Chapter 3 Cruisin’

Chapter 3

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Bella wrapped her arms around Barton’s waist as he started the bike.
“Change of plans,” he called out over the revving of the engine.

She narrowed her eyes in wonder as he hit the road. This time he didn’t stop until he hit Venice. Once they arrived, he got them something to eat and then hit a few of the shops. During their shopping periods, Bella found herself confused. Everything he bought was as if he was planning one hell of a vacation. He even had luggage to go with it. The last place they hit was filled with fancy suits and dresses. She reared back and gazed upon him oddly. He motioned towards the dresses. “You need at least seven to eight dresses, shoes, the works… I’d get a couple of sweaters or something as well – oh, and wear one of the dresses out.”

“Why do I need so many dresses?”

He didn’t answer as he headed towards the men’s area and started looking through the suits.

“Ummm, okay.”

She picked out a few dresses and went and tried them on. When she found the perfect size she just went with it and grabbed a few. She picked out a couple pairs of dress shoes as well.

“How are we going to carry all this?” Bella wondered out loud.

“I got us a cab waiting outside. We’re leaving the bike behind,” he answered, startling her. “Sorry…” Barton softly apologized, taking notice. At the moment he was having a hard time concentrating. He was utterly taken back. The young woman was wearing a beautiful yellow strapless dress. She wore her hair down and that only added to the breathtaking sight before him. The agent grabbed the items she’d picked up and took them to the register.

“Anything else?” he called out in question.

She shook her head and her jaw dropped at the quadruple digits on the register. Yet again, he handed over a credit card with another alias. Bella ran her hands along his black suit with a smile.

“Looking good,” she said with a hint of a blush.

He raised his brows on this.

“Not near as good as you, I’m afraid.”

Bella helped carry everything outside. When they got to the cab they packed whatever they could into the suitcases. The shocker didn’t quite hit until the cab pulled up to a dock where a cruise ship was waiting and people were already boarding. She sent him another puzzled look as they exited the cab. They retrieved their things from the trunk and Clint paid the fare. Clint got in line and retrieved a couple of tickets from his blazer.

“We’re going on a cruise?” she asked in disbelief and wondered how he even got the tickets.

He nodded.
“The key to survival is to trick your adversaries. They would never see this coming. We need to blend in with the crowd in keep in a public setting as much as we can.”

She nodded but her eyes widened as she noticed the tickets were for a seven day cruise.

“This cruise will only take us to Rome. Then from there we go to Florida.”
“And how long will that take?”

“Not sure to be honest.”

“Why didn’t we just go to Rome and…”

He put a finger to her lips and cut her a wink.
“Remember what I said about trust?”

She drew back a breath and nodded.

“You should know I have someone looking after your father as well. I assure you he is safe, Bella.”

“Thank you…”

After they boarded Clint found the room they’d be staying in. Bella couldn’t get over everything she’d seen on the way. The fancy dock, dining room, bar – this ship was massive. Everything was very upscale. She now understood why they had to dress the part. Still, she felt rather awkward. Clint put their things away. He hid a few weapons here and there but didn’t do his usual set up. He didn’t see the point at the moment. At least not until they were turning in for the night. Bella ran her fingers along the comforter on the bed. There was a love seat with a small table across from it. A couple champagne glasses were sitting out and there was champagne already in ice. There were also chocolate covered strawberries in a bowl sitting in the middle.

“Another honeymoon?”

Clint smirked at this.

“It can be!”

Bella found herself giggling.

“You look beautiful, by the way.”

That rosy tint spread along her cheeks. Something he found downright adorable. He made his way over and opened the black bag beside her. He took out the first aid kit. Bella swallowed back at the syringe he took out. She watched as he set it up. The agent grabbed an alcohol wipe and went to swab her arm with it.

“Ummm, what are you doing?”

“I need to know where you are at all times.”
“That doesn’t explain the need to inject me.”
“There’s a tracking device in this syringe.”
“Oh, is there now?”

He nodded and wiped her arm clean. Bella half laughed.

“I don’t do needles and I’m not certain how I feel about having my every move tracked.”

“Bella… If something were to happen. I need to know where to find you. This is the only way.”


“Let’s just say one of them finds you and decides to take off with you. As you’ve stated before, they’re fast. I need to know I can find you. At the moment it’s not activated and it won’t be unless needed.”

She curled her lip at this and bitterly offered her arm. Clint drew back a breath and put the syringe back down. He pinched his eyes shut for a moment.

“I’m sorry… I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through. I just act, Bella; I don’t always think. Just comes with the job.”

She nodded and picked the syringe up from the table. Her eyes locked with his as she injected herself. He wiped her clean afterword and put a Band-Aid on the area.

“Don’t I get a sucker or something?”

He cocked a brow at this. I got something else you can suck on, baby. He grimaced on his own thoughts and shook his head.
“Sorry fresh out,” he remarked behind a chuckle.

Bella folded her arms about her chest as if she were pouting.

“I’ll make up for it. Promise…”

He took her hand and led her back to the deck of the ship. To her surprise, Clint wrapped his arms around her waist and had his head resting along her shoulder.

“By the way, we’re Mr. and Mrs. Smith now. We’ve been married for three years now, Miranda. You met your husband Jeff back in London. He was admiring your work at one of your art shows. He soon learned it wasn’t just your amazing talent he had an infatuation with. Once he peered into those deep brown eyes of yours, it was automatic for him. Jeff proposed just a couple of weeks after meeting you.”

“And he obviously has a collection of romantic novels. I’d even go as far as to say there’s some erotica in there as well. Oh my God… I married a chick!” Bella impishly added.

“Hmmmm… that could work too.”

She reached back and playfully hit him.

“That means you don’t get any…”

“But I get to watch…”

“Who says?”

“Damn…” he murmured and kissed along her bare shoulders.

As the ship set sail the two were kissing, engrossed in their own world at the moment.

They enjoyed the scenery and whatever aquatic life they witnessed but they soon learned they had a hard time keeping their hands off one another. They shared a bottle of wine over dinner. Afterwards, they watched the sunset. Once it was dark, these beautiful blue lights came on and they lit all around the deck. They walked around in observation.

“Looks like we got a few choices,” Clint said, looking to be in thought.

“Swimming, hot-tubbing, dancing… We could have a few drinks or more sightseeing,” he mentioned a variety of activities to pick from.

He kissed the crevice of her neck.

“So what will it be, Miranda?”

She softly laughed.

“Are those our only options?” she said with a certain aspect.

The agent pressed himself against her, letting her know he gathered the tip-off.

“I’m sure we can come up with something…”

At this, he picked her up and her legs wrapped around him. They eagerly kissed as they headed back to the room. The second they entered the room he laid her down on the bed. The agent quickly got to work setting everything up for the night. Bella giggled on how fast he was moving. He heard this and grinned but continued about. Once he was done he threw off his blazer, loosened his black tie, and made his way over.

Clint’s hands ran along her thighs as he kissed along one of them. He gradually lifted her dress revealing the lacy white panties she was wearing. She chewed on that bottom lip of hers as he took them off. Before anything, he slid a couple of fingers in. He observed her reaction, making certain it wasn’t going to hurt considering he’d just taken her virginity the night before. A small gasp escaped her lips as he gently pumped them within her. His fingers were drowning in her sap. He shook his head in sheer amazement.

“I do believe someone’s backed up.”

She blushed at his words and he wiggled his brows.

“Maybe we should take care of that,” he seductively added.

At this he took off his tie, tossing it across the room. Bella fought to get his shirt unbuttoned.

“Damn…” he murmured as Bella lost her patience and ripped his shirt open.

He briefly shut his eyes as he felt her kissing along his chest. Those kisses of hers traveled up along his neck and soon her lips were locked with his. A breath of surprise escaped her as she soon felt the warmth of his cock rubbing against her slit. He lowered the top of her dress exposing her milky white breasts. As he took turns sucking on them he slid on in. He moaned out against her nipple and began to thrust.

Fuck! I can’t believe the way this girl is cumming – and it’s only her second time having sex! SHIT!

Bella cried out his name and that only had him thrusting harder.

“Call to me again, baby,” he implored.

“Clint!” she cried out as she came yet again.

“God Bella… I wanna cuff you to this bed and fuck you for weeks on end.”

At his words she flooded his cock.

“Fuck, I can’t hold it anymore,” he announced as he blew his load.

He gave a few more strokes as they kissed. Clint pulled out before rolling over. He wrapped his arm around her as she lay against his chest.
“I knew it…” he uttered and pecked her on the forehead.

“Knew what?”

The agent got this cocky smirk about him.

“That you just needed a thorough fucking. No other man could get the job done.”

“Jeff, remember?”
“Is that what you want me calling you during?”

His nose wrinkled at this causing her to laugh.
“Maybe it’s time we got divorced. We had a good three year run.”

“Okay fine. But I get the house, the car, the dog, and whatever else.”
She raised her brows upon him.

“That’s right, Miranda – we’re the proud parents of twin boys! Max and TJ! They reached the terrible twos last month.”

“Okay fine. I get TJ, you get Max.”
“So we’re splitting up the children?!” he said mockery of disbelief.
She shrugged.

“They fight all the time anyway.”

Clint sighed as if truly disappointed.

“And I’m surprised you want the dog considering how he chews up all your shoes and pisses on your side of the bed.”

“All in which I’m sure you trained him in.”

He has a good laugh at this. Barton couldn’t get over the instant connection. She was sexy, fun and he genuinely enjoyed being around her. He’d never had that before. They spent the rest of the night simply holding one another and taking pleasure in the other’s company. Something they both craved but never knew it until now.

Clint was first to wake that morning. He decided to hit the shower and let Bella sleep in. When he stepped out of the bathroom she was already up and handed him a cup of coffee. He smiled and pecked her on the lips.

“Thank you.”

She nodded and went and showered as well. During her shower, Clint went ahead and disabled the traps and was putting everything away. He hid the bag and finished his coffee. Before long she stepped out in another one of her new dresses. Only this one was red and slightly shorter than the yellow dress. He tilted his head about giving her the once over.

Now that one just makes me want to bend her over this table and fuck the living hell out of her. Damn, she hasn’t a clue…

Clint pulled her into his lap as she drank her coffee. He couldn’t help but to run his hands along her legs. He lifted the dress just enough to reveal her black panties. Afterwards, he lowered it back down, knowing if he didn’t he truly would end up fucking her.

They spent most of the day taking in the gorgeous view and enjoying the food the cruise had to offer. At the end of the day, he decided to take her dancing. The closer they came to the dance floor, the more he realized he was damn near dragging her. He stopped and looked upon her with concern.

“Everything alright?”

Bella stared into the crowd, swearing up and down she saw Edward yet again. Only now, he wasn’t there. It was just like the visions she’d had when he’d left her.

“Maybe we shouldn’t.”
“Shouldn’t what? Dance?”

Bella nodded but there was something else. He could see it in her eyes but wasn’t sure what to make of it.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t dance…” Which was the truth partially, but she wasn’t about to say, ‘because I see my ex everywhere we go now.’

He chuckled on this and tried yet again. But like a boulder, she wouldn’t budge.

“Clint…” she said pleadingly.

He swore she looked as though she’d start to cry.

“Hey… you don’t want to dance. Then we won’t.”

She nodded.

“Thank you.”

Clint decidedly hit the bar instead. He found a more private booth and ordered them a couple of beers and shots to go with it. After a few drinks, he got her to loosen up a bit. He wasn’t sure what got her so worked up about dancing. He never knew of a woman that didn’t like dancing.

“I’m sorry…”

“What for?”

“Earlier… when you wanted to dance. I just…”

He narrowed his eyes. Her unsteady voice, body language, and the look in her eyes. He already knew. The agent nodded on this.

“I take it the last man you ever danced with was your ex?”

She sipped at her beer and nodded.

“When was this, if you don’t mind me asking?”


That’s right… He thought realizing he’d temporarily forgotten how young she was.

“And how’d that go?” he curiously probed.
She sort of laughed.

“Well, it was interesting…”

Clint downed the rest of his beer.

“To be perfectly honest I really don’t want to talk about all that.”
He nodded in perfect understanding.

“Neither do I, honestly. But if you need to talk about it…”

She shook her head.

“Nothing to say when it comes to that. It’s in the past, where it belongs.”

He couldn’t help but to smile on this.

“I’ve had my share of those as well.”

She downed one of her shots and pointed upon him.

“Tell me one…”

“Yeah like something from your past.”

“You mean like a girlfriend?”

She shrugged.

“It doesn’t have to be that … Anything.”

“Hmmm… Well, would you believe that before becoming an agent I was performer in the circus?”

She choked back on her beer and hit at her chest. He nodded.

“That’s about what I figured.”
“You’re serious…” she uttered in wonder.

“Afraid so.”

“What’d you do?”
He smiled and shook his head.

“I was an archer. An archer known as Hawkeye at the time… And just so you know – I’ll have to kill you if word of this ever gets out.”

She softly laughed and pretended to zip her lips.

“I can’t imagine you in the circus.”

“That bad, huh?”

“It’s not that. It’s just…”

“Well no offense but you’re like too kick ass to be a circus performer. I believe your skills go way beyond that.”

For once, the agent was the one blushing, a true rarity.

“I do believe agent is more your speed,” she said with a rather kittenish air.

“Well, I’m glad you think so.”
Clint slid on over to her side of the booth, wrapping his arm around her. They had a few more drinks and talked a little more about their past. He told her how his parents had died and he was an orphan. When his brother Bernard, aka Barney, ran off to join the circus, he’d tagged along. His brother, unfortunately, died during one of their performances. Bella told Clint more about her mother, Phil and her father. He also learned more about Jake and her friends. He soon learned that the life of Bella Swan was just as crazy as his life. They’d both dealt with crazy in their lifetime.

Barton paid their tab on the way out. As they walked the deck, they realized that everyone else had turned in for the night. Bella’s jaw dropped as Barton stripped down to his boxers and jumped into the pool.

“What are you doing?”

She hissed. He smiled and motioned her over.

“Um no.”

“Come on, just take your dress off and jump in.”

“What if someone sees us?”

He shrugged.

“Where’s your sense of adventure?”

She shook her head and looked around.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she expressed and unzipped her red dress, letting it drop to the ground. The young woman stepped out of her heels and jumped in as well. She came up with a gasp.

“Shit, that’s cold…”

Clint chuckled and swam towards her.

“You could’ve warned me.”
“If I had you wouldn’t have jumped. You’d have pulled that easing on in thing.”

He lowered the straps to her bra and kissed along her shoulders.

“This is also the best way of sobering up.”

Bella giggled feeling his hard-on pressed up against her.

“So that’s all you wanted – to sober up?”

He grinned and backed her into a corner of the pool.

“Maybe…” he lied as he twirled her about.

Clint looked around once more and pulled her panties down. He ran his hands along her ass admirably. She bit upon that lower lip of hers to keep from moaning out as he entered. Bella couldn’t believe they were fucking in a pool – much less in a public setting. But something about it turned her on even more and she found it somewhat thrilling. He reached around, cupping her breasts as he continued.

“You feel so good it’s unreal,” he whispered in her ear.

This soft coo-like sound fled from her lips causing his dick to swell and ache even more. He picked up the stride and nipped and licked along her neck.

“Just keep fucking me, don’t stop.”

Clint’s teeth gritted at her plea as he fought the urge to cum.

“You got it, baby…”

“So Miranda, you’ve never been snorkeling?”

The agent questioned reminding her they had to keep up the act whilst trying to keep from rocking a hard on. Bella was in a black bikini and all it read to Clint Barton was sex in big, bold, neon letters.

“Jeff, I’d never been outside the U.S. until recent events.”

He nodded as he helped her set up. The other couples were already jumping in and swimming the direction pointed out.

“You ready?”

Bella nodded. They were currently on a boat that had pulled up alongside of the cruise ship for those that wanted to go snorkeling. Clint took her hand as they leaped off the boat. On their way, Clint pointed out a gorgeous school of fish that was passing by. Bella turned that direction. She also took notice of the beautiful reefs below. There were a few starfish, seahorses and jellyfish as well. Bella had never seen anything like this. She couldn’t get over how breathtaking it was. Clint gestured towards another area and her eyes widened noticing it was an octopus. He grinned at her reaction.

Something else swam across and Bella jumped at first but she came up to the surface with a look of absolute surprise about her.

“A dolphin!”

Clint took mouth his mouth piece as well and was laughing.

“You should’ve seen the way you jumped.”
“Shut up! It could’ve been a shark.”
“But it wasn’t… And they wouldn’t let us venture out if there were sharks in the area.”

The dolphin swam past yet again, circling them.

“That’s so cool!”

“Watch out, baby, he looks hungry.”

She shook her head and flipped him off.

“What – here?”

Bella smiled and dived back into the water. Clint chuckled to himself and followed. Before long she came back up with another look of astonishment.

“Are those statues?”

He nodded.

“If you ever get the chance to go deep sea diving, you should check it out. There’s an entire city down there. Some pretty awesome stuff.”


“They hold diving tours even. The city is known as Old Amalfi. It’s believed that the city was once a port used for trading. They would ship from anywhere to North Africa, the Middle East, and the Byzantine Empire. Naturally these trading ports attracted pirates which explains the wrecked ships and various other things below. You really can’t make it out from here.”

“I’m serious. What was with that one couple?”

Bella died in laughter as they were heading back to their room.

“I’m not sure but I don’t think she was joking about leaving her significant other behind.”

Clint chuckled.

“I’d never heard a woman say that many cuss words in one sentence.”

“I’ve never seen a man cry like that.”

“Poor bastard.”

They both were laughing and shaking their heads. Clint plopped down on the bed and cut on the TV. Bella looked to him in surprise as he didn’t do his usual setup nor did he bother getting dressed; he was still in his swimming trunks. She giggled at the blow torch and various other things he had setting out on the nightstand beside him. He patted the area beside him as he was channel surfing. Bella smiled and lay beside him. As if it were automatic now, his arm wrapped around her and he kissed her forehead.

“What are you in the mood for?”

She shrugged and rested her hand against his chest.

Clint looked over to realize she’d fallen asleep halfway through the movie he’d picked out. He moved a strand of hair from her face. He drew back a breath realizing he never wanted this to end but he wasn’t sure how to go about it. His life was so crazy and there was this twinge of guilt about bringing her into it. It was dangerous and certainly not for the faint of heart. There would be no forgiving himself if something ever happened… As to why he spent so many years alone. It most certainly hadn’t to do with him not wanting to settle down. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, here he was gazing upon some woman he’d only known for a short time yet he could see her in his future. Hell, he craved it. Clint could picture it clear as day – marriage, kids, the works. Another thing he’d never deemed possible.

“We’ll set port in Rome tomorrow. I figure we’d hit a hotel for the night. Then we’ll hit the cruise heading back to Florida.”

She nodded as they were watching some dolphins off in the distance.

“And what of the Volturi?”
“You just let me worry about that. Right now it’s about getting you home safe and sound. I’ll handle everything else.”

“Where do you think they are about now?”

He shrugged.

“Who knows… which is why we need to keep our guard. I have a feeling, however, they are looking in all the wrong places as to the reason I went about this the way I did.”

Sort of… yeah, go on Barton, tell her the truth now. You could’ve hit Rome and went straight to Florida but you didn’t because you’ve your own hidden agendas. Face it, you’re a dick. You could tell her the truth. Let her know you’ve grown feelings for her. But you won’t. Because you’re a pussy.”

In Rome…

“What are you hungry for?”

“That one sounds good,” she said pointing to a certain dish on the menu.

He nodded.

“Do you mind ordering for me? I gotta hit the bathroom.”

“Not at all.”

Bella kissed his cheek before she made her way to the bathroom. She did her business and was washing her hands when a familiar image appeared in the mirror. She sighed, thinking it was another one of her visions. The young woman dried her hands off. The vampire tilted his head as she ignored his presence. Just as her hand gripped the bathroom door…

“Did you get it out of your system yet?”

“And what would that be exactly?” she questioned with a sinking heart, realizing he was indeed real.

Chills filled her spine as she felt the coldness of his touch along her shoulder.

“I think we both know. Considering it was the one of two things you always wanted but I could never give you. It’s okay, Bella. I forgive you.”

“Forgive me?!”

He nodded, kissing along her neck and shoulder.

“I understand that he can give you things I can’t. I can look past it. You’re only human, after all.”

She gritted her teeth and whipped around. Edward’s lip curled as she socked him in the face. Bella immediately whimpered out after and held her hand in agony.

“Bella, are you trying to hurt yourself?”

He reached over checking on her hand. She jerked it back, holding it to her heart. Edward sighed.

“You’re just going to have to forgive me, Bella. But it’s the only way…”

Bella gasped out as he grabbed her and took off.

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