Chapter 52 – Free Birds

Chapter 52 – Free Birds


“Em?” The Scot tiredly hummed.

He glanced over and saw that Aislinn was in attempts to get out of bed.

“Hold on!” Her husband scolded then jumped out of bed.

“I’m alright!”

“Ali, yer supposed ta wait for me and ye know it!”

The look on her face, however, had him lifting her chin with a single finger and softening his voice.

“What is it, pet?”

“I wanna go home, but we don’t have a home to go to now. I’m sick and tired of this fuckin’ hospital, Scotty!”

“I know ye are, darlin’. Scoot yer lil arse over.” Chibs said after laying her back down.

Aislinn scooted down, and Chibs laid beside her. The Scot peered back, looking to the time. It was four in the morning.

“Get ye some more sleep, Ali.”

“I can’t…”

“And why’s that?” Chibs uttered while bringing her against his chest.

“It’s over now…” He reminded thinking this had something to do with Clay Morrow and the hell event that followed.

“What did I do?” She asked with a trembling voice.

“Do?!” Chibs questioned in wonder.

“Is there really somethin’ wrong with me?”

Chibs gritted his teeth once he realized what she was referring to. But that anger wasn’t directed at her. No. It was at his worthless cousin.

“There ain’t a damn thing wrong with ye!”

“But I took pleasure in torturin’ Jimmy and Clay, and I’ve killed people, Scotty. What if Brodie…”

Chibs clamped a hand over his wife’s mouth.

“Don’t ye believe a word of it! He only said those things ta make ye feel bad. All he did was prove he never deserved ye! Now, I get that yer hurtin’ and ye’ve every reason ta be. What my cousin did was unforgivable and at the worst possible timing. But I can promise ye this much… That hadn’t anythin’ ta do with you! Alright?! That was about Brodie and the demons and insecurities he’s facin’. He took it out on ye because he knew he could. We’ve come this far… Don’t ye let Brodie go and ruin it. It’s his loss, and ye know it.”

The Scot sighed when his wife lost all composure and broke into sobs.

“Ali love…” He lovingly whispered.

He hated what Brodie had done. It wasn’t right. The man was at a loss. He didn’t know what to say or do. He’d never been so disappointed with Brodie Dowe, that included the time his cousin slept with Peigi (Chibs’s high school girlfriend). This most certainly topped that off. Aislinn was the ONE girl you didn’t hurt, and Brodie knew that.

“I feel like I lost a brother. He was family, Scotty.”

Aye, well he most certainly didn’t see it that way! Chibs bitterly thought. Brodie wanted Aislinn and had ever since he first laid eyes on her. Chibs could sympathize considering that’s how he felt when he first met Aislinn as well. But he couldn’t sympathize with Brodie’s selfish ways. Brodie made Aislinn feel secure in their friendship despite his personal feelings. Chibs thought back to everything the three of them had been through and shook his head. Like that of Aislinn, Chibs thought Brodie had changed, for the better. He’d grown so much, or so Chibs had thought. But it was nothing more than a lie. Chibs should’ve known when Brodie compared this Tennessee girl to Aislinn. That was a sure sign he wasn’t over Aislinn and wouldn’t be until he found someone just like her. That, however, wasn’t possible. Chibs had the only one in existence, and that was Brodie’s mistake – thinking he could replace Aislinn Lawless with a generic version. The idiot… Chibs thought while holding her a little tighter.

“I know.” Chibs murmured.

He ran a soothing hand along her back, then kissed the top of her head.

“Today was supposed to be a better day.” Aislinn sadly whispered.

“It’s what we make it, Ali. If ye want it ta be a better day, then let’s make it so. Don’t let my cousin’s actions rain over ye. Ye deserve ta be happy. I know it’s not goin’ ta happen overnight. But don’t let this take ye over. He isn’t worth it. He proved that the moment he walked out of yer life.”

“He walked out of yours, too, Scotty.” She sadly put.

“That he did. But like I said darlin’… his loss. You and I got our whole lives ahead of us. We’re gettin’ hitched and havin’ us a wee one. Before long we’ll have us a house, and we can build from there. We got this, bonnie.”

Aislinn sat up on this.

“About that…” Aislinn said but with a faint smile.

This had Chibs sitting up as well now.

“How do ya feel about twins, Scotty?”

“Depends…” Chibs uttered with a shrug.

Aislinn reared back as she hadn’t expected that reaction at all. But thanks to Brodie’s little slip-up, Chibs knew where this was going. So, the Scot thought he’d have a little fun and give his wife some hell. If he could make her laugh, it’d be worth it.


“Aye, I mean do ye have a twin I don’t know aboot?! Cause that could be a lot of fun.”

The mere idea had the Scot a little turned on. What he wouldn’t give to live out that little fantasy – fucking two Aislinns at once.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn scolded with a snort.

Chibs loved that little snort of hers. That’s when he knew he really had her and he found it adorable each time.

“Aye now, ye asked how I felt about it!”

“I meant wee little twin babies!”

“Em. Well, I say we stick to the one for now. Two?! That sounds like a lot of work, pet.” Chibs uttered while trying his hardest not to break.

The look on his wife’s face was priceless.

“Are ya takin’ the piss right now?”

“Just a wee bit…” Chibs admitted, and Aislinn punched him on the arm.

“Ye arse!”

Chibs chuckled once again, but that laughter turned into a proud grin.

“So, we’re havin’ babies …” The Scot uttered with a hand along her stomach.

“Aye,” Aislinn said with a smile.

“How’d ye find out? I mean we already had a sonogram.” Chibs curiously questioned.

“Doc said my HcG levels were high and decided to do another one just to be safe. Took them a while, but they found the other one.”

“Must’ve been hidin’ behind their brother or sister. Have ye told anyone else?”

Chibs knew Brodie must’ve known somehow but was curious as to his wife’s response.

“No. But Brodie was there…”

“Durin’ the sonogram?!”

“Aye. That’s another thing I don’t get…”

“What’s that?”

“He seemed genuinely happy for us and even mentioned wantin’ to see your reaction!”

“Well, I’m sure in his own way he was. He just couldn’t get past his own vices.”

Aislinn sighed in thought. But like that of Chibs, she wanted to get off the topic of Brodie. This was supposed to be a happy occasion.

“What do ya think we’re havin’?

“Not sure…”

“Come on, Scotty. Humor me.”

Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Well, knowin’ yer luck… We’re probably havin’ boys. They’re gonna act just like me and piss ye off like nobody’s business.” He teased, and Aislinn laughed.

“I wouldn’t doubt that, not for a second.”

“Is it wrong to be a wee bit scared?”

“Not at all darlin’. We’re in the same boat. Trust me. But we’re gonna knock this out of the park, ye’ll see.”

“You maybe…” Aislinn nervously put and Chibs lifted her chin with a single finger.

“Ali, I’ve seen how ye are around children. I know ye got what it takes. Hell, Keri had more respect for ye than that of her own mother. If that doesn’t tell ye somethin’, nothin’ will. That girl thought a lot of ye, darlin’. Believe me when I say Keri didn’t have a very high opinion of anyone.”

“She did of you…” Aislinn reminded with a warm smile and Chibs nodded in thought.

“How’s the new brace feelin’?” Chibs questioned.

The brace they had her in was less bulky and didn’t have the opening in front. That and they removed her stitches. They let Chibs and Aislinn know that she could go home today. But she’d have therapy three to four times a week.

“So much better. This one’s more comfortable too.”

“Aye, I’m sure since ye don’t got all that plastic surroundin’ ye.”

“I can take it off to shower they said, but I have to put it back on after.”

Chibs nodded in thought.

“Won’t be long before ye can take it off. Rehab will help with gettin’ yer strength back.”

Chibs rolled off the bed and was unbuttoning his shirt.

“Ya gonna shower?”

“Aye, I’m feelin’ pretty grimy.” He uttered with a shrug.

Chibs removed his shirt and was headed for the bathroom when Aislinn called to him. The man froze then peered over his shoulder.

“Em?” He hummed in question.

“When’d ya get that?” She pointed towards his bareback and Chibs half-laughed.

“Ye finally noticed!”


Chibs nodded, then made his way back. Aislinn sat up then reached over and ran her hand along the crow skull tat on Chibs’s back. It was the skull she colored back in Maine. Only he had it slightly altered with her name on it.

“That’s deadly.” She uttered in astonishment.

“Seriously, Scotty… I can’t believe you did this. I love it.”

“Hope so! It’s just a wee bit permanent.”

“How long have you had this?!” She asked as it was in the process of healing.

“Eh, few days…” Chibs dismissively put.

“How’d I not see it.”

“Actually, I was avoidin’ ye seein’ it until it fully healed. I didn’t want ye seein’ it in its peelin’ process.”



“He did a beautiful job.”

Aislinn snorted however when she thought back to something Chibs had said.

“What?” He asked after spinning around and facing her.

“You said you were havin’ it framed…”

Chibs smiled then sent her a wink in response.

“You’re okay with havin’ my name on ya?” She curiously questioned.

“Wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t. Ye realize what this means though, right?”

“What?” She humorously questioned.

“Ye can’t divorce me!”

Aislinn giggled in response.

“Ye think I’m jokin’. Yer the only woman I’ve had on me.” Chibs didn’t count the one he had of Keri considering she was just a baby when he first got it.

“Now I know you’re lying!” Aislinn witted, and Chibs shook his head once he caught on.

“Aye, there ye go. Back ta givin’ me hell.”

“Well, I’m honored. Thank you, Scotty. This means a lot to me.”

Aislinn ran her fingers along the Kerianne one.

“Ya had this redone.”

“Aye… It was buggin’ me.”

“I can imagine.”

Aislinn sat up on her knees, then leaned in and kissed her husband. Chibs moaned into her mouth as she had her hands along his chest. Chibs ran his hands up her gown and grabbed a handful of her ass. The Scot planned on waiting until they got home. But they were caught up in the moment, and all he could focus on was how badly he wanted her.

“Think we can squeeze a couple more babies in?” The Scot teased.

Aislinn giggled in thought.

“You really are goin’ for the future Sons of SAMCRO, aren’t you?!”

Chibs kissed her once again then lifted her up off the bed. He carried her into the bathroom, placed her on the counter, then shut and locked the door behind them.

“Imma take that brace off, but ye have ta promise ye won’t be movin’ that neck of yers. Ye just let me do all the work.”

Chibs pressed his erection up against her thigh then looked her in the eyes.



“I wanna hear that promise, Ali. I won’t have ye goin’ and gettin’ hurt.”

“I promise. I’ll keep it stiff as a board.”

“Ye better and I think we know who the stiff one is around here.” He hinted with a humping motion, and Aislinn laughed.

Chibs undid the straps to her neck brace then took it off. He laid it on the counter then ran his fingers along her bare neck.

“Hmm… I missed that.” He said then took her gown off as well.

“Hold on.” He said as he got the shower started.

Chibs tested the water. When Chibs returned, he had her wrap her arms and legs around him. The Scot carried his wife into the shower. He took extra precaution as he got her positioned.

“Ye keep a good hold and let me do everythin’ else.” He uttered while placing himself inside.

“…fuck…” Chibs grunted the moment he was fully in.

“Imma cum pretty fuckin’ quick darlin’. But I’m not stoppin’ anytime soon.” Her husband warned, and sure enough, he came within the first few strokes.

Aislinn giggled, and Chibs sighed, in a scolding manner.

“Aye… laugh it up, pet. It’s been a while!” He grunted while keeping the pace.

“Ye really are the perfect fit.” He moaned as he moved her about him.

“Keep that neck still, Ali!” He reprimanded when she leaned back and moaned.

She sent him an apologetic glance then fixed her posture.

“Good girl.” He murmured while pressing her up against the shower wall.

He figured that would help keep her neck in place. Chibs nodded amongst himself once he saw that did the trick. Aislinn wouldn’t be tempted to throw her head back now. This had the Scot a little more confident. He thrust harder and deeper now. Aislinn let out another moan as he left a trail of kisses along her neck and shoulder.

“There ye go…” He encouraged when he felt her come.

Her warmth had the Scot’s eyes rolling into the back of his head. Chibs gritted his teeth as he fought the urge to come again. The Scot felt like a pent-up teenage boy. He knew his wife had gotten off already, but he didn’t want this to end just yet. He’d gone too long. That and he promised Aislinn a marathon. It wouldn’t be a week-long like he mentioned. What he wouldn’t give though. Just the two of them… The Scot didn’t care where they were as long as she was half-naked, and he could have her to his pleasing. Chibs would love nothing more than to show Aislinn what a loving dominant was like. He’d been dying to show her that side of him. He’d given her a taste here and there. Her dreadful past however and recent events held the man back from showing her who he really was when it came to his sexual nature. Chibs himself wasn’t aware of that side, not until Aislinn Lawless came into the picture. Then it was all he could think about. That yearning came with great fear. A large part of that had to do with Jimmy and what he’d done. Chibs wanted to show Aislinn that not all men were like that. He wanted her to know that a man could take full control over a woman’s body and not hurt her. He wanted his wife to know she was safe as his submissive. That was the whole point to show her just how passionate he felt when it came to her. The mere idea had the Scot gritting his teeth and shooting his load. Chibs gave a few more deep strokes before pulling out. A massive string of cum followed. It dripped out of Aislinn’s pussy and onto the shower floor.

“Aye, I put at least three ta four more in ye!” Chibs teased, and Aislinn snorted.

Chibs set her down then watched as his cum ran down her legs. He couldn’t get over how thick it was. Something about that was a major turn-on. Then again, just the thought of having his cum inside her was always a turn on. If Chibs had his way, she’d stay like that every day – filled to the brim.

“Look at all that baby batter!”

“You’re the only man I know that says that with a smile on his face.”

“Well, it is what it is. Ye’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for someone like ye ta come along. Ye’ve given me everythin’ I ever wanted.” Chibs sincerely put before kissing her once again.

“I love ye.” He said afterward.

“I love you too, Scotty.”

Chibs cleared his throat, however.

“Ali…” He apprehensively called and Aislinn’s eyes locked with his.

“What is it?” She asked, seeing the nervousness on his face.

“I gotta talk ta ye aboot somethin’.”

“Is everythin’ okay?”

“Aye now, relax. Everythin’s just fine.”

“Then why do ya look so…” Chibs shushed her by placing his index finger on her lips.

“Do ye mind hearin’ me out while I have the nerve ta say what I gotta say.”

Aislinn gave a mere nod, and Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Ye remember that day I spanked ye?” Chibs recoiled however when he realized that was the same day they were attacked.

He hoped she wouldn’t focus on that and focus on what they did before shit hit the fan.

“Aye…” She bashfully put, and Chibs softly chuckled.

“Ye did enjoy that, right?”

“Aye, more than I ever imagined.”

“Good. Cause I’d like ta do more of that.”

“Spankin’s ya mean?!” She said in a teasing manner, and Chibs nodded.

“Oh yeah, lots of those. Amongst other things. Look, just promise me if I go too far with somethin’ ye’ll tell me. I wanna try some stuff and see where it takes us, but keep in mind if somethin’ don’t feel right… I wantcha ye to tell me. I don’t want ya feelin’ pressured inta…”

“Being your submissive?” She questioned.

There was no hiding the stunned expression on Chibs’s face. Aislinn snorted in response.

“Aye, I think I’ve always known it was there.”

Chibs reared back on this and Aislinn smiled while running a hand along his chest.


“Ya’ve put out the signs…” She said, and Chibs had that look like he’d done something wrong.

“That’s not a bad thing, Scotty. I think we both know it’s a bit of a turn on for me too.”

Truth of the matter?! It was a big turn on when Chibs took possession of her body like that.

“A bit?” Chibs challenged with a smirk.

He remembered how hard she came that day. That memory alone had him hard again.

“A wee bit.” She taunted once again, and Chibs gave her ass a good slap.

He backed her into the corner of the shower afterward, then placed his hands along the shower wall.

“So, ye like it when I take over?” He seductively questioned, and Aislinn nodded with a blush.

“Ye have no idea what’s in store for ye, pet. The things I’m gonna do to ye.” He uttered before kissing her.

“We gotta get that neck of yers better first. Trust me… Yer gonna need yer strength, lass.”

Chibs put his forehead to hers. Aislinn laughed when she felt his cock throbbing against her.

“Emmm… Guess I better scrub yer naughty lil arse down.” Chibs uttered with a touch of misery.

“Jackson?” Riona tiredly called when her husband entered the bedroom

The president gave a mere nod as he stripped down and headed for the shower. Riona looked to the time and saw it was a little after six-thirty in the morning. She crawled out of bed and put her robe on. She headed into the bathroom and peeked into the shower. Jax was in attempts to scrub the blood out of his hair. Riona stepped into the shower then took over. Jax raised his brows as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I’ll hafta cut your hair.” She said as Chibs had to shave the area where Jax’s stitches were.

“Hey now… We didn’t shave your head when you got your stitches!”

“Cut, love. I said nothin’ about shavin’.”

“Good!” He said, and Riona laughed.

Jax closed his eyes and let his wife take over when it came to scrubbing the blood off his body. It was caked into his hair. The blood had dried onto his hands and other parts of his body. Riona couldn’t believe the amount of blood she saw going down the drain.

“You’re a mess.” She sadly whispered, and Jax opened his eyes on this.

“Yeah, but it was worth it.”

Riona smiled in response, and Jax caressed her cheek.

“We did, baby. It’s over.”

“Aye, and yer dead on yer feet.”

Jax’s eyes were batting something fierce.

“Let’s get ya rinsed off. Then it’s off to bed with ya!”

“I could sleep for a fuckin’ week.”

“But would your boys let ya?”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Doubt it.”

Jax was so tired he nearly tripped on the way out. Riona got a good hold on him and led him straight to the bed. Jax was out the moment his head hit that pillow. Riona got him tucked away but was quick to place a finger along her lips. Abel nodded as he poked his head into the room. She waved him inside, and Abel smiled when he saw his daddy asleep on the bed.

“You is all wet, mommy,” Abel whispered.

“Aye, I was helpin’ your father get cleaned up.”

“He has blood too?”

“Aye.” Riona regrettably admitted.

There was no sense in lying to the boy, not after everything he’d seen and heard.

“Why don’t ya go on and get dressed. We’ll head to the store in a bit.”

“Yeah, the milk no good mommy.”

“Aye, I’m sure everythin’ in this house has gone bad.”

She set him down then Abel headed into his room. Riona was in the middle of getting dressed when her cellphone sounded. She was quick to answer. She didn’t want it waking her husband.

If she had known who it was, however, she would’ve declined the call.



Riona curled her lip then darted into the bathroom where she shut the door behind her.

“Are ya serious?!” She scoffed, and the Scot sighed on the other end.

“I just wanted to know how she’s doing.”

“She’s fine, no thanks to you.”

“That’s good. I won’t keep ye. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do her in.”

Riona let out a scoff-like laugh.

“And if you had…?”

There was a long pause.

“Nah, I wanna hear what ya would’ve done if she lost that baby! Or what ya would’ve done if ya made her have a stroke or heart attack! Ya heard what the doctor said, and still… I never thought ya had it in ya.”

“Neither did I.”

“But ya did. Look, my sister’s fine. That’s all ya need to know. Ya broke her heart, Brodie. And ya know how I feel about my sister.”

“Aye.” Brodie murmured in understanding.

“Then ya know not to call again. And if we ever see one another again… Ya best look the other way. You were done with me, the moment ya were done with her. Enjoy your pathetic and lonely life, because that’s all you’ll ever be. It wasn’t Linny’s fault, and ya know it. All of that was on you. Linny made herself perfectly clear, several times, throughout the years. Ya had many outs to take. But no, ya waited until she was in poor health, pregnant, and under a lot of stress. Now I love ya, I always will. But we’re done here. I’ll never see ya the same way again, Brodie. All I’ll ever see is the look on my sister’s face when ya said what ya said.”

“Aye. I love ye too, Riona. Take care.”

Riona hung up then pinched the bridge of her nose. Tried as she might, she couldn’t stop the tears. Aislinn wasn’t the only one that felt like she lost a brother. The three of them had a lot of history. Letting go wouldn’t be easy. But there was no way Riona could stay in his life now. Not after hurting Aislinn the way he did. Like that of Aislinn, Riona thought the three of them would be together forever. She never saw this coming, not from Brodie Dowe.

Riona checked on her husband once again before leaving the room. She turned the light off then shut the door behind her. She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Abel dressed and ready to go. He was sitting on the couch with his little backpack in hand.

“Can we’s pick up my puppy too?”

Riona froze on her son’s words.

“Your puppy…” She murmured with a touch of guilt as the thought never occurred to her.

“Yeah. He is all alone, mommy. I locks him up so Clay no hurt him! I hear him cry when I leave. Clay no my grandpa! He a monster like Jimmy and Galen!”

“Agreed but we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”



“We’s always have monsters. They always come back. We never get them all.” Abel sadly put, and Riona made her way over.

She hunkered down then cupped his chin.

“But we did this time.”

“You always says that.”

“Abel love, I swear with every ounce of my bein’ – it’s over.”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered, and his mother was quick to hug him.

“I gonna miss Neeta. Rat tries to save us, but Clay shoots him and…”

Riona cried when Abel told his story. Abel blamed himself for opening the door. He saw Clay and went to shut it, but Clay burst into the house with his men, and they held everyone at gunpoint. Abel couldn’t finish the whole story. He was too upset, but Riona could imagine how it went from there. She lifted the boy up off the couch then kissed his cheek.

“Never again. Ya understand?”

Abel gave a tearful nod.

“It’s over. You’re safe. We all are.”

“Cause daddy protects all his Crows like grandpa JT?”

“Exactly.” Riona forced a smile then wiped her son’s tears away.

“I wanna be like daddy even if he goes ROOOAARR and get all mad. He always protect us. He no let anything happen to us.”

“That’s right,” Riona said while setting him down and adjusting his clothes.

“How bout we hit the store then we’ll come back and see if daddy will go with us to get your puppy.”

Riona hated doing that but had a feeling they were walking into a landmine. If a shootout took place, chances were they’d have a mess on their hands. That wasn’t something she wanted to deal with, not with Abel right there.

“Okays. My puppy should be okay cause I has him food and water in the room.”

“Good deal.”

“I bet he misses me, though.”

“I’m sure he does.”

Riona grabbed her purse, and some cash Jax kept hidden in the house.

“I makes a list,” Abel said, and Riona regarded him in surprise.


“Yeah. I needs my cereal, my chocolate syrup, and milk.”

He handed his mother his list. Riona squinted her eyes as she had trouble reading his handwriting. That and he couldn’t spell half the things he put on the list.

“Em, well… Imma hand this back to ya, and you can grab what ya need at the store.

“Okays. We needs puppy food and a toy for him too. Uncle Ethan also say oatmeal shampoo best for doggies.”

“Aye, we’ll do that.”

“Hey, girl!” Ethan greeted when Daisy greeted him with the wagging of a tail.

She jumped up against his leg and was begging for attention. The prospect chuckled then squatted down to pet her. A slew of puppies followed, and Ethan chuckled as they tackled him to the ground. They licked him all over, and Ethan squirmed about, in attempts to get back on his feet.

“Time to find you all some homes,” Ethan said but regarded the pups in thought.

He thought about keeping at least one for Daisy’s sake. He didn’t want his dog getting too depressed when he rid of the other pups.

“Jesus!” Ethan hollered once he saw the mess they’d made.

There was shit and piss everywhere, and they chewed up part of his couch. Ethan knew that was his fault. He left them alone for too long. But he hadn’t much choice given recent events.

“Guess I’m getting a new couch after I rid of you little bastards. Fuck!” Ethan was glad he brought them home rather than keeping them at Happy’s place.

Happy would’ve skinned him and the puppies alive if they fucked his place up like this. Ethan wanted nothing more than to sleep for hours on end. But he couldn’t do that now. He had to clean this up. Then he had to schedule an appointment for someone to shampoo his carpet. Ethan curled his lip in disgust as he put his wallet and keys away. He put some latex gloves on then got to work.

Pepper entered the hotel then looked to the time as he tossed his keys onto the table. He couldn’t believe how late he and the MC stayed up. Pepper stayed behind and helped the Sons with whatever they needed. He figured it was the least he could do after they kept his daughters and son safe. He and the Sons cleaned up best they could but hired a cleaner to deal with the actual bodies. Pepper had never seen such a thing. The cleaner used some sort of acid to rid of the bodies, leaving no evidence whatsoever. It cost the Sons a pretty penny. Pepper himself chipped in as well. He gave the man a couple bills and a gold watch. By the time the Sons and the cleaner were finished, the basement was spotless. You would’ve never guessed what took place just a few hours ago. It was a day and night difference. Ethan and Pepper seemed to have a better understanding of one another as well. They talked off and on during all the chaos. For once, there wasn’t a touch of hostility between the two. Pepper truly felt as though he were talking to his son rather than a bitter stranger.

Pepper kicked his boots off, then laid down on the bed. He needed a shower but was too tired to bother.

“Happy?!” Lyla greeted in surprise when Happy entered the porn studio a little after six in the morning.

The Son gave a simple nod.

“No one’s here…” She said, knowing what he was here for.

The Son didn’t utter a word and took her by the hand. Happy led her towards one of the sets, then sat her down on the bed.

“Long day?” She questioned as to the desperate look in his eyes.

Happy gave a simple nod, and Lyla smiled.

“I’ll take care of you, baby.”

“Don’t talk. Just choke…” He cued while unfastening his belt buckle.

Dinah pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot and saw that Tig’s bike was still there. She parked in front of the shop, where no one would see her vehicle. She headed into the clubhouse and saw that Tig was asleep on one of the pool tables. Bobby was on the couch, and Kip was on the bar table. Each of them was out cold. Dinah inched her way towards Tig then gave him a little shake.

“Easy…” She whispered as he reached for his gun, first thing.

Tig shot up the moment he saw her face. He sent her an apologetic glance then put his gun away.

“The only loaded weapon I want is this one.” She grabbed him in a suggestive matter, and Tig sent the sheriff a goofy grin.

“All yours, baby.”

“Yeah well, something tells me you’d get two strokes in before you pass the fuck out.”

“Nah, I got game…” Tig uttered, but his eyes were starting to close again.

Dinah smiled in response.

“I know you do.” She whispered and decided it best to let him sleep.

Dinah kept quiet as she headed into the basement.

“You boys are good… Too good.” She whispered as she gave the room a thorough sweep.

“What are you doing?” The sheriff heard, causing her to jump.

“Mr. Munson.” She said with a hand over her heart.

The Son gave a simple nod then made his way down the stairs.


“You could call it that I suppose. Not sure how you boys did it. But you clean up good. You’d never guess…”

“That’s the point.”

“Yeah well, keep your noses clean from here on. Think you can do that?”

“If the boss has any say…” Bobby rather taunted, and the sheriff sighed.

“I mean… Jax will keep our asses in line.”

“He better.”


“So…?” Dinah reiterated in question.

“How’d things go back at the station?”

“You mean are your asses covered?”

“Straight to the point. I like that!” Bobby said with a smirk, and Dinah shook her head in thought.

“So far, so good. Like I said, keep your noses clean. If anyone asks you about the fallout between the Nordics and the convicts that escaped play dumb.”

“Will do.”

Dinah nodded, then started towards the stairs.

“Hold up,” Bobby said as if regretting doing so.

Dinah pivoted around, and Bobby rubbed the back of his neck, uncomfortably.

“Thank you.” He said, taking the sheriff by surprise.

She nodded once again then started back up the stairs.

“How are you going to make it work?” He questioned, and Dinah paused with her back to him.

“Make what work?”

“Giving up the badge and all. I mean do you really see yourself hanging around here, as an old lady?”

“Answer me this Mr. Munson… Is this about the badge, or does this have to do with my skin color?”

“A little of both…” Bobby softly admitted.

“Hm… Well, I suppose you’ll find out soon enough. Have yourself a great day, Mr. Munson.”

“Bobby.” The Son corrected with a hint of apologetic air.

Dinah said nothing on this and headed on out of the basement.

“We’re getting slammed.” Leia hissed, and her brother sighed.

“Just how long do we gotta keep up this ploy?” She questioned with a nod towards Sam, who was serving customers at one of the booths.

“Ethan says he’ll be here in a couple days.”

“As in work or…”


“And Aislinn?”

“She needs some time.”

“I was afraid you’d say that.”

“She’s been through a lot, Lele.”

“I know… Just isn’t the same without her or Ethan.”

“Trust me. I know.”

“This thing you’re planning… It better be good. I’ve put up with Sam’s shit long enough.”

“Oh, it will be. I just need Riona and Ethan’s assistance.”

“So, Riona’s sticking to the plan?!” Leia questioned in surprise.

“Oh, yeah. She’s totally game.”

“I just figured with everything that happened…”

“If anything, that only made her want it more. Riona’s made herself perfectly clear. If Darren so much as bats an eye her sister’s direction, Corky’s is going down.”

“I thought that was the plan all along.”

“Not quite… More like I wanna see Darren dig his own grave.”

“Okay…” Leia murmured.

“Through Riona…” AC added and Leia tilted her head in wonder.

“You’ll see,” AC added with a grin.

“You remember the plan…?”

“And you really think that’ll do it?”

“Oh, yeah… He’s gonna get desperate and show his true colors.”

“Easy there, darlin’,” Chibs uttered while holding Aislinn’s hair back.

His wife was puking into a bedpan.

“It might help if I remove her breakfast tray from the room.” The nurse said, and Chibs nodded in agreement.

The nurse took off with Aislinn’s tray, and Chibs recoiled when his wife vomited yet again.

“Jaysus, darlin’, ye weren’t kiddin’ aboot the smell gettin’ to ye!”

Aislinn grew ill the moment she smelled the eggs. The nurse returned with some air freshener (for the room), and a 7up and crackers to settle Aislinn’s stomach.

“When do ye think she’ll be released?” Chibs questioned thinking she’d be more comfortable at the clubhouse, in an actual full-sized bed.

“The doctor should arrive sometime after lunch. He’ll check her vitals and if everything’s in the clear… He’ll release her with a list of instructions, prescriptions, and your wife’s discharge papers.”

“Good deal,” Chibs uttered while rinsing the bedpan out.

He dried it off, then placed it beside his wife just in case she needed it again.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” The nurse questioned.

“Nah, I think we got it from here. Thank you.” Chibs said as his wife seemed to be nodding off.

The nurse nodded in response, then exited the room. Chibs adjusted his wife’s hospital sheets then pulled up a chair and sat beside her. Chibs himself was starting to feel restless in this hospital. He could only imagine how frustrating this was for his wife. That and the nicotine withdrawal was starting to get to him, something fierce. He fought to keep himself in check when it came to his temper. The last thing he wanted was to take it out on his already stressed, and pregnant with twins wife. Not after Brodie’s little episode,  especially. Chibs swallowed whatever anger he felt and pushed past it. It was no easy task, but he hadn’t much choice. The only person to take it out on was his wife, and he’d suck it up before taking that route. She’d been through enough.

“I’m surprised you’re up,” Riona said when she and Abel entered the house with a few groceries.

Jax shrugged then pecked her on the lips before heading out and grabbing a few bags from the back of the truck.

“Did ya even sleep?!” Riona questioned when he entered the kitchen.

“A little,” Jax said while putting a few groceries away.

“Jackson…” Riona scolded, and her husband sighed.

“Woke up half an hour ago, haven’t been able to sleep since.”

Riona looked to the time in thought.

“Ye only got three hours! If that!”

“I’ve had less.” Jax dismissively uttered.

“Jackson love…”

Jax stopped what he was doing then looked at his wife.

“Riona babe, I’m alright. Just can’t sleep.” He made clear.

“Aye. Would ya like some coffee then?”

“Sure,” Jax said while picking Abel up and placing him on the counter.

“Can we go gets my puppy now?” Abel asked, and his father reared back on this.

Riona giggled in thought, and Jax sighed when he heard her.

“He all alone, daddy. He so sad if I not there.”

“We’ll get him after we finish with the groceries.”

“I no name him yet, daddy.”

“Oh?” Jax uttered while putting a box of cereal away.

“Yeah, cause I wants you to name him.”

“Me?!” Jax questioned in surprise.

“Yeah, I no think of a good name. I thinks you will.”

“Your mother would probably…” Jax started to say but trailed off after seeing the stern look on his wife’s face.

She knew this was something Abel wanted his father to do. Jax headed towards the fridge where she was. He leaned into her ear.

“Lil shit or lil bastard sounds good to me. What do you think?!” He whispered.

“Sure, if that’s what ya want our son hollerin’ when he’s playin’ with him outside.”

“Sounds good to me!” Jax witted, and Riona snorted.


“Eh, we’ll start him off early. Toughen him up.”

“Our son or the dog?”

“I is tough, daddy!” Abel said while flexing his muscles.

Jax chuckled then made his way over. He pretended to feel his muscles.

“You taking steroids?!” Jax teased.

“JACKSON!” Riona scolded with a giggle.

“I no know what that is.”

“What your daddy is trying to say is your muscles are going to be bigger than his one day!”

“Then, I fight him!” Abel said with a grin and Jax cocked a brow on this.

“You gonna fight your old man?”

“Yeah, daddy. We go in the ring and I’s get you!”

“Is that so?”

“YEAH!” Abel said with a giggle.

“We’ll just see about that.”

Jax scooped Abel up off the counter than gave him a playful spanking.

“No, do that, daddy!” Abel said as Jax continued this into the living room then tossed him onto the couch.

Abel broke into a fit of laughter when his father tickled him. Jax stopped however when Abel got a little emotional during.

“Abel?” Jax whispered with concern.

Abel reached out then wrapped his arms around his father’s neck. Riona caught the scene from the kitchen and clamped a hand over her mouth. Abel began to sob, uncontrollably. Jax looked to his wife as if lost on what to do. The president ran a soothing hand along his son’s back.

“No, never die, daddy. Please. Says you never die.”

Jax thickly swallowed as he’d a knot forming within the back of his throat. Jax sat his son back down on the couch. He used his thumbs to wipe Abel’s tears away. I can’t promise that. But I can say I don’t plan on going anywhere, not anytime soon. But if something were to happen… I’d be right here.” Jax tapped his finger along the area of Abel’s heart and smiled.

“Like Grandpa and Uncle Tommy?” Abel said with a sniffle.

“That’s right. Abel son, you’re never alone. No matter how old you are… I’ll always be there, whether it be in the physical sense or not.”

“But yous gonna live a long time, right?”

“I plan to!”

“Mommy too?”

Jax regarded his wife in thought then nodded towards his son.

“Hell, she’ll probably outlive me!” He teased.

“I no likes when I thought you die, daddy. I so sad. I no know when you gonna wake up.”

Riona turned away, so Abel wouldn’t see her cry.

“I know. I’m sorry. I never meant to scare you.”

“Neeta dies and so Rat. I no know why Clay does those things. He a monster, like Jimmy and Galen. He mean! He says I bastard like you. That I no good, daddy!”

Jax sneered at this.

“He said that?!”

“Yeah, he say a lot of mean things. He say he no want a miniature Jax for a grandson. I too much like you, and he hate you. He say he hate you so much that he hate me and want me to die! Then he says he gonna kill alllll the Crows!”

Jax closed his eyes on this and Riona made her way over.

“I sorry I say a bad word, mommy. But it what Clay say!”

“I know, love. Not about to hold it against ya.”

“Why he and grandma so mean? I no understand. They is family. Family no hurt each other. That no what they do.” Abel sadly murmured while looking to the floor.

Jax reached over and lifted his son’s chin with his fingers.

“You’re right. That’s how it should be. But grandma and Clay were never family. Grandma might’ve been blood. But she wasn’t loyal, and loyalty is everything. That’s what makes you family, Abel. One day you’re going to be standing in my place, and I want you to remember one thing… Blood doesn’t mean ANYTHING without LOYALTY! Uncle Chibs isn’t blood, but he’s family because he knows what it means to be a real brother, to be family. He’d never turn his back to us, and he’d take a bullet for each and every one of us. Now that’s what family is about. We love each other unconditionally.”

“So like Mommy and Aunt Linny when I first meets them, they do those things for me. They save me and protect me. They my best friends but they is family now cause they is loyal.”

“Exactly.” Jax sincerely put while kissing the top of Abel’s head.

“Can we go gets my puppy now?” Abel politely questioned.

“We sure can!” Riona said with a warm smile, and Jax nodded in agreement.

“It’s done,” Dinah whispered once her deputy took a seat.

“Done?” The man questioned, looking rather lost.

Dinah glanced towards her office door then back to her deputy.

“One year, five months, and seventy-two hours past due.” She hinted, and the man froze in his chair.

Dinah gave a simple nod, and the deputy covered his face with both hands.

“Woman of my word,” Dinah uttered, and her deputy nodded.

“Justice has been served, and your baby girl can sleep at night knowing he no longer exists.”

“Who…?” The man hinted with tears in his eyes.

“Doesn’t matter. I told you it’d get done and I meant every word. All I need from you is to make certain all files and reports containing anything about the Nordics, the escaped convicts, and the Hairy Dog go through me.”

“I’ll let the others know.”

The man rose from his seat, and the sheriff cleared her throat.

“We’re not done here.”

The deputy peered back, and Dinah signaled for him to sit down again. The man took his seat.

“No more. I mean it. After this, we’re done. It’s straight to the books.”

“You’ve said that before.”

“Yeah well, I mean it this time. We’ve had too many close calls.”

“You thinking about leaving still?”

“Leaving? No. Quitting? Yes.”


Dinah leaned back in thought.

“Let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart.”

Dinah took her badge off then looked to it in thought.

“On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.” The sheriff quoted in memory, and the deputy raised his brows in question.

“Name me one officer that lives up to that oath. One.”

The deputy sighed in thought.

“Exactly. There isn’t a soul in this building that honors that shit, and we haven’t for some time. You know why…?”

“Because sometimes you gotta play dirty in order to deal with dirty.” The deputy quoted his sheriff, and she smiled.

“Amen. Just imagine what this town would be like if we abided by that oath. We’d be drowning in murders, rape, and meth.”

“Aren’t we already?”

“Not anymore. That’s not to say we’ve seen the last of it. But the days will be fewer and far between. Soon this town won’t even remember those days. Those days will be long gone.”

“You sound pretty confident.” The deputy rather scoffed.

“Cause I am.”

“How?! How can you sit there and be so…”



“Because I know something you and this entire department don’t.”

“And what’s that?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

“Hm. I’d call your bluff…”

“But know better.” She finished with a smirk, and the deputy laughed.

“We’re gonna miss you, Dinah. You got the job done. That’s all we cared about. We’re gonna have a hard time finding a replacement.”

“That’s because I’m irreplaceable.”

“That’s no lie.”

“You should put your hat in the ring…”


“Yeah. You. You know the ropes.”

“You mean, I know YOUR ropes.”

Dinah gave a dismissive shrug but sent the deputy a wink.

“I’ll have to think about that one.”

“I’ll give you one hell of a recommendation.” The sheriff offered.

“Let me sleep on it.”

“I can do that.”

“I’ll let you know.”

The deputy came to his feet then shook the sheriff’s hand.

“Thank you, Dinah. I have to admit… I was starting to wonder if you were going to live up to that promise or not.”

“I told you I would. It’s like I said… these things take time. If we had done it your way…”

“We’d be stripped of our badges and behind bars.” He quoted once again.

The deputy remembered that day all too well.

“Yep. Gotta use your brain. No matter how pissed you are.”

The deputy leaned over her desk then whispered into her ear.

“You knew Opie Winston, AJ Weston, and Ernest Darby would cancel one another out, didn’t you?”

“Are you asking if I set up the riot back in Stockton?”


“And what did I tell you about questions like that?”

The deputy rose with a smile, and the sheriff sighed.

“I hadn’t anything to do with that…”

“Sure, you didn’t.” The deputy said then chuckled on the way out of her office.

Dinah shook her head but found herself laughing as well.

“You haven’t a clue. None of you do.” She muttered under her breath.

“Ye ready, pet?” Chibs questioned once he had his wife’s discharge papers signed.

“Aye, let’s get the hell out of here!” She said, and the nurse laughed.

“I guess she’s ready to go!” The nurse playfully mocked

“If you’ll pull up to the pickup lane, I’ll wheel her there.” The nurse offered, Chibs agreed, knowing that was hospital policy.

He pecked his wife on the lips then dashed off so he could get the truck.

“You two wait here…” Jax said once they were at the door to the house, Neeta and Abel hid at.

The house was three hours away from Charming and in a much smaller town. Jax wondered if this house belonged to Neeta. Jax knew she didn’t have much family. Neeta wasn’t married as to her reason for devoting so much time to Abel when they needed. In fact, she welcomed it and seemed disappointed when Jax didn’t need her services. Jax looked around the room then let out a sigh of relief. He just knew this place was going to be covered in caution tape and local law enforcement. But thankfully, that wasn’t the case. Neeta did good in picking a place with no nearby neighbors.

The president shook his head; however, once he entered the kitchen and saw the turned over table and chairs. There was blood all over the floor and several broken pieces of furniture. Clay wasn’t lying when he said Neeta put up one hell of a fight.  Jax bent down then looked to the trail of blood. He could see where Clay dragged their bodies when he got Neeta and Rat out of the house. The trail led out the back door and into the grass. Jax knew he’d have to hurry and clean this up before someone happened to come by and see this.

Jax tilted his head when he heard a scratching sound. He followed that sound into one of the backrooms. Jax withdrew his gun then opened the door.

“SHIT!” He hollered when Abel’s puppy burst out of the bedroom and jumped up on him.

Jax was thankful he didn’t have Abel with him, or Abel would’ve been yelling at him for pointing that gun at his dog. Jax wasn’t expecting it to leap out and pounce on him like that. Jax put his gun away then bent down and picked the puppy up.

“Hey, lil fucker…”

Jax held the dog up then looked it over.

“So you’re the lil shit that’s going to eat up my furniture, shit on my floor, and piss me the fuck off.”

The puppy wagged it’s tail then licked Jax’s nose.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re not that cute, asshole.”

Jax headed out front where his wife and Abel were waiting. He handed the puppy over, and Abel squealed with joy. Jax observed as his son hugged and kissed his puppy.

“Thank you, daddy! I misses him so much!” Abel nearly cried, and Riona smiled.

“I gotta clean this shit up…” Jax whispered once Abel was distracted.

“Aye, I’ll help.”

“I got it, baby. Just keep an eye on Abel.”

“Jackson, he’s fine. Let me help.”

Jax sighed as his wife led Abel into one of the backrooms with his puppy. She told Abel to stay put and was about to shut the door when Abel called to his father. Jax peeked into the room as Abel was feeding his dog.

“What his name?” Abel asked with a big ole grin, and Jax groaned once he saw the look his wife was giving him.

“Well go on, daddy… name the dog.” She taunted with a smirk.

“Yeah, daddy names it. I been waiting. I says you names him.”

“A nice name our son can repeat…” Riona rather hissed.

Jax shook his head in thought.

“You’re eating this up, aren’t you?!”

“You’ve no idea,” Riona replied with an impish grin.

“Mayhem!” Jax blurted out.

“I likes that, daddy! He Mayhem!”

“That’s no damn lie,” Jax muttered under his breath but forced a smile his son’s direction.

“Glad you like it. Alright, stay put until we come for you.”

“Okays. I just play with Mayhem.” Abel said but looked to his puppy in thought.



“Can you gets me a bowl of water for Mayhem please?”

“I sure can!”

“Thank you! He very thirsty. He all out!”

Riona went and gathered a bowl of water for Mayhem. Jax started to exit the room when he spotted something on the dresser. He picked the pictures up then flipped through them. Each of them was of the puppy and Abel’s new Spider-Man toy Neeta bought him. Jax looked to the photos and found himself rather impressed. He figured Neeta must’ve done this for Abel. That, however, only added to the president’s remorse. He wished he could’ve saved her. Jax knew his son thought a lot of Neeta, and this would be a rough time for him. Jax cleared his throat, then sat beside Abel on the floor.



“Did Neeta take these pictures?”

“Yeah, she does! I loves them. I wants to hang them up in my room!”

“We can do that.”

“Neeta say she take pictures of my favorite things for my bday since we no have a party.”

Jax recoiled on this but flipped through the pictures yet again.

“Oh, wow!” Riona said as she peered over her husband’s shoulder and looked at the pictures as well.

Abel took the bowl of water from her hand.

“Right? These are amazing. I think Neeta had a gift.” Jax said in awe, and Riona nodded in full agreement.

Jax handed his wife the pictures.

“She did this for his birthday. He wants them hung up in his room.”

“I can get some frames for them.”

“I gonna miss Neeta.” Abel sadly put, and Jax ran his fingers through his son’s hair.

“We all will. She took good care of you and loved you very much.”

“I loves her too…” Abel said with a quivery lip.

“You remember what we talked about back home, right?”
Abel nodded.

“Same thing with Neeta. In fact, she actually said those very words herself. Abel, Neeta told me to tell you she’d always be with you.”

“She did?!”

“That’s right. And she said you were worth it.”

Abel nodded then hugged his puppy.

“You gonna be okay?” His mother asked, and Abel nodded.

“Yeah, I be okay, mommy. I wait here with Mayhem.”

Jax nodded as they exited the room and pulled the door to.

“I can’t believe she took those pictures. Those were adorable!”

“Right?! Definitely up Abel’s alley. At least he has something… you know.” Jax hinted as to cherishing Neeta’s memory. His wife nodded in agreement.

“Alright, we better get to it, before someone stops by and catches us in the act.”

“Right,” Riona said in agreement.

Chibs pulled up to the clubhouse then parked beside his bike.

“What happened to your mirror?” Aislinn questioned as to her husband’s Harley.

“Meh, who knows.” He uttered with a shrug.

Chibs wasn’t about to dive into the Brodie train again. The mirror bent when he kicked his bike after his and Brodie’s fallout.

“It looks like someone hit it.”

“It’s an easy fix.”

“Hope so,” Aislinn said as she was in attempts to step out of the truck.

“Hold on!” Chibs scolded while stopping her.

“I can walk to the clubhouse, Scotty.”

“Aye, but I prefer bein’ there just in case. Besides, yer gonna have to get used to those crutches.”

Aislinn sighed as her husband stepped on out then made his way around. He grabbed her crutches from the backseat, then offered his wife a hand. He got her situated then walked beside her on the way.

Chibs opened the clubhouse door, and Bobby was first to greet them. He marched on over and hugged the hell out of Aislinn then Chibs.

“About time, you two.” He uttered while looking Aislinn over.

“How you feelin’?”

“Better than I was.”

Bobby nodded, then helped her to a chair at one of the tables. Kip exited the back room, and his hair was still wet from taking a shower.

“Where’s Trager?” Chibs questioned, and Bobby pointed towards the pool table.

“Hasn’t budged. Bastard went a full fifty-two hours without any sleep.” Bobby said, and Chibs shook his head in thought.

“Sheriff been by?”

“Yeah, she checked on him and the basement…”

“Aye. Ye used the cleaner, right?”

“You know it! Wasn’t cheap but we got it done.”

“Sorry…” Chibs rather hinted as to being broke.

“Don’t even. We got you covered. No worries.”

“I’m guessin’ ye never found the safe.”

“We tried… but nothing. Kip and I tortured the son of a bitch long before you got here. He wouldn’t give us shit. Claimed he didn’t know anything about it.”

“Aye, well I’m sure it’s long gone.”

Chibs looked to his wife in apology.

“Those weddin’ plans will hafta be postponed, darlin’. I’m sorry. You’re gettin’ that church weddin’. I just can’t pull it off right now.”

“Scotty, you know I don’t care about that.”

“Aye, but I do. Ye deserve an actual weddin’ darlin’ and yer gonna get one. I just gotta start back up on my savings.”

“Scotty, I don’t need the wedding. Seriously. We got enough to worry about. I’m perfectly okay with the way things are now.”

Chibs nodded, but the sergeant could see it written all over his VP’s face. Chibs wasn’t letting this one go. He wanted to give Aislinn that wedding, and he’d do whatever he could to give her that.

“Halloween, right?” Bobby questioned, and they nodded in unison.

“We got time…” Bobby uttered in thought.

Chibs excused himself from the table, then locked himself away in the chapel. The man couldn’t help it. He felt like a failure. All that money he saved up was gone. He had no house, no groceries, no nothing. To top it off his wife was expecting now – twins at that. The man was lost in thought and guilt when the chapel doors opened. He lifted his head, and Bobby nodded before welcoming himself inside.

“I know you want to be alone. But I didn’t think you’d want me to do this in front of her…”

Chibs narrowed his eyes in question. Bobby pulled an envelope out from his cut then tossed it Chibs’s direction. It landed on the table, and Chibs picked it up.

“What’s this?”

“Take a look…”

Chibs peeked inside then reared back.

“Bobby, what is this?”

“AC, Leia, and Ethan have been holding a fundraiser in yours and Aislinn’s name…”


Chibs counted it out and was surprised when it went over five grand.

“HOW?!” Chibs rather demanded.

“Your old lady… has a bunch of fans. Hell, they ask about her every night. That there is where that came from.”


“Filip… don’t do this to yourself. You’ve helped this club and how many others over the years? There’s nothing wrong with being the one needing help this time. That’s nowhere near what you two need, but it’s a start, and there’s more coming.”

“Ali earned this, not me.”

“I imagine she’d disagree. And between us… We both know you got her that job.”

“Ali did that,” Chibs argued.

“But it was you that pushed that envelope and made it happen. Besides, you’re married now. Its kind of a what’s mine is hers, and what’s hers is mine type of deal now.”

Chibs didn’t seem very convinced.

“Is that how you and Precious (Bobby’s ex-wife) did things?” Chibs cruelly, yet teasingly put.

Bobby sighed and decided not to humor his VP with that one.

“Look, give yourself some time. Sleep on it. But I’m telling you… there’s nothing wrong with accepting this money. You need it, and you know it. You’re gonna be a father, brother. Take the money, and hell, do a better job than I did.”

Chibs lifted his eyes on this. Bobby came to his feet then gave Chibs’s shoulder a firm pat.

“If I were you… I’d use that money towards the wedding. You two can stay here as long as you need. There’s no rush on rebuilding just yet.”

“I can’t raise two kids under this roof!”

“Sure, you can. We’ve got plenty of room!” Bobby said with a wide grin.

“Wait… did you say, two kids?” Bobby questioned in surprise, and Chibs managed to smile.

“Holy shit. When you get the job done, you get the job done!”

“Aye.” Chibs egotistically put, and Bobby chuckled.

“Look, just give Aislinn that wedding then go from there,” Bobby said before exiting the church.

Chibs looked to the money once again then sighed.

“Fiona would’ve already left me…” The Scot uttered with a frown.

Chibs knew Aislinn didn’t care about money or power. But thanks to Fiona, it was engrained into Chibs Telford. He wanted Aislinn to know he could take care of her and their children. Chibs didn’t want anyone’s help but knew he hadn’t much choice. Not if he wanted to give his wife the life she deserved. Bobby was right. Chibs wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of things. Indian Hills was helping with the hospital bills, and SAMBEL had a fund of their own going towards Chibs and Aislinn’s new home. These people Chibs had done things for, but no matter how hard he tried, that guilt if his didn’t waver. It was a good feeling – helping others, receiving help – not so much. The Scot worked hard for everything he had, so he hated feeling like a charity case.

“You alright there?” Kip questioned as Aislinn was looking a little pale.

“Aye. I think I might go and lie down for a bit.” She softly put, and Kip sprang to his feet.

“Ya don’t have to do that,” Aislinn said as Kip escorted her to the back room.

“And you didn’t have to take care of my ass when I got sick on that ship.” Kip reminded as he opened the door.

“That was pretty gross.” Aislinn teased, and Kip laughed as he got her situated on the bed.

“Thank you.” She said after he took her crutches and propped them up against the headboard.

“No prob. Get some rest, Aislinn.”

Kip looked over and saw that Aislinn was already out. Kip was taking her shoes off when Chibs peeked into the room.

“Ye gettin’ fresh with me wife?” Chibs taunted, and Kip snapped a wide-eyed glance that direction.

“No man… I was just…”

Chibs broke into a smile, letting Kip know he was fucking with him. Kip let out a breath of relief then finished taking her shoes off. He placed them by the foot of the bed.

“I don’t think she’s feeling so great…” Kip whispered.

“Aye, she’s got a touch of mornin’ sickness.”


“Aye, and she’s expectin’ twins. That’s gonna make it even worse.”


Chibs gave a simple nod.

“But she’s so little. How the hell is she going to carry two babies?!”

“Nature’s got a funny way aboot things.”

“She’s gonna swell up like a bowling ball!”

“Nah, more like she got stung by a giant pecker,” Chibs uttered, and Kip curled his lip gathering the reference.

“That’s fucked up.”

“But true,” Chibs said, and Kip decided now would be a good time to exit the room.

Chibs shut the door behind him then locked it before joining his wife.

“Doing alright over there?” Jax questioned while his wife mopped the floor.

“Aye, I think I just about got it all. I’ll do a couple more just to be safe.”

Jax nodded as he scrubbed the blood from the carpet.


“Just about done myself. This shit the cleaner left behind works wonders. Look…” Jax showed his wife as he poured the chemicals onto the carpet and scrubbed that particular area.

“That’s amazing!” Riona said in awe.

“Oh, yeah. Wish we would’ve known about this chemical sooner. Could’ve used this shit in buckets!”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“Sorry, babe. Just speaking the truth. But all that shit’s over now. Alright? This right here… This will be it once we walk out that door.”

Jax placed the rag he was using into a bucket of water then rinsed the blood out. He got back to scrubbing afterward. Riona emptied her bucket, refilled it then mopped the floor for a third time.

“Ali?” Chibs softly called while giving her a gentle shake.

She was sound asleep but having one hell of a night terror. Chibs ran his fingers through her hair as she was covered in sweat. The Scot threw the covers off her. His name escaped her lips, and she shot up, screaming on top of her lungs.

“Shhhh.” Chibs lovingly shushed, and was quick to grab ahold of her.

“Easy love… easy…” He whispered while rocking her against his chest.

This was nothing new. She’d done this a few times in the hospital. But Chibs hoped those terrors of hers would go away since Clay was no more. It was always the same… In these dreams, she watched him burn. The way she described it was enough to give him chills. It was very morbid and very real to Aislinn.

“It’s not real. It’s never real.” He reminded like usual.

Chibs wished he knew what to say for sure. What he wouldn’t give to put those nightmares at permanent rest. This reminded him of the ones she used to have about Jimmy. Those went away, eventually. But he remembered how badly those affected her. He knew these too would go away, but it’d take some time. All he could do was be there. He’d reassure her that everything was going to be okay, that it was all over now. Everyone that ever hurt her or their loved ones was dead or facing life in prison now.

“Let me run ye a cool bath.” Chibs offered then started to rise from the bed.

“I’m alright, Scotty. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Ali love, that’s never an issue, and ye know it.”

Chibs went ahead and ran her that bath. He was testing the water when he felt his wife’s presence. He sighed, then peered back over his shoulder. She was on her crutches and making her way over.

“Ali, yer supposed ta wait for me.”

“Scotty, you got enough to worry about. I can get around just fine. I’m bein’ careful.”

Chibs shook his head as he helped her undress and took her brace off. He helped her into the tub then got her situated.

“Ye be careful when ye scrub that hair of yours. Don’t be moving that neck around.”


Chibs watched as she wet her hair. He squeezed a quarter size drop of shampoo into the palm of her hand but with this odd look about him.

“What?” Aislinn questioned.

“I’m gonna miss bathin’ ye,” Chibs uttered, and Aislinn giggled.

“Are ya takin’ the piss?”

“Nah, I mean it. There’s just somethin’ about it. Soapin’ ye down… touchin’ every part of ye.”

“Are ya sayin’ it turned you on?”

“Oh, yeah.” He murmured while soaping her breasts down and giving them a thorough massage.

He wiggled his brows after squeezing them together.

“You’re a mess.”

“Ye wouldn’t have me any other way, darlin’.”

Chibs dunked her head once she got it good and shampooed. He used his fingers to get the shampoo out and heard a knock on the door as he did.

“Hold on!” He hollered as he finished getting the shampoo out of her hair.

Aislinn giggled when he stood up and was rocking a hard-on. He adjusted himself, then poked his head out of the bathroom door. This way, whoever it was couldn’t see his wife in the tub.

“Hey, I’m callin’ for church.”

“Now?!” Chibs rather hissed, and Jax sighed.

“Sorry, brother. But we got some shit to wrap up.”

“Let me get me girl set up first.”

“Yeah, man. Take your time.” Jax respectfully put, and Chibs nodded before shutting the bathroom door.

“Duty calls?” Aislinn questioned, and Chibs nodded as he grabbed a towel.

He helped Aislinn to her feet then dried her off as she got out of the tub. Aislinn laughed when he dried her legs off but frenched kissed her pussy. That laughter turned into a moan, however. Chibs was having a difficult time pulling away. He dropped that towel then planted his hands along her ass. He rocked her against him so that she was humping his face. Chibs let out a bit of a growl after forcing himself away. He had to, or this would turn into another marathon and Jax would bitch his ass out.

“To be continued…” Chibs murmured after picking the towel back up.

Aislinn pouted in response and the Scot chuckled.

“Aye now… Trust me… Ye’ve no idea what yer in for, lass. Just remember, ye agreed ta lettin’ me play… So, I’m gonna play…”

The way he said this turned her on something fierce. Chibs was just about to head out when she reached out and stopped him. Chibs looked to her hand as it was wrapped around his arm. She pulled him back towards her then kissed him.

“I’m all yours…” She seductively whispered, then gave him a little push towards the door.

Chibs regarded his wife in disbelief, and Aislinn smiled.

“I can play too, Scotty…” She teased, and Chibs wished he had a pair of cuffs on him.

He’d cuff her to that bed and make her wait for him. But as these thoughts entered his mind, so did Fiona and what she did to Aislinn. Chibs grew somewhat disgusted with himself and Aislinn took notice of the look on his face.

“Is somethin’ wrong?”

“Just me own head… I’ll be back soon.”

“Scotty, is it because of Jimmy?”

Once again, she had him blown away. It’s like she was in his head. She always knew.

“Somewhat… I won’t lie, Ali. I can’t wait ta try these things with ye. But at the same time, I’m scared shiteless because of what ye’ve been through. I can’t hurt you. I mean it, Ali. The day I hurt you…”

“You won’t. I told you. I trust you. I know as long as I’m in your arms and you’re the one calling the shots, I’m safe. Nothin’ about that would ever change. So, don’t hold back. Show me what’s in that head of yours.”

Chibs caressed the apple of her cheek then kissed her forehead.

“Ye should know I’ve never had these thoughts about anyone. Yer the first, darlin’. I had those thoughts before I even knew about Jimmy. That’s how strongly it hit. But when I found out what he’d done…”

“Ya mean you thought about making me your submissive when ya first met me?!” Aislinn genuinely questioned, and Chibs seemed somewhat embarrassed.

“Aye.” He admitted, and Aislinn was the one blushing now.

“I never knew that.”

“Ali, I wanted ye in a bad fuckin’ way. Why do ye think I call ye my pet? And I don’t mean that in an abusive Fifty Shades kind of way. Fuck that shite!”

Chibs shook his head in thought. He hadn’t seen the movies or read the books. But he heard enough through Cara Cara. The Scot knew it was bad when Lyla complained about the male lead being abusive and rather psycho.

“More like I wanted ta put a goddamn leash on ye and claim ye right there. I didn’t want ole Bobby or Sack makin’ the moves on ye. Ye weren’t even mine, and I felt that territorial. Just the idea of another man lookin’ atcha the way I was… It did things ta me head. All I could think about was hurryin’ up and making that claim. But my own vices worked against me. I kept tellin’ myself ye was too young, and ye could never see me like that. But then I found out about Jimmy and… well, all those feelings had ta be put on hold. Even when we first got together, I knew I couldn’t fully act on my desires. I had to put all those thoughts on the back burner. Ye needed a gentle touch, not some possessive lover ready ta tie  ye up and hide ye in his basement. Ye had enough of that with Jimmy.”

“Scotty, what ye want and what Jimmy did are two different things. Jimmy wanted to hurt me. He got off on hurtin’ women. He didn’t want us screamin’ out of pleasure. He wanted us screamin’ out of torment. If ya was to take control like that, it wouldn’t be anythin’ close to what he did, and ya know it. Please don’t let what that man did to me ruin your desires. If you feel somethin’ act on it. Don’t hold back because of him or anyone else. I done gave ya the go-ahead. I wouldn’t do that unless I trusted you and knew I was in good hands.”

“I gotta get ta church before Jackie Boy skins me alive. But I just wanna say one thing… but don’t ye go and say anythin’ on it. Not until you’ve had time to think on it fully. Alright?”

“Okay…” Aislinn uttered in waiting.

How would ye honestly feel if I blindfolded ye and ate ye out? Or if I used silk ta tie ye up and fuck ye senseless?” Chibs placed a single finger on her lips, so she couldn’t answer that right away. The Scot knew cuffs and rope would never be an actual option. But he figured something like silk would make Aislinn feel safer and wouldn’t bring back those dreadful moments.

“I told ye not to answer that. Imma go to church and yer gonna answer that tonight when the timin’s right. I mean it, Ali. I really need ye to think on this. If there’s even the slightest bit of doubt in that head of yers, then we don’t need to follow through with anythin’ remotely close. I love ye and nothin’ about that is changin’. So, don’t ye go and think that if ye say ye’d be uncomfortable that we’re done, or our sex life is pretty much over cause that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ye need ta keep in mind how we first started out. We weren’t even havin’ sex, and I was perfectly fine with the way things were. All I wanted was ta be with ye, Ali. Nothin’ about that has changed. So, whether we try this or not… Yer still me girl and ye always will be.” Chibs exited the bathroom on this note and Aislinn leaned against the wall in thought.

“About time…” Jax muttered when Chibs entered the chapel.

“Ye told me to take my time.” The VP reminded, and Jax raised his brows on this.

“I didn’t mean you had time for a quickie.” The president witted, and Chibs shrugged.

“Ye should’ve specified those regulations.”

This had Jax chuckling in thought.

“Did you really?” He questioned with curiosity, and Chibs cut him a look.

“Ye really think I’d go and tell ye bastards about it if I did?!”

“Would you?” Tig pleaded, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Are we gonna get ta the meetin’ are we gonna sit here and talk about me sex life?!” Chibs rather snipped.

He would’ve finished that little eat out session and fucked his old lady if he had known he was walking into this shit. It would’ve been worth it then.

“He didn’t,” Jax confirmed with a smirk, and this had the Sons looking to their president in question.

“He wouldn’t be this pissy if he had gotten laid,” Jax added and Chibs flipped him off.

“I thought we had some shite to wrap up.” The VP bitterly put, and Jax chuckled.

“That we do.”

“Then why don’t ye get ta it boy and keep yer nose out of my biz.”

“Damn. You need to get laid!” Jax smarted, and Chibs grumbled under his breath.

“Alright…” Jax said before clearing his throat.

“First thing’s first… I’m closing shop for a few days. There’s just no way we can keep it going. We need all hands-on deck, and we got some funerals to set up. I know that’s going to hurt us, but I haven’t any doubt that we’ll be right back on track. Riona will get us back where we need to be, and we can bust ass from there. But right now… we need time to heal and time with our families. Piney, Neeta, Rat, and Juice will receive the proper SAMCRO send-off. Clay, Op, and Gemma… will be turned to ash and forgotten. Same with the prospect that was with Juice that night…” Jax said with a nod Happy’s direction.

“What was with that?” Chibs questioned.

Happy found some kiddie porn on the asshole’s laptop when he borrowed it. Only he wasn’t quite sure what it was at the time. Normal people don’t see half-naked kids and think sex. So, it didn’t dawn on Happy at first. It didn’t until later on when he caught the guy in the act.”

“The act?” Bobby questioned with a sneer.

“Yeah… The guy was staring at some kid at the park and taking questionable pictures.”

Everyone looked at Happy.

“Kid would bend over or go down the slide, and he’d take a kitty shot.” Happy said with absolute disgust.

“I’m surprised you didn’t kill him then!” Bobby said.

Happy shook his head. He couldn’t and would never say it. But that kid was no girl. He only made the kitty shot comment to throw his president off. The kid Happy was referring to was far more attached to the MC than they ever realized. That kid was none other than Abel Teller.

“Too many eyes.” Happy murmured.

Happy destroyed everything the prospect had, and he’d plans of torturing and killing him that night. But that was the night Clay shot the prospect instead. Happy hadn’t the heart to tell Jackson Teller that his son was a victim in something so vile. Happy only wished he could’ve gotten his hands on that prospect before Clay had. That was something Happy would take to the grave. He just couldn’t hurt Jax like that, and he couldn’t bear the thought of telling Riona or Aislinn. No. He just couldn’t do it. He’d rather everyone think it was some random kid.

There were a few moments of silence as the Sons’ processed everything.

“And I’m sure most of you know already, but AC, Ethan, and Leia have a fundraiser set up in Chibs and Aislinn’s name. All proceeds will go straight to them. This will help them rebuild…”

Jax narrowed his eyes; however, when he saw the bitter look on Chibs’s face.

“Somethin’ wrong?” The president questioned.

“I don’t want any of ye donatin’ ta it. This has gotten out of hand as it is.”

This had everyone, aside from Bobby rearing back in question. Bobby sighed, knowing Chibs would pull this.

“We talked about this, remember?” Bobby practically whispered, and Chibs shrugged.

“I’ll find another way. I can’t accept it, Bobby.”

“Is that so?” The sergeant challenged.


“And what are you going to tell your wife when you run out of money?”

“That’s my business.”

“Jesus,” Jax uttered while pinching his eyes shut.

“Take the money.” The president ordered.

“Nah, I said I’d find another way, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Chibs handed Bobby the envelope.

“I want ye ta go and give this ta Ali. She should know where it came from and why. I hadn’t anythin’ ta do with this.”

“And I told you to use it towards the wedding.” Bobby made clear.

“I can’t do that.”


“Because it wouldn’t be right.”

“Filip, you and Aislinn lost EVERYTHING!” Jax said in disbelief.

“Ye think I don’t know that! I promised that girl I’d take care of her. Now here she is knocked up, and livin’ under the MC roof!”

“We’ve all been there…” Jax hinted as to his own situation when Abel was first born.

He himself was living at this clubhouse and barely making ends meet.

“He’s right. We have.” Happy uttered surprising everyone.

“You’ve helped us and this club when we were running low on funds,” Jax added and everyone nodded in full agreement.

“Hell, over half that shit in the shop is what you donated, out of your own pocket. You fixed the roof, out of your own pocket. You have stitched our asses up and given us whatever meds we need, out of your own pocket. If a brother is hungry or needs help on a bill or with putting a fucking roof over his head… You’ve been there. Hell, I would know. I lived with you when I had nowhere else to go, when I needed to get away from Clay and my mother. I couldn’t stay at the clubhouse because we had a guest under SAMCRO protection at the time. Juice lived with you when he was evicted from his apartment. And you’re the one that had Gaines’s niece taken care of… It’s because of you and your church that her hospital bills were paid and she was given a proper burial.”

Chibs leaned back and shook his head.

“Filip, let us take care of you for once. Let us pull together as brothers. Let us give you that wedding and home you and Aislinn deserve. Let us worry about the bills, the wedding, and the house.”

“And have me girl look at me like I’m completely worthless?! Nah, I don’t think so.”

“Jesus, Filip. Do you even hear yourself? Do you think this low of the people you’ve helped?!” His president questioned.

“That’s different, and ye know it!”


“Because! It just is!”

“Wow… way to argue your point.”

“Jackie… ye don’t get it! Ye never will. None of ye do!”

“You’re wrong.” Bobby murmured with a sigh.

“Fiona really messed you up, didn’t she?” The sergeant added.

“What’s she got ta do with any of this?!”

“You know damn well what I’m talking about. Don’t even play that with me. She’s been on your mind ever since your house went up in flames and ever since that first hospital bill came in. You’re thinking about ole Jimmy, and how he paid for everything she ever needed, how he took care of her and the kid. How she shoved it in your face every time, you couldn’t afford something! So, she turned to Jimmy each fucking time, that’s what led to the affair. She wanted money and power, and Jimmy had both because he took those things away from you. Well, Jimmy’s dead and Fiona isn’t about to show her face again, not with the way you cut her up. But most importantly… Aislinn isn’t Fiona. Everyone here knows that. If she was… she would’ve left your ass already. She knows you haven’t a leg to stand on right now and she hasn’t gone anywhere. She isn’t going to either. You could be living on the fucking street, and that girl would follow.”

“Bobby’s right. Actually, I got a little story to tell you…” Happy said, and Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“You gotta promise you won’t tell her.” Happy said, and Chibs knew how serious it was when Happy said shit like that.

“Tell her what?”

“Promise first.” Happy made clear.

“It stays between us.” Chibs vowed.

Happy revealed the truth behind the ring and guitar. How they came up missing at the festival, how devastated Aislinn was, and how many hours she spent searching. He told Chibs about the Halestorm concert she missed and how she wasn’t coming back until she found that ring and guitar. Happy told Chibs about the lead singer of Halestorm. How Lzzy called Aislinn to the stage and how it went from there.

Chibs had this flabbergasted look about him, and Happy smiled.

“She didn’t want you to know that…” Happy made clear.

“She was so upset. She fucking threw up and was blaming herself for her shit getting hawked.”

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered in thought.

“I could’ve bought her a new damn ring and guitar.”

“We told her that. But she didn’t want a new ring or guitar. She wanted the ones you gave her. She’s sentimental. Money is the last thing on her mind.” Happy confirmed and everyone nodded in agreement.

“So, what’s it going to be?” Jax questioned, and Chibs glanced that direction.

“You gonna let us help or not?”

“Fine. But only for me girl’s sake.”

“Whatever you say, Filip… We’ll get the word out and see what we can build for you guys.” Jax declared.

Bobby stuffed the five grand into Chibs’s cut then patted that area.

“Wedding…” Bobby reiterated, and Chibs sighed.

“Actually, that’s rather brilliant. Focus on the wedding, and by the time it gets here, everything else should be sorted out if not damn near.” Jax said.

“See?!” Bobby uttered with a grin.

“Weddin’ it is,” Chibs uttered, and Bobby patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s gonna be alright. We got you and Aislinn taken care of.” Jax made clear.

“Alright, now that we’ve got that sorted out… I wanna bring a couple more things to the table.”

“Those bein’?”

“Reaper Row, AC, and Ethan…”

The Sons’ regarded their president in wonder.

“I say it’s time we make a deal with AC. Ethan’s co-owner now, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince AC to let us in.”

“You mean like a partnership?” Bobby asked.

“Yeah. A partnership between the bar and SAMCRO. You remember Happy’s Reaper Row idea…?”

Everyone nodded.

“Well, we gotta start somewhere, and the bar is our best bet. If we can snag some sort of percentage there, then we can move on to the rest of the block. There are a few empty buildings too. We could look into buying them and see what we can build from there. It’s gonna take some work, HONEST day’s hard work. But that’s the point… We’re going back to our original roots. To the vision, my father saw when he first created SAMCRO. No more dealing in guns, drugs, prostitution… We’re a motorcycle club. That’s what we deal in… We can tackle a bar, tattoo shop, motorcycle shop, what have you… We can do this. Let’s show Charming what we’re really about, and we’ll keep up the fight! No more gangs, no more drugs. None of those things are welcome. My father meant for us Crows to be protectors. The only time the reapers should come into play is if this town or our loved ones are in danger. Mr. Mayhem pays a visit only when necessary, and we all know what I mean by that. No more bloodshed, no more death, all that ended with Clay. Does anyone in this room have a problem with that?”

This had the Sons’ looking to one another and shaking their heads no.

“Alright, we’ll vote on Reaper Row, and the deal with AC before the meeting is over. But there is something else I’d like to bring to your attention.”

Jax lit a cigarette then took a long drag before blurting out his name.

“Ethan Lawless….”

“What about him?” Chibs questioned.

“I think it’s safe to say it’s time to go ahead and bump him up. Having Ethan as a prospect seems like a waste considering how much military experience he has, and he’s more than proved himself. Now I don’t mean that in the immediate sense. No. Like us, Ethan will have to go through a series of trials. Only his will be a little more complicated than most. But that’s needed if were going to patch him in sooner than most prospects.”

“Ye really think he’ll do those trials without pitchin’ a fit and goin’ on about how he’s no one’s bitch?” Chibs questioned, and Jax chuckled in thought.

“I doubt it. But we’ll find out.”

“What have ye in mind?”

“I was thinking of a couple oddball missions… ones to make him question why he even agreed to become a prospect.”

“Ah, humiliation…” Kip murmured in memory.

“Exactly. But we’ll save the real doozy for last. See if he’ll crack under pressure once he’s at his wit’s end…”

“Sounds good to me,” Bobby uttered with a grin.

“He’s not one to crack.” Happy firmly put.

“You sure about that?”

“Yeah. He’ll get fucking pissed, but that only adds to his determination.”

“Interesting… Let’s see it.” Jax said, and everyone nodded in agreement.

Jax brought up the court hearings as well as Abel’s birthday and his and Riona’s honeymoon. Everyone voted yay on the Reaper Row idea and on making a deal with AC. It was during this meeting Jax received a call letting him know that everything was set up for Piney, Juice, Rat, and Neeta’s funerals. They were going to hold a service for all four, on the same day. Jax had everyone vote on an actual day. He hung up once they had that set up. Once he finished with that phone call, the president dismissed everyone.

“I can’t get over how adorable he is!” Aislinn said as Mayhem licked her nose.

“Yeah, he really cute. Right, Aunt Linny?!”

“He sure is! If I wasn’t expectin’, I’d ask for one myself.”

“I bet you could handle one dog and one baby!” Riona said, and Aislinn lifted her eyes on this.

“Well if I was havin’ one baby maybe…” She rather hinted, and it took a moment for her sister to catch on.

Wait… what?”

Aislinn smiled then handed the puppy back to Abel.

“Aye, it seems as if Scotty and I are expectin’ twins!”

“You’re kiddin’.’”

“No. Not a wee bit!”

“That is crazy! They go from tellin’ ya you can’t have children to “you’re havin’ twins”!” Riona squealed, and Aislinn laughed at her sister’s reaction.

“I can’t believe you’re gonna have two babies! How will they even fit in there?!” Riona reached over and gave her sister’s tummy a little squeeze.

“Ah, you’re gonna have the cutest baby belly!”

“Cute?!” Aislinn scoffed, and her sister nodded.

“Aye, Chibs is goin’ to love it!”

“Ya think my man’s gonna love my pot belly?”

“It’s not gonna be a pot belly, Linny. It’s gonna be a wee baby belly!”

“You’s going to have two babies, Aunt Linny?!” Abel asked overhearing his aunt and mother talking.

“Aye, that’s right!”

“So, you really is going to have a baby, but you is going to have TWO babies!” Abel excitably expressed, and his mother and aunt laughed.

“I will help take care of them. I gonna be like a big brother!”

“I’d love that.”

“Me too. I can’t wait to see your babies, Aunt Linny. They is going to be so cute!” Abel said while hugging his puppy.

“Is you going to have boys or girls?”

“Not sure yet… Too soon to tell.”

“What if you have one boy and one girl?” Abel asked.

“I’d be perfectly fine with that.”

“You’re gonna have two boys, and they’re gonna be a handful.” Her sister uttered and Aislinn laughed.

“That’s what Scotty said.”

“Just you wait…” Riona said with a smirk.

Aislinn ran a hand along her stomach in thought.

Ethan pulled into the parking lot and waved as he drove past them. He parked just a few feet away then hopped out with a bag of fast food.

“Whatcha got?” Riona curiously questioned.

“Fish and chips!” Ethan raised his brows; however, when his younger sister covered her mouth and backed away from him.

“What?!” He questioned in wonder.

“Uh oh…” Riona said, just before her sister vomited.

“EWWWW!” Abel hollered then pointed towards the puke on the asphalt.

“I was hungry…” Ethan uttered with a curled lip.

“You better get that food inside,” Riona said, and Ethan looked to his bag in question.

“I think the fish is makin’ Linny sick.”

“Aunt Linny no like fish?” Abel questioned in confusion.

“More like her babies don’t…” Riona did her best to hint, and Abel reared back on this.

“Her babies get sick?! But they’s in her tummy, mommy!”

Ethan took the boy by the hand then led him into the clubhouse. Riona escorted her sister into the office where they got her cleaned up.

“So… that’s a no to eggs and fish.” Aislinn weakly murmured as she laid down on the office couch.

“Fraid so…” Riona, however, thought back to when her sister first threw up.

“Blood…” Riona muttered under her breath.


“Eggs, fish, and blood…”


“Aye, there was a lot of it in that basement, Linny. I think it got to ya!”

“You maybe onto somethin’…” Aislinn said as she remembered the copper smell.

She hadn’t realized it had gotten to her. Then again, a lot was going on that day.

“I think certain scents trigger your morning sickness,” Riona said while getting her sister a cup of water from the cooler.

Riona got on the office phone then called for a couple prospects to clean up the vomit on the asphalt. Aislinn snorted once her sister hung up the phone.


“You really are the queen!” Her sister teased and Riona smiled.

“Well, they’re there for a reason,” Riona said while handing her sister the water.

Aislinn sat up and slowly sipped on it.

“Better?” Riona questioned.

“Aye, not feelin’ it now that the smell is gone.”

“I figured… Good thing is we found the source. Well, for the most part. I’m sure you’ll discover others, but at least ya know to stay away from those three things so far!”

Aislinn nodded but was looking to the cross around her wrist.

“I’m surprised you’re still wearin’ that.” Her sister softly admitted.

“Me too…” Aislinn uttered with a sigh.

Aislinn took the necklace off her wrist then held it up in the air.

“What are ya goin’ to do with it?”

“I suppose I’ll put it away somewhere. I haven’t the heart to rid of it. Besides, it’s the memories that matter, right?” Aislinn said but sounded like she was saying that more for herself than her sister.

“I’m sorry.”

“It is what it is… Should’ve seen it comin’ I suppose. I just can’t believe he went and turned his back on Scotty like that. His own cousin and all because of me…”

“Aye well, they were a bit estranged before ya even came into the picture, love.”


“Why don’t I hold on to it for ya? Give ya some time to think on it.”

“Would you mind?”

“Not at all.”

Aislinn handed the necklace Brodie had given her to her sister, and Riona put it in her pocket for now.

“Ya got enough to think about. I’ll make certain it’s in a safe place, when you’re ready for it, just let me know.”

Aislinn gave a simple nod then finished her water.

“Um… hello… sheriff.” Pepper uttered after answering his hotel door.

“Ethan told me you’d be here…” She said while handing over an envelope.

Pepper stepped aside, allowing her in. Dinah welcomed herself to the hotel table while Pepper opened the envelope.

“I’m surprised you’re the one delivering this?”

“More like I stopped it from getting mailed off to Ireland. Won’t do you a bit of good down there. Doubt you’d want to miss the date.”

“No. Not particularly. Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Is there something else?” Pepper questioned while pouring them both a cup of coffee.

“Cream? Sugar?”

“Just sugar.” She uttered, and Pepper nodded.

“I thought you’d like to know your ped of a brother is being taken care of…” She did her best to hint, and Pepper raised his brows as he handed her coffee over.

“Let’s just say that son-in-law of yours has his connections and it’s a reap what you sow kind of ordeal.”

“Good. Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.” Pepper bitterly put.


Pepper sat across from the sheriff at the table, and the two sipped at their coffee. Dinah cleared her throat, however, and Pepper leaned back with curiosity.

“I hope you realize how important this date is…” Dinah softly uttered.

“I do.”

“They need you there, Mr. Lawless. That’s their only saving grace. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly. I won’t do anything to jeopardize my girls’ citizenship.”

“I would hope not.” The sheriff said while coming to her feet.

“Do you plan on staying until the hearing?”

“Well yeah…” Pepper uttered as if to say ‘duh’.

“Just making sure.” The sheriff made clear.

“I’ll talk to the manager and see if they can cut you some sort of deal on the room. Looks like you’ll be staying longer than intended.”

Pepper gave a simple nod. The sheriff exited the room then locked up behind her. Pepper looked to the date once again and gave a miserable laugh. The date was on his youngest daughter’s birthday. If that wasn’t a sure sign that his daughter was cursed, he didn’t know what was. He wasn’t sure how to go about telling her — nothing like spending your birthday in court and with your perverted uncle.

“Dammit…” Pepper muttered under his breath.

The girls glanced towards the office door as there was a knock. Aislinn had fallen asleep on the couch, and Riona was getting caught up on some work with the Teller-Telford site.

“Come in,” Riona called while sending her sister an apologetic glance as whoever it was woke her.

“I’ve been asleep for two hours?!” Aislinn said while sitting up in surprise.

Aislinn saw the dragon on the couch beside her and knew that must’ve been Abel’s doing.

“Don’t ya do it. Your crutches are way over here!” Riona scolded as her sister was in attempts to stand up on her own.

Jax entered the room, and was quick to sit his sister-in-law back down.

“You heard her…” He scolded but with a playful wink.

Aislinn let out a miserable sigh. Jax sat beside her then leaned back on the couch.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He softly uttered, and Aislinn regarded her brother-in-law in question.


“Yeah, you,” Jax confirmed with a smirk.

“It’s about Tommy.”


“Aislinn, I’m not quite sure where to begin. First off…” Jax threw her off when he reached over and pulled her in for a hug.

Riona smiled from her chair but kept quiet.

“I meant to do that back at the hospital. I’m sorry. You have no idea how relieved I am that you and Chibs are okay. Look at me…” Jax said after pulling away.

He planted his hands along her cheeks.

“Filip… he’s going through something… And he’s gonna need your full support, Aislinn.”

“Going through somethin’?” She asked with a touch of panic.

“Just typical man shit. Between us… Fiona did a real number on him.”

Aislinn frowned at the mention of her name, and Jax gave a nervous chuckle as he lowered his hands.

“Let’s just say he isn’t taking all this help you two are receiving very well. He sees it as a knock towards his ability to take care of you and your unborn children. Just as any man would. I’ve been there… with Abel. So, I get where he’s coming from. But this is a little different in the sense that I didn’t have a woman in my life at that point, not one I truly gave a damn about. Chibs, however, does and the last marriage he was in…”

“All about money.” Aislinn murmured.


“But he knows I’m not like that!”

“That he does. But that doesn’t make him feel it any less. Now I don’t want him knowing I came to you about this. But I figured you could help if you knew how he was feeling.”

“Aye, I’ll get him where he needs to be.”

“I know you will.”

“But I’m confused…”


“You said this was about Tommy? But ya talked about my husband.”

“Yeah, I got off track a bit,” Jax admitted.

“Look, what I’m about to say is kind of crazy, but that doesn’t make it any less true. And I know from your own experience, you’ll believe me.”

“Believe what?”

Riona listened in as her husband told her sister all about his time in purgatory. He talked about his conversation with Thomas and JT. Aislinn sent her sister a cocky grin then pointed her direction.


Riona sighed.

“Your husband totally had a Chris Nielsen moment!!!”

“Who?!” Jax questioned, and Riona laughed.

“That was the man’s name from the movie I told ya about – What Dreams May Come. It’s one of Linny’s favorites.”

“Oh, I see. Guess I’ll have to watch that one. Anyhow…”

Jax got to the part about his father and how his brother dealt with that. But he had Aislinn thrown for a loop when she found out the truth behind Thomas and how he was the one keeping himself there.

“That’s crazy!”

“Right?! He had dad pulled out of there the whole time, Aislinn! My brother was right; that place sucks you in. Tommy hadn’t a clue. It’s like they switched places or something… even dad said that.”

“How awful.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

“He’s still crazy about you, you know…”

Aislinn lifted her head on this.

“That’s right. Said he didn’t want to leave when he first visited you. That you were just as beautiful as the day he first met you. My brother had it bad, darlin’. I’m not lying when I said there would’ve been some competition between him and Chibs.”

“That would’ve been interestin’.” Riona softly uttered, and her husband laughed.

“That’s no lie.” Jax added.

“Aye well, not much. Scotty has me, heart and soul. I think Thomas would’ve seen that himself if he were still with us.” Aislinn said with a warm smile.

“Oh, he knows… and you’ve said something along those lines before.”

This had both girls attention now, and Jax laughed.

“He and the old man agree that Chibs is deserving of your affections, so to speak.”

“So, they can see us?!”

“Not sure how all that works, to be honest.”

Riona gathered this cat that ate the canary like grin and Jax took notice through the corner of his eye.


“I’m guessin’ you’re not a heathen now?”

“Somethin’ like that…” Jax uncomfortably murmured.

“Wait… What?!” Aislinn asked, and her sister sighed.

“Long story.”

“It really isn’t.” Jax fired back, and Riona raised her brows in protest.

“Em okay…” Aislinn uttered in question.

“You hear that?” Jax questioned as he and his wife were lying in bed.

“Hear what?” She asked while flipping through one of her books.

Jax looked at the book with a frown.

“Why do you read that romance shit? Am I not romantic enough for ya?!”

Riona lowered her book then looked to her husband.

“Maybe I’m gettin’ pointers.”

“From other men?!” Jax slightly hissed, and Riona laughed.

“Are ya seriously jealous over fictional men?”

“No. That’s just stupid.” Jax rather pouted, and his wife died of laughter.

Jax crawled on out of bed however then grabbed his knife and gun.

“What are ya, doin’?!” Riona whispered.

“I think someone’s in the house.”

“So, you’re goin’ out there bare-arsed and guns a-blazin’?! What if it’s Abel?!”

“Trust me. It isn’t.”

“How do you know?!”

“I would’ve heard his door crack open.”

Riona sighed as her husband headed for the bedroom door. She turned another page, and Jax shook his head.

“If I fuck you will you put that stupid shit down?”

Riona looked to be in thought.

“Maybe…” She said with a teasing grin, and Jax chuckled.

“Alright, let me kill our intruder first.”

“I’ll be waitin’!”

Jax inched his way towards the living room entrance but froze when he saw someone sitting on their couch and with the lamp on. Jax narrowed his eyes then aimed his gun that direction.

“What the fuck…” He whispered once he recognized the person.

The man had one of the president’s white Nike’s and was scrubbing it. Jax stepped out from his hiding spot, and the man lifted his eyes that direction.

“Guess I wasn’t discreet as I thought.”

“What the fuck are you doing, Tex?”

“What’s it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like you broke into my house and are cleaning my motherfucking shoes…”

“You’d be correct!” Ethan said while applying some sort of military-grade shoe cleaner to Jax’s Nike.

Jax watched in sheer amazement as it lifted the blood stains right out of the shoe.

“Damn. What is that stuff?”

“Powerful shit, huh?”

Jax nodded, and Ethan lifted his eyes once again.

“Are we just going to ignore the fact that you’re naked?”

“Well, you did break into my house…”

“Still, could you maybe put a pillow or book in front of ‘it’?! My sister might wanna see that shit, but I don’t.”

“You sure about that?” Jax mocked, and Ethan rolled his eyes.

“Look, asshole. I won’t be long. So, you can go back to bed. I’ll lock up before I leave.”

“But why?”

“So no one breaks in?!” Ethan said with a smirk.

“Funny, but no. I meant, why are you here and cleaning my fucking shoes?”

“Just am,” Ethan said with a shrug.

He set the first shoe down then started on the second.

“I didn’t know they were your brother’s, man…” Ethan softly explained, and Jax nodded.

“Thanks…” Jax uttered.

“No prob. Like I said, I won’t be long. Think you can save the fucking for when I leave though?” Ethan said letting Jax know he heard all that.

Jax shook his head but laughed.

“We’ll see…” The president muttered before heading back to the bedroom.

“What was it?” Riona questioned.

Jax started to answer but froze. The president walked towards the bed. He bent down, then snatched the book out of his wife’s hand. Riona smiled once he saw the cover.

“Did you seriously…”

“Aye! You like?!”

Jax died of laughter. His wife replaced the man on the front cover with a shirtless picture of him instead. She had it taped to the front.

“I like this book a lot better!”

“Me too!”

“So, what’s his story about?”

Jax uttered while hovering over her and kissing along her neck.

“Ah, some American man from a town called Charming.”

“Is that so?” Jax questioned while he continued that trail of kisses.

“Aye, he’s a bit of a mess. Hot-headed too! Smokes. Drinks. Ya know – the works…”

“Like him already.” Jax murmured, and Riona snorted.

“He’s a wee bit rough around the edges, but he’s got a heart of gold. He’s utterly selfless and would do anythin’ for his family.”

Jax stopped what he was doing, and his eyes locked with hers. Riona smiled, then combed her fingers through his hair.

“But is he good in the sack…?”

“Oh, the best! All the other men envy him, and all the women want him.”

“Is that so?”


“Hmmm… Let me guess. He’s only got eyes for one woman, but she puts him through literal hell and is a major pain in the ass!” Jax teased, and Riona’s jaw dropped.

Jax laughed when she hit him with a pillow. Riona started to say something, only to have Jax plant himself over her. He clamped a hand over her mouth.

“We both know I have that backward. This man is always the pain, and he’s the one groveling at this woman’s feet, praying to God he’s worthy of her someday.”

Jax tossed the book onto the floor. The president wanted to laugh when he heard Ethan leave. He could picture his prospect running for that door. Riona moved her husband’s hand.

“Did you hear that?!”

“Yeah, we’re good.”


“Shhh….” Jax whispered, then shushed her with his lips.

A/N: (Props to 4padfoot. She sent me the pictures with the dog and Spider-Man. I had to use them for this story. Thank you!)

Also, to those who may be concerned about Chibs… I don’t do abusive Fifty Shades shit in my stories. That will NOT be a factor. A true dom doesn’t go out their way to humiliate or abuse their submissive. Not a knock towards Fifty Shades fans just not a Mr. Grey fan. He was a rich little douchebag in my opinion. I own a couple movies and the last one where she tells him she’s pregnant ruined it. Complete psychopath lol. Though I felt the belt one drew the line. I should’ve taken that as a sign not to watch them after that!

Chapter 53 should be up within a day or two. Editing it now.





7 thoughts on “Chapter 52 – Free Birds”

  1. Poor Chib, his ex did a hell of a job on him.. he has to understand that Ali is loved by her fans and would probably help out anyway they can if she was in trouble the same with him along with the his *brothers*. He sin’t worthless by any means he is just down on his luck at the moment and he needs help whether he wants to admit it or not.

    Morning sucks big time. i pity ali fight now every little thing can and will set of her sickness anything strong smiling and the best way to counter is is to have 7up or Sprite along with saltine or oyster crackers to nibble on.(coke and crackers worked for me in the morning). Hopefully it will pass soon for her.

    the pictures Neeta took were amazing she had a true gift and a promising future it sucks that her future was cut down by some racists son of bitches. but for her to sacrifice herself for jax knowing that they weren’t going to make it took a hell of a lot of courage in my eyes and i believe Jax felt the same

    Your muse has done it again entertained me while i was awake at an ungodly hour lol and i appreciate this more than you know I hope you have more coming soon because you have a faithful reader right here Until next time *bows*

    (lets out the bitey dogs to play and to protect abel and mayhem.)

    1. Yay! You’re back. You got two more chapters before you’re caught up lol. But sleep and come back to it when you have the time. Missed your reviews but family always comes first. Love ya! ❤ Hope all is well and getting better for you and yours.

  2. I’m glad Chibs and Aislinn had a frank conversation about their sex life. Kinda rare nowadays. Poor Abel. So grown up yet still 5 at times. I kinda like the moment with Bobby and Dinah. Nice to see him having a tiny breakthrough. Dinah is….amazing. fillip…u r a stubborn arse. Just let people help u! I like the ending of the chapter. Ethan is sweet and Jax is…well Jax lol. Just love it

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