Chapter 18 Iron Man Or Fe Male

Chapter 18

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A couple months later…

Bella narrows her eyes as she continues to draw on the memo pad that was in her lap. She pressed her lips together once she was done and tilted her head. She held it up then twirled it around facing Rosalie and Alice.

“X’s or O’s…?” Bella inquires.

They both cut her a go to hell look. Alice starts to do her usual pleading for Bella to forgive them and to release them. Bella ignores her cries and sits back down.

“I wonder who invented this game. Like how it came about. Aren’t x’s and o’s supposed to mean hugs and kisses? So is it a game to see how can out hug or out kiss the other? Rather ridiculous game when you think about it.”

Bella lies on her tummy on the bench across from the vampires. She kicks her legs back like a teenager would and sways them about.

Bella smiles once she’s done doodling. She shows them the skull and cross bones she made with the x’s and o’s. She sighs as she gets no reaction.
“You two have become awfully boring.” She looks to the time.

“I better go.”

The both of them start to scream out. Only it’s muffled by the water. Bella turned back towards them. She knew what it was about, but chose to pretend as though she hadn’t a clue.

“I’m sorry?!” She asks with a sarcastic tone.

Bella told Fury she was going to feed them when she came in here. Something Bella did often. She knew they wouldn’t die from starvation, but it’d prolong their suffering.

“It’s hard to make out anything you’re saying! SORRY!” She blows them both a kiss and turns off the light leaving them in complete darkness.

Happy was already waiting for her outside. Bella waves to Colonel Fury letting him know she was out. He nodded towards her as he was going over something with one of his agents.

“Have a good day Ms. Swan.”

“You too…”

She pauses however and turns towards Fury mischievously.

“By the way Colonel Fury, do tell Esme I said hello.”

Fury stopped what he was doing and lifted his eyes towards her. He shook his head knowing that meant she saw them leaving the bar together last night.

“So what was it like…?”

“Well Ms. Swan if you must know…” He walks over to her with a cocky smirk about his face.

“Let’s just say I’m still tingling.”

Bella’s jaw drops and Happy raises his brows. Colonel Fury gives her a wink and returns to his post.

“I KNEW IT!” She says as Happy had her by the arm and was escorting her out of headquarters.

Once she and Happy are outside, Bella dies in laughter.

Happy grins and shakes his head.

“How did they… you know… ?” Happy grimaced at her hint.

Bella and Happy went on to lunch.

Things were back to normal for the most part. As Tony and Bruce suspected Bella’s scars were hardly noticeable once the stitches were removed. She no longer had to wear her back brace or cast. Her body was finally healed from the severe beating it took. Emotionally? Bruce Banner placed her on anxiety pills. Her first couple of outings she had a couple of attacks. She had her hills to overcome, but Tony managed to pull her through each time. It wasn’t always an easy task though.

“Aim more to the left.”

“I am.”

“No you’re not it’s too far to the right. You’re going to miss your target.”

Bella rolls her eyes and fires. Clint sighs.

“I told you!”

“Oh shut up!”

Bella sighs with frustration and reloads.

“It’s like paintball all over again! Face it sis you suck!”

Bella grits her teeth and fires all six chambers. Clint shrugs as if impressed, but clears his throat.

“They were meant to be head shots.”

“THEY’RE FUCKING DEAD CLINT! Does it really matter how? As long as the job gets done?!”

The other people at the shooting range look their way.

“Wanna keep it down?” Clint whispers.

“And by the way one of those was a pedestrian.”
“Then they shouldn’t have been in the line of fire.”
He rears back.

“And you want to become an Avenger?”

“Oh come on Clint this isn’t even close to what it’s like when shit really hits the fan. You truly think I’m going to shoot at innocents?!”

“Did you take your pills today?”
Bella rolls her eyes and grabs her jacket.

“I don’t need the fucking pills.”

“Um ok, sure you don’t!”

“Don’t do that.”

He follows her outside.

“Do what?”
“You know… THAT!”

Her brother sighs and starts to dig through her gym back.
“What are you doing?”
“Getting your pills.”

“I said I don’t FUCKING NEED THEM!”
He raises his hands in the air and drops the bag. Bella blinked a few times realizing she had her brother by the collar of his shirt and pinned up against her car. She took in a deep breath and released him. She pinched the bridge of her nose and cleared her throat.

“I’m sorry.” She uttered looking to the ground.

Clint nods and hands over her pills.

“There’s nothing wrong with needing to be on those you know.”

Bella half laughs.

“Whatever you say.”

She bitterly takes the pills and washes them down with a bottle of water.

“It’ll get easier. You’ll see. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You went through a great ordeal.”

“No Clint… Tony’s gone through a great ordeal. This is nothing in comparison.”

Clint rears back a bit as if piecing together a puzzle.

“That’s what this is? Isn’t it?”


“You feel guilty! You actually feel guilt! You think you’re not allowed to feel anything! Don’t you?”

Bella rolls her eyes and turns to open her door. Clint slams it shut and twirls her back around.

“You have the right to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. QUIT PUNISHING YOURSELF DAMMIT! Yeah Tony went through some shit! But so did you! If he had any inkling that you were doing this to yourself he’d be pissed!”

“Oh come on Clint LOOK AT ME! I’m A FUCKING MESS! I can’t do anything now without being jumpy or looking over my shoulder! I get home and I literally check every fucking room in the house with a damn gun in my hand. I sleep with a gun under the mattress and a knife on the nightstand. I thought Tony was an intruder not even a week ago and aimed my gun right at him. You think that’s fucking normal behavior?! I’m acting like a genuine NUTCASE!”

“Actually that is normal! Dammit Bella! Stop doing this to yourself! There’s nothing wrong with you or how you’re acting. So take the pills. Quit thinking the worst of yourself!”

“How can I even be Avenger material? I can’t be… not like this Clint and we both know that.”

Clint nods in thought and places his hands about his waist.

“You think Tony had that option when he returned from Afghanistan? Or how about when Pepper walked out on him?! You think Iron Man took a break?! And what about Captain Steve Rogers aka Captain America? The entire world knows his story now. And Thor his brother literally fucked him over almost destroyed our world and his girl. Yet he’s an Avenger now as well. Then you got the Hulk. The one man that everyone turned their back to; when he had everyone else’s back. It’s because of him so many lives were saved. We all have our stories. That’s what makes us who we are and stronger. Hell, Natasha wasn’t even one of the heroes at first Bell. You should see if she’ll tell you her story one day.”
“A pep talk coming from the one person that loathes the idea of me joining you guys!”

“It’s what you want. I can see it in your eyes Bell, even now. You were overly passionate about becoming one of us. Now you doubt yourself. That’s not the Bella Swan I know. What happened to sticking your middle finger in the air and telling everyone to fuck off, that you got this?!”

“Ok fuck off. I got this.”

Clint laughs and Bella manages to smile.

“There she is. That’s the Bell I know.”

He wraps his arms around her and hugs it out.

“You can do this Bell. You just need to give yourself sometime. Quit having such high expectations of yourself. You’re human.”

Bella gets into her car and puts on her shades. She laughs as Hells Bells was playing once she started the engine. Clint nodded and patted the door.

“Again tomorrow same time, only let’s not kill anymore innocents.”

“I make no promises! That woman with the basket was clearly in my way! She heard gunfire she should have taken cover!” She taunts playfully.

Clint chuckles as she peels out of the parking lot and hits the road.

“No, no I said three. Not five, but three. Why would I want three?”

Bella heard Tony talking into his blue tooth as he paced the living room.

“Well then you’re going to have to find a way to send the other two back.”

“Because I haven’t any use for them.”

Tony turns hearing Bella set down her keys and purse. He nods towards her.

“Look as much as I love arguing and I truly do. I’ve got higher priorities at the moment, you know other than trying to teach a grown man math.”

Tony hangs up and makes his way over. He tosses his blue tooth on to the kitchen counter and kisses her.

“Hmmm gun powder my fourth favorite scent.”


He nods and kisses her again.

“What’s the first three?” He wiggles his brows.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Bella blushed a bit and shook her head.

“On second thought, I’m afraid to ask.”

“You should be. So how’d it go?”
“I only killed one civilian this time.”
“Hey not bad!”

“Eh, she had it coming.”

Tony raises his brows on this.
“Did she now?”

“Oh yeah big time.”


Bella heads into the kitchen and starts supper. Tony popped them open a bottle of wine and handed Bella a glass.


He nods in understanding.
“Another one?” He inquires curiously.

She sighs looking embarrassed.

“Hey that makes five days! That’s good!”

Bella shook her head as she chopped up some asparagus.

“I’ve yet to make it an entire week Tony.”

He downs the glass of wine he’d intended for her. Tony then makes his way over and wraps his arms around her waist.

“And you’ll get there just two days short. I for one think you’re doing great.”

“You want to get laid of course you think so.”

Tony grins.

“You know me so well.”

Bella tosses the asparagus into a pan and Tony picked her up placing her on the counter.

“Our wedding is just in a few weeks…”

“Don’t see what the problem is.”

He utters and kisses along her neck.

“I don’t want to be a complete spaz.”

Tony dies in laughter.
“It’s not funny.”

“You’re right it isn’t.” He says behind a smirk.

“Tony!” She smacks him on the arm.

“Bella, I’m ready to marry you right this second. If we waited for the right time and perfect moment. Then we’d never wed. We both know that doesn’t truly exist. That’s not what a marriage is about. It’s about how we feel for one another. Nothing else matters. We could cancel all our invitations. Send everything back we’ve already invested in and run off to fucking Vegas for all I care. I just want to marry you. I don’t care if you freak out during the process as long as you say I do we’re good! There are no rules to how we go about this and we both know I’m never one to follow the rules anyhow. They’re often enough more like guide lines.” He says with a shrug.

“Life’s far more interesting when you take it the Sinatra way.”

“Sinatra huh?”

He nods confidently.

“When you can say you did it your way, not anyone else’s. Yes there were times I’m sure you knew; when I bit off more than I could chew, but through it all, when there was doubt. I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way.” Tony says quoting Frank Sinatra.
Tony turns back to the asparagus in the pan.

“For example… just because you already started supper doesn’t mean that’s set in stone. We don’t have to follow through.”
Tony reaches over and dumps the asparagus into the sink.


He starts the disposal and runs the water. He shrugs and leans against the counter.

“There’s a new place that opened up tonight. I already got us reservations. So I’m thinking something…” He lifts her back down from the counter and twirls her about. “Black, preferably short and skin-tight.”

“That’s great but what am I going to wear?!” She fires back.

“Must everything be about you?!”
“But Tony I smell like a gun…” She hisses.

“Then people will think twice before crossing you tonight. Hurry up Bella honey, we’ve got forty minutes tops.”

“You suck!” She calls out as he walks away.

“I’m afraid that’s still an area you have me beat in!”

She giggles to herself as she heads to the bedroom.

“You bet your sweet ass I do…” She muttered under her breath.

Tony was putting on his watch as Bella stepped out of the bedroom.

“Wow.” He declares in awe.

“…damn… I don’t get how you do it sometimes. You just…” He trails off and shakes his head.

“You know we haven’t tried out those fluffy handcuffs yet.”

“I thought you said you had reservations.”
“Hmmm…” Tony grabs their jackets and they head on out.

Tony pulls up to this rather ritzy looking new place. Bella could hear the music from outside. It was classical. As they walked in Bella could see it was live performers by a platform used for dancing.

“I don’t know Tony this place seems rather dull and cheap.”
He sighs.

“I never can please you.”

The hostess leads them to a table. Yet again Tony tests Bella’s theory on how the man is always served first. It was pretty dead on. He wondered why he’d never noticed that before. After they ate Tony lead her to the dance floor.

A couple dances in was when Tony took notice of something. Something that ruffled his feathers and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was dating again. He could care less about that, but it was WHO she was with. Bella hadn’t a clue she was against Tony’s chest as they danced lost in the moment.

“Now I know I’m not seeing what I think I am…” She heard Tony mumble darkly.

She narrowed her eyes in wonder and looked to see what he was referring to.

“What the hell?”

“My thoughts exactly.”
“Isn’t that…?”

“Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries? The same one that threw a big fucking fit in court and fired Pepper Potts in front of the judge and jury during trial.”

“Tell me about it.”
“What the hell does she see in that douchebag?”

“I wouldn’t know Bella honey. Apparently, she’s not near the woman I thought she once was.”

Both Tony and Bella sigh with frustration as Pepper and Justin also caught whiff of them and were making their way over.

“I don’t have enough pills for this.”
“That’s too bad, because I might need a couple myself!”

Tony automatically places Bella behind him protectively.

“Small world.”
“Too small.” Tony replies in return to Justin Hammer’s comment.

“So I hear you’re tying the knot!”
“Yep and I see you like fucking people in the ass. I wasn’t aware you were into that, Pepper. Perhaps, that’s why you ended up with an assfucker.”

Bella raised her brows knowing Tony was beyond pissed when he talked like this. He usually tried to keep up a more professional attitude in public. He was to fucking pissed to care what anyone thought of him at the moment.

Pepper hauled off and slapped Tony. Bella’s eyes lit up with damn near flames. She rushed out and shoved Pepper back. Pepper shoved her back in return and an all-out cat fight broke out. The only difference? Bella punched and Pepper slapped. Bella was beating the shit out of Pepper. Both men rushed over prying the girls off one another. Pepper was crying and Bella was still trying to get to her.
“She broke my nose!”

The entire place grew quiet.

“That’s it I sure hope you had this trashy gold digger sign a prenup Tony! I don’t even give you a year! You’ll be crawling back to me! I’m getting a restraining order on you!” Pepper says pointing to Bella.

Bella smiles.

“You better you’re going to need it!”

“Ladies…” Justin Hammer warns.

Tony sneered at him and went to act as though he were going to punch him as well. Justin backed up like a little bitch.

“I’ll be seeing you in court!” Pepper threatens Bella.

Bella nods and breaks out of Tony’s hold. She grabs Pepper by the hair and drags her outside.

“Oh shit.” Tony comments and takes off after them.

Bella pinned Pepper up against the wall of the restaurant.

“Bring it bitch. We’ll have proof now a mile high. Everyone just saw you and your supposed ex-boss dancing and sucking face in there. Tony told me about what took place in court. How stupid are you? Seriously if you were going dip right back into the company ink after your little stage in court you two should have really considered hanging low OR MOVING YOU STUPID…”

Tony wraps his hand around Bella’s mouth and drags her away from Pepper. Bella pries her mouth free.

“I HOPE HE GIVES YOU CRABS AND…” Tony yet again covers her mouth.

She breaks free.
“And I HOPE YOU GAVE HIM THE CLAP! Or was that just your thighs I heard!”

Once Tony gets Bella into the car, he doesn’t even blink.


Bella looked over to him oddly. He takes in a deep breath.

“…wow…” He utters again.


He shifted gears and raised his brows and took in another deep breath.


“Great, I broke you.”

As soon as they get home and walk into the door. Tony flips Bella over his shoulder and takes her to the bedroom. Her eyes widen as he reached over to the night stand and grabs the cuffs he was referring to. He twirls them around in his hand and cuffs her to the bed.

She goes to say something and he promptly covers her mouth. He winks and removes his hand. She gasps out in surprise as Tony starts ripping her dress right down the middle. He even goes as far as to rip off her bra and panties. Tony kisses down her neck, shoulders and stops at her breasts. He takes turns taking them into his mouth and lapping his tongue along her nipples. As he rose back up he took off his shirt.

Tony unfastened his pants with eagerness. He stroked his cock as he merely gawked upon her. Bella cuffed to his bed with her clothes all ripped had him stiff as hell. He bent down and licked along her pussy and torso. Whatever part of her he could reach he wanted a taste.

Bella felt his fingers enter he started off slow teasing her with his movements. He took turns between his tongue and fingers. Tony didn’t stop until he lost count of her orgasms. He used her juices to stroke his cock about once more before guiding himself inside. Once he was buried within her he feverishly kissed her and thrust about her. Tony found himself strangely excited on how she’d handled Pepper. He damn near came in his pants just watching Bella chew her the fuck out. It was wrong and he knew it, but he could care less Pepper had it coming and Bella looked HOT as hell being the one to put Pepper Potts in her fucking place.

“…holy fuck…” Tony mouthed breathlessly.

His movements became more pronounced as he grew even more motivated.

“You really are a bad girl aren’t you?” Tony hissed in longing.

He felt her coming at this. He nodded.

“I fucking knew it.”

She cried out his name as he robustly moved about the headboard slammed against the wall. It was a good thing Bruce Banner had already moved back to the studio apartment. Not that Tony would have cared anyhow.

Tony pulled out just before he came and spilled his seed about her breasts and tummy. Afterworld he rolled over breathless and covered in sweat. He shut his eyes as if he were about to pass out.

“Um Tony…”



“You’re good…”


He smirks and folds his arms back behind his neck.

“I always wanted a personal slave. So you’re fired from Stark Industries and will call me Master from now on.”

“Keep dreaming Tony…”

Tony covers her eyes as he leads her to the garage.


“Just shhh…”

He walks her over to the platform and motions for Jarvis to turn on the lights. Once the lights come on he moves his hands.

“You built a new suit! Cool!”

“Not just any suit, Bella honey. This one’s yours.”



Bella covered her mouth in surprise.

“Are you freaking serious?”

He grins and nods. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Yeah, but it still needs some tinkering. That and you need more training. It’s all yours though.”

Bella rushed over and run her hands along the red and silver colored, smaller version of the Iron Man suit. It was less bulky and more slender feminine looking even. The arc reactor however was diamond shaped instead of triangular.

“Amazing…” She whispered to herself.

Tony watched her closely with full curiosity.

“I love it!”

“Awesome, because I sure would hate to scratch that project. It kicked my ass often enough. I couldn’t decide what I wanted for sure or what I thought you would like. I almost went with hotrod pink but…”

She smiles and shakes her head.

“Its perfect, color, everything.”

“But now we have to come up with a name.” He says in thought.

“You know what Iron stands for right?”
He looks to her in question with his arms folded about his chest.

“Fe and of course Man… Male… So technically. Iron Man is Female.”

Tony narrows his eyes and tilts his head ever so slightly.

“You clever vixen and don’t you dare repeat that to anyone. Like ever or we’ll be putting these suits to their fullest tests, Wildcat.”

“Is that a challenge, Mr. Stark?”

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  1. Yup,cannot believe how stupid Pepper is.doe she think Hammer will back her up?he just has her around so he can get his hands on Tony’s inventions since he obviously has no those idiot vamps are rethinking their action.hold do they feed them,just dump the blood in the water and have them cycle it through their mouths?

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