Chapter 3 Welcome To Malibu

Chapter 3

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He chuckled as he she places the pillow over her head.

“I’m heading to work.”
“So you just had to wake me up for that?”
He nods and stuffs a bagel in his mouth. Clint sits on the edge of her bed and bounces up and down on it with a smirk.
“Dammit Clint OFF!” She tries to kick him off the bed, only he won’t budge.

“Jesus what are you made of bricks or something?”
“Nope, I just work out! You should try it.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“That you’re fat.”

Bella takes her pillow and slugs him with it. Clint dies in laughter.


Clint rears back.

“Ok I get that we have like a five year age gap, but what the hell is an asshat?”

Bella laughs into the comforter.
“Put on a hat and look in the mirror.”

He sighs as she continues to laugh.

“Hmm…” Clint clears his throat.
“Keep the doors locked. If you can’t reach me, but need someone call Stark. By the way the money is already in your account. I transferred it. You just need to sign for it. It’s all yours to do what you want with.”

“I don’t want it!”

“Bella you need it. Charlie would want you to have it.”

“I wanted the house burned down!”

“It is…”

She looks to him oddly. Clint takes in a breath.

“Stark obviously took your wishes literal. He bought the house. Had it burned to the ground and sold out the property. He wired the money from his profits into your account.”
“He what?!”

“No use in arguing with him. When Stark gets his mind set on something that’s just how it goes.”
“I never asked him to do that! Why would he do that?!”

“That’s just Tony. I guess he likes you. So anyway you got more than enough money to get by on.” He hands her a keychain of pepper spray and a butterfly knife.

“Keep these two things on you always. I mean it Bell. You’re not in Forks anymore. This here is a new world. If you go out just be careful and try not to get lost.”

“I need a job.”

Clint looks to her oddly.

“I think that can wait. Just chill out for a bit and get to know the city first.”

“Clint I can’t live here for forever.”

He shrugs.

“Won’t bother me none you know that.”

“You say that now just wait until you bring home a woman.”

“Have to have one to bring home first.” He utters.

“What about that red head I’ve seen you with?”

“Can’t you just call people by their first names?”

“S.H.I.E.L.D habit, anyway I really gotta get. Make yourself at home Bell.” He calls out and locks up before he leaves.

Bella was about to shut her eyes again when there was a knock at the door.

“You gotta be kidding…” She groans out and rolls out of the bed.

Whoever it was had the most annoying knock ever. It was relentless.

“OK, OK! I’m not deaf you kn…”

Bella opens the door as she’s tying her robe. He cocks a brow and had his knocking hand still in the air.

“A bit early don’t you think?”

He shrugs and welcomes himself inside.

“Where’s bubba?”


Tony wiggles his brows.

“Not here Tony… that’s like creepy it’s my brother’s place.”

He sighs.

“Hey, that wasn’t the deal.”

Bella laughs.

“So is that what you’re here for? A booty call?”

“No, but not about to turn one down if offered.”

He follows her to her room. Tony adjusts himself as her robe drops to the floor. She heads into the bathroom.

“Are sure it’s too weird for you?” He calls out in misery.

Bella doesn’t answer after a few more moments. She steps out and Tony’s thrown off completely.
“Hot date?” He inquires. She was in a black shirt and white buttoned blouse. Her hair was up and she slid on some black heels. She screamed out sex
“Job hunt.”

“Already taken care of.”

He throws down a Stark Industries package. Bella picks it up from her bed.
“Tony…” She lifts her eyes towards him.

“What is this exactly?”

“You’re new job and position it’s all in there. When you’ve run out of reading material you can look it over.”

“Isn’t this considered a conflict of interest?”
“Nope… we’re not dating.” He reminds.

“I haven’t any experience in this field Tony.”
“What’s to know? I need an assistant. All an assistant does is assists my needs.”


“That’s one of them, but no and you should be ashamed of yourself. Not even on the job yet and you’re offering sex.”

“Tony… Look I know what you did already about the house. Thank you, however I really don’t know about this… It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, but… you’ve done enough.
Tony welcomes himself onto Clint’s brown leather couch.

“This is actually not about you and your needs, but my own. I’m in desperate need for an assistant and asap. My previous assistant walked out on me and the entire industry.” He leans back in thought.

Bella sits across from him on Clint’s matching recliner.

“Her name was Pepper Potts.”

Bella noticed the look on Tony’s face.

“And she was a bit more than just my assistant.”
Bella lifts her brows on this.


He nods and begins his story of how he and Pepper met. How they started off as friends and eventually became lovers. He even tells her about how he’d planned on proposing to her. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt Bella needed to know everything he could think of. Tony wouldn’t feel right about her working for him if there were any secrets, that and considering their arrangement. He let it known that the entire industry was affected by her leaving and a few of their closest friends as they’d basically all grown together.

“As you can see I’m caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak. So it’s not so much me doing you a favor. It’s you doing me a favor. I won’t lie either. This job can be time consuming, hard at times, and worst of all you’re literally my wingman. You’d be working right alongside of me every day. The only time that changes is when I have to send you out on an errand. But even then you’re working for me and I won’t lie. You’ll soon find that I can be a bit of an…”
“Ass, Jerk, S.O.B, Chump, Media Whore?”

“That’s it, you’re fired.”

“Huh, well that was short and sweet.”
“I tried…” He utters with a shrug.

Tony shows Bella Pepper’s old photo ID card.

“Oh wow. She’s very pretty.”

“Sort of like that of a venomous snake. Only look from a distance don’t get to close.” Tony mumbles.

Bella hands the picture back. He stuffs the ID card back in his pocket. Tony comes to a stand.

“So you ready?”

“Ready?” She questions.


Bella looks to the time.
“Have we really been talking that long?”

Tony nods.

“Huh…” She said seeing it was 11 am now.

“Come now it’s orientation time.”


“Are you going to repeat everything I say?”

“Am I?” She smirks and grabs her purse.

“Hm, this ought to be interesting.” Tony expresses as he opens the door for her.

Bella locks it before they leave.

Happy stepped out of the limo and opened the door for Bella.

“Thank you.”

Happy nodded and looked to Tony oddly. Tony patted him on the back.

“Why don’t you take the scenic route?” Tony hints and slides in next to Bella.

Happy sighs.

“I’ll just pretend I don’t know what that means.” Happy mutters to himself as he gets back into the limo.

The privacy windows come up before they’re even out of the parking lot. Tony waste no time planting his lips on hers. His hand goes straight up her skirt. With one hand he takes her panties off. He stuffs them into his blazer. Tony lays her down and lifts up her skirt. Bella’s hand clasped around her mouth as Tony took his tongue to her sex. Her hips lifted off the seat off and on as he continued. His hot tongue worked it’s magic along her slit.

“Damn you taste good.” He muttered against her lips.

Tony gave it one last thoroughly licking. During this he’d managed to unfasten his pants. He was already out and stroking himself. He helped her up and applied another condom, before pulling her into his lap.

“Might be a good time to consider birth control.” He hints as he rocks her back and forth against him.

“On it.”
He grits his teeth.
“Asap… I want to feel you.” He hints in longing.

Bella moaned out she couldn’t get over how good it felt now. Tony grinned taking notice of how into it she was getting. She started riding his cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Feels good don’t it?” He encourages.

“God yes…” She admitted and arched her back.

Tony ran his hand along her sexy tummy and watched how she rode him.

“You haven’t a clue Bella…” He utters breathlessly.

“Just you fucking wait. I’ll have you climbing the damn walls! My little wild cat.”

Bella screamed out in a moaning fashion. Tony really wished they didn’t have to use condoms. What he wouldn’t give to have felt that at it’s fullest. Bella was dripping wet. So much so he could see it running down her legs. The scent filled the back of the limo. Tony grunted out in a finish as he spilled his seed within the condom. He kissed her lips then rests his forehead against her own after.

“So birth control…” He reminds again.

Bella softly laughs. Tony helps fix her dress and hands her panties over.

“I almost kept those as a souvenir.” He admits and he wasn’t lying he was tempted.

Over lunch Tony goes over whatever comes to mind about her responsibilities as his assistant. Once he’s finished with everything he can think of. He clears his throat and sips from his drink.

“About your uniform, skirts are optional, panties are not allowed, and buttoning anything above the third top button is blasphemous.”

Bella smiles, but rolls her eyes.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”
“Good I’d sure hate for you to get fired on your first day.”
“I thought I was already fired?”

“Did I fail to mention you’ve been diagnosed with dementia?”

She looks to him oddly.

“Aren’t you closer to that age gap?” She fires back.

“Not if it’s hereditary. I’ve worked with your brother I’ve seen the signs.”

Bella’s heart comes to a complete stop as she gazes upon a certain table. Tony picked up the look of fear on her face. Bella shut her eyes telling herself she was seeing things. Tony looked the direction Bella was, but he saw no one. Once Bella opened her eyes “she” was gone. Bella took in a deep breath.

“Everything ok?”

“Um yeah…”
Her heart restarted, but her hand shook along the glass as she drank her tea. Tony wasn’t certain what to make of it.

After they were done with lunch, Tony took her back to the apartment. He had a meeting to go to. He walked her to the door.

“You start Monday 8 am. Happy and I will come and get you.”

“I probably should have introduced you. He’s was our driver today.”

“Ah… ok. Awesome name… Happy…”
Tony nodded waiting for it.

“So is he…?”
“I knew you couldn’t resist.”

She smiles.

“I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Clint froze once he entered the door.

“You cooked?!”

Bella laughed at her brother’s reaction. It was like a kid at Christmas. He sat down at the table eager for a home cooked meal. Bella already had the table set. She placed down the chicken fried steak, baked potatoes, rolls and green beans. Clint wasted no time filling his plate and diving in.

“Hell Bell this is awesome.”

“Glad you’re enjoying it.”

However Charlie’s memory charged through her mind like wild stallions. He loved her cooking. He always dove right in like Clint. Halfway through supper, Bella excused herself from the table. She didn’t want to ruin Clint’s meal with her emotions. Bella went to her room and lay on the bed. She covered her face with her pillow. Before long her brother knocked on her door.

“You alright?”

“Um yeah…” She said trying her hardest not to giveaway that she had been crying.

“I think I’m going to call it a day.”
Clint looked to the time to see it was only 7pm.

“Well… alright then Bell. Goodnight hun.”
“Night Clint!” She called out in return.

Clint however put a hand to her door already knowing. He shut his eyes for a moment. He then put away the leftovers and did dishes.

“So where we going?” Bella looked out the window as Clint drove her downtown.

“You remember when your mom and my dad got married and they wanted us out of their hair?”

Bella starts laughing.
“You’re taking me to shoot paintballs?”


“Awesome! Only it’s hardly fair! You always win, being freaking Hawkeye and all.”

“You just need more practice.”

Once they get there they both set up. Bella and Clint nod towards one another.

“Good luck.” Her brother says with an egotistical grin.

“…ass…” She utters as he takes off and hides.

She takes in a breath and makes certain her gun is ready. Only before she even can get to the post she’s supposed to be at. She gets shot in the leg.

“Dammit Clint! We haven’t even started yet.”

She hears him chuckling. Bella rolls her eyes and makes her way over. She was hiding behind a stack of hay. She peered over only to get shot again in the arm.

“…son of a bitch!…”

Clint stifles his laughter as he finds another hiding place. Bella ends up getting shot over 8 times and hasn’t got a single one in.

“DAMMIT!” Bella growls out.

She hears him laughing and his paintball suit was scrapping against something as he moved around. She swallowed back and took her time listening. Very quietly she moved about.

Bella grinned ear to ear as she approached him from behind. She aimed her gun and looked through the scope. He was peering out the other direction looking for her. She fired several rounds at his ass and took off running.


Bella died in laughter and quickly hid behind a set of tires.

“Shit!” She shouted as Clint fired through the tires and got her back.

Bella threw off her paintball mask and came right for him.

“Oh shit.” Clint took off running as she shot relentlessly.

He was hopping over obstacles the entire way before he found a safe place to hide.

“Really? You’re pouting?” Clint questioned as he shifted gears.

She looked out the window with her arms folded about her chest.

“You’re totally pouting. You’re such a sore loser.”
“Bite me!”

“How very mature of you sis.”

She sticks her tongue out at him and looks back out at the window. When they get home Bella takes out a chess board and sits it up. Clint looks to her oddly.
“What are you doing?”
“We’re going to play chess.”

“Um no I don’t play chess.”


He raises his brows and puts his hands in the air.

“Um ok… sitting. …damn…”

“You move first.”

Clint takes in a breath and shrugs. He moves one of the pawns. Bella nods and makes her move. She waits for Clint to make his next move.
“You can’t move a knight like that.”
“Why not?”

“Cause that’s not how you play.”
He shrugs and moves it anyway.

“That’s cheating Clint. Wait… you’ve never played Chess before have you?”

He rolls his eyes.

“It’s a stupid and boring game. Who the hell wants to play chess?”

“I do so shut up and learn.”

Clint loses the first two games not knowing what the hell he’s doing. However he leans back in his chair and takes notice of the Stark Industries package. He looks to Bella in thought.

“What’s that?”

She clears her throat a bit.

“Paper, words, that read left to right… It’s ok you’re better at shooting things rather than reading.”

“Bell…” He insists.

“I’m working for Stark Industries now.”
He raises his brows on this.


“Um yeah… funny huh?”

Clint narrows his eyes at this.

“Are you telling me Stark gave you a job?”

“Tony… and yes.”

“No offense Bell, but you have like no experience in that area. Why would Stark offer you a job?”

Bella sighs looking towards the package.

“He pretty much said he was desperate. Apparently his last assistant walked out not long ago.”

“Whoa… wait are you telling me you’re taking the place of Potts?”

Bella swallows back rather nervously, but shrugs.

“Um yeah in a way… I guess.”

“You are aware of the history right?”

She nods.

“You’re certain that’s a good idea? I mean what the hell is he thinking? You’re barely old enough to even be working.”

“I turn 20 in like two months Clint that makes no sense.”

“I meant for the industry do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into?”
“Not really, if I’m to be honest. But I trust Tony… he’ll show me the ropes. I’m a quick learner.”

“Bell, I think you’re getting in way over your head. Why do you need a job right away anyhow? Don’t you think it’s a bit soon?” He hints.
“Clint, I need something to keep my mind off things. This job promises to keep me pretty busy. I think it’s a good thing to be honest.”

“I just hope you’re really considering just what it is you’re going to be walking into. A lot of people loved Pepper Potts.” He hints yet again.
“So you’re saying they’re going to boo me out the door?”

He sighs.

“They just might… I’m not meaning that cruelly or a knock towards you. It’s just Tony and Pepper… They were like this ideal couple. Everyone was pretty tight with one another. All I’m trying to say is… just try not to take it personally if they’re not very excepting of you.”
Bella nodded.

“How did you feel about Pepper and Tony?”

He shrugs.

“I guess you could say I just never saw it coming. Then again… no one did, especially Tony. He took it pretty hard Bell. He’d just never admit to it, but it was written all over his face and how he carried himself.”

Clint and Bella roll over in their beds. The annoying knock was back only followed by…

“Bella…” Knock, knock.

“Bella…” Knock, knock, knock.

“Bella…” knock, knock, knock, knock.

Clint groans out and scrambles out of his bed. He answers.

“What Tony?!”
“Ah you used my first name! Anywho is Bella here?”

“Yes…” Clint says and shuts the door.

Tony waits for a few seconds. Bella was already up and tying her robe. She was by the door as Tony began to knock again.

“Bella…” Knock, knock.

“Bella…” Knock, knock, knock.

“Bella…” Knock, knock, knock, knock…

Bella’s dying in laughter as she’s leaning against the door. Clint curses under his breath and walks away. Bella answers the door and Tony looks to the time.

“It’s almost 12, like noon, why are you still in your robe?”

“I don’t know, why are you so annoying?”

Yet again Tony welcomes himself inside.

“Huh…” He says looking to Clint who was still in his boxers and a black t-shirt.

“Slackers…” Tony mouths off and sits down.

“Um what’s up Tony?”

“I’m waiting for you to shower, dress, and pack your things.”
“Pack my things?”

“Yep remember you work for me now.”
“Um yeah, you said I start Monday.”

He nods and looks to his watch.

“All the more reason for you to hurry along now, we got a bit of a flight ahead of us.”


“This again? We really need to work on your communication skills. I’ll put that down as a mental note.”

Clint looks to Tony in wonder.

“Not you too…”

“What are you up to Tony?”

“Have you not told him?”

“Well yeah but…”
Tony turns to Clint.

“Then this should be a no brainer. I reside in California. I was just here to settle few things. In order for Bella to work for me she too must be willing to travel. She is my assistant after all.”

“What the fuck?!”


“See, you’re still doing it!” Tony scolds.


“You didn’t read your package yet did you?” Tony looks over to see it was still unopened.

“Tsk, tsk. Honestly… this is not going to look well on a future evaluation.”


“Ms. Swan you’re going to have to show a little initiative.”

“You can’t be serious?!” Clint announces.

“Actually she really needs a bit more oomph to work in this industry. She will be the image of Stark Industries alongside of me.”
“No you idiot! I mean you’re not seriously taking my sister to fucking California!”

Tony takes out the contract Bella signed at lunch. He flashes it towards Clint.
“Actually, this states that she works for me and she agreed to these terms. Wherever I go your sister goes.”

Bella’s jaw drops and she rushes over and yanks the contract out of Tony’s hand.

“You can keep that one it’s your copy.”

Bella looks to her brother in shock.

“Oh shit…” She utters in disbelief.

“You really signed that shit?!”

“Um oops…” She says sheepishly.

“Oops? That’s what you have to say for yourself? Is oops?! Jesus Bell!”

“What I sort of read between the lines…”

“Ah, yes she seems to suffer from illiteracy as well, another issue I can fix. She’ll be right as rain in no time. Now please times a factor and Happy doesn’t like to be kept waiting. That and I’m sure your brother is late to one of his Robin Hood marathons.” Tony takes out a black and red gift bag.

“Actually I almost forgot I already packed for you.”
Bella looks to him oddly. She looks into the bag.

“This is just a bikini.”
“Yep and with the Stark Industries logo… so…” He motions towards the door and starts to rise.

“…dammit…” Bella utters.

Clint shakes his head in disbelief.

“So that’s it? You’re leaving?”

“I’m sorry Clint… I…”
“Whatever, man just go…”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment and takes in a breath.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” She says looking to Tony.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I had to. It was all spelled out right there in that contract. And even if I had Bella…” Tony sighs once Clint leaves the room. He looks towards her with a hint of a wounded expression to his face. “If you had known… what would’ve your answer been Bella?” He whispers.

Bella takes in a breath, but says nothing as she goes to shower, dress, and pack.

Tony waits on the couch and Clint reenters the room fully dressed now. He cuts Tony a look of hell and shakes his head. He looks towards his sister’s bedroom.
“You better take care of her Tony. I mean it. She’s been through enough. I can’t believe you just threw her under the bus like that.”
Tony nods.

“It looks to me as if you’re having a harder time dealing with this than she is.”

Both men hush though as Bella steps out with her bags. Considering Tony was in a pair of blue jeans and a regular gray t-shirt. She figured she could get away with her Converse shoes, blue jeans and black ACDC shirt. Tony gives her the once over in full approval. He comes to his feet and starts grabbing her things and loading them up. Clint and Bella eye one another. Clint takes something out from his pocket.

“I was going to give you this for while you were here, but I guess you’re going to need it for sure now.”

He handed her a smartphone.
“Don’t… just keep in touch ok. That’s all I ask in return. Unlimited everything on that, so there’s no excuses. Let me know how you’re doing.”

Bella nods as Clint hugs her.
“I love you Bell. Be safe and I truly hope your new job goes great for you.”
“Love you too Clint. I hope you finally get a girlfriend.” She teases.

He half laughs.
“We’ll see…”

On the private jet…

Tony shut his eyes as he was leaning back in his seat. Bella looked around to the luxurious jet and shook her head.

“This is yours?”

“Yep, make yourself comfortable.”

Bella looks out the window as they begin to take off.

“Hope you’re strapped in correctly.” He says cocking one eye open her way as she sat across from him.

She nods and continues to look out the window.

“Is this how you always run things? I mean it’s pretty much your call?”

Tony takes off his shades and tosses them about a nearby laptop console.

“I do whatever it takes to get things done. I didn’t trick you or manipulate you in either way. I can see that you and your brother feel that way. It was your choice to sign that contract. It was your choice to accept the job. All I did was give you that extra nudge, because deep down Bella I feel you need this just as much as I do. Try to think of this as a new beginning a fresh start at something completely different. Sometimes you need to take that blinded leap and just see where it goes. If you find that it’s not for you, then I can always make other arrangements. Just don’t go jumping ship on me yet. I’m not trying to force you to do anything. I’m just trying to help you find where you fit. You said you were done with Forks and moving on. Why not see what Stark Industries has to offer? Stark Industries spans the globe. It’s a good way to find where you want to go.” Tony clears his throat.

“You know Italy was a bust. What do you say to France?”

She looks to him baffled. He’d seen the pictures Bella had in her room of Paris. He figured it was some sort of personal goal or dream. Why else would she plant it all over her walls by her computer desk?


He nods.

“We could always make a weekend trip of it. That and I’ve got business there as well. Stark Industries… we go a long ways.”

They sit in silence for a few moments. Tony waits until Happy has fallen asleep. He then pats his lap, hintingly. Bella shakes her head as if still pissed with him. He motions her over with his hand. She bites her bottom lip trying not to break into a smile.

“Do I have to fire you again? This makes twice now. I mean where are you going to go? I don’t even think we have parachutes on this plane. And it’s not like you can just walk out.”

“You honestly expect me to believe that you don’t have parachutes?”
“That depends are you that willing to jump?”

Tony nods and unfastens his belt. He comes to his feet and makes his way over. He unclasps her seat belt. Tony takes her hand and walks her back towards his seat and pulls her into his lap.
“Much better…” He wraps his arms around her waist.
“So many things to work on.” He undertones and kisses along her neck and shoulders.

“Foul mouth, selective hearing, can’t read, a major slacker, pouty, sucky attitude…”


“Shut up.”

He sighs.

“And now we’re back to the sucky attitude and talking back.”

He has her twirl around straddling his lap. He glances towards Happy once more making certain he was still asleep, before getting into a heated make out session with his new assistant.

Bella looks out the window once it’s almost time to land. She rises from Tony’s lap and goes back and takes her seat, strapping herself back in. Happy wakes at this point.

“And how was your nap sweetie?” Tony taunts.

Happy stretches out and yawns. Happy looks towards Bella.

“Did anyone else have trouble sleeping over the smacking sounds?”

Bella’s entire face gets a red hue to it. She clears her throat. She looks towards Tony.
“You really shouldn’t smack when you chew your gum, such an annoying habit, really.”

Tony lifts his brows on this and Happy grins and leans back in his chair. Bella shrugs and looks out the window again as they land.

Bella and Tony stand before the house.

“That doesn’t look like a house.”

Tony shrugs and heads on towards the house. Bella takes in a deep breath wondering just what all she was getting herself into. Once they step inside Bella just stands there for a few moments. She randomly starts laughing and shaking her head. Tony lifts his brows her way, but says nothing just watches her reaction to everything.

“I thought you’re place back at the tower in New York was insane. But this… This takes the cake.” She walks over to the massive windows.

Bella looks out to the ocean.

“Welcome to Malibu Ms. Swan.” Tony utters with as he pours himself a drink at the bar.

“Do you have any clue how crazy this is?”

He nods towards her and sips from his glass.
“Do enlighten me.”
“Tony… All of this is so much bigger than me. I come from freaking Forks. I know nothing about how to…”
Tony rushes over and puts a finger upon her lips.

“Shhh… just….shhhh.”

“Tony I’m serious.”
“You didn’t seem so unconfident at lunch the other day. Don’t let the change of atmosphere change your perspective. “

“Atmosphere…? Try environment.”

“Is there really a difference?”

“You’re the genius, you tell me!”

“Hmm… I do my homework you know. I didn’t just randomly decide to hire you. I looked up your records. Second highest GPA of your entire class, damn near perfect attendance, a whiz in chemistry, tutor for those that were behind. My question for you however is why?”

He nods.

“Why didn’t you get into college? Why didn’t you take that road to higher grounds?”

Bella swallows back remembering very well why.

“Edward…” She says softly.

“So you were putting your entire life on hold?”

“He had plans for us to maybe attend college in Alaska or something. Amongst other things, I wish to not get into.”

“So would this have been before or after becoming a blood thirsty parasite?”

“With Edward? Who knows… I honestly don’t know what the hell I was thinking. It’s like when I was around him I couldn’t think clearly. I let my feelings overcloud my good judgment.”
“Curious… What would you have done if you had become a vampire… and you realized Edward wasn’t in your deck of cards afterword?”

“Oh I’d have wreaked havoc about the universe of course.”

Tony nods.
“Oh I believe it. We might’ve met on different circumstances. It might’ve been Iron Man trying to put a stop to your villainous ways.”

“I could’ve taken him.”

Tony grins.

“You think?”

“And just how do you presume you’d manage that?”

Bella turns and kisses him as she undoes his pants. Tony’s eyes widen as she drops to her knees. He swallows back as she places his dick in her mouth. He couldn’t help, but to buck his hips somewhat at the sensation. Tony felt her moaning against his steel rod.

“That’s right keep going…” He encouraged, he liked knowing she was enjoying it.

Her tongue rolled along his entire length and the tip of his dick.

“…god damn… Keep sucking.” He uttered breathlessly feeling the pressure starting to build and knowing he wouldn’t last much longer. Her mouth was like silk it felt wonderful.

“If you don’t want me coming in your mouth I’d stop.” He warns.

“Good fucking god!” Tony hisses as she goes at an even more vigorous pace and he shots clear down her throat.
Bella cleans him off completely before coming back up. He looks to her in utter disbelief.
“That was your first time?”
She nods.

“Bullshit… no offense, but that’s hard to believe you were entirely too good at that.”

Bella licks her lips clean and shrugs as he stuffs himself back into his pants.

“Just went with my instincts.”
“Some powerful instincts. Shit… That was honestly the best blowjob I’d ever had in my life.”

Bella half laughs like it was a joke.
“I’m dead serious. I’m still hard that’s how damn good it was.”
He wasn’t kidding either he was still ready for more. Tony took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

“Naked… bed…” He hints with a shrug and hits the bathroom.

Bella looks towards the bathroom as he pulls the door shut. She softly laughs and takes off her clothes. Once she’s in the buff she pulls back the covers and slides in. Tony steps out of the bathroom before long in just his boxers. He takes off his watch and sets it on the nightstand. He then crawls underneath the sheets. He pulls the sheets over their heads and he starts kissing her and humping the hell out of her leg. “Please tell me you’re on the pill or something?” He damn near pleaded. She giggles into his mouth and nods. He grins, but continues with the eager kisses. This is what he’d been waiting for. A day just to do whatever the hell he wanted to that body of hers. No condoms, no interruptions, taking his time!

“It’s just us now my little wild cat. No holding back.” He says with a slight growl and drives himself all the way in.

Within a few strokes Bella was already climaxing.

“Tony!” She cried out as he teasingly slowed down.

He licked along her neck and earlobe. He pulsated inside her tight mound cruelly continuing his teasing trying to spur those vocals of hers on. He wanted to break the virgin and turn her into his personal minx. He was curious as to what she’d been holding back during those two years of hell.

“Fuck me Tony.”

His dick twitched at her words. Tony swelled up his thrusts from there became relentless. Just hearing her cry out his name had him mad with desire.

Bella locked her arms and legs around him. That animalistic side of Tony returned. He looked her dead in the eyes as he fucked her.
“You’re mine to fuck when I want, where I want, and however I fucking want it!” He grew surprised by his own words. At the moment though it’s how he felt he couldn’t control it.

Meanwhile, Bella flooded the living hell out of him.

“FUCK!” Tony loved it. He could feel everything now without worrying about a condom.

His dick was saturated with her juices. He couldn’t wait to come inside her.

“Bella I’m about to come. Scream for me one more time wild cat.”

She screams out his name again and her hips lifted slightly off the bed.

“That’s right wild cat…” He groaned out coming yet again.

Tony pulled out and rolled over. He had her against his chest and his hand ran along her back. Part of Tony wanted to break their stupid deal. The idea of her with another man now pissed him off. He’d beat the shit out of anyone for doing what he was doing with her. Tony felt entirely selfish at the moment. He wasn’t ready for any real commitment. Then again he wasn’t willing to share either. This wasn’t supposed to be how things were and he knew that. They were merely fuck buddies so to speak, nothing more. He hadn’t the right to tell Bella what to do when it came to other men. All he knew was they couldn’t’ continue this once either of them started dating. He’d be too quick to lose his cool. Tony rolled his eyes and forced it out of his mind. He knew better! He needed to keep his end of the deal and quit acting like a complete pussy.

He looked over to see Bella had fallen asleep. His fingers ran through his hair and he watched her sleep for a few minutes. Tony rolled his eyes yet again. He quietly rolled out from under her. He sat on the edge of the bed with his feet upon the ground. Tony pinched his eyes shut. He needed to keep himself busy. Just sex… He reminded himself over and over. He quickly got dressed and damn near ran out of the bedroom.

Bella woke up a couple hours later. She felt around for Tony only to realize he wasn’t in bed. She stretched out and headed into the bathroom. Bella just stood there confused for a moment. Tony had this massive walk in shower and then a Jacuzzi tub with a freaking flat screen TV.

“Ok that’s not asking for death by electrocution.” She mouths.

Bella decides to try the shower instead. She reaches over and turns the knob only to have the nozzle hit her right in the face. She quickly turns it off and curses under her breath.
“Would it kill him to have normal shit?”

Bella shrieks and jumps as some sort of monitor turns on in the bathroom. She turns to see Tony.
“TONY!” She scolds.

He laughs and twirls around in his chair.

“Is someone having some issues?”

Bella narrows her eyes towards the screen and while she covers herself.
“Ummm why are you covering yourself? Seeing you in your birthday suit isn’t exactly something new for me.”

“Where are you?” She questions seeing cars and more suits like that of the Iron Man suit in the back ground.

He shrugs and looks back to see what she was seeing.

“My garage.”

“Eh, think of it as a garage slash office. It’s where we’ll be spending most of our time, when we’re not at headquarters.”
“In your garage?”

He nods with confidence. He was testing out one of his repulsor beams. Bella jumps at the sound as he fires of a test run.

“Hmmm… anyway just grab the nozzle first. Then turn on the shower left is cold, right is warm. There’s also a turn gadge on the nozzle itself depending on what pressure you desire. There’s a TV in the Jacuzzi though.”

“Um yeah I noticed. Were you watching me?”

“I was not, not watching you…”


He chuckles and she sees him drinking some sort of green shake.

“What the hell is that?”

“You’ll learn soon enough. You’ll be making them for me.”

“That looks disgusting. Like Popeye’s vomit after a spinach binge.”
“Oh it tastes even better!” He utters with a smirk and toasts his glass towards the camera.

“So you run your office through your garage?”

“It’s something new I’m trying out to be honest. I can’t be here and at headquarters at the same time. This week however we don’t have a choice. Headquarters it is, but as things die down we’ll be spending more time in here.”

Bella jumps again as he sends off another blast.

“You sure are jumpy.”

Bella sighs and turns on the shower the way he’d instructed.

“There you go!”

She flips him off and steps into the shower. He smiles and turns off the monitor.

Bella steps into the living room to see Tony leaning against the counter drinking an expensive bottled water.

“Isn’t that like a five dollar bottle of water?”

He nods and tosses her one. She shrugs and opens it.

“It doesn’t taste any different from normal bottled water.”

“That’s because you have to use your imagination.”

Bella chokes back on her water in laughter.

“That’s fucked up. Thanks…”

“Don’t mention it. I always go all out to choke up my guests during their stay. So are you ready?”

“To see your new place of course.”

She looks to him peculiarly. Tony grabs her things and places them in the limo. Tony drives her to a studio apartment overlooking the beach. Happy and Tony help her get situated. Bella looks around in awe. The place was fully furnished with furniture much like Tony’s. Only it had a black and gray theme with red tones here and there. There was a black leather couch. A black love seat built into the panel of the window so Bella could sit and overlook the beach if she wanted. The flooring was shinny white ceramic tile. There was a big flat screen TV a couple of gorgeous fake plants that Bella had to touch to see if they were ever real. They certainly looked real. She had a small kitchen and bar island to eat at connected big enough for two people to dine. There was a king size bed in a room that had a black curtain on a rod. There was a woodcrest closet in the room as well it was just compact enough not to take up to much room, but space enough for all her things. The bathroom struck her stupid. It had a luxurious tub huge vanity mirror and double sinks.

“It was either a shower or tub. I figure you more for a bathing person. If I’m wrong though there are others as well…”
“Tony… How much is this going to cost me? I mean it’s gorgeous, but it looks downright expensive.”
“It cost you nothing.” He says with a shrug.

She looks to him stumped.

“That doesn’t make sense.”
“Sure it does. You work for me. You’re only reason for moving to Cali in the first place is because of the job. It’d be rather shitty to expect you to go find your own place after I pretty much dragged you here kicking and screaming, metaphorically speaking. Eh, well sort of you screamed a little…”

“Tony… it’s great and it’s not that I don’t appreciate it, but I can’t accept this.”

“You can and you will. Hell it’s not even that great of a place. It’s too small and you don’t even have a shower… It’s jus…”

Bella pinches her eyes shut. Tony looks to Happy and motions for him to give them a few minutes. Happy nods and exits the studio.

“What are you doing Tony?”


“First my father’s house and the money you wired over to my account. The job and now this outrageous studio apartment?”
Tony sighs and sits her down on the couch.

“You should see Happy’s place…”

She lifts her eyes towards him.

“The people that work for Stark Industries are the heart and soul of the company. The industry would be shit without them. At least the good ones anyway… I’ve come to learn when you actually treat them as this. They tend to work harder and with more pride. They are willing to come to work each and everyday and bust ass. If I underpaid them and treated them like they were beneath me. Then that’s exactly how the company is going to be cared for as well. I count on these people to help me keep the industry running. Bella, you haven’t a real clue just yet, but soon you will see. Often enough you’re going to come through that door go straight to bed and pass the fuck out. That’s how strenuous this field can be, even more so for you. I’ll be running you into the ground on most days. Your job details more of keeping my ass in line and trust me that’s no easy job. I tend to procrastinate and get my mind on other things. That’s what you’re there for. To snap me back into attention and remind me of what agendas are going on for that day. Often enough I’m juggling a million things at once. That and well…”

Tony presses his lips together for a moment.

“Let’s just say after everything that’s taken place within the last year or so. I need someone I can fucking trust. I get it ok. You don’t know shit about what to do. But that’s what I’m here for. I’m going to walk you through this. Together we can make it through the first couple months until you’re able to do this blindfolded. If I didn’t trust that you could handle this I wouldn’t have even bothered. I’m not expecting you to walk into that office tomorrow morning and know what to do. I don’t even expect you to know what you’re doing two weeks from now. What I do expect is to be able to trust in you completely. You’re about to learn things no one else knows. You’re going to see things no one else does. You’re going to learn more about me than anyone else has ever known. You’re going to be around me so much, you’re going to get sick of seeing my face and soon be calling your brother begging for him to come get you. Only I’m a pain the ass and I won’t let you go that easily. I’m fighting in your corner because I see something in you. Push our entire deal out the window forget that we’re fucking ok. Say we just stopped all together. I’d still want you working by my side. That’s how much faith I’m putting into this. Call me crazy, but seeing you stand up to those motherfucking vampires that were about to end your life, damn… I found myself thinking now that’s the kind of person I want working for this company. You pretty much knew you were going to bite the bullet. But you’re a little spitfire and you weren’t about to go down with one hell of a fight. THAT’S the image I want for my industry! That’s the Stark way of doing things! Pepper’s been gone for nearly a year now. Why do you think it is I haven’t found anyone to take her place? You think I haven’t had multiple resumes and applications for her position? Or even people coming up to me asking if it’s been filled yet? Trust me it’s insane how many people are clamoring for this position, even some that are already working for the company. But no one I’m willing to put my 100 percent trust in.”

“You hardly know me…” Bella whispers with a racing heart.

“That maybe true, but I know you got what it takes and that’s all I could ever ask for. So yeah this tiny studio apartment is yours. Literally it’s bought and paid for and under your name. So if you ever decide to move out then it’s yours to do whatever you want with. About the house back in Forks, I’ll admit that was more personal. Your father was a cop and from what I hear a good damn one. That alone has my respect. So it wasn’t just for you. I did what I did in dedication to his honor and bravery. I knew he’d want your wishes to be granted and I seriously doubt he’d want anyone else living in that house after. So yeah I had it burned to nothing, but ashes and the profits off selling the land went to you. Why the fuck do I need it?”

Bella wipes her eyes and clears her throat.

“I wasn’t sure what you liked to eat, but there are a few groceries in the fridge and cabinets. So you’re all set. Happy will be arriving about 7:30 am I expect you at the headquarters office by 8:00 am. So I’d get plenty of sleep we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Oh and… when you get a chance actually read through the package I gave you. Just for shits and giggles anyway at least.”

Tony comes to his feet and heads towards the door.

“Tony…” He stops with his back to her and hand on the knob.

“Thank you… I think…” She expresses with confusion in her voice.

“Goodnight … Wild Cat.” He says with a smirk that she couldn’t see.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Welcome To Malibu”

  1. Silly girl. NEVER sign anything without reading it first. Kinda glad that she’ll be glued to his side. Esp since Clint will be needing to do missions, B would be alone in NY for the most part. So not good with Victoria still on the loose.

  2. Bella working with Tony ? I did not expect for this!

    Tony is amazing! All he did for Bella … Just perfect.

    This sex scene in the car was hot !

    Bella and Clint in paintball? LOL ! Very funny ! Bella is a losing badly ! lol

    Again, a Tony vulnerable in this chapter! I love that !

    And that animalistic side of Tony? Just … WOW !

    I’m enjoying your story more and more !

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