Chapter 14 Rott In Hell!!

Chapter 14

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Tony shifts gears as he heads on to town. He wore one of his better black suits, black vest, red tie, and white dress shirts. Bella was in this little white number that had him astir. It was tight, sleeveless, and short. To his surprise Bella had curled her hair today and left it wild and free. This only had him more riled up though. He took her to one of the art museums outside of Malibu. Tony was trying to think of things she hadn’t got to do since she’d moved to California. They then killed sometime at one of Tony’s old favorite record stores. He showed her some of the vintage things that were hard to get. That and he felt the need to keep adding to her cd collection. He’d turn her into a hardcore rock girl in no time. He got a couple things for himself as well. After they messed around outside of Malibu, Tony took her on to dinner, one of the fancy ones with a live pianist, a dance floor, champagne and wine tasting, and the works.

“Someone’s trying really hard to get laid…” Bella undertones in a taunting matter.

He glances towards her as they’re being led to their table.

“Then you should try harder. I haven’t seen any of the signs and believe me I would know.” He mocks in return.

She smiles as the host scoots her into the table.

“Thank you.”

“You’re quite welcome Ms.”

“No one ever pulls out a chair for me.” Tony scoffs and the host looks to him oddly, but goes on about his business.

“That’s because the man always gets served the food first.”

“That’s not true.”
“Yes it is. In every restaurant I’ve ever been to the man is the first one to get his food. The woman is always last.”


“Trust me start paying more attention and you’ll see. It’s that way no matter what it is, whether it’s drinks, dessert or your actual meal.”

Tony chuckles.

“Maybe you’re just too short and they don’t see you.”

“I’m not short Tony! You’re just freakishly tall.”

“I’m not that tall. I’m 5 ‘8.”

“More like 5 ‘9 and I’m 5 ‘6.”

“More like 5 ‘5”

“I am not Tony!”

“Taking this a bit personal aren’t you?”

The waitress clears her throat and they look over.

“What will it be today? Might I suggest our house wine?”

She pours them sample.

“Not bad.” Bella says.

Tony nods in agreement.

“We’ll take a bottle for the table.”

The waitress smiles and she heads off to retrieve their wine. Tony clears his throat and pulls up a menu. Jarvis was calling him about Edward Cullen’s whereabouts.

“Jarvis…” Tony damn near whispered.

“Sir, I’ve picked up on Mr. Doucheward’s whereabouts.” Tony smirked. He felt satisfied in knowing he had Jarvis referring to Edward Cullen as this.

“Is that so?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well by all means Jarvis let’s take care of business.”

Tony nods to himself hearing one of the suits come to life. The waitress makes her way back with their wine. Tony notices she does indeed pour him a glass first then Bella.


He lifts his eyes towards Bella.

“Are you talking to yourself?”

He shrugs.

“Just trying to decide what I want Bella honey. You know… I can’t decide between the “pecking duck” or the “smoked salmon.”

He hides his face again as he brings up the menu.

“Um ok…I didn’t know you liked duck.” She says with a shrug and looks to see what she wanted.

“What would you like me to do sir?”

“Just go ahead and take the head off and scorch the little fucker.”

Bella rears back and looks up from her menu as Tony discreetly talks into his blue tooth.
“I want him past well done and blown to smithereens. I’m talking ashes.”

Bella reaches over and lowers his menu. He smiles and smoothly hides his blue tooth into the sleeve of his suit.

“What’s with you tonight? Were you already drinking, before we even left the house?”

He shakes his head and downs his glass of wine. He pours him another and tops Bella’s off.

“Nope, just really excited about this duck!”

The waitress makes her way back over. Bella however narrows her eyes as the waitress takes their orders.

“I’ll have the smoked salmon.” Bella says and hands her menu over.

“And I’ll have steak medium rare.”

Once the waitress takes his menu and walks away. She looks upon Tony.

“I thought you were adamant about the duck.”

He shrugs and sips from his wine. However a TV that was off to a corner directly behind Tony was on the news. She couldn’t hear the sound because of the piano in the background. The news was about Iron Man and how he was out. She leaned back in her seat and folded her arms about her chest.

“Want to explain yourself?”

He slowly turns back and winces once he takes notice of the screen. It showed Iron Man in midair. Someone was in his grasp trying to break free, but she couldn’t tell who it was. She covered her mouth in shock as the person within his grasp become nothing more than a powder puff within the air. Jarvis had ordered the armor to give his fullest blast. Tony couldn’t control the smile that formed on his face. Bella cut him a look of hell and accusation.
“What? It wasn’t me! I’ve been here with you the whole time!”

“Tony…” She hisses.

“Right here… Bella honey… How could I be at two places at once?”

“Who was that?”

“A bad guy I’m sure.”
“Tony, what’s going on?”

“Just taking care of some last minute errands that’s all.”


“Just say you love me.”

She looks to him puzzled.

“Say it… Say Tony I love you!”

She smiles and shakes her head.



She sighs.

“Ok fine, Tony I love you!”
“Awe, I love you too Bella honey.” He raises his glass in the air.
“Now, don’t leave me hanging! A toast to our engagement…”

She raises her brows, but lifts her glass as well.

“To us on taking the road halfway there and here’s to hoping you don’t get cold feet.”

“My feet are nice and toasty Tony.”

“Good, let’s keep em that way.” He utters with a wink and they ding their glasses together.

“See, was that so hard? Can we just forget about that little tidbit and focus on us tonight?”

She sighs wishing she knew what the hell he was up to.

“Are you going to tell me what that was?”

He nods.

“But not tonight… Tonight’s about us…”

“Fair enough.”

“Shake on it?”

“Shake or spit Tony.”

“I thought the term was spit or swallow. We both know how that goes.” He grins and “I couldn’t be happier!”

She blushes and tosses a cherry tomato from her salad at him. A salad in which yet again the waitress had served him first. Not long after she returns with their food and places Tony’s down first then Bella’s. He narrowed his eyes and began to pay more attention throughout the restaurant of other customers. He wondered how he’d never taken notice of this before. They ate in peace as Tony continued to observe this theory of Bella’s. After they’re finished Tony leads her to the dance floor. Bella laughed as the pianist was playing “My Girl” by the Temptations. Tony spun her around and began to sing along with the melody. To her surprised he knew all the words. He continued to sing each verse as they danced.

I’ve got sunshine
On a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside
I’ve got the month of may
Well, I guess you say
What can make me feel this way

My girl, Talkin bout my girl
My girl

I’ve got so much honey
The bees envy me
I’ve got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees
Well, I guess you say
what can make me feel this way

My girl, Talkin bout my girl
My girl

I don’t need no money
Fortune or fame
I got all the riches Baby
One man can claim
Well, I guess you say
What can make me feel this way

My girl, Talkin bout my girl
My girl

I got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl
I’ve even got the month of May
with my girl

Talkin bout, Talkin bout my girl
My girl
All I can talk about is my girl
My girl
He howls out these last lyrics and people around them were clapping.

Bella blushed and hid her face into his shoulder. She could feel him shaking in laughter. He slightly lifted her off the ground and kissed her. He twirled her around once more before he went and paid for their food and left a tip. He wanted to get to this last place before the sunset. Tony took her to the El Matador beach. They both walked the beach and watched the sunset.

“It’s really beautiful here.”

He nods in agreement and wraps his arms around her waist. Tony rests his head against her shoulder. He kissed along her neck and shoulders. That warm sensation came over her. Bella turned around facing him. They heatedly kissed one another. Tony picked her up and her legs wrapped around his waist. Tony continued to kiss her, but was also looking around for a more private area. He carried her towards a rockier secluded part of the beach. He looked around once more seeing no one in sight. Bella grinned hearing the sound of his zipper. She ached below in the slight thrill of doing it right here. Tony wasted no time. In fact he damn near nut himself once he realized Bella was wearing crotch less panties. Something she’d never done before. She thought she’d give it a try tonight and surprise Tony and did she ever. He raised his brows as he felt bare mound below.

“Holy fuck…” He uttered and lifted her dress enough to see for himself.

They too were white and her sex was free for him to do whatever he wanted.

“That’s so fucking sexy…” He whispered and looked around once more.

His hands ran along her thighs and ass as he entered her wet slit. She had him so worked up he couldn’t help himself. He gripped her tightly and worked her about him vigorously. Her arms locked around him as she kissed along his neck and teasing rolled her tongue along him every once in a while. She loved the way his cock would twitch inside her when she did this. Every time she licked him she could feel his dick pulsate even harder. Bella’s pussy clung to him tightly as he continued. She cooed out in pleasure as she soon began to flood him.

“That’s right Wildcat come for me…” He whispered in her ear and a huge grin came about his face as she literally sprayed him she came so hard.

Tony wasn’t far behind.

‘FUUUCKKK…” He damn near shouted and Bella’s eyes widened.

He froze remembering where they were. They both looked around, but thankfully no one was in sight.

“It’s your fault, you drive me crazy.” He whispers and kisses her as he lowers her back down.

His eyes widened as she licked his cock clean from all the come that was dripping off him.

“So Vegas sounds really good about now…” He says taken back.

“Damn…” He zips himself up as she softly giggles and straightens out her dress.

“Guess we better get home Wildcat before I end up fucking you again. Only this time I’m stripping you down to nothing!”

He takes her hand and they walk back to the car. When they get home Bella steps out of her high heels and Tony takes off his blazer and tie. Tony sits at the couch and grabs the remote. Tony orders a movie off the pay-per-view channel and patted the empty area beside him. Bella snuggled up against him and he wrapped an arm around her.

“So have you decided on a wedding date yet?”

She lays her head in his lap facing him.

“I was thinking like 3 years from now. Like April first!”

He cocks a brow at this.

“I’m thinking no… but nice try!”
She sighs as if disappointed.

“I was thinking more along the lines of three days from now.”

She shakes her head and he’s the one sighing now.

“How do you feel about March or April? That gives us a good 6 to 7 months plenty of time!”

“Sounds good to me.”

“So now we decide on a place and time.”

“We could just do it right here. We already got the perfect setting with the beach right outside.”

“I like your way of thinking. Just hire a couple of caterers, some decorators, etc. and we just might pull it off!”

“And we already know the wedding colors.” She says in thought.

He smirks.

“True that. So I say March 23 at what about 2 maybe 3 pm?”

She holds out her hand.


“Deal!” He shakes on it.

“Well that was easy enough.”

“Hello…” He says looking up to the sex scene from the movie they were watching.

She turns her head to see what he was referring to. He covered her eyes.

“Sorry, you’re too young.”
She elbows him and he chuckles.

“Nice tramp stamp!” He declares as the woman was riding on top of the man.

“Let me guess you want me to get an Iron Man one?”

“Couldn’t hurt…” He lifts her dress in thought and runs his fingers along the slope of her back.

Bella’s eyes soon close. Tony unzips her dress and continues to run his hand along her body as she sleeps. Without meaning to, he too had shut his eyes. They both woke the next morning still on the couch and the TV still on. Tony stretches out and yawns as he looks to the time.

Bella looked down to see her dress was unzipped and she was exposed.



“Were you molesting me?”

“I might have…” He admits with a shrug.

She smiles and rolls off the couch. He watches as she heads into the bathroom and he hears the shower starting.

“So about last night…”

Bella says once they’re at the table eating breakfast. He looks upon her innocently as he sips at his coffee.

“You want to tell me about what a wonderful time you had?”

She smiles.
“Well that’s very true; however I do believe you owe me an explanation. After all, we both agreed to keep no more secrets.”

“Hmmm…” Tony leans back and gazes upon her as if studying her for a moment first.

“Curious… What exactly are your feelings with it comes to your ex?”


“You mean Doucheward, but I’ll let it slide just this once.”

She shakes her head and finishes her coffee.

“Not so sure why you’re asking, but I could give a flying fuck about him. Why?”

“So if you were to hear that he was no more… it wouldn’t ruin your entire day, week, or life even?”

Bella thought about the last thing Edward said to her. She started laughing in thought.

“Tony the last thing that bastard said to me was that he should have let me get raped.”

Tony snarled back.

“What?!” He said with a growl.

“He was referring to a time he saved me from a group of some drunken assholes.”

Tony’s teeth ground together.

“He was just mouthing off because I wouldn’t take him back. Still…” She utters and shakes her head.

“So what do you mean by no more Tony?”

“That’s exactly what I mean Bella honey. That cloud of dust you saw on the news last night? That was him.”

Her jaw dropped and she shot out from her seat.


He leans back and folds his arms about his chest.


“What needed to be done! He was never going to stop! AT the rate he was going he would’ve only ended up hurting you or worse!”

“What the fuck have you done Tony?!”

He shakes his head and half laughs.

“I did what he never had the balls to do! AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN! YOUR LITTLE EX WAS NOTHING MORE THAN A PAIN IN THE ASS! He deserved whatever he had coming to him!”


“You think I don’t have the means to back it up?! I know exactly what I just started and I say LET EM! Let the little prudish bitches seek some revenge for that son of a bitch!” He slams his fist down on the table.

“Dammit Tony!”

“I warned him Bella! I warned his brother too! I was loud and clear on my intentions if he even came near you again! I have no problem taking out the rest of the coven either! They harass MY GIRL?! YOU’RE GOD DAMN RIGHT I’M GOING TO RAISE SOME LIVING HELL!”

Bella grits her teeth and throws her coffee cup against the wall.

“Feel better?!”


“I thought so!”

She hisses out and angrily starts to do the dishes.

“So everything I did was for nothing.” He hears her complain over the water.

“Excuse me?” He says and scoots out of his chair making his way over.

“Saving his fucking ass! You just turned around and erased everything I did in Italy!”

“You bet your sweet ass I did! I wasn’t aware you still had some sort of odd attachment to the prick!”


He shrugs with full on irritation. Bella grits her teeth and a plate she had in her hand snaps in half. This makes her only madder than she already was and she tosses it too.

“Knock that off!” Tony gently grabs her wrists.

“Would you just calm down?”

She shakes her head and tears begin to form in her eyes.

“I’m sorry. Bella honey I didn’t realize it would bother you so much if I ended his life. But I can assure you, if I hadn’t he would have eventually ended yours!”

“I don’t care that he’s fucking dead!”

“Then what the fuck is this?!”

“You just started a war! The Cullen’s are sure to come here now! And they have friends! There are other covens out there Tony! You haven’t a clue just how many of them there are!”

He cups her chin.

“I dare them. Let them come! All of them! We got an entire team now Bella honey! I’d love to see their faces when Bruce reveals himself! We got your brother, Natasha, Thor, and each other! LET THEM COME AFTER US! It’s nothing we can’t handle! I’m an Avenger and that’s exactly what I did. I Avenged! It’s what we do! If we can’t protect our loved ones or the ones that inhabit this world then we can damn sure avenge them!”

She sighs and lowers her head back down.

“What is it?”

“I really liked that plate.”
He smirks and shakes his head.

“Well hell, I can replace the plate.” He hunkers down and starts to pick up the pieces.
“I’m sorry…”

“Flipping out on you like a complete psycho.”

“Just like a real wife would do! I feel so honored!”

She laughs and blushes a bit.

“See! It’s like we’re married already! Awesome times ahead.” He says with a wink.
They both clean up the mess and dumped the broken glass into the trash. Bella shook her head. She still couldn’t believe she flipped out like that. But deep down she knew what it was. It was the idea of them coming after Tony. She truly didn’t care about the fact that Edward was dead, which felt weird. She was all about risking her life once upon a time in order to save him. Truth of the matter was she knew Edward had it coming. Part of her felt somewhat sad about it. The other felt relieved in knowing she no longer had to deal with him. Like Tony said he was warned he just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Once they were done cleaning up and Bella finished the dishes. Tony looked upon her.

“So are we cool now?”

She shrugs with a playful smirk.

“Hmmm… You know there’s one benefit to fighting.”

“And what would that be Tony.”

He flips her over his shoulder and starts carrying her to the bedroom.

“Angry sex…”

“What the…” Happy wrinkles his nose and lifts the lid off his coffee.

He swirls the contents around looking to it oddly. Bella had been at this off and on for weeks now. He still hadn’t caught on that she knew. She sat at the desk back at headquarters. She resisted the urge to laugh at the disgusted look on his face. The coffee she’d handed him was Tony’s blend.

“Are you sure this isn’t Tony’s?”

She shakes her head and picks up the phone. She was setting up a couple meetings. Bella continued to watch the look on Happy’s face as she continued to work. Bella twirled around in her chair and was facing the window as she finished her phone calls. Tony was back home in the garage finishing up a project he was knee deep in. He had to be here in a couple hours however for a board meeting. After Bella was done on the phone she grabbed the papers she needed to make copies of. While she was in the room making copies, Happy leaned into the doorway. He narrowed his eyes as if observing her.

“Need something?”

“This is Tony’s blend isn’t it?”

She lifts her eyes towards him and starts mashing buttons.

“I haven’t any idea what you’re talking about.”

Happy shakes his head with a smirk.

“Son of a bitch! You figured it out! You’ve been making my life hell ever since!”

She licks the top of her teeth.

“Figured what out Happy?”

He shakes his finger upon her. They stare one another down.

“You know very well what I’m talking about.”

She presses her lips together, trying desperately not to break.

“Nope, fraid not!”

She grabs her papers and starts to head out, but he’s blocking the way.

“You’re evil.”

“Now Happy I’m no such thing. Now if you’d excuse me I have a board meeting to set up.”

He sighs.

“Come on just admit you’ve been sabotaging my drinks and food!”

She reaches out and gently pushes him out of her way.

“Like I said Happy Hogan, I haven’t the faintest idea.”
“OK fine I was the one behind Tony’s coffee.”

Bella smiles facing away from him. She clears her throat and pivots around on one foot.

Happy rolls his eyes.

“It wasn’t your lack of skills in the coffee making department. I’d switched Tony’s blend. It never was your fault. I’d been pulling your leg all this time.”

She fake gasp and places her hand upon her mouth. He winces.

“You WHAT?!”

“That’s what all this is? Isn’t it…? I mean you must’ve figured it out.”

“Actually Holmes figured it out!”

He narrows his eyes.

She nods.

“He solved the puzzle. I merely played the game. By the way CHECKMATE!”

Happy’s jaw drops. She smiles and curtsies. He feels someone patting him on the shoulder he turns around and sighs.


“Not at all… Holmes.”

Tony enters the office as Bella was looking out the window.

“Well that’s your opinion and you’re free to it.”

He hears her sigh.

“I’m sorry you had to find out through the media.”

Tony straightens his tie and takes a seat looking to the time.

“Look mom, I love you, but I’m not doing this. I’ll answer all your questions, but after that we are done with this conversation. No I don’t feel that he’s too old for me. No I don’t think this is a mistake. No I will not wait for five more years. And no I don’t think this will turn out like you and dad. I get that you two married to young and you feel I am too young. But this is my decision. Nothing’s changing my mind and that’s that. The wedding will be March 23 at 2pm at Tony’s. It’s your choice on whether to come or not. I will not argue with you on this. I’ve got better things to do and I’m running out of time. We got a meeting to tend to.”

Bella sighs.

“That’s your god given right, but I stand firm on my decision.”

Bella looks into a nearby mirror and touches up her hair.

“Love you too. Ok later mom.”

She hangs up and turns towards Tony.

“That sounded fun.”


“You alright?”

She nods and grabs her laptop. Tony pecked her on the lips before they headed to the meeting.

“Wait for it…” Agent Coulson says as he, Tony, Clint, The Captain, Bruce, Happy, Fury, and Thor were watching the surveillance footage.

Tony smirks and shakes his head as he grabs a handful of popcorn from Clint’s bowl.

“Persistent isn’t she?” The Captain comments as it got to Bella’s forth attempt to break out of S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.

“You have no idea.” Tony adds

“At least we know she never gives up!” Clint remarks.

They all laugh at the part where Agent Coulson goes to remove the ladder he’d set up. He returns with it yet again. They die in laughter as she has the vent stuck to her ass when they cut her free from the ceiling.

“That’s my girl.” Tony says with a sly grin, whilst shaking his head.

Bella wipes the sweat from her face and downs an entire bottle of water.

“Hurry it up Swan, we haven’t all day.”

“Kiss my ass Romanoff.”

Natasha laughs and hops on the ropes of the boxing ring.

“You’re letting your body cool off too much. Get back in the ring.”

Bella rolls her eyes, but smiles as she makes her way back.
“You know you’re kind of a bitch when you’re in this mode.”

Natasha smiles in return and nods. Bella grits her teeth as she quickly blocks one of Natasha’s blows.

“Good job! Your reflexes are getting quicker. If only your blows would.”

“How is boxing going to help me in all this? I mean seriously, you don’t exactly see the guys boxing when they’re out there.”

Bella flinches and staggers back as Natasha gets a good hit in.

“…bitch…” Bella groans and rubs her jaw sorely.

“You have a little bit of an attitude problem, don’t you?” Natasha comments.

“When I’m getting punched in the fucking face you’re god damn right I do!” Bella retorts with a swing Natasha’s way.

“Boxing teaches you about reflexes, timing, endurance, to build up a pain tolerance, blocking, strategy, how to push past that feeling of fatigue, and how to be the last one standing.”

Bella grunts out as she takes a hit to the gut. She bowls over and catches her breath.

“I really don’t like you right now.” She breathlessly utters.

“Better to have me beating the shit out of you than someone else that actually means you harm.”

Bella half laughs as she comes back up. She rolls her head around and shakes it off.

“Are you sure you don’t mean any harm.”

“Bella hun, if I did you wouldn’t’ be standing right now. No offense.”

“Heh, none taken psycho.”

Natasha grins and shakes her head.

“Come on Swan show me what you showed that asshole back in India. Hell what you did to that vampire bitch!”

Bella looked to her oddly.

“How’d you know about that?” She questioned she jabbed a few hits Natasha’s way.


“I had to ask…”

Natasha gets this playful grin to her face. She quickly ankle swipes Bella to the ground. Bella swiftly rolls and dodges an attempted blow.

“Good one!” Natasha says, but just as Bella returns the swipe and knocks Natasha down.

She swiftly pins her down. Natasha sends out her foot and sends Bella flying back against the ropes. Bella uses the ropes like a wrestler would and came sailing right for Natasha just as she was coming back to her feet Bella knocked her back down.

Tony and Clint had walked in at the last minute seeing what was taking place. He wiggled his brows and Clint rolled his eyes. The girls tumbled around trying to out pin the other. Natasha snuck in a blow across the face. .Bella growled out as she got another hit in her ribcage.

“Are you kidding me?!” Bella hisses and hops back up.

Natasha laughed.

“Come on now , Bella, you’ve been at this for a couple weeks now! You really should be able to detect my next…”

Natasha gasps out in surprise. Bella perfectly dodged the next hit she tried to trick her with. Bella quickly fired back getting Natasha back. Natasha shook her head and rubbed her jaw. She then smiled.

“Your next what now?

“Ok, I’ll admit that one was impressive.”
“You’re god damn right it was.”

Bella goes to exit the area. Clint winces already seeing it coming. However Tony saw the smirk on his fiancé’s face. An elbow came flying back and Natasha groaned out as it met her sternum.

“Come on now, Natasha, you really should be able to detect my moves by now.”

Natasha shakes her head and Bella winks and offers her a hand up.
“No hard feelings?” Bella utters.

“None whatsoever!”

“That’s good to know!”

Natasha however takes Bella’s hand and yanks her back down beside her.

“So now we’re even?” Natasha smarts.

Bella sighs and shakes her head.

“Whatever you say Natasha.”

Tony and Clint lean over the ropes and glance upon them.

“Having fun Bella honey?”

She holds up a thumb.

“A blast.”

“Looks like it!” Clint smarts.

Clint laughs and Bella flips him off.

Natasha and Bella sorely roll out of the ring. Bella takes out her mouth guard and Tony wrinkles his nose. Bella laughs and tries to hand it to him.

“You know how I feel about being handed things.”

She dangles them before him covered in blood and saliva.

“It’s just my germs.”

He keeps a disgusted look on his face and grabs several tissues and finally takes it from her hold only to promptly throw it away.

“And you want to have children?” She teases in a whisper.

“What they wear mouth guards as well?”

“No Tony, they spit up and have to wear diapers.”

“Ok, so you’ll be raising the children… I’ll stay in the garage until they’re like what three?”

She has a good laugh at this and towels the sweat off her body.

“My turn next week sis!”

“Can’t wait.”
“Wait, you’re going to box your sister too?”

“Funny, Stark.”

“Not really rather a jerk thing to do, though I wouldn’t mind seeing her get the upper hand.”

“Awesome job today.” Natasha declared as she walked past and grabbed her keys.


“I mean it Bella. You managed to catch me by surprise a few times and that’s not an easy thing to do.”

Bella smiles.

“Later!” Natasha calls out.

Clint tilted his head checking out Natasha’s ass as she existed. Bella smacks him on the back of the head.

“Just go for it, you idiot!”

“Jesus Bell!”

“Well it’s better than gawking at her like some sort of drooling baboon.”

“I don’t know Bell. I…”

“Dammit Clint, if you don’t, I’m going to strut right up to Steve and have him ask her out!”

Clint’s eyes widen.

“Just go!”

Tony chuckles as Clint takes off after Romanoff.

“You sure have a way with people.”

“I know.” She says with a shrug.

She grabs her gym back and follows Tony out. Once they get to the car Tony opens the door for her. Tony was walking around to the driver’s side just as Bella tossed her gym bag into the back seat. Tony got into the car and turned feeling a gust of wind. When he turned back, Bella was nowhere to be found.

“This is not fucking happening.” He growled furiously.

Bella grunted out as she felt the sudden impact of cold concrete hitting against her back. She gasped back with watery eyes trying to catch her breath. Through her blurry vision she could make out two figures standing directly over her. One of them crouched down and roughly cupped her chin.

“You got our brother KILLED! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”

Bella swallowed back through the pain.


Her vision began to come to and she wiped her eyes.


“How could you let this happen?!” Alice shouted and pointed upon Bella.

“He loved you! I never knew you could be such a cold hearted BITCH!” Alice yells and grabs Bella by the hair.

Bella was still worn out from training and her back was killing her.

“To think, I wanted you to be part of the family! To become one of us!”

Alice shoved Bella up against a nearby car. Rosalie zipped over and wrapped her hand around Bella’s throat. Bella wrapped her hands around Rosalie’s wrists. Her heart raced with fear knowing no matter what she did. Bella couldn’t take on two fucking vampires.

“Don’t kill her! I want her to suffer. I want her to fell HIS PAIN!” Alice says with gritted teeth.

“We loved you like one of our own! We treated you like family!” Alice shouts.

“If you do this… They will know.” Bella warns.

“There are others that know your secret!” She chokes back as Rosalie releases her.

Bella falls to the ground and comes to a crawl as she fights for air. Alice takes the end of her pumps and steps on Bella’s fingers.
“FUCCCK!” Bella growls out feeling her fingers breaking.

She yanks back her right hand as Alice releases her hand. Bella cups it with her other hand and rolls on the ground thriving in pain.

“Then we will wipe out anyone that has any contact with you.”

Bella starts laughing.

“You seriously have no idea how fucked you all are. The people I know out power you immensely. You’re all weak in comparison to what I’ve witnessed! None of you stand a chance!”

“No one over powers us!”

Rosalie barks and tosses Bella through a window of an abandoned convenient store. She’s slides across the ground and she hurriedly reaches out grabbing a pole in the building to keep from hitting the wall. Bella hears the sound of their shoes crunching against the glass. Blood ran down her face. Flashes of when James attacked her hit. She softly laughs at the irony, knowing she was about to die at the hands of her protectors. Alice crouched down her eyes were black. She placed her hands along the cut on Bella’s head where the blood was coming from. Alice shut her eyes as she brought her fingers to her nose and breathed in the scent. She placed her fingers in her mouth and moaned.

Rosalie tilted her head about showing interest. Alice reached over and grabbed a box cutter that was on the floor. She cut the middle of Bella’s arm. She brought it to her mouth and shut her eyes as she began to drink. Bella’s eyes widen as Rosalie shoved Alice back with bloodlust in her eyes.

“My turn.”

Rosalie grabbed her arm and she too began to drink. They were careful not to bite down. Out of the blue, Rosalie was yanked off Bella and sent sailing out of the building. Alice was soon scooped up and was also tossed out of the area.

“Hold on sweetheart.”

Bella felt herself being picked up, but was too weak to see who it was. She whimpered out as the pain coursed throughout her entire body.
“I got you Bella.”

Esme? She thought, but couldn’t reply.

“STAY BACK! I MEAN IT! Don’t you dare come near this girl! I’ve never been so ashamed in my entire existence! To think I used to refer to the two of you as my daughters! YOU’RE MONSTERS!”

“Mom?” Bella heard the familiar voice.


“NO! FUCK NO!” He shouted and Bella heard him rushing over.

“No, this isn’t happening! NOT HER! Dammit, what did you two do?!” He shouted at Rosalie and Alice.

Rosalie however directed her attention upon the brunette attached to his arm.

“I’m taking her to Carlisle, but we need to hurry!”

“Who the fuck is that?” Rosalie scoffs.

She sniffs the air and snarls back. Emmett shoots out a hand.

“She’s mine, Rose!” He says in an animalistic nature.

Oh no is Darcy with him?! NO, please Em! Get her out of here! Dammit… I feel so fucking tired. I can’t go to sleep! What if I don’t wake up?! What’s going to happen to me? AM I dying?! …Tony… No fuck,NO I CAN’T DIE! I’m getting married, dammit! FUCK THIS IS BULLSHIT! Don’t you let those bitches hurt my family or friends! It hurts so much… everything hurts. I’m so tired… Don’t you guys ruin this for me! Don’t you fucking turn me! Don’t you let me fucking die! EDWARD YOU SON OF A BITCH, YOU’RE NOT EVEN ALIVE AND YOU’RE STILL FINDING OUT A WAY TO RUIN MY LIFE! I WILL MARRY TONY! I HOPE YOU’RE ROTTING IN HELL YOU SELFISH PIECE OF SHIT!

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