Chapter 62 – Asylum

Chapter 62 – Asylum

One month later…

“Ye alright?” Chibs questioned when his wife entered the clubhouse.

Jax raised his brows when Aislinn threw her purse down on the counter.

“Ali?” Chibs called as his wife was pissed about something, but neither he or Jax had a clue as to what.

The Sons had closed shop for the day, and Jax was about to head home. Aislinn, however, didn’t utter a word as she leaned against the counter. She had her eye on the clubhouse door like she was waiting for someone. It wasn’t long before Gina from the Tipsy Crow’s Nest entered the clubhouse.

“Bobby said you wanted to talk to me?” Gina said, looking rather confused.

Aislinn nodded. Without any warning whatsoever, Aislinn marched right on up and socked Gina across the face.

“ALI!” Chibs scolded, and Jax leaped over the bar.

The president stepped in between the two women.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Gina shouted with a hand over her lip.

“Ah, nah ya don’t!” Aislinn snapped, and Gina reared back.

“Don’t ya go and play innocent with me! I won’t have ya playin’ those lads’ hearts like that!”

“WHAT?!” Gina questioned.

“Come on, Gina. You were all over Mark, just a couple days ago! And now, Kip?!”

Gina recoiled then let out this half-hearted laugh.

“I wouldn’t be laughin’ if I were ya!” Aislinn severely warned.

“Now, I’m not sure which one you’re playin’ if not both. But ya had best get your head on straight. PICK ONE! And quit actin’ the harlot!”

“Harlot…?!” Gina scoffed out of mere amusement.

“Aye, I didn’t stutter.”

Kip entered the clubhouse and Aislinn sent the Son an apologetic, yet pitiful look.

“What’s up?” He asked before seeing Gina and her busted lip.

“What the…” Kip murmured before rushing that direction.

“What happened?!” He whispered as he tended to Gina’s lip.

She’s what happened…” Gina bitterly hissed while pointing at Aislinn.

Aislinn curled her lip at this.

“Aislinn?!” Kip questioned in damn near shock.

“Aye, I did! And I’ll do it again if she doesn’t watch it!”

Gina sighed as Kip fussed over her lip.

“She thinks I’m fucking around on you…” Gina whispered, and Kip lifted his eyes on this.

“With Mark…” She added.

“Aislinn…” Kip said with a miserable groan.

Gina started to smart off in return, only to have Kip clamp a hand over her mouth.

“I got this. Wait for me outside.” Kip said.

“Seriously?!” Gina barked.

“Babe…” Kip uttered in a rather demanding tone.

Gina sighed but pecked Kip on the lips before heading outside. Chibs raised his brows, thinking that rather odd.

“DID YOU HAVE TO HIT HER?!” Kip furiously snapped, causing Aislinn to jump and stagger back in response.

“Next time, ask, instead of assuming.” He added with gritted teeth.

Wait… You mean you know about Mark?!”

Kip gave a nervous chuckle.

“You could say that…”

“So, you’re in an open relationship?” Aislinn questioned in confusion.

“Not exactly.”

“Then, what the fuck?! How could you be okay with this?!”

“Aislinn, I get that you were defending my honor, and I can appreciate that. But don’t you lay a hand on Gina again. I mean it!”

Aislinn’s jaw dropped, and Kip gave a firm nod. He started towards the clubhouse doors, only to have Aislinn call to him. Kip froze with his back to her.

“I can’t believe you’re okay with Gina messin’ around on ya!” Aislinn yelled.

“It isn’t any of your business.” Kip made clear, and Aislinn winced like he’d hit her.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry she’s got your balls in such a vice, ya don’t even have your head on straight!”

Kip pivoted around on this. He walked on over then got right in Aislinn’s face.

“You don’t know shit.”

“HEY!” Chibs warned as Kip had his wife backed into a corner.

Kip ground his teeth together, then slapped his hands up against the wall. Aislinn flinched in response. Chibs was quick to snatch Kip back. The VP swung the Son around, then shoved him back towards one of the pool tables.

“Come at me wife like that again, and we’re gonna have more than words, boy!”

“Then tell her to mind her own business.”

“Kip…” Aislinn heartbrokenly called as he stormed out of the clubhouse.

“What the fuck was that?” Jax questioned as he had a protective hold on Aislinn.

Chibs shook his head, looking just as lost. Jax cupped his sister-in-law’s chin as he looked her over.

“You alright, darlin’?” Jax softly questioned, and Aislinn gave a tearful nod.

Kip had never been like that with Aislinn before. Everyone knew Kip thought the world of Aislinn, and she him in return. So, seeing the two of them lock horns like that came as a shock.

“Just give him some space. No telling what’s going on with all that.” Jax said while sitting his sister-in-law down at one of the tables.

The VP signaled for his president to go on, knowing his wife and son were back home waiting on him. Jax nodded in response then headed on out. Chibs sat beside his wife at the table.

“Jackie’s right. Just give the lad some space.”

“I shouldn’t have hit her. But…”

“Aye now, ye were only lookin’ out for him, and deep down, he knows that. The lad’s goin’ through somethin’, and ye just got caught up in the crossfire. I wouldn’t take it too personally.”

“Hey… Are you okay?” Mark asked as he, David, and Aislinn were going over their plans for next year’s gigs.

Aislinn gave a mere nod but kept her head down as she jotted some notes into one of her journals. This had Mark and David shrugging upon one another. Aislinn was quick to wrap everything up and was headed out when Mark called to her once again.

“You’d tell us if something was wrong, right?”

Aislinn forced a smile then gave a simple nod before stepping out of the bar.

“Something’s up.” David murmured.

“She wouldn’t look me in the eyes…” Mark said.

This had David regarding his band mate in question.

“Seriously, like she was distant… Almost like she was giving me the cold shoulder.”

“Nah man, she wouldn’t do that.” David defended with a shrug.

“Sure felt like it!” Mark pouted, and David laughed.

“I think she’s just having a bad day. Can’t be easy hauling twins around.”

Gina was taking the trash out when Aislinn opened the door to her Mustang. Gina hollered out, gathering her attention.

“You do realize your pregnancy is the only thing that saved you, right?” Gina made perfectly clear.

Aislinn tilted her head on this.

“I hit back. Just keep that in mind next time.” Gina threatened then started to walk away.


“And what about Mark?” Gina questioned out of curiosity but with her back to Aislinn.

“Why are you doing this?” Aislinn hissed.

Gina spun back around, facing Aislinn.

“You still think I’m playing them, don’t you?”

“Well, aren’t you?” Aislinn recoiled the moment those words left her lips.

“Don’t answer that. I told Kip I’d stay out of his business.” Aislinn started into the driver’s seat, only to have Gina stop her.

“I would’ve hit me too,” Gina admitted.

“I know what it looks like. But it’s not that. You need to talk to Kip.”

“Why Kip?” Aislinn bitterly asked.

“Because he made me promise it’d come from him and not me or Mark.”

“Aye well, Kip made it clear I needed to stay out of his business.” Aislinn fired back.

“He didn’t mean that. Look, just talk to him! Alright?” Gina further insisted.

Aislinn sighed when Gina headed back inside. The young woman sat in her car and stared off into space for a few minutes. She’d half the urge to go and talk to Kip at his place. But at the same time, Aislinn didn’t want him thinking she didn’t respect him or his feelings. That inner war continued when someone startled her by knocking on the driver’s side window.

“KIP?!” She gasped, seeing as how it was him.

The Son gave a mere nod. He walked around, then welcomed himself into the passenger’s seat.

“Think we can go somewhere a little more private?”

“Why?! So ya can bury me alive?”

“I’ll decide when we get there…” Kip retorted.

Aislinn sent him a ‘look’ on this, and Kip sighed.

“Look, I’ll leave your ass in the air so you can give birth still, alright?”

“That makes me feel much better,” Aislinn muttered as she started the car and pulled on out of the lot.

“It should!”

Aislinn managed to laugh, and Kip smiled. Seeing him smile like that made her tear up.

“Aislinn, it doesn’t matter how mad you make me. I wouldn’t hurt you. You should know that by now.”

“Aye. Well, maybe ya should!”

Kip reared back, looking somewhere between offended and pissed.

“You can’t be serious, Aislinn…”

“I hit Gina!”

“Oh, believe me. I wanted to knock some sense into you for that one. But I’d never… not you. I think you’ve been through enough abuse.”

“You love her, don’t ya?”

“I think I might. But I’m not sure yet.”

“And what about Mark?” Aislinn offhandedly questioned as she pulled into an empty car lot.

“Him too.”

Aislinn didn’t catch on at first. She thought Kip mistook what she’d said.

“Nah, I mean, what are ya going to do about her and Mark?!”

“Aislinn babe, you’re not listening. Backtrack on what you asked me and what I said.”

Aislinn did as Kip requested but with a giggle.

“That can’t be right…”

“But it is…”

“Ya mean to tell me you’re in love with Gina and Mark?!”

“There you go!” Kip said as if announcing the prize winner.

Aislinn just sat there as it took a few minutes to process.

“So, you’re like… gay? Or should I say bi…”

“Hell, if I know…” Kip uttered in frustration.


“Aislinn, I’m still tryin’ to figure all this out. It’s crazy. I only have those kinds of feelings towards Mark, not other men. I mean, I thought this was some experimental shit we were doing… You know getting drunk and being caught up in the moment… But it’s been a little over a month now, and I feel just as strong. I think I’m in love with Gina and Mark. How fucked is that shit?!” Kip said while pinching his eyes shut.

“So, ya have gay feelin’s for Mark?!”

Kip glanced over, then shook his head as he caught Aislinn snickering.

“That’s fucked up! I’m spilling my heart out over here!”

“I know…” Aislinn said with a tearful giggle.

“You’re kind of an ass!” Kip uttered with a playful grin of his own.

Aislinn cleared her throat then wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“So, ya’ve done got yourself into a three-way?”

“Pretty much…”

“How’s that work, exactly?”

“Don’t know. I’m still trying to figure that out.” Kip admitted.

“Since when?” She curiously questioned.

“Since the night of your wedding.”

“You’re kiddin’!”

Kip shook his head no, then told Aislinn the whole story.  He left nothing out. Kip needed to get this off his chest. The Son knew Aislinn wouldn’t judge him.

“So, ya discovered ya like being the alpha…” She whispered with her husband in mind.

Kip rather grimaced but nodded.

“Please don’t think less of me…” He damn near pleaded, and Aislinn glanced over on this.

“Why would I?” Aislinn sincerely questioned.

“I just don’t want you thinking I’m into things like rape and shit. It’s not even like that…”

“I know it isn’t, love. The thought never even occurred to me!”

Kip let out a breath of relief.

“I just feel more myself, you know. Like I don’t have to hold back with Gina or Mark…”

“Trust me, Kiparoo, I understand way more than ya realize.”

“I never dreamed of being in this situation.”

“Well, let me ask you this much…” Aislinn said before looking Kip in the eyes.

“Do ya think they love you in return?!”

“I hope they do…”

“Just be careful. I’d sure hate to see you hurt in all this.”

“You’re not the only one…”

Kip, however, shook his head in thought.

“What is it?” Aislinn asked, taking notice.


“What about me?”

“I wish I would’ve turned to you then… But I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t want you thinking less of me.”

“Kip, I’d never think less of ya. Not on somethin’ like this. These things happen. I might not understand it but can respect it.”

“You should get to know Gina. I think you two could be good friends.” Kip suggested.

“Aye, though she maybe a wee bit bitter on me, puckin’ her one!”

“Eh, once you have the babies, you can let her have a free shot!” Kip teased, and Aislinn tilted her head in thought.

“I can do that!”

“I was joking, Aislinn.”

“Aye. Well, I’m not. I don’t mind givin’ Gina a free shot. I rather earned it.”

“Alright, you two can put on bikinis, then let loose in the ring!”

“Aye. And she just might be the one givin’ ya a good puck instead of me!” Aislinn said, and Kip chuckled.

“Worth a shot…” He said with a shrug.

“I never dreamed that something like this could be possible,” Kip added.

“Anythin’s possible, love. I imagine Mark is just as confused as you are. You know ya have my support. All I want is for you to be happy. As I said, I might not understand, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support ya!”

“Do think it’s possible to have two soulmates?” Kip sincerely asked.

“Once again, anythin’ is. Just follow your heart, and ya can’t go wrong.”

“Thank you, Aislinn. That means a great deal coming from you. I mean that.”

“You’re worried about the boys, aren’t ya?”

“Can you blame me?!”

“Nah, I get it. But like I said, I have your back. If any of them gives ya hell…”

“I appreciate it, but this is a battle I gotta face on my own. I’ll never earn their respect otherwise. This has to be me and me only.”

“Aye, but if ya need me…”

“I know,” Kip said while reaching over and taking her hand into his own.

He kissed it the nodded amongst himself.

“I can honestly say you’re one of the few I can always depend on. I know you’ll always be there.” Kip wholeheartedly put.

“Rain or shine, Kiparoo. Rain or shine…”

Mark and Gina peered over as Kip entered the house. Kip gave a mere nod before locking up behind him.

“Well?” Gina anxiously questioned.

“She was cool. I figured she would be. Aislinn’s got a big heart.”

Mark removed the ice pack he had against Gina’s lip.

“Yeah, real big.” Mark bitterly put, and Kip sighed.

“Aislinn didn’t know. Could’ve happened to anyone.” Kip defended before cupping Gina’s chin and gently kissing her swollen lip.

“Just how long do you two plan on keeping this a secret?!” Gina resentfully questioned, and this had Mark and Kip regarding one another in thought.

“Gina’s got a point. This could’ve been avoided.” Mark surprisingly put, and Kip nodded in thought.

“And what is it we’d be telling everyone exactly?” Kip sincerely asked.

“SERIOUSLY?!” Gina spat, looking downright hurt.

“You two need to fess up and get over yourselves!”

“That’s not what I meant, Gina. I have no issue in letting my feelings known…” Kip defended but nodded in Mark’s direction.

“It’s you I’m worried about,” Kip admitted.

“ME?!” Mark defensively spat.

“I think we all can agree that you’d come closer to bailing than any of us!” Kip fired back in response.

“What makes you say that shit?!”

This had Gina and Kip regarding Mark in disbelief.

“Do you NOT remember how you acted the morning of?!” Kip reminded, and Mark sighed.

“Can you blame me?!”

Kip sighed, and Mark gritted his teeth.

“I willingly had another man’s dick in my fucking ass! How could I not freak the fuck out?! That isn’t an everyday occurrence for me, you know!”

“And you think me having mine in some dude’s ass is?!” Kip retorted.

Gina broke the tension as she burst into a giggle fit. This had both men cocking a brow her direction.

“I think it’s safe to say this is new for all three of us. I’d never been in bed with more than one man before.”

“Gina, if I’m going to stand up and tell my MC about this… I need to know what it is I’m telling them exactly. I’m not just talking about you and me…” The Son said with a nod, the guitarist’s direction.

“You’re really pushing this, aren’t you?!” Mark hissed with a curled lip.

“Sure am!” Kip fired back.

“And how do you expect me to answer that when I don’t even know! Hell, neither of us do!”

“Well, let me ask you this…” Kip murmured while backing Mark up against the couch.

“What do you want this to be, Mark? Hm?!” Kip flirtatiously, yet demandingly put.

Gina smiled as she looked on. Kip had a good grip on Mark’s hips and was pressed up against him. Kip didn’t utter a word when Mark dropped to his knees and freed his cock. Kip waved Gina over, and she couldn’t get there fast enough. Kip had Gina jerking him off while Mark went down on him.

“I was startin’ ta worry, love,” Chibs admitted when his wife finally walked in the door.

“Sorry, I had some stuff to square away.”

“Ye mean, Sack?”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs waved her over as he was kicked back on the couch. The Scot pulled her into his lap and had her straddling him.

“And how’d that go, love?” He asked while kissing her neck.

“Better than I expected. I won’t lie, though. He really threw me for a loop.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“He needs to be the one to tell you. Sorry Scotty, but I can’t betray him like that. He’ll tell ya when he’s ready.”

“Sack’s not in trouble, is he?”

“Nah, nothin’ like that. He’s just a wee bit conflicted right now. He’s gonna need our support when the time comes. That’s all I can tell ya.”

Chibs nodded in thought.

“I got a lil somethin’ set up. But ye might not be feelin’ it now. I understand if ye aren’t.”

“Ya mean like kinky time?”

“Aye… But it can wait. I hadn’t realized you were dealin’ with all that when I set it up.”

“Scotty, if anythin’, I could use the release as well as the distraction.”

“Then, by all means, darlin’… Follow me.” Chibs uttered while helping Aislinn to her feet and leading her into the bedroom.

Chibs had Aislinn’s wrists and legs bound as he gave her mouth a thorough fucking. He had her nice and riled up as he teased her with a new toy. Chibs, however, was so into the moment, he didn’t hear his wife tapping the headboard. The Scot threw his head back as he came in her mouth. He gave a couple more thrusts before pulling out. Aislinn called his name, directly after. But Chibs thought it was because if him teasing her with that toy still. He sent her a wink as he kept with it. Aislinn gasped back then uttered the one-word Chibs hoped he’d never hear. The Scot dropped what he was doing then looked to his wife in alarm.


Aislinn gritted her teeth then arched off the bed like she was in pain.

“Shite! Did I hurt ye, pet?” The Scot’s hands trembled as he crawled on over and checked on her.

“It wasn’t you, Scotty. I think I’m in labor!” She breathlessly put.

The Scot recoiled on this.

“Don’t ye push, love. No matter how temptin’ it may be.”

Leave it to him to come in his wife’s mouth while she was going into labor. The medic thought while seeing if she was dilated. The Scot shook his head, seeing as how she was at least a three or four. Chibs wondered how he missed that during. He was quick to wipe any semen off her face then sprang up off the bed.

“Scotty…” Aislinn called as the man wrestled with his pants.

Chibs lifted his head that direction.

“Isn’t this a wee bit early?” She questioned with fear in her eyes.

“Yer a good eight months…”

“So, they’ll be okay?” She said with a quivery lip.

“Ali, I’m more than certain they’ll be just fine.” He said while praying to God, he was right.

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs went back to struggling with his pants. Once he managed to get them zipped, he threw a shirt on then got his wife dressed. Chibs helped her off the bed afterward. Just as soon as he had Aislinn on her feet, fluids gushed all down her legs and the floor.

“SCOTTY!” She shrieked while holding her crotch with her hands.

“Shhh, yer alright, love. That’s just yer water breakin’.”

Chibs was quick to grab the bag. They’d had this ready to go just in case. He escorted her on out of the house and into his truck.

“Breathe, darlin’. In and out…” Chibs reminded once he got her into the passenger side.

Aislinn nodded as the Scot strapped her in. Her husband shut the door then ran towards the driver’s side. Chibs peeled on out of the drive then hit the road.

“Easy, lass.” Chibs softly put.

Aislinn was covered in sweat. Chibs was timing her contractions and they were less than two minutes apart.

“FUUUCCCK!” She cried at one point when her back spasmed in pain.

Chibs reached over then took her hand into his own.

“I’m hurryin’.”

Aislinn bit down on her lower lip.

“I know yer hurtin’, love. But I really need ye to focus on that breathin’. Just like I taught ye…” He reminded as he had gone over a few Lamaze practices with her, just recently.

“I’m tryin’.” She murmured through gritted teeth.

Chibs couldn’t get over how fast this hit her. He felt a wave of guilt, wondering if he was to blame because of the rough sex they were having. He should’ve known better than to push that part of their sex lives when his wife was this far along. The Scot would never forgive himself if he put those boys of his at-risk or his wife for that matter.

“I’m getting your seat all wet.” She said between breaths.

Chibs glanced over as she was leaking fluids still.

“Ye know I don’t care aboot that, Ali darlin’.”

“I think they’re fighting…” She murmured but with a grin.

Chibs chuckled in thought.

“Aye, fightin’ over who gets ta meet mum first!”

“Is that what I’m goin’ by? Mum?”

“We’ll go by whatever ye want.”

“You’re more like a pops!”

“Is that so?” Chibs uttered out of mere amusement.

“Aye. So, mum and pops?!” The Scot muttered in thought.

“Sounds like it’s decided!” Aislinn said.

“Ali!” Chibs called out of concern as she threw her head back and whimpered.

“Scotty, these boys aren’t waitin’.”

“I know it feels that way… But yer not that dilated. Yer a three maybe a four at the most. We’re gonna make it. Ye’ll see.”

“What the fuck do ya mean by three or four?!”

Chibs explained the whole dilation process, and Aislinn glanced out the window in thought.

“Yer not even half-way yet,” Chibs added, hoping to make her feel somewhat better.

Chibs flinched, however, as her nails were digging into his hand. Aislinn screamed out and looked to be pushing. This had Chibs pulling over.

“Ali, ye cannot push. Do ye understand that?!”

“I’m tryin’, Scotty. But it hurts!”

“I know it does. But I really need ye to think about everythin’ we went over. Focus on that breathin’ and do yer best ta keep calm.”

Chibs kissed her forehead, then hit the road again. He was going fifteen over the speed limit and with his emergency lights on.

“We’re here, Ali!” Chibs said as he pulled into the emergency room drop off.

“Ye just stay put. Imma get a nurse out here, so they can wheel ye on in. I’m gonna park. Then I’ll be right there.”

Aislinn nodded as she was in the middle of a contraction. Chibs pecked her on the cheek then hurried on out of the truck and into the hospital. The Scot was back within a matter of seconds. He had a nurse with him, and she had a wheelchair ready to go. Chibs opened the passenger side door then helped his wife into the wheelchair.

“I’ll be right there,” Chibs told the nurse.

The nurse nodded before wheeling Aislinn inside.

“Already?!” Riona exclaimed as she was on the phone with Chibs.

“Aye, I’ll take care of it, love. Ya just worry about Linny and them babies!” She said before hanging up.

Jax lifted his head as he and Abel were at the table eating supper. Riona smiled her husband’s direction.

“Linny’s havin’ the babies!” She excitably put, and Jax chuckled.

“Aunt Linny having the babies?!” Abel repeated in surprise.

“Sounds like it!” His father said.

“Finish supper so we can get to the hospital,” Jax added.

“Okays, I hurries!”

Riona sent out a text letting everyone know Aislinn had gone into labor. Once she was done with that, she managed to get ahold of their father in prison and let him know as well. Pepper thanked Riona, profusely for letting him know. In fact, Riona could tell he was crying when she hung up.

“There ye go, Ali,” Chibs uttered as he walked her through another contraction.

Seeing them on the monitor helped the Scot keep up with them. Chibs was doing whatever he could to help his wife through them.

“Getting close!” Chesiree revealed after checking Aislinn over.

Chibs lifted his head on this.

“At a seven!” The doc said before taking her gloves off and dumping them into a nearby bin.

“Everything looks great! I’ll check on her in another hour or so.” She added.

Chibs nodded as Dr. Cole headed out with one of the nurses.

“Ye hear that, pet?! Won’t be much longer!”

Aislinn nodded, and Chibs rubbed a cube of ice along her dried lips.

“Are we really ready for this?!” Aislinn said in a bit of a panic, and her husband chuckled.

“We better be!” He taunted with a wink.

He looked to the monitor, however, and took her hand.

“Ready?” He warned just before another contraction hit.

“There ye go, love.” He uttered while using one of the hospital towels to wipe the sweat off her neck and forehead.

“Yer doin’ great!” The Scot encouraged.

He could tell his wife was worn out. These contractions were getting closer and closer, and Aislinn hadn’t much of a break in-between.

Chibs kissed his wife’s hand but lifted his head when he heard a knock at the door.

“Aye?” He called.

“It’s me, Riona!”

Chibs let out a breath of relief then called her inside.

“She’s been askin’ aboot ye!” Chibs admitted with a warm smile.

He greeted Riona with a peck on the cheek then pulled out another chair for her.

“Everyone’s in the waiting area.” Riona said.

“Already?” Chibs questioned in surprise.

“Well, almost everyone. Ethan hasn’t responded to my messages yet.” Riona admitted while taking her sister’s hand into her own.

“How ya doin’, love?”

Chibs recoiled as Riona asked this during another contraction. Riona raised her brows as Aislinn squeezed her hand and struggled through it. Chibs pointed the monitor out and the spikes and how often they were occurring.

Riona nodded in understanding.

“Why don’t ya take a break? Get ya some coffee or hit the jacks. I’ll be right here.” Riona offered.

“I’m alright, darlin’,” Chibs uttered.

“Chibs…” Riona called once again.

The Scot looked over, and Riona gave a firm nod.

“Go. Those babies aren’t comin’ just yet. Trust me. You’re goin’ to need that break. Take it while you can!”

Chibs sighed as he looked to his wife. Aislinn smiled his direction.

“I’ll be okay, Scotty.”

“Aye, but ye best get ahold of me if ye need anythin’.” Chibs made clear, and the sisters nodded.

“I won’t be long,” Chibs added before grabbing his jacket and heading out of the room.

“You alright there?” Jax questioned when he spotted his VP beating the shit out of a vending machine.

“Goddamn machine took me change!” Chibs uttered, but Jax tilted his head as there was a certain pitch to Chibs’s voice.

This had Jax inching his way over and placing a hand along Chibs’s shoulder.

“Let me try.” Jax softly uttered.

The president retrieved a dollar out of his wallet then placed it inside. He gestured for Chibs to pick out what he wanted. To Jax’s surprise, the Scot picked out a Dr Pepper. Jax knew Aislinn and Riona were all about that, but he hadn’t a clue Chibs drank it as well. He’d never seen him with one before.

Chibs opened it then downed over half of it before leaning against the machine.

“Filip?” Jax called with concern.

Chibs kept his head down as he spoke.

“It’s me fault, Jackie.”

“What’s your fault?”

“Ali, went inta labor early because of me pervy greedy arse….” Chibs whispered, and Jax tilted his head in wonder.

Chibs lifted his then looked around the room before softly explaining what happened.  The Scot shook his head afterward.

“I just put me wife and boys in danger!”

“Filip…” Jax called while giving his shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Chibs shook out of his president’s hold, then paced the area.

“Them bucks better be alright!”

“They will be.” Jax did his best to reassure.

“I knew better, Jackie! I knew the risks and still…”

“STOP THAT!” Jax scolded, and Chibs pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I’ve done some stupid shite in my lifetime, but this one takes the cake…”

“Chibs, it’s somethin’ any of us could’ve done.”

“Nah. This is different. I’m a fuckin’ medic, Jackie. I’ve worked in the field. Ali was countin’ on me! She put her trust in me because I led her to believe she could!”

“Because she can! Filip, you can’t do this. Don’t beat yourself up. If there was something wrong with those babies, they would’ve said something by now.”

“Not necessarily. They’re a month early, Jackie. They could be born with jaundice, a murmur, or fuck undeveloped lungs even! The list goes on and on! They needed ta cook just a wee bit longer. But I let my Johnson do all the talkin’, and now here we are…”

“Look at me…” Chibs lifted his eyes, and Jax nodded.

“Aislinn and those boys of yours are going to be just fine. Alright?”

Jax drew back the deepest of breaths then sat Chibs down in a nearby chair.

“This isn’t just about Aislinn going into premature labor, is it?” Jax whispered, and Chibs closed his eyes.

“This is about Keri…” Jax acknowledged, and Chibs gave a sad nod.

“And Keri told you to be happy and move on, remember?” The president reminded.

“Aye, but I can’t get that lass out of me head and I…” Chibs sucked back a breath.

“I just wanna give me boys what Keri never had. What I should’ve given her, despite if she was mine or not! That lass deserved so much more!”

Chibs shook his head as his emotions were getting the best of him.

“Look at me! Why is it hittin’ me like this?!” Chibs uttered as he hadn’t expected to break down.

“Fatherhood does screwy shit with our minds. You remember how I was when Abel was born.”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered in memory.

Chibs wiped his face with the sleeve of his jacket.

“I was a fucking mess, brother. And you have every right to be!” Jax confirmed.

The Scot nodded then came to his feet. The two hugged it out, and Chibs teared up all over again.

“Me girl’s the one in labor, and I’m the one doin’ the fuckin’ cryin’!” Chibs muttered, and Jax chuckled.

Chibs patted Jax on the back then pecked him on the cheek.

“I love ye, boy.”

“Love you too, Filip.”

“I got it, love.” Chibs murmured once he returned.

Riona nodded, and Chibs took over in aiding Aislinn through her contractions.

“You okay?” Riona whispered with concern.

Chibs’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Perfect, darlin’.” The Scot warmly put, and Riona smiled.

“Big one, Ali!” Chibs warned as this contraction spiked way higher than the others.

Riona grimaced when she saw the excruciating pain on her sister’s face. Chibs shook his head, knowing his wife was in for a very long night.

“I’m goin’ to get some coffee and hit the jacks while I can,” Riona said, and Chibs waved his sister-in-law off.

                Bobby tilted his head as he, Dinah, Abel, and the boys were in the waiting area. He’d been watching Gina as she interacted with Mark and Half-Sack off and on. This had Bobby nudging Tig at one point as Tig was sitting beside him.

“Hm?” Tig tiredly hummed.

“Is it just me, or does Kip have himself a little wannabe Crow Eater?”

Tig narrowed his eyes then glanced Gina’s direction. She was sitting between Mark and Kip and would flirt with them off and on. Tig shrugged.

“Looks like she’s just having a bit of fun. I don’t see what that has to do with being a Crow Eater. Mark isn’t one of us…”

“No, but she’s sure got that hustle going. And those tits… Goddamn, those tits.” Bobby murmured in longing.

“Oh yeah, she’s hot,” Tig whispered so Dinah couldn’t hear him.

He and Bobby kept quiet but continued in their observation. Bobby cleared his throat when Gina told Half-Sack and Mark; she was headed for the ladies’ room.

“What are you up to?” Tig questioned when the sergeant rose to his feet.

“Gotta take a leak,” Bobby muttered with a shrug.

Tig narrowed his eyes then glanced Dinah’s direction. She was sitting with Abel and keeping him distracted with a coloring book. Happy was sitting on the other side of Abel, and Abel was showing him everything he colored. Happy would pocket a few of the pictures every now and then, and Abel would smile. Tig froze, however, when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t comment but could’ve sworn Mark kissed Kip, right on the lips before heading for the bathroom as well.

Tig waited until Mark was out of sight. The Son cleared his throat, then welcomed himself into one of the chairs beside Kip.

“So…” Tig murmured as he leaned back and got a good look at Kip.


Tig nodded as he thought on how to word this exactly.

“You hittin’ that?”

Kip raised his brows on this, and Tig cleared his throat as he leaned in even closer.

“By that, I mean… like are you fucking the waitress and Aislinn’s guitarist?” Tig questioned with hope and pride in his eyes.

“What’s it to you?”

“Come on, brother. Feed me the dets at least! Please?”

“Jesus! You scared the shit out of me!” Gina said when she stepped out from one of the stalls and saw Bobby Munson waiting by one of the sinks.

“Sorry, darlin’.” He murmured with his arms folded about his chest.

“Men’s room full?” The waitress asked as she washed her hands.

“No, just wanted to get to know you a little more…”

“Get to know me, huh?” Gina questioned, and Bobby nodded.

“So, this is how you go about it? Sneaking into the ladies’ room?” Gina asked while drying her hands off.

“Guess that wasn’t my best approach,” Bobby admitted while making his way over.

“I have a bit of a proposition for you, actually.”

“Oh?!” Gina curiously asked.

“Yeah…” Bobby said while giving her the once over and shaking his head.

“I’m not gonna lie…  You’re starting to unnerve me…” Gina admitted.

Bobby lifted his eyes on this as he had been staring at her breasts.

“Not trying to. I just wanted to see how you felt about becoming a Crow Eater…”

“Crow Eater?”

Bobby nodded in full on lust.

“What the fuck is a Crow Eater?!”

“You mean Sack hasn’t told you?”

“Fraid not…”

“Well, you were all over him, and that guitarist of Aislinn’s so I figured…”

“Figured what?!” Gina slightly hissed, and Bobby sighed.

“Look, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have needs. Lord knows I sure do…” Bobby said before explaining the duty of a Crow Eater. The sergeant did his best to sell it and make it sound like the best job in the world.

Gina didn’t comment at first and just stood there. Bobby took this as an invitation and backed her into a corner. Gina closed her eyes when Bobby kissed along her neck and down towards her breasts. Before Gina could even process what was taking place, Bobby had her blouse unbuttoned.

“…stop…” She firmly whispered and was shaking all over.

Bobby ignored this and chuckled.

“I’m serious!” Gina snapped as he had his face buried between her breasts.

“Really?!” Bobby bitterly put after lifting his head.

“Yes, really!” The waitress said with tears in her eyes.

Bobby sighed.

“You were all over those idiots in that waiting room.”

“Your point?!”

“Don’t flaunt it if you don’t want the attention!”


“You know damn well what I’m talking about. For fuck’s sake, you don’t even have a bra on!”

“And you think I did that for you?!” Gina said before shoving Bobby away from her.

“Fuck you, man!” Gina started for the door, only to have Bobby grab her by the arm.

He jerked her back towards him.

“At least consider my offer.”

Gina spit in his face, and Bobby backhanded her. The sergeant flinched once he realized what he’d done. Just as he was about to apologize, someone stepped out from one of the stalls. Bobby locked eyes with the all too familiar woman, and she gave a mere nod.

“Riona…” The sergeant muttered in a miserable tone.

Riona didn’t comment. She took Gina by the hand, then led her out of the ladies’ room. Riona was buttoning Gina’s shirt and apologizing on Bobby’s behalf. Riona’s hands were shaking, and she was on the verge of tears. Mark exited the men’s room during this and reared back at the scene before him.

“Gina babe?” He called, and Gina glanced over with tears streaming down her face.

This had Mark darting on over.

“Take her back to the waiting room, please?” Riona said with a quivery lip.

Mark nodded as he brought Gina against his chest and hugged her. Bobby started out of the ladies’ room, only to have Riona yell for him to get back inside. Mark tilted his head on this. He looked to Gina then Bobby. Mark ground his teeth as he put it altogether. He dropped his hold on Gina, and Riona flung herself in front of Bobby.

“MAAAARK!” She shouted in attempts to stop the fight.

Mark moved Riona out of the way then slugged Bobby across the face. Riona screamed when Bobby grabbed Mark and slammed his head against the bathroom door. This got the Sons’ attention, and they were making their way over now.

Happy helped Riona off the ground and was checking her over. Bobby was beating the shit out of Mark when the sergeant felt something cold and metal pressed up against the back of his head.

“NOOO, KIP!” Riona cried.

Bobby stopped what he was doing and slowly lifted his hands in the air. He was cautious as he rose to his feet and stepped away from Mark. Gina rushed on over then helped Mark up off the ground. Kip kept that gun on Bobby as he stared him down. Kip waved Gina and Mark over. Once he had them within reach, Kip grabbed ahold of Mark and pulled him towards him. Bobby had this disgusted look about him when Kip caressed Mark’s beat-up face. Kip drew back a breath but was quick to put his gun away when a couple of nurses walked past and were checking on the situation.

Riona was quick to make something up, and the nurses went about their way.

“Go home. Both of you. And stay away from me.” Kip ordered, causing Gina to rear back.

“Stay away from you?!” Gina heartbrokenly put.

“YOU HEARD ME! WE’RE DONE. OUT OF HERE, BOTH OF YOU!” Kip demanded once again.

“I knew it…” Mark hissed, and Kip curled his lip at this.

“Yeah, you did. So, fuck off…” Kip firmly put.

Mark sent Kip a look of absolute hatred then flipped him off as Gina helped him out of the hospital. Kip waited until they were gone.

“Happy?!” Kip spat in Bobby’s direction.

Bobby didn’t respond, and Half-Sack gave a miserable laugh.

“I’m done.”

Happy, Tig and Riona watched as Kip took his cut off and threw it at Bobby’s feet.

“Sack…” Tig uttered in shock, and Riona clamped a hand over her mouth.

Happy kept a firm hold on her as she was in attempts to get to Kip.

“I earned my way, just like everyone else. But this MC will never see me as anything other than a prospect. So, the hell with you. ALL OF YOU! And that’s another thing… What I do or who I fuck outside of this club isn’t any of your goddamn business. Come after Mark or Gina, and I swear to GOD I don’t care who it is either… I will knock your dick in the motherfucking dirt!” He said before storming out of the hospital.

“Hey, everything alright, brother?!” Ethan questioned as he’d just pulled into the hospital and saw Kip backing out of the lot.

Kip peered over, and Ethan reared back when he saw the troubled look on Kip’s face.

“Will you tell Aislinn I’m sorry? I wish things were different, but they aren’t and never will be.” Kip said before speeding off.

This had Ethan damn near rushing into the hospital, thinking something must’ve happened to his sister or his nephews.

Happy dropped his hold on Riona but found this to be a mistake. She hauled off and slapped the shit out of Bobby Munson.

“You’re just another Clay Morrow!” She spat, and Bobby gritted his teeth on this.

“I can’t believe ya… Would you have done that to me or my sister?!”

“You know I wouldn’t!” Bobby said in defense.

“Then why Gina?”

“Come on, Riona… She was giving out all the vibes; everyone here knew that too.”

This had Happy and Tig glancing upon one another. Ethan kept hidden as he snuck up on the conversation taking place.

“Those vibes weren’t meant for us, brother,” Tig said, and Bobby sneered on this.

“Like you weren’t thinking the same thing I was!”

“Apparently not…” Tig defended with a curled lip.

“You’re a fucking idiot.” Happy declared, taking everyone there by surprise.

“Blind one too.” Happy added.

“That bitch and guitarist belong to Sack. Anyone with eyes could see that. Been that way for a little over a month or so. What you did just went against the MC and Sack as a member.”

Bobby laughed like Happy was joking. Happy shook his head, however.

“Laugh. But don’t be surprised if Sack puts a bullet in you. You don’t mess with another Son’s property – old lady or man.”

“What the hell are you going on about, Hap?!”

Happy shoved Bobby up against the wall then grabbed him by the cut. Ethan narrowed his eyes as he looked on.

“You still got the hots for Aislinn, right?” Happy taunted and with this crazed smile.

Bobby didn’t comment.

“Go into that delivery room and let our VP know you’re gonna turn Aislinn into a Crow Eater, then fuck her just as soon as she’s healed up.” Happy looked to Riona afterward.

“Better yet, tell our president you wanna fuck his old lady too!”


“Then Sack was right… You don’t see him as a Son. You still see him as a prospect.” Tig confirmed once he saw where Happy was going with this. Happy nodded in agreement.

“Leave,” Riona said while looking Bobby in the eyes.


“Ya heard me. I want you to leave.” Riona reiterated.

“You can’t make me leave. I told Aislinn I’d be here, and you know that! I won’t break my word!” Bobby said.

“Aye. But I’m Linny’s sister and the president’s wife! And I done told ya to leave!”

“Don’t even pull that rank bullshit on me, sister.” The sergeant barked.

“This isn’t about rank, Bobby! If Linny knew what ya’d done, it’d break her heart, and ya know it! It isn’t just about the message you sent to all women. No, Bobby. You hurt my sister’s friends.”

Bobby rolled his eyes. But Happy saw right past it. Happy could see the torment in Bobby’s eyes. Happy gave a rather dark chuckle on this. This had Bobby snapping a look that direction. Everyone here knew how Bobby felt about Aislinn. That was a sure way to get under the sergeant’s skin. Bobby ignored Happy’s little taunt then glanced Riona’s way once again.

“Look, no offense, sweetheart, but you’re just an old lady. Only Jax can give those orders. I’m not going anywhere, so suck it up.”

Everyone turned to a familiar clearing of the throat. The sergeant sighed, and the president shook his head in disappointment.

“Just what in the hell is going on here?” Jax sneered, and Riona gave her husband the cliff notes.

Jax gave a mere nod once his wife was done explaining.

“You should be with your sister, darlin’. I got this.”


Jax forced a smile then kissed his wife on the cheek.

“Filip could use the help, Riona,” Jax added, then gave her a gentle nudge in that direction.

“I’ll find Sack and do what I can to fix this.” The president said while picking Half-Sack’s cut up off the floor.

Jax looked to Bobby afterward.

“Riona’s right, you need to leave, now. And I hope you’re ready for a demotion. This just cost you your patch.” Jax made clear, and Bobby flinched back on this.

Jax looked to everyone else after this.

“Don’t even THINK about bringing any of this up to Chibs or Aislinn. That goes for everyone! I mean it! This day is about them!” Jax said as he rushed on out of the hospital.

Happy nodded Ethan’s direction once he spotted him. Ethan nodded in return, then made his way over.

“Kind of fucked timing,” Ethan said as to what all took place, and Happy nodded in agreement.

“Any word on my sister?”

“She’s good. We’re still waiting on the babies, though.”

Ethan followed Happy into the waiting room.

“Uncle Ethan!” Abel excitably greeted then shot up from his seat.

Ethan smiled, then hunkered down with open arms.

“Aunt Linny having her babies now!”

“I know!”

“I cants wait to see them!”

“Me too,” Ethan said while giving the boy a noogie.

Abel was showing his drawings off to Ethan when Tig entered the room. He locked eyes with Dinah then waved her over. Dinah handed Abel his crayons then followed Tig outside.

“What was that all about?” She asked once she and Tig were alone.

Dinah only picked up bits and pieces as she had stayed behind and kept Abel distracted. Tig kept his voice down as he told her what happened. Dinah recoiled afterward.

“I swear that man has a permanent stick up his ass!” She hissed as to all the trouble Bobby gave her when they first met.

Tig sighed as he hadn’t a clue how to think or feel about the situation. But he of all people understood Kip and where he was coming from. There were times Tig still felt like a prospect. Then again, most of that was of Tig’s own making, and he knew that. But Kip… He didn’t feel like Kip did anything to deserve that.

“You’re worried about him, aren’t you?”

“Well yeah… I should’ve said something, baby. I mean, I knew Bobby was up to something.”

“It isn’t your fault, Tigger, and you know that.”

“Still…” Tig said with a wounded expression.

Dinah wrapped her arms around his neck then kissed him.

“And that’s why I love you… You got the biggest heart of anyone I know.”

“Love me enough to say you’ll marry me?” Tig randomly mumbled, and Dinah froze, wondering if she heard that right.

“What’d you say?!”

“Yeah, why not?” Tig said with a shrug.

“I say we get married!” The Son added.

“Oh hell, boy. You’re ten kinds of crazy!”

Tig frowned, and Dinah laughed.

“I’m guessing that’s a no…” He muttered, looking flustered.

“I meant the timing, you dumbass!”

“What about it?!”

“Come on, Tigger… You could’ve picked a better time to pop the question!”

Tig sighed in defeat.

“I was hoping to catch you flatfooted, so you’d just automatically agree,” Tig shamelessly admitted.

“Are you serious right now?” Dinah questioned.

The Son shrugged.

“Tell you what… I’m gonna say no.”

Tig frowned, and Dinah was quick to place a finger along his lips.

“Until you have a ring and ask me properly!” She rather spat, and Tig sighed once again.

“Boy, you have to earn that shit! So, earn it!”

“Fuck woman, you’re mean as hell,” Tig grumbled, and Dinah laughed before pecking him on the lips.

“No, just not afraid to call you on your bullshit! And that… was some BULLSHIT!”

“I thought I came here to get these boys OUT of me!” Aislinn growled during one of her contractions.

This had Chibs cocking a brow as he ran a soothing hand along her back.

“These things take time, Ali. They’ll be here before ye know it. Then ye’ll be asking me ta put them back!” The Scot playfully put.

There was a knock at the door, and Chibs called whoever it was inside. Dr. Chesiree Cole entered the room and smiled Aislinn’s direction.

“How are we doing?” Chesiree asked.

“GET THESE BOYS OUT OF ME!” Aislinn desperately cried.

Chibs sent the doc an apologetic glance.

“We will. Just as soon as they’re ready.”

Aislinn gritted her teeth when another contraction hit.

“Think we can go ahead and give her that epidural?” Chibs asked.

“Let me see how she’s doing first…” Chesiree said while slipping some gloves on.

Chibs nodded then helped get his wife situated. The Scot tilted his head when Chesiree made a tsking sound when examining her. The doc shook her head afterward.

“Everythin’ alright?” He whispered out of concern.

“You want the good news or the bad news first?” Chesiree asked with a regrettable sigh.

This had Aislinn lifting her head off her pillow.

“Just tell us what’s goin’ on.” Chibs impatiently put.

“Alright.” Dr. Cole said while taking her gloves off and tossing them into a bin.

“Good news. You’re at a ten. Bad news… There’s no way we can do this vaginally.”

“Why?!” Aislinn questioned in alarm.

“Well, baby number two is in the perfect position. But baby number one is breech.

“What does that mean?!” Aislinn questioned.

Chibs explained before the doc even had the chance. Chesiree nodded in confirmation once he finished.

“But they’re okay?” Aislinn asked with a quivery lip.

“They’re fine. But I’d like to go ahead and perform an emergency C-section.”

“Emergency?!” Aislinn gasped.

“Just for my own peace of mind. Those babies are doing just fine.” Chesiree did her best to reassure.

“I’ll get you set up for the epidural. Once that takes effect, we’ll get you ready for the C-section.”

Chesiree headed on out of the room, and Aislinn looked to her husband with fear in her eyes.

“Aye now, everythin’s just fine, love.” Chibs softly put.

“So, they’re gonna cut me open?”

“Aye. But ye won’t feel a thing. Well, other than some tuggin’ around here and there.”

“Will I have a scar?”

“Ye will. But none of that matters, Ali as long as you and them bucks are alright. That’s all that matters.” Her husband lovingly put, and Aislinn nodded.

The nurses entered the room alongside Riona.

“What’s goin’ on?!” Riona asked out of concern.

Chibs explained the situation, and Riona let out a breath of relief afterward.

“Is everythin’ alright?” The VP asked as his sister-in-law had been gone longer than expected.

“We had a wee bit of drama. But Jackson’s gettin’ it taken care of.” Riona whispered.

“…oh?!” Chibs softly uttered in response.

“Aye, I’ll explain later. Let’s just focus on them babies!!!” Riona excitably put, causing her sister to giggle even with the amount of pain she was in.

Riona and Chibs helped the nurses as they gave Aislinn the epidural.

“Let’s give that a few minutes.” One of the nurses said.

The other one checked Aislinn’s vitals then let the other nurse know everything was good to go.

“Alright, hope you two are ready to be parents!” One of the nurses said on the way out.

Riona laughed at her sister’s struck stupid appearance.

“Well, ye wanted them out of ye, pet.” Chibs reminded with a playful wink.

“Aye…” Aislinn whispered as if in a daze.

Chibs raised his brows when another contraction hit but his wife barely reacted this time

“That sure kicked in quick.” The Scot uttered in relief.

He understood Dr. Cole’s reasoning for waiting on the epidural. The doc didn’t want it wearing off before Aislinn was ready to deliver. Still, Chibs hated his wife being in pain and for that long. Aislinn leaned back, and Riona giggled at the look of content on her sister’s face.

“Ya look like you could fall asleep,” Riona remarked.

“I could… This is sooo much better.”

Chibs took his wife’s hand then kissed it. He looked to the time afterward. Aislinn had been in labor for a little over ten hours now and just now got relief. He knew most women had gone even longer than that. But with Aislinn’s history and the rape, Chibs did wonder if that only added to the pain, she was already in. The Scot remembered how Aislinn was during her menstrual cycles and recoiled at the thought. He sincerely hoped that wasn’t the case, but there was no real way of knowing that for sure.

Chibs used one of the hospital towels to wipe the sweat off his wife’s forehead. Riona kept quiet but observed in absolute awe as Chibs took care of her sister. He grabbed another piece of ice then rubbed it against his wife’s chapped lips. Riona couldn’t get over how loving and attentive Chibs was, and he’d been that way the entire time.

“Is Ethan here?” Aislinn asked, and Chibs looked to Riona as he’d wondered that himself.

“Aye, he’s here. Would ya like me to fetch him real quick?”

“Would ya mind?”

“Not at all,” Riona said then sprinted on out of the room.

Everyone peered over when Riona entered the waiting room.

“THE BABIES HERE?!” Abel excitably questioned.

“Not yet. But they’re about to be, very soon.” Riona looked to her brother after she said this.

“Linny wants to see ya, but ya best hurry. They’re takin’ her in for surgery any minute now.”

Ethan shot to his feet then pecked Riona on the cheek on the way. Riona told everyone else what was going on and about one of the babies being breech. She told them about the C-section Aislinn would be having as well.

“But she’s okay?” Happy sincerely asked, and Riona smiled his direction.

“Aye, Linny’s just fine, love. Even more so since they gave her the epidural.”

Happy nodded, looking somewhat comforted by this news. Riona only wished that her husband and Kip were here to hear it. She knew Jax would be upset, having missed out on everything. Riona just hoped he’d be here by the time the babies were born. It wasn’t that she wanted Bobby Munson missing out, but he’d put himself in that position. Riona could tell it hurt Bobby, being told to leave like that. But she couldn’t have him here, not with the way he was acting. If word got back to her sister and while she was in labor, Riona would never forgive Bobby as to her reason for her decision. Riona had to put her sister and those babies first.

“Hey…” Ethan greeted, once Chibs welcomed him inside.

“Hey!” Aislinn hoarsely called.

Ethan smiled, then dashed on over and hugged his sister.

“How you feeling, hun?”

“Much better now…” She said, and Ethan chuckled.

He reached over then brushed a strand of hair out from her eyes.

“I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with one of the babies bein’ named Liam…” Aislinn coyly put.

“Why wouldn’t I be? Aislinn, I know my son would be honored. This means a great deal to me.”

Chibs could tell Ethan was somewhat lost as to what was going on, however. So, the Scot gave his brother-in-law the play by play of what was to come. Ethan nodded once he understood.

“I love ya,” Aislinn said, hoping to ease her brother’s concerns a bit.

“I love you too, Aislinn. Guess you’ll be a mom next time I see you!” Ethan warmly put.

He took her hand into his own, then gave it a comforting squeeze.

“Aye! Scary, huh?!” She teased, and her brother chuckled.

“Not even a little. You’re going to make one hell of a mother. Those boys are lucky.”

“Agreed,” Chibs uttered with a nod in their direction.

Dr. Cole knocked on the door then poked her head inside.

“Are you ready?!” She excitably questioned, and this had Chibs and Aislinn locking eyes for a moment.

“You ready, Pops?” Aislinn teased, and her husband laughed.

“Been ready.” The Scot heartwarmingly put.

“Guess, I’ll leave you two to it then. Good luck, sis. You got this!”

“Thank you, Ethan.”

Ethan gave his sister a mere nod then patted Chibs on the back on the way out. The nurses handed Chibs a bag with surgical boots to place over his shoes and a surgical mask for his face. This way, he could be there for when Aislinn had the surgery.

“Here we go, darlin’,” Chibs said as they unlocked her bed and started wheeling her into the surgical ward.

Aislinn gave a tearful smile, and Chibs held her hand on the way.

“Is he here?” Jax questioned after knocking on Mark’s door and revealing Kip’s empty cut.

“No.” Mark bitterly replied, then went to shut the door in the president’s face, only to have Jax stop it with his foot.

Jax welcomed himself into the house.

“You alright, darlin’?” Jax asked as Gina was curled up on the couch.

She gave a sad nod, and Jax sighed as he sat beside her.

“I apologize on behalf of my sergeant. Believe me when I say I’m not letting this go. What Bobby did was unacceptable.”

Gina nodded then wiped her face with the back of her hand. Jax recoiled when he thought back to Aislinn striking her and now this. This had Jax looking Mark’s direction.

“Sack should’ve told us. But even at that, that doesn’t excuse my sergeant’s actions. This isn’t something our MC condones and never will. SAMCRO doesn’t hurt women, old ladies especially. I’m guessing that’s what Gina is?”

Mark shrugged, with his arms folded about his chest.

“And I’m guessing you’re like the old man?”

“Do I look old to you, fucker?!” Mark spat, and Jax chuckled.

“Not even. I’m just not sure what to call you to be honest. All I know is Sack’s made some sort of claim to you both. I was unaware of that until recently. But as I said. It doesn’t matter. Bobby had no right. All that aside, you and I…” Jax said while pointing at Mark.

“Need to find Sa… I mean Kip.”

“Nah, you go find him.” Mark irritably spat, and Jax sighed.

“Alright. Let’s say we leave this be. I go back to the hospital, and you two get a call that Sack was killed in a motorcycle accident, or worse, he killed himself. But I’m guessing you two are okay with that because he fucked up, right?!”

Neither one commented. Jax nodded as he came to his feet.

“Good to know. You two take care. Maybe Kip will turn up, hopefully NOT in a body bag!”

“NOOOO!” Gina hysterically cried when the SAMCRO president started to leave.

Jax spun back around and observed as Mark and Gina looked to be in silent conversation.

“Mark, please. We know why he said all that stupid shit. Kip was pushing us away to keep us safe! We can’t lose him, and you know it!”

“Gina…” Mark uttered with confliction in his eyes.

“It took me a while to process what Kip was actually doing…” Gina shamefully admitted.

Jax tilted his head on this but kept quiet. Mark kissed Gina’s forehead then nodded in agreement.

“And tell him you love him!” She added, and Mark let out a miserable groan.

“Why is that so hard for you?!” Gina angrily spat.

“I’ll find him.” Mark dismissively put while grabbing his jacket.

“It wouldn’t kill you to express your feelings every once in a while!” Gina hissed, and Mark raised his brows on this.

“Kip takes care of us. He deserves better, and you know it!”

“I’ll tell him when I’m good and ready, Gina! Don’t fucking pressure me!”

Gina shot up then grabbed her purse and jacket as well.

“What are you doing?!” Mark scolded as he was limping his way towards Jax.

“I’m going with you!”

“Gina…” Mark hissed.

“Try and stop me!” She challenged, and Mark rolled his eyes.

“That’s right. You can’t because you’re not Kip!” She impishly put.

Jax wondered what the hell that meant exactly. But the president was in a hurry and didn’t take the time to question it.

“And here we are!” Dr. Cole announced once she had the first baby out.

Aislinn’s eyes swelled up in tears, and Chibs himself gave a tearful chuckle. The baby let out a healthy cry, and Chibs found that to be a relief. Chibs watched as they cut the cord and got him clean. A second cry followed, and Chibs closed his eyes in a silent prayer. Both had a healthy set of pipes. The Scot had never been so thankful to hear babies cry before. Aislinn clamped a hand over her mouth and broke into sobs.

“So, they’re okay?!” She asked, and Chesiree nodded with a big grin on her face.

“They’re perfect, sweetheart!” She announced and Chibs nodded in full agreement.

Dr. Cole finished with Aislinn’s surgery while the nurses got the boys ready. Once the nurses finished, they handed one to Aislinn and one to Chibs.

“So… What are their names?!” Dr. Cole curiously asked as she wrapped everything up down below.

Aislinn sent her husband a tearful smile.

“I got Liam Kirk.” She said in confirmation, and Chibs nodded.

“Then, I got Jacky Thomas!”

Chibs thought it somewhat ironic because the baby he held had a small heart-shaped birthmark on his left ear.

“Ali…” He whispered as he showed his wife.

“How crazy!” Aislinn said while showing off a similar one on the bottom of Liam’s left foot.

Chibs reared back on this, and Aislinn giggled.

“They truly are miracles!” Chesiree said.

Chibs and Aislinn nodded in agreement. Aislinn smiled when her husband got a little choked up. He reached over and placed his hand along his other son’s forehead.

“Doesn’t seem real, does it?” She softly put.

Chibs leaned over then kissed her.

“Thank you.” He said with his forehead to hers.

“Why ya thankin’ me?”

“For givin’ us our wee miracles, pet!” Chibs sincerely put.

“I love ye, Ali. So much…” The Scot added then kissed her once again.

Chibs and Aislinn took their time with both boys. Chesiree walked Aislinn through the nursing process. It took a little bit, but they eventually got the boys to latch on.

Jax rolled his eyes as Gina and Mark spent the entire time bickering during their search for Kip. The president peered through the rearview mirror at one point and shook his head.

“Would you two give it a fucking rest already?! Jesus Christ! Hell, I’d run too if I was Sack!”

Gina and Mark gathered these offended expressions, and Jax sighed.

“Seriously. That’s enough to drive ANYONE mad!” Jax added in absolute frustration.

It was bad enough he was missing out on his VP and sister-in-law giving birth. But listening to these two knuckleheads didn’t help matters. Not that Jax was necessarily angry with them or Sack even. No, he was pissed with Bobby Munson. Through everything SAMCRO had witnessed when it came to the Lawless sisters and that human trafficking ring, you’d think the sergeant would know better. Jax was ashamed of how Bobby acted, even more so considering Bobby didn’t even apologize. No, he made excuses for his actions instead and put all the blame on Gina. That was a very Clay-like thing to do, and that unnerved Jax. That was the last thing SAMCRO needed, another fucking Clay Morrow.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered when the three of them passed by an accident on the freeway.

An all too familiar bike was laying on its side and what looked to be a body right beside it.

“Was that…” Gina whispered in horror.

Jax slowed down and was in attempts to loop back around when Mark opened one of the back doors.

“HEY!!!” Jax shouted when Mark leaped out of the truck while it was still going.

Gina’s jaw dropped, and Jax bitched under his breath as he threw on the brakes. The president pulled over, and Gina sprang on out of the truck as well. Jax, however, was quick to catch her before she made her way to the scene.

“LET GO OF ME!” She cried while struggling against Jax’s hold.

Jax hadn’t a clue if Sack was still alive or not. The president didn’t think it a good idea for Gina to be over there, much less witness anything too horrific. It was bad enough Mark was over there. Jax dropped his hold though when Mark got Kip to his feet. The president let out a breath of relief. He, too, was struggling to keep his emotions in check. Mark had a good hold on Kip as they limped towards Gina and Jax. Gina took off like a bat out of hell. The president stuffed a cigarette into his mouth and watched as Mark and Gina fussed over Kip and his wounds.

That was a strange sight for Jax, seeing a man being affectionate towards Kip. Jax had only known Kip to be with women before. But who was he to judge? Jax didn’t care as long as it didn’t interfere with MC matters. But it was during this observation that it finally dawned on the president…

“Ho-ly shit… Kip is the motherfucking butch!” Jax muttered with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“Huh, I guess we need to change his name from Half-Sack to Full-Sack.”

The president cleared his throat in thought.

“You alright, Sack?” Jax called while making his way over.

“Been better.” Kip miserably put.

Jax chuckled then handed him a cigarette.

“I bet…” The president added with an amused chuckle.

Kip’s jeans were ripped open. He’d a pretty good road rash going up his leg, arm, and face. There was gravel embedded into his wounds. Jax shook his head after lighting Kip’s cigarette.

“Don’t you ever pull that shit again! I mean it, brother! We can’t lose you!” Jax made clear and with a playful slap on the cheek.

“That wasn’t intentional,” Kip said after seeing the look on everyone’s face.

“I hit some gravel and wiped the fuck out.”

“Because you were pissed off and speeding.” Jax verified after looking around the area.

Kip sighed, and Jax tossed his cut over. Kip caught it then looked to it oddly.

“You’re not going anywhere. You hear me?!”

“Jax…” Kip started to argue.

“You belong with us Sons. As for Bobby, I’ll be dealing with him. So, put that shit back on.”

Jax glanced towards Kip’s bike afterward.

“I’ll get one of the boys out here with a trailer. You and I can knock that shit out in a couple days. But for now, you need to get home and rest. Let these two pamper you.”

Jax got on the phone then called for a couple prospects. One to get these three home and the other to pick up the bike. Jax looked to the three of them after he got off the phone.

“So, you crazy kids gonna be alright?” Jax asked.

The three of them looked to one another in thought.

“Yeah. We’re gonna be just fine.” Gina said while hugging her boys.

Jax smiled in response. Gina thanked him profusely, and Jax gave a mere nod. The president sent Kip a wink then headed back to the hospital.

“They’re here! Me bucks are here! Liam Kirk Telford and Jacky Thomas Telford!” Chibs proudly announced the moment he entered the waiting room with his and Aislinn’s newborns.

Everyone shot to their feet, and Ethan and Riona darted on over. Riona gushed over hers, and Ethan’s nephews then waved her son over. Ethan gawked at the babies like he was in a state of shock.

“Look, Abel. These are your wee cousins!” Riona happily expressed.

Abel walked on over, and Chibs hunkered down so the boy could get a better look.

“They is sooo cute!!!” Abel squealed.

“Aye. They sure are.” Chibs said in agreement.

The Scot narrowed his eyes then looked to Riona.

“Where’s Jackie Boy?”

Riona sighed. Before she could even answer that, the Scot asked about Kip and Bobby next.

“I’ll let Jackson explain that one. He should be here any minute.” She apologetically put.

“Aye well, I gotta take these bucks back ta the nursery. I just wanted to show em off first.”

“I’m sorry, Chibs…” Riona whispered as she could see the disappointment in his eyes.

“Not your fault, darlin’.” He uttered before heading off.

Riona shook her head, then cursed Bobby’s very name under her breath.

“What’s wrong, love?” Riona asked when she saw the pouty expression on her son’s face.

“I wanted to hold one!” He pouted with his arms crossed about his chest.

Riona had a good laugh at this.

“Aye well, so did I! We’ll get our chance, just as soon as they’re ready. I promise.”

“They look just like Aislinn,” Ethan whispered, and Riona giggled.

“Right?! I thought that same thing!”

“Thank God! I mean, could you imagine if they favored their father? Scarred up face, gray hairs and all?!” Tig mocked, and Riona rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be a dick, dude,” Ethan warned, and Tig sighed.

“Just sayin’…” Tig added, and Dinah nudged him in a scolding manner.

Chibs shook his head as he observed the twins from the nursery window. The nurses were checking on their vitals and getting them ready to place in Aislinn’s room. Chibs was thankful they didn’t require the NICU or anything of the such. With the twins arriving a month early, he’d grown fearful of that. But Liam and JT were healthy and ready to be with their mother.

Happy, Dinah, and Tig went on home after seeing the twins and congratulating Aislinn and Chibs. As for Ethan, he was giving Leia a ride as there was some sort of drama at the bar she needed to tend to.

The Scot let his sister-in-law know they could hold the boys, once the nurses had them ready. Riona and Abel were in the room with Aislinn and eagerly waiting.

Chibs wanted nothing more than to hog those boys of his up but knew he couldn’t. Everyone was aching to get some time with them. Chibs naturally was very forceful with his rules – rules such as no kissing the boys on the face and everyone had to wash their hands, up to their elbows, with soap. It wasn’t just the father in him but the medic. He wasn’t about to risk his boys’ health.

Chibs continued watching until the nurses wheeled the twins out of the nursing area and into Aislinn’s room. The Scot was headed that way when he heard someone clear their throat. Chibs peered back, and a regrettable sigh followed.

“I’m so sorry, Filip. I tried to be here.”

Chibs smiled in response.

“I know ye did, Jackie. Yer here now. That’s all that matters. So, wash up and come with me.”

            Chibs opened the door to Aislinn’s room then signaled for Jax to step on in. Jax entered the room but came to a halt when he saw his wife and son sitting side by side – with a baby each in their arms.

“Daddy! I gets to hold one! Uncle Chibs says as long as I be careful, and I no kiss their faces!” Abel squealed, and Jax smiled as he made his way over.

“Which one you got?” Jax curiously asked as he sat beside his son.

“I gots JT, Aunt Linny say. She say that short for Jacky Thomas.”

Jax narrowed his eyes as the twins looked identical.

“How do you know the difference?” The president asked his sister-in-law.

“Look at JT’s left ear then look to Liam’s left foot.” She said, and Jax looked in observation.

“No way…” Jax uttered in disbelief.

“Are those birthmarks?!”

“Aye. I suppose Thomas and Liam wanted to get their own little messages across.” Aislinn warmly put, and Jax smiled.

“That certainly sounds like my brother…” Jax said in admiration.

Riona came to her feet then made her way over. She handed Liam over to her husband, and Jax gathered the biggest grin.

“Oh man, does this take me back…” Jax looked to his son then back to Liam.

“You were even smaller than this, Abel!” Jax said, and Abel looked to his father in sheer amazement.

“I was?!”

“You sure were. You were a preemie, Abel.”

Riona smiled as she watched her husband and son interact with the twins. Chibs leaned into his sister-in-law’s ear at one point.

“Looks like yer gonna be a wee bit bloated soon…” The Scot hinted as to not only the look in Jax’s eyes but Abel’s as well.

Riona snorted in thought.

“Cause my birth mommy no takes care of me and does real bad things that make me sick,” Abel said in memory of how his father explained his birth.

“That’s right.” Jax confirmed.

“They’s just so cute…” Abel said in awe.

“Can I’s kiss his feet?!” Abel asked his uncle, and Chibs nodded.

Abel kissed one of JT’s feet.

“They is so small!”

Abel lifted his eyes, and they locked with his mother’s.



“I changes my mind.”


Chibs was damn near losing it. He knew what was coming before the words even left the boy’s lips.

“I wants you to go ahead and has a baby. I still need it to be a girl, though.”

Jax was thrown off by his son’s request. This had Riona and Jax glancing upon one another in thought.

“They’d be close in age…” Chibs mockingly added, and Jax shook his head as if to reprimand his VP.

“I’m just sayin’, Jackie…” Chibs uttered once again.

Aislinn was having a giggle fit but at a cost, as she was recuperating from her surgery.

“Don’t make me laugh.” She pleaded while holding her gut.

“Sorry, darlin’.” Chibs apologized but with a grin on his face.

Abel was very careful as he handed his father the other baby. Abel ran up to his mother directly after.

“PLEASE, MOMMY?! I no means what I says about waiting. It okay to have one now like Aunt Linny. But just one and a girl!” He said while pulling at his mother’s hand.

“Abel, son, that isn’t quite how it works,” Jax said, and Abel peered back with pouty lips.

“You no want a baby, daddy?” Abel sadly questioned.

“That’s not what I’m sayin’. What I’m saying is it isn’t really OUR decision on how many or if it’s a boy or girl.”

“Jackie’s right, boy. If yer wantin’ yer parents ta have a baby, ye gotta be prepared. Meanin’ ye could be lookin’ at a boy instead of a girl or ye could be lookin’ at more than one baby. It’s whatever the good Lord decides.” Chibs made clear.

Abel looked to the babies in his father’s arms then nodded amongst himself.

“Okays… I wants a girl, but it okay if you has a boy, mommy. I still takes good care of him, and he still be my bestest friend.”

“Abel love, I think this is something the three of us should discuss in private,” Riona said, thinking this was making her husband uncomfortable.

“I don’t know… I’m game if you are…” Jax surprisingly muttered.

This took Aislinn and Chibs by surprise, as well.

“Are ya serious?!” Riona asked.

The president looked to Liam and JT as he had them lying in his lap.

“Sure, why not,” Jax said with a shrug.

“We’ll get started tonight!” Jax added with a wink.

“Things I don’t need to know…” Aislinn muttered under her breath.

“Jackson!” Riona scolded but with a giggle.

“If you’re ready, that is,” Jax added.

Riona looked towards her sister.

“This is all your fault, ya know!” Riona mockingly put, and Aislinn was trying not to laugh as it hurt to do so.

“Mommy…” Abel said as he didn’t understand and was waiting for an answer still.

Riona squatted down to her son’s level. Chibs picked up one of the twins as he sat beside Jax.

“Are sure you’re ready to be a big brother?” Riona asked.

“Yes, mommy! I promise I is ready.”

“If you’re certain that’s what you want; then I’m more than willing to try.”

“Aye. No pressure, darlin’.” Chibs teased, and Riona gave a nervous laugh.


Everyone glanced Aislinn’s direction, though when she burst into uncontrollable tears.

“Ali?!” Chibs called.

Riona rushed to her sister’s bedside and was checking her over.

“What is it?” Riona asked with concern.

“I can’t believe we’re gonna have babies close in age!!! They’ll get to grow up together!” Aislinn cried, and Chibs chuckled.

“Oh, good lord Mary and Joseph! Ya had me worried!” Riona spat.

“Ya should be. This hurts like hell!” Aislinn added with another tearful giggle.

“But worth it…” Aislinn added after looking at Liam and JT.

It was during this, however, that Ethan entered the room. He had flowers and balloons in hand.

“Sorry. Leia and I got caught up in some shit back at the Tipsy Crow’s Nest. I got here as soon as I could!” Ethan explained before kissing Aislinn’s cheek.

Ethan looked to his nephews directly after.

“Man… Can I hold one?”

“Aye, ye gotta wash up first.” The Scot said.

Ethan nodded then headed right for the sink.

Chibs found himself impressed as Ethan washed up just as he was supposed to. Without Chibs nagging him on how to go about it. Ethan started towards the first bed, which happened to be Liam’s. The Son froze, however, then staggered back.

“What?!” Aislinn questioned then sat up, thinking something was wrong with one of the boys.

Ethan tapped a single finger against the birthmark on the bottom of Liam’s foot.

“That isn’t possible.”

They heard Ethan whisper.

“What isn’t?!” Aislinn asked.

Ethan dug his wallet out from his back pocket then showed Aislinn a picture of Liam when he was a baby. Aislinn’s jaw dropped once she caught on.

“It’s the same exact birthmark!” She said, and this had Riona, Jax, and Chibs glancing at the picture now.

“Damn…” Jax uttered but placed a comforting hand on Ethan’s shoulder.

“Easy…” The president whispered.

Ethan looked as if he were about to pass out. Chibs took notice as well and was quick to haul his brother-in-law into the bathroom. The VP shut the door behind them.

“Get ahold of yerself, lad…” Chibs whispered while turning on the sink and running a washcloth through the cold water.

“Breathe… Nice and slow, boy.” Chibs added as Ethan was in the midst of a panic attack.

Chibs squeezed the washcloth out then placed it on the back of Ethan’s neck. The Scot had Ethan leaning against the sink as Ethan fought to gain his composure.

“I know it comes as a wee bit of a shock. But that’s just yer boy lettin’ ye know he’s thinkin’ of ye and that he’s alright.” Chibs encouragingly put.

This had Ethan looking to Chibs through the mirror.

“I don’t believe in that kind of stuff, though.”

“Aye. Well, maybe ye should!”

Ethan shook his head in thought, and Chibs patted him on the back.

“Ye wanna try this again?” The Scot said while opening the bathroom door.

“Is you okay, Uncle Ethan?” Abel worriedly asked.

Ethan forced a smile in the boy’s direction.

“I’m good now…”

“Why don’t we go and see what’s in the snack machine?!” Riona said while taking Abel by the hand and leading him out of the room.

Chibs took it upon himself to pick Liam up. He handed him over, and Ethan teared up as he held him.

“Sorry for getting all emotional on ya…” Ethan said with a nod, Aislinn’s way.

“Aye now, love. You’re just fine.” She said with a warm smile.

“I’m gonna grab Riona and Abel, and we’re gonna head on home. That’ll give you and Filip some alone time with your kiddos.” Jax said before hugging Chibs and Aislinn.

“You two did great. Congrats!” The president said on the way out.

Ethan cleared his throat after placing Liam into his bed. The man had no words as he hugged his sister. Aislinn leaned into her brother’s ear during this, however.

“I got you…” She whispered, and Ethan closed his eyes on this.

The Son kissed his sister’s forehead, then gave her hand a little squeeze before exiting the room.

Chibs looked to their boys as they were sound asleep in their beds. The Scot shook his head then glanced his wife’s direction.

“We did good, Ali! Look at them bucks!” Chibs proudly put.

“We sure did!”

Chibs cleared his throat, however, then made his way over. He took his wife’s hand and held it.

“I owe ye a big fuckin’ apology, lass.”

Aislinn reared back, not understanding why her husband would say that. Chibs sighed then went on about their little rendezvous before she went into labor.

“Scotty…” She said, and Chibs lifted his eyes on this.

“Ya didn’t do anythin’ wrong. Ya didn’t harm me or those boys. Alright?!”

“Still… I could’ve.”

“But ya didn’t. The three of us are just fine. I only used the safety word because I panicked when I realized I was goin’ into labor. Ya didn’t hurt me, Scotty. Ya never have. So, don’t ya even think about changin’ how we do things…” She rather hinted, and Chibs chuckled.

He let out a breath of relief afterward.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, pet. I’ll be tyin’ ye up and havin’ me way with ye plenty!”

“Good!” She said, and Chibs smiled.

“Get ye some rest, Ali darlin’. I’ll look after the boys.” He said.

His wife looked as if she were about to pass out any minute now.

Chibs nodded as it wasn’t long before she too was out. The Scot kicked back in one of the chairs and watched as the three of them slept.

“I did it, Keri… I did it.” The Scot whispered with a hand over his tattoo.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 62 – Asylum”

  1. This was so intense!!!! Your writing is too good. I’m crying and I’m so thankful to you and to the time you put to write. Amazing work!

  2. So the whole Kip Mark Gina thing is a relationship. I kinda dig it, especially Kip being “alpha” as Aislinn put it. BABIES!!! YAY!!!! Poor Chibs. The guilt is eating him alive. I hope he gets a grip. Oh bob damnit Bobby what the hell are you doing???? Not the right time for this BS. But yay for Dinah for making Tig work for it! Yay for Jax and Eric and Gina finding Kip. I can breathe a lil easier knowing he’s ok. And the twins are here! And with adorable matching birthmarks! You did it indeed Chibs. You and Jackie boy 😊

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