Chapter 58 – Ireland Bound

Chapter 58 – Ireland Bound

The morning started off rather stressful as the sisters were brought in for questioning. They did as Pepper requested, however, and played dumb. They made it sound as if everything was Pepper’s idea. That they thought Nicholas ran away with another woman since he’d been known to cheat from time to time. Once that was said and done, they gathered at the clubhouse and read Pepper’s letter for Ethan and Riona.

“We have to go back…” Riona whispered, looking ill.

“Back?” Aislinn asked, and Ethan sighed.

“You can’t. You and Aislinn sought asylum! Do you have any idea how that would look if either of you get caught going BACK?” Ethan said while pointing at Riona.

“Aislinn isn’t going, not in her condition. But I am.” Riona made clear.

“No.” Ethan firmly put, and Riona snatched the letter out of her brother’s hold.

“Ethan, those men are on OUR property. Mine and Linny’s mother is buried on that land. Nothin’ can stop me from goin’ back and makin’ sure ma is taken care of! I won’t leave her at the hands of complete strangers!”

“Riona, I need you to understand the risk you’d be taking. Do you even realize what would happen if…” Ethan started to say, only to have Jax interrupt him.

“I won’t let that happen. I’ll find a way of getting Riona there, undetected. This is their mother we’re talking about, Ethan. We gotta take that into consideration.”

“I should be goin’ too!” Aislinn sadly murmured.

“NO!” Ethan and Riona steadfastly chorused.

“You’re too far along. We can’t have you giving birth on Ireland soil.” Ethan remarked.

Chibs, Riona, and Jax nodded in agreement. Aislinn ran a hand along her stomach in thought.

“I’ll go with her.” Ethan offered, hoping that would put his younger sister at ease.

Aislinn regarded her brother in surprise. She wasn’t the only one, Riona was blown away by Ethan’s offer as well.

“Well, I did offer to move him…” Ethan reminded, and the girls recoiled.

“Actually, I think that’s a good idea. We’re gonna need some hands-on deck.” Jax uttered.

“Aye, those oilfield bastards don’t play around. They’re greedy greasy scumbags.” Chibs said as he was leaning against the bar and with his arms folded about his chest.

“They’re not all like that.” Aislinn defended as to an old oilfield friend of theirs.

Aislinn went to school with him before she dropped out to help her sister with the ranch. She ran into him a few years later, and he was working in the oilfield.

“Aye, but a majority of them are. All the more reason yer stayin’ put, pet. I won’t have ye around all that mess.”

“I know you want to be there, love. But honestly, we’d be too worried about you goin’ into labor.” Riona softly added.

“I’m not that far along!” Aislinn argued, and her husband regarded her in a reprimanding manner.

“Ali, yer near yer third trimester! Ye can’t be travelin’. All it takes is a wee bit of stress or one of them lads gettin’ ahold of ye and roughin’ ye up! Ye haven’t any business goin’ back ta Ireland, and ye know it! No one’s gonna back ye on this. So, give it up already!”

Aislinn sent her husband a look of hell, and the Scot sighed when she stormed out of the clubhouse.

“I knew she wouldn’t handle that very well,” Riona admitted with a sigh of her own.

“Aye, she doesn’t like anyone tellin’ her what ta do.”

“That she don’t,” Riona added with a small grin.

Chibs grabbed his and Aislinn’s jackets then headed outside.

“Ali…” Chibs softly called.

Aislinn rolled her eyes at the sound of his voice.

“Well, that didn’t take long. I was wonderin’ when ye’d start actin’ like a real wife!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Aislinn snipped, and Chibs chuckled.

“Ye know… The eye rollin’ and actin’ like ye can’t stand ta be in the same room as me!”

“Oh, blow it up your arse!”

“Ye mean out…” Chibs corrected, and Aislinn shook her head but with a hint of a smile.

“C’mere.” The Scot uttered with her coat held out, so he could put it on her.

Aislinn refused. Chibs grabbed her by the arm then pulled her towards him.

“Quit bein’ a pain in me arse!” He scolded while putting her jacket on.

He put his on afterward then wrapped his arms around her.

“I didn’t say what I said ta upset ye. I’m just tryin’ ta get you to see the bigger picture. Ye know what could happen if ye have those babies over there before everythin’s settled here in the states. Our marriage won’t completely save you if somethin’ were to go wrong or if ye was ta get caught.”

“This isn’t somethin’ Riona should have to do alone.”

“I agree. Trust me. I do, love. But yer sister won’t be alone. Jackie’s gonna be right there, and so will yer brother. Ye know they’ll support her; in whatever way she needs.”

“If I can’t go… I want Happy to go in my place.”

Chibs reared back on his wife’s words.


Aislinn nodded.

“I thought Ethan was goin’ in yer place.”

“Aye, I want Happy to go along as well.”

“Why Happy?” Chibs curiously questioned.

“Because I’d feel a lot better if he was there with them. Can’t you throw the idea out there – as Jax’s VP?”

“That I can,” Chibs uttered.

Aislinn wasn’t one to ask her husband to use his patch like that. So, Chibs knew how much this meant to her. The VP shook his head; however, once he finally caught on as to why.

“Ye know, don’t ye…” The Scot whispered after looking around the area.

“Know…?” Aislinn questioned.

“Aboot Happy…”

“What about him…” Aislinn rather challenged but observed her husband’s reaction as she did.

“Aye, ye know,” Chibs confirmed with a nod.

“Not sure what you’re talkin’ about.” She teasingly fibbed, and Chibs shook his head.

“Are ye sure him goin’ is a good idea?” Her husband hinted.

“Happy isn’t Brodie… if that’s where you’re gettin’ at.”

“I know he isn’t. But if you and I can see it…”

“Actually, I didn’t see it.”

“Oh?!” Chibs curiously asked.

“Ye remember that night I stayed with Happy? That night of the funerals.”

Chibs nodded in memory.

“Well, let’s just say he was beyond plastered and admitted to somethin’s Happy never imagined he’d admit to.”

Wait… Ye mean ta say that Happy confessed his feelings to you?!”

“Aye. Scotty, the poor lad was in a bad place. Happy never meant for those feelin’s to get out, to me especially. But they did. But honestly… I think it’s what he needed. I think he was usin’ me in order to get some sort of clarity with himself. He knew I’d never say anythin’ and never will. Riona hasn’t any business knowin’ that, even he knows that. It’d mess everythin’ up! Between him and Riona but him and Jax as well.”

“Agreed,” Chibs said, thinking it somewhat ironic that they knew when they knew what this was like firsthand because of Brodie.

“Just the knowledge alone would fuck with Jackie’s head, and that isn’t somethin’ either of them needs right now.” He added in thought.

“Aye. We’ve been through it, so we know what it can do.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

“Very true, pet.”

“So, Happy and Ethan, go in my place?”

“Aye, I’ll make sure of it,” Chibs vowed.

“Thank you.” Aislinn sincerely put then leaned into his chest for warmth.

“That puts you and Bobby in charge while we’re gone.” Jax reminded during the meeting about Ireland.

“Aye, we got it,” Chibs reassured but tilted his head Happy’s direction.

“Ye should take Hap along. Yer gonna need all the muscle ye can get.”

The president regarded Happy in thought.

“Alright. What do you say, Hap? You wanna go back to Ireland?”

“You know it, boss!”

“Alright, everyone else stay put and help Filip hold down the fort.”

“That cruise is thirteen days long. Weddin’s in sixteen. Ye best get yer arses back before the weddin’. I mean it, Jackie. I’ll never hear the end of it if we have ta postpone. I’ve kept the lass waitin’ long enough.”

“We’ll be here. Don’t make any changes.” Jax promised.

“Ye’d better be. That and ye best get home and get ta packin’.”

The president reared back on this.

“Jackie boy, tomorrow’s the fifteenth! Ye’ll hafta fly ta New York tanight. I’ll book ye a hotel. I’ll worry about gettin’ ye tickets for the cruise. Just get yer arses there, so ye’ll be in time ta board tomorrow mornin’.”

“SHIT!” Jax said while looking at the calendar on his phone.

“I’m gonna need you and Aislinn to watch after Abel.”

“Will do.”

“Oh, and remember to actually take him to school.”

“Pffft, school. I’ll teach that buck everythin’ he needs ta know.” Chibs taunted, and Jax chuckled.

“I’m sure you will.”

Jax slammed the gavel down, dismissing the meeting. The president rushed on out the door, so he could tell his wife they needed to pack, ASAP.

“You two better get on and get ta packin’ yerselves. First flight out is in three hours.”

Ethan sighed then tossed Chibs a spare key.

“Take care of my dog, will ya? That’s a spare.”

“Ye just happened to have a spare on ye?!”

“I was going to give it to Leia, but that’ll have to wait now.”

“Yer already givin’ that lass a key ta yer place?!”

“That’s MY business, don’t you think?”

“Just sayin’, boy. You don’t have the best record when it comes ta women.”

“You’re one to talk…”

“What are ye sayin’ about yer sister?” Chibs taunted.

Everyone, aside from Ethan, laughed.

“You got lucky there,” Ethan said with a shrug, and Chibs nodded.

“Can’t argue that. Now get yer arse out of here, both of ye!”

“So bossy.” Happy grumbled.

The VP leaned back, then nodded Happy’s direction.

“Just how ye like it. Right, boy?!”

“You know it!” Happy said, then blew Chibs a kiss on the way out of church.

“That really gets under yer skin, don’t it?”

Ethan shrugged then came to his feet.

“Hold up…” Chibs muttered then signaled for everyone else to go on.

“Yer gonna have to pack and act the part.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“No cuts. Yer goin’ on a cruise, Ethan…”

“If you say polo shirt…”

“Alright, I won’t say it. But khakis to go with that, and ye best find ye some nice sandals.”

“SANDALS?! I’ve never worn sandals in my fuckin’ life!”

“Well, then today’s yer lucky day. Go and find ye a nice pair! Take Happy with ye. I doubt he owns any. But ye best get on that plane in time. Oh, and that’s another thing…”

Ethan waited, and Chibs smiled.

“Taggin’ along a happily married couple is gonna raise too much suspicion. Ye and Happy are gonna have to go tagether.



“Alright. No big deal.”

“I don’t think you get what I’m sayin’… Me girl’s not taggin’ along, and this is a cruise notorious for happy couples…”

“Don’t you even fuckin’ say it, bro…”

“Oh, I don’t have to say it. Ye know where I’m goin’ with this. You two haven’t much choice. So, ye best get over that little phobia of yers and suck it up, cupcake. Ye got yerself a two weeklong date with Happy Lowman! So cut that hair of yers and shave. Yer a fuckin’ mess!”

“It’s not a phobia, man. I don’t care what other people do with their lives or WHO they’re into. I just don’t want some dude all over me like that!”

“Well, that’s up to Happy now. Isn’t it?!” Chibs uttered with a playful wink then gestured for Ethan to head on out.

The VP could hear the Son grumbling under his breath, and this had him laughing.

“I’s gonna stay with you and Uncle Chibs, Aunt Linny?!” Abel squealed while Aislinn helped her nephew pack.

“You sure are!”

“You’s taking me to school too?”


“That gonna be so cool! We’s gonna have so much fun! You can plays with me and Morgan after school because we plays for a little bit before we go home. Mommy always say fifteen minutes.”

“Make sure you grab your backpack.” Aislinn reminded.

“Oh, yeah,” Abel said, then took off and headed towards his closet, where he kept his backpack.

“And, Tommy!” His aunt added in reminder.

“I already gots him in my suitcase.”

“Good deal.”

“We can takes turns with him again when I at the clubhouse with you.”

“That’d be lovely.”

“Can we watch John Wick too?” Abel excitably questioned.

“We sure can!”

Abel squealed once again, and Aislinn giggled as she carried his things to the car. Abel had Mayhem on a leash and was heading out when he spotted the Mustang.

“We’s driving that?!”

“Sure are!”

“THAT DEADLY!” Abel shouted with excitement.

Aislinn laughed as she got the boy situated in his car seat. She placed Mayhem into the backseat and laid him down with one of his chew toys. Jax and Riona tossed a couple suitcases into the back of Jax’s truck then made their way over. They hugged and kissed Abel goodbye. Riona went over Abel’s schedule with her sister, and Aislinn took mental notes of everything. It was after this that Aislinn pulled her sister aside and thanked her for the party and everything she and Chibs did. Riona damn near fainted as that made a first for Aislinn. They fought tooth and nail when it came to her other birthdays. It’d been like that ever since their mother passed away.

“You’re very welcome.” Riona softly put but was on the verge of tears.

That’s all she ever wanted was to lift that birthday curse of Aislinn’s. And even with things not going the way Riona and Chibs had hoped, Riona could tell it truly meant a lot to her sister.

“Riona babe, we gotta go!” Jax hollered while pecking his sister-in-law on the cheek and ushering his wife to the truck.

Riona waved at her sister then blew her son a kiss. Aislinn waved in return and watched as Jax and her sister sped on out of the drive.

Chibs greeted his wife and nephew as they pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot. He chuckled once he saw the massive grin on Abel’s face.

“THIS CAR SOOOO COOL, UNCLE CHIBS!” Abel hollered with the window rolled down.

“It sure is, isn’t it?!” Chibs hollered in return as his wife had AC/DC blasting.

Aislinn exited the Mustang, and Chibs pecked her on the lips before grabbing Abel’s belongings from the trunk.

“Congrats on gettin’ ye and the lad here in one piece!”

“Zip it, Scotty!” His wife hissed, and Chibs chuckled as he carried Abel’s things inside.

Chibs was sitting the boy’s belongings down when Jax called.


“I feel like such an asshole…”

“Now, why’s that, Jackie boy?”

“Riona and I got to talking, and it never even occurred to me… We’re gonna be gone for a couple weeks. So, why don’t you and Aislinn chill with Abel at our place? You can use our bed… Might want to umm wash the sheets, though…”

                Chibs chuckled as he could hear Riona scolding her husband.

“I’m just being honest, babe… We did have a lot of fun in them last night…”

“Things I don’t need ta know,” Chibs muttered, and Jax laughed.

“But seriously… Look, just stay at our place. It’s closer to Abel’s school, and it’ll give you two a break from the fucking clubhouse.”

“Ali and I are just fine here, Jackie.”

“I’m not asking you, Filip. I’m telling you as your president. Make our home yours while we’re away. Got it?” Jax hung up before Chibs could argue with him.

Chibs sighed but regarded his wife and Abel as they were talking in the hallway. It would be nice, being in an actual house and not having the boys hovering over them for once. Chibs thought as he missed having their privacy and knew his wife felt the same way.

“…fuck it…” The Scot whispered under his breath.

“Alright, back ta the Mustang!” Chibs ordered then regathered Abel’s things.

Aislinn looked to her husband in question.

“Yer sister and Jackie offered us their place while they’re gone,” Chibs explained, taking his wife by surprise.

“They what?!”

“Aye. Said somethin’ about makin’ sure we wash the sheets. I’m guessin’ Riona is a messy lover just like her sister.” Chibs hinted in perversion.

“SCOTTY!” Aislinn scolded with a blush.

Chibs chuckled on the way to the car.

“Not somethin’ I want to think about!” Aislinn said once she got to the car.

“Em… but ye gotta admit when I really get ye goin’…”

Aislinn clamped a hand over her husband’s mouth, and he wiggled his brows.

“You’re terrible. We’ve a child present.”

“Aye well, he isn’t ours. So, we’re free ta corrupt this one.” He said after prying her hand away.

“You tell that to your president!”

“What you two talking about?” Abel asked after his uncle got him strapped into his car seat.

“About yer aunt and her messy ways.”

“She messy?”

“Aye, in the best of ways!”

“Scotty, I swear to God.”

“Ye really shouldn’t do that, love. We’re Catholic.”

“And you shouldn’t be talkin’ about that around our wee nephew.”

Chibs shut Abel’s door then made his way to the driver’s side. He stopped his wife before she got inside.

“He has no idea what we’re talkin’ aboot. For all he knows, I could be talkin’ about yer house cleanin’ skills.”

“But, you’re not.”

“Not even a little,” Chibs uttered with a smirk.

Chibs backed her up against the Mustang then feverishly kissed her. The Scot leaned into her ear afterward.

“Yer startin’ ta leak a bit…”


Chibs cleared his throat, then tapped his finger along one of her breasts. Aislinn’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“Is that normal?! I mean, ALREADY?!”

“It can be. Most women don’t lactate until they’ve had the baby or just about ta. But some can start a wee bit early. Ye’ve nothin’ ta worry on, pet. Completely normal.” Chibs uttered while admiring the view.

That’s what had the Scot so worked up. Chibs noticed the leaking earlier but didn’t say anything because of Abel. She’d leaked just enough that he could see her nipple through the lacy bra she wore beneath her white tank top.

“We’re gonna have fun with that, pet.” Chibs murmured before handing his leather jacket over.

“But for now, ye might wanna cover-up.”

“Are ya talkin’ about helpin’ yourself?!” She coyly hinted.

She hadn’t a clue Chibs was into that sort of thing. Then again, she was learning more and more every day.

“Oh yeah…”

“That’s the boys’ milk, not yours!”

“Boys aren’t here yet. That milk is all mine, darlin’. Why would I drink from the bottle when I can drink straight from the tab!”

Aislinn snorted when her husband zipped the jacket up then gave her a good smack on the ass. He opened the door for her.

“I’ll follow ye. Just don’t go and back inta me if ye hit a fuckin’ incline.”

“I don’t even do that anymore!” Aislinn bitterly defended.

“Just sayin’, love. I don’t wanna be run over by me own wife!”

“If I want to run you over, then I’ll run ya over!” She witted, and Chibs chuckled.

“Woman after me own heart.” He said before shutting the driver’s side door and hopping onto his Harley.

“Where are they?!” Riona asked once her husband got off the phone with Happy.

“They’re running a little late. They’ll catch the next flight out.”


“Happy said something about following Chibs’s orders. That we won’t see him and Ethan until they board the ship.”

“THAT’S INSANE! What kind of orders did your VP give them?!”

“There’s no telling. But Chibs knows what he’s doing. I trust whatever’s in that head of his.”

“If you say so. Just as long as they board in time!”

“They will,” Jax reassured then leaned back in his seat.

“Relax, darlin’.” He uttered when he saw his wife checking their tickets and the gate for the tenth time since they’d sat down.

                Riona had to use a foreign passport in order to fly. She would have to use this until she earned her citizenship. She and Jax lied and said they were going on a cruise for their honeymoon. Jax hated that, considering he never lived up to those Hawaii tickets he promised. It felt like a slap to the face when he couldn’t give her that honeymoon after all. This particular cruise made several stops to different places, one of those being near Ireland. Jax, Riona, Ethan, and Happy would have to come up with some sort of plan on how to sneak off the ship and enter Irish soil while making everyone on that ship believe they were spending quality time in France or the UK. They hadn’t decided which yet and wouldn’t until they had a better idea of how the stops went. They’d have to sneak back on with Keith’s assistance. Jax was already thinking up a plan in that head of his. He’d make it work somehow; he always did.

“I’m doin’ my best.” Riona miserably whispered.

“We’ll worry about everything once we get there. Don’t go mad with worry when we haven’t a clue what we’re even dealing with yet. Let’s just take it one day at a time.”

“I just wish we didn’t have to go about it this way. It’ll take forever! Lord knows what could happen between now and then.”

“I know. But this is our only option. You shouldn’t even be in Ireland. I’d send one of the boys, but if they got flagged after your father being accused of murder…” Jax did his best to hint.

“I know. I know we have to lay low. We’re doin’ everythin’ we can. I’m just tryin’ to tell myself that, love.”

“That we are. And whatever’s going down once we get there, you know we’ll have your back. They won’t get away with this, baby. I give you my word. We’re gonna fight this.”

Riona nodded then leaned into her husband’s shoulder.

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered once he and Aislinn were alone, and she took his jacket off.

Abel was in his room and playing with Mayhem.


“I can see BOTH yer nipples now.” The Scot uttered like he was in agony.

Aislinn looked down, then shook her head with a blush.

“I didn’t even feel it! How’s that possible?!”

“Oh, ye will once those boys arrive. Trust me. Every time one of ‘em cries or whenever they’re hungry yer gonna ache then spring a fuckin’ leak. Much worse than what ye are now.”

“Are ya serious?!”

“Oh yeah, don’t know of a mum that hasn’t experienced that.”

“Shite!” She said, causing her husband to laugh.

“Looks like we need ta go ahead and get ye some pads.”

“Pads?! Ya mean they have pads for your boobs?!”

“Aye. That’ll keep THAT…” He pointed towards the wet spots on her tank top.

“From happenin’. Last thing I need is fur ye ta go and give all those lads back at the Tipsy Crow’s Nest a thrill. And believe me… EVERYONE would be lookin’.”

Aislinn headed into Jax, and Riona’s bathroom then took her tank top and bra off.

“They’re all swollen!” She complained, and Chibs cocked a brow when she squeezed them together and watched the milk drip out of her nipples.

“This is crazy!” She said while looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Chibs shut the bathroom door then locked it behind him. He walked on over, spun her around, then lifted her up on the counter.

“Scotty!” She called in surprise when he latched onto one of her tits.

The Scot used his hand to cover her mouth and kept with it. Aislinn couldn’t believe her husband’s behavior. He was sucking on her nipples and humping her like that of a mad man. He’d squeeze them together every once in a while and lick up any milk that spilled out of them.

Chibs lowered his hand, then hiked her skirt up. He lifted her up just enough to take her panties off. He went back to worshipping her milk-filled breasts but fucked her as he did. Aislinn struggled with the urge to moan as their nephew was just a few rooms away. In fact, she had to cover her own mouth a couple times. Chibs, however, didn’t break stride. Seeing how turned on, he was only added to Aislinn’s sensitivity, making it all the harder to keep quiet. Chibs took notice and softly chuckled.

“Ye alright there, pet?” He whispered with a bit of a grunt.

Aislinn gave a mere nod, and Chibs gave her thigh a little slap.

“Scotty! What if he hears…” She started to say only to have her husband shush her with a kiss.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped when he pulled out and came across her breasts.

“Holy…” She whispered, thinking that somewhat impressive as he aimed a good distance.

“What can I say… Ye had me in overdrive, darlin’.” Chibs uttered then showed her as more cum oozed out of the tip of his dick.

Aislinn was discovering more and more about her husband. She thought her pregnancy turned the Scot into a horny bastard… Chibs would touch her stomach constantly and would love on it. But this right here was different. The Scot had gone pure animalistic on her. Aislinn loved Chibs’s softer side but couldn’t deny that animalistic one brought out something in her she never knew existed. Aislinn was completely submissive when it came to her husband. She loved every minute of Chibs taking control and more or less worshipping her body.

Chibs grabbed a washcloth then wet it at the sink. He cleaned the semen and milk off her breasts then shook his head.


“Just doesn’t seem real.” He muttered, sounding somewhat baffled.

“What doesn’t?”


Aislinn tilted her head in wonder.

“Now, I’ve known some beautiful lasses in my lifetime. But only ye can get up in the wee hours of the morn, yer hair unbrushed, without an ounce of makeup and still be the most fuckable being on this godforsaken planet.”

Aislinn snorted.

“Ye think I’m blowin’ smoke up yer arse, but I’m dead serious, love. I mean look at ye. Yer glowin’ and ye only get more breathtakin’.”

“You’re also biased.” Aislinn said with a blush.

“That maybe. But I can promise ye this much… No pregnant woman has turned me on like this before.” Chibs did his best to hint.

And that was true. Chibs thought Fiona was lovely, but she never struck him the way Aislinn did. That and he never had the impulse to taste her like that. Not that it would’ve mattered if he had. Fiona would’ve frowned on something like that. Then again, most women would. Chibs, however, couldn’t help himself when it came to Aislinn. He found himself wanting to try new things and wanting to see her reaction. Watching his wife play with her breasts. And how innocent she was when it came to things like that, didn’t help the man any. All that did was add to those desires.

Chibs knew part of that had to do with how anxious he was to be a father. The bigger Aislinn became, the closer that time was. He meant it when he called her breathtaking. Aislinn was carrying his children – his boys. The man couldn’t think of anything sexier than that. Chibs handed her clothes back then helped her down from the counter. He couldn’t help but notice how quiet she’d gotten.

“Somethin’ on yer mind, pet?” He asked as she braced herself against him and put her panties back on.

“What if all this changes… You know… Us… After I have the babies.”

“Now, why would anything about us change, love?” Chibs sincerely questioned.

He didn’t understand why she would ask such a thing.

“Because we both know what this will do to my body. I won’t be the same, Scotty. I’m already dealin’ with stretch marks and what if I have to have a c-section, or…” Chibs placed a single finger against her lips.

“Now, ye listen ta me, lass… Those marks are ones of fuckin’ pride. Just think of them as earnin’ yer stripes. We thought we wouldn’t be able ta have children, remember?! Those are there to prove otherwise! Ali, yer gonna put on a bit of weight and yer gonna have more scars than ye got already. That’s ta be expected. But what have we said about that?”

Aislinn shrugged, and Chibs cupped her chin as he lifted it.

“Our scars don’t define us. It doesn’t matter how much yer body changes. I’m always gonna see MY Ali. Nothin’ aboot that will ever change. Do ye understand?”

“Even if I put on three hundred pounds and start shovin’ pounds of cake down my throat?!” She teased, and Chibs chuckled.

“More of ye ta love! But let’s not turn that into a goal, either.”

“Alright, burgers, it is!”

“There ye go!” Chibs uttered with a wink.

“Ye haven’t anythin’ ta worry on. I’m not goin’ anywhere, and I’m keepin’ me vows. So, stop yer frettin’ and enjoy what we’ve been given.”

Chibs and Aislinn froze when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Em?” Chibs hummed in response.

“Mayhem goes potty, and I no can find the peepee spray mommy uses.”

“I’ll find it. Just head on back to your room, and I’ll be right there.” Aislinn called.


Chibs waited until they heard him walking away.

“And ta think we’re gonna have two of those. We better get used to a little cock blockin’.” Chibs muttered.

“Hey, you wanted babies!” She teased, and Chibs chuckled.

“Eh, we’ll ship em off ta yer brother or sister’s.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“What?” Her husband asked as he was fastening his belt.

“It just dawned on me that we fucked in my sister and brother-in-law’s house. Scotty, we hadn’t even been here but a few minutes!”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Well darlin’, I doubt they were expectin’ us to go a whole two weeks without any fun…” He said while unlocking and opening the door for her.

Jax cocked a brow as his wife was on her fourth alcoholic beverage. They hadn’t been on the plane for more than an hour. Jax was more than certain she was driving the flight attendants crazy as Riona was waving them over for another round.

“Babe…” Jax whispered before taking the empty cup from her hold.

Jax took it upon himself to hand the cup back to the attendant. He signaled for the attendant to go on afterward. Riona frowned at this, and Jax sighed.

“I get it, alright. But you’ve had four drinks within an hour….”

Riona pinched her eyes shut. Jax wrapped his arms around her, then pulled her into his chest.

“Why don’t you get some sleep?” He softly suggested.

“I never wanted to go back.”

“I know you didn’t, baby. But you’re not alone in this. I’m gonna be there every step of the way. And you know your sister is with us in spirit.”

“Aye, Linny was devastated when we told her she couldn’t go.”

“Yeah, because she doesn’t want you dealing with this alone. That I can understand.”

“Haven’t much choice. It’s that or willingly give up the land, the house, and my mother’s corp…” Riona trailed off, and Jax recoiled once he realized what she was about to say.

That right there was most certainly not like Riona. Jax knew she must’ve had one too many. The president, however, didn’t comment and ran a soothing hand along her back. It wasn’t long before Riona was out.

“So, Chibs told you this…” Happy questioned on the way to the airport.

They were in Ethan’s truck as they didn’t think it a good idea to leave their motorcycles at the airport while they were gone.

“Well yeah…”

Happy nodded but looked to be in thought.

“How do I know you’re not just saying that shit, so I’ll go down on you?!”

Ethan snapped a look that direction.


“You heard me. I’ve seen how you look at me.”

Happy couldn’t help himself. Chibs had given him the heads up on this, and Happy decided to play along with Chibs’s little payback. Payback from when Chibs first met Ethan Lawless. That and for all the old man jokes ever since.

“Dude, seriously. Knock that shit off.”

“Look, you don’t have to be ashamed. But you should let your old lady know the truth.”


“About you being gay, brother.”


“Asshole, huh? Isn’t that what most gays think about?”

Ethan snapped Happy a look, and Happy shrugged.

“As I said, I ain’t judgin’. But personally, I don’t swing that way.”

“Say one more fucking word, man. Just one more.” Ethan dared with gritted teeth.

“Alright. Is that why you shaved your beard to look like a blonde pussy? I mean, did you really think I’d fall for that shit?! My dick ain’t going anywhere near that! I’m no one’s whore!”

Ethan nodded before dead-legging Happy. Happy let out a painful grunt but was laughing his ass off.

“Sorry, Aunt Linny.” Abel apologized after his aunt finished cleaning up after Mayhem.

“I no get him out fast enough.”

“Awe now, love. You’re just fine. These things happen.”

“Daddy hate when Mayhem do that. He say “no do that, very bad dog”, then he say, “go outside, you little shit!”

Aislinn covered her mouth in laughter. She could picture her brother-in-law and that temper of his.

“Mommy get mad at daddy and say “no say that, Jackson”!” Abel threw his hands in the air like his mother does, and Aislinn giggled once again.

“Daddy say he no like Mayhem but me and mommy sees daddy playing with him outside and petting him! Mommy say no, tell him we see him. Mommy laughs and say that so Jackson!”

“Aye, seems like your father is softer than he realizes.”

“Yeah, mommy say that daddy secretly likes Mayhem, but no want us to know.”

“That sounds about right.” Aislinn said while putting everything away.

“See?! Right as rain. Jax will never know!”

Abel giggled as Mayhem begged Aislinn for attention. Aislinn scooped him up then kissed him on the nose.

“He like you!”

“Awe well, I like him too.”

“Why’s you not get a puppy too, Aunt Linny,” Abel asked when she handed his puppy back.

“Cause I’ll be busy with my own pups!”

“You no having pups, Aunt Linny. You is silly.”

“Are ya sure about that? I mean, your uncle is kind of hairy, and he sure does growl a lot!”

“Is that so?” They heard and Abel broke into a fit of giggles.

“Now who said I was talkin’ about you? I could’ve been talkin’ about Ethan for all ya know!” Aislinn witted, and her husband shook his head.

“Emm, but ye weren’t.”

“Uncle Chibs gonna get you!” Abel squealed as Chibs gently tackled her, then tossed her onto the bed.

Abel laughed when his uncle growled and pretended like he was attacking her.

“No, do that, Uncle Chibs! I has to get you now!” Abel grabbed a pillow and hit his uncle with it.

Chibs grabbed the boy then lifted him into the air as they were on the bed still. Mayhem was barking and wagging his tail. He tried getting up on the bed but was too small still. Aislinn reached down then lifted him up on the bed. Mayhem ran over and licked Chibs in the face.

“Get him, Mayhem!” Aislinn ordered as Chibs tickled his nephew.

“Hey…” Jax softly murmured while nudging his wife awake.

Riona opened her eyes then stretched her arms about.

“Gotta put your seatbelt on, darlin’. We’ll be landing soon.”

Riona gave a tired nod, and Jax helped her with her seatbelt.

“You okay?” He asked as she seemed really out of it.

She nodded once again but glanced out the window. Jax took her hand into his own then kissed it. He knew this whole ordeal with Pepper’s arrest, and the oil field taking over the land was stressing her out. Not that he blamed her. There was no telling what they’d be getting themselves into. But Jax understood her reasoning and would back her one hundred percent.

Riona was quiet even as they landed. Jax took care of everything, including their baggage claim, and hailing them a taxi to their hotel.

“This is where Abel met Spider-Man.” His wife randomly, yet sadly put on the way to the hotel.

Jax peered over as she had that lost look in her eyes.

“That’s right. He did, didn’t he?”

“Ya should’ve seen the way he lit up.”

“I can only imagine. He’s been big on Spider-Man ever since he first learned to walk.”

Riona managed to smile, and Jax wrapped his arm around her.

“I hate leaving him behind like that – so suddenly,” Riona admitted.

“Me too. But Abel’s pretty grown-up about these things. He understands.”

“Aye, that he is.”

Jax paid the fare once they arrived at their destination.

“That’s the hotel?!” Riona exclaimed as the building was massive.

“That’s gotta be fifty stories, at least!” She added, and her husband chuckled.

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised. I mean, I’ve been here before. Still…”

“Gotta love New York,” Jax uttered with a frown.

“Not even a little!” Riona bitterly grumbled, adding to her husband’s amusement.

It was times like this that Jax was reminded of how she and Aislinn grew up. They were country girls. Outside their usual gigs, they weren’t used to this sort of lifestyle. The president wished he could’ve been there for theirs and Abel’s reaction when they saw New York for the first time. He was certain they kept Chibs more than entertained.

Jax gathered their belongings from the trunk then headed inside. He couldn’t help but laugh at his wife as she gawked at the ceiling. She muttered something about the chandeliers and shook her head as she followed him to the front desk.

“How much is this costin’ us?” She whispered as the attendant looked up their reservation.

“Not sure… Chibs took care of everything. But he did mention something about your brother having some sort of points. Whatever that means.”


“Yeah. I’m guessing he means some sort of points from traveling or the military even. Who knows.”

“So, all this is under Ethan’s name?!”

“Yeah…” Jax uttered.

This had Jax thinking back to her mother’s ring and the set up behind that. He frowned in thought.

“Why didn’t he tell me?!”

“I doubt it even crossed his mind to. We were in a hurry, Riona. And from my understanding, this was a last-minute decision between him and Chibs. In fact, we were bumped up from the original hotel Chibs had us booked at. It was sort of a dump, to be honest.”

“That’s mad!”

“Right?! Your brother sure knows how to get around.”

“The flight was on him too, wasn’t it?!” Riona said as to the tone in her husband’s voice.

Jax cleared his throat then signed off on the hotel room. The assistant handed them their keycards.

“Yeah…” Jax softly replied, and Riona shook her head in disbelief.

“He insisted and made it clear he wasn’t paying a dime. As I said, all this is from some sort of points he receives. You can ask him about it when he arrives.”

If he arrives.” Riona resentfully put.

“You know he will. Just give him and Happy time. They’ll be here.” Her husband reassured.

Riona didn’t comment. Not until they were in the hotel and alone with their belongings.

“I’m sorry.” She said, taking her husband by surprise as he locked up.

“For?” He curiously questioned.

“Doubtin’ them and your leadership. I just got a lot on my mind. I didn’t mean anythin’ by it, Jackson.”

“I know you didn’t. Nothing to apologize for.”

Jax picked up a menu for room service then nodded amongst himself.

“Why don’t you go and run yourself a bath? I’ll order us something to eat.” He said, hoping she’d relax a little bit.

“Who’s paying for that?!” His wife rather teased, and Jax chuckled.

“Your brother, who else?!” He taunted in return, then started to name off the most expensive meals on the menu.

Riona laughed as she grabbed her robe and headed for the bathroom.

Jax ordered their food, along with a decent bottle of wine. Despite all the teasing, Jax paid for the room service and wine himself. He felt like it was the least he could do. He wanted to get Riona’s mind off everything, even if just temporary. The man went all out and bought some candles at the hotel shop. Jax had them lit just as she came out of the bathroom. His wife laughed, however, when she heard Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On playing in the background.

Jax didn’t comment but simply smiled as he pulled out a chair for her. He pushed it in once she sat down. Riona regarded her husband in sheer amazement when he poured her a glass of wine.

“What brought this on?” She questioned after taking a sip.

“Just figured it was time I actually treated you to something nice for once. Hell, you never even got that honeymoon I promised.” Jax regrettably admitted.

“Jackson…” Riona softly called, seeing the torment on her husband’s face.

It was never his intention to lie to her. It bothered him to this very day.

“You deserve better.”

“Jackson, that was out of your control. We both know that.”

“Still, that doesn’t make me feel any better as a husband,” Jax uttered after pouring himself some wine as well.

Jax sat across from her, then leaned back as Riona took her first bite.

“Oh, wow, this is like…” She said while chewing.

“Really good.” She finished.

Jax smirked, then cut into his steak and stuffed some into his mouth as well.

“Damn… that is good.” He said as the steak seemed to melt in his mouth.

“But you know what’s even better?”

“Em?” Riona hummed while taking another sip off her wine.

“The view…” Jax hinted then used his fork to gesture towards her robe.

It was slightly open, and she’d a good amount of cleavage showing. Riona laughed then went to adjust her robe.

“What are you doing?!” Jax playfully snipped.

“I’m enjoying that!” He added.

“Are ya now?” She flirtatiously put.

“That’s right. So, leave it the fuck alone! Why wouldn’t I want dinner and a show?!”

“Do you have this on loop?” Riona asked as to the song repeating itself.

Jax gathered this rather shameful presence.

“I panicked.” He admitted, and this had his wife’s full attention.


“Yeah. I was in the middle of making a playlist when I heard you unplug the bathtub. I hadn’t lit the candles yet. So, I put that shit on loop and lit them as fast as I could.”

Riona had a good laugh at this.

“Only you, Jackson.” She said but was rather smitten that he got all flustered on her behalf.

This had Riona thinking back to when she first met Jax and how he was around her. Riona was happy to know that hadn’t changed.

“Thank you.”

Jax lifted his eyes on this.

“You don’t have to thank me, baby. I only wish I could do more. You deserve more.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. A lot has happened within the last few months. And you’ve had a lot on your shoulders.”

Jax knew everything his wife said was true. Still, he couldn’t help but be angry with himself. Jax told himself years ago if he was given a chance with Riona Lawless again, he’d break his back in order to make her happy. He’d be damned if he ran her off. But that fear stuck around, no matter what he did to try and ease it. Part of that fear was from all the mental damage Tara caused. Tara was constantly on the run and would come back, only when she needed something. Riona was NOTHING like Tara Knowles. But the mere idea of losing her, fucked with the president’s head. Jax knew it’d kill him if Riona ever walked out on him.

That’s what had him so paranoid about fucking everything up. What if he put too much within the club and not enough into his marriage? He’d made that mistake with Tara. He couldn’t do that, not this time around. Jax had to find a way of putting his wife and son first. That’s what JT wanted when it came to Jax and Thomas. JT wanted his boys to find the balance between passion in the heart and reason in the mind – to have that balance of might and right. Jax couldn’t do that if he put the club first. He had to take JT and Chibs’s examples on this. The president was starting to see more and more of JT in his VP. Chibs truly lived by the past president’s example. The Scot put his wife and unborn baby first and didn’t care if anyone had a problem with it, whereas Jax struggled to do that with Riona and Abel. He hated himself for that. But it wasn’t easy, balancing the family life with the club life. He often wondered how Chibs did it and made it seem so easy. Then again, it was like Riona said. Jax had a lot on his shoulders as the president. Maybe a little too much.

Jax hadn’t realized how deep in thought he was. Not until his wife cleared her throat. Jax lifted his head while thinking on how to lighten the load a bit.

“Everythin’ alright?”

“Yeah, sorry was lost in thought.”


“A lot of things.” Her husband admitted but forced a smile.

“Beatin’ yourself up again, aren’t ya?”

“Can’t help it. I’m finally where I need to be. Now it’s time to get my act together and put forth a few more changes.”


“Sharing more of the responsibility, for starters…”

“You mean the club?”

“Yeah. I mean, things are pretty much cleaned up. I should be more relaxed now, right? Enjoying life to the fullest?”

“But, you won’t,” Riona said with a smile of her own.

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“That isn’t who you are, Jackson. And I’m okay with that. We’re okay with that.” She implied as to her and Abel.

“I knew what I was gettin’ into when I married ya. You live and breathe SAMCRO. Our son knows that too.”

Jax sighed in thought.

“You hate it, don’t you?”

Riona reared back, looking somewhat offended.

“Now, why would I hate somethin’ that’s a part of you?” She sincerely questioned.

Jax blinked his eyes in a rather stunned manner. He had a conversation much like this when he was with Tara. Back when Tara wanted Jax out of the club and was trying her hardest to talk him into leaving Charming altogether.

“I could never hate the club. If it weren’t for the MC, there wouldn’t be a Jackson Teller. I wouldn’t have the family I have now. I love my husband, and I love SAMCRO. You can’t have one without the other.”

Jax found himself a little choked up.

“You’ve gotta be the most amazing woman I’ve ever met,” Jax said with a slight quiver to his voice.

“But all that being said… It’s time for me to put you and Abel first. With all this other shit behind us, I can finally breathe, baby. I just have to teach myself how. It’s been so long…”

“I know. But you’ll get there. When you’re good and ready. Abel and I aren’t goin’ anywhere, love.”

“Hope not.”

Jax tilted his head once he saw that she was done with her plate.

“Did you get full?”

“Aye.” She said while polishing off her wine.

Jax nodded then wiped his face with a napkin. The president grabbed the remote to the stereo system and was in attempts to kill the music. But nothing he did worked, not even the volume. Riona took noticed of the frustrated look on her husband’s face.

“What is it?”

“Nothing.” He said, not wanting to look like an idiot or kill the mood for that matter. But the song had been on repeat, just long enough to get on his nerves. Jax did his best to play it cool. He came to his feet then strutted on over.

“C’mere.” He softly uttered while holding his hand out for her.

Jax figured if he got good and busy, he’d forget all about the never-ending Marvin Gaye loop. Riona snorted when Jax scooped her up instead. He carried her to the bed, then laid her down. The president caressed her cheek, and his other hand traveled on up her robe. Riona let out a gasp-like moan when she felt the man’s fingers at work. Jax was doing whatever he could to get his wife going. He hoped her moans would tune out the irritating loop in the background.

Jax gritted his teeth at one point and demanded that she be louder. Riona, of course, hadn’t a clue what her husband was really up to and found herself incredibly turned on by his sudden outburst. Jax cocked a brow when his wife moaned out his name. She arched off the bed and soaked his fingers.

Jax yet again made a similar demand and sure enough that had an even bigger reaction.

“So, that’s how you like it…” he whispered with a curious vibe.

Jax picked up the pace a bit, and Riona screamed his name this time.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about,” Jax muttered with the cockiest grin on his face.

Jax was covered in sweat and in mid-thrust when they heard someone pounding on the door. Jax ignored this and kept going as he was in attempts to come for the third time. His new discovery had him in overdrive, and he was raging hard still.

He knew a large part of that had to do with keeping quiet at home due to Abel. So, Riona letting lose like that and so vocally was a rarity. Jax couldn’t get enough and wanted to keep it going for however long he could.

“FUCK OFF, MAN!” Jax hollered when the pounding returned.

“Maybe we should…” His wife started to say, and Jax shushed her with a kiss.

“We keep going.” He grunted in that voice of authority.


Riona’s jaw dropped, and Jax froze. The two locked eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Jax whispered.

The man uttered a slew of profanities. He hopped off his wife then put some pants on. The president was extra cautious as he approached the door.

“Are you fucking serious right now?” He called behind the door.

“Yes, sir. We had a few calls about a disturbance.”

Jax tilted his head then regarded his wife from where he stood. He pointed her direction but with a prideful smile.

“That’d be you!” He playfully hissed, and Riona giggled as she used the sheets to cover up.

Jax peeked out using the peephole and sighed once he saw it truly was the NYPD. Jax opened the door then gave a simple nod. The two male officers nodded in return.

“Hate to disturb your Funtime… but we’ve had a few complaints.” One of them said then cleared his throat.

The officer peered into the room, and Jax frowned.

“REALLY?!” Jax bitterly snapped as the officer was giving his wife the once over and ‘nod’.

The other officer nudged his partner as if to scold him.

“Look, keep the lady entertained but at a softer level. Will you?”

“I’ll do my best.” Jax smarted.

“Could always gag her…” The perverted officer suggested.

Jax shook his head in disbelief. It was taking all will not to pop this son of a bitch across the face.

“Marvin Gaye?! A bit cliché, don’t you think?” The officer added with a smirk.

“Look at my wife one more time, and you’ll be gagging on a mouthful of teeth. Officer or not, have some motherfucking respect.”

The other officer seemed genuinely embarrassed by his partner’s behavior. Jax had a feeling he was always like this. The officer apologized on his behalf, then signaled for Jax to go about his night. The president slammed the door in their faces. He made his way to the stereo and was making yet another attempt to turn the music off. When this didn’t work, he pulled the system out from the wall. He found the plug then yanked it out from the socket. Jax, however damn near threw that system out the window when the song continued to play.

“What in the flying f…” He muttered but glanced over and saw that his wife had fallen asleep.

Jax pinched his eyes shut then flipped the stereo system off.

“Fuck you, Marvin Gaye. Asshole.” He bitched under his breath.

He joined his wife in bed but held a pillow over his ears.

Chibs was reading one of his medical books when he heard a soft knock at the door. The Scot took his reading glasses off then put his book down on the nightstand. He covered his wife as she was sound asleep still. He slipped into his jeans before opening the door.

“Hey there, buck.”

“This so weird. You and Aunt Linny being in my mommy and daddy’s room.”

“Just as weird for us, lad,” Chibs admitted while lifting the boy into his arms.

“Aunt Linny still sleeping?” Abel whispered.

“Aye. She didn’t sleep very well last night.” Chibs explained as he stepped out and quietly pulled the door to.

“Does the babies move around in her tummy again and keeps her awake?”

“Somethin’ like that,” Chibs said as he got his nephew situated at the kitchen table.

“Ye hungry?”

“Yeah, is yous gonna cook before I goes to school?”

“If that’s what ye want!”

Abel smiled in thought.

“Can we has pancakes and bacon?”

“We sure can!”

“Is yous going to walk me to school like mommy and daddy does?”

“Aye,” Chibs said while grabbing a mixing bowl from one of the cabinets.

“That be fun.”

Chibs nodded then went on to grab whatever ingredients he needed.

“Does you know daddy say I can grow my hair out?”

“Did he now?”

“Yeah, cause I’s gonna play guitar like Aunt Linny and mommy. But I’s gonna be a Crow president like daddy!”

Chibs couldn’t help but smile.

“Sounds like ye got it all planned out!”

“Yeah. I’s gonna be with Morgan like daddy with mommy.”

“I see. So, this wee lass is yer old lady now?”

“Yeah,” Abel said with a blush.

“Em. Well, if ye work hard and treat her right, that can go a long ways. But ye gotta work for it!”

“I know. That’s what daddy say. He say he mess up a lot, and he no want me to be like that. He say you have to treat the ladies right.”

“That’s very true.”

“But daddy also say he a bad guy.” Abel said with a frown.

Chibs froze on Abel’s words.

“He said that, em?”

“Yeah, he say but he not now but used to be. And he say for me to never be like old him. I no know what he mean. He gives me something to read but not until I is old enough.”

Chibs nodded in thought.

“Was my daddy really a bad guy?” Abel sadly questioned.

Chibs stopped what he was doing and sat beside Abel at the table.

“What all did he tell you?” The VP curiously questioned.

“That he no treat women good before my mommy. That he no good for the club either. Daddy say he had a lot to learn, and he hurt a lot of people before he learns to be good. Daddy say he criminal. But he no want me to be. I no criminal, to be like you and grandpa JT. Daddy say keep the club straight and don’t do like Clay, and he do. Daddy say he clean the club for me and crow brothers. He want me to keep it that way, or he will be very mad at me.”

“Em, well let me ask you this… Does that sound like somethin’ a bad guy would say?”

Abel shook his head no, and Chibs roughed his hair up a bit.

“Then I believe you just answered yer own question. But I will tell you this much. Your father means what he says about the club. Keep it clean like your grandfather wanted.”

“Daddy say you a lot like grandpa.”

Chibs raised his brows on this. He hadn’t expected that one.


“Yeah, he says you so much like him that when he with you… He no miss grandpa as much because he right there in you. He say you his hero, and he couldn’t do this without you. He say that one day I need to have someone just like you.”

Chibs was at a loss for words. The VP was touched on Jax’s words and hadn’t a clue about this little conversation of Jax and Abel’s.

“I didn’t realize Jax, and I had so much in common!” They heard then turned their heads to see Aislinn peeking into the kitchen.

She sent her husband a wink then welcomed herself into his lap. Chibs pecked her on the neck then rested his head on her shoulder for a moment.

“What you mean?” Abel asked.

“Scotty is my hero, and I too would be lost without him.” She admirably put, and Abel smiled.

“So, my daddy, no bad guy?” Abel questioned his aunt, as well.

“Abel love, we all have a wee bit of badness in us. It’s what we do with it that determines whether we are bad people or not. I don’t know of anyone, aside from the good Lord himself, that’s without sin. Ya know what that is, right?”

“When you do something bad?”

“Aye. But here’s the thing. We all make mistakes. And we will until the day we die. It’s human nature. But you have two choices… You can take those mistakes and learn from them. Or you can make excuses for yourself and continue down that slippery slope. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in too deep to get out. Your father only thinks he’s a bad guy because of the mistakes he’s made. But here’s the thing, love… If Jax truly was a bad guy, then why would he go all out in fixin’ those mistakes? That isn’t somethin’ a bad guy would do. A bad guy would blame everyone else around him and do nothin’ to fix the problem.”

“So, my daddy only say he bad because he makes so many mistakes. But he really not because he wants to be good and fixes them!”

“Aye, your father is a good man. He’s a fighter, just like you!”

“She’s right, lad. Abel, yer gonna make mistakes. Some pretty bad ones. It’s ta be expected. But as long as you take yer father’s advice and follow in his footsteps… ye can’t go wrong. Often enough, we’re our own worst enemies, and I believe your old man was strugglin’ with that when you two had this talk. I know I’ve been there and so has yer aunt. No one will ever be harder on you than yerself.”

“Shite…” Chibs heard his wife grumble.


“He’s gotta be at school in fifteen!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes then looked to the time.

“Sorry, Abel Looks like we’re takin’ a rain check on that breakfast.” The Scot regrettably put.

“What that mean?”

“He means ya best grab yourself a breakfast bar and juice box! We gotta fly!” Abel laughed when his aunt hopped up and grabbed his breakfast and backpack in a panic.

“She so silly.” The boy whispered out of sheer amusement, and Chibs chuckled.

“That she is.”

Aislinn took Abel by the hand then rushed him on out the door.

“ALI!” Chibs hollered after stepping out of the house as well.

Aislinn glanced back as she and Abel were heading down the street.



Chibs shook his head but with a grin as his wife continued down the street and towards the school.

“So, that’s what she’s gonna be like.” He humorously muttered.

“What’s with ya?!” Riona questioned as her husband woke her by groaning loudly into his pillow.

Let’s get it on

Let’s get it on

You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout

C’mon, baby

Let your love come out

If you believe in love

Let’s get it on

Let’s get it on, baby

This minute, oh yeah

Let’s get it on

Please, please get it on,” Jax angrily quoted as he sang, and Riona covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

“LETS NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER FUCK TO THAT SONG AGAIN!” He added in misery, and Riona lost the battle and broke into a fit of giggles.

Jax removed the pillow from his face then sent her a ‘look’.

“Why didn’t ya just turn it off?!” Riona could barely talk as her voice was hoarse from last night’s little rendezvous.

Jax shook his head, then playfully smacked her with the pillow.

“Jackson!” She said behind laughter.

Jax crawled on over then pinned her to the bed.

“What do you think I’ve been trying to do ever since dinner LAST night?!”

“Why didn’t ya just ask me?”

Jax closed his eyes then put his forehead to hers.

“Because I didn’t want to ruin the moment by looking like a fucking idiot. I was going to ask you after the police left, but you fell asleep.”

“I did?!”

“Oh yeah, you were out, darlin’!”

“That’s crazy. I don’t even remember fallin’ asleep.” Riona said as she was losing her voice.

She crawled out from under her husband, then checked on the stereo system.

“That’s because I’m good at what I do! So good, I stole your voice!”

“Ego much?”

“Only speaking the truth! I unplugged that motherfucker and everythin’! I’m tellin’ you that goddamn stereo is haunted!”

Riona had a good laugh once she realized what the real problem was.

“What?!” Her husband damn near growled.

“The speakers are portable and connect wirelessly. If charged enough, they can last up to eight hours! So, unpluggin’ it won’t do anythin’ if it’s runnin’ on the battery.”

Jax reared back and watched as his wife “did her magic” and turned the speakers off.

“I should’ve never made fun of geeks in school! Hell, I ended up married to one!” Jax grumbled as it was finally quiet.

“Aye now, watch yourself, love.”

“Trust me. I mean that as the biggest damn compliment.”

“Don’t tell me ya’ve been up with that all night!”

Jax shook his head.

“Why didn’t you wake me?!”

“Because I wanted you to have a stress-free, romantic night.”

“Jackson love, asking me to help with somethin’ like that wouldn’t have ruined the night.”

Jax didn’t comment as he rolled on out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Riona laughed when she caught him humming the song in the shower.

 A/N – Thank you for your patience everyone. More is on the way. Just give me a few days! I’m working on the Ireland chapter now! Feed an author by leaving your comment/review, or a simple like will do! 

A/N 2 – The breast milk thing is for story purposes only. It’s fanfiction. Just keep that in mind. I also do not own Marvin Gaye or AC/DC.




5 thoughts on “Chapter 58 – Ireland Bound”

  1. LOL thats how it is you listen to it till your sick of it the hum it cause its stuck in our head. Loved it great chapter.

  2. I kept waiting for him to throw it out the window and hit some poor pervert cop down below lol… but i love how ethans military background is help them with the trip and with the hotel and everything and for jackson and riona to have a little mini honeymoon of sorts. threw me for a loop when the cops showed up but damn Riona does have a voice on her has to be a singer. poor jax listening to that son over and over and over lol he will never listen to that son again ever lol….

    now as for ethan and happy…. Ethan is going to kill chibs… oh my god he is going to kill him for starting that but shit with him. should be interesting, when he gets back home.
    Abel is just too precious for words and i mean to precious. his innocent comments and conversations with his dad or with his momma is just priceless. for him to try to understand what jax said about him being a bad guy and then for chibs to talk to him in a way to where abel understand that his daddy wasn’t a bad guy no matter what he said. and then to let Chibs know how his daddy felt about him left the scot speechless and that in itself can be priceless too.. although i think what takes the cake for me is Ali walking with abel to school in her robe

    Your muse has perfect timing i need something excellent to read and you have sated me for the moment. I still can’t believe this story is almost over. doesn’t see like it was that long ago you were giving sneak peeks of the first chapter. I hope your muse keeps inspiring you for she is truly unique and special. Update again soon Until then…. *bows*

    (lets bitey dogs follow abel to school and keep and eye on him)

  3. Thank you for another great chapter, I’m so sad this story is coming to an end, it has to be my favorite of every story I’ve read of yours so far! But I’m excited for your next one 😁

    1. Back to Ireland they go! Damn I hope they get it straight. Omg Happy and Ethan going as a couple! That’s just…hilariously awesome. They’re tripping me out. NYPD catching Jax mid stride is awesome. I love the tall with Abel. I think lil man needed to hear it. Love it.

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