Chapter 38 – House On a Hill

Chapter 38 – House On a Hill

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“So now what?” Leia asked, and AC looked to be in thought as they watched Darren and Sam.

AC died of laughter once it all came together.

“What?!” Leia asked, and her brother shook his head with that mischievous smile of his.

“Oh LeLe, I say we go on home!”


“No. I’m a fucking MAD ass genius. We never saw this… Alright?”

“But what about Ethan?!”

“Oh, he’ll know. Just let me talk to him, one on one. It’s all in here.” AC said while tapping his index finger along his temple.

“Oh hell… You really are my brother!” Leia said, and AC chuckled.

“You know it! It’s going to be epic.”

“Can’t wait,” Leia said with a grin of her own.


Jax nodded in greeting as he opened his hotel door. He stepped aside allowing his VP in. Chibs removed his cut then sat at the table. Jax shut the door then locked it behind him.

“What’s up?” The president asked as this was Chibs’s serious side.

“We need to talk. No office, no cuts, just you and me.”

Jax removed his cut and sat across from Chibs.

“Alright…” Jax uttered in waiting.

Chibs lit a cigarette and took a long drag.

“Ali told me I should come ta ye about some promise ye made her keep? Lass, wouldn’t tell me shite! What’s goin’ on Jackie? Since when do we tell the old ladies ta keep somethin’ from us? Huh?!

Jax sighed knowing Chibs was taking this way too personal.

“I’m sorry Filip. But this isn’t something we can spread.”

“So ye told me old lady ta be ta keep somethin’ from me?!”

“From everyone.” Jax made clear.

“Please tell me you didn’t take it out on her. I gave her specific orders. There wasn’t much she could do against the patch!”

Chibs gritted his teeth on this.

“Yer usin’ the patch against me girl?! She wasn’t wearin’ one last time I checked.”

“No, but she might as well be, she and Riona!”

“I didn’t take it out on her, Jackie. I know how ye are.” Chibs bitterly put, and Jax sighed yet again.

“It wasn’t like that…”

“Oh?!” Chibs rather challenged.

“Jesus Christ Filip!”

Chibs gave a miserable laugh then ran his fingers through his goatee before putting his cigarette out.

“And how would ye feel if I went and told yer old lady ta keep somethin’ from ye? Aye?!”

“Okay, so we going to do this again?!”

“Depends, ye gonna let me in on what the fuck is goin’ on? Why are ye tellin’ me girl ta keep shite from me?!”

“Are you drunk…?” Jax damn near whispered as to the Scot’s rather peculiar mannerisms.

The Scot couldn’t stay still, and his head swayed back and forth. Chibs pulled a flask out from his shirt pocket and took a decent swig.

“Nah, but I’m gettin’ there!”

Jax shook his head.

“Then this should probably wait.”

“Wait?! For what?! Our girls’ corpses?! Cause that’s what’s goin’ ta happen if we keep on “waitin”.”



Jax narrowed his eyes as he caught a glimpse of something on Chib’s chest. The man shot to his feet then ripped Chibs’s shirt open.

“What the fuck?!” Jax asked as there was several cuts going across Kerrianne’s name.

It looked as if Chibs had done it himself.

“I fuckin’ hate it…” Chibs eerily muttered.

Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“I keep seein’ her head explode every time I see this motherfuckin’ ink. She wasn’t even mine! How much longer do I hafta endure this UTTER SHITE?!”

Chibs slapped his hand against that area, repeatedly. Jax forced his hand down, stopping him. The Scot struggled against that hold of his, and that hold turned into a death grip. Jax let out a frustrated sigh as there was a knock at the door.

“Not right now!” He hollered as he was doing his best to get Chibs under control.

“Ummm… don’t think this can wait.”

Jax cussed under his breath and propped Chibs up against the bed. The president reared back as the Scot’s eyes were dilated and he was licking his lips like his mouth was dry.

“Filip?” Jax called with concern and gave his cheek a little slap as the Scot stared off into space.

“Chibs in there?” Tig called from behind the door, and Jax glanced that direction.

“What the fuck is it Tig?”

“So… don’t be mad. But I think I fucked up.”

Jax shot up then marched towards the door. He opened it, and Tig had this apologetic air about him.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Jax growled.

Tig peered over then nodded Chibs’s direction.

“Man, that shit’s potent!”

Jax narrowed his eyes and reared back with a what the fuck expression.

“Tig…” Jax muttered in warning.

“Well, you see… I have this Listerine case of breath strips… Well, Chibs thought they were anyhow…”

Jax tilted his head wondering where Tig was going with this.

“I tried to stop him, but it was too late. You’d be surprised on how quickly those things dissolve.”


“Technically he gave himself the LSD.”

Jax clenched his teeth together then socked Tig in the gut. He snatched him by the cut then got right in his face.

“What in the FUCK are you doing with acid?”

“It isn’t mine… It’s one of the Crow Eaters! I forgot I even had it. Hell, I threw it in with the rest of my bathroom shit.”

“Crow Eater? You haven’t fucked a Crow Eater in…” Jax trailed off once he realized where that conversation might lead.

“I’ve had that shit for a while, Jax.” Tig did his best to hint.

“FUCK!” Jax shouted, and they rushed over as Chibs had his knife out and was back to cutting that ink of his.

Jax sliced his hand open in attempts to seize the blade from Chibs’s hand.

“Goddammit. HELP ME TRAGER!”

Tig grabbed ahold of the Scot’s hand, and Jax pried the knife out. They went on to fully disarm him, which was no piece of cake. Chibs was known for his love of concealed weapons, and it certainly showed as they counted at least nine different ones.

“Jesus…” Tig muttered once they finished.

“We gotta get him hydrated and fucking calm!”

Chibs was sweating profusely and jittery.

“I swear to GOD if he overdoses…”

“He won’t. Alright? Just let me take care of it.”

“What are you doing buddy?” Tig questioned as Chibs started to call someone on his phone.

“I gotta call Ali and tell her the weddin’s off.”

“Nah, let’s not do that,” Tig said and took the phone away.

Jax pocketed Chibs’s phone, and Tig rushed off to get the man some water and Gatorade.

“Hold on brother…” Jax encouraged.

“Jackie, I gotta call me girl and tell her it’s not goin’ ta work out after all.”

“And why’s that?” Jax curiously questioned while taking a cold and wet rag along Chibs’s face and neck.

The man was awfully jumpy.

“I don’t even know why I bothered. Imma lose her, like everyone else, and I’ll be pure done. Just done.”

“Yeah well, something tells me you’re going to lose her for sure if you go and call that wedding off.”

“Better than lookin’ me in the eyes and blowin’ her head off,” Chibs uttered with tears streaming down his face.

“Jesus, how much of that shit did you take?!” Jax uttered in a panic.

He’d never seen anyone this tripped up over acid before.

“She’s goin’ ta kill herself, Jackie. Just like Keri!”

“Knock that shit off!” Jax scolded.

“I’m tellin’ ye… She’s goin ta find out the truth one day and be done.”


“That I’m a piece of shite. Hell, I should’ve let her go when she broke it off the first time! Look at me, Jackie. Me and Ali? That was never goin’ ta happen. I don’t deserve a lass like that. I’ll send her back, and Brodie will look after her.”

Chibs let out a miserable chuckle then reached for his phone in Jax’s pocket. Jax leaned out of reach and Chibs frowned.

“Imma call Brodie, and he’ll come get her. He’ll give her the life she deserves.”

Jax looked to Chibs’s phone in thought.

“Brodie, not Aislinn.” Jax made clear.


Jax handed the phone over and prayed to God Chibs wasn’t lying and actually called Brodie. Jax didn’t know Brodie as well but figured with Brodie being not only family but a friend of Aislinn’s, he’d know something was up and reach out to Chibs.

It took a few tries, but Chibs finally got ahold of his cousin.

“Filip?” Jax heard Brodie call on the other end.


“Is this important because I’m kinda in the middle of somethin’ ?”

“It won’t take long,” Chibs said in defeat.

“Oh?!” Brodie curiously put.

“Look, Imma need ye to come and get me girl.”



“Ye want me to fly down and get Aislinn?!” Brodie mocked in mere amusement.

“Just get your arse over here. I’m callin’ the weddin’ off. She’s goin’ ta need ye, Brodie. Give her the life she fuckin’ deserves. Show her that Ireland isn’t so bad. Cause it’s utter SHITE here!”

Jax and Tig flinched on Chibs’s words.

“I thought you loved it in the states…” Brodie said sounding genuinely concerned now.

Jax nodded amongst himself as he listened in.

“And I thought Aislinn was the one… What’s goin’ on Filip? Are ye trippin’ because ye sure as hell sound like it! Hell, I think we were at a Black Sabbath concert the last time ye were this fucked!”

“Brodie, just get it over with. Ye know ye want to.”

“Aye, I do. More than ye’ll ever know. I’d pluck the wee lass right out from under ye if I could.”

“Well, ye can.”

“Nah, I can’t and even if I could… Yer still referrin’ ta the lass as yer girl. Sooo… It wouldn’t be right. I love her cuz, always will. But I can’t do that to ye. Not after everythin’ ye’ve been through. Ye need that lassie, and she needs you. Now, whatever yer on… sober the fuck up before she goes and sees ye like this. I give ye full permission ta feel like a complete horse’s arse after. I only wish I was there ta see it when ye recall what all ye said. But I’m a wee mile or so away…”

Jax and Tig looked to one another as Chibs was looking to the corner of the hotel room and losing his shit.

“Hey!” Jax hollered doing his best to gather his attention.

“She’s goin’ ta kill herself!” Chibs shouted and held a hand out that direction.

Tig recoiled knowing he was hallucinating and he must’ve been seeing something along the lines of Aislinn pulling a Kerrianne. It took everything they had to hold him back.

“That shit’s not real Filip!”

“Look at me!” Jax forced the Scot’s head his direction and looked him in the eyes.

“Aislinn is just fine, and she’s going to be just fine!”

“Nah, if she stays with me she’s goin’ ta kill herself. No one wants me around, no woman especially.”

Bobby and Kip had entered the hotel at this point. They looked on in absolute shock as Tig and Jax were doing whatever they could to bring Chibs back. But they knew it’d take a few hours as this wasn’t something you could just rid of.

“Can you hear me, Jax?” Brodie called over the phone, and Jax picked it up off the ground where Chibs had thrown it.

“I’m here.”

Jax listened as Brodie gave him a few pointers on how to get the acid out of his system a little faster. It wasn’t much, but it was something at least. Jax had Tig, Bobby, and Kip run through the process and gather whatever they needed. Jax thanked Brodie once they had everything set up.

“Jaysus…” Brodie whispered as he could hear Chibs going on about Keri in the background and how he was going to lose Aislinn the same way.

“Who the hell gave him acid?” Brodie asked knowing Chibs hadn’t done that shit in years and said he never would again.

“One of our idiot brothers… Filip thought they were breath strips…”

“…well shite… I don’t envy any of ye. Whatever ye do… Don’t let him call Aislinn. He’ll fuck everything up and won’t remember why. Well, for the most part anyhow.”

“Oh, trust me. I know. I only let him call you because I figured you could talk him down.”

Brodie chuckled in thought.

“Not an easy thing to do when ye get offered the girl of yer dreams.”

“I can imagine.” Jax awkwardly put.

“Alright, call if you bucks need anythin’ else.”

“Will do.”

“Send me a text when he sobers up. That way I know he’s back to his arseways self.”

“You got it,” Jax vowed before hanging up the phone.

The president cut Tig a look of absolute hell.

“This is going to set us back! We gotta get this out of his system, and we have a less than twelve hours to do so!”

“Nah, man he took at least two hits. That’s like sixteen to eighteen hours at least.”

“I need him ready by twelve!” Jax severely put, and Tig sighed.

“Who the fuck carries LSD around like that?!” Bobby snapped once he and Kip got the full story.

“AC?” Ethan softly called as he answered the phone.

His sisters had fallen asleep and with their heads resting against his shoulders. He was sitting in the back of the van and right between them.

“Where are you?”

“Ummm about an hour or so out of town. Why?”

“Out of town?!”

“Yeah, something came up. Aislinn and I won’t be there until Monday morning, and even that’s a big maybe.”


“Sorry bro, I’ll explain when we get back.”

“Fuck, I really need you guys.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just need you to understand… We haven’t much choice.”

“Alright. You two be safe.”

“We will. Thank you.”

“You and I need to catch up, first thing when you get back.”


“No, there’s more to it. You’ll see. Until then…”

“Alright, until then…” Ethan said before hanging up.

“Everything alright?” Happy asked as he regarded Ethan through the rearview mirror.

“Yeah man. Just let me know if you need me to drive. You gotta be tired.”

“I’m good.” Happy said with a shrug.

“Besides, those two look awfully comfy.”

Ethan chuckled as he looked to his sisters.

“Yeah, guess I’ll keep em both.” Ethan teased, and Happy smiled.

“Don’t blame you there.” Happy softly muttered.

“What are the odds…” Ethan rather hinted.

“Been wondering that myself.”

“I mean were you even a Crow when you did my tat?”

“Nope.” Happy said with a wide grin and Ethan shook his head.


“Fate brother.” Happy expressed with a shrug.

“Yeah well, the Happy I remember didn’t believe in that shit.”

“A lot’s happened since then.”

“Clearly. You know… you were kind of an asshole.”

“Still am.” Happy said with pride.

Ethan chuckled.

“We had a good time though,” Ethan stated in memory.

“That we did.”

“Do your sisters even know what you’re really like?” Happy curiously questioned.

“No, and we’re keeping it that way.” Ethan made clear and Happy chuckled in mere amusement.

“If you say so…”

“I mean it Hap. Don’t even.”

“Could be interesting.”

“Or it’d run them off!” Ethan severely whispered.

“They ain’t goin’ anywhere. Trust me.”

“Yeah, well that Ethan is long gone.”

“Like I said… if you say so.”

“How’s he doing?” Bobby asked as he checked in.

Jax lifted his eyes that direction as Tig continued in keeping watch. A few hours had passed, and the LSD was still in his system. It wasn’t as potent, but Chibs still had moments of hallucinating and small panic attacks. They were mostly about Aislinn or Keri. He mentioned Fiona a couple of times out of anger. But there were a few instances where he saw something happening to Jax or the other Sons. No one had a clue what he was really seeing. But whatever it was felt very real to Chibs. Real enough that it took Tig and Jax to hold him down during his worst episodes. Chibs had it in his head that he needed to end his relationship with Aislinn or she’d end up dead. And it was more than obvious he kept seeing Keri and Aislinn die, in various ways. Jax wished he had a way to stop those visions from hitting, but there was nothing he could do. He and Tig did their best to convince Chibs that what he was seeing wasn’t real. The longer the Scot endured this, the heavier the guilt. Tig went above and beyond in helping Chibs through this. But Jax was too pissed to take notice.

In fact, Jax was thinking back to Aislinn’s dream, and this had him somewhat suspicious of Tig. There was a pang of guilt however as the president thought back to his and Tig’s heart to heart. But Jax had been fooled before, and he couldn’t shake that paranoid feeling. Fake crow… he thought over and over as they watched after Chibs. If there was a mole amongst SAMCRO… Jax would kill them. End of story. But he couldn’t focus on that now. He had to get his VP ready for tonight. Jax was a couple men short as it was with Happy and Juice staying behind. But he needed them in Charming where they could look after the Lawless family and his son.

“Where’s Ali?” Chibs randomly put after a few moments of silence.

This had each of the Son’s looking that direction.

“Back home, in Charming.” Jax softly put.

“Already?!” Chibs questioned looking awfully confused.

The Sons nodded.

“She must’ve flown. She shouldn’t be flyin’ on her third trimester.”

This had Jax and the others rearing back in bewilderment.

“Third trimester?” Tig questioned, and Chibs nodded.

“I done told her not ta fly. She’s too far along now. She’s gonna end up goin’ inta labor on the fuckin’ plane.”

Jax couldn’t help but smile. Out of all the hallucinations that was the most pleasant one. The president hoped this was a sign that his VP was coming off it a bit.

“I thought she couldn’t…” Bobby started to say, and Jax was quick to shush him.

He made a cut throat motion and Bobby sighed but nodded in understanding.

“She’s going to be just fine Filip. She won’t have that baby until we get back.” Jax said playing along.

“Babies.” Chibs corrected.

“Babies?” Jax reiterated, and the Scot actually smiled.

“Aye, two bucks!”

“That’s great Filip.”

The Scot nodded, but his eyes came to a close. Tig checked the VP’s pulse and breathing.

“He’ll sleep it off now.”

“He better,” Jax warned, and Tig sighed.

“Look, I said I was sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. You could’ve killed him!”

“I know what I did Jax. Alright?! Trust me. No one’s feeling this more than I am.”

Jax gritted his teeth then exposed the Kerianne tat covered in cuts.

“How are you goin’ to explain that one to him?! Huh?! You know he won’t remember shit, and that’s going to scar! Hell, forget Filip how are you going to explain this to his old lady? She’s going to see that and ask him how that happened!”

“I’ll own up to it.”

“So you’re going to tell her how you almost killed him and about his hallucinations?!”

“I’ll do whatever Chibs wants me to do. Alright?!” Tig rather snipped.

“If he doesn’t kill you first.” Bobby made clear, and Kip nodded in agreement.

“This the place?” Bobby questioned as he and Jax pulled up to the carpet store.

The others were back at the hotel and keeping an eye on Chibs.


“What the fuck is Weston doing with a carpet shop?”

“He’ll be asking that himself after it’s all done.” Jax smoothly replied, and Bobby smiled once he realized what Jax had done.

“You ingenious son of a bitch!”

“Riona’s the freaking genius. All I did was tell her what I needed and she got it done.”

“Riona?!” Bobby questioned in surprise.

“What did you think we were doing? Just randomly setting this up?”


“Nah brother. I’ve been working on this plan for some time. But I needed everyone’s involvement in order for this to work.”

“So when they make the arrest the building will show Weston on the deed…” Bobby said making certain his assumptions were correct.

“Exactly. Their drugs, their property… And that’s not even the best part…”


“Come on; I’ll show you,” Jax said and had Bobby follow him inside.

There was old carpet and tile throughout the building. Bobby followed Jax into another room where Jax revealed a hidden crawlspace beneath a water cooler.

“Oh snap!” Bobby said as Jax opened it then climbed on in.

Bobby sucked his gut in and followed Jax. Jax pulled on a nearby string, and the light’s flickered on.

“Holy shit!!” Bobby expressed as it was a massive cellar.

Jax smiled and quietly observed as Bobby looked around.

“This is perfect!”

“Right?! We’ll make it look as if they’ve been manufacturing and running business out of here. That’ll lead to a full-on investigation, and they’re sure to find whatever they got back home as well. We’ve already taken one out!”

“We better get started. We don’t have long.” Bobby said knowing the Aryans weren’t far behind.

“I know, and we gotta lead them this way still.”

“Shouldn’t be hard if they think we’re running their drugs from here.”

“Yeah well, none of it will matter if we’re not gone by then. Timing is everything. We can’t be anywhere near here when they arrive. Sheriff will be on this place like white on rice. She made it perfectly clear that we can’t have any evidence of having been here, much less in Sun Valley.”

Jax had done his homework and knew the Aryan’s had done business in Nevada before. So it wouldn’t be out of the norm or too farfetched for them to be running another operation, outside the one they currently had going. The trick was to make it seem as if they were running multiple cartels. If the Sons managed to pull this off, the Aryans would be facing life. There was no way they’d post for bail if they were arrested for something of that caliber. And that was Jax’s plan all along… The Aryans were too scattered about, and there was too many to take on at once. This was the best way to assure a job well done and get Ethan’s life back to normal. Jax saw it as killing two birds with one stone. This wasn’t just about getting the hit off Ethan. No. This was a little more personal as the president couldn’t stand Weston and his little gang. So it cut that much deeper when he found out Clay and Indian Hills had made arrangements with them. He was quick to nip that in the butt, however, and he could focus on the bigger picture now. If things went according to plan… They’d be on their way home in just a couple days and incident free. That’s the way he wanted it. The old Jax would’ve gone about this guns ablazin’, but he couldn’t do that and see his father’s vision through. That isn’t how it worked. That wasn’t to say there wouldn’t be bloodshed in the near future, but at least there wouldn’t be any this week, or so he hoped.

Back at the hotel:

“Hey…” Jax softly called when Chibs came to.

The Sons saw him stirring about and knew he’d wake here soon. So, Jax had everyone leave the room knowing this was something he had to deal with alone. Tig being there would only make matters worse.

Chibs looked around the room looking absolutely lost. Jax grabbed a couple bottles of water then made his way over. He watched as Chibs downed them both.

“How you feelin’?” Jax questioned afterward.

“Thirsty.” Chibs murmured as he rolled on out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Jax kept an eye on the bathroom door however as the Scot was disoriented. He could hear the Scot taking a piss and washing his hands afterward. Chibs stepped out then nodded Jax’s direction.

“Why do I feel like utter shite?!”

Jax let out a nervous laugh but explained what had taken place. The Scot sat in silence afterward. He had that lost presence about him still. The VP gave a simple nod then came to his feet.

“Hold on…” Jax called as Chibs was headed for the door.

The Scot paused with his hand along the handle.

“Where you going?”

“We got a job ta do.”

“Are you even up to this?” Jax questioned with concern.

“Don’t have much choice, now do we?”

“Alright… but you should know that the only reason I told Aislinn not to say anything… Was for her own safety and the rest of SAMCRO. I couldn’t have the others overhearing any of this.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes then spun around facing Jax. Jax drew back a hesitant breath then sighed.

“Give me five minutes, and I’ll explain everything. But everything I say stays between us. I mean it Chibs, we can’t take any risk.”

“Now why would I go and tell anyone…” Chibs started to say but reared back when Jax cut on the TV and turned the volume up.

The president made certain the door was locked and went as far as to run the shower in the bathroom. He signaled for Chibs to follow him and he shut the bathroom door behind them. Jax kept his voice as quiet as possible and told Chibs about the dream Aislinn had. He told him about his suspicions on the “raven” beside Kip’s grandmother as well. This led to a full-on conversation about everything else back home.

“So that’s what she meant…” Chibs uttered then leaned against the bathroom counter.

Jax cocked a brow on this.


“Ali… she said somethin’ about everyone gettin’ a bird before we perished. I thought the poor lass was losin’ it because of the stress she’s under. But she was talkin’ about that dream…” Chibs said with a shameful look about him.

“Hey, I would’ve thought the same thing if Riona had said some shit like that. Don’t kick yourself over it, alright?”

Jax cut the shower off knowing they needed to get going. Chibs downed a couple more bottles of water then lit a cigarette on the way out.

“So what are you going to do?” Jax asked once they were outside.

“Focus on the mission. I’ll deal with Trager later.”

“You sure you can do that?”

“What choice do I have? I can’t have this affectin’ what we’ve got goin’. That could be dangerous for all of us. Besides, ye need Trager alive and well tonight…”

Jax raised his brows on this but didn’t dare challenge Chibs on the matter. He knew Tig had it coming. 

“Hey…” Ethan soothingly put as Riona shot up from a deep sleep.

The prospect ran a soothing hand along his sister’s back.

“You alright?” He asked as she seemed a little shaken.

She had called to Jax and Abel just before she woke. Ethan wondered what she was dreaming about that had her so startled.

“Aye.” She uttered but saw that they were parked at a convenience store.

Happy and Aislinn were inside paying for gas and getting a few snacks and drinks.

“You sure?” Ethan probed as Riona stared out the window and seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“I just need a wee bit of fresh air.” She said then exited the van.

Ethan nodded amongst himself and joined her.

“Heard from the ex again?” Riona curiously questioned.

“Not since that day.”

“Good! Maybe she’ll be smart and steer clear.”

“Hope so. But smarts wasn’t one of Tracy’s strong suits.”

Riona nodded in understanding. She ran her hands along her arms in attempts to keep warm as it was a little chilly out.

“Here…” Ethan said as he took his jacket off then placed it around his sister.

“Ya didn’t hafta do that.”

Ethan shrugged then lit up a smoke. Happy and Aislinn exited the store with a couple of bags. The Son had his arm wrapped around her shoulder, and they were laughing about something.

“What’s with you two?” Ethan asked as they couldn’t stop laughing.

“Someone left a vibrator in the chip section. It was a-buzzin’ and makin’ all the chips shake. Ya should’ve seen Happy’s reaction when he picked it up!”

“Ewww!” Riona scoffed.

“He didn’t know it was a vibrator at first. He was holdin’ it wrong and tried to hand it to the cashier. The look on her face was priceless.”

“Please tell me ya washed your hands!” Riona said.

“Nah, I wiped a stranger’s pussy juices on the chip bags!” Happy taunted as he tossed one over.

Ethan died of laughter as Riona let it hit the ground. Happy sighed and tried throwing another snack over only to have it land on the ground as well.

“You suck at this.” He uttered and Aislinn laughed so hard she snorted.

“He washed his hands Riona!” Aislinn said then picked the bags up off the ground.

“How do you know?! You didn’t go into the men’s room with me!” Happy said, and Aislinn laughed once again.

“Who the hell leaves a vibrator lyin’ around like that?” Ethan questioned in wonder.

“Ya know it was a prank. Someone was fuckin’ with the cashier. Poor girl.”

Aislinn took a couple drags off her brother’s cigarette then handed it back.

“So how much further?” Riona questioned while opening a Dr. Pepper.

“Couple hours or so.” Happy said with a shrug.

They’d been on the road for a little over nine hours. Happy was looking forward to a nice warm bed as he hadn’t slept in over thirty-two-hours. Ethan had offered to drive, but Happy wouldn’t wake the sisters.

“My turn,” Ethan firmly put then snatched the keys from Happy’s hold.


“Get some sleep.” He gestured for the Son to get into the back with the girls.

Happy went to argue this, but the Lawless sisters had ahold of him and were dragging him into the van. The Son was doing his best to treat Ethan like a prospect but was having a hard time doing so. Ethan felt like one of the guys, and a small part of Happy must’ve known he’d be back in his life one day. Happy thought back to that particular day. He remembered Ethan’s request. He wanted wings but when Happy asked what kind, Ethan was at a loss. So Happy named off a few such as dragon, angel, and demon even. Ethan told him to do whatever came to mind. To pick what he deemed fitting. He let Happy know how big he wanted them but that was about it. Happy thought the guy was a fucking idiot at first. What man enters a tattoo convention, rushes in line, only to let the artist know he hasn’t decided what he wants. But the more Happy got to know him… The more he realized that wasn’t the case. Ethan was in a bad place at the time, and he needed that little bit of therapy. He would’ve been content with anything Happy gave him and only because he welcomed the pain. After talking to Ethan and getting to know him a bit more… A crow is what came to mind. This was before Happy’s prospect days, before he even knew about SAMCRO. Happy only hoped that Ethan would stick around long enough to earn his Anarchy ink.

The girls shared their snacks with Happy and listened to the radio. But it wasn’t long before the Son was out. Aislinn laughed as he’d fallen asleep and ended up with his head against Riona’s breasts.

“Don’t…” Riona harshly warned as Aislinn acted like she was going to take a picture.

Aislinn giggled but respected her sister’s wishes knowing Jax would kill Happy, no matter how innocent the situation was. Riona shifted about rather awkwardly and managed to get his head into her lap instead. The young woman let out a breath of relief.

“Awe, look at our wee serial killer. He’s all tuckered out!” Aislinn teased then grabbed a blanket from the back.

Ethan laughed as he watched his sisters tuck Happy in. Aislinn placed a teddy bear she’d gotten for Abel into one of Happy’s arms. Riona and Ethan snickered as Aislinn took a couple pictures then sent it to the boys as a group.

“Aye now, ya know he’s goin’ to get ya back for that one,” Riona said once Aislinn showed her what she’d done.

“Worth it!”

Bobby was first to receive Aislinn’s text. He and the boys were in the middle of setting everything up in the cellar when the others heard the sergeant burst into a fit of laughter. Jax was about to ask what had him so tickled when he, Chibs, Tig, and Kip received their messages as well. Each of them looked to their phone and laughed.

“You know that was your old lady’s doing!” Jax said, and Chibs nodded with a grin.

“Aye, and ye know Happy’s goin’ ta get her back fur that one.”

“Isn’t he adorable?! Look at our little psychopath. They grow up so fast these days!” Tig said, and the others laughed.

“I’d hate to be Aislinn…” Kip admitted as he zoomed in on the photo.

“Aye, not even I can save her now. She’s on her lonesome there.”

Just as they were to get back to work, Aislinn snuck one more picture in. It was a picture of Happy with the bear, and his thumb in his mouth. Aislinn was in the picture as well and kissing his cheek.

It was nice knowing you all. #worthit – She texted, and Chibs died of laughter.

“I need you to bring the cookers inside. But you’ll have to get more ingredients first…” Jax said, and Tig frowned.


“That’s right. Take Chibs with you. There’s a black Cherokee Jeep just a few blocks away. It belongs to Indian Hills. Plates are already switched. Use it and switch them back afterward. We’ll finish up here.” Jax said knowing this would give Tig and Chibs sometime to talk about what happened. He only hoped it didn’t end in blows or with a bullet in Trager’s head.

“Why didn’t we bring the ones we found back home?” The Son whined, but Jax saw this for what it was. Tig was afraid of being alone with Chibs Telford. Not that Jax could blame him on that one.

“The meth itself was risky enough. Besides we didn’t have room for all that shit.”

“Let’s go, Trager.” Chibs bitterly murmured as he tucked his phone away.

Tig bitched under his breath as he followed the VP out.

“He’s like a goddamn kid,” Jax muttered under his breath, and Bobby laughed.

“I say we get this fucker blown up – poster size!” Bobby said while flashing Jax the last picture Aislinn had sent.

“Happy will probably use it to throw darts at Aislinn’s face.”

“Darts?! Try bullets!” Bobby corrected, and Jax chuckled.

“So…” Tig murmured as Chibs drove into the nearest town.

Chibs glanced that direction but didn’t utter a word.

“So…” Tig said once again and peered out the window.

“So look, I forgot about those breath strips being laced with LSD. It didn’t occur to me until you placed them into your mouth and it was too late.”

Chibs looked to the road again but kept quiet.

“Come on man… Say something. You’re freaking me out!”

The Scot parked at one of the stores, put his hoodie on then headed inside without a word. Tig stayed in the car and was starting to panic. He knew he fucked up when Chibs was this quiet. Everyone knew what it meant when the Scot got like this. Ten minutes had passed when Chibs entered the car with a couple of bags. The Scot went on to empty his pockets with the items he stole as well. He stuffed everything into the bags then tossed them into the backseat. They hit a couple more stores, and they took turns going inside and stealing whatever else they needed. They hadn’t a choice knowing the stores wouldn’t sell more than a few boxes at a time. A few hours had passed, and they were parked outside a hospital now. Chibs was in the backseat and putting on a pair of scrubs. He slicked his hair back then hung a stethoscope around his neck.

“Stay put and have yer ears on,” Chibs uttered and was about to head out.

“What do you want from me Chibs?!” Tig damn near pleaded as he couldn’t take the silent treatment anymore.

“I want ye ta keep focused.” Chibs made clear, and Tig closed his eyes on this.

“I can’t.”

“Ye can and ye will.” The VP said before exiting the car.

“I’m sorry!” Tig called after rolling the window down.

This had Chibs stopping in his tracks.

“But I stopped you from canceling the wedding and took your cousin’s advice!”

“Ye what?!” Chibs questioned as Jax hadn’t told him about all that yet.

“Yeah, you know. You were all gung-ho about canceling the wedding and Aislinn getting with your cousin. Hell, if Brodie hadn’t talked you down…”

“What do ye mean by cancelin’ the weddin’ and what do ye mean by Ali gettin’ with Brodie?!” Chibs rather snapped and Tig recoiled.

“Shit, he didn’t tell you, did he?!”

“Tell me what?!” Chibs asked with impatience.

Aislinn getting with Brodie… Surely, he didn’t mean… Chibs’s mind wandered in places it shouldn’t, but the way Tig phrased that didn’t help matters at all. What the fuck did he mean by Aislinn getting with his cousin?!

“Ah, fuck me…”

“Oh, I am just not the way ye like it.”

Tig had a little word vomit going as he quickly explained what all took place during Chibs’s ‘trip’. He told him about the phone call attempts with Aislinn and the one he made to Brodie. Tig could hear the Scot’s teeth as he clenched them together. That sound was like nails on a chalkboard.

“You mad?” Tig questioned like that of a frightened child.

Chibs didn’t utter a word as he reached into the window, grabbed a fistful of Tig’s hair then smashed his face into the dashboard.

“Nah…” Chibs muttered afterward then headed into the hospital.

Tig had his hand over his mouth and nose as they oozed with blood.

“Thought you wasn’t mad…” Tig pouted as he looked to the blood on his hands.

          Chibs took his time, avoiding any security cameras, and sneaking through the hospital. It wasn’t an easy task as he had to time everything, just right. He managed to stop one of the coded doors from closing after a couple of nurses went through it. Chibs slipped on through without any issues. There was one instance where he was almost caught, but he ducked into one of the exam rooms. The medic cleared his throat as a little red-head girl looked at him all wide-eyed.

“My daddy go to the bathroom.” She said, and Chibs gave a simple nod.

“Aye, I’m just goin’ ta check on yer vitals. He said while grabbing his stethoscope.”

“You talk funny.”

Chibs smiled as he checked the girl’s vitals over.

“You’re bleeding.” The girl said while pointing towards the Scot’s scrub top.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as he took a gander.

“What the…” He muttered once he saw the cuts along his tat.

“Does you need a Band-Aid?”

“Ye know I think I do. How bout I get to that and ye wait on yer father? I’ll send ye another doctor.”


Chibs nodded before heading out of the patient’s room. He hoped to God the little girl didn’t rat him out before he got to those supplies. It would be hell getting in and out as it was. Chibs kept his back to everyone as he started towards the medical supply room. He waited until a nurse exited the area. The Scot recoiled however once he saw it required a keycard.

“For fuck’s sake.” He muttered under his breath.

He had no choice but to steal someone’s ID. The Scot grabbed a clipboard and kept his head down as he headed towards the desk. The VP acted as if he was grabbing a pen and no one paid him any attention. He managed to snag one off one of the nurse’s lab coat’s that was hanging on the back of the chair they were sitting in. The Scot used that clipboard to cover his face as there was a camera right by the supply door. He kept that clipboard in place as he used the ID with the keycard.

Once the door unlocked, he darted inside and shut the door. The medic retrieved the duffle bag he kept hidden under his scrubs. He went on to grab not only the supplies they needed for the meth but whatever the club might need as well. This was something Chibs was used to and did often. So this wasn’t his first rodeo. This made a first however in using a keycard. Chibs also knew it would be best if he made it look as if they were ransacked. This way if word got back to the authorities or the news even meth wouldn’t be an immediate suspicion. Not that he particularly cared about that, but they couldn’t have that getting back to the Aryans. They’d know something was up. Chibs filled that duffle bag to the brim then prayed to God he got out of the hospital, without being seen or caught.

The Scot opened the door then poked his head out. He nodded amongst himself as the nurses were at the desk still and filling out paperwork. Chibs took advantage of this by using that clipboard. He covered his face yet again and kept that duffle bag out of view. He headed for the nearest staircase. Chibs couldn’t chance the elevator. He was making his way down when he heard someone making their way up. This had the Scot pivoting around and heading up instead. Chibs shook his head once he realized the only escape was the fire exit leading towards the roof. This was sure to set off the alarms. He’d have to find a way down while avoiding security cameras. The Scot let out a miserable sigh as he wrapped his hand along that handle. The alarm sounded, and he made his way to the roof.

“Aye…” Chibs muttered as this certainly made a first.

The Scot headed towards the helicopter pad and the edge as he looked for a way down.

“Shite…” Chibs said before crossing himself and kissing that cross around his neck.

The VP placed that duffle bag along his back then used the rails to make his way from balcony to balcony. He was a couple stories away when he saw Tig pull up in the car. He could hear the sirens as police were making their way to the hospital. Chibs shook his head as he had one more story to go but ran out of railing. He had no choice but to sneak into one of the patient’s rooms and reenter the hospital. He’d have to use another fire escape. He only hoped there wouldn’t be any security officers along the way…

“Thought we were supposed to be discreet…” Tig said once Chibs got into the car.

The Scot recoiled as a squad car entered the parking lot.

“Go, without givin’ us away!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Tig murmured as he turned the opposite direction.

He kept his speed under control and hit the road.

“Jax isn’t going to like this.”

“Aye, well shite happens.”

“Glad Jury switched out the plates.”

“Me and you both.

“We’re good,” Tig reassured as they were at a red light and cops were passing them on their way to the hospital.

Chibs gave a mere nod then stuffed a cigarette into his mouth. The VP removed the gloves he was wearing then opened the duffle bag.

“Holy shit,” Tig uttered as Chibs was digging through it.

“Did you leave them anything?”

“Left them enough.” The Scot murmured with a shrug.

The VP cleared his throat, however.

“Ye wanna tell me how this came aboot?”

Tig glanced over as Chibs lowered the scrub he was wearing. The Son recoiled once he saw what his VP was referring to.

“You did that…” The Son softly murmured.

Chibs reared back and Tig sighed.

“You wanted to rid of it. Mentioned something about enduring it…”

The Scot closed his eyes on this.

“Is that how you really feel?” Tig genuinely questioned.

“I’m not riddin’ of it.” Chibs made clear.

“That isn’t what I asked.”

Chibs took a long pull off his cigarette then peered out the window.

“I have my days…” The Scot admitted, and Tig nodded in understanding.

“But removin’ it would be a dishonor ta Keri. This ink’s the only thing done out of love for that kid. I’m not takin’ that away, not from her or me.”

“You should get it redone… You know… once the area heals.”

“Aye. I was plannin’ on seein’ Hap about some ink I wanted anyhow.”


Chibs nodded.

“What are you getting?”

“Somethin’ for Ali.”

Tig gathered this stunned appearance, and Chibs sighed already knowing.

“Thought you were against that shit!”

“Aye, that was before me old lady came around.”

Tig chuckled, and Chibs sent him a look of warning.

“So what’s next on the agenda?” Tig hinted with a gesture towards the list Jax had given them.

Tig thought it best to change the subject.

“The barrels…” Chibs bitterly hinted, and Tig curled his lip on this.

“You mean that wasn’t the hardest part?!” Tig said as to the hospital.

“Nah, we gotta hit one of these warehouses. We need a couple barrels at least.”

“So that’s a no to sleeping tonight.”

“Pretty much.”

Tig drove to the warehouse Chibs had in mind. The VP hoped to God they had what they needed or they’d be at this all night. His nerves were shot after that close call back at the hospital.

“I got this one…” Tig volunteered, and Chibs regarded him in surprise.

“You look like you could use a break. Just watch my back. Oh, and don’t eat my sandwich!” He said as he had a sub on the dashboard.

The Scot nodded as Tig grabbed a pair of pliers.

“Oh, and you should know I’m shooting the sheriff but not the deputy… if you get my drift.”

Chibs raised his brows wondering what the hell that meant.

“That stays between us and well… Jax.”

“Yer bum’s oot the windae, Trager! (You’re talking rubbish!)”

“What you saw… that day… Wasn’t what you thought. You were thirty seconds shy and missed the fucking of a lifetime.”

“Yer full of fuckin’ shite is what ye are!”

“Nah, brother. I’m knee deep in that, and she fucking LOVES it!”

Chibs watched in disbelief as Tig exited the jeep and headed towards the chain-link fence.

The Scot couldn’t picture it, no matter how hard he tried. Nothing about that pairing made sense.

“Either she’s got low standards, or she’s all about being the DOM,” Chibs muttered under his breath.

Tig cut the fence line then squeezed on through. He was cautious as he looked around the area. There didn’t seem to be any cameras or security, which had him somewhat suspicious. This was a massive warehouse. The Son shook his head as he hadn’t a clue where to even start.

Tig was looking around when he felt his cellphone vibrate. He smiled once he saw who it was. He had her under an alias name.

“Hey, Jimmy baby.” He answered, and Sheriff Cole sighed on the other end.

“Why do you always call me that?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t like it.”

“Oh, you think you’re cute, don’t you?”

“No, but you do.”

“Hmm…” The sheriff hummed.

“So what’s this about? I thought you said no phone calls during the operation?”

“I did. But your president told me what happened, and I had to make certain you were okay.”

“Huh?” Tig questioned in confusion.

“Come on Tiggy; he told me about the ransack while you were in the shower. You’re lucky to be alive. There’s no telling who those people were! And I know you… I’m sure you’re beating yourself up over those drugs they took. But don’t you sweat it. You know I’ll figure it out. I mean it… No stressing!”

Tig recoiled once he realized what his president had done. This was nothing but a test. Jax had lied to the sheriff in order to cover what really happened with those drugs. Tig hated what he was about to do but hadn’t a choice.

“Yeah, baby… I’m sorry. I fucked up, big time.”

“Wasn’t your fault. They broke into your room. Could’ve happened to anyone. Just promise me you’ll be careful. Come back in one piece.”

“I will. I promise.”

“Imma fuck you up real good when you get home, boy.” The sheriff seductively put.

Tig gathered this goofy-ass grin.

“You better.”

“Oh, you know it.” The sheriff said before hanging up.

Tig let out a miserable sigh as he had one hell of a stiffy going. That made it somewhat difficult to focus. All he could think about was Dinah cuffing him to the bed and having her way with him.

“God I need to jerk off,” Tig muttered under his breath as he tested one of the doors to the warehouse.

Just as he was to break one of the locks, he heard growling. That growling intensified, and Tig spun around seeing two Doberman Pinschers standing directly behind him. They had their teeth bared and were in full-on guard mode.

“Well, aren’t you two just the cutest things…” Tig nervously put as he was looking for a way out.

One of the dogs stepped up to him and continued growling.

“Please don’t make me shoot you. I know you’re doing your job, but I’m trying to do mine. I love dogs! Like a lot! Sooo…”

Tig took one step away from the door, and the dogs charged right for him. The Son uttered a slew of curse words as he took off running. He let out a painful yelp as one of them bit him on the ass and was pulling him towards them. Tig clenched his teeth together and jarred his entire body forward. He broke free but at a cost as he landed face first on the pavement. The dogs were back to growling and were about to maul him when someone whistled out.

Tig and the Dobermans craned their necks that direction. The Son let out a breath of relief but that was quick to fade. The VP split Tig’s sandwich in half then tossed one half to each dog.

“My sandwich!” Tig complained, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

The dogs scarfed them down then started towards Chibs. The Scot hunkered down and kept eye contact with both dogs. Tig reared back wondering what the VP was up to as he was perfectly still and merely waiting. The dogs continued that direction but were clumsy in their steps. It wasn’t long before they hit the ground and Chibs nodded amongst himself. He came to his feet then checked on the dog’s vitals.

“I can’t believe you fed them my sub. I was saving that!”

“And ye’d have jumped down my throat if I shot them. So suck it up. It was the only way I could slip them the sandman’s sand.”

Tig reared back once he caught on.

“You mean you drugged them?!”

“They’ll be fine! You’re welcome!” Chibs muttered then used his gun to break into the warehouse.

He knew there wasn’t anyone for miles as he’d checked himself before coming to Tig’s distress. The Scot was moody and tired and wanted to get this over with. Tig followed the VP inside and to their relief the chemicals weren’t far from the doorway.

Chibs peered back and was about to tell Tig to open the gates and get the car.

“HEY!” Chibs called as Tig’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Chibs was quick to break his fall. Tig was chalk-white and cold to the touch. The Scot shook his head once he saw the blood running down his pants.

“Ye’ve gotta be kiddin’.” He bitched as he scooped the Son up and struggled in getting him back to the car.

Chibs had absolute hell getting Tig situated in the front and getting those heavy barrels into the back seat. He was far from done however as he had to clean up any blood Tig left behind. That included the dogs, as one of them had Tig’s DNA all over his snout. By the time he finished, three hours had passed. Chibs tied up any loose ends before hitting the road.

“Hey there Scotty.”

“Hey…” Chibs tiredly replied.

“Everythin’ alright?”

“Aye, I just need ye ta keep me awake for a bit. Can ye do that?”

“I believe so. Are ya on the road?”

“Aye, and am pure done in (very tired).”

“Scotty.” Aislinn said with concern.

“I’ll be alright just keep talkin’.”

“Well, we just arrived at the condo! It’s hatchet. I’ll send you some pictures.”

“That sounds great darlin’. Did ye get the beach view we requested?”

“Aye, and it’s lovely. You two really nailed it, Scotty. It’s beautiful! Wish ya were here though.”

“Me too pet. Ye do any shoppin’ yet?”

“Nah, we’ll do that after we’ve had some sleep. We’ve been on the road all night and day.”

“Ye mean he drove there in one day?!” He asked as it just dawned on him.

They arrived a day earlier than expected.


“Did they even let ye book the room then? It was supposed ta be for tomorrow.”

“Happy handled it.”

“Wonder how he managed that.” Chibs genuinely wondered as this condo was usually full.

“Have no idea, but he managed. So we got the room for an extra day. They’re really nice here too. They have twenty-four-hour room service. So we can eat whenever we want, without leaving the hotel. That’s what we’re doin’ tonight.”

“Ah, and what did ye order?”

“Chinese with some sort of sauce I’ve never heard of before.”

Chibs could hear the waves off to the distance and could picture his old lady looking out to sea as she stood on the balcony.


That image put the man at peace for whatever reason. All the stress he was under seemed to fade.

“Ye look beautiful Ali.”

“How do ya know?! You can’t even see me!”

“I just know. Yer always beautiful.”

“Aye, ya smooth talker you!”

“Nah, it’s true, and ye know it.” Chibs pulled up to the carpet shop then let out a breath of relief.

He knew he wouldn’t have made it if he hadn’t called Aislinn.

“I’m here now love. Thank you.”

“Aye, anytime.”

“Get some sleep and enjoy yer outtin’ tomorrow,” Chibs said before hanging up the phone.

“Fuck,” Jax uttered once Chibs showed him how badly Tig was bitten.

The passenger seat was caked in blood.

“I gotta get that taken care of!” Chibs said as he was doing his best to stop the bleeding.

“Alright. Take him back to the hotel. We’ll finish up here.”

“Nah, I gotta do it here.”


“Cause I’m fuckin’ tired Jackie and we can’t have him bleedin’ out in the hotel!”

Jax thought back to Chib’s damn near OD and recoiled. Here they were… working the poor man to death and he was still recuperating.

“I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry Filip.” The president whispered.

“It’s alright Jackie. Just let me get Trager taken care of. But I’m pure done after.”

“Understood. We got it from here.”

“I sure hope so.” Chibs expressed as Kip helped him with Tig.

They carried him into the shop where they got everything set up. Kip aided Chibs in whatever he needed while Jax and Bobby finished setting everything up.

Tig shot awake when Chibs poured the alcohol on the wound. The Son howled out and was squirming around. Chibs gritted his teeth and signaled for Kip to hold him still.

“Knock that shite off Trager. I’m sewin’ yer arse up!”

Bobby laughed at Chibs’s unintended pun. The Scot, however, was too tired to catch what he’d said. Chibs stuck the needle through Tig’s flesh, and he hollered out once again. Chibs rolled his eyes and gave Tig a firm slap on the ass.

“Ye can stay still and let me finish, or ye can live the rest of yer days with a chunk missin’ from yer arse! Yer choice.”

“Did he just…” Bobby muttered, and Jax nodded.

“Damn, Chibs just made Tig his bitch!” Bobby declared, and Jax died of laughter once he saw that Bobby had that little scene recorded. The sergeant wanted to give Tig hell for having to get his ass sewn up, but that little spanking only added to the moment.

“Blackmail at its finest.” Bobby murmured as he hit stop then pocketed the phone.

“How they doin’?” Riona asked once her sister got off the phone.

“They’re alright. Just a long day.”

Riona nodded in understanding. Aislinn laughed as her brother, and Happy were scarfing down the Lo Mein they ordered. Riona was putting her and her sister’s things away while Aislinn got her and her sister’s food set up.

“Come eat, Riona. We can worry on that later!” Aislinn called.

Riona did as her sister requested and joined them at the kitchen table.

“Never seen a place like this. It’s so big!” Aislinn exclaimed as all the rooms connected.

Everyone had their own area to sleep in. The girls had their own bed, Ethan had a pullout sofa, and Happy had the couch beside it. There was a full kitchen and two full baths. There was even a bottle of wine set out on the table, with four glasses.

Happy turned on the TV and found a channel that had his toons.

“Well, that ought to keep him plenty entertained.” Riona teased, and Aislinn giggled.

Ethan was starting to nod off as he ate. He shook his head once he realized he was going to lose that battle.

“I’m turning in.” He murmured as he curled up on the sofa and passed out.

He was too tired to care about pulling the bed out.

Riona took her brother’s shoes off then got him tucked away. Happy nodded that direction.

“You gonna read him a story too?” He teased, and Riona smiled.

“I just might. Would you like a story too?”

“Fuck yeah I would!” Happy turned off the TV and waited.

“Well…” He said after a few minutes passed and Riona had gone back to eating.

“Well, what?”

“Thought you were going to tell us a story!”

“Aye, you’re a funny man.”

Happy frowned then looked to be pouting as he turned his toons back on.

“I think he was serious…” Aislinn said, and Riona snorted.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 38 – House On a Hill”

  1. Holy moly!!!! AC has something planned for Sam. and he is sounding more and more like a son even if he isn’t watching out for Ali and Ethan even if his sister is in love with him. going to interesting to watch that play out and i can’t wait to see it.

    Tig is going to be a dead man.. holy shit… Ali and Riona are going to kill him for getting scotty tripping and hell brodie just might help them along with Ethan..all of the *visions* he saw damn… Nightmare after nightmare for him… the only good one was right before he fell asleep when he was seeing Ali nine months pregnant with their first set of twins.

    Scotty seeing that sweet little one in the hospital waiting to be see That had to capture his heart for a moment thinking of Keri, then making sure the hospital thought they got ransacked even if he did set off an alarm to cover his escape and make the break in more plausible.

    Poor Tig… You have to watch those *bitey dogs* They take their job very seriously.. he is lucky they got him on the ass and not on his arm or his throat and shoulder area. Scotty got lucky that they took the sammy and the hence the drugs. some guard dogs won’t eat what a stranger give them but it can happen.. Bobby recording everything while scotty sew tigs ass back toether… he going to be in so much trouble like ali going to be with happy with the teddy bed and the suckling of his thumb pictures… at least she didn’t take any when he was using Riona as a pillow that we know of lol might save her if she did take on for safety *grins*

    The place they sent the girls sounds wonderful to be into and very eager to please their clients and patrons with what they wish. the girls and Abel are in for a hell of a weekend

    You have done it once again You have entertained me when i needs something wicked to read. Your muse is on top of things and is inspiring you the best way she knows how with i think is fantastic. Until Next time *bows*

    (lets out my bitey dogs who starts chasing the other *bitey dogs* making them whine and whimper in fear while they hide in a place that my pups can’t reach them)

  2. Awesome chapter!! I feel sorry for Chibs he has had such a rough time I want them to be happy but I don’t wnat this story to end. I love this story so much and while I’m readind each chapter I feel like I’m constantly catching my breath. Thank you so much for writing

  3. Hehe AC got a plan! I already love it lol. Oh poor Chibs. My heart hurts so much for him. Fucking Tig and LSD. Hmmm what is Ethan really like?? I wonder…. Is it wrong that I found Chibs sneaking around the hospital and stealing shite like..really hot?? Cuz yeah I did lol

  4. Shite hit post to early. Poor Tiggy’s ass 🤣 I’m digging them setting up the Aryans. Fingers crossed everything works. And Tig and the sheriff are adorable! Ok now I’m done lol

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Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

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Fanfiction by Cuinawen

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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