Chapter 25: Oh Mistress Of Mine

Chapter 25

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Later on…

“I hereby sentence Mr. Justin Hammer and Mr. Alexander Pierce to life in prison!” The Judge slams down his hammer and rises.

Bella and Tony hop at this. They high five one another and their lawyer chuckles. For once, the judge let their celebration slide. This had been an ongoing and highly tedious case. Bella and Tony fought this tooth and nail. Alongside of them were Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Colonel James Fury as witnesses. To their disappointment, neither Thor nor the captain showed. This had them beyond peeved with the Captain especially. Bella didn’t expect Thor to fully understand the ways of their world yet. He was still learning. But for the Captain to stand this one out, because of his and Tony’s disagreement showed her a lack of integrity. And considering what he stood for… She’d lost major respect for him.

The judge bangs on his hammer once more, doing his best to quiet an unruly room. Everyone was already celebrating the win. Tony and Bella sat back down.

“As for you Ms. Potts, you will be facing 5 years without bail.”

She gasps and cuts Bella a dirty go to hell look.
“THIS IS YOUR ENTIRE FAULT, YOU BITCH!” Pepper shouts and points directly upon Bella.

Tony rolls his eyes and sighs as if bored.

“You just keep telling yourself that.” Tony mutters under his breath.

“Ms. Potts did I not tell you the consequences, if you went against my orders? I know for a fact you went BACK to work for Hammer Industries not long after our last hearing! You not only went against Stark’s contract but against a court order! You have broken the law and on numerous accounts now! In fact I do believe I’m having a change of heart as well. Seems to be a thing with you isn’t it Ms. Potts?! Ten years without bail!”

She shrieks out and covers her mouth.

“Do enjoy your stay!” The judge remarks and rises from his seat.

“Court dismissed!” He throws his hands in the air and exits the courtroom.

Bella grinned ear to ear and waved Ms. Pepper Potts off as they cuffed her and led her out of the room. She turned to Tony and he was shaking his head but smirking. Security began to leading the Starks out of the room. The media slammed them once they stepped out. Microphone’s, camera’s, flashing lights were shoved right in their faces. Tony did his best to shield Bella as the agents did their jobs keeping them at bay.

Once they got into the limo, Tony had Happy take them to the cemetery. Bella and Tony agreed that once the case was over with, they’d pay Coulson and Rhodes a visit. And properly say their goodbyes…

Bella places the flowers they’d gotten on Coulson’s grave. She ran her fingers along the blades of lush green grass that was already growing within the area. Tony narrowed his eyes and took in a breath. They’d just visited Rhodes grave as well. Once Bella came to her feet, Tony cleared his throat and brought her into his chest. He was doing his best to keep it together. He kissed the top of Bella’s head, as she broke into soft sobs against his shoulder. He nodded towards Happy. Happy took the hint and went and got the limo ready.

“It still doesn’t seem real. Even to this day… that’s how I feel about Charlie.”

Tony nodded in agreement. It was times like these, Tony had no words. He never was comfortable in these situations. Bella regained composure and started towards the limo. Tony took a few moments to himself. He took something out of his pocket and placed it beside the flowers. It was the Captain America trading card. Tony had forgotten to give it to Coulson, after Steve signed it.

“Better late than never… I suppose.” Tony winced at his own words and shook his head.

He glanced back towards the area Rhodes was buried. He gave a simple nod and headed on back to the limo.

Tony chuckled as he entered the kitchen. Unaware she had an audience… Bella was singing and dancing away to a Maroon 5 song. He wrinkled his nose at the music, but tilted his head admiring her ass as she moved about. He saw all the ingredients out on the counter and took notice of the picture of a cake in a cookbook she was using.

“Hmmm… so you’re making me a cake?”

“TONY!” She scolds as he caused her to jump.

He smirks and pecks her on the cheek, whilst running a hand along her ass. She reaches over and turns down the radio.

“It’s not for you, Tony.”

Tony frowns and goes to dip his finger into the batter. Bella takes the bowl out from his reach.

“If you don’t like other people’s germs, what makes you think they want yours?”

“Bella honey, there people out there that would pay good money for a swap of my DNA.”

“Just how many baby mamas do you assume you have?”

He cues that smirk again.

“Well hopefully just the one…” He hints, whilst running a hand along her tummy.

“Easy, Tony…”
He nods and pecks her on the neck.

“Something wrong?”

She shakes her head. But he wasn’t convinced. Tony scooped her up and placed her on the counter. He took a spoon out from a nearby drawer and dipped it into the vanilla batter. He placed it in her mouth. Tony then removed the spoon and gathered him a spoonful of batter as well.

“Double dipped.”

He raised his brows on this as he swallowed the batter down. Bella giggled at the look on his face. He shrugs and tosses the spoon into the sink.

“So what is it? We won the case…. So, you should be on could nine.”

She sighs.

“Tony I saw the test you had conveniently set out in the bathroom.”
He shrugs on this looking lost.

“It’s a bit soon don’t you think… and…”
“And what? You told me yourself you didn’t have a period last month and you’re late this one.”

“Ugh, Tony…”

She goes to hop down. Tony braces her up so she can’t escape.

“Now are you going to tell me what this is about?”

“It’s nothing…”
“Um no… This… This right here isn’t “nothing”. Now spill it.”
“It hasn’t even been that long. And I’ve been known to have irregular periods.”
“I still don’t see the issue…”
“Dammit Tony, since when does the guy buy the pregnancy test and damn near flaunt it in the woman’s face!”

He reared back a bit and shook his head rather wide eyed.

“Wow…” He says and steps a few steps back.

He looks upon her baffled as he leans against the fridge. Tony folded his arms about his chest.

“Anything else?”

She rolls her eyes and hops down from the counter. She goes back to stirring the cake batter and preheats the oven.

“So you didn’t take the test?”
She says and slams the oven door.

“And why not?”
“Jesus, Tony!”

He tilted his head a bit as if piecing together a puzzle.

“It’s too soon!”

He shrugs.

“It says you can tell within two weeks of…”

Bella storms out of the room. He hears the bathroom door slam shut. Tony heads over and knocks on the door.

“Are you going to take the test?!” He taunts, whilst chuckling to himself.

“WHY NOT?!” He says as if angry, but he was trying to keep from laughing.

He nearly fell as she opened the door and shot him a go straight to hell look.

“It’s a lot of pressure, ok!”

“What? Peeing on a stick?”


He covers his mouth, forcing back a laugh. He swallows rather hard. He couldn’t believe how she was acting. He’d never seen her all out of sorts about something so trivial. Or trivial that is until he figured out why she was “acting out “, so to speak.

“Honey…” He says softly as she paces the bathroom, looking to the test he had setting out.


He slipped and died in laughter.


“Well maybe we don’t need the test after all…” He cruelly hints.

Bella flips him off and goes back to pacing.

“Seriously… What’s with you?”

“What if I’m not pregnant?”

He shrugs.

“Then we have fun practicing!”

“Tony…” She lowers her head.

“I can’t read your mind. Talk to me, Wildcat.”

She sighs and glances towards the test once more.
“What if it’s always negative, then what?”
“Why would it be? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“No. But these things… they happen all the time! And then what?”
He pinches his nose as if getting a headache.

“Just take the test…”


“Bella honey… I married you for a reason. Your ability to have children wasn’t it. That’s just a bonus. So in the off chance that we cannot … that changes nothing… Feel better now?”

She takes in a breath and stares him down for a moment. He nods once she finally shuts the door. Tony makes his way to the bed and simply waits. After 12 of the longest minutes in their lives, Bella steps out. Tony rises, locking eyes with hers. Bella was nibbling on that bottom lip of hers. She casually made her way over and handed him the pregnancy test.

He froze for a moment as he gawked upon it. All Tony saw was the two pink lines. He had this very odd look about him.

“Huh…” He expressed and continued to stare

Bella cut him and confused glance in return.

“Well this is what you wanted… Wasn’t it?”

He nods and clears his throat.

“Well yeah… just looks like we’re going to have our hands fuller than I imagined.”

“Well yeah, Tony. Babies tend to do that.”

He nods once again handing the stick back.

“And you were worried about not being able to conceive. Talk about a double whammy!”

“Double? ” She inquires.

“So two boys? Two girls? One of each?”

“Oh… My… God… You think we’re having twins?!”

Tony had this bewildered look about him.

“Well what are you saying?” He questions with an innocent mien about him.

“There are two lines.”

“And I thought you were a freaking genius!”
She yanks the stick out of his hand.

“TWO lines indicates that I am pregnant! I mean honestly Tony! How the hell would a simple pregnancy test detect whether I’m having twins or not?”

“So we’re not having twins?!” He calls out as she goes to get the cake out of the oven.

“Not that I know of…”

Tony takes in a breath of relief, yet had this massive grin on his face.

“So we’re having a baby.”
“Actually I’m having the baby. But here’s the kicker… You’re the father!”

“Oh well… GOOD!”

He hears her laugh as she places the cake on top of the oven to cool. Tony continued to smile, as he made his way into the kitchen.

“So you’re really are pregnant?”

“That’s typically what the two pink lines indicate…”

She gasps back as Tony suddenly grabbed ahold of her. He lifted her up pressing her up against the wall and avidly kissed her. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Tony had his forehead against hers. He had his eyes shut for a moment.

“Tony?” Bella softly stated with concern.

His lips found hers once again. He kissed her even more heatedly. Tony unfastened his pants. The sound of a zipper was heard. Next thing Bella knew he had her skirt up and panties pulled to the side. He let out a sexy grunt as he drove his entire length in. He grew agitated with the panties and ended up ripping them off. Her legs wrapped around him as Tony thrust about her even harder. Even he didn’t expect his own reaction. But he was on literal high at the moment. Something he didn’t want to come off of anytime soon.

“God… Wildcat, I love you so much.” He moans in the middle of thrusting, surprising her once again.

Before she can even reply back, his lips are locked with hers again. He pulsated intensely within her. Bella cried out at the sensation. Tony softly growled out feeling her coming along his cock. His name escaped her lips and Tony ground his teeth together in release.

He brought her back down, but neither broke away. They continued to kiss. Tony however froze with slight alarm. Bella was starting to tear up.

“Hey…” He used his thumbs to wipe them away.

“You alright?”

She nods with a smile and flushed face.

“Sorry… just…” Bella sucked back a breath.

“Just wasn’t truly expecting it to be that easy for some reason.”

“Well didn’t you know?”

“Know what?”
“My sperm carries arc reactors too!”
He chuckles as she pops him on the arm.

“So what’s the cake for?

“My brother’s birthday party. Remember? The one you promised to be at? The one you’re going to help me host tonight.”

“Sounds kind of familiar… Are you certain it’s tonight?”

Bella sighs as they adjust their clothing. Tony tossed Bella’s torn panties into the trash.

“He’s my brother. I’m pretty sure I know when his birthday is. I’m going to shower and then get started on decorating the cake.”
Tony took a cake cutter out from one of the drawers.

“No Tony!”

“Like he’s going to miss one piece?”

“I mean it Tony! You cut into that cake and I’ll be cutting into you!”

He stares upon the cake as if having an inner battle.


He sighs and bitterly tosses the cake cutter down.


He hears her laughing as she heads into the bathroom. Once he heard the bathroom door shut. He leaned back against the counter. He never imagined he’d be this excited about becoming a father. Five years ago he would’ve ran for the hills. Tony looked around the house envisioning a little tike running around. He nodded to himself and went and poured himself a drink in celebration.

As he sipped at his drink he looked out the window. All of the latest events were running through his mind. Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D, Justin, Pepper, being kidnapped, The Captain and Thor pretty much turning their backs to them, and now here he was about to be a father. That alone erased any amount of the sheer hell, he and Bella had faced as of late. He truly couldn’t grasp why. Perhaps he’d grown up after all… well somewhat… He thought with a shrug. Tony was already going through baby room plans in his head etc… He reared back at his own thoughts, walked back to the bar and poured another drink.

Tony was getting ready as Bella finished up the cake. She then called to the caterer making certain everything was set up. She brought out the champagne and beer she’d purchased just for tonight. As she was setting up someone rang the doorbell. She looked to the security monitor and smiled seeing as how it was Bruce. She adjusted her dress and black dress.

“Well hello, Dr. Banner.”

He smiled and nodded towards the camera.

She pushed the button allowing him on in. Bruce had just entered in time to see Bella on a step stool, decorating the place. Everything was blue, silver, and white. His eyes widened and he rushed over as she lost her footing and nearly fell. She looked to him in shock as he caught her. Tony had just walked in and was adjusting his cufflinks. He narrowed his eyes seeing as how Bruce cradling Bella in his arms.

“Now how come you never hold me like that?”

“You never ask…”

“Ah I see how it is…” Tony eyes Bella accusingly.

She laughs as Bruce places her down.

“Well in all fairness you’re not a doctor, Tony.”

Bruce chuckles.

“She makes a valid point, Stark.”
Tony sighs.

“You’re right. I’m just a philanthropist, billionaire, and genius.”

“You left one out I believe.”

“I’m actually retiring that one. You can take over that title, if you so wish Dr. Banner. I’ll gladly hand it over. I even have a little black book in which you can start with.”
“Tony!” Bella scorns.

He winks upon her and looks to the monitor in surprise seeing Steve and Thor. They had Darcy and Jane with them.

“Well this is either going to get really ugly or really interesting.”

Bella looks on with surprise as well.

“So they actually came!”

Tony cuts her a certain glance. She rather shrugs her shoulders as she finishes decorating. “I thought we could at least keep the peace long enough to celebrate Clint’s birthday.”

Tony nods.

“I’m game. We’ll see what happens.”

‘Just try to be nice and civil, Tony… Please.”

He sighs, remembering damn well everything the Captain said to her. The more he thought on it and the fact that he didn’t show up to court the harder it became to obey his wife’s wishes.

“Very well… I’ll go find something stronger to drink.”

“Tony…” She grumbles and he struts back over to the bar.

Bruce follows Tony to the bar as Bella hits the button allowing them in. Thor and Steve nod towards Bella as they come off the elevator. But like Tony she too had to hold her tongue. But she rather eyed the Captain as she welcomed Darcy and Jane with hugs. He was the one person she felt that should have had their backs during this. S.H.I.E.L.D should have been something he’d most certainly taken personally enough he’d had showed up in court. She wanted to interrogate the living hell out of him. But instead…

“Glad you came.”

They merely nodded and took a seat. Before long Phil, Renee, Natasha, and Clint arrived. Bella smiled and happily greeted them with hugs. Everyone showed up in their best wear.

“Happy birthday…” Bella softly said as she kissed her brother on the cheek.

He smiled.
“Thank you, Bell.”

“So what are you like 50 now?”

Clint glances over at Tony.

“I think he’s closer to that age range than I am.”

Tony hadn’t even heard him. He and Steve were having some sort of stare down. Bella cleared her throat and they both snapped their heads her direction. She gave them the cut throat motion, but with a forced smile. Tony took a swig of his drink and started the music with the surround sound going.

The caterers arrived and quickly set up. Bella reared back at the DJ Tony invited in. Happy arrived lastly and handed Clint a red rose. Bella giggled at her brother’s reaction. He looked at the rose oddly. Natasha took it from Clint’s hand.

“Oh, thank you!”

Clint raised his brows but chuckled. Bella took Happy by the hand and walked him over to the bar where Bruce and Tony were.

“Just make certain this one behaves…”
Happy looks to Tony then back over to Bella.


“You want me to babysit?”

Bella nods and walks away. Tony sighs. Happy grins ear to ear. And Bruce dies in laughter.

“So it’s begins…” Tony mutters to himself.

“What’s that?” Bruce questioned.

“The part where my wife becomes my mother.”

Happy and Bruce wrinkle their noses at this.

“Yep… my thoughts exactly.”

“Time to show her whose daddy!”

“Tony…” Happy warns as Tony starts to wander off.

Tony struts right on over to Steve and Thor as they were having some sort of long winded conversation. He places his arms around their shoulders.

“I wanted to thank you both for having our backs in court!”

“Now’s not the time, Stark.”

“Well sure it is any times a good time to show others your appreciation.”

Steve sighs.

“We had our reasons.”

“Hmmm so let me get this straight. You stop wearing mother’s drapes, but let the all American backstabber speak for you.” Thor wasn’t uttering a word. He still felt horrible about pushing Bella the last encounter they had. He’d never intentionally hurt a woman like that. And if it had been Jane. He’d have ripped that man’s throat out. So Thor kept quiet and to himself. Other than dealing with Steve and Jane that is.
“BACKSTABBER?!” Steve shouts over the music.

Bella had just entered the room with Darcy and Jane. She had the cake she’d made Clint in her hand.

“Tony you promised!”

“Actually no I didn’t.”

Clint sighs as everyone’s now staring at his sister, Tony, Steve and Thor.

“I believe we know who the backstabbers are.”

Clint casually drags Tony away and Bruce herds Steve and Thor towards the other side of the room. Happy cuts Bella a guilty glance as she eyes him down. He mouths the words sorry and she sighs. But the awkward atmosphere within the room is broken by Darcy bursting out in laughter. Bella had just taken the plastic lid off the cake and sat it down. Bella looked upon Darcy oddly. Tony was next to notice as Darcy had his curiosity. He covers his mouth and chuckles. Bella narrows her eyes looking honest to GOD confused by their random laughter.

Clint merely raises his brows and shakes his as the laughter soon filled the room. He and Bella were the only ones NOT laughing. He gazes upon his sister accusingly.

“Really Bell?!” Clint scolds in disbelief.

“Isabella Marie!” Her mother added.

She rears back and looks down at what everyone’s looking at. Her jaw drops. What was meant to say Happy Birthday Clint! It actually read Happy Birthday Cunt! The letters had run together.

She covered her mouth and her entire face flushed over.

“Oh Bella honey, no matter how fitting Cunt may be for Barton over there. Nobody actually expected it to be on his cake! Let’s say next year we get a little closer and have Clit instead? How about that?” Tony utters in a drunken slur.

She eyes him ruefully. Darcy continues to giggle and happily places the candles on the cake. Jane’s trying not to laugh and has to explain to Thor why it’s so funny. Once he finally gets it he lets out a bellowing laugh. Bella grits her teeth and lights the candles.

“Why would you put that on his cake?! Honestly Bella.” Her mother inquired, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“That’s just how I roll now, mom. What’s wrong with offering my brother a little cunt?!” She mouths off and everyone’s jaw drops. Bella starts to lead everyone in the Happy Birthday song.

Tony had that itch though. He couldn’t help himself. Just as the song ended and Clint was to blow out his candles he leaned into his ear and whispered.

“And guess who knocked up your sister.”

Clint was had just sucked back a breath preparing to blow out the candles, only to wind up spitting them out. Everyone made a disgusted face. Tony died in laughter and patted Clint on the back.

“Yep looks as though you’re going to be good ole Uncle Cunt! Happy Birthday!”

Her mother over heard this and turned to Bella in shock.

“You’re having a baby?!”

“Not at the moment… try 8 to 7 months from now or so…”

Everyone’s eye’s darted Bella’s way in disbelief. Everyone but Bruce that is. He merely grinned and shook his head.

“So you’re really pregnant?” Clint whispers.

She nods with a smile.
“Huh… Well that sure was…”

“Fast?” Tony finishes for him.

Clint nods with a rather wide eyed expression.

“It’s a Stark thing.” Tony declares with a shrug.

Darcy squealed in delight.

“Baby Starks!”

Bella giggled at her reaction. Renee shook her head looking to Phil in astonishment.

“We’re going to be grandparents?!”

Phil smiled and kissed Renee’s forehead.

“It seems so!”

“Congratulations…” To their surprise this came out of Steve’s mouth.

He nodded upon Tony and Bella.

“Thank you.” Bella replied.

He nodded once more as Jane began cutting the cake. Tony cocked a brow however as Bella covered her face and hurriedly left the room. He nodded towards Clint in wonder as they were the only ones to take notice. “What was that?” Tony mouthed. Clint shrugged. They both headed towards the kitchen where she’d rushed off. They both had a rear back moment as they heard her bawling as she had her head in the fridge.

“Bella honey?” Tony softly called out.
“What’s wrong, Bell?”

“I worked hard on that cake.” She utters and begins to bawl even harder.

“I had everything planned out perfectly and it was ruined by one little cunt.”

Tony and Clint were trying not to burst in laughter. She was seriously upset.

“It wasn’t ruined, Bell.”
“What he said…Party isn’t over yet. Besides there’s never been a Stark party that doesn’t end with pissing somebody off.”

“I always throw your birthday parties. This one Sucked Ass!”

Clint chuckled but hurriedly grabbed ahold of her.

“And I’ve loved each and everyone of them. You know that.” He assured as he hugged her.

“I for one happened to love the cunt! And come on cunt with vanilla icing? In fact I call dibs I get to go down on the cunt first!”


Clint rolls his eyes.

“Really Tony? I’m right here?”
“Hey she might’ve made you the cake but… The c…” Bella rushes over and covers Tony’s mouth.

“Ugh, Tony. Do you ever stop?”
He mutters something against her hand.

“Look I better get back out there. But nothing’s ruined. Like Tony said it’s not over.”

Clint kisses her forehead on the way out of the kitchen. Bella removes her hand from Tony’s mouth. She sighs as he cuts her a wink.

“So do we have any of that vanilla icing left?” He says, whilst wiggling his brows.

“Tony…” She mumbles and shakes her head. He wipes her tears with her thumbs.

When he did the math, Tony figured she was overly emotional not just with the pregnancy but everything else around them. Their hours with Stark Industries seemed to have tripled. With the court cases and everything else going on. They barely had time to breathe. And this well was literally the icing on the cake, sarcasm noted. He nodded in thought. Tony took her hand and led her back to the party. Led her straight to the dancefloor, making them the first couple to hit the floor. Pitbull’s “Fireball” was playing. Bella blushed a bit and started giggling as Tony twirled her about. She was surprised he actually knew the words as he sang along.

“Where the hell did she learn to dance like that?!” Her mother scoffed in disbelief.

Darcy laughed.

“Hot isn’t it?!”

Renee’s jaw dropped and Darcy winked upon her and waved.

“Why the nerve!”

Phil rolled his eyes.

“Would you just relax?”

She sighs at Phil’s words.

“And look at that dress!” Phil nodded and tilted his head in such a way.

One that had Renee elbowing the hell out of him. He swallows back and shrugs.

Tony locked lips with her once the song was over. Renee rolled her eyes.

“To think she’s going to be a mom! Doesn’t she know she can’t be acting like that?!”

“Jesus Renee just shut it already. She’s going to be a great mother we both know that. Leave her be! You just can’t help yourself can you?”

Phil grabs one of the glasses of champagne and downs it. He grabs her hand and forces her onto the dancefloor.

“You could pick up a few pointers from her you know.” He says as he dips Renee.


He grins and starts dancing with Renee. Bella caught a glimpse of this and looked on in full surprise.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Tony turned to see what she was referring to.

“Heh… so your mother’s not such a prude after all.”

Bella snorts and shakes her head.

Fury and Esme had just entered the room. He pecked Esme on the cheek and nodded towards Clint. Clint made his way over and shook his hand.

“Happy Birthday, Barton…” He handed him an envelope.

“Um… thanks Colonel.”

Fury nodded and began mingling his way through the guests. He wanted to check up on Clint and Bella’s parents, making sure everything was top notch, since they’d came out of witness protection. Esme questioned Darcy about Emmett’s whereabouts. He had to work tonight that and he’d taken Tony’s warning seriously. He wasn’t about to push his luck or cause problems with his and Bella’s relationship. He figured it best if he steered clear.

“I’m cutting in!” Darcy demanded a couple dances in.

Tony cocked a brow at this.

“Well by all means.” He did a slight bow and sauntered off.

Bella laughed as Darcy twirled her about and took over as if she were the man leading the woman.

“I dare say your grip is somewhat firmer than Tony’s!” Bella teased.

“Oh believe me I’m firm in all the right places. You just remember that when your snuggling up to hubby tonight.”

“Will do.”

Tony raised his brows as he watched from the bar. Happy came up and patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s a good thing you’re rich. Something tells me if Darcy really put her mind to it, Bella would be history….”

“Eh, I doubt she’s working with eight inches.”

At this they both tilt their heads upon Darcy as if in wonder.

“These days you never know. Could be nine! And eight? Really Tony?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Kind of…” Happy admits.

Tony looks over to see Clint opening some of his gifts. He nods and takes off heading for the garage. He and Bella had been working on something special just for Clint. They’d made a quiver that had Hawkeye engraved into it, bow, and arrows. There were three sets of 20 arrows. One set was made to have an electric current flowing from it as it struck its target. Any enemy it hit would be hit with a nice paralyzing voltage. Set two was made to ignite on target with engrossing flames. Set three was Tony’s personal favorite. When it hit target it would open up like a set of claws sending a powerful burst of air. One just enough to cause an implosion in the human body if that were so the case.

Tony returned from the garage and slammed the quiver filled with arrows down in Clint’s lap. Clint grunted out in agony. Tony propped the bow up against the coffee table, he’d a big red bow on it.

“Um thanks…?” Clint groaned with a rather high pitched tone.

“You’re welcome!”
“That’s from the both of us by the way. Bella’s got a surprising knack for these things once you get her started.”

“Is that so?” Clint says truly surprised.
“She’s not too bad of a spy either.” Clint added.

Bella looked to her brother with amazement.

“But you bitched at me the entire time.”

“Well you sucked… at first…”

“You suck…”
“Your maturity astounds me.”
“Your face astounds me.”
“OK you two that’s enough.” Renee calls out as she and Phil made their way back from the dance floor.

“He started it.” Bella says with a playful smirk.

Phil dies in laughter. Bella sticks her tongue out at Clint and he chuckles.

“Same ole Bell.”
Clint comes to his feet after opening his gifts.

“Thanks everyone!”

He motions for Bella to follow him outside. She nods and follows him out.

“So you’re going to be a mom…” He says and Bella nods.


He takes back a breath and looks back towards the party inside.

“So my little sister beat me to the punch. You got the spouse, the big house, and starting a family. All you need is a big dog and picket fence.”

Bella narrowed her eyes.

“What is it?”

He shrugs rather dismissively.

“Come on, Clint. It’s just me… you know you can tell me…”

He takes a ring out from his pocket. Her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth.
“That’s beautiful, Clint.”

He nods.

“So when are you going to pop the question?”

He grimaces.

“That’s just it… I don’t know if I even should.”
“Then why the hell’d you get the ring for?”

Clint lets out a nervous chuckle.

“Let’s just put it like this Bell. I’m afraid of running her off the moment she catches wind of this ring.”
Bella takes it from his hand.

“Why do you say that?”

“Tesh… She’s different. She’s not your typical settling down type.”
Bella nods and hands it back.

“She may surprise you.”

“It’s not like I wanna get married right away… I just…”

“Want to be more exclusive?”

“Then make subtle hints about that before you propose. Something to put you both more at ease once you decide to pop the question.”

“I can’t believe you’re pregnant, Bell. So between us… How do you really feel about this?”
“Frightened out of my mind.”

He has a good laugh at this. She nods and looks to the stars.

“Excited… Happy… Confused…”

They both laugh and shake their heads.

“Eh if there’s anyone that can pull it off it’s you. You’re going to be one hell of a mom.”
“I hope so.”
“I know so… You can do anything you set your mind to. You’ve proved that time and time again.”

She smiles.

“Thanks, Clint.”

“And thank you for the party. Though I must admit, you’re the only one that’s ever made me a “cunt” cake.”

“CLINT BARTON!” She yells with a laugh and punches him in the arm.
“Hey how do you think I feel? My sister made that cake!”

“Shut it, Clint!”
“That’s kind of cool though.”

“What is?”
“Getting to be an uncle and all.”

“Glad you think so because they’ll be staying at your house every weekend. That way Tony and I can still have date nights. Besides you and Natasha could use the practice!”

“Ha! Funny…”
“I’m serious.”

“You can leave them with Dad and Renee.”
“Um no… are you crazy? Could you imagine that much time around my mother?! I happen to love our baby.”

“She’s not as bad as she used to be.”

“Yeah because your dad manages to keep her somewhat balanced.”
He nods not sure what to say to that.

“I suppose we better head back in.”

Bella nods in agreement and hands Clint the ring back. He tucks it away and opens the sliding door.

Bella and Tony sat on the couch eyeing the mess around them. They both let out a groan.

“Why wouldn’t you let me hire someone to clean up after the party again?”

She sighs “I’m starting to wonder that myself”. He nods takes his cell from his pocket. He turns to say something else only to find that she’s gone. Tony narrows his eyes and rises off the couch. “Bella honey?” Tony starts looking throughout the house.


Tony grunts out as he’s suddenly slammed up against the wall. The cellphone flies right out of his clutch.

“Ummm, Wildcat?” Her hand was roughly pressed up against his chest.

Her teeth were gritted and she was eyeing him something fierce. She still had on the red lipstick and that sexy little black dress from the party.

“You alright there?”
His eyes widened as she wrapped her hand around his throat. He grunted out as she took off in flight and smashed right through the living room windows.

“WHOA!” He hollered out and looked down as he struggled in her hold.

“Bella honey, I’m all for trying out new things, but I’m not so sure how I feel about th… OH SHIT!”

Bella ripped his clothing off in mid-flight causing him to start plummeting to the ground. He began bracing himself for impact just as he blacked out. He woke to find himself bond by rope to a couple of wooden post.

“What the…?” He squirmed about trying to break free.

He heard the cracking of a whip and looked up, just in time to see Bella’s black dress drop to the floor. He raised his brows as all she had on underneath, was some skimpy DOM looking black lingerie. He cleared his throat rather nervously as she cracked the whip and seductively smiled his way.

“Is it just my imagination or is there something different about you?”

She cracks the whip again.

“Um yes, mistress?”

She vanishes. And Tony suddenly feels his head being jerked back as she had a fistful of his hair.

He felt her smack him on the ass. She then grabbed his arm and leaned into his ear, keeping his head pulled back against her. Tony let out a moan as she nibbled on his earlobe.

“You’re mine!”

Tony’s eyes widen as she had his full attention.
“Ok so we’re in agreement there.”

He felt the whip smacking him in the back.


“Did I tell you to talk?!”

“I’m not sure whether to be turned on or scared out of my fucking mind. Can I be both?!”


Dammit he thinks as he looks down and he’s rock hard. The whip hits against his shoulders and he grimaces. But his dick gets even harder.

“Bella honey, sweetie, love of my life… that’s really starting to smart now.”

He yelps out feeling it hit against his back once again.

“What the fuck?” He groans as he hurting all to hell but precum was dripping out of him now.

“This shouldn’t be so…”

Tony gasps out as he comes to. Bella was curled up against his chest. He heard her yawn as she tiredly stretched out. She rose and smiled. She then leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Tony watched as she rolled on out of bed and made her way into the bathroom. He took in the deepest of breaths remembering his crazy ass dream. He went to get up and join Bella in the shower, only to hear the sound of metal clanking up against the headboard. He narrowed his eyes and turned to see he was cuffed to the bed.

“Um… Bella honey… I really think we need to talk…”

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 25: Oh Mistress Of Mine”

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