Chapter 15 The Meaning Of Family

Chapter 15

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“NO!” Darcy shouted once she was able to see who it was they had.

Emmett held her back eyeing Rosalie.


Rosalie rolled her eyes.

“Darcy… they aren’t worth your time, trust me.”

Rosalie sneered at Darcy.
“You best get your hands off my monkey man.”

Emmett shakes his head.

“I’m not your monkey man Rose and dammit, I always HATED that. What the fuck kind of nickname is that anyhow?”

Darcy for once didn’t have anything to say her focus was on Bella as Carlisle began working on her. Emmett snapped a look his direction.


Carlisle elevated his eyes towards Emmett.

“YOU WILL NOT TURN HER! She wouldn’t want that. She has a life now! She’s getting married! You do that and you will ruin everything that girl has going for her! I won’t allow it! You fucking put that down right now! Take care of her as though you would one of your patients at the hospital. She will NOT be a part of this HELL! She’s not to become another one of your progenies!”

“Her injuries are significant.” Carlisle explains.

Esme takes the syringe of vampire venom from Carlisle’s hand.

“And you’re one of the best damn doctors there is. So fix her! I mean it, no turning her and she had better not die!” Esme adds.

Carlisle sighs.

“I’ll do what I can.”

Emmett punches through a wall.


Jasper had just walked in. Everyone’s emotions were all over the place. He narrowed his eyes and looked upon Emmett.

“What happened?”

Alice and Rosalie stood off to the corner with their arms folded about their chests.

“Your wife and my ex beat the shit out of Bella Swan and fed from her! That’s what!”

Jasper snapped a look upon Alice and his eyes went dark.
“Did I just hear that right?”


Jasper flashes over and for the first time ever he backhanded Alice. She and Rosalie gasped out in shock. Alice rubbed the side of her face looking to Jasper in full disbelief.



Jasper gritted his teeth resisting the urge to smack her again. Jasper turned his attention to Bella. He staggered back sensing Bella’s pain and fear.

“It should be the two of you feeling this! Not her.”

They all turn as Rosalie sails across the room right for Darcy. Emmett’s eyes became pitch black. He quickly placed Darcy behind him and sent out his hands shoving Rosalie back.

Esme quickly grabbed Darcy and got a protective hold on her. Emmett raced over and pinned Rosalie up against the wall. His hand was clasped around her throat.

“SHE IS MINE AND YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HER! I WON’T HESITATE TO END YOUR VERY EXISTENCE IF YOU COME AFTER HER AGAIN!” She groans out as he starts choking her. Her skin crackled. Jasper placed a hand upon his shoulder and forced him back.

“You all haven’t a clue what hell these two have just unleashed! They will come for her soon enough! And we deserve whatever comes our way! You haven’t a clue what her fiancé is capable of or just how protective he is!”

Darcy wiped a few tears from her face. Esme grabbed Darcy a chair and placed her next to Bella. Darcy took Bella’s hand ignoring what all was taking place around them.

“So this is what it took to get our family all under one roof again.” They hear Carlisle say as he continues to work on Bella.

“The death of one of my sons, the possible death of his lover, I can’t think of anything more tragic.”

Emmett pinches the bridge of his nose. Carlisle freezes as he feels a hand clasps around his wrist. Her hazel brown eyes locked with his momentarily.

“I will not die!” Bella managed to hiss out.

The entire room grew quiet and looked that way. Bella’s eyes rolled back and she passed back out.

“Esme, I need you to gather the things on this list.” Carlisle holds out a list for her to grab.

“I don’t even care if we expose ourselves in order to do so. Emmett’s right we owe her.”


This time Esme’s the one to appear before both Alice and Rosalie.

“That’s where you’re wrong! If you don’t like it there’s the fucking door.”

Everyone in the entire room looked up in shock. Esme had never dropped the F-bomb before, even Carlisle was baffled.

“Esme…” Carlisle whispered.

“And don’t you even get me started on you! You were supposed to lead this coven! You’re too god damn passive for your own good. Look at where we are now! With a dead son, two cold hearted bitches as daughters, a human girl whose life has become nothing but hell since we met her! The moment Edward made the threats he had! When Jasper tried to warn you that something wasn’t right with him! You should have done something then! But NO! You chose to stay out of it! Like you do with every fucking thing that comes our way. Be a god damn man Carlisle and lead your family.”

Darcy looks upon Jasper.
“Hey Tex, I bet I could find you a girl too!”

Alice cut Darcy a hateful look. Darcy shrugged and her attention went back to Bella.

“I might have to take you on that offer lil darlin’.”

Alice’s jaw drops. Jasper ignores it and Esme rushes out of the house to get everything Carlisle needed. Emmett takes out his cell.

“Who are you calling?” Rosalie questions bitterly.
“Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m calling her fiancé. He deserves to know what’s going on.”

“You can’t possibly be serious! You’re going to have him coming here?!”

“That man is to be her husband Rose, you’re god damn right I’m calling him! And if I were the two of you I’d watch my back! He’s going to be fucking PISSED!”

“Yes?” Tony answered already sounding irate.

“I found her… Mr. Stark, it was my old family that got her. I’ll do whatever you need.”

“Where are you?”

Emmett eyes the other Cullens as he gives him the address. They were back at the old Cullen house in Washington, making this feel even more awkward. The line went dead indicating he was on his way.

About half an hour later Iron Man crashes through the skylight, he lands with one fist to the floor in a crouching stance. His helmet retracted exposing his face. He rose and darted his eyes to the hospital bed where they had Bella set up. He made his way over feeling as though his feet were in quick sand. Once he was able to get a good look at her his heart sank and he grimaced. A few tears trickled down his face as he kissed her forehead. Tony sucked back a breath. He felt like a volcano about to erupt any moment.

Not taking his eyes off her… he spoke through gritted teeth and with a soft menacing pitch to his voice.


Emmett turned to Rosalie and Alice.

“WHO?!” Tony roared not looking at anyone other than his fiancé.

“Tell him…” Emmett said.

They just stood there.

“DAMMIT TELL HIM!” Emmett demanded.

Emmett reached over and yanked both Alice and Rosalie towards him. He began to drag them towards Tony.

“Emmett…” Carlisle warned with a grimace.

Jasper didn’t even react he just sat there watching.

“They aren’t to go anywhere until she wakes. If she dies so do they.”

Carlisle lifts his eyes towards Tony.

“Sir, they’re my daughters.”

“Then you had better fucking pray you’re as good as my girl said you were when she spoke of you before Dr. Cullen. If I lose mine, you will lose both of yours! That’s not a threat. I’m watching your every move.”

Tony finally turns towards Alice and Rose.

“That’s not to say if she lives my friends and I won’t torture you! Now get the fuck out of my face!”


Tony fires a beam right at her feet. It fires through the wooden tile and entire concrete foundation of that area. He the flips her off and takes Bella’s hand. Emmett shoves both vampires onto the couch.

“You dare even attempt to escape, I will hunt you down.”

“And I’ll join and you both know I can track anyone down.” Jasper harshly adds.

“Jazz…” Alice whispers in a pleading matter.

“Oh shut up Alice!” Jasper snaps.

Rose lifts her eyes toward Emmett again as he and Jasper sat across from the girls on recliners.

“I get it ok. Now you can knock off this nonsense and come home.”

He half laughs.

“What makes you think I want to come home and what’s there to get exactly?”

“Have you learned nothing from Edward? You honestly want to get mixed up with another damn human?” Rose looks towards Darcy.

“And come on just look at her.”

Emmett looks towards Darcy and smiles.

“Oh believe me I am.”

Rose’s jaw drops and she goes to slap Emmett. He roughly grabs her hand blocking the hit.

“Woman, don’t you think even for a moment I won’t backhand you as well. Newsflash, I’m over you, have been. I moved on. It’s time you did as well.” Darcy says nothing but fans herself as if she was getting hot under the collar.

“We’ve been together for years!”

“I know, don’t remind me…”He says with a scowl.

“All the more reason for a fresh new start. Now sit down and shut your trap.”

“What the…”


Jasper raised his brows. Emmett grinned ear to ear and Tony high fived her. Jasper and Emmett forced Rosalie back onto the couch. Before long Esme entered the door with the supplies Carlisle needed. Darcy and Tony took a few steps back and Carlisle got to work as Esme assisted. At one point Carlisle ran his hand lovingly along the slope of Esme’s back. She shot him a look of hell and forced his hand away.

“I’m only here for her. Don’t misread this.”

Carlisle winced, but nodded. Carlisle set up the mini portable x-ray machine Esme had managed to get. He found broken fingers, ribs, her right arm was broke, and her L2 vertebra was fractured. They taped her broken ribs and fingers. They cast one of her arms and Carlisle sewed up the slashes on her face. She had one on her nose, to the right side of her lip, and forehead. Tony counted 47 stitches in all by the time they were done. He then had Tony, Darcy, and Esme help him carefully move Bella around while he placed a brace around her back. He then redid her IV bag. He gave her some morphine, antibiotics, a sodiumChloride drip, and a banana (vitamin) bag.

There was a knock at the door just as Carlisle finished. He was checking her vitals as Emmett answered the door. Clint welcomed himself inside. Like Tony he froze once he saw his sister. He covered his mouth for a moment and shook his head. Tony cleared his throat and glanced upon Clint.

“She’s stable.”

Clint nodded, but looked of faint. He made his way over seeing just how beat up she was. He shut his eyes and balled up his hands. He takes the hand that didn’t have her fingers all taped. He kisses it.
“Bell…” He whimpered to himself and shook his head.

Clint cried into her hand.

“My sister… haven’t you all done enough?!”

Clint takes a nearby chair and tosses it across the room. He shook all over and gritted his teeth.

“He never deserved her! NOT ONCE! As if your piece of shit son hadn’t done enough! He was nothing more than a coward that turned his back to her and ripped her heart out. My sister went to Italy in order to save HIS SORRY ASS! She knew she could possibly die doing so and even though she wasn’t in love with him anymore she jeopardized her life in order to bring him back to each of you! YET THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HER?! SHE’S A GOD DAMN SAINT AND YOU ALL CAN GO TO HELL! YOU’RE ALL INSANE! She didn’t deserve this.”

He pinches his eyes shut. Without bothering to knock Dr. Banner entered the house he had Romanoff and the Captain with him. Thor and Jane were currently in Asgard dealing with another issue. Dr. Banner took it upon himself to check over Carlisle’s work. He didn’t even bother asking for permission. He cut Tony a hinting nod letting him know everything was done properly. He checked over her vitals as well.

“She needs a pint of blood.” Dr. Banner mentions as he finishes his own examination.

“Possibly two… did you not catch this?”

Carlisle shakes his head.

“No I did not.” Carlisle admits.

“Let’s get on that then shall we? Human’s need blood just as much as you vampires.”

“I shall retrieve it myself.” Carlisle hurriedly heads out.

Dr. Banner nods and slowly but surely begins to take over. Clint had filled the others in on the way over here. So the Cullen’s secret was now known amongst the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony watched Dr. Banner finding himself impressed.

Bella whimpered out in her sleep. Bruce swallowed back and took her hand as he went over her vitals once more.

“Tony…” Everyone turned towards the small raspy voice.

Tony’s heart stopped as he snapped his head her direction. Bruce stepped aside as Tony rushed over. Bella reached out a hand for him. He took it and caressed her cheek.

“You’re here…”

“Yeah, Bella honey, I’m right here.”

“Am I dying?”

“No… that’s not an option remember?”

She nods, but tears spilled from her eyes.

“I feel like I am.”

“Well, you’re not sweetheart.”

“Good cause I don’t want to.”

At this she passed back out. Tony carefully kissed her lips and cleared his throat as he wiped his eyes. “She needs some blankets the fluid from the IV bag is giving her chills.” Esme nods towards Tony and quickly gathers Bella a couple of blankets. Tony irately points to Rosalie and Alice.

“You two haven’t a clue what you’re in for…” He warns.

Clint tilts his head about.

“So they’re the ones responsible for this?”

Tony nods.

“Apparently vampires still rag. These two bitches especially.”

Tony walks over and sits across from them on the coffee table.

“I killed Edward. Not Bella ME! And guess what ladies? I’d do it all over again and again and again. Hell if I could I’d revive him, lock him away, just so I can find a way to torture and kill the little fucker over and over again each day. I’d look forward to it! Just like how I look forward my plans for the two of you.”

Esme, Emmett, and Jasper force them to stay in place as Tony says his peace.

“You haven’t any idea what that girl means to me. You have no idea of the mere hell you’ve brought upon yourselves. I will show no mercy. First you all let this Victoria kill her father. Then members of your own coven come after her?”

“There is no way you could ever take us down!”

Rosalie slams Tony into the coffee table smashing it to pieces. The Avengers each turn towards her with hatred in their eyes. Bruce however was nowhere to be found. In his place was Hulk. He grabbed Rosalie by the throat and slammed her into the ground.

“Puny vampire.”
Alice screams out on top of her lungs. The other vampires take a step back with widened eyes.

“Holy shit…” Emmett utters as he stares upon the green beast.

Jasper had his hand upon his dead heart. Esme covered her mouth trying not to scream. Darcy was giggling.

“Hulk buddy, do you mind?” Tony points to the ceiling letting him know he could cause a cave in.

He grunts out and nods as he transforms back. Tony gives him a thumbs up.


Bruce nods and rips away what’s left of his shirt, leaving him in just a pair of shredded black pants. Emmett nervously clears his throat, but shakes his head with a smirk.

“Now that was some scary ass shit, but fucking cool as hell.”

Bruce cocks a brow his way.

“Um, I’ll go see if we have some clothes for you.” Emmett darts up the stairs.

Tony chuckles to himself seeing the look on all their faces. He came to his feet and dusted himself off.

“Oh yeah… did I mention we have a Hulk?”

Rosalie shrieked out as she glanced upon her body. It was cracked all to hell and parts of her face were flaking off to the floor. Emmett made it back in a flash and handed Dr. Banner some of Carlisle’s clothes.

“You’ll heal! KNOCK IT OFF, THAT’S IRRITATING!” Emmett hollers. Darcy smiles and bites her lower lip a bit.

“I believe I like this side of you, so dominating and alpha like.”

Jasper cocks a brow towards Darcy. Emmett chuckles softly and shakes his head.

“I suppose there’s a lot about me you’ve yet to learn.”

“Can’t wait…” Darcy says with a positive beam.

She ignores the stare down from hell Rosalie was giving her.

Carlisle enters the door with the pints of blood Bella needed. Dr. Banner takes them from his hand and starts setting everything up. Carlisle starts to help Bruce. Bruce however held up a hand.

“No offence, but I got it from here. I believe your family has done enough.”

Carlisle takes in a breath and nods. He steps away and let’s Bruce take over. Carlisle looks over towards Esme. She was leaning against the wall with her arms folded about her chest. He walked over to her and took her hand leading her up the stairs. Jasper sighed and everyone looked to him.

“And here it comes…” He uttered.

Sure enough everyone turned towards the staircase as they heard a slap. Esme made her way back down the stairs. She looked towards Emmett. “I’m going to hunt. I’ll be back shortly.”

He nodded with narrowed eyes. Just as she opened the door Colonel Fury was already standing there with Happy Hogan and Agent Coulson. Darcy covered her mouth in laughter noticing Esme giving Colonel Fury the once over and he in return. She’d also noticed this with Dr. Banner as well. Carlisle had just made his way back down the stairs and looked towards the door.

“Esme please, don’t leave. You want me to lead this family I can do that. I can make this work.”

“This is no longer my family, it’s yours. The only two I claim as my own is those two boys!” She points to Jasper and Emmett.

“Bella’s more of a daughter to me then you two! And as for you… We’re done Carlisle.”

Carlisle staggers back with wide eyes.


“You let this happen. You knew Edward had a problem. You knew he was obsessed with that girl and you did nothing to stop it! Now look at her! Look at what you caused because you failed to put your foot down to your spoiled brat! I’m going to hunt! I’ll be back, but it’s damn sure not for you!”

Fury watches as she walks away. He tilts his head checking out her ass.

“Damn… now that’s one mad woman and one fine ass one too.”

“Pardon?” Carlisle inquires.

Fury ignores him and welcomes himself inside.

“So what do we have here?”

Happy and Coulson shake their heads once they take notice of Bella. Fury scans her over and looks to everyone in the room.

“She’ll be fine. It’s just going to take some major TLC to get her back to the way she was, but even then mentally? That’s something entirely different. All the more reason I’ll be taking over from here. Last thing she’s going to want is to wake up and have a damn vampire taking care of her after everything she’s already been through.”

Tony smiles at Dr. Banner’s words.

“I think it would be wise to set her up and find a way to fly her back home. I will be needing all your supplies of course.”

“And who are you again?”

“Dr. Bruce Banner…”

“Well Dr. Banner I can assure you Bella is in good hands with me. She knows I’d never harm her. And we are family to her.”

Bruce half laughs.

“This is not a family, this is a disaster. She doesn’t need to be waking up to this. Bella needs a stress free environment and this is not it.”

“This coming from someone that loses his temper and turns into a savage beast?”

Tony watched the two doctors banter in mere amusement.

“That’s right I have a somewhat of an anger issue, even more of one when someone allows a young lady such as Ms. Swan to become a victim to his own family. You might seek me the monster, but perhaps it’s time you take a good look in the mirror Dr. Cullen. ” Bruce pushes up his glasses and checks over Bella’s vitals again. He then switches out her blood bag giving her one more pint for his own peace of mind.

“I don’t think she should be moved. It would be far more appropriate for her to stay under my care!”

Bruce grits his teeth trying to keep the beast at bay.

“Don’t make him angry…” Tony reminds.

“You don’t like him when he’s angry remember? And besides, it’s really me and bubba over there that have the last say. As you can see he’s not in a great mood either. In fact if you sum it all up we’re all pretty fucking pissed off. You allowed your progenies to come after one of our own. I’m her fiancé and that’s her brother (points to Clint), her two best friends (he points to Darcy and Happy), her mentor (points to Natasha), her bodyguard (points to Agent Coulson), her second best hero ever” He coughs. “Iron Man’s first.” (points to Captain America), and her new doctor (he points to Dr. Banner).”

“Looks like your services are no longer required. We got it from here.” Clint adds sternly.

“We are her family now.” Happy declares.

Tony nods in agreement.

“Besides, it looks like you have more than enough to deal with. Pretty big mess you got yourself into.” Tony voices patting Carlisle on the back.

“It’ll be another hour before we can move her. I want her to finish getting this blood transfusion first.”

“By all means Dr. Banner, take all the time you need.”

“Well, I think I’ve heard just about all I need to hear… Agent Coulson, Romanoff, and Barton why don’t we take this lovely vampire family upstairs and have a nice discussion?” Colonel Fury orders.

They each nod and head upstairs the entire coven heads up there as well only the girls are forced to go along. Darcy blows Emmett a kiss as he’s the last on heading up the stairs. He winks and cuts her a small grin. Steve and Tony look to one another and shrug. Tony explains to Happy and Phil Coulson what happened. Happy shed a few tears of his own and took Bella’s hand.

“So she’s been seeing someone else?” Darcy smarts off playfully to Happy.

He merely smiles.

“It seems she’s been two timing us both.”

Darcy sighs as if truly disappointed.

“I should have seen it coming.”

Steve chuckles on this and shakes his head.

“Think she can hear us?” Darcy questioned as she ran her fingers through Bella’s hair straightening it out.

Tony looks back over and nods.

“Yes. She knows we’re fighting in her corner. Don’t you Bella Honey?”

As he says this though Tony quickly turns his head and pinches his eyes shut. Clint pats him on the back and hurriedly leads him outside. The others look to one another with the same look of melancholy.

Once Clint and Tony are outside, Tony bowls over and pukes. Clint wrinkles his nose.

“You alright there?”

Tony shakes his head.

“No, no I’m not. It’s taking all will power not to kill them all!”

Clint nods in full understanding.

“You and me both.”

“How much more can she endure? I mean seriously what the fuck is this?! This girl has the most rotten shitty ass fucking luck I’ve ever seen! WHY?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! WHY HER?! WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO DESERVE ANY OF THIS! IT’S COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND I’M FED UP! It’s one thing after another and I fear I won’t even be able to fully bring her back after this! The mind can only take so much! FUCK!”

Tony throws his hands in the air.

“SON OF A MOTHERFUCKING BIIIIITCCCCH!” He growls with his entire face beet red.

“I couldn’t protect her! The one thing that truly fucking matters to me. They took her! JUST LIKE THAT MY GIRL WAS GONE! I hadn’t a clue where to even start! Dammit Clint, I just knew they ended her life and all because I ended that little shit’s! I can’t take much more, neither can she! I’m losing it! I told those little bitches that did this to her they would live if she did. I’m not so sure I can keep my word. I sure as hell wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.”

“Oh believe me; we’re not going to just let them walk away from this. We’ll come up with something I’m sure.”

“We better or I won’t be held accountable for my actions.”

Clint nods in thought.

“So what did Fury want?”

“To lay down the law pretty much. If any other problems shall arise from any of the vampires. They are to meet the true death!” Clint declares mocking one of his favorite HBO specials.

“Please don’t tell me you’re one of those guys that stays up all night fondling himself to True Blood marathons.”
“Wait, you knew where that was from?”

“What can I say… we can smell one of our own?” Tony taunts in return with a smirk.

“Yeah, I think Bella has a thing for Alcide.”

“I want me a Bill and Eric sandwich!” They turn to see Darcy was outside with Emmett now.

“Hey what about me? At least I’m a real damn vampire.”

“You’re the meat in the middle.”

Tony and Clint exchange odd looks.

“I think after this I’ve had just about all the vampires I can stand.” Tony muttered under his breath.

Esme was heading back from her hunt. Her eyes were golden brown now and she nodded towards them and headed inside. Bruce gazed upon her as she entered the house.

“Feel better?” He questioned taking off his glasses.

“It took the edge off.” She says with a shrug.

He smiles and offers his hand.

“As you know I’m Dr. Bruce Banner.”

“Esme Cullen, only not for long.”

Carlisle lifts his eyes towards her. He goes to say something bitterly towards Esme. Bruce interrupts.

“Do you really want to meet my friend again?”

Esme softly laughed. Bruce winked upon Carlisle and began preparing Bella so they could take her back home.

“That’s my wife…” Carlisle undertones once she’s out of the room.
“I’m well aware of that Mr. Cullen, but I’m sure your hearing is far better than mine.”

Tony and the others headed back inside. Rosalie rolled her eyes as Emmett had his arms wrapped around Darcy’s waist. He then went to help the guys load Bella into Tony’s jet. Once they were outside Darcy looked over to Rosalie.

“Looks like I won me an Emmy.

Esme and Fury laughed at her remark. She did a slight curtsey towards Rosalie and headed on out. Fury rose to his feet as well and cleared his throat.

“It was nice meeting you Mrs. Cullen.” He offered a hand.

She smiled warmly and shook it. Carlisle shook his head as Fury kissed her hand.

“Good day, Romanoff, Barton let’s go!”
He calls out and exits the house. Once Emmett returned the Cullens each looked to one another.

“So where do we go from here?” Carlisle asked.

Rose and Alice didn’t answer. Jasper looked towards Esme and Emmett.

“Mind if I hang with you two? Just until I know Bella’s gonna be alright?”

They both nod.


“I think I’m better off on my own Alice.”

“Jasper!” She shoots up with desperation.


“I don’t know anything else Alice. I devoted my entire existence to you. I love you and part of me always will, but I can’t do this with you anymore. I wasn’t kidding Alice. You really need help and I hope you can find it one day, but it won’t be with me. To be honest, after you and Maria I think I’m done. Not ready to set myself up for that kind of pain again. It doesn’t help when I can sense everyone else around me. There’s just no way I could ever feel the same about you again. Not after feeling what Bella felt. You haven’t any idea… I hope to never feel that kind of pain again. It isn’t just physical Alice. Bella mentally hurts. She feels betrayed, hatred, fear, the only positive thing I felt from that girl today is love. And that right there tells you what kind of person she is!”

“Jasper please, I love you don’t do this!”

She rushes over and hugs him and starts to kiss him. He stops her and shakes his head.

“Not this time darlin’. Even I have my limits, and you done did them in. You crossed a line that should have never been crossed. Goodbye Alice.”

Jasper nods towards Carlisle.

“And let’s face it. You and I? We never were father and son material. I was always the oddball of the group the feral one. You and Edward had that bond. You and Emmett at one point, but even you never quite looked at me as though a son. Then again I’m the oldest and closer to your age then the other two.” Jasper holds out a hand.

“It’s been quite a journey, but this is where we part ways Carlisle. Thank you for accepting me into the coven. But we both know this is no longer a coven or a family for that matter. It’s broken and it’s something that cannot be fixed. I can sense each of you. We will never be the same.” He looks back to the girls.

“And it’s not her fault. It never was.”

“Take care. I’ll be waiting outside.” He says to Esme and Emmett as he walks out of the house.”

“So that’s it?” Carlisle says looking to Emmett and Esme.

“Yeah Carlisle, I’m afraid this is where we part ways.”

He winces and leans back against the wall looking ill.

“I’m sorry I failed you all. You’re right I should have dealt with Edward sooner.”

Emmett softly laughs and shakes his head.

“It was never in you Carlisle. He always was your favorite. He was your first. I get it, but you had us counting on you as well. So I won’t lie. It hurts, but it is what it is. There’s no other way about it.”

Emmett hugs him and heads on out. Esme and Carlisle lock eyes for a moment.

“I truly wish you would have listened to Jasper and I, but you didn’t.”
Carlisle shuts his eyes.

“Edward had never been in love before. He didn’t know any better…”

Esme shakes her head.

“No Carlisle, Edward did. He might’ve been turned at the age of 17, but he was a grown man, a vampire, that had over a century to know damn well what he was doing. You always were the one to make excuses for him. And now what do you have to say for these two?”

They both turn towards Alice and Rosalie. Iron Man steps back into the house with Captain America.

“I believe we take it from here. Those two are coming with us.”

“NO!” Carlisle barks.

“You’re not taking my daughters!”

He appears before them and stands his ground. Tony sighs.

“You knew what was to come of this. You won’t take care of your own progenies someone has to. I won’t kill them, but that’s not to say they won’t feel any pain. If I were you I’d go start a new life somewhere else. I know it wasn’t all your fault and all your doing, but your wife is right sir. You created this coven you made all the decisions on how to lead it. You made a lot of mistakes down the road and now there’s a price to pay. I feel for you. I really do, but the ball was in your court the entire time and you never made a play. What did you think would come of this? You gotta have the balls to back it up. I’m sorry to say that you didn’t obviously.”

Iron Man reaches over and grabs Alice. Captain America grabs Carlisle and shoves him out of the way.

“Don’t be stupid, unless you want their deaths on your hands. Make one more stupid move Dr. Cullen and see what happens.”

Esme and Carlisle watch as they take the girls into custody.

Esme follows them out and taps the Captain on the shoulder.

“What are you going to do with them?”

“They’ll be placed somewhere, where they can never hurt anyone again.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 15 The Meaning Of Family”

  1. Woo Hoo Love that the whole crew came after B. muhahaha for the Puny Vamp line. hmmm Wonder who Jasper will end up with now. And Esme and the new doc or fury….hmmmm

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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