Chapter 60 Don’t Fear The Reaper Wedding

Chapter 60– Don’t Fear The Reaper (wedding)

“Me?!” Abel asked when his uncle suggested that he lead the prayer before supper.

“Aye, you.”

“Okay…” Abel said while shifting about in his seat.

The Scot sent his wife a wink when Abel cleared his throat and took their hands into his own.

“It me, God. I’s praying to bless the food we’s gonna eat. And Ummm… Bless mommy, daddy, Aunt Linny, Uncle Chibs, and all the Crows. Oh, and for Halloween, I’s gonna be Spider-Man. Tells Uncle Tommy and Grandpa JT cause theys always wants to know what I’m gonna be. Amen!”

Chibs lifted his eyes and watched as Abel took a bite of his wife’s Irish stew.

“This sooo good,” Abel said, then stuffed another spoonful into his mouth.

Aislinn was stifling a giggle fit after the prayer her nephew led. Chibs himself was fighting the urge to laugh. The Scot avoided that urge by stuffing a piece of soda bread into his mouth.

“You cooks like mommy. She make this stew too. Daddy say she kill baby lambs, though to make it and mommy get so mad! She say that not true, Jackson. Don’t tell him that. Daddy just laughs.”

“Should we tell him?” Chibs teased as he looked to his wife.

“Scotty!” Aislinn scolded but with a giggle.

The Scot stuffed a big piece of lamb into his mouth then shrugged.

“Tell me what?” Abel said after swallowing a mouthful of food.

“That your uncle wants you to wear a skirt to our weddin’!”

Abel stopped what he was doing and looked to his uncle.

“You no make me wear a skirt, Uncle Chibs!”

Chibs sighed then looked to his wife in a scolding manner.

“I’m afraid Spider-Man will have to wait until after the weddin’,” Aislinn added, and Abel frowned.

“Is yous serious?! You no really make me wear a skirt – like a girl, right?!”

“I thought ye could be the flower boy.” His uncle taunted, and Abel frowned.

“I no want that. I no want to be no flower boy.”

“Hmmm. Then what do ye want ta be, buck?”

“I don’t know, but I no do anything with flowers! And I no wear no skirt!” Abel huffed, and Chibs chuckled.

“It’s not a skirt, lad. It’s a kilt. I’ll be wearin’ one too.”

Abel reared back in confusion.

“What a kilt?”

“Ye’ll see. I done got ye one and with yer tartan!”

“What a tartan?”

“Ye’ll see.”

Abel sighed in thought.

“It no better be a girl skirt, Uncle Chibs. I will be very mad!”

Aislinn laughed so hard she snorted.

“I promise. It won’t be a skirt.” His uncle swore.

“I knows what I wants to do.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” The Scot curiously questioned.

“Can I be like daddy and be best of men too?!”

“Best of men, eh?” Chibs humorously repeated while leaning back in his seat.

“Yeah. Daddy say you say he be best man. Can I be’s one too? I no know what one do. But daddy show me!”

Aislinn smiled in thought. She and Chibs seemed to be in silent conversation.

“It’s a lot of work… Bein’ a best man, ye know.” Chibs uttered.

“I’s work very hard. I promise!”

“Emmm…” The Scot hummed before taking a swig off his beer.

“Ye’d have the most important job. Are ye sure ye can handle that?”

Abel nodded.

“Alright, then.”

Aislinn regarded her husband in question when he held his hand out.

“Yer ring…” He whispered.

Aislinn took her ring off then handed it over. Chibs removed his as well.

“Give me your hand, Abel.”

Abel held his hand out, and the Scot placed the rings into the palm of his hand.

“If ye can hold onto those until the weddin’ day. Ye can be my best man. I’ll even let ye be the BETTER MAN!”

“Better man?” Abel questioned as he looked to the rings.

“Aye, better than Jackie boy!”

Abel giggled in thought.

“Daddy be so mad if I’s better than him!”

“Aye! So, ye best hold on to those. I mean it. Ye put them somewhere safe, and ye have to remember them when the day comes.”

“I will takes very good care of them. I promise. I no let ANYONE touch them!”

Abel hurried on out of his seat.

“Where ye goin’?” Chibs asked.

“I’s gonna hide them.”

Aislinn waited until Abel was out of the room.

“Ya gave him our rings?” She rather hissed, and Chibs nodded.

“What if he loses them?!”

“He won’t,” The Scot uttered with a shrug then took another bite of stew.

“How can ya be so sure?”

“Trust me, love. He’s gonna guard those rings with his life.”

The Scot meant it too. He could see it in Abel’s eyes. This meant a lot to Abel. Chibs felt the need to give him an important job. That way, Abel felt as if he really earned that “better man” title. Chibs even had plans of letting Abel be the actual best man. Jax would be on the other side of him as a groomsman. 

“But now I need another bridesmaid,” Aislinn complained, and the Scot chuckled.

“Ye really should make more friends.” Her husband teased.

“Shut it, Scotty!”

When the rain is blowing in your face

And the whole world is on your case

I could offer you a warm embrace

To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the stars appear

And there is no one there to dry your tears

Oh, I hold you for a million years

To make you feel my love

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet

But I will never do you wrong

I’ve known it from the moment that we met

No doubt in my mind where you belong

I’d go hungry; I’d go black and blue

And I’d go crawling down the avenue

No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on the rolling sea

And on the highway of regret

The winds of change are blowing wild and free

You ain’t seen nothing like me yet

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

Go to the ends of this Earth for you

To make you feel my love, oh yes

To make you feel my love

Quinn placed a hand over his heart once Riona finished Adele’s cover of Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks. This was one of Quinn’s personal favorites. He requested it often back in the day.

“Ya remembered!” He said while raising his glass in the air.

“Of course!” Riona replied with a warm smile.

The pub was closed to the public as it was after hours now. Quinn, Ethan, Padriac, Happy, and Jax were the only ones there, aside from Riona. Riona decided to get in touch with her old roots and sing a few songs. That and she thought this was the perfect way to get her mind off recent events. Riona sang a couple of Halestorm songs then one by Evanescence. The boys cheered her on and were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Riona took a small break and downed a couple shots and a beer to chase those down with. She grabbed her guitar then looked to her husband.

“Ya always wondered what impact ya had on me back when we first met…”

Jax tilted his head on this, and Riona cleared her throat.

“I wrote this year’s ago but hadn’t the nerve to do anythin’ with it. It was the week ya left Ireland.”

“You wrote a song?” Jax muttered, with this stunned presence.

Riona smiled but with a hint of a blush.

“Aye, so don’t laugh!”

Ethan and Happy were just as curious.

“Linny hasn’t even heard it yet! To be honest, I thought about handin’ the rights over to her. But wanted ya to hear it first as it was meant for ya!”

“Damn…” Jax muttered in surprise.

Wish I could, I could’ve said goodbye

I would’ve said what I wanted to

Maybe even cried for you

If I knew, it would be the last time

I would’ve broke my heart in two

Tryin’ to save a part of you

Don’t want to feel another touch

Don’t wanna start another fire

Don’t wanna know another kiss

No other name falling off my lips

Don’t wanna to give my heart away

To another stranger

Or let another day begin

Won’t even let the sunlight in

No, I’ll never love again

I’ll never love again

Ooouuu ooou oou


When we first met

I never thought that I would fall

I never thought that I’d find myself

Lying in your arms

And I want to pretend that it’s not true

Oh baby, that you’re gone

‘Cause my world keeps turning, and turning, and turning

And I’m not movin’ on

Jax could see the passion in his wife’s eyes as she struggled to finish the song. The president himself was somewhat emotional. He hadn’t a clue she wrote a song about him. The lyrics melted his heart; in ways, he never knew possible.

Don’t want to feel another touch

Don’t wanna start another fire

Don’t wanna know another kiss

No other name falling off my lips

Don’t wanna give my heart away

To another stranger

Or let another day begin

Won’t even let the sunlight in

No, I’ll never love

I don’t wanna know this feeling

Unless it’s you and me

I don’t wanna waste a moment, ooh

And I don’t wanna give somebody else the better part of me

I would rather wait for you

Hoooo ouuu

Don’t want to feel another touch

Don’t want to start another fire

Don’t want to know another kiss

Baby unless they are your lips

Don’t want to give my heart away to another stranger

Or let another day begin

Won’t even let the sunlight in

Oooo I’ll never love again

Love again

I’ll never love again

I’ll never love


Riona was on the brink of tears as she finished the song.

I won’t I won’t I swear I can’t

I wish I could but I just won’t

I’ll never love again

I’ll never love


Who oo oo oo oo


Happy was first to clap. This was followed by Ethan, Quinn, and Padriac. Jax, however, just sat there.

“Jackson…?” Riona nervously called.

Jax came to his feet, then made his way to the stage. He took her guitar then set it down.

Padriac placed a couple fingers into his mouth and whistled out when Jax swept his wife off that stool. He dipped her back then kissed her. Ethan narrowed his eyes as this reminded him of that famous sailor and nurse kiss at Time Square after WWII. In fact, it was uncanny. There was no way Jax was that smooth Ethan thought.

Jax’s eyes were glued to hers as he kept his hold.

“Did you really write that?! I mean… about ME?!”


“And I’m just now hearin’ this because…?”

“I done told ya. It was nerves!”

“Riona babe, you hadn’t anything to be nervous about. That was fucking amazing! I’ve never heard anything like that before. EVER!” He said while caressing her cheek.

“Think Linny will pick it up? Ya know… and make somethin’ of it?”

“Riona baby, I know she will. Hell, she’s gonna flip when she hears it!”

Riona smiled in thought.

“And to think… I always thought I fell waaaay harder than you.” Jax admitted.

“Not even.”

“You sure hid it well.”

“Aye, cause I was married, ya arse!” She playfully reminded, and Jax chuckled.

“Still, you could’ve had you some of this…” Jax teased as he bucked his hips against her.

“Really, bro?!” Ethan hissed, and Jax ignored him.

“Back at the hotel that night.” Her husband further taunted, and Riona laughed.

“Ya really are the worst!”

Jax gave a mere nod then flipped her over his shoulder.

“Jackson!” Riona scolded but with a giggle.

“What are ya doin’?” She asked as he carried her off stage.

“Proving you wrong, again.”

Padriac, Ethan, Quinn, and Happy looked to one another as Jax exited the pub with Riona.

“Pinochle?” Padriac awkwardly uttered, and Quinn died of laughter.

“Jackson…” Riona breathlessly uttered as Jax had her up against a building, in a nearby alleyway.

He had her skirt bunched up along her thighs and was fucking her with everything he had.

“This right here is what you missed out on,” Jax grunted between thrusts.

Riona started to say something, but her train of thought was interrupted. Jax was pulling at her hair and leaving a trail of love bites all along her neck. The man would growl out every now and then, and this had Riona purring beneath his touch. Jax was lost as he was in that feverish race to fulfillment. Riona could hear and feel him moaning against her tongue. Jax gave her hair another tug, then threw his head back.

“FUUUUCK!” Jax howled as he came.

Riona blushed as she just knew someone was going to hear him. Jax couldn’t care less. He gave a few more strokes before pulling out. Jax had his forehead against hers during this.

“I could go a couple more times.” The president admitted as he was raging hard still.

Riona laughed when he pressed himself against her.

“Can’t help it… You have no idea what you do to me, darlin’.” He said while brushing his lips against hers.

Jax pulled his jeans up, then lowered his wife back down. He helped Riona with her skirt.

“It’s runnin’ down my legs.” She said.

“Is it now?” Jax uttered with a prideful grin.

Riona started to wipe it off, and Jax stopped her.

“Leave it. I want you to feel that on the drive back.” He friskily put, while wiggling his brows.

“Ya big perv!”

“Yeah, but I’m YOUR big perv,” Jax muttered before smacking her on the ass.

“What is it, Ali?” Chibs softly uttered as he had his reading glasses on and was reading one of his medical books in bed.

Aislinn was gazing at her reflection through the dresser mirror and running her hands along her belly.

“Imma look like the Virgin Mary at our weddin’, Scotty!”

Chibs chuckled as he took his reading glasses off. He set them down on the nightstand.

“Aye, but yer no virgin, love!” He taunted with a grin and Aislinn sent him a ‘look’.”

“Just sayin’, lass. Ye weren’t stung by no bee!”

“Nah, just an irritatin’ Scottish pecker.”

“Aye. I hear ye have ta watch out fur those!” Chibs uttered while patting the area beside him.

Aislinn joined him on the bed, and Chibs brought her against his chest.

“Ye need ta sleep.” He said out of concern.

She’d been sleeping less and less as of late. The medic knew part of that had to do with the babies getting bigger.

“Can’t. There’s too much to do!”

“Like what?!”

“Scotty, we’re gettin’ married in a few days now. I gotta…”

Chibs rolled over then clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Ye don’t gotta do shite! I done told ye that, from the beginnin’. I’m handlin’ everythin’. I just need ye ta show up, that’s all!”

“But what about my dress, and who is goin’ to do my hair?!”



“Stop that. Alright? I got ye covered.”

Aislinn sighed, and Chibs caressed her cheek.

“All ye need ta do is remember yer vows.”

“Welp! That’s it! We’re completely screwed!” She mocked, and her husband laughed.

“That wouldn’t surprise me. Not in the least bit.”

“HEY!” She scolded, and Chibs smacked her on the ass.

That little smack led them into a steamy make-out session. The Scot had his hand up his wife’s blouse. He was humping her and kissing all along her shoulder and neck.

“Do I need ta tie ye up again?” The Scot whispered.

“Do ya?” She said between kisses.

“Aye. Then I can spank yer wee little arse and have me way with ye!”

Aislinn moaned when Chibs grew more vigorous with the humping. The two froze, however, when there was a tiny knock at the door.

“Em?” Chibs hummed while looking at his wife.

“Can I sleeps with you and Aunt Linny, Uncle Chibs? I has a bad dream…”

Chibs looked to his hard on then let out a miserable sigh. Aislinn clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing at the look on her husband’s face. Chibs shook his head as if to scold her. He cleared his throat, however, and the two made themselves decent.

“Come on in, lad,” Chibs called afterward.

Chibs entered the room with Thomas – the dragon, and Mayhem. Mayhem jumped on up the bed and made himself comfy on Chibs’s stomach. Abel crawled in between Aislinn and Chibs.

“Ye had a bad dream while holdin’ that?” The Scot uttered while tapping his finger along the dragon in surprise.

“No, I forgets Tommy in the bathroom. I has a dream that we runs out of chocolate milk, and Aunt Linny takes me to school in her robe again!”

Chibs cocked a brow on that last part, and his wife sighed.

“That won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Aye! She’ll take ye in hair rollers next time!”

Aislinn reached over and punched her husband on the arm.

“Fine… Cigarette in one hand and a flask filled with Jameson in the other.”

“Really?!” Aislinn hissed, and Chibs chuckled.

“It’s how me mum dropped me off!” Chibs mockingly put.

“Aye, and let me guess… Ya walked five miles up a hill covered in snow.”

“Ten, lass. Ten! And nah, it was rainin’!”

Aislinn nudged her husband. Chibs glanced over, seeing that Abel was already out. The Scot gave a simple nod then pecked the boy on the forehead.

“See? We’re gonna get home in plenty of time.” Jax promised once the four of them snuck back onto the ship.

It was just as the president promised. No one paid them any attention and didn’t think anything of it.

“I say we all get something to eat then hit the hay. I’m fucking tired.” Jax suggested.

“Agreed,” Riona uttered as she and the others were running on fumes as well.

“You gonna be okay?” Jax whispered while pulling her back and letting the boys ahead of them.

“Aye… I’m goin’ to be just fine.” Riona said with a smile, and Jax nodded.

“I’m proud of you. You stood your ground, baby. I hadn’t any doubt. I knew you’d put those motherfuckers in their place and that you did.”

“No, do that, Tig!” Abel scolded when the Son stole one of his suckers.

“Aunt Linny gives me that! It no yours!”

Aislinn tilted her head in Tig’s direction. Tig sighed before handing it back.

“Stealin’ from a wee babe? Just how low are ya?!” She whispered in a hissing manner.

“It was cherry. I love cherry.” Tig responded with a shrug.

“Aye well, steal from my nephew again, and I’ll steal your arse cherry!” Chibs walked into the clubhouse just as his wife said this.

The Scot reared back then nodded in her and Tig’s direction.

“Do I even want to know?” He asked, and Aislinn snorted.

“Probably not.”

“Your wife wants my ass. Like bad. I told her I was with someone, but she won’t shut up about it.” Tig taunted, and Aislinn rolled her eyes.

“She no say that, Uncle Chibs. Tig just being silly. He steals my sucker, and Aunt Linny makes him give it back. She say she steal his as… I umm mean butt cherry. But I no know what she mean because I no know why Tig has a cherry up there. That gross.”

Aislinn was drinking a Dr Pepper when her nephew said this.

“ALI!” Chibs hollered but with laughter when Dr Pepper shot out of her nose from laughing so hard.

“Dude! I think your old lady sprung a leak!” Tig said.

Aislinn hit at her chest as she fought to gain some sort of composure.

Chibs grabbed a paper towel from the bar then made his way over. Aislinn blushed as she wiped her face clean.

“Ye really are a mess!” Her husband teased.

“Never heard of anyone snorting Dr Pepper before. Now, coke sure…” Tig punned.

“Why don’t ye and Abel head-on ta the house. I gotta head inta town and wrap up a few things.” Chibs suggested.

“Ya mean as in the weddin’?”

“Somethin’ like that.” Chibs offhandedly murmured.

“Aunt Linny says she gonna take me to see a scary movie!” Abel uttered as he colored.

“Did she now?” Chibs uttered with a cocked brow his wife’s direction.

“It’s PG-13…” she muttered in defense.

“Pffft, scary movie… That’s nothin’. You should take him to that haunted asylum here in town.” Tig suggested.

“Haunted asylum?” Abel said with full-on interest.

“I hear it’s pretty creepy.”

“Can we go?! PLEEEEASE Aunt Linny?!” Abel pleaded.

“Abel love, I’m not so sure…” She started to say, only to have Tig interrupt her.

“Come on, Aunt Linny. The kid will be fine. Hell, I’ll go with you and keep you two safe.” Tig mockingly offered, and Chibs sighed.

“Jackie’s gonna have me neck.”

“Over a haunted asylum? That kid’s seen way worse!” Tig said.

“He’s got a point,” Aislinn uttered with a frown.

“Are ye sure ye can handle that, boy?” Chibs questioned Abel with concern.

“I’s no baby Uncle Chibs!” Abel pouted, and the Scot chuckled.

“Alright, but if it gets ta be too much, let yer aunt know, so she can get ye out of there.”

“I no be scared, Uncle Chibs. Only babies get scared.”

“Emm… And what about you?” Chibs asked his wife.


“Aye, yer pregnant, Ali…” Chibs reminded.

“I AM?!” Aislinn mockingly put, and Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Don’t go bein’ a smartarse. I’m serious, Ali. Ye shouldn’t be under any stress, and those places can be a wee bit much.”

“Aye now, Scotty. Only babies get scared!”

“Aye, and yer carryin’ two of em!”

“It’s not like they can see anythin’!”

“Funny lass. But seriously… ye best be careful. I don’t want ye goin’ inta premature labor.”

“I’ll be fine, Scotty,” Aislinn vowed.

“Yeah! Fuck off, Dad! Quit ruinin’ our fun! I’ll have them home by midnight!” Tig witted, and Chibs sent him a threatening look.

“Call me dad again, and I’ll beat yer arse like one.”

“Jesus, glad I didn’t call you daddy. Freak…” Tig muttered under his breath.

Tig grabbed his keys then signaled for Aislinn and Abel to follow him.

“I’ll get it taken care of,” Chibs promised as he and Riona conversed over the phone.

“You’ll have to grab a pair of her maternity pants or one of her skirts. That way, they can get the measurements right. I mean, it won’t take a lot because of how the dress is made. But we want her comfortable.”

“Riona darlin’, I got it covered. Alright?”

“I done know the color…” Chibs reminded in a teasing manner.

“Aye, cause ya told me what to get! But you can’t look at it. Why don’t ya have Leia come by and get it?”

“I can do that.”

“I mean it! No peekin’.”

“I’ve no desire ta go peekin’. I’d rather see her in it.”

There was a brief moment of silence. Riona glanced towards the cabin bed as her husband was sound asleep.

“How ye and Jackie doin’, by the way?”

“We’re good… We got somethin’s to tell Linny, but we’re good.”

“Ye sure?” Chibs questioned as she sounded a little depressed.

“Aye, just anxious to get home. It’s been a rough trip.”

“I can imagine.”

“You and Linny take care. We’ll see you in a couple days, Mr. Scotty!”

“Aye. Ye too, love.”

“Are ya sure about this?” Aislinn softly questioned once she, Abel, and Tig were in line for the haunted asylum.

Aislinn could hear people screaming from inside the three-story building. A few of the windows were boarded up, and there was graffiti along the walls. Abel nodded and with the biggest grin on his face.

“I’s sure. I no be scared, Aunt Linny. Promise!”

Aislinn grew rather nervous, the closer they got in line. But that hadn’t anything to do with the haunted asylum. No. All she could picture was her sister’s wrath. She knew Riona was going to have her ass for this. But Aislinn couldn’t let Abel down, not when he was this excited. The boy wanted a real scare as Halloween was just a couple days away.

“Alright, love. But if ya change your mind let me know.”

“Jesus. Mother hen much? You’re worse than Chibs! Let the kid grow. Everyone needs a good scare every once in a while.

“Oh, I’m about to give ya a good scare, alright…” Aislinn bitterly warned.

“Why? Are you going into labor?!” Tig taunted, and Aislinn punched him in the chest.

“My heart! She punched me in the heart! See Abel?! That’s a woman for you! Always getting you right where it hurts!” Tig mockingly cried, and Abel laughed.

“But seriously… Please don’t go into labor. I like you and all, but I don’t feel like delivering any babies or placenta…”

“I’ll do my best…” Aislinn uttered.

“Is it true?”

“Is what true?” Tig covered Abel’s ears then leaned into one of Aislinn’s.

“That “true” Scotsmen eat the placenta.”

Aislinn didn’t humor Tig with an answer.

“Seriously…” Tig probed.

“Oh, and make sure your water doesn’t break either. We don’t need people slipping all over that shit and falling. I mean, could you imagine?”

“Tig… I swear to God…”

“Hm?” Tig amusingly hummed.

“Say one more word about me goin’ into labor! I dare ya!”

“IT OUR TURN!” Abel announced, rather excitably.

Aislinn started to pay for their tickets, only to have Tig beat her to the punch.

“Thank you!” Aislinn genuinely put, and Tig shrugged like it was no big deal.

“How old is he?” The man working the door asked.

Aislinn looked to the age restrictions then Abel before answering.

“Ten!” She lied, and the man reared back on this.

“Ten?!” He scoffed in disbelief.

“Yeah, I is ten!” Abel said once he caught on.

“He’s got dwarfism, man! Lay the fuck off!” Tig snapped in defense.

“Aye, it’s a sensitive subject…” Aislinn whispered while covering her nephew’s ears.

The man working the front sighed.

“He doesn’t talk like no ten-year-old.” The man uttered while looking Abel over.

Abel frowned, and the man shook his head in frustration.

“Hurry it up. But if he cries… that’s on you!” The man said, and Abel smiled once he let the three of them through.

“Your sister is going to kill you,” Tig uttered with a wide grin.

“Aye, don’t I know it.” Aislinn miserably put.

“If Jax doesn’t beat her to it,” Tig added.

Aislinn thought about Jax’s anger, and a shiver ran down her spine.

“You alright?” Tig questioned, taking notice.

“Aye. Just let Scotty know I’m leavin’ everythin’ to him!” She said, and Tig chuckled.

“Will do!”

“Is it just us?” Tig questioned after looking back and seeing it was just the three of them.

“Sure, looks like it. I hope neither of ya is epileptic.” Aislinn hinted as to the flashing lights.

“Now hold on, love!” Aislinn said as Abel had his aunt by the hand.

He was dragging her down a hallway with many doors.

“LOOK, AUNT LINNY!” Abel hollered while pointing at some graffiti on the wall.

LET ME OUT!” His aunt humorously read, and Abel giggled.

Abel stopped at one of the doors and peeked inside. There were bloody handprints and smears all along the walls of that particular room.

“I no see anything. This boring, Aunt Linny.” Abel said with a disappointed sigh.

Aislinn started to comment, only to have Abel and Tig gasp out simultaneously. Aislinn lifted her head and saw what looked to be a zombie standing in the second doorway. The man was in a hospital gown and was carrying a severed head. Blood was oozing out of the head and onto the floor. The zombie rushed on over then shoved the severed head in their faces. The zombie let out a threatening groan afterward.

“That no scary! That fake!” Abel said while clinging to his aunt’s leg.

“It sure is.” Aislinn taunted with a smirk in the actor’s direction.

The zombie stomped his foot in protest, but Abel was already headed for the second door. Tig glanced Aislinn’s direction.

“Twenty bucks says the kid doesn’t make it halfway through.” He whispered.

“Are ya serious?” Aislinn spat in disbelief.


“You’re bettin’ against a child. Your president’s, nevertheless!”

“Oh, come on… Let’s have some fun with this.” Tig shamelessly encouraged.

“Fine. Fifty says he makes it all the way, without a single teardrop!”

Tig looked to Abel then sighed

“Fine.” The Son said while holding his hand out for Aislinn to shake.

“Fifty it is.” He uttered before shaking on it.

All three of them jumped as the doors to the hallway slammed shut — all but one. A group of zombies in hospital gowns charged them into that one room. Abel snapped a look his aunt’s direction when that door closed as well.

“Theys do that on purpose! Now we cants get out!” Abel angrily spat, and Aislinn refrained from laughing.

“Aye, I’m afraid so.”

“That not cool!” Abel said while folding his arms about his chest.

“Where we go now?!” He asked as they were in what looked to be a patient’s room.

The room contained an old rusty bed with no mattress.

“IT WAS MORE FUN IN HELL!” Aislinn read as the writing on the wall matched the ones before.

Abel let out another gasp when the lights flickered, and everything went black. Aislinn laughed as she had Tig and Abel clinging to her now. The lights came on again. The bed was made now with a mattress, pillow, and sheets. Only the pillow and sheets were caked in what to be black ash. The wall behind it had people drawn on it, where the words once were.

“Now, that’s a neat trick.” Aislinn softly uttered, wondering how the actors pulled that one-off.

Abel let out a giggle-like scream when a hand reached out from under the bed and grabbed at him. Aislinn scooped the boy up then scolded the zombie in a playful tone.

“Yeah, you no do that. My Aunt Linny gonna get you!”

“That’s right! I sure will!” Aislinn said, and swore she heard the actor laughing.

Aislinn headed onto the next room.

“Watch your hand, Tig…” She warned as the Son was getting awfully close to her breast.

“I can’t see shit!” Tig complained with his grip growing a little tighter.

The room they were in led into another hallway. That hallway had two men in gas masks. One of the men was being led around by the other and was strapped to a gurney.

“GET OUT! SAVE YOURSELVES! IT’S IN THE AIR! IT’S IN THE AIR!” The man in the gurney frantically shouted.

The man wheeling him around smacked him in the head then told him to shut up. Abel giggled.

“Why he hits him for?” Abel squealed, thinking that was the funniest thing.

Aislinn laughed at her nephew’s reaction but let out a yelp of her own when a masked man in scrubs snuck up on her. He had a chainsaw in hand and let out this crazed laugh as he chased them into another room.

The three of them ended up in what looked to be an old surgical ward. There was a medical bed with bloodied sheets, and an old operating lamp shined right in their faces, blinding them at first.

“TIG!” Aislinn scolded as he had a good hold on her boob now.

Tig gave it a little squeeze before he realized where his hand was. The Son cleared his throat.

“Please don’t let my VP know I just molested you. Or my old lady for that manner.”

“Then move your damn hand!”

“Right…” Tig muttered before lowering it and clinging to her arm instead.

The room went dark yet again, and the three of them gasped out when the lights came back on. A zombie was in the bed now and reached for them as he growled. A doctor held the zombie back as the bed inched its way towards them.

“GO! SAVE YOURSELVES!” The doctor desperately shouted.

The doctor held on to that bed with everything he had. Aislinn took notice of the way Abel giggled every time he got scared. Her nephew would hide his face in her shoulder every now and then but not for very long.

“Ya alright, love?” She whispered.

“I think I peed a little, but yeah,” Tig replied.

“Not you, ya gimp. I meant the wee one.”

“Oh well, he’s not small but definitely hiding.” Tig hinted, and Aislinn elbowed him once she gathered the meaning behind that.

“Eww, that tub dirty!” Abel said.

This had Tig and Aislinn glancing the direction in which Abel was pointing.

“Man, that looks like my tub after I get done bathing Bobby!”

Aislinn had to remind herself that Tig named his dog after Bobby Munson. Tig, Aislinn, and Abel jumped back when a female zombie sprang out of the murky water.

“GOES THERE!” Abel hollered as the zombie was coming right for them.

Aislinn and Tig headed the direction in which Abel was pointing. The door behind them slammed shut, and the lights flickered off and on. A medical bed flew right past them. A man was strapped inside, and a doctor was chasing after it.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! GET OUT! IT’S IN THE AIR! YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!” The doctor shouted before the lights flickered yet again.

Aislinn yelped out when the floor beneath them started to shift. This caused her to get a protective hold on Abel.

“What the fuck?” Tig said as they were lowered into another room.

“THE END IS NEAR!” Aislinn read as this was written in blood along the graffiti and fetus filled walls.

There were a couple dirty mattresses propped up against the wall as well. Aislinn headed for the doorway but froze when someone popped out from a nearby corner.

“LET’S GO!” The woman in nurse scrubs shouted.

Tig narrowed his eyes, thinking she sounded and looked somewhat familiar. The woman had a set of keys in hand and was leading them into another area.

“HEY!” Abel snapped when the woman backed them into a giant cage.

The room they were in was filled with cages. The woman let out a villainous laugh, then shined a flashlight against her face, revealing that she too was a zombie now. The woman locked the cage then took off.

“Now, how we gets out?” Abel asked.

“Emmm…” Aislinn murmured while looking around.

The cage started moving, and it was then that Aislinn realized they were being wheeled into another area. Everything went dark again. Aislinn ran a soothing hand along Abel’s back, letting him know everything was okay. Tig, however, continued with his unrelenting clinging. In fact, the Son was so close, Aislinn could feel him breathing against her arm.

The lights flickered on, and Tig shrieked out. Aislinn died of laughter as Abel looked to Tig like he’d lost his mind. They were in a room filled with broken toys and old dolls.

“COME MY CHILDREN! DINNER IS SERVED!” The woman from earlier called.

The cage flew open, exposing the three of them.

“OH, FUCK NO! YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!” Tig snapped as a group of zombie children started towards them.

“I’LL KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU LITTLE FUCKERS! BACK OFF!” Tig warned, and Aislinn scolded him.

Tig ignored this and screamed bloody murder when one of the zombie children reached for him.

“If ya kick that child. So, help me, God…” Aislinn warned as Tig was having a complete meltdown.

It was so bad, Aislinn had to drag him out of that particular room. She rushed him throughout the rest of the asylum. Aislinn shook her head once they were standing outside, safe, and sound.

“Serves ya right bettin’ against a child!” She reprimanded as Tig had a hand over his heart and could barely breathe.

Abel laughed then pointed Tig’s direction.

“You’s so scared. You’s scream like a girl and acts like a big baby!” Abel said, and Tig snapped the boy a ‘look’.

“He’s not wrong. Ya did scream like a girl!”

Abel was laughing so hard. He had tears streaming down his face.

“Imma tells my daddy how scared you were!”

“And you weren’t scared?!” Tig taunted in return.

“I gets scared, but I no be a baby!” Abel fired back.

“Were ya really scared?” Aislinn asked out of concern.

“A little…” Abel admitted but with a big smile.

“It was so cool! I loves it.”

“So, ya like bein’ scared?”

“Yeah, cause I knows it all fake. So, it a fun kind of scared. And I knows you no let anyone hurt me.”

“That’s right, love.”

“Does you get scared, too, Aunt Linny?” Abel asked as they were headed for the car.

“Aye, I had a few moments!”

“But you no screams like Tig does!”

“Yeah, yeah…” Tig bitched as he opened the door for Abel and Aislinn.

“I wish Uncle Ethan comes with us. He loves zombies, like me. He has so much fun if he go too.” Abel tiredly put as his aunt got him buckled in.

“Aye, no doubt! Ethan would’ve loved that. Ya can tell him all about it when he gets back.”

“Yeah, I will tells him how scary it was. He will loves it and think it cool that I go.”

Abel took Aislinn by surprise when he hugged her.

“Thank you for taking me. I has a lot of fun. That better than going to a scary movie.” Abel said, and Aislinn smiled.

“You’re very welcome.”

“I’m the one that told her about it!” Tig complained as he started the car.

“Thank you, Tig,” Abel said, and Tig raised his brows on this.

“That’s more like it!” Tig muttered as he pulled on out of the parking lot.

“Do ya mind takin’ us on home? I’ll have Scotty bring the car back tomorrow. This one’s almost out.”

“No problem, doll,” Tig said while glancing through the rearview mirror.

“I got it.” Tig surprisingly offered.

Aislinn stepped back and watched as Tig lifted Abel out of the back seat. Aislinn unlocked the front door, and Tig carried the boy into his room. Tig got Abel tucked away, and Aislinn found herself somewhat impressed on how Tig handled that.

“Goodnight, darlin’. Make sure you lock up behind me.” Tig uttered before pecking her on the cheek.

“Will do. Goodnight, Tig.” Aislinn said but reached out and stopped him as he was headed to the car.

“I believe you owe me fifty bucks!”

Tig groaned in protest. Aislinn held her hand out, and Tig bitched under his breath as he dug into his wallet.

“I shouldn’t have paid for the tickets.” He muttered as he stuffed fifty dollars into the palm of her hand.

“Aye, ya shouldn’t have!” She teased.

The young woman stood by the door then waved the Son off as he backed out of the drive. She started to shut the door when her husband pulled into the drive. The Scot nodded her direction, then took his helmet off.

“Did I just witness ye on another date?!” Chibs playfully uttered as she greeted him outside.

“Aye, two of ’em! And one of ’em’s passed out!”

Chibs sighed as he climbed off his Harley.

“Can’t leave ye alone for a second!” He teased before kissing her.

“How’d it go?” Her husband asked as they headed inside.

“I’ll save that one for Abel…”

“Oh?!” Chibs curiously questioned.

“Aye, I’m sure he’s dyin’ to tell you all about it.”

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“Let me guess. Trager was the one needin’ comfortin’.”

“Ya could say that…”

“I don’t see my bag,” Riona said as she and the boys were at the baggage claim.

Everyone else had theirs.

“It’s coming… just hold on.” Her husband encouraged as they waited for the loop around.

Riona had grown awfully impatient as she was anxious to see her sister. She wanted the truth about Ireland out of the way before her sister’s big day. It wouldn’t be right to put that on Aislinn the day of.

“Got it!” Ethan said after snagging his sister’s bag.

“Thank you!” She called out in relief.

Happy looked to his president as Riona damn near ran out of the airport. Jax shook his head, then sighed as they followed.

“What’s takin’ ya?!” Riona snapped as she waited by the truck.

“Babe… I love you. But I really need you to chill the FUCK out! We’re home now. We’ve got plenty of time!” Jax barked in response.

His wife was in a ‘mood’ and had been the entire flight back. She got snippy with damn near everyone on that flight – him, Happy and Ethan included. The three of them let it go, knowing Riona had been through literal hell as of late. But Jax had had enough. They were home now, so he didn’t see sense in her acting like that still.

Jax opened the trunk to the car, and Happy placed everyone’s luggage inside.

“Head to the house, and we’ll unload there,” Jax uttered before getting into the truck.

“But Linny and Chibs are at the clubhouse!”

“I get that. But they can wait while we unpack.”

“But I don’t want to wait!”

Jax closed his eyes as he collected himself.

“Riona, this right here. This has to stop. You aren’t doing yourself any favors, or anyone else for that matter. Aislinn and Chibs aren’t going anywhere. So, let’s go home, unpack, and shower. Then we can grab something to eat and head to the clubhouse. Alright?!”

Jax could hear Riona’s teeth grinding together as she peered out the window.

“Riona…” He softly called.

“Ya don’t get it! Ya, just don’t!” She heartbrokenly put.

“And what is it I don’t get, darlin’?” Jax calmly questioned.

“I need my sister!”

Jax flinched when she glanced over with tears streaming down her face. The president reached over then took his wife’s hand into his own.

“Then we’ll head to the clubhouse first. Happy has a spare to the house. He can take our luggage inside and lock up afterward. No big deal.” Jax uttered, feeling like a royal jackass.

Of course, she needed Aislinn. After everything, Riona had been through… Jax was pissed with himself for not considering her feelings on the matter. He’d forgotten what it was like, having a sibling. So naturally, he didn’t get it until now.

“I’m sorry.” Jax sincerely uttered once he pulled into the SAMCRO lot.

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Aye. Well, I know I’ve been a bit of a handful to deal with.” Riona admitted.

“Just a little…” Jax teased with a playful wink.

“But you have your reasons.” He added as he parked.

Riona darted on out of the truck then headed straight for the clubhouse. Jax texted Happy and let him know the situation and where they were. Happy texted back and let him know Ethan would be there shortly.

“I’m so sorry, Linny.” Riona softly put after telling her sister about their mother.

“So, that’s what she was tryin’ to tell me,” Aislinn said while pinching her eyes shut.

Chibs glanced over as he was pouring Ethan, and Jax a shot at the bar. Abel was in the clubhouse bedroom, fast asleep.

“I can’t believe they did her that way,” Aislinn said with a quivery lip.

Riona reached over then held her sister’s hand.

“That makes two of us, love.”

Aislinn came to her feet, then paced the area.

“Linny…” Riona called with unease.

“Ye should be restin’.” Chibs scolded as he witnessed this from the bar.

Aislinn stopped but kept her head down as she talked about her dream. Ethan was making his way over when Aislinn broke into uncontrollable sobs.

“It was like she was right there, Riona! She felt so real. I never wanted to let go.”

Riona just stood there as if in a daze. Ethan grabbed ahold of Aislinn and hugged her. Riona let out this crazed-like laugh, then shot up from her seat. Aislinn lifted her head off her brother’s shoulder when Riona stormed out of the clubhouse. Jax raised his brows then grabbed his jacket.

“What’d I say?” Aislinn questioned in a panic.

“Nothing,” Jax said before chasing after his wife.

“He’s right. Look, Riona’s going through some shit right now.” Ethan did his best to reassure.

“Aye, but did ya see the look she gave me?!”

“Whatever this is… It isn’t you, Aislinn. I can promise you that.” Ethan said.

“Riona!” Jax called as his wife was headed for the truck.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” He snapped then stopped her from getting inside.

“That’s some utter SHITE!” Riona shouted.

“What is?!”

“Linny’s the one to see ma?! Linny’s the one that gets to hug her?! I WAS THE ONE THAT TOOK CARE OF HER!!!!”

“Riona baby, don’t do that. It isn’t her fault, and you know it.”

“BUT WHY HER?!” Riona furiously cried.


Jax was not only shocked to hear those words coming out of his wife’s mouth. But he recoiled when he spotted Aislinn and Ethan standing behind Riona. Riona hadn’t a clue and continued with her rant.


“Riona, baby…” Jax pleaded as he was trying to warn her.


“Shit…” Jax muttered when Aislinn covered her face and darted back into the clubhouse.

Ethan and Jax locked eyes on this.

“It’s gonna be a long fucking night, brother…” Jax miserably put.

Riona peered back, wondering who he was talking to. She saw her brother and the look on his face said it all.

“…no…” Riona whispered as she looked to the clubhouse, with a hand over her heart.

Ethan nodded as if scolding her.

“Look, if you need someone to blame. Blame me.” Ethan earnestly put.

“I should’ve been there instead of staying on the sidelines. It should’ve been me taking care of everything. Not you, or Aislinn, but me! I was a grown-ass man, and you two were just kids.”

Ethan made his way over. He took his sister by the arm then pulled her towards him as he shut the driver’s side door.

“Aislinn didn’t mean anything by what she did. She was a kid and scared out of her mind.”

“SO WAS I!!!”

“I know you were. All the more reason. I should’ve been there, despite our father’s feelings on the matter.”

Chibs exited the clubhouse and was headed their direction. Riona winced when she saw the Scotsman’s wrath in his eyes.

“Before ye say anythin’. Ye should hear what I hafta say.”

Chibs drew back a breath then cupped Riona’s chin.

“First of all, I love ye. I need ye to know that. As for Ireland, I’m sorry ye had to go through that. But yer home now and ain’t no one here actin’ as yer enemy. Yer sister, especially.”

Chibs cleared his throat before continuing.

“I don’t know what all was said between ye and Ali. All I know is me girl is in there cryin’ her eyes out and goin’ on about ye hatin’ her. From what little I did make out… this is about ye havin’ ta pick up the slack after yer mum passed. Ye just let the truth out on how bitter ye were and all because of a dream Ali had. A dream where yer mum was relayin’ a message to warn YOU! Yer mum couldn’t get ta ye, so she used yer sister. Yer mum wanted ta go to ye. I can promise ye if she was givin’ the choice it would’ve been you. Now that shite stays between us because that’d break me girl’s heart. But we both know there’s some truth in that. Now, Ali didn’t tell ye everythin’. Nah, but I’m gonna tell ye because she never will now!”

Riona narrowed her eyes when Chibs dropped his hold. He told Riona all about their mother’s message and how she wanted Aislinn to forgive herself. He told Riona that Aislinn had been holding onto that guilt all these years. Riona recoiled once she realized she not only brought all that back. But she dishonored their mother’s wishes. How could Aislinn move on after hearing all those horrible things?

Chibs put his forehead to Riona’s.

“I get that yer goin’ through some shite right now. Believe me, I can’t even imagine, nor do I want ta. But Ali… She holds ye on this pedestal, always has. She believes yer better than her, in every which way. Now ye didn’t mean ta – I get that. But what ye said tonight, just confirmed those fears of hers. You two need to quit this comparison game. It’s not doin’ ye any favors.”

“That’s no lie!” Jax said as his wife was just as bad when it came to Aislinn.

This had Ethan nodding in full agreement. He’d witnessed this a handful of times as well.

“Ain’t neither one of ye better than the other. Yer sisters – I get it. Yer gonna lock horns. But yer also best friends. Now, I apologize for gettin’ inta yer business like this. But I had ta because I knew Ali wouldn’t, not after what ye said. Nah, she would’ve swallowed that shite down and let the guilt eat her alive. It wouldn’t matter what yer mum or anyone said by that point. There is one thing ye really need ta know, love. Whether ye asked for it or not, Teagan Lawless isn’t Ali’s mum. She never was. Yer her mum, Riona. That’s how much Ali looks up to ye. And who can blame her?! Ye went above and beyond, far more than anyone ever has. That lass loves ye more than life itself. I know without a shadow of a doubt if she could go back and change the past, she would. She’s said so herself!” Chibs took a couple of steps back then looked to Jax.

“Why don’t ye two head on home? We’ll let the ladies sort this shite out after they’ve had sometime ta think things over.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jax said as Chibs pulled Riona in for a hug.

Chibs sighed when she teared up a bit. He wiped her tears with his thumbs.

“Ye two have been through some shite. This was bound ta happen. Lockin’ horns, I mean. I’m guessin’ ye’ve been holdin’ on ta that for quite some time now.”

“It wasn’t true.” Riona shamefully put.

“What wasn’t?” Chibs questioned.

“What I said. I was angry and…”

“Darlin’, ye can say whatever ye want, but we both know there was some truth ta that. It only took ye this long ta finally let it out. It’s just unfortunate that Ali was here ta witness it. But there’s nothin’ we can do now. So, go home. Get some rest and ye two can sort everythin’ out come mornin’. Ye best, because Ali wants ye as her maid of honor but thinks yer pure done with her now. Ye two need ta get yer acts together, and ye got less than forty-eight hours ta do so.”

“Did ya send me flowers?” Aislinn questioned when her husband made his way to the clubhouse bar the following morning.

He pecked her on the lips before answering.

“Nah, and ye should know better. I only get ye black roses. They match that charmin’ dark soul of yers!” Chibs teased while swiping a piece of bacon.

The flowers were already on the table when Aislinn got to the bar. The vase contained a batch of sunflowers, red roses, and lavender. Aislinn saw her name on the card but hadn’t opened it yet. Chibs retrieved the card from the flowers as his wife handed him a cup of coffee.

flowers from sister

“Do ye got yerself a secret admirer?” The Scot teased, and Aislinn gave a half-hearted snort.

Chibs lifted his eyes after reading what the card said.

“I take it ye haven’t read this yet…” He muttered.

“Nah, I was gonna after breakfast.” She said while stirring the eggs in the frying pan.

“Why don’t I finish that up…” Chibs offered while slipping the card into her hand.


They say a sister is both your mirror and your opposite. That’s most certainly true when it comes to us. But you’re the greatest gift my heart will ever know. I can’t picture my life without you, nor do I want to. You deserve more than an apology, but this here is a start.

I was wrong, Linny. I’m sorry.

I love you,


Chibs nodded amongst himself when his wife started to cry. Riona’s words had kept Aislinn up most of the night. Aislinn’s hair was a tangled mess, and her eyes were bloodshot. Chibs wished she’d go back to bed and get some rest but knew she wouldn’t. Aislinn spent most of the night talking about what a disappointment she was and how she let her sister down. Nothing Chibs said seemed to help, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

The Scot used a spatula to scoop the eggs out of the pan. He placed the eggs into the plates his wife had set out. He set the plate of bacon down afterward, then signaled for her to have a seat.

“Ali…” Chibs softly called when he saw a couple teardrops land in her eggs.

“Ye need to eat, love.” He said when she pushed her plate away.

“I’m not hungry.”

Chibs nodded when Riona stepped out from one of the clubhouse rooms. She put a single finger to her lips, and Chibs sent Riona a discreet nod.

“She wasn’t wrong, though.” Aislinn sadly murmured.

Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Aboot?” He asked, knowing Riona was picking up on all this.

“She said she was wrong, but she wasn’t. Scotty, I went out my way to stay out of sight and out of mind. Especially when ma was goin’ through chemo. She was losin’ her hair and throwin’ up.” Aislinn shook her head in thought.

“I suppose that’s the real reason I can’t stand to be near anyone upchuckin’. It isn’t just about the sound and smell, Scotty. Bein’ around those things only brings me back to me ma and how sick she was. I didn’t know what to do. I always felt like I was in the way. Riona though… She’d jump right up and get to whatever ma needed. And it didn’t matter how sick ma was, Riona always made her smile. Riona’s always been like that, though. Even when I had a wee head cold or such, she’d be right there, nursin’ me back to health.”

Aislinn’s hands balled up into fists, however.

“That’s why I blew up at pa when he wouldn’t help me take care of Riona. Riona just isn’t one to get sick. But she sure did that day…”

“But ye took care of her.” Chibs reminded as he’d heard this story before.

“Aye, but that was nothin’ in comparison…”

“What’d I say about that?!” Chibs scolded as that one word came up.

Aislinn let out a miserable sigh.

“Yer two different people, Ali. That and there’s a wee bit of an age gap. Of course, Riona handled things differently.”

“I can only imagine the karma…” Aislinn uttered while rubbing her tummy.

“Karma?” Chibs curiously questioned.

“Aye, our boys are gonna treat me just like I treated ma!”

“Just how so?”

“If I get sick… They’re gonna turn their backs to me, and it’ll serve me right!”

“ALI!” Chibs barked in disbelief.

“It’s gonna happen, Scotty! Just ya wait. It’s no more than I deserve.”

Chibs slammed his fist on the table, causing his wife to jump. He peered over his wife’s shoulder.

“See, lass?! Now, ye’d better fix this shite because I’ve had just about enough!” The Scot bitterly put, and Aislinn’s jaw dropped when she spotted her sister.

Riona, however, nodded in understanding. Chibs grabbed his jacket then darted on out of the clubhouse.

Riona sat where Chibs had been sitting. Riona sighed when she saw his breakfast hadn’t been touched yet.

“When did ya get here?!” Aislinn questioned.

“I’ve been here…”


Riona leaned back, then closed her eyes for a moment.

“Linny love, I haven’t a clue on where to even begin.”

“There’s no beginnin’ because there’s nothin’ to say. I always knew ya felt that way, even when you were in denial. I’m only surprised it took this long. As for the apology, it wasn’t needed. We both know who the fuck up is. It should be me, sendin’ you flowers and beggin’ for your forgiveness, not the other way around.”

“Well, by God then. Get to the grovelin’ already!” Riona scoffed, and Aislinn lifted her eyes to see her sister smiling.

Aislinn shook her head but managed to laugh.

“Will ya paint my toes while you’re down there?”

“Shut it, Riona.”

“See! I knew ya couldn’t stay mad at me!”

“Riona, I was never mad at you. It was you that was mad at me, rightfully so.”

“I wasn’t mad at ya, love. I was hurt and honestly… This had more to do with jealousy than anythin’ else.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question.

“Aye, do ya have any idea what I’d give to see ma again? To feel her touch…” Riona sighed in thought.

“When I heard ya go on and on about it… It set me off in ways I can’t explain. I’m actually embarrassed by how I acted yesterday. Not just with ya, but the boys as well. I gave them a wee bit of hell on the flight home, then I went and took the rest out on ya. Jackson wasn’t too thrilled with me when we got home. I don’t think he said more than two words to me last night.”

“What were those two words?!” Aislinn teased, and Riona laughed.

“Emmm, I put Abel in his bed and Mayhem out for the night.” Riona quoted.

“Okay, so more like 12…” Riona corrected once she did the math.

“So, he was mad at ya… Maybe cause ya can’t count for shite!”

Riona shook her head as if to scold her sister but waved her over. Aislinn regarded her sister in question but headed on over. Aislinn snorted when Riona pulled her into her lap like she used to when she was little.

“Riona!” Aislinn said and went to squirm out of her sister’s hold.

Riona laughed then brought Aislinn against her shoulder. She started humming and was cradling her like a child.

“I swear to God, Riona. I will send ya a good puck!”

“Riona?!” Aislinn called when her sister started to cry.

“What is it?” Aislinn whispered.

“I needed ya… It wasn’t your fault, love. But I needed ya there, with me, in Ireland. I never thought I’d be facin’ somethin’ like that, and I kept thinkin’… If only Linny was here… She’d set these lads straight. She’d know just what to say and do. Ya see Linny, I look up to ya, just as much as you look up to me. I wasn’t lyin’ when I told ya I wished I was more like ya.”

Aislinn rested her head against her sister’s shoulder.

“Ya handled it just fine. From my understandin’, ya really let those fellas have it! Got yourself one hell of a deal out of it too.”

“Aye, speakin’ of which. Those lads will be comin’ down here shortly. I hope you and Chibs aren’t goin’ too far away after the weddin’. But I can always forge your name if it comes down to that.”

“I don’t think we are. Scotty hasn’t mentioned anythin’.”

“So…” Riona said as she hugged her sister.


“Are ya gonna ask me to be your maid of honor or not?!”

Wedding Day:

“Let’s go!” Riona said when Aislinn opened the bedroom door to the clubhouse.

“Em?” She tiredly murmured.

“Grab your things, and let’s go!” Riona demanded.

Chibs chuckled as he glanced over from the bed.

“Good mornin’, darlin’.” Chibs greeted.

“Mornin’!” Riona impatiently replied while taking her sister by the hand.

“Don’t ya know you’re not supposed to see the groom on your weddin’ day?!” Riona scolded.

“Why?! Ya saw Jax on yours!”

“Completely different!”

“How so?!”

“Well, Jax is young and hot. But Chibs is an old man and might just kill over at the alter! So, absolutely no bad luck!” Riona said while dragging her sister along.

“Scotty is hot, too, ya know!” Aislinn defended.

“Aye, that he is. But ya didn’t deny the rest I see.”

“I heard that!” Chibs hollered from the bedroom, and Riona giggled.

“Ya know I love ya!” Riona called back.

“Sure, ye do.” Chibs bitterly put.

“I should’ve at least given him a proper goodbye,” Aislinn said once they were outside the clubhouse.

“Linny, you’re gonna be stuck with that man until death do ya part… In about seven hours or so.”

“Seven hours?!” Aislinn questioned when looking at the time.

“But we’re already hitched, remember? This is just for show.”

“Linny, this weddin’ is the furthest thing from a show. Whether ya agreed or not in that hospital, this right here is the real deal. This is the part where YOU say YOUR vows in return. That isn’t somethin’ ya take lightly.”

“But, I’m in my robe still!” Aislinn said in a panic.

“Since when is that an issue?” Riona taunted a certain way, and Aislinn craned her head that direction.

“That’s right… I heard all about you and that robe of yours!”

Aislinn flinched in response, and Riona laughed.

“I can’t believe ya did that!”

“Aye now, I was in a hurry!”

“Still, ya scarred my son for life!”

“I so did not!” Aislinn argued, and her sister laughed.

“Only you, Linny. Just imagine if our mother had done somethin’ like that.”

Aislinn recoiled in thought, and Riona nodded.


“Point taken.” Aislinn miserably put.

“Where are ya takin’ me?!” Aislinn asked as Riona passed the turn for her and Jax’s house.

“You’ll see.”

“Riona, my robe….” Aislinn reminded yet again.

“I know…” Riona murmured with an evil grin.

“RIONA!” Aislinn reprimanded, the moment her sister pulled up to a beauty parlor.

“All they’re goin’ to do is fix ya up!”

“But, I’m in my robe!”

“You keep sayin’ that… But ya didn’t mind takin’ my son to school like that…”

“Oh, you’re pure evil…” Aislinn murmured once she realized this was her sister’s way of getting her back.

“Now, what makes you say that?” Riona uttered while opening the door and making her way around the truck.

She opened the passenger side then signaled for her sister to step on out.

“On me, love!”

“I so hate you right now.” Aislinn miserably put, and Riona giggled.

“I know.”

“I thought you were getting married inside the church…” Jax muttered once he spotted Chibs outside, in the far back.

The Scot let out a frustrated sigh as he was giving Lyla instructions on how he wanted everything done.

“They’re givin’ me a wee bit of hell on the décor…”

“Oh?!” Jax questioned in surprise.

“Aye, they frowned on the theme as well… Then there was somethin’ about our music choices not bein’ very “Christian”. Long story short, they want us to hold it outside instead.”


“Watch it, Jackie. We’re on the lord’s grounds now!” Chibs teased but with another bitter sigh.

“Priest says he’ll do the ceremony, but that’s about it. That’s somethin’, I suppose.”

“But you wanted to give Aislinn a church wedding…” Jax muttered in memory.

“Aye, but this will hafta do. We’re on church grounds. So, I guess that counts for somethin’. Hopefully, the lass won’t be too disappointed. I’m doin’ what I can and at last minute’s notice. I had ta send a ton of shite back, Jackie. Then I had to send Leia on a whole new mission. I didn’t set up for no outside weddin’.”

“Hey, for what it’s worth… It’s looking pretty damn good for last minute.”

Jax meant that too. The president could tell his VP had put a lot of thought into this.

“Ye think?” Chibs nervously asked, and Jax nodded.

“She’s gonna love it, brother.”

“I think the final nail in their decision was findin’ out me bride’s dress isn’t your traditional dress.”

“Yeah well, Aislinn isn’t your typical bride either,” Jax uttered out of mere amusement.

“Ye got that right!” Chibs said with pride.

Wait… are you admitting to seeing the dress already?!” Jax questioned as it just dawned on him.

“Nah, I told yer wife what I was goin’ for and let the lass take over from there. Aislinn mentioned an Irish/Scottish weddin’, but I wanted to throw our own little spin in there. Guess I went a little overboard. Ye should’ve seen the look on the priest’s face. I thought he was gonna make me spend the next couple hours in confession!” The VP muttered in misery.

“It’s black, isn’t it?!” Jax questioned with a wide grin.

Chibs didn’t respond to that but smiled.

“I brings the rings, Uncle Chibs!” Abel announced as he made his way over.

The Scot nodded, then retrieved something from his cut.

“What this?” Abel asked when Chibs hunkered down to the boy’s level and handed the small black coffin over.

“I want ye ta keep those things in here. Just like this…” The Scot showed him, and Abel smiled.

“That so cool!” Abel said afterward.

“Aye. Now put that in your pocket and don’t take it out until yer father tells ye!”

“I won’t. I promise.” Abel frowned; however and Chibs tilted his head in wonder.

“What is it, buck?”

“You says I no wear a skirt. But me and daddy BOTH wearing a skirt!”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“That’s no skirt, boy!” Chibs uttered before explaining what a kilt was and the tradition behind it.

“So, boys wear this?” Abel reiterated with uncertainty.

“Aye, it’s very popular where I’m from.”

“This better no be a trick, Uncle Chibs!”

“I can assure ye it’s not. I’ll be wearin’ mine shortly.”

“Oh, does you tell daddy I the BETTER MAN now?”

Jax raised his brows on this, and Chibs chuckled.

“Aye, I forgot all about that — the lad’s right. Imma need ye ta step down, Jackie Boy. Abel’s gonna fill yer place. Yer the second fiddle now!”

“What the…” Jax scoffed as he played along.

“Sorry, daddy. But you’s no be the better man like me! I takes care of the rings, and no lose them. You no do that. So, you no the better man! I is!”

“I wasn’t even offered ring duty!”

“Yeah, cause Uncle Chibs no wants you to lose them!”

Chibs laughed when the boy scampered off.

“That’s pretty fucked up, brother. I can’t believe you replaced me!” Jax teased, and Chibs shrugged.

“Eh, it was bound ta happen eventually. Suck it up, kid!” The Scot muttered before patting Jax on the shoulder then getting back to business.

“Well, pick somethin’…” Riona encouraged as her sister flipped through one of the hairdresser’s books.

“I don’t know. They’re all so fancy…”

“Well, why don’t I make a suggestion?” Riona said while taking the book from her sister’s hold.

She flipped through it then stopped on a particular page. Aislinn’s jaw dropped in response.

“How in the world?” Aislinn whispered, thinking that was a rather odd style to have in one of these books.

“Now tell me that isn’t YOU?!” Riona grabbed her purse then retrieved a small bag from inside.

“What’s this?” Aislinn questioned when her sister handed the bag over.

“Look and see.”

Aislinn peeked into the bag then regarded her sister in disbelief all over again.

“Where’d ya find this?!”

“I’ve my ways. You can have them do ya up in that. Then we’ll get your nails and face done!

“Don’t go too overboard! I don’t wanna be caked (too much makeup).” Aislinn uttered as she held the crow hairclip in her hand.

“Linny, it’s your weddin’ day. It’s time to put that Scot of yours in a state of utter shock.”

Aislinn snorted in thought.

“Are we doin’ the highlights too?”

“If ya want…”

Aislinn gathered this sheepish grin, and Riona laughed.

“Well, look at ya! Finally actin’ like a girl and all!” Riona proudly put.

“Shut it, Riona.”

“Go on. I’ll make sure everyone does what they’re supposed to.” Jax urged as the wedding was less than an hour away now, and Chibs hadn’t the chance to get ready yet.

The Scot had too much going on since the church changed their minds last minute. Chibs gave a reluctant sigh.

“Filip, I got this. Alright?! GO!” Jax ordered, and Chibs nodded before heading into the church.

“Ya ready?” Riona said as she kept her sister’s eyes covered.


Riona lowered her hands once she had her sister in front of a mirror.

“That’s me?” Aislinn whispered as if in a daze, and Riona smiled.

“Aye. Now, just wait until your Scot sees ya!”

“It’s massive!” Aislinn nervously put once she and her sister pulled into the lot of the church.

“Not much bigger than the ones back home. But it is beautiful.”

“Ireland isn’t our home…” Aislinn reminded, and the two locked eyes on this.

“You’re right. It isn’t. Charmin’ is our home now.” Riona corrected.

Aislinn gave a mere nod. Riona helped her sister with the train of her dress then opened the door for her.

“I can’t believe you’re wearin’ heels!” Riona exclaimed once she saw the black skull heels.

Riona had picked some flats out originally. She hadn’t a clue Aislinn even had heels like that.

“It’s like ya said. This is the real deal. So, I might as well do it right.”

“I’m surprised ya can walk in those!”

“Oh, believe me… It’s takin’ a lot of work!”

“I can imagine,” Riona said with a giggle.

“Are ya sure we’re at the right place?!” Aislinn asked once they were inside.

Riona herself wondered if she had the time wrong. There wasn’t a single person in sight. That didn’t make sense, considering everyone’s vehicles were parked outside. Where was everyone?! Riona thought in a slight panic. She repeated Chibs’s instructions in that head of hers then looked to the time on her phone. They were twenty minutes early. Riona just knew she screwed something up. Chibs was sure to have her ass for this too.

“Riona? Where is everyone?!” Aislinn questioned and sounded like she was on the verge of a panic attack.

Just as Riona was to call her husband, their brother entered the church.

“Ethan! Oh, thank Mary!” Riona called out in relief, and Ethan gave his sisters a mere nod.

“Party’s outside, you know…” Their brother taunted but with a warm smile.

“What?!” Riona scoffed.

“No one told me that!”

“Yeah, things went a little haywire in the plans. You might wanna head on out. Abel’s waiting.” Ethan hinted as to Abel walking his mother down the aisle. Jax would be walking Leia down.

“We’re starting now?” Aislinn questioned in surprise.

“Might as well… Everyone’s here.” Ethan said with a shrug.

Riona handed the train off to her brother then sent her sister an evil grin before rushing on out the door. Ethan chuckled as he and Aislinn waited.

“You sure you’re ready for this?” Ethan teased, and Aislinn snorted.

“I better be, right?!”

“Not too late. I can help you escape!”

“I’m sure you could.”

“You’re stunning, by the way. Leave it to my baby sister to be the black bride.” He taunted as to her dress, and Aislinn smiled.

“Aye, I’m not like the others…”

“That’s no lie. But it’s refreshing. Now, come here.”

Aislinn leaned in, and Ethan hugged her.

“He’s gonna lose his mind when he sees you,” Ethan whispered.

He dropped his hold and was quick to wipe a stray tear off his sister’s cheek.

“None of that now. You’ll ruin your makeup.” He uttered with a tearful grin of his own.

“I didn’t want any of this…” She whispered with a hand along her stomach.

Ethan narrowed his eyes on this.

“The whole marriage and kids’ thing… ya know.”

Aislinn sighed in thought.

“But Scotty came along and…”

“Changed your mind…” Ethan finished in perfect understanding.

“Aye. Crazy how that works, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t understand at first. But I do now. He’s a good man, Aislinn.”

“Aye, that he is.”

“I’m proud of you. After everything, you’ve been through… Here you are. You deserve this. You deserve to be happy.”

“Are ya proud on how I got plugged (pregnant) before my weddin’ day?!” She teased, and her brother laughed.

“Yeah… Let’s just go with that!”

“I figured.” She said with a playful wink.

The music (Love Song by Telsa) started, and Ethan nodded upon his sister.

“That’d be our cue.” He said while lowering her train and adjusting it.

“You ready?” He asked once he had her situated.

Aislinn nodded, and Ethan offered his arm.

Aislinn laughed when she saw Tig Trager acting as their “flower boy.” The Son was tossing red and black rose petals down the aisle, flamboyantly as possible. He pivoted around once he got to the end. He curtsied, blew Aislinn a kiss, then skipped off to his seat.

“Only Tig…” Ethan muttered as his sister had a giggle fit.

The wooden altar Chibs stood at was something the Scot himself put together. It was decorated with a set of sheer black curtains, red, cream, and black flowers. He used vines to hold the curtains back. There were black and white candles laid out around the altar as well. 

Ethan looked to his sister once again, and Aislinn nodded, letting him know she was ready. Ethan nodded in return, then began that dreaded walk down the aisle.

Chibs placed a hand over his heart the moment he spotted his lovely black bride. Even with the Scot giving Riona specific request on the dress, it took him by surprise. Jax couldn’t help but chuckle at the Scot’s reaction to seeing his bride to be. Sure, they were legally married. But Chibs was treating this like the real deal. He made it clear to everyone that this was to feel like their first time saying their vows. Everyone respected the Scot’s wishes and treated this day as such.

Aislinn herself was blown away by her husband’s appearance. She never realized just how sexy a kilt could be, not until she saw her husband in one. Chibs was decked out all in black, including knee high dress socks and shiny dress shoes. Jax and Abel were in kilts as well. Chibs had done his homework and had the Tellers wearing their actual tartans. The Teller colors were red, green, white, and cream. Chibs thought it rather perfect, considering they matched the bridesmaids’ red dresses.


Red was the color Aislinn had picked, and Chibs agreed as it went with the black theme he wanted.

Ethan stopped once he got down the aisle. The priest nodded in his direction.

“And who gives this bride away?”

Ethan looked to his sister one last time and smiled.

“I do.” He said while placing her hand into Chibs’s as he did with Riona and Jax on their wedding day.

“Hurt her, and you better find a place to hide. I mean it.” Ethan warned, and Aislinn elbowed her brother.

Chibs, however, sent his brother-in-law a respectful nod, knowing Ethan meant every word. Ethan took his rightful seat with the other guests. The song Aislinn marched down to came to an end and thus began the wedding…

“I have no words,” Chibs uttered in awe, and Aislinn blushed in response.

Chibs took her hand then kissed it.

“Yer like me own personal angel of death. I love it!” Chibs complimented afterward.

“Aye now, what are ya sayin’ exactly?” She taunted in return.

“That if I was ta die, ye’d be the angel I’d wanna see.” Chibs smoothly put, causing his bride to blush all over again.

The two were mesmerized as they gazed upon one another. So much so, they hadn’t picked up on what the priest was saying. They hadn’t a clue he’d even began the ceremony. Not until the priest cleared his throat, letting them know it was their turn to speak now.

Jax nudged his son, letting him know now was the time. Abel dug into his pocket. He pulled the small coffin out then opened it.

The Scot sent the boy a wink as he grabbed Aislinn’s ring. Aislinn picked Chibs’s up, and the Scot locked eyes with hers as he was first to say his vows.

“I Filip Kirk Telford, before these bastard Crows, take this remarkable woman, to be me wife, lover, friend, enabler of trouble, poster of bail, and mother to me boys. Ali, I promise ta care for ye, keep ye safe, encourage ye when ye need encouragin’, and support ye in whatever way I can. I adore everythin’ about ye and have since I first met ye.”

Chibs gave her hand a comforting squeeze before getting back to his vows.

“I will love ye tirelessly, in good times and bad. As well as in sorrow, sickness, and in health. I’m givin’ ye my love, heart, and soul, pet. I love ye, now and forever. Even when yer bein’ a rightful pain in me fuckin’ arse!”

Chibs added that last part. The Scot could see how nervous Aislinn was and was hoping to make her laugh. That seemed to do the trick as he had her in a tearful giggle. Jax cleared his throat; however and Chibs peered back.

“Gotta say it, brother…” Jax reminded, and Chibs chuckled.

Right… Ali, I promise ta treat ye as good as my leather and ride ye as much as my Harley!” The Sons howled out, then Chibs placed the ring onto Aislinn’s finger.

“I Aislinn Olivia Lawless, take this ridiculous Scot to be my husband, friend, lover, mate in life, and instigator in trouble…” Aislinn paused for a moment.

Chibs reached over, wiping a tear off her cheek.

“I will love ya unconditionally, support ya, honor, and respect ya, unless ya go and piss me off…”

Aislinn tearfully taunted, and everyone laughed. Chibs chuckled as well.

“Aye now, that wouldn’t surprise me!” He added, and everyone laughed once again.

Aislinn cleared her throat then got back to her vows.

“I promise to love ya faithfully, in good times and bad, through sickness and in health, despite your childish man-flu moments… Oh, and if you’re upchuckin’, you’re on your own!”

“She’s not lyin’ there!” Riona said, and Aislinn giggled.

“All craic (fun) aside… Scotty, you’re my everythin’. And I give ya my all. My trust, love, and my soul.”

Aislinn got a little choked up after putting the ring on his finger. This had Chibs pulling her into his arms and kissing her.

“I didn’t say you could do that yet!” The priest teased.

Chibs waved the priest off and continued with that kiss. The priest laughed before announcing Filip Kirk Telford and Aislinn Olivia Telford as one. This Heart of Mine by Pain of Salvation played when she and Chibs faced their guests.

Chibs led his wife down the aisle and to the area he’d set up for dancing. Once again, there were candles laid out where their guests would be sitting as they had their first dance. The Scot caught the stunned look on her face. This had him smiling as he lifted her train then twirled her about.

The two froze, however, when the song came to an end. They heard what sounded to be Brodie Dowe’s voice. He was singing Love You Till The End by the Pogues. This had Chibs and Aislinn snapping a look that direction. Chibs sighed when they discovered it was merely a recording.

“Not my idea.” Chibs was quick to make clear.

He could see the confusion all over his wife’s face. Chibs himself was just as thrown off by this. They danced to the song anyhow. But neither had a clue on how Brodie managed to sneak that one in there. Chibs knew his cousin must’ve snuck into the wedding party. It was that or Brodie talked one of their guests into adding that song to the list Chibs already had. It wasn’t until the song came to an end that they had some sort of an explanation.

Kept me word. Congrats, both of ye. They heard in his voice yet again.

The VP sent his president a what the fuck expression. Jax sighed, taking notice.

“Later…” Jax softly hinted, and Chibs shook his head in sheer annoyance.

Smile by Sixxx A.M was playing now, and everything was back to Chibs’s original list. The Scot twirled his bride about once again. He raised his brows; however, when she lost her footing a bit. Chibs was quick to catch her.

“Are ye wearin’ heels?” He whispered in surprise.

Aislinn gave a shy nod, and Chibs lifted her dress just enough to get a better look. The Scot wiggled his brows afterward.

“Yer leavin’ those on tonight, right?”

Aislinn laughed, but Chibs could tell Brodie’s unexpected addition got to her.

“I’m sorry, Ali. I hadn’t a clue…”

“It’s okay, Scotty. I’m not lettin’ that ruin our day.” She whispered, then rested her head against his shoulder.

Chibs let out a sigh of relief then kissed the top of her head as they danced. They danced to one more song that being Song For You by Lunatica.

Bobby and Riona took over in the live entertainment afterward. They started with their version of I Got You by The White Buffalo.

Chibs thought the lyrics were meaningful, yet true to life. The Scot was surprised to learn that song was Bobby’s choice, and he’d asked Riona to perform it with him. Bobby and Riona went from that to Chibs’s personal request – I Don’t Know What Love is by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This song reminded Chibs of how he felt when he first discovered his deep and rooted feelings for Aislinn. Like she, marriage wasn’t something Chibs ever planned, fatherhood especially. After everything Chibs went through with Keri and Fiona, he’d sworn that off completely. And there was a time the Scot believed he wasn’t good enough to be a husband or father. But there was something about Aislinn. Something that made the Scot want to prove otherwise.

Aside from Bobby, Riona, and Brodie’s little additions, Chibs took it upon himself to pick all the wedding songs. He thought that would be a nice change of pace for Aislinn, considering she had to do that during her nightly gigs at the Tipsy Crow’s Nest. This was also Chibs’s way of showing he could be just as personal when it came to music and the lyrics behind it. Chibs knew how passionate his wife was about music in general. So, the Scot took his time and picked through some songs he knew Aislinn would like. He would listen to them when he was working in the garage or fixing up the Mustang. Chibs went with the ones that reminded him of Aislinn the most. The Scot had a couple more hidden up his sleeves. But he was saving those for later on when they were alone.

Chibs narrowed his eyes when Aislinn stepped out of his hold after the song.

Riona darted on over and handed Aislinn a mic. Bobby, Riona, Mark, and David were quick to set up whatever Aislinn needed. A makeshift curtain between two trees was lifted, exposing a black piano. Chibs had wondered why that curtain was there. But he hadn’t time to mention it as this was right before the ceremony. Chibs reared back when his wife took a seat at the bench. Riona adjusted the train to her sister’s dress, and Aislinn strummed a few chords. It was then that Chibs remembered the song Aislinn wrote and how she wanted to play it on their wedding day.

And just stay there for a minute

And just don’t move any closer

Move closer

I just don’t know if I can take it

It feels like overexposure

Move closer

Brick by brick and scar by scar

It’s taken me years to put up these guards

I don’t wanna get hurt again

Is it agony or ecstasy?

I feel safer now you’re close to me

And fall apart

Once again, I’ve broken, I’ve crumbled

I’m in pieces on the floor

Don’t you know the damage you’ve done is just irreparable

You’ll find me in the wreckage of a love so severe, and it’s clear

I just don’t know what I’m doing

Your love left me in ruins

Won’t you ruin me again?

You took my world as I know it

But I don’t want any closure

Move closer

Cause you’ve become that one thing

That I don’t wanna get over

Move closer

Is it disaster or destiny?

That I feel so right with you next to me

And fall apart

Once again, I’ve broken, I’ve crumbled

I’m in pieces on the floor

Don’t you know the damage you’ve done is just irreparable

You’ll find me in the wreckage of a love so severe, and it’s clear

I just don’t know what I’m doing

Your love left me in ruins

Won’t you ruin me again?

Violent like a tidal wave

You hit me, blitz me, shattered in a hurricane

Your love is different

That holds me through it

I’m perfectly ruined

Once again, I’ve broken, I’ve crumbled

I’m in pieces on the floor

Don’t you know the damage you’ve done is just irreparable

You’ll find me in the wreckage of a love so severe, and it’s clear

I just don’t know what I’m doing

(I just don’t know what I’m doing)

Your love left me in ruins

Won’t you ruin me again?

It took the Scot a bit to process the lyrics and what they meant exactly. He’d read part of this back on the ship. This was the song Riona had shown him in confidence. But it wasn’t finished at the time. The Scot shook his head in thought. Ruin… That was one of the last things Keri said before she shot herself. Keri said that her mother and Jimmy ruined her. But this right here… This was Aislinn’s way of saying Chibs ruined her as well but in the best of ways.

The Scot had no words. He could feel that knot of emotion forming within the back of his throat. Aislinn gave a mere nod when she handed the mic back to her sister. Riona helped Aislinn with the train of her dress. Once Aislinn had a good hold on it she made her way back to Chibs.

“Well?!” Aislinn anxiously questioned.

The Scot struggled to keep himself intact before responding. Aislinn got to him, in ways the Scot would never understand. That song meant the world to him. Chibs couldn’t believe she wrote that with him in mind, much less back in Ireland.

“Ye’ve no idea how honored I am… And fur the record I’ll ruin ye anytime ye’ll have me, Ali!” He lovingly whispered while pulling her into his arms.

“In more ways than one…” The Scot added in a slightly sexual tone, and Aislinn snorted.

“But seriously love, that was downright beautiful. Thank you.” He sincerely put while adjusting the crow necklace she was wearing.

It was the one Chibs had given her on her birthday. The VP thought that rather fitting considering the theme of their wedding. That and he dug the crow in her hair as well. There was no mistaking, Aislinn truly was one of them now.


Chibs kissed her cheek then handed her off to Ethan as Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue played.

“Done with her already?” Ethan teased.

“Not even a little,” Chibs uttered as he walked away.

“Didn’t think I’d get a dance tonight,” Ethan admitted.

“Aye, he’s on some sort of mission.”

“Looks like it,” Ethan said as he twirled his sister.

“But I wanted to dance with her!” Leia teased when she spotted the two dancing.

“Aye now, you’ll get your turn!” Aislinn joked in return.

“I better!” Leia said, and Ethan laughed.

“I think she likes you more than me.” He uttered with a sigh.

“Well, can you blame her?” Aislinn said but had a clumsy moment with one of her skull heels.

“I got you,” Ethan said as he braced her against him.

Aislinn adjusted her shoe then looked to her brother.

“I know.” She said with a tearful smile.

Ethan narrowed his eyes on this.

“Ethan…” Aislinn whispered as she looked around, making sure no one else could hear them.

“That party…”

“Party?” Ethan questioned.

“Back in Galway… the one ya snuck into…”

Ethan tilted his head wondering where this was going.

“You really did save me. Ya need to know that. And I don’t just mean from overdosin’…”

Ethan sat his sister down at one of the tables then squatted down to her level.

“Bobby told me…” Ethan whispered, and Aislinn recoiled.

“Let’s just say it’s a good thing I was out of town.” Ethan hinted.

“What are the odds, ya know?”

Ethan sighed in thought.

“I don’t think it was so much about seein’ him again. Nah, I think I had more to do with the reminder… I didn’t like who I was back then, Ethan. All he did was bring all that back.”

Aislinn glanced her husband’s direction as he was talking to Bobby.

“I didn’t want Scotty seein’ that side of me. It’s bad enough you did.”

“Aislinn, we all have regrets. That’s what makes us human. As for Chibs… I can promise you your past isn’t what he saw. No. He saw the incredible woman you are now.”

Aislinn looked somewhat doubtful. Ethan reached over then lifted her chin with a single finger.

“You know how I know that?” He asked with a warm smile.

Aislinn shook her head no.

“Because that’s what I see. I see someone that’s put up one hell of a fight – a fight that never ends. I know it’s a constant struggle for you. Waking up, and deciding you’re not going to let anyone drag you down, despite what they’ve done to you.”

Aislinn closed her eyes, and Ethan brought her to her feet and hugged her.

“This a bad time?” They heard, and Aislinn opened her eyes to see Ethan’s mother and stepfather.

“You came!” She exclaimed and was quick to hug them both.

Ethan chuckled at his sister’s reaction to seeing his parents.

“Of course, we did! I’m only sorry that our flight was delayed. It looks like we missed most of the wedding.” Marianne sadly murmured.

“We got it recorded,” Ethan said.

“Still, it isn’t quite the same.”

“Aye, but you’re here now. That’s all that matters,” Aislinn said.

Marianne took Aislinn’s hands into her own then gave them a little squeeze.

“You’re glowing! And I absolutely adore this dress!” Marianne complimented.

“Thank you!”

“Mind if I cut in, darlin’?” Chibs uttered as Riona and Jax were dancing.

Jax started to hand Riona over, only to have Chibs grab ahold of him instead. Jax reared back on this and Riona died of laughter. Chibs sent Riona a playful wink as he gave Jax a little spin. That spin however landed Jax into a nearby chair. Chibs blocked the president’s attempt at rising.

“Really, bro?” Jax halfheartedly spat.

“Aye, really.” Chibs bitterly put causing Jax to narrow his eyes in wonder.

“Ye gonna tell me how the hell Brodie pulled that off?”

Jax sighed then looked to his VP apologetically.

“Filip, I hadn’t a clue he’d done that. None of us did.”

Chibs tilted his head in waiting, and Jax shook his head in frustration.

“Look, me and the boys spotted him when you were getting dressed. We thought we got his ass out of here before he did any real damage. I’m sorry.”

“So, he was here…” Chibs rather grumbled and Jax nodded.


“I had the prospects run him out of town.”

“Good. Cause I’d sure hate ta go ta prison on me weddin’ day!”

“That’s not happenin’, alright? We got your back, brother. But I will say this much… Brodie didn’t put up a fight. It’s like he expected it… He even thanked us for not killing him on the spot.”

“Aye! As he should! He should know he’s not welcome here!”

“Filip, I get that you’re pissed with him, rightfully so. But honestly?! I think he meant well. He made it clear he had no plans of staying. But I had the prospects see him out of town, for my own peace of mind.”

“I’m sure he did, Jackie. But this day was about me and Ali, not him. Brodie’s got a bad habit of pullin’ that kind of shite! This was not the day fur that.”

“I know. Trust me. I know.”

Chibs sighed then offered Jax his hand. He helped him out of the chair then gave his shoulder a squeeze.

“Sorry, boot that, Jackie. But I thought one of ye let him add that song.”

“I’d never do that!”

Chibs gathered this shameful presence.


“Hey, don’t worry on it. I would’ve reacted the same way. I get it.”

“Guess I better get back to me, bride,” Chibs uttered while glancing her direction.

“I don’t know… You seemed to enjoy manhandling me.” Jax bitterly yet jokingly put.

Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Speaking of which…” Jax uttered while looking Happy’s direction.

“I can’t believe you set that shit up.”

“What’s that?”

“Ethan and Happy?! The lovely couple…” Jax reminded, and Chibs died of laughter.

“Aye, I almost forgot! So, how’d that go?”

“That’s a story for another time. Now go on, brother. It’s your wedding day!”

“Are ye ready for the cake? Or should I say cakes?” Chibs asked as he walked his wife to the refreshment table.

There were two cakes. One was the bride and grooms, which was brilliantly done in white icing. The crows and trees along the three-tier cake were done in black and grey. The top tier had two crows resting on top of a branch, and they were loving on one another.

This one solidified Chibs and Aislinn’s reunion as one, making Aislinn an official Crow. The other cake, however, was the groom’s cake. This one was done all in black. The three roses stood for the promises Chibs made Aislinn. The three crows represented Chibs and the twin boys. The bigger crow was feeding, the smaller two. Their nest contained a white candle that was currently lit. This candle symbolized Aislinn as not only their mother but the Telford family’s light.

Chibs and aislinnweddingcake

Chibs whispered something along these lines to his bride, and she regarded him in sheer amazement. Aislinn couldn’t grasp how much thought Chibs put into everything, not just the cakes but this entire wedding.

Chibs kept the Irish/Scottish theme they discussed but with his own dark spin, knowing his wife would love that. There were crows, skulls, multiple kinds of flowers – each with a dark tone, various lit candles, and blood-covered cherries and wine. The Scot knew one glass wouldn’t hurt his pregnant wife, and it was safer than any other alcoholic beverage.

Aislinn tossed her skull and red roses bouquet.

Ethan flinched when Leia caught it. Riona saw her brother’s reaction and died of laughter. Ethan cleared his throat. The Son was doing his best to act as if he weren’t fazed, making the situation even funnier. Jax whistled out, gathering everyone’s attention. The president called for a toast, and Riona was handing the wine out when Aislinn gasped out in surprise.

“Ali?” Chibs called out of concern.

“MILO?!” Aislinn squealed.

An all too familiar man stepped forward and grabbed a glass of wine as well.

The trucker gave a mere nod and Aislinn headed that direction. She gave the man a hug and Milo chuckled afterward.

“I can’t believe you’re here! I mean… How?!”

“Eh, I did some asking around and heard about your wedding. Thought I’d make an appearance.” The man uttered, with a dismissive shrug.

“That and I wanted to thank you for what you did.”

Aislinn narrowed her eyes in question.

“The money…” Milo hinted in a whisper.

“Actually, that was my husband. I didn’t even know about the money.”

Milo regarded Chibs in shock.

Aislinn smiled then hugged him once again. She introduced him to everyone, aside from Chibs who already knew him. Milo shook Chibs’s hand, then thanked the Scot profusely, but looked to Jax after.

“I think this one was about to say something before you interrupted him,” Milo admitted.

“Sorry, Jax!” Aislinn said, and Jax smiled her direction.

“All good, darlin’.” Jax tapped a fork against his wine glass, gathering everyone’s attention once again.

The president locked eyes with his VP then raised his glass that direction.

“I’ve known you for how many years now? Hell, you were around back when my old man used lead us sorry bastards around. I gotta admit. Filip, you remind me so much of my father. When you got your mindset on something, you get it done.”

Jax looked to Aislinn next.

“Aislinn, you’re a fine example of that. I saw the look on Filip’s face when he first saw you. I knew right then, and there he was going to do whatever he could to make you his. It’s like this light came on, and it’s been there ever since. Aislinn, you are that light and Filip’s yours. Both of you came from a dark place, darker than most. But together, you can overcome ANYTHING! You’ve proved that time and time again. And here you are, proving it all over again. You two are an inspiration to everyone here, including that of Riona and me.”

Riona raised her glass in full agreement, and Jax sent his wife a flirtatious wink.

“Aislinn, I want to give you an official welcome to this crazy-ass family. I’m honored to call you, my sister. I mean that… from here on out, you’re not my sister-in-law. No, you’re so much more than that. Aislinn darlin’, you’re blood. I love you, both of you.”

Aislinn grew somewhat emotional as she thanked him. Everyone raised their glasses then drank to Jax’s toast. Chibs wrapped his arm around his wife afterward. They cut into their cake and Chibs fed Aislinn a piece first. He wiggled his brows when he had her lick some of the icing off his thumb. Aislinn giggled when she smashed a piece into his goatee.

“I knew ye was gonna do that!” Chibs playfully snipped.

Everyone laughed when he tried getting her in return. Aislinn hid behind Kip, and Chibs shook his head.

“Just ye wait, darlin’…” Chibs warned.

Riona handed everyone a slice of cake then poured everyone some more wine.

Everyone was scattered about as they danced or mingled with other guests. Chibs and Aislinn were sitting at the table and quietly observing. The Scot cleared his throat then looked to his wife apologetically.

“What?” Aislinn asked and Chibs sighed.

“I couldn’t give ye yer church weddin’. I’m sorry, pet.” Chibs explained the situation and Aislinn smiled.

“Scotty, this right here is beyond perfect. We might be Catholic but that doesn’t mean we have to be married under the Lord’s roof. If anythin’ this is more us. So, everythin’ worked out just fine, love.”

Chibs nodded in agreement and was relieved to know she wasn’t disappointed.

“C’mere.” He softly muttered while patting his leg.

Aislinn came to her feet then made her way over. Chibs pulled her into his lap and Aislinn let out a bit of a yelp. Everyone glanced that direction and Chibs laughed.

Chibs had gotten her good as he smashed some of the groom’s cake into her face. Aislinn punched him in the chest and this had him laughing even harder.

“Ya big arse!”

Chibs nodded then cupped her chin. He licked the icing off her cheek and lips.

“GET A ROOM!” Riona teasingly hollered when the two ended up in a fiery kiss.

Chibs had one of his hands up her dress when he heard someone clearing their throat. Chibs opened his eyes and peered over.

“Ye really do have the worst timin’!” Chibs uttered after prying himself away from Aislinn’s lips.

“Yeah well, your limo is waiting…”

“Limo? I didn’t order no limo, Jackie!”

“You didn’t. But we did.” Jax made a gesture towards the Sons, and the boys nodded their VP’s direction.

Chibs reared back and with this puzzled expression.

“Well, are you two going or not?!”

“Goin’ where?!” Chibs questioned, and Jax helped Aislinn to her feet.

Bobby pulled Chibs to his, and the Sons walked behind them as Bobby and Jax flanked the two. They escorted them to the black limo parked outside the church. Jax opened one of the back doors and helped Aislinn inside. He was careful with her dress and made certain it was all inside before slamming the door shut. Bobby was on the other side, waving Chibs over. Chibs crawled into the back with his wife. Bobby shut the door then whistled, signaling the driver on.

Chibs and Aislinn looked back, wondering what was causing a dragging metal sound.

The Scot laughed when he saw the beer cans dragging against the road. The Sons had written JUST MARRIED, IN SHACKLES, SAVE ME, and HELP on all the windows.

Neither Chibs nor Aislinn had a clue where that limo was headed. The Sweet Escape by Poet’s of the Fall started playing.

“You remembered!” Aislinn said with a look of shock.

Chibs nodded but was awfully confused as that was the song he’d picked out for when HE drove her to the hotel.

“How’d ya remember Poets of the Fall?! We haven’t talked about that in forever!”

“Ali, I remember everythin’ about that night…” He hinted with a warm smile.

Aislinn blushed in memory. That was the night they first made out, and the night Aislinn had her first orgasm. That was something that wouldn’t have been a big deal to any normal couple. But Chibs and Aislinn weren’t your typical couple. They went about their relationship differently than most. Chibs was hard just thinking about that night.

“But I gotta admit. I didn’t set this up. I mean the song, aye. But I haven’t a clue where this limo is goin’. I’m just as lost as you, pet.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes as songs from their wedding were on a loop. They’d been driving for a good twenty minutes or so. Chibs uttered the words what the fuck when the limo turned down the road leading to his property.

“Scotty?!” Aislinn gasped when the limo pulled up to a newly built log cabin.

Chibs gawked at the cabin then muttered a slew of incoherent Scottish profanities under his breath.

The driver stepped out of the limo then opened Aislinn’s door.

“M’lady.” The familiar man warmly greeted while offering Aislinn his hand.


“PADRIAC?!” Aislinn squealed, and the young man smiled.

“Paddy?!” Chibs uttered in bewilderment.

“Ya didn’t think I’d miss yer weddin’! Now did ya, uncle?!” Padriac teased.

Padriac hugged Aislinn then waved his uncle over.

“What is this?!” Chibs demanded once he crawled out of the limo.

“Ye’ll see,” Padriac said as he retrieved a set of keys from his pocket.

He signaled for his uncle and new bride to follow.

Padriac unlocked the door to the cabin but stopped his uncle before the Scot could step inside. Padriac handed the keys over then looked to Aislinn.

“Ya gotta carry her over the threshold! Honestly! Ya should know better!” Padriac rebuked, impishly.

Chibs reared back on this, and Padriac sighed. The younger man scooped Aislinn up then handed her over.

“There! Now ya may enter!”

“Pad…” Chibs started to say.

“Now, just hold on… Will ya?! Honestly, yer so fuckin’ impatient.” Padriac said while turning the lights on.

Chibs carried his bride inside. Padriac grabbed a remote from the coffee table in the living area.

Chibs and Aislinn looked on with full curiosity. Padriac used that remote to turn the TV on.

“How’d ya?!” Aislinn gasped as the TV showed everyone back at the wedding reception.

This had Chibs lowering his bride down. He fixed her dress then looked to their wedding guests on the TV. Everyone was lined up at the table and waving. Everyone, as in Tig, Dinah, Chesiree, Kip, David, Mark, Gina, AC, Leia, Jax, Riona, Abel, Bobby, Happy, Milo, Marianne, and Steven.

“Now, you know why. I couldn’t let you on that land.” Jax uttered in revelation.

“What are ye goin’ on aboot, Jackie boy?! What’s this cabin doin’ on me land?!”

“Well, Padriac told us you always wanted one… But could never afford it.” Jax said with a shrug.

Chibs staggered back then ran his fingers through his goatee.

“What’d ya do, Jackie?” Chibs damn near whispered.

“You mean WE…” Jax made clear, with a gesture towards all their guests, even that of Milo, Marianne, and Steven.

“Everyone here played a part somehow. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy — keeping this a secret, I mean. You were determined as hell. I hated it… using the patch against you. Why do you think I went on that spiel about giving yourselves time? And why do you think I stopped you the first couple times you did try?! Hell, I knew you Scots were stubborn motherfuckers but goddamn!”

“Ye didn’t,” Chibs muttered under his breath.

“Oh, but we did. You two deserve it. So… Let Padriac give you the full tour. Then enjoy! We better not hear from you or Aislinn for a couple weeks, at least! I mean it, Filip. I better not see either of you at the clubhouse, or the shop for that matter!”

Jax gave a simple nod then Padriac turned the TV off. Chibs and Aislinn stood there in a stupor. Padriac sighed then looked to the time.

“Well, I haven’t got all day, ya know. I got a flight ta catch!”

“What’d ye do, Paddy?” Chibs muttered as he gazed upon his nephew.

“Told them what ya always wanted!” Padriac said with a shrug.

“Padriac, this is…” Chibs muttered.

“Payin’ it forward.” Padriac interrupted, and Chibs shook his head.

“Aye. Ya’ve more than earned this and ya know it. Everyone knows they can turn ta ya, no matter. It’s time that ya knew that in return. So, let’s get on with the tour!” Padriac said while taking Aislinn by the hand.

He led her into the kitchen first. Padriac made it clear that the house was fully furnished on the way. The kitchen had an island in the middle and a lot of cabinet space. There was a spacious dining area off to the side as well. Aislinn ran her fingers along the island in thought.

“How?!” She softly questioned.

“Like Jax said… It wasn’t easy.” Padriac said but was looking to his uncle with concern.

Chibs kept to himself and with his arms folded about his chest. Padriac wasn’t sure what to make of that. The young man couldn’t get a good read on his uncle. Padriac decided it best to continue with the tour.

He led them back through the living area. The living area itself was a good size. It had a black, grey and white theme to it. There was a fireplace as well. Padriac had it going for presentation purposes.

Padriac went on and on about the technology within the cabin and the top of the line security system. Jax wanted to make sure Chibs and Aislinn’s safety would never be an issue again.

Padriac showed them the guest bathroom next. There were two sinks, two mirrors, and one decent sized tub.

He went from there to one of the future twin’s bedrooms. Padriac admitted to that particular room not being done yet. He opened the door then showed them the bare room. But revealed the baby room directly after.

Padriac observed Aislinn’s expression on this reveal. There were two matching cribs, both with a full moon theme on the wall. There were two closets, a changing table, and a chair for Chibs and Aislinn to sit in when tending to their children.

The Scot ran a soothing hand along his wife’s back as she grew somewhat emotional.

This had Riona written all over it.

“Ya alright, love?” Padriac softly questioned but with a smile.

Aislinn gave a tearful nod.

“Easy…” Padriac warned when Aislinn nearly tripped over her dress.

Chibs managed to grab her just  in time. He bent down afterward then picked the train of her dress up off the floor. The Scot kept a good hold while his nephew guided them into another room.

“That view…” Aislinn whispered as the first thing she noticed was the window.

Chibs cocked a brow but hadn’t uttered a word yet. Aislinn couldn’t get over how detailed everything was. The furniture, including that of the bed, seemed to be made from the same wood as the house itself. Padriac showed them the connecting master bathroom after. There was a shower big enough for two, another suitably sized tub, and his and hers sinks.

“Alright, so that’s pretty much it for the top floor.” Padriac dismissively put.

“TOP FLOOR?!” Aislinn scoffed, and Padriac laughed.

“Aye, everythin’ else is down below!”

They followed Padriac into the two-car garage. He cut on the light then led them down a flight of stairs leading to another door. Padriac stopped once he got to the door.

“So, who wants to see who’s first?!”

“What do ya mean by who’s?!” Aislinn questioned.

“Well, this area is pretty much just for the two of ya. So, answer the question… Who’s first?!”

“Ali,” Chibs confirmed, breaking his silence.

Padriac nodded, and Chibs followed as his nephew led his wife into a soundproof studio.

The guitars she got for her birthday were displayed along one of the walls. There were a couple mics and stands to go with those, a grand piano, and a few of Aislinn’s amps. Everything, aside from the piano, belonged to her. But that wasn’t what threw her the most. No, it was the recording studio across the way. Aislinn could see through the window. Padriac cleared his throat on this.

“All of this…” Padriac said with a nod, Chibs’s direction.

“Was my uncle’s idea. This is what he wanted for you, Aislinn. None of us can take credit for this. I saw the plans, and Bobby Munson helped me get it done.”

Aislinn regarded her husband in pure amazement. Chibs, however, had that look still. Even she struggled in getting a good read on him.

Padriac pulled a chair out then sat Aislinn down. Padriac leaned against the desk afterward.

“So… How’s that feel, love?” He asked, and Aislinn pinched her eyes shut.

“A wee bit overwelmin’ if I’m to be honest, Padriac.”

“Agreed,” Chibs added.

This had Chibs and Aislinn locking eyes.

“He told me ya’d pull this!” Padriac spat.

Chibs glanced his nephew’s direction, and Padriac sighed.

“Could you just see what we got in store for ya, uncle?! Before ya go and roast everythin’ we’ve done?!”

Chibs shook his head but followed as Padriac and Aislinn headed into the last area.

“We knew ya’d be upset about yer pub goin’ up in flames. So, we built ya bigger and better one!”

Padriac showed off the red pool table as well as the stock room for all of Chibs’s liquor.

Padriac watched as his uncle looked through the fridge and cabinets. They had it stocked with all his and Aislinn’s favorites.

“Now, do ya wanna see the best part?!” Padriac asked with a wide grin, and Chibs shrugged.

Padriac flipped a switch by the bar, and a set of surround sound speakers were lowered from the ceiling.

“Ya can drink…” Padriac said with a gesture his uncle’s way.

“And ya can hear this one…” He said with a wave towards Aislinn.

“Playin’ in her room!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes as Padriac helped Aislinn with her dress. Padriac escorted her back into the studio. He sat her down then handed one of her guitars over.

“Wait until I’m in the pub, love. I wanna see the look on my uncle’s face.” Padriac whispered.

Aislinn nodded then waited until she heard Padriac give the go-ahead over the loudspeaker.

“So…” Padriac uttered as he poured him and Chibs a glass of scotch.

Chibs tilted his head as they listened to his wife play her guitar. Padriac smiled as there was no mistaking that look of contentment on his uncle’s face. Chibs was trying his hardest to hide it, but Padriac saw right past it. This right here was the selling point. Jax himself said it would be.

“I’m afraid ta even know what all this cost…” Chibs whispered after downing his scotch.

“Doesn’t matter. You’ll never know. We’re sworn ta secrecy, all of us. Jax made it perfectly clear… There will be suffering if anyone even thinks about commenting on that part.”

The VP recoiled in thought. Not on the suffering part, but knowing this probably cost more than anything the other Sons were living in, including that of Jax.

“We’ll buy it.” They heard over the speaker.

“Buy it?!” Padriac hollered out in return.

“Aye!” Aislinn said.

“But there’s nothin’ ta buy, love. It’s all done and paid for!”

Aislinn entered the room as he said this.

“Aye, but we can put some money into Reaper Row in exchange.”

Chibs looked to his wife, thinking that the idea was rather ingenious. Like she, Chibs thought this too much. There was no way they could live here comfortably. Not without offering something in exchange.

“Ya done lost me.” Padriac shamefully admitted.

Aislinn told Padriac all about the oil and the money she would receive. Aislinn made it clear she wanted that money to go towards Reaper Row. Chibs agreed with his wife, wholeheartedly. They wouldn’t need that money now anyhow. It’d be best going into some sort of investment like Reaper Row.

“So, what yer sayin’ is ye wanna put your half towards SAMCRO and Charmin’s future?” Padriac made clear.

Chibs and Aislinn nodded in full agreement.

“Ya won’t accept the house otherwise?” He added out of mere amusement.

Chibs and Aislinn nodded once again.

“Ya two really are somethin’,” Padriac uttered but with a wide grin.

“Alright, I’ll let yer boss know the terms, and we’ll go from there.”

“Where’d ye find me old blueprints?” Chibs damn near whispered, and Padriac peered over.

The house was built room for room, the way Chibs had always hoped it would be. But he put those plans away years ago. When things didn’t pan out for him and Fiona and when he figured those dreams of his were long gone.

“Let’s just say I held onta them for safe keepin’…”

“That doesn’t tell me where ye found them, boy.”

“Come on, Uncle Filip… Can’t ya just let it be and enjoy this?”

Chibs looked to his wife then sighed in thought.

“None of that matters. All that matters is ya finally have yer dream home and yer dream wife. Quit over analyzin’ everythin’ and enjoy yerself. You deserve it, both of ya!” Padriac poured himself one more drink then downed it before starting out of the room.

“Where ye goin’, boy?”

“I done told ya! I got a flight to catch!” Padriac said as he hurried on out of the house.

Chibs and Aislinn locked eyes for a long while before speaking. The Scot kept his eyes glued to hers as he poured himself another glass of scotch.

“We should probably talk about the ridiculousness of this cabin!” He uttered after chugging his scotch.

Aislinn nodded in agreement.

“And we should probably talk about how much money ye wanna invest inta Reaper Row…” Chibs added as he used his phone to play Cradled in Love by Poets of the Fall on their new surround sound speakers. He made certain this was playing throughout the entire house. He’d one more up his sleeve after this one.

The Scot made his way over as Aislinn was leaning against the pool table.

“There are a lot of things we should talk aboot.” He uttered while lowering the sleeves to her wedding dress.

The Scot cupped her breasts then kissed all along her neck and shoulder. Chibs let out a bit of a moan once he felt how swollen her breasts were.

“I can help with that.” He uttered before latching onto one of her nipples.

The Scot was gentle knowing his wife had to of been sore. But the man couldn’t help himself. He had to have a taste. That and he figured she could use the release as well as the massage. Chibs saw it as a win-win while he had his fun.

“I got silk ties, bondage rope, and a blindfold with yer name on it.” Chibs seductively whispered.

The Scot took his wife by the hand, then led her up the stairs. He led her out of the garage, and to their bedroom. He laid his wife down on the bed, then retrieved the mentioned items from his kilt pocket. Chibs made it a point to show Aislinn he’d kept his word on going full Scotsman. Aislinn giggled, and Chibs sent her a wink.

“I warned ye…” He reminded as he was poking through his kilt.

Chibs wasted no time in tying his bride to that new headboard of theirs. He bound her wrists but left her legs alone. His lips brushed against hers as he put that blindfold on.

“Ye remember what ta say if ye need me to stop?”

The song ended, and Chibs smiled, thinking that perfect timing. This was the one he’d been waiting for all night – Don’t Fear the Reaper the H.I.M version. This song was the Scot’s inspiration behind their wedding. Chibs Telford saw himself as the Reaper, collecting what was his, and that was Aislinn Lawless.

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs licked her lips.

“That dress will never be the same.” He warned as he bunched it up along her thighs.

The Scot ran his hands along her knees, then spread them apart. He licked her black laced panties. Chibs didn’t stop until he had her humping his face and squirming all along that bed. The Scot lifted his eyes then smiled before ripping her panties off. He buried his tongue as deep as he could get it, then used it as sensual torture. Chibs ignored her cries for release and kept that tongue of his going. The Scot knew Aislinn was close as he could not only smell but taste it. He wanted to make her come while using that tongue of his. Oral sex had become a bit of an obsession of his. Not that his wife had any complaints. Part of that obsession had to do with seeing how hard she came. That alone never ceased to amaze him. Chibs wasn’t lying about when he really got her going. Aislinn could ruin damn near any bit of furniture he put her on. The Scot was determined to ruin this new bed of theirs. Chibs wanted this room filled with his wife’s scent.

“COME ON, ALI!” He demanded while giving her thigh a little pop.

“Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ aboot!” Chibs howled when he had her gushing.

The Scot licked it up then had her doing it all over again.

“That’s me, girl. Ye just keep comin’. Like a good pet.” He encouraged as he fingered her clit.

Chibs was so worked up he had precome oozing out of the tip of his dick. The Scot needed to come but was having hell pulling away.

“ONE MORE TIME, PET!” Chibs shouted, and she came right on cue.

The Scot nodded amongst himself, then gave into that primal need of his. All he could think about was coming across that black wedding dress of hers. Chibs wasn’t sure why. The image hit the second he saw her in that dress. The Scot pictured a massive load of come all along the front of her cleavage. That vision struck him yet again. Chibs gritted his teeth then pulled out as his little daydream came true.

Aislinn looked to her dress once Chibs removed her blindfold.

“Scotty!” She scolded, and Chibs chuckled.

“I done told ye that dress would never be the same. It looks way better that way, and ye know it!” He taunted after freeing her wrists.

Aislinn shook her head but with laughter. She started to take the dress off, only to have her husband stop her.

“This is gonna sound a wee bit strange but can ye leave it on? Just for the night, Ali…”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs wiped the come off her dress before lying beside her. There were no words as the Scot ran his fingers along her dress every so often. Chibs caressed her cheek and was looking upon her in awe.

“Ye really are me own dark angel. Ye know that, right?” The Scot muttered, breaking the silence.

Aislinn lifted her eyes on this, and Chibs smiled.

“Ye saved me, Ali. I mean that. Ye saved me from meself and a lifetime of grief. I’ll spend the rest of my days showin’ ye how grateful I am. I love ye, Ali.”

Aislinn started to say something in return. Chibs, however, shushed her with a single finger. The Scot shook his head as if to scold her, then wrapped his arms around her. Chibs brought his bride against his chest.

“I just wanna hold ye…” He whispered while breathing her in.

“… and never let go…”

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    (has bitey dogs protect chibs and ali after they get back from chasing brodie away)

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  4. I love the song Riona wrote for Jax. So perfect. I love the haunted house. That was hilarious. Way to let ur emotions go Riona. I get it though. Chibs handled her well. Glad they talked it through. The wedding was PERFECT!! I’m so glad you used those ideas I suggested. Makes me smile 😁😁 I’m kinda conflicted on the whole Brodie thing though. Maybe it was his way of making amends somehow? I dunno. OMG THE HOUSE!!! I am in love!! This was an absolutely perfect chapter.

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