Chapter 13 The Real Arc Reactor

Chapter 13

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The alarm went off and Tony tiredly reached over hitting the off button. Bella whimpered out tiredly against his chest. Tony stretched out and ran his fingers through Bella’s hair.

“Ugh, we’re going to be sooooo far behind.” Bella whines thinking about how much they’ll have to catch up with workwise.

“Well you will anyhow.” Tony taunts and pops her on the rear.

“You should have gotten up about three hours ago, just to catch up. That’s what any good assistant would do.”
“Oh well thank God, I’m terrible!”

He nods in agreement

“The worst…” He says pecking her on the lips.

Bella crawls over Tony reaching to her phone as it goes off. He wiggles his brows as her tits end up right in his face. She quickly covers her mouth as he starts sucking on them.

“Hello?” She answers with an odd tone due to what Tony was doing.

“I can’t believe you!”

Bella narrows her eyes and rises up straddling Tony for a moment.

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t do this to him! It will kill him! Have you forgotten, he’s tried to kill himself once over YOU!”

Bella half laughs and stumbles out of the bed. She places on her robe. And Tony looks over in wonder as Bella looked miffed.

“Alice…?” Bella hissed.

“You were supposed to marry my brother! You were to become one of us Bella. What’s come over you?” Alice sounded as if she would cry.

That only further angered Bella.

“You dare call me expecting some sort of guilt trip. And why the fuck are you keeping tabs on me Alice?!”

“I don’t know who’s more fucked up and delusional you or Edward!”

“Bella, please don’t do this. Just come back to us. Give my brother a chance, that’s all he’s asking for. He really does love you. You two are meant to be! Not this other guy!”
“Oh come on Alice, can you honestly look into that mind of yours now and see Edward and I together?”


“It’s changed hasn’t it? That’s because THERE IS NO EDWARD AND I GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND LOSE MY NUMBER!”

“I mean it Alice. As far as you and Edward are concerned I’m done with the both of you. I can’t believe this. The both of you have some damn issues. How did you even get this number anyhow?”

“Please Bella, this family isn’t the same without you. We need you in order to get our family back. So we can become whole again! Ever since you left, things haven’t been the same. Emmett and Esme left and…”

Bella sighs with full on exasperation.

“I left? Ever since I LEFT? No Alice, you all left me remember?! EDWARD LEFT ME! Not the other way around! Don’t you even try to blame me for your precious coven falling apart.”
“And he tried to get you back! He tried to apologize! You wouldn’t even give him a chance!”

Tony just lay there with raised brows. He found himself slightly aroused. Bella never seized to amaze him. He watched as she stormed off to the bathroom. Before long he heard the shower start. For once, Tony was the one that made breakfast and coffee, making a very first. After Bella waking up to that phone call. He didn’t want her having to concern herself with breakfast considering they were both in for one hell of a long few days of catching up. He’d have meetings stacked on top of meetings. He was sure to have a couple press conferences or interviews even over what took place in New York. He also needed to announce their engagement. All these things ran through his mind.

At least Loki was now locked away back in Asgard. The Tesseract was also back on Asgard where it belonged and was under lockdown so no one could get to it. He looked around the house in thought. He also needed to begin ideas on the Avengers headquarters. After he was done with breakfast he sat it on the table. Bella entered the room with a hint of surprise about her face. She was fixing one of her earrings as she made her way to the table. She was wearing a burgundy dress with a black designer belt around her waist. Tony stirred awake below at her mere appearance.

“You cooked breakfast?” She said in a rather questionable tone.

He shrugs and pulls out a chair for her. Bella takes her seat and he scoots her in then sits down as well. This was something he wouldn’t admit to, but rather liked. Before Bella came into his life he never sat at the table and ate home cooked meals. Bella had spoiled him to it. He preferred her cooking over any restaurant. Something he never deemed possible. Something about this was more relaxing and intimate. In fact these were the times he could picture having a family. There wasn’t a doubt in Tony’s mind that Bella would make one hell of a mother.

“It looks good.”
“Looks can be deceiving.” He warned.

He hadn’t cooked in forever so he went with something simple, such as bacon and pancakes.

“Well you didn’t burn anything.”

He smiles and waits until she takes a bite.

“It’s not bad…” She taunts with a smirk.

“Not bad huh?”

She nods taking another bite of her pancakes. Her cell rings yet again she looks to it rather apprehensively. She didn’t recognize the number. Bella answered the phone whilst leaning back in her seat and crossing her legs. Tony sipped on his coffee.



Bella had this puzzled look on her face.

“This is she.”
“Hey! It’s Darcy.”

“Darcy who?”


“I know…” Bella retorts rather playfully.



“Look here’s the deal. I’m stuck in Cali with nothing to do and I don’t know anyone. Jane and Thor are off honeymooning I suppose somewhere. So I’m stuck at a hotel with absolutely nothing to do! I’m so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORREED!”

Bella laughs.

“That sounds terrible Darcy.”

“It really is. So, I was wondering would you be my gal pal today?”

Bella takes in a breath.

“Not at the moment Darcy sorry. I gotta work, but maybe we could do lunch or supper even are you free tonight?”

“I’m single, Bella what do you think?”
“Right… I’m surprised you didn’t hit up the Captain.”

“I thought about it!” She admits.

“But you’re slightly hotter so…”
“Is that so?”

“Well, it’s not every day I get told by another woman I’m hotter than Captain America. I do believe you’re trying to butter me up.”
“Is it working?”

“Sure, why not? In fact, I might even shove that in his face later. Let him know he lost a date to me of all people.”
“Did I mention I love you?”

“Easy now Darcy, I’m engaged.”

Bella lifts her eyes towards Tony as she says this. He continues to stuff his face full of pancakes.

“Is it serious?”

“Well it’s not official…” Tony cocks a brow with his mouth filled with pancakes.

“The hell it’s not…” He utters with his mouth still full. Bella wrinkles her nose seeing the food still in his mouth.

“That’s so gross Tony. Weren’t you taught to eat with your mouth closed?” He shrugs and washes it back with some coffee.

“I was only taught to make it to the newspaper.” He says sadly.

Darcy and Bella laugh.

“Ok Darcy, I’ll let you know.”
“Cool, I’ll be waiting.”

Bella hangs up the phone as Tony finishes up. Once they finish breakfast, Bella does the dishes. He makes his way behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. He kisses her neck.

“You ready?”

She nods and dries off her hands. Tony rushes off to shower and get ready. Bella heads on to the garage and gets started.

“Hello Jarvis, hey dummy.” She calls out once she gets settled.

“Hello madam, how are we today?”
“I’m fine and you?”

“I cannot complain.”

Something about the way Jarvis said that made her laugh.

“Is that so Jarvis?”
“Yes madam.”

By the time Tony makes his way to the garage, Bella is already knee deep in work. She was typing up a storm, constantly on the phone. She flashes him a memo pad about a meeting this afternoon and a press conference in the morning. He nods. The both of them stay so busy they don’t even take a lunch. By the end of the day Bella looks to the time seeing it was 6:30 pm. She called Darcy and let her know she probably wouldn’t be available till about 8. She had to head to headquarters first and run a couple errands. Tony stayed glued to his garage once his afternoon meeting was done. Bella kissed him on the way out. She didn’t bother him too much. Tony was in one of his focused modes, where all he truly saw was what was right in front of him. That and he decided to spend most of the time arguing with dummy and running updates on Jarvis.

Bella picked Darcy up at the hotel. They decided on one of the Italian restaurants. Bella ordered some champagne for while they waited. Darcy’s eyes meanwhile stayed locked onto the impressive diamond on Bella’s finger.

“You could blind someone with that you know? Or do some serious damage to their face!”

Bella laughs in thought. They shared a few more stories about their past. Darcy spoke some more about all of Jane’s hard work and some of the adventures they’d been on. Halfway through their conversation, they both turn. Bella raises her brows as Pepper had welcomed herself to their table. Happy watched as well from a distance. Since Agent Coulson was busy with S.H.I.E.L.D as of late. Tony had Happy keeping a watchful eye on Bella, for her own protection, when she was out in public. Tony let her know ahead of time, so she wouldn’t just assume he was keeping tabs on her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact Tony HATED doing this to her, but felt he had no choice. Bella however, was cool about it. She trusted Happy and they usually hung out anyway so it was no big deal. He also stayed out of her hair when needed such as how he was allowing her to have her private time with Darcy. Bella hadn’t stopped with her pranks either. Happy truly assumed he was just having rotten luck around Bella.

Happy lowered his brows once he caught whiff of Potts from where he sat. He pulled up a menu hoping she hadn’t noticed he was there. He kept a watchful eye and snuck around to a closer seat so he could hear what was being said.

Bella folds her arms about her chest with annoyance. Happy makes himself known only to Bella. He cut her a look as if to ask her if she wanted to rid of Potts. She put up a dismissive hand. He nodded and went back to hiding behind the menu. Potts went to turn to see who she was signaling. Bella cleared her throat aiming her attention back towards her.

“What do you want, Potts?”

What Bella hadn’t known as that Tony had already announced their engagement outside of headquarters today? He’d meant to tell her, but it honestly left his mind he was so overloaded with things he had to get done. As of now news of their engagement was spreading like wildfire.

Darcy downed the rest of her champagne and was pouring herself another glass.

“To talk woman to woman.”

Bella half laughs.
“Shoot…” She says with a rather bored tone.

Pepper’s eyes locked onto the engagement ring on Bella’s engagement finger. Pepper went to reach out to touch it. Bella promptly moved her hand and placed it under the table. Pepper sighs.

“You can’t seriously be thinking about going through with this?”

Bella picks at a piece of garlic bread on her plate. She shrugs.

“I mean think about it. You’re only 20 he’s 38. He’s robbing you of whatever life you could have. I for one must say, I never imagined that he could be that selfish.”

Bella raises her brows a hint of anger rising within her.

“This is wrong, what he’s doing to you! He knows it! Aren’t you even considering what it is you want? Your future? Admit it, Tony just isn’t in the deck of cards for you. He’s not good for you. He’s entirely too selfish. He knows better! I can’t believe he would take advantage of you like this.”

Bella nods.

“First of all, if you say one more thing cutting that man down I’m going to take my butter knife and jam it up your nostril.”

Darcy squeals in delight and smiles ear to ear. Happy cocks a brow with a nervous look about him. Bella however, remained seated and calm. She spoke softly so not to raise a stir.

“Secondly, you will never come on to Tony Stark again. If you do I will become the new star of your worst nightmares.”

Pepper goes to say something.

“I’m not finished.” Bella says behind gritted teeth.

“You fuck over Stark Industries or Tony I will become the live version of that nightmare. I will haunt you till the day you die and I will never let you have a moment’s rest.” Bella leans over and whispers into Pepper’s ear.

“Everywhere you go you will see my face. Everything you do you will hear my voice. You won’t be able to run and you sure as hell can’t hide.”

“You’re threatening me?”

Bella smiles and leans back in her seat. She stabs her knife through a meatball.

“Threats are for amateurs. I’m no amateur I’m the real thing. Just ask Tony!”

Darcy puts a hand to her heart and rises. Bella curiously watches as Darcy takes it upon herself to escort Pepper out of the restaurant. Little did either girl know they were being watched by someone other than Happy Hogan. This one cocked an impressive brow upon Darcy Lewis. He even found himself a bit turned on.

“Get your hands off me!” Pepper snapped once they were outside.

“Whoa, you got this wicked vein that spreads across your forehead when you’re angry!”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Darcy Lewis, pleased to make your acquaintance!” She offers her hand and Pepper denies it.

“No need to be all bitchy about it.”

Pepper’s jaw drops.

“Excuse me?


Pepper rolls her eyes.

“Forget it; I don’t have time for your petty games!”

“Ok then! Chow! By the way you’ll never get a high score with that attitude.”

Darcy heads back inside only to find someone else now, sitting at the table. Bella was pinching the bridge of her nose.

“What are you doing here?” Bella hisses with full on irritation.
“I had to see you.”

“What do you want Edward?”

Darcy heard as she made her way back.

“For you just to hear me out ok…” He says softly and tries reaching for her hand.

She sighs and quickly moves her hand off the table. Bella grabs the bottle of champagne and starts to drink from it. Edward sighs and rolls his eyes as he takes the bottle from her hold.

“Edward…” Bella hisses again in warning.

“You don’t drink, Bella… now come on.”

“You’re honestly going to sit there and pretend to know shit about me?”

“I hurt you. That’s what all this is. You want me to pay and I deserve it. I deserve whatever you have to dish out. I can admit that. However, you’re taking things too far. Can’t you see how much this is hurting us? All of this just to get back at me? When there’s no need trust me I’ve learned my lesson.”

Bella giggles into her hand. Edward looks upon her unimpressed.

“So all this is just me trying to make you pay? Correct?”
He nods.

He looks around and smiles.

“I remember, the first time I ever took you to dinner was Italian. It was the same night…” His eyes grow dark and he shakes his head as the memory played out.

“That you almost killed those men?”
“That’s the part you remember?” He says with a sneer.

“I never told you what they were thinking! I didn’t have the heart! I saw it Bella, I saw everything!” He whispers harshly.

“They were going to rape you. Every one of them and leave you right there in that alley when they were done.”

Bella leans back unamused.

“Still fazed by nothing I see?”

He sighs and shakes his head.

“Bella, just knock off all this nonsense. Come back home with me. You want to get married then let’s do it. You want me to turn you? I can do that. I’ll give you whatever it is you desire. I can look back now and realize just how badly I messed up. I lost the one person that meant the most to me in this world. I love you. Bella my heart and soul they’re yours.”
“I thought you believed that vampires had no souls. That since you’re already dead…”
“Like I said I’ve changed.” He slightly lifts his hips off his seat, with arousal and breathes her in.

“I want to feel you, to kiss your lips again, and to hold you again. When I saw you in Italy I thought I had died and went to heaven. Do you have any idea how badly I want to make love to you? Bella, I want you so bad, I crave you… I want us to be equals.”
She has a good laugh at this.

“Oh please, you didn’t know how to use your dick then I doubt seriously you know how to use it now.”

He snarls back.

“Must you keep doing that?” He snaps.

“That depends.”

“On how much you plan on continuing this harassment. You see Edward. It’s like this… If you were the last man, or leech for that matter, on this god forsaken planet. I wouldn’t even bat an eye your direction. You always held yourself on this pedestal. You expect everyone to bow down before you and give you whatever it is you want. Always calling the shots. Well I’m taken… I will marry Tony.” She flashes him her ring.

“Why don’t you go crawling back the Denali Coven see if they still want some Eddie Pop?”

Edward lunges over the table.

“I should have let those men have their way with you!” He barks as he’s in her face with his hands planted to the seat she was in.

Happy shoots up from his spot. Nevertheless, the other one that had been keeping an eye out darts over and slams Edward against the wall. Edward looks to him in shock.

“Em? How’d…?” He questions wondering why he hadn’t caught his thoughts.

Emmett smiles and taps his temple with a single finger.

“That’s my little secret.”

Darcy smiles and fans herself as she watches the cop drag Edward outside. Bella sighs with annoyance and grabs the bottle of champagne again. Darcy follows Emmett outside. She struts up to Edward with a folded fist. Emmett shakes his head.

“I got this.” He says and socks the living hell out of Edward.

Edward comes down to his knees with his hands about his gut.

“Well hello Officer… McCarty.” She says looking the nametag on his suit.

“The names Emmett.”

He nods and roughly grabs his brother by the roots of his hair.

“So friend of Bella’s?”

She nods.

“Then hopefully that means I’ll see you around? Unfortunately, I got to deal with my piece of shit brother first.”

Darcy nibbles upon her lip.

“By all means officer, do whatever you must.” She pops him on the rear as he’s dragging off with Edward. Emmett’s eyes widen as he was totally caught off-guard.

Emmett smiles nevertheless and chuckles. Emmett clears his throat as Edward’s struggling to break free of his hold.

“Until next time…”

Darcy sighs in awe as she watches Emmett drag Edward away.

“Now that’s a man… damn…”

She turns back to see Bella strutting on out of the restaurant. She motions Darcy over to the car. Happy was following behind her. She says nothing as she stuffs the keys into Happy’s hand. She hops in the back with Darcy and Happy drives.

“Where are we going?”

“To a bar.”

Bella nods, but still looked pissed. Things of course only get worse from there. After a few Jello shots, three beers each, and a shot of tequila the girls were three sheets to the wind. Bella was just about ready to call it a night when two other very familiar vampires enter the bar. Bella rolls her eyes and grabs her jacket stumbling off the barstool. Happy rushed over and helped her back to her feet.

“Charming…” The blonde haired woman mouths and rolls her eyes.

“Bella, we really need to talk.” The shorter brunette one said.

Bella yanks out of Happy’s hold and grits her teeth. Some of the men were making cat calls to the blonde.

“I saved your brother. I did my part. He’s alive and well. Now I want you to leave me alone.”

Bella goes to walk past and Alice grabs her arm. Bella loses it. She twists around and slams Alice back against the wall. She ignores the pain that travels up her arm as she does this.


Rosalie yanks Bella off Alice and shoves her down. Darcy shoves Rosalie back.

“Hey that’s my friend you Malibu Bitch!”

Rosalie starts to hit Darcy.

“NO!” Bella shouts and ankle swipes her.

“I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL EXPOSE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLL IF YOU DON’T LEAVE NOW!” She shouts in Rosalie’s face as she hovered over her.

Everyone in the bar was staring at them. Happy hurriedly grabbed Bella and protectively placed her behind him. Happy then escorted both vampires out the door forcefully. Once they stepped outside Bella started laughing. She saw the familiar shiny silver Volvo outside. She strutted up to her car and opened the trunk. She took out a crowbar and took out Edward’s lights and windows. Rosalie and Alice watched in shock.

Bella bows once she’s done.

“Send Edward my regards.”

She points her crowbar towards Alice and Rose.

“You’d do well to remember my warning.” She tosses the crowbar back into her trunk.

“Let’s go Happy.”

She calls out as she gets in the car and waits.

Tony shots up from his chair in the garage, once he takes notice of Happy carrying Bella inside the house. He rushes out of the garage and right up to them. Happy sighs handing Bella over.

“What the hell?!”

“She had a long day… We need to talk.” Happy hints.

Tony nods and takes Bella to bed. Happy waits for him on the couch. Bella groans out as he takes her shoes off.

“Tony?” She mumbles, but passes back out.

Tony takes in a breath and heads on into the living room. Happy begins his story of what all took place. Once he’s done. Tony simply nods.

“Ok then…”

Happy looks to Tony in wonder.


Tony nods yet again.

“It’s time I took matters into my own hands. They won’t listen to her. Well they’re damn sure going to listen to me!”

“What?” Clint hisses.

Tony nods looking towards the bedroom, where Bella was still sleeping.

“This has gone too far.” Clint paces the living room in anger.

“I’m going to rip that little shit apart.”

“Get in line buddy. I’m first…”

They both grow quiet as the bedroom door opens. Bella tiredly makes her way out. Still, dressed to impress, even though both men could see it all in her face. Bella felt like shit. Her skin was even paler than usual, her eyes were sunken in. She made her way to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.

“What brings you here Clint?” She calls from the kitchen as she starts their coffee.

“Just came to see how things were going sis.”

She nods and heads on into the living room. She pops a couple of Tylenol on the way.

“Renee called…”

Bella softly laughs and shakes her head

“Of course she did.”

“She says she doesn’t have your new number yet. That’s when I realized that I didn’t either. So I swung by.”
“What does she want?”

“To know why she heard about the engagement on the news, before hearing it from you.”

“Did you tell her that it’s life and to move the fuck on?”


Bella sighs and leans back in her seat.

“I’m sorry Clint. I’m just not really in the mood to deal with mom right now.”
“You have to at some point.”
“Why so I can hear another hypocritical speech of hers? So I can hear someone else’s opinion about MY LIFE?!”

“Bell…” Clint comes to his feet and makes his way over. He hunkers down before her.

He lifts her chin with his fingers and looks her in the eyes.

“I got your back. Don’t you ever forget that. As long as you’re happy that’s all I care about. You’re happier than I’ve seen in quite some time. Trust me I can see a huge difference. You smile and laugh more than you ever have. If that means I get to see more of that. Then hell, I’m all for it! I know I’m not your damn blood brother, but hell that’s not how I see it. You and I Bell thick as blood all the way. I know I was against this relationship before and we won’t even get into that. But I gotta admit to my surprise Tony’s managed to open my eyes on a few things I was blinded to. He loves you any damn fool can see that. I also know he’ll do anything within his power to protect you.”

Tony lifts his brows rather surprised by Clint’s support. Bella hugs her brother and he kisses the top of her head.

“I love you Bell.”
“I love you too Clint.”

“Just give Renee a call when you’re ready. If she gives you any hell, just let it roll. It’s not worth your time or energy. That’s just Renee.”

Bella sends him a text so he’ll have her number. He nods and saves it to his phone.

“You might be getting married and all now, but that doesn’t give you any excuses. I’m living here now. I’d like to see you from time to time you know.”

Bella nods.

“I better go. I know you both gotta get to work so do I.”

Bella walks him to the door. Clint waves her off as he gets into his car and drives off. Tony pats his lap once she reenters the living room. She sits in his lap and leans into his shoulder.

“Long night?”

“You could say that.”

He breathes her in and holds her even tighter. Her phone goes off, but it was playing the theme song to “Charles In Charge” only Darcy had taken it upon herself to change the Charles part to Bella in her own voice.

“How drunk were we?” Bella utters when she hears the ringtone.

Tony grinned at the funky ringtone, but was distracted.

“Hmmm…” He hummed to himself and ran his hand along the slope of her back, and down her ass as she answered the phone.

“What the hell Darcy?”

“Aw, I love you too drinking buddy!”

Bella softly laughs. Tony pulls her back into his lap. He kisses along her shoulder.

“What’s with the incredibly lame ringtone?”

“You know that hurts! I put a lot of work into that!”

“I don’t even remember you having my phone.”

Darcy laughs.

“I know! By the way that man of yours! He’s like way hot without a shirt.”


“I’m just saying.”
“You went through my pictures?”

“Well, yeah remember it was when we were taking selfies and sending them to Jane because I wanted to make her jealous on my new platonic life partner. I totally think we should get those BFF necklaces by the way.”

Bella laughs in thought.

“So I’m taking it you got home ok last night?”

“Oh yeah…”

Bella narrows her eyes oddly. She hears a familiar voice in the background. Bella shoots up in complete astonishment.

“Darcy, is that freaking Emmett Cullen?!”

“Actually no, he says he dropped the Cullen.”

“Holy fucking shit Darcy Lewis you slept with Em?!”

“I didn’t not sleep with him… We did have sex though.”

“Do you have any idea just who the hell his ex is? Hell I think they’re still married!”

“Yeah, yeah I know all about the shrew.”

“And you’re well aware of what he is right?”

“Well yeah…”

“Put him on the fucking phone Darcy.”

“I can’t he’s in the shower.”

“Ok, Ok gees looks like I picked the right ringtone bossy pants.”

Bella hears a door open and the shower going.

“Hey Stud Muffin it’s for you.”

“UM hello?” He answered confused.

“I swear to GOD if you hurt her Em, I will find a way to kill you myself.”

“Oh hey, Bella!” He says all cheery like.”

“I’m serious Emmett!”

“Bella, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Have you forgotten about your crazy ass wife?!”

He sighs.

“Soon to be ex Bella. I filed for divorce. Well, in the vampire sense anyhow.”

“Em…” Bella said feeling ill.

“You know if she finds out about her…”

“I know, I know trust me. So does Darcy. I won’t let anything happen to Darcy, I give you my word.”

“Yeah well, I know how much the word of a fucking Cullen means.”

“I’m no longer a Cullen babe. I dropped that name a while back. This vampire keeps his word. Darcy’s in good hands.”

Bella sighs.

“Bella, I’m not one of them. Neither is Esme…”
“I’m sorry Emmett. I’m just having a hard time trusting anyone these days. That and it was a long night.”

“I know hun…”

“By the way, I should be mad that you were keeping tabs on me.”

He lets out a nervous laugh.

“But I owe you one. Thank you, Em.”
“You don’t owe me shit! It’s us that owes you everything! We fucked you over babe. So that’s how it is. I have your back till the day I fucking perish.”

She smiles a little.
“Are you done drilling my sexy hunk of meat?”

Bella shakes her head.

“Yeah Darcy, I’m done.”
“I knew you cared!”

Bella laughs.

“Yeah I do Darcy. Just watch your back ok.”

“Okay Captain obvious, yes I am!”

Bella takes in a breath as she hangs up the phone.

“Can life get any crazier?” Tony hears her whisper.

She turned to see Tony was right behind her. Her arms instantly wrapped around him. His hands ran along her back. Normally, he’d press her tooth and nail about last night. Not this time. He already knew all he needed to know. So he decided to let it slide this time. She’d dealt with enough shit. Last thing she needed was him adding to her misery. If anything he just wanted to make her feel better whatever way he could. He looked to the time, knowing they had to get to work.

Tony kissed her only to find he couldn’t stop. He backed her up against the wall and lifted her skirt. He pulled down her panties and Bella wiggled out of them. Once they landed on the floor. Tony lifted her up higher against the wall. He somehow managed to pull off getting her legs over his shoulders. Bella squirmed a bit in astonishment as he attacked her pussy with his tongue. That sweet taste hit his tongue and he knew that meant she was already climaxing. He drove his tongue deep as it would go and flicked it about. Bella’s fingers were locked within the roots of his hair. Her head was thrown back against the wall as she was lost in ecstasy.

“Fuck you taste so good.” He utters between breaths.

Tony brought her back down once he made sure to get her off a few more times. He licked her juices off his lips. He loved that sweet taste. He’d never known a woman that tasted that good before. He’d known some that smelled damn near rank, not Bella.

Tony hurriedly leads her to their room. He bends her over the bed and swiftly undoes his pants.

Bella moaned out and flooded the living hell out of him as he drove himself in deep as possible. He watched the way her ass swayed about and the way his cock plunged within that tight, wet hole of hers. He reached around and cupped her tits into his hands as he continued. This sent them both over the edge. Tony quickly pulled out and marked all across her ass and vag. He then gave her a nice little thump with his cock as if to spank her. Bella softly laughed as she felt this. Tony grinned and reached over he grabbed a tissue and cleaned her off. He then fixed her skirt and helped her back up. They went back to kissing as they both adjusted their clothing.

On the way out Tony scooped up her panties handing them back. She slipped them back on as they headed on to the garage and began another day of work. Throughout the week, they switched between the main headquarters office and the garage. Tony was running around like a chicken with his head cut off so was Bella. In fact, it was so bad they went three days nearly without seeing much of one another. Tony felt he’d pull his hair out dealing with this Battle of New York crap, the CEO responsibilities, his plans on dealing with the dipshit Cullens, Pepper, Justin Hammer, and his and Bella’s wedding plans. Something they hadn’t literally had time to even discuss their lives were constantly filled to the brim of things they had to get done. Tony knew one thing for sure. He’d have lost his shit big time if it wasn’t for Bella. Between the two of them they managed to stay afloat.

Tony constantly had Jarvis keeping tabs on not only Edward Cullen, but this Alice and Rosalie Happy mentioned, as well as Pepper. In fact it was just a couple days ago Tony sent her a nice little token of their relationship. The look on the florists face was priceless. Tony gave the man a hundred dollar tip to deliver weeds in a lovely vase to the residence of Pepper Potts. With a card that read… Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’ve got my eye on you… Enjoy! They remind me of you, unwanted and always coming back. No, I didn’t misword this. T.S.

That same day he sent Bella two dozen red and white roses in a beautiful red vase with a white bow. That card read… Just because, I’m one lucky bastard Love, Tony. Bella damn near melted when she received them. He took pride in the fact that she’d placed them on the dining room table where they ate.

After one hell of a week Friday had finally came. However they were so damn tired they both went to bed early and slept until nearly lunch. Bella was first to wake. She was already showered, dressed and had lunch on the table as he came out. He still wondered how she did it all at times. He pecked her on the lips before he sat down.

After this we’re going out.”

“We haven’t had a real chance to celebrate our engagement. So I figured we’d stroll about the city find something interesting to do, then go to a nice restaurant, have candles, dancing, you know the works!” He says with a wink.

He takes a bite of his grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

“So you ready to help me set up this whole Avengers thing as well?”

She looks to him wondering what he meant exactly.

“I mean, I gotta rebuild the Stark Tower.”
Bella grimaces remembering everything Tony had told her about the battle. He even told her about the nuke, which totally freaked her out. That only made her love this man even more. Did she want him to die? Hell no. But the fact that he was willing to it to save the lives of others that had her admiration, love, and fullest respect. She now understood, why he’d left the message he had. All the more reason she wanted to be out there with him.

“I was curious as to what you would think.”
She looks to him in wonder. He slides over a blue print he pulled out from his blazer. She overlooks it closely and smiles.

“Wow that’s like… amazing actually. A brilliant idea.”
“You think?”

She nods in full approval. He clears his throat in thought.

“You still want to fight alongside of us?”

She nods, but half worried he was about to try and talk her out of it.

“I have some conditions on that.” He sips from his tea and leans back looking her over for a moment.


He nods.

“Your brother told a teeny tiny lie a few days ago when he was here, but at no fault of his, because I asked him not to mention it just yet. You see Bella honey, the only way I’m letting you fight alongside of me is if you know how to fight, in and outside the suit.”


“Now hold on, you’re getting ahead of me. Don’t do that just… Shhhh.” He puts his fingers to his lips in gesture.

“Your brother and Romanoff have offered to train you. Believe me when I say your brother was very hard in convincing. What they will teach you will have you able to fight outside any armor I will build you. Along with that, I will also be training you. What I have to show you will have you able to fight like Iron Man. Only no one can truly top him off so you will only be second best. But there’s nothing I can do about that.”

She rolls her eyes, but smiles.

“So whattya say Bella honey? You wanna become an Avenger?”

“You mean, I wouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore?”
“Yes honey, that’s exactly what I’m saying. At first, I didn’t like the idea if I’m to be honest. Nonetheless, the more I think about it, with as crazy as our lives can get. You’d probably be better off and safer even if you were one of us. At least this way we stay connected. We work as a team and we can watch each other’s backs. You wouldn’t have to worry about some crappy voicemail ever again. I’d be right there along with you facing whatever may come. There is only one other major rule. STAY ALIVE, I mean it. I got other things planned for us. I can’t very well do that if you’re no longer around. Speaking of which, we’ll have to discuss wedding date and plans eventually.”

Tony takes in a breath as Bella finishes chewing and swallows.

“I don’t have any date particularly in mind.”

Bella was in the middle of drinking her tea. Tony randomly decided to go with it.

“So you like kids? Or puppies…?”
Bella spit tea out all over the table. She looked to Tony wide eyed. He smiled and shrugged.

“Just a question.”
Bella choked back a little and she hit at her chest.

“Are you trying to tell me you’re pregnant?”

“Now wouldn’t that be an interesting twist? I hope it’s yours!”


He wiggles his finger motioning for her to come to him. She scoots out of her chair and once she’s close enough he pulls her into his lap.

“When I say kids… I mean ours… Not right now of course.”

She cuts him a look he couldn’t quite read. He feared maybe she’d think he was moving way to fast with all this, or worse what if she never wanted children. That wouldn’t change his mind on marrying her of course, but he hoped she wanted children one day.

He nods.

“Oh in that case, no I can’t stand children Tony. They’re filthy little things.”

He raises his brows on this.

“Especially ours, I mean could you imagine?”

He smiles reading it on her face now.

“So you just get that out of your head right now!”

He softly chuckles and shakes his head.

“Well it was worth a shot. Maybe we can just get a dog or a gerbil.”

“I have my hands full with you Tony. I don’t need anything else to pamper.”

She twirls around overlapping him. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him. Tony moans out as her tongue parts his lips. He grips her ass firmly. She leans into his ear and whispers.

“I’d love to have a family with you one day Tony. I couldn’t think of anything more prideful then to have your children.”

He eagerly kisses her again.

“Hmmm, until then practice makes perfect.” He hints and slightly lifts his hips off the chair.

“It’s just too bad you’re going to hate our children.”

She giggles against his chest.

“It really is. We should come up with the most dreadful names as well.”

“Oh I’m sure we can manage that.”

“Names like…”

“Be nice Tony.”
“Ok fine, Hulk?”
“You really want to name our child after someone I slept with?” She taunts.

“Hmmm, speaking of children, I might have to wash your mouth out with soap, lots and lots of it until bubbles come out your nose and ears.”

“Sorry this realm doesn’t support cartoon physics.”

“Well, you’re mine now…” He reminds kissing the ring on her finger.

“Tony…” Bella says as her smile soon faded.


“I don’t want to be a statistic.”
“Just how do you mean?”

“Like my mom and dad… What I’m trying to say… Is if we do this. We really do it. There’s no way out for either of us. Too many people… they…”
Tony nods and caresses her cheek.

“Bella honey, we’re on the same page there. No matter how rough things get, we make it work. We’re a team… always remember that. We’re going to fight hell worse than we do now.”

They both laugh in thought.

“But I know one thing that no one can take away from us.” Tony takes off her ring and shows her the inscription. The real arc reactor… Love Tony

“And that’s no lie Wildcat…”

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