Chapter 43 – Fire

Chapter 43 – Fire

I do not own SOA, Barns Courtney, or anything youtube related. I claim all original characters and do not give anyone permission to use them. Please note I am NOT a licensed nurse just a CNA and med aide. I’m writing to the BEST of my personal knowledge. Also, I do not know all the ins and outs when it comes to earning your citizenship. I am going by research alone, and as you all know you can’t always rely on the internet to be useful when it comes to legit information. Do forgive me for any misinformation or mistakes. 

“Nice car…” the fed said after getting a better look.

“Doesn’t really suit you, now does it? And don’t even get me started on that God awful tracksuit.”

“You gonna tell me what this is about or you gonna stand there and pussyfoot around?!” Jax snapped, and the fed cocked a brow on this.

“Now that’s a term I haven’t heard in years!”

“Like I said, let’s skip the small talk and get to the real reason you’re here.”

“I like that. Don’t get me wrong. I hate people. I hate everything about them. But I appreciate that no beating around the bush attitude. I can respect that.”

Jax let out a frustrated sigh then started the Corvette.

“I got better things to do with my time.” He said then revved the engine.

The fed stayed put blocking Jax’s ability to shut the door.

“Really?!” Jax hissed.

“Just a few questions…”

“I already told you. I have nothing to say.”

The fed gave a simple nod then retrieved a file from his leather jacket. Jax narrowed his eyes as the man handed it over.

“Thought you might be interested in that.”

Jax opened the file to see his wife’s immigrant petition and Green Card application. Jax could tell it was done in Happy Lowman’s handwriting. But he signed off as being Jackson Teller like Jax requested. Jax hadn’t the knowledge Happy did when it came to making the girls legal. It wouldn’t happen overnight either. No, Jax figured it would take a good three to four years before they became full-fledged American citizens. But they needed Green Cards for that to happen.

As of now… Aislinn was working illegally. AC knew that too. That was his reason for paying Aislinn under the table so to speak and Jax was doing the same when it came to his wife since Riona worked for him. Jax would have to be Riona’s sponsor when it came time, and Chibs would be Aislinn’s. Jax was leaving all this in Happy’s hands when it came to Riona. Jax would be damned if he fucked anything up. The president was more than certain Chibs would know what he was doing when it came to Aislinn. The Scot had been down this road himself when earning his citizenship and JT was his sponsor at the time.

“What are you doing with these?!”

“Just happen to come across them…” The fed said with a shrug.

“Bullshit. This is way out of your jurisdiction and none of your fucking business.”

“Is it?!”

“Yep.” Jax firmly put.


“You never gave me a name,” Jax uttered while looking his wife’s file over.

“Potter. Agent Lincoln Potter.” He said, and this had Jax remembering something Alvarez said.

Jax gritted his teeth as the fed had a picture of not only Riona but her sister as well.

“Are you stalking my wife?!”

“Stalking is such a strong word. Let’s try… admiring? Studying? Listening?”

Jax killed the engine then stepped out of the Corvette.

“What the fuck is this about?!” The SAMCRO president demanded while shoving the files up against the fed’s chest.

“Easy now…” Agent Potter warned.

“No man. What you’re doing… That’s illegal. You’re not supposed to have these. Not to mention having these in your possession slows the process down. She needs that card.”

“I bet she does!”

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you seriously blackmailing me?!”

“I suppose the real question is do I have something to blackmail you with?” The fed questioned with a wide grin.

Jax shook his head and half-laughed. Sheriff Cole played him. That was the only explanation. The sheriff was the only one other than SAMCRO themselves to know about this. Of course, the Mayans knew, but Jax couldn’t imagine Alvarez going back on his word like that. Not when it could backfire. Jax could just as easily turn around and rat the Mayans out on the drugs he himself had given them. There was no way the Mayans would take that risk. It was too big. The sheriff was the only one to have anything to gain from this. This had the SAMCRO president gritting his teeth in thought.

The fed nodded amongst himself then skimmed through Riona’s file. He licked his fingers at one point then went back to flipping through all the paperwork and pictures. The fed stopped once he came to a particular picture towards the back. He handed it over. Jax kept calm, but that wasn’t easy to do.

“That man familiar?”

“No,” Jax uttered with a shrug and went to hand the picture back.

“You sure?” The fed probed.


“Look again.”

“No need. Don’t know him.”

Agent Potter laughed in mere amusement.

“That’s not what he says.”

“Brad Montana, thirty-three years old, brown hair, brown eyes, tattoo of his own name…”

Jax shrugged once again.

“You sure that doesn’t ring a bell? Man was lost at sea, says he would’ve frozen to death and drowned if it wasn’t for the deep sea fishers that found him.”

“Like I said, don’t know him.”

“That’s so strange because he certainly knows you. Says that you and your boys played a part and casting him out to sea. That you didn’t so much as budge when his boss threw him over. He also mentioned something about another man? One of your crew actually… He too tossed over and left for dead.”

“Guy sounds delusional.” But as the president said this, he thought back to a conversation he had with his wife. Were her assumptions right after all?!

“He does, doesn’t he? He’s quite the character. You know… He said something about the younger sister. What’s her name?”

Jax remained stone-faced. The fed closed his eyes for a brief moment.

“Aislinn! Aislinn Lawless that’s right! Says she came on to him, pretty heavy too. But the wee lass lost it when he turned her down. Mr. Montana says she came up with some bogus rape story, but he never touched her.”

Jax refrained from laughing out loud at this.

“Hard to believe… pretty girl like that. Who turns that down?” The fed said then looked to the sisters’ pictures and wiggled his brows.

“Quite the lookers those two. I bet they were worth top dollar when they were sold.”

Jax’s heart hit the pit of his stomach but the president did his best to remain composed and like none of this was fazing him. That’s what the fed wanted, and Jax knew that. This man wanted a rise out of him. He wanted Jax to slip up. But Jax wasn’t biting. The president would plead the fifth and play dumb. At least that’s what he originally planned…

“That’s what this Green Card’s about, isn’t it? You and your VP are these Irish lasses white knights. Quite the romantics you two. I bet those girls would bend over backward for you and your VP. After all, they owe you, don’t they? Might as well put them to use. Strap some aprons on them, slap them on the ass, make honest women out of them. You two certainly scored but at what cost? Just how much blood do you have on your hands right now Mr. Teller? How high is that body count and since those girls entered your lives? Are they worth it?!”

Jax didn’t respond.

“Look, I can do you one of two favors. Either I can make them go away. Giving you and that VP of yours that much-needed freedom. That way you could focus on more important things – such as your club. Kind of hard to focus on MC matters when you’ve got the old ball and chains around. Or you could do me a solid, and I’ll make this whole thing with Brad Montana go away. Your decision, I’ll respect whatever you decide. But I’m going to need that decision in say… twenty-four hours? Starting…”

“What is this solid of yours?” Jax regrettably asked but knew he hadn’t a choice. This asshole had him right where he wanted and knew it.

“How kind of you to ask!”

Agent Potter pulled another file out from his jacket and handed it over. Jax reared back seeing as how it was Alvarez’s (the Mayan president).

“I want you to take him out, Mr. Teller. And I don’t mean out to dinner… I mean out as in permanent.”


“That’s for me to worry about.”

“Is this an old junker of Teller-Telford’s?” Aislinn questioned as she and Chibs were headed home, in an old Ford pickup.

“Aye, customer left it at the shop when they couldn’t pay their bill.”

Aislinn nodded in thought.

“I want ye ta call that doc of  yers and get somethin’ set up this week.” Chibs reminded.

“With all this crazy?!”

“Aye, with all this crazy.”

“If you say so.”

“Ali love, we have to find out what’s goin’ on with ye and what our options are. But no matter what she says we’re in this together. We’ll make it work, alright?”

Aislinn responded with a sad nod. The Scot reached over and took her hand into his own.

“I love ye, no matter. So stop yer stressin’. I know what you’re thinkin’. But we’re gettin’ hitched, no matter what she tells us, you’re stuck with me. We’re in this for the long haul, darlin’.”

Chibs kissed her hand then held it on the drive home.

“Have ye been here yet?” The VP curiously questioned once he pulled into the lot.

“Nah, you?”

“Nah,” Chibs uttered as he parked the truck and killed the engine.

“I know we have a lot to talk aboot. But would ye mind waitin’ until we’ve had a little fun and knock out for a wee bit?”

“Oh, believe me the last thing I wanna do is talk.” Aislinn agreed, and Chibs chuckled.

“Girl after me own heart.” He said before opening the door and gesturing for her to stay put.

The Scot made his way around then opened the door for her. Chibs helped her out of the truck then kissed her. That kiss continued as he brought her against him and slammed the passenger door shut. The VP pressed his fiancée up against the door of the truck and kissed all along her neck and shoulder.

“Fuck it!” He growled then unfastened her pants.

Chibs yanked them down, along with her panties then bent her over the hood. That image alone was enticing. Aislinn’s entire face flushed over when the Scot smacked her on the ass. Chibs shook his head in thought. He gave her another good pop and this led to a full-on spanking. Aislinn could hear the Scot moaning with each slap he gave. Chibs slipped a couple fingers in, and Aislinn let out a surprised gasp as Chibs fingered her, nice and hard. Chibs gave her ass another firm smack, and she screamed his name. The Scot had her coming so much it was raining down her legs.

“That’s right, pet. Ye like it when I punish ye, dontcha? That’s why ye go and FUCK with me head.” The Scot growled.

He wasn’t sure what came over him, but it was heavy. Chibs was normally on edge when it came to trying something of this magnitude considering Aislinn’s history. But seeing the evidence all over his fingers put those fears of his at ease. The Scot had been dying to put that dominant side of his to use. This brutal sense of passion took the man over. All he could think about was giving that ass the spanking it deserved and that pink pussy the pounding it craved. There was just something about Aislinn; she was the only woman he ever wanted that with. But Chibs had taken his time knowing he had to earn her trust as well as show her that he’d never hurt her, at least not the way Jimmy had. Any pain Chibs caused would be of absolute pleasure, and if she ever showed signs of discomfort, he’d stop immediately.

The Scot chuckled amongst himself as this girl was coming in droves and screaming on top of her lungs. Living out in the boonies had its perks, and this was undoubtedly one of them. He’d plans of making that throat of hers raw. He’d fuck her whenever and wherever he pleased. Chibs shook his head and watched as this girl drowned his fingers once again. She’d come so much her denim jeans, and black panties were soaked. The Scot breathed her in then licked his fingers clean.

“How’s that leg, love?” He asked feeling a touch of guilt as he’d forgotten all about it.

Chibs didn’t want her putting too much weight on it.

“It’s good.”

“Ye sure?” He asked but with a chuckle as Aislinn lifted her ass a little higher.

“Are ye wantin’ somethin’ else darlin’?” The Scot seductively uttered while unbuckling his belt.

He could hear her giggling against the hood of the truck. Chibs slapped that rosy red ass of hers then drove his entire length in. The Scot paused for a moment as he damn near came with that first stroke.

“Scotty…” Aislinn whined then wiggled that ass about.

“Ali!” Chibs scolded and through gritted teeth as he threw his head back in a finish.

The Scot shook his head as he heard her giggle yet again. That perfectly round ass jiggled with her laughter, and this had the Scot riled up all over again. He ran his hands along her red cheeks and watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared. Chibs spread her apart so he could get a better look. The man couldn’t get enough. There was something about watching his cock at work and with her juices all over it. Chibs pulled out so he could watch himself reenter and his eyes rolled back with sensitivity. The man felt like he was fucking a virgin again. Aislinn was tight and inviting. Chibs gave her ass another smack, and this had her orgasming so hard she squirted. It was then he realized this was a fetish Aislinn shared. A fetish Chibs never knew he had. This was the strangest feeling, yet he welcomed it with open arms.

“Ali darlin’, I think I just discovered somethin’ about ye and I’m gonna start usin’ that to my advantage.” Chibs breathlessly uttered, and he gave her little ass another slap.

The man cocked a brow as she came yet again.

“SCOTTY!” She scolded as he kept with this little trick of his.

“Nah, I’ll quit when yer knees are tremblin’, and that pussy’s nice and wrecked.”

Chibs did just as he said he would. He had to brace his fiancée against him towards the end as she could barely stand. Chibs kissed her neck but softly chuckled in her ear.

“Ye want more?” The Scot cruelly teased.

“Are ya tryin’ to kill me?”

“Well, if I was goin’ ta wouldn’t that be the way to go?!”

“Can’t argue that.”

“Didn’t think ye would. Ye have my permission pet. If ye ever wanna do me in just ride me till I kill over!”

“Noted!” She uttered, and Chibs chuckled as he stripped her down then scooped her up.

Her poor legs were shaking, and the girl couldn’t stand on her own two feet. Aislinn circled his neck with her arms. She leaned against his chest as he carried her inside. Chibs placed her on the bed then checked that leg of hers over. It was swollen again, and the bandage was wet from their little rendezvous. Chibs wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and pass the fuck out. But he couldn’t risk that leg getting infected. So the medic got it cleaned up then rewrapped it with some new gauze. Chibs kissed the area once he finished.

“That better?”

Aislinn nodded but yawned as she was about to nod off.

“Before ye go and close them eyes let’s get some antibiotics in ye,” Chibs uttered and went to gather some from his bathroom.

The Scot nodded amongst himself when he returned. Aislinn was out cold. He hadn’t the heart to wake her, so he grabbed one of the injection prescriptions he’d stolen from the hospital instead. Chibs had forgotten all about that bag. The girl was so out of it she didn’t feel the needle when he stuck her. Chibs tossed the syringe into a nearby wastebasket. He remembered her busted eardrum and took a look at that as well. Chibs knew it would take a few weeks to heal but didn’t think it would be anything permanent. He squeezed some drops into her ear then cleaned up any dry blood and pus. Once he finished, Chibs placed the bag at the foot of their bed then took his shirt off. The Scot stepped out of his boots then set his guns, knife, and holster on the nightstand.

Chibs lifted his eyes when he heard Aislinn call to him in her sleep. He couldn’t get over how innocent she looked. She always had that angelic presence when she slept. Chibs thought about grabbing her boots and clothes as they were outside still. But all he wanted to do was sleep. So the Scot decided against it. He crawled into bed then pulled his fiancée into his arms.

“You two ready?” Happy uttered.

    This had Riona and Ethan lifting their heads.

“Ready?!” Riona asked.

“You two aren’t in the clear just yet.” Happy uttered with a hinting nod Pepper’s direction.

    Only this wasn’t just about the uncle. The SAMCRO killer was somewhere out there, and they hadn’t a clue who it was, or who was next on his list.

“Aren’t you staying?” Sam called with disappointment.

    Ethan peered back that direction. He forced a smile.

“You want me to?”

    Sam gave a pouty nod and Ethan softly chuckled. He craned his head back and cleared his throat.

“I think I’ll be alright here.”

    Riona narrowed her eyes wondering what the deal between her brother and this Sam was. Aislinn hadn’t the chance to let her in on that, neither had Ethan. So the young woman was lost at the moment. Ethan took notice.

“Long story…” he whispered with a wink.

“Whatever you say, love. But I do believe you need some sleep as well. We all do.”

    Riona cocked a brow as Sam made her way over and ran her hands along Ethan’s chest.

“When are we going on that date?”

“Soon,” Ethan vowed then kissed her arm.

“I haven’t introduced you to my other sister yet, have I?”

“No,” Sam said and with a friendly smile Riona’s direction.

“Sam this is Riona. Riona this is Sam.”

“The Girlfriend.” Sam made clear, and Riona regarded her brother in shock as she shook Sam’s hand.

“I just thought ya was bein’ flirty!” Riona teased, and Ethan chuckled.

“It’s a good thing you’re his sister because you are gorgeous!” Sam said.

“That don’t mean nothing. Not these days.” Happy muttered causing Riona to choke on her beer.

    Sam sent the Son a look of utter disgust, and Happy gave her a wink. Happy had picked up on what had taken place and decided that he too wanted to fuck with this girl. He didn’t like the idea of someone playing Ethan like that. Happy came to his feet as he was ready to head out, but leaned into Sam’s ear on the way.

“If she was my sister… I’d fuck her, all night and day.”

    Sam’s jaw dropped, and she watched as Happy exited the bar.

“I’ll call you,” Ethan said as he followed Happy out.

    Riona was grabbing Abel’s things when her father cleared his throat gathering her attention.

“I guess you’re headed home?”

“Sort of…” Riona dismissively put.

    Pepper nodded but looked to be in thought.

“You should go home too.” Riona suggested.

“I’ll head to the hotel in a bit.”

“No, I mean home as in back to Ireland.”


“Whatever Uncle Camden’s up to… We can handle it. I don’t want you givin’ Linny a false sense of hope. Ya might be sober now. But that’s not to say ya will be in a few hours or few days from now. Go, before she ends up usin’ that bullet on ya after all.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry. I’m not leaving until I know you three are safe.”

“Us three?” She witted, and Pepper nodded.

“Ya mean to say you give a shite about Ethan after all?!”

“I thought I made that clear already.”

“Nah, puttin’ him on that deed don’t mean shite and it certainly didn’t when ya put us on there. That’s just your way of earnin’ God’s good graces so ya can be with ma again. God may be willin’ to forgive ya, ma too. But you’ll never have mine or Linny’s forgiveness. And I can guarantee you’ll never have Ethan’s. So do what ya always do. Worry about yourself and head back home. Linny and I got this. We always do.”

    Abel entered the room, and Riona forced a smile. He grabbed his bag of toys then looked to his mother.

“Does this mean I have two grandpas again?”

    Riona narrowed her eyes in question, and Abel looked to Pepper in confusion.

“If he your daddy then he my grandpa, right?”

“No, this man will NEVER be your grandfather. He hasn’t earned that right.” Riona said then took her son by the hand.

    Abel peered back, and Pepper gave the boy a mere nod before his mother dragged him out of the bar.

“Mommy?” Abel called once again as she fastened his seatbelt.


“What you mean by no earn the right?”

    Riona stopped what she was doing and looked her son in the eyes.

“It means that you’re too special to ever consider someone like that a grandfather.”

“Why?!” Abel probed.

    Riona gave a reluctant sigh.

“Abel love, sometimes family will hurt you more than anyone. My father hurt me, Aunt Linny, and Uncle Ethan in ways you could never fathom, and I swore I’d never let that man hurt my children, the way he hurt us.”

“Like grandma and grandpa?”

“Actually, yes. A lot like that. He can’t be trusted.”

“So he mean.”

“He was, aye.”

“I sorry mommy. I wish you had a good daddy like I do.”

“Aye, me too love. Me too.” She said before kissing his forehead and shutting the door. 

Aislinn shot up as she heard what sounded to be a bird squawking. The young woman screamed when she saw a crow with a rope around its neck and spinning about as it was connected to their ceiling fan.

“Ali?!” Chibs tiredly called.

Aislinn turned the fan off then went and freed the bird before it killed itself. She removed the tiny rope from its neck then darted outside. Aislinn laid the bird down then gave it’s tummy a little stroke with her index finger.

“Come now wee one.” The young woman whispered but rose once she remembered she hadn’t a lick of clothes on. She could hear Chibs calling to her and asking if everything was alright. The young woman started to answer but came to a complete halt. A man was standing at the front door and looking right at her. He had a tank of gas and was dousing the entire house.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn shrieked, but someone came up from behind and clamped a hand over her mouth.

Shhh… You wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now, would you?”

The young woman jumped as she felt something wrap around her neck.

“How’s that fit? That good?” The man taunted and gave the rope a little tug.

“I’d say I’m sorry about the leg… but I’d be lying. I mean you did shoot me first…”

The man brought Aislinn against him.

“You always were empathetic when it came to Filip Telford. So I thought you’d appreciate this.”

Aislinn was quick to wrap her hands around the rope. She tried lifting it off her but the man jerked back, and she was lifted up off the ground. The man picked the dead crow up then used his knife to stab it to the tree Aislinn was hanging from. Aislinn did her best not to move knowing if she struggled too much the rope would tighten, then strangle her to death, if it didn’t break her neck first.

Aislinn gasped out as the man threw his zippo down and the house went up in flames.

“I’ll save the kid and your sister for last. That way Jax can watch them die. I won’t kill him. No. That’s the easy way out. I want him to suffer. I want him to watch as everyone around him dies. Then he’ll kill himself, just like the old man. Everyone blamed me, but I didn’t kill him. No. JT killed himself.”

Aislinn couldn’t believe her eyes when the man lowered his hood. He smiled then sent the young woman a menacing wink.

“Miss me, girlie?”

“We gotta go!” The other guy shouted as they heard sirens off to the distance.

The familiar man placed his hood back on, and the men took off. Aislinn counted at least four as there were two more in the back of the house. Tears streamed down her face as she watched the house burn with Chibs in it. She could feel the heat from the fire. It crackled and popped, and the smoke made it hard to breathe. The fire was so loud she couldn’t hear the familiar roar of the bikes. Aislinn closed her eyes knowing this was the end. She let go of the rope knowing she’d rather be with Chibs even if that meant in death. Aislinn meant it when she said she’d find him in the afterlife.

“NOOO!” Bobby hollered the moment Aislinn let go.

He leaped off his bike and was quick to cut Aislinn down.

Tig parked his Harley then covered his face with his leather jacket. He took off then propelled himself through the living room window.

“CHIBS!!!” The Son hollered once he was inside.

“HEY!” He shouted once again but started coughing.

“WHERE ARE YA?!” Tig called while looking around the house.

Tig could hear his VP coughing and headed that direction.

“SHIT!” The Son hollered as part of the roof came crashing down and nearly hit him in the face.

“GET OUT OF HERE TRAGER!” Chibs ordered once he saw him.

The door to the bedroom was set ablaze, and Tig could see his VP as it was partially open.

“Not without you, brother!” Tig made clear and covered his mouth with his leather jacket and was trying to find a safe path to Chibs.

“DAMMIT TRAGER.” Chibs hollered between hacking and coughing.

“Don’t ye… worry about me…” The Scot wheezed then coughed.

“Save me girl.”

“Oh no, you don’t!” Bobby shouted as he pumped at Aislinn’s chest and was giving her mouth to mouth.

“Come on, sister! It’s just a little rope burn. You’ve had worse!” Bobby hollered but with tears trickling down his face.

Kip pulled up on his bike, and Bobby pointed towards the house.


Like that of Aislinn, Bobby didn’t see how Chibs could survive that fire.

Kip ran up to the house but kept his distance and yelled for Tig to get out. Bobby snapped his head that direction as they heard what sounded to be glass shattering.

“Well, I’ll be goddamned,” Bobby muttered as it was Tig and he was dragging Chibs out of the house.

“HELP ME!” Tig cried.

Kip darted on over, and they carried Chibs to a safer area. The Scot was wheezing so bad his eyes were watering. Tig himself was panting and could barely catch his breath.

Chibs lifted his head and took notice of Bobby giving his fiancée CPR.

“…Ali…” Chibs weakly called between wheezing.

He tried standing but fell to his knees and came to a crawl.

“…Ali…” The Scot cried while reaching out to her.

“Easy!” Tig scolded and grabbed ahold of Chibs.

The VP gritted his teeth and shrugged Tig off him.

“…no… not me girl… Trager… please… not her… not my baby.” Chibs uttered before his body gave out.

Bobby finally got a pulse but shook his head as it was pretty weak.

“This isn’t happening.” The Son muttered.

Chibs and Aislinn were barely hanging on.

“Not them, man,” Bobby added and choked back in sobs.

The man took his cut off then draped it over Aislinn’s naked body. He brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“Not like this. You gotta pull through sweetheart, both of you. Alright?”

Tig closed his eyes and covered Chibs up as well. He too was filled with emotions. The three of them were at a loss as to what to do next.

“We were too late,” Kip uttered in defeat then wiped his face with the back of his hand.

A fire truck pulled up to the house, and the firefighters were doing whatever they could to put the flames out. Paramedics pulled up as well, and they were quick to load Aislinn and Chibs into separate ambulances.

“If they die…” Tig uttered in thought, and Bobby pinched his eyes shut.

“I’m going up there.” He whispered and this had Kip and Tig glancing the sergeant’s direction.

“Someone has to be there in case one of them pulls through!” He said then hopped onto his bike.

Kip and Tig were lost on what to do next.

“They just lost everything.” Kip sadly murmured.

“I’m more concerned about us losing them,” Tig said behind a quivery voice.

“We can build them a new damn house! Hell, we can build Chibs a new fucking bar even. But we can’t replace those two. This… This is going to kill us all.” Bobby said before taking off.

“Hey, you two long time no see!” Riona greeted as Kip and Tig were standing at Happy’s door.

She hugged them then kissed them on the cheek.

“Where’s Bobby?!”

“We gotta talk sweetheart.” Tig softly murmured, and Kip pulled the door to.

Rat and Happy were sitting on the couch, and Abel was playing with his puppy. Ethan was taking a shower.

“Take the kid to another room,” Kip ordered with a nod Rat’s direction.

Rat gave a simple nod before scooping Abel’s puppy up then taking the boy by the hand and into another room.

“You’re startin’ to worry me,” Riona said as Tig sat her down at the table.

Tig drew back the deepest of breaths before telling Riona what they drove up on and about the fire. Riona shot to her feet, called Neeta, then packed whatever she could find of Abel’s.

Bobby paced the area of the waiting room while he waited to hear something about Aislinn or Chibs.

“Anything yet?” He heard then craned his neck that direction.

“Nothing yet.” He murmured and Happy shut his eyes but nodded.

Riona entered the hospital with the others, and Bobby greeted her with a hug and kiss on the cheek. He escorted Riona into the waiting room, and the others joined them.

“Where’s the little man?” Bobby curiously questioned.

“With Neeta and a couple prospects,” Riona said but burst into uncontrollable tears.

Bobby thickly swallowed as he wrapped his arm around her. The Sons exchanged glances on this.

“Anyone call Jax yet?” Kip asked.

“He’s doing what he can.” Happy softly uttered.

“Jesus,” Bobby whispered and shook his head.

Riona and the boys sat there for a good two hours before a nurse finally showed up with some news.

“Are you the family of Aislinn and Filip Telford?” She asked.

Bobby had taken it upon himself to fill out their information. He had Aislinn down as Chibs’s wife.

“Yeah, we are,” Bobby replied.

“Immediate family?”

“Sister, everyone in this MC is family.” Bobby made clear.

“I understand, but I can only speak to a…”

“I’m Aislinn’s father.” They heard from behind, and Riona lifted her eyes on this.

Pepper nodded as he entered the room with Ethan. Ethan had picked his father up from the hotel and brought him here. That said a lot considering how much he hated the bastard.

“That there’s her sister and that one’s her brother.” The man added.

“And Mr. Telford?”

“My son-in-law.” Pepper said but looked as though he were gnawing on glass when he said that.

The nurse nodded.

“Alright, I’ll start with Filip Telford. He’s stable but not able to breathe on his own right now. There was some damage to his throat and lungs. Shouldn’t be anything permanent. That being said it will take him a few months if not more to fully recover. If he’s a smoker… I strongly advise against it. I doubt he wants to use a nebulizer for the rest of his life.”

“So he’s going to pull through?” Bobby asked, and the nurse sighed.

“If we can get him breathing on his own… the chances are good.”

Bobby and the others recoiled in thought.

“And if not?”

“Can’t say yet. I’m sorry. We’re doing everything we can.”

The nurse looked to Pepper.

“As for your daughter… We had no choice but to put her in a medically induced coma.”

Riona’s jaw dropped, and Ethan looked as though he’d been hit.

“She suffers from a cervical fracture. We have her in a collar at the moment. It will be up to the neurosurgeon to decide what we should do from here.”

“Are you sayin’ she might need surgery?!” Riona questioned in disbelief.

“That could very well be the case. I’m sorry. I wish I had better news. But the baby is doing just fine. I’ll keep you all in touch and let you know when you can visit.” The nurse vowed before she went to exit the room.

Everyone shared the same dumbfounded expression. Riona sprang out of her seat then rushed towards the nurse as she was headed down the hallway.

“Did I hear ya right?!” Riona called gathering the nurse’s attention.

The nurse stopped then swung around, pivoting on her heel.


“Did ya mean to say that my sister’s with child?”

“Yes, ma’am. Just a little over four maybe five weeks? It’s hard to tell at this point.”

Riona staggered back in absolute shock.

“But she was told that wasn’t possible!”

This had the nurse regarding Riona in question.

“Her doctor said she couldn’t have children, not without surgery and even then the chances were slim.”

The nurse sent Riona a warm smile.

“Well, I’m guessing that’s good news then.”

“Aye, very much so.”

“Well, congratulations.” The nurse said then went about her day.

Riona headed back to the room but stood in the doorway as if she were in a trance.

“My sister’s goin’ to have a baby.” She whispered with that stunned presence still.

“If she lives through this.” She heard and lifted her eyes as that came from her father.

“She will.” Riona made clear, and Pepper sighed.

“Riona, this surgery… it’s pretty intense. We have to think about these things. She could end up paralyzed and…”

“Shut your mouth!” Riona snapped, and Ethan locked eyes with his sister.

“Linny is goin’ to make it through this and so is Chibs. So ya just shut that gob of yours, or you can leave.”

“Riona…” Pepper apologetically put.

“I can’t believe ya. How can ya sit there and say that shite? She was your favorite, remember?!”

“Now I never had a favorite!” Pepper defended, and Riona laughed.

“Oh, ya most certainly did. But I never held it against ya. Linny was everyone’s favorite. She just has that way about her, always has.”

Happy shot to his feet, and everyone watched as he stormed out of the waiting room.

“What was that?” Kip whispered, and Bobby shrugged.

The room grew eerily quiet. Another three agonizing hours had passed when they heard someone yelling at one of the nurses. Riona lifted her head recognizing that voice all too well. This had the young woman shooting to her feet and taking off that direction.

“And why can’t I see them?!”

“Brodie?!” Riona called, and the Scot snapped his head that direction.

His eyes were bloodshot, and she could tell he’d been drinking.

“Riona…” The man called behind a quivery voice.

“Come now Brodie, leave the nurses alone.” She whispered while making her way over.

Brodie sucked back a breath like he’d been holding it forever. The man leaned against the nurse’s station and broke down. Riona didn’t utter a word as she hugged him. Brodie got a tight hold on her and cried into her shoulder.

“I came as soon as I heard.” The man uttered once he gained some sort of composure.

Riona reached over and wiped a tear off his cheek.

“They’re gonna be okay.” She whispered, and Brodie closed his eyes on this.

“But how did ya…” She started to ask, and Brodie beat her to the punch.

“Your husband called durin’ a gig.”


Brodie nodded.

“Caught the first plane out. I was in Tennessee.”


“Aye. Long story.”

“Must be.”

Brodie shook his head.

“So what’s goin’ on?”

Riona took Brodie by the hand then led him into the waiting room where everyone else was. She sat him down then told him what the nurse said about Chibs and Aislinn.

“Surgery, huh?” Brodie murmured in thought.


“And what the fuck is he doin’ here?” Brodie asked once he spotted Pepper.

“Another long story,” Riona uttered.

Brodie shook his head in thought.

“Mr. Telford can have visitors now. But please keep it to a minimum of two at a time.” They heard the nurse call at the doorway.

“And Aislinn Telford?” Ethan asked.

“Not yet.” The nurse said with an apologetic tone, and Ethan gave a respectful nod.

“You should go,” Bobby suggested with a nod Riona’s direction.

“If he’s awake… he might not be able to talk. But he’s gonna want to know about Aislinn.” Bobby added, and Riona sighed in thought.

“Should we even tell him that now?” She asked with concern.

“Riona, you weren’t there. He needs to hear that Aislinn is alive and kicking.” Bobby stressed.

Riona recoiled in thought.

“Alright, who’s goin’ with me?”

“I wanna go,” Tig uttered, and Bobby nodded in understanding.

“Alright, we’ll go after you two,” Bobby said with a nod Kip’s direction.

Riona placed her hand along the door to Chibs’s room but froze and looked to Tig.

“Are we really ready for this?”

“No.” Tig honestly answered but took it upon himself to open the door instead.

He placed a soothing hand along Riona’s shoulder as they entered the room. Tig and Riona grimaced as the Scot had a breathing tube in. Riona had never seen so many monitors. Chibs opened his eyes, and Riona forced a smile.

“Hey there…” She said while fighting the urge to cry.

Chibs blinked a couple times, and Riona held his hand.

“She’s alright.” Riona softly put, and Chibs closed his eyes.

Twin tracks of tears streamed down the man’s face, and Riona gave his hand a comforting squeeze.

“I just need ya to listen, alright?”

Chibs squeezed her hand as if to let her know he was listening. Riona knew she had to make this quick as Chibs struggled to stay awake.

“Linny’s been put under a medically induced coma. She’s got a cervical fracture, and they’re lookin’ into surgery. They’ve got a brace on her at the moment, until the neurosurgeon decides what he wants to do.”

Chibs closed his eyes and long enough that she and Tig thought he’d fallen asleep. Riona looked down however as she felt Chibs tapping his finger along her hand. He made a writing motion, and Riona was quick to grab a notepad and paper from the desk.

She handed it over. Riona could tell Chibs was doing everything within his power to stay awake as he wrote on that notepad.

Put Ali on 24/7 watch. If you don’t, she won’t make it through the night. Someone will kill her. 

                Tig and Riona cringed once they read the Scot’s words.

“I’ll get on that now,” Tig said then rushed on out of the room.

“And what about you?” Riona questioned with concern.

Chibs made a dismiss motion with his hand, and Riona shook her head in disagreement.

“You both need protection.” She argued.

                Chibs scribbled something else on the notepad.

Ali first. Always first. 

                The Scot dropped the pen then closed his eyes once again. Riona stayed with him a bit longer. Once she thought he was good and out, she pecked him on the cheek then leaned into his ear.

“Ya gotta pull through cause Linny’s expectin’.” She whispered then went to exit the room but felt a hand clamp around her wrist.

Riona regarded the Scot in shock as she could’ve sworn he was sound asleep. But he was wide awake now and with that stunned look in his eyes. Riona managed to laugh.

“That’s right. Not sure how you did it, but ya got her good and knocked up. She’s a little over a month along.”

A knot formed within the back of her throat as Chibs placed Riona’s hand along the area of his heart as if to thank her.

“I love ya,” Riona said then patted that area.

Chibs gave her hand another squeeze.

“I’ll check in later love,” Riona said before exiting the room. She sunk to the floor then burst into tears.

“Hey…” She heard and lifted her head.

Riona’s heart skipped a beat and the two locked eyes as they seemed to be in silent conversation. The man offered his hand, but Riona wrapped her arms around him instead. She clung to him like there was no tomorrow.

“Shhh…” He soothingly put then lifted her up off the floor.

Jax carried his wife into one of the vacant rooms. He locked the door then sat her down on one of the beds. Jax cupped her chin, and one look was all it took. The two were lost in a brief but powerful kiss. Jax put his forehead to hers afterward.

“Tell me everything, and I mean everything baby. Leave nothing out.” He pleadingly whispered.

“She what?!” Jax questioned in disbelief when Riona got to the part about his own mother kidnapping Abel from Neeta’s place.

“Aye. She had Neeta all kinds of shaken up. I had to call and make certain she didn’t get the police involved.”

“Next time let her call the police!” Jax spat taking Riona by surprise.

“My mother should’ve been arrested.”

“On that, we agree. But I was more concerned about Abel and the situation. I’m sorry Jackson.”

“You don’t owe me an apology Riona. If anything I owe you one. You just keep dealing with all my crazy. Jesus…”

“Aye well, you’re about to dive into my crazy, so I guess we’re about even.”

Jax cocked a brow on this. The president kept quiet as Riona went on to tell him about her uncle and how he was in town. Naturally, she left out the part about the molestation. But Jax figured she would. Happy had already told him all about it on the way home. He even sent Jax a picture of the picture he had.

“Is there anything else I need to know about this uncle of yours?” Jax questioned once she finished.

Riona shook her head no, and Jax sighed.

“Riona babe… Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You know what. Talk to me. I asked you not to leave anything out.”

“He told you, didn’t he?” She uttered in defeat and Jax nodded.

“I’m your husband. I want you to talk to me. Quit acting as if you have to hold back with me because you don’t. We’re one… and have been since we got married. Your pain is mine.” Riona recoiled, and Jax sighed.

“Look at me.”

Riona did as requested, and Jax caressed her cheek.

“I’m there for it all, rain or shine. You don’t have to suffer alone. I’m right here. Use me dammit! If you need someone to yell at or a shoulder to cry on. I’m right here.”

Riona closed her eyes then gave a tearful nod.

“So what’d he do?” Jax softly questioned then used his thumb to wipe a tear off her cheek.

Riona let out a breath like she’d been holding it forever and to her, she had been. She never told anyone the actual events of that night. Jax was the first to know. Riona told him how her uncle made her sit in his lap. He would touch her in private places while pleasuring himself and breathing her sister’s panties in. This happened on three different occasions. Camden kept her quiet by threatening to do these things to her sister instead. These events came to mind when Galen pulled what he had. Riona felt as though she was with her uncle all over again. She did whatever she could to push those dreadful memories away.

“And you tried telling your father?”

“Aye, I suppose I should’ve been more forward. But I thought he’d gather what I meant when I said Uncle Camden was going through Linny’s things.”

“So you never told him what he did to you?”

Riona recoiled then lowered her head.

“Jesus darlin’, that had to of killed you. Holding on to something like that! I can’t believe you never told anyone.”

“How do ya tell someone somethin’ like that? He was my uncle, and I was a child.”

“All the more reason. That isn’t something you should have to keep to yourself.”

“I felt wrong. Like I had done somethin’ wrong.”

“But you didn’t. You were a child!”

“I know.” Riona cried, and Jax was quick to bring her into his arms.

Jax continued to hold her even as she regained her composure. His wife told him about Piney, Juice, and the prospect. She told him about her and Aislinn’s involvement and everything else leading to the latest event that landed Aislinn and Chibs in the hospital. This had her sobbing all over again, and Jax himself was a mess. He was clinging to her just as much as she was him at the moment. The two shared a moment of silence and simply held one another.

“How’d you get here…?” Riona questioned breaking the silence.

“I mean we weren’t expectin’ ya for another three to four days.”

“I ditched my bike and got a ride to the airport.”

“Ya, what?!”

“Bike is the least of my concerns. I needed to be here, with my family.”

Jax glanced the direction where Chibs’s room was.

“How’s he doing?”

“He’s alright. But can’t breathe on his own just yet. They have him on a machine.”

Jax recoiled in thought.

“And your sister?”

“They aren’t allowin’ visitors right now. But Tig’s keepin’ guard.”

“We need someone looking after Filip too.” Jax murmured.

“You try telling him that!”

“Being his stubborn self, huh?”

“Aye, just like Linny.” She said, and Jax managed to laugh.

“And that’s why they work.” He added, and Riona laughed as well but started crying yet again.

Jax kissed her then ran his hands along her thighs.

“Guess I better get out there. But after this… I gotta tell Op about Piney. Then it’s time for a motherfucking witchhunt. These fuckers have no idea what’s coming.”

Jax was headed out the door when Riona called to him. The man stopped in his tracks, and he spun back around.

“I’m goin’ too.”


“With you and the boys. I want to find the son of a bitch that did this!”

“Not happening.”

“Jackson, my sister is on her fuckin’ deathbed. I can deny it all I want, but it doesn’t make it any less true. We both know how serious this is. And to top everythin’ off… she’s with child!”

Wait… What?!”


“But I thought…”

“Your guess is as good as mine. I suppose the good Lord had other plans.”

“Does Chibs know?!”

“Aye. I told him just before I left the room.”

“How’d he take it?!”

“Let’s just say I think he has all the motivation he needs now. He’ll be rippin’ that breathin’ tube out himself before too long.”

Jax smiled in thought.

“That’s wonderful but crazy. Things sure have a funny way of working out.”

“You could say that again. Now I just gotta find a way to my sister and let her know.”

“We’ll get you in there,” Jax promised.

“What?” Jax uttered taking notice of the unusual look on his wife’s face.

“I have to let her know soon.”

“Like I said, we’ll get you in there.”

“Nah, you don’t understand. I need my sister to know that Chibs is alive. If she wakes up and thinks he’s…” Riona trailed off in thought, and Jax recoiled once he realized where his wife was going with this.

“I’ll see what I can do. As for you joining me and the boys. Not risking it. I’m sorry.”

Riona jerked her hand out of his then sent her husband a look of utter and complete hell.

“THIS IS MY FAMILY TOO!” She cried, and Jax winced.


Jax was quick to shush her as he clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Jesus Riona, keep it down.” He uttered while shaking his head in disbelief.

“Look, let’s just focus on one thing at a time. Your sister first then we’ll talk about you tagging along.”

“Tagging along?” She growled causing Jax to raise his brows. This was a side of Riona he wasn’t used to seeing. He didn’t know if he should be turned on or fucking run. She was beyond livid.

“I’m not “taggin’ along” Jackson. I’m your wife, not one of your prospects. I’m there, front and center with the rest of ya. Patch or no patch, this is just as much my war!”

“God, you’re a fucking STUBBORN ASS WOMAN you know that?!” Jax snapped but with a grin.

“I SURE DO!” She fired back.

“Fine, but I’m putting you in a vest, bubble wrap, and a goddamn safety helmet!” Jax uttered while leaving the room and dragging her along.

“JAX!” Bobby was first to holler in greeting, and this had the others shooting to their feet in response.

There were a lot of emotions between Jax and the boys as he hugged each of them.

“Where’s Hap?” The president questioned, and the sergeant shrugged.

“He took off a while ago. Haven’t seen him since.”

“He didn’t say anything?”

“Nope. Just bolted out the door.”

Jax narrowed his eyes in wonder. The president approached Ethan last as he was sitting off to a corner and by himself. Jax took notice of Pepper sitting on the opposite side of the room, and he too was on his lonesome. Jax could only imagine how tense things must’ve been with Pepper being there. Jax himself had to refrain from pointing a gun at him and making him leave. The president couldn’t help it. All he could think about was everything this man put the Lawless siblings through.

“Hey…” Jax softly called, and Ethan lifted his head.

The prospect cleared his throat before responding.

“Hey.” He uttered in return but with bloodshot eyes.

Jax took a seat beside him.

“She’s gonna make it,” Jax reassured.

Ethan nodded but stared off into space.

“You don’t happen to know where Happy ran off to, do you?”


Jax nodded in thought.

“Well, you’re in the clear now.” Jax hinted.

“Not really…” Ethan uttered as to everything else, and Jax sighed.

“We’ll get you there. You and your sisters.”

“Yeah, well you’re on that list too now.” Ethan reminded.

Jax looked to his wife in thought.

“Think you can help me out with something?”

“What’s that?”

“I need a distraction so Riona can sneak into your sister’s room.”

“What do you have in mind?” Ethan questioned, and Jax half smiled.

“Just follow my lead…”

Jax waved his wife over, and she followed Ethan and Jax to the ICU area.

“You gotta be fast darlin’,” Jax warned then signaled where he needed her to be.

She nodded then headed that direction.

“Make it real, brother.”

“Make what real?”

“You’re gonna hit me and hard.


Jax chuckled but started walking. Ethan had never been so confused. He followed Jax yet again, but Jax turned around and shoved him.

“I said back off man!”

Ethan raised his brows on this. This certainly had the nurses’ attention.

“Fine. You want the truth?! Yeah, I fucked your sister, and I’ll do it again.” Jax spat knowing that would get Ethan’s attention and the kind he needed. That was sure to make that hit real as hell.

Ethan charged right for Jax and slammed him up against the nurses’ station. He socked him in the face, and Jax gave him a little jab to the gut in return. This, of course, earned Jax another punch. The president resisted the urge to laugh once he saw the look on his wife’s face. But Jax sent her and Tig (who was keeping guard nearby) a wink and was discreet as he gestured for her to go on. Riona slipped on through the room and just as the nurses were calling security.

“ASSHOLE!” Ethan hollered as the guards escorted them out of the hospital.

The guards let Ethan and Jax know they weren’t welcome back. In fact, they made them leave the premises.

“Oh, Linny…” Riona whispered with a heavy heart the moment she saw her sister.

Aislinn had just as many monitors if not more and she too was on a ventilator. Her neck was in a brace, and they had her strapped to the bed for safety purposes. Riona shook her head knowing her sister would freak the moment she woke and found herself trapped but the nurses hadn’t a choice. One wrong move is all it would take. Riona couldn’t get over how fragile and childlike her sister seemed at this very moment. Riona brushed Aislinn’s hair back with her fingers.

“I’m so sorry love,” Riona said with a quivery voice.

“Ya really do have the worst luck. We gotta do somethin’ about that.”

Riona sighed in thought.

“I got a million things to say but haven’t a lot of time. I hope you can hear me Linny. It’s important that ya do.”

Riona wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Your Scot… He’s alive. They got him on a ventilator, just like ya, but he’s gonna pull through just fine!” Riona said and prayed to God she was right.

“You gotta fight Linny. Alright?! I know ya can. Ya’ve fought all your life. No sense in givin’ up now. Besides, ya’ve other reasons to keep on kickin’.”

Riona drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Not sure how ya managed it… But ya’ve got a wee bun in the oven! Must’ve been a powerful swimmer! Maybe it’s a Scottish thing.” Riona teased behind tears.

“Linny, ya know you were my baby. Ya might’ve been my wee sister. But I raised ya. You always thought you were an obligation or somethin’ that held me back. But ya never was. If anythin’, you were the one thing that kept me sane. You’re more than a sister. You’re my best friend. I can’t do this without you. Don’t let them win. Whoever did this… don’t let ‘em…” Riona trailed off as she heard the knob to the room turn. The young woman panicked then hid in the bathroom but with the door cracked just enough to see whoever it was.

Riona narrowed her eyes as it was a man. A tall one at that. She couldn’t make out his face. Riona watched as the man approached her sister’s bed. He caressed Aislinn’s cheek then leaned in and kissed her. Something within Riona told her to stay put but watching this man touch her unconscious sister made her blood boil.

“You smell different.” She heard the man whisper.

“Oh, my sweet Aislinn. Why’d you go and grow up on me? You were such a pretty thing.” Riona gritted her teeth once she recognized the voice.

“I’ll make it quick love.” The man said then dug into his blazer pocket.

He’d a syringe in hand and was about to inject air into her sister’s vein.

“NOOOO!” Riona shouted, and the man snapped a look that direction.

Riona charged at him like that of a bull and right into the nightstand.

“Little Ri?” The man uttered in absolute shock.

“Uncle Camden…” The woman greeted with a growl and the man raised his brows.

“I told you to stay away from my sister.” Riona reminded and her uncle smiled.

“Is that a hint of jealousy I detect?” The man cruelly put.


The man leaned into his niece’s ear.

“That’s right. You hated it… knowing I wanted her instead.”

“We were children ya sick bastard!” Riona hissed.

“You weren’t shaped like one… That one, however…” He nodded her sister’s direction.

“She was all child.”

Riona went to hit him, and the man grabbed her wrist stopping her.

“I did love you Ri. I loved both of you. But Aislinn was my little princess, and you kept me from that.”

“She wasn’t your anything! She doesn’t even remember you!”

The man squeezed the hell out of Riona’s wrist and to the point of bringing the young woman to her knees.

“Right where you belong.” He said while bending her wrist back.

The door opened once again, and her uncle nodded that direction.

“Change of plans… unplug her and go. But keep that ventilator going.” He said to the men dressed in scrubs.

They nodded and started towards Aislinn’s bed.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” Riona shrieked on top of her lungs, and her uncle punched her across the face.

“GO!” The man ordered once again, and the men removed Aislinn’s IV then detached her from the monitors.

Riona gave no warning and bit down on the man’s thigh. He grabbed a gun and went to shoot Riona but shot the nurse that entered the room instead.

“HURRY IT UP!” He ordered and his men were quick to roll Aislinn out of there. They were headed towards an elevator when Tig leaped out and stopped them.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Tig said while blocking their path and with his gun aimed at them.

Riona purposely fell back then rolled over as her uncle shot at her. She swung her legs about then kicked his feet out from underneath him. His head hit the corner of the nightstand, and he landed with a thud. Riona crawled on over and went to disarm him but the man opened an eye, and the two ended up in a struggle over that gun.

Bobby, Kip, and Rat entered the hallway and saw Tig at a standoff with Camden’s men, and he was blocking their way to the elevator.

“Just shoot the idiot and get it over with!” One of the men said, and Bobby put a gun to his head.

“That would be a big mistake.”

Kip and Rat had their guns aimed at the men as well. The employees were taking cover, and a few were on the phone with 911 operators or with the police.

Riona held that gun away from her face as her uncle had the upper hand at the moment. The man had his teeth ground together and was bringing that gun towards her.

“No. You don’t get to win!” Riona hissed through gritted teeth.

“YOU DON’T GET TO WIN! NOT THIS TIME!” She said before taking a risk and letting go of the gun.

The gun went off just as she took a chair to her uncle’s face. Riona shot up then reached for the gun as it was knocked out of her uncle’s hand. There was a hole in the wall where the bullet pierced through. Riona screamed as her uncle picked her up then tossed her through the window. The man adjusted his tie and glass crunched beneath his boots as he went to check on her. The man narrowed his eyes as all he saw was glass. He stepped out a bit further and was looking to the ground below. They were a good ten to eleven stories high.

“Where she’d…” the man uttered but felt someone grab his arm.

“RIONA!” Pepper hollered from inside the room.

“Here!” She responded, and Pepper poked his head out to see his brother hanging onto the edge. Riona went to stomp on one of her uncle’s hands, only to have Camden use his other to snatch Riona by the ankle.

“NOOOOO!” Pepper shouted and reached for his daughter, but it was too late.

He looked down and saw Riona sliding down the building. Pepper bent down then grabbed his brother by the collar of his shirt. Mr. Lawless watched as his daughter braced herself against another window and was clinging to her uncle’s legs.

“Jesus.” Pepper said while trying to think of something.

Camden’s knuckles were turning white as he struggled to hold on. If Camden went down, Riona was sure to.

A familiar black truck pulled up below, and Jax and Ethan hopped out of it. Jax threw his cut off then started climbing.

“NO JACKSON!” Riona shouted, and Jax ignored this as he concentrated on getting to her. He went from balcony to balcony, just as Chibs did when he escaped that one hospital.

Ethan had darted into the building and was trying to find the nearest fire escape.

“Hold on baby!” Jax hollered once he was halfway up.

He’d just got onto one of the balconies and was about to start climbing again when Riona screamed out in horror. Jax was quick to respond and flung his arm out.

“RIONA!” He shouted in a panic as she was hanging on by one hand.

“SWING YOUR BODY THIS WAY!” He shouted while trying to grab her other hand. The only thing stopping him from going over was the rails he was leaning against. He had his legs spread and his frame locked as he prepared himself. Riona swung the rest of her body over, and Jax managed to grab ahold of her wrist. But even with the man bracing himself for the added weight, he himself was about to go over the rails.

Jax felt someone’s arms circle his waist and he kept a good hold on Riona as whoever it was brought them both to safety. The moment Jax had his wife in his arms, he wrapped himself around her and had himself a good cry. He just knew he was going to drop her.  She herself was in sobs and clinging to him. Jax lifted his eyes seeing as how it was Ethan. The prospect looked as if he were about to vomit. He was chalk white and leaning against the window of the patio.

“You two alright?” He asked but with a trembling voice.

Jax nodded.

“Linny,” Riona said then forced herself to snap out of it.

She sprang to her feet but in a drunken-like stance as she darted into the hospital and went to look for her.

“LINNY!” She shouted in a alarm as she was nowhere to be found.

“CHIBS!” Riona scolded as the man had somehow wheeled himself into the hallway.

He was in his bed still and dragging those monitors of his along. The man was damn near killing himself in attempts to check Aislinn.

“What are ya doin’?!” Riona snapped then hollered for a nurse as Chibs’s breathing machine had stopped and the tube had snapped in half.

She just knew that was his doing. The man’s eyes watered, and he was in hysterics.

“You’re goin’ to kill yourself, and ya might as well kill her yourself when ya do!” Riona said as a couple nurses rushed to get Chibs situated.

The Scot reached out however when they went to drag him back into the room. He regarded Riona with a wide-eyed glare. She could tell he was trying to say something but couldn’t.

Riona heard the ding of an elevator, and a breath of relief hit. It was Bobby, Kip, Tig, and Brodie. They were wheeling Aislinn along, and Chibs managed to sit up. One of the nurses scolded him and was in attempts to force him back down, while the Scot reached for his fiancée.

“Just hold up!” Brodie said, and Chibs grabbed ahold of Aislinn’s hand.

“She’s alright.” Bobby sincerely uttered.

“Put her in the room with him,” Brodie ordered.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that.” One of the nurses said.

“Why not?!” Brodie demanded.

“We just can’t, sir.”

“Look, lassie, I’m not askin’. I’m tellin’ you to put them in the same room. Ye saw what went down and a few of your staff is dead now! Get it done!’

Riona regarded Brodie with a simple nod. He nodded in return and the nurses found a way to get Chibs and Aislinn in the same room. Chibs slapped at one of the nurse’s hands then made a gesture with his. Bobby laughed in realization.

“He wants that fucking tube out! He don’t need it!”

Chibs nodded in response.

“See?! Get that tube out of him already!” Bobby added.

The nurses called for one of the doctors, and they did as Chibs requested. The man choked up a puddle of blood and threw up a couple times before letting out a breath of his own. His face was a deep bluish purple, and Riona looked to him with concern.

“You’re gonna kill over ya…!” She trailed off as Chibs closed his eyes and focused on breathing.

A good five minutes passed and cops were swarming the building. They were questioning everyone inside and had the entire place on lockdown, meaning no one could leave. Chibs opened his eyes and waved one of the nurses over.

“Me girl doesn’t leave my sight.” He made clear, and the nurse nodded in understanding.

That alone had Chibs in a coughing and hacking frenzy.

Brodie pushed Chibs’s bed up against Aislinn’s as the nurses had her plugged back in and were checking her monitors over.

“What?!” One of the nurses asked the other as they were checking on her tube.

“The tube is cracked, and it’s not pumping.” She whispered in alarm, and the nurses were quick to act.

Riona’s hand flew over her mouth as she watched her sister’s monitors. Aislinn’s started to spasm, and the nurses were in a hurry to get her tube fixed.

“EVERYONE OUT!” The head nurse ordered and was shooing everyone out of the room.

She pushed Chibs’s bed out of the way, and Chibs watched as Aislinn’s body continued to spasm and she struggled to breathe. Chibs tried calling to his fiancée but his voice was hoarse, and his throat was raw. The Scot shook his head as they rushed to get a new tube set up and the machine going again. He tried yet again to call to her but he had no more voice to give. Chibs had no choice but to watch as they performed CPR while getting Aislinn’s breathing machine reset.

“GOT IT!” The doctor shouted then waved one of the nurses over.

The spasming stopped and everyone looked at the monitors.

“Come on…” Chibs heard the doctor whisper.

“Get that rate down…” He said, and one of the nurses gave Aislinn something to calm her.

The doctor let out a breath of relief then looked to his nurses.

“Good job. This one’s one hell of a fighter.” He said but with a nod Chibs’s direction.

The Scot nodded in full agreement but with tears in his eyes.

Pepper eyed Camden down as they were the only two in the room now.

“I was sure you were going to drop me.”

“Oh, I was gonna. I only pulled you up to save my daughter.”

Camden laughed but with a hand over his heart. Pepper backed Camden into a corner.

“You put your hands on my little girl. Why?!”

Camden gave a nervous laugh, and Pepper sucker punched him.


“Come on Alastar… like you never thought about it.”


“Just how many times did little Aislinn crawl into your lap and….” Pepper took his gun then forced it into his brother’s mouth.

“Don’t you talk about her like that!” Pepper said, and tears of remorse flooded his face.

“My babies…” Mr. Lawless brokenly uttered and was shaking all over.

The man gritted his teeth and shoved that gun further down Camden’s throat.

“You like making little girls choke? HUH?!” Pepper snapped in disgust.


“Hold on…” Pepper heard then felt a hand along his shoulder.

Pepper peered back, and Jax gave his father-in-law a simple nod.

“We need him alive.”

Pepper closed his eyes and Jax leaned into his ear.

“He will suffer. I give you my word. But if you kill him… that could be bad for all of us. We need this fucker to talk.”

Jax reached over then removed the gun from Camden’s mouth.

“Put that gun away. The sheriff is down the hall.”

Pepper nodded and tucked his gun away.

“Thank you.” Camden made the mistake of saying and went to adjust his tie.

Jax gritted his teeth then grabbed that tie of his. He tightened it, and Camden started to choke as Jax brought the man against him.

“You can thank me when you’re guzzling down some random guy’s jizz and getting donkey punched in the ass. And mark my words… I will see to that. Your life is in MY hands now… and trust me when I say it will be nothing but misery.”

Jax released him just as the sheriff entered the room. The president shoved Camden her direction.

“That’s the one behind all this,” Jax said, and the sheriff nodded.

“You do realize you’re all under arrest, that includes your pretty wife. At least until I can figure out what the fuck happened here.”

“I figured that much,” Jax uttered then gestured for his boys to stand down and let the sheriff do her job.

“Can I talk to my wife, so she doesn’t freak the fuck out?”

“I heard…” Riona called from behind.

The sheriff regarded the young woman in surprise as she was first to hold her hands out. The sheriff gave one of her deputies the go-ahead. Riona was cuffed then read her rights. The boys followed suit, including that of Pepper, Ethan, and Brodie. Jax shook his head once he realized this left no one to watch after Chibs and Aislinn. Happy never showed.

“Can one of your boys look after my VP and his old lady, please?”

The sheriff narrowed her eyes on this.

“Come on… look around you. Just for my own peace of mind.”

“Alright.” The sheriff murmured then signaled for one of her men to go on.

The sheriff saved Tig for last. Jax watched out of curiosity. The sheriff was a little rougher with him.

“Easy sweetheart.” Tig seductively murmured, and the sheriff tightened his cuffs.

“Watch who you’re calling sweetheart.” She warned, and Tig smiled as she dragged him out of the building and into her cruiser. Jax was shoved into the same car as his wife.

“You alright?” He whispered with concern.

“Aye.” She said while adjusting her hands.

“We won’t be there long,” Jax vowed, and his wife nodded.

“I’m sorry.”

“Nothin’ to be sorry for.”

Jax cleared his throat.

“Think they’ll let us keep a pair of these? You know… souvenir and all.” He asked while wiggling his brows and Riona managed to laugh.

“You’re mad ya know that?!”

“You wouldn’t want me any other way baby!”

“I suppose you’re right.”

Jax wanted to tell his wife about the fed and how he blackmailed him. But he couldn’t, not here. That and he needed to talk to the sheriff and see what the deal was.

Chibs gritted his teeth when he saw one of the deputies cuffing his wife to the hospital bed. Chibs himself was handcuffed, but he didn’t see why a coma patient that hadn’t anything to do with this should be as well. Chibs reached over and tugged at one of the nurse’s scrubs as she was fixing his bed. He gestured for a pen and paper. He was still too hoarse to talk. The nurse grabbed a pen and handed one of her notepads over.

Ask why he’s got a pregnant coma patient cuffed to a fucking bed! 

The nurse’s jaw dropped once she read Chibs’s words. She lifted her eyes that direction, and she too was just as shocked.

“Sir, you do realize that patient is pregnant and in a coma?” She asked, and the deputy shrugged.

“You can’t be serious!” The nurse snapped.

“These two are headed for jail just as soon as they’re better.”

The nurse died of laughter.

“Well, I can assure you… it’ll be awhile for that one!” She pointed Aislinn’s direction, and Chibs sent the deputy a look of absolute hell.

“She’s strapped to a bed and has a neck brace on!” The nurse scoffed in disbelief, and the deputy ignored this.

“I’m sorry…” The nurse apologized, and Chibs sighed.

He couldn’t believe the ignorance of this deputy. Chibs wrote something else down then got the nurse’s attention once again.

Could you push me closer to my wife?

Sure, they weren’t married yet, but he’d seen the files and knew Bobby had Aislinn listed as his wife.

“Of course.” She sweetly replied.

Chibs could tell this nurse was pretty shaken up. Then again, the whole hospital was. Chibs hadn’t a clue who all was hurt or who died, but he knew it was bad. That drove him mad, being confined to this fucking bed when his boys and his girl needed him! Even now it was a struggle to stay awake. The man ached all over, but all he could think about was keeping an eye on Aislinn. Even more so, now that she was with child. Chibs hated that they had to find out like this. But at the same time, he was over the moon even with recent events. He couldn’t get over the fact that he was going to be a father. A father to a child that was actually his. A touch of guilt hit at those thoughts, but Chibs knew Keri would understand his feelings on the matter. He’d spent all those years thinking she was his.

“What are you doing?!” The deputy scolded once he saw the nurse had pushed the beds together.

“You got them cuffed. What are they going to do?!”

The deputy rolled his eyes in disapproval but let it go. Chibs reached out then placed his free hand between the rails. The Scot took Aislinn’s hand into his own then closed his eyes.

“You first.” Sheriff Cole uttered with a nod Jax’s direction once her deputies had Brodie, Pepper, Riona, Ethan, Bobby, Kip, Tig and Jax behind bars.

Camden and what men he had left was in the cell across from them. The deputies escorted Jax into the interrogation room, and the sheriff waved them off. One of the deputies pulled the door to, and Sheriff Cole shook her head.

“I thought we had an agreement.” She whispered.

“You were going to stay out of trouble, remember?”

Jax looked around the room.

“Just us… Cameras are on the fits today.” She rather hinted.

“Speaking of deals… You sure as hell went back on yours.” Jax bitterly muttered.

This had the sheriff narrowing her eyes in question.

“That fed… what the fuck was that?”


“Don’t play dumb. You know damn well what I’m talking about. That’s some fucked up shit and to use my wife and her sister as blackmail?!”

“What was the name of this fed?”

“Lincoln Potter but you already knew that…” Jax hissed, and the sheriff pulled a certain face on this.


“That was the one leading the bust… But I never told him about you or SAMCRO’s involvement.”

“Sure you didn’t. Just what game are you playing at? Huh?! Is that the same one you’re playing with Tig?”


“That’s right… I know.”

The sheriff leaned back in mere amusement, and Jax laughed.

“I should’ve known. I mean honestly… you and Tig Trager?! And he thinks that shit’s real. This thing you two got goin’… He hasn’t a clue you’re playin’ him.”

“You might want to reserve your right to remain silent…” The sheriff warned.

Jax shook his head then laughed.

“Why?! What are you going to do? Arrest me?!” Jax flashed the sheriff his cuffs.

“Believe whatever you want. You’re going to anyway. But I didn’t send Potter your way. I sent him to the old carpet place, and you know the dets from there as we discussed all this already. Everything went as planned. AJ and his boys are facing life and off the streets. That’s what we agreed to.”

“Planned?! This asshole ambushed me outside the fucking hotel! He had my wife’s immigration petition and Green Card registration. Now why in the fuck would he have those and how’d he get them in the first place?!”

“What’s he blackmailing you with?”

Jax let out a miserable laugh.

“Jax, whatever this is. I suggest you spill it out and fast before the feds get involved. This guy especially.”

Jax cocked a brow on this, and the sheriff sighed.

“Look, I caught this asshole in my office not too long ago. He was here so we could discuss this case against the Aryans and my “hunch”, as discussed. I go to get me a Coke from the vending machine and open the door to find him digging through my shit.”

“You’re kidding…”

“Watch your back with this one. Something tells me he plays dirty. No way he knew about your involvement through me, even with him digging around. He’s been watching you… that’s the only explanation.”

“You think?!” Jax sarcastically put.

“What’s he got on you besides your wife and her sister being here illegally?!”

Jax closed his eyes, and the sheriff sighed.

“You can trust me or not. Your choice. But if you want my help, you better tell me what he’s got on you and what he’s blackmailing you with.”

Jax pinched his eyes shut. His nerves were getting the best of him. The president didn’t know who or what to trust anymore.

“As for Tig… I don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation, neither does he. What we do behind closed doors is our business.”

“Not if it involves my MC.” Jax corrected.

“I wasn’t aware that I was fucking the entire MC!”

“Figuratively or…” Jax witted with a sneer.

“Fine. You obviously got this. You don’t need my help. Good luck, Mr. Teller.” The sheriff went to dismiss him, and Jax shook his head in frustration. The president knew he hadn’t much choice. He had to trust that Sheriff Cole was on their side. If she proved otherwise, Jax would be the first to put a bullet in her. It didn’t matter what Tig said at that point.

“He wants me to kill someone.”

This had the sheriff stopping in her tracks. She pivoted back around, and Jax gave a simple nod.

“You sure this office isn’t bugged?” Jax whispered.

“We’re good. I’m a paranoid bitch. So, believe me when I say I do daily checks.”

Jax nodded and went on to tell the sheriff what all Potter said. But in order do that he had to tell the truth about his son’s abduction, the girls involvement, and about the human trafficking ring. These were things the fed already knew, and Jax figured that was Brad Montana’s doing.

“They could’ve sought asylum…” The sheriff uttered in thought.

“Why didn’t they?”

“SAMCRO has history with the Irish. Trust me… they couldn’t have.”

Jax looked to be in thought, however.

“But they could now…” He uttered.

“Now?!” The sheriff curiously put.

“All this shit today is because of their uncle…” Jax explained the story behind that as well, and the sheriff nodded.

“Are they willing to testify in court, along with their father?”

“If they can be reassured.” He said, and the sheriff regarded Jax in question.

“These girls have built a life here, a family. They haven’t had that since they were children. They have no home in Ireland. There is nothing for them to go back to. So if they can be reassured… then they will testify. But only about this case… Nothing else needs to be brought up. They could seek asylum because of their uncle alone.”

“But their uncle knows the truth…” The sheriff reminded.

“You really think he’s going to add on to his sentence by bringing a human trafficking case up?! One he took part in? He had a third party buy and sell those girls. Trust me those fuckers would eat him alive if that ever got out and you know it. He knows that too. Peds and rapists don’t make it very far in prison.”


“That’s right. There’s history between the girls and their uncle…”

“Jesus. Alright, we’re running low on time. Get yourself a good lawyer, and I’ll get back to you when I can.”

Jax pinched his eyes shut.

“I know you’re having a hard time trusting me. But right now… I’m all you got. Now, I will say this much… I have no reign over a fucking fed. But I’ll see what I can find out.”

“I have less than twelve hours now…” Jax reminded, and the sheriff looked to the clock.

“And you’ll be in here for a good part of that.” She apologetically put.

“Are you going to do it?” The sheriff added.

“You honestly think I’d tell you that?!”

The sheriff laughed in thought.

“No. I suppose not. But if Alvarez ends up on the chopping block. I guess I know where to look.”

“Thanks!” Jax sputtered, and the sheriff smiled.

“Just saying.”

Something about her mannerisms put Jax a little more at ease. She seemed just as confused and ruffled about this fed’s sudden involvement. For one thing, the sheriff often enough depended on SAMCRO to do the dirty work when they couldn’t. Not that she’d ever admit to that. But that was the real reason behind SAMCRO having the sheriff’s fullest support. SAMCRO had no problem getting their hands dirty if need be, especially if that meant protecting one of their own, or a resident of Charming. The sheriff knew if she ever needed a “favor” … she could turn to Jax and make some sort of deal. But if this fed didn’t get his nose out of SAMCRO’s business and fast. Potter was bound to find out about their relationship with the sheriff and how she often enough swept things under the rug or simply looked away. That could backfire if she and Jax weren’t careful. They had to take this fed seriously and get him off SAMCRO’s backs. But the sheriff didn’t like the idea of Jax killing Alvarez in order to get there, neither did Jax. SAMCRO needed that alliance when it came to the Mayans, and they needed Alvarez alive to keep that alliance.

“Alright, let me talk to the rest of your crew and make this legit looking. But based on what you’ve already told me… You shouldn’t be here too much longer. Uncle Camden however… that’s a different story.”

“Can the girls press charges without issue?”

“I’ll make sure of it. No one’s calling ICE on my watch. Besides, they’re seeking asylum now. Not much anyone can do when we got all we need right here.”

“Well if Potter has his way…”

“I doubt he was expecting the girls to seek asylum…” The sheriff uttered with a grin.

“Like you told him already. That’s out of HIS jurisdiction. No matter how much reign he thinks, he has. That’s not to say he won’t find something else to blackmail you with.” But the sheriff caught herself as she said this and sent Jax an apologetic glance.

“Shit.” She uttered as she thought back to Jax’s story.

“Now you see my situation?” Jax reiterated.

“Alright, I’ll get you out of here. You need to get ahold of Alvarez somehow. I’m sure you have your ways. Give him a heads up. I’m sure you two can come up with something. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but you might have to make everyone believe he’s dead. At least for a little while… Think you can do that?! Just long enough to get this fed off your back and this Brad Montana taken care of as he promised?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Keep in touch… without getting my ass canned. I need this job, Jax.”


Jax came to his feet but peered back before she called for a deputy to gather him.

“What do you see in him?” Jax whispered, and the sheriff raised her brows on this.

“Seriously… I gotta know.”

“If you can’t figure that out for yourself then shame on you. He’s your brother. Maybe you should start paying him a little more attention if you have to ask me that.” She rather snipped in defense, and Jax regarded the sheriff in surprise.

“Holy shit… This is legit… I mean you two…”

“Get out of my office.” She warned, and Jax chuckled as she called for a deputy.

Chibs woke to find one of the nurses giving Aislinn a bed bath.

“You’re next darling.” The woman uttered while rinsing the washcloth out.

“I can bathe myself,” Chibs said and was surprised to hear his own voice. Sure, it was pretty rough sounding, and this had him hacking and coughing again, but it was better than it was. The nurse handed a glass of water over, and Chibs hit at his chest as he tried to catch his breath. The nurse raised her brows afterward.

“You sure about that?” She questioned.

“How bout you let me give you that bath? I’m just about done with your wife anyhow.”

“How’s she doin’?” Chibs questioned.

“Good. Baby’s good too.” The woman said with a warm smile, and the Scot let out a breath of relief.

“We just gotta wait for her to wake up now. I will warn you… She’s gonna be emotional, confused, and sore.”

Chibs nodded in understanding.

“And the surgery?” He asked.

“The doctor wanted to talk to you about that. Since she can’t verbally agree to the surgery or sign anything herself, he needs your permission and signature.”


“Let me get a fresh pan and water.” She said before exiting the room.

Chibs glanced over and saw that they’d not only changed Aislinn’s sheets but her gown.

The Scot cleared his throat.

“Ali…” He softly called.

“Can ye hear me, pet?”

Chibs drew back a hesitant breath.

“I need ye to wake up darlin’. We got a lot to talk about. Ye see I was thinkin’ we should go ahead and get married but have that church weddin’ in October like we planned. We could exchange vows, right here in this room. Hell, Bobby could do it! But ye can’t say I do unless yer awake. I hafta sign off on yer surgery anyhow, and I done knocked ye up! That’s so you Ali… Someone tells you ye can’t do somethin’ and ye go and do it anyhow! Stubborn lass ye are! I fuckin’ love ye for it!” Chibs was quick to wipe his eyes as he was getting rather emotional.

The nurse knocked on the door. She entered the room with a fresh pan, water, and rags.

“You alright there?” She asked, and Chibs nodded.

“You look so sad.”

“Just get my back and legs love. I got the rest.” He softly put, and the nurse nodded.

“Are you worried about the surgery?”

“No offense darlin’ but I’m not up for small talk right now.”

“No offense taken.”

Chibs felt like a royal dick, but it was true. The only person he wanted to talk to was in a fucking coma. The woman respected Chibs’s wishes and kept quiet as she bathed the parts he requested. Once she finished, she left him the pan and what was left of the washcloths.

Thank you 4padfoot for the gorgeous banner! That quote will be used in a future chapter!  ❤ 





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  1. They can’t catch a break. So was the one that hung her the uncle? I have my guess about the other bad but I will wait to see if I’m right. Thank you for regulators awesome.

  2. Oh my god.. you have just i don’t know so many emotions right now damn…. you brought them all out from being scared to death that chibs and ali was going to die to trig being the hero and pulling chibs out… and then to find out that she was pregnant on top of that.. holy shit..

    Pepper came in at just the right time to hep out riona and to confront his brother who is one sick fucker… no one should ever be like that towards a child… no! that is something that is with them for the rest of their lives… he fucked up trying to kill Ali… if someone doesn’t get him in the jail then he going to have the boys on his ass for what he did to the girls.

    as for everyone being arrested really?? cuffing a comatose patient?? what going to happen her spirit going to run from her really??? and then Jax coming clean and the sheriff trying to help him and the girls… wow.. wicked chapter…

    You have once again entertained me with your wicked update. perfect timing for someone who was stuck in bed not feeling good. I hope your muse keep inspiring and dancing for you, so another chapter can come at your leisure. until then *bows*

    *Lets the bitey dogs go so they can have Camden and Potter to chase and bite*

  3. This chapter was so intense. I need them to be okay.
    I’m in love with all your stories and characters. Aislinn inspires me so much she is so strong and feels so deeply.
    And I can’t with Clay whyyyyyyy my heart can’t take it.
    Thank you

  4. I HATE POTTER!! It may be just my love for the Mayans show bleeding over but damn I hate him. And I KNEW IT! Clay is ALIVE! That evil bastard…oh man all the emotions. And then a baby! Like BOOM!! The feeeeeeeeels are killing me!! Well lookit Pepper showing up and showing out! Cuffing a pregnant coma patient to a bed? I dont see that ending well for the deputy. I do hope the sheriff gets all this shite straightened out. She seems to be doin ok so far

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