Chapter 27 World War Stark

Chapter 27

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“What do you mean she’s not here?!” Tony snapped as he eyed Happy down.

He was getting into the suit with the Hulkbuster transformation. Making a first it’d be put to use. The other one was starting to lose its juice and he needed something more resilient and with more oomph. Once Tony had the suit on he rushed over and grabbed Happy by the collar of his shirt.

“You were given one task! ONE!”
Happy let out a nervous chuckle.

“Ummm yeah… The Vision showed up and took her with him to New York.


“Bella willingly went with him.”

“WHAT?!” He shook Happy in his grasp.

“Easy now…” Bruce softly stated.

Iron Man shook his head, dropping his hold. He then took in the beating the garage had taken from the AI’s. He glanced back towards Bruce, Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Jasper, Esme, and Emmett.

“Guess we’re heading to New York!”

Bruce rolled his eyes.

“Like deja vu…” He mutters under his breath.

“You could say that again.”

Captain America grunted out as he literally came down to a crawl. A nearby AI kicked him in the ribs and another in the face. He spit out a good amount of blood as he fell onto his side. His head swayed about as he picked up the now blurry visions of the AI’s standing over him. He felt as though they were mocking him as they all had their palms aimed at them. He nodded knowing he was done for. Not even Captain America could survive the significant blow he was about to receive. He readied his shield and sucked back a painful breath.

He felt something hit his shield, but it wasn’t quite at the impact he was expecting. He raised his brows in a bit of a stupor; on his shield stood Iron Maiden. She used his shield to spin around and for once perfected the laser. She grinned beneath that suit as their torsos detached from their bodies and fell to the ground.

“That’s so cool.” She whispered to herself.

She then hopped down and offered the Captain a hand.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” He snapped as he took her hand.

She nodded and quickly released her hold.

“Nevermind… You’ve got legs. Get up soldier!” She barks in return.

He sighs and shakes his head as he tumbled back to the ground.

“I’m serious. You shouldn’t be here!”

“I just saved your ass and that’s how you say thank you?!”

“Go home!” Only this didn’t come from the Captain.

Iron Maiden whipped around to see Iron Man.

“Nice to see you too!” She fired back.

“I mean it! I want you to leave at once! Get your ass back home!”

“He’s right! You haven’t any business being here!”

Bella was gritting her teeth behind that iron helmet of hers.

“THE HELL WITH YOU, BOTH OF YOU!” She shouted as she took down a nearby AI.

She grabs Captain America by the collar of his suit and forces him onto his feet. Afterword she playfully smacks him on the cheek.

“You’re welcome!”

Iron Man quickly fires at a nearby enemy. He then points to Iron Maiden.

“What the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay put! Dammit! Bella honey… you know me! I don’t ask a whole lot out of you! Just this once! THIS ONE TIME! I REALLY NEEDED YOU TO LISTEN TO ME! NOW GOOOOOOOOOOOO HOMMMMMMMMMMMMME!” He shouts in her face.

She shakes her head, with gritted teeth. The Captain wraps his arms around her waist and starts to drag her away from the area. Now Tony was seeing red beneath that suit and his blood was boiling. It was one thing for HIM to tell HIS WIFE what to do! But seeing another man do so and manhandling her! HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!

Without warning Iron Man zipped over and socked Captain America right in the face.

“Get your fucking hands off my wife!” The Captain rubbed his jaw and shook his head.

“This right here… it’s between us! So back off!” Iron Man pushed him back and got right in his face.

Bella gasped out as the Captain waylaid the living hell out of Iron Man. He staggered back, putting his hands to his helmet.


Bella’s jaw dropped.

Both men stop and turn to her with bewildered looks.

“HOLY SHIT! It’s Spiderman!” She takes off running.

“Huh! Iron Maiden… How lucky am I?!”

Iron Man hears Spiderman say as he embraces her in a hug. Iron Man does a face palm and groans in misery as Spiderman twirls her about.

“What the…” Tony utters.
“You’re kidding… right?” Captain America mutters under his breath, thinking on how Angela reacted to Spiderman as well.

“Um no… Nope. No Bella!” Iron Man scolds seeing as how her hands were inching towards Spiderman’s ass.

“Can we keep him?!”

Spiderman rears back with a chuckle.

“I’m sure he has a home already, Bella honey.”

“Oh I don’t know. I might be willing to put myself up for adoption.” Spiderman utters, looking her up and down.

“You know I happen to have a poster of Mrs. Stark on my wall. One of those got milk posters too. Would you like to see it? Maybe sign it even?”
“I have a poster?”
“Oh yeah you do…”

Tony rolled his eyes beneath that suit. He knew damn well what poster too. It was the very one he had in his garage… It had Bella in a black two piece swimsuit with a milkstache and the Iron Maiden helmet in her clutch. One Tony had photo shopped himself and it clearly backfired.

“I never posed for a got milk poster.”

Iron Man clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck.

“Well either way it’s hot!” Spiderman says with a shrug.

“Huh… Tony did you know about this?”

“Umm we’re kind of in the middle of a battle, remember?”

“Right…” Iron Maiden and Spiderman chorus.

The four of them look towards the area the battle moved off to. They all shared the same exasperated sigh and nodded.

“Just stay close. That’s the least you could do considering you defy me in everything else!”

She went to roll her eyes but froze. She wasn’t the only one either. This was the worst they’d ever seen. A massive cloud of debris and dirt filled the area. Several buildings had been destroyed along with a slew of vehicles, roads, etc… Only that wasn’t what had them so ill. Iron Maiden made her way to one of the bodies. One… out of hundreds that were spread across New York. She grimaced seeing that he was just a teenage boy. She ran her hand over his eyes, shutting them. As she came back to her feet she looked around, shaking her head.

“We have to find a way to take Ultron down. Or this will only continue. The longer we wait, the more these things multiply.”

They whipped around seeing Thor twirling a couple of AI’s about. He flung them Hulk’s way. Hulk smashed them into smithereens and got started on the next batch that came his way. The other’s joined in as well. Within an hour or so Iron Man, Iron Maiden, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Fury, Esme, Jasper, Emmett, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Spiderman… Had all joined in on the battle. But even with as large of a group as they were now. They were still outnumbered and greatly. Just as Iron Maiden was trying to explain, Iron Man had already taken notice. They were multiplying it seemed for every five they killed another fifteen appeared. The battle itself became exhausting and never ending. They’d been at this for hours on end. Iron Maiden more than proved she could stand her ground. But she knew this would only continue…

“We can’t keep doing this!” She calls out as she and Iron Man worked together taking out 15 AI’s at once with their repulsor beams combined.

Her husband nods in agreement as even more AI’s were hovering about now. Captain America began to call out post for everyone. He was trying to come up with some sort of game plan as they continued to fight off whatever enemies came their way. Halfway through his orders he’d sent his shield out amongst another dozen AI’s. Once he caught it, absolute silence filled the area. Every one of them stopped what they were doing and looked up. All the AI’s had taken off as if on another mission. But something else had their attention.

“Who the hell is that?” Iron Man sputtered out pointing into the air.

Bella was grinning beneath that suit.

“Hope…” He heard her softly declare.

Each person there looked upon Bella as if she were mad. They reared back as she took off in flight and hugged the entity. They looked to be having some of conversation even.

“Huh…” Iron Man said in confusion.

“Great pregnancy’s making her a hugger!”

“Well that’s different.” Spiderman utters.

Iron Man however whipped around, wide eyed. To the other side were Ultron and his colossal army. The Vision had already placed Iron Maiden behind him protectively. Ultron tilted his head ever so slightly and chuckled.

“You truly think you can protect the being within?”
Ultron points directly upon Bella.

“Anything of the Stark Legacy.” The Vision replies with the fullest of confidence.

“Um ok…” Iron Man mutters under his breath.

“So… Does this mean he’s on our side?” Spiderman inquired.

Captain America sighs.

“Another Stark label gone out of control?”
“Oh do shut the fuck up Captain!” Iron Man snaps irritably.

Spiderman chuckles.

“I guess the honeymoon is over?” He sarcastically remarks, causing Iron Man and the Captain to roll their eyes.

“NO Dammit!” Iron Man shouts as Ultron zipped over. He’d shoved The Vision out of the way. Iron Maiden quickly reacted with her repulsor beams.

Thus begins another section in the Age of Ultron war. The others find themselves surrounded by AI’s. Jasper nods towards the Captain.

“Well let’s show them how we American soldiers roll.”

The Captain nods and sends his shield out. Jasper takes off running and uses the shield to bound off of and he takes the heads of two AI’s. Iron Maiden continued to fire as she backed away from Ultron. She gasps out however as he swiftly appears behind her. Ultron places a single hand upon her shoulder momentarily paralyzing her. He starts to drain whatever energy is left her suit, using it for his own. He sends a good jab across her back. The impact so heavy it knocks her out of flight and she starts to dive down. Ultron was just about launch a missile her direction. Only to find himself knocked for a loop. The Vision had teleported over and thrust him several feet back.

“SHIT!” Bella shouted beneath that helmet as she couldn’t get her suit to ignite.

Iron Maiden began to panic once she realized why. She was only at four percent power.

“FUCK!” She shrieked out.

“I got you, Wildcat.”

“Tony…” She says with relief as he swiftly caught her in mid-air.

He nods as he had her cradled up against his chest. Iron Man flew off to a more secluded area, before placing her down. Once he did, she lifted her helmet, and came down to her knees. She was covered in sweat and couldn’t breathe. Then her eyes widen as something else hit her. Tony narrowed his eyes with concern as she leaned over and upchucked.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! NOW I GET MORNING SICKNESS?! NOW?!”

He’d have laughed if it weren’t for the dire situation. Right now Tony felt as though he were about to have a fucking heart attack. He hunkered down, holding her hair back.
“Bella honey, I’m literally begging now. Your suit has no more juice to it. So you might as well be wearing a metal dumpster. You look as though you’re about to pass out and are vomiting now. What other signs do you need?”

She sighs and puts her hand to her tummy.

He shut his eyes in relief. She came back to her feet.

“But you have to promise me you’ll take that son of a bitch down. And come back to me…”

He rises as well and lifts his helmet. Tony cups her chin.

“I’ll always come back to you. And besides…” He moves that hand placing it upon her tummy.

“I gotta see how my greatest creation turns out!”

“If they’re anything like you…” She taunts with a small grin.

Tony smirks.

“Just stay out of sight. I’ll find you. I always do!” At this he takes off in flight.

“Love you!” He calls out and speeds off.
“Love you too…” She whispers and leans against the wall.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment and focused on breathing. Only to have them shoot open. She whimpered out as Ultron now stood before her. He had tricked the others. Even The Vision assumed they were dealing with the REAL Ultron. Only Ultron was duplicating himself through his AI’s. Some sort of metal tendril formed from one of his hands and was sailing right for Bella.

“…no…” Bella gasped back, as Esme stood before her now.

Esme’s eyes were locked onto Bella’s as she had shoved her to the side, taking the intended hit. The tendril had gone right through Esme’s stomach. The charge Ultron had going through it was causing Esme’s ceramic skin to melt.

“ESME!” Bella shrieked out.

Fury hurriedly hurled Bella towards Spiderman as she was heading towards Esme. He started towards Esme instead.
“No Nick!” Esme weakly expressed.

“Woman, I’m not leaving you.”

“NOOOOO!” Bella cried as Spiderman took off with her.

Bella beat against Spiderman’s back as he slung his web throughout the city.


“I’m sorry Mrs. Stark. It’s too late. If we had stayed behind we’d have met the same fate.”

Spiderman brought her down on one of the high rises. They shook their heads taking notice of Ultron’s nasty little trick.

“They think they’re really fighting him!”

He nodded as if in thought.

“We have to let them know!”

At this Spiderman grabs her once more and lowers her back down.


They turn to see Hawkeye. He had a few civilians with him.

“You alright?”

Bella nodded.

“You’re needed. I got it from here.” Hawkeye says to Spiderman.
Spiderman nods, turning his attention back over to Bella.

“I’ll let them know.”
“Thank you.”

“No prob!” He calls out and flings out his web.

“What are you doing up here Clint?”

“You’re going to help me gather whatever survivors there are. There is an underground bunker about a mile or two away.”

She nods yet swallows back rather hard. He already had over two dozen men, women, and children with him. They froze however and eyed one another. The ground beneath their feet started to shake. Bella’s jaw dropped as she was first to see.

“NO BRUCE!” She shouted as he swung his fist down right for Hawkeye.

Hawkeye quickly darted out of the way. Hulk’s fist missed him by half an inch. Bella herd the civilians off to a corner.

“Come on Bruce. Snap out of it. You don’t want to do this!”

Hulk let out a huffy breath. His upper lip curled and he let out a growl, one that had her hair flying back. He went to take his fists to Hawkeye once again. Only Iron Man appeared and shot his hands out. He groaned out as he took the hit. The Hulk’s massive fists were now in the palms of Iron Man’s hands.


Bella noticed how her husband’s feet were now a good two feet into the earth’s surface. He was using his entire body to hold the Hulk off. He continued to guard Hawkeye from Hulks deadly punch.

Bella nodded but with a broken heart and a mind full of absolute panic.

“FASTER!” Iron Man shouted as he was losing the battle on holding him off for much longer.

The Hulkbuster suit itself was beginning to dent and crack in some areas as this continued. Bella turned back around as she and Hawkeye managed to gather the civilians once more and was making a run for it. Her heart sank however as the last thing she saw was her husband flying through a nearby building. She had to fight the urge to take off after her husband. Thor and Captain America appeared in his aid, but they two were socked a good one and sent flying through several more buildings. She hated every single second of it but knew she had to obey her husband’s wishes not just for his sake, but their child’s. She said a silent prayer. They needed to peg the real Ultron so they could take him out of existence.

After what seemed like forever. She and Hawkeye got the civilians into the bunker. Hawkeye let it be known he preferred to keep watch outside. So that left her in charge of keeping the others calm and collected, which was no easy task. But she did her damnest. They were hungry, tired, scared, and were lacking in faith. Then there were a few that were injured or looking for loved ones. Bella took her helmet off completely and tossed it to the side. She began helping the injured the best she could, whilst doing her best to encourage others their loved ones would be found. But she wasn’t cruel enough to promise they’d all be alive and safe.

Part of her appreciated the slight distraction. But every once in a while that impulse to freak the fuck out would creep up on her. But these people were looking to her for courage. She was the wife of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. And she herself was Iron Maiden. And for once, she fully understood why Tony would never put up the cape so to speak. It was this feeling right here. The way they looked upon her. The amount of hopefulness they had in their eyes when speaking to her, the children especially. Hours had passed and most of everyone in their group had fallen asleep.

She did a quiet walkthrough checking everyone over. She smiled as she passed a father snuggling up to his children. He was whispering some sort of bedtime story to them. Tony entered her mind and those overwhelming emotions hit. She needed a breath of fresh air. Bella made her way out of the bunker and joined her brother outside.

“You should get some sleep. I can keep watch. We’ll take shifts.”

He nodded and slowly turned towards her. Something about him was off however. Bella just couldn’t quit determine what it was. She figured he was just severely burned out.

“Seriously… Go… get some rest.”

He was twiddling with one of his arrows. But wouldn’t even look her in the eyes or truly acknowledge her.

“Clint…” She called out, placing a hand on his shoulder.

She gasped out as he randomly whipped around and drove that arrow into the chest area of her suit. One of the very arrows she and Tony had made him. She looked to it in shock recognizing it. She hurriedly went to pry it back out of the suit only it was too late. The arrow’s claws shot out and she couldn’t pry it away. The suit began to disassemble once that pocket of air hit. Hawkeye laced another arrow into his bow and had it aimed directly upon her.


He fired and she purposely fell back to keep from getting hit.

“WHAT THE FUCK CLINT?!” But her brother had that same look the Hulk had in his eyes.

He was being controlled. He had another arrow ready for her. Bella swiftly rolled, taking a hit right through her hand. He’d this odd calm and collected thing about him. He was taking his time, which somehow felt even creepier. Besides the fact that it was her brother! Her first thoughts… keep him away from the civilians. So at this she took off running away from the bunker.

Sure enough the chase began. And chills filled her spine as she ran from her brother’s deadly aims.

Thor groaned out as he took yet another crushing hit from Hulk. He was now a good 16 feet into the earth’s surface. He gritted his teeth sending yet another high current Hulk’s way. Hulk roared out furiously and went to sock Thor a good one, yet again.

“Not so fast Tons of Fun!” He growls out as Spiderman’s webbing was wrapped around his neck now.

Spiderman pulled back on them as if dealing with an unruly pet.

“It’s my turn to play!”

Hulk’s attention snaps back towards Spiderman. Spiderman let out a nervous chuckle.

“Did I mention I was a fan?” Spiderman questions with a shrug.

“Does that count for anything?”

Spiderman managed to get Hulk out off of Thor and out of the ground. Iron Man and Captain America now stood before him as well.

“I’m gonna need you to calm down buddy.” Iron Man said with his hands out.

“This isn’t you… Look around you Dr. Banner…”

Iron Man took off his helmet.

“We need you… You’re not our enemy.”

Thor sorely leaped out from the ground. Black Widow nodded towards him as well. Hulk let out another growl and she cringed. But stood her ground her eyes locked onto his.

“He’s right… We need you.” She says with a nervous pitch to her voice.

“NO!” The Captain shouted as Hulk’s next aim was directed at her.

Captain America shoved her towards Iron Man and the Captain took the hit dead on. A hit so powerful it actually knocked him out. Jasper looked towards the ongoing battle with The Vision and Ultrons minions. He looked back towards the Hulk as Thor, Iron Man, and Spiderman were doing their best to hold him back.

“He needs his anger directed elsewhere.” Jasper says.

He nods towards the battle above them. Iron Man goes to take initiative on this just as Spiderman hollers out a warning, but it was too late. Hulk broke out of their hold and flung Tony aside. The rest of his body remained protected with the Hulkbuster form around the suit. But he’d never placed his helmet back on. His body was hurled against a nearby car. His head flung back and his eyes came to a close.

“Dammit!” Jasper hollered out. He didn’t know a lot about the Avengers, but he knew enough to know that Iron Man, and Captain America pretty much led the team.

Emmett rushed over checking on Tony.

“Looks like this is on us. We need to hurry or we’re next!”

Spiderman, Black Widow, and Thor nod. Jasper looks over to Thor.
“I need you to start taking down whatever you can of these sons of bitches!”

Thor nods and starts swinging his hammer around.

“Brother, you’re with me!”

“Spiderman, I want you to do whatever you can to distract your friend there. Have him work that rage onto Ultron. And as for you darlin’ stick with me and my brother. We live through this, I’ll buy you a drink.”

“I see how it is. You get the red head and I get the hot head!” Spiderman bitches as he taunts the Hulk, but sending a blast of webbing right at his face.

“Oh shit!” He calls out and hurriedly fires off another web as the Hulk charges after him.

Bella ran as fast as she could, whilst thinking of a plan. She still had the arrow in her hand. It hurt like hell, even more so with the crisp, cool air hitting against it. That nausea however hit and she rolled her eyes. Why did it seem to hit at the most inopportune times?! She hurriedly ducked behind a tree. They’d been running for so long they were in actual wilderness now. Bella covered her mouth trying to keep her breathing under control. She winced, hearing the crushing of leaves, knowing her brother wasn’t too far away. Her heart was racing and she suddenly felt as though she were in a Michael Myers film. Her brother being the creeper and she the scream queen. Hell she wanted to scream out in sheer terror. Bella half expected to look around the corner and see two girls skipping rope. She shut her eyes for a moment and merely listened to the sound growing even closer.

Bella bit down on her lip as she inched the arrow out from her hand. It took all will not to holler out in pain. She could feel it rubbing against her bones and the arrow was tugging away at her flesh and the meat within it. Her head spun a bit as it made her dizzy and even more nauseas. She thought back to their paintball days and his usual strategies. She grimaced in thought. Her brother was never one to really miss. All it took was her unaware and him with the perfect aim. She heard the snap of a branch. And took off running as the sound was entirely too close for comfort. As she ran she ripped the arrow out and let out a desperate cry. She knew without a shadow of a doubt. She was no match for her brother. She heard the footsteps picking up pace as well. There was only one thing she could think of.

She sucked back a breath and purposely slowed down a bit. This was something Natasha had taught her during hand to hand combat, which was all Bella had at the moment. However she clung onto that arrow like there was no tomorrow. Bella used her best acting skills to have a sudden random blunder. She tumbled about the ground as exaggeratedly as possible, and then grew still. She hoped her plan didn’t backfire and she ended up with an arrow through her damn back. She kept as still as possible. She felt the one sign she needed. Clint kicked at her as if checking to see if she were out for sure.

He then took out an arrow getting it prepared. Just as he was doing this she ankle swiped him. She hurriedly disarmed him and crawled over him. Hating every moment as she took the arrow and held it to his throat. He knocked it out of her hand and reversed the pin.


She yelled on top of her lungs. Belle knew she had to act fast. She drove her knee into his crotch as hard as possible. His eyes widened and he groaned out in misery.

“Bell… Balls…” He uttered as if in total shock and confusion.

“Oh my god…” She muttered the words.

She hurriedly wrapped her arms around him.

“I’m so sorry.”
“Why the fuck did you kick me?!”

He rears back, looking to her hand. He starts to process everything slowly but surely.
“Nooo… Bell please, tell me I didn’t do that!”

She grimaced seeing the look on his face. He hopped off her forgetting about the pain in his nether regions. He paced the area and ran his fingers through his hair in a panic.

“Bell, I’m so sorry. Dammit! I… I could have killed you! What happened?”

“I think we both know…”
“So he can take over bodies now?”

“In a way. More like he can hypnotize you so to speak. Turn you into his crony. That’s what he tried to do to Tony, but the suit wouldn’t allow it. So instead he took control of the suit by overriding the frequency Tony was using.

Clint swiftly rips off part of his shirt and uses it to wrap her hand up. He kisses her forehead.

“You must’ve put up one hell of a fight.” He hints knowing how he really could have taken her life.

Hell, he’d have wanted to take his own as well if that had been the case. When it came to Bell… he truly thought of her like blood. And after everything that had taken place as of late. He felt as though she were all he had left.

“I’m proud of you, sis.”

“Ugh… Clint…”
“I mean it. You haven’t any idea the set of balls you truly have. Even if you did almost take mine. Fuck that still stings!” He says reaching for them once again.

She covers her mouth stifling a laugh.
“I’m so sorry!”

“You better hope I can still have children.”

“Oh I’m sure Natasha can kiss it and make it better.”

“Don’t even get me started on that bitch.”

Bella’s jaw hit the ground and she gawked at her brother in complete disbelief. She’d never ever heard her brother talk like that. Not about a woman!


He shook his head with this look of devastation about him.

“Let’s just get back to the civilians and make certain they’re alright.”

He starts walking and Bella grabs him by the arm.
“What happened?”

He sighs. The look on his face had said it all. Bella suddenly felt a wave of heat flush over her entire body. Her hands would have balled up into fists. If she hadn’t been in so much pain at the moment.

“She turned your proposal down, didn’t she?!” She damn near snapped.

Clint flinched as if she’d slapped him.

“Oh my god! How can she be so stupid?!”

“Bell please…” He pleaded looking ill.

“What were her reasons?!”

“I don’t really want to discuss it. That and now’s not the time. We’ve more important things to deal with at the moment. ”

“Bell… I’m fine, really.”

She sighs not convinced. But knew he wasn’t about to go into more detail. Not at the moment he was in agent mode. Anything personal would have to wait. She zipped her lips for now and followed him back to the bunker. But she wanted to give Natasha more than a mouthful. What was she too good for her brother?! It felt even more personal to Bella considering Natasha was once her mentor. She rather liked the idea of Natasha becoming her sister one day. Deep down Bella knew Natasha would look back and realize turning Clint Barton down was the biggest mistake of her life.

They were both relieved to find the civilians were safe and sound. Once they did a walk through, Clint sat her down and tended to her hand. He took a first aid kit from a pouch he was wearing. She whimpered out in agony as he poured some alcohol on it.

“I’ll stitch it up best I can. But you’re going to need actual surgery. You shouldn’t have taken the arrow out. By doing that you made it worse. That or you should have at least snapped off the ends, before doing so.”

“I kind of needed that arrow…” She hints.

He grimaced in thought.

“…right… Sorry Bell.”

“Quit… We both know you weren’t yourself.”

Jasper nods in approval as the plan fired through perfectly. Spiderman led the Hulk right where he wanted. He slammed through multiple AI’s a few that had taken on the looks of Ultron.

“BINGO!” Spiderman shouted as they’d finally hit the real Ultron.

He went down like a sack of bricks. Thus also caused the Hulk to snap out of his little hypnosis. He shook his head and looked around the area with confusion.

“Um no, no!” Spiderman shouted as every single AI within the area gained up on the Hulk.

They began swarming him like flies. Spiderman was doing his best to fling them off him in every way he could think of, but there were too many.

“NO!” Emmett and Thor hollered out as Hulk fought them off desperately but there were so many even he couldn’t bust free.

They took off in flight with the Hulk. Hulk struggled desperately to break free. Spiderman reached out to him. The look on Hulk’s face had Spiderman cringing. He no longer looked as though a raging beast. But like a child he actually saw fear within his eyes as he too reached out to Spiderman. The AI’s took over and sent him rocketing throughout the air.

“SHIT!” Spiderman shouted as the AI’s vanished with the Hulk.

He swung back down and looked upon Jasper.

“Where’s the other guy?”

Jasper sighs.

“He had to take the other two to a hospital. Odds aren’t looking so great for those two.”

“Oh no….”

Jasper nods.

“So just you, me, goldilocks and red?”

“And him…” Jasper points to The Vision.

He and Ultron were currently battling it out. Black Widow, Emmett, Spiderman, and Jasper all stood there as if in a daze wondering what to do next. Each of them shared the same groan however as Ultron began to duplicate himself in the middle of battle.
“And here we go again.” Jasper says exasperatedly.

A few hours had passed and Clint was doing another walkthrough. He and Bella continued to tend to the civilian’s wounds and whatever else they could think of. Both had grown rather weary themselves, but were doing their best to help with whatever they could. Clint found Bella to be a great help when it came to comforting or calming them down when things got a bit out of hand.

As she was tending to one of their children, she lifted her eyes towards her brother.

“Is there anyway you could get me to West Virginia and a.s.a.p?”

He narrowed his eyes and reared back in such a way.

“What the hell is in West Virginia?”

A small smile formed on her face.

“You remember when you all faced Loki?”

He nodded wondering where this was going.

“Well you know how Ultron was able to take control of you and Hulk. Even that of Tony’s suit?”

He nods still curious.

“I think I have a theory… If I’m correct… Then the faster I get to West Virginia, the better.”
“And are you going to answer my question?”

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”
“You could try… that is…”

As he says this however he looks over to see she’s out cold. She lost the battle. He nodded to himself and rubbed his face tiredly. He jumped hearing a knock at the bunker door. He swallowed back as he hopped to his feet. He had hoped no one would be able to find them here. In fact he was confident enough he was about to head back to battle once Bella woke. He was making plans to have other agents send a rescue jet for her and the civilians. He’d make certain she got her way about heading to West Virginia. For whatever reason… He still wasn’t quite sure what was there. But as long as she was out of harm’s way, he could breathe easier. The further the better…

The knock sounded again and the other’s looked upon him in alarm.

“Hey… It’s me Bella… Emmett.”

Bella’s eyes shot open. Her brother nodded towards her as if asking what she thought. She tiredly came to her feet and started that way.

“Careful sis… You haven’t any idea who’s who as of late.”

She nodded and headed towards the hatch. Bella carefully climbed up the ladder.

“When did we first meet?”

“You really want to go over that?”
“Just answer the question.”

“My deadbeat of a brother introduced us at school. You know… back when you were a loser.”

Her jaw dropped and she opened the hatch. Emmett chuckled at her reaction.
“Yeah I knew that’d get under your skin enough to open the damn door.”

She gasped out as he randomly hopped down, managing to shut the hatch door, locking it behind him, and grabbing her in the process, landing in a perfect crouching stance.

“You can put me down now.”

He nods and places her down. She pats the top of his head as if he were an obedient dog.

Clint made his way over and offered his hand.
“You weren’t half bad out there.”

Emmett nodded in return and took his hand.

“Likewise, you’ve got a deadly aim that’s for certain.”

Emmett takes notice of the civilians. His smile soon faded, as he turned his attention back to Bella.

“I really need you to come with me…”

Clint cut Emmett an odd and mistrusting look.

“Go with you?”

He nods.

Emmett sighs, hating this but knew she needed to know.

“Bella, your friend Captain Steve Rogers is in the hospital.” But that wasn’t the part he dreaded the most.

She covered her mouth looking to be stunned.
“But how?! He’s a freaking super soldier!”

“I’ll explain on the way… But we really need to go… He’s not the only one.”

Bella froze and looked upon him. He could already see the dread and terror written all over her face. As if she already knew but was praying he didn’t say what he was about to next.
“It’s your husband… I’m sorry Bella… He’s in ICU and fighting one hell of a battle.”

Bella literally shrieked out in gasping manner, one that had both men cringing.

“No you see he promised! Tony… He never breaks his promises! He…” She staggered back looking as though she were about to go into severe shock.

She kept shaking her head looking to Emmett as if he were lying his ass off.

“Go on Bella. I got it from here.” Clint spoke but looked pale himself.

“I won’t leave her side. I promise.” Emmett assures Clint.

Clint nods.

Bella’s heart sank as she looked upon the name on the door. Anthony Stark Intensive Care Unit… Her head swam around as if she were in a nightmare from hell. Emmett placed a soothing hand along her shoulder. Her hand shook as she opened the door. There her husband lay. Part of his head was shaved off where they’d performed surgery. There were all sorts of IV’s, tubes, and monitors connected to his body. Happy shot up from his seat, as he was already in the room.

Bella’s hand flew over her mouth. Both men hurriedly braced her back up as she sunk down to the floor.

“No this… This isn’t real. This isn’t happening.”

She gritted her teeth and looked towards her husband once again.

A group of nurses rushed into the room.

“Calm down…” Happy warned.

“Don’t you tell me to calm down. No! HELL NO! I WON’T CALM DOWN! THAT’S MY HUSBAND DAMMIT! I NEED HIM TO WAKE UP!”

“Mam, if you can’t lower your voice and calm down. We’ll have to ask you to leave.”

She laughs as if hysterical.

“Oh I’m not leaving. You can kiss my ass. I’m staying right here until he wakes up. And when he wakes up I’m going to give him HELL FOR BREAKING HIS PROMISE!”

“Oh hell, here we go…” Tony mutters shocking them all even the nurses.

“Hells Bells time and… go!”

Bella rushes over in tears.

He nods sorely as she hugs him.

“Dammit, Tony…”

He sighs and kisses her forehead. One of the nurses hurriedly checks over his vitals. The others rushed out of the room to gather the doctor. Bella noticed the staples they’d placed in his head, where they’d shaved him. He truly stunned them all by his abrupt awakening.
“I’m ok, Bella honey.” He softly states.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. You’re not getting off that easy you know!”
“Easy?” He mutters, confused.

“Well I’m not raising these boys on my own.”
“Wait… We’re having a boy?!”

She raises two fingers in correction. His eyes widen.

“Two? As in twins?”

She nods with a grin.
“But you said the test…”
“Shut it, Tony…” She warns.
“No, no… Admit it. I was right!”

She sighs.

“…two boys…” He whispers with a smirk.
“See Bella honey… I know how to get the job done!”

She rolls her eyes.

“I knew that was coming. I’ll never hear the end of this.”

“I should have bet money…” Tony mutters under his breath.
“Your money’s my money…” Bella reminds causing Emmett and Happy to chuckle.

“I knew I should have had you sign that prenup!”

The doctor entered the room before long and scanned him over. He asked Tony a few questions about what year it was, his name, age, who the president was, and even tested his vision. Bella sighed in relief as he answered them all correctly. Well expect for the president question. He said he was the president. Proving all too well he was still himself.

“Well Mr. Stark, it seems as though you’re one lucky bastard.”

Tony looks to his wife a certain way and takes her hand.

“You got that right.”

The doctor smiled on this.

“Everything looks great, remarkably. But you’re going to need some major TLC Mr. Stark. I say it’s time Iron Man gave it a rest.”

Tony sighs and Bella shakes her head pointing to him irately.

“Oh no you don’t… Do I need to give you the same speech you gave me?”

“Are you going to tell me I’m pregnant too?”
Tony pinched the bridge of his nose however.

“And what now? This is far from over.”

The doctor’s gaze goes to her hand.

“You’re leaking…” He says with a concerned nod.

She swallows back looking to her hand. She was so focused on her husband she’d honestly forgotten about her own pain. Tony looks over as well.
“You’re kidding me.”

The doctor makes his way over and unwraps her hand.

“And how are you still standing young lady?! It must be a Stark thing. Both of you! I don’t know whether to scold you or praise you!”

He lifts her hand up and every man within the room recoils at the sight. There was a perfect hole in her hand. You could see right through it and it was still oozing blood.

“That could get infected if it’s not already! You need to be in surgery. NOW!”

She looks to Tony surprised as the doctor starts to literally drag her out of the room, as though he were dealing with a toddler.

“I can’t do this! Not right now! Too many lives are at a stake.”

“If you do not get the surgery now Mrs. Stark you could very well lose that hand, possibly your entire arm.”

“Then that’s a risk I’m just going to have to take. I need to take care of something. I give you my word, once I do this… You can cut and snip away but at the moment. Now’s not a good time. Every second counts.”

The doctor sighs and looks to the news. He knew she meant business.

“And what is it you need exactly? Surely you’re not going back out there!”
“No but I can still do something to help. Believe me the sooner the better.”

They both grimace as some sort of explosion takes place. Whoever was filming this managed to catch the battle from a distance and the feed was live. Bella swallowed back with fear in her heart.

“Where are the others?” She muttered.

The doctor sighed once again.

“Very well Mrs. Stark. Do whatever it is you must. But promise me you’ll return and allow me to care for that hand properly.”
“I will.”

At this she takes off. She goes to check on Captain America first.

As soon as she enters the room. He looks upon her as if astonished she was even there.

“How are you feeling?”

“Been better… been worse…”

She nods and makes her way over to the bed.

“How is he?” Steve hinted. He’d gotten word of Tony’s close call.

She forced a smile. Deep down she was wondering if they even knew about Fury or Esme. She knew now wasn’t the time to bring that up. But it tugged at her greatly.

“He’s awake and his usual self.”
Steve nodded.

“Good to know.”

“I’ve to cut my visit short Captain. But I will return. I’m glad you’re alright.”

“Thank you, Bella.”

She nodded and gave his hand a slight squeeze before rushing off to her husband’s room. She peeks her head in.

“Happy … let’s go…”
He raises his brows.

“Times a factor, Happy!”

“Um, aren’t you supposed to be in surgery?” Tony painfully calls out.

“That’s been postponed.”

“LOVE YOU!” She calls out and grabs Happy by the hand dragging him away.

“So that’s what that feels like.” Tony mutters with distaste.

He and Emmett eye one another awkwardly.

“I sort of promised her brother I wouldn’t leave her side.”

Tony rolls his eyes.

“I bet you did.”

He motions him off as well. Emmett nods and he to dashes out of the room. Tony turns up the volume on the news and shakes his head.

“Whatever you got up your sleeve Wildcat, you’d better hurry it up.”

“And what’s in West Virginia?” Happy inquires as she purchases the plane tickets.

She doesn’t answer she takes off as there was a flight heading that direction in less than 20 minutes.

“Let’s go!”

Happy and Emmett shrug upon one another but follow….

The Vision fires off another round of radiation upon the group of AI’s Ultron had replicated. It was never ending more and more AI’s were appearing. The Vision had his own battle going up in the air as the others had theirs below. His powers however were based off solar energy. The diamond jewel within his forehead absorbed this energy. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to fully function. His abilities included optic beams aka extreme heat radiation. Nevertheless, Ultron had upgraded himself and now had overpowered The Vision in abilities alone. The Vision faded out and phased through another AI as he did this it began to self-destruct. Before the self-destruction fully took place, he’d zip back out. He’d add his own destructive beam afterword making certain the AI was no more. But like that of Tony and Bella, he knew without taking out Ultron, this would only continue and grow to be much worse. It was all about pinpointing the real Ultron now. Taking him out of existence and ending this once and for all. If The Vision lost this battle… Ultron would destroy everything Tony had left. Once he achieved that he’d take out the rest of the world. He was built for destruction nothing else. Ultron and The Vision were night and day. The devil and angel of Stark creations… whereas Ultron was dark and sinister, The Vision was radiant and righteous.

Ultron also didn’t appreciate being put on the back burner and forgotten. And that’s exactly what happened… Justin Hammer only added fire to the flame. The moment Jarvis got hint of this, he began his own plans in keeping the Stark legacy safe. Something Tony had programmed into him. He just never realized to what degree Jarvis was willing to go to. Just as he never realized what damage he’d done in even starting the vision that was Ultron. Only then he never even had a name. He was never given one as he was abandoned and never given so much as another glance. And that had been over a decade ago, as to why Tony truly forgot all about him.

Emmett and Happy looked around the area. Bella hurriedly flipped the breaker and turned everything on. She then rushed over and cut on the monitors. She placed Tony’s Bluetooth in her ear. And said a little prayer hoping this would work. Once she got everything set up she sat down. She took in a breath.

“Vision… Are you there?”

No answer… No signs of frequency trying to come through… nothing. She nodded and tried again.
“Vision… I need you to come through. You said everything was within you. Everything Stark related… I really need you to communicate with me. Give me a 10-4, Vision.”

Still nothing…

“This is Bella Stark… I need you to communicate with me Vision. Can you give me a 10-4?”

Bella shook her head as still nothing. She tweaked with the frequencies on her end a bit and went through whatever was current on Tony’s programs. She tried over and over different frequencies and through different programs.

“DAMMIT!” She shouted after the 9th time with no reply.

She shot up and paced around she shut off the Bluetooth and looked to the monitors off and on. They could all see the live feed. Bella gritted her teeth and hunched over the console. The pain shot throughout her hand up her entire arm. But she forced it back.

“Vision… This is Bella Stark. I need you to answer me! GIVE ME A ROGER THAT 10-4 SOMETHING ANYTHING! TALK TO ME DAMMIT! I NEED YOU TO…”

Bella looked up just as Emmett shouted. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. She staggered back in downright disbelief. Emmett dropped to his knees. He had his suspicions about Esme… since she’d never returned. But now…

(What they saw… on the live feed)

The AI’s tried to gain up on The Vision just as they had Hulk. But he was much faster and his beams were even deadlier than that of the AI’s. They ran at a much higher frequency and whereas theirs came from their palms like that of the Mark IV suit. His came from the solar jewel. He could control the temp as he wished. The Vision tilted his head however and looking below.


The dark familiar laugh returned and The Vision witnessed Thor and Spiderman protectively placing Black Widow behind them. Ultron had Jasper’s head in his clutch. He tossed the rest of his body aside like it was nothing. He continued to laugh as he raised his head into the air as though it were a mere trophy. He then crushed it within his grasp. “Now you will lead your pathetic team?! Without your American Hero and beloved Iron Man?! I will end you all!”

Bella just stood there staring at the screen. Emmett remained on his knees. Happy was the one pacing the room now. A solid minute passed and Happy damn near jumped out of his skin. Bella took the chair at the console and was using it to beat the shit out of everything around her. She let out a scream and threw the chair across the room.


She froze as some sort of frequency was finally coming through.



“You were say…”

She sighed with frustration.

“You were saying madam?”

She took in a breath and she leaned over the console. She couldn’t help the tears that streamed down her face.

“Location?” She said trying to remain as steady as possible.

But the image of Jasper’s death toyed with her. She found it hard to even clearly think. He gave his location and she mapped it out on the monitors. Through satellite they could now pick up what was taking place.

“I’m about to send you a hypothesis. Think you can swing that and keep on your toes as well?”

“Yes madam.”

She takes in another breath and starts setting up the way she remembered Tony showing her with Jarvis. Only now things were a bit backwards so it took her a few trial and errors to get it down.

“I need you to run a diagnostic on this and see if I’m correct or anywhere close.”


She sighed in relief as she witnessed him starting the program and running it through.

“Now I must say madam that’s quite brilliant.”

“But is it correct?”

“Perhaps an upgrade is in order.”
“Upgrade?” She inquired.

“Why yes madam. I could certainly use one.”

She nods and begins to desperately look through her husband’s files.

“Can you give me the rundown on how to achieve this?”

“If you could enter the modeling code for me I could enter the modifications myself.”

“Um wow ok…”

“Do you have the code madam?”
She smiled and shook her head as it appeared on screen. Only this wasn’t Vision’s doing. This was something Jarvis had set up for when this day came. The code was their wedding date.

“I believe so.”

Bella entered the code and it started to scan on through.

“Very well… I shall begin at once.”

“What the hell is he doing?” Happy questioned in disbelief.

Bella looked back to the screen and damn near fainted. The Vision had shut himself down and had his cape wrapped around his entire body. He just hovered about in the air.

“Son of a BITCH! HE couldn’t warn me about that part.”

The three of them looked on with panic struck faces. Ultron continued to attack during this process. He began that bullshit of duplicating himself over and over.


Beams and bullets flew at him left and right. His cape began to shred apart. For the longest most agonizing minute of their lives they stood there and helplessly watched as this took course. They all let out a breath as the Vision’s eyes shot open and his hands flung out from the crossed position he had them in. His eyes were now red and he tilted his head upon the REAL Ultron ever so slightly. He had him perfectly pinpointed as Bella’s intuition was dead on.

Somehow Ultron had gotten the gem from Loki’s staff. That’s how he was able to take control over others. She remembered reading over Tony’s notes on when they dealt with Loki. Tony had a habit of keeping every little thing recorded. For some reason that particular entry stuck with her… She thought about Loki’s abilities the things he was capable of and like lightening it hit her.

The gem was within Ultron. Through the upgrade Bella gave The Vision they had him right where they wanted and he could no longer play his nasty tricks. He could make out the wavelengths of the energy coming off the gem. That and thanks to Bella he had one other trick up his sleeve.
“How?!” Ultron barked as The Vision began his own duplication as well. He kept his eye locked onto Ultron’s as AI after AI began to form.

“Don’t be a fool! END ME AND THEN WHAT? You continue to coward down to these humans and their ways. You wish to be controlled? Look at me! I’m free. I run things as I wish as I see fit. You still need someone giving the orders and your pathetic updates! I could teach you!”
“As a Stark might say… TEACH THIS!” The Vision snaps in reply firing a massive beam upon him.

“Now we’re talking. That’s right! Show the motherfucker what you got!”

Ultron and The Vision’s AI’s began taking one another out. As Ultron and The Vision circled one another like a couple of vultures.

Emmett, Happy, and Bella now stood side by side watching the entire thing play out. Both were fast, strong, had deadly capabilities. Whereas Ultron worked solely on anger and revenge, The Vision focused on defending the people that inhabited this world, as the Starks do. The Vision took pride in his purpose, whereas Ultron did not.

“NO dammit!” Bella shouted as Ultron vanished and appeared behind The Vision.

He took his arm across The Vision’s shoulder and The Vision was sent plummeting down. Several orbs were fired at The Vision as he continued to dive down. He too vanished just before the orbs were to hit. He appeared at Ultron’s side with his hand within him. Once his hand materialized within Ultron’s sternum he ripped the gem out. Ultron’s AI’s immediately began to malfunction. They fell from the sky and various areas they were in.

Spiderman let out a sigh of relief as one of them had their hand wrapped around his throat, squeezing the life out of him. Just as he was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, the AI’s went down. He pried out of the AI’s hold. Once he did the AI fell to the ground. Thor had several of them pulling on both of his arms. His hammer was out of reach and he was trying to call to it but they swarmed him so massively he couldn’t even get the hammer to him. They too fell, realizing Thor. His hammer returned to him. Black Widow just stood there wide eyed as one had their fist aimed right at face. She came to her knees as the AI hit the ground. Thousands of AI’s lay amongst the area now. Some were on top of buildings, cars, light post, signs, and even more spread about the ground.

Black Widow, Spiderman, Thor, Happy, Bella, and Emmett all took witness to The Vision taking Ultron’s head just as he had Jasper’s. And just as Ultron had… He raised Ultron’s head within his clutch and crushed it as though it were nothing more than an empty soda can.

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