Chapter 22 And So It Begins

Chapter 22

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Bella tiredly stretches her arms out, as she felt something tickling her nose.

She groans out and wrinkles her nose and swats at whatever it is. She then rolls over and buries her face into her pillow. Not long after she feels something running along her back and ass. Her body squirmed around a bit as it also tickled. She reached back and was trying to find the source. That’s when she heard Tony laughing. Bella lifted her head off the pillow and opened an eye.

Tony wiggled his brows as he continued to run a single red rose along her rear end.

Bella rolled over and Tony handed her the rose.

“Where’d you get that?” She wondered out loud curiously.

He shrugs with a hint of a smirk.

“You do remember who you married, right?”

Bella smiled.


He nods and leans over, pecking her on the lips. He then reaches over and places a bed tray over her lap. It had a plate filled with bacon, pancakes, eggs, and grapes. She also had coffee and orange juice. At this he left the room, leaving her to her breakfast in bed and single red rose.


She sighed to herself, truly wondering how he pulled of some of the things he did. Once she finishes her amazing breakfast. She digs through the closet and puts on one of Tony’s black V-neck shirts and a pair of sweats. She brushes her hair and teeth.

When she enters the room Tony was already knee deep in work. She looked upon him in amazement though as he was working with the technology he had been using back home. She swallows back as she makes her way over.

Let me guess? Decoys? He grins and spins around in his chair facing her. He nods and wiggles his finger about.

Bella makes her way over and he wraps his arms around her and kisses her.

“Hmm minty… Did you enjoy your breakfast?”

“Yes… thank you.”

He nods.

“Did you eat though?”
She narrowed her eyes in thought.

“How long have you been up Tony?”

He shrugs and buries his face into her breasts for a moment.

“Did you even sleep?”

“Here and there…” He says and lifts his head back up.

His eyes were slightly blood shot and his hair was a bit of a mess.


He spins back around and continues on whatever he was working on.

“So what is all that?”

“Well Bella Honey, I’m in attempts to discreetly commute with Happy or Jarvis. Hopefully, we can see what’s going on back home, without anyone else finding out where we are.

“What do you mean discreetly? Don’t you already have him programmed to where no one else can…?”

He spins back around and puts his index finger upon her lip.

“Yes… but we haven’t any clue what’s taken place. For all we know “HYDRA” has already gotten ahold of Jarvis as well. But the way I’ve programmed him that’d be one hard sell. As much as I’d love to underestimate Pierce or even Hammer for that matter. I’m not taking any chances. And I haven’t a clue what all Happy has done.” Tony sighs.

“And if they have bugged Jarvis or somehow managed to take over?”

“Then we’d be going at this completely blind. That’s not to say it can’t be done. We’ve faced worse and we’re still alive and kicking.”

“Thank you for breakfast and the rose.”

He shakes his head and spins back around.

“You deserve a lot more than that Bella Honey and I promise, the moment I get a chance. I plan to make it up to you. Like you said this has been one hell of a honeymoon.”

Bella nodded with a slight grimace. Tony slanted his eyes on this.

“You alright there?”

She was trying her hardest to keep it together, but all she could think about was the attack. Bella could still hear the helicopters, the bullets flying, and screaming of their wedding guests. Still, she pondered with chills on who had made it and who hadn’t. There was just no way, everyone survived that. What hurt about this even more was the fact that it happened on their wedding day. To Bella that felt like even more of a sock to the face. And she knew deep down that’s why Hammer and Pierce chose that day. It wasn’t just about making certain they tied the knot first. No, this was personal and they wanted to give Tony and Bella one hell of a low blow and middle finger. Then another person came to mind and Bella began to wonder what her part in all this was? Was it possible that she too played a part in this as well? Would she sink that low?

“Hey…” Tony shot up from his chair and grabbed ahold of her.

Sure enough, Bella caved in losing all composure. It wasn’t from lack of trying she really was, but it was just one thing after another. At times, Bella hadn’t a clue how Tony kept from freaking the fuck out.

Tony on the other hand said nothing on the matter. He already knew what it was, because he too had been having the same anxieties and thoughts. He just did his best to keep it together. The way he saw it, he hadn’t a choice. He had to pull him and his wife through this somehow. For the sake of his wife, he kept it together, knowing she was going to have a hard enough time facing this as it was. The last thing she needed was her husband having a complete meltdown and drinking himself into a frenzy, which is what he wanted to do. Under normal circumstances “single” Tony would have. He’d have bitched and moaned and drank himself silly, until he got his shit together and decided to do something about it. However, he couldn’t afford to do that now. He was now responsible for Bella’s life as well, something he’d never take lightly. So he manned up, so to speak and was going about this as carefully and collected as possible.

He let her cry it out. Only as he held her through the corner of his eye, Tony saw the latest news had finally loaded up. It took a little while for anything to work right. This bunker itself had never been used so everything was twitchy and slow. Tony swallowed back hard and in utter disbelief. He saw that Agent Phil Coulson and Colonel Rupert James Rhodes had funeral arrangements set up. Phil’s was today and Rhodey’s was being held tomorrow. Tony dropped his hold on Bella and made his way back over. He placed his hands on the back of the chair as he leaned over taking everything in.

He and Rhodey had never truly settled things between them. Tony had stayed rather resentful and mistrusting to someone that had at one time been his best friend. He pinched the bridge of his nose and firmly gripped the back of the chair. Bella’s jaw dropped and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach as she finally caught wind of what Tony had seen.

“No…” She whispered and clamped her hand over her mouth.

Tony and Bella shared a grimace as they showed actual footage of the wedding and the brutal attack. That must’ve meant that someone in the wedding party recorded this and sold it to the press. Tony rolled his eyes in thought. He didn’t invite any press whatsoever. He wanted their wedding to feel more personal and not so much like a set up for the public and paparazzi. So much for waiting until they get home.

Tony was just about to comment on everything they were witnessing when something else came up. Something that shocked Bella and Tony at first.

They lifted their heads to the sound of Captain America’s voice. It was a prerecording of something that had taken place live.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, I regret to inform you that the Avengers have now disbanded.”

Gasping, flashing of cameras, and a million questions was heard amongst the massive gathering at Central Park.

“We will all be going our separate ways do to conflict of interest.”

To the left of the screen however it showed an earlier fight that had taken place. Tony tilted his head and zoomed in on the screen. It showed Hulk, Thor, and Captain America fighting amongst the streets of Manhattan. None of them were holding back either. Tony paused the screen he rewound and paid more attention not just to Captain America’s speech, but to the fight off to the left. Bella kept quiet and softly sobbed to herself as he continued to watch this over and over. She knew he was picking everything apart trying to discover the truth behind it all.

He folded his arms about his chest. So far there was no mention of HYDRA, which meant they were succeeding and keeping this hush, hush for the meantime. Nevertheless, Tony planned on exposing them for everything they were with a fine tooth comb, once they returned. He wondered how Captain America was dealing with this. He had to of been taking this TWICE as personal considering his background with S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony of course thought about his father as well and rubbed his face in misery. After all these years it was all just one big fucking lie and set up. Was Fury behind this as well? Was he aware he was setting up one hell of a fraudulent group and had been for years? Was that the plan? To royally fuck everyone over in the end? If they didn’t find a way to take down HYDRA and fast, the United States was soon to become everyone’s bitch. Especially, once everything was leaked out. There was no telling what HYDRA was underhandedly dealing, when it came to other countries. And if word got out that Natasha Romanoff, Colonel Fury, Clint Barton, Captain Steve Rogers, and the Avengers unwillingly played a hand in all this. They’d all be fucked. It looked bad, really bad. It would not only make Tony look bad as well, but Stark Industries in general. It was like giving their country the middle finger. What mattered most were power, money, and control. And after what took place in Afghanistan that was the last thing Tony wanted. He was already in over his head with that mess and it took forever to clear his name, thanks to Obadiah.

He sighed to himself and watched everything over for the tenth time. One of the things he couldn’t help, but to notice is how the three of them were shouting at one another and fighting. Yet nothing of the area they were in was truly being destroyed. If Thor, Hulk, and Captain America were truly at odd’s end wouldn’t that entire area be eradicated? If they were that irate with one another, shouldn’t the least of their concerns be taking precaution of the things around them? Something about the Captain’s speech and this rather phony fight scene, didn’t set right with Tony. And he knew for a fact that’s what the Avengers had pulled. The only believable part about it was the Hulk. The only reason for that was because he had no control. But Tony noticed how Thor and Captain America kept him from demolishing much. Often enough, they were distracting him or merely taking the hits. That just didn’t set right with him.

“Staged…” Bella heard Tony mutter under his breath.

He leaned back in his seat and rubbed his face. Tony cleared his throat and exited out of everything.

“Seems the only casualties were Rhoyde and Coulson, the Avengers seem to have something up their sleeves. Everything else, we’re still in the dark about. There’s no word of HYDRA so they must be hanging low for the time being.”

Bella swallowed back a knot in her throat. Tony was pinching the bridge of his nose. Bella witnessed a few tears forming in his eyes. Bella wasn’t close to Rhoyde, in fact, she hardly knew him. But Tony had talked about him off and on. At one time they were like the best of friends. Until he backstabbed him, he’d been resentful since. Only now she could see the regret in his face.

“I should have sit Rhoyde down and hashed everything out. I should’ve…” Bella placed a hand upon his shoulder. He sniffled back and kissed her hand.

“It seems we have two great men to avenge Wildcat.”
Bella nodded in agreement.

“I’m sorry, Tony…”
“Me too, Bella Honey, me too…”

She thought back to Agent Coulson and shook her head. It just wasn’t going to be the same not seeing him around. His smile burned through her mind. How contagious his laughter was and how he was a very honorable man. Bella sat in Tony’s lap and wiped his tears away. She then pecked him on the lips and wrapped her arms around him. They took a few moments to take it all in and merely held one another in silence.

Before long Tony got lost in his work again. That was his way of dealing with it. That and they were both desperate to get things sorted out so they could get back home. Only both were dreading what all they might be facing.

Bella froze in the middle of cleaning up. She had to do something it was driving her mad just standing there like an idiot or sitting like a rock, while Tony worked his ass off to figure all this out.

“Oh thank, God.” Bella heard and slowly turned.

A genuine beam spread about her and she rushed over to Tony’s side.


He smiled.

“You two have no idea… you’re certainly a sight for sore eyes.”

Bella’s bottom lip quivered a little and Tony brought her into his lap.

“So I say the honeymoon went well?” Happy sarcastically comments.

“Spectacular in fact, clear skies, perfect temp… you name it.”

“I can imagine.”

Tony and Happy both sigh.

“But she’s ok…” Happy says with a certain tone, looking directly upon Bella.

“Yeah… she is.”

Both men nod on this as if in silent understanding. That’s what Agent Coulson and Happy were referring to. Tony had drunkenly let out his fears about losing Bella because of Iron Man and Tony Stark’s enemies. He even stated that he knew something was going to happen, he just wasn’t sure what. All the more reason he had agents watching Bella like a hawk as of late. He just had that feeling and now he knew why. It’s like he knew this was to come. His biggest fear was losing his wife. And to Tony that was like inviting the wolves right on in. They could smell fear and his was great.

Happy also let them know that Jarvis hadn’t been compromised and everything else was in order. Tony gave Happy the names of the betrayers in Stark Industries, but gave specific orders not to fire them, or to let it be known that he knew. It would raise to many suspicions the plan for now was to make it look as if the Starks were dead. For now the company would be fine Happy was currently CEO until Tony returned. Something Happy wasn’t used to, but could handle for the time being. Tony just wanted the red flag on the traitors so Happy could keep a better eye on them.

Once they were done hashing things out, Tony quickly exited out. He didn’t want to take any chances. So for now they kept everything short and to the point. He wouldn’t put it past HYDRA to have planted bugs everywhere. All the more reason he had JARVIS set up a temporary sonic wave throughout Happy and Tony’s house just in case. It would interfere with the feed. That way if their places were bugged all HYDRA would pick up is white noise and a scrambled channel.

Bella sighed and leaned back against him. Tony wrapped his arms around her waist and rests his head against her shoulder.

“By the way… You my dear…” He kissed along her shoulder.

“Kick ass…” Tony clears his throat and gives his best Bella impersonation.

Now, I want you to bend over, and kiss your own ass. BITCH! And for the millionth time, it’s MRS. STARK!”

Bella’s jaw dropped. Tony gave her a wink.
“You heard that?”

“Heard? Wildcat, I saw the entire thing…”

Her eyes widened in thought, but then she grimaced as well.

“The whole thing?”

He sighs.

“Yes…” He kisses her shoulder once again.

“I’m sorry… It should have been me in there, not you.”

“Well I admit it was a little shocking… but…”

Tony tilts his head at her pun.
“That was like… really bad…”

“I learn from the best. But you’re wrong… We’re in this together Tony. I knew what I was signing up for. So here we are and I’m not going anywhere. So don’t even try it.”

Tony smirks at this.

“Not like I have much choice in the matter. I mean we’d have to go through that whole divorce process. Of course we might be able to get an annulment. But then again, there’s the fact that I didn’t have you sign a prenup so… Well, it’s safe to say I’m fucked either way! We’ll just endure this and see how it goes. A who kills how first type of thing.”

They shake on it and Bella rises from his lap. Tony goes back to doing whatever he can think of. He eyes the prototype in thought as he goes through his files. Bella returned to the room a couple hours later. She narrowed her eyes seeing him working on the prototype. She knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Nevertheless, Tony was three sheets to the wind and it was barely noon. Apparently, he had a stash somewhere within the bunker. He was cursing under his breath as he worked. Bella noticed he was covered in sweat.

She swallowed back and made her way over. Drops of sweat ran down his face as he wiped it away with the back of his hand. Tony picked up the bottle of scotch and was downing it like it was water. Bella grimaced. He was working with some pretty dangerous equipment and she could just see him slicing his hand right off.

Bella gently placed a hand upon his shoulder. She reached over and turned off the laser saw he was using.

“Take a break…” She whispered.

He shook his head and went to turn it back on and start again.

“Tony… You’re drunk. Just…”

He turned to her with this look of desperation in his eyes.

“I’m fine.”

“Bella honey, just go on and let me take care of this.”

Tony stumbled around as he was grabbing another tool.

“You’re in no shape to be working.”

He ignores her and starts back up. Bella gritted her teeth and went to find the breaker box to the bunker. Once she found it she flipped the breaker and Tony lost all power to what he was currently working on.


She jumped as he took the saw and threw it across the room. Tony began to grab whatever was near him and was losing it. Bella covered her mouth and let him finish before she made her way over. He was hunched over the table with both hands firmly pressed against it. Tony was having a full on anxiety attack. His face was vibrant red and tears were streaming down his face. He grabbed the bottle again and took a good plunge.

“Turn the power back on… please…” He said softly but through gritted teeth.
“I can’t do that Tony. I’m sorry. For now. It’s lights out for us.” The only light they had about them now was the flashlight Bella was using.

“Bella honey… I love you… But turn the fucking power BACK ON!”

Bella placed the flashlight down on the console.

“Fine, I will.”

He starts towards the breaker and Bella blocks his path.

“Let it out Tony!”

He rolls his eyes and goes to walk pass. Bella places her hands on his shoulders stopping him.
“Dammit Tony, stop doing this to yourself! The weight of the world is NOT on your shoulders!”

“You’re right, it’s not. And I’m well aware of the statistics. I might not be as smart as you are, but I wasn’t born with my eyes closed either. I know exactly what this could mean. But I know you’re no good to anyone as a drunken mess. I also know you have every right to act fucking human Tony! If you continue to keep it all bottled up and hide behind that mask of yours. That’s only going to fuck you over in the end. You want to fucking throw a fit and lash out, then fucking do it! Quit thinking as if you have to act a certain way! You sure as hell don’t around me! Hell, Tony, you’ve seen me at my worse. You’ve gotten me through some pretty hellacious times. USE ME! I’M HERE! I love you and you need to realize that you’re not alone in this and you never will be. I married you for a reason! SO KNOCK IT OFF!”

Tony pinches his eyes shut.

“You know one of the last things I said to Rhodey?” He said in a damn near whisper.

He sighed with this guilty expression written all over his face. Bella took Tony’s hand and led him to the chair. She had him sit down and she sat up on one of the tables across from him.

“I told him I trusted him as about as far as I could throw the Hulk. And he replied with… but you can’t even make him budge… And I replied with… exactly. You should have seen the look on his face. Especially, when he realized he wasn’t going to be my best man. I was just so…” He shakes his head. His elbows were about his knees.

“I was just so livid. I trusted him and he might as well have socked me in the face. I made myself perfectly clear on the issue. It seems everywhere I turn though someone’s out to stab me in the back. Still… even through my anger, we should have ended things on better terms. Now that’s not something I can ever take back. Just one of those things I suppose. Part of me feels justified in my feelings. The other part sees where I too made some mistakes on how I took the situation.” He sighs again and runs his fingers through his hair.

“You and Happy are the only ones I know without a shadow of a doubt, I can count on. And that only puts the two of you in more danger, which downright SUCKS, because you’re the two people that keep my ass in gear. I know for a fact, if anything happened to either of you, it wouldn’t just be Tony Stark that would be up shit creek, it’d be Iron Man as well. I know the risk you both take just being around me. And it’s only going to get worse for you Bella honey, not only will you have to deal with the industry, the press, these ridiculous court hearings, but you have to deal with whatever enemies I have. That and well now whatever enemy the Avengers have as well.”

Bella half smiles.

“You saw past it as well?” Bella nods in full agreement.

“OH yeah… Let’s just hope no one else did.” He takes her hands into his own and kisses them.

“I just keep waiting for someone to take you right out of my clutch.”
“You can’t do that to yourself! If it happens, it happens. Once again I know what I’ve signed up for.”

He half laughs and shakes his head.

“You have no idea how entirely selfish I feel at times. The smarter and nobler thing I could have done was to let you go.”

Bella rolls her eyes at this.

“Shut up…”

She crawls into his lap and kisses him.

She goes to pull back only Tony eagerly kisses her in return. There was this desperation behind it. Part if it was, he wanted something anything to make him temporarily forget all the bullshit around them. He grasped her hips and began to rock her back and forth against him. Tony lifted her shirt and grunted out at the sight. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Bella moaned out as he sucked on her breasts. His tongue flicked along her erect nipples. Still the only light about the room was the flashlight.

Tony came to his feet, with her still in his hold. He placed her on one of the tables and yanked off the sweatpants.

“…damn…” He uttered and licked his lips as she hadn’t any panties on as well.

Bella’s eyes widen in astonishment as Tony went to down on her pussy. He unfastened his pants as his tongue worked it’s magic. He placed a couple fingers inside and began to finger her as he continued licking.

“Come for me Wildcat. I wanna taste it.”

She cried out as she gave into his wishes.

“Fuck…” He groaned as he lapped her juices up zealously.

It always felt as though he were making out with her pussy. Tony had this way of going about it. Like he did when they were kissing. He was in there and he was going for it.

“More…” He pleaded, but with a hint of demand behind it.

“Tony…” She cooed out, whilst arching her back.

“You want me to fuck you Wildcat; you gotta come for me one more time.”

Holy shit… Bella thought as she could no longer form actual words. Her body had completely given into Tony.

“Fuck yeah… hmmm…” He hummed along her slit as he continued.

He rose back up and got a secure hold on her as he drove into her.

“Harder Tony.” She cried.

He nodded and knocked whatever was on the table onto the ground and laid her down. He pulled off this position of arching her hips up just where he needed. He began to pound her ceaselessly. Both were releasing all their frustrations. Their grunts and moans became unison as they continued. They were both covered in sweat. Tony reached beneath her and squeezed her bare ass as he gave one last deep thrust. His name spilled out of her lips once more as he came.

Two days later…

Bella and Tony looked towards the bunker.

“You ready?”

Bella nodded. Tony nodded in return and put on his helmet. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck. Tony got a good hold on her and lifted off.

The plan? To expose HYDRA for everything they stood for, which meant they would have to go as far back as when Tony’s father ran the industry and right after the Captain was frozen.

As soon as they got home Tony did a thorough sweep of the house for his own peace of mind. He had a secret meeting set up with Steve and Happy. For safety reasons, he thought it’d be best for Bella to hang back at the house. During this time, Bella cleaned up the house, took a shower, and took bliss in the fact that she could finally wear her own clothes again. Since she was chilling out she put on a pair of blue jeans, a Metallica baseball shirt, and her black Converse. She left her hair down and decided take a gander upon her suit again for shits and giggles.

She had been admiring it and decided to see what it looked like on her.
Tony had Bella’s suit done like his where it went by biometric reading. Only once Bella had the suit on, alarms went off throughout the entire house and red lights were flashing. She reared back in wonder.

“Jarvis override the alarm system. There is no threat.”

Jarvis didn’t reply…

“Jarvis you need to override the system, you’re going to wake up the entire neighborhood!”

She sighed as he still had no response. Bella made her way over, in the suit and was about to override it herself, only to hear something coming from directly behind her. Bella’s skin crawled as she picked up the reflection from one of the monitors in the garage. Her heart raced knowing damn well, that wasn’t one of Tony’s inventions. Whatever it was a good eight feet tall, completely silver except for the portion where his head was, his eyes and mouth were ruby red. Bella nervously swallowed back and turned immediately firing her repulsor beams. The entity fired back and Bella quickly dodged with a little tuck and roll move.

“SHIT!” She shouted as it fired again and barely missed her.

“A little help here, Jarvis!” She hollers out as she continues to try and dodge its ray.

She was locked in the garage with this thing. The only way out was to blow a damn hole through Tony’s garage and zip out of there. It continued to fire at her and she did whatever she could to miss its intended blows. Its rays were more powerful than that of her repulsor beams. Bella fired upon one of the walls off and on repeatedly as she could rather than trying to take this thing out right her in this close of proximity. Whatever it was, began to destroy everything within the garage. Bella knew she had to act fast and get it to follow her out, or all of Tony’s work he’d done throughout the years would be ruined. At this, she sucked back a breath and rose. The creature locked onto her. She nodded and began to inch her way around to where she needed. It watched her every move. She gave it one more nod and took off running as she could. She then flipped her body around missing another round and soared through the hole she’d created in Tony’s garage as she did this she fired everything she had towards it.

“Nooo! Come on, DAMMIT” She yelled as she was trying to the damn suit to fly and she was about to land in the ocean.


Bella’s suit finally fully charged and came to life. Just in the nick of time as the other entity was shooting at her. She flinched as it caught her arm. It sent some sort of electrical charge through that hurt all to hell. But she smiled once she realized what that hit did. It had boasted up the energy source within her suit.

“I’d say thank you Jarvis. But apparently you’re either in a coma or just being a righteous dick today.”

Bella shot out both hands and sent out another beam. Meanwhile, she was desperately trying to remember everything there was to the suit and how to activate them. She couldn’t very well count on Jarvis now, she was on her own.

She struck it dead on and took a sigh of relief as it flew back and began to plummet towards the sea. Bella flew up a little higher in order to make sure it actually ended up in the water. She nodded as it took its plunge.

“What the fuck was that?” She muttered to herself and went back to arguing with Jarvis.

Bella turned her back for a brief moment, trying to think of where Tony would be meeting the guys. She groaned out as she was suddenly slammed into the pavement of the road. Her hands shot out as she struggled to protect herself from its deathly blows. She gasped back as she took a good hit to the sternum. One she knew would have killed her instantly, if it hadn’t been for the suit. It grabbed ahold of her and threw her she was flying back at such great speed, she couldn’t stop no matter what.

Bella landed on a rooftop and sorely groaned out as she rolled over. She lifted the shield to her helmet just long enough to catch a breath. She knew this was going to take some getting used to; the whole not feeling claustrophobic ordeal. She choked back a bit as she came to her feet.

But through the corner of her eye she saw a beam of energy coming right for her. One so colossal and so fast, she knew there was no way she could escape it. She squint her eyes preparing for one hell of a blow, only to feel a wave of heat before her and a bright light flashed. Bella opened her eyes to see it was Thor. He’d taken the hit. The other Avengers landed beside her, except for Hulk who was already cruising through the air with a fist out.

“You thought you could have all the fun, my little Iron Maiden?”

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