Stories To Go!


I will put all mobile versions here on this page so that you can download a complete (or as complete as the story currently is) version for your e-readers.  If you need it in a different format than what is listed please just contact 4Padfoot

A Walk With The Dead


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

An Original Family Christmas (The Originals/Twilight) Ch 1-4 10819648_10203872985599761_1025807682_o

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

The Fusion Dance


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Breaking Protocol (A Hawkeye and Bella O/S)


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Cast Iron Hearts

Cast Iron Hearts Cover_emmy

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Gamma Love


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Iron Men and Thunder Gods

Iron Men and Thunder Gods

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Shield Mates

Shield Mates Cover

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

About Italy

hawkeye banner

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Chasing Images

Chasing Images

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast Banner_edited-1

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Stealing Twilight’s Swan

Stealing Twilight's Swan Emmy Version

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Behind The Stained Glass-Mind

Behind the Stained Glass Mind_edited-1

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Smallville City Limits (ch 1-31)

Smallville City Limits emmy

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

A Webcatcher’s Dream (Ch1-15)

Webcatcher's Dream

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Postcard From The Big Apple


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Lunar Deity by Harley (converted by CorvusCe1987)


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Passing Of the Torch


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

A Crow In Search of a Swan


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Fire and Brimstone


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Love Me Till It Hurts (ch 1-6)

Gambit banner final

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Sex, Lies, and Wolverine


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Taking The Plunge


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

How It All Began

How It All Began 3rd place

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Playing With Fire

Mobi   EPUB   PDF   DOCX

The Shield of Anarchy by Harley


Mobi     EPUB     PDF

The Highlander

Mobi     EPUB     PDF     DOCX

Whistling Dixon

Whistling Dixon

Mobi     EPUB     PDF

Crazy Love vs Mad Love – A Harley and Deadpool Story

Crazy Love VS Mad Love Final

Mobi     EPUB     PDF


36 thoughts on “Stories To Go!”

    1. May I ask you a question? I have recently found out that you have lead a contest called Superherofest for two years. Is it going to happen again this year. I am interested in submitting a piece of mine.

  1. I have a recommendation for a book that I think would end up amazing if you wrote it. I could definitely read a Bella/Daredevil fanfiction. I think that you could master a Bella Swan and Matt Murdock pairing. Let me know what you think, it’s just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Hi, so I had a question. I have been reading your books for a while and I have fallen in love. My question is asking for a bit much, I’m a writer on wattpad and I was wondering if it was possible for me to share your stories there? I would absolutely give you full credit and I would not take any credit at all, I would simply post it for others to read and enjoy. Please let me know what your answer is : )

    1. I just saw this message. Sorry. And with all due respect. I really don’t want anyone posting my stories anywhere. I’ve had issues with plagiarism in the past and I don’t want to run that risk. But thank you. As to your recommendation. I will think on that one. I love the Daredevil series. So that’s not it. Just got a lot on my plate at the moment. Maybe one day 😉

      1. That’s perfectly fine, I completely understand. Good luck with your great stories, I’ve fallen in love with your Bella/Erik one as well as the Harry Pottee fanfiction

  3. For those asking about Highlander being added it will soon. 4padfoot does these for me as I don’t know how lol. So she will get to that when she has a chance. She’s a busy bee.

  4. Coucou , quel travail superbe , mais bon je ne lis pas l’anglais comme je traduit tout , peut être un jour le format epub en français 🙂

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