Chapter 55 Back In The Saddle

Chapter 55 – Back in the Saddle 

“Dr. Brown says your x-rays were normal. Meaning, you don’t need that brace anymore!”

“Well, there ye go, darlin’. Take that thing off!” Chibs uttered once the physical therapist gave Aislinn the go-ahead.

The therapist laughed when Aislinn took the brace off and tossed it into a nearby waste bin.

“You could’ve used that again, you know.” The woman said, and Aislinn shrugged.

“Let’s hope I don’t have to!”

“Fair enough. I say we reduce your sessions to twice a week now.” The therapist said after signing off on one of Aislinn’s medical forms.

“If you notice any swelling, discomfort, or develop a fever, let us know, immediately.” The woman said while feeling Aislinn’s neck with her fingers.

“Everything looks great. I think you’re ready to go! I’ll see you back in…” The woman looked at a nearby calendar on the wall.

“How’s Thursday sound?”

“Sounds good,” Aislinn replied.

“Excellent. We’ll see you then. I’ll let the receptionist know.”

            Aislinn came to her feet. Chibs placed his hand along the small of her back as they exited the hospital.

“Guess this means I better answer your question now,” Aislinn said.

Chibs opened the passenger side door for her.

“Question?” He murmured, looking slightly lost.

“Aye, the one ya asked a while back.”

This had the Scot tilting his head in question. He couldn’t think of what it was, not for the life of him. Aislinn giggled at the confused look on his face.

“I’ll remind ya once you’re inside.”

“Okay…” Chibs murmured before heading to the driver’s side.

There was a moment of silence as he waited for Aislinn to tell him what she was referring to.

“You really don’t remember, do ya?” She questioned in surprise.

“Fraid not, pet.”

“And to think, ya were a nervous wreck!”

The Scot narrowed his eyes, and his wife giggled.

“Yer bein’ a pain in me arse, ye know that, right?!”

“Aye!” She said, and Chibs smiled.

“Ye gonna tell me what it is yer answerin’?” He impatiently put.

“Well, I can tell you this much… It involves silk and a blindfold!”

Chibs froze on her words, and Aislinn nodded.

“Now, ya remember!”

“Aye, I do.” Chibs softly uttered then cleared his throat.

“I figured ye didn’t answer because ye didn’t want to. I wasn’t about ta bring it up again and put ye on the spot, love.” Her husband admitted.

“I can only imagine how ye must’ve…” He added, looking somewhat ashamed of himself.

Aislinn could see the torment written all over his face as he ran his hands along that steering wheel.

“Aye now, Scotty. I want ya to do those things.” She interrupted with a blush.

“Are ye sure about that, pet?!”

“Aye, I only waited because I wanted the brace off before I said anythin’. Sorry, Scotty, I didn’t mean for ya to think I wasn’t into those things…”

Chibs stared straight ahead and was lost in thought. Aislinn raised her brows once she saw how hard her husband was.

“Easy Scotty, you’re gonna rip through!”

The Scot looked down and chuckled.

“I just might.” He admitted while shaking his head.

Chibs had put that whole conversation out of his head. Chibs took her silence as the answer he needed and didn’t want to push the issue any further. He loved Aislinn, no matter her decision and that’s why he let it go. There was more to life. Besides, there were other means when it came to spicing up their sex lives. Not that it really needed spicing up. Aislinn made one of the rarities in women that actually enjoyed having sex with her husband. Chibs heard women complain all the time about having to have sex like it was some sort of chore. Chibs wondered why they married those particular men in the first place if it was that bad.

The Scot lifted his wife’s denim skirt then pulled her into his lap. He brushed her hair back with his fingers. Chibs kissed the scar along her neck afterward. That kiss led to a trail going on down her white tank top. Chibs lowered the straps and continued.

“Scotty…” She whispered with another blush as they were in the parking lot still.

The Scot buried his face within her breasts then let out a frustrated sigh.

“Yer drivin’ me crazy, Ali.” He whispered like he was in agony.

“Am I?” She teased while grinding against him.

Chibs got a firm grip on her hips and moved her about in a more vigorous manner. This led to a heated make-out session. The windows were fogging up, and Chibs had his hands up her skirt. The Scot was pulling her panties aside when his cellphone rang. Chibs rolled his eyes but went ahead and answered.

“Aye?” He murmured while unbuckling his SAMCRO belt buckle.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Chibs sent her a wink once he had her “situated”. Chibs managed to hold a conversation with his president while he had his wife riding his cock. Aislinn let a moan slip, however, and Chibs was quick to cover her mouth. He could feel her giggling against his palm. The Scot shook his head but with a grin.

“Are you serious right now?!” Aislinn heard Jax scold on the other end.

Chibs cleared his throat before answering that.

“Pretty serious, Jackie.” The VP taunted, and the president sighed on the other end.

“You could’ve told me you were busy…”

“Alright, I’m busy,” Chibs muttered before hanging up.

Chibs laid Aislinn down then lifted her tank top up past her elbows. He looped it around the door handle so that her hands were bound above her head. Before Aislinn could even think about what was taking place, Chibs had her panties off. His face was buried between her legs. She was taken back by her husband’s reaction to giving him the go-ahead. She’d never seen him like this. The man was in another world and with this possessive, yet animalistic vibe to him. Aislinn could not only hear but feel him moaning against her clit. Chibs accidentally honked the horn a couple of times. Aislinn snorted when he shrugged it off and got himself positioned over her. She just knew they were going to end up arrested for indecent exposure or worse. But Aislinn didn’t care at this point. Seeing her husband like this had her head swimming, in the best of ways.

The Scot leaned into her ear as he fucked her.

“Ye’ve no idea what this is doin’ ta me.” The Scot grunted.

“Look at me, pet.”

Aislinn lifted her eyes and Chibs’s locked with hers.

“I’m the only man ye’ve ever been with. That only makes me want this even more. Ali, I want me way with ye. So, I can show ye everythin’ ye’ve been missin’.” Chibs grabbed that tank top then tightened the hold it had on her.

Chibs wasn’t a bit surprised when he felt her come. He saw it on her face the moment he pulled on that tank top. Chibs had her right where he wanted. That knowledge alone had Chibs following suit and throwing his head back in a finish.

“That’s just a preview of what’s ta come, pet. I truly hope yer ready…” He breathlessly warned.

Jax shook his head the moment his VP entered the garage.

“What?!” Chibs taunted with a smirk.

“You know what… Why’d you even pick up, man?”

“Guess I was mixin’ business with pleasure. You’d know alllll about that, now wouldn’t ye, Jackie boy!”

The president sighed, knowing his VP had him there. It was no secret that Jax had his “lunch” in the office, on multiple occasions. Everyone knew not to even think about approaching that door when Jax was in there with Riona. Chibs grabbed a clipboard and got to work. Jax peeked out of the garage and saw Aislinn pushing his son on the swing. Aislinn had been keeping an eye on Abel when Riona was working in the office.

“I’m guessing she’s brace-free now?” Jax curiously questioned.

“Aye, they let her take it off today.” Chibs murmured as he was looking under the hood of a truck.

“That explains a lot…” Jax hinted, and Chibs chuckled.

“Alright, I’m off,” Jax said as his and Dinah’s hearing was today.

“Good luck!” Chibs hollered.

Jax adjusted his tie then headed for his bike.

“BYE, DADDY!” Abel hollered as his father drove past them on his Harley.

Jax waved Abel and Aislinn’s direction. They waved in return and Aislinn went back to pushing Abel on the swing.

Pepper pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot, just as Jax was leaving. In fact, he and Jax waved at one another as they passed by.

“Your daddy here,” Abel said while pointing to Pepper’s truck.

“Aye, he sure is!” Aislinn said.

She hadn’t the heart to correct Abel on that one. That man wasn’t her father and hadn’t been since their mother passed away. Pepper parked beside Chibs’s truck. He hopped out then made his way over.

“Hey…,” He softly greeted.

“Hey.” Aislinn greeted in return.

She lifted Abel off the swing. The young woman set him down, then squatted down to the boy’s level.

“There’s some fruit snacks in the cupboard by the sink. Your juices are in the fridge. Why don’t ya take a little break and I’ll be there in a wee bit?”

“Okay,” Abel said, then darted into the clubhouse.

“Kid’s all legs now! How’d that happen?” Pepper asked, looking somewhat stunned.

“Well, he did have a birthday just a few days ago.” Aislinn wasn’t about to dive into the whole ordeal behind Abel’s birthday and how they missed the actual day.

“He did?!” Pepper questioned.

He was a little hurt that he wasn’t invited but understood all the same.

“Look, kid, we gotta talk.” Pepper uncomfortably murmured.


“The court date.”

“Ya mean because it falls on my birthday?” She surprisingly put, and Pepper reared back on this.

“Everyone gets a copy ya know…” She reminded.

“Right…” Pepper muttered feeling stupid all of a sudden.

“Ironic you showed just as Jax was leavin’ for court himself.”

“That explains the tie I thought he was wearing. I’m sorry. I could always see about having it changed.” Pepper offered.

“Don’t. That’d only prolong the hearin’. I’d rather get it over with.”

“Are you sure?”

“Aye. Besides, it’s just another day, Pepper. I’ll be fine.”

“Aislinn, your birthday is something to celebrate.”

“No, it isn’t. Hasn’t been for years.” She rather snipped, and Pepper sighed. It didn’t matter what he said. She’d always feel that way.

“Got the brace off I see.” He said, thinking it best to change the subject.

“Aye, I can feel the wind on me neck now!” She teased, and Pepper laughed.

“I won’t keep you. Just thought I’d let you know about the date…”

Pepper was headed for his truck when Aislinn gathered his attention once again.

“Would ya like some coffee?” She unexpectedly offered.

Pepper pivoted around, with this stunned expression.

“Are you sure?” He awkwardly questioned.

“Wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t.”

“I’d love some coffee.”

“Aye, well follow me.” She said while heading into the clubhouse.

“Now that doesn’t look like fruit snacks!” Aislinn exclaimed as Abel had a big bowl of ice cream.

The boy smiled as he took a bite.

“Sneaky lil cuss, aren’t ya!” She said while grabbing another spoon from a drawer.

Aislinn reached over and stole a bite.

“That my ice cream, Aunt Linny!”

“Em, ice cream I didn’t give ya permission to have!”

“But you doesn’t say I can’t either…” Abel wittedly put.

“I suppose you have me there.”

Pepper sat beside Abel at the bar and Aislinn handed her father a cup of coffee.

“Does you lives in Charming now?” Abel innocently questioned, gathering Pepper’s attention.

“No. I live in Ireland. I’ll be heading home in a couple months or so.”

“Oh, okays.”

“Where’s your brother and sister?” Pepper asked Aislinn.

“Ethan’s workin’ in the shop and Riona’s in the office.”

“My mommy run the website.”

“She does?!” Pepper questioned in surprise.

Abel nodded and with a prideful grin.

“Yeah, she make really cool stuff. Daddy say she smart and a computer geek.”

Aislinn snorted into her coffee.

“Well, he’s not wrong.”

“Your sister can build websites?” Pepper questioned in sheer amazement.

“Aye, she did that for years back in Ireland.”

“Never knew that.”

“Aye, it was her job. Well, ONE of her jobs. She’s good, real good.”

Pepper sipped at his coffee in thought.

“Aunt Linny?”


“Is your daddy a good daddy now or he still bad?”

Pepper couldn’t help but recoil on the boy’s words. This had the man regarding his daughter in thought. Aislinn tilted her head and seemed to be looking him over.

“Looks like he’s having a good day today.”

“So, he a good daddy??”

“So far…”

“That good,” Abel said with a smile Pepper’s direction.

Abel hopped down from the bar then washed his bowl out at the sink.

“Thank you!” Aislinn said.

“You is welcome. I gonna go play now.” Abel said while pointing towards his toys.

“Alright, love.”

“So, you and your husband are staying here for now?”

That felt so strange to Pepper – using the term husband when it came to anything pertaining to his youngest daughter. He remembered how she used to feel about marriage, let alone men. Pepper knew a large part of that was his doing. He’d never forgive himself. If it wasn’t for the other men in his daughters’ lives, there’s no telling how they would’ve turned out. As much as he hated to admit it, Pepper knew Chibs and Jax were perfect fits for his daughters, and they went above and beyond when it came to their needs. But he did agree with Ethan about Chibs being a bit too old for Aislinn, but there wasn’t much they could do about it. Chibs took care of her, and that’s all that mattered in the end. As for Ethan, there was no denying that he’d taken Pepper’s place. Ethan meant it when he said he’d do anything for those girls. He proved that day by day. Pepper knew that was karma making its rounds after denying Ethan’s request to be in his sisters’ lives.

“Aye, until we can rebuild.”

“Riona tells me you’re expecting twins?”


“That’s something… Gonna have your hands full.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“That seems so foreign to me, you know.”

“What’s that?”

“My baby having babies.” Pepper damn near whispered.

“Aye well, I haven’t been your baby for a while now.”

“We’ve been over this…” Pepper sadly reminded.

“Another cup?” Aislinn offered as Pepper was about done with his.

That and she didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“Nah, I better get going. I was going to pop in and see how your brother and sister were before I left.”

Pepper was headed for the door when Aislinn called to him. The man peered back in wonder.

“What are ya wantin’ us to do with all that land?” She asked, sounding overwhelmed by the thought.

“I already told you. I don’t care. Hell, it might be in your best interest to sell it. It’d take some time to get the money. But it’d be a good investment. It’d get you and your husband back on your feet. I suggest you sit down with your brother and sister and see what they want to do. I doubt any of you will keep any land. Wouldn’t make sense with you living your lives here now…”

“But ma…” Aislinn reminded.

Their mother was buried on that land. That’s what made the news about leaving Ireland so hard for Aislinn at first.

“We’d have to move her…” Pepper regrettably admitted, and Aislinn recoiled.

“We can’t do that.” She said in a heartbroken tone.

“Aislinn love, it’s what she’d want. If she knew her babies were suffering, financially. She’d tell you to ship her ass off somewhere else!”

“But it isn’t right. She loved that ranch! I mean I can’t believe we’re even considerin’ handin’ it off to an oil crew.”

This had Pepper making his way back. He didn’t know Aislinn would get that upset. He meant no harm by his decision. He knew it’s what his wife would’ve wanted. She’d want her children and grandchildren taken care of, and that’s all Pepper wanted.

“Aislinn, what I did wasn’t right. And you know me… I’ll find your mother another place, a better one!”

“It’ll break Riona.”

“I know. That’s why I need to talk to her before I leave.” Pepper reluctantly admitted.

“So, the house, everything…” Aislinn whispered in thought.

“That’s right.” Pepper made clear.

Aislinn’s eyes swelled up with tears, and Pepper hugged her.

“I thought you hated that place.” He whispered while lowering his hands so that he could get a better look at her.

“I didn’t hate it. I hated the dreadful memories that came with it.”

“But we had some good ones too…” Pepper gloomily reminded.

“Aye, we did. When ma…” Aislinn trailed off on that and Pepper sighed.

“I can’t apologize enough.”

“I think I’ve had just about all the apologies I can stand.”

“Alright, point taken. Like I said, I don’t care what you do with the house or the land.” Pepper rather snipped.

“That’s not fair, and ya know it!”

“Aislinn, I’m not angry with you. I need you to understand that. I’m angry with myself! I did this to us!”

Aislinn lowered her head in thought.

“But where will you go if we sell the house?”

“I’ll figure it out.”

“You should stay.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Why?” She asked as he was headed for the door again.

“That place is nothing but a constant reminder of how if failed you, your mother, your sister, and your brother. Why on God’s green earth would I want to stay?! I can’t be sober in that house, Aislinn. I just can’t!” He said before exiting the clubhouse.

“Is you okay, Aunt Linny?” Abel questioned as he was playing with his toys.

“Aye, I’m just fine, love,” Aislinn uttered while forcing a smile.

“You’s looks sad. Does he be a bad daddy again?”

“No, I just miss my ma is all.”

“Cause she died?” Abel innocently questioned.

“That’s right.”

Abel stopped what he was doing and made his way over. He hugged her, and Aislinn’s heart melted.

“You’re gonna make some lass very happy one day.”

“I’s gonna marry Morgan!”

Aislinn snorted in response then hugged him in return.

“Oh, I sure hope so!” Aislinn said, picturing the look on Morgan’s father’s face.

Pepper knocked on the office door, and Riona called him inside. He was surprised to see his son sitting across from his sister. They seemed to be in deep conversation about something.

“What are you doing here?” Ethan curiously questioned.

“I was discussing the court date with Aislinn.”

Riona and Ethan flinched but nodded in unison.

“We were just talking about that,” Riona said, looking somewhat stunned that their father was here, about that very thing.

“You were?”

“Aye. Chibs is makin’ plans, but it’ll have to wait.” Riona miserably uttered.

“I’m sure there will be plenty of time later that night.” Pepper suggested.

“Ya know how Linny feels about her birthday. That hasn’t changed. I just hope Chibs knows what he’s gettin’ himself into. I get that he wants to make this into a big deal, but I’m afraid she might flip if he goes too far. Considerin’ what all she’ll be dealin’ with that mornin’… I just feel like it’s a terrible idea.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Filip seems to know her pretty well. I think he’s got this. Besides, this time will be different, you’ll see.” Ethan encouraged, and Riona sighed in thought.

“Aye well, at least she won’t have Brodie hangin’ all over her.”

“What?!” Ethan and Pepper chorused.

Riona told them all about Brodie Dowe’s usual birthday antics. As she did this, she thought about the look on Chibs’s face if Brodie had stuck around and tried that same old shit again.

“You’re kiddin’?!” Ethan hissed.

“Nah, he tends to make her birthday a drunken mess. Poor Linny seems to have taken on a curse when it comes to her birthday as it is. Brodie never would let up. This will be the first where he isn’t around on her birthday.”

“Could be a good thing,” Pepper muttered.

“Aye,” Riona said in agreement.

“Look, I need to bring something to your attention,” Pepper said, getting to the point.

“Oh?!” Riona curiously put.

“It’s about your mother…”

“Ya wanna know where to move her…” Riona softly uttered, and Pepper nodded.

“Are ya sure she can’t stay on that land?”

“How would we visit her, Riona?” Pepper reminded.

Riona pinched her eyes shut in response. This had Ethan regarding his sister with concern.

“I don’t like the idea of disturbing her.”

“Riona hun, she’s in heaven. There would be no disturbing.”

“I take it she’d be in the way of the oil?” Riona bitterly put.

“That’s always a possibility, but that isn’t the reason I want her moved. We’re all moving on. There won’t be anyone there. Do you want to leave your mother with a bunch of strangers?! Oil field at that?! Think of the way they’d treat her if they got ahold of her. She won’t mean shit to them, and they’ll cast her aside like she’s nothing! Riona, I need to be able to visit your mother. She’s the one thing that keeps me going. The mere idea of going a couple months without visiting her… it’s killing me. But I promised you girls, I’d stay. We’ll get you two squared away first then I’ll head back home and go about the moving process. It won’t be cheap, but I can’t leave her on that land. You three need to sit down and discuss what it is you want to do with the land as well as the house. Do you want everything sold to the oil field? Or do you want part ownership? You three could have a share in whatever they bring in! There’s so much to discuss, and I strongly advise that you get a lawyer, one that knows his way around these things. I don’t want my kids getting screwed through this ordeal. You deserve every dime you can bring in. Just know aside from moving your mother and ridding of Nicholas, I’m staying out of this.”

Pepper, however, looked to his son then sighed.

“I might be needing your assistance with that. I doubt Brodie is still offering his…”

“You want me to fly to Ireland and help you move a fucking body?!”

“Pretty much…” Pepper admitted with a shrug.

“Alright. Let me know when.” Ethan surprisingly put, and Riona snorted.

“Such a lovely conversation we’re havin’!” She expressed, and their father nodded.

“I thought so.” Pepper witted.

“You should come.” Riona randomly welcomed as Pepper was about to leave.

“Come?!” He asked.

“To Linny’s birthday.”

Ethan reared back on his sister’s words. Did he hear that right?! Was Riona inviting their deadbeat father to their sister’s birthday party? Pepper took notice of the perplexed look on his son’s face and chuckled in misery.

“You’ve no idea how much I want to be there. But considering your sister’s luck… Perhaps it would be best if I didn’t.”

“She’d want you there. You haven’t been to her last… What? Nine birthdays?!” Riona uttered in thought.

“NINE?!” Ethan barked in disbelief.

“Aye. He didn’t have much to do with us after ma died. That included our birthdays.”

“Damn,” Ethan muttered, and Pepper closed his eyes on this.

“All the more reason,” Pepper added in shame.

“Quite the opposite actually. You’d be a fucking DICK not to go when you’re right here in town and fucking sober now! I’m tired of your excuses.” Ethan hissed.

“What makes you two think she even wants me there?!”

“IT’S AISLINN!” “IT’S LINNY!” The two chorused and Pepper sighed.

“I hope you two are right because she made it sound like she was done with me.”

“I told you everything would go accordingly!” Jax heard as he answered his phone on the way home.

The president chuckled as he was parked at a red light.

“Yeah, well I thought you were going to break when they went on to cross-examine you!” Jax admitted, and the sheriff sighed on the other end.

“What would you do if you were in my position? You get caught you do a few years. I get caught, and I have EVERYTHING stripped away from me and am facing life.”

“Trust me. I get it.” Jax sincerely uttered.

“I hope so. Now we got one more date coming in about a week or so. This should wrap everything up, hopefully. The jurors seemed rather pleased with your testimony. That alone will speed up the process.”

“We’ll see.”

“How’s he’s doing…” The sheriff hinted as to Tig Trager.

He and Dinah were keeping things on the down-low, for her sake. Tig knew there was a lot at risk at the moment and the sheriff couldn’t afford to be seen with him or anything SAMCRO affiliated right now. So, they were taking a little break in their relationship.

“He’s good. Misses you, but good.”

“Shouldn’t be much longer.” Dinah miserably put.

“He understands, Dinah. Tig wouldn’t do anything to put you in jeopardy.” Jax swore.

“Alright. Tell that goof I love him, and I’ll see him soon.” The sheriff said before hanging up.

“Hey, put that kid on a leash or something and tie him to one of the tables.”

“Now, why would I do that?” Aislinn asked her brother.

Ethan gave Abel a noogie then kissed the top of his head.

“Because you and I gotta go to work.”

“I is big, Uncle Ethan. I no need anyone! You go to work, Aunt Linny. I just color.”

“Aye, and should I leave ya with a pack of smokes and bottle of whiskey?!” She teased.

“I can’t wait till you’re a mother!” Ethan playfully mocked and Aislinn snorted.

“Aye now, I’ll have ya know I’ll take good care of my children. I’ll send them to school with a carton of smokes and fancy flask to go with that!”

“I’s just take chocolate milk.” Abel seriously put, while showing his uncle the picture he was working on.

“Oh cool, dragons!” Ethan exclaimed then grabbed a green crayon.

Aislinn looked to her brother as he was coloring one of the dragons on Abel’s page. She squeezed some chocolate syrup into her nephew’s milk then stirred it.

“Ethan?” She softly called.

“Hm?” He hummed.

“I haven’t had the chance to ask if ya’d give me away… Ya know… At the weddin’?”

Ethan stopped what he was doing, and his eyes locked with his younger sister’s.

“I’d be honored, Aislinn.”

Aislinn smiled then finished making Abel’s chocolate milk.

“Why does Uncle Ethan gives you away, Aunt Linny?”

“It’s tradition.” She uttered with a shrug.

“What that mean?”

“Well, in this case, it means every bride should be given away. It’s usually the father that gives her away. It’s their way of showing that they support the bride’s decision and bless the marriage.” Ethan explained but knew that wasn’t always the case. Women were considered property back in the day. That’s where the original tradition began. Thankfully, things had changed, considerably, over the years.

“So, you’s gonna pretend to be her daddy?” Abel innocently questioned, and Aislinn broke into a fit of giggles.

Ethan elbowed his sister, knowing damn well where her mind was headed.

“In a way…” He said while shaking his head, his sister’s direction.

“Why’s you bless her when you her brother?”

Ethan looked to Aislinn in thought.

“Anyone can bless a marriage, love. I could’ve asked my father but chose my brother instead. You see, your mother and I didn’t get to grow up with Ethan, not the way we should have. Ethan was robbed of mine and Riona’s childhood. It only seems fair that Ethan would be the one to give us away since my father was the one that kept us apart for so long.” Aislinn wholeheartedly explained but went back to laughing about the “daddy” comment.

“You’re a fucking perv.” Her brother hissed into her ear.

“I am?!” She mocked in horror and Ethan chuckled.

“We gotta jet.” Ethan reminded, and Aislinn sighed as she looked to the time.

“Alright, just let me tell Riona where Abel is.”

Ethan gave a simple nod and followed. Chibs was on his way to wish her luck when he saw the two exit the clubhouse and heading for the office. They hadn’t a clue he was walking right behind them.

“So, what do I call you now?” The VP heard Aislinn ask her brother.


“You know… Brother Daddy or Daddy Bro?”

The Scot reared back on that question but kept quiet as the two talked.

“How bout neither…” Ethan murmured, and his sister laughed.

“Oh, come on. It’s funny, and ya know it. He was so innocent. He hadn’t a clue how that sounded.”

“More like YOU made it into something it wasn’t,” Ethan said with a sigh.

“Tell ya what you can pretend to be Leia’s daddy!” Aislinn threw out.

“Did you just…”

“Or you more of a Lord and Master fella?”

“I am not having this conversation with my LITTLE sister.”

“Oh, I know!”

“I’m afraid to ask,” Ethan said in misery.

“You’re from Texas! So, it’s all about them ropes and cowboy rides.”

“JESUS CHRIST, AISLINN!” Ethan shouted in disbelief.

Aislinn glanced his direction then died of laughter.

“Ya look like a tomato! You should ask the sheriff if you could borrow her badge once she retires!”

“Gee really?! For fuck’s sake. You’re my little sister knock that shit off.”

“I’m 23, Ethan. I’ve had sex.” She pointed towards her “slight” bulge in reminder.

Ethan shook his head in denial. Chibs, however, hadn’t realized she was already showing like that, not until she pointed it out. Then again, this was her third month now. The mere idea had him a little anxious. He couldn’t wait to have those babies in his arms.

“Nah. You were artificially inseminated. That’s how it works in a brother’s mind. Ain’t no man touchin’ you like that.”

“Is that so?” They heard and froze at the door to the office.

They peered back, and Chibs nodded their direction.

“Interestin’ conversation, darlin’.” Chibs rather hinted as to his and Aislinn’s sex life.

Aislinn blushed in response, and Chibs sent her a wink.

“Ye two headed for the pub?”

“Aye,” Aislinn replied.

“I’ll be off in a couple hours or so. Why don’t ye follow Ethan in the truck and I’ll take the bike.”

“Don’t have a California license yet…” She reminded.

“Just follow yer brother and stick ta the right side of the road. Ye’ll be fine. I don’t want ye on that bike, or anyone’s bike for that matter. Understood?” Chibs said while handing the keys over.

His wife nodded in understanding.

“Ye mind givin’ us a minute?” Chibs politely questioned, and Ethan nodded before heading into the office.

Chibs pulled his wife aside, then lifted her white tank just enough to get a better look.

“Yer really are showin’!” He uttered in absolute awe.

He rubbed her tummy with one of his hands then smiled.

“Yer gonna be all belly soon! I’ll hafta get ye a wheelbarrow.”

“Watch it, Scotty!” She warned, and he chuckled before pecking her on the cheek and wishing her luck tonight.

The Scot lowered his wife’s tank back down.

“Are ya hard…?” She whispered in disbelief.

Chibs had one hell of a stiffy going, and she could see it through his black jeans.

“Oh, yeah…” He admitted with a shrug and Aislinn snorted.

“Don’t tell me ya got a pregnancy fetish.”

“More like an Ali fetish.” Chibs meant it too.

He had never been this captivated by a woman before. The Scot swore Aislinn looked even sexier with that little stomach poking out. You wouldn’t notice unless you were looking for it. But it was most certainly there.

“Those are my bucks in there. That’s somethin’ ta be proud of!”

“You’re so sure they’re boys?”

“Aye. Just a feelin’. Ye’ll see.”

“You’re very chipper today.” She uttered in surprise.

Chibs had been incredibly grouchy due to his nicotine withdrawals. Not that he ever took it out on her. But he most certainly had his snippy moments.

“Wasn’t expectin’ ye ta be showin’ already.” He said with a shrug.

Aislinn smiled then wrapped her arms around his neck. Chibs moaned into her mouth when she kissed him. The Scot saw his brother-in-law poking his head out of Riona’s office. Impatience was written all over the prospect’s face. Chibs glanced that direction then gave Aislinn’s ass a good smack. Aislinn giggled in response.

“I’ll see ye tonight, love.” Chibs murmured.

“OH, COME THE FUCK ON, MAN!” Ethan snapped, and Chibs sent him a provoking wink before walking away.

“Asshole,” Ethan grumbled.

Aislinn was headed into the office when Ethan took her by the arm. He dragged her towards the truck.


“I done told her, so she knows. We’re late!” He said with that Texan accent thicker than ever.

Aislinn laughed when her brother opened the door then stuffed her inside. He slammed it shut afterward. Aislinn sighed when he marched off towards his bike. She did as her husband requested and followed her brother to the bar.

Ethan hopped off the bike once he parked and with this bitter look on his face.

“What?” Aislinn questioned as he opened the door for her.

Ethan helped her down, then sighed.

“I really wish he wouldn’t do that shit.”

“He only does it because it gets under your skin.”

“You’re goddamn right it does.”

“Watch it, Ethan. You’re startin’ to sound like AC when it comes to Leia!” His sister rather hissed, and Ethan pinched his eyes shut in response.

He couldn’t argue with that, not one bit.

“I don’t mean to.” He said, softening his voice.

“It just seems to be more and more as of late, and I don’t want it constantly shoved in my face. That’s all.”

“Why?” Aislinn curiously questioned.

“Cause you’re my baby sister, that’s why!” Ethan spat in disbelief.

“So, let me get this straight… It’s okay for Riona to suck face with Jax but not for me when it comes to Chibs?!”

“That’s not what I’m saying, and you know it!”

“Then why don’t you ever give Riona hell about Jax? You only pick on me!”

Ethan recoiled once he realized just how upset his sister was.

“Aislinn, you were just a kid when I first saw you on that stage. Part of me will always see you as that little girl. I can’t help it. I’m sorry. It’s hard for me – watching you with a man twice your age. I worry about you. I mean what are you going to do when Chibs kicks the fucking bucket?”

“You’re worried about who’s goin’ to take care of me…” She said with a smile, and Ethan sighed.

“It’s a serious question, Aislinn.”

“I’m gonna raise our children, continue my music career, and if and when the time comes… I’ll join Scotty in heaven.”

“Heaven, huh?” Ethan rather mocked and Aislinn nodded.

“Did you ever consider settling down with someone more your age when that time comes?”

“You didn’t just ask me that!”

Ethan shut the driver’s side door.

“There isn’t anyone else for me, Ethan. Why are you so hung up on this?! I mean honestly… I thought we let this go awhile back!”

“Because I’M the one giving you away and that isn’t something I take lightly. I mean, I never thought I’d be given the option. I just want to make sure you’re making the right decision.”

“Ethan love, I’m knocked up, wearin’ his fuckin’ ring, and carryin’ his last name…”

“You know what I mean, Aislinn.” He said as they headed inside.

“No, actually, I don’t. I mean, what would you actually do if I changed my mind and decided to raise these kids on my own?!”

“Then I’d support you. You know that! I meant it when I said I got you. Nothing about that has changed, whether you’re with Filip or not!”

“Is that what you want?” She asked, and Ethan froze at the bar.

“Is what?”

“Do you want me to leave my husband?!”

“Don’t do that…” Ethan murmured.

“Don’t put words in my mouth!” He added.

“I’m not doin’ anythin’! It’s a simple fuckin’ question!”

Ethan sighed, and with this uncomfortable presence. He knew all eyes were on him. He could feel Leia and AC burning holes through him right now, and they were waiting for his response. But Ethan couldn’t care about that now. Aislinn was clearly upset, and he hadn’t meant for things to go that far. Ethan took his sister by the arm once again. He dragged her into the office then shut the door behind them.

“No, I don’t. The mere idea scares the living shit out of me, to be honest. You need him. My only concern is the age difference. He won’t always be there, Aislinn.”

“If giving me away is too much pressure…”

“Don’t! Please! Don’t take that away from me.” Ethan damn near pleaded.

“Ethan…” She uttered in misery and slight confusion.

“I want to give you away. You have no idea what that meant to me when you asked. I guess it seems a little TOO real now.”

“Ethan love, it’s been real.”

“I know that. Trust me, I know. I wish we could go back, you know. That’s all, just the three of us. Getting that time, we lost. Everything seems so fucking rushed.”

“You’ve said something along those lines when we first met. Well, officially met.” She corrected herself, and Ethan smiled in memory.

“You’re right. I did.”

“I love ya. Nothin’ about that is changin’. It doesn’t matter how old we get or who we’re married to. We’re gonna watch each other grow old, and you’re gonna be an uncle soon! You know I’m sendin’ these kids to Uncle Ethan’s whenever I need a fuckin’ break.”
Ethan chuckled in thought.

“I don’t doubt that.”

“See?! Ya got nothin’ to worry about.”

She hugged him, and Ethan hugged her in return.

“Sorry for being an overly protective dickhead.”

“Aye now, you wouldn’t be you if ya weren’t. But Scotty… He takes good care of me, always has. As for mine and your relationship, nothin’ is goin’ to change. I need you to realize that.”

“I know. I’m a fucking head case.” He whispered as he held her.

“But I lost you and Riona. Then I lost my son. Aislinn, the night I found you at that party and carried you into that room. I just knew you OD’d. I knew that would be the last moment I had with you and you hadn’t a clue I even existed!” Ethan dropped his hold, then took a couple of steps back.

He leaned against AC’s desk and was looking to the floor.

“That was the first close call. We’ve had many since. I’m not ready to say goodbye. I never will be.”

“No one’s ever ready, love. It just happens.”

“Not to you and Riona. I mean it. It can’t. I need you two to stick around.”

“We’ll do our best. But we need ya to stick around too.”

“I can do that.”

“Ya better.”

The door to the office opened, and Ethan raised his brows as it was Sam. She didn’t bother to knock or anything of the such. She walked right up to Ethan and Frenched him. Aislinn was the one cocking a brow now. Ethan didn’t enjoy that, not one bit. It was written all in his body language. It was uncomfortable to watch. Aislinn wished she could say or do something but couldn’t. It’d give them away if she protested on her brother’s behalf. Ethan forced a smile afterward.

“Hey, baby.” He greeted and Sam clocked in.

“Hey, boss. I missed you last night.” She hinted, and Aislinn took this as her cue to leave.

Sam reached over and shut the door behind Aislinn. Ethan had his arms folded about his chest when Sam made her way back. Sam unfastened his pants and dropped to her knees. Ethan was quick to stop her.

“What are you doing?” He rather hissed.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She flirtatiously whispered.

“At work?!” He said feeling incredibly foolish.

If it were Leia, he’d be all for having his dick sucked.

“So?” She said and started to fish him out yet again.

Ethan grabbed both hands, then forced them down to her sides.

“Not here, Samantha. I’m your boss. You work for me. That can’t happen, not here.” Ethan firmly put.

“Wow. I didn’t know you were that much of a prude!” Sam scoffed, looking offended.

“I mean what man doesn’t want his dick sucked. At work, especially?!”

“This one and you’re on the clock. So, get to work.” He said while pointing towards the door.

Sam’s jaw dropped in absolute disbelief. Ethan had never talked to her in such a way. Ethan stood his ground, however, and Sam stormed out of the office. Ethan sighed as he buttoned himself back up. He recoiled, however, when he saw Leia peering into the office and looking his direction.

“No…” He frantically whispered.

Leia shrugged like she wasn’t fazed, but there was no disguising the bitterness on her face. Ethan grabbed one of the bartender aprons and got to work. He leaned into Leia’s ear when Sam and AC weren’t looking.

“You know I didn’t…”

“Wouldn’t matter if you did.” Leia scoffed, and Ethan sneered at this.

“Is that how you really feel?”

“Yep!” She spat but looked to be on the verge of tears.

Ethan saw past the anger and into the pain. He knew Leia was full of shit and hurt by what she thought she saw.

“That’s it. I’m calling this shit off.” Ethan said and started towards Sam.

Leia reached out and yanked Ethan back towards her.

“You can’t. We’re too close. I’m fine. Alright?”

“Leia, your poker face sucks.”

“Then I’ll do better.” She whispered then scampered off, making herself busy.

Ethan shook his head once he saw why. Sam was back at the bar, and AC was mixing whatever drinks her table ordered.

“Where we going, mommy?”

“To a sports bar!” Riona said, surprising herself.

“We’s going to a bar?!” Abel questioned with a giggle.

“We sure are, love.”

“Why’s you taking me to a bar, mommy. Dat so funny!”

“Because mommy needs you to be a bad boy today.”

“A BAD BOY?!” Abel exclaimed.

“That’s right.” Riona pulled over then looked to her son.

He was strapped into his car seat in the back. Riona couldn’t believe what she was about to do. But she hadn’t anyone to watch after Abel while she dealt with Darren. Jax had business to take care of back at AC’s, and Aislinn had to work tonight. That left her with no one to look after Abel. So, Riona thought it best to use that to her advantage.

“Abel love, what I’m about to ask you is for today and today only. Do we have an understandin’?”

“Yeah…” Abel said but looked downright lost.

It isn’t every day; your parents tell you to be a bad boy.

“Look, I need you to know I’d never ask ya to do these things, but this is the one exception. But I need ya to listen to everythin’ I say, and you hafta promise you won’t do anythin’ until I give you the go-ahead.”

Abel listened as his mother gave him step by step instructions on how tonight was going to go and what all she needed from him.

“You really wants me to draw on the walls and tear everything up?!” Abel questioned in outright shock.

He knew better than to draw on the walls back home. His father would have his hide if he ever pulled something like that.

“Aye, but as I said. Just for today. I mean it, Abel. This isn’t somethin’ I’d normally support. You need to know that. But this man gave your aunt a wee bit of hell, and we’re gonna give it right back!”

“He does something to Aunt Linny?!”


“Then we gets him REAL GOOD, mommy!” Abel vowed.

“That’s my boy!”

“You alright, love?” Aislinn whispered as she helped Leia with her table.

“I’m fine.”

“Want me to kill her?”

“Would you?!” Leia said but managed to laugh, and that’s what Aislinn was aiming for.

“I’ll do it. I’ll make it messy as hell too!”

“I know you would. That’s why I love you.”

“I’m guessin’ you saw somethin’ you didn’t like.” Aislinn softly hinted, and Leia lifted her eyes as they were headed for another table.

“Leia, my brother hates this just as much as you do. This is killin’ him. Whatever you think you saw… you didn’t. It’s in your head. I’ve made that same mistake with Scotty. I know my brother. Ethan doesn’t have that in him.” Aislinn said then went on to take that table’s orders.

Leia didn’t comment. Aislinn gave a simple nod then handed Leia the order. Leia watched as Aislinn grabbed her guitar and headed for the stage.

            Abel followed his mother into Corky’s sports bar. He did as his mother requested. Abel kept quiet and kept his hands to himself. Riona headed right for the bar and asked for Darren. Everyone was cutting her and Abel strange glances. The bartender got on the phone and called his boss to the front. It wasn’t long before Darren exited his office. He greeted Riona with a kiss on the cheek. The owner, however, sent her an odd look when he spotted the boy standing beside her.

“And this is?”

“My son. I suppose I have a wee bit of a favor to ask…” She “coyly” put.


“Aye, I couldn’t find a sitter. I was wonderin’ if ya wouldn’t mind lettin’ him stay in your office for a wee bit, just until I can get ahold of someone to come and get him. He’s well behaved and will sit still and color.”

Darren tilted his head the boy’s direction, and Abel sent the man his best “innocent” expression.

“That shouldn’t be any trouble,” Darren said with a warm smile the boy’s direction.

“Thank you. I wouldn’t have brought him but hadn’t much choice.”

“Riona sweetheart, you’re fine. Just get on that stage and make me some money.”

“I can do that.”

“I’ll get the little guy set up.”

“Aye, and ya don’t have to stay with him. He can handle himself just fine.”

“That’s perfect then!” Darren said.

The owner grabbed Abel’s backpack then led him into the office. His mother gave him a simple nod, and Abel sent her a big grin in response.

            Leia laughed when her brother damn near tripped over his own two feet. Aislinn raised her brows as AC rushed onto the stage.

“JUST HOLD ON!” AC hollered while grabbing the mic.

AC gathered everyone’s attention, and the entire bar grew quiet.

“First off, let’s give our very own Piper Shay a warm welcome back!”

AC held the mic out towards the guests, and each of them hollered out some sort of welcome. A few banged on the tables with their fists. Aislinn blushed in response. It’d been a while, and she was experiencing a slight case of stage fright. Chibs entered the bar, not long after her introduction. He had Jax with him. They nodded her direction, then took a seat.

“As you all know, our girl survived a pretty brutal attack. Piper and her husband are lucky to be alive.” AC pointed towards the donation box over by the bar.

“Tonight, we’re not asking for tips. No. We’re asking for donations. Let’s help Piper Shay get her life back!”

Chibs took notice of the flustered appearance on his wife’s face. Everyone cheered on this but Aislinn had this overwhelmed presence about her. AC pivoted around then held the mic towards her. Aislinn was quick to cover it. She leaned in as she did this.

“Ya could’ve warned me about that!” She hissed, and AC reared back in surprise.

“About what?!”

“The whole donation bit instead of tips. I never agreed to that. You should keep your tips!”

“Piper, this was our decision as a whole. Everything goes to you and your husband tonight.” AC whispered.

“All that does is put me on the spot.”


“I haven’t played in forever, AC! They’re gonna expect…”

Chibs came to his feet then made his way to the stage. Aislinn snapped her head his direction.

“Ye got this and ye know it.” The Scot softly encouraged.

He took the mic from AC’s hold then signaled for him to go on. AC exited the stage and Chibs adjusted the mic to the level his wife needed. He gave her a mere nod afterward.

“Show em what ye got, Piper Shay.” Her husband said with a wink then strutted off the stage.

“Never seen Aislinn with stage fright before,” Jax commented once Chibs was seated back down.

“Aye, I think it’s all hittin’ her at once. She hasn’t sung a word since the fire…” Chibs hinted, and Jax flinched in thought.

“Damn,” Jax uttered under his breath.

He hadn’t realized it’d been that long.

“Come on, baby. Show em.” Jax heard Chibs whisper as Aislinn looked at her guitar.

Everyone waited in silence. AC was on edge. If Aislinn backed out of tonight, that would hurt their business. Ethan himself couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His sister seemed so childlike and lost.

“Is she going to be okay?” Leia asked with concern.

“I hope so,” Ethan uttered in response.

Chibs placed his fingers into his mouth then whistled out. Aislinn slowly but surely lifted her head. Her eyes locked with his. The Scot gave one more encouraging nod. Jax joined in by howling out and banging on the table. Everyone else picked up on this and were doing whatever they could to get Aislinn started. Ethan smiled at his sister’s response. Aislinn shot to her feet. She kicked the chair she was sitting in off the stage, and Leia was the one howling out now.

“That’s right, fuck that fucking chair!” Leia shouted, and Ethan chuckled as his sister began the lyrics to Crimson and Clover (by Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers).

            The place went ballistic when Aislinn went on to sing another song. She walked on over to the table where Chibs was sitting and sat on the edge. She looked him in the eyes as she sang the song she was singing when they first met back in Ireland. A song Chibs often enough had in his head and had ever since that day (Wicked Game by Ursine Vulpine). Jax chuckled at Chibs’s reaction. The Scot was in awe and couldn’t take his eyes off his wife.


Aislinn hopped down once she finished the song. She started back towards the stage, only to have her husband reach out and take her by the hand. He brought her back towards him, and everyone howled out when he pulled her into his lap and kissed her. Chibs acted on impulse. He remembered feeling that way when he first laid eyes on her in that SAMBEL clubhouse. Nothing about that had changed.

Jax didn’t comment when he saw a bunch of people adding to that fundraiser of AC’s during this. Chibs hadn’t intended for that kind of response. His attention was on his wife and her performance tonight. Aislinn crawled out of her husband’s lap and with a flushed face. Chibs sent her a flirtatious wink and a decent smack on the ass before she headed back on stage. Jax found it refreshing, seeing Chibs like this. There was no denying how content the Scot was. Jax might’ve been pretty young at the time, but he remembered how miserable Chibs was when he was married to Fiona. This right here was a night and day difference. That smile was genuine.

The president leaned into his VP’s ear as Aislinn went on to sing her next song.

“Enjoy, brother. I gotta talk to AC and Ethan.” Jax said, and Chibs nodded while sipping on a beer.

“You good?” Darren asked after bringing Abel some chocolate milk and peanuts from the bar.

Abel nodded as he grabbed his crayons and coloring books from his backpack.

“Cool. Now be a good kid. Stay out of your mother’s way. Alright?!” Darren ordered, and Abel lifted his eyes on this.

Darren gave the boy a stern nod of authority. Abel didn’t comment and simply waited. The bar owner shut the door, and Abel hopped up with a smile. The boy locked the office door then got to his mother’s “special request”. 

Darren made his way to the stage and introduced his newest singer. Riona did a slight bow then Darren headed off the stage. He grabbed himself a seat near the bar. Riona looked around the room before she even thought about starting. She knew all hell was about to break loose, and she needed to make sure everyone was in their rightful spots. Happy, Kip, and a couple prospects were sitting in various areas of the bar, in disguise. They even brought fake IDs with them. The prospects were in Berkley ball caps and Backstreet Boy shirts. Kip wore a teal polo shirt and khaki cargo shorts. Happy wore a Raiders hoodie, matching ball cap, and some black Adidas pants. It took all will for Riona not to laugh at the four of them and how they were dressed. Happy’s getup wasn’t too terrible, but it was still strange to see him sporting anything with a football team.

Kip and the prospects were sitting as close as they could to the office door. They were keeping an eye out, just in case. Happy’s focus was on Riona and making certain no one got too close. She warned each of them of what was to come. Riona would need a bouncer when the time came. Riona strummed a single note then looked to everyone at the bar. She nodded Darren’s direction as he waited with anticipation. He gave her an encouraging nod in return.

Riona strummed a few more notes then began the lyrics to Easy Street by The Collapsible Hearts Club.

Kip covered his mouth to keep from laughing at everyone’s reaction. Happy himself was hiding a grin but continued in keeping an eye on things. There was a lot of whispering and odd glances. People weren’t sure if this was a joke or if Riona had lost her ever-loving mind. Darren folded his arms about his chest and with this uneasy stance. He wasn’t sure what to make of this. Darren tested Riona out before he even thought about hiring her. He had to make certain she was as good as her sister – like everyone claimed she was. This was nothing like what she had played for him.

Riona went from Easy Street to the Baby Shark song. This had Kip and the prospects keeping a better eye on the office door. Abel stepped out, right on cue and performed the Baby Shark dance.

Riona was trying her hardest not to laugh as she continued singing. Her son was nailing the Baby Shark moves and with that perfect grin. Darren reared back when he saw the boy dancing by the office door. But that wasn’t the only thing that had his attention. He could see the drawings all over his walls and his overturned desk. Abel left one hell of a mess in his office. Darren hopped off the barstool. Kip and the two prospects shot up as well. They blocked Darren’s attempt at getting to Abel. Kip lifted the boy into his arms and got a protective hold on him. Darren snapped a look Riona’s direction as she went on to sing yet another child’s song. There was booing and yelling. People were leaving or throwing things at the stage. Happy blocked anything that could potentially hurt Riona as she continued singing.

“ENOUGH!” Darren’s voice boomed across the entire bar.

Riona stopped playing, and everyone grew eerily quiet. Darren and Riona were staring one another down.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!” The owner barked while pointing Riona’s direction.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Riona innocently put, and Darren sneered at this.

The owner marched on up to the stage and Kip headed out with Abel in his hold. Riona made it clear she didn’t want her son around when things got too heated. Kip took Darren’s outburst as his cue and was taking the boy home. The prospects stayed put in case Happy needed backup.


“Aye now, ya knew my son was in your office. I had to play somethin’ age-appropriate!” She smarted, and Happy chuckled under his breath.

Darren reared back in absolute disbelief.


“Aye, and for me, he wasn’t!” Riona said with a mischievous grin.

She went on to play Roll Your Boat, and everyone booed and hollered out in protest. Happy stopped a beer bottle from hitting her in the face.

“GET THAT FUCKING BITCH OFF MY STAGE!” Darren ordered his bouncers.

Riona raised her brows Happy’s direction.

“Guess we wore out our welcome.” She witted.

Happy nodded and was quick to lift her into his arms. The prospects kept the bouncers back as Happy headed for the door with Riona.

AC nodded Jax’s direction as he was serving a customer at the bar. Jax welcomed himself to one of the bar stools and waited.

“Want a drink?” AC offered.

“A beer,” Jax uttered with a shrug.

Ethan grabbed one of the register drawers and was headed for the office when Jax stopped him.

“Kind of need you here for this too.”

“Um, okay…” Ethan murmured while setting the drawer down behind the counter so no one could get to it.

“I know you two can’t really discuss it right now, but it’s something I want to bring to your attention. This will give you some time to think it over, and you can discuss it amongst yourselves later.”

“And that would be?” Ethan questioned as his sister sang Heathens by Halestorm in the background.

“You two going into business with SAMCRO.” Jax was looking AC’s direction as he said this.

AC had a good laugh at this and Jax sighed. He saw this coming. He knew AC was going to give him hell considering he turned his offer down before.

“That’s funny!” AC said, then went on to serve another customer.

“I’m serious.”

“I know you are. That makes it even funnier!” AC hollered out.

“Business? As in SAMCRO, owning a percentage or something?” Ethan questioned in confusion.

“Something like that. Look, I know you guys are busy and can’t really talk about it now. But Happy and I have a lot to go over. All I want is for you two to hear me out.”

“A lot to go over?! Like what?” Ethan said as he helped AC serve another customer.

“Finding a bigger building for starters!” Jax waved towards the crowd.

“With the number of people, she’s drawing in… You’re gonna need it! How many times have you hit a cap and had to send customers away?!”

“There’s been a few…” Ethan regrettably admitted.

“Since Aislinn, right?”

“Well yeah…” Ethan replied, and Jax smiled.

“Well, sounds like you two are gonna need more hands-on-deck, a bigger place, and a new name.” AC sneered at that last part, and Jax sent him a cocky grin.

“We can help, with all those things, as well as finding Aislinn a drummer and another guitarist. Hell, Piper Shay will be a full band by the time we’re done!” Jax added.

“What’s wrong with AC’s?” AC hinted as to the current name of the bar.

“The bar is under more than one owner for starters.” Jax reminded with a nod Ethan’s way.

AC looked at Ethan and Ethan chuckled.

“Well, I’m not about to call it AC and Ethan’s! Sounds like some fucked up gay couple shit!” AC witted.

“Look, take a couple days and discuss it. I’ll gather my boys whenever you’re ready and see what you think about our offer.”

“Why now?” AC asked, and Jax looked to be in thought for a second.

He watched his sister-in-law wrap up her current song and nodded amongst himself.

“Face it, AC. Your place sucked then. Look at it now!”

AC rolled his eyes, and Ethan laughed.

“He’s got a point. It did suck.” Ethan said as he was reluctant about going into business with AC in the first place. But AC needed the boost, and Ethan needed a job as well as a distraction. Ethan knew what he was doing when it came to running a business. His stepfather taught him everything he needed to know, and AC needed Ethan’s advice, whether he wished to admit it or not.

Ethan grabbed the drawer with the money once again and was headed for the office when Jax’s cellphone rang. It was Happy letting Jax know he was needed at Corky’s and ASAP. Things had gotten out of hand, and a fight had broken out. Jax let Ethan know what was going on before rushing out the door. Leia overheard what was taking place, and this had her looking Sam’s direction. Sam was serving one of the customers. Ethan regarded Leia in wonder as she took him by the hand. She led him out of the office then shut the door behind them. She led Ethan towards the table where Sam was serving. Sam smiled their direction, but that smile was soon to fade when Leia planted one hell of a kiss on Ethan’s lips.

Aislinn was in the middle of Shoot to Thrill (Halestorm version) but stopped and started singing Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover instead.

Sam’s reaction to both incidents was priceless. Aislinn smiled Sam’s direction and sang even louder. Sam just stood there, with this dumbfounded expression. Ethan returned the kiss, and that led to a full-on make-out session. Aislinn saw it coming as she continued singing. She jumped off the stage and got there just in time to stop Sam from intervening.

“Somethin’ tells me they don’t want to be interrupted.” Aislinn made clear in mid-song.

Aislinn eyed Leia’s brother down as well. AC was shooting Ethan daggers. Aislinn prayed to God AC considered her advice and wouldn’t interrupt this moment between Ethan and Leia. It was a long time coming and well deserved.

Chibs himself was laughing now. Ethan didn’t give a shit anymore and was all over Leia.

“THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND!” Sam yelled and went to push her way past Aislinn.

Aislinn stopped singing and blocked Sam’s attempt with her guitar.

“I thought DARREN was your boyfriend. Oh, wait… We weren’t supposed to know about that, my bad.” Aislinn smarted with a impish grin.

Sam’s jaw dropped, and Aislinn nodded. Once again, Aislinn sent AC another “look”. AC nodded as if to tell her he’d stay out of it but didn’t seem too pleased with the situation.

“Aye, we know allll about you and your gimp (fool) of a boyfriend whorin’ ya out to MY BROTHER! I should’ve known considerin’ ya said you were a Britney fan. You’re nothin’ but a snake, actin’ the maggot, and playin’ us all!”

“ETHAN!” Sam hollered with tears in her eyes.

Ethan stopped what he was doing and glanced Sam’s direction.

“What?!” He rather snipped, and Aislinn smiled.

ethan mad

“Were you… The whole time?!” Sam asked with a gesture Leia’s direction.

“Not the whole time. But he did fuck me, twice!” Leia replied for him.

Sam charged right for Leia only to have Aislinn snatch her by the hair. She dragged Sam towards the door, and a couple customers opened it for her. Aislinn pulled Sam outside of the bar and was staring her down.

“Why does it matter what my brother was doin’ while he was with you?! Em?!”

Leia had stepped outside by this point, and Sam sneered that direction.

“Bring it, bitch. I dare you.” Leia welcomed with a bring it gesture.

“You stole my brother’s customers, his entertainment, and signature drinks! You’ve been working undercover this entire time and revealing whatever you could to Darren. You only got with Ethan, in hopes of him spilling out more of my brother’s secrets. And you were the one behind Piper Shay getting booed off stage that night! Darren couldn’t persuade Piper into joining the Dark Side, so to speak. So, you took matters into your own hands. I know because my brother and I caught you with that SAME group, not long after we saw you kissing Darren. So, what is he exactly?! Boyfriend?! Pimp?!”

“Furthermore, what kind of man whores his woman out to another man?” Aislinn added, and Sam started to slap her only to have Leia block that attempt.

Leia slugged Sam across the face instead. She grabbed her arm, then forced it behind her back.

“I’LL BREAK IT, BITCH,” Leia warned.

“HE’S MY HUSBAND!” Sam cried, and the girls looked to one another in shock.

“Husband?! Ya mean to say that your husband has ya shackin’ up with another man?!” Aislinn questioned in shock.

Ethan and Chibs were standing in the doorway now and watching the women interact.

Sam lowered her head, and Leia and Aislinn shook theirs.

“That ain’t a husband, love. A real man wouldn’t want his woman with someone else. He’s usin’ ya. I suppose it’s a wee bit fittin’ considerin’ ya was usin’ my brother.”

Leia tilted her head when Sam burst into tears.

“You really liked Ethan, didn’t you?!” Leia whispered, and Sam nodded.

Aislinn laughed in response.

“Karma bit ya right on the arse!” She said, and Chibs chuckled.

Sam lifted her tear covered face, and Aislinn rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you’re not gettin’ any sympathy from me, love. But I will take me boot to your arse if you don’t get the FUCK out of here, and NOW!”

Leia smiled on Aislinn’s words.

“Who are you to talk to me like that?! You’re not even a REAL employee! You’re just some mediocre singer. Hell, I take that back. You can’t even sing, you scream! It’s like nails on a fucking chalkboard!”

“Feel better?” Aislinn uttered as she could give two fucks on what Sam thought.

“It’s true. You’re terrible. I don’t understand why my husband is so hung up on you!”

Chibs reared back on the way she said this. He didn’t like the sound of that, not one bit.

“So, that’s what this is about? Jealousy?!” Leia sputtered in disbelief.

“That wouldn’t make sense. I wasn’t even here when all that shite started!” Aislinn reminded.

“She’s right. She wasn’t. And it doesn’t matter anyhow. We have a business to run. We don’t have time for your games or drama. You’re fired, Samantha. So, get lost and don’t come back.” Ethan confirmed.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t feel something! You asked ME out, remember?!”

“Oh yeah, after you asked me to ask you out,” Ethan muttered in memory.

Aislinn snorted at her brother’s response.

“BYE, FELICIA!” Leia spat before escorting Sam to her car and sending her off.

Aislinn and Leia high-fived one another as they watched Sam drive away.

“Good riddance,” Aislinn said before heading back inside.

Chibs led his wife back to the stage and made certain she was okay before retaking his seat.

“You good now?” Ethan asked with a grin Leia’s direction.

“You know it!” Leia said.

“But you and AC better get your asses to Corky’s. There’s no telling what all’s going down.”

“Yeah, I know,” Ethan admitted with a sigh.

             Jax nodded when Bobby and Tig pulled into the Corky’s sports bar parking lot as well.

“They called you too?” Jax questioned in surprise.

“Yeah, from the sound of things. Darren’s bouncers won’t let your wife and Happy leave the fucking premises.”

“WHAT?!” Jax barked before withdrawing his gun and rushing inside.

Bobby and Tig withdrew theirs as well and followed.

“GET YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HANDS OFF MY WIFE!” Jax shouted as a couple bouncers pried her out of Happy’s hold.

Happy punched one of them in the face. Jax pushed his way past and grabbed ahold of his wife. He pulled her towards him then gave her a slight shove Bobby and Tig’s direction.

Tig and Bobby kept Riona between them so no harm would come to her. Jax, however, didn’t give so much as a warning. He pivoted back around then swung his fist across Darren’s face. He grabbed Darren by the collar of his shirt. Happy, Bobby, and Tig held one of the bouncers back as Jax drove their boss through one of the tables.

            A bouncer was headed right for Jax when Tig fired off a warning shot. This had everyone’s attention. Tig sent what few customers there was a crazed look. Bobby wrapped his arm around Riona as she looked somewhat uncomfortable.

“OUT!” Tig ordered.

Bobby chuckled as they damn near tripped over themselves, in attempts to get out of that bar.

Ethan arrived just in time to see the customers stepping out of the bar and into the parking lot. The prospect made it clear what would happen to them if anyone called this in. They swore to keep everything they saw and heard to themselves. Ethan sent them on their way afterward. He nodded amongst himself once he entered the bar. AC was wrapping things up at the other bar and would be on his way soon.

Tig and Bobby had Darren and his employees at gunpoint now. Ethan locked everything up then turned on the neon sign letting bystanders know Corky’s was closed for the night. Jax forced Darren into a chair.

“AC’s on his way,” Ethan said with a grin and Jax nodded.

“I’ll let AC deal with you. But this…” Jax lifted his leg then brought his foot down on Darren’s crotch.


Riona had been honest with her husband and let him know just how many times Darren came onto her during all this. The man got touchy-feely as well. It made her uncomfortable, but she dealt with it in order to sabotage him.

Jax cocked a brow when Happy drove one of the bouncer’s heads through a wall. Happy didn’t like them manhandling Riona like that, much less ripping her out of his hold. The Son was beyond livid. The Sons watched as Happy went on to beat the ever-living shit out of that particular bouncer.

“Enough,” Jax ordered, and Happy craned his neck that direction.

“Not today.” Jax reminded as to the vow they made as an MC.

All that violence ended with Clay and Jax meant it. They wouldn’t take another life unless it was absolutely warranted. Jax wanted to laugh at Happy’s pouty expression. Happy sat the bouncer down instead. Jax gave a simple nod Happy’s direction. Happy acted as if he was going to beat another one up but gave him a slight scare instead. The bouncer was bigger than Happy but hid behind his boss. Darren rolled his eyes, taking notice. Happy chuckled amongst himself as they waited for AC’s arrival.

“Hey Lele, mind closing for me tonight?” AC called as he grabbed his jacket.

“Sure…” She awkwardly put, and AC sighed, knowing why.

“You’re not off the hook just yet… You know we’re going to talk about this…” He hinted as to her and Ethan.

“Can’t wait!” She bitterly put.

AC shook his head but darted on out the door. Leia hollered out, letting everyone know it was almost closing time. They had a full house still. The customers groaned then begged Piper Shay to play one more song before they had to leave. Aislinn regarded her husband in thought. He signaled for her to go on. Aislinn ended the night with All For You by In This Moment.

            Leia rocked out behind the counter as she cleaned up. Chibs cocked a brow as the donation jar was so full people had to smash the money down, in order to add more as they left. The Scot couldn’t get over how packed this place was when his wife performed. It had died down quite a bit during her absence, from what AC and Leia had told him. They suffered a great deal because of it. But with Aislinn back, business was sure to pick up once again. Leia locked up behind the last customers, and Aislinn packed everything up. Aislinn leaned into Chibs’s ear once she finished.

“Just let me help Leia finish up and then we’ll go.” She whispered, and Chibs nodded.

Chibs put the chairs up on the tables for the ladies while they finished counting the drawers and wiping everything down. Chibs and Aislinn escorted Leia to her motorcycle, considering how late it was and how much money she had on her.

“Straight home!” Aislinn ordered.

“Yes, ma’am!” Leia teased, and Aislinn snorted.

“I’m glad you’re back,” Leia said then hugged Aislinn and Chibs before she left.

Chibs walked his wife to the truck.

“I’ll see ye at the clubhouse, darlin’.” He said then pecked her on the cheek.

Chibs opened the door for her then closed it once she was inside. Aislinn backed out of the lot. Chibs hopped onto his Harley and followed her there.

“DARREN?!” Everyone heard as there was a knock at the door.

Ethan rolled his eyes, recognizing the voice all too well.

“Fucking Sam…” The prospect uttered Jax’s direction.

The president laughed out of mere amusement.

“Let the bitch in, Bobby,” Jax muttered with a shrug.

“Will do,” Bobby said before unlocking the door and yanking the woman inside.

He locked up behind her and Jax sent the young woman a cocky grin.

“You’re stirring up all kinds of trouble. Now aren’t you, darlin’?”

Sam ignored this and was looking at her husband.

“What is this?” She asked, and Darren shook his head with sheer annoyance.

“Why is she here?!” Sam pointed Riona’s way, and Darren sighed.

“You know why…” He damn near whispered.

“Because you couldn’t get the sister.” Sam hissed, and her husband raised his brows on this.

“I should’ve known. That explains why you chose him instead of AC.”

Sam hinted with a nod Ethan’s direction.

“Did you fuck her?” She asked, and this had Darren looking at Riona.

“He tried but was unsuccessful,” Riona admitted, and Darren pulled a bitter face on this.

Sam let out a miserable laugh.

“Cool. I sucked that one’s dick so…” Sam announced, and Ethan cocked a brow as Sam was pointing his direction.

“You wish.” Ethan made clear and with this disgusted look about him.

“WHOA!” Jax and the other Sons shouted when Darren hauled off and slapped his wife.

The Sons were prying the two apart when there was another knock at the door.

“It’s me AC.” They heard, and Jax signaled for Bobby to open the door once again.

Bobby locked up behind him, and AC laughed as he took in the scene before him

“Awe. Look, at the lovely couple trying to kill one another. Isn’t that just the sweetest?!” AC said as he marched right on up to Darren.

“Just how long are we going to play this game? Hm?” AC backed Darren into a corner then planted his hands along the wall, so Darren couldn’t escape his gaze.

AC towered over Darren. He wrapped his hand around Darren’s throat then lifted him up off the ground.

“Explain yourself, now,” AC demanded.

“And don’t leave anything out.” He added while choking him.

Jax placed a hand along AC’s shoulder and had him loosen his grip. AC lowered the man back down.

“I’d do whatever he tells you,” Jax warned.

Darren went on to tell this sob story of his. Darren named the sports bar after a cousin of his that passed away a couple of years ago. He told AC all about him and Sam having to claim bankruptcy before they even moved here and how fear struck them when AC’s bar was doing better than his. Darren’s customers would talk about AC’s all the time. They would ask him why he didn’t have as good of drinks and why his entertainment was so lame in comparison. Darren even had a few admit that they were leaving Corky’s and going to AC’s instead. That’s what led to Darren offering AC’s entertainment better pay and stealing them right out from under him. It wasn’t long after that that Darren had his wife working for AC. And it was just as everyone assumed… This was the only way Darren could keep tabs on AC. If AC came up with a new drink or new entertainment, Darren wanted to know about it. Sam told her husband everything he needed to know. Everything worked out perfectly.

Up until Piper Shay came into the picture. Word spread fast, and Darren lost a lot of customers. Sam told her husband all about the “annoying” new singer and Ethan Lawless’s connection. That’s what led to Darren’s decision. When he couldn’t sway Piper Shay to his side of things, Darren told his wife to do whatever she could to gain Ethan’s trust. If that meant seducing him then so be it. Darren was desperate and knew this would lead to Ethan gaining Sam’s trust in return. Darren would gather even more information this way. That’s how he found out about Ethan having another sister that sang as well.

Darren just knew he hit it big when Riona Teller came to him about a job. Little did he know it was all a setup. She too fed him a sob story of her own. Only there wasn’t a bit of truth to hers. She and Aislinn were doing just fine in their relationship. But she had Darren believing otherwise. She had him believing she was in the process of giving her sister some much-needed payback. Riona knew that would be the perfect selling point, considering how bitter Darren was when it came to Piper Shay turning his offer down. All it took was Riona proving she had the chops and Darren couldn’t hire her fast enough.

AC dropped his hold after Darren told his story.

“Tell you what… Take me and my boys up on our offer, and we’ll run this son of a bitch out of town.” Jax offered, and AC glanced the president’s direction.

“Seriously, you won’t even hear this bastard’s name again,” Jax added.

AC regarded Ethan in thought.

“He’s a man of his word.” Ethan vouched on his president’s behalf.

“Is that what you want?” AC curiously questioned.

“Wouldn’t be a bad idea… Jax is right. We could use the extra help.” Ethan admitted, and AC sighed in thought.

“What percentage are we talking?” AC asked and was quick to clamp a hand over Darren’s mouth as he started to argue this.

“Twenty,” Jax said with a shrug.

“That leaves you and Ethan with a good forty.”

“Fifteen.” AC bargained, and Jax laughed.

“Nah, we gotta get you on your feet still, remember?! Can’t do that with fifteen. Not if you want that space and Piper Shay’s band to go with it.  It’s twenty, or I’ll make it fucking thirty!”

“Thirty it is.” Ethan unexpectedly put.

“WHAT?!” AC snapped, and Ethan shrugged.

“Ten percent of MY earnings. It’s a good investment, and you know it. You can keep your forty.”

This had the Sons looking to one another in surprise. It wasn’t every day a prospect offered to do something like that for the club. AC craned his neck back towards Darren.

“Guess it’s time for you and the little wife to pack up,” AC said with a sinister-like grin.

“We’re not leaving!” Sam argued, and Jax died of laughter.

“Oh, yes, you are, both of you. You got forty-eight hours to pack everything up and get the hell out of dodge.”

“And our business?”

“No longer yours. As I said, we’re going to need another place!” Jax waved his wife over.

Riona smiled as she walked that way.

“I’ll give you the honors, darlin’.”

Riona nodded and went on to play a recording off of Happy Lowman’s phone. It showed Darren during his interview with Riona. They were sitting side by side. Darren would brush her hair back every now and then. Then he’d wrap his arm around her shoulder and smell her neck while looking down her blouse. You could see how uncomfortable Riona was. She went out of her way to remove his hand. She’d scoot away from him, and Darren would scoot in even closer.

“I smell a sexual harassment charge!” Jax said with a smirk.

“Aye, and maybe attempted rape,” Riona added.

“Hmm, that could be really bad for business! Imagine… a bar owner with sexual assault history!” Jax said with a wink.

“You wouldn’t…” Darren hissed Riona’s direction.

“Oh, I would, love. And I’d milk ya for everythin’ ya got.”

Jax raised his brows when his wife ripped her skirt a bit. She popped a couple of buttons off her blouse then messed her hair up with her fingers. Riona brought on some fake tears then covered her face.

“He took me into his office and…” She hysterically cried.

“ALRIGHT!” Darren shouted in interruption.

Jax tilted his head in warning but smiled his wife’s direction. She was eyeing Darren down, something fierce.

“You made your point. We’re leaving.” Darren said.

“I thought you’d see things our way,” Jax confirmed with a nod.

Ethan grabbed ahold of Sam, then shoved her towards Darren.

“Take the trash out on the way.” Ethan spat.

“Oh, and that’s another thing. You got two weeks to sell this property. I don’t care how you do it as long as the money is unmarked and personally delivered to AC or Ethan. Trust me when I say we will find you if you do not follow through with this. If anyone asks why you’re leaving town so suddenly…” Jax made a gesture in Sam’s direction.

“It’s because this one was fucking around with our brother over here. Only he didn’t know she was married. And believe me when I say we’ve proved that these two have been seen together. We made certain of that. So, your story is believable. Meaning it may be time for counseling or… a divorce. We don’t care what the fuck you do, as long as you stick to the story. And don’t show your faces here again. Other than that special delivery, you’re to be in and out. We don’t want to see your asses in Charming again.”

“That it?” Bobby asked once they finished cleaning Corky’s out.

The Sons took not only their earnings for the night but any alcohol they had left. They kept the earnings for Chibs and Aislinn but gave AC and Ethan whatever liquor was left. It was a long night, but they got most of everything cleared out. Jax had one of the prospects take his truck since it was loaded with things AC and Ethan could use for the bar. The prospects were in charge of helping AC and Ethan load and unload everything they could use. Jax thought it best to do this now, while it was dark, and while no one could be made.

“You ready?” Jax questioned his wife after checking on Kip and Abel over the phone.

Kip had put Abel down for the night and was watching a movie. Riona nodded in response. Jax placed a hand along the small of her back and led her to his Harley. He handed his helmet over.

“Mind if we make a little pit stop?” He asked before starting his bike.

“Pit stop?” Riona questioned.

Jax didn’t comment but smiled as he revved that engine of his and hit the road. Jax headed on out of Charming and for the lake. Riona regarded her husband in question when he parked.

“Jackson?” She called when he climbed off his bike.

He took the helmet off, then took her by the hand. He led her towards the lake. Riona laughed when her husband stripped down to nothing and jumped into the water.

“Are ya mad?!” She hollered when he came up for air.

Jax combed his hair back with his fingers. The only light around them was that of the moon. It was full tonight and reflecting off the water. Something about that only added to the moment. Riona found herself wondering if the full moon was affecting her husband’s erratic behavior.

“We both know the answer to that. Come on, baby. Take those fucking clothes off and join me!”

“Isn’t it cold?!”

“I’ll warm you up!”

Riona shook her head as she removed her clothes. Jax whistled out in a catcall manner, causing his wife to giggle. Riona couldn’t believe she was doing this. Then again, Jax could talk her into a lot of things she never thought she’d do.

“Don’t even think about it, darlin’. Just jump in!” Jax eagerly encouraged.

Riona covered her breasts as she approached the water.

“Why are you covering up? It’s just us!”

She dipped her big toe into the water and shook her head.

“Get your ass in the water!” Jax scolded.

“It’s freezing!”

Jax sprang on out of the lake and chased after his wife.

“JACKSON!” Riona reprimanded once he had ahold of her.

He had his arms wrapped around her waist as he dragged her into the water.

“NOOOO!!!” She hollered before he tossed her into the lake.

Jax chuckled then dived in after her. Riona splashed him in the face once he swam to the surface. Jax grabbed her once again then dunked back into the water. Riona could feel his excitement as his lips brushed against hers. He kept his hold as they drifted towards the surface yet again. Jax didn’t budge as he placed a strand of hair behind her ear. Jax thought back to how his wife dealt with that thickheaded bar owner. Something about that was a massive turn on. He wanted to fuck her right there and then. Riona was known for her calm and more posed way of dealing with things. But every once and a while she’d let that Irish fury slip and tonight was most certainly one of those nights. Riona set everything up herself. Jax didn’t have a hand in this whatsoever, other than showing up towards the end.

“You really are the fucking queen, aren’t you?” Jax seductively whispered.

Still, his lips were pressed against hers as he spoke. His tongue skimmed her lips before he took full control of her mouth. Jax lifted her up then wrapped her legs around him. One simple sliding thrust had Riona moaning into that mouth of his. She could feel her husband throbbing inside her, and that kiss grew even more intense. There were no more words. Just matched, prolonged rhythm as the two fought to make this last as long as possible.

Aislinn was in the truck still when Chibs pulled up beside her. He parked the bike then greeted her at the door. Aislinn laughed when he tapped on the window with a single finger. She rolled the window down.

“Can I help ya?” She teased, and Chibs nodded.

“Aye, I need another cigarette.”

“Do ya now?” She questioned, and Chibs opened the door.

He helped her out of the truck then rolled the window back up. He locked everything up before shutting the door.

“I gotcha a little somethin’…” Chibs whispered as they headed into the clubhouse.

“Ya did?”

“Aye… A few things actually.” The Scot corrected.

The VP reached into his cut and retrieved a folded red bag. Aislinn narrowed her eyes in wonder as he handed the bag over. Chibs observed her reaction as she opened it. The first thing she pulled out was a little ivory-colored thong. Chibs took notice of the way she blushed. She didn’t utter a word on it however and pulled out the matching gown to go with it. It was lacy and had a bridal feel to it. That innocent new bride look was Chibs’s reason for picking out that specific one. That and this had been a fantasy of his when it came to Aislinn. For whatever reason, white came to mind when it came to seeing his wife in lingerie. Of course, this would make the first he’d seen her in anything like this. The mere idea had him a little tight below the belt. That blush of hers spread as she took out the silk blindfold and matching wraps.

“I’d ask what ya have in mind tonight…” She playfully mocked and Chibs chuckled.

He took the bag from her hold, then tossed it onto one of the pool tables.

“Why don’t ye go and try that on.” He suggested while taking possession of the blindfold and wraps.

He stuffed them into his cut then signaled for her to go on.

“What if someone shows up?”

“Oh, I’m lockin’ the clubhouse up for tonight. Ain’t no one interuptin’ us, pet.” He made clear.

Chibs kicked back on the couch and waited as his wife got ready. He could hear the shower going and knew she must’ve been going all out. Chibs had grabbed everything on the way to AC’s. There were quite a few things to pick from. He was damn near tempted when it came to a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. But decided against it since this was her first time. But he’d plans of putting Aislinn through a little confession time. He knew that was sinful as hell, even more so considering they were both Catholic. But he couldn’t help the thoughts that entered his mind. What he wouldn’t give to have her alone in a confession booth, with that little number on. That would be on his bucket list for sure. If he hadn’t been in such a hurry he would’ve purchased both outfits today.

Chibs jumped to his feet; however, when he remembered the money from the donations being in the truck. He darted outside and was quick to grab it. He rushed on back and locked everything up before setting the money on the coffee table. The Scot shook his head, wondering how much there was exactly. They hadn’t time to count it yet. But he couldn’t think about that now. His mind was elsewhere as he waited on his wife. His patience was growing thin as a good twenty minutes had passed. He didn’t need her all dolled up. All he cared about was seeing her in that lingerie and putting that authority of his to use.

Chibs was lost in thought when Aislinn entered the room. She cleared her throat, gathering his attention and Chibs craned his neck that direction. The Scot uttered something in Gaelic tongue then came to his feet. Aislinn laughed at his struck stupid reaction.

“Ya alright there?”

Chibs nodded as he made his way over.

“Give me a lil twirl, Ali.” He uttered like he was out of breath.

Aislinn did a little spin, and Chibs ran a hand along her ass.

“Jesus, Ali…” The man whispered in awe.

“I gotta admit. I’m not sure I can handle ye in this. But I’m damn sure gonna try. It’s good way ta go if nothin’ else!” And he meant it too. Chibs couldn’t think of a better way to die.

She started to say something on this, and Chibs was quick to place his hand over her mouth.

“It’s playtime, pet. That means ye gotta do what I say now.” He backed her up against the bar.

Chibs retrieved the wraps and blindfold from his cut. He laid everything down on the bar.

“Before we even think about startin’…” Chibs kept his tone seductive and kissed along her neck and shoulder as he whispered in her ear.

“Two things. We need a safeword. Somethin’ ye wouldn’t normally say durin’ sex. And I need some sort of gesture ye can use if I have your mouth covered.”

“Safeword?” Aislinn said as the thought never occurred to her.

“Aye. This will be the one word where I stop, no matter how heated things are. You say this, Ali, and I’ll stop no matter what we’re doin’.”

“I’m not sure I can think of somethin’ off the top of my head, Scotty.”

Chibs’s eyes locked with hers and the Scot caressed her cheek in thought.

“Asylum.” Chibs sincerely uttered, and Aislinn regarded him with curiosity.

She thought that a rather peculiar safeword and wondered why he chose that one.

“It’s what ye were seekin’ when ye first came ta the states and what I was offerin’. Ye say that word Ali, and I’ll stop bein’ your Dom and go back ta bein’ yer sanctuary.” The way he said this was so loving it had Aislinn damn near swooning.

“Does that work for ye, love?”


“Good deal… Now if ye can’t speak.” Chibs took her hands into his own and showed her how to go about tapping out, so to speak.

He showed her different ones for various poses and had her act each of them out for his own peace of mind.

“Alright, now what’s the word?”


“That’s me girl. It’s very important that you never forget that word. No, won’t work. It has ta be that word.”

“I won’t forget.” She vowed.

Chibs nodded then grabbed one of the silk wraps from the bar. He had her pivot around so that she was facing away from him. He used the silk to tie her hands together.

“How’s that feel, pet?” He asked while giving it a little tug.

“It’s good.”

Chibs placed his hand along her back and had her lean against the bar with her chest. Chibs took his rings off, then stuffed them into his pocket. The man shook his head as he had the perfect kitty shot. Aislinn let out a surprised gasp when Chibs gave her ass a good smack. The Scot kept quiet as he went on to put that blindfold on her too.

He made sure she was comfortably positioned on that bar then went back to giving that ass of hers a decent spanking. Chibs didn’t stop until her cheeks were rosy red. He nodded amongst himself. He untied her wrists, stuffed the wrap back into his cut, then scooped her up. He kept that blindfold on as he carried her into the back room. Chibs laid her down on the bed, then grabbed the wrap once again. He used it to bound her wrists to the headboard this time. He placed a couple pillows behind her head, making certain she was comfortable.

“How’s that feel?” He asked while adjusting her blindfold.

“Comfy.” She said with that blush of hers returning.

Chibs smiled, taking notice. He ran a single finger along that rosy cheek of hers.

“Ali…” The Scot whispered as he took her all in.

“Ye have no idea how breathtakin’ ye are.” Chibs was taking his clothes off as he said this.

The Scot took his time, wanting to see her reaction to being tied up like this. If there was any sign of her being uncomfortable, or startled even. He’d put an end to it before it even began. But the man saw no such sign. If anything, she was rubbing her thighs together. Chibs licked his lips in thought. He made his way to the bed then crawled towards her legs. He placed his hands along her knees, causing her to gasp out in surprise. Chibs observed her body language as he spread her legs. Chibs wasn’t kidding when he asked about eating her out like this. He wanted her moaning and squirming in complete ecstasy.

Chibs pulled that ivory thong of hers aside, and another moan escaped her. Chibs had his tongue buried as deep as he could get it and went at it like one of their make-out sessions. He learned pretty quick how much of a turn on that was for Aislinn and he’d done it that way ever since. Chibs continued this until her knees were trembling. He gave her one last lick before rubbing his hands along her knees and laying them down. He decided to give her a little break considering this was her first time. He looked at the alarm clock, and his ego had a bit of a boost. The Scot had been at that for almost half an hour. No wonder her knees were shaking. But the man found it hard to stop once he got started. He loved eating that little pussy of hers.

“Ye still good, pet?” He softly called.

Aislinn gave a breathless nod, and Chibs chuckled amongst himself. Chibs was discreet as he made his way off the bed. He headed back to where his cut was. He dug into one of the pockets then pulled out a small box. He opened it then retrieved the pink vibrator ring inside. He didn’t want her to know about this one just yet. He got this mainly so he could watch her play with it. But wanted to see her reaction when he used it on her first. Chibs placed it onto his finger then made his way back to the bed. He propped her knees up then spread her legs apart once again. He left a trail of wet kisses along her thigh. Chibs lifted his eyes; however, once he had that vibrator on and up against her pussy. Aislinn jarred back at first. But Chibs didn’t budge. He kept the rubbing at a nice and steady pace at first. He didn’t penetrate. It wasn’t long before he had her humping his hand. Chibs nodded amongst himself before sliding that finger inside. Aislinn’s cries had him working that finger of his and slipping another one in. The headboard shook as she squirmed about and struggled against that silk wrap. This had Chibs picking up the pace. He fingered her even harder, and Aislinn bucked her hips up off the bed. Chibs forced her back down. He reached over and tightened those wraps.

“Behave, pet.” He seductively ordered as she almost broke free.

Chibs didn’t bother keeping count with how many times she came. The puddle beneath told him everything he needed to know. This room would smell like sex for a solid week by the time he was done with her. Chibs gave Aislinn a few more strokes with that ring. Once he had his fun with that, he took it off then tossed it onto the nightstand. Chibs reached over and freed her from the headboard. He flipped her onto all fours. The Scot grabbed a fistful of her hair then brought her against him. He kissed along her neck then leaned into her ear.

“Imma show ye what a good fuckin’ really is, pet.”

Chibs pulled that thong aside once again then drove his entire length in. He had her hair in one hand and was cupping one of her tits with the other as he fucked her. She came so hard at one point she actually pushed him out. Chibs raised his brows on this but slid right back in and thrust even harder. Chibs gritted his teeth once he felt that urge to come. He pulled out then crawled on over towards her face. Chibs grabbed a fistful of her hair once again.

“Open yer mouth.”

Aislinn opened her mouth, and Chibs shot his load. He watched as she swallowed it down, then licked her lips clean afterward.

“Yer not done.” He said then gently pressed the tip of his dick against her lips.

“Clean me up, pet.”

Chibs shook his head as he watched that tongue of hers at work. She gave him a couple of good deep throats before he pulled out.

“That’s me girl.” He said before laying her down on the bed.

Chibs rolled Aislinn onto her back, then removed the blindfold. Chibs pulled her into his arms afterward then kissed the top of her head. That was something he swore to himself he’d always do. It didn’t matter how dominating he got with her. It would always end like this. That’s how it should end. He wanted his wife to feel safe, loved, and to know she was in good hands.

Chibs looked to the time once again.

“Two hours!” He randomly uttered, and Aislinn lifted her head off his chest.


“We were goin’ at it fur two hours!” He pridefully put, and Aislinn snorted.

“Were we now?”

“Aye, and yer knees are still shakin’! Look at that!” He said and gave them another rub.

Chibs cleared his throat, however.

“Now is the time for truth…” He said, and Aislinn narrowed her eyes in wonder.


“Aye, I want an honest answer, Ali. It’s important that ye tell me how ye really feel.”

Chibs sat up then had her sit up as well. He cupped her chin then looked her in the eyes.

“Is this somethin’ ye’d be willin’ to do again or was that a wee bit too much?”

“Oh, no. We’re most certainly doin’ that again.” The way she said this had the man dying of laughter.

He kissed her forehead then hugged her.

“Alright, then. I’m holdin’ ye to that, love.”

“Scotty, ya don’t have to hold back with me. I want you to show me what turns you on and I’m all for tryin’ new things.”

“Then I’m all for teachin’ ye. Though I will admit… What we’re doin’ now is a bit of a learnin’ experience for the both of us. You’re the only woman I’ve ever done this with. The only one I’ve wanted to do this with. There’s just somethin’ about ye… You bring out this possessive side. I didn’t know I had that in me. But I do, and it’s strong, darlin’. All I can think about is claimin’ ye. But I already got ye! So, I have ta move on to the next best thing… That’s tyin’ ye up and havin’ me way with ye!” He said with a grin, and Aislinn giggled.

Her laughter put the Scot at a little more ease. He couldn’t help but to be a tad apprehensive considering everything she’d been through. But Chibs felt a lot more confident now and was ready to put that all behind him as well. This was about him and Aislinn now, and he wasn’t letting Jimmy or Fiona stand in the way of being themselves.

Aislinn snuggled up a little closer, and it wasn’t long before she was fast asleep.

A/N: There are currently more sex scenes between Chibs and Aislinn due to how long she was in the hospital. That and with the new kink in their lives, I felt like it needed more depth. (No I didn’t use BOY GEORGE as a safeword. Only my FB followers would get that one 😉 lol)

Three to four more chapters are coming before the story comes to an end.

Please remember to like or review. It’s how we writers are fed.

Thank you!




5 thoughts on “Chapter 55 Back In The Saddle”

  1. That chapter damn girl… from the new kink to a naughty abel to Riona with her sexual harassment to them running darren out of town i don’t know where to start to be honest and that is the scary part but i do love how Leia finally claimed ethan in front of Sam. that was perfect and then a pregnant ali saying back off and then Leia slugging the fuck out of her that was perfect.

    even Ali asking ethan to give her away. that was something so pretty and beautiful. you could tell that meant a lot to him and he is happily she asked him even though He isn’t ready to let her go. he knows she is happy with scotty but he just doesn’t like the age difference but then again i don’t think anyone could handle ali like scotty does

    Pepper showing up is interesting i don’t think him and ali will ever get along again even if they try to build the bridges back i think its always going to be a slight resentment and i can’t blame her. you threw me for a loop when Riona told him to come to her birthday. we will have to see if he does.

    Sweet sweet little Abel.. oh he is such a charmer and has that sweet little innocent face that claims he never does anything wrong … i thought that was adorable when his momma asked him to be naughty and then him coming out dancing to the shark song was perfect.

    Darren had to know the moment he put his hands on Jax wife all hell was going to break loose even if jax wasn’t there yet Happy would do anything and everything to protect her and to make sure she is safe from everything and everyone. by the time everyone showed up… everything had broken loose until the shot rang out, that was just fun… chasing him and her out of town was perfect and now they can tear down that building and expand on a.c.

    I’m not even going to go into the new kink that chibs has with ali… but damn that was a hell of a scene girlie.

    you and your muse have done me well and entertained me when i need something awesome to read. i hope your muse keeps dancing and inspiring you. until next time *bows*

    (lets the bitey dogs out and chases darren and sam out of town with a few bites on their legs and ass)

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