could to keep his shit together. The guilt ate the man alive.   

Jax’s hand balled up into a fist as he thought back to everything. He never realized just how blind he and Thomas were when it came to their parents. Jax thought they were happy. His father was… His mother, however… that was a different story.  Jax remembered the struggle before Thomas died. Back when they were in and out of the cartel and JT was iffy about staying in. They struggled with the Irish, and the Irish went out their way to shove that money in their faces. The Tellers lost their home. Gemma’s car was repossessed. And they were living in hotels half of the time when they weren’t staying at the clubhouse or with a member of SAMCRO. Despite the hardships… JT didn’t give up. He worked his ass off gathering whatever work he could. The president sold off all his personal possessions. He did this so Gemma could get her hair done and stay in those nice clothes of hers. JT kept food on the table, and his sons had whatever they needed for school. But that wasn’t good enough. Jax could look back and see the disappointment and misery on his mother’s face. He remembered the fights. His mother and father had literal screaming matches about their situation. Gemma would blame JT for wanting out of the cartel. They had a small taste of what that money was like, but JT didn’t like it. No. He saw it for what it was. It was blood money and if they kept with it… That’s how it would end for them. These things always did, and JT knew that. Thomas became a fine example of that. The sad thing about all this? Thomas saw it coming. He and Jax had a heart to heart about the cartel and their father’s vision. This took place two days before Thomas died. Two days before JT found out about Clay’s backhanded ways and how he, Bobby, Tig, and Otto went behind the other’s backs and went through with that deal after all before JT even had the chance to call forth a vote. Clay knew it would end up half and half and he wasn’t down for that. He wanted that cartel, and he planned on getting it, one way or another. Hence the reason Jax was at odds when it came to Bobby, Tig, and Otto and way before his son was kidnapped. There was history when it came to the brotherhood and their backstabbing ways. Money had a way of bringing out the worst in each of them.

Opie Winston was another example. Jax would’ve never suspected Opie. But he too had fallen victim to greed. So much so that he willingly set his best friend up. The truth will set you free… Jax pictured his father saying those very words and back when he sat at the gavel. JT tried so hard to get those boys heads straight.  Jax shook his head in thought.  What truth? Jax remembered thinking those very words. Jax didn’t want the gavel. He didn’t want the pain and sorrow it brought. But JT insisted. It wasn’t long after Thomas’s death that JT had Clay demoted and he put forth a vote for Jax. To JT’s great surprise, no one argued this. In fact, he made everyone promise that Clay would never set foot near that gavel again. JT didn’t want him in office. Clay could sit in church. He could wear that cut. But he wasn’t to have reign over anyone MC related again. At that point, everyone agreed. This was done behind Clay’s back. Clay assumed his demotion was punishment for going behind JT’s when it came to the cartel. But he  hadn’t a clue about the meeting and everyone’s decision as a whole. They knew Clay was toxic when it came to leadership by that point. Still, they voted his ass BACK in.

“You’re done, kid.”


“You heard me. I want you out of this MC and now!”

“Dad… That’s my decision, not yours.”

“The fuck it isn’t! I’m not losing you too. So take off that cut and get the hell out of Charming!”




“Ye alright kid?” This snapped Jax out of memory lane, and he spun around to see Chibs and Aislinn standing directly behind him.

Aislinn had some flowers in her hands and was looking to Jax with concern. The president cleared his throat then nodded in greeting.

“She wanted to pay her respects…” Chibs softly explained, and Jax smiled her direction.

“Never seen flowers like that before. I like those.”

He said while looking to the white and yellow colored flowers.


“Aye, ya should,” Aislinn said with a warm smile and Jax narrowed his eyes as she placed some down on Thomas and JT’s graves.

“Lychnis flo cuculi.” Aislinn softly uttered while placing a hand along Thomas’s tombstone.

“They’re crow-flowers. Well, accordin’ to Shakespeare.” Aislinn described the scene from Hamlet with Ophelia and the meaning behind the flowers.

Jax found himself somewhat impressed.

“Ali isn’t one ta take the simple route! She had to have those flowers.” Chibs humored.

“I can see that.”

Aislinn had her reasons but didn’t voice them out of respect for Chibs. So she made certain she got the same flowers for JT as well. But these particular flowers were meant for Thomas. He had referred to her as Ophelia the night they met, and she never understood the reference. Not until he was long gone. When Jax admitted that his brother had a crush on her, it only confirmed her suspicions, and she knew why Thomas referred to her as such now. Thomas had kissed her hand then wished her well before he left the pub.

Jax, however, wasn’t thinking as it just dawned on him. Thomas had written about “Ophelia” in his journal and even mentioned her a couple of times. But Jax hadn’t a clue he meant Aislinn Lawless!

“Ophelia!” The president exclaimed and with a wide grin.

“Ho-ly shit! You’re Ophelia!”

“Jax…” Aislinn whispered in caution as Chibs was cutting them an odd glance.

Jax recoiled once he realized what he’d done.

“What are ye two blabberin’ on aboot?!”

“I thought it was a little crush…” Jax uttered with a look of gloom all the sudden.

Aislinn drew back an uncomfortable breath.

“Otto tried to tell me, but Thomas shrugged it off like it was nothing!”

“Ye two gonna let me in on what’s goin’ on?!” Chibs questioned with impatience and slight irritation.

“Let’s just say that when I told you, you would’ve had competition if my brother had lived that wouldn’t have been an exaggeration.”

“Aye, now. No offense to your brother. He was a lovely lad. But Scotty had me at I’ll call ye Ali!” She said with a wink Chibs’s direction.

The Scot was rather smitten by this, and that’s what Aislinn was aiming for. She didn’t want Chibs to think she would’ve preferred Thomas. That wasn’t the case. Now, there was a bit of a connection. There was no denying that. But it wasn’t as strong as the one she had with Chibs. The Scot’s was almost instant, whereas Thomas grew on her throughout the night.

“Still, it’s like I’m seeing you for the first time. Sorry. I know that’s crazy, but I hadn’t a clue he was talking about you! I thought he went through some sort of bad break up or something that no one knew about. My brother was a very private person. He wasn’t one to express his feelings. He wrote about you in his journal.”

“Are ya serious?”

“Oh yeah, why do you think I reacted the way I did. I hadn’t a clue he was talking about you.”

“Now you’re makin’ me feel bad…” Aislinn damn near whispered as to the feelings not being mutual.

“Don’t. Please. That’s not why I’m telling you this. He wouldn’t want that, we both know that. I’m just stoked that you’re right here. The girl he’d been writing about. I hadn’t a fucking clue, and I gave him so much hell. I thought you were imaginary.”

“Why do I feel like I’m hardcore third wheelin’ and on me own girl all the sudden?!” Chibs uttered, and Jax laughed.

“Did you just say hardcore third wheelin’?!”

“Aye! The ghost of yer brother is out to steal me girl and yer, not helpin’ Jackie!”

Jax had a good laugh at this and Chibs uttered a slew of Scottish profanities under his breath. The Scot went on to pay his respects, and Aislinn gave Chibs and Jax a few moments alone. The young woman went on a little stroll around the cemetery and was looking at various graves. She stopped at a particular one as it was that of a child. He was Abel’s age when he passed. This had her thinking back to her brother and how he lost his son. Aislinn said a prayer on the child’s behalf then looked to one of the toys his parents had left behind. This had her wondering how the boy died. She couldn’t imagine what the parents must be going through. This grave was fresh, and the date showed he died just a few days ago. Aislinn was lost in thought when she felt a hand along her shoulder. She let out a small gasp as this had her startled.

“Sorry darlin’,” Chibs whispered, and Aislinn placed a hand along her heart.

“He was Abel’s age.” She sadly muttered, and Chibs nodded as he looked to the boy’s tombstone.

“Aye, that one was in the paper not long ago.”


“Domestic abuse victim…”

“That’s terrible.”

“Died at his own mother’s hands.”

Aislinn recoiled in thought.

“I’m headed to the shop,” Jax called before getting on his bike.

“Aye, I’ll be there in a bit.” Chibs hollered in response.

The Scot wrapped his arms around Aislinn’s waist as she looked to the boy’s grave.

“His father was up here the other day. Spent a good hour or so cryin’ and apologizin’ ta the lad.” Chibs said and shook his head in thought.

“I’ll never understand some people.”

“That makes two of us darlin’. Let’s get us some breakfast. I gotta head ta the shop here soon.”

“Who’s lookin’ after things while you and the boys are gone?”

“Happy, Ethan, and the prospects.”

Aislinn laughed in thought.

“What’s got ye all tickled?”

“Ethan spends so much time at the shop and clubhouse; ya’d think he was a Son.”

“He wishes!” Chibs mocked, and Aislinn laughed.

“Ya never know… Ya could be patchin’ him in one day.”

Chibs grumbled in thought, and Aislinn giggled as he led her to the car.

“Neeta’s here,” Jax said while poking his head into the office.

Riona looked to Abel as he was sitting in the chair across from her.

“It be okay, mommy.” Abel did his best to reassure, and Riona smiled.

Abel grabbed his backpack and Jax waved Neeta inside. The heavy set African American woman scooped Abel up and showered him with kisses.

“No do that Neeta!” Abel said with a giggle, and Neeta laughed as she set him back down.

“It’s been forever and a day! I think you’ve grown two whole feet!”

“This my mommy now.” Abel pointed towards Riona and Riona came to a stand.

She offered her hand in greeting and Neeta shook it.

“Mr. Teller has told me all about you. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And I hear congratulations are in order… You were recently married!”

“Aye, a pleasure as well and thank you.”

“Ohhhh, I love that accent!”

Jax smiled on this.

“Me too!”

“I bet!” Neeta teased with a playful wink Jax’s direction.

“Thought I’d take him to the park and the house afterward.”

“Thanks, Neeta,” Jax said.

“No problem. No problem at all! Enjoy your night.”

“Bye, mommy!” Abel said before pecking his mother on the cheek and taking Neeta by the hand.

“What about me?!” Jax pouted, and Abel giggled.

“Bye, daddy!” He playfully hollered, and Jax sighed.

“Momma’s boy…” The president bitched under his breath, and Riona laughed.

Jax watched from the doorway as Neeta got Abel into his car seat. He looked to Riona once they left.

“You’re in trouble now! I got you all to myself tonight!”Jax seductively put.

“Am I now?”

“Oh yeah… So you better get some energy and drink plenty of water. You’re going to need it!” Jax said before exiting the office.

“Elvis!” Aislinn scolded as he snatched the fiddle he’d given her out from her hold.

“You said you’d play for me FIRST!” Bobby scolded.

Aislinn giggled then looked around the clubhouse.

“There’s no one in here!” She said, and Bobby narrowed his eyes as he looked around the room.

He nodded then handed the fiddle back.

“So play something. I’m on break.”

Aislinn looked to be in thought as Bobby plopped down beside her.

“Well, ya gonna play or not?!”

“Just give me a minute to think, will ya?!” Aislinn playfully snipped before coming to her feet and standing before Bobby.

“Just sayin’ my break’s damn near over!”

Aislinn didn’t comment and started playing. Bobby leaned back with raised brows. Aislinn was playing Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale.

“Happy now?” She asked once she finished and Bobby stood up and clapped.

Aislinn laughed then slightly bowed.

“One more!” Bobby pleaded.

“I thought your break was almost over.”

“It is. So hurry it up!”

“Well, aren’t ya just the smooth talker!” She uttered but went on to play on more song. (The violin version of My Immortal by Evanescence.)

Bobby shook his head as he listened. He couldn’t believe the talent of this woman.  It came in droves, and she never ceased to amaze him. Chibs and Tig entered the clubhouse, but Bobby didn’t utter a word on it. Aislinn was facing him and kept playing. Her entire face flushed over when she heard a round of applause afterward. She peered back, and Chibs sent her a wink. Tig, however, continued clapping. Aislinn spun back around, and Bobby handed her a fifty dollar bill.

“What’s this for?”

“I was out of twenties.” He murmured with a shrug.

“I’m not a stripper!”

“No, but you entertain as good as any stripper I know.”

“I’m not sure I should take that as a compliment or not!”

She went to hand the money back, and Bobby refused.

“It’s about what I’d pay in tips if I could see you play this weekend. But boss says we have to head out in the morn and your man is being a dick and won’t let us visit you at work.”

“He what?!”

“That’s right! I ratted you out, you son of a bitch!” Bobby uttered as he grabbed a beer and headed for the garage.

Chibs had this unapologetic look about him as he and Tig were discussing something in private.

“Did ya really tell the boys they couldn’t come to the bar?”

“Aye,” Chibs replied then went back to his conversation.

“Why’d ya do that?”

“Because ye don’t need them up there distractin’ ye and makin’ requests.”

“But I like when they make requests.”

Chibs sighed then held up a hand Tig’s direction. The Scot peered back Aislinn’s.

“Ali, if ye let them in that bar, they’ll hog  ye up, and ye know it. Give yerself a couple weeks at least before ye go and let these greasy bastards in the door!”

“Hey!” Tig said looking somewhat offended.

Aislinn laughed so hard she snorted. That was something the Scot found downright adorable and had ever since he first heard her do that.

“Alright, Scotty. I’ll do that.”

Chibs gave a mere nod then got back to his conversation. Aislinn put her fiddle up but lifted her eyes when Tig and Chibs started arguing.

“Don’t go there, brother,” Tig warned looking pissed.

“Then why ye sneakin’ off? What could ye possibly…”

Tig shook his head then shot up from the bar stool.

“It isn’t any of your business. Watch what the fuck you’re accusing me of!”

Aislinn reared back when Tig stormed out of the clubhouse. Chibs leaned back in his stool then let out a frustrated sigh.

“What was that about?!” Aislinn whispered.

“Not sure yet…” Chibs softly put.

“Club thing…?” Aislinn questioned as he acted rather reserved about the whole ordeal.


Aislinn nodded in understanding then made her way over. She sat beside him, and the Scot stared off into space. Aislinn thought it best to leave the man to his thoughts. She wasn’t about to pry or get into MC business. Besides, she knew he’d talk when he was ready to talk. Aislinn hit a muse and jotted down a few lyrics in her journal. She didn’t realize Chibs had left the clubhouse, not until her sister was sitting in his place. Kip was at the door and accompanying one of SAMCRO’s personal vendors. Aislinn and Riona watched as the vendor went on to fill the bar and with whatever the Sons had on their order form. The vendor glanced their direction as he worked. He sent the girls a flirtatious smile then nodded their direction.

“What’s up, ladies?”

This had not only their attention but Kip’s as well.

“You two work here or something?”

“Not exactly.” Aislinn murmured.

“Ya can stop that.” Riona made perfectly clear as he was looking down her blouse.

The vendor laughed but looked to the girls matching tattoos.

“Oh, I get it… You’re together.”

Kip rolled his eyes but kept quiet.

“Together?” Aislinn questioned in mockery.

The vendor narrowed his eyes.

“Best friends?” Aislinn shook her head no.

“Sisters?!” The man excitably exclaimed, and Aislinn gave an unamused nod.

“Nice! That’s hot… You two close?” He rather hinted.

The girls didn’t humor him with an answer.

“I’d like to see you two get close. Real close.”

The man reached over and ran his fingers along Riona’s.

“Not happening,” Riona said and jerked her hand back.

Aislinn sneered his direction and was about to say something when Kip grabbed the vendor by the hair then smashed his face into the counter. Aislinn giggled, and Riona’s hand flew over her mouth. Kip forced the man back against him.

“Apologize.” He ordered.

“What the fuck man?!”

“I SAID APOLOGIZE!” Kip demanded once again.

“I’m sorry alright?! Goddamn, asshole!”

Kip gritted his teeth then shoved the vendor towards the front door.

“You had one job. Flirting with SAMCRO’s women wasn’t one of them.” Kip made clear.

“Go Kip…” Aislinn whispered, and Riona laughed.

“Wonder what got into him,” Riona whispered in return and Aislinn shrugged wondering that as well.

Kip escorted the vendor to his truck then finished the order himself.

“Now that’s service!” Aislinn teased, and Riona laughed.

“What was that?!”

“Right?! Kip went full-on Hulk on that lad!”

“Hulk…” Riona repeated with a snicker.

“Hey…” Jax softly called, and Chibs glanced over.

The president nodded the vendor’s direction as Kip sent the man on his way. Jax looked to his phone as it vibrated. He smiled once he read the message.

“Looks like he passed. Guess I owe the fucker another shot.” Jax said then showed Chibs the message from the vendor himself.

You owe me! Kid kicked my fucking ass! 

Chibs chuckled but got back to work.

“They’ve been slammed all day. Jackson says they’re gonna be runnin’ an hour or two past.”

“And they have ya to blame!” Aislinn teased as to Riona bringing in more business with the new website.

Riona gave a smug grin, and Aislinn laughed.

“They’ll enjoy that bread though,” Aislinn said in thought.


A few prospects entered the clubhouse, and they had bags of meat with them. They set them down on the counter then headed back out.

“Guess that’s for tonight?” Riona said while looking through the bags.

“Guess so,” Aislinn said with a shrug.

Riona glanced towards the clubhouse door then back to her sister.

“So how ya feelin’ about them leavin’ come mornin’?” She hintingly whispered.

“Not terribly great. But comes with the territory, right?”

Riona nodded in agreement.

“At least Ethan can breathe in peace once it’s all said and done.” Riona murmured in thought.

“Aye, let’s just hope everyone comes back in one peace!”

“Amen to that.”

It wasn’t long before a few Crow Eaters entered the clubhouse. Aislinn and Riona locked eyes on this but didn’t comment. They knew there was no winning that battle. These girls weren’t going anywhere. Scarlett sent Aislinn a look of absolute hell, and Aislinn sent the Crow Eater a little wave and snarky grin to go with it. This had Riona rolling in laughter.

“Oh, how I adore ya!” Riona said.

“I know.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes and was talking to one of the other Crow Eaters.

“What do ya think they’re talkin’ about?”

“Us Irish bitches! What else? We ruined their chances and so on…” Riona uttered in disgust.

“Right… Speakin’ of which… wonder where that Ima woman is.” Riona added.

“Who knows. She might be in the garage with your husband and with that glad eye!”

“Ugh…” Riona said with a curled lip, and Aislinn laughed.

The sisters were clowning around with one another when Scarlett approached them. The sisters regarded the Crow Eater in disbelief.

“You lost?!” Aislinn questioned, and Scarlett ignored her as she was staring a hole in Riona.

“I get that you’re the president’s old lady now but getting my girl fired… not cool.”

Aislinn and Riona looked to one another in question.

“What are ya talkin’ about?” Riona asked.

“Don’t pretend with me, sweetheart… Your insecurities aren’t our problem. Woman up and talk to your man. Ima didn’t deserve that!”

“Scarlett…” One of the other Crow Eater’s tried to warn and with this nervous vibe. This particular Crow Eater looked to Aislinn and Riona apologetically and was trying to steer Scarlett away from them. Aislinn heard her sister’s teeth grind together as she came to her feet and got in the Crow Eater’s face.

“First of all… Don’t you EVER talk to me like that again. Second, I had no say in my husband’s decision. I wasn’t even aware of this until you brought it to my attention. Third, get out of my fuckin’ face.”

Aislinn giggled at her sister’s response and sent the Crow Eater a cocky grin. Scarlett snapped Aislinn a look and looked her up and down in disgust.

“Don’t even get me started on you. I mean honestly, what does he even see in you?!”

“Gettin’ a wee bit brave there,” Aislinn warned.

“Oh hunny, you haven’t seen me at my worst yet… We don’t work under Chibs or Jax anymore. So there’s no need to beat around the bush.”

Aislinn gathered this crazed expression, and Riona sighed.

“May I?” Aislinn asked, and Riona gave her the go ahead.

“Thank you!” Aislinn said before grabbing the woman by her blonde locks then dragging her outside.


This, of course, had the Sons and Ethan’s attention. They looked on from the garage. Aislinn shoved Scarlett towards the ring. The Crow Eater spun around then threw her hands in the air.

“You really want to fight me?!”

“Ya have nooo idea…”

“Alright, you puny bitch. Bring it! This is damn near laughable. You think you can take ME on?!”

Jax placed a hand along Chibs’s shoulder and laughed.

“Something tells me your old lady’s about to fuck someone up.”

Chibs gave a simple nod but didn’t comment.

“You really gonna let them fight like that?!” Ethan questioned, and Jax shrugged.

“That girl is twice her size!” Ethan said in disbelief.

Chibs snatched Ethan back as he started that direction.

“Yer sister’s got this.”

“Filip…” Ethan murmured with concern.

“Just watch…”

Riona and the prospects stepped outside, and the Sons headed towards the ring as well. Aislinn crawled into that ring and Chibs recoiled as Scarlett yanked her up by the arm and pushed her into one of the corners.

“Come on darlin’…” Chibs whispered as Scarlett managed to get a couple good hits in.

“Jesus,” Ethan said as his sister’s blood splattered across the ropes.

It took everything within the Scot not to intervene. This was Aislinn’s fight, and he couldn’t intervene with something like that. His old lady had a point to make, and he was all for her making it. Hot as this was… Chibs didn’t like the idea of Aislinn getting hurt. Aislinn had those hands wrapped around that rope. Her eyes were slid shut, and Scarlett took a few cheap jabs to Aislinn’s back.

“Linny…” Riona whispered as she was starting to worry.

Aislinn opened her eyes, and the Scot nodded amongst himself. He saw it coming before anyone else. Aislinn flung that head of hers back, and Scarlett let out an agonizing cry. The Crow Eater covered her mouth and nose, and blood was oozing out from between her fingers. Aislinn used the ropes to send herself flying right towards Scarlett. Jax died of laughter when she knocked Scarlett to the ground then punched her in the face, repeatedly. Scarlett went to tap out and was begging Aislinn to stop. Aislinn grabbed Scarlett by the corset and got right in her face. Scarlett spit one of her front teeth out, and Aislinn sent her this menacing glare.

“Not the poundin’ you’re used to. But I’ll beat that nasty box (vagina) of yours any day. And I do believe this is your “worst yet”. Feel free to prove me wrong. I dare ya!” The young woman helped the Crow Eater to her feet then stared her down.

“I’m ready if ya wanna go again, love.” The way Aislinn said this had the Scot hard as fuck.

It was then Scarlett took notice of the crowd around them. The Crow Eater cringed once she saw Chibs Telford. The Scot smiled Scarlett’s direction as if to say I told you so. Aislinn hadn’t a clue as her back was to everyone. Scarlett was at a loss for words when Riona climbed into the ring.

“Ya can drop that pitiful look. Ya had it comin’. My sister sure had ya fooled. I wouldn’t make that mistake again. As to your wee comment… You’re wrong. As long as you’re under this roof and suckin’ dicks or what have ya. You will answer to SAMCRO, and that means EVERY member. So ya can take that wee theory of yours love and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Do we have an understandin’ or do I need to add to my sister’s baytin’ (beating)?”

Riona grabbed Scarlett then shoved her on out of the ring. Riona checked her sister over afterward and shook her head. Aislinn took a bit of a beating, but nothing like Scarlett had. Riona wiped a drop of blood off her sister’s lip but leaned into her ear as she did this.

“Just a wee bit of warnin’… Ya got an audience…”

The young woman spun around, and Riona laughed at her sister’s stunned expression. The boys started whistling; they were clapping and hooting and hollering as well, specifically that of Chibs. Aislinn pivoted back around and with a flushed face. Riona laughed once again.

“Oh Linny, there’s no hope for ya! Ya look like a tomato!”

“Shut that gob of yours Riona!” She murmured but with a bloody grin.

“Get yourself cleaned up! Ya look like ya was on that Jerry Springer show!”

Aislinn laughed but limped on out of the ring and into the clubhouse. Happy was off to the side taking everyone’s money. Riona frowned once she realized that Juice, Tig, and Kip bet against her sister.

“Are ya coddin’ (joking)?!” She snapped, and Jax died of laughter.

“Hey, the rest of us are a hundred bucks richer!” Jax said as he and Chibs flashed their earnings about.

“I can’t believe ya were raisin’ bets on my sister!”

“Don’t get mad at me! Talk to Filip.” Jax murmured with a shrug.

Chibs stuffed a cigarette into his mouth then pocketed his earnings.

“Oh Mary, Linny would kill ya if she knew!”

“Don’t see why… I knew me girl would win. What’s a bigger compliment than that?” Chibs challenged but with a prideful grin.

“Come in,” Aislinn called as there was a knock at the door.

The young woman saw Chibs’s reflection as he stepped inside. That blush of hers returned as she washed up at the sink. Chibs walked on over and grabbed a few paper towels. He placed a hand along her shoulder and had her turn so that she was facing him. The Scot dabbed one of the paper towels along her lip and nose.

“Ye wanna tell me what that was aboot?” He softly uttered.

“I was just showin’ her how we Irish lasses deal with things.”

Chibs cocked a brow on this. Aislinn sighed then told him what all was said between them. Chibs nodded but looked to be in thought. He took his earnings from his pocket then stuffed them into Aislinn’s.

“What’s that?”

“Had a bit of a bet goin’.” He said with a shrug then wet one of the paper towels down.

He held that paper towel against her swollen eye.


“Aye. I knew ye’d kick her fuckin’ arse.” He said with a playful wink and Aislinn’s jaw dropped.

“Ya was gamblin’ on the fight?!”

“Aye!” Chibs admitted with a chuckle and Aislinn punched him on the shoulder.

“I can’t believe ya! That’s a bit of a dick move, Scotty.”

Chibs smiled then pecked her on the lips.

“Is it?” He teased while pressing himself against her.

The two were in a heated kiss when Scarlett entered the room, with a couple other Crow Eaters. She was sobbing and had her face covered. They led her to one of the sinks and were helping her clean up.

“She can clean herself up.” Chibs made clear, and the girls looked over.

“Go on.” He ordered, and they were quick to scatter on out of the ladies room.

Chibs kissed Aislinn once again then looked to Scarlett as she was crying at the sink. The Scot let out a sigh of sheer annoyance.

“Why don’t ye go and put some ice on that eye? I’ll be right there darlin’.”

Aislinn cut him an odd glance and Chibs escorted her on out of the bathroom. He locked the door behind her then looked to Scarlett. He made a tsk-like sound with his tongue. He strutted on over then propped himself up on the counter.

“And I thought ye were smarter than that…”

Scarlett lifted her eyes on this and Chibs nodded.

“Where do ye get off thinkin’ that Jackie and I have no reign over ye? Em?!”

Scarlett didn’t respond and continued in washing up. Chibs hopped on down then backed her up against the wall. He snatched the paper towel from her hold and finished cleaning her up.

“Listen here darlin’. I won’t be puttin’ my dick in ye, and I seriously doubt Jackie will. But don’t ye go on  thinkin’ that we have no say in what ye do under this here roof. Yer a Crow Eater. Jackie’s prez and I’m the VP. It doesn’t matter if we own a percentage in Cara Cara or not. As long as ye carry that Crow Eater title we have full say in what ye do and don’t do on these grounds. Ye can think me barbaric, love. I really don’t give a shite. Ye chose this. No one else did that for  ye. So if ye have a problem with authority or me and Jackie in general. Ye know where the door is.” Scarlett recoiled then looked away.

Chibs cupped her chin then forced her head his direction.

“Look at me…”

Her eyes shifted his way, and they locked with his.

“That’s twice. Twice ye’ve gone and disrespected me girl. Make it a third, and I’ll put ye in that ring and have a go at ye myself. That and ye best believe I will get yer arse fired. Yer days of porn will be over. I’ll make sure of it, whether I’m in the biz or not. So ye best think before ye act. Stay away from me girl and keep that gob of yers shut. Do we have an understandin’?”

The Crow Eater nodded, and Chibs gave her a playful slap across the face.

“Good girl.” He said before exiting the ladies room.


Chibs headed to the bar where Happy, Jax, Riona, and Aislinn were talking. Happy seemed downright pissed as he was finding out the dets behind Scarlett.

“I’m the one that fired Ima. Bitch should’ve come to me if she had an issue.” Happy made clear.

“Ya fired Ima?!” The Lawless sisters chorused.

“I’d my reasons.” Happy murmured but looked to Scarlett when she exited the bathroom.

Happy waved her and the other porn stars over. Jax cocked a brow as Happy had them follow him into the back room.

“What’s he goin’ to do?” Aislinn questioned.

“One of two things… Have himself one hell of an orgy or lay down the law.” Chibs murmured with a playful grin, and Aislinn popped him on the arm.

“Maybe both…” Jax added with a smirk, and Riona slugged him one as well.

“So violent!” Chibs taunted, and the sisters rolled their eyes.

“Okay, you two can stop that. That’s fucking creepy.” Jax uttered.

The girls high fived one another and the boys shook their heads. Bobby turned the radio on and had the surround sound going in and out of the clubhouse.

“Guess that means the party’s officially started,” Aislinn said.

Chibs followed Riona and Jax out of the clubhouse. Aislinn was right behind him but froze once she saw Happy exit the backroom. He had his arm around a couple of the girls and was kissing one of them. Scarlett however damn near ran out of the clubhouse.

“I knew it…” Aislinn teased.

“It’s never a bad thing… mixing business with pleasure.” Happy said but had the ladies head on out without him.

“Whatever ya say, lad.”

Happy chuckled then grabbed them both a beer.

“Never seen a woman kick ass the way you do. That was fuckin’ brutal. Maybe you should be the one corralling these ladies around.”

“Think I’ll pass.”

Happy handed one of the beers over then wrapped his arm around Aislinn as they headed outside.

“Ya smell like sex and shame!”

“Shame?! What’s that smell like?!”


“Nah, no shame in my game.”

The young woman went to pry out of his hold but it grew tighter, and Happy led her into the office. Aislinn regarded the Son in wonder as he shut the door behind him.

“Is somethin’ wrong?” She questioned as to the strange expression on his face.

“I’m not like them.”

“Like who?”‘

“You know who…” He hinted, and Aislinn flinched in thought.

“Of course ya…” She started to say, and Happy put a single finger to her lips.

“This is business. I think of you as one of the guys Aislinn. So I can tell you flat-out. I love pussy. I love everything about it. But I take care of those ladies. I’d never…” Happy awkwardly put. This was a side he rarely showed but felt the need to get his point across. He didn’t want Aislinn or Riona thinking the worst of him because he didn’t back out like Chibs and Jax did.

“Happy, I don’t think that. Never have. Do I agree with this arrangement ya boys got goin’? No. I never will, and  ya will never convince me that it is right or a good way of makin’ a-livin ‘. I’m Catholic love, and despite my religion, I haven’t any respect for that way of life. But I respect you if that makes any sense. What ya do with your business Happy, that’s up to you. But ya don’t hafta go and defend yourself by sayin’ you’re not like them. I already know that. I love ya, alright?”

Happy nodded then hugged her close.

“Love you too.”


Happy opened the door then gestured for her to head on out first. She stepped out to see Chibs and Jax at one of the grills. Kip had one of the Crow Eaters in his lap, and Bobby was playing with another one’s breasts. Aislinn thought it odd though that Tig wasn’t partaking in the usual festivities. He was sitting at one of the tables, drinking a beer, and by himself. Aislinn made her way over and joined him.

Tig patted her on the leg.

“You’re one hell of a brawler.” He complimented, and Aislinn smiled.

“I have my moments.”

Tig nodded and looked to be in thought. He didn’t seem like his usual happy-go-lucky self.

“Everythin’ alright?” She softly questioned, and Tig nodded once again.

“Well, I’m an excellent ear if  ya change your mind.”

Tig glanced her direction, and Aislinn sent him a warm smile. She started to walk away, and Tig took her by the hand then seated her back down.

“Mind just sittin’ with me for a bit? I don’t wanna talk, doll. Let’s just drink these beers.”


The young woman gave a simple nod, and the two drank in silence.

Chibs glanced Aislinn and Tig’s direction as she’d been over there for a little over half an hour now. He narrowed his eyes at one point as Tig wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pecked her on the cheek. Aislinn leaned into him and said something but Chibs couldn’t make out what it was. She came to her feet not long after and gave Tig’s hand a little squeeze before walking away. Chibs wasn’t sure what to make of that considering the argument he and Tig had earlier. The two were at odds and had been ever since Chibs caught Tig talking to the sheriff in an alleyway. Something about the way Tig was acting didn’t set right with the VP. Tig was twitchy, nervous, and quick to disperse. The sheriff, however, waved Chibs’s direction and took her time before heading off as well. This had Chibs thinking back to how he felt about Tig when Clay was in office. Chibs didn’t trust him, not even a little and all because Tig had Clay’s dick in hand wherever he went. But there was something about the sheriff and Tig’s mannerisms. It seemed so off. Chibs didn’t trust it. Not with Opie still in prison. The Scot prayed that whatever deal Jax and the sheriff had going didn’t backfire. If it did… Chibs would know who to blame. It should be Jax dealing with the sheriff, not Tig. So what was Tig up to? Chibs kept in mind to bring this up to Jax, but at a better time.

Aislinn made her way over and sat in Chibs’s lap. The Scot kissed along her neck then wrapped his arms around her.

“Everythin’ alright?” He offhandedly put.

“Aye.” She said but didn’t utter a word on her and Tig’s conversation.

Chibs only hoped Tig wasn’t dragging his old lady into whatever it was he was hiding. He’d gut him like a fish if he pulled some shady shit like that.

“Easy there darlin’… Yer gonna make him bust the only nut he’s got left.” Chibs teased as one of the Crow Eaters was damn near riding Half-Sack’s lap.

Aislinn died of laughter, and Half-Sack grinned.

“Oh no, I’m all balanced out now. I got that crystal ball I was telling you about!”

“Do ye?” Chibs said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, and it allows me to see the future.”

“The future?!” Aislinn questioned with a giggle.

Kip wiggled his brows the Crow Eater’s way. Aislinn laughed once she gathered the hint.

“So ye got a prosthetic testicular implant…” Chibs uttered.

“That’s right.”

“I thought they only did that for dogs.” Aislinn teased, and Chibs  chuckled.

“Well, he roots around about like one!” The Scot added, and Half-Sack flipped him off while kissing the Crow Eater.

“Ye hungry darlin’?” Chibs questioned as Riona and Jax were getting everything on the tables.


Chibs leaned into her ear on this.

“I got ye some sausage right here.” He softly muttered then moved her about suggestively.

Aislinn came to her feet, and the Scot cocked a brow as she bent down and unfastened his belt buckle.

“Damn…” Half-Sack whispered as he caught wind of this too.

Aislinn acted as if she were about to do the deed but lifted her head and sent him an evil grin instead.

“Ya just keep on dreamin’ Scotty…” She said then walked away.

“OHHHH SHIT!” Half-Sack howled, and Chibs grumbled a few Scottish profanities under his breath.

He fixed his belt buckle then chased after her. Aislinn laughed as Chibs grabbed ahold of her and gently tackled her to the ground.


Chibs pinned her wrists down then kissed her.

“I oughtta fuck ye right here. Teasin’ me like that.” He taunted.

“Did ya really think I’d suck ya off with my sister right there?!”

“I’ll make certain she turns her head.”

“Sure ya will!”

“Looks like my VP is out to prove his dominance with your sister.”

Riona was sipping on her beer when Jax pointed their direction. Riona choked and Jax laughed.

“Good Lord…” Riona muttered under her breath as Aislinn and Chibs were in a rather intense make-out session and right there on the asphalt.

“Looks like they’re having a good time,” Jax said with a grin then bit into his burger.

“That feels so strange…”

“What’s that?”

“Seeing her like this…” Riona said but looked to be in awe rather than offended.

“Never seen Filip like this either. And I knew him back when he was married to Fiona. He was NEVER like that with her. He seems younger somehow.”

“Aye, same with Linny.”

Jax smiled then leaned back in thought.


“And what about us?” He questioned.

“What about us?” She taunted in return and Jax chuckled.

Riona wiped some mustard from her lip then licked it clean.

“Guess I’ll find out tonight…” Jax uttered a certain way.

“Tonight?!” She questioned, and Jax nodded before taking another bite out of his burger.

“And what’s tonight?”

“You’ll see…”

“Now I’m worried…”

“You should be.” He mocked but with a flirtatious wink.

Bobby joined them at the table and with a couple of Crow Eaters. Jax ran a soothing hand along Riona’s back as one of the women was topless. Riona wasn’t exactly new to all this, but Jax wanted to show her that part of his life was over. That’s why he wanted her here. If he had his way, she’d be here for every rally they had. But he’d never force that on his wife. That was up to her. He only hoped to make her comfortable enough to enjoy herself and not concern herself with what the Crow Eaters and various other women were doing. That would be a true test tonight. The president wanted to see if his wife could forget about everything and focus on just the two of them. If it were Tara… she would’ve bitched up a storm about now and bailed. She never was one for these types of gatherings. Jax could count on one hand how many Tara had been to. He wanted to change that. He wanted his wife right there with him. Just like his father when it came to his mother before shit hit the fan with Clay.

Jax kept quiet but found himself somewhat impressed as Riona carried on a conversation with the Crow Eaters and Bobby, without so much as batting an eye. She was even loving towards Jax and eating like it was nothing. Jax hoped that meant she was coming out of that shell a bit. Riona was most certainly showing that queenside; the one that had him so intrigued when he first met her. The way she dealt with Scarlett took him back, and that only proved this was meant to be. Now that was a president’s old lady. It seemed as if the Lawless sisters were fitting in just fine and weren’t letting any obstacles stand in their way.

Chibs had Aislinn by the hand when he seated her beside Jax. The Scot headed off to make them both a plate afterward.

“Hey,  darlin’.” Jax greeted then pecked Aislinn on the cheek.

“Hey yourself.”

“Where’s your brother?” Jax questioned as it just dawned on him.

The girls looked to one another in question. Happy (aka Ethan’s bodyguard) was sitting in a chair a few feet away and with a couple women in his lap.

“I’ll find him,” Riona said then wiped her face with a napkin.

“His bike is still here…” Aislinn pointed it out as it was parked right beside Happy’s.

“Looks like a light’s on in the garage,” Jax  uttered, and Riona nodded before heading that way.

“I can’t believe you tracked me down.”

Riona heard Ethan hiss as she approached the garage. The young woman froze as she could make out another shadow. The shadow was shorter and more feminine than that of Ethan’s.

“So what is it? You want more money or…”

Riona’s jaw dropped as whoever it was kissed Ethan and he was quick to shove them up against the garage door.

“Oh hell no, we’re not going down that road again. Been there done that. Got the fucking t-shirt! Just tell me what you fucking want!”

“I want another baby!”

“Why?! So you can kill it too?!”

Riona recoiled as whoever it was slapped Ethan and hard enough that she could actually hear it.

“Goddammit Tracy! Have you lost your fucking mind?! Get the fuck out of here!”

“You won’t even hear me out?!”

“Oh, I’ve heard you out plenty of times. I’m done. I’ve been done. I signed the divorce papers, remember? Oh yeah, that’s right. You never showed up to court! You were off somewhere getting wasted or fucked, maybe both. Who knows!”

“That’s not fair!”

“No. What isn’t fair is busting my ass sixteen hours a day. Only to come home to my drug-addicted wife fucking another man! What isn’t fair is sneaking into my son’s room and hoping to GOD he doesn’t hear his mother moaning in the other room. What isn’t fair is having to carry him out and take him to a motherfucking hotel while you two finish. What isn’t fair is spending the last couple years wanting to BLOW MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT! But I couldn’t. I had to take care of OUR SON! You know… the one YOU NEVER TOOK CARE OF! The one you got in the car with while you were on another one of your benders. THE ONE YOU KILLED! I did everything I could to help you. EVERYTHING! And that was the thanks I got! I kept telling myself. He needs you. My son needs his mother. I can’t let her self-destruct. But everything I did you threw right back in my face. You made me feel like a dick for even trying! Hell, that’s what got our son killed. I was TOO focused on you. I should’ve packed it up a long fucking time ago. I should’ve taken him someplace far, far away from YOU! I can’t believe you came all this way, just to tell me you want another baby and want to give us another chance?! I can’t fucking stand you, Tracy. I look at you, and all I see is my dead son! You want a baby so damn bad?! Then do what you’re best at. Hit the nearest club and get yourself knocked up. My dick is off limits. Hell, I couldn’t get it up if I wanted to! He’s a limp-ass motherfucker when it comes to you. That’s how fucking sick you make me!”

The garage door suddenly raised and Riona let out a surprised gasp. Ethan’s ex-had Riona by the hair and was in her face.

“HEY!” Ethan shouted.

“I see now… you’re with this bitch. That’s why she was spying on us.”

“TRACY!” Ethan hollered once again then marched on over.

He jerked Riona out of Tracy’s hold then stood between them.

“Go home!” Ethan barked.

“I’ll kill her.”


Riona reared back on this and Ethan backhanded his ex-wife. He pulled the garage door back down, and Riona saw Jax headed their way. Riona let out a bit of a yelp as Ethan pulled a gun on his ex-wife then backed her into a corner.

“Touch her again, and I’ll bury your ass alive.”

“Ethan!” Riona softly shrieked as Tracy withdrew a gun as well.

Riona held a hand over her heart as the two were at a stand-off.

“Do it. I dare you.” Ethan said without as much as blinking.

Riona couldn’t believe her eyes as Tracy laughed then ran her gun along her brother’s chest in a sensual manner. Ethan shook his head.

“So what it is you’re on this time? Huh?” Ethan questioned.

Jax snuck on through the back of the garage and was discreet in letting Riona know he was there. She blinked a couple of times in response but didn’t budge. Jax hid behind one of the cars then inched his way towards Ethan and Tracy.

“You used to be so much fun…” Tracy said with a pouty lip.

Ethan kept that gun to her chin as she ran hers towards his crotch.

“Jesus Tracy, I swear the only help for you is a bullet. I’d be doing you and everyone else a favor.”

“I think you have that backward. You’re so desperate to be with our son again… Maybe I should do the honors instead. Or…” Tracy tilted her head and smiled Riona’s direction.

“I could take out your new whore. That way our son has a babysitter!”


Ethan had his finger along that trigger, but his hand shook unmercifully. Jax crawled amongst the floor and was right at Ethan’s feet. The president made a gesture towards Riona, and she sought cover. Jax took Ethan and Tracy by surprise when he used a chain to knock the guns out of their hands. Jax kicked Ethan’s legs out from under him then brought him to the floor safely. Riona darted on over and went to check on her brother. Jax stood before Tracy and shook his head.

“I might as well put out a business card that says Crazy Bitch Busters,” Jax muttered but with his gun to Tracy’s head.

“The hell with what he said… You must have a death wish bringing a gun onto MC property, much less messing with one of our own.”

Tracy had a good laugh at this.

“Sure… Ethan Hart part of an MC now? That pussy can barely tie his own shoes.”

Jax looked to be in thought. He kept that gun on Tracy but reached into a nearby locker. He pulled out a cut then tossed it Ethan’s direction.

“You were saying?” Jax challenged as Ethan looked to the prospect cut.

Tracy shook her head in disbelief, and Jax smiled.

“Do I need to call the rest of my boys? Or should I invite you to the party?” He taunted, and Tracy stormed on out of the garage.

Jax watched as she hopped into her car and sped off. The president looked to Ethan afterward.

“I may have done that to diffuse the situation and to put that bitch in her place. But we knew this was coming. I’ll put forth a vote before we leave tomorrow. I might as well say welcome aboard because I doubt anyone’s going to have an issue with my decision.”

Ethan looked to the cut then back to Jax.

“Thank you.” He said taking Riona by surprise.

Jax gave a simple nod then headed on out of the garage.

“You alright?” Ethan questioned while checking his sister over.

“Aye… you?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry Riona. I…”

“Don’t… trust me. I of all people know what dealin’ with crazy is like. I was married to that for years.”

Ethan managed to smile but looked to the cut.

“How do you feel about this?”

“I think it’s great.”

“You sure?”

“Aye, you’re gonna fit right in.”

“How do you think Aislinn will feel about it?”

“She’ll be ecstatic!”

“I doubt Filip will be.”

Riona giggled in thought.

“It’ll grow on him. You two had a rocky start.”

Ethan thought back to when he first met Chibs and laughed.

“Man…” He muttered under his breath.

“He might be the one that keeps me from being voted in!”

Riona had a good laugh at this.

“He just might!” She admitted but gave her brother a slight push towards the garage door.

“Maybe ya should join in the festivities and get some bondin’ in. Earn those votes.” Riona encouraged then locked up behind them.

“Everythin’ alright?” Aislinn questioned after Riona and Ethan joined them at the table.

“Aye, it is now,” Riona said, and Aislinn looked to her brother with concern.

“All good.” He said while hiding that cut under his jacket.

Ethan knew he couldn’t wear it until he was official. Ethan wasn’t sure how to feel about all this. This wasn’t what he pictured when it came to being in his sisters’ lives. Chibs and Jax had their arms intimately wrapped around them, and the girls were laughing at Bobby’s jokes. Kip and Happy were receiving entertainment. Tig was talking to Juice, and they were throwing darts at an old tire. Ethan thought it crazy that something like this could feel like home but he wasn’t the only one. He could see it in Riona’s eyes as well. It’s like they were in silent conversation and knew what the other was thinking. Riona smiled and slid a beer his direction.

“Got anything harder?”

Riona laughed when Jax slid a bottle of whiskey over as well.

“Now you’re talking.” Ethan murmured but took that bottle and joined Tig and Juice.

He wasn’t too keen on seeing his sisters sucking face with their significant others. But Ethan knew that was something he’d have to get used to. If he became a Son there would be no escaping it, on nights like this especially.

Chibs and Jax laughed as the girls were singing along to Still of the Night by Whitesnake. Everyone was good and drunk. Bobby had passed out on one of the pool tables and with a couple of Crow Eaters by his side. Kip was in the chair outside, and he and the entertainer were out cold. Happy was going for a marathon in one of the junkyard vans. Juice, Tig, and Ethan were kicked back and talking while sharing that bottle of whiskey Ethan had.

Riona and Jax were in another world as she was straddling him and they were kissing. Chibs chuckled amongst himself as Jax had his hands up Riona’s skirt. This was a side the Scot wasn’t used to seeing when it came to Riona. The Scot was discreet as he took Aislinn by the hand and led her into the clubhouse.

“Scotty.” She scolded but with a giggle as he laid her down on the surprisingly vacant couch.

“Ye said somethin’ about rockin’ yer world…” He reminded while running a hand up her denim skirt.

“Right here?!”

“Aye…” He murmured before kissing her.

“What if someone sees us?!” She whispered between kisses.

“Let em…” He uttered while removing her panties.

He breathed them in then stuffed them into his pocket. The Scot unfastened his belt, and Aislinn laughed as Halestorm’s I Get Off was playing in the background.

Chibs wiggled his brows, and Aislinn’s eyes slid shut in ecstasy. The Scot didn’t waste any time. Something about fucking her and right in the open like this had him riled up, in ways, he’d never dreamed of. Chibs dragged his mouth from hers then nibbled along her earlobe and neck. He licked that same trail and Aislinn let out a moan. Chibs continued but looked to see if she even noticed. The Scot nodded amongst as she didn’t seem to care. She was clawing at his cut and begging for more. This had the Scot flipping her over so that she was riding him. He wanted to see just how far she’d take this. Chibs gritted his teeth and had a firm grip on those hips. He removed her shirt along with her bra and tossed them onto the floor.

Aislinn ripped his button shirt open, and Chibs fought the urge to come as she left wet kisses all along his chest and neck. He grabbed a fistful of Aislinn’s hair, and she welcomed the driving force of his kiss.

“Look at me, Ali…” Chibs whispered in such a way.

Aislinn lifted her eyes, and they locked with his. Chibs kept with this until they collapsed, and were spent.

“Jackson… my sister…” Riona scolded as she could feel him pulling her soaked panties to the side.

“Long gone…” Jax made clear before welcoming himself inside.

Riona went to argue this, but Jax had that animalistic rhythm going, and she couldn’t stop him even if she wanted. Jax buried his face within her breasts and was breathing her in. Riona circled his neck with her arms and Jax lifted her shirt, just enough to expose her breasts. He lowered those lacy cups and took his time licking and sucking on her nipples.

“God, I gotta titty fuck you one day…” The man uttered in longing then squeezed her breasts together.

“Titty fuck?!” She repeated with a grin and Jax wiggled his brows.

“Hell yeah… I’ll show you when I get back. You got perfect fucking tits.”

Jax let out a low growl as that’s all he could picture now; his dick between her breasts and shooting his load all over those sexy lips of hers. He wanted to watch as she licked them clean and begged for more. The mere idea had the man throwing his head back in a finish.

“Goddamn…” Jax muttered in disbelief.


“I’m fucking hard still!” He said, and Riona got this impish look about her.

“Then we better keep goin’!” She said while taking over.

“Oh hell yeah…”

“Easy babe,” Jax whispered as Riona nearly fell off the bench.

Riona blinked a few times as she gathered her bearings. She was lying on top of Jax, and he had his arms wrapped around her. Riona’s jaw dropped once she realized his dick was still in her.


Jax gave a tired chuckle and thrust off the bench a couple times.

“I can’t believe we fell asleep here!”

“Well, we were pretty wasted and talk about one hell of a marathon. Fuck!”

Riona felt him throbbing inside her as Jax thought back to last night.

“We need more nights like last night!” He eagerly expressed.

“Is that so?”

“Oh yeah, lots of them.” He muttered then ran his fingers through her long locks.

This made a first where he woke up at a gathering like this and to his actual old lady. There was a hint of shame when he thought back to the old days. But those days were long gone, and he only hoped for more of this right here. Drunk as he was…  Jax remembered everything and vividly. This had him using his SAMCRO hoody to cover her up best he could. Jax wanted one last quickie before he rounded everyone up. They’d have to hit the road here soon. Riona buried her face between his shoulder and neck, and he could feel her breathing against him as he moved her about him. This had him placing a hand along the back of her head and drawing her in even closer. Jax clenched his teeth together as he fought back a moan. She was sucking on his neck and teasing him with that tongue of hers. Jax knew he was going to have a fucking hickey, but he didn’t give a damn. Jax let out a grunt of release but chuckled at Riona’s reaction once she noticed the hickey she left behind.

“Oh no…” She uttered and with this apologetic air about her.

“Jackson, I didn’t mean t…” She started to say, and Jax interrupted that thought with a fiery kiss.

“Feel free to go lower next time.” He hintingly teased but laughed when Riona gave him a playful punch on the chest.

Jax had NEVER let a woman do that before. He found it deceitful as that was most men and women’s way of marking their territory. But he knew that wasn’t the case with Riona. Like he, she was into the moment and wasn’t thinking.

“I really am sorry,” Riona said as she adjusted her clothing and sat up.

“Riona babe, relax. Leave all the hickeys you want.” He said and meant it.

She could cover his entire body with them, and he wouldn’t care. But only because it was her.

“I ought to leave one on your forehead.”

“Why’s that?”

Riona pointed a certain direction, and Jax recoiled.

“Didn’t know he was there…” He softly put.

Riona gave a mere nod and was quick to finish getting dressed.

“I doubt he saw anything. It was dark…” Jax uttered while helping Riona with her clothes.

He hadn’t a clue that Ethan was just a few feet away. He was passed out in a lawn chair and sitting between Juice and Tig.

“You’re really mad. Aren’t you?” Jax questioned but with concern.

“I’m not mad, love. Just shocked me when I saw him. Guess that’s somethin’ we’ll have to get used to if he becomes a Son…”

Jax nodded in thought.

“I guess you’re done then, huh?” Jax said in a defeated tone.

“Done?” Riona questioned while fixing her bra strap.

“Coming to these…”

“Now why would ya think that?”

“I just figured with Ethan…” He started to say, and Riona smiled once she got where he was going with this.

“Jackson, I had a wonderful time. If anythin’, Ethan’s the one that’ll have to adjust. If he’s goin’ to be a part of this life he’s gonna have to take the pros with the cons and realize that Linny and I aren’t changin’ how we do things or how we are with our men. He’d be the same way if he had someone as well.”

“Guess that means we need to find him someone…” Jax said with a smirk but tucked himself away and adjusted his clothes as well.

“Aye, then he can shove it in that wee bitch’s face!”

Jax raised his brows on this. Riona shook her head and fixed Jax’s collar.

“It’s a good thing ya had the gun last night…”


“I would’ve shot her. I couldn’t believe…” Riona closed her eyes for a moment then regarded her brother in thought.

“What a vile woman.”

“Man, I’m seeing sides of you I’ve never seen before.”

Riona lifted her eyes on this.

“It’s hot,” Jax uttered with a wink.

“Is it now? So ya like crazy women?!”

“I like you…” He said while stuffing a cigarette into his mouth.

“Look, I gotta get everyone rounded up. We’ll have church then get Ethan voted in. There shouldn’t be any issues. I’d be surprised if there were. We’ll pick Abel up then make a trip to the house. I gotta pack anyhow. I’m leaving you the truck so you can get around. But be careful. Don’t be getting yourself pulled over.”

Jax gestured for Riona to follow. He led her into the president’s office and shut the door behind them. He opened one of the desk drawers then handed Riona a file.

“What’s this?”

“You need to fill those out. That’s a start to making you legal. I have Aislinn’s too, but she can’t do anything until she’s carrying Chibs’s name. I’ll give them to her once they tie the knot. Fill those out, and we’ll turn them in when I get back. Keep you and your sister out of trouble. I can’t turn around Riona. We have to see this through if we’re getting that hit off your brother. So keep on the down low and if you run into ANY trouble turn to Happy. The three of you shouldn’t be leaving his side anyhow. In fact, I’ll be following you to Happy’s place before we leave.”

“Understood,” Riona said while looking to the documents she was to fill out.

“Nervous?” Jax questioned.

“A bit. I hear it can be a long process…”

“It can be. But we’ll get you and Aislinn there one way or another. Alright? If you have any questions, ask Happy. He seems to know more about this than anyone else.”

“Will do.”

“I’m sure he’ll help you fill those out as well.”

Jax wrapped his arms around her and smiled.

“Just think… it won’t be long before our honeymoon. By the time I get back, we’ll be packing our bags!” He said as to their vacation being just shy of three weeks away.

“That sounds lovely.”

“Doesn’t it? You and me on the beach… living the life baby.”

Jax chuckled, however, and Riona regarded him in question.

“Chibs will get to see what it’s like to be in my shoes! Taking care of Abel and the club while we’re gone.”

“That ought to be interestin’.”

“That’s for sure.”

“He might take over!” Riona teased, and Jax laughed.

“Or he’ll be begging me to come back early.”

“Nope. We won’t be havin’ any of that.”


“Aye, I want ya to myself.”

“Hmm…” Jax hummed in thought as she kissed him.

Chibs woke to find Aislinn lying across his chest. They were on the couch still, and she was topless. The Scot narrowed his eyes and was searching for her bra and shirt.

“Hold on darlin’.” He whispered as she started to roll over.

He kept a firm hold so she wouldn’t expose herself. Aislinn laughed however as one of his hands was on her ass.

“Did we…”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered with a chuckle as he was looking between the cushions of the couch and on the floor.

“Does this mean I’m a slut now?!” Aislinn mocked in horror.

“Ye sure are!” Chibs teased in return then popped her on the rear.

“Yer my slut…” He whispered while handing her bra over.

“Not sure where yer shirt went. It might be under the couch.” He said as she put her bra on.

“My panties are in your pocket.” Aislinn reminded.

“They sure are, and those are mine ta keep!”

“My panties?!”

“Oh yeah.” The Scot uttered while adjusting her skirt and helping her off the couch.

Aislinn hunkered down then looked under the couch. She pulled her shirt out, and Chibs nodded.

“Thought so.”

Aislinn caught wind of Bobby as he was passed out at one of the pool tables. He had a woman sitting on his face, and the other had hers in his crotch. They too were out.

“Must’ve been a buffet!” Aislinn murmured, and Chibs died of laughter.

“Aye, Bobby loves a good buffet…” Chibs said then handed a cigarette over.

She followed him outside, and they stepped around the Crow Eaters and Sons.

“Jackie’s gonna have hell gettin’ them all up ta go!”

“When do ya leave?”

“In a couple hours or so. I’ll take ye by the house first so we can pack. I’ll drop ye off at Happy’s after.”

Aislinn didn’t comment as they finished their cigarettes. They flicked their buds onto the ground then looked to one another.

“C’mere…” Chibs said with open arms and Aislinn wrapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest.

The Scot kissed the top of her head.

“Yer gonna kill it tonight.”

“Wish ya could be there.”

“Aye, me too darlin’. But ye got this, whether I’m there or not.”

“I love you.”

“I love ye too Ali. I don’t want ye frettin’ while I’m gone. Ye know I’m comin’ back. I always do.”

“Ya better! Death does not excuse you from marryin’ me!” She teased, and Chibs died of laughter.

“I’ll keep that in mind if I’m faced with Death himself. I’ll be sure to relay the message. That oughta scare him right on out of that decision!”

“Ya do that!”

“Hey…” Jax called as Chibs and Aislinn were kissing.

“Em?” Chibs hummed as he dragged himself away from Aislinn’s lips.

“Hate to interrupt, but we gotta get things going.”

“Aye,”  Chibs uttered in agreement.

“But before we get to that…” Jax dug into his cut and Chibs searched through his as well.

The girls regarded one another in question as they pulled out a couple envelopes each.

“What’s this?” The girls chorused as Chibs and Jax handed them over.

“Open them, and you’ll see,” Jax said.

Aislinn opened one of hers first and let out a squeal. Jax and Chibs nodded upon one another.

“What is it?!” Riona said once she got hers opened.

She herself let out a gasp.

“Ya got us concert tickets?!”

“Not just any concert, but a music festival.”

“Shinedown, Linkin’ Park, Papa Roach, Imagine Dragons, and HALESTORM!” Aislinn shouted that last part and Chibs chuckled.

“Thought that’d make up for our fuck up,” Jax explained.

“Better than roses,”  Chibs added.

“Exactly,”Jax said.

“Wait… this is yer way of apologizin’ for the porn studio?” Riona scoffed, and Jax sighed.

“It’s gonna take more than some concert…” Riona started to say.

“Money?!” Aislinn interrupted as she’d opened the second envelope.

Riona reared back on this then looked inside the other envelope. Her jaw dropped. She was quick to hide the envelope and looked around.

“Ye got a couple grand a piece. Get ye some clothes. Have a night out on the town, what have ye. We’ve already talked ta Happy, and he hasn’t any issue drivin’ ye around that weekend. Just think of him as yer personal chauffeur.”

“Happy?! A chauffeur?!” Aislinn said with a giggle.

“Trust me… We thought the same thing, but he offered his services… surprisingly. All we did was tell him what we were planning for you ladies, and he was all for tagging along. Juice will help keep an eye on things as well, mainly the shop. We got Ethan and Happy tickets too. Hope that doesn’t deter from you two having a good time, but it’s not safe to be out there alone just yet.”

“You two are crazy! This is too much money and…” Riona started to say, but Jax interrupted.

“We owe you a lot more than that. Roses and chocolates would’ve been a slap to the face. You two deserve better. We know there’s no real way to make up for what we did. But figured this was a start.”

Aislinn looked to the tickets once again and got all teary-eyed.

“Linny?” Riona called with concern.

“Look at the back…” Aislinn said, and Riona flipped her ticket over.

This wasn’t just any festival. No. The funds from purchasing the tickets went to human trafficking victims. Chibs cleared his throat then pulled Aislinn into his arms. Riona got a little choked up herself, and Jax nodded Chibs’s direction.

“We thought it a little too perfect…” Jax explained as to why they chose this particular event.

“Ye got lanyards comin’ in as well. They’ll arrive at Happy’s address. Those will give ye VIP access ta whatever bands ye wish.”

“How’d ya find this festival?”

This had the VP and President looking to one another.

“Let’s just say we took our time and did some research. That came up, and it was something we couldn’t turn down. It was meant for you ladies. So make sure you’re free next Friday, and you two make a night of it. Eat, shop, drink, enjoy. That’s an order.” Jax said with a wink their direction.

The girls gave tearful laughs, and the guys hugged them both.

“Alright, hate to cut it short, but Chibs and I got some business to take care of.”

Aislinn and Riona nodded and watched as they rounded everyone up then headed inside.

“You boys have fun?” Jax questioned once everyone was seated.

“Oh yeah…” Happy was first to say and with a grin.

The others laughed then nodded in agreement.

“Good. Cause things are about to get ugly.” Jax leaned back and looked to each of the boys.

“I have no idea what’s going to happen once we hit the road. We’re going at this blindly and just a-swinging. There is no other way. Hopefully, everything will go according to plan. But before we get to all that there are a couple things I need to bring to the table.”

Jax lit a cigarette then took a long drag before getting to the first one.

“You should know that my mother is no longer SAMCRO. That means anything SAMCRO affiliated. She’s not to be on these grounds, and she’s no longer under our protection.”

Everyone regarded Jax in absolute shock.

“Is there a reason?” Happy questioned.

“More like a few… but threatening my old lady’s life was the final nail.”

“…oh shit…” Juice muttered in surprise, and Jax gave a simple nod.

“We all know how Gemma can be… I just never expected her to take things this far. It’s a sad ordeal but what’s done is done, and I’ve made my decision. Now onto the next agenda… Ethan.”

Jax observed everyone’s reaction but didn’t comment right away.

“What about him?” Chibs asked as he thought this had something to do with the mission.

“I think I need to be the one asking you that.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes in question, and Jax cleared his throat before taking another pull off his cigarette.

“How do you all feel about Ethan Lawless?”

“You already know how I feel.” Happy uttered with a shrug but wondered where his president was going with this.

“I do, but I need to know how you feel about him being a Son.”

This had everyone’s attention. Jax, however, looked to his VP as he was laughing.

“Ye’ve gotta be kiddin’.”

“Why’s that?”

“Are ye seriously suggestin’ we vote him in?!”

“Well, yeah but as a prospect. Thought we’d see how he does before making that final decision.”

Chibs pinched his eyes shut as he thought back to Aislinn and when she mentioned her brother becoming a Son.

“I’ll never live this down. That woman’s gonna shove it in me fuckin’ face!”

Jax reared back in confusion. Chibs rather grumbled but told Jax what Aislinn said about Ethan hanging around the Sons so much and how he might become one. Jax couldn’t help but to laugh once he understood Chibs’s reasoning.

“So that’s a no from you then! Anyone else?!” Jax teased.

The others laughed, and Chibs bitched under his breath. Jax had a good laugh at this then nodded Kip’s direction.

“Get Ethan and bring him in here.”

Kip nodded and did as his president requested. The Sons waited in silence. Kip entered the room with Ethan then returned to his seat. Ethan stood before everyone and had this awkward vibe to him.


“Where’s that cut I gave you?”

Ethan pulled it out from under his hoodie.

“Sorry but I’m gonna need that back.”

Jax made a gesture Chibs’s direction, and the Scot shook his head looking as if he were in a foul mood. Ethan gave a miserable laugh but handed Chibs the cut.

“I figured…” Ethan uttered with a shrug.

“Maybe next time,”  Jax said, and Ethan nodded.

He went to exit the chapel, and Chibs cleared his throat.

“So that’s it… yer not goin’ ta fight for it?”

“Fight?!” Ethan rather scoffed, and the VP nodded.

“What fight? If one of you disagrees, I’m out. That’s how it is. Nothing to fight about. If you feel I don’t belong, then I don’t belong. Do I think you’re an asshole?  Absolutely. But I have no pull over a VP’s voice, and everyone knows that. I’m guessing this has something to do with the way I acted when we first met. But come on man… All I saw was some old dude perving on my little sister. I already apologized. I’m not about to suck your dick over it. So that’s where we are.” Ethan said with a shrug and started to head out once again.

Chibs threw the cut down on the table then shot up from his chair.

“Old perv?!” He furiously snapped after grabbing Ethan by the neck of his shirt.

The Scot acted as if he were going to deck Ethan one but put his arm around him instead.

“Ye really are ignorant, ye fuckin’ bastard,” Chibs uttered while signaling Bobby for the cut.

Ethan reared back when the VP stuffed the prospect cut into his arms.

“Welcome aboard the crazy train. There’s no goin’ back now, brother.” Chibs declared and Happy hopped up and helped Ethan put it on.

Happy hugged him then pecked him on the cheek.

“I saw it coming!” He whispered with a grin and Ethan chuckled.

The others welcomed Ethan aboard, and Jax observed in mere amusement. He waited until the room calmed down before slamming the gavel down and gathering everyone’s attention again.

“Gonna need your membership fee by the end of this week. Think of this as a temporary trial… You gotta earn your way up.” Jax made clear.

“Alright out. No church until you’ve earned that patch.”

Ethan nodded in understanding then headed on out.

“I think we made a good call. He’ll be a great addition to the Sons once he earns his stripes.” Jax complimented, and everyone nodded in agreement.

Riona smiled once her brother stepped out of the chapel with the prospect cut on. Aislinn, however, died of laughter.


Chibs heard her holler from inside the chapel.

“I TOLD YA!” Aislinn shouted once again, and the VP let out a miserable sigh.

“Just kill me now.” He said, and Jax chuckled.

“Sorry brother.”

“YE CAN SHUT THAT GEGGIE (mouth)!” Chibs yelled in return, and they could hear Aislinn giggling.

Jax gestured for Kip to shut the chapel door and they got back to business.

“Looks good on ya!” Riona complimented then had her brother spin around.

“Aye, suits ya!” Aislinn complimented as well before giving him a congratulating hug.


“You two okay with this though?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” Aislinn asked.

“We talked about this already.” Riona reminded.

“I know. I just don’t want either of you thinking I’m too into your lives if you get my drift.”

“Ethan love, this is just as much your life as it is ours. And I can’t think of anythin’ better than havin’ ya in it.” Riona wholeheartedly put.

“Agreed,”Aislinn said while sitting him down at the bar.

“I’d pour ya a celebratory shot, but it’s a wee bit early for that,” Aislinn remarked, and Ethan laughed.

“A Dr. Pepper would be perfect.” He said.

“Aye, three Dr. Peppers comin’ up!”

“And if we get pulled over with the drugs?” Kip questioned.

“It’ll be no different from when we ran guns. We got this. We just need to be smart about it.”

“I wasn’t around then.” Kip reminded, and Bobby patted him on the back.

“Just follow our lead and if we happen to get pulled over let us do the talking.” Bobby made clear.

“Bobby’s right. Just keep calm and let us deal with the obstacles.”

Jax went over a few more things before ending the meeting. He let everyone know that they were gathering at Happy’s before heading out.

“Hold up…” Jax whispered as Chibs was about to follow the others out.

Jax signaled for Juice to shut the door.

“You alright?” Jax questioned once it was just the two of them.

“I won’t lie Jackie. I don’t like this… If we get caught…”

“Trust me. I know… But I need you to trust me, alright? We’re gonna see this through.”

“Hope so. I don’t care ta go back…” Chibs hinted as to their prison days.

“That makes two of us. Think of it like this… we’re killing two birds with one stone. Ethan won’t have to worry about that hit and Charming will be Aryan free!”

Chibs nodded but looked to be in thought.

“About Ethan…” Jax softly put, and Chibs lifted his head on this.

Jax revealed the truth behind Ethan’s ex and what all went down.

“This was last night?!”


“I hadn’t any idea. I heard the shoutin’ but didn’t know things had gotten that far.”

“You should’ve seen him, brother…  The look on his face. Hell, I can’t even begin to tell you how close to home that felt. It was like looking in a mirror. Fucking Wendy man…. Every time. I had to do something. I couldn’t leave him hanging like that. He needed that boost.”

“Aye,” Chibs uttered in understanding.

“I’ll take full responsibility…”

Chibs regarded Jax in question.

“If something goes south with my decision. I’ll take the blame. But I feel like we’re good here. Something about him…”

“I trust yer instincts, Jackie. If ye say he belongs here, then he belongs here.”

“Thank you.”

Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Alright, wrap everything up with your old lady and meet me at Happy’s.”

“Will do,”  Chibs said before exiting the chapel.

Jax took a moment to himself and looked to that scar along his hand.

“Alright, dad… I could use your guidance.”


“Ye ready darlin’?” Chibs questioned, and Aislinn peered back as he was standing behind her.

“Aye.” She said then came to her feet.

“Guess we’ll see ya at the house,” Riona said, and Chibs nodded.

“I’ll bring her by once we get everythin’ packed.”

Chibs took Aislinn by the hand and led her on out of the clubhouse.

“We better get. Everyone’s gonna be at the house before we know it.” Happy said, and Ethan downed the rest of his Dr. Pepper.

Riona waved them off then waited on Jax as everyone headed out. Jax exited the chapel then nodded her direction. There were no words as she followed Jax to his bike.

Happy’s place:

“Everyone here, daddy,”  Abel said, and Jax smiled.

“They sure are.”

“We’s all family, right daddy?”

“That’s right son.”

“I going to be here for a long time?”

“Not too long…”

“But mommy and Aunt Linny gonna be with me?”

“That’s right and Uncle Ethan too.”

Ethan couldn’t hide that struck stupid appearance, and Jax sent him a wink.

“I gots two uncles now!”

“Aye, but I’m still the favorite!” Chibs uttered with a grin.

Abel sort of laughed then shrugged with a playful “meh”.

“Ye know I am, boy!” Chibs said then chased after him.

Abel giggled when Chibs scooped him up and tickled him.

“No do that Uncle Chibs!” Abel scolded but with a giggle.

“Ye take care yer mother and Aunt Linny,” Chibs said, and Abel gave a mature nod.

“I will. I promise.”

“Good deal, kid.”

Chibs set him down, and Jax hunkered down for a hug.


“You be good. Listen to your mother and Aunt Linny.”

“I will. I love you daddy.”

“Love you too son.”

Happy gave his president a mere nod as he took Abel by the hand and led him into the house. The Sons said their goodbyes and were waiting on their bikes. Ethan headed into the house leaving Chibs and Jax with the girls.

“You two take care of yourselves and each other,” Jax said, and the sisters nodded.

“As for you… good luck tonight.” Jax said with a nod Aislinn’s direction.

Aislinn smiled and thanked him. Jax hugged her then Chibs hugged Riona.

“Stay out of trouble,” Chibs said after pulling Aislinn aside.

“Yes, sir.” She said in her best American accent, and Chibs chuckled.

“I love ye darlin’. I’ll be back before ye know it.”

“Ya better be.”

Chibs put his forehead to hers as she fought to keep her composure.

“Kiss for luck?” He uttered, and Aislinn kissed him goodbye.

Chibs gave her hand a comforting squeeze before climbing onto his bike.

“Don’t…” Jax soothingly whispered as Riona was getting a little emotional.

“I’m tryin’.” She said, and he cupped her chin.

“Everything’s going to work out. You’ll see.” Jax vowed before kissing her.

“I love you.”

“Love ya too Jackson.”

Riona held on just a bit longer before making herself let go. Aislinn took her sister’s hand, and they waved the boys off.


(Props to Nina on the “hardcore third wheelin'” comment haha! I told your mother I was going to use it! Thank you 4padfoot for the beautiful banner.)


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8 thoughts on “Chapter 34 – A Reason To Fight”

  1. Your time was perfect mydear like always i was in search of something good when my email said you had updated! Awesome chapter as always.

    oh where to start lol… so much action in this chapter.. hmmm well i do believe we will start with the fight between Ali and Scarlett. that was a long time coming… and i can picture Ali just letting her get her even more pissed before she made her move and totally gave her the ass kicking you described. the sweet sweet chibs cleaning up his girl after telling her that they had a bet going that was funny. Even chibs has a heart at least making sure Scarlett was somewhat cleaned up but not much Love the way he handled her…

    Poor Ethan… didn’t expect his ex to appear but damn she had balls i will say that much a pair of big ones asking him for another child and to be with him once more holy shit… and then insulting Riona… the girl is lucky to make out alive after all that was said and done.. damn…Told you he needs a lady of his own 😉 one that would treat him nice and who also loves pups since his dogs is about to birth a litter. Love how Jax stepped in making sure that Ethan knew he had his back plus making sure no one was truly killed at the moment in time. as for the patch can’t say i’m surprised it was only a matter of time for him to join and i knew Chibs would give him hell but vote him in.

    As for the Music festival that pretty wicked especially since what all of the money goes for from that concert.. that cool and they had to know that would mean alot to them because of what they had been through. Jax and Chibs treats their ladies good and spoiling them doesn’t hurt either.

    Loved the reaction to the news about Gemma. I was surprised but then not really considered what she had done in the past with Clay and then to Jax’s dad… That woman is nothing but trouble. and she doesn’t have the protection that she had so she had better watch her step from now on and not do anything stupid but then again she probably will especially when it comes to Abel.

    Happy has stepped up and is taking things well with protecting the girls from everything he can hopefully everything will work out the way its suppose to while the boys are gone

    Your muse has done again. she must of sensed me searching for a story to read. Wicked chapter update. Loved how you even gave more background into Thomas and JT. plus giving Chibs hell too lol… Hope your muse keeps inspiring your words and helps you with anything and everything you need. Until next time *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs go after Scarlett)

  2. Ok, so Jax wearing the MIke’s in honor of Thomas I’m guessing from that first scene. Just…gah! I’m not gonna cry! I love the flashbacks, seeing more of how they got to the point where the story started. Makes my heart hurt for Jax so much! I LOVE AISLINN!!! Take out that bitch! And the bonding with Happy and Tig. Just wonderful. Whatcha up to Tiggy boy?? I think I woulda put a bullet in Tracy, regardless. Not like they don’t know how to clean it up lol. I KNEW they’d give Ethan a kutte eventually! Woohoo! This concert is going to be EPIC! I cannot wait to get to those chapters!

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