Chapter 2 When In Italy

Chapter 2

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Barton hurriedly began packing up whatever he could. There wasn’t a chance in hell he was staying there. Not with the mind reader knowing their whereabouts now. He sighed to himself as he looked around, knowing he’d have to leave some stuff behind.

“Do you mind carrying that?” He pointed to the black backpack.

She shook her head and made her way over, picking it up.

“What’s in this?”
“Our rations… You never know…”

She nodded and placed it on. Barton made his way over and adjusted the straps for her.


The young woman nodded once again. A rosy tint formed along her cheeks as she met his gaze and thought about what Alice had said.

“Something on your mind?”

He questioned as he did a walkthrough of the room once more. She swallowed back on this.

“So where are we going?”

“Not sure to be honest. Just know we gotta move fast. You ready?”

“More running?” she asked with a frown.

The agent smiled on this.

“Might be…”
“I was afraid of that.”

“I could always flip you over my shoulder again…”
“I’m good.”

He chuckled and climbed on out the window. Once he saw the coast was clear he motioned her over. Barton lifted her out of the window and yet again took her hand. Like before, he led with purpose. Even if he hadn’t a destination presently in mind at the moment, that wasn’t how it seemed. They continued about until sundown. Barton looked to Bella in thought as they blended in with a few tourists.

“So how do you feel about being married?”

She looked at him wide-eyed. He chuckled to himself but kept walking. The agent led her to a hotel. He placed his arm around her like that of a lover. Bella swallowed back as they walked up to the attendant.

“Yes, can I help you?”

Clint smiled.

Bella had to keep from choking as he had this whole husbandly act going. He went on as he handed the woman a credit card which read George Wilson. The woman smiled, looking to be in awe.

“Do you have any of your honeymoon suits left? My wife would love to watch the sunrise in the morning.”
“I’ve the perfect room for you then Mr. and Mrs. Wilson!”

“That’s great isn’t it, honey?”

Bella forced herself to play along no matter the amount of shock she was in about now.

She ran her hand along his chest and leaned into him. She smiled.

“It is! Thank you!”

Clint pecked Bella on the forehead as the woman handed their keycards over.

The moment they entered the hotel elevator, Bella let out a breath as if she’d been holding it in the entire time. He took notice but said nothing on it. That was rather nerve wracking for him as well but they couldn’t take any chances. Though he somewhat enjoyed the little chest rub he received.

“Is this a hotel?”
“Suite to be exact.”
Bella blushed at the rose petals on the bed and bottle of champagne on the table.

“This is so weird and insane.”

He nodded and removed the backpack she was wearing.

She reared back as he did what he’d done back at that base of his earlier. He was setting up little traps and hiding weapons here and there. Bella looked to him in wonder as he took the bow out from the bag and got it prepared as well. She never realized it was collapsible. The agent caught her running her fingers along one of the arrows again. “It’s a titanium tungsten alloy,” he uttered as if sensing the question in mind. Bella nodded.

“Given enough velocity they can penetrate through damn near anything.”

Her eyes widened as he was going through and setting detonators along every window of the hotel.

“Are those…”
He cranked his head her direction.


He nodded.

“Yes. Don’t care to have your friends visiting us again.”

“But that could kill them!”
He shrugged and continued about.

“Agent Barton, please… I…”

He sighed and finished putting the last one up.

“Steer clear of the windows. These go off at the slightest touch.”

Her jaw dropped.

“Your friends should be fine.”

“Your ex is a mind reader, right?”

She nodded.

“And from what I gathered this Alice can see certain things? Like futuristically?”

She nodded again.

“Then if they are smart, they’ll be fine – and with all due respect, miss, if they come looking for you again, they rather deserve…”
He stopped, taking notice of how pale she went on him. Bella pinched the bridge of her nose and practically sprinted to the bathroom. The agent swallowed back on this but he hadn’t a choice. He couldn’t take any risks. As far as he was concerned, her life was by far of more importance than her little friends.

Bella gazed into the mirror as she scrubbed her face. She thought back to everything that took place at the palace with Edward and Alice finding her. At this, she reached back and ran her fingers along the stitched up area. She winced as it stung a bit and it was slightly swollen now. The young woman couldn’t believe the way Edward had acted. Her lip curled in thought. That whole she’s MINE … it just didn’t sit right with Bella. Was Laurent right all along? Was she nothing more than a pet? Her hands balled up into fists the more she thought about it. But you love EDWARD! Bella gritted her teeth. The flashes of Edward forcing her against the wall and how rough he had been with her came to mind. Pushing her was the final straw. Heated tears made their way down and she sucked back a quivery breath. She jumped, however, as there was a knock at the door.

“Everything all right?”

The young woman swallowed back on this and toweled her face off. She drew back a breath before answering.

“Um, yeah…”

Bella opened the door and the agent was standing there with a bottle of water. He handed it over.


He nodded and pointed to a menu on the table.

“Thought you might be hungry. Let me know what you’d like and I’ll order us some food.”

She looked to the hotel phone in thought. Charlie came to mind and she desperately wanted to call and let him know that she was alright but she knew it’d be too dangerous. It wouldn’t be long before he sent out a search team. She cringed in thought.

“I can’t really think about food at the moment.”
“Might be our last chance to eat for sometime. I’d take the opportunity while we can.”
“Then just order for me; I could care less.”

Bella sat in one of the chairs at the table in the room and stared off into space. Clint looked on with concern but went ahead and ordered their food. She jumped, hearing the popping of a champagne bottle as he opened it. He poured them both a glass and slid hers over.

“I’m 18…”

He shrugged. “Old enough to go to war, old enough to drink in my opinion.” Her eyes locked with his for a moment. She picked up the glass of champagne and breathed in the contents.

“My father’s a cop too.”

Clint raised his brows on this.


“Yep. He’s the Chief of Police back home.”
“And where is home again?”


He nodded.

“Long ways from home.”
“Tell me about it.”

Bella sipped at the champagne.

“This isn’t bad actually.”
He shrugged.

“Would prefer a nice cold beer but it’ll do.”

She rather smiled at that, thinking how he’d get along perfectly with her father then.

“So where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Iowa actually but currently living in Manhattan.”

“Oh wow – a New Yorker.”
He smiled and polished off his champagne. The agent refilled the glass and topped hers off. Barton held up a finger as his cell phone rang.

“Excuse me.”

She nodded as he rose from the table and answered. Bella gathered bits and pieces of the conversation. From the sound of things, Barton had the Volturi led astray. They were currently following a ship of SHIELD’s believing Bella was on it. The call was kept short as Barton soon hung up. He knew he was pretty much on his own from there.

This was exactly why Barton was keeping on foot and staying away from the coastline and airports. He knew they would split up and look both places. They wouldn’t be expecting them to go the longer route. The plan? Find a way to France and head back to the states from there. Something the Volturi would never expect. Sure, it was the much longer way of doing things but if he went about it the most obvious of ways then there wouldn’t be a chance in hell of survival. He was dealing with vampires, something he couldn’t take lightly. His mission now was to get Bella Swan home safe and sound and make certain anyone that meant her harm was out of the picture – which made this one of his hardest missions yet especially as he hadn’t a team now so he was going about this solo. Everyone else back at SHIELD was dealing with their own missions. Fury was going to be pissed… Clint drew back a breath on this. He went over these plans with Bella as he thought them out.

She had this look of dread about her.

“And how long exactly do you think this could take?”

“Honestly? I haven’t a clue. I’m sorry. I take it you’re living with your father?”

She nodded.

“He’ll worry soon, I’m sure, if he’s not already. But if we don’t go about this my way, it could put not only you but your father in danger. So in the meantime, do not contact him. They’ll be expecting that. ”

“I kind of figured that already.”

They turned to a knock at the door.

“That’s the food,” he stated as he rose from the table. He went and carefully unset the trap he had up. He kept one hand on the gun he had tucked away. Clint kept to the side of the wall as he answered the door.

“Would you like for me to set it up, sir?”

“No, I got this, thank you.”

The man nodded and Barton handed him a tip. Barton wheeled the food in himself and hurriedly locked up and set everything back up.

“Must get tiring.”

He glanced back at this.

“It can be… but it’s better than the alternative.”

Bella laughed at the six pack of beer between the burger and fries.

“Perfect honeymoon…” she murmured with a blush.

He grinned at her playful banter.
“Isn’t it, Mrs. Wilson?”
“That’s still so weird.”

“Eh… In my field, you get used to it. However, I will say this is the first where I’ve been on a honeymoon. It’s not everyday I get married.”

“Well let’s hope not.”

He has a good laugh at this.
“You never know; I could have bride in every country!”

“Sounds exhausting.”

“Now that would depend on the context.”

Her eyes widened and Clint chuckled.

“Something tells me you don’t get enough frequent flier miles.”

This caused Clint a spit take as he was sipping at his champagne. She giggled and cleared her throat.


“Don’t be. That was pretty good, actually. Just caught me off-guard.”

While they ate, they exchanged a few stories, getting to know one another a little better. Both, however, kept a bit of a guard up. Hers because of her recent betrayal and him because of his job. Since it was Bella’s first time drinking, she became a little tipsy after three beers and two glasses of champagne. Clint couldn’t help but to find her adorable, nevertheless. She was somewhat giggly and the more she drank the more he got her to open up.

She talked some more about how she first met Edward and she spoke of the other Cullens and their abilities. But during this, it truly dawned on Clint Barton… He thought back to Alice and what she’d said back at the base. He reared back and looked upon Bella a certain way. She was placing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Your friend… you know, the one that sees the future.”

Her eyes met his.


He nodded.

“What did she mean back there exactly?”

“What do you mean?” Bella asked praying to GOD this wasn’t to a certain mention.

One she had trouble deciphering exactly. She didn’t even know this man. How could he possibly be in her future and how could Alice see something like that and so quickly?!

“That whole but you love Edward. How could you be with HIM?”

Bella’s entire face flushed over and she pinched her eyes shut for a moment.

“You know, I’m not quite sure,” she lied.

“You don’t have to tell me anything but even I know these guys didn’t have your best intentions at heart.”

She nodded.

“Trust me, I can see it for what it is now. But even at that… They were a big part of my life or at least that’s how it felt. The others’ decision to follow Edward’s wishes throughout those months hurt but not as much as his betrayal. And there’s the difference… I was never once mad at him. Even when he left me. I…” she half laughed in misery and shook her head.

“I was mad at myself. I thought it was me. Something I did. That maybe I truly wasn’t good enough for him as he’d stated during his breakup performance. But I was wrong. It was him. He was the one with the problem all along. Deep down, I knew he had one foot out the door the entire relationship. If anything, I was just a fool being led astray.”

At this, she came to her feet and started towards the bathroom. Clint immediately hopped up as she stumbled about. He led her to the bathroom door and waited close by, hoping she didn’t fall while she was in there. The moment she stepped out he got her to bed. She was too far gone to even argue. The instant her head hit that pillow, she was out. Clint took her shoes off and he dusted off some of the rose petals and tucked her in. During this he checked on her head wound. He shook his head, seeing how it had swelled up some. He gathered some ice and wrapped it in a towel and placed it on her head while she slept. He cleaned up their mess, showered, and respectfully took the couch. Barton knew he wouldn’t get much sleep, however. The men who lost their lives entered his mind once more. A couple of them had family waiting for them back home. Something Clint had always envied. Only now, he’d have to knock on each of their loved ones doors and be the bearer of bad news. The mere thought alone had his hands balled up into fists. After everything, he knew if he were ever face to face with Edward Cullen again, he’d end his very existence and he wouldn’t bat an eye on it.

Clint woke to the sound of the alarm. Glancing towards the bed, he rubbed the sleep out from his eyes. He shot up with slight panic seeing at how it was empty but a breath of relief hit as he heard the shower going. He swiftly packed everything up and started them some coffee. Before long, she stepped out. He nodded at her.

“We’ll get a change of clothes in town today. Sorry, I don’t have anything for you at the moment.” He dug through a bag and pulled out a black comb, handing it over.

“Wasn’t prepared to have a woman onboard.” For any of this actually… and stop staring you jackass.

She smiled.

“This is fine. Really.”

She combed through her hair and handed it back once she was done.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and put it up. After they finished with their coffee, they headed to the front and returned the hotel keys. Once again, Clint put on the loving husband front and the woman at the desk wished them well with a warm smile and congratulated them on their recent marriage.

When they stepped out Bella grew tense in Clint’s hold. His eyes shifted the direction hers were targeted. He hurriedly pivoted around and got them blended into a nearby crowd. Then kept up a steady pace and kept his arm around her. They entered a shop and headed to the very back where the bathrooms were. He entered the ladies room with her and once he saw it wasn’t occupied, he locked the door. Bella’s heart was racing as Clint had her up against the wall with his body planted against hers.

“They won’t expose themselves in public. That’s not to say they won’t grab you and take off the moment they get a chance,” he whispered.

“Think they saw us?”

“I’m not sure… and who were they?”

“Jane and Felix. Jane’s a tricky little bitch too. She can hurt you with her mind alone.”
Clint cocked a brow at this. He tilted his head as he heard a deep voice asking the cashier of their whereabouts. The agent gritted his teeth and opened the bag he had on him. He swiftly placed a couple of claymores at the foot of the door and took Bella by the hand he hurriedly entered one of the stalls and shut the door. Barton shield Bella’s body with his own and prepared the blow torch he had in hand. The young woman gasped out as she heard the explosion not even a minute later. Within a beat, Clint fired the blow torch at the door and Jane screamed out as her face was set aflame. As he stepped out of the stall, he stepped over Felix’s dismembered body that lay about the bathroom floor. Bella stood there observing the agent’s every move in damn near awe. She couldn’t believe this man. The woman that was working the shop screamed out as she entered the bathroom and saw Clint burning the bodies in the middle of the bathroom floor.

“Do you have a fire extinguisher?”

She nodded wide-eyed.

“Mind getting it?

She hurriedly dashed off and gathered it. Bella made her way over and picked up Felix’s arm and tossed it in as well. When the woman returned he flashed his badge and pulled her off to the side. Bella was curious as to what he was telling her. Before long, she walked over to Bella and took her hand. She looked upon him oddly. Clint cut her a wink and the woman had her pick out a couple of outfits. He handsomely paid the woman for her kindness and gave her a card with a number to call so she could have the damage to her shop fixed.

“Are you all right?” Barton asked taking notice of the way Bella looked upon him off and on.

She nodded but with a hint of a blush as they were on a bus heading out of town.

“How do you do those things?”
He narrowed his eyes on this.

“What things?”

She smiled and shook her head.

“They’re vampires… and it’s like you’re not even fazed by it. You just act and go about your way. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The agent shrugged, looking to be in thought.

“It’s my job. What I was trained to do.”
“Fight vampires?”

He chuckled at this.

“Well no, not exactly. In fact, this is my first case in dealing with them.”
“You’re shitting me!”

“Nope… I’ve dealt with some odd stuff but this one pretty much takes the cake.”

“How do you keep from freaking out? I mean, you don’t even seem startled.”

“Well… I was actually just trying to impress this gorgeous woman I found.” He nudged her as he said this.

A full body blush came about her. Alice’s words came to play again and she chewed on that bottom lip of hers. Clint grinned and dug into the bag of rations.

“We got granola bars, peanuts, chips… Pick your poison.”

She grabbed a granola bar and he took out a bag of chips.

“I believe those were the only two in this area. The others were led astray. It’d be some time before they catch up to us. At least, I hope. But we can never be too safe. Especially with your ex knowing your whereabouts.”

“So where to now?”

“This bus is going to Florence. So we got about an hour drive.”

“An hour, huh?”

His brows raised at the rather flirtatious tone to her voice. He popped a chip in his mouth in hopes of not saying something stupid that would get him slapped, fearful he misread her. But what he wouldn’t give to have an hour long make out session… He rolled his eyes on these thoughts. You really are a dick, Barton!

“You know, back at the hotel. When you asked about Alice?”

He nodded. That blush returned and she shook her head.

“She was indicating that you and I were…” she sort of laughed and shook her head again.



What did she just say?

“Together as in…?”

“Like a couple.”

Damn, I wish…

“A couple, huh?”

She nodded and gazed out the window of the bus.

“Her visions aren’t always stable. They tend to change.”

“So what are you feeling right now?” Because, I’m feeling like I could go for a fucking marathon, baby.

She cut him this wide eyed glare and he chuckled, popping another chip in his mouth.

Woman like you to come home to? She hasn’t a clue what I’d give to have that. Fucking ex of hers is an idiot. How could he leave her? Much less dump her?! I just don’t get it. Some don’t know a good thing when they have it.

“You never answered my question…” Clint stated as they were in Florence now and coming off the bus.


He nodded and took her hand he led her to a more secluded area back behind one of the buildings. The agent couldn’t believe what had come over him. He’d only known her for twenty four hours and already he was smitten and he was curious as to what she felt about him and if this Alice’s visions were accurate. He cleared his throat with a bit of nerves about him now. Clint caressed her cheek and he caught her completely off guard as his lips suddenly were planted against hers. Her heart truly felt as though it kicked to life. He backed her up against the building and continued to kiss her. She let out a small moan as he hiked up one of her legs and pressed himself against her. Afterwards, he looked her in the eyes.

“Is that something you’d be interested in?”

His eyes widen as she wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him in return. FUCK! Their kissing soon led to heavy making out. God baby, I want to fuck you so bad. What I wouldn’t give to lock you away in a hotel and go at it for hours on end. He let out a groan of misery knowing they had to keep moving.

“We gotta keep moving, baby. But believe me, this is to be continued.”

She blushed in thought and her heart skipped a beat at the way he called her baby. He closed his eyes for a brief moment as her hand ran along his chest.

“Hm?” He hummed in question as he kissed along her neck.

“I’ve never…”

The young woman froze, however, as she could’ve sworn she saw Edward. But within the blink of an eye he was gone.

“Something wrong?”

She shook her head.

“Just thought I saw something.”

He narrowed his eyes and glanced that direction.

“Something or someone?”

The expression on her face said it all. He nodded and hurriedly got them out of the area. After a couple of hours of going about on foot, Barton spotted something else that had his attention. Bella looked upon him oddly as he walked up to a bar. He ran his fingers along one of the motorcycles parked out front.

“So how do you feel about bikes, baby?”

She rather laughed thinking back to her time with Jake.

“I dig them, actually.”

He raised his brows on this.

She nodded.

“Just learned how to drive one myself.

He reared back at this.

“You ride?”

She nodded.

“Huh… That’s kind of hot, actually.”

She blushed but looked upon him in disbelief as he hopped on the bike.
“Mind keeping an eye out for me?” he asked as he started to hot-wire it.

“You’re going to steal this bike?”
“Sort of… more like borrow.”

“Um no… I’m pretty sure this is stealing.”
“Do you want to continue on foot?”

She shook her head.

“Then we’re going to ‘borrow’ the bike.”

Her jaw dropped as it roared to life. Clint grinned and motioned her over.

“Might wanna hurry.”

She nodded and climbed on.

“Hold on!” he called out as he peeled out.

They didn’t stop until he got to Bologna where he got them another hotel, only this time, they were Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. When they entered the room, he immediately got to work. Bella dug through the bag the woman gave her. She hadn’t even noticed the toiletries she’d thrown in there – and there was a hairbrush as well. Bella looked to Barton in surprise, knowing it was his doing. But he was knee deep into his usual set up so she said nothing as she headed on into the bathroom and showered.

The irony hit on how she’d gotten a one year birth control shot the week Edward dumped her. They’d discussed sex and she thought it’d be wise to take the precaution ahead of time; something that was wishful thinking on her part. Nothing ever came of it. It was a waste of money or so she thought… That rosy hue came over her again as she thought about Agent Clint Barton.

That kiss… It still had her all a-tingly. Edward had never kissed her like that. Even when he gave her that last goodbye kiss, which she hadn’t a clue that’s what it was at the time. Not until he dumped her the next day. But even that hadn’t near the passion Clint’s had. There was no mistaking that Clint wanted her. A true beam came about her as she finished her shower.

Clint peered over as he was sitting at the table. Bella stepped out in one of her new outfits – a tight pair of blue jeans and off the shoulder navy-blue blouse. The deadshot swallowed back as his cock reacted to the sight before him. With the clearing of his throat, the agent came to his feet. Then he motioned her over. Barton walked her through whatever traps he’d set up. He also showed her how to go about using the blow torch if needed, etc… Once he wrapped everything up, he went and showered as well. While he showered, Bella curiously picked his gun up from the table. Her father came to mind as she examined it.

The agent smirked, however, as he stepped out in a pair of black jeans and nothing else. She cut him a guilty look as she had his bow in hand and was pretending to shot at someone at the door. Bella went to set it back down looking embarrassed that he’d caught her. He shook his head and stopped her.

She swallowed back as this wave of heat traveled throughout her body. His hands ran along her arms as he positioned her. He adjusted her hands the correct way.

“That’s the way…” he whispered in her ear.

Clint breathed her in and closed his eyes for a moment. He forced himself away and sat at the table. Bella sat the bow down at the table. She pivoted around and he had his head resting about his knuckles. The way he looked upon her gave Bella that fluttery feeling. He patted his leg, hintingly. Bella made her way over and he pulled her into his lap.

“Damn…” he uttered as she started to grind against him.

She couldn’t help herself; she’d never been so turned on. Bella threw her blouse off. He swiftly reached back and unclasped the black bra she was wearing. Clint welcomed himself to her perky breasts. Bella let out a moan and rocked about him at a greater pace. Her fingers intertwined with his hair as he worshipped her breasts with his tongue. He unfastened her pants and reached into her panties. He ran his fingers along her slit and let out a moan of his own.

“So fucking wet, baby.”

His eyes widened once he realized what he’d said but he let out a sigh of relief seeing as how she wasn’t offended; if anything, it only spurred her on. He reached back and took the condom out of his back pocket. He ripped it open with his teeth and eagerly undid his pants. Bella looked on with surprise as his dick bobbed about with readiness. Clint slipped the condom on. The nervous girl climbed off long enough to step out of her pants and panties.

“Man…” he uttered as he took her in.

“You’re a freaking knock out!”

That bashful look came about her once again.

“Seriously Bella, you’re so sexy…”

Once she crawled back into his lap, she eased him on in. Her hands wrapped around him once he was all the way in. His hands firmly planted along her lips and he started to rock her about him. Clint froze in realization and his entire body tensed up.

“This is your first time, isn’t it?”

She nodded shyly.

“Why didn’t you tell me, baby? I could’ve hurt you! Did I?”

She shook her head and he raised his brows as she started to move about him once again, thus giving Clint no room to think on it anymore. He drew back a breath and threw his head back at the sensation. He couldn’t get over how amazing this felt. He came to his feet and took her to the bed.

“I got this…” he said with a wink and pumped himself within her.

They heatedly kissed as he released. When he pulled out, though, he peered over with a look of fear about him.

“You’re not going to believe this…”

He took the condom off and showed her that it had ripped. She smiled and broke into a giggle fit.

“Well I’m glad you seem amused by this.”
“I’m on birth control. I’m good for another six months at least.”

He drew back a breath of relief.

“You’re in the clear, Agent,” she said teasingly.

Clint grinned and shook his head on this.

“So… we don’t need the condoms?” he asked with hope.

“I think we’re good.”

“Hmm this mission just got a lot more interesting…” he said with a playful mien and kissed her yet again.

And now he knew he was in trouble. Here he was already coming up with a different plan. One that would somewhat stall things a bit but keep her safe all the same. He narrowed his eyes and drew back a breath.
“So you like bikes…? What do you think about ships?!”

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