Chapter 28: Just The Beginning

Chapter 28

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First meeting since the Age of Ultron battle…

Tony sipped at his drink as he looked out the window. Everyone else was already waiting at the table. Bella looked around doing a headcount. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Spiderman, and Captain America were ready to go. Vision as they called him now wasn’t there as he already knew the path he’d follow and always would. She ran her hands along her belly as the babies were kicking about. This was a meeting that was long since overdo. But after the battle it was hard getting everyone together. It wasn’t long after they had Fury, Esme, and Jasper’s funerals. Each of them had really nothing left to bury. Bella’s heart sank in memory. They had Esme and Jasper’s the day after Fury’s. Emmett insisted they have theirs together. That Esme would have wanted that. This made the first they’d see Carlisle since the day Tony and Bruce put him in his place.

They had an empty casket beside Fury for Esme. She remembered how hard Emmett took it. Bella was furious to this day over his death. She felt Jasper was robbed. He deserved so much more than what life offered him. Carlisle didn’t say a whole lot. And he was quick to be up and gone after the services. If it hadn’t been for Darcy, Bella wasn’t sure how Emmett would have dealt with the turmoil. It wasn’t long after that Darcy moved to Malibu. She and Emmett had an apartment together now. Because of that Bella and Darcy became even closer than they already were. They were constantly hanging out or meeting for lunch. Jane remained in New York. She and Thor remained strong in their relationship as well, which was hard at times when he’d have to return to Asgard. But Thor had let his father know he wished to visit Midgard(earth) as often as possible. Not just for the sake of Jane, but for others that counted on his presence.

Bella still had nightmares about Fury, Esme, Jasper’s death, about Ultron, and the AI’s. She wasn’t the only one. Her husband dealt with this very issue. Amongst others in the room. Tony sighed as he finished his drink. He shook his head and turned towards the table. He nodded towards his wife in silent understanding. Bella closed her eyes and lowered her head. Each one there knew what it was about and they too feared the same. No one had heard from Dr. Bruce Banner since the battle. Tony and Bella had tried to pinpoint his location. They did everything they could think of to find him, but there were no signs. Not even Hulk sightings…

Bella was trying to keep it together. She cleared her throat. Tony tossed his empty glass into the sink before taking a seat. Once he pushed his chair in, he tapped his fingers along the table, and looked towards the elevator.

The Captain was first to speak.

“I think we all know he’s not walking through those doors, Stark.”

Tony lifted his eyes towards the Captain.

“He will… one day.” Tony uttered with full assurance.

The Captain sighs.

“We all know he’d survive us all.”

“With all due respect… he was flown outside the earth’s atmosphere! No one could sur…” Black Widow however quickly shut her mouth.

Bella was cutting her a look of absolute hell. Neither Stark was ready to give up on him. They never would! Then again she and Black Widow hadn’t been on the greatest terms since Bella learned she’d turned her brother’s proposal down. But things were on edge all around. Each of them had bucked heads at one moment or another now. That’s what this meeting was about. Bella and Tony had been up nearly all night in discussion. Both had their own expectations of how this would turn out. Tony’s eyes darted towards The Captain and Black Widow.

“He’s coming back. We all know that. That isn’t what this meeting is about.”

His eyes fixate solely on the Captain.

“Now is it Captain?”

Steve sighs.

“Let’s be frank… Things as of late have been rather tense and somewhat questionable. I believe this maybe the one area the Captain and I agree on. We can’t have two alpha’s running the show. Now can we? And in all honesty… You’ve had one foot out the door ever since we started this. I feel you were testing the waters so to speak more than anything. The only way you see fit in staying with the Avengers is if you have free reign in calling all the shots.”

Each member looks upon him waiting for the answer.

“Last time I checked I had more ranking than anyone else. It only makes sense that you would follow my lead. With all due respect Stark. When have you ever served in a war or lead men in battle?”
Tony raises his brows on this.

“That’s a rather stupid question, don’t you think?” Bella fires back in defense of her husband.

“It wasn’t that long ago he did just that and he’s done that very thing even before.”
“You both know what I’m referring to! That is NOT the same! He hasn’t any business leading anyone!”

“You are so arrogant!”

“Oh me? I’m the arrogant one! Says the woman married to HIM!”

“And that right there is why she dumped your sorry ass!”

The Captain laughs.

“No she dumped me because she was too much like you! Caught up in her own ways! You’re both too close to the picture and are blinded. Nearly everyone in this room is! Can you not see that this entire ordeal was HIS FAULT?!”
Bella hops up from her seat.

“All of that was Hammer and S.H.I.E.L.D!”
“Yes and what did they use? Who’s inventions did they go after in order to achieve this?”
“It could have happened to anyone within any industry dealing with these sorts of things!”

“You’re right it could. All the more reason extra precautions should have been taken in order to prevent such horrific ordeals.”
“And let me guess Captain. Guns kill people… Not the actual ones welding them right?”
“Don’t even go there!”

“Twisting my words! Seems to be a thing with you.”

“I don’t need to twist anything Captain. You seem to do fine all by yourself.”

“And to think you’re bringing children into this world. How will those boys feel once they’re old enough to understand that their father was responsible for the war that took place and all the lives that were involved.Lives of innocent civilians and three good friends! Hell let’s not forget a particular wedding where two more lives were taken, a few guest, and your best friend was shot!”
Everyone’s eyes widen as Bella hops up from her chair. She waltzed right over to Captain and socked him in the face.

“Are you responsible for every single thing America has done wrong as well Captain?! Are you willing to take the blame for every bit of wrong doing other soldiers have done! For every backhanded mission! For every god damn betrayer we have! HOW THE FUCK IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT?!”
“It’s different in the sense that he could have prevented it.” Thor bellows.

She snaps him a look. Tony cocks an amused brow his way. He was fuming inside but was keeping quiet… For now…

“And how?”

“By making certain they never existed.”

Spiderman is the one to sigh now. He takes off his mask and tosses it down in the middle of the table.

“Habit…” He utters with a shrug.

“You all know who I am. Damn the entire world does now.”
The Captain laughs in a scoffing manner. He motions his hands upon Clint, Natasha, and Bella.

“And you have them to thank.” He says in a bitter tone.

Natasha lifts her eyes towards the Captain.

“We had our reasons and you know it. Deep down, you know it was the only way.”
“And did either of you stop, and think to ask ones such as he how they would feel being exposed like that?”
“We hadn’t the time!” Bella fires back.

“We had to do what we thought was best and in a timely matter. We didn’t have time to knock on every vigilante’s door and ask their permission.”
“It would have been nice…” Peter remarks.

“If nothing else coming to me afterword, would’ve been. I had no warning. No nothing whatsoever. All the sudden I see my face everywhere. I have an aunt who’s raised me all my life damn near, whose life in danger as we speak. I’ve enemies that would love nothing more than to get their grimy hands on her, to use her to get to me!”

The three of them grimace.

“I wasn’t even aware, until I came home from dealing with some lowlifes. My aunt is sitting in the living room watching the news. I walk in the damn door and the first thing I see is my face on the news and beside it is Spiderman! I’d been outted. Amongst others! I’m not the only one with loved ones to worry about.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker. We did what we could to protect the civilians. Deep down we figured that’s what we’d all want in the end. We all have loved ones. But in the end… It wouldn’t matter who you are or what title you carry. Everyone’s lives were at stake. We had to expose each of you in order to expose HYDRA for who they really were. If we had sat quietly and watched the whole thing play out things would have ended much differently. I assure you that even more lives would have been lost and over half of us wouldn’t be sitting here today.” Clint declares.

“Neither Romanoff or I wished to have our identities out either. Romanoff especially… but as my sister was saying… There was no time. We had to act and we did what we thought best. Your aunt’s life would have been at stake whether you were outted or not.”

Peter sighs and rubs his face tiredly.

“I still stand behind my convictions. You were wrong, each and everyone of you that supported this! Do you honestly believe this is over. That this is where it all ends. That all is safe and right in the world. You’re fooling yourselves. This is just the beginning…” Says Captain America.
“You’re right… it is. All the more reason this meeting was needed. And as I’ve been sitting here keeping my mouth shut, surprisingly. I’m beginning to see that some things will clearly never change. It’s more than apparent the Captain and I will never see eye to eye. We dive into things a bit differently. And let’s face it you’re just as stubborn as I am. I would like to get one thing straight however. When I created the Avengers it wasn’t about protecting as much as avenging. Hence the name! We can’t protect everyone that inhabits this planet 24/7.” Tony looks to Thor.

“And you should understand that more than anyone. Something could very well take place in Asgard while you’re here on earth. Would that necessarily mean that it’s all your doing or your fault? Say you’re down here visiting Jane or helping us with whatever it is we’re facing. More Frost Giants attack or what have you and Bam half of Asgard has been wiped out.” He looks to Steve.

“Would you dare point the finger his direction and say… That’s a very bad Thor! No Thor! You should have been sitting at your post like a good thunder god and daddy’s little brownnoser.”

“That’s different!”
“Thor doesn’t go around making inventions that have the tendency to wipe off the entire planet! YOU DO! And you’re careless! Like a child given a new toy. You walk away leaving it unattended and low and behold someone else got ahold of it!”

“Which could happen to anyone!” Bella fires back.

“But in his case it’s by far worse! He has to take more responsibility!”

“And your shit doesn’t stink. Save the spiel we’ve heard it all before!”

“So what have you Captain? You want me to completely shut Stark Industries down, is that it? Call it quits and throw my hands in the air. Stick my tail behind my legs and run?! NEWSFLASH, I’M FUCKING TONY STARK! I DON’T AND WILL EVER GIVE UP. IF ANYTHING I FIND THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO DO BETTER TO WORK HARDER TO STICK MY GOD DAMN MIDDLE FINGER IN THE AIR AND PROVE WE’RE NOT GOING DOWN. AND YOU SEEM TO BE FORGETTING ONE MINOR LITTLE DETAIL.”


“And what makes you think anyone in this room would choose you?”
“Well I know at least one will. Talk about awkward if not.” He sarcastically says and winks upon his wife.

“And I’m also the life of the party. You’re a bit of a drag.”

“Yes cause now seems like a great time to make jokes.”
“Actually I wasn’t joking. You really are a drag.” Tony says with a dismissive shrug.

“Yes, let’s focus on how much of a bore I am. We just lost some good friends and thousands of innocent people lost their lives, but by all means let’s go on about how Captain Steve Rogers takes his job seriously. I take the lives of others seriously. I take pride in who I am Stark. And just as you. No one’s going to change that! So you’re right! That’s the one area we’re in complete agreement on. You and I don’t click. We never will.” Steve rises from the table and looks to each person in the room.”
“I’m heading back to New York. Where I will be helping them to rebuild! I will also be starting my OWN team there. Anyone that wishes to follow me now would be the time to take that stand.”
“And what would this so called team be?” Tony inquires curiously.

“Well you’ve got the west coast I got the east. How about that? I don’t see any sense in changing the name. Unless you have a problem with that?”

Tony shrugs.

“Fair enough… Let’s see how this goes. I’m curious! Those in favor of following Captain America and serving the east coast Avengers let me see those hands. Don’t be shy now…”

Thor naturally raises a hand. And to everyone’s surprise… Natasha Romanoff. Clint makes a scoffing sound of disbelief.
“Really Tesh?”

She takes in a breath.

“There’s nothing holding me here now. Without S.H.I.E.L.D or Fury, what’s left?”
Clint half laughs.

“Wow… Um ok then. Good luck to ya!”
Tony nods.

“Anyone else?”

There’s a moment of silence.

“Very well and those that wish to stay here and follow me as I lead the west coast Avengers?”

Naturally Bella raises her hand.

“You would’ve have gotten a serious spanking if not Wildcat.”

She smirks.

“Promise?” She teases.

Tony cocks a brow at this and clears his throat. Clint also raises his hand. However Peter just sat there as if in a daze. The Captain and Tony gazed upon him like greedy little children.

“Think about it Mr. Parker. You wouldn’t have to budge. You could remain in New York.”
“That’s very true! However with me you have protection. You and your aunt would be welcome to stay right here at the tower, until I find you a place with safer means. Your aunt would have agents of her own keeping her safe at all times.”
“Sure let’s just throw money at the kid!”
“This isn’t about money, Captain. You think I don’t know how to take responsibility, but that’s where you’re wrong. You haven’t any idea the lengths I will go to, in order to make amends.”

“Do you plan to bring back the dead as well?!”

Tony slams his fist down on the table. Both men have come to a stand and are eyeing one another down.

“Let’s go home, Mr. Parker. I’m sure your aunt is expecting you.” The Captain presses.

Tony rather nods and makes a tsking sound.

“Or come with me and we’ll personally gather your aunt. Well have your belongings shipped here. Your aunt would already have the security she needs, and you could sleep much easier at night.”

Bella cringed seeing the look on Peter’s face. The Captain and Tony eyed him, just waiting.

“That’s enough… both of you. ” She scolds.

“Peter… Whether you chose to go on your own, follow my husband’s team or the captain’s… We’re always in your corner. I’m sure I speak for everyone, when I say without you… We’d have been royally fucked. You already got a friend and partner in me no matter your decision. And despite what either of them say. There is no rush on this. If you and your aunt need protection now, we can give that, even if you choose a path that is not ours.”
Tony nods in agreement.

“She’s right. Between us all… you and your aunt will have all the support you need. I owe you one. You saved my wife and many others. But I won’t lie either. I’m foaming at the mouth to get you on my team. We could really use you. But if you chose to go back with the Captain, that’s completely understandable. I’ll only bitch and moan for a few days…”

Bella cuts her husband a disbelieving look. He sighs.

“Ok fine… Months, maybe years even. Despite everything… If the Captain ever needed me for anything, I’d also be there in a flash. That’s just what we do. No matter how much we get on each other’s nerves… We have each other’s backs.”

The Captain nods.

“That has to be the wisest yet clearly the most brownnosing comment, I’ve ever heard from that mouth of yours.” The Captain says but with a smirk.

Tony nods.
“Don’t get me wrong Captain. You’re still a drag, bossy, have poor taste in fashion…” Tony says looking down to his Black Sabbath shirt and back to the Captain’s polo one.

Peter sighs.

“I need sometime to think things over. I’m going back with the Captain for now.”
The others nod respectfully.

Peter however stops and turns back to Bella.

“You do all realize that it was Iron Maiden that figured out the truth behind Ultron?” Peter puts out there as if in admiration. He smiles upon her.

Tony clears his throat and nods.

“I figured that much, to be honest. I know when my little Wildcat is up to something. I could see it all over your face when you left the hospital with Happy. I knew you had something up those sleeves of yours. I gotta say Bella honey. You never seize to amaze me and if anything that only proves we were meant to be, you and I. And you were always an Avenger … Hell you were born one and never knew it. I knew there was something about you when I first laid eyes on you. The way you let them vampires have it. How you weren’t afraid to stand against them, knowing they could end you in seconds.” He chuckles as he glances Clint’s way.

“I even told your brother it was love at first sight. He thought I was joking. Part of me I believe thought I was as well. But no… I was already in awe and smitten. Bella you’ve more than proved you can kick ass on and off the field. And you did all this with morning sickness and a god damn hole in your hand. You’re the only one here that even thought about Loki’s staff. How the fuck Ultron got ahold of it? We may never know.”

Thor clears his throat, gathering everyone’s attention.

“It seems Hydra had it last from my understanding. Ultron was assembled by Justin Hammer with the gem inside.”

“Huh…” Tony utters.

“Well whattaya know.”

Thor nods.

“This is conjecture… But what if the gem from Loki’s staff, being used in his construction is what made Ultron self-aware?” Peter puts out there.

Each member nods at this.

“That actually makes sense.” Tony replies, looking to be in thought.

Peter’s gaze goes back to Bella.

“Think I can still get that autograph?”

She smiles but rather teary eyed and nods.

“Cool! Next time?”

“Next time.” She agrees.



Bella smiles and turns off the TV, after watching one of her husband’s Iron Man tours. She heads into the bedroom, whilst running her hands along her belly.

“Easy you two…” She scolds as the boys seemed to have a soccer game going.

She starts getting undressed as she runs herself a bath. Her eyes widen as she just managed to get one foot into the tub. Liquid that most certainly did not come from the tub was running down her legs, onto the edge of the tub, and floor.

“Oh shit…” She murmured under her breath as a contraction hit.

Her hand shot to her belly. She carefully stepped back out from the tub. Bella calmly as possible got dressed, but it was no easy task. The contractions were coming along more frequently. She grabbed her cell phone and called Tony. He was currently entertaining guests at an after party for the tour he just had. He had just signed an autograph and hit his Bluetooth hearing the call coming through.

“Missing me already?”

“No, not even a little.”
“Oh well then…”

He smirks and hangs up. He chuckles to himself as he hands over the Iron Man shirt he’d just signed. He hits his Bluetooth again.
“You’re such an ass!”

“Awww honey, your words are music to my ears. Now tell me you miss me…”
She sighs.

“How about I tell you something even better?”

“Now we’re talking… You know that’s the one thing we haven’t conducted!”

She sighs once again with frustration as she makes certain she has everything packed and ready for the hospital.

“And what would that be?”

“Phone sex, of course.”

A woman at the party curls her lip overhearing this and scoffs at him. He shrugs and sips at his drink.

“Speaking of which… I hope you’re ready for a pounding later.” He says loud enough to get under the woman’s skin.

She scurries off in a huffy manner.

“What the hell is a prude like that doing at one of my tours anyhow?” He mutters under his breath, with Bella overhearing him.

He nods to himself as it all makes sense. Her husband and son were coming out of the bathroom. She damn near dragged them away, causing him to laugh out loud.

“Well while you’re going on about phone sex and prudes. I’m going to have a couple of babies.”
“Ok Bella honey sounds awesome. I’ll be home soon.”

“Did you even hear what I said?”
He makes a tsking sound.

“That you love me and can’t wait to ravish me once I enter the door. I do hope there are dark chocolates and rose petals involved. Maybe some soft music and candle light. Could you maybe wear that little see through gown I’m so fond of as well?”

“That all sounds very nice Tony.”
“Doesn’t it?”
“Yes it does. But I have a feeling our sex life has come to a temporary halt.”
“Ah that would never happen.” He utters with a smirk and takes another swig of his drink.

“Look I better get back to my fans. Love you!”
“Look here buddy, if you don’t get home to your number one fan she’s going to have your balls in a vice!”
He rears back and chugs the rest of his drink in disbelief.

“What’s with you?”

“I already told you!”

“Um no, you didn’t.”

“Well of course you are. Any day now…”



“Tony… my water broke does that mean anything to you?”


“That’s right!”
He stood there for a moment in a daze.


“On it!”

He says and slams his drink down on a nearby serving platter. He places his Iron Man helmet back on and flies on out of an open skylight in the roof of the building.

Bella paces the living room, timing her contractions, and focusing on breathing. She turns to see Iron Man getting off the elevator. He scoops her up and grabs her bag. He heads back into the elevator. They both remain awkwardly silent as it makes its way down. Once he exits the elevator he heads on out of the house, taking off in flight.

“Tony! I’m not supposed to fly.”

“It’s ok I’m a professional. I do this all the time!”

“Fly pregnant women to the hospital?”

She finds herself laughing.

“If I give birth in mid-air, I swear to god.”

“I don’t think that’s quite how it works. And would you just relax? And we’ll be fine… Just no pushing, Focus on breathing.”
“You focus on breathing…”

He starts making lamaze breathing sounds.

“What are you doing?” She hisses.


She shakes her head.

“Tony!” She goes to scold but reaches to her stomach another contraction hit.

“Easy now…” He says in a softer tone, taking notice of the painful expression on her face.

“Fuck!” She groans and grits her teeth.

He slowly and carefully lands before the hospital doors. He carries her on in.

“So Iron Man walks into a hospital, with a suitcase, and a pregnant woman… Who knows the ending?” He announces as everyone was cutting them odd looks.

“Tony!” Bella says through gritted teeth.

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s not it! But nice try honey! So close…”

One of the nurses rushes over with a wheelchair. Tony places her down.

“Son of a bitch that hurts…” Bella shouts and a mother covers their child’s ears.

Bella looks to them apologetically.
“Sorry!” She calls out as she’s being wheeled back.

The mother grins and shakes her head.

“I remember that feeling all too well.” The mother droned sand uncovers her daughter’s ears.

“Oh my God, Iron Man!” A couple of nurses say as he walks on down the hallway following the nurse and his wife.

He nods their way.


They let out a couple of fangirl squeals and start giggling.

“Can we have your autograph?”

He shrugs and stops in the middle of the hallway as they make their way over with memo pads.

“That’s it… he’s dead! He’s a dead man! Dead man walking!” Bella calls out.

He clears his throat and turns towards his wife.

“I was just…”
She cuts him a look of absolute hell and terror. He hurriedly scribbles his name down and takes off.

“If you sign one more autograph and do that cutesy little smirk of yours again.”
“Wait… Are you saying I’m cute?!”

“Thats it!” She raises as if she’s about to beat the shit out of her husband.

He raises his brows beneath that suit. The nurses hurriedly get her seated back down.

“Mam, we need you to calm down.”

“So now might be a good time to get her sedated.”
“They don’t sedate pregnant women you ass!”

“Are you sure…? I’m pretty sure they do…” Tony remarks.

“Actually depending on the situation…” One of the nurses starts to say and Bella cuts her a look of hell as well.

“Umm never mind… Sue would you like to take over?” The nurse says nervously.

“Honey, you’re scaring the nurses…”

He takes off his helmet as they get her into a room and situated. He starts calling the others and letting them know that Bella’s gone into labor. The nurses get her contractions monitored and everything else set up. Once they’re done, they exit the room. They wait for the doctor as Tony finishes up his phone calls. After he’s done, he makes his way and retracts the hand portions to his suit. He takes her hand and looks to the contraction monitor.

She lets out a grunt as another hit. She squeezes his hand until it’s done. Tony kisses her hand afterword.

“Well here we go, Wildcat. You ready…?”

She manages to smile as he reaches over and caresses her cheek.

“Are you?” She says in a menacing yet playful tone.

“I bet you’re going to be a wonderful mother, Mrs. Stark.”

Bella’s heart managed to flutter at this even though the pain.

“I love you.”

Tony grins ear to ear.

“I love you too.”

Five hours later…

“Push!” The nurse calls out as the doctor was working to get the head of the first child out.

“One more good push, Mrs. Stark.”

Bella was covered in sweat and continued to push. Tony never once left her side and continued to hold her hand. He took whatever painful squeeze she gave.
“There we go! First one’s out!”

Tony and Bella glance over as they hear the sound of a baby crying.

“A healthy looking baby boy, Mrs. Stark. Do we have a name?”

Tony and Belle look upon one another and nod.

“Bruce…” They chorus.

Bruce hadn’t returned since that day… No one knew what happened to him. And both Starks were heartbroken by his absence.

“Bruce Anthony Stark.” Bella announced.

“Wonderful name.” The doctor says and quickly hands the baby over to one of the nurses.

“I’m afraid your work’s not over yet though. We’ve still got one more to go.”

Bella nods looking exhausted.

“You got this, Wildcat.” Tony assures and kisses her forehead.

“Would you look at that… The other one’s crowning as well. You ready to start pushing again Mrs. Stark?”

She takes in a deep breath. The doctor nods and she gives another push.

“Good… good… now wait.”

He says as he repositions the infant.

“Ok another good push.”

Bella grits her teeth and pushes once again. But she was starting to lose her stride. She was tired, her legs felt like Jello, and she hurt all over. She leaned back against her pillow for a moment and took in a deep breath.

“You got this.” Tony reminded.

“Mrs. Stark we missed that chance, but I really need you to push in 3…2…1…”

Bella shot back up and gave another push. Once she was done she flung her head back with tears in her eyes.

“Almost there…” The doctor says.

“I can’t do anymore…” She replies with fatigue in her voice.

“Yes you can… You’re giving birth to my boys. Now I need that little firecracker I married to claw her way back out and make this whole pushing ordeal her bitch.”

She nods and this time Tony squeezes her hand along with her. Hoping to give her the courage she needed to keep going. After a few more good pushes they heard another cry.

“Another set of healthy lungs!” The doctor announces.

“And baby boy!”

Tony looks to Bella this time. She smiles.
“Charlie… Charlie Anthony Stark.”
“So both boys sharing my name?”

She nods with a tired beam to her.

“Huh… Bruce and Charlie…” Tony whispers to himself.

The nurses get the babies prepared and hand them off to Bella and Tony. Bella had Charlie and Tony had Bruce.

“Which one’s which?” Tony inquires.

Bella grins.

“That’s Bruce… This is Charlie.”
“How do you know that?”

“Bruce’s hair is darker…”

He rears back and chuckles.
“Well I’ll be damned it is.”

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Stark. You two make beautiful babies. It was a pleasure delivering them and Mrs. Stark you nailed it!” The doctor gives her thumbs up as he heads out of the room.

“Well you did it, Bella honey!” Tony says with pride in his eyes.

Bella smiles.


Tony cocks a brow her way.

“We did it.” She corrects.

The nurses finish cleaning her up below and change out the bedding and everything. Tony and Bella switch babies. After they’ve had sometime to admire the boys, Tony lifts his eyes towards his wife.

“I suppose I should go show them off. The others are waiting.”

She nods with a smile.

“Send them my love.”

He nods and manages to get both boys in his hold, one resting on each arm. Once he enters the waiting room, everyone shot up from their seats. Everyone being Clint and Angela-(who were now a couple they’d been dating for a few months now), Phil and Renee, Peter Parker- (who hadn’t officially joined either team yet. He was mostly neutral. But became good friends with Bella, Angela, and Clint.), Emmett and Darcy – (who were now engaged), and surprisingly Natasha showed up (at the moment she was single.) Thor was back in Asgard with Jane. As for Steve he was currently on a mission of his own. Not that he would’ve come. There were still some raw feelings. However the look on Natasha’s face when she saw Clint with Angela was priceless. She honestly hadn’t expected that. What hit the most was seeing how loving they were towards one another and genuinely happy. Clint didn’t even seem phased by her presence. He was polite and asked how she was, but that was it.

“Awww I wanna hold a wee wittle baby…”

Emmett chuckled on how Darcy was acting. She rushed over with puppy eyes. Tony nodded and she squealed in delight as she grabbed one.

“Oh my gosh, they look just like you!”

“I should hope so.”
“So what’s their names?” Clint asked curiously.

“That one’s Charlie Anthony Stark.”

Tony says motioning towards the one in Darcy’s hands.

“And this one’s Bruce Anthony Stark.”

Each of them had a certain look on their face during this. But it was the same sadness Belle and Tony shared in their eyes.

“Bruce…” Natasha whispered with a smile.

“He’d have liked that.”

Tony nods. Clint makes his way over with his parents and they take turns holding Bruce. Renee started to tear up a bit. Darcy handed Charlie over to Angela and eventually Natasha got to hold him as well. Each of them got a chance with both boys, admiring them.

“They’re so beautiful…” Renee whispered.

Phil smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Two years later…

Tony and Bella park outside of Aunt May’s apartment. Peter had let the Starks know that Aunt May wanted to see the boys. Bella had been bringing them over off and on when they came to New York. She figured Peter and his aunt would get a kick out of watching them grow. That and she were rather fond of them both.

Like usual, Aunt May greeted them outside with a warm welcome. Tony and Bella both placed a child down. They ran right up to Peter and Aunt May, with hugs. Only Bruce… the trouble maker of the two, decided to make mommy play a game of chase after he hugged Peter. He ran through the bushes and into the neighbor’s yard. The man was just stepping out of his black Nissan. He had a full grown beard and long hair. Bruce ran right up to him and Bella gasped out.
“No Bruce! We don’t run up to strangers like that.”

She looked to the man apologetically, but with a hint of a smile. The man had a look of shock on his face. And Bella swore to god she saw tears in his eyes. She cleared her throat and narrowed her eyes as they locked with his. There was something familiar about his deep brown eyes. Bruce tugged on the man’s pants.

“I like your car!” Her son pointed to it.

She swallows back.

“He’s a big fan of cars. Sorry…”

The man nodded and Bella froze as he bent down and cupped Bruce’s chin.

“Just like his father…” Bella heard him whisper.

Her hand clamped over her mouth and tears formed within her eyes.

“Dr. Banner?”
He took in a breath and nodded, with a guilty mien about his face as he locked eyes with her once again.

“We… We thought you…” She whimpered.

“TONY!” She called as she kept her eyes glued on to Dr. Banner.

Dr. Banner sighed and picked up their son.

“He looks just like him. But he’s got your eyes and nose.”

She nodded and wept into her hand.
“Bella honey?” Tony said with concern as he made his way over.

She shut her eyes for a moment and pointed to Dr. Banner. Dr. Banner placed little Bruce down and he ran back to his mother.

“Bruce how many times do we have to tell you… “Tony starts to scold but stops in his tracks.

He tilts his head ever so slightly. Bella smiles as Tony made his way over and hugged the daylights out of him.

“Where the hell have you been, buddy?!” He utters as he patted him on the back.

Bruce clears his throat.

“Long story…”
Tony drops his arms and rears back.

“Then by all means, let’s hear it.”

Bruce sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. Peter and Aunt May made their way over with Charlie. Bruce choked back in disbelief as he saw him. He’d seen them from a distance many times. He’d been living here ever since… Peter’s jaw drops once he realizes what’s taken place.

“Dr. Bruce Banner?”

“I thought your name was Mr. Brown…” Aunt May says.

“Wait, you know this man?” Peter questioned.

“Why yes he’s a big ole sweetheart. Always offering to help me with whatever I need. He’s had supper with me a few times since you moved out. He’s a very charming young man!”
Bella literally breaks down, covering her face. Bruce winces at this.

“We weren’t sure what to think…” Tony says softly looking to be stunned still.

Bruce nods and looks towards his house.

“Would you all like to come in? I suppose my secret’s out once again…”

Once he gets them all inside and seated. He looks to Bella once more.

“I’m sorry… I never meant to upset you. I didn’t realize how much it would affect…”

“She’s not the only one brother…” Tony says a certain way.

“We weren’t sure if we should have made funeral arrangements for you as well or…” Tony shocks everyone in the room as he pinches his eyes shut and breaks down.

Dr. Banner swallows back rather hard.

“We thought we lost you, buddy.” Tony clears his throat trying to gain control of himself.

“Daddy?” Little Bruce and Charlie question with concern seeing their father tear up.

Which wasn’t something they were used to ever seeing. They both ran up to him with concern. He forced a smile and hugged them both. Aunt May came to her feet and winked upon Peter.

“Why don’t I take the boys back to my place? I just made a fresh batch of cookies!”

The boys looked to their parents with grins. Tony chuckled.

“You boys don’t want chocolate chip cookies.”

“Daddy!” They both chorus in a scolding manner.

“Don’t cry mommy… You can have a cookie too!” Charlie said wiping his mother’s eyes.

“And daddy!” Bruce adds with a grin as Aunt May takes their hands.

“No daddy!” Charlie says teasingly.

Tony raises his brows on this.


Charlie nods and little Bruce giggles.

“Daddy don’t like cookies!”

Bella mouths the words “thank you” to Aunt May. She gives a warm smile and nod.

Tony grabs ahold of Charlie and tickles him as Aunt May was leading them out. Once the boys and Aunt May were out of the house. They each looked to one another.

“So…” Peter says looking to Bruce, waiting for an explanation as well.

He wondered how the hell that got passed him. How did he not notice Bruce Banner living right next door to his aunt?!

Bruce takes in one last breath before beginning his story.

He starts with how the AI’s took out him clear out of the earth’s atmosphere and into outer space. Where he surely thought he’d die. But instead he merely passed out. The last thing he remembered was not being able to breathe. And seeing a close up of space, more than he’d ever dreamed of seeing. Next thing he knew he woke up in the middle of the damn ocean, butt naked. He actually saw a whale swim past him chasing after some creole. It wasn’t long after that he found his way back to America. On his journey back he remembered everything that had taken place. What he’d done as the Hulk. He truly thought he killed Tony and might’ve killed Steve. The guilt weighed on him. He had turned on local civilians and his own team that day. Thankfully, the others kept him from hurting any innocents. But they weren’t so lucky. He admitted to calling Bella to check on them but hung up one she called out his name. But he found out through other sources such as the media that they were alive and safe. But the guilt had become so much. He went back into hiding out of fear. He knew about Peter’s situation however with his aunt and knew he’d refused Tony’s offer of protection. But only because his aunt was dead set against it. She didn’t want a bunch of bodyguards watching over her day and night. What she didn’t realize though was the Hulk had been her personal bodyguard for the past 2 and ½ years. He made it his personal mission to make certain she was safe for Peter’s sake. He’d felt bad about the situation and wanted to do whatever he could to help. That and there was that urge to feel somewhat useful. Just knowing he was still needed had him still feeling as though he were part of the team, even if it were a mission done in secret.

“I don’t know whether to hit you, yell at you, or hug the hell out of you!” Bella says.

Tony and Peter chuckle. Dr. Banner cuts her a slight smile.

“I thought you loved your children.”
“Ummm we do…” Bella says with confusion.
“Then why the hell would you name one of them after someone with anger issues?”

They all laugh at this but still had that hint of sadness in their eyes. Yet there was bliss in the air as well.

“By the way…” He rises from his chair and makes his way over to a makeshift lab he’d built.

He hands Bella a tube.

“This is for your friend, Emmett. I promise it’s safe and has been tested. It’s something I’ve put a lot of work into. He once mentioned to me on how he wished he could give Darcy everything. Well here’s his chance. This is the cure to vampirism.”

Her jaw dropped.

“You’re shitting me!”

Bruce cocks a brow.

“I see motherhood hasn’t changed that mouth of yours.”

Tony sighs.

“She’s just as stubborn that one.”

“Good to know.” Dr. Banner said with a wink her way.

Bella smiles and carefully places the cure in her purse.

“Just make certain that’s what he wants before ingesting that.”

“Can you imagine the amount of money you could make off that.”
“Tony…” They both utter as if scolding a child.

He raises his hands in the air in defense.

“I didn’t make it for that reason.”

Deep down Dr. Banner had been doing whatever he could to make amends. He wanted to help in whatever way he could.

They go over everything Bruce had missed the past couple of years. Such as how Emmett and Darcy were married now. Clint and Angela were as well and they were currently expecting. Steve and Natasha were dating and having a bit of an awkward relationship. Jane and Thor were married as well but resided in Asgard. He still served as an Avenger on the Captain’s team. Most of these things he already knew other’s not so much. So far the East coast consisted of Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Falcon, and Ant Man.

“Ant Man?” Bruce questioned with a smirk.

“Um yeah maybe you two shouldn’t meet…” Tony taunts.

“And of your team?”

“Well, I got my adoring wife and number one fan, Hawkeye, and Vision…”

Bruce nods at this. Peter clears his throat.

“Yeah about that…”

They each look to him. He was raising a hand as if in class.

“I’m in.”

Tony raises his brows.

“Well… It only took you a little over two years but… Hey… better late than never! Welcome aboard!”

Bruce nods.

“Well don’t I get a vote too?” They all turn back to see Aunt May the door. She had the kids with her.

“Sorry, I was about to ask if I could take them to the park while you all visited.”

Bella nods with a smile.
“That’d be fine.”

Aunt May looks to Dr. Banner. None of them knew she’d overheard most of everything.

“You still need a Hulk on your team?”

Dr. Banner reared back at this and cut her an odd look.

“Well yes… I could always use a Hulk.”

“Then you got yourself one. You go there and help watch after my nephew! Not that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done. I do wholeheartedly. You’re a good man, Dr. Banner. But you don’t belong here. We both know that. I’m one person, whereas many other’s could use you. Besides… I’ve been looking for a place in Malibu…” She looks down to the boys with a beam.

“Supernanny?” Tony whispers over to Bella and she giggles.

“I thought you could use a babysitter!”

Peter looks to his aunt in a bit of shock.

“And leave the big apple?” He inquires.

“Why yes… I’ve seen and done that. It’s time to move on and try new things!”

Peter smiles. They each look to Bruce.

“You’re willing to take me back after all that mess?”

“Bruce my own brother tried to kill me that day. You can’t blame yourself for what all took place. No one knew what Ultron was fully capable of.”

“She’s right… Come back, buddy. It hasn’t been the same without you.”

“Well I suppose you have yourself a Hulk.”

Later on…

Bella sits across from Darcy and Emmett. Emmett was holding the cure in his hand, looking absolutely stunned.

“Bella no offence… I get that he’s your friend but… There is no cure. Never has been, never will be.” He says rather gloomily.

Darcy takes in a breath and takes his hand.

“Just try it Emmett… Please? I wouldn’t give it to you if I didn’t trust Dr. Banner. I really believe in him. If he says this is the cure. Then it is. He says that vampirism is nothing more than a virus.”
“And how will it affect him once he takes it?” Darcy asks curiously.

Bella smiles.

“He will become human again. His blood cells will kick back to life. He’ll age just as we do. He’ll no longer desire a bloody diet pun fully intended.” Bella says with a wink.

He shakes his head. Bella makes her way over and hunkers down before the both of them. She takes her hand and places it over theirs.

“I need you both to trust me. I promise this will work. This is your new start. You could grow old with her Emmett… You could have children if you wanted.”

“We would make some pretty babies!” Darcy says with a grin.

Emmett raised his brows as if the thought never occurred to him. He turned to his wife.

“Is that what you want babe?”

Darcy smiles.

“Sure, I’d love to have my sexy beefcakes babies… But even if this cure didn’t work… I’m not going anywhere. I love you and stuff.”

“And stuff huh…” Emmett says with a smirk.

“Eh… take what you can get you know I’m not good with the mushy stuff! And besides, I’ve already put in too much work!”

“I know…” He says with a playful sigh of disappointment and Darcy nudges him.

He lifts his eyes towards Bella.

“Ok then…”

Bella squeals in delight.

“Awesome. I promise this will work Em.”

She gathers everything Dr. Banner had given her. He was currently on a mission with Tony. So he had given Bella the run down on what to do and how to help Emmett and Darcy through this transition.

“Well let’s get him set up.”

“OK kinky!” Darcy says as Bella brings out some adamantium cuffs.

Emmett cocked a brow on this.

“Ummm what exactly are we expecting to take place?”

“It’s just a precaution. There’s only a 10 percent chance of something going haywire.”
“Oh really?!”

Bella nods with a huge grin.

“Oh well, that’s great!”

Bella shrugs.

“Is there a place we can strap him down so to speak?”

Darcy grins.

“Oh yeah…” Bella follows her into their bedroom.

She looks to Darcy and giggles seeing fluffy handcuffs already on the post of the bed.

“Oops…” Emmett says realizing they’d forgotten to move those.

Darcy hands them over to Bella, with no shame. She takes the other cuffs from Bella’s hand and gets her husband set up.

“Man all I need is a strap on and we’re in business!” Darcy says and Bella blushes in thought.

Emmett dies in laughter.

“Now that’s a thought.” He mutters under his breath.
“Ugh, if Tony was hearing this…” Bella says behind a giggle.

“Visiting you freaks is so much fun.”

Once Darcy gets everything arranged. Bella carefully unscrews the lid from the tubing. The cure itself looked as though blood. She hadn’t a clue what all was in it.

“Just relax.” She whispers seeing the edgy look in his eyes.

He sighs.


He nods and glances upon his wife once more. Darcy blows him a kiss.

“Let’s do it.” He says.

Bella nods and carefully pours the contents into his mouth. He wrinkles his nose at the bitter taste and it burned as it went down his throat. He arched off the bed and yanked at the cuffs as his body began to take in the cure. His entire body was rebuilding. Everything that had once died within him was coming back to life. He sucked back a painful breath as he felt his heart reconstructing. Darcy covered her mouth and gasped back. Bella said a silent prayer as they observed his agonizing alteration.

“I’m so sorry, Em… It won’t be much longer.” Bella softly said.

He gritted his teeth and continued to jerk about. Before long he sucked back a breath and his eyes rolled back. His head flew back against the pillow he was on. And he passed out. Darcy looked to Bella in alarm. She placed an assuring hand on Darcy’s shoulder.
“He’ll be fine, you’ll see. It’s all part of the process.”

“And you couldn’t warn us?”

“I wasn’t sure how to be honest. The affects are different depending on the vampire. Sorry Darcy… We both know he wouldn’t agree if he thought there was risk in either of our safety.” Bella hints.

Darcy nods in understanding and takes her husband’s hand. A total of six hours go by, before he finally woke. Neither had left his side. They stayed in the room and talked or watched TV, patiently waiting. Bella did her best to keep Darcy distracted. He lets out a groan.

“Well hello, blue eyes…” Darcy says as that’s the first thing she took notice off.

“Darcy?” He whispers, looking confused.

“So this is what my man is like all humaned up and all.”

He smiles.

“So it worked?”

Bella doesn’t answer. She checks over his vitals and everything first. She even runs her own little DNA test another thing Bruce had taught her. She smiled seeing his cells were alive and kicking.

After she’s done checking everything over thoroughly. She undoes the cuffs.

“I can’t believe it!” Emmett says as he breaths in the air.

He jumps around testing everything out. This massive beam came to him. He instantly grabbed ahold of Bella and hugged the hell out of her.

“How can I ever repay you?!”

“It wasn’t my doing Em… It was Dr. Banner. And this was something he wanted to do. He’d been working on this for sometime.”

“Go!” Aunt May insisted.

Peter chuckled as Tony and Bella eyed one another.

“Seriously, we got this. Don’t we boys?”

Charlie and little Bruce giggle. Dr. Banner clears his throat on this as well.

“They’ll be safe between the three of us.” He assures.

Bella sighs and looks to the boys once more.

“So what do you say Bella honey? Are you ready to finally take that honeymoon?”

Aunt May was now living with the Starks. She’d taken Tony’s offer of becoming their nanny. Even the boys referred to her as Aunt May. Then again, everyone did. Peter felt better in knowing his aunt was in good hands with the Starks. That and she truly loved being around the boys. But it wasn’t a 24/7 thing like most nannies. They gave her whatever time she needed and she was free to do as she pleased. The Starks kept it laid back. And they always made time for their children. That was the one thing Aunt May admired them for. No matter how busy their schedules got, they found a way to make time for them. It wasn’t a situation where she was raising them. NO the Starks raised those boys. But when duty called, Aunt May was there as needed.

Bella takes in a breath and looks upon her husband.


He grins.

“Ok then. Let’s get to packing!”

Aunt May laughs as Tony kisses her forehead.

“You wonderful woman you!”

He damn near skips away and the boys giggle on how their father was acting. Bella still looked somewhat apprehensive. Bruce caught her before she started packing.

“They’ll be fine. You’ve my word.”

She smiled.

“I know…”

“You two go have fun. You deserve it.”

Meanwhile, Tony was already on the phone with Happy setting everything up. He’d be taking over the industry during this time.

“So where are we going?” Bella questioned.

They were in the jet, already in flight. Tony merely shrugged and eyed her a certain way. He unfastened his seatbelt and waved her towards him. She undid hers as well and made her way over. Tony pulled her into his lap. He kissed along her shoulders, whilst lowering the sleeves to her dress.

“Tony…” She said with a giggle as he lowered the straps to her bra as well, exposing her.

“It’s just us and the pilot. He can’t see us…” Tony hints in longing.

“Is that so?”

He nods and Bella crawls out of his lap, only to end up on her knees before him. He smirks and raises his brows. Bella unclasps his pants and lowers the zipper. Tony let out a grunt of pleasure as he felt her mouth around him. They both were sexually frustrated as of late. Not that they’d stopped having sex. But it had become less frequent, something they had to grow accustomed to. They stayed so busy between work, the kids, and The Avengers, that by the time they had any chance alone. They were ready to pop. And it was just as Tony thought when he first took her virginity. She’d only grown more voluptuous and beautiful with age. Bella’s breasts had filled out more as well. Something that had Tony damn near nutting himself every time she wore a two piece. He truly couldn’t get over how sexy his wife was. His hips bucked off the seat a bit as he observed the blow job he was receiving.

“Hmmm, that’s right Wildcat, suck it.”

At this she got even more into it.

“Fuck…” He threw his head back.

“Keep going… I need you to suck me off. I wanna come in that sexy mouth of yours.”

She picked up the pace and thoroughly had her tongue lapping along his cock.

“Hmmm Bella… Damn.” He arched off the chair once again and pulsated heavily within her mouth.

She moaned out as he came in her mouth. Bella swallowed every drop and licked him clean afterword. She cut him a sultry look once she was done. He couldn’t help but to smile.

“You… naked… and in my lap now!” He demanded lustfully his dick was still hard as hell and rearing to go.

He tilted his head and stroked himself as he watched her strip down. The moment she sat down his cock slid right on in. She let out a whimpering moan. Tony sucked on her breasts as he rocked her about his cock. He drove her about him even harder as she cried out his name.

“Ride it baby!” He gave her a slight pop on the butt, before grabbing a handful of her ass cheeks.

Bella kissed along his neck, nipping him every once in awhile. His cock twitched each time without fail.

“Hmmmm.” He hummed as he felt his cock becoming soaked with her juices.

“God Tony… It feels so good.” She mutters breathlessly.

He smirks as she comes yet again.
“Someone was backed up…” He teased.

But as she rode him her tits ended up right in his face. “Fuck yeah…” He uttered as he rubbed his face between them and went back to sucking on them. He loved the feeling of her erect nipples in his mouth and the way his tongue felt against them.

“Tony…” She damn near shouted.

His eyes rolled back as he felt her climaxing yet again!

“Damn Bella honey…” But he wasn’t far behind.

He gritted his teeth as the pressure hit and like a volcano he erupted.

“Well that’s more points we’ve earned in the mile high club.”

Bella giggled against his chest. Tony wrapped his arms around her and merely held her for a bit longer.


Bella says once they were off the plane and had entered the Tokyo airport. He nodded.

“Last time I checked!”


“I figured why not go somewhere that has a bit of everything! I even got us one of those cool capsule hotels and everything.”
She rears back with distaste. He heads on out of the airport and to the limo he had waiting for them. The driver popped the trunk and placed their belongings inside.

“Please tell me you’re joking…”

He shrugs and opens the door for her. He walks around and gets in the other side.

“Tony… there is absolutely nothing romantic about those places. In fact they look as though something from a horror movie. Or a damn laundry mate even…”

“I thought you were all about the modern life now.”

“Um with your OCD you truly think you’d last in one of those damn rooms?”

“Ok you got me… I actually got us a room at one of those love hotels. You know… with the works.” He says with the wiggle of the brows.

“Ugh, that’s even worse. Great so we’ll pick up an STD just from sitting on the bedspread or toilet seat.”

“Wow you’re just not easy to please…”
“Can it Tony. You know damn well you wouldn’t stay at one of those places.”

He shrugs but chuckles to himself.

“But Bella honey the hotel resides on one of those nude beach areas!”

“So you brought me here for a divorce is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

The limo pulls up to the Shangri-La Hotel. Bella looks out the window in surprise.

“Still up for that divorce?”

“Imma thinkin’…”
He nods and steps out of the limo. Once they step inside though he had her hook, line, and sinker.

“Holy shit.” She muttered under her breath as she looked around.

Tony made his way to the front desk. As soon as he gave the woman working the front his information, she did that fangirl scream.

“You are Mr. Stark! You know! The Iron Man!” She reached over and patted her coworker on the shoulder.

They spoke to one another in Japanese and let out another squeal. Tony smirked at this and nodded. They gasped out however as Bella made her way over as well.


Bella couldn’t help but to giggle at their reaction.
“So cool!”

They spoke to one another in Japanese again and hugged one another squealing.

“Will you sign?”

They nodded as the women had them sign the collars to their uniforms.

“Thank you!”

“No thank you!” Tony said and they had someone grab their bags for them.

Tony and Bella followed them onto the elevator.

“That still feels weird you know.”
“What’s that Bella honey?”
“Having anyone acting like that over me. It’s just crazy…”

“Well I act that way all the time about you. I just choose to keep it inside.”

“Oh do you now?”
He nods assuredly.
“All the time… After all Mrs. Stark, I was your number one fan, before Iron Maiden ever existed.”


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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


fanfiction and stuff


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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