Chapter 17 How I Met Your Mother Eh?

Chapter 17

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Read then review. Thank you. Please note I might be late on getting a few of my stories posted. Someone very dear to me and a family member is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Naturally, my family comes first. I will be posting as I can during this time. Thank you all for your patience. Harley.

“You’re not seriously about to plan a wedding without me.”

Tony raised his brows on this and downed his drink. Bella half laughed.

“Hello to you to mom.”

Renee sighed and made her way over.

“What mess have you gotten yourself into now Bella?”

Bella shakes her head.

“Must you always be so accident prone?”

Bella nods and looks towards Phil.

“Great, you let her drink before she came.”

Phil sighed.

“It would have been a longer flight otherwise.”

“Oh I can imagine.”

Renee rolls her eyes.

“So what brings you down here?”

“Actually we came to surprise your brother and check out his new place.”

Bella nodded.


“Well we asked how you were and wanted to come pay you a visit. That’s when he had to let it slip that you were involved in some sort of accident. Which didn’t surprise me; this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten yourself into a pickle. Your choice of men perhaps has some pull to that.”

“I’m fine by the way, thanks for asking.”

Renee cups her face and shakes her head.

“You’ll have to undergo some plastic surgery, but we can get those scars taken care of in no time. Before the wedding! Though I still believe he’s much too old for you and clearly this is a somewhat toxic relationship.”

“Ohhh, I knew this was coming. I just knew it. FYI, I’m not undergoing any god damn plastic surgery.”

“But the scars they’ll be permanent and you watch how you talk to me.”
“Yep and oops my bad.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a tad unreasonable? I’m only trying to help.”

“Jesus Christ mom! Couldn’t you just be like normal mothers?!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know the kind that actually give a flying fuck!”

Tony and Bruce nod towards one another as one of Bella’s monitors go off. Phil and Clint each put a hand upon Renee’s shoulders.

“That’s enough Renee.” Phil remarks.

“How dare you talk to me like that!”
“No mom! How dare you! You come barging in here with nothing but attitude and embarrass the living hell out of me because you’re drunk as hell. You smell like a fucking bar. You have nothing to say that isn’t some sort of criticism. I love you mom but do you have any idea just how bat shit crazy you can be?! You think I want your help on planning this wedding when you’ve done nothing but cut down my decisions. You haven’t supported me at all. Yet when you and Phil got married I supported you wholeheartedly. I even left my friends and everything behind. So you two could have the space you needed. Yet, you come in here and haven’t damn positive thing to say and have the nerve to suggest that I undergo some sort of surgery to fix my jacked up face! THE HELL WITH YOU!”

Bruce hurriedly places some morphine into her IV.

“I think now would be a good time to call it a night.” Tony says looking upon no one other than Bella.

He takes her hand and pets her head.

Once Clint and Phil get Renee outside, Clint turns to her with a pointed finger.

“What the hell was that?”


“No dad, she needs to hear this. She almost died Renee! Be glad you have someone to pick on still. The circumstances were almost very different. We could be at her funeral right now. What would you do then? Give some sort of eulogy on what a disappointment she was?”

“No of course not! I’ve never been disappointed in her!”
“Then try telling her that! Jesus Renee! What is so hard about that?”
Phil sighs.

“Sweetheart I have to agree with Clint here. You’ve always been rather hard on Bella and you tend to pick on her quite a bit.”

“It’s true.” Clint adds.

Renee lowers her head.

“I just want better for her that’s all. She just won’t listen to anything I have to say! She’s so young and this man…”
“Renee, I get that you’re concerned, but this is her life. I had to learn that myself. Believe me I thought the very same things you were. Only the more I was around not just Bella but Tony… They love each other Renee. They really do. Who are we to tear them apart? Yes Bella is young and Tony’s a bit up there. But what they have is real. He would die for her.”
“And what if she ends up pregnant and realizes that he isn’t what she wants after all.”

Phil sighs and pinches his eyes shut.

“You mean like Charlie?”

Renee covered her face and began to cry. Phil wrapped his arms around her.

“I know I’m a horrible person. Charlie’s dead and I still remember just how miserable I was. Before the divorce I felt so trapped. I don’t want that for her.”

Clint shakes his head.

“She’s not trapped.”

Clint cups Renee’s chin.

“Look at me mom.”

Phil cocked a surprised brow. He’d never heard his son refer to her as this before. He was stumped.

“I love you so does Bella. But you’ve got to let Bella make her own mistakes. However I’m telling you now. This is not one of them. She and Tony Stark are the real deal. She needs your support. Neither of you have any idea what these two have been through. Believe me it hasn’t been on cake walk and yet here they are. If it was anything like you and Charlie; Bella would have bailed by now or visa versa. The only reason they’re still sane; is because they have each other and I truly believe that. They are not you and Charlie and with all honesty it’s not really fair to either of them that you keep pinning your bad history onto Bella. I think Bella’s already gotten past her bump of bad relationships. If anything she had to learn harder than most of us do.”

Phil reaches over and pats his son on the shoulder.

“I always knew you were smart!”

Clint half laughs.

“I do try.”
“Come on. We’ll return tomorrow and you can make amends then and sober.”

Bella giggled as Tony kissed along her neck and rubbed himself against her.

“Just so you know when we can go at it again. You won’t be able to walk, when I’m done with you. So we better keep this bed handy just in case.”
“So you’re putting me back in the hospital?”
He nods.

“But for a much better reason. It’s not everyday the doctors get to hear about how you were literally wrecked.”

Tony shut his eyes as he carefully hovered over her and continued to hump her.

“Fuck… I’m way too backed up.”

Bella grins and wraps her arms around him.

“I’m not kidding. I could easily get off to this like some sort of horny teenage boy. I’m going to cream my damn pants.”

“I’ve other means of helping you.” She hints.

He shakes his head and kisses her.

“I appreciate the very tempting offer, but we’re in this together.” He hints in return.

“So for now we both suffer.” He says with a wink.

“We’ll just make out like a couple of 16 year olds. Just don’t judge if I leave a mess behind in the process.” He puts his finger to her mouth.
“No comments necessary.”

“I’d never.”


“Hm?” He says as he crawls off the bed and begins his usual nightly set up.

“You never told me what happened.”

He lifts his eyes towards her as he began to strip her down. He places her dirty clothes into a hamper and grabs a wash cloth.

“You mean with the loving Cullen sisters?”

She nods. Tony makes a tsking sound with his lips and starts to bath Bella with the washcloth.

“I’ll show you, once you get better that is.”
Tony carefully takes off her back brace.

“Show me?”

He nods with a slight smirk.

“You’ll see.”

Bella makes a set of pouty lips. Tony cocks a brow at this. He reaches over and kisses her.

“All you had to do was ask. No need to pout.”

She grins but rolls her eyes.

“I promise as soon as you get back on your feet. I’ll personally take you to our little vampire exhibit. I’ll even provide the popcorn.”

Tony finishes bathing her and helps her do her usual nightly tasks. Yet again he himself goes to shower and joins her. This would be the last night if she did well getting around tomorrow. Bruce had plans to remove her catheter, IV, monitors, and see how she did on her feet. She’d be free to sleep in their bed as well tomorrow night.

Tony had begun to set up meetings with headquarters for during the times Bruce would be doing some rehab with her. Tony knew he’d have to start edging his way back into the door before things got too out of hand with the industry. Thankfully, Happy Hogan was a huge help at the moment. Because of this Tony had plans to give the man a fat bonus check for his wonderful help. The man never complained about the extra hours he was pulling in order to help Tony and Bella out. If anything he kept asking if there was anything more he could do.

Occasionally, Bella would whimper out in her sleep. Tony would hold her tighter or kiss her. Doing his best to let her know he was right there.

“Easy…” Bruce says as Bella’s legs wobbled a bit during her first few steps.

He had a good grip on the gait belt he was using to help her get around. Once she walked across the entire living area. Bruce had her take a break.

“Do you feel dizzy?”


He nods.

“Does anything hurt?”

She shakes her head.

“Let me know if you have any issues whatsoever.”

She nods and he has her walk across yet again. He continues this until her legs gather the strength needed to go without the gait belt. He unstraps it and observes as she walks without any aid whatsoever. He nods once she loops around making her way back to him.


“You know what I can’t wait to do?”

Bruce looks upon her curiously.

“And what would that be?”

“Take an actual bath or shower! I don’t even care which.”

Bruce chuckles.

“I can imagine so.”

He has her try out some different types of leg lifts and other sorts of movements to test her balance.

“You know the pool would be great for regaining your strength. It’d probably make you feel better too.”
Bella looks towards the pool in thought.

“Um ok.”

“We’ll work on some water aerobics and then I want you to take your meds and get some rest. I don’t want you pushing yourself too far. We also need to wrap your cast in a plastic bag or something so not to get it wet.”

Bella nods and goes to get her swimsuit on. The only thing she had though was the bikini Tony had gotten her. She wrinkled her nose in thought and shrugged knowing she had nothing else to work with. She put it on and stepped out. Bruce had just stepped out in his black swim trunks. Tony walked in the door and took a glance upon the both of them. Neither of them had even taken notice of Tony standing right there. Bruce merely pinched his eyes shut.

“UM do you happen to have like a one piece?”

Bella blushed as she looked down. Tony raised his brows on this.

Bella quickly covered herself.

“Nope, but I can get something to cover up with!” She says with a massive blush.

Bruce keeps his eyes covered and waves her off. Bella takes off towards the bed room. Tony cleared his throat letting his presence be known.

“Oh thank god. I think you should take over from here.”

Tony tilts his head about curiously. Bruce hands him a sheet showing him the certain things she needed to work on while in the pool.

“If you could just handle this part of the rehab.” Bruce hints.

Tony chuckles to himself once Bruce practically rushed out of the room to go change. Bella stepped back out in a pair of denim shorts and one of Tony’s black tank tops to cover up better.

“Why’d you change?”

She looks to him confused. He sits down a bag of groceries and takes an apple out of it and bites into it.

“You need to take all that off.”

Her jaw drops.

“Huh but…?!”

He chuckles.
“I’ll be handling the pool area.”

“Oh thank god.” She says taking in a breath of relief.

“Talk about fucking awkward. I thought the poor guy was going to shit himself.”

“It’s your fault for walking out in a sexy ass bikini. It’s a wonder he didn’t “hulk” out in other areas. Tell me do you think “it’s” green as well?”

“TONY! And you bought this remember?! I don’t have anything less revealing!”

He wiggles his brows and finishes his apple.

“Yep! Now strip back down to that bikini of yours and straight to the pool, you can await Dr. Stark over by the deep end.”

“You’re horrible.”

“Now Bella honey, we haven’t even started yet. How do you know I’m horrible?”

He tosses the apple core into the trash. Bella sighs and heads on outside. Bruce had just come back out from his room and back into his usual slacks and shirt. Tony smirked his way.

“You find my fiancé attractive don’t you Dr. Banner?”

Bruce shakes his head and leans back against the counter.

“You just have to be a dick about it to.”
“HA! I KNEW IT!” Tony dies in laughter.

Both men glance out the patio door towards the pool. Bella was easing her way in.

“What can I say Mr. Stark you’re a lucky bastard.”

“Now, now I knew who my father was. I just couldn’t stand the guy.”

Bruce grins but shakes his head. Tony pats him on the back.

“But yes, I am very lucky. And kudos to you for not trying to screw my girl the moment I walked out the door.”

“I believe we both know she’s not that kind of woman.”

“Very true, however are you that kind man?”

“I suppose we’ll never know. Now will we Mr. Stark?” He fires with a smirk as he takes a seat and goes over some of Bella’s files.

“OH that was good! I think we’re going to get along just fine!”

Tony clears his throat before heading to his room.

“So about sex…” Tony hints.

Bruce rolls his eyes but with a grin.

“I wouldn’t start out with any S&M other than that you should be good to go. Just be extra cautious with her back. It’s still healing.”

“She’ll be so disappointed. I suppose that means a no cat o’ nine tails as well? That’s her favorite.” Tony says with a disappointed sigh.

“Let me guess she’s the using the whip?”

Tony smirks.

“How’d you guess? She whips me and I get to give her anal!”
Tony takes off at this and Bruce decides to head out. He had a few errands to run anyhow.

Bella looked over as she heard the patio door slide open. Tony stepped out with the paper Bruce had given him. He narrowed his eyes upon it. Even flipped it around as if solving some sort of puzzle.

Bella giggled to herself as she took notice.


“Nope none whatsoever!”

He places the paper down on one of the lounging chairs and his and Bella’s towels. Tony then dives on in and comes up right before her. He ran his fingers through his hair.

“Alright so you’re supposed to do a bunch of these leg and arm exercises and all that good stuff.”

“Doing great so far.” Bella sarcastically remarks.

“I know I’m really good at this! Maybe I should rethink this whole inventor thing.”

Bella shakes her head.

She laughs and wraps her arms around him.

“Hmmm… what were we doing?”



He takes in a breath and shows her some of the leg aerobics; the ones he could remember anyhow. She does them and with the about of reps required for each one. Afterword they work on the arms. He corrected her stance a couple of times out of fear of her twisting her back. In the water she couldn’t wear her brace so they had to take extra precaution. That and her fingers were beginning to finally heal. They’d have to tape them up once again afterword.

About half an hour later he has her stop. Tony kissed along the stitches on her face. She recoiled and shook her head.

“Bella.” He whispered and cupped her chin having her face him again.

Her eyes darted downward. Tony shook his head and kissed upon them again.

“I’d have thrown a fit by the way if you agreed to your mother’s ridiculous input.”
“The whole plastic surgery ordeal; I’m just glad you set her straight is all.” He says whilst running his fingers along each stitch.

“Once they’re removed, they’ll hardly be noticeable within time, even if that were not the case. I wouldn’t want you to do it. As a bachelor even I preferred classic beauty over fake. And yes that goes for breasts as well.” He says whilst untying her top.

“Just something about natural beauty and you my dear are stunning. So much so you had a damn doctor blushing in thought of being alone with you in a sexy little bikini. And he’s the freaking Hulk. What does that tell you?” He undoes his swim trunks and maneuvers his way out of them.

He unties her bottoms next letting everything drop into the pool and merely float away. He gawks upon her in agony.

“So beautiful…” He utters and braces her back with his hands as a reminder to himself.

He then positions her just right as he guides himself inside her. They both moaned out instantly.

“Let me do all the work…” He hints so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

“Just enjoy the ride, Bella honey.” He said behind another moan as he moved her about him.

Bella heatedly kissed him as he pumped his seriously backed up cock within her. He knew he was already about to spill his seed. He groaned out as he erupted.

Tony was so backed up though he was still rock hard. He shrugged and went with it. He kept working her about him. Bella cooed out his name and clung onto him. Tony knew she must’ve been just as backed up. The liquid heat coming from her pussy was nearly scorching against his swollen cock. His eyes rolled back at the incredible sensation. It was never ending for her and she was so unbelievably snug he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came yet again. Bella’s entire body was in ecstasy at the moment. Just having Tony inside her and taking control the way he was had her fired up. If she wasn’t still injured she’d be ravishing him at the moment. She desperately wanted to.

“Fuck Tony you feel so good.”
“Shit…” He uttered at her words and lost all composure.

He drove himself in as deep as he could possibly go and came even harder than before or so it felt.

“And that’s how we do our water aerobics.” He uttered softly.

Bella giggled against his chest.

“You’d be so fired.”

“I sure would, totally worth every moment.”

Bella wrapped herself around him feeling overly emotional. It just hit her out of nowhere or so it seemed. But it was simply something that had been building up. Tony swallowed back and held her even tighter as she started to cry.

“I thought I was dying. That… that was it…”

Tony shut his eyes on this. He didn’t dare comment about how he’d feared the same.

“You were the one person that kept going through my mind over and over. I was so fucking pissed. I couldn’t move or talk. I kept thinking over and over. Don’t let me die. Then on the other hand I kept thinking if my only chance for survival is to turn me into one of you motherfuckers then I’d rather die.” She sort of laughs as she sucks back a breath.

“Ironic considering I once thought about becoming one of them.”

Tony wrinkles his nose at this. He hated the idea of her being one of them too. However he knew if it came down to it. Selfishly he’d rather she be turned over dying. He kept that to himself nevertheless. She was alive and that’s truly all that mattered to him.

“Are you telling me I was your muse?” He teases and kissed along her shoulders.

She smiled.
“Actually yeah, you were.”

“Hmmm… well I for one can’t think of a greater honor than being your muse; other than being your adoring, extremely handsome, and overly witty husband.”

“I love you Tony.”

“I love you too Bella honey.” Tony looked around and searched for their bathing suits. He grabbed them both but didn’t bother with getting dressed. Once they were out he wrapped a towel around Bella first. He then grabbed his and did the same.

They headed back inside where they showered. Tony helped her get dressed and get her back brace back on. He prepared them some lunch and gave Bella her meds. Bruce entered the house just as they finished lunch.

“How’d she do?”

Tony gets a certain smirk about him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He died in laughter as Bella blushed and Bruce sighed and went back to his little lab area he’d set up in the living room. Bella cut Tony a rueful glare.

“Take your med’s Bella honey you’re acting all crazy.” He says with raised brows.

“I’m about to show you crazy.”

“Why is your mother coming over?”

Bruce choked back on his water and Bella quickly pressed her lips together. Tony winced seeing their reactions.

“She’s here isn’t she?”
Bruce and Bella nod. Tony nods in return. He slowly turns around and waves.

“Well hello Mrs. Barton! How are we doing today?”

Clint and Phil looked to Tony wide eyed.

“How’d you get in here anyhow?”
Clint points to Happy as he was making his way inside as well.

“Huh… Well…” He coughs “awkward”.

“Well it’s certainly clear what we truly think of one another now.”

Tony lets out a bit of a nervous laugh. He rose and he makes his way to the bar.

“So I’m getting drunk anyone want to join me?”
Bella takes her pills behind laughter as well and downs her bottle of water. Happy nodded towards Bella and placed down a vase of beautifully assorted flowers.

“Thank you Happy.”

He smiled and made his way over. He kissed her forehead and went and sat at the bar next to Tony.

“Way to go.” Happy said in an undertone voice.

“Yeah, yeah drink up.” Tony said and slid Happy a shot over.

“Can we talk sweetheart?”

Bella nods and comes to her feet. Bella follows her mother outside. Renee took in the gorgeous view as they talked.

“I owe you a massive apology.”
“I see you’re sober.”

Renee nods looking embarrassed.

“I’m sorry Bella hun. You had every right to totally bitch me out. Now this doesn’t mean I agree with your decision about marrying this man. But I support you in your decision. If this is what you want; then that is what truly matters. No one else’s opinion does. All that matters is that the two of you are happy.”

Renee glances back towards the house.

“I see I’ve left a great impression on your husband to be as well.”

Bella softly laughs.

“I believe you lost him at plastic surgery mom. Tony’s very protective of me. He didn’t take too kindly to that.”

Renee pinches the bridge of her nose.
“What did I say?”

Bella looks to her oddly.

“You mean you don’t remember?”
“Bella, I don’t remember half the shit I said or did. I was plastered.”

Bella sighs.

“I know. Not my finest moment.”
“Apparently you didn’t like what you saw.”

Renee winced.

“You went as far as to say that I should get plastic surgery before the wedding.”

Renee quickly covered her mouth.


“You did…”

“Jesus what kind of mother am I?”

“The kind that says whatever she thinks; only ten times worse when you’ve knocked back a few.”

“I’m not that bad.”
“Mom… you often enough have no filter!”

Renee sighed.

“I mean nothing by it.”
“Yeah well it still hurts at times. How was I supposed to feel when the first thing you did was start nagging on me. You didn’t ask how I was or anything of the such. You didn’t even seem hardly phased!”
“I was too!”

“How would you know you just admitted you were three sheets to the wind?!”

“I came here to apologize! I get it ok I’m a bitch. I’m crazy and Lord knows what else!”

Bella rolled her eyes.

“See and there you go again. That disrespectful crap you pull.”

Everyone in the house could hear Bella now. Tony narrowed his eyes and looked their direction as he poured them another drink.



Renee covers her face and starts to cry. Bella sighs and looks back out to sea. She leaned against the railing.

“That’s really it isn’t it? I remind you too much of Charlie. That’s why we lock horns. You and I mom we couldn’t be more different. Perhaps, it’s just one of those things. We’ll never quite see eye to eye or understand one another. Life’s too short for grudges, so I’m going to move past this. I’m going to love you with all I am, because you’re my mother. I will always love you. I really hope you and Phil come to the wedding. But please do not take offence when I say this…”

Bella turns back to face her.

“I don’t want you a part of planning the wedding. I might break your heart saying that. But I just don’t see how that’s possible when you’ve been dead set against the one thing that would make me happiest in this world. He’s it for me. This is what I want. No one mom not even you or God himself can change my mind. I’m stubborn like that. And you want to know why mom?”

Renee lifts her eyes towards her daughter.

“Because I’m in love and that’s what people do when they’re in love. They don’t think rationally. You can’t expect them to. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be with that one person that makes them feel complete. Tony is that man.” Bella sort of laughs.

“I never thought I’d be quoting an old friend, but I’m about to. Age is just a number. I don’t see Tony and think 38. I see Tony and think man how did I get so lucky? How could I have even possibly thought I knew what love was before him? The mere idea of going without him in my life? It feels as though I’d simply die. A bit much? Perhaps. But I don’t really care what anyone thinks.”

Bella hugs her mother before heading inside. Renee merely stood there for a few moments without words. Clint grabbed ahold of his sister and hugged her as Phil went to console Renee outside.

“You going to be ok Bell?”

She nodded and took her brother’s hand and squeezed it.

“I’m going to be just fine. This was something that was long over do.”

Bella turns to Happy and the others.

“I’m sorry I’m not the greatest company at the moment. I’m really tired. I just need some rest.”

Happy nodded.

“Not going anywhere. Get some rest.”

Bella smiled and headed off to the garage instead of the bedroom. Tony had his curiosity stirred at this.

Bella entered the code and headed right for her truck. She felt the need to be as close to Charlie as possible and that was the only way she could think of. She crawled into the cab and lay down. It wasn’t long before her eyes grew heavy and she was fast asleep.

After half an hour passed and she hadn’t returned Tony quietly made his way to the garage. He looked around wondering where the hell she’d gone.

Dummy tugged at his pant leg and pointed to the truck. Tony nodded and headed that way. Sure enough he peeked inside and Bella was sound asleep. Tony grabbed a blanket and quietly as possible opened the door. He covered her up and kissed the top of her head. He then pushed the door shut carefully and let her be.

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