Chapter 19 The Ironette

Chapter 19

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“Now you know my pain!”

“Shut it Tony.” Bella groans as she comes back up.

He grins and twirls around in his chair. Tony observes as Bella braces herself yet again on the platform.

“You might want to…”

She cuts him a go to hell look and he raises his hands in the air. Bella fires off another test repulsor beam and Tony winces as she flies back again.
“Too much oomph.” He utters as he rushes over to help her up.

“You said earlier it wasn’t enough!”

“That’s because it wasn’t.”

“What the hell Tony?!”

“You sure are moody today.”

“Bite me.”

He shrugs and mockingly snaps at her. She sighs and Tony positions her back onto the platform.

“Jarvis let’s give Ms. Swan some inspiration shall we?”

“That can be arranged, sir.”

“If dummy gets the fire extinguisher out on me again; I’m going to turn him into a damn recycle bin!” Bella snaps. Dummy hides behind Tony.
Hells Bells starts to play.

“You hear that dummy? Now Bella honey, you’re thinking too much. Don’t do that. Just let it go.”

He nods as she fires only she misses two of the targets. She rolls her eyes.

“Wait right there…”

She lowers her hand back down as Tony makes his way over to the console. He has something printed out. He then grabs some scotch tape. He heads over to the targets and tapes Edward, Alice, and Rosalie’s faces onto them.

He steps aside and motions for her to shoot away. She shrugs her shoulders and tries again. He nods in full approval as she hit two of the targets in the face and the one with Edward’s face was shot in the crotch.

“Nicely done, Wildcat!”

His eyes widen as she quickly fires at Edward’s face as well.

“So glad, I’m not on the receiving end of that.”

Bella softly laughs.

“So… omelet?”

“What for supper? You’re cooking?”
“Actually, I was making a suggestion.”

“Yes you know. I’m hungry. I’m sure you’re hungry. I want omelets so…”

‘Then you should get on that. I’ll take Swiss and mushrooms on mine.” Bella says as Jarvis was getting her out of the suit.

“Thanks Tony!”

He smirks and points upon her.

“You still work for me you know.”

“Yes Tony, I’m well aware of you signing my paychecks.”

She makes her way to her desk and sits down. She turns on her monitors and starts setting up.

“Bella honey…”
The phone rings and she eyes Tony as she answers. Bella narrows her eyes and comes to her feet.

“Um no. That won’t do.”
“Because we’re getting married that day and they know it.”
“Well they can suck it up and wait. They’re at our digression now not the other way around. We fuck them in the ass not the other way around Bigsby!”

“Well you do that.”

“Well the judge can suck on it too.”

Tony put a hand to his heart once she hung up.

“You have such a way with words! And people.”
“Yeah well, you’re little ex still thinks she can call all the shots. That’s not going to fly. They can wait…”

“I’d prefer to wait until we’re married before diving into all that mess anyhow. Besides, she should know better this isn’t something that’s just going away overnight.”

“They just want to piss us off by acting as if we have no choice.”

“I can only imagine their faces seeing as how they both got served.”

“They had to of known it was coming.”
“So about that omelet…”

Bella bites her lower lip and goes to work on something else.

Tony puckers out his lower lip and Bella laughs.

“You’re such a brat.”
“But a loveable and very handsome one!”

Bella smiles and comes to her feet.

“Let me guess bacon too?”

He nods.


He nods again.

“And for supper?”

He nods eagerly. Bella softly laughs and pecks him on the lips.

“I’ll order a pizza.” She taunts and heads out of the garage.

Tony looks confused at first.

“Wait with bacon?”

She keeps walking.

“But I don’t want pizza!”

He looks to the monitors.

“If she orders pizza you better cancel it! Or I’ll make you sound like KITT from Knightrider!”

“I do not believe that is necessary sir.”

“Oh you don’t do you?”
Tony grins seeing Bella in the kitchen, starting his omelets.

Only it was like watching the beginning of a porno. She’d changed into a pair of shorts and tank. He wiggled his brows as she bent over to get something from the fridge.

“That’s right you’re about to be married to that. Damn…”
Tony tilted his head about and continued to watch a little longer. He exited the garage before much longer Bella had just got the omelets going and was flipping them. Tony made his way behind her and firmly gripped her hips. He started humping her.
“I thought you were hungry.”
“I am.”
He kisses along her shoulders and neck.

“Very hungry.”

Bella grins and shakes her head. She finishes the omelets and places them on a couple plates along with the biscuits and bacon once they’re done. She sits everything on the table and Tony takes her by the hand.

He sits her in his lap and kisses her.

“So you ready to become Mrs. Stark?”

Bella smiles and runs her fingers through his hair.

“I’ve been ready.”

She noticed the odd look in his face.

“Is something wrong?”

He shakes his head and kisses her shoulder.

“No… for once… everything’s great.”


“No buts…” He says and reaches over grabbing a biscuit.

His only fear as of late was losing her. In fact the closer it came to their wedding day the harder he found it to sleep. Yeah he was anxious about the big day. On the other hand, he truly knew what it meant for her to become his wife. It wasn’t for the weak of heart. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Bella Swan could handle being the wife of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. No, it was Tony… This odd feeling had come about him. He just couldn’t quite peg what it was. It was almost like that feeling of it being too good to be true. He wanted to marry her so badly he truly felt as though something anything was bound to get in their way.

“So you’re not getting cold feet on me?” She teases.

“Even if I was… I already invested a lot of money into this wedding.”

Her jaw drops and she hits him. He chuckles.

“You can blame your little girlfriends. What are their names again? Darcy and Janice?”
“Jane… Darcy and Jane.”
“Right well… I made the mistake of giving them one of my cards. I think they bought out everything within every wedding shop with a 60 mile radius.”

Bella wrinkles her nose.

“This is going to turn out to be one of those massive weddings isn’t it?”

He grins.

“You’re a Stark now Bella honey. You might as well get used to it. Everything we do is BIG!”

She sighs and takes her seat as they begin to eat their supper. “What if I can’t even tell which one’s the groom?!”

Tony raises his brows on this.

“Well I’ll give you a few hints. I’m not a doctor or a captain and I’m pretty certain I was never a god. No matter how much you claim I am during sex. Sorry to disappoint and leak that out right before the big day and all. And if you ever call me your brother I’m leaving!”
“Damn… Is it really too late to back out?”

“Already paid the caterer.”

“Fine, I suppose I’ll find a way to make this work.”

“I could always just hurry and knock you up.”

“Who’s to say I’m not already?”

He cocks a brow at this.

“You know, you maybe right… I wasn’t going to say anything but you are looking rather budgie.”

Her jaw drops and she throws an oven mitt at him. He dies in laughter.


They both look to the monitors in the living room. As of late Tony had been working on getting their security top notch. No one was getting in without them knowing.

“You have some guest sir.”
Jarvis announces.

“I can see that Jarvis.” Tony looks to Bella with slight annoyance.

“Why does he do that? We see them then he announces it.”
“It is how you programed me sir.”
“And he’s a smartass.”

Bella giggles as Tony comes to his feet.

“Let them in Jarvis.”

Before long Darcy, Jane, Thor, Steve, Bruce, Clint, and Natasha came off the elevator. Darcy pointed upon Bella.

“Pack light and let’s go.”
Bella looks to her oddly.

“Go? Like as in where and why?”
“It’s the night before the wedding. Bad luck! You know this! LET’S GO!”

Tony raises his brows on this. Tony looks to the guys.

“Let me guess strip club?”
Bella cuts Tony a go to hell look.

“Against my will of course! I’m being kidnapped!” He fires with a wink directed upon her.

“Oh I’m sure.”

“Well we’re going to a strip club!” Darcy exuberantly announces.

Tony shrugs and looks to Thor.

“Let me guess, you’re the entertainment for tonight?”

Thor looks upon him confused. Darcy grabs Bella by the arm and starts to drag her towards the elevator.

“I thought you said I needed a bag.”

Tony noticed how Bruce and Steve were giving Bella the once over.

“Perhaps some actual clothes Bella honey? It’s just a suggestion though.”

Darcy drops her hold and takes a good look at what Bella was wearing.

“Hello! FREE DRINKS FOR ALL AROUND TONIGHT! By the way looks like we’re all drinking milk!” Bella quickly covers Darcy’s mouth.

“Jesus Darcy! Give me five minutes and shut your trap.”

Thor let’s out a bellow like laugh. Everyone cuts him a look and he shrugs. Bella takes off and gets ready.

“Why’d you tell her we were going to a strip club?” Jane inquired.

“We aren’t?”
Jane shakes her head.

“Oh she’s going to be so disappointed. And dammit I gave that stripper a100 bucks! I don’t even know where she works!”


Tony had his third spit take since Darcy started talking.

“Bella would much rather fire a gun than to look at them all night.”

“Nice!” Darcy says high fiving Natasha.

“I’m not so sure what that says about me.” Tony utters pouring another drink at the bar.

Bella steps out in a pair of blue jeans, a Metallica shirt and black Converse.

“Awe man… we’re not going to get free drinks with you dressed like that.”

“Yeah huh?”

“Shut it or I’m hooking you out for the night.”

Tony has a good laugh at this.

“She will to. She’s pimped me out a couple times. I still have nightmares.”

“Bella as a pimp? Now that’s hot!”

“Darcy, let’s go get your gaydar checked.”

Jane loses it at this point and points upon Darcy.


“Why? Why does everyone think I’m gay?”
Bella cuts her a serious glance. She walks over and twirls Darcy around. She smacks her on the rear.

“Truth now… did you like that?”
Darcy sways her head about some.

“Yeah that’s about what I figured.”

“And the girls are leaving because?” Tony inquires rather turned on.

He points to Jane.

“You know she’s looking like she might misbehave too.”
“Don’t push your luck Tony.”

“Ok fine… Natasha?”



Everyone in the room laughs as Bella and Tony stare one another done. He cuts her a wink.

“Love you!”

Bella grins but flips him off and gets onto the elevator with the girls.

“Not in front of the guests!” He calls out.

“I’m not gay. I’m open…” Darcy mutters bitterly under her breath.

Once the girls are gone he looks to the guys.

“So are we going to knit or book club?!” Tony then looks over to Thor.

“Beauty shop?”

“Actually, we’ve got something a little different in mind.” Steve says.

“Yeah we’re here for Iron Man.”

Tony sighs.

“I feel so used.”

“Meet us in 30 at the plaza.”
“Plaza? What’s at the plaza?”

“You’ll see.”

Bella laughs as Darcy slides over another shot.

“Ugh Darcy… I’m already tipsy. I think that’s enough.”

Natasha’s attention however was planted onto something else. There was a TV where the bartender was. Bella was in the middle of taking the shot when she had a spit take. It seemed the guys decided to take “Iron Man” out on his first “Avengers” tour. Jane wrinkled her nose as there were female dancers all over Thor. They were all signing autographs and posing for pictures.

“That’s what they take him to do? As if Tony needs more of an ego boast.”
Bella leans back in her chair with a mischievous grin.

“Oh I don’t know what it is, but I like it!” Darcy says.

“Oh no, I know that look.” Jane says remembering that was the same look she had when she kept breaking out of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Should I be worried?” Natasha questions.
“NO. Yes.” Darcy and Jane chorus.

Bella takes one more shot and rises from her chair.

“Let’s go ladies.”

“Bella my boobs won’t fit in this.” Natasha complains.

“Then ask one of the other dancers.”

Natasha sighs.

“Besides the smaller the better the cleavage.”
“You do realize that’s your brother?”
“Well yeah, all the more reason you’re going to dance for him! Not me.”

“I don’t dance.”

“Neither do I!”

“Then why are we doing this again?”
“A. Because I’m drunk. B. Because that bar was boring C. Because I love fucking with Tony it makes my day! Why do you think I’m marrying him in the first place?”

“I thought it was the suit.” Natasha wits with a smirk.
“See now you’re learning. Now go, before they spot us.”

Natasha rushes out there and Bella’s eyes widen as she swung along the pole perfectly with the other performers.

“Show off…” Bella though had her eyes on a different costume

She blushed in thought but couldn’t resist. It was one of the old Ironette costumes. Jane’s eyes widen as she reached for it.

“You’re really going to wear that?”
“If I was sober… hell no. Not a chance.”

Darcy jumps up and down all giddy as Bella heads into a changing room. Bella steps out after a few more minutes.

“Wooooo Bella!” Darcy calls out.

Bella narrows her eyes and puts a finger to her lips.

“Shhh. You’re going to give us away. And Jane where is your costume?”
“I’m not going out there!”

“Yes you are!”

“Um no, I’m not.”

Bella sighs.

“Go on Darcy. Follow Natasha’s lead. It’s rather scary how good she is actually.” Bella says as they observe once more.

“She makes me sick.” Bella groans.

Darcy struts out in her blonde wig and costume like it’s nothing. Bella dies in laughter though as she almost fell. Bella clears her throat and looks back to Jane.

“Come on Jane. We’ll go together.”

Jane shakes her head with a massive blush.

“Oh he won’t even know it’s you. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t love to go put Thor the god of thunder in his place!”

A bit of a smile came over Jane’s face.

“There it is. Put this on and let’s go.”

Jane comes out in a blue and silver Avengerettes costume.

“Not bad!”

Bella helps fix her hair.

“Deep breath and… let’s go.”

They both blush nevertheless as they entered the stage. The crowd cheered on because of Bella’s Ironette costume. Honestly, she didn’t think about being the only on in the Iron Man one. It drew more attention than she wanted.

Iron Man looked up from his signing to see what the big deal was when he heard the crowd going nuts.

“Guess one of them forgot their costume.” He muttered over to Captain America.

“Looks like it.”

Jane was clinging to Bella like there was no tomorrow.

“Jane… chill out.”

“I can’t dance.”

“Neither can half of these girls.”

A few of the dancers cut Bella a go to hell look. She nodded their way.

“Are you two going to dance or just stand there?”

Bella couldn’t believe she was doing this.

“Ugh, I’m going to wake up and crawl into a hole tomorrow.”

She uttered as she took Jane’s hand and twirled her about. Thor cocked his head a bit and so did Iron Man.
“I don’t know what I’m doing.” Jane hisses.
“Relax, I’m doing all the work for you just play along and smile! Thor’s going to bust a nut when he sees you.”

“I thought you said…”

The lights were flashing about and the spotlight hit them just in time for Bella to dip Jane. She brought her back up and continued to hold her hand as they walked back towards the Avengers.

“I think the Ironette is just a tad tipsy. However she’s doing better than most of the Avengerettes. Seriously, who hired these dancers?!” Iron Man remarks.

“I’d say the Ironette’s doing her job right. She is representing you after all.”

“If that’s the case the she needs to be making out with my wife…” Iron Man comments as he signs another autograph.

Captain America and Thor grin on this. He didn’t even seem to notice


“You called Bella your wife!”

Iron Man rears back a bit. He shrugs on this and goes back to what he was doing. He poses for a couple of pictures then looks towards Captain America.

“So this is it? This is my bachelor party? You put me to work?!”

“Since when do you complain about being the center of attention?”
“He has a point.” Clint calls out as he was scoping out one of the dancers. “Hey they’re calling you guys up there.” One of the administrators called out. Iron Man nodded. That’s our cue. The Avengers all stepped out on stage.

“And I’m a dead man…” Iron Man said seeing the cameras on them and the dancers were running their hands all over them.

“Thanks Captain! I’m getting divorced before I even get married.

The Captain laughs.

“Nah… this is Bella we’re talking about.”

Tony’s eyes widened as one of the dancers was clinging on to his suit and grinding against him.

“You have met Bella right? You know sweet, innocent, sexy, and cute. That is until you piss her off then you’re fucked. She’s still pretty hot even when she’s angry. Unlike our friend over there.” He points to Bruce.

Bella heard what Iron Man said as she continued to taunt him. He hadn’t a clue. He wasn’t even looking at her.

She puts a finger to her lips as Captain America recognized her and he looked upon her in full disbelief. She gave him a wink and circled Iron Man running her hands along his suit.

“Something tells me she’s actually going to be ok with this.”

“Yeah, well, you better hope for my sake she’s knee deep in male strippers about now. That’s the only way I’m getting out of this one. Then I have leverage!”

“Oh she’s knee deep in something alright…”

Bella hands Iron Man a number and runs her hand along his chest.

“Call me sometime!”

He rears back.

“Um no can do…” He goes to hand the number back and that’s when he takes notice of Thor and Clint sucking face with a couple of the dancers.

Captain America and Bruce were talking with the other one. Iron Man looked back to the number and shook his head.

“Jarvis do me a favor and call Ms. Swan.”

“On it, sir.”

Sure enough as the dancer was walking off stage she took her phone out from her top.

“No. No. Turn back around…”

Bella slowly turns.

“Hmmm… Now strut back over here and I do mean strut.”

Bella bit down on her lower lip with a slight blush. But did as Tony wished

“Hot damn… So you like putting on a show Bella honey?”

She gasps out and the crowd went wild as he zipped over and picked her up. They hovered into the air.

“You’re taking this home by the way Wildcat.”
“But it isn’t mine.”

“Oh, it is now. And you’re in so much trouble by the way! You owe me one hell of a lap dance and in THAT!”

Bella laughs as they continued to hover.

“You had me sweating bullets thinking you were another touchy feely groupie.”

“Nope, just a really crappy dancer!”

“You got that right!”

He pops open his helmet and lowers back down to the stage.

He kisses her and yet again crowd goes nuts. Iron Man throws off her blonde wig revealing that he wasn’t cheating on his significant other. Afterword they both take a bow.

A little boy rushed up to the stage and handed Bella one of his light up toy repulsors.

“Will you sign this for me?! PLEASE!”

Bella looked to the boy in surprise. He was asking her not Iron Man. The boy had a big grin on his face and nodded. He reached out on his tippy toes and Bella hunkered down to his level. “What’s your name hun?” The boy blushed. “Tommy!”


Keep up the good work Tommy – Bella Stark

Bella had signed her very first autograph only Tony noticed that she signed it Bella Stark. The boy squealed in delight and showed his father as one of the security guards helped him off the stage.
“That’s my girl…” Tony whispered in awe.

Bella gasped out as he took off with her. They floated above the ocean before heading back to the house. The moon reflected off the water. And the waves were crashing about.

“There’s one major flaw in this suit.”

“And what’s that?”
He kisses along her neck before answering.

“No easy access…” He hints and Bella laughs.

“Only you Tony…”


He heads back towards the platform leading to the garage. Once he lands Jarvis starts getting him out of the suit. They head into the garage and Tony takes a seat. He wiggles his finger about.

“I believe someone owes me…”
“Is that so?”

He nods. Bella makes her way over and circles him running a single finger along his shoulders and neck. Once she’s behind him she leans into his ear.

“You know Mr. Stark… I am your biggest fan.” She whispers seductively and licks his earlobe.

He raises his brows on this.

“Do you know how many times I hear that only a daily basis? I’m not so sure I believe you.”
She runs a hand along his chest.

“Then I suppose I better prove it.”

Tony felt her kissing long his neck. She walks back around and straddled his lap.

“…fuck…” Tony uttered as she ran her breasts across his face.

Bella began to rock her hips back and forth. She used her teeth to seductively take off the Ironette fingerless gloves with the fake repulsors.

“That’s it I’m scrapping the unnamed suit and you’re wearing this!”

His eyes widen as Bella put a finger to his mouth. She ripped his shirt open and the sound of buttons hit the garage floor.

“Holy…” Before he could even finish that thought Bella was kissing him.

Tony’s hips automatically lifted off the chair as he grabbed her ass. Bella crawled out of his lap and got on her knees. She undid his pants with her teeth. Tony for once was without words he just sat there in paralyzing lust and a rock hard cock. His eyes rolled back as her lips wrapped around his swelling hard on. He reached over and had Jarvis secretly recording this and was watching it on the monitors from whatever angle he could get. Her mouth worked it’s magic as Tony watched the live porn feed around him.

Bella rose once she had him nice and riled up. She slipped out of her tiny red and gold shorts. His dick literally twitched as she crawled towards him afterword. She’d probably kill him if she knew he was recording this. But it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in his life. She climbed into his lap and Tony moaned out as his cock slid right on in.

“Fuck yeah, ride it Wildcat!”

Tony feverishly kissed her. His fingers interlocked with her long locks. Bella did this sexy arching back thing and Tony completely lost it. She had this bucking motion going as she did this. He could see his cock getting fucked by her tight little pink pussy.

“Fuck it, I can’t hold it anymore.” He said behind gritted teeth as he came.

“You want me to give you away?” Clint questioned taken back.

Bella swallowed back feeling rather emotional.

“Well yeah… if you don’t mind… I just…”
“Bell… I couldn’t think of a greater honor. I’d love to.”

Bella smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.”

Clint smiled in return and hugged her.

“You can still back out you know?”

Bella half laughs.

“But then I wouldn’t get that fat alimony check!”

“Right…” He says with a sigh.

“You’re splitting that with me right?”

“Five percent.”
“Um no I say fifteen.”


They shake on it just as the wedding march starts. Only it wasn’t your typical wedding march. This was a Stark wedding after all. The wedding march was a song by Queen Who Wants To Live Forever.

Tony swallowed back as Bella made her way down the aisle. Red and white rose petals were spread amongst the ground she walked on. The wedding colors naturally were gold, red and white. The bridesmaids were Darcy and Jane and they wore red. The groomsmen were Happy, and Bruce. Tony would have asked Rhodey but they weren’t as close since the whole Pepper incident. Then there was that time Rhodey took off with one of his suits and offered it up to the government. He just didn’t have the trust he had anymore when it came to Rhodey.

Bella was in a breath taking white wedding dress with short laced sleeves and it was a v-neck. The dress had a very classic and sexy appeal to it. The dress hugged her body perfectly and came down in a slight trail. Bella had her hair down but wore a headband made out of babies breath. Tony wore a black suit, black vest, black shoes, white dress shirt and bowtie.

Once the music came to a stop; the pastor looked upon Bella and Clint.

“And who gives this bride away?”

Clint gently squeezed Bella’s hand.

“Last chance…” He whispered with a wink.

She glanced upon Tony and smiled towards her brother.

“I’m good.”

He nods.

“I do.” He says and places her hand into Tony’s.
“Take care of her.”

Tony nods in return. Tony and Bella locked eyes for a moment before the ceremony began. In fact they were so busy gawking at one another off and on they didn’t even hear everything the preacher was saying as he began the ceremony. The preacher eventually cleared his throat and the guests began to laugh.

“Mr. Stark.”

Bella blushed in realization.
“I was saying you had your own vows?”

Tony clears his throat and nods.

“We all know I’m not one to do things the traditional way.”

The guests laugh once more.

“You know when it comes to this woman, I think I’ve said just about everything I can think of. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned and continue to learn. Is you gotta keep pursuing long after you’ve taken that leap. So…”

Tony turns back to Bella.

“I vow to grovel when needed. To be proved wrong even when I’m usually right. (Laughter) Bella honey you truly are my best friend you’re everything I could ever possibly want in a wife, a partner, and lover. I vow to never do anything to jeopardize that. I will be faithful, be there for you in sickness and in health. I will honor and cherish you always.”

Bella take back a teary breath.

“You’re such a ham…” She teases in a whisper.

“I like ham…”
He points to one of the caterers.

“Can we get ham?”

“Tony…” Bella hisses.

Happy nudges him.

“Right we’re in the middle of something.” Tony utters.

“You were saying…”

Bella smiles and a lump formed in her throat.

“I’m not even sure what to say.” She sighs as she starts to tear up and she quickly wipes them away.

“I’ve never met anyone like you Tony. You’re one of the most courageous and honorable people I’ve never met. You’ve proved over and over that you got a huge heart behind that tough exterior of yours. You’ve helped me overcome so much and opened me up to a whole new world and different point of view. You too are my best friend, partner, and lover. I will be there in sickness and in health. I will honor and cherish you. And I will always remain faithful. Unless… Iron Man calls then you’re shit out of luck.”

Everyone dies in laughter. Tony smirks and shakes his head.

“The bastard…” He utters as if truly disappointed.

Darcy hands Bella Tony’s ring and Happy hands Tony Bella’s. Once again they lock eyes.

“Do you Anthony Edward Stark take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
Tony places the ring on her finger.

“I do.”

“And do you Isabella Marie Swan take Anthony Edward Stark to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“Thank god…” Tony whispered as she placed the ring on.

The pastor then looks onto the guests.
“Is there anyone here that believes there is reason why these two should not be wed?!”

“Just get on with it!”

Bella looks to Emmett wide eyed as he was sitting with Esme and Fury. He winked and nodded upon her.

“Ok then.”
“I now represent to you Mr. and Mrs. Stark. And you sir may kiss the bride!”

Tony grabs hold of her. He then dips her back and kisses her. They continued to kiss as he brought her back up. Happy smiled and patted Tony on the back.

Bella jumped as the sound of fireworks started. Tony laughed.


Fireworks were being set off throughout the sky.

“Only you…” She says reaching to her heart.

“You ok there?”


He smiles and caresses her cheek.

“The fireworks were needed.”
“Were they now?”

She says watching the red, gold, silver, and blue colors scattering about the sky. He nods and wraps his arms around her waist.

“It’s what I saw when I first kissed you.”

“Ok … that was actually pretty good.”

“True story.”

He took her hand and was about to lead her to the wedding party. Steve however was holding up a hand and looking to the sky. Tony narrowed his eyes in wonder. Steve’s eyes widened as he looked upon Tony and Bella.


Tony immediately brought Bella to the ground. The Avengers snapped back as three military choppers began shooting at the entire wedding party, Bella, and Tony. Tony rolled his body over Bella’s as Steve quickly shoved a table their way so they could use it to take cover. Bruce Hulked out and the Avengers began to do their best to protect the wedding guest and take down the choppers.

Bella and Tony however were further away and closer to the destruction.

Bella screamed out as several men dropped down of one of the choppers. They grabbed her and Tony. Then stabbed them both with some sort of blue dart.

“Tony…” Bella softly called out as she came to.

Her head was swimming and her vision was blurry. Her heart raced as she couldn’t see anything. Some sort of black cloth was covering her face. She tried moving but her hands were cuffed and chained to something. She swallowed back her throat was incredibly dry. Bella tried to come to a stand only to realize that her feet were bound as well.

“Tony…” She damn near whimpered praying to God he was alright.

“I’m here…” He answered throatily.

She took in a breath of relief.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah Bella honey, I’m ok. You?”

“Been better…” She says trying to stay brave, but she hadn’t a clue what the fuck was going on.

“What’s your predicament?”

“Can’t see and I think my wrists and ankles are cuffed to something.”


Tony leans back trying to hear or feel whatever he could.

“Not quite the honeymoon I had in mind.

Bella half laughs but wanted to freak the fuck out.
“Could be worse.”

“Yeah? How’s that Bella honey?”

“Could be dead.”

“That’s very true.”

“Yeah, so, let’s not do that.”
“I couldn’t agree more.”

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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