Chapter 24 Choices

Chapter 24

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Bella rubbed her tired eyes. She continued to try whatever she could think of to bring up something anything of Tony’s hard earned work. Bruce had passed out on the couch and Tony was still out. It was almost morning now and she’d been at this all night long. No matter what she tried she couldn’t get Jarvis back online and everything remained gone.

“FUCK…” She groans and runs her fingers through her hair in frustration.

She leaned back and shut her eyes. The sound of the phone ringing made her jump. She tiredly got up and headed for her desk.

“Stark Industries, Bella Stark speaking.”

A hint of a smile came about her face, realizing that made a first. That smile soon faded.

“Tony! Please, I must speak with him.”

Bella rolled her eyes.

“Not happening.”
“Just put him on the phone. I just want to make certain he’s alright.”

“My husband is just fine, Peaches. Now I kindly as you to go…

Bella groans out and drops the phone. A high pitched frequency sounded right in her ear.

“FUCK!” She came to her knees and covered her ear.

She turned to see the monitors flashing off and on. She narrowed her eyes and crawled towards the console.

“The” was heard in Jarvis’s voice. (Scrambled frequencies) and more high pitched ringing. Bella covered her ears as it continued. “Activating the…” She heard in Jarvis’s voice once again. “The… Vision.”

Bruce and Tony shot up hearing the commotion. They both hopped up and rushed into the garage.

“BELLA?!” Tony called out as they took notice of the glass everywhere.

“I’m here.” She called out and crawled out from under the table.

Tony rushed over and helped Bella to her feet. He pulled her up against his chest and looked around.
“Do I even want to know?”

She sighs trying to think of how to even explain it. It wasn’t like she knew exactly herself.

“I see everything’s finished off.” He mutters looking ill.

Tony drops his hands and makes his way over to the mess. He shakes his head and tosses a piece of glass from one of the monitors in a nearby bin.

“Well that’s all of it.”


He looks over to his wife as he bitterly cleans up.

“What is vision?”

“Bella honey, do you really not know?”

She sighs.
The Vision what is that? Is it one of your programs?”

He narrows his eyes and Bruce begins to help Tony clean up the mess.

“Nope… Not one of mine. Why?”

She explains to both men about the phone call from Pepper Potts, and what took place from there. Tony nods and pinches his eyes shut. So some random frequency come through the telephone, hit whatever I had left, and activated something called “The Vision?”. Is that what you’re telling us?”

Bella nodded in return. Tony starts laughing and finishes cleaning up whatever was left.

“Well this is awesome. Isn’t it? Only nothing was truly activated! You know why?!”

He says and throws his hands in the air. He mutters under his breath. Bruce and Bella exchange glances of concern.


He pulls at his hair with frustration.
“I will literally have to start from the very fucking beginning!”

Bella shut her eyes feeling ill herself, as if Tony Stark didn’t work himself to the ground as it was. She hated to see what he’d do to himself now. She couldn’t even begin to imagination how he felt.  Her heart was broken for him. A lump formed within her throat. Tony pinched his eyes shut as he remained on his knees. Bruce finished picking up and patted Tony on the shoulder as he came back up.

“We better get started on that new project.”

Bella lifted her eyes towards Bruce. He gave her a quick wink. She nodded in appreciation in return. They both knew the best thing for Tony, was to get him focused on something else for the time being.

“And what the fuck do you expect me to use?!”

He waves his hands about the entire garage. Bella struts over and gets out a few of his tools she sits them down on the console. She places a pencil on his ear, like she’s seen him do when he’s knee deep in a project. She places his Bluetooth on and Bruce hands him the blueprint. She then heads to the mini fridge and opens it. She grabs two beers and sits them down. She grabs herself one as well. Tony clears his throat as a reminder.

“Right… I should be drinking for two.” Bruce heard her whisper.

He staggered back in disbelief wondering if that’s what he truly heard.

“Scotch it is!” She taunts and pecks Tony on the cheek, before exiting the room.

Bruce cocks a brow at this.

Tony nods and tilts his head watching his wife’s ass as she exits the garage.

“That’s right, my baby’s got an arc-powered convection oven and we’re trying to put a bun in it.”

“Well that was…”


Bruce chuckles as Tony opens his beer and hands it over. He then opens his own and downs half of it.

“So we’re drinking… at 6:30 am…?” Bruce points out looking to his watch.

Tony nods and sits in his chair he reaches over and pulls up one for Bruce as well.

“We sure are Dr. Banner. Not that it’ll affect you any…” Tony narrows his eyes on this.

“Doesn’t that suck?”

Bruce shrugs with a hint of a grin.


Tony twirls back around and unrolls the blueprint. He tapes it down and they began to go over their plans. Meanwhile, Bella was passed out at the dining room table, coffee in hand.


Bella feels a hand along her shoulder as someone was shaking her awake. She blinked a few times before gathering who it was.


He smiled and she hopped up and wrapped her arms around him. He kissed the top of her head and twirled her about.

“You haven’t a clue just how worried I was. By the way you kicked ass out there.”

She softly laughed, but with a hint of sadness.

“I’m glad you’re ok too.”

“Have you guys been to see them yet?” He hints.

“Haven’t had a chance.” She says rather gloomily.

He nods.

“We missed the services too…” He hinted once again.

“What about Mom and Phil?”

“Witness Protection…”

Bella frowns.

“It’s their safest bet, we both know that. Even now Bells, each of our lives are at stake.”


“Still hidden… your vampire friends seemed to have played a hand in that.”

Bella nods.

“You should also know your friend Angie is safe and back in Forks now.”

“Wait… What do you mean she’s safe? Did something happen?”

Clint sighs.

“She was shot during the wedding Bells. But she’s alright it was in the arm.” He wasn’t about to tell her about the death scare. He saw no sense in it.

“Steve took good care of her and got her home safe and sound. The only casualties were Coulson and Rhodes.”

She nods again and grabs her cup of cold coffee and pours it down the sink. Coulson burned through her mind torturously.

“Everything was destroyed… By everything, I mean all of Tony’s work.”

“Damn… I’m really sorry to hear that.”

“He’s not taking it well, naturally. Not so sure I am either. He worked so hard and had come so far…”
“What about at the industry?”

“I already checked anything he had there is also kaput.”


He looks to her in thought.
“You think maybe Hammer had a part in this?”
“All signs so far point to yes. Who else would be so gung-ho about making Tony’s life a living hell?”

” Don’t they realize that’s your job now?”

Bella smiles and shakes her head.
“Apparently they didn’t get the memo on that one yet.”

“I suppose I should give Angie a call. But not until I know it’s safe. We don’t want them targeting her or her family. I wouldn’t put it past them.”

Her brother nods in agreement.

“How are you and Tony holding up though?”

“That’s about the only thing that seems to be holding up.”
Clint smiles as Bella makes them both a fresh cup of coffee.
“That’s great!”

Bella nodded.

“Yep just everything around us seems to be falling apart.”

“That’s the damn truth.” He sighs as she hands him his coffee.

“They turned Tesh’s apartment into Swiss cheese last night.”

Bella sat her cup down and looked to him in alarm.

“Is she alright?!”

He nods and sips from his cup.

“She was staying with me last night. We weren’t even aware of it until we went there this morning to grab a few of her things. My place is still under wraps so they haven’t a clue where to find me yet. All the more reason Fury needs to remain where he is.”

“Jesus. Where’s Natasha now?”

“At my place, but chilling out in the safety room, until I get back. We aren’t taking any risk.”

Bella picks up her cup of coffee and makes her way to the window. She looks out to sea as she sips at her coffee.

“They need to be exposed. Inside out everything they stand for and all their dirty little secrets and I don’t just mean HYDRA. I mean Hammer Industries as well. They’re in connections anyhow. All the more reason the public needs to know, just what it is we’re dealing with.”

“That’s what Tesh said. That means that each of us though would be exposed as well.”

“Us Avengers don’t have much to hide. It’s not like we go all out to hide our identities. Hell, they already know who Iron Maiden is.”

Bella leans back in thought.

“I have access to most of the things we need. So do you and Natasha. If the three of us could…”
He raises a brow on this.

“What’s going on in that mind of yours?”

Bella smiles and sips from her coffee once more.

“If only we could get the Captain on board.”

Clint sighs.

“I seriously doubt that, after how things went down between him and Tony.”

“I’ll deal with the Captain.”
“And just how do you presume you’ll do that?”

“He’s dating Angie isn’t he?”

He nods.

“He’ll be dying for some pointers. I’m the only person, that can truly give him that. I know Angie best. The Captain won’t know the first thing about dating in this day and age. He hasn’t a clue what he’s getting himself into. But with my help…”
“You truly are devious!”

“I learned from the best.”

“Not so sure that’s something to be proud of.”

Bella poured two more cups of coffee and Clint followed her into the garage. Bruce nodded towards Clint. Tony however was gone into whatever he was working on. He hadn’t even noticed Bella and Clint entering the room. Not until Bella handed him his cup of coffee. She turned to her brother afterword.

“You just worry about getting Natasha on board. I’ll worry about Steve. We’ll go from there.”

Clint shrugs.

“I’ll see what I can do. I better get going anyhow.” He called over the noise as Tony and Bruce continued to work on their project.

“I’ll be back in the morning.” Bruce says rubbing his face as he grabs his jacket from the living room. Bella looks over.

“I take he’s still going.”

Bruce nods.

“He’s persistent.”

“He wouldn’t’ be Tony Stark if he wasn’t.”

Bruce chuckles a bit.

“I’ll agree with you there. You two look after one another now.”

“Will do doctor.”

He nods once more and heads on out. Bella rinses out her washcloth and starts the dishwasher. She makes her way to the garage. Tony was still going and covered in head to toe with sweat. Bella lowered the thermostat, before making her way over. She propped herself up on one of the nearby tables as he continued to work.

“You know the Roadster looks like it needs more work as well.” She calls over the welding.

He barely picked up anything she said. He stopped for a moment and lifted his welding helmet.

“What was that?”

She crosses her legs and looks towards the Roadster.
“I was just saying the Roadster looks as though it needs some work done to it as well.”

“What? No it doesn’t… I just worked on it not very long…”

She raises her brows a bit and hops off the table. Bella makes her way over to the Roadster, and pops the hood open, she bends over. Tony goes to tighten something on the suit he’s building. Only he does a double take back towards his wife. He becomes immobile and gawks in a stupor. He misses his mark and the screw goes flying across the garage. She hadn’t any panties on, was wearing a red and black plaid skirt, white buttoned blouse, and red high heels.

He clears his throat, letting his wrench fall to the floor.

“Oh yeah, I suppose it could use some tuning up.”

He takes off his helmet and struts on over. He remembered desiring something much like this when they made their “deal”. Tony lifts her skirt up the rest of the way. He pops her on the rear.

“You know I’m busy…” He says as if to scold her.

“Oh well, in that case…” She says and places her skirt down.

She starts to walk away and Tony grabs ahold of her.

“I better let you get back to work.” She says about to yank away from him.

“Oh no you don’t, you fucking tease.”

He hears her giggling and he bends her back over the Roadster. That giggling turns into a moan. Tony had already whipped himself out. He was balls deep inside her now.

“Fuck…” He groaned out as she cried out his name and begged him to fuck her even harder.

“Hmmm. Whatever you want Wildcat.” He grunted.

“Oh God, Tony…” She cried out yet again and flooded his cock.

He hadn’t realized just how badly he needed this release. At times it was as if she knew him better than he knew himself.

“I’m right behind you…” He grunted knowing he was too far gone.

He helped her back up and twirled her about. She was biting that bottom lip of hers.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re not near as innocent as you look.”

Her arms wrap around him and she intensely kisses him.

“Hmmm…” He hummed into her mouth as they continued to kiss.

“And what about the others? It isn’t just about the Avengers!”

“Why are you so against this? Everyone already knows who the fuck Captain America is. They know who Iron Man, Hulk, and myself are!”

“It isn’t just about keeping their identities secret! It’s about their families and friends! I mean look at what happened at your wedding?! Isn’t that a clear enough indication?”

“That’s a low blow Captain!’
“Yeah well, it seems like someone’s become so blind by the path her husband has built, she’s not thinking about everyone else’s situations. I had no choice! Of course other’s know who I am! There was no hiding that. But you and Tony made a choice!”

“You think Dr. Banner did?! He was in the same boat as you. His secret is just slightly harder to keep!”

“Don’t you even!”
“Even what?!”
“It’s not up to us to expose others? You haven’t any idea of the risk. It isn’t’ just about exposing other agents and the Avengers it’s about anyone else that’s on that list!”
“And that’s a risk we’re just going to have to take!”

“No, it isn’t!”

“Ok so let’s say we go your way on this Captain. We let HYDRA and Hammer continue down this path and just see what happens?”
“There must be another way.”
“Then enlighten me, Captain. What other plan do you see?! Because the only other one I see, leads to under certain death. You’re talking maybe hundreds that’ll be affected by this exposure. Well Tony and I have done the math. It’s in the motherfucking thousands if we do this any other way!”

“And what gives you the right that choice for them?”

“What gives you the right to put others at risk?”
“Your decision does put others at risk, only instead of preventing it. You’re creating it!”

“So that’s your decision? We just wait and see what the fuck happens, whilst thousands of lives are at stake? In order to protect that smaller amount, in comparison?”

The Captain bangs his fist on the console. Clint and Natasha nod towards one another, seeing as how this wasn’t going over as well as they’d hoped.

“Just whose side are you on? You call yourself a hero? What is heroic about this?”
“I never once referred to myself as a hero. Nor do I think of myself as one. There is a reason we are called the Avengers. Big difference… But it’s obvious you see yourself as one. Which is fine, so does a slew of others. I mean you are the All American Hero after all. It’s like my husband said when he first created the Avengers. We might not be able to protect those we care about, but we can damn sure avenge them. And this right here is what this is about. You haven’t any idea, just what it is we’re dealing with. Hammer and HYDRA working together? And this A.I still out there somewhere?! The United States as we know it is FUCKED!”

“I get that he’s your husband. And you’re going to stand behind him no matter what. You will believe whatever it is you wish to believe. But that doesn’t make whatever he believes in, right.”
Bella shakes her head. At this she grabs her jacket and heads on out the door.

“I suppose those pointers she was to give on dating her friend is out of question now.” He scoffs once she’s out the door.

Clint sighs.

“Let’s just say it takes a lot to piss my sister off. You’ve managed to do one hell of a job.”

Steve sighs and leans back in his chair.

Natasha heads out of Avengers Headquarters, and meets Bella out by her car.
“I’m game…” She calls out.

Bella lowers her shades and looks her way.


Natasha sighs and looks back towards headquarters.

“I don’t like the idea of being exposed. I got a list a mile long. Things I never wanted a living soul to know about. But I’ve been doing some thinking. And I happen to agree with you and Stark. It’s the only way.”

“And what would the Captain think?”

“We already know, what he would say. It seems Thor agrees as well.”

“So just you, me, and Clint?”

Natasha nods.

“You two need to find a way to side track the Captain though. He’s already going to suspect something.”

“I believe I have just the thing. You let me worry about that. I’ll get everything else set up.”

Few days later…

“And where you off to, Wildcat?”

Bella takes in a breath and looks towards Bruce.

“Do you mind giving us a moment?”
Bruce took off his glasses and nodded. He exited the garage.

“I got a bit of a side mission, with my brother and Romanoff.”

He takes off his working goggles and rears back.

She nods as she plays with one of his wrenches.

“And what sort of mission are we talking?”

“One that’s a little more, low key. Iron Maiden will be standing this one out.”

“Why do I not like the sound of this?”
Bella sighs.

“I just need you to trust me Tony.”

“Are you going to tell me what this all about at least?”

“It’s about exposing HYDRA and Hammer. In order to do that, the three of us have to get our hands dirty.”
“Bella honey…”

He shakes his head and pops out of his seat.

“Why you?”
“Because you and Bruce already have your hands full. And through you, I happen to know these programs inside out. Natasha might be able to bug her way into HYDRA, but she won’t be able to configure Hammer. I can!”

“And what if you’re…” He hints and kisses her tummy.

“It’s not that kind of mission, but if it makes you feel better, I’ll wear a vest. And keep loaded.”

He shakes his head and takes her hand. He leads her to an area in the far back of the garage. Tony pops open the trunk to one of his cars. She looks to him in astonishment.

“Is that?”

“Who said I wasn’t allowed to bring some of my toys home?”

He says with a shrug and grabs a vest.

“You can wear this. Damn near under anything, and not raise any suspicions, 99 percent bullet proof.”
“Well nothing’s ever the full hundred.”

Tony has her take off her top and he straps it on, showing her how it works. He also loads her up with a couple of guns, a knife, and compass.

“Tony…” She utters in disbelief, as he continues to hide whatever he can on her.

“Tony stop…”

She lifts his chin with her fingers.

“I’m going to be ok.”

Tony swallows back and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I know you will. I just…” He half laughs.

“You haven’t a clue how much I wish I was that guy.”
“What guy?”
“The one that tells you, NO! That no matter how much you push me. I say NO, flat out. No to Iron Maiden! No to this ridiculous mission! No to anything that could possibly take you away from me.”

“But you’re not him. Just as I’m not her… Iron Man is a part of who you are Tony. I could never ask you to give that up. No matter how much I worry about you.”

He nods.

“And I get that I do… but I’m selfish and you’re not.”

Bella dies in laughter.

“I have my selfish moments, Tony. And you’ve more than proved, you’re not selfish. Conceited yes. Selfish… far from it.”

They turn to a knock at the door of the garage.
“That’d be for you I take it?” Tony says seeing as how it was Clint.

“Yep and you’re keeping me.”

“Always…” He says with a wink and slams down the trunk.

He finishes getting her set up, before they make their way to the door.

“You call me, if you guys get into any trouble. I mean it, Wildcat.” Dr. Banner and I are just a phone call away.

She nods and kisses him.

“Will do.”

Clint and Tony nod towards one another as if in silent understanding. Bruce makes his way back to the garage once they leave.

“Everything alright?”

Tony sighs.

“Other than experiencing karma at its finest? No, I’m perfectly fine Dr.”

“You ready?” Natasha calls out as she was at the wheel.

Clint opened the passenger side door for his sister. He then hopped into the back.

Natasha nods and peels out of Tony’s drive.

“Tesh will meet us here after a while. She’s taking care of HYDRA as we speak and getting the Captain preoccupied with something else for the time being.”

“Sounds like a handful.”

Clint smiles. They both sigh however looking to the Hammer Industries building before them.

“So any ideas?” Bella inquires.

Her brother smirks.

“I have a few. But can you keep up?”

She raises her brows on this.

“Shut it, Clint!”

He chuckles and takes off. Bella sighs and follows after him. He leads her to a high rise across from the industry itself. They take the stairs leading up to the rooftop.

“As you can see, we got a ways to go. We need over… there….” He aims an arrow at a certain window.

“That’s the area of the elevator shaft. Inside that room are four cameras. Inside the elevator, are two. We have to dismantle them, before we do anything else.”
“Or we could disrupt the feed.”
He shrugs as if in thought.

“That could work as well. Whatever we decide, needs to be done, before we make our way inside. We cannot afford to get in there, unknowing.”

She nods and follows him to another area of the building. The building they were in was that of a bank. The entire top floor hadn’t been used in years. They didn’t have that many employees and were not that big of a chain. So there were at least five floors, that had grown dust, and weren’t being put to any use. What a waste. Bella thought to herself as they looked around. They look out the window as he continued to go over whatever he can think of. Once he’s done, he looks upon her.

“Do you have everything you need?”

She nods.

“Ok then. Guess this makes a first for us. Don’t screw it up, sis.”

“You don’t screw it up.” She mutters under her breath.

Bella keeps close and continues to follow Clint. He makes his way to a certain area of the building. From there, he looks around with a thorough sweep. “This is the only blind spot. There are no cameras or anything can detect us.” He fires off an arrow coupled with a grapple gun. He looks back making sure she got her gloves on. He nods and starts to climb.

“Who the fuck are you? I mean, what is this Mission Impossible?”

Her brother raises his brows on this.

“You know like the movie?”

“Ghost protocol.” He mutters under his breath.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He scoffs.

He shakes his head and keeps climbing.

“Let’s go and do try to keep up.”

She rolls her eyes and starts to ascent. She watches how her brother does it and mimic’s his movements. About ten feet up, she decides to look down.

“Oh shit.” She says with that feeling of vertigo.

Clint glances back and rolls his eyes.

“You should know better! I mean really!” He calls out in a scolding matter.

She flips him off and closes her eyes.

“How much further do we have to go?”

“Eh, just about 40 more feet or so.”

Her jaw drops and he chuckles to himself, as he keeps going.

“I thought we were going to go inside and discreetly make our way in.”

“Nope this is our best bet. And with your loud mouth it’s a good thing. Don’t you ever shut up?”

She rolls her eyes again and counts to ten, before she starts to climb again.

“Funny, you can take off in flight as Iron Maiden. You lose your shit scaling up a building.”

She flips him off again and losses her footing.

“Shit!” He hurriedly drops down and helps her back to her post.

“Would you knock that shit off?”

“Would you?”

He sighs.
“This is exactly why siblings don’t work the field together. You’re a pain the ass.”

“Bite me.”

He shakes his head as she gets situated.

“Ok now, shut up, don’t look down, and do as I do. You got it?!”

She mocks him under her breath, but does as he says.

They continue up along the building. This time, both remain quiet, until Clint gets to the area they needed to be in. Bella shakes her head in disbelief, as he fires off another arrow with another grapple. It clings onto a balcony. He nods towards her and offers a hand. She takes his hand and without warning, he cuts the other rope. They fly towards the balcony, and are being sprung towards the area through the air. They climb up to the deck, Clint glances her over. She swallows back and leans against the sliding door for a moment.

“You ok there?”

She gives a thumbs up and focuses. He shrugs and the sliding door open. It led to an office. That office led to the hallway and the hallway led to the elevator. Once they entered the room, Bella began to go through the computer as Clint kept watch and looked for any cameras. She grew frustrated as none of the passwords were working.

“A little faster.”
“Just give me a second. I gotta override this.”

“We don’t have a second.”

Their eyes widened as they heard footsteps. Clint quickly took off and hid. Bella’s only choice was to hide under the desk. Heaven forbid if someone comes and sits down, she thought to herself. She wrinkled her nose and covered her mouth. It didn’t take long to figure out the voices or whose office, she was in.

“Justin…” The woman’s irritating voice carried over.

“Come on… now… I got thirty minutes before my next meeting.”

The woman sighs as if annoyed.

Bella rears back and feels the desks she’s beneath shift. Her eyes widen once she realizes what’s about to take place. No, no, no, no, SICK! She groans to herself. Just as she begins to hear the grunts and moans of Justin Hammer and Pepper Potts. Bella fought the urge not to vomit. What made matters worse, was she swore she heard Pepper softly saying Tony’s name, as Justin was fucking the hell out of her. Could he honestly not hear it? Or just didn’t give a fuck? Bella winced as the desk continued to scoot back and forth. She fought to keep from exposing herself as this sick little fuck feast continued. It sounded so fake from Pepper’s end. It was ridiculous. What pissed Bella off more, was that it was clear Pepper was still obsessed with Tony Stark. However, she willingly screwed, and worked for the guy responsible for damn near killing Tony Stark twice now! And she hadn’t a doubt that somehow Hammer was behind this A.I.

Once they finally finished, Pepper mentioned something about freshening up and left the room. Justin fixed his tie and adjusted his clothing. Bella knew this was the one opportunity to take him down. To blow his mother fucking brains out or shove him out of the fucking window. Her hands clenched in thought and her teeth ground together. But she knew she’d compromise everything, if she laid one fucking hand on the little shit. Instead, she waited until he left the room. Once she saw that the coast was clear, she hurriedly made her way back out. She began to enter every password that had to do with Tony Stark or Stark Industries itself. Bella wouldn’t put it past Pepper to be that fucking stupid. Sure enough, she entered Tony’s birthday and BINGO! Bella smiled and began to turn off certain feeds of certain cameras. So no true suspicion was raised she started with a few flights down first. That way if they did come looking, they’d be on the wrong spot at first. Bella tried to bring up whatever else she needed, but could only do so much on Pepper’s. She downloaded whatever she could. But that meant only one thing. Not even Justin Hammer trusted his little fuck buddy aka CEO to care for his precious industry properly. Bella was going to have to find her way into his office and go from there.

Clint grabbed her unexpectingly as she was about to exit the room. He put a finger to his lips, as they were in another pathway. He pointed to the cameras. She smiled and patted his head. He narrowed his eyes and looked upon her as if she were nuts. Bella strutted on out and hit the elevator button. It wasn’t until he went to yank her back again, he noticed she’d already turned off the cameras. He smirked to himself and stepped onto the elevator as well.

“So that was interesting, I bet.” He says tauntingly, only picking up half the experience she had.

“Shut it. I need to find Hammer’s office.”

He nods and hits one of the emergency buttons. She looks to him oddly and confused. He leaps up and slides open the top to the elevator. He climbs up like it’s nothing, and then offers his hand. She takes it and he pulls her up.

“That’s exactly where I’m about to take you.” He whispers.

“But things tend to get tricky from here.”

He points up to a certain area.

“I’m going to fire off a grapple that will zip you on up to there. I’m going to go back in here, and take out some of the guards. So we have a clear escape. Do try to be fast about downloading whatever it is you need.” Before she can even argue this, Clint places a rope in her hands and has it looped around her waist as well. He fires the grapple where needed and up she goes.

She covers her mouth on the way up, to keep from screaming out on the jerky ride. He nods seeing as how she made it ok. He then leaps back into the elevator. From there, he does what he needs as Bella pries open the doors. Leading to the area, she needed to be in. She takes in a breath of relief, seeing as how his office was currently empty. She rushed over and began to try and debug his system, so she could get in. Nothing was working. She began to dig through his desk, looking up whatever files she could find. She tried a few things only nothing was working. Her eyes nevertheless darted towards something under the calendar, on his desk. The only reason it even caught her eye was because it had the Stark Industries logo on it. Bella slid it out and gazed upon it. She was right all along. Only without knowing it, this was one of Tony’s creations. But then again, it wasn’t. It wasn’t one of Hammer’s either. No… This was a virus… One Justin implanted into the files of Stark. A massive one… Bella swallowed back and typed in the name Ultron. Sure enough, it unlocked the files she needed. It was a virus intended to protect Hammer Industries files, and destroy anything related to Tony Stark, and Stark industries. Only even in the notes… it clearly hadn’t gone as expected. This Ultron looked nothing like the blue print. Whatever Justin had implanted… It used Tony’s technology against them. It created a separate identity, an Artificial Intelligence, known as Ultron. Bella skimmed through its abilities, and everything they had learned about this A.I. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. It was a similar replica of the one Tony had mentioned, that was on the back burner. He hadn’t touched it in years. Apparently, Justin found it and took matters into his own hands.

Anger consumed her and she quickly gathered what she needed. She exited out and darted over behind the door, as she heard footsteps. Justin entered the office. She froze with her gun aimed right for him. She knew she could end it all right here. Blow the bastard away! Tears streamed down her face. She wanted nothing more than to see this man perish, along with Pierce! His phone rang however and he got called out of the room. She saw her brother enter through another door, once Justin exited. He motioned her over, she put her gun away, and took off.

Once they made their way back out. Clint grabbed her by the shoulders.


She shut her eyes.

“You did the right thing. You know that right?”

She nods but didn’t look convinced. He sighed and hugged her. Natasha pulled up before long. They hopped into the car and Natasha sped out of the area. Bella and Clint heard the screeching of tires not far behind.

“Um, friends of yours Tesh?”

Natasha looked into the rearview mirror. She shrugged and took out a gun.

“Get down.” She hollered.

Clint hovered over his sister protectively, as bullets began to fly.

“What happened?” Clint called out.

“Mission was compromised.”
“How so?!”

She slams on the brakes. Clint wraps himself around his sister, as they fly back against the backseat.

“That’s how…” Natasha says as Steve Rogers stood before them. He shook his head, and then sent his shield flying back at the cars shooting at them. They quickly made their way out of the car. Than began to help the Captain in taking down the HYDRA agents, that were after them.

Shots were fired throughout the area. They took cover and fired whenever they had a shot. Clint nodded to his sister rather impressed as she took down a couple of them herself. However Captain America took out a majority. Once the little scrimmage was over with, Captain America turned to all three of them.

“This is exactly what I was talking about! You went behind my back anyhow! What kind of a team does that? So I was outvoted, was that it?”

Clint and Natasha sighed and lowered their heads.

“AND YOU?!” Bella had just hit her Bluetooth, hearing Tony calling to check in.


“You shut the fuck up, when it comes to things you know nothing about!”



“And that’s why you and I would have never worked out Captain. I never was one that liked being told what to do. As to why my last relationship didn’t pan out so well.”

“Well, it looks like I got the smarter girl out of the group back home then, doesn’t it?”

She half laughs.
“Wow, Captain I didn’t know you had it in you! Congratulations, you really are like all other men! Only you’re an All American Dick. You’re right. I’m no Suzy Homemaker. I get that you’re a bit old fashioned. But give me a fucking break! What would Peggy think if she heard you taking like this? She always strikes me as someone that was just as strong-willed? And what of Romanoff? Yet now, you stand before us and act as if women have no right to be in the field?!”
“That’s not what I’m saying. Not at all and you know that!” He says with a sigh.

“No, no , I don’t… Well, whatever it is you’re saying. The proof is right here in my hands. I was right all along. We had no other choice.”

“The hell we don’t.”

“It’s too late… the moment Justin Hammer logged back on to his computer, the entire world learned of his betrayal, amongst everyone elses. I’m sure Romanoff has already done her job as well.”



“You heard me!”

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re not my Captain! I respect you! I respect anyone that fights for our country! Not only that, but you’ve got one hell of a story. A very honorable one, but I don’t follow anyone’s authority, not even my husband’s. I go by my own intuition, always have.”

“You haven’t any idea the damage you’ve done! BOTH OF YOU!” He points upon Natasha and Bella.

At this, he takes off furiously. Bella closes her eyes and leans back against a nearby light post.

“You alright there, Wildcat?”
She cringed, forgetting Tony was still online.

“Dammit…” She groans in misery.

She clears her throat.

“I’m fine. I’ll be home soon.”
She hangs up, and glances upon her brother, and Natasha.

“Well that was swell!”

They all nodded with uncomfortable glances.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 24 Choices”

  1. if angela gets together with steve rogers…he is in for a damn rude awakening..she will and can kick his ass all over the state for his thinking methods. hell if i was in the story i’d bitch slap him all to hell and shoot his dick off so then he can bitch and moan like an actual bitch…asshat…ugh i hate non equality ordeals and he is such an Edward…can someone shoot hit in the next chapter pls? not to kill but hopefully get that stick in his ass out?

  2. This was a great chapter! I loved it from the beginning to the end!! I hope the Capt. pulls the stick out of his butt soon! He has an ego issue that needs to be contained..STAT!! That Tony quote, “That’s right, my baby’s got an arc-powered convection oven and we’re trying to put a bun in it.” is just too awesome! I grinned from ear to ear when I read it!! Look forward to the next chapter!!

  3. Bah! Capt can be a right jerk sometimes! But go Bella, kicking ass! Gross with Hammer and Pepper… just ew. And obviously my fave quote is on your gif…. Awesome all around, I’d chat more but I want the next chappie!

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