Chapter 2 The Deal

Chapter 2

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“Lefty loosey righty tighty.” Tony reminds as he was showing Bella how to work on the Roadster.

He was hoping to get her mind off everything else and too keep her off the booze. Clint and S.H.I.E.L.D were still working on Chief Swan’s case in Forks. Bella nodded once she got it down and handed the wrench back.

“Now take it apart and do it all over again.”
Her jaw dropped and he smirked.
“It’s good practice.”
“Yeah if I want to be a mechanic.”

He shrugs.

“Could be hot…”
Bella blushed a bit and quickly turned away from him. She started taking the engine apart as he yet again walked her through it. He was doing his best to keep himself distracted as well. Bella was in a pair of denim shorts and a very tight red tank top. Every time she leaned over he got the perfect cleavage shot. If he walked behind her it was even worse. Just the hint of cheek curved through those shorts of hers. He rolled his eyes and went to work on something else. Last thing she needed was him eye humping her.

“So why do you have so many cars?”
Tony shrugs and looks around.

“Just tend to collect things. I suppose it’s a bit of a hobby of mine.”

“So you always have women working on your cars?”

He grins as he was changing out the oil in one of his other cars. He rolls out, from under the car and wipes the oil from his hands.

“All the time! Why do it myself if I can get a woman to do it for me?!”

She shakes her head, but with a hint of a smile to her face. She wipes her hands as well and shows him that she finished.

“Hmmm…” He says as he looks it over.

“Not bad…”


They both turn to the voice.

Tony raises his brows.

“How did you get in here? Another words, who do I need to fire?!”

Jake ignores Tony and struts right up to Bella. He goes to hug her only Bella puts up a hand.

“Jake, what are you doing here?”

“Come on Bella. I had to come see you.”
She narrows her eyes upon him.

“I mean how did you even find me and why?!”

“I overheard the Cullen’s talking about some vision…” He hints eyeing Tony with an untrustworthy glance.


Jake sighs.

“And why would you ask why? You know why. Bella…”

He goes to caress her cheek. Tony leans against the Roadster and folds his arms about his chest watching Jake’s every move. Bella recoils.

“I came all this way Bella. Could you at least talk to me?”
Tony pretends to get to work on something else from a few feet away. He hears Bella sigh as if frustrated.

“I’m so sorry about Charlie.”
“Jake…” She says and reaches to her heart.

Tony caught this from the corner of his eye.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t apologize and don’t talk about my father.”
“Bella, I feel that’s what you need.”

Tony shakes his head at this kid’s foolishness. Could he not see the pain in her face? Was he always this god damn pushy?

“I’m right here Bella… You can talk to me, you know.”

“That’s great Jake, but I don’t want to talk about it. You really shouldn’t have come here.”
Tony immediately shoots up from what he was doing as Jake plants his lips forcefully upon Bella’s. Bella’s jaw dropped after word and she decked him across the face.
“FUCK!” Bella grabbed her hand right after word.

Jake sighs as if annoyed.

“You never learn do you?!” He reaches out for her hand.

Tony grabs him by the shoulder.

“I think you’ve warn out your welcome.”

Jake rolls his eyes and yanks out of his hold. He reaches out for Bella again.

“Let me look at it.”

Bella shakes her head and steps away from Jake.

“Do you want him here?” Tony questions without any sarcasm.

Bella shakes her head again.

“Bella! What are you doing?!”

“Go home Jake…”

“Bella please, just hear me out.”
“Please Jake just go home.”
Tony reared back in utter disbelief. This was her best friend?! Bella flinched as if Jake had socked her in the gut. Tony’s teeth ground together as he began to literally drag Jake out of the garage. Once Tony gets him out of the garage Jake shoves him against the wall. Tony pops out a repulsor disk from his sleeve right at Jake. He tosses it to the ground afterword and Tony waves security over as they were already heading that way. He makes certain Jake is dragged out of the building. Tony then heads over to the security guards responsible for allow Jake inside. Jake had claimed that Bella was his fiancé and even showed them a picture of the two of them together. It was a picture of them working on a set of bikes. Tony thought of the irony since they were working on cars. He could only imagine the little shit’s jealousy.

“Go home and don’t come back.”

The two security guards look to Tony in shock.

“But sir!”

Tony irately turns around.

“You just put that girl’s life at risk! You didn’t even question me or her about this guy. You just let him walk on in as if he owned the god damn place. So get your shit and get out of my face! NOW!”

Tony reenters the garage to see Bella holding her hand still. He makes his way over and see’s that it was swelling up. He leads her out of the garage and hurriedly gets an ice pack. Tony sits her down and places the ice pack on it. She looked pissed.

“I wanna hit something.”

“Did you already do that?” Tony taunts as he places a couple of Tylenol and water down.

“Something I can actually fucking break.”

Tony nods in thought.

“I believe I have just the thing.”

He leads her into the art gallery of the Tower. Bella looks around at all the expensive artwork and statues.

“So a museum as well as a garage? Anything else you’re hiding around here?”

“If I told you I’d have to kill you.”
Tony checks her hand over once more and sees that the swelling had gone down. He hands her a crow bar.

“You can hit that.” He points out this statue of a nude couple kissing.

This was something he’d given Pepper while they were together.

“You want me to destroy this?”

He nods with full assurance.

“If you could start with that side.” He points towards the woman.

“That or just split down the middle and go from there.”

“Um are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely! Just beat the living shit out of it.”

She looks to him as if he’s lost his mind.

“Thought maybe we could grab a bite to eat afterword… I’m hungry so get cracking.”

Bella shrugs and starts waylaying the living hell out of the statue. Tony nods in satisfaction as he leans against the wall of the art gallery. Tony grabs at his own junk however as she whacks the statue of the male in the crotch.

“And that’s a no to sausage tonight!” Tony wits.

“I feel much better.”

Tony nods.

“I figured this much. So what are you in the mood for Chinese, Italian, American?”
He questions as he takes the crow bar from her hold.

Tony finally manages to get her to eat a burger, fries and milkshake. He’d taken her to a little boxcar diner. She seemed to be overwhelmed by the city as well. She kept close the entire time as if afraid she’d get lost if she didn’t. Tony didn’t mind it one bit she often clung to his arm as if for dear life when they walked about Manhattan. He pointed out a few of his favorite places and main attractions around the area. He found himself to be enjoying her company as they wandered about the city. He managed to get Bella to laugh and smile more than she had in quite some time. She actually seemed to enjoy his quirky sense of humor and sarcasm. Their little outing went well.

Then again nighttime came. Tony had gone back to work in his lab. Bella had gone to bed after her shower. Only the nightmares were growing worse. She’d wake up in sweats and her heart would be racing. Bella made her way out of the bed she welcomed herself to Tony’s liquor. Tony hadn’t a clue she was even awake. Once he was done with his tinkering. He had to pass back through the living room to get to his room. Only he found Bella sitting at his bar in her nightgown. He tilted his head a bit.

“Thought you were asleep.”
Bella shrugs.

“I need a job…”
He looks to her oddly.

“Job huh?”

She nods.
“So I can replace your liquor and so I’m not bumming of my brother when he returns.”

“I don’t think a job is something you need to concern yourself with at the moment. I also don’t care about the liquor. Though I will say…” He takes the whiskey from her hand.

“You might want to lay off it just a tad.”

“I can’t sleep. And when I do sleep…”

He nods and pours himself a glass of scotch. He sits beside her. Bella notices the glowing circle coming off his chest. She takes a single finger and curiously taps it.

“What is that?”

He shrugs and lifts his shirt. She narrows her eyes and runs her fingers along it.

“An arc reactor.”

“And what is that exactly?”

He tells her about what took place in Afghanistan. She looks to him rather stunned.
“So this is what keeps you ticking?”
Tony nods.

“Amazing… I’ve never heard of such a thing.” She continues to run her fingers along it in disbelief.

“You’re like a glow pet.” She says and starts petting him on the chest.

“Does that mean I need to sleep in your bed?”

Bella nibbles upon her bottom lip and nods. Tony’s eyes widen. Hell what he wouldn’t give. He quickly lowers his shirt. He truly wasn’t expecting that.

“Two years…”
He lowers his brows her way and downs his glass of scotch.

“Two years he questions?”

“I spent nearly two years trying to get in Edward in my fucking pants.”

Tony pinches the bridge of his nose in sheer agony and slams down his glass. He takes in a deep breath, this making a very first for him. Tony wanted Bella in a bad way, but he just couldn’t, not like this. He comes to his feet and leans over pecking her on the cheek.

“Ask me when you’re sober.”

He heads out of the room promptly hating the devil inside for kicking his own ass.

“And that’s how you change out the oil.”
“Um so you taught me how to take apart an engine and rebuild it first then how to do this? This was like easy.”

Tony chuckles as they were both under his Roadster.

“Cause I taught you the hard part first. That’s why now suck it up.”

“The engine thing sucked ass.”

“Well you seem to have it down.”

“Sure it only takes me forever, that’s all. I still constantly have to ask you what goes where.”

He shrugs.

“Just all part of it.”
He found himself wondering if she even remembered last night.

“What?” She questioned as he looked upon her under the car. They were both on rolling boards.

He shrugs again.


“Nothing huh?”

He narrows his eyes in thought and nods. He looks back towards the bottom of the Roadster.

“About last night…” And there it was. So she did remember.

He slowly turned facing her again. Her entire face had a nice blush running to it. She let out a nervous laugh.

“Don’t worry I promise I was gentle.”
“Yeah I mean you were all over me like a wild cat. But I pushed you away and we took it nice and slow.”

Bella looks to him oddly.

“I still have my hymen you dick.”

“You had your hymen… But I had a tire repair kit…”

Her jaw drops and she hits him.

“Ugh you’re such an ass.”

Tony dies in laughter.

“Thank you…” Bella says sincerely.


“For making sure I didn’t do something I’d regret.”

She looks towards the Roadster again.

“I’m pretty sure now that I’m that I’m sober I wouldn’t regret it now.”

Tony snaps a look back her direction.
“Then I guess I better make it an event to remember.”

They both turn to see Clint peering down at them through the engine block.

“What are you two doing?”

Tony’s raises up hitting his head.

“Ah! Dammit.”

“Clint!” Bella announces nervously and hits her head directly after. She and Tony reach to their foreheads sorely.

Clint drags Bella out by the board she was on.

“What event are you two discussing?!”

“Black tie event!” Tony exuberantly declares.

“Why would Bell be interested in that?”

She and Tony exchange nervous glances. Tony clears his throat and wipes his hands clean.

“So welcome back.”

Clint looks to Tony in wonder.

“What’s with you?”

Tony shrugs. Bella takes her brother by the arm and leads him out of the garage. Tony sighs once they leave.

“…dammit…” Tony exasperatedly said to himself and began to put everything away.

When he was done he entered the living room to overhear Clint going over a few things. Such as funeral arrangements, if she wanted to sell the house, about the will Charlie had and things of that nature. Bella looked as though she’d pass out. Bella was the last remaining immediate family of Charlie Swan’s. So not only did everything go to her. But she had to make all decisions relating to his death and his possessions etc.

Clint had also packed a lot more of her things. He had them back at his apartment.

“So you ready to go home?”

Tony and Bella shot each other glances. Clint leaned back on the couch.

“Um yeah I’ll just go pack my things.”

She headed off to the guest room. Tony waited for a few seconds.

“I’ll go make sure she gets everything.”

Clint nods.

Once Tony enters the room he shuts the door. They cut each other a certain look as she packs her things. Tony rubs the back of his neck.

“About our deal…”

Bella raises her eyes towards him, but continues to pack.

“Not so sure we have time for that now.” She hints with a smile.

“That’s a shame.” He admits regretfully.

“But for when that time comes if it’s still an option later…”

“Relax Tony I’m not asking for a marriage proposal.”

She stops what she’s doing for a moment and looks towards the door in thought.

“It’d just be something we do.”

He takes in a breath of relief.

“So kind of like you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours?” He whispers.

She nods.
“So…” The last thing he wanted to do was offend her, but he knew they’d both just gotten out of serious relationships.

“Tony, I think we both know we’re not ready for anything more. It’d just two people enjoying each other’s company. No strings attached. You’re a free man Tony.”

He nods in return.
“Dually noted…”

Bella grabs her bags once she’s done packing. Before heading out she grabs him by the collar of his shirt. She locks lips with his. Tony growled into her mouth and found himself pinning her to the wall of the bedroom. He’d one hand against the wall and one on her ass. Once they broke away from the kiss. They were both breathing heavy.

“Fuck…” Tony groaned in hushed whisper.

Bella giggles a bit and moves out from under him. He thought he’d hump the fucking wall.

“I’ll call you… Later Tony.”

Day of funeral…

Clint and Tony escorted Bella out of the limo. Nearly the entire town of Forks had attended, so did Cullen’s and the Quileute’s.

“Mom?” Bella called out and rushed over to Renee and Phil.

Clint nodded towards his father and made his way over as well. Renee hugged her daughter warmly and kissed her cheek. She then pulled back and took a good look upon her.

“Wow… You look beautiful Bella. I swear you grow more beautiful with age.”

Bella wipes her eyes and clears her throat.

“You look great too mom.”

“Phil…” He smiled and opened his arms to her as well.

“Your mother is right. Missed you kid. You should come visit more often.”
Bella nods as Phil drops his hold. Bella didn’t feel all that beautiful. She was in a plain black dress, something merely suitable for a funeral, nothing spectacular. She had her hair pinned back and wore black pumps. Tony however couldn’t take his eyes off her. He took it upon himself to arrange transportation and hotel arrangements. He wasn’t about to let Clint and Bella face this alone. He’d grown rather fond of them both and couldn’t picture not attending. That and he’d a feeling Bella’s ex’s would show. He most certainly didn’t want her having to deal with the stress of that on top of burying her father.

Sure enough he looked around and both guys were here with their families. Both were already staring Bella down as though she were mere prey. Tony found himself grinding his teeth together. Little bastards just hadn’t a clue. He winked at Edward and gave a simple nod. He was still curious about if he was gay. Edward cut him a strange look.

Without really thinking about it Tony put an arm around Bella as the services began. She sat between Tony and Clint. Halfway through the funeral Edward began to pick through Tony’s mind. He felt Tony was getting a bit touchy feely for his liking. He didn’t understand it. Tony absent minded as to what he was doing, had been twirling his fingers along Bella’s hair during the service. He’d handed her a kerchief when she started to tear up. Edward snarled back as he began to pick up on the deal Tony and Bella had made.

“I WON’T ALLOW IT!” Edward shouted in the middle of the funeral.

He started to rush over towards Tony. Jake immediately ran over assuming Edward was going after Bella. Both boys shoved each other back right in front of Bella. Tony and Clint hoped to their feet and placed Bella behind them protectively. Bella’s entire body tremble with anger, hot tears streamed down her face.

“LEAVE BOTH OF YOU NOOOOOOOOOOOW!” She shouted so loud her voice cracked towards the end.

They looked to her in shock. In fact everyone there did, except Tony and Clint. They looked to her in approval.

“Bella…” Edward said in that pathetic pleading tone of his.

“How dare you! How dare you both disrespect my father this way!”

Carlisle and Billy made their way over. They made the boys leave the service after thoroughly apologizing to Bella on their behalf. After they were forced to leave, the preacher looked to Bella. Angela and Jessica patted Bella’s shoulders from behind with concern.

“Please continue.” She said with a shaky voice.

Once the funeral was over, Phil and Renee offered to take her and Clint out to eat. Bella however didn’t want to go. She respectfully declined. Bella thanked her friends and other members of the community for coming. Clint went on with his parents and Tony rode with Bella back to the hotel. They each had their own rooms. After the limo arrived Tony escorted her to her room. Bella slide the keycard in and Tony started towards his room next door. Only Bella latched on to him. Her arms were wrapped around his neck as she kissed him. Tony backed her into her room and he reached back shutting and locking the door. They continued to kiss as he led her to the bed.

Tony picked her up and softly tossed her onto the bed. He crawled over her locking lips with her once again. Bella undid his tie and threw it across the room. Tony fought to get her out of her dress as she fought to get his shirt unbuttoned. Bella wanted to feel something anything, but the pain. She used Tony as her focus point as he did her. Around Bella, Tony didn’t focus on the fact that Pepper had ripped out his already fucked up heart. He focused on helping Bella through her own pain. Tony managed to slip off her dress. He ran his hands along her black bra and bikini panties. He swallowed hard as he took her all in. Bella had his shirt and jacket off now. Her hand ran along his arc reactor and down his chest. She smiled as the reactor glowed even brighter than usual at her touch. Tony hadn’t noticed he was too focused on her. He hurriedly unfastened his pants and squirmed his way out of them as they made out. He took out the condoms he’d had in his wallet. Something he just made a habit of carrying.

They both moaned out at the feeling of each other’s bare skin. It’d been quite a while for Tony as well. He hadn’t slept with anyone since Pepper and that’d been almost a year ago now. For Tony Stark that was something. He just hadn’t had the heart to go looking for anyone one night stands since. Bella curiously watched as Tony took off his black boxers. He lifted his eyes towards her as he worked the condom onto his hard cock. This was all completely new for Bella. Tony kept that in mind as he gently reached for her hand. He placed it on his dick and had her stroke him so she’d know what it felt like, to know exactly what was about to be inside her. He let her inquisitively touch whatever part of him she desired. In fact he welcomed it. He throbbed within her hand. While she learned about his body Tony unhooked her bra. Bella felt him swell up in her hand as he got her bra off.

“…fuck…” Tony whispered to himself in disbelief as he gawked at her dreamily round c cup breast.

He couldn’t believe he was about to fuck what lay before him. Tony gently took her panties off and almost came. Tony had to move her hand and take a moment to breathe. He shut his eyes and took in a deep breath.

“Is everything ok?”

He nodded.

“Oh yeah… just been awhile for me as well.”

“Yeah well, it’s been like never for me so…” She hinted almost shyly.

“We’re fixing that.” He said with a small grin.

Bella was completely shaved below with just one little sexy patch of pubic hair. Tony almost wished he had some lubricant to make it easier on her. Only he ran his fingers along her pink pussy and realized she was already soaked. He raised his brows on this. He looked towards her and she nodded with the go ahead.

Tony placed himself inside moaning instantly at the tightness he felt around him. Yet she was so wet he slid right on in without any issues. Tony sucked on her breasts as a distraction once he felt that block. He took his teeth around one of her nipples and plunged on through. Bella gasped out and wrapped her arms around him tightly. Tony froze and waited as he continued to suck on her breasts. Once he felt her growing less tense beneath him he pumped himself within her again. Soft whimpers escaped her mouth tugging at his strings a somewhat. He didn’t want to hurt her more than he was already. A breath of relief hit as the whimpers eventually became moans. At this he picked up the stride. Her hold on him loosened. He felt her hands along his back. He paid attention to her body and what it was telling him. She felt so incredible. Tony literally felt like she was milking him each stroke was intense. He had to focus on no just coming right of the bat. He wasn’t ready for it to be over. The last few times of self-pleasuring had her staring in his little fantasies, one in particular of her leaning over his Roadster in those little shorts of hers. He’d yank them down and plow the fucking daylights out of her tight little ass. He gritted his teeth at this thought.
“Fuck…” Tony groaned as he filled up the condom.

He pulled out with the evidence of him taking her virginity all over the condom. He noticed the way Bella grimaced as if she’d done something wrong. Tony gave her a wink as he took the condom off throwing it away. Bella noticed the blood on herself as well. She took off towards the bathroom. Tony heard her cut on the shower. He lay back on the bed and looked to the ceiling as he waited for her.

Virgins? Yeah that was something entirely different for Tony. He thought back. He hadn’t had sex with a virgin since like high school. Even then he couldn’t truly remember much about it. At the moment he found himself feeling as though he were back in high school. Bella’s body drove him up the wall with lust. Both Pepper and Bella were hot, but in two entirely different ways both with completely different bodies. The only true similarity was they were both fair skinned. Pepper had a more erotic mature body and Bella was just at that point of hitting that peek of filling out. He scolded himself for his thoughts on what Bella would be like blooming throughout the years. As if their deal would continue out that far into the future. But he couldn’t help the curious thoughts he had on this. If Bella was this fucking hot now he could only imagine how she’d look just a few years from now. The thought had him hard all over again. He also knew his thoughts during this weren’t exactly normal. But Tony wasn’t an idiot either.

He was an older man fucking a younger woman. Something he’d done before, but it was rare for someone Bella’s age range. He usually tried and stay away from what he considered jailbait. For one thing he never knew if they were lying about their age. Also there were some that looked way too young. That rather turned him off. Bella however was at that perfect point. She most certainly didn’t look that young. He had women of all sorts of ages throwing themselves at him. He knew he could have damn near anyone he wanted. That was also a lot of his issues when he first started dating Pepper. There was a lot of bullshit he had to overcome. As to why Pepper leaving him hurt like a fucking knife piercing through him. He’d overcome so much and did so much in order to make things work and to prove to her his feelings were true. That he wasn’t going to run around on her. But Pepper had one foot out the door the entire relationship. He spent more time trying to bring that other foot in. He’d thought he succeeded often enough, but it was no more than an illusion. What hurt the most? He’d planned on proposing not long after he’d returned. The ring in fact had been in his pocket he’d merely been waiting for the right moment. Only their ideas of the right moment was him handing her a glass of champagne about to take out the ring and drop to one knee. Pepper’s were already having her bags packed without him knowing it. She downed that glass of wine and told him she was leaving. He could still remember the sound of her heels against the marble floor as she strutted on out of his life. He just stood there in shock. The ring was in his grasp as he watched her walk out of his life. He hadn’t seen her since. There were two factors that broke the two of them apart. The arc reactor… and Iron Man. Both were issues Pepper had a very hard time dealing with.

Bella stepped out in a towel before long. Tony motioned her over. He could see the nervousness in her face. She lay beside him in her towel. He rolled over facing her and opened the towel. He wasn’t done enjoying her body. He touched whatever part of her he could reach.

She started laughing once he made his way to her torso.
“Tony!” She scolded and moved his hand.

He grinned and shrugged.

“So you’re ticklish? I’ll have to keep that in mind.”
He laughed and rolled back over.

“So did I live up to your expectations?”

He saw that smile forming on her face from the corner of his eye.

“Nope, it was terrible Tony. You really need more practice.”

He sighs as if truly disappointed.

“Damn… Guess we’ll have to try again and again until I get it right.”

“Couldn’t hurt.”
She rolls over and runs her fingers along the arc reactor.


“What made you decide to become Iron Man? Or whatever it was my brother called you?”

“Hmmm and it is Iron Man. Haven’t you seen me on the news or something? I mean before all this?”

“Never watched much TV.”

He looked down to the reactor. He reared back noticing the glow now. Tony took notice of how it brightened up at her touch. He didn’t comment, but thought that was strange. That was another thing. Pepper was always a bit repulsed by the arc reactor. It freaked her out. But here was Bella just running her fingers along it like it was nothing. She didn’t seem grossed out or queasy about touching it.

“This oddly enough was one of the deciding factors. That and the events I already told you about that took place with Stark Tower and what happened back in Afghanistan.” He thought about Monger aka Obadiah Stane. When he’d created a suit similar to the one he’d made in Afghanistan.

“So what’s it like?”
“Being Iron Man?”

She nods.
He shrugs and presses his lips together in thought.

“I’m a super hero Bella.”

She laughs.
“Sadly, I can’t deny that. No matter how egotistical you sound. Have you always been this full of yourself?”

“Only from the time I started walking.”
“That’s about what I figured.”

“Ever get scared?”

“Super heroes don’t get scared.”

“You’re so full of shit.”

He nods.
“That I don’t deny.”

“Hmmm so big ego, big iron suit, big cock…”

Tony lifts his eyes towards her with a huge smirk.
“Yeah you’re so full of yourself.” She utters with a grin and rolls back over.

“So I have a big…”

“Quit while you’re ahead Tony.”

He dies in laughter. Bella looks to the time and hops out of bed. She starts to get dressed.

“Rushing off already?”

“You knew what this was…” She says with a playful grin as she zips up her dress.

He sighs and rises up in the bed.

“So I’m being used?”



Bella steps into her heels and straightens out her hair.

“Clint will be back soon.” She hints.

Tony makes his way out of the bed. He stops her at the door. He presses her up against it and kisses her once more before she leaves. He then clears his throat.

“So um thanks?!”

She softly laughs.

“Maybe I should be thanking you. You got the pesky virginity thing out of the way.”

“Eh, glad I could be of service.”

He releases her and Bella opens the door. He smacks her on the rear on the way out.

“Tony!” She scolds as he pulls the door to.

Bella stands before the house as though walking into one of her nightmares. Clint looks to her.

“You don’t have to…”
“It’s ok Clint…”

Tony and Clint exchange glances as Bella takes that brave step inside. Everything had been cleaned up since her father’s murder. They helped her pack up whatever was left. Bella was going to have everything else sold off, including the house.

Bella plays the messages on the machine before heading upstairs. Her heart stopped at the sound of her father’s voice.

Swan residence you know what to do…”

Hey Bella it’s Angela. You haven’t answered my calls or text. I hope everything is ok. Please just let me know you’re ok. It’s not like you not to answer.

Bella flinched in thought. Truth of the matter was she hadn’t been answering anyone’s text or calls as of late.

Charlie, Billy here just wondering what happened to ya. Thought we were meeting at the lake.

Hey dad…

Tony and Clint froze at the sound of her voice over the machine. Bella’s had her eyes pinched shut.

I’m going to be running a little late. Alice and I are going to Port Angeles to do some shopping.

Bella gritted her teeth. She remembered that call. It was a cover up so she could be with Edward. She didn’t understand why the damn machine was playing old messages. Bella grabbed the answering machine ripping it out from the socket. She tossed it across the kitchen. Both men sprung to attention.

“I’m fine!” She said putting up a hand.

“Just give me a fucking minute.”

Tony nodded and put a hand upon Clint’s shoulder. They backed up and gave her space. Bella headed upstairs to her father’s room first. She boxed up a few photos and some of his old pocket knives and jewelry. She opened his closet and looked upon his police uniforms. Her fingers skimmed along them. She remembered how he’d always come in from work. He’d toss his badge and name tag down then lock away his gun. He’d say something along the lines of supper smells good Bells or how was your day. Bella took in a deep breath. She forced herself to finish going through his room.

Bella stood before her room. A wave of nausea hit. Each step she took that direction felt as though she were sinking in quick sand. She felt as though the moment she stepped inside she’d be swallowed alive. Her breathing grew erratic as she entered. She braced her hands upon the desk in her room. She shut her eyes for a moment. Tony had just made his way up the stairs. He peered inside and quietly entered the room.

“I can’t do this…” He heard her whisper to herself.

Tony swallowed back and ran a hand along her back. She turned to him with tears in her eyes.
“I can’t… I want to burn I down. I don’t want the fucking money from my father’s torture! I DON’T WANT IT!”

Tony quickly grabbed ahold of her. Clint entered the room as well. Tony nodded towards him as he worked on calming Bella down. Clint took it upon himself to pack up whatever was left. Tony ushered Bella outside. Only he literally let out a growl when he saw the two guys outside already waiting for her.

Bella started laughing in damn near hysterics. Tony cut them both a go to FUCKING HELL look. They had some nerve. He was truly beginning to see what Bella was talking about now. They both seemed to have some sort of unhealthy obsession with her.

“We’ve just come apologize Bella.” Edward uttered softly.

“What together?” She scoffs.

“Since when do you two do anything together?”

Edward sighs.

“We were in the wrong Bella. You’re right what we pulled was completely uncalled for.” Jake admits.

Bella takes in a breath. Tony stays glued to her side, he didn’t trust Edward by no means. The looks this vampire was cutting him.
“I’m doing away with the house and leaving Forks. I won’t ever be returning. Don’t call, text, or follow me. This part of my life is over. I’m moving on.”

“Bella… Please. I’m so sorry. I…” Edward makes this painful expression.

“Please don’t do this. I love you. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove that. Just don’t leave. Give me that chance to prove to you that things can be different. And believe me Victoria will pay! I will have her head for what she’s done!”

Edward looks to Tony as if shaking something off. He staggers back at his thoughts.

“Bella…” Edward says in agony.

“Please tell me you didn’t.”

He grabs Bella and literally breathes her in.

“Bella…” Edward sneers.

“You didn’t!” He takes in another whiff.

Tony and Jake pry him off her.

“He’s just using you Bella! You do realize that right?!”

Jake looks to Edward in wonder. Bella smiles.
“Oh I’m well aware. And stay the fuck out of his head. At least someone knows how to put his dick to use!”

“He’s old enough to be your father!”

“Says the corpse!” Tony fires back and shoves Edward away from her.

“I don’t know how you figured that out nor do I fucking care. But you had better watch whatever you say or do next!” Tony warns.

Bella sighs realizing she forgot to tell Tony about Edward’s mind reading ability.

“He can read minds.” She utters as if bored.

Tony looks to her oddly.

“Mind reading huh?”

She nods and shrugs her shoulders.

“So you sparkle out in the sun, you drink animal blood, and are a mind reader. Anything else?”
“He can play the piano.”

“Oh can he now?”

Tony leans into Edward’s ear.

“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist… You do the math.” Tony whispers and pats him on the shoulder.

Winner… Tony thinks and points to himself. Loser…He thinks and points to Edward.

Just think I managed to do something in the span of a few weeks that you couldn’t even muster in two years. Tony wiggles his brows menacingly and puts his arm around Bella.

You’re gay aren’t you? I just can’t picture any other reason. I’ve seen her in all her glory and damn you gotta be one of the biggest morons that ever existed. Tony continues to taunt with his thoughts.

Edward turns towards Bella.

“Sex is that what you want?!” He points to her with irately.

“That’s it isn’t it? All those times I had to turn you down! You’re punishing me now aren’t you?! You wanted a good fucking was that it?! And I didn’t measure up to your needs!”

“EDWARD!” Jake hisses out and Edward ignores him. Bella didn’t even know Edward could cuss. She’d find it comical if he weren’t pissing her the fuck off.

“That’s all you could think about wasn’t it Bella? How much you wanted to be fucked! It was never even love was it?! You just wanted to spread your legs!” Tony wished Edward Cullen could bleed at this point. He wanted to make his own little art gallery out of the pathetic vampire before him. Bella looked upon Edward in mere disbelief. Bella runs back into the house Tony shoves both guys back.

“Get gone! The little wild cat said her peace!”

Jake’s eyes widen as Bella came back out of the house with one of her father’s rifles. She had it aimed right for Edward. Edward’s looked upon her in shock.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” She cocked the chamber.


She shot a warning shot into the air.

“I’m sooooo not fucking around. Edward you truly are ignorant. You just haven’t a clue.”

Clint sends his own warning shot directly between Jake and Edward. It hits tree directly behind them.

“I believe she said to leave.”

He says as he prepares another arrow. He was leaning against the doorway of the house. Tony twirls them around and gives them both a good nudge. The three of them watch as Edward takes off first vanishing into the woods. Jake shifts and takes off another direction. Bella lowers the gun and shakes her head.

She walks over and hands it to her brother and starts loading up her boxes. Meanwhile, Tony was in complete awe. Clint was just clueless as to what was truly going on between his sister and Tony Stark.




5 thoughts on “Chapter 2 The Deal”

    1. Lil Eddie is a child that will never grow up.even though he is over one hundred yrs old he will never mature more then Jakey is right now.which is an all together other story.they are both children in a mans body.

  1. Jake is another idiot! Forcing himself upon Bella that way. Honestly, he deserves a good punches. And on top is an insensitive prick. Bella deserve better than these assholes.

    Tony is a fluffy, helping Bella like that!

    This agreement between Bella and Tony is interesting! I want to see what this will result. Anxious to know what will happen between them.

    I loved the way you made a little unsure Tony , and a bolder Bella. I loved it! Seriously ! A vulnerable Tony is even more charming.

    Edward and Jake more idiotic than ever! Create confusion in Charlie’s funeral? Seriously? What these two assholes are thinking?

    Bella and Tony, I’m already loving this couple. I ship! Totally!

  2. My good what’s a ass Edward was in his comments Hell it even made Jacob pause. Loved the gun wielding Bella awesome. Wonder if her shield and such will play a part here.

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