Chapter 11 Issues Tony?

Chapter 11

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“Hello?” Bella answered her phone.

“So admit it the cell I got you is by far better than the one your brother originally picked out for you.
“Tony…” She hisses into the phone as she looks to Natasha. They were both already on the jet. Natasha was wearing her black S.H.I.E.L.D outfit. Bella wore a pair of jeans, a black tank top and lavender over shirt, with her Converse.

“Hmmm… so anyway funny story…”

“And what would that be?” Bella could hear him firing off one of his repulsor beams.

“Jarvis had just informed me that not very long ago, my jet magically disappeared.”

“Huh…” Bella said but her jaw was dropped.

She hadn’t a clue that Jarvis would rat her out.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that now would you Bella honey?”

She tries to think of something anything, but found it hard to lie to Tony. So she came up with the cheesiest, cliché thing she could think of. She looked to Natasha wide eyed. Bella couldn’t believe she was about to pull this with Tony. He was sure to have her rear when she returned.

“Oops tunnel…” She winced as she pulled this and hung up on him.

“Sorry Tony.” She whispered feeling like a total jerk at the moment.

Not even five minutes later she received a text.


A nervous laugh escaped her lips. Natasha looked to Bella oddly.

I love you xoxoxoxoxoxox! I’m bringing you a BIG present! (Inserted kissy face) Bella replied back.

Natasha rises after a certain point.

“Where does he keep the chutes?”

Natasha nods.

“Yes Bella, we have to parachute down you know.”

Bella looks to Natasha in full disbelief.

“Funny, I thought you said we had to parachute down.”
“I did… so where does he keep them?”

Bella swallows back nervously.

“Um I don’t parachute. Like ever… never… I wouldn’t even know the first thing about it.”

Natasha nods.

“Then we go down together.” She says with a simple shrug.

Bella starts laughing.

“I’m sure we can find a place to land the jet. I’ll go talk to Tony’s pilot.”

“No time and there’s no way we’re landing this jet in freaking India Bella. Come on now use your head!”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“So we’re really doing this?”
Natasha nods. Bella points to her crossly.
“Don’t you fucking drop me!”

Natasha smiles devilishly.
“I wouldn’t dream of it!”

Bella curses under her breath and gathers one of the chutes. She reluctantly handed it over to Natasha. She watches as Natasha straps herself in. She then grabs Bella and begins to strap Bella to her. Natasha gave the pilot the signal. He nodded and the emergency exit opened.

“Wait! Are you sure that…” Bella shrieks out as Natasha leaps out.

“FUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Bella shouted as they began to drop down.

Natasha laughed, however both grew silent as their oxygen was taken away. Natasha realized she should have warned Bella about that part. It wasn’t until they were down enough to send out the chute that their oxygen returned. She heard Bella gasp out as the chute flew open. Bella calmed down some and looked around as they made their way to land. As soon as they landed Natasha hurriedly snapped them free of the chute. She grabbed Bella by the arm and they took off to a good hiding spot just for Natasha’s own peace of mind. Once Natasha felt they were safe, Bella hunkered down as if she were about to vomit. Natasha quickly backed away with a wrinkled nose. However, Bella starts laughing.

“Now that I wanna do again!”

Natasha smiles and shakes her head.

“You’re right you are insane.” Natasha playfully hissed.

Bella continued to softly laugh. From there she followed Natasha as she led the way. About half an hour in, Natasha turned to Bella. She went to warn her, but it was too late they were surrounded.

“This is the part where you need to trust me!” Natasha quickly warns.

Bella suddenly feels a hand clasp around her mouth. She tries to scream as they grab Natasha as well. The police drag them into an abandoned building. Both girls are slammed up against the wall. One of the men twirls his kukri around in his hand. Bella turns to Natasha in sheer skepticism. The damn woman started bawling and sunk down in a fetal position against the wall. She just couldn’t believe how Natasha was acting. She thought she was this tough chick so what the fuck was this about? Bella gritted her teeth. Granted Bella was frightened out of her mind. But she wasn’t about to give these five men the satisfaction of crying. They started laughing and pointing to Natasha. Bella rolled her eyes. Two of the men grabbed Natasha and dragged her off to another room. The third that was following was unzipping his pants.

“NO!” Bella shouted knowing what they were about to do to Natasha.

The two that stayed behind with Bella were laughing. They began speaking to her, but she couldn’t understand what they were saying. One of them grabbed her by the collar of her tank top. He lifted her off the ground and brought her towards his face. She recoiled as he caressed her cheek then roughly slapped it. She spit in his face and the other man put his blade to her throat. Bella’s phone rang and one of the men took it out. He pushed talk and put it to her ear. She breathlessly answered as she was socked in the gut.

“Yes?” She says behind gritted teeth not wanting to cause Tony concern.

“Someone sounds out of breath.”

Bella forces out a giggle.

“Tony now really isn’t a good time.” She says eyeing the two men frightened out of her mind.

“Why do I get the feeling that you are up to no good?” Tony said with a hint of annoyance.

He growled as he himself took a good hit through his own turmoil.

“I’m good…” He choked back.

She took in a breath of relief. A commotion was heard from the room Natasha was currently in. One of the men darted that direction to check on the matter. Leaving Bella alone with the man with the kukri.

He began to speak again and he threw down Bella’s phone. Tony however could still hear what was taking place as he fought his own battle against Loki’s soldiers.

“I just had that phone replaced ASSHOLE!” He hears Bella shout angrily.

“American women like good fuck hey?”

Tony’s eyes widen inside that Iron suit of his.

“What the fuck did I just hear?! AND WHERE ARE YOU BELLA?!” He damn near panicked.

The man shoves Bella to the ground and she throws up her knee into the man’s crotch. The two of them struggle with their hands around the kukri.

“Bella?! Dammit honey answer me!”

“I’m kind of busy…” She grunts out as it takes all her power to hold the blade away from her neck.

The man is suddenly yanked off her and pinned against the wall.

“Take your hit!” Natasha bellows.

Bella nods and takes her fist across the man’s face.

“Holy shit!” Tony hears Natasha announce.

“You broke his fucking nose first hit. Great right hook!”


Natasha starts laughing as Bella takes her knee to the guy’s gut and then crotch. She pops him across the face once again.

“Hell Bella I think you and I are going to get along just fine.”

Bella half laughs and wipes the blood off her hand onto the man’s jacket.

“Guess you picked up the wrong Americans.” Natasha says.

Bella picks up the blade that had fallen on the ground. She puts it to the man’s throat.

“You get a kick out of raping our kind?”

Tony raised his brows as he was able to hear everything taking place. That came from Bella’s mouth.

Natasha smiles as Bella starts takes the blade to the man’s clothing. She tears his clothing off leaving him with nothing.

“Oh sweetie a whole three inches. I would have never felt that. That would have made you the bitch.”

Tony shook his head he wanted to grin at this but deep down was freaking the fuck out. He couldn’t get to her if she was in trouble that and he hadn’t a fucking clue where she was! From what he made out the men harassing them was Indian. She and Natasha sent the man out to his own humiliation. Bella looked to Natasha in awe as she dragged the other four men out from where she was. The woman didn’t have a scratch on her! However the men were covered in marks and knocked out.

“I think I love you.”

Tony reared back at Bella’s words.

“Um Bella sweetie, angel, honey… I’m still here… I’m all for you lusting after women. Especially if you’re bringing her home! But I have to draw the line at you being in love with someone else.”

Bella rushes over to the phone surprised it was still working.

“So you are still alive?”

“Um yeah…”
“YOU have a lot of explaining to do!” He snaps.

“I’m sorry Tony. I promise to explain everything soon. I just can’t right now.”

“Bella honey, I love you, but you’re starting to push a fine line. You see I don’t give a flying fuck about the jet or anything else I own. Not even the damn suits! It’s you that I can’t lose! Do you even seem to grasp this at all?”

Bella took in a breath of guilt.

“Tony…” She softly said feeling awful now.

“Look, I don’t care where you are or what you’re up to. Just get the fuck home soon and let me know you’re alive and well before I have a god damn panic attack!”

She nods.

“I promise, I will, as soon as I’m done here. I love you too Tony.”
Tony sighs.

“Not sure how much more I can handle hon. You see, I thought we had this mutual understanding. Apparently, I was wrong… Just be safe that’s all I ask. Like I said, we’ll discuss this later.”

“Ok… You too.”

Bella hangs up and wipes her eyes feeling like the worst girlfriend ever now.

“Everything ok?”
“Yeah… I think I just fucked over Tony’s trust.”

Natasha nods.

“I doubt that, he’s just concerned is all. I don’t think it’s possible for you of all people to lose his trust.”

“Natasha, I just stole his jet. I’m currently in another country. I lied to him on the phone. And now we’re about to hunt down the freaking Hulk.”

“Just how many are there?!” Hawkeye shouts from a nearby roof top.
“Hell if I know. They just keep multiplying!” Iron Man shouts back as he takes out another frost giant.

Captain America sends out his shield taking down three that were coming their way.

“Heads up!” Iron Man warns as the two gods that had been fighting nonstop soared directly above their heads.


“I believe I’m rooting for the bigger guy.” Hawkeye admits as they witness the god send the other flying back with his hammer. He remembered dealing with this guy before. In fact he was the one that had returned for his Hammer.

“Either way we gotta find a way to knock them both down a peg. From what I can tell these things seem to take the command of the one decked out in baby shit green.”

“You alright there?” Captain America asked as Iron Man seemed distracted.

“It’s my sister isn’t it?!” Hawkeye calls out.

Iron Man shrugs as he takes out another giant.

“What’s she up to now?”

Iron Man finishes off the giant by blasting its head into smithereens.

“You mean, what is she not up to? Your sister’s middle name should be trouble!”

“Having second thoughts?” Captain America questions as if hopeful.

“Keep dreaming Cub Scout. Besides, you wouldn’t even know the first thing about handling someone like Bella. She keeps you on your toes, that’s for damn sure.”

Hawkeye laughs.

“Are you sure you know how to handle my sister?!”

Iron Man smirks beneath that helmet.

“I’ve always loved a good challenge. That and well your sister’s hot.” He taunts.

Hawkeye rolls his eyes.

“Dick…” Hawkeye mouths.

They finally had all the citizens out of harm’s way. Unfortunately a few lives had been lost and others were injured. They were doing their best to protect whoever they could.


They hear the bigger god rumble.

“You brought this on yourself brother! I’ve only come to gather what is mine. It is your choice to stand in my way.”

“I cannot allow you to do this!”
“Stand in my way brother and just see what happens to your precious Jane.”

The bigger god grits his teeth and grabs him by the throat.


“On the contrary there is nothing to stop me now is there? Here we are… I’m sure she wouldn’t be hard to find.”
The bigger god winces as his brother now had his own Asgardian followers. Four of them warriors of Asgard as well such as Thor had Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Loki now had his own. He’d taken down his own father (Laufey) as well and was leading the Frost Giants. Things had gotten entirely out of hand. It all had to do with that damn cube. Neither had a clue where it was.

“Such violent intentions when it comes to this one.” Loki says behind laughter as Thor begins to choke him.

“Do not think that even for a moment I will not end you brother. If you seek harm to this planet or Jane so help me!”

“Have we become weak brother?!”

“Ok… how about we put an end to all this. And that means this little brotherly chit chat.” Iron Man interrupts.

They both turn to him.
“I do not believe this is an affair of yours metal man.”

“Now did I make such accusations?! Whatever you to do in your private lives is no business of mine. Brothers or not…”

Loki grins and manages to sneak away from the confrontation. Thor once he realizes this swings his hammer towards Iron Man.


He sends out his hammer and Iron Man sails throughout the area into one of the high rises. He quickly rises and begins to check on everyone in the building.

“Everyone alright?”

They nod however the god flies back in.

“How dare you! Have you any idea who you’re talking to?”

“Other than a man wearing his grandmother’s clothes he found in the basement. You do realize role playing is not very popular these days. Then again when was it ever really? So Shakespeare fan I take it?”

“I am Thor God of Thunder son of Odin!”

Iron Man nods.

“Well sure you are sweetheart. You know they’re remedies for the facial hair issue. You could finally be free to be yourself.”

“You’ve got some mouth on you!”

Iron Man propels himself over and yanks Thor up by the collar of his tunic. They fly up into the air. Thor breaks out of Iron Man’s hold. He punches him in the face and Iron Man returns the favor. Hawkeye and Captain America catch a glimpse of the flight from below as they continue to take on the frost giants and Asgardians that were following Loki.

Captain America sighs realizing if he didn’t put a stop to it soon, Thor and Iron Man were going end up killing each other. He leaps up sending out his shield in defense of Iron Man just as Thor was soaring across with his hammer about to hit Iron Man dead on. Only the hammer hit the Captain’s shield.

Hawkeye and the giants tumbled back as the impact affected the entire area around them. Thor was sent sailing. The Captain turned back to check on Iron Man he gave a thumbs up. Thor disgruntled, made his way back his hair was a mess and he looked as though he’d been put through the ringer.

“So are we ready to discuss this with words now?” Captain America questioned as he stood between Thor and Iron Man.

“Hey he started it…” Iron Man groaned and pointed to Thor.
“You got in my way! If you’d only let me deal with my brother!” He pointed his hammer upon him in return.

“Ok children… Let’s try this the adult way now.”

Bella stayed hidden amongst the S.H.I.E.L.D agents as they waited for Natasha. She’d been in there for a good 27 minutes. Bella helped her set Bruce up by paying the child to lead him to this area. They’d soon learned by talking to a few of the locals that he’d been serving some of the nearby cities with their medical needs. He’d take whatever they could offer in return of his services. Something Bella found to be rather noble. Natasha stepped out after a bit giving the cut throat motion. She was also empty handed and looked as though she’d damn near shit herself. Bella sighed with full disappointment. She’d had hoped to make all the trouble she was about to be in with Tony slightly worth it. She at least wanted to meet the man if nothing else.

“So that’s it? We just give up?”

“Bella we don’t even have the man power needed to take him down. As I said before you haven’t any idea…”

Natasha’s jaw dropped as Bella began to strut towards the house.

“What are you doing?!” Natasha rushed over and jerked her back.

“First of all, take him down?! Why would we want to do that? That makes no sense! I for one am not leaving until I give it a try at least. I didn’t come here for nothing. And send your fucking agents away. I wouldn’t come out either if I was him. Why do you think he’s turned you down? He’s not an idiot. He’s highly intelligent. You can’t go around treating him as though a wild animal that needs to be disciplined and caged. Shit Natasha, he’s been treated like that ever since this happened to him! He has feelings dammit. Now call them the fuck off!”

“Bella, I can’t allow you to go in there alone and face him.”

“Sorry Natasha, but I was never one to take orders. I don’t work for S.H.I.E.L.D or you. There’s only one man in this entire world that can tell me what to do. As you can see he’s not here at the moment. So I’m going in and you’re going to call them off. I won’t come out until they are gone! It’s time you put your trust in me now. Rather than thinking of how to apprehend him. You should be thinking about what he wants. Not you, Fury, or Tony even… What does Bruce Banner want? I’m about to find out. Just wait for me on the jet. I’ll be there soon.”

Natasha sighs.

“We need him… I’ve already explained to him why. It’s all pointless. He’s stubborn. He’s grown used to his own ways. He doesn’t want to come back to America. Even in the knowledge of potential danger earth is in.”

“Hell who can blame the guy and what danger would that be now?”

“You know I can’t tell you that.”

“Yeah, yeah top secret bullshit right?”

Natasha nods.

“You do remember how everyone turned their backs to him? How they treated him as though he were nothing more than a monster and the enemy? After all the lives he’d saved?! Of course he trusts no one! Dammit Natasha, believe me I know that feeling. So does Tony.”

Natasha winces.


Bella yanks out of her hold and heads towards the practical shack.

“Bella if you do this you’re on your own!” Natasha warns as if pissed.

Bella nods in agreement. Natasha tries to give Bella her gun for protection. She shook her head refusing it.

“That’s how I want it. I got this. You make one hell of an agent Natasha, but you suck at this.” Bella replies with an impish grin.

Natasha’s jaw dropped. A few of the agents softly laughed. Other’s looked upon Bella as if she had a death wish.

Candle light shined throughout the darkened room. Bella cautiously looked around. She couldn’t lie even to herself. She was nervous as hell, but determined. She took in a deep breath.

“Dr. Banner, my name is Isabella Swan. I’m not an agent or anything of the matter. I know you won’t believe me when I say I’ve called everyone off. It’s just you and I.”
“That’s what she said…”
Bella damn near jumped at the sound of his voice. It was almost dark menacing. She turned towards the shadowy figure. He was hunkered down gripping a nearby table firmly. He focused greatly on not letting out the beast. Bella watched as his entire body quivered.

“I know… in her defense she was merely doing what she was being paid to do. I don’t work for the agency though. In fact I’m here of my own discretion. To be honest sir, I wanted to meet you.”
“WHY?!” He bellows.

Bella bravely steps closer. She pulls up a chair and sits down.

“Your story rather captivated me if I’m to be honest.”

“My story?”

He slightly turns his head towards her.

“I heard your little speech by the way.” He admits.

Bella’s narrows her eyes doing her best to remain calm.

“Did you now?”

He nods.

“How do I know that wasn’t just a perfect little set up? Bad cop verses good cop?”

“Do I look like a cop? Or an agent for that matter? I mean my father was a cop. My brother is an agent. My boyfriend well…” She softly laughs.

“He’s just full of surprises. Not as big as yours then again don’t tell him I said that. He’d take it as a personal hit on his ego. Tony… he wants to be bigger than anyone. Only no one’s as big as you now are they? At least when you’ve been pushed past your brink, I think what fascinates me the most about you is this…”

He questions keeping his back turned to her. Still, he was looking over his shoulder towards her.

“You’ve somehow managed to keep your humanity. I mean I can just imagine how fucking angry you constantly are. Everyone you’ve ever known or defended has pretty much turned their backs to you or died in the process of having your back. I don’t believe I could do what you’ve done. You’ve managed to somehow focus all that energy and keep hidden in this tiny village whilst helping those in need. The girl told me you once helped her brother for the mere trade of a loaf of bread and one coin. How have you survived?”
He nods and makes his way over. He sits across from her and really gets a good look.

“You’re awfully young Ms. Swan.”

She nods in return.

“That I am. But what I lack in youth I’ve made up for in life alone. I can assure you. I’ve witnessed some pretty crazy things Dr. Banner. Never anything like the Hulk of course.”

“So what do you do for a living if you’re not an agent?”

“I’m an assistant of Stark Industries. I’m sure you’ve heard of them?”

He half chuckles.

“Let me guess, when you say boyfriend, you must mean Tony Stark the CEO?”

She smiles.

“Yes sir, that’d be him.”

“How old are you again?”

“I don’t believe you ever asked and don’t you know it’s rather rude to ask a woman such questions.”

He smirks and folds his arms about his chest.

“I just turned 18.”

He chokes back even though he wasn’t drinking anything. She nods with a sigh.

“That’s about what I thought. Would it make you feel better if I was 20 instead?”
“Try 30…”


He nods.

“Damn so close… just off by a decade.” She smarts.
He laughs and tiredly rubs his face. Bella finally got a better look at Dr. Banner. He was wearing a off white buttoned shirt, khaki dress pants, his hair was a slight mess. She found herself thinking he wasn’t bad to look at. He was a rather attractive man. She pondered what his alter ego looked like.

“So what will it be Dr. Banner. I’m sure Agent Romanoff already gave you the scoop. I mean… I know that you’re just as needed here. You will be missed. However… If I’m to be honest it sounds as if you could help this village and many others if you came with us. That is who you are right? You just can’t help yourself. No matter how many times you’ve been stabbed in the back. You return to your usual habits, because that’s who you are. It doesn’t matter where you run off to. You’re always off trying to save or help whoever you can.”

He sighs.

“You’re right…”

“About the anger issue… You see Ms. Swan. I do what I do because I have to. If I don’t keep my mind constantly on something else…” He taps his temple.

“He’s always lurking…”
“That’s about what I thought.”

“So what would you do if you were in my situation?” He asked curiously.
“Oh me? I’d Hulk out terrorize anyone that’s ever fucked me over and seek havoc wherever I went from there! Then again that’s just me. But it’s not about me now is it Dr. Banner? Let’s just ignore everyone’s cry for help for a moment. Pretend all is right in the world. What is it you want?”

“I used to have an answer for that. But that was when things were different. I no longer truly have an answer for that.”

Bella nods in thought.

“Well let’s live in the now and let me ask you this. Do you wish to stay here in Calcutta? Or do you wish to see what Malibu has to offer?”

Bella steps into the jet an hour later. Natasha and the pilot look upon her in utter shock.

“I believe you two have met?”

Bruce nods and clears his throat.

“Sorry about earlier.”
Natasha nervously clears her throat, but nods. Bella looked to Dr. Banner in wonder. He took notice of the odd look she was giving him. He shrugs.

“I just wanted to see what she’d do.” He says as if that explains it all.
“If…?” Bella inquires.

He smiles as he fastens his belt.

“She thought the big mean guy was about to make an appearance.”

Bella bites her lip trying not to laugh.

“Oh… I see… So… this isn’t my jet so if you could just keep the big guy at bay on the way, I’d appreciate it.”

“I’ll do my best.”


Natasha shakes her head in disbelief.

“How’d…” She mouths as the jet begins to take off.

“Face it, I’m cuter.” Bella taunts in return.

Natasha grins and shakes her head yet again. Dr. Banner chuckled overhearing her comment.

“Shit the guy smiles?” Natasha whispers.

Bella nods.

“Yep and I imagine he takes a shit like everyone else.”

“Jesus Bella.”
“I’m only trying to help you grasp on this.”

“She’s fine…” Black Widow says as she joins in.

Hawkeye and Iron Man take in a breath of relief.

“Dr. Banner will be here soon.”

Iron Man wanted to ask where they hell they’d been, but was dealing with another frost giant.

Captain America was taking on one of the Asgardians as was Thor. Thor was beside himself. He not only had to fight his own brother, but follow Asgardians. His heart broke with each strike he gave. The battle seemed unrelenting. Hawkeye yanked one of his arrows out of a frost giant’s skull and reused it. Black Widow began shooting and helping out the best she could.

“I no longer have use for it.” Bella explains as she shows Dr. Banner the studio apartment.

He looks around.

“This is really nice actually.”

“No sense in it going to waste. It’s rent free so you can’t do any better than that.”

He rears back.
“I wouldn’t feel right about that.”

“Too bad not giving you much of a choice. You need a place so that’s that.”

Bella softly laughs and takes it upon herself to make him something to eat. She imagined he was dying for a real meal. He looked to her oddly as he finished bringing his things inside, which wasn’t much.

“I figured we both could eat, before you go off to save the world or whatever it is. Trust me once S.H.I.E.L.D gets their hands on you. You won’t have time to breathe. Might as well relax for a bit and eat you a decent meal.”

“Only 20 huh?”

She nods.


He washes up in the bathroom as Bella finishes cooking them a couple burgers and some tater tots. It was nothing fancy, but it was a hearty meal. His mouth watered as he entered the room. The smell hit and his tummy rumbled. Bella heard it even over the grease popping as she was finishing up the tots. He sat at the bar and was so hungry he began on his burger. Bella scooped up some tots and placed them on his plate.

“Thank you.”

“No prob.”

“I mean it… for everything.”

Bella looks to him in thought as she finishes and sits beside him.

“Just don’t let them do anything you don’t want to do.” She hints about S.H.I.E.L.D.

“They have a bad habit of thinking they own everything they can touch. Just watch your back is all I’m saying.”

“Didn’t you say your brother works for them?”
“Yes, that doesn’t mean I trust them as far as I can throw a stick. Then again who can you trust these days?”

He wipes his face with a napkin.

“That’s no lie.”

“We’ve had some hard lessons in that.”

“Tony and I.”

She grimaces thought and leans back in her chair.

“Something else on your mind?”

“It’s just the irony of the situation that’s all. I just gave him every reason not to trust me, yet I’m the one person in this world he confides in most. Like this is my week to earn that worst girlfriend of the month plague.”
He finishes his burger and drinks the much welcomed soda she had set out from him. He felt as though he was in heaven at the moment.

“Something tells me you won’t have a hard time gaining his forgiveness and trust again.”

“We shall see.”

Once she gets him settled in she hands him the keys.

“Are you sure about this?” He inquires looking around yet again.
“Absolutely, unless he kicks me out. Then I’ll be on the couch!”

Dr. Banner laughs in thought.

“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.” She states with a warm smile.

He shrugs.

“Take care Dr. Banner.”

“Bruce…and you do the same Ms. Swan.”

She turns back with a smile before heading out the door.


(The next day… Battle has gone on for over 48 hours…)

Iron Man’s boots crunch along the broken asphalt as they walk about the streets. He was fatigued, hungry, and beyond thirsty. Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow continued the fight. For every moment they thought they were growing closer to defeating these creatures, more would appear.

They all sighed simultaneously as the Captain went to give the orders, even more of these bastards appeared. Iron Man turned to hear the screeching of wheels. It was Bella’s car. The passenger door opened and out stepped Dr. Bruce Banner. Bella leaned over and blew a kiss towards Iron Man. Dr. Banner shut the door. He turned back to Bella apprehensively.

“You can do this.” She encourages.

“Just listen to Iron Man…” She points him out.

“He will let you know who to pound so to speak.”

Bella taps her forehead.

“The rest is up to you Bruce.”
He nods and turns back towards the group. Bella watches as he begins to tremble all over. Tony smiles beneath that helmet.
“Well I’ll be damned my girl managed to pull it off. She brought the raging green beast right to us!”

A frost giant starts right for Bella’s car. Dr. Bruce Banner’s teeth grind together and he begins to alter. Bella nods in approval. Once he fully transforms he picks up the frost giant and tosses him across the sky. Bella looked to him complete in awe and a huge grin. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He then takes off running and dives right onto the frost giant smashing him into the ground. Bella hits the gas as the ground beneath the car shook with each movement Hulk made. She waved everyone off as she raced back home.

“I can’t believe it! She did it!” Iron Man said in complete marvel.

“I think I’m in love!” He taunts Bella’s brother.

He rolls his eyes.

“Gee, Deja Vu. He utters remembering that’s what he said when he first saw Bella chewing out the vampires.”

“That’s right… I confessed my love for your sister some time ago didn’t I?! Yet you were surprised!”

“Shut it, Stark!”

“Might as well face it Barton you could very well end up my brother in law one day!”

They each looked to him in shock. However Iron Man continued to watch Hulk unleash hell upon the giants and the betraying Asgardians.

“Oops…” He called out as he mistook Thor for one of them.

Iron Man took off to quickly deal with the situation. Hawkeye looked to Black Widow as though he were now ill. She laughed.

“Hope I’m your date to the wedding.”
“There is no wedding! There’s not going to be a wedding!” He barks.

Black Widow and Captain America laugh.

“I’m serious!”

Captain America cleared his throat seeing how pissed off Hawkeye looked.

“My sister is not going to marry freaking Tony Stark!”

Bella paced around the garage. She wasn’t sure just how long she could keep grounded. This urge to be out there and help was strongly within her. However she knew Tony was still rightfully pissed with her. She didn’t want to push her luck. Her feet grew sore as she continued to pace. But there was just no way she could sit and wait patiently. She tried to think of something anything to keep herself busy as she waited.

Part of her reasoning for wanting to go with Natasha deep down and she knew it was because she wanted to keep herself busy. That was the best way for her not to worry about Tony. If she sat still for too long the worst imaginable things came to play. All the more reason she wished that she could somehow be out there with the boys like Natasha. Bella froze in midstride. The garage door began to open. Iron Man flew in and his helmet rose.

They merely eyed one another for a moment. He nodded towards her and she rushed over and wrapped her arms around him. He lifted her a tad off the ground as she kissed him. Tony leaned his forehead against hers.

“I’m just going to say this and then let it go from here. To be honest I was going to pull this whole mature thing of ignoring you, but you threw off my game. I didn’t expect to come home to this.” He admits.

“What did you expect to come home to?”

“To a feminist rights speech maybe? Or some sort of bitch feast.”


She hits him on the chest. He winces for her and takes her hand.

“Easy… No need to break your hand. If you feel the need to hit me my face isn’t currently shielded.”

She sighs and looks to the ground.

“I’m sorry I stole your jet, lied to you, and fled the country and well I’m not so sure I’m sorry about the whole bringing Dr. Banner back to be honest. If I hadn’t had gone…”

Tony lifts her chin with his fingers.

“You didn’t technically steal considering you live here, you’re my girl, and you work for me so what’s mine is yours type of thing, though I would prefer to know next time. Leaving the country without my knowledge? Yeah I was pissed. I’m not going to fucking lie about that. If anything had gone wrong I wouldn’t have had a clue where to even begin to look for you. I’m going to tell you this now. When it comes to your whereabouts I always want to know where you are. Not because I’m being a dick and one of those insecure pricks. No, because I want to know where to look first if you don’t come home. Bella honey we both have enemies out there.” He reminds.

“Now bringing in the doctor… There are some mixed feelings on this. Now do I like that you went and did this behind my back? Um no… absolutely NOT! Would have I wanted you to go if you had asked my opinion on the matter? NOPE! I’d have hog tied your ass to the bed and made certain you couldn’t leave the house. I’d have Jarvis keep you prisoner until I returned.”

“Tony…” She practically whined.

“Now hold on and let me finish.”

She sighs half afraid of what he’d say next. He pecked her on the lips as Jarvis got him out of the suit.

“How’d you do it?” Tony questioned as if in awe.

She looked to him oddly.

“How’d you tame the tempered spirit and manage to bring him back to our neck of the woods?”

Bella shrugs.

“I just put myself in his place.”

“His place huh…”

She nods.

“And I slept with him.”

“Did you now?”
She nods again trying to keep from laughing.

“I figure what better way to calm the beast within.”

“So you wore him down?”


“Hmmm… so from now on I can only get you off with a fist or maybe a bat.”


He chuckles.

“Are you saying that he’s lacking where it counts?” He fake gasps.

“Is he a peewee?”

“I can’t believe the shit that comes out of that mouth of yours!”

He shrugs and backs her up against the station he normally works at.

“Great, now I have to find a way to kill him and I have to beat you back into submission.”

“Come on now Tony, was I ever submissive to begin with.”

He shuts his eyes for a moment. He hadn’t slept, ate or drank anything in over 48 hours now. But he could only think of one thing he wanted most at the moment. The more she tried to push his buttons the more it spurred him on.

“You’re right, you’ve yet to call me master!” He states with a soft growl.

“That’s because I’m not a slave.”
“I could change that you know.”

Her breath is taken back and she looks to him dumbfounded as he rips her shirt and bra open. He gives her no time to comment. Tony starts kissing her and his hands graze over her perfectly rounded breasts. Tony carried her out of the garage and into the bedroom. He gritted his teeth as he stripped her down. He was in complete lust and all he could think about was fucking the living hell out of her. He wanted to be balls deep within that wet pink pussy of hers. The mere idea had him aching. Bella pulled his shirt over his head and yanked it off tossing it about the room. Her hand ran along his chest and arc reactor. Tony didn’t bother to take his pants off all the way. He desperately fiddled with his pants and freed his cock.

“Fuuuuccck.” He groaned out as he entered.

He used his hands to spread her legs apart even more. He wanted to watch himself driving into her. It never failed he couldn’t get over how he fit inside her like that. Tony spread her apart and continued to watch in amazement.

However something happened. Something he’d never experienced and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. He shook his head trying to fight the thoughts that came to mind. Things he knew he had no business thinking about! Nevertheless, that knowledge didn’t keep the irrational thoughts at bay. In fact it was affecting him so much… He froze as he went dead… Making a very first for Tony Stark… He winced as though he got socked in the gut repeatedly. Tony tried to bring his game back on, but it was gone. It had nothing to do with Bella. Hell she was easily the sexiest woman he’d ever been with.

Concern washed over her face. Meanwhile, Tony was humiliated, pissed and scolding himself.

Who the fuck thinks during sex?! NOT FUCKING TONY STARK! He pinched the bridge of his nose and rolled over.


He wanted to fucking curl up and DIE! This had never ever happened to him before. And Bella Swan what the fuck? He looked down to his dead dick and cursed under his breath. Bella reached over and ran her fingers along his chest lovingly.

“Is everything alright?”

He didn’t answer he wasn’t sure how. He hadn’t felt more like a complete pussy than he had now. And the one question he feared would come up surely did.

“Did I do something wrong?”

He winced again and hopped up he exited the room and promptly made his way to the bar. He downed his scotch straight from the bottle. Bella entered the room as she was tying her black silk robe. She damn near looked as though she’d cry. He shook his head in thought. How does he even begin to tell her the truth? She’s only 20! How dare he even have such fucking thoughts? He was being a god damn dick! And since when did he care about such things or have such desires? No matter how much he tried though he couldn’t keep the thoughts at bay. The problem? It was her… he wanted Bella in his future. She was the woman he kept envisioning with his irrational ideas. He started laughing as though in misery. Bella looked upon him in wonder. He zipped up his pants and buttoned them.

“Talk to me please…” She said in damn near hysterics.

It was how he was acting that had her nearly terrified. Tony shut his eyes for a moment. He downed some more scotch. He points upon her as if accusingly.

“That’s never ever happened to me before.”

She took back a breath. She wasn’t sure how to take that.

“Um ok…” She said in a whisper.

Tony sighs already seeing it on her face.

“Don’t…I mean it don’t you even. That’s so far from the truth. So you can get that out of your head right now Bella honey.”

Bella nods not sure what to think.

“You’re doing something to me dammit!”

He slams down his bottle and she jumped.

“I don’t understand! WHY, I MEAN WHY? YOU come the fuck along and my head becomes this tangled mess of thoughts, ones I’ve never even had! Dammit Bella honey! You’re driving me up the god damn wall!”

She looks to the floor, yet again getting the wrong idea. She closes her eyes and tears begin to form. Tony was just about to explain the truth behind it all when someone else appeared directly behind her. Tony hurriedly reached out and placed his “new” bracelets on that were hidden at the bar. Bella gasped out as someone grabbed her.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“And I fear you because?”

Tony shrugs.

“Maybe not so much me, but us as a whole. You remember my friends right? The patriot, the bull’s-eye, the big green guy with a temper, and let’s not forget your brother.”

Loki half laughs and gets a better hold on Bella.

“And where are they now?”

“The Avengers?”
Loki looks upon Tony peculiarly.

“It’s what we decided to call our little group. Quite fetching isn’t it? Sorry honey, I was going to tell you, I just hadn’t a chance.” Tony explains to Bella.

Tony keeps his eyes locked onto Bella’s as he takes a step towards them.

“You see you’ve even managed to piss of your own brother. Just how do you think you’ll truly win this in the end? Everyone hating you and wishing that you’d just up and die so to speak.”

Loki roughly twirls Bella around to have her face him. He cups her chin.

“And what if I was to end her life? Then what are you? Are you just as weak as he?”

“My brother with his precious Jane.” Loki looks into Bella’s eyes.
“You share the same eye color in fact, interesting.”

“Not a good idea unless you just want to piss us both off.”
“Isn’t that the point?”
“Not very smart are we?”

Loki nods but lifts Bella off the floor he turns around and tosses her through the window. Tony activates the bracelets. Tony doesn’t even think. He leaps out after her in a diving matter. Bella was falling flat and reaching out to him.

“Nooooo.” Tony growled out and did his best to angle himself so he’d speed towards her at a much faster pace. He finally caught her and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

The suit made it’s way to him and began to build itself upon him. It was one of his newest inventions. He maneuvered her around so the suit would complete itself. Just before they were to hit the pavement, he shot back up and flew back into the house. He placed Bella on the couch.

He went to deal with Loki only to see he was gone. Tony lifts his eyes back towards Bella.

“This conversation is to be continued.”

Bella had never felt so confused. Fear resided in her heart. She hadn’t a clue what was going through his mind. He scooped her up off the couch.

“Where are we going?”
“You are going under S.H.I.E.L.D protection along with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis.”

“Um who.”
“No time to explain.”
“Dammit Tony, I should be out there with you.”
He cocks a brow under that suit.

“Not just no, but hell to the fucking no.”

“Why not?!”
“Because your life means something and that’s that.”

He stops once they get to headquarters. He places her down and she goes to take off. He sighs with agitation and grabs her.

“Face it, I’m much faster.”
“I’m not going into protection Tony!”
“Um yes you are!”

“NO I’m NOT I CAN HELP YOU! I’ve helped before remember?!”

He shakes his head.

“Not this time.”

“ANTHONY EDWARD STARK!” She growls as he drags her into headquarters.

Natasha and Clint leap off their chairs as they enter the building. Bella was hitting Iron Man profusely.

“Did you just middle name me like some sort of mother hen?!”

“You’re god damn right I did!”

“Huh. That was weird and stuff. Don’t do it again.”

She goes to do it again just to piss him off. He covers her mouth.

“Look you want to be out there?” This came from Natasha’s mouth as she made her way over.

Bella nods.

“Then get trained on how to fight. Then I can guarantee this will be your last time of being benched.”

Bella sighs against Tony’s hand in defeat. He lowers his hand. Tony kisses her just before Captain America takes her hand. They follow Fury to the lockdown point. Once Bella’s inside the safety bunker she turns to the other two brunettes.

“So, this is some motherfucking bullshit!”
Jane raised her brows and Darcy smiled.

“Ooooh I like her!”

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