Chapter 12 The Quarterback Takes A Knee

Chapter 12

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Bella looked around the room to see it was a decent size for an emergency bunker. It was underground of the actual S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.

“What they hell are they expecting World War III?” Bella mutters to herself as she paces around looking pissed.

Jane and Darcy shrugged upon each other. However Jane knew that wasn’t actually far from the truth. She herself wondered why agents randomly came and took her in Darcy in. She wasn’t even aware that Thor was back.

The room they were in had a brown leather couch big enough for the three of them. A 32 in’ flat screen TV, four bunk beds, a bookcase filled with books, clothes that looked to be all black were folded and laid about three of the beds, three of the bunk beds were already made with plain white sheets and blankets. Tall leafy plants were about the corners of the bunker surprisingly real ones. There was a one and half bath a mini kitchen and fridge. Bella felt ill in thought.

“Just how long do they expect us to stay down here?”

Darcy presses her lips together and opens the fridge. She smiles and grabs a 12 pack of beer that was in the fridge. She slams it down on the island in the mini kitchen. Bella smiles.

“They deemed it important enough to make certain we were stocked with alcohol?” Bella examined seeing a rack filled with wine to the brim.

She sighed however noticing the brand of wine. She automatically knew.

“This was Tony’s doing.” She uttered as she took out one of the wine bottles.

“Tony?” Jane questions.

“Tony of the Stark variety.”

She and Darcy’s eyes widen.

“You personally know Tony Stark?”

Bella couldn’t help the grin that formed on her face. Darcy narrows her eyes upon her.

“Holy shit, Jane, she’s that hot chick that’s been seen all over the news! The gold digger!”

Bella raises her brows. Jane looks to her friend in sheer disbelief. “What?” Darcy questions innocently. Jane then cuts Bella an apologetic glance.

“Sorry we don’t let her out much…” Jane mumbles looking downright embarrassed.

Bella laughs.

“Oh it’s nothing I haven’t heard already.” She admits with a shrug.

“I freaking idolize you!” Darcy announces exuberantly.

Bella cuts Darcy an odd look. Both Darcy and Jane were very pretty she noted. Bella however thought it was odd that they all had brunette hair and about the same color eyes. They all had long hair only they were fully dressed and nicely. Bella’s hair was a mess and she was still in her robe. She cleared her throat and fixed her robe making sure she wasn’t exposing herself.

“Idolize me?” Bella curiously inquires.

“Hell yeah you rock! Not only did you manage to pick up one of the hottest most well-known, richest bachelors there is, but you got major attitude.”

“Um thanks?”

“I’m just saying I want to be like you when I grow up.”

Jane rolls her eyes and elbows Darcy.
“I think we’re all about the same age.”

“So that doesn’t change how I feel!” She defends and Bella laughs. Darcy pops open each of them a beer and passes them around.

Jane wrinkles her nose at the beer. Darcy and Bella have already taken theirs to the label.

“So who are you exactly?” Bella asks.

“I’m Darcy Lewis and this is my prudent friend Jane Foster. She’s a scientist and I’m like her little lab rat aka assistant.”

“Is that so?” Bella offers her hand and shakes Darcy and Jane’s.

“Bella Swan.”

“Swan… How cool is that?” Darcy says in thought.

“So here’s the big question… Why the hell are we all in here?”

“That’s what we’d like to know.” Jane admits.

Bella finished her beer as she leaned against the counter. She thought about that peculiar man that threw her out the window. He was decked out in green and gold. He most certainly wasn’t dressed normal. She thought about his deep green eyes. How that was the last thing she took notice off before he tossed her out. She also remembered that ridiculous golden helmet he was wearing. Bella looked back towards the other two girls.

“I say we exchange stories and see if they somewhat match up. If no one’s going to tell us what the fuck is going on then we figure it out.”

“Actually, we were at home when these agents swarmed in and took me in Darcy in.”

Bella couldn’t believe that.

“Wait, they just welcomed themselves in side and apprehended you both?”

“Pretty much sums it up.” Darcy declares.

“Um ok… Now I’m even more pissed then I was already. How come no one wants to let us in on what’s going on? I’m going to KILL TONY! Hand me another one of those.” Darcy grins ear to ear and hands her another.

Bella downs the entire beer before uttering another word.

“I REALLLY LIKE HER!” Darcy squeals and Jane smiles shaking her head as she delicately sips at her beer.

Bella glances upon Jane and her nearly lukewarm beer.

“Don’t drink?” Bella asks.

“Just not much of a beer drinker.” Jane confesses and places the beer on the counter.

She hops upon the counter and kicks her feet about. Bella nods.

“Well before my soon to be dead boyfriend brought me here. I was thrown out of the window. By some guy with horrible fashion sense, a bad attitude, and major death wish.”

Darcy and Jane exchange looks. Bella however was beginning to trace back to the conversation the man and Tony were having. She remembered the mention of the Avengers and something about… Bella snaps a look Jane’s direction. “This guy mentioned something about his brother’s precious Jane? Ring any bells?”

Jane froze as though in a trance.

“Um everything ok?”

Jane swallows back with a racing heart.

“Did you happen to catch his name?”
“No, but he looked as though someone that had just come from a renaissance fair.”

“HEY HE’S BACK! See Jane I told you he’d return!” Darcy says just full of beans.

Bella looked upon Jane concerned. She looked as though she’d damn near cry.

“Is she alright?”

“Oh she’ll be fine. She just hasn’t seen her love muffin in a while. Thought he forgot all about her!”
“And who would this so called love muffin be?”
“I believe his name was Thor? Right Jane?” Darcy taunts and nudges her shoulder.

Jane barely nods. She just stood there blinking her eyes.

“So you and this “Thor” have some history I take it?”

“Yeah they do! Which is weird considering she hit him with her car and all, not just once either, TWICE!”

“And he survived?!”

“Well he is the god of thunder and all.”

Bella dies in laughter.

“Wait, so let me get this straight… Jane over here is crushing over some guy that claims to be a god and not just any god, but Thor God of Thunder?”

“Yep! Pretty cool huh?”

“If I hadn’t just witnessed a normal 185 lb man become a green beast that weighs a ton, I’d call total bullshit and want this woman evaluated. Hell both of you in fact. Unfortunately, I’d be right along there with you. It seems I’ve seen and heard all the crazy there is to see and hear. Shit… So you’re like dating a god? How the hell does that work? I mean where does he even come from and how long distant are we talking? What does he look like?”

Darcy began their own little adventure story of how they met Thor. How Jane and Thor fell for one another, but he had to go back to some planet by the name of Asgard. Without even realizing it all three girls had gone through an entire 12 pack and a bottle of wine, as they exchanged stories. Once they were done they realized they’d been talking for 4 hours.

“Well I gotta pee!” Darcy announced and took off.

Jane and Bella laughed realizing they needed to go to. Bella leaned back and rubbed her face tiredly.

“So you dated a vampire…” Jane utters in disbelief.

“Yeah, not one of my finest moments.”

Jane laughs.

“We all have them.”

Jane’s eyes were batting however. The girl was a serious lightweight. Bella pegged her for someone that rarely drank. Once Darcy returned Bella came to her feet and began to help Jane up. She and Darcy helped her get to the bathroom to pee. The three of them were giggling the entire time. Jane nearly fell on her first attempt to go to the bathroom. Darcy and Bella died in laughter and somehow managed to prop her up better. Once they got her washed up they helped her get to bed. Darcy took off Jane’s shoes and Bella covered her up.

“So this one has a limit.” Bella teased.

“Oh I’ve seen her worse than this. In fact it wasn’t long after Thor left.”

Bella sighs in thought knowing damn well she couldn’t talk.

“I think we’ve all had one of those.”

“Not me I can hold my liquor just fine!” Darcy declares and nearly trips over a nightstand.

Bella quickly caught her before she hit the corner of one of the bunk beds.

“Easy now, I think it’s sleepy time for you as well.”

“But I’m not tired.”
“Well sure you aren’t pumpkin.”

Bella winced.
“Oh god…”

“What?” Darcy asked in wonder as Bella helped her get settled in as well.

“I just realized something that’s all.”

“And what’s that?” Darcy said with a giggle.

That giggle soon died as she leaned into her pillow and fell fast asleep. Bella swallowed back and leaned over. She took of Darcy’s glasses and sat them on the other nightstand.

“That he’s rubbing off on me…” Bella whispers as she cuts off the lights.

She too goes to bed, however no matter how wasted she was. Bella tossed and turned. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t sleep. Her mind was just too overloaded at the moment. Bella worried about what all this meant and just how much danger were they all in. If Tony, Clint and the others were alright, but mostly she thought about how Tony had snapped at her just before that man tossed her out the window. Her skin crawled in thought. Had she really pushed Tony over the edge? She rose up feeling rather alarmed in thought.

Bella quietly snuck out of the room and headed into the bathroom. She took off her robe and started a shower. She spent a good 20 minutes under the icy cold water trying her hardest to clear her mind.

“Darcy, stop that!” Jane hisses.

“What? I’m just making sure she’s still alive.”

“By throwing gummy bears at her?”
Darcy shrugs.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Jane yanks the bag of gummy bears out of Darcy’s hand. Darcy pouts and reaches out for them.

“Hey now, I found them first!”
They both turned around as Bella whimpered out in her sleep and rolled over. She reached up and tiredly removed a green gummy bear from her cheek. She opened her eyes to see what it was. She looked to it confused and rose up in the bed. She saw that her bed had gummy bears scattered across it.

“What the…” She picks another one of them up.

Darcy hurriedly places the bag back into Jane’s hand before Bella takes notice. She then sits at the table and pretends to be flipping through a newspaper.

“So… is this a ritual of yours or do we have a leak?”

“Leak?” Jane questions.

“Nevermind…” Bella sees the bag in her hand, but is too tired to question it.

She lays her head back down and raises the covers up over her head.

“By the way Darcy I prefer the strawberry ones. Just keep that in mind next time you get all gummy happy.”

Jane laughs at Bella’s comment and stuffs the bag back into Darcy’s hand.

“How’d she?!” Darcy starts to question.

Bella giggles into her pillow, but falls back asleep.

The hatch door opens about an hour later. All three girls look up to see Captain America climbing down the ladder leading down. He cocks a brow seeing Bella was still in bed and it was now 2 pm. That and her bed were covered in gummy bears. He tilts his head making his way over. He picks one of the gummy bears up and looks at it curiously.

Bella noticed the guy was covered in soot and parts of his suit were ripped.

“You do know eating this stuff at night is horrible for your teeth right?”

“It is?!” Bella smarts and grabs the one from his hand and eats it.

He smiles and shakes his head. Darcy had made her way directly behind the Captain. With a big grin on her face she was feeling up the Captain’s biceps.

“So… Do you always make live public announcement services?”

The Captain cocks a brow and turns around facing Darcy.

“So you’re like real and stuff?”

Jane sighs and pries her friend away from the Captain.

“But I want to touch! You already have a blond this one’s mine. How do I know if I want to buy him if I can’t even test out the merchandise?”

“Darcy, leave the poor man alone.”
“Awe, man you never let me have any fun!”

Bella laughs and fixes her shirt before she makes her way out of the bed. The Captain respectfully turns his head once he takes notice of her only wearing a shirt and panties. She hurriedly steps into some black pants. She clears her throat letting him know she’s decent.

“I just came to check up on things.” He starts to explain once he turns back around.

“Stark and Thor wanted me to let you ladies know that it shouldn’t be much longer now.”
“And what would that be now?”

He smiles and shakes his head.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that.”

“OH come the fuck on Steve!” Bella barks and both girls look to her surprised.

Darcy nudges Jane.

“Did she just tell Captain America to come the fuck on.”
“I believe so.” Jane whispers.

He raises his brows.

“Huh… I’m telling you, I so want to be her when I grow up!”

The Captain sighs.

“Sorry… just how it is.”
“That’s hardly fair. So you so called “Avengers” get to go out and have all the fun. Have this little boy scout sworn to secrecy bullshit, while us women are placed under forced protection and we aren’t even allowed to know why? WELL KISS MY ASS!” Bella starts towards the ladder.


“You know how they always say grow a bigger set of balls?”
“Yeah…?” She acknowledged wondering where Darcy was going with this.

“I think she was born with them.”

Bella starts climbing up the ladder. The Captain sighs with annoyance.

“I can’t let you do that.”

“This is America right? Land of the free? I can do whatever I want.”

She steps out of the hatch and Agent Coulson was already at the door. He points with a single finger back towards the entrance.

“Oh come on!”

He shakes his head and stands his ground.

“He put you up to this didn’t he?!”

He merely shrugs trying out to laugh as the Captain snuck up behind her. He wraps an arm around her waist and starts to drag her back down.


Agent Coulson loses it and starts laughing only pissing her off more.
“And you!” She points to him angrily.

“I’ll see you in Headquarters!”

He raises his brows and waves her goodbye. She grits her teeth as the Captain jumps down with her in his hold.

“Here hold that for me will you?” He says handing Bella over to the girls. He bounds back up the hatchway and locks it back up.

“So how’d she take it?”

Just one look on the Captain’s face said it all. Iron Man chuckles and sends out a repulsor blast at a nearby enemy.

“And you thought you could handle her! That’s so cute!”

The Captain rolls his eyes.

“Well I am closer to her age bracket.” He fires back.
“Says the man that’s been around since before World War II?!”
“Face it Stark, I age better!” He declares and sends out his shield.

Stark mocks him under his breath. “So how long did it take to get to Cali in the jet?” Tony curiously asked. The Captain shrugs “a little under four hours or so.” Tony nods in thought knowing if he hadn’t taken the jet it would have been a good 5 to 6 hours. He just had to send someone to make sure the girls were ok. It wasn’t just Loki they had to worry about. That little shit Edward and his freakish family was still somewhere out there. They both however are being fired at as the Captain blocks with his shield. Iron Man shakes his head with annoyance as he takes off in flight.

“Just how long do you think that portal will remain open?” The Captain asks Thor.

“I’m not sure.” He confesses and looks to be in thought.

“But I need to find a way to apprehend Loki and turn off the Tesseract!”

“Then you go deal with your brother and we got it from here. Remember Thor lives are counting on you. We must hurry!” The Captain reminds.

Thor nods “as I’m well aware” he says and takes off.

“So…” Black Widow says over her shoulder as she and Hawkeye are flying on one of the hoover crafts of the enemies.

“So?” Hawkeye replies as he zips around a building.

“How do you feel about your sister joining us one day?”

He shakes his head with confusion, but keeps the air craft going as they’re being shot at. They witnessed Hulk taking down enemies, as if they were mere pest getting in his way.

“Joining us?”
“As an Avenger?”

He starts laughing.

“Funny, Romanoff.”
She rolls her eyes.

“And why’s that?”

“Bell doesn’t know the first thing about fighting! Don’t be ignorant, Romanoff!”
“Excuse me?”

He sighs, hearing the pissy tone in her voice.

“I just meant you should know better that’s all.” They dodge a body that Hulk sends flying into the air. Once it makes its way back down Hulk grabs it and spins it around before smashing it deep into the earth.

“Well, I for one think your sister has what it takes.”

“Well you’re wrong.”

She shakes her head and braces herself as they were being fired at. Loki had the Tesseract and was using it as a weapon. Thor was doing his best to take him down. Meanwhile, Iron Man was doing his best to lead the danger away from everyone else, but he was losing energy in the process.

“Come on Jarvis help me out here buddy. Don’t let me down.”

Escape attempts during Avengers battle in New York (Each have surveillance footage)

One: 3:15 pm

“You got it?”

“Almost…” Bella says as she continues to jimmy the knife into the hatchway door.

A smile comes over her face as they hear a clicking sound. The three off them look to one another. Bella hands the knife back to Darcy. Darcy hands it back to Jane who sets it on the counter. Bella pushes the hatch door open and she helps Jane and Darcy out of the bunker. Once the three of them are out they each quietly attempt to make their way out of the S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.

Agent Coulson however was following behind with a couple of other agents. He taps Bella on the shoulder. She whips around with a sheepish grin.

“Um hi! Phil is it?”

He cocks a brow and points back to the bunker. Bella sighs as if in defeat. She lowers her head and turns back around and takes off running. Two other agents appear before her and she stops and starts backing up.

“So I guess that means we’re busted?” Darcy utters miserably.

“…dammit…” Bella groans.

Two: 5:53 pm

“Again? But we’ve already been caught once. Maybe we should just stay down here. I mean if it’s what the guys suggest. Maybe it’s what’s best.” Darcy and Bella cut Jane a look of disapproval.

Jane sighs seeing she’s outvoted.

“Fine…” Jane mumbles.

“I think you’re a very bad influence on Darcy.” Jane teases with a slight grin.

Darcy’s entire face beams at this.

“Really?! You really mean it?! I’m usually bad influence! This is so awesome! Yay Bella! Yay bad influence.”

Yet again, Bella manages to unjam the door she uses her knees to jolt it open as it felt somewhat heavier than before. She hears a whooshing sound as she bust the door open. She crawls back out to see they had a cable’s connecting to the door in order to avoid her breakout attempt.

Meanwhile, Darcy was making the gummy bears into mini Avengers as she painted them like Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and she was just now working on Iron Man. Bella almost succeeded as she got right up to the door. Only she heard the clearing of a throat and the rolling of a chair. Agent Coulson snatched her as he wheeled past. He used his feet to propel them off the wall in front of them. Doing this sends the chair shooting back towards the bunker, where he dragged her back inside.

(Back to the battle of New York)

“Would you like for me to get ahold of Ms. Swan sir?” Tony grimaces in thought as he was preparing to rid of the nuke.

“There’s no signal in the bunker where she is Jarvis.”

He takes in a breath.

“Connect me with Bella’s voicemail Jarvis.”

Bella’s phone you know what to do… He shuts his eyes for a very brief moment at the sound of her voice. Once it beeps he opens them.

“I’m about to do something incredibly stupid. You know that promise we made Bella honey? Looks like I’m going to be the one breaking it. Better me than you. I’m not going to say goodbye though. Just know I love you. Happy will know what to do from here.”

Hawkeye looks to Black Widow alarmed as she’s about to shut the portal.
“Where the fuck is he?!”

Black Widow is given the command. She looks to Hawkeye apologetically knowing they don’t have a choice.

“NO! This will kill HER!” Hawkeye shouts as she takes the order.

Day two

Attempt three 9:30 am

Yet again Bella manages to force the door open. This time they had a huge tool box on top of the hatchway. She used her entire body weight to force the door open. Bella looks around and sneaks about the area. She goes about it as if she were an agent now herself. She hides behind corners and walls. Bella even makes it outside the headquarters door. She breathes in the fresh air momentarily and takes one step further out. Her eyes dart open as Agent Coulson stood right before her with his arms folded about his chest.

“I got her.” He says into the blue tooth.

“How the hell?”

He escorts her back inside and leads her back down.

Attempt four 7:30 pm

“I think she managed to pull it off this time!” Darcy says as two hours had passed by and Bella hadn’t returned.

“She said she’d return for us though if so.”

“Pffft and you believed her. That just proves how naïve you truly are. I wouldn’t return if I found a way out.”

“So very noble of you Darcy.”
“I know.” She says with a smile.

She forgets about the fact that she’d been painting her gummy bears. She places one into her mouth without looking. She frowns and sticks out her tongue with the green gummy bear still on it.

“Oh no…”
“What?!” Jane hops up concerned.

“I just ate the Hulk.” Jane sighs and rolls her eyes as she sits back down on the couch.

“Look at his poor little squished head!”

She uses a napkin to wipe the green paint off her tongue.

Meanwhile, Bella was laughing to herself. She was covered in sweat and managed to get herself stuck in an air vent at her last attempt.

“So much for being like 007, the asshole how does he do it?”
She looks down to see Agent Coulson setting up a ladder.

“You’re stuck aren’t you?”


“Oh ok…” He starts to put the ladder back up and walk away.

“OK OK! Dammit, I’m stuck!”

He chuckles to himself and sets the ladder back up. Bella covered her face in humiliation as he and a couple other agents had to cut around the metal vent into the ceiling just to break her free.

“Whatever you do no big ass jokes.” She hisses in warning to Agent Coulson as her arms wrapped around his neck and he brought her back down.
“I wouldn’t dream of it Ms. Swan.”

“Bella honey, I could have built you a suit.” He says taking notice of the metal vent stuck around her hips and ass.

Her heart comes to a stop as Agent Coulson brings her back down.

“Want to explain yourself sweetheart?”
He was leaning against one of the pillars of the headquarters. He was in his Iron Man armor still with the helmet off. He had a pair of shades on and was eating a donut and had a coffee in the other hand. She shakes her head, but once they lower her down she eyes Tony from afar. She promptly turns to see Jane slapping Thor. She and Tony flinched at this. “You must be Thor.” The tall blond haired man that was seriously built like a god nodded.


“And you are?”

“Bella Swan.”

He smiles warmly and looks upon Tony.

“It seems we’ve done well for ourselves my metal friend.”

Jane however slapped Thor once more.

Bella’s phone was sending her a voicemail alert as it was just now getting signal. Tony thought nothing of it at first as she put it to her ear.

“Oh no..” He reached out a hand and started to rush over to yank it out from her hold.

It was too late. She looked to Tony with a wounded expression. He takes in a breath. Instead of a slap like Thor got. Bella punched him. After she does this she looks to be in shock on what she did. Darcy sighed, feeling left out so she decidedly slapped Steve.

“What the…?” He rubs his face confused.

“OH that sure stung…” She rubs her hand sorely.

He sighs with annoyance and goes to walk away.
“Hey wait up!” She calls out and starts to follow him.

Bella meanwhile stared straight into Tony’s eyes as he takes off his shades.

“You were going to die? And you leave a fucking voicemail! That could have been the last time I ever heard from you?! THROUGH A GOD DAMN VOICEMAIL!”

Tony cocked a brow though as they were cutting the metal vent off her body.

“Ms. Swan, would you mind staying still?” Agent Coulson asks.

She grits her teeth.

“…fine…” Once they get the vent off her she points to Tony.

“You’re not leaving me behind again!”
She shoves him back and storms out of the headquarters. All eyes were now on Tony as he pinched the bridge of his nose and followed her out. He handed Bruce Banner his donut and coffee on the way out.

He steps outside to see Bella pacing around. Her fingers were running through her hair and she shook all over.

She stopped in midstride and put her hand to her heart. She kept her head down.

“I can’t believe you were going to break your end of the deal.”

“Now just let me explain…”

“Dammit Tony!”

“Do you not remember the last stunt you pulled?!” Tony fires back.

“I’m not an idiot! You were getting the shit beat out of you! I heard it. Granted you can kick ass and back up that mouth of yours! You could have been fucking raped or Lord knows what! I would have had to hear it on the phone, damn near killing myself trying to figure out where you are, knowing damn well I couldn’t get to you in time!”

They both circle one another bitterly. Both had their faults… Both furious with one another and all for the very same reasons.
“I love you!” They both angrily shout at one another.

“Jinx.” They chorus.

“Dammit!” They chorus yet again.

They both stop and shake their heads upon one another. Bella’s bottom lip quivers and she comes to her knees. Tony winces knowing she just scrapped the hell of them as she landed. He hurried over and came to his as well. Hot tears came down her face. He looked her in the eyes.

“You want to start doing this together?”

She nods.

“Ok then… I’m game if your game. You owe me a coke or scotch would be nice by the way.”

Bella’s jaw dropped as the other Iron Man armors fly down. Tony raises back up and offers Bella a hand up. She looks to him confused as each one he’s ever made stands behind him in a horizontal line. Tony drops back down to one knee before her. He throws down his shades. The Mark I-V armors also dropped down to one knee behind him. Her heart was damn near galloping out of her chest. Tony took out a ring from his suit.

“We slept together, became friends, then confessed our love for one another, and we’re living under the same roof. So why not get married?”

“..married…? She whispers almost timidly.

He nods, but felt panicked all a sudden. Shit, she doesn’t want this…. Was the first thing to hit his mind.

She shut her eyes looking ill. He sighs feeling as though his heart was about to break in half. Bella covers her face and starts bawling. He shoots up in alarm.

“You want to marry me?! Dammit, Tony I thought you were trying to figure out how to dump me!”

She nods and wipes her face.

“You were so mad I thought I’d finally pushed you past the brink. That you just finally had enough.”

His eyes widen as he thinks back.

“No, no, no… Bella honey, that couldn’t be further from the truth.” He nervously laughs and shakes his head.

“You wanna know the truth?” He says in a softer tone.

She lifts her eyes towards him.

“Bella that all happened because when I see you, I see things I never thought I would. I won’t lie either it scares the living shit out of me. I want you to accept me for all that I am,” he says pointing to the armors. “The good and the bad, Tony and Iron Man. You want to be my partner, for me it starts right here.” He holds up the ring again, “I love you Bella. What do you say, wanna be a Stark?”

Bella nods still looking to be in shock.

“Can I have a verbal answer just to make certain?”

She softly laughs.
“…yes…” She takes back a breath.

“Yes what?” He taunts.
“Yes, I’ll marry you!”

He beams at this and places the ring on her finger. Bella looks to the ring in complete awe and utter surprise. It was a white gold band with a diamond around the diamond was white gold sections made into the Iron Man symbol (the arc reactor). It was the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen in her life. She latched on to Tony hugging the hell out of him. Tony eagerly kissed her and twirled around. They both came to a halt hearing clapping from behind.

They turned to see the other Avengers, Darcy, Jane, Agent Coulson, and Fury.

Bella blushed and Tony shrugged and went back to kissing her. Clint sighed with slight irritation, but considering Tony Stark nearly died in order to save New York. He figured he was about as good as it gets when it comes to his sister. If he was willing to do that for an entire state, he could only imagine what he’d be willing to do for Bella.

They began to hover off the ground. Tony did a halfhearted wave and took off.

Jarvis deployed the other armors as well and they followed close behind.
On the flight back they were making out the entire time. He stepped into the garage and continued to hold and kiss her as Jarvis got him out of the suit. Tony carried her to the bathroom from there. He reached back and started the shower. They stepped into the lukewarm water. The water ran down their bodies as they began stripping each other down. Tony was taken back as she licked down his chest, down his abdomen. Holy shit… He thought as she used her teeth to undo his pants.

He felt her tongue running down the shaft of his cock. It twitched against her tongue. Tony pulled her hair away from her face. He grunted out in full pleasure as she went to town on his cock. Her tongue rolled around doing it’s magic. Her mouth was hot and very welcoming. If there was one thing he knew for sure was Bella easily gave the best head known to mankind, making him one lucky bastard, amongst other things when it came to her. Tony couldn’t take it anymore though he had to be inside her. He gently helped her back to her feet. Tony yanked down the black sweat pants S.H.I.E.L.D had provided her with. He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He backed her up against the shower wall. Without any effort he slipped on in. They got back into a heated kissing session as he fucked her up against the wall. Her arms draped around his shoulders.

Once he broke free of her lips. Bella kissed along his neck and shoulders. She breathlessly called out his name as she came so hard it was running down her legs, along with the water from the shower. Tony felt the liquid heat continuing to build up around his rock hard cock. This only further enticed him.

“Fuck me harder Tony.”

Tony literally felt as though his dick Hulked out itself. He throbbed so damn hard at her words he found himself pounding the living hell out of her.
“Fuck yeah.” He expressed as she came yet again.

“I’m about to come Bella honey.” He warned damn near wanting to pout that it was coming to an end. He fired within her and continued to stroke himself within her for a bit longer, teasing the both of them.

Afterword they both finished their shower and went straight to bed. Bella fell asleep before Tony. He rolled over and looked upon the ring on her finger. He wasn’t about to tell her how much that cost either, but it was well worth it. He was just thankful she said yes. Yes to a future he himself never thought he wanted. Yeah he was going to propose to Pepper, but the difference? He’d never seen near the things he saw with Bella. Things such as children… something he oddly enough found himself thinking about, which felt so damn weird to him. He knew he needed to eventually bring it up to Bella. But he wasn’t about to rush that. They could discuss it, but wait a few more years before making plans for little Stark juniors. Or at least he hoped Bella would want the same one day. If not this was still sit in stone for him. She was what he wanted most.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 12 The Quarterback Takes A Knee”

  1. I think Bella would make an amazing Avenger. Her name could be Wild Cat. Also, I was near outta breath throughout half this chap (And the last few chaps!). Thanks for making me laugh, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have fanfic, books and/or TV/Movies- there all I got, all that makes my days ok. I’ve been reading your stories for about a week or so now and I gotta say your an amazing writer and not only that but your art is incredible!

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