Chapter 6 – Scotty vs Scot

Chapter 6 – Scotty vs Scot

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The man chuckled as he spun Aislinn around then pecked her on the lips.

“Lookatcha!” He said after sitting her down and taking her hands into his own.

“Ye look great!”

“Thank you, so do you.”

“Aye, but I always look great.”

“Same old Brodie.”

Chibs was looking to the man in downright shock. He wasn’t the only one. Fiona was just as surprised if not more.

“Riona, ye had better get your arse over here!” The man called, and Riona laughed.

Brodie nodded his cousin’s direction as he was hugging both girls. Like that of Aislinn, he pecked Riona on the lips.

“Ya damn flirt,” Riona grumbled, and Brodie chuckled.

“Ye know it.” He said with a wink.

The man locked eyes with his cousin and what used to be his best friend. He strutted on over and shook his hand.

“Give me a hug ye fuckin’ prick.” Brodie taunted before hugging his cousin.

“Damn… it’s been how long?” Brodie asked and was looking Chibs over.

“Aye, a long time.” Chibs uttered.

“Too long,” Brodie said and went on to give Chibs a playful slap on the cheek.

“Missed ye mate.”

“Likewise, but yer still a pain in me arse,” Chibs grumbled as to Brodie showing up at the wrong damn moment that was such a Brodie thing to do.

But Chibs was happy to see him all the same. He honestly didn’t think he’d see Brodie again, not after the knock-down drag-out they had. Brodie caught wind of Fiona and laughed.

“Ah, look at what the cat dragged in. Yer a mess! Cute kid though.” Brodie said with a nod Keri’s direction.

“Brodie…” Riona warned and Aislinn broke into a fit of giggles.

The younger sister cleared her throat and was trying her hardest to stop for Chibs’s sake.

“Nice to see ya too.” Fiona bitterly remarked.

“Aye now, I never said it was nice ta see ye!” Brodie was quick to correct.

“How’d you find us?” Riona asked hoping to break the tension between the two and honestly wanted to know.

“Ye two never showed.” He hinted as to the gig they were supposed to have this weekend.

“So I went lookin’ for ye and got word from Quinn that ye were with SAMBEL. I figured ye must’ve gotten yourselves inta some trouble. Quinn wouldn’t tell me anythin’ other than you were under their protection. I wasn’t expectin’ ta see these blokes though. Yer just havin’ yourselves a big ole night, aren’t ye?”

Brodie wrapped his arms around the girls then kissed the top of their heads.

“I think ye two owe me a drink, as well as an explanation.”

“Aye well, ye can have that drink, but why don’t ye let the lasses explain in the mornin’,” Chibs said, and this had Brodie tilting his head in wonder.

“Why can’t I know now?”

“Because… They need this…”

“Is that so?”

Chibs nodded, and Brodie sighed.

“Alright, anythin’ for my girls.”

This had Chibs looking to Aislinn with concern. She was most certainly happy to see Brodie. But she didn’t seem to like him getting so handsy. It seemed as if the girls were used to Brodie being like this, however. Chibs wondered what their history was. It truly was a small world. What were the odds? He should’ve known that cross came from Brodie. From what Chibs had gathered Brodie and the girls got together for gigs every now and then. That certainly made sense. Brodie hadn’t changed, not one bit. He was always traveling anywhere from Scotland (where he’s originally from, like that of Chibs), to Ireland, and even the states. The man loved putting on a show, and even Chibs could agree that Brodie had an amazing voice and put on one hell of a show.

Brodie greeted Padraic as well then gave him a noogie afterward.

“What’s he doin’ here?” Aislinn overheard Fiona asking Chibs.

Chibs ignored this and walked away. Fiona snapped Aislinn another look, and Brodie narrowed his eyes taking notice.

“Ye got a problem with me girl?”

“Your girl?” Fiona asked, and Brodie nodded with a grin.

“Then ya had best watch her. She’s got wanderin’ eyes.”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“What are ya accusin’ me of?!” The young woman questioned, and this had Chibs’s attention.

He spun around from where he was and glanced over.

“Ya were just about ta welcome yourself ta another man’s lap when it’s clear you’re with someone else!”

Aislinn snorted on this. Chibs gritted his teeth knowing that meant Fiona must’ve been watching his every move. Aislinn hadn’t a clue what Chibs was up to at the time. But he could see where Fiona must’ve thought differently from where she was sitting. He did have his hands on Aislinn’s hips but that never meant she was down for it and even if she were, Fiona had NO RIGHT in telling Aislinn she couldn’t be in his lap. If he was to take Aislinn into one of the backrooms and fuck the daylights out of her, Fiona wouldn’t have a say.

“I wasn’t aware I was welcomin’ myself to anyone’s lap. As for Brodie… we’re just friends, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Are we now?” Brodie taunted with a wink.

Aislinn laughed.

“Keep your hands ta yourself, and we won’t have any trouble.” Fiona threatened.

“Oh good lord…” Riona uttered and was shaking her head.

“Ya just can’t help yourself can ya?” She added.

“She’s just lookin’ for someone ta hop on. I’m guessin’ you’re referrin’ ta that ex-husband of yours. Believe me, love if I was ta welcome myself to his lap ya’d know. Now I tried stayin’ out of your business, but ya done brought me inta it. The man can do what he wants, and I’m sure he’s done told ya that himself, but ya just aren’t one for listenin’, are ya?! Ya want your cake, and ya want ta eat it too, and that’s not how things work. He’s gonna find him a nice lass one day, and ya’d best learn when ta shut that gob of yours and realize the world doesn’t revolve around ya. I’m sure whatever I say is biscuits ta a bear (a waste of time), but ya don’t seem to be takin’ anyone else’s advice.”

Brodie gathered this wide grin then winked Fiona’s direction.

“She’s got a point.” He uttered, and Fiona socked Brodie across the face.

“HEY NOW!” Aislinn shouted while shoving the woman back and standing between her and Brodie.

“Ya got a problem ya can take it up with me!” Aislinn challenged.

Chibs was quick to grab his ex-wife. He dragged her into the clubhouse, stuffed her purse into her arms then shook his head.

“I warned ye…”


The man pointed towards the door.

“You’re not welcome here, not anymore. Good luck ta ye.”

Keri entered the clubhouse at this point, and her father gave a simple nod.

“You’re welcome ta stay, and I’m hopin’ ye will.”

The man was pushed past his breaking point, and it was time Keri knew the truth. Chibs went on to reveal the truth about Jimmy, her mother, and the letters. Keri was too old to be left in the dark. Fiona was sending Chibs daggers the entire time, but he didn’t give a flying fuck. He was done when it came to this woman. The Scot made the same offer he made years ago.

“So how bout it kid? Ye wanna come with me ta the states? Get ta know yer old man?” The Scot was praying to God that Keri would take him up on his offer. But the teenage girl looked conflicted. After looking to her mother, she shook her head no.

“Ireland is our home,” Keri said sounding just like her mother.

Chibs sighed on this.

“Then I’m sorry. I hafta let ye go darlin’. I can’t keep doin’ this. I wantcha in my life, but every man has his breakin’ point, and I’m done fightin with ye two on the matter. I love you, always will. But if yer stayin’ here that’s yer decision and I hafta respect it, just as ye do mine.”

Chibs went on to hug his daughter then kissed her forehead.

“Watch your back around Jimmy. Ye can’t trust him, despite what your mother says.”

Keri nodded, and Chibs’s heart broke into a million pieces as he watched the two walk out of his life, just as they had all them years ago.

“Don’t be such a baby,” Aislinn said as she held a cold beer to Brodie’s busted lip.

“Do ye hafta put it right on it?!”

“Ya want it to swell?!”

“Speaking of swellin’…” Brodie hinted as to the hard-on she was giving him.

“Watch yourself you’re about ta earn yourself another puck,” Aislinn warned.

“Promise?” Brodie teased while wiggling his brows.

Aislinn smiled and was just about to give into that wish before he blocked her attempt.

“Not right now love. Wait till we’re alone.”

“Brodie…” The young woman hissed.

“So where has that been?”


“What I just saw. It was a blast from the past, the old Aislinn, the one that didn’t give a shite.”

Chibs had stepped out of the clubhouse and was picking up on bits and pieces of their conversation as he was talking to Juice.

“What do ya mean?”

“Aye, I think we both know. Ye had that fire in ye. It was hot. Hadn’t seen that in quite some time.”

Aislinn removed the bottle from his lip.

“I’m still the same Brodie.”

“Nah… that was that sexy, sassy Galway girl. Ye’ve tamed it down a bit, which is a shame.”

Aislinn shook her head then went to walk away. Brodie grabbed her hand then pulled her back towards him as he was sitting on the back of Keith’s truck.

“We’ve known one another damn near half our lives. I know what I’m talkin’ about. It’s like somethin’ within ye ignited. Is she back? The girl I met eight years ago? But died a little over five…”

“Why ya pushin’ this?”

“It’d be nice to have my girl back.”

“Aye now, I’m not your girl.”

“But you will be.”

“You’re so sure of yourself.”

“Aye, I’m willin’ ta bet ye’ll be mine by the end of the night.”

“So ya plan on stayin’?”

“Ye know it. Not about ta leave ya with these bastards.”

Brodie ran a hand along her ass, and Aislinn was quick to remove it. She placed it back by his side.

“Quit playin’ games, Brodie. I’m not one of your girls.”

“Don’t wantcha ta be. Don’t ye get it? I want you and only you!”

“For how long, aye?! Six months?! A year?!”

“Nah… forever love.”

“You’re full of blarney is what ya are. Ya can’t commit ta anyone, never could!”

Aislinn went to walk away yet again, and Brodie sighed as he grabbed her once again.

“Give me a chance. That’s all I’m askin’.”

“I gave ya one, remember?”

Chibs picked up on the way Brodie grimaced. He wasn’t meaning to eavesdrop, but the Son couldn’t help himself. He wanted to know everything about Aislinn and Brodie’s relationship.

“And yer just gonna keep holdin’ that against me, aren’t ye?”

Aislinn shook her head in memory.

“I found ya in with another woman!”

“I didn’t hear ye say yes! So I thought ye went and turned me down!”

“What were ya, sixteen?! Ya thought I turned you down, so ya went to for the next best thing?! “

“I was drunk!”


“AND SO ARE YOU!” Brodie fired back.

“All the more reason, ya fuc…” Brodie clamped a hand over her mouth and shook his head.

“We can discuss this later…” He said taking notice of his cousin.

“No need.” She coldly put then went about her way.

“Shite…” Brodie grumbled and watched her ass as she walked away.

“Ye really have a way with her.” Chibs taunted as he made his way over and handed Brodie a beer.

“Aye, I knew ye was listenin’, ye prick.”

Chibs shrugged then sat beside him. Brodie looked his cousin over and had a good laugh.

Chibs narrowed his eyes in question.

“I get it now.”

“And what is it ye get?”

“Ye want my girl!”

Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Aye, I can see it. Well, ye best make yer move cause I’m not holdin’ back. I’ve been after that for years.”

“Maybe if ye didn’t refer to the lass as “that”, like some piece of arse.”

“But it’s such a nice one.”

“Aye, it is. But she strikes me as the type that wants somethin’ more than what you’re offerin’.”

“And there ye go, makin’ assumptions. Who said I wasn’t in this for the long run?”

“Tell me, Brodie, what’s the longest relationship ye’ve ever had?”

Brodie leaned back and was eyeing Aislinn from a distance. He seemed lost in thought.

“That American lass… What’s her name…?” Brodie hummed amongst himself.

“Brandy!” He said with a nod.

“Her name was Briana, and it only lasted that long because it was a long distance relationship.”

“Ye remember MY ex’s name?”

“Aye, I had a bet goin’ on that one.”

“Did ye now?”

“Oh yeah.”

“What kind of bet?”

“The kind that got me laid.”

Brodie craned his neck his cousin’s direction, and Chibs nodded.

“Ye fucked Brandy?!”

“Briana.” Chibs corrected once again.

“Ye bastard!” Brodie said but with a chuckle.

“Guess that means ye finally got me back for Peigi.”

“Why do ye think I did it, ye fuckin’ prick?!”

“Come now; I did you a favor on that one.”

Peigi was someone Chibs, and Brodie knew from high school. Chibs (aka Filip at the time) had a massive crush and finally got the nerve to ask her out. It was six months into the relationship when Filip caught her cheating on him with Brodie at a local pub. Peigi went psychotic on Filip after getting caught and even went as far as to blame him. That made one of the first physical blows between the two cousins. Brodie knew he had it coming however and didn’t put up too much of a fight. Once things calmed down, Brodie pointed out that Filip was better off. Peigi was known for running around, meaning she would’ve ended up cheating on Filip, no matter what. That didn’t help Filip feel any better about the situation considering this wasn’t just his cousin but best friend. It took sometime before Brodie earned Filip’s trust again.

Brodie vowed never to hurt Filip again and was genuinely sorry for his actions. Brodie kept his word and went out his way to make up for what he’d done. Their friendship was solid up until Fiona entered the picture and that’s where things went sour again. Only it hadn’t anything to do with Brodie making the moves on Fiona. It was quite the opposite. Brodie couldn’t stand Fiona, from the very beginning and told Filip that relationship would only end in heartache. But Filip was blinded by what he thought to be love. Brodie, however, knew Fiona was using his cousin and Filip just wouldn’t hear of it. Filip found out the hard way. It wasn’t long after Brodie left that Jimmy cut Filip’s face open like that of a jack-o-lantern and had him banned from Ireland altogether. Brodie and Filip hadn’t spoken in a little over twelve years.

“Aye…” Chibs uttered in memory.

Brodie held his hand out, and Chibs regarded him in question.

“May the best Scot win!”

“Ye really are a piece of shite!”

“Ye scared?”

“Of what?!”

“Of losin’ ta me. Look at this face. Ye know I’ll win the lass over. Sorry, Chibby boy but Jimmy truly done ye a disservice.”

“Ye haven’t learned anythin’ have ye, Brodie? Women don’t take kindly ta…”

Chibs looked over to see Brodie mocking his every word as if he already knew what he was gonna say. Chibs hopped on down then looked to Brodie.

“If yer what the lass wants then I’m not aboot ta fight ye on it. Ye should be mindful of what ye say and do. The lass has been through a great deal, and it might be best ta give her sometime before ye go and push the matter.”

“Aye now, I know what my little Aislinn wants. Sorry mate, but I’ve been in her life a lot longer than you have. I know her like the back of me hand!”

Chibs stole another glance as he peered over. Aislinn was laughing it up with her sister, Jax, and Bobby.

“I hope so, for her sake. Good luck Brodie.”

“Wait… are you admittin’ that ye don’t have a chance?” Brodie egotistically put.

“More like provin’ a point.” Chibs murmured then went about his way.

“Someone said something man… How else would Jimmy know about Chibs and Galen about the girls? We’ve a rat among us and under this very roof. We need to find out who before things get out of hand.” Jax pointed out.

Keith nodded and looked at SAMBEL and SAMCRO in thought.

“You sure it wasn’t Clay?”

Jax drew back a breath on this.

“What would his purpose be?”

“Just puttin’ it out there Jax. It’s gotta be someone with a personal vendetta, don’t you think? I doubt it’s any of my boys.”

Jax shook his head in thought.

“Look, I’ll keep an eye and ear out. That’s all I can really do. You know whoever it is, isn’t about to come forward. Everyone here knows the price of being a rat.” Keith said then regarded Clay from afar.

“How’d he get voted in anyhow?” The SAMBEL prez asked, and Jax let out a miserable laugh.

“Hell if I know. All of this took place while Chibs and I were in prison. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

“I’d do some diggin’ on that. Clay weaseled his way in somehow. Just be careful, ya remember how things went down between him and JT. Don’t want ya gettin’ caught up in some mess like that.”

“If I had my way his ink would’ve been blackened a long time ago,” Jax admitted.

“Aye, me and ya both brother. Me and you both…”

Jax hunkered down as Abel made his way over.

“You tired?”

“No…” Abel pouted while rubbing his eyes and Jax chuckled.

“How ‘bout a shower before you go to bed?”

“But I no tired daddy.”

Jax lifted Abel into his arms and went on to get him ready for bed. Abel was shampooing his hair when he looked his father’s direction. Jax was leaning against the counter of the men’s room and with his arms folded over his chest.



“Do you like Riona?”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“I guess you could say that.”

Abel smiled.

“I like her too daddy. But Linny says Riona wants to eat you.”

Jax would’ve choked if he had been drinking something. He lifted his head on this and Abel had that confused look about him.

“I no know what Linny means. Why Riona want to eat you?” Abel said with a giggle and went on to rinse his hair out.

Jax combed his fingers through his hair and smiled.

“What else did she say?”

“That you has it bad for her. Does that mean you were bad daddy?”

Jax sort of laughed and shook his head in thought. He grabbed his son a towel and cut the water off once he finished.

“I think what Aislinn means is that I liked Riona a lot,” Jax said as he helped Abel dry off.

“Do you like her like you liked Tawa?”

Jax froze on his son’s words. He couldn’t believe he still remembered all that. He had hoped that his son would’ve forgotten all about that bitch.

“No son. What I feel for Riona is a lot stronger.” Jax couldn’t believe he just admitted that to his son of all people but felt the need, to be honest.

“So you wove her?”

“You could say that.”

“Okay,” Abel said with a nod and Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

Jax had his son brush his teeth then put him in his pajamas. The last thing Jax wanted was for his son to be exposed to the topless women and MC members off having sex with various women. He read Abel a book like he always did before bed and just as Jax suspected it wasn’t long before his son was out. He kissed the top of his head then exited the room. Jax waved Half-Sack over afterward.

“Keep an eye on my son.”

Half-Sack looked towards the party outside then back to Jax pitifully.

“Gotta earn those stripes…” Jax hinted.

The prospect nodded and did as Jax requested. It was by habit… Before Jax went to prison, HE was president. So that president mentality was still ingrained into him. SAMCRO would always be HIS club, despite his brothers and Clay’s actions. They were in for one rude awakening, and Jax was just the one to give it. He’d have that patch back, one way or another. He wasn’t about to let Clay take over.

When Jax exited the clubhouse, the music was even louder than before. Jax was having a hard time finding Riona through the crowd. A couple of SAMBEL entertainers approached him in hopes of being his entertainment for the night. But he turned them down in hopes of Riona ending up in his bed instead. The mere idea had him tight below the belt. What he wouldn’t give… Jax had always been curious as to what that would be like. When it came to Riona, he had some pretty vivid dreams, and that didn’t seem to die down, no matter how many years passed. Jax came to a halt however as Riona, Aislinn, Brodie, and Bobby had made their way on stage.

“Damn…” He muttered under his breath as Riona was first to sing as the other three were setting up.

Riona was singing Halestorm’s What Sober Couldn’t Say.

Jax paid attention to the lyrics and knew that must’ve been directed towards her ex-husband. The woman looked downright emotional towards the end. Jax drew back a breath however as he was in the same boat as Chibs. Ironically, Chibs was standing beside him now and gave a simple nod as if to say “I get it”. Jax laughed amongst himself as Riona, Aislinn, Brodie, and Bobby talked amongst themselves before starting another song.

SAMBEL went ballistic as the four of them went on to play An Irish Pub song by The Rumjacks.

This had SAMCRO looking to one another with wide grins. Chibs shook his head but with laughter as Brodie was all over that stage and it brought him back to the old days. The girls and Bobby were strumming away, and Chibs wondered where they got the extra guitars and fiddles. A wave of jealousy hit however as Aislinn and Brodie went on to share a mic and were singing together now. Chibs saw what Riona was referring to when it came to Aislinn. She truly did shine, and with the biggest grin, he’d ever seen. The girl seemed more confident even.

The more the Son saw, the more fearful he became. There seemed to be some sort of chemistry between Aislinn and Brodie. That had the Son believing that Brodie might pull this off after all. Chibs shook his head in thought. He couldn’t believe the way he was acting, much less feeling. He’d known this girl for just a few days, and he was already a mess. That claim, however, was strong, and he truly got what Jax was talking about now. That was the way Jax described it when it came to Riona. It was instant for Jax, and he knew what he wanted the moment he first laid eyes on Riona. That was the way Chibs felt when it came to Aislinn. He’d half the urge to march right on up to that stage and yank her off it, only to keep Brodie’s filthy hands off her. But even with these ridiculous feelings, Chibs meant what he said. If Brodie was what she wanted Chibs wouldn’t intervene. That wasn’t the Scot’s way of dealing with things. He’d much rather her be happy. He only hoped that Brodie wouldn’t hurt her in the end. Brodie wasn’t one to settle down with anyone. Brodie went on to sing If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly and Chibs took notice of the way Brodie eyed Aislinn during.

SAMBEL gave a round of applause, and there was hooting and hollering from both MC’s.

“Alright love, show em what ye got,” Brodie said and waved Aislinn towards the mic.

Riona gave her sister a nod of encouragement. Chibs took notice of the way Aislinn glanced his direction. That flustered mentality returned, and she looked to her sister.

“Why don’t ya sing another song instead?”

Riona reared back on this.

“Aye now, I asked ye to sing somethin’,” Brodie said, and Aislinn drew back a hesitant breath as Brodie handed the mic over. She covered the mic and said something to Brodie, and he laughed before leaving her to it.

Aislinn gathered this nervous presence as Bobby and Riona exited the stage as well. Chibs raised his brows as one of the SAMBEL prospects, and Brodie wheeled a piano onto the stage. Brodie gave a simple nod after getting the bench ready for Aislinn.

Aislinn had a seat but kept her head down as she tested a few keys. Once she had it down, she gave Brodie a thumbs up, and he hopped off the stage.

“When you were here before…” Aislinn started singing as she played that piano and Chibs knew he was beyond fucked.

He warned Aislinn what would happen only he didn’t realize just how serious he truly was. She sang the lyrics to Creep (Vintage Postmodern Jukebox version) only she gave it that same bluesy feeling she did with Nothing Else Matters.

Chibs noticed a big difference this time around. Aislinn sang with her heart and soul just as before, only this time she kept that head of hers down and not once did she look to the crowd. In fact, when the song came to an end, she damn near ran off the stage.

“Oh man… now that was deep.” Chibs heard Jax mutter but with a grin his direction.

Chibs narrowed his eyes in question, and Jax chuckled.

“Come on brother… that song was meant for someone.” Jax did his best to hint, and Chibs swallowed back on this.

The night progressed, and Riona, Brodie, and Bobby continued in their performance, and everyone was having a blast. Only Aislinn never returned. This had Chibs wondering where she’d run off to.

Riona laughed as Jax went on to make a request. Only that request was for Bobby Munson. Bobby gave a mere nod and went on to sing The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice. Jax escorted Riona off the stage and went on to dance with her.

“Ya think you’re pretty smooth, don’t ya?!”

“I don’t think I know baby.” Jax taunted and gave her a bit of a spin.

“So that’s the song and…” Jax leaned into her ear and went on to tell Riona what she was wearing, in detail that night.

Riona was struck stupid, and Jax gave a simple nod as he went on to give her another spin and brought her against him.

“So how ‘bout a second chance?” Jax said with a touch of nerves.

Riona had this rather doubtful look to her and Jax sighed.

“Riona, you weren’t just a potential one night stand. You were so much more, and I’m sorry I ever made you think otherwise. My actions certainly didn’t help matters. I’ll admit, I was desperate, but desperate in the sense of wanting to show you what I felt. I knew one night was all I needed. So when you didn’t show…”

Jax shook his head in memory.

“Ya knew I couldn’t…” Riona sadly put.

“I know, and I respect that, more than you’ll ever know.”

The song came to an end, and Bobby went on to play some Elvis Presley songs.

“And what happens when we get ta the states? What’s ta say you’ll feel the same?”

Jax pulled a certain face on this.

Don’t ya do that Jackson! Ya know damn well why I’m askin’. I know nothin’ of your life back home. Yet ye go and act as if I’m supposed to dive on in and go about this blindly.”

“Isn’t that what a relationship is all about?!” Jax fired back with frustration.

“Not necessarily.”

“Then what is it you’d like to know?” Jax softly put, and Riona gave a hesitant sigh.

She grabbed a beer from one of the coolers and downed it before answering his question.

“Who is Tara?”

Jax let out a miserable laugh and uncomfortably rubbed the back of his neck.

“My ex-wife.”

“Ya were married?!” Riona asked as he wasn’t when they first met, and from her understanding, he’d never been married. So this must’ve taken place AFTER they met.

Jax nodded and went on to tell her all about his ex-wife and how she skipped town. How he got divorced without her presence as she never signed the papers he served her with, and she never showed for the hearings. He explained that Tara was his high school sweetheart and they’d been on and off again for years. Tara was always the one to break it off and she’d come running back when she wanted more. Only Jax made it clear that he was done.

“Why would ya marry someone that’s got one foot out the door already?” Riona questioned, and Jax nodded in thought.

“I thought she’d stick around if there were vows behind it.” He admitted feeling rather foolish.

“So Tara isn’t Abel’s ma?”

“No.” Jax uttered and once again felt like an idiot as he went on to explain that as well.

Riona looked on in disbelief, and Jax let out another miserable laugh.

“I know… Trust me I know.” He muttered and grabbed a bottle of whiskey.

He plopped down beside the cooler, and he and Riona took a few hits off the whiskey.

“I don’t know what else to say other than I hope you’ll give me that chance. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m NOT that same man. A lot’s happened over the past five years. My head is clearer, and I’m able to see things for what they really were. As much as it pains me to admit, it’s probably for the best you didn’t show up that night. Maybe that time is what I needed. You deserve so much more than what I had to offer. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have given it my damnest and chased you to the ends of this earth if something went south.”

Chibs spotted Aislinn as she was sitting off in a corner by herself. Just as he was to approach her and see if she wanted to dance, Brodie beat him to the punch. The Son resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he swore Brodie must’ve seen him making his way over. Chibs nodded amongst himself as Aislinn accepted Brodie’s offer and went on to dance with him. Chibs decided it best to head inside before he ended up giving his cousin a black eye and then some. He’d just about had it with Brodie and his interfering ways.

“Brodie?” Aislinn questioned as he was leading her to a more secluded area.

The man was three sheets to the wind. He went on to pin her up against one of the cars and was kissing along her neck. Aislinn’s heart was going ninety to nothing, but it hadn’t anything to do with Brodie. There were two things on her mind and two only. What Jimmy had done and Chibs Telford. That song…  She’d Chibs in mind when she sang that as to why she couldn’t look him in the eye afterward. But now that Brodie had his hands and lips all over her… There was this incredible sense of guilt, and she didn’t understand why.

“Brodie…” She warned, but he didn’t listen.

The man went on to lift one of her legs then pressed himself against her in longing.

“Brodie please…” She said with a touch of panic in her voice.

Brodie stopped then locked eyes with hers.

“Come now love. I’m not lettin’ ye get away this time.”

Brodie was too into the moment and hadn’t a clue as to the amount of anxiety he was causing her.

“Brodie, you don’t understand…”

The man grabbed a fistful of Aislinn’s hair and kissed her. The way he did this was rather rough, and it brought back painful memories. Aislinn pressed her hands against Brodie’s chest, in attempts to push him off of her. “Stop.” She pleaded but Brodie persisted, and Aislinn gritted her teeth.

“I SAID STOP!” The young woman shouted then brought her knee to Brodie’s crotch.

Brodie came to his knees and was quick to place his hands over the area. The man regarded Aislinn in absolute shock. Tears were streaming down her face.

“Did I hurt ya?” She shamefully asked.

“Are ye mad woman?!” Brodie grunted in anger.

The man tried coming to his feet, only to come tumbling back down. She’d gotten him good.

“I’m so sorry,” Aislinn said then took off running.

“Easy darlin’,” Jax said as Riona exited the ladies room and was staggering about.

Riona giggled as she nearly tripped over the leg of a nearby pool table. Jax was quick to break her fall and brought her against him. Riona reacted by wrapping her arms around his neck and went to kiss him. Jax clamped a hand over her mouth but recoiled at the rejected look on her face.

“Believe me… I want this, more than you’ll ever know, but not like this. You’re gonna wake up and forget any of this took place, and I can’t have that. It’s gotta be memorable, alright?”

Jax raised his brows as Riona covered her mouth, turned her head and vomited. Jax wrinkled his nose but didn’t hesitate in helping her. He held her hair back as she finished then lifted Riona into his arms. Jax gestured for one of the prospects to clean up after her. Then he rushed her into the men’s room where he got her cleaned up.

“Look at me…” Jax said with concern as she was starting to nod off.

Riona lifted her eyes and Jax chuckled.

“Man, you are wasted. I should’ve cut you off babe.”

Jax brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“You are so beautiful.” Jax uttered in awe.

Riona turned away from him and closed her eyes. Twin tracks of tears ran down her face, and Jax wiped them away with this thumbs.

“Riona…” Jax whispered as he placed a hand on the apple of her cheek.

“You haven’t a clue, but I’m going to show you.  I’m not another Nick in your life. Hell, I’d have killed the son of a bitch if Aislinn hadn’t beat me to it.”

Jax kissed her forehead but looked over as his son entered the bathroom. He was doing a little dance and heading to one of the urinals. Abel did his business and went to wash his hands. Jax could tell Abel was half out of it as Half-Sack was keeping watch by the door. Abel looked over as he was drying his hands and tiredly smiled.

“But I no know when your birthday is…” Abel uttered confusing not only Jax but a very drunk Riona.

“I wants to give you my daddy, but no know when your birthday is. It was supposed to be a surprise.” Abel added with a disappointed frown.

“You mean Riona’s?” His father questioned, and Abel yawned as he nodded.

“July 20th.” Jax uttered in memory but was looking to his son in question.

“What did you mean by that Abel?”

“What daddy?”

“Giving me to someone…”

“To Riona!” Abel said as if to say duh and even hit the palm of his hand against his forehead.

Jax sort of laughed but shook his head.

“Man, my son has more game than I do,” Jax muttered, and Riona gave a tearful laugh.

“I no want to play a game daddy. I is tired.” Abel said as he took Half-Sack’s hand and the prospect escorted him back to bed.

Chibs was kicked back and talking to Keith and Opie when Aislinn came to him in tears.

“I could use your assistance.”

“What is it, lass?” He asked thinking something was wrong with her.

Aislinn took him by the hand then led him towards Brodie.

“I didn’t mean ta hurt him!” She said, and Chibs shook his head once he gathered what must’ve taken place.

“Aye…” Chibs uttered knowing Brodie had it coming.

“What’d ye bring him for?! He’s not gonna look at my balls!” Brodie rebuked.

“But ya could have permanent damage I kicked ya really hard!” Aislinn said with concern.

“Don’t pride yourself, love,” Brodie said, and Chibs helped Brodie to his feet.

“I warned ye…” Chibs whispered in a tsking manner.

“Must you be so…” She scoffed but trailed off and shook her head.

“So…?!” Brodie challenged.



“And what would that be, ya pompous arse?!”

“I love ye!”

“Aye now, ya never loved anyone more than yourself. I gave ya a chance, and ya blew it. I let it known then I don’t play games, and I’m still firm on that. Ya want a woman ya can worm around on, and I’m not one of those.”




Chibs feeling like the third wheel reared back on Brodie’s cruel words.

“A tease?!”

“Aye, lookatcha!”

“I never led ya on. Why would ya say that, Brodie?”

Chibs recoiled as the young woman broke into sobs.

“I’m sorry. I love ya but not the way you’re hopin’.”

Brodie closed his eyes on this.

“Why’d ya go and do this?! Why couldn’t ya just leave things be?!” She cried.

“Ye want me to leave?!”

Aislinn grimaced at Brodie’s words.

“Brodie…” She whimpered.

“Aye…” He said with this wounded look about him.

“I don’t want ya to leave, but I can’t have ya treatin’ me like one of your girls. I’ll never be one of your girls. I don’t wantcha handlin’ me like that.”

“Aislinn…” Brodie called with concern.

The young woman held a hand over the area of her heart and was gasping for air.

“Ali…” Chibs softly put and was quick to check her over.

Aislinn was desperate to catch her breath, but nothing was getting through.

“Look at me lass…” Chibs said as he sat her down.

The girl was having one hell of an anxiety attack. Aislinn lifted her head, and Chibs gave a simple nod.

“It’s gonna be alright. Let it go love. All of it… just let it go.” Chibs softly put then hunkered down, so his eyes were level with hers.

“Ali darlin’, all that shite is eatin’ ye alive. Fuck it. All of it. Just let it go. It’s gonna be alright.”

Aislinn sucked back a breath then wrapped her arms around Chibs and cried into his shoulder.

“What happened ta ye love?” Brodie asked in a softer tone and squatted down as well.

One look from Chibs said it all. Brodie shot up then shook his head in disbelief.

Not her…” he whispered, and Chibs nodded.

Brodie ran his hands along his face in misery and was pacing the area.

“Why didn’t ye tell me, Aislinn?! I wouldn’t have… Jaysus.”

Brodie thought back to what he did and how that must’ve felt to Aislinn. The man bowed over and upchucked.

“Get ahold of yourself!” Chibs scolded knowing Aislinn needed them at the moment.

His cousin nodded but was beside himself.

“I wished ye’d have told me,” Brodie told Chibs.

“Wasn’t my place.”

Chibs helped Aislinn to her feet then hugged her close. Brodie nodded amongst himself as his cousin kissed the top of Aislinn’s head and was running a soothing hand along her back. It all made sense now… Chibs must’ve been there and must’ve been the one to take care of her. Of course, she was smitten, and Chibs would be the only man she trusted, for quite some time. Brodie hadn’t a chance. Then again, no one did. If Aislinn was going to fall for anyone, it’d be Chibs Telford. It was in her body language. She didn’t see Chibs as a threat and put all her trust in him. So much so that she was wrapped around him, like her life depended on it.

“Aye…” Brodie whispered with a respectful nod towards his cousin.

“Take care of me girl.” He said before patting Chibs on the shoulder and taking off.

“Scotty?” Aislinn tiredly murmured as she came to and saw that she was lying on his chest.

They’d fallen asleep in the back of the SAMBEL van, and Chibs had his SAMCRO hoodie draped over her.

“Hm?” He tiredly hummed before stretching his arms out.

“What are we doin’ in here?” Aislinn asked as she hadn’t remembered this taking place.

“Ye were pretty out of it; I figured ye needed the rest.” He said.

He hadn’t the heart to tell her she got shit-faced and spent the rest of the night a hysteric mess. Aislinn was so wasted she let it slip on what all Jimmy had done. Chibs couldn’t leave her alone, not after that. The more he learned, the angrier he became. He wanted nothing more than to have someone on one time with ole Jimmy. It wasn’t just about the rape; it was how Jimmy went about it. The Scot couldn’t believe how violent Jimmy had gotten. That certainly explained why she was bleedin’ the way she was. Chibs thought back to everything she’d told him and this had him holding her even tighter. The man was breathing her in, and this caused a heady-like feeling. Chibs cleared his throat and was quick to adjust his body so she wouldn’t feel his “excitement”. Way to go ya arse… Chibs thought as he was pissed at himself. That was the last thing she needed! Aislinn rose up off his chest and adjusted her clothes and fixed her hair. Chibs found that somewhat of a shame. She had the sexiest bed hair he’d ever seen.

The young woman went to hand his hoodie over, and Chibs held up a hand.

“Ye hold ta it. It’s freezin’ out.”

Aislinn nodded then put the hoodie on.

“Thank you.” She shyly put, and Chibs nodded.

He patted himself down in search of a smoke. He stuffed one into his mouth and was about to light up.

“Mind if have one of those?”

“Sure thing darlin’.”

Chibs lit the one he had then handed it over. Aislinn made her way to the front of the van and sat on the passenger side. She rolled down the window down a bit and took a long drag.

“My sister would kill me…” She hinted afterward, and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye, yer secret’s safe with me.”

“Whatever I did or said last night… I’m sorry.” The young woman muttered out of fear as she hadn’t any recollection after her and Brodie’s argument.

“Ye’ve nothin’ ta be sorry aboot.” Chibs came to his feet and made his way to the driver’s side. He cracked the window on his as well.

They sat in silence as they smoked their cigarettes.

“Must be a first for ya.”

“And what would that be?”

“Wakin’ up with a woman and havin’ a smoke. Ya know… without the sex.” Aislinn teased with a flirtatious wink.

Chibs chuckled on this.

“You’re different from the others…” Aislinn said and looked to be in thought.

“Different?” Chibs questioned.

“Aye, not every day a man beds ya, knowin’ he’s not gettin’ laid. You might be rough around the edges, but ya’ve got a gentleman side ta ya. That’s a rarity nowadays.”

Aislinn took another drag off her cigarette.

“Ya even went all out in tryin’ ta hide that stiffy of yours! But there’s no hidin’ somethin’ of that magnitude. Ya should be proud!” She taunted with a hint of a blush and giggled at his reaction.

Chibs was choking on that cigarette of his and hitting at his chest.

“Sorry, Scotty… I had ta poke some fun. Get it poke?!”

Chibs shook his head in disbelief, and Aislinn died of laughter.

“Aye, you’re blushin’.”

“You’re somethin’ else.” He said but with a grin.

“So I’m told.” Aislinn smiled and used her hand to wipe the fog off the window.

“So how do ya know Brodie?” She asked, and Chibs flicked his cigarette bud outside.

He rolled the window back up after.

“He’s my cousin.”


Chibs nodded, and Aislinn smiled.



“So ya know he isn’t always like that…” She hinted as to last night.

“Aye, but he has his moments.” The Scot uttered in memory.

“For sure, but he means well.”

Chibs nodded in agreement.

“How long have ye known him?” Chibs curiously asked.

“Em…” Aislinn thought back to when she first met Brodie.

Her sister had introduced the two during a gig.

“I was fifteen maybe sixteen?”

“And how old are ye now?”

“Don’t ya know it’s not proper ta ask a woman that?!” She said while acting appalled by his question.

Chibs chuckled.

“I’m twenty-three, so I’ve known Brodie about… eight years, give or take?”

That would certainly explain Brodie’s disappointment. Chibs couldn’t blame him on that one. He was certain he’d feel the same way if he had known Aislinn for that long. In just the short time he’d known her the man found himself enamored. The Scot hadn’t felt that way about anyone in quite some time. He’d his share of Crow Eaters, a few porns stars even. But none of them hit him like this. The Scot wanted to know everything about her. Chibs was fixated on those hazel green eyes of hers. Those eyes… The man felt as if they were telling him a story. He couldn’t look away no matter how much he tried.

“Ya alright?”

“Aye…” He said and forced his gaze elsewhere.



“Why did Jimmy do that to your face?”

“Ta prove a point. He wanted to show what it means ta cross him. He was showin’ off ta Fi as well.”

“Ya told me it was because of her, but ya mean ta tell me she was there?!” Aislinn questioned in disbelief.

Chibs gave a simple nod. He kept it in mind to tell her the actual story one day, but felt now wasn’t the time.

“She was there, and still she defends him…” Aislinn whispered in thought.

“Was your wee one there?”


“Tell me somethin’, Scotty. What do Galen and Jimmy have over your MC’s?”

“Whattya mean, lass?”

“Now I don’t know nothin’ about SAMCRO, but since when does SAMBEL cower to anyone and what has your prez so startled when it comes ta these lads?”

“Ye mean ye don’t know?”


“Ali love, Galen and Jimmy are IRA – The True Irish Republican Army.”

Aislinn regarded the Scot in absolute shock.

“So it isn’t just about smugglin’ us in… It’s about the war ya’d be bringin’ home if ya do.” Aislinn shook her head in thought.

“Believe me when I say my sister hadn’t a clue or she would’ve never suggested…”

“I know and so does Jackie. No matter the situation we plan on helpin’ ye two out. Whether the two of ye come with us or not, that war is already here. The IRA decided that the moment they came after Abel.”

“Wait… are you sayin’ that was premeditated?”

“Aye… Galen ordered the boy’s kidnappin’. Jax killed their younger brother when he tried blackmailin’ us Sons into a cartel we wanted no part in it. The IRA got word of this, and they came after our President’s son. As you can imagine, we’re goin’ ta be in Ireland for a bit longer than expected. It’s like ye said, we don’t want this war brought home. So it needs ta be put to rest while we’re here. It’s bad enough we got the wee lad with us.”

“We’ll help, in whatever way we can. We can look after the boy.” Aislinn offered but gathered this thoughtful attendance.

“It’s a shame they had ye banned from Ireland. I would’ve remembered ya.” She bashfully hinted as to SAMCRO’s visit five years ago.

“Aye, I would’ve liked ta have met ye under different circumstances.” Chibs uttered in agreement.

“You’re quite the rebel, returnin’ like ya did!”

“Ye know it!” Chibs said with a grin.

Aislinn laughed then placed a strand of hair behind her ear. She hadn’t a clue… What she was doing to this man.

“Ya really love that boy, don’t ya?”


“Are you his real uncle?”

“No love, that’s just how the MC works. We’re family. But I will say that ole Jackie Boy is more than just a brother of the MC. That kid means the world ta me, and I’ll always back him.” Chibs said with a look of pride.

Aislinn smiled and peered out the window.

“He reminds me of JT. Same laugh and smile. But Thomas had his eyes. Whatever happened to them?”

Chibs drew back a hesitant breath on this.

“They died love…” The Scot practically whispered, and Aislinn regarded the Scot in shock.

The young woman thought back to when she first met the Tellers and when Thomas asked her to dance. He was a nervous wreck and stepped all over her feet.

“You’re a good man Scotty. Don’t let that ex of yours convince ya otherwise.” The young woman said before exiting the van.

Aislinn’s jaw dropped as she’d just made her way into the clubhouse and saw her sister and Jax exiting one of the rooms. Riona was quick to grab her sister and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Don’t.” She warned, and Aislinn giggled against her hand.

Jax raised his brows with curiosity. Riona removed her hand and Aislinn had this big grin about her.

“Did ya…”

“Linny…” Riona hissed.

“Ya did, didn’t ya?!”

Jax knew where this was going and made himself scarce.

“No. We didn’t.” Riona made clear, and Aislinn frowned.

“But I like him. Ya, look good together.”

“You really think we…” Riona stopped herself once she caught what her sister was doing.

“Stop that.”

Aislinn giggled.

“Riona, ya deserve ta be happy. If ya like the lad ya should go for it!”

“We kind of are already, and you’re one to talk Miss. Swears Off Any Man That Ever Tries It.”

“Wait… so you and Jax?!” Aislinn said all dreamy-like, and Riona nodded.

“But you two didn’t…”

“Nah, I think we both agree with my history it’d be best ta take it slow and see what this one’s all about.”

“Aye,” Aislinn said in agreement.

Riona drew back a hesitant breath, and Aislinn took her sister’s hand into her own.

“He hurts ya, and I’ll be dealin’ with him.” Aislinn made clear.

“The way ya dealt with Nick?!” Her sister bitterly put, and Aislinn lowered her head.

“Riona…” She softly said, and Riona sighed.

“Linny love, I can deal with my own problems. I don’t need ya goin’ all Annie Oakley on me!”

“Ya really think I’m like Annie Oakley?!” Her sister said with a certain beam.

“Ya wish!”

“But ya said…”

Riona clamped a hand over her sister’s mouth again. Aislinn managed to pry it away.

“I didn’t shot him…,” the youngest said with a shrug.

“Then how’d ya…”

“I stabbed him, a lot.”

“Jaysus Christ Linny!”

“Aye, the bastard had it comin’.”

“Are ya insane?!”

“Maybe… Maybe that’s what it takes. I have your back Riona, just as you’ve always had mine. If this Jackson fella hurts ya, I’ll hurt him right back!”

“Do ya even hear yourself?!” Riona scolded but felt somewhat hypocritical knowing she’d have done the same if not worse if the shoes were on the other feet.

If she ever got a moment alone with Jimmy, he’d surely suffer.

“Why ya hafta look at me like that? He wouldn’t have stopped Riona, and ya know it. It was him, or you and even pa agreed that it had ta be you!”

Riona swallowed back as her sister started to tear up. Riona sighed and hugged her.

“So pa played a part?”

Aislinn nodded and led Riona back into the room Riona and Jax came from. Aislinn pulled the door to and gestured for Riona to have a seat. She smiled however once she saw the ONE blanket and pillow lying on the floor.

“Ya didn’t shag, but ya sure slept tagther…” Aislinn whispered and thought back to Chibs and the irony.

“Aye, he was the perfect gentleman,” Riona said as if surprised by her own words.

Jax thought Riona wouldn’t remember… but she did.

“Aye, and what’s that look for?” Aislinn asked.

“He could’ve taken advantage, but didn’t.” She hinted, and Aislinn reared back on this.

“Ya serious?!”

“Aye.” Riona’s entire face flushed over as she thought back to when she threw up.

“Oh, Mary… We had a bit of a lash (drinking session), and I was absolutely stocious (smashed/drunk).”

“You?!” Aislinn asked in surprise.

Riona pinched her eyes shut, and Aislinn giggled.

“I bet he wasn’t expectin’ that!” She added with laughter.

“Aye, laugh it up. From what I heard ya didn’t do any better!”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and her sister gave a firm nod.

“So ya went arseways and kicked Brodie where it really hurt,” Riona said with a grin of her own and her sister frowned.

“How’d ya hear about that?”

“I heard it on the way to the jacks (bathroom) this morn!”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes wondering how Riona heard that. Chibs was the only one to know about that or so she thought. Had someone else saw or picked up on what had happened?

“Who said that?”

“Is it true?”

“Aye, but who did ya hear that from?”

“That Juice fella… He was talkin’ to the SAMCRO prez. They were havin’ a good laugh on Brodie’s behalf.”

Aislinn frowned on this.

“That wasn’t any of their business and nothin’ ta be laughin’ about!”

Riona looked to her sister with concern.

“I didn’t want ta hurt him Riona. But he was langered (drunk) and wouldn’t listen.”

“Wait… Are ya meanin’ ta say he made the moves on ya?!”

Aislinn lowered her head, and Riona’s eyes went wild.

“I told him not ta be pullin’ that shite!” Riona went to storm out of the room, so she could find Brodie and give him a piece of her mind and then some. Aislinn took her sister by the arm however and stopped her.

“He’s gone. I done hurt him more than anyone ever could. But that was never my intention… The things he said….”

“Linny…” Riona uttered as her sister’s bottom lip quivered.

“Am I really a tease?”


“Aye… that’s what Brodie said.”

“Ya’ve never!”

“Are ya sure?”

“Of course! Ya know ya aren’t, and so does Brodie. He just wanted ta make ya feel bad, and ya know it! The nerve of that man! He knows better!”

“I love Brodie, but I could never give him what he wants.”

“Ya love him, but you’re not in love,” Riona said understanding and Aislinn nodded.

“Ya should’ve seen his face. I’m afraid I done hurt whatever friendship we had. What if he never sees me the same again?!” Aislinn sat in one of the corners and brought her knees up to her chest. She wrapped her arms around them and looked to Riona with desperation.

“He’s my best friend…” Aislinn whimpered, and Riona nodded in understanding.

She sat beside her sister then draped an arm around her.

“And he knows that. Ya know Brodie, he’ll come around, and he’s gonna feel like an arse when he does, but he will. Nothin’s changin’ how that man feels about ya.”

“I don’t know. The things he said and the look on his face…”

“Aye, he didn’t mean a word of it. He just wanted ta hurt ya. It’s how these blokes work. You’re new to all this. Ya’ve got a lot to learn when it comes ta men and how they deal with things.”

“Why are they always so angry?!” Aislinn teased, and her sister had a good laugh at this.

“Ya know they’re askin’ the same thing about us women.”

Aislinn lifted her head and smiled. That smile was soon to fade, however.

“About Nicholas…”

Aislinn drew back the deepest of breaths before revealing the truth.

“Ya were at work when I spotted his car at the house. I remembered ya tellin’ me he wasn’t supposed to come by anymore. My curiosity got the best of me. I wanted ta know why he was there. So I snuck in through one of the windows and saw him sittin’ in your livin’ room. He’d made himself right at home, and I knew he was waitin’ for ya. Riona love, the man had a gun sittin’ beside him. He wasn’t in uniform, and he was sippin’ at a cup of tea like it was nothin’. Two hours… Two hours before ya were supposed ta be home. I must’ve seen him glance at that front door half a dozen times. He’d tap his fingers along that gun then go back to sippin’.”

Aislinn paused for a moment then nodded amongst herself.

“I called pa, and he walked me through everythin’. He told me ta grab one of the knives he’d given ya. I did just as pa requested. I waited until I heard the doorknob turn. Pa told me that Nicholas would reach for his gun thinkin’ it was you and that I’d have to act quickly. I didn’t think it possible to fly, but I sure did that day. Before I could even think about what was taking place, I was in Nicholas’s lap. I drove that blade into his throat over and over again. That gurgling sound… It was the most chilling thing I’d ever heard in my life, and I’d never seen so much blood. But even with all these things taking place… I couldn’t stop. All I could picture was you on that floor and the dreadful things that man did! I gave pa one hell of a fight when he pulled me off him.”

“Jaysus, Linny…”

“Ya thought Nicholas took the recliner with him. I suppose he did in a way. But pa and I chopped it up and burned the remains after we buried Nicholas.”

“Where’d ya bury him?!”

“Ya remember that old cement tank pa put in?”

Riona nodded.

“He’s under there.”


Aislinn gave a nervous snort.

“It’s not like he’s in the actual tank itself Riona!”

“Just how messed up are ya?!”

“The worst.”

Something about that had Riona laughing.

“Oh Linny, what am I goin’ ta do with ya? Do ya even realize what would’ve happened if either of ya was caught?”

“Aye, but I haven’t any regrets.”

Aislinn came to her feet on this, and Riona just sat there as she exited the room.

Keith looked to Seamus (the SAMBEL VP), and the VP drew back a hesitant breath.

“After what they did to them girls and the lad… Doesn’t seem we have much choice. We can’t expect SAMCRO to fight this on their own. They’d do the same for us and wouldn’t bat an eye on it. There’s respect ta be paid when it comes ta the original home. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for JT and we all know it.”

“Aye.” Keith uttered.

“And we’ve known those girls for some time. So this is just as much our battle.” Keith added, and the rest of SAMBEL nodded in agreement.

“Do we need to vote?” Keith questioned, and Seamus, Padraic, Liam, Luther, and Connor looked to one another.

“Nah, I think we’re all in agreement.” Liam (the SAMBEL sergeant) said.

“Aye then, Padraic gather SAMCRO and let them know it’s time for church.”

SAMCRO let Keith have the floor considering this was their clubhouse and their hometown. Keith let SAMCRO know that SAMBEL had their backs and together they would put an end to Galen and Jimmy. This was something that had everyone on edge. They hadn’t anywhere near the gun power the IRA had, so this meant the MC’s would have to be a lot craftier in how they went about things. SAMCRO had a few supplies left from their old cartel days, but everything was back in the states. That meant they would have to rely solely on what SAMBEL had. SAMBEL themselves had done business back in the day with the IRA before JT cleaned everything up and used this to set an example for other chapters.

As one of the founders, JT didn’t want the Son’s name tarnished by dealing in arms or drugs, for that matter. Other chapters followed suit as that’s how much respect they had for JT, Piney, Keith, and Otto. They were the only ones left of the original nine. Clay, however, had been bitter ever since JT had them pull out. If it hadn’t been for Jax taking a bullet to Galen and Jimmy’s little brother, they would’ve been BACK in that cartel. That’s what Clay wanted. That cartel helped pay the bills. He thought JT foolish in having made that mistake. Why would he want out? They had it good. But this all went back to Thomas, Jax’s younger brother. He died just a few years back, and JT blamed the cartel.

JT took Thomas’s death so hard that he damn near begged Jax to leave the MC. But Jax wouldn’t have it; he wanted to honor his younger brother by continuing the fight their father started. It started out with the three of them and ended with Jax being the last one standing. It wasn’t long after that, Tara (Jax’s wife) left without a word as to why. Jax had been in a dark place ever since. Kidnapping his son was the last straw. Jax meant it when he said Abel was all he had. Things between Jax’s mother and stepfather had been awkward ever since, and he wasn’t so sure he could trust them. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that his mother had cheated on his father. That came to light when JT died. Gemma was quick to move in with Clay and start her life with him.

Jax hated leaving his son with them while he was in prison but hadn’t a choice. The only other one he had besides Chibs (who was in prison with him), was Op. But he had his own wife and kids to worry about. Jax knew his mother and stepfather wouldn’t hurt Abel, but he didn’t trust them all the same. And thanks to the kidnapping they kept hidden, he wasn’t so sure he could trust his own brothers. That broke the man’s heart considering everything he’d done for them. He was starting to feel more and more like JT – alone, misunderstood, and cursed. Thomas gave his life making certain they got out of that cartel. JT made it clear that his son’s death wouldn’t be in vain and Jax could on knowing he’d never have to worry about that again. JT just hadn’t expected Galen and Jimmy to take over from there and worm their way back into SAMCRO’s life. This made Jax sick to his stomach, knowing his father would be rolling in his grave about now. JT wouldn’t stand for any of this. This wasn’t what he and Thomas died for, and JT had made that reminder perfectly clear before he died.

The two MC’s went back and forth in their plans. The meeting ended on mutual grounds, and they were preparing for what was to come. SAMCRO had to play their cards just right; the last thing they wanted was to end up in prison and Northern Ireland, nevertheless. This wasn’t just about reassuring Abel and the girls’ safety. This was about revenge and making certain there wasn’t anyone left to follow them back home. That and despite seeing the green in his stepfather’s eyes, Jax had vowed to himself that he’d never let the club get in over their heads again. Green was most certainly the issue, Jax himself had fallen victim to it, so had his brother and his father. But he’d be damned if he went and taught his son that green was the way of the world.

Keith called his old lady and had his prospects in helping her gather whatever they could for SAMCRO during their stay. Things such as blankets, cots, pillows, food, and whatever else they may need. The boys would have to share a shower and toilet, while Riona and Aislinn shared the ladies room which had the same facilities. Things would be pretty snug keeping everyone under one roof. But it was safer and less costly than having SAMCRO stay at a hotel. That and SAMCRO couldn’t afford to be on the grid. Aislinn’s near abduction was a fine example of that.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 6 – Scotty vs Scot”

  1. Nice to know a bit about brodie even if he is an asshole (in a good way) until he gets three sheets to the wind. then all hell breaks loose. he never had the chance and Bibs tried to warn him in a subtle way so he wouldn’t get upset about everything and he could still be close with Ali. but no.. he had to mouth off and try something she wasn’t ready for on Chibs lady. and damn he paid for with a field goal worthy punt to the balls… i am surprised, he didn’t have him in his or in his hands when they came flying out of his body.

    Also nice to know that not all of Chibs family is that fucked up and he might actually have someone watching his back. Fiana is just a bitch and pure fool… her jealousy knows no bounds and she is the one that walked away frolm him in the first place and took their daughter with her.. that is who i feel for is Keri. her mother is a bitch in every meaning for the word…

    I loved how Chibs took care her in the sweetest of ways and tried to keep his reaction to her hidden. Ali has herself a hell of a protector in him and god help jimmy this time. Chibs i have no doubt with pay him back tenfold for what he did to her. Chibs has fallen hard for the little lady and all hell is going to break loose when he meets up with jimmy. and i can’t wait to see that happening.

    Jax and rIona… that a paper once again you have made jax into a gentlemen for the moment and i love that I also adore abel and his thinking about giving his daddy a gift of a girl for his birthday. he is such an innocent despite who his dad is. he is truly protected by everyone and god help Galen for even touching the boy.

    Your muse has once again entertained me the best way she knows how and this story is just getting better and better. Update again soon. I will be looking for the next chapter when you and your muse are up to it. until then *bows*

  2. I am completely, in love with this story so far. You always surpass my expectations. As a busy mom of a toddler, getting to take a short break to read your stories, is a highlight for me. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

  3. OMG Kerianne! Why ya gotta break ur poor old man’s heart. SIGH. Brodie makes me nervous for some reason. Jax was Pres eh? Hmmm, yeah my money’s still on Clay ratting them to Galen, just because he’s a stubborn asshole. I LOVE AISLINN SINGING!!!! How incredibly appropriate lol. And there goes Brodie. I knew he was gonna do something. Get that girl Chibby! Abel’s cuteness level just reached 1 million! So presh. Good job on Chibs getting through to her a bit. Brodie….I’d feel bad for you, but some lines just shouldn’t be crossed. I love the conversation b/t Aislinn and Chibs. Little bonding time is always good. And good on Aislinn for getting the truth about what happened with the asshole. She can breathe just a little better now I hope. A little more background on what went down with JT and Thomas. A very interesting turn there. I kinda wanna see Jax just have it completely out with SAMCRO. Let his voice be heard, get his patch back. At least SAMBEL is (seemingly) on their side. I hope it remains that way. Another excellent update love!

  4. loved all the drama so glad he got rid of that ugly harpy sad that Keri repeated her mothers thinking and words and went with. can see jimmy hurting her bad like he does to the other young woman then it will be too late. as always thank you for a new chapter 🙂

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