Chapter 5 Bullseye

Chapter 5

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Clint slowed the boat down letting it coast. He came to his feet and made his way over to Bella. She’d fallen asleep on a cushioned marine sofa behind him. While she slept he tended to her wounds. Soft whimpers escaped her during this and he shook his head at the beating her body had taken. The agent grew angry with himself. He swore he’d keep her safe and yet here she was…

“…Clint…?” she softly called out as she came to.

He nodded whilst caressing her cheek.

“How you feeling?”
“I’m okay.”

Clint reached back and grabbed an ice pack from a nearby cooler.

“Put that on your neck,” he ordered as he handed it over.

As she put it to her neck, he grabbed her a bottle of water. Her hand trembled around the bottle as she downed half of it but then she started choking a bit as everything hit her all at once.

“Easy…” he murmured and gently patted her on the back.

The young woman was doing her best to fight it but it was a losing battle. The tears made their escape and trickled down those flushed cheeks of hers. He took the bottle of water and ice pack from her and set them down in the passenger seat. The agent brought Bella to her feet and brought her against his chest. He shut his eyes as she quietly cried.

“I should’ve taken a different route. I could’ve prevented this. All this…”

She lifted her head off his shoulder and cut him a puzzled glance. Barton sighed.

“Bella… I need to come clean about something…”

He sat her back down and paced the area a bit trying to find the right words.

“There’s a reason I’ve prolonged this mission…”

She narrowed her eyes in wonder. Clint cleared his throat and let out a nervous laugh.

“Something I’ve never done before…” he trailed off and looked out to sea for a moment before meeting her gaze once again.

“For years I’ve prided myself on my ability to stay professional on a mission, staying cool under pressure. With you I can’t help but be personally involved. At some point, Bella, you got under my skin and instead of being the mission, you became my purpose. I fell for you…and I hate that I have to go take care of something else once we get back to the states because it’s my job. But it’s a job worth doing if only for the simple fact that it means even though I’m gone for a while, I’m still taking care of the people I love.”

Bella blushed in realization of what he was saying. “I love you too.”
Barton drew back a breath, sounding relieved. This caused her to giggle a bit.

“I promise… I will return for you and find a way to make this work. That is, once I get you situated and take care of my responsibilities. I just need you to be patient. Think you can do that?”

She smiled and nodded.

“Cool… So we’re really gonna do this, huh?”

Bella came to her feet and made her way over. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You’re worth waiting for…”

“You sure about that, baby?” he probed as his hands ran along her ass.

She nodded and kissed his lips. He temporarily broke the kiss meeting her eyes once again.

“So we got a few days trip ahead of us before we hit Florida. You ready to break this boat in?”

Bella laughed.

“After we get you healed up some, of course…” he murmured as he kissed her once again.

But the kissing only continued and became more heated. He let out a moan as Bella hopped up wrapping her legs around him.

“You need to rest. You took quite a beating…” he hinted.

This pouty expression came over her and he started laughing.

“Let’s focus on getting you in better shape. Then I’ll wreck you and this boat… Believe me… By no means am I turning you down.”

But even as he said this, the two kings never left his mind. He wasn’t sure how many guards were left but he knew he still had Aro and Marcus to worry about. The last he’d heard they were following a decoy of S.H.I.E.L.D’s so for now he was just keeping an eye out for any random ships or aircrafts. He knew the vampires couldn’t drown as well, but he truly couldn’t picture someone as high maintenance as Aro swimming the Mediterranean. The mere idea had him chuckling. He hadn’t a clue of their whereabouts now. All he knew was he couldn’t let Bella out of his sight. Bella grew limp in his hold and he carefully laid her back down. He brushed her hair out of her face and pecked her on the lips.



She shot up with a gasp and Clint ran a soothing hand along her back.

“It was just a dream…” he assured as she’d awakened from one hell of a night terror.

The young woman took in her surroundings. They were currently in the cabin of the boat. Clint raised the covers a bit seeing as how she was getting chills.

“Come here…” he called out as he rose as well and wrapped his arms around her.

She drew back a breath and leaned against him as he kissed along her shoulders.

“It’s not over… not yet…” she softly stated.

He nodded and nuzzled against her neck.

“You just let me worry about that.”


Clint maneuvered her around having her face him.

“It’s my job… not yours. I got this…” he raised his brows as she was rubbing her hand along the raging hard on he had going.

She had this seductive yet somewhat shy smile going. Bella had him floored as she took his cock out from his boxers and started licking it.

“Damn…” he whispered and pulled her hair back so he could watch.

Bella’s eyes met his for a moment as if unsure of herself. Right… She’s new to all this… I keep forgetting. Way to go Clint. You’re such an ass. He cleared his throat and caressed her cheek. With his other hand he hinted as to how to go about it. Once she had her mouth wrapped around his cock, he let out a significant moan and threw his head back.

“There you go baby. Keep going,” he called out as she picked up the pace.

Fuck, that’s right suck it, baby. Seems I was right about you all along. Look at her going at it. The girl knows what she wants. Shit, I’m about to lose it though.

He hurriedly reached over and carefully pulled out of her mouth.

“Didn’t wanna make a mess in that pretty mouth of yours.”

Okay, I’m lying my ass off. I so want to cum in that mouth of yours and watch as you swallow it down and lick me clean. Not sure how you’d feel about that though…

He arched a brow as she gave a few more teasing licks. But those licks got more thorough and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He blew his load and she threw Clint completely off-guard as she licked him clean to the last drop. He cupped her chin afterwards, feeling somewhat nervous.

“So… how was that?’ he questioned curiously.

She licked her lips and blushed.

“I liked it… did you?”

“I think a resounding ‘hell yeah’ is in order,” he said as he laid her down.

“But it’s your turn now…”

He pulled her panties to the side and spread her apart. The sight alone had him hard all over again. He loved that little pink slit of hers. Then again, everything about her was incredibly sexy and he knew he was one lucky son of a bitch. With one lick she cried out his name. He couldn’t help but to chuckle. He stopped for a moment and cut her a teasing glance. Her entire face was flushed over and she was nibbling on that bottom lip of hers.

“Sensitive, aren’t we?”
“Shut up…” she mumbled behind a giggle.

Yes ma’am I’ll just preoccupy my mouth with something else… He thought as he went back to licking along her slit. Damn she tastes good. I could do this all fucking day. In fact, he got so into what he was doing he was humping the bed as he ate her out. He had her cumming nonstop and he couldn’t get enough. Clint licked her clean before flipping her over and positioning her to all fours. He took a good gander at that kitten shot of hers. He slipped a finger in and shook his head on how tight she was. He was aching to get his cock in there. On this thought, he pulled his finger out and replaced it with something much more gratifying. Just as promised, he gave that sweet little pussy of hers a pounding. He didn’t stop until she flooded his cock and they were about to pass out from exhaustion.

Bella stepped out of the shower that afternoon to the smell of fried fish.


She nodded as her tummy growled at the smell. He nodded and pulled out a chair for her.
“We got beer, water, and fish… So I hope you’re prepared…” he warned as to the next few days menu.

“Could be worse.”
“Very true.” He replied as she sat down and he pushed her chair in.

“Beer or water, baby?”


He nodded and pulled one out of the mini fridge within the cabin.

“Not your boat, I take it….?”

He grinned with a hint of a chuckle.

“How’d you guess?”
“Not your brand of beer.”

He reared back rather impressed.

“Huh…” Clint said as he handed the Miller Lite over.

He popped the lid off another and took a good plunge before joining her at the table.

“I never thanked you…”

The agent narrowed his eyes at this.

“He had plans of keeping me on that island…”

Clint shook his head, looking grim in thought.

“Bella… I don’t want you thanking me. You wouldn’t have ended up in that situation if I hadn’t let my guard down. I got too caught up in everything else and forgot about the mission… Making a first for me,” he admitted.

“Clint we both know he was going to find a way no matter what. You can’t sit there and say that shit. It was unavoidable no matter what we did. He would’ve found a way.”

Clint nodded in agreement but still he felt somewhat responsible. He couldn’t help it. It was in his blood. That need to perfect everything and even more so when it came to her. He knew without a doubt anyone that meant her harm would surely die. With that note, he knew… Bella was the one. The one he’d been looking for. He needed a woman that truly got him. That appreciated who he was and what he did for a living. That wouldn’t try to shape and mold him into something else and give him the ultimatum that most women were known for doing. And there would be no secrets between them. For once, he found someone he could truly be himself with. For some reason that had him somewhat anxious for the future. For the first time ever, he truly saw one other than being an agent. But he also knew better than to get his hopes up.

He thickly swallowed as something within his pocket felt like like it weighed a ton now. As much as he wanted to act on his feelings, he knew now wasn’t the time. The agent couldn’t believe he bought it in the first place. But when she came up missing… Part of him went slightly mad. No matter… He couldn’t do that to her. For one thing, he hadn’t a clue what his Director had in store for him once he returned. The agent thought it beyond cruel to give her some sort of false sense of hope. No, he needed to wait… She’d been through enough already. He wasn’t about to add to it by being selfish. So he kept those ‘feelings’ at bay for now but he promised himself once he returned for her he’d pop the question and pray to God she said yes.

“This is really good.”

He shrugged and looked up in surprise to see that she’d already finished her fish.

“Hungry?” he said with a smirk.

She blushed a little and nodded.

“Would you like some more?”
“I’m good…”

He reached over and placed another filet on her plate anyhow.

“Eat up… Made plenty.”

Once she finished her beer, he grabbed her another.

“You don’t have to do that you know.”
“Do what?”

“Wait on me…”
“I want to…” he said with a shrug.

“Besides from the looks of things this is the closest we’re getting to an actual date. So I get to spoil you and you’re supposed to sit there and let me.”

She jumped as the boat felt like it hit something. He narrowed his eyes and came to his feet.

“I’ll go check it out. Just stay put.” The agent grabbed his bow and had a row of arrows ready to go.

When he stepped out he noticed the tide had picked up due to a storm blowing in.

“…Dammit…” he mumbled. Lowering his bow, he rushed over to flatten the motor.

“This ought to be interesting…” he muttered under his breath as lightning forked across the sky.

“Thought I told you to stay put, baby,” he called out as Bella exited the cabin with one of his guns.

“You should know better by now…”

He smirked on this and shook his head.

“So should you. Looks like we got a hell of a storm blowing in. So grab ahold of something and hold tight.”

He raised his brows as she put the gun away and grabbed ahold of him.

“That’ll work,” he hollered out over the rumbling of thunder.

He sighed, however, as the waves were hitting even harder. Clint was doing his best to stay on top of the waves rather than being hit by them dead on. This boat could easily tip over if he wasn’t careful. A miserable laugh escaped him as it started down pouring. He reached under the seat and handed Bella a bilge pump.

“Know how to use one of these?”

She shook her head no. He sighed with annoyance but not so much at her – the boat owner themselves. Who doesn’t have an automatic bilge pump on this nice of a boat? It should be a no brainer. So now I have to put my girl to work in order to keep us afloat. Perfect! Like she hasn’t been through enough.


“Don’t be…” he said with a shrug one he got past another wave he quickly rose and showed her how to go about using the pump.

“Think you got it?”

She nodded and braced herself as she got prepared. He pecked her on the lips and rushed back to the steering wheel. So not cool. We better not tip over or crash. He glanced back every once in a while seeing how she was doing. He nodded, seeing as how she got it down perfectly whilst managing to hold on. They both jumped and glanced over as lightning struck not too far away.

“Did you see that?” she called out sounding alarmed.

“Yeah… Think we’re in for a long night.”

“So is this what you meant by wrecking the boat?” she playfully questioned as she pumped the water out of the boat.

He chuckled.

“Not quite…”

“I hope not because this isn’t what I had in mind…”

“Me either, baby… Me either…” he crooned as he did his best to keep them afloat.

Clint rubbed his tired eyes and looked back to check on Bella. When he didn’t see her, he came to his feet.
“Bella?” He called out as he looked about the boat.


He craned his head about and reared back as he noticed the clothes folded nice and neatly on the marine sofa. He felt a splash of water hit his arm and chest followed by a giggle.

“Are you naked in there?” He rolled his eyes at his own idiotic question.

She nodded.

“Damn…” he looked around and drew back a breath.

“Aren’t you worried about sharks? Or you know… dolphins pretending to be sharks?”

“Not if it’s a bottlenose,” she taunted in response.

This had the agent nearly choking back.

“Are you going to join me or not, Agent Barton?!”

He needed no further invitation. Clint threw his shirt off and hurriedly stripped down. She laughed as he dived on in and came up with a splash. She splashed him in return and he dunked himself back under and swam right underneath her. He grabbed her feet dragging her under as well. He pulled her for a kiss. That kiss lingered as they reached the surface. He was taken back as she was all over him. So much so her legs were wrapped around him and she was riding his cock. Man, she’s a little nympho! She can’t get enough. I love it! He egged her on as he planted his hands along her ass. Clint admired her cleavage as she bobbed about him. Bella kissed all along his neck and up the trail leading to his earlobe. His eyes rolled back as she gently scrapped her teeth along his lobe and licked it after.

“Fuck, baby!” he hollered out as he came hardcore.

But even after they finished their little rendezvous they floated about the water holding each other and kissing one another.

“Is that a…” he nodded as he reached over cutting the line.

He murmured a bunch of curse words under his breath.
“You caught a shark?”

“It happens…” he said with a shrug and got another line prepared but was looking frustrated.

Bella handed him a beer.


“Want me to try for a bit? I’m sure you could use the break.”

He shrugged yet again and handed the pole over once he got it prepared.

“Just be careful. There’s some pretty big fish out there.”
She did a fake gasp and cut him a look of mockery.

“There is? In the ocean?!”

He grinned and took a swig of his beer.

“Something tells me I’m going to have my hands full with you.”

She cast the line out and Barton wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his head along her shoulder “It’s going to be hard… leaving you.” She nodded and looked out to sea.

“But you’ll come back for me…” she reminded.

“Yes ma’am… Just hope you’re waiting for me when I do.”

“And why wouldn’t I be?”
He shrugged in thought.

“You might find someone younger, hotter, richer, or decide you dig women instead.”
“Women. huh?”

He nodded.

“Anything can happen.”

“Well, it’s going to be awfully hard to find someone when you’re not looking,” she did her best to hint and he smiled.

“Here’s to hoping…” he toasted his beer in the air and polished it off.

“You don’t strike me as the insecure type.”

“I’m not… But considering the situation… Yeah… I’m a little apprehensive. I’m thinking you might change your mind once we get your new life in order.”
“New life?”

He nodded once again but had a look of guilt about him. He dropped his hold and cleared his throat.

“Bella… there’s too much at stake.”
“And what does that mean exactly?”
“I’ve gotten word that your Cullen friends have made Isle Esme their home now. They haven’t much choice. Thanks to your ex vampire-boyfriend they’ve been exposed. It’s a risk they can’t take and it seems I can’t kill them – considering they are friends of yours. I’m sure that would put a damper on our relationship.”
“Just slightly…”

He nodded with a hint of a smile.

“I figured this much… So here’s the deal, baby…” he took the fishing pole from her hand and placed it in the holder.

Clint sat her down on the marine sofa and he sat beside her.

“I can’t let you go back to Forks…”

She narrowed her eyes looking puzzled. He let out a miserable sigh, hating this.

“And when it comes to your father… He’s already setting up funeral arrangements which is probably for the best…”
Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach and she shot up from the sofa.

“What are you saying exactly?”

“Baby… I think you know what I’m saying…”

“So I no longer exist?! Is that what you’re saying? I can’t see my father?! Like ever again?!”

“I’m sorry…”

She shook her head and staggered back a bit.

“But he’s all I have! Clint… Please, there must be another way?!”

He came to his feet as well and made his way over.

“If there was anything I could do… I would in a heartbeat. But I know you care about your father and his wellbeing. You need to think about the consequences. What could possibly happen if you go back to Forks and try to live that life again…”

“So my father thinks I’m dead… And what about him? I’m all he has too.”
“All of Forks… to be exact. Funeral is this weekend.”

Her jaw dropped and the area around her seemed to spin. He grimaced as she rushed over and leaned over the boat and vomited. Clint rushed over and held her hair back. She came to her knees and buried her face within her hands. He thickly swallowed feeling like utter shit for having to be the bearer of bad news. He hated breaking her heart like this. All the girl had was her father and now thanks to the vampires, she was having that ripped away from her. But there was no way he’d allow her to take that risk. It wasn’t just about the two kings still being out and about. It was about the fact that word would soon spread and Bella and Charlie Swan would be the first targets when others came seeking information. So he had no choice. Bella had to flip her entire life upside down if she wished to keep her father out of harm’s way. Charlie needed to stay completely unaware and innocent in all this. Therefore, his daughter would have to make that ultimate sacrifice. The waterworks came and hard. Clint headed to the cabin, letting her get it all out. He returned with a few more beers and popped one open for her. When he handed it over she downed the entire thing in one setting. He raised his brows on this, but didn’t dare utter a word on it. No, he just handed another one over.

They sat in silence and ended up drinking a twelve pack of beer between the two of them. As she finished her last beer, she said nothing and headed into the cabin. Clint pinched his eyes shut for a moment. Things were about to get much worse. He hadn’t even told her the rest. She’d have to change her name, cut and dye her hair, change the way she dressed, live in a new state, with a new job, etc…

He gritted his teeth and punched at the steering wheel.

Why her? He thought over and over. It was that little shit’s job to take care of her! And look at her. He fucked her over and every way he could. That asshole hadn’t a clue what he had! How do you hurt someone like that and go out your way to destroy her and everything in her life?! These thoughts had him writhing in anger. So much so that he wished he could bring the fucker back and torture him some more. But that wasn’t the only thing toying with the agent’s mind. They had a little over three days left before they hit Florida. Then it would be over… at least until he finished his next mission and got everything settled. His stomach knotted in thought of creating this new life for her and just leaving her high and dry afterward. It just didn’t seem fair. He wished he could be there for her but there was just no way. So he would have to make it up to her… One day. He just wasn’t sure how.

Once he got the boat prepared and anchored down for the night, he, too, turned in.

He woke the next morning to find Bella curled up against him and her head rested along his chest. He kissed the top of her head and ran his fingers through her gorgeous brown locks in thought. She was going to hate him… soon enough.

Her jaw dropped as Clint showed her the chunk of hair he’d cut off. She reached over yanking it out of his hold. She had this pouty look to her and Clint resisted the urge to laugh. He swallowed it back and had her facing the mirror once again. She frowned the entire time he cut her hair. Once he finished, he reached back and opened a counter. He pulled out a box of blonde hair dye.


“Don’t have a choice, baby… Sorry…”

She sneered at this.

“I so hate you right now…”

He drew back a breath and gave a simple nod.

“I know…”

Clint dyed her hair and cleaned everything up as she showered. He laid out the new style of clothes she’d be wearing as well. While she got ready, he went back up and pulled the anchor up and started the boat once again. Part of him wanted to disappear with her. To just forget everything. But being an agent… it was in his blood. He knew nothing else and he knew if he wanted to truly protect the ones he cared about – Bella included – then he had to keep trucking. He only prayed Bella was understanding of his reasons. Then again, she never once asked him to run away with her or to quit his job. Something he wasn’t sure how he felt about. Part of him wished she’d ask him. The other was somewhat relieved, knowing he wasn’t sure if he could turn her down if she ever asked.

“Hey…” he heard Bella call out after a couple hours of driving.

He reared back at the sight of her. He couldn’t help the way his lip involuntarily curled and he felt like a complete dick once he realized it. She lowered her head taking notice of the way he looked upon her now. She sat down, looking dejected.

“You hate it…” she murmured, sounding broken.

“The hair… yes…” he admitted.

“Clothes aren’t too bad…” he remarked as he took in her black jeans and rather emo looking shirt.

All in which he picked out. But he knew he needed something that cried anti-Bella. She even had the black eyeliner and eye shadow going. Which wasn’t bad but he preferred her natural look. Though he found himself digging the red lipstick a little too much…

“Wait… are you getting wood?”

He winced but nodded.

“You just recoiled like I had cooties or something and now you’re popping a boner…?!”

“It’s the lipstick…” he admitted as he was thinking of some pretty naughty things.

“So you like red lipstick?”

She managed to laugh as she actually had him blushing.

“On you anyhow…” he softly said as he kissed her and gave her the once over.

“It’s really not so bad…” Clint reiterated.

“Well, all but the hair…” she added and he laughed.

“Um yeah… sorry, I dig your natural color…but what I dig more is knowing you’re alive and well. And that’s the point. This is just cosmetics… You’re still my girl. At least I hope. You might be ready to rip my balls off by now.”

“A little…” she admitted but she knew it wasn’t his fault as to the only reason she wasn’t really letting him have it. He was doing all this to keep her and her father safe. Something she couldn’t really argue against, no matter how miserable she felt at the moment.

“Please don’t…” he teased about her ripping his balls off.

She laughed as he was sucking up by kissing whatever part of her he could reach.

“I think it’s growing on me…” he murmured into her mouth before kissing her.

“Is it now?”

He nodded and picked her up. Clint’s kisses grew more intense and eager. He groaned out in misery, however.

“I guess someone needs to drive the boat.”

She laughed as he had her tag along and sitting in his lap.

“How about you drive the boat and I…”

He arched a brow as she unfastened his pants and was fondling him.

“Fuck it…” he spat as he took her shirt off and tossed it behind him.

At the moment he was going to take every opportunity they had, knowing it would soon be their last. And turning her down? It wasn’t in his vocabulary.

Clint’s eyes batted as he came to. The sound of a helicopter had him rolling out of bed, grabbing his bow and rushing out of the cabin. Bella had caught wind of this and grabbed a robe and went to see what the fuss was about.

“Something wrong?” she called out.

He shook his head, eyeing the helicopter as it passed on by.

“Can never be too…” his train of thought was interrupted as the copter looped back around.

“Get inside the cabin!”

She nodded and took off. Sure enough, someone leaped out of the helicopter and landed in the boat. Clint wasted no time as he fired off his round of explosive arrows. The vampire looked down as if in shock and started towards Clint only to be knocked back by the explosive blast. Clint’s eyes widened as the boat caught on fire as well.



He turned back around and was about to scold her for not listening. She tossed a grenade over and he nodded as he caught it. He took out the pin and tossed it at the helicopter.

“JUMP!” He hollered.

Bella and Clint hopped overboard as the helicopter went up in flames. Bella reached for Clint under the water; he took her hand and swam back to the surface. He headed to the ladder first wanting to make certain it was safe. Once he got on board, he notice a bit of debris from the explosion but was thankful it wasn’t bad. He knew he needed to take care of the fire before the boat was done for, however. He was just about to do that as he turned back around and saw Aro popping out of the water. He was just about to snatch Bella when Clint fired off another arrow. The arrow knocked the vampire king back into the water. He was already missing a couple limbs due to the explosion. Clint reached over and helped Bella onto the boat. “Mind taking care of that…?” he pointed to the fire. She nodded and dashed off. Clint rushed off as well and grabbed his heavy duty stun gun. He charged it up and tossed it into the water. This causing an electrical charge within the water in the area. Bella had the fire extinguisher and was putting out the fire. Once their little adventure was done, Clint turned around and nodded towards her.

“Well, that was fun!”

For some reason, that had her dying in laughter, causing him to laugh as well.

They let out a simultaneous sigh as land came into view.

“Won’t be long now…” Clint said.

Bella nodded and wrapped her arms around him as they headed to the docks.

“Once we get there I’ll get on you a plane. Unfortunately, that’s where you and I will part ways.” He took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it over. “This is where you’re going. It’s a safe house but it’s only temporary. You will stay there until given further instructions… more permanent ones. These will be personally delivered to you. When that day comes, you will be given new IDs such as a license, birth certificate, social security card, etc… I need you to promise you will follow these orders word for word. From here on out, everything is up to you. You and your father will remain safe as long you do as instructed.”

She drew back a breath but nodded in understanding.

“And always keep in mind I’m doing my best to get back to you,” he said once they arrived at the docks.

At the airport…

“No goodbyes…” Clint murmured as he hugged her close.

She nodded in agreement.

“I love you, Clint.”
“I love you, too, baby. Take care of yourself. It shouldn’t be long.”

On this note, he kissed her one last time and watched as she boarded the plane. Clint would look back on this moment with hatred, not just because she was leaving but also because of how badly he would end up lying to her…

(Be a good sport leave your comment/review. Thank you Bertie Bott aka Lil Devil for beta’ing this for me and all your help. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. And FYI next week I will be starting ReStealing Twilight’s Swan and a Bella/Jax story by the name of The Shield of Anarchy. The Dean/Bella story is still coming and so is my original. Just gotta go with what the muses are calling for at the moment.)


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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


fanfiction and stuff


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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