Chapter 4- The Reveal

Chapter 4 – The Reveal
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Aislinn woke the following morning covered in sweat. She’d had nightmare after nightmare. The young woman needed to pee but feared to do so. She had forgotten her whereabouts and rolled onto the floor with a thud. An all too familiar sigh followed this.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself…”

“Riona?” Aislinn murmured and reached to her head as it was pounding.

“Ya put on quite the show last night. I heard all about it this mornin’. The wee one and I turned in early. I thought ya had as well. Look around ya!”

“Show…?” Aislinn questioned as she was completely lost.

There were half-naked men and women spread about the room.

“I’m guessin’ ya woke wantin’ more booze?”

“What are ya talkin’ about Riona?! What show?!’

Riona reared back on this.

“What’s come over ya?!”

“Maybe I don’t appreciate being accused of somethin’ I didn’t do!”

“Then how else did ya end up here and passed out on some pool table, in the middle of all this?! Do ya even realize what could’ve happened ta ya?! We barely know these men!”

Aislinn had never been so confused. She didn’t remember coming back here, and she most certainly didn’t remember putting on a show, of any sort! Riona picked up an empty bottle of whiskey and shook her head. 

“Aye, takin’ pa’s route I see. No wonder ya can’t remember anythin’! I can’t believe ya drank the whole bottle. It’s a wonder ya didn’t die from poisonin’! Then ya went and whored yourself off, ta him?!”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes and looked at the pool table where Riona was pointing. The young woman staggered back as it was Jimmy. He was passed out, and his pants were down. Something hit against her foot and Aislinn looked down to see Jimmy at her feet now. She shook her head and glanced towards the pool table once again. Aislinn screamed out as the bodies around her were morphing into that of Jimmy, and each of them was mocking her.

“Riona…” Aislinn whimpered as she too started to take the image of Jimmy.

The man backed her into a corner and gathered this rather sinister smile.

“I like me a fighter…” 

Aislinn shot up then sprang to her feet. Everyone around her was asleep, even that of Riona and Abel. The young woman darted outside the clubhouse feeling as though she were suffocating. She leaned against the SAMBEL clubhouse and breathed in the fresh cool air. The young woman looked down however and her entire face flushed over. Aislinn hadn’t realized she pissed herself, again. She must’ve done that in her sleep. She looked to the clubhouse then back to her pants.

“Jaysus.” She whispered knowing she couldn’t go in there, not like this.

“What’s wrong with ya?!” She scolded herself then scurried over towards the side of the building.

“Linny?” She heard recognizing the small voice.

This had the young woman darting back over and peeking around the corner.

“Abel love, what are ya doin’ out here?!”

“You looked sad…” He said with a shrug.

“I thought ya were asleep.”

“I wake up and saw you go outside.”

“Aye, well it’s freezin’. Ya should head back inside.”

Abel frowned but started to head back inside.

“Hold up, mind doin’ me a favor?”

Abel glanced over once again and nodded.

“Ya know the room we’ve been stayin’ in?”

The boy nodded once again.

“There’s a black bag. I need ya to dig in there and find me a pair of pants.”

This had Abel pointing to hers.

“I used to do that too. But I’s a big boy now, and I no do that anymore.”

“That’s great love. Think we can keep this between us though?”

“It okay. I no tell no one. Be right back!”

Aislinn let out a breath of relief as the boy took off.  Abel returned with a pair of pants and a jacket.

“Thank you, Abel,” Aislinn said, and Abel smiled.

“You is welcome!”

Aislinn smiled as the boy headed back inside. She hurried back to the side of the building, where she changed her pants and tossed the others, along with her panties into the trash bin. This was something she hated doing, considering SAMBEL’s girls donated those to them. But she couldn’t bear the thought of sending those to be washed and with them covered in blood and piss. She put the jacket on then headed back inside. Abel was the only one up, and he was sitting at the bar.

“Aren’t ya tired lad?”

“No. I has a bad dream.” He sadly murmured.

“Aye, me too.”


“Aye. How ‘bout some milk? It might help.” Aislinn offered as she was digging through the SAMBEL fridge.

“Do we has chocolate for it?”

“Em…” Aislinn hummed as she dug through the fridge and managed to find a bottle of chocolate.

“Now we’re in business!”

Abel giggled as she went on to make them both a glass of chocolate milk.

“Daddy uses LOTS of chocolate!”

“Lots of chocolate comin’ up.”

Abel kicked his feet about as Aislinn stuffed a straw into his drink then slid it on over.

“Take it, slow lad. I can’t have ya gettin’ wasted.”

“I no get wasted.” He said with a giggle and sipped his milk.

“Should I be concerned?!”

The sudden and deep voice had the woman startled. She lifted her head and locked eyes with Abel’s grandfather. He gave a simple nod.

“Chocolate milk?” Aislinn awkwardly offered.

“Sure, why not…” Clay uttered with a shrug.

Aislinn nodded and went on to make Abel’s grandfather a glass of chocolate milk as well.

“Thanks, darlin’.” The young woman nodded, and the three of them sat in silence as they drank their milk.



“Is daddy still in prison?”

“Fraid so…”

Abel frowned, and Clay patted the top of his head.

“We talked about that, remember?”

“I know…” Abel sadly murmured.

Clay nodded Aislinn’s direction.

“Dontcha go and be thinking the worst now.” He warned.

Aislinn raised her brows on this.

“Who am I to judge?”

“Just saying I know how girls like you are.”

“Do ya now?”

“That’s right. You hear about some kid’s old man being in prison and assume the worst.”

“Aye, I wasn’t aware I was one of those but thank you for clearin’ that up for me.”

Clay tilted his head, and Aislinn smiled.

“You don’t want me judgin’. Maybe ya should go and take word of your own advice. Cheers!”

And on this note, Aislinn walked away knowing that was best. She couldn’t believe the nerve of this man.

Aislinn heard what sounded to be someone strumming on a guitar and softly singing. She followed the sound out of curiosity. It came from one of the rooms in the far back. The door was cracked open, and Aislinn peeked inside. She found herself somewhat impressed as it was the Son by the name of Bobby Munson, the one that broke her fall back at the pub. He was plucking away and singing Burning Love By Elvis Presley. Aislinn joined in on the next chorus, and this took the man by surprise. He kept singing but smiled when Aislinn entered the room. They finished the song, and the man shook his head as this woman’s voice blew him away.

“Damn…” He murmured in awe.

“Can you play?” He asked and handed his guitar over.

“Can I play…?” She repeated in a playful matter and started strumming the notes to Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett.

“Ho-ly shit… girl can play too.” He said with a hand over his heart.

Just as the young woman was about to sing, someone beat her to it. Aislinn smiled as Riona entered the room.

“Fuck…” Bobby uttered and combed his hair back with his fingers.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing or seeing for that matter. These smoking hot sisters sounded just like Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

“Couldn’t help yourself could you?” Riona teased afterward.

That always was her sister’s go to when showing off.

“Aye, but did ya hear him Riona?! Man can sing and play. He sounded just like the king himself!”

“Middle name ain’t Elvis for nothin’, sweetheart.”

“Smooth talker too,” Riona added and Bobby chuckled.

The Son tilted his head however and regarded the two sisters once again.

“Well, I’ll be goddamned… I thought I recognized you!” He murmured as it was all coming back to him now.

“You’re the fucking Lawless sisters! We’ve seen you play before!”

“So ya do remember?” Aislinn said with a warm smile.

“How could I forget?! Hell, you two put on one hell of a show!”

The girls hadn’t taken notice of the audience behind them or the unexpected guests. In fact, no one had taken notice of the unexpected guests. Abel’s curiosity had him in the room with the girls and Bobby now, whereas the rest of the Sons were up and looking into the room.

“Play another one!” Bobby eagerly requested.

The sisters looked to one another and shrugged.

“What do ya want us to play?” Riona asked.

“Hmmm, how ‘bout Wicked Game but that Ursine Vulpine version. That’s the song that blew us away back at The Crown’s!”

The girls nodded upon one another. Everyone looked on in sheer amazement as the sisters sang.

The two men in the very back, however, nudged one another and were looking on with raised brows. Once the song came to a finish, Bobby shook his head.

“Marry me, both of you!”

This had the girls laughing in response. 

“Aye now Bobby, ye can’t have em both, I’m callin’ dibs on at least one of them!” 

The girls glanced that direction. As for the Sons, they stepped aside revealing the two men.

“DADDY!!!” Abel shouted and ran up to the blond-haired, blue-eyed man that looked just like him.

The sisters placed their hands over their hearts in unison. This came as a BIG surprise to EVERYONE as no one even knew Chibs and Jax were out of prison, much less in Ireland. Jax lifted his son into his arms and hugged him. The sisters grew somewhat emotional as Abel started to cry and Jax held him even tighter. He kissed the top of his head, and the man looked to be on the verge of tears himself. The Sons greeted Chibs with handshakes and hugs, giving Abel and his father a few moments to themselves.

Hey, there kid…” Chibs said as Abel ran up to him after hugging it out with his father.

“Look uncle Chibs; I is just like you now!” He said, and Chibs wiped Abel’s tears away with his thumbs.

The Scot tilted his head as Abel went on to show him the cross Aislinn had given him. Chibs had this stunned presence about him.

“Now where’d ya get that lad?”

Abel pointed Aislinn’s direction and the two locked eyes for an instant.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah! She says I can have it. But I has to take care of it.”

“Aye, ye sure do. Those are hard ta come by.” Chibs said but tried as he might he couldn’t look away. This woman had him in some sort of trance. He’d never seen anyone so breathtaking and that voice… And what were the odds that she would have that same cross?! That wasn’t just any cross. No. That cross was given by one man and one man only, as these were made by hand. That man was none other than Brodie Dowe, Chibs’s first cousin, a man he hadn’t talked to in years.

Riona nudged her sister taking notice of the way Chibs was eyeing her sister. Riona, however, was dealing with the shock of seeing Jackson again. He didn’t seem to recognize her.  Then again, Riona knew the man was more focused on his son, just as he should be.

“I think ya got a fan,” Riona whispered and Aislinn half-laughed.

“More like he’s wonderin’ how I got that necklace.”

“Didn’t Brodie give ya that?”


“I’m surprised ya gave it ta the wee one.”

“Somethin’ tells me that kid’s gonna be back in our lives. Besides, I doubt Brodie would mind.” The way Aislinn said this had Riona looking to her sister in question.

The sisters kept to themselves and let the Sons mingle with their brothers. From the sounds of things, Chibs and Jax had done a little over six months in prison. It was unclear what exactly but from the sounds of things, they were set up and paid for a crime they didn’t commit. The sisters didn’t think it any of their business and stayed out of it. Aislinn strummed on Bobby’s guitar off and on, and Riona looked over with concern.

“Ya would tell me if somethin’ happened, right?”

Aislinn kept her focus on that guitar and gave a simple nod.

“Linny stop.”

Riona reached over and kept her sister from playing another note.

“Look at me.”

Aislinn lifted her head.

“Ya know ya can talk ta me. Somethin’ happened, didn’t it? With that Jimmy fella…”

“He only wishes somethin’ did…” Aislinn said before handing the guitar over.

“I’m fine Riona, alright?”

Aislinn headed outside and was quick find herself a good hiding spot. She hated lying to her sister like that, but she just couldn’t tell her. It’d break Riona’s heart. Aislinn covered her face then cried into the sleeves of her jacket.

“My daddy wants to meet you,” Abel said and took Riona by the hand.

This took the young woman by surprise as she was still looking to the clubhouse door. Abel led Riona towards his father who was sitting at the SAMBEL bar.

“Here she is daddy, but I no know where Linny is.”

“Thank you, Abel.” His father said.

“You is welcome!”

Jax narrowed his eyes once he got a good look at Riona.

“You look familiar…”

“Aye, so do ya.”

Jax had this stunned look about him, and Riona smiled.

“How ya doin’ Jackson?”

“Well, I’ll be goddamned Riona Lawless!”

The woman gave a simple nod.

“It’s been how long?” He questioned as he was taken back completely.

“Four maybe five years…”

“Damn… You look great.”

“Not so bad yourself.”

“I didn’t expect to ever see you again,” Jax admitted.

Jax looked to his son then back to Riona.

“What are the odds…” He muttered under his breath.

“Still married to the pig?”

Riona showed Jax her wedding finger, and he smiled.

“Hmmm…” He hummed in mere amusement as that finger was untenanted.

Jax looked to be shaking something off as he took a pull from his beer. He signaled for Riona to have a seat beside him. Abel was sitting on the floor beside them and playing with the new matchbox cars his father had given him.

“Would you like a drink?”


“Smithwick’s right?”

“Aye, ya remembered.”

“Not something I’d forget.”

Jax cleared his throat as he had Half-Sack get Riona’s beer.  The prospect slid it on over, and Jax waved him off.

“I want to thank you for everything you and your sister did for my son.” The man wholeheartedly said, and Riona nodded.

“If it hadn’t been for you two… There’s no telling what would’ve become of him.” Jax got a little choked up as he glanced back towards his son.

“No need ta thank us.”

“Abel son…”

“Yes, daddy?”

“Why don’t you show Clay your new cars?!” Jax wasn’t about to refer to that man as his son’s grandfather, no matter how much Clay pushed for it.


Abel grabbed his cars and took off.

“I need to know everything. Please. What did these assholes do to my son?!”

All Jax really knew is what his mother had told him and even then he had to force the information out of her. Riona drew back a hesitant breath and took a swig off her beer before replying to that. The young woman told Jackson everything she knew and left nothing out. Jax was relieved to hear that his son hadn’t been “touched”. Still, he couldn’t believe his little boy had gone through all that. But after knowing the whole story, Jax felt just as bad for these girls.

“Were either of you…” Jax hinted, and Riona shook her head no.

Jax nodded then waved Chibs over.

“Aye?” Chibs questioned.

“Find Aislinn for me, will you?”

Chibs nodded then looked to Riona as she was pointing towards the clubhouse doors. Chibs grabbed his jacket and headed on out.

“I’m sorry… everything you and your sister endured. I can’t even imagine.”

Riona wasn’t quite sure what to say on that. She gave a mere nod and finished her beer.



“If you weren’t married… Would you have met me at the hotel that night?”

Riona’s entire face flushed over as she thought back to that day many years ago.

“Wouldn’t ya like to know…” She taunted, and Jax cocked a brow on this.

“Ye alright lass?”

Aislinn jumped as the man startled her. The young woman was quick to wipe her eyes and seemed somewhat mortified.

“Sorry darlin’,’” The Scot apologized then sat beside her as she was sitting by the dumpster in the back of the clubhouse.

“Jax was lookin’ for ye. Wanted ta thank ye for savin’ his son.”

“No thanks is needed.”

Chibs nodded.

“You’re Scottish, aren’t ya?” Aislinn asked.


This had Aislinn thinking back to her and Riona’s friend Brodie. He was too was Scottish and sang with her and Riona off and on.

“I think we’re the only ones that can ever tell the difference.” Aislinn teased, and Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Right?! I’m Filip by the way; everyone calls me Chibs.” He signaled towards his scars in reference.

“And who done ya that way?!”

“Some scumbag.” The Scot uttered with a shrug.

“So what do ya prefer Filip or Chibs?”

“Whatever ye want to call me is fine.” He said with a touch of flirtation.

Aislinn managed to smile.

“Is that so?”


“How ‘bout I call ya Scotty and leave it at that?!”

“Fair enough. I suppose that means I’m callin’ ye Galway since ye haven’t given me a name.”

“Do ya really need one?”

“It’d be nice.”

“Alright. Aislinn but my sister calls me Linny.”

“Alright. I’ll call ye Ali!”



“Well, you’d be the first.”

“I was hoping so. Ye don’t strike me as an Ash.”

“Not even a little!” She said, and the Scot chuckled.

“If somethin’s ailin’ ye. I’ll listen.” The man offered and this had the woman looking his direction.

“Thanks, but I’m okay.”

“Well, the offer stands whenever ye need.”

The man came to his feet then offered his hand.

“Jackie’s orders. I’m supposed ta bring ye in.”


The Scott didn’t comment as the young woman took his hand. Chibs was pulling her up when she let out an agonizing grunt and placed a hand along her pelvis. The Son tilted his head as the young woman turned ghostly white.

“Hey!” He called and was quick to brace her against him.

“Yer not lookin’ so great darlin’.”

“I’m alright.”

Aislinn stepped on out of his hold then braced herself against the clubhouse wall.

“Ya go on in. I just need a moment.”

“I can’t leave ye here like this lass.” Chibs uttered with concern.

Aislinn stood up and gave a simple nod. The Scot narrowed his eyes as the young woman straightened up then headed into the clubhouse.

Jax shook Aislinn’s hand in greeting. Like that of Riona he went on to thank her, profusely, but now that he had them together…

“If there’s anything and I do mean ANYTHING you need. Let me know, and I’ll make sure it gets done.”

This had the sisters looking to one another. Just as Aislinn was about to say there wasn’t anything they needed, her sister took her by complete surprise.

“Can you take us to the states?” Riona sincerely asked.

Jax raised his brows on this. He looked around the SAMBEL clubhouse in thought.

“Riona?” Her sister questioned.

“Linny, we can’t stay here. If we do, we’re as good as dead. Pa signed our death certificates himself. Those men will be lookin’ for us.”

“Ya want ta leave Ireland…?!” Aislinn sounded absolutely heartbroken and was staggering back in disbelief.


Aislinn shook her head then backed away from her sister.

“We can’t leave ma!”

“Ma’s dead love has been for years.”

“What about our family and friends?”

“What family?! All we got is that drunken bastard of a father?! And our friends?! They’d be better off if we left!”

Chibs had overheard this as well, and this had him and Jax looking to one another as if lost on what to say or do.

“So we’re runnin’?!”

“No Linnny, we’re movin’ on. There’s nothin’ left here, and ya know it!”

“What about the farm?”

“Fuck the farm and everythin’ else. That farm has done nothin’ but hold us back! This is our chance Linny. Let’s take it and get the fuck out of Ireland while we can!”

Aislinn couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The young woman was on the verge of tears. But knew her sister had a point.

“Can ya really do that?” Aislinn asked while looking to Jax.

“Smuggle you two in?” Jax reiterated.

“Aye.” Chibs took it upon himself to say.

Jax and Chibs looked to be in silent conversation as they nodded amongst one another.

“Aye, we can,” Chibs reassured, and Jax nodded in agreement.

“And what are we agreeing to exactly?” Clay asked as he chimed in on the conversation.

Jax sighed.

“Maybe we should set up church,” Jax muttered and looked to the girls apologetically.

“No need. We’re not smuggling those two in. Sorry ladies but we got enough to worry about. Getting my grandson home will be hard enough.”

“Clay…” Jax warned, and the president rolled his eyes.

“Don’t go offering things we can’t hold up to.”

“But that’s just it; I didn’t. I don’t see why we can’t.”

“Aye, I agree and like Jackie says we owe them.”

“I’m all for paying it forward with these wonderful ladies. But they’re asking too much.”

“TOO MUCH?! Really?! Did they or did they NOT risk their lives in order to SAVE MY SON?! You heard the story yourself! These girls could’ve been raped or killed! My son could’ve been raped or killed. Does that meant nothing to you?!” Jax’s face lit up red in anger, and he had that index finger pointed Clay’s direction.

Chibs, however, was looking to Aislinn with concern. He couldn’t help but take notice of the offbeat look on the young woman’s face when Jax mentioned rape. In fact, she snuck off as Jax and Clay were going back and forth on the matter. Riona shook her head then looked to the SAMCRO president.

“We stay here, and we’ll be hunted down, and ya know it!” She snapped, and this had everyone’s attention.

“All I’m askin’ is ta get me and my sister across the border. We’ll be out of your hair afterward!”

“Filip?” The Scot heard, and he craned his neck towards the SAMBEL entrance.

“Fi?” Chibs called in downright shock, and the woman gave a simple nod.

He darted on over and hugged his ex-wife and daughter. He took off their jackets and placed them on one of the bar stools.

“What are ye doin’ here?!”

“I was just about ta ask ya the same!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes in question.

“Someone let Jimmy know you’re back and he isn’t too happy.”

“We just got here! How would he even know?!”

“I haven’t a clue, but thought I’d better warn ya.”

“Well, Jimmy can suck it up. I’m goin’ not anywhere.”

“Jimmy, a bad man! He a monster!” Abel told his father.

“Aye, but I believe they’re talkin’ about a different Jimmy,” Riona said.

“Oh…” Abel murmured with a puzzled expression.

Chibs, however, was looking the boy’s direction as well now.

“Abel, what did this Jimmy look like?” His father questioned beating Chibs to the punch.

“He big like you daddy but he mean, and he hurt Linny. I HATE HIM!” Abel said with tears in his eyes.

Aislinn had reentered the room at this point. She couldn’t take the pain and was hoping to find another bottle of whiskey.

“Hey lass, what’d this Jimmy look like?” Chibs hollered Aislinn’s direction.

Fiona’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“FILIP!” The ex-wife scolded, and the Scot rolled his eyes.

Riona spoke up on her sister’s behalf and went on to describe not only Jimmy but Galen, in detail. Chibs let out a miserable laugh.

“Ye’ve gotta be shite’n me!” He scoffed.

“It’s not the same man, and you know it!” Fiona snipped.

“She done mentioned Galen! So ye know damn well it’s him!” Chibs sneered in reply.

“You don’t even know what they’re accusin’ him of. You’re so quick ta believe anythin’ ya hear!” His ex-wife barked.

Riona shook her head in disbelief and retold their story, yet again. Aislinn kept to herself and chugged on that bottle of whiskey.

“Ya want me ta believe my husband is runnin’ a human trafficikin’ ring?!”

“Fi…” Chibs warned.

“Nah, I’m not buyin’ it. Whoever these girls are… They’re fillin’ each and every one of ya full of shite! Ya know Jimmy! He’d take no part of somethin’ like that!”

Chibs curled his lip then pointed to his scars in reminder.

“Aye, you’re right. Good ole Jimmy…” The Scot bitterly put, and Fiona sighed.

“That was years ago.”

The two went back and forth, and Aislinn rolled her eyes. This Fiona was getting on her nerves, something fierce. She couldn’t believe how this woman went on to defend her husband when it was more than obvious he was the one they were talking about. Galen and Jimmy were actual blood brothers from what Aislinn gathered as the two exes bickered back and forth. Aislinn remembered how Galen referred to Jimmy as his brother, but she wasn’t sure of the context at the time. She was just about to take that bottle of whiskey and head into the back room. She’d had enough of this conversation and wanted no part in it. But Fiona made the mistake of calling her sister a whore then accused Riona of being a prostitute. This had Aislinn spinning around, like that of a mad woman. She took that bottle and threw it at the wall behind Fiona. The room grew eerily silent, and all eyes were on Aislinn now.

“Take the kids into another room, Riona.” Her sister darkly warned.

“No Linny…”

“Riona, take the kids into another room now.” She slowly reiterated.

Riona knew that look and was quick to gather the children. Aislinn and Fiona were staring one another down. Aislinn was shaking all over, and her face was beet red. Riona returned then nodded letting her sister know the kids were somewhere they couldn’t hear. Riona had Bobby playing his guitar for them.

“I’m sorry, Riona, but I’m cut ta the bone with this one,” Aislinn said in such a way.

“Sorry?!” Riona questioned with that heart sinking feeling.

“I lied. You see while this bitch was off singin’ her husband’s praises and dancin’ in his glory. Jimmy and I were makin’ a deal. While she was puttin’ dinnéar on the table, I offered myself in exchange for the wee one’s safety.” The young woman sucked back a breath like she’d been holding it forever. Tears streamed on down her face and Riona regarded her sister in complete and utter shock.

“While she was doin’ the dishes and wonderin’ when her lovin’ and devoted husband would be home, Jimmy was givin’ me a rundown of the rules and what was expected out of me. He let me know if the wee one got out of hand, he’d slit his throat.” Jax recoiled on this.

“While she was havin’ herself a pint and gawkin’ at that front door in waitin’,” Aislinn closed her eyes for a brief moment and was leaning against the bar for support. She didn’t want to do this. Why was she ever put in this situation?!

“Jimmy was havin’ his way with me. Just so ya know… For future reference, your husband likes it rough and digs himself a screamer. The more ya fight, the harder the pound.”

“I knew it…” Happy whispered towards Juice and Juice regarded Happy in shock.

“What?!” Juice whispered in return, but Happy didn’t respond.

The way Happy was looking upon Aislinn… it all made sense now.  It wasn’t a crush. No. Happy knew something was wrong and that was just his way of keeping an eye on her.

Fiona shook her head and let out a laugh of mockery. Aislinn gritted her teeth on this.

“While she was runnin’ herself a bath and gettin’ ready for bed, Jimmy was handin’ me a kerchief and havin’ me wipe myself down and when you made that phone call Fiona…” Aislinn paused as the room seemed to be spinning and her body heated over. The young woman closed her eyes once again and drew back the deepest of breaths. When she opened her eyes, they locked with Fiona’s.

“Ya know the one where you were wonderin’ where he was, and when he’d be comin’ home, Jimmy was tellin’ me to keep quiet.”


Aislinn shouted over Fiona and went on to reveal everything that was said on Jimmy’s end of that conversation. Fiona staggered back, and Aislinn gave a simple nod.

“The hell with you. You just keep on chokin’ on that cock of his and pretendin’ all is right in the world. But I wouldn’t let him anywhere near your daughter. He likes em young, and he likes them cherries.”

Aislinn grabbed her jacket and went to walk past. Her sister just stood there. Riona couldn’t move her body was paralyzed by the amount of shock she was in. Aislinn reached for the door when Fiona shoved her back.

“Not rape if it was consensual.” Fiona boldly put, and this had everyone blown away in disbelief, mainly that of Filip Telford.

“Ye didn’t just say that…” Chibs reprimanded and was looking a little pale himself.

Aislinn responded by decking Fiona across the face.

“You’re right. I loved EVERY minute of it!” Aislinn sarcastically put before exiting the clubhouse.

The Scot shook his head and was looking to his ex-wife in absolute loathing.

“Ye just found out that Jimmy raped someone and has been runnin’ a human traffickin’ ring and THAT was yer go to? I can’t believe ye just went on to tell that lass that what Jimmy did was consensual. ARE YE HOPPIN’ MAD WOMAN?!”

Chibs pushed his way past then went on to check on Aislinn. Jax grabbed ahold of Riona as she snapped out of her little trance and broke into uncontrollable sobs. She was blaming herself for what happened.

“You sure we can’t smuggle them across?!” Jax bitterly snapped, and Clay shook his head in frustration.

“Ali?!” Chibs called as she was in a nearby alleyway.

She was on her knees and holding the area of her sex. The man recoiled as there was blood where she was holding herself. There were no words as he scooped her up then rushed her on back to the clubhouse. He ran past everyone then headed into one of the back rooms. Riona chased after them and peered into the room where Chibs and her sister were.

“I’m gonna need yer help,” Chibs said.

Riona nodded but was gawking at her sister as Chibs had her up on a table.

“I need ye ta find me somethin’ ta disinfect the room with, bleach, sanitizin’ wipes, whatever ye can find!” Chibs took off his cut then rolled his sleeves up.

“TRAGER, GET MY MEDICAL BAG!” The Scot hollered and went on to wash his hands.

Aislinn let out a painful whimper, and Chibs peered back over his shoulder.

“Imma hurryin’ lass.”

Riona went on to sterilize everything but sent Chibs this mistrusting glance.

“What are ya goin’ ta do?”

She asked after he shoed everyone else out of the room and shut the door. Chibs didn’t reply at first as he was in too big of a hurry. The Scot was about to remove her sister’s jeans when Riona stopped him.

“I don’t know ya from jack! So ya best tell me who ya are and what you’re about ta do to my Linny!”

Chibs sent the woman an apologetic glance. It came so naturally, he wasn’t thinking about how it might look to someone else, someone that didn’t know him.

“Name’s Filip Telford, and I am a medic. Your sister’s bleedin’ out and I need ta find out why. I’m only tryin’ ta help. Ye can watch my every move.” He said then went on to remove Aislinn’s pants.

“Easy darlin’…” Chibs soothingly put as Aislinn slapped at his hands and was squirming about the table.

“Let him help ya, Linny. He won’t hurt ya. I won’t let him.” Riona assured.

Aislinn closed her eyes in defeat and allowed the Scot to do whatever he needed. Chibs put his glasses and gloves on. He lifted her shirt, just enough to feel around. He observed her body language as he felt around her tummy and pelvic area. He took note of the tender spots then went on to check below. Riona clamped a hand over her mouth the moment Chibs had her sister exposed.

“Linny…” She whispered with tears in her eyes.

The Scot shook his head after getting a better look. Aislinn’s knees were shaking, and Chibs was doing his best to hurry it up.

“Aye, he tore her up pretty good.” The Son had that heart dropping feeling as he examined the young woman.

This girl had a small frame as it was and with someone built like Jimmy… This had the Scot nauseous in thought. Riona handed Chibs whatever he needed as he got her sister cleaned up. He was relieved to see she wasn’t torn from, v to a so to speak. But there was some definite tearing.

“Sorry love…” Chibs whispered as Aislinn cried out a couple times while he felt around.

“How long ago was this?” He asked.

“Couple days…” Riona uttered feeling as though she’d pass out herself.

The Scot nodded then removed his fingers.

“Your sister’s got a pretty good infection. I need ta get ahold of some antibiotics. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to get her tested for any STD’s Jimmy might’ve given her. I’ll get to that as soon as I have the supplies ta do so. She’ll heal, but it’s gonna take her sometime ta get there. She’s menstruatin’ as well, and I’m sure that’s only addin’ to her misery.”

There was no question about it; this girl was most certainly a virgin when Jimmy had his way with her. Chibs shook his head in thought.

“I don’t have near what I need for this. If we were back in the states…” He uttered in frustration.

“What can we do?”

“I’ll talk it over with the boys and see what we can get ahold of. We’ll figure somethin’ out. We won’t have her sufferin’. It’ll take us a good couple weeks ta get back as it is. Your sister can’t wait that long. It could cause her some permanent damage if she does.”

The Scot took his gloves off then gestured for Riona to help get her sister situated. Riona got her dressed, and Chibs kept his head turned, respectfully. He might’ve just had his fingers up in her, but he wanted to give her whatever privacy he could. This wasn’t what the Scot imagined when it came to getting to know this girl. Once Riona finished, he sat Aislinn up.

“Ye need ta rest. I’ll see what I can do aboot gettin’ ye some meds.”

Aislinn nodded but with tears streaming down her face. The man could tell the girl was flat-out humiliated.

“Aye now…” Chibs cupped the young woman’s chin then looked her in the eyes.

“We’re gonna get ye through this. Ye’ve nothin’ ta be ashamed of and ye damn sure didn’t deserve this. Fiona hadn’t any right, sayin’ what she did and I’ll be dealin’ with her. As for Jimmy and Galen, they haven’t a clue what they’re in for. We’ll get ye to the states, both of ye. Hell, you two can stay with me until ye get on yer feet. It’s nothin’ extravagant, but ye’d have a roof over yer head.”

Riona was blown away by the Scot’s words and kindness. Chibs himself couldn’t believe what he’d just offered to do. But there was just something about this girl. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. But there was one hell of a pull, and he felt it the moment he first laid eyes on her. He wasn’t really joking about that claim. The Scot had his eyes on Aislinn Lawless when he said that. That and after everything they did for Jax’s son, Chibs hadn’t any issue in helping these girls out. He’d do whatever he could.

When Chibs exited the room, his ex-wife and daughter were putting their jackets back on and were about to head out.

“Where ye goin’?” He asked and darted on over.

He shook his head and took his daughter’s jacket off then put it back on the bar stool.

“Yer not goin’ anywhere, neither of ye! Yer stayin’ put where I can keep an eye on ye! I won’t have Jimmy harmin’ either of ye!”

“He wouldn’t hurt us,” Fiona said, and Chibs pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Fi, I’m beggin’ ye. Stay. For a couple days at least, until this shite blows over. Don’t ye go and drag our girl inta it.”

Aislinn and Riona had exited the room and picked up the last bit of that conversation.

“And ye say he won’t hurt ye… like yer goin’ back ta him.”

“I know my husband, Filip. These are nothin’ but lies.”

“I done saw the little lass myself. It’s no lie. Jimmy raped her.”

Riona wrapped a comforting arm around her sister then seated her down on the couch.

“Are ya sayin’ ya took a swab, and it was Jimmy’s DNA? I wasn’t aware ya worked that fast!”

Chibs ground his teeth together and was looking to his ex-wife in disbelief.

“I can’t believe after everythin’… Yer goin’ home ta him!”

“Where else would we go?”

Chibs looked at his daughter and nodded.

“I’ll take ye with me! Ye can build a new life in the states, away from Jimmy and Galen!”

“Ya want us to leave the only home we’ve ever known?! Just how selfish are ya?!”

“SELFISH?!” Chibs barked.

“Imma tryin’ ta save yer arses. Just what in the hell is wrong with ye woman?!”

“Ya think I don’t know what yer doin’?! Ya always wanted Keri in the states. So you’re takin’ advantage of the situation, in order ta get what ya want!”

“Why don’t the two of you take it somewhere else and leave the kid out of it!” Aislinn interrupted as she was up on her feet and shooting them both a look of absolute hell.

“This isn’t any of your business!” Fiona replied, and Riona took her sister by the hand and started to sit her back down.

“You’re right it isn’t. But I don’t take kindly ta anyone involvin’ children. What’s your name, love?” Aislinn asked, and Keri glanced her direction.

“I don’t want ya talkin’ ta my daughter.” Fiona made clear.

Chibs leaned into his daughter’s ear and whispered something. The teenage girl nodded and headed into the back room. The Scot nodded Aislinn’s direction then had Fiona follow him outside.

Meanwhile, the girls could hear the Sons arguing from where they were sitting. Jax was letting each, and every one of them have it. He went on about how no one even told him about his son being kidnapped and how he came home from prison, only to find out his son was gone. The Son had to force the information out of his mother. This had the girls looking to one another and shaking their heads.

“Aye…” Riona whispered with a heavy heart.

They jumped however as a fight broke out and the Sons were hollering. It wasn’t long before the door swung open and Jax stormed out. He took his cut and threw it on the ground.

“Brothers…” He scoffed with tears in his eyes.


“AND WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?!” Clay smarted in return.

“Tell me, Jax. What would you have done if we had told you? It’s not like you could do anything about it.” Clay iterated but in a softer tone.


Riona was getting rather emotional herself as the girls looked on. Aislinn reached over and gave her sister’s hand a bit of a squeeze. Clay wiped the blood off his busted lip with the back of his hand, a clear indication of who got hit and they knew that was Jax’s doing.

“Daddy?” They heard as Abel was poking his head out of one of the rooms.

Jax recoiled and with this shameful air about him. He looked to his son regretfully.

“Is you mad?”

Half-Sack stepped out of the room as he was supposed to be keeping an eye on him.

“Sorry…” The prospect said and went to corral the kid back inside.

“Hold on…” Jax said and headed that way.

He lifted Abel into his arms and kissed his forehead.

“Daddy’s just having a rough day, that’s all.”

Abel nodded then hugged his father. Jax hugged him in return then handed his son over to Half-Sack. The prospect shut the door, and Jax looked to his brothers once again.

“I’m going nomad after this.”

The girls looked to one another wondering what that meant.

“I won’t be a part of a brotherhood that keeps this kind of shit from me. Everyone that visited told me that Abel was sick with the flu.”

Clay shook his head.

“You’re leaving Charming?” His president asked, in a slightly sarcastic manner.

“Haven’t decided that yet, but it’s looking pretty damn tempting.”

Clay half laughed.

“Maybe you’ll find Tara and live out that dream, after all, son. Hell, I’ll black out your ink myself!”

The girls gasped out as someone snuck up on Clay and drove his head through one of the SAMBEL windows. The sisters looked on in shock as it was none other than Chibs Telford. The Sons were quick to pry him off of Clay and were keeping the two apart.

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” The Scot made clear, and Clay pulled a face on this.

“Ye leave that boy alone. Ye done screwed up and ye know it! Ye fuckin’ pricks! Own up or shut up!” The Scot howled then headed for the bar.

Fiona entered the clubhouse but said nothing as she headed into the back where Abel and Keri were. The sisters figured this meant that Chibs was able to talk her into staying after all.

The SAMBEL president entered the clubhouse with a few of his boys. He reared back once he caught sight of the broken window.

“I’ll replace it myself,” Jax vowed.

“Hope so!” Keith exclaimed.

He made his way over and hugged the Lawless sisters.

“We’re havin’ a bit of gatherin’ tomorrow night. You should join us, for old time sake.”

Aislinn looked to her sister and smiled.

“Sounds like fun.”

Riona half laughed.

“Are ya sure you’re up for that love?” Riona asked with concern.

She couldn’t believe just how crazy everything had gotten. She barely had the time to focus on everything her sister had been through.

“I’ll keep an eye on her…” Chibs offered, and Riona glanced his direction.

“Will ya now?!” Riona challenged in a teasing manner.

“She’s a bit of a handful.” She added and was quick to wipe a stray tear from her cheek.

“I bet.” He said with a playful wink Aislinn’s way.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 4- The Reveal”

  1. You know its messed up that two gentlemen realize Linny was harmed and raped and her own sister hadn’t i mean yeah she was good at hiding her pain but damn she would flinch and double over i know cramps are bad but fuck they aren’t that bad lol. as for shit hitting the fan i knew it would the moment jax found out

    poor chibs just trying to protect his daughter and ex from a rapist who she is married too.. idiot. and chibs he is a sweet soul taking care of her gently and as kindly as he can… and then offering his home he is a sweetheart of a man. as for clay asshole like always and its going to get him killed fast too.. (hopes lol)

    Perfect update and once again your muse has given me wicked chapters to read today. I hope you update again soon until then *bows*

  2. Oh sweet baby jaysus that woman is an idiot. Kinda wanna strangle Fiona. Ya know in think Riona may have been a bit intentionally blind. She wanted to believe her sister so she ignored it. Ignorance is bliss right? I love the little moment with Bobby. Knew typed have something in common. And HOLY MOLY Jax and Chibs showing up was like BOOM lol. Absolutely love it!

  3. awesome chapter exciting to read what will happen next, think if Fiona wants to go back let her she will cause nothing but trouble for flip and the girls but his daughter stays with him. 🙂

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