Chapter 4 Stars and Stripes

Chapter 4

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First day…

Bella spills her coffee all over her blazer and vanilla colored blouse before entering the limo.

“Oh come on…” She mouths and does whatever she can to clean it up only it starts to spread even more.

“Son of a bitch!” Happy looked into the rearview mirror as he could hear everything she was saying. He didn’t comment though.

“Way to go Bella. Great start to a first day.”

She leaned back in misery. After they arrived Happy escorted her inside. Tony was already at his desk and on the phone. He lifted his eyes towards her as she came in with the coffee. He noticed the coffee stain already on her blouse. Bella hands him his cup of coffee. He nods and sets it down while he continues his phone call. He was wearing a midnight blue suit, matching vest, and white dress shirt. His tie was midnight with baby blue stripes going across it. Tony tilted his head about and whipped around in his chair as Bella bent over to place down her purse. Agent Coulson was at the door and lifted his eyes towards Tony taking notice. Tony shrugged and cleared his throat. He fixated his eyes on something else. Her skirt was tight and black and slit in the back just enough to show of her legs and hint of thighs. She was in strappy high heeled shoes, her now coffee stained vanilla colored blouse, silver hooped earrings, and her hair was up in a ponytail. Tony crossed his legs and took in a deep breath.

“Yes, I’m still here.” Tony says into the phone.

He takes a sip of his coffee and chokes back in disgust. Tony quickly takes off the lid and pours the contents out into a nearby plant. Happy rushes over once Bella’s out of the room and replaces Tony’s coffee. Tony looks to Happy oddly. Happy merely shrugs and takes off with the empty container just before Bella returns. Tony sips from the coffee Happy replaced and nods in approval. Agent Coulson grins, but doesn’t utter a word.

Once Tony’s off the phone, he straightens his tie. He looks to Bella then Agent Coulson.
“Bella this is Agent Coulson, Agent Coulson, Bella my new assistant.”

Agent Coulson offers his hand.

“Nice to meet you.” He says warmly.
“Likewise.” Bella replied, with a hint of nervousness to her voice.

“You’ll be seeing a lot of him as well. I believe he’s also worked with Barton.”

Agent Coulson nods.
“He’s one of the best.”

Bella smiles.

“He’s my brother.”
“Then you must be honored.”

“I am actually.”
Tony looks back to Bella and takes something out from his desk.
“That’ll get that stain out just roll it on there.”

Bella blushes looking down to her shirt.

“Um yeah, that happened.”

She reaches over and runs the stain remover stick along her blouse.


“Yep, it comes in handy.”

Tony motions for Agent Coulson to exit the room. He nods and pulls the door shut.
Tony reaches back and pulls another desk chair over. Bella sits down.

“Ok first thing’s first. You need to know how to answer the phone, such as how to address yourself, the industry, and myself, then how to deal with whatever situation you may be facing. I will show you how to transfer calls to certain offices or wherever the call maybe directed. He lifts the receiver to the phone and shows her the list of extensions and their numbers.

“You can always use this if you get to flustered and forget who’s who. Always make certain you put the person on hold then transfer the call. If you do not, well you just hung up on that person.”

The phone rings once Tony places it down. He glances towards her as he answers it.

“Stark Headquarters, Tony Stark speaking.”

Only you will answer… Stark Headquarters, Bella Swan, Stark’s assistant speaking. Or…

Stark Headquarters, Tony’s sexetary speaking… WILL WORK TOO! Tony jots down with a pen on a memo pad while he’s talking on the phone. Like the skirt BTW… Panties?

Bella takes the pen from his hold and jots down…

Major sexual harassment, I’m suing…

After Tony’s done with his phone call he hangs up.

“Suing huh?”
She nods. Tony sighs and runs a hand up her skirt. A frown forms on his face, feeling the seam of panties.

“Hmmm…” He moves his hand.

“That’s a write up and on your first day. I gave you specific orders.”

Tony reaches over and grabs a calendar.

“Ok, this is typically one of your most important jobs, my meetings and appointments. It’s your responsibility to schedule them. Naturally, you find out what time, how long the meeting is etc… This is how we manage our time and how many meetings slash appointments we can do. This is pretty much just about using your wits. Something I admit I don’t have, when it comes to this right here. I suck at this shit. Only I’d never tell anyone else that. You however, need to know this is my weak area. This is where you are needed the most. At times we will have to cancel or rescheduled etc…”

Bella takes in a quivery breath.

“Um ok…”

Tony leans back in his seat.

“Relax Bella… You’re going to do fine.”

“Oh sure, I’m just pretty much responsible for running damn near your daily life.”

He grins.

“Well it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! Might as well be you. Like I said before, I’m going to walk you through this. I’m not expecting you to know everything after just one day. It’s going to take some time. He looks to the time. We got a board meeting in 15.” He hands her a laptop. “We’ll go ahead and head in there. I’ll help get you situated. Pretty much your job is to take notes.” He points to his head.

“This goes back to your high school days, pretty much anything of any importance. You just gotta be able to type fast and know what’s worth noting. At times you will set up other meetings during or after as they’re discussed. Never be afraid to tell anyone, that we can’t do that. No matter how pushy they get. And believe me it happens. They work around our schedule not the other way around. They can wait. Unless… it’s an emergency. Then that calls for different circumstances.”

Tony continues on about whatever he can think of as she follows him to the board room. He pulls out a chair for her. He shows her the password as he types it in.

“You know how to work one of these?”

“No, what is it?”

He raises his brows and she breaks into a smile.

“Funny…” He utters with a grin and shakes his head.

He watches as Bella logs into one of the office documents for writing. He nods in approval and looks out the window. Tony places his hands in his pockets. It felt weird having someone else in Pepper’s place. Yet oddly, he found himself accepting it faster than he honestly thought he would. For one thing, he thoroughly enjoyed Bella’s company and he felt he could let lose around her and be himself more than usual. But he took notice of her nerves it was in her voice and the way she carried herself. He could see she was trying her best to remain strong and confident, but that fear resided in her eyes.

“Breathe…” He whispered as he continued to look out the window.

He heard her taking in a breath at his words.

“Where’s the wild cat that faced that room full of vampires. You’re turning into a cuddly kitten.”

“Shut up!”
“Ah, there she is.”

Tony nods towards the board members as they enter the room. He make his way over and shakes a few of their hands and mingles somewhat before everyone sits down. They each cut Bella puzzled looks. Tony takes his seat and clears his throat. He introduces Bella to the board members and visa versa. A few of them glance over disapprovingly.

“So Ms. Potts will not be returning?” One of them questioned.

Tony leans back as if in thought and looks to the man who asked.

“From the looks of things no.”
“But if she does?” The man hints looking to Bella.

“Let’s just live in the now and not speculate about the… what ifs.”

From there Tony begins the meeting. Bella quietly listens and begins her notes. That’s where Bella’s day went to sheer hell. The meeting was an hour and half long. She typed throughout most of the meeting. Bella however went to shift around in her seat to get more comfortable. When she did her hand leaned on the laptop just enough to somehow delete EVERYTHING that she’d just typed. She swallowed back nervously and went to hit the undo button praying it would bring up everything. Only when she did this the only part to return was the first half hour of the meeting. The other hour of it was gone! She’d been typing so fast she forgot to hit save. What laptop doesn’t have an auto save for like every ten minutes! Bella thought in a panic.

Because of her panicking about this, she wasn’t getting the rest jotted down as well, Bella was too busy trying to bring up what she’d lost.

“…shit…” Tony heard Bella whisper to herself.

He cocked a brow her way. The board members watched curiously as Bella hopped to her feet and gathered a memo pad. Tony looked to her oddly as she simply wrote down what was said throughout the rest of the meeting. After the meeting was over Tony dismissed everyone, he then looked back to Bella.

“I wanted to go over what Mr. Johnson was saying.”

Bella bites down on her lower lip and half laughs.

Tony tilts his head in wonder. Bella twirls the laptop around and pinches the bridge of her nose. Tony rears back.

“Um, where’s the rest?” He inquires skimming through the laptop.

“I sort of deleted it…” She whispers with a blush.

“Deleted? And why would you do that?”
“Boredom maybe? Hell Tony, it was an accident I’m really sorry.”

He sighs and continued to try and bring it up. He hands her a folder.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Tony points to his right.

“A couple rooms over is where I need you to take this. The top two pages I need to have transferred to the numbers listed on the yellow post it notes. The other pages I need you to make ten copies each of.”

He hands her the folder. Bella nods and heads that direction. Once she’s out of the room. Tony had already managed to bring up everything she’d lost. He smirked, but said nothing as he went over it and saved it. Tony figured he’d make her sweat.

“No! No, no, nooooooooo!” Bella kicked the machine as it started shredding the documents that were meant to be faxed to the numbers listed.

The remains landed in shreds on the floor.


Bella hurriedly went and picked it up. She took in a deep breath and thought she’d at least make the copies Tony needed then would tell him about her “new” screw up for the day.

Only the copier jammed halfway through when Bella went to try and stop it. Her hand went up against the button for how many copies she needed. Bella didn’t take notice that she’d put an extra 0 on the 10. So papers began to fly everywhere once they ran out of places to go.

Tony wondered what was taking Bella so long. He walked past and saw Bella kicking the shit out of the machine. Papers were everywhere. He took in a breath and kept walking, but hollered out.

“We’re going to need more toner.” At this he heard her kick the machine even harder.

“And possibly a new copy machine!” He called out again.

Agent Coulson looked upon her strangely as Bella reentered the office. Not only did she have a very disarrayed stack of papers. She was limping from kicking the machine. He quickly turned to keep from laughing at the expression on her face. Bella was in misery. She slammed the papers down on the desk. She then sat down and just stared at them.

The phone rang and Agent Coulson nodded her way as she bravely answered. She took in a breath.

“Stark Headquarters, Bella Swan, Stark’s assistant speaking…” She was surprised she even got that part right.

“Yes sir, I can transfer you.”

Bella however… forgot to put the man on hold then transfer. Like Tony specifically made clear. She caught her mistake only it was too late. She’d hung up on the freaking Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Bella looked to Agent Coulson like a deer caught in headlights.

“I just hung up on the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!”

She groaned into her hands as she covered her face.

“Did I hear right?” She froze hearing Tony’s voice as he entered the room.

Agent Coulson took in breath for her. Bella peeked at Tony through her fingers. She nodded and covered her face again.

“Why don’t you go on to lunch? I’ll handle this.” Tony said with a hint of agitation to his voice.


Tony nods. Bella sighs and shows him how she also shredded the documents that were meant to be faxed over. She made hundreds of copies of one page and ran out of paper and toner before she could get to the others. Tony shakes his head and says nothing just waves her off. Happy enters the room takes her arm escorting her out.
“He’s going to kill me, isn’t he?” Bella utters once Happy has her outside.

Happy smiles, but says nothing as he opens the door for her. Bella leans back and shuts her eyes in the limo.

“Where would you like to go for lunch Ms. Swan?”

“It’s just Bella Happy and I don’t care you pick. Just so you know I’m not eating alone either. I’ve seen how these movies play out.”

“Movie Ms.?”

“Yeah, I’m not Ms. Daisy.”
Happy nods.

“And I’m not black.”

“OH my god you’re not?!” She pretends to be mortified.

Happy chuckles and turns on his blinker. He pulls into some sort of deli.

“They have the best subs!”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Bella sighs in thought.

“And what does Tony usually get?”

“The number three.”

“Watch closely Happy, I’m sure to screw this up somehow also.”

He opens the door for her.

“Thanks.” He nods and follows behind her.

They both order their food. Happy goes to pay and Bella softly slaps his hand away. She hands the cashier her card.

“Sorry, I’m a pain in the ass.” She utters and pays for the food.
“NO comment!” Happy says with a grin.

They find a table and sit down. Bella bites into a pickle and looks to Happy in thought.

“So how long have you been working for Tony?”

“Going on 17 years.”

Bella raises her brows.

“Oh wow.”

Happy nods.

“A lot of history I presume.”
“You can say that.”

Happy sips from his drink.

“So how old are you Ms.. I mean Bella. If you don’t mind me asking?”

She smiles.

“I’ll be twenty in September.”
Happy chokes back on his soda and hits his chest. Bella softly laughs.

“You ok there slugger?”

Happy narrows his eyes.

“That’s funny…” He says with a certain tone.

“What is?”

“Tony says that sometimes.”

He nods and bites into his sandwich. Once they’re done with their meal, Bella looks to Happy.
“I’m sorry, about what all took place.”
He wipes his mouth with his napkin.

“I mean about Pepper… I can only imagine how hard this must be on all of you. I know Tony won’t admit it, but I’m sure he’s having his own issues on this as well.”

“We were all pretty tight.”

He leans back though and takes in a breath.

“She really hurt him, but each of us in the process. I won’t get into it all, it’s not my business. Just watch your back.” He hints.
“Some won’t be so accepting of the new change. So stay on your toes. The only true advice I can seem to give you.”

“If I have anymore days like today. You all might not have to be worrying about that much longer.”

Happy has a good laugh at this. He then grows serious for a moment.

“It’s more about you not walking out on us.” He says with sincerity.

“Tony picked you for a reason. I trust his judgment. All I meant is that others may not.”

“Right now he’s sitting in his office. Pouring himself a drink, cursing my very name under his breath with each sip.”

“You seem to have him pretty pegged.”

They both raise and throw away their trash. Bella orders Tony’s food before heading back to the limo.

Bella enters the office to see Tony back on the phone. He twirled around in his chair and faced the window. Bella shakes her head on this and quietly sets down his food. After he’s off the phone he hands her another file. She looks to him apprehensively.

“Hit the elevator. Go to the third floor and take this to Mr. McDonald. You’ll go down the long hallway. Turn left and he’s the third office down. Think you can manage that?”

She raises her brows towards him.
“Nope! But I’ll damn sure try!” She smarts in return.

Bella stops at the doorway.

“And McDonald really?”

He motions her off and starts to eat his lunch.

“What a stiff…” Bella utters in the elevator about Tony’s attitude.

She rolls her eyes upon herself though knowing he’d every right to be moody with her. Still, she wasn’t going to make it easy on him. He knew damn well she’d suck at this. After all she did warn him. Bella finds the guy’s office. He too was on the phone. He was tall, blond, and had an athletic build to him. Bella knocked on his already open office door. He waved her over.

She was about to leave after sitting down the file.

“Hold on…” He announced as he put a hand over the receiver.

Bella nodded and waited until he was off the phone.

“And you are?” He inquired with a rather rude tone.
“Bella Swan, Stark’s new assistant.”

He narrowed his eyes.

“The one that shredded my documents.”

She takes in a breath and nods in admitting. He shakes his head.

“If Potts were still here she’d have already had everything done before lunch.”

“With all due respect sir, I’m not her.”

He rather laughs chauvinistically.

“Oh believe me I can tell. You lack in speed, class, and your hair is a mess.”

Bella ground her teeth together.
“It’s my first day Mr. McDonald.”

“Are you telling me you were hired without any experience whatsoever?”

“Are you telling me you don’t truly run a farm?!” She fires back bitterly.

“Did you come up with that all by yourself?”

Bella takes in another breath.
“Was there anything else you needed sir?”

“Maybe for you not to fuck up my stuff next time? Thanks, that will be all, Bella.”

“That’s Ms. Swan, Mr. McDonald.” She pivots on out of the room.

Tony wiped his mouth clean as Bella entered the office.

“Did you find it?”
“Oh yeah…”
He looks to her in wonder about the tone in her voice.

“Everything ok?”

“Yep.” She takes her seat and fixes one of the straps to her heels.

Her feet were killing her. She wasn’t one to wear heels and she wasn’t too crazy about them. Something she knew she’d have to get over.

“You’ll be leaving earlier than usual today.”
She turned towards him with a hint of panic that she’d screwed up that bad.

“I need some suits taken to the dry cleaners. I also need you to take this.” He hands her over another file.

“To this dickhead lawyer.”


Tony nods.

“We get this a lot. Just comes with the territory.”

“Um ok…” She says as he didn’t give her a direct answer.

“After that Happy will take you home. Eat a good meal, take a long bath, get some sleep, and we start all over in the morning.”

“Can’t wait.”

The phone rings. Tony motions for her to answer it.

“What if it’s the Prime Minister again?”

“Tell him you have turrets and call him an asshole.”

He shrugs and comes to his feet.

“Stark Headquarters, Bella Swan, Stark’s assistant speaking.”

“You again?!” Mr. McDonald scoffs.

“Where’s Tony? I wish to speak with him.”

“How lovely to hear from you again as well Mr. McDonald! He’s right here!”

Bella hands over the phone as Tony was about to step out. Tony played with his tie and sat on the edge of the desk. He looked towards Bella as he talked to Mr. McDonald. Before long he hung up. He made a smacking sound with his lips.

“Did you really mouth off to Mr. McDonald?” Tony inquires.

“I sure did.”

Tony nods.

“On your first day?”

“Yep.” She says feeling her face turning red.

Tony sighs and comes to his feet. He says nothing else and exits the room. Bella lets out groan.


Tony enters Mr. McDonald’s office without knocking. He shuts the door behind him. Tony takes the phone from his hand and hangs up on whoever he was talking to. Mr. McDonald looks up in surprise.

“What’d you say to her?”


Tony nods and places his hands upon his waist as he paces the room.

“We’re both smart seemingly attractive men right?”

Mr. McDonald smiles.

“Well yes sir. I presume so.”
“Well I am, that’s without question.”

Tony stops in midstride.

“But you see there’s a certain way we men work, now isn’t there?”

Mr. McDonald shrugs. Tony smiles and looks towards the man.

“She’s hot, isn’t she?”

Tony sits down and kicks his feet out on the table. Mr. McDonald laughs.

“She could use some more in T and A if you get my drift, but the girl’s got a body. That’s for damn sure. She just doesn’t have a lick of sense. The only place that girl belongs is in the bedroom.”

“Hmmm, maybe it would have helped if you had taken a different approach, rather than trying to ruffle her feathers.”

“I don’t know Tony she’s awfully cute when she’s angry. You should have seen her strut on out of here. Damn that girl had that ass and legs going like you wouldn’t believe.”

Tony nods and picks up a picture of the guy’s kid on the table.

“You and Melissa still separated?”

Mr. McDonald rolls his eyes.

“Yeah the bitch is wanting freaking alimony now. Can you believe that?!”


Mr. McDonald nods with disgust.


Tony comes back to his feet and places the picture of his little boy back down. He goes to exit the room.
“So what was it you came in here to see me for?”

Tony keeps his back turned towards him.
“Oh I was just overheard the new assistant talking to one of the other women. She was going on about how attractive you were.” Tony lies through his teeth and shrugs dismissively.

“I was merely curious if the feelings were mutual. You know how I am… Curiosity always gets to me.”

The man grins ear to ear.

“Hmmm, maybe I should have another reason for her to shred some more documents.”
“Couldn’t hurt!”

Once Tony exits the room he rolls his eyes and straightens his tie. He makes his way back to his office. Bella so far was managing to keep up with the phone calls and messages. She handed him a sticky note with a couple of call back numbers. He nodded.

“By the way… Mr. McDonald has requested you to bring him a pitcher of water.”

“Me? But I’m your assistant.”
Tony nods, but discreetly places a miniature tape recorder in her black blazer. He’d noticed she put it on when the central air kicked on.

“I think he had some other business to discuss as well. Just take him the water, Bella. It won’t kill you to be a little compromising.”

Bella shoots to her feet.
“Very well…”

She grabs a clear pitcher and fills it up with ice water. Once she’s out of the room, Tony grins ear to ear and chuckles to himself. Wishing he could be a fly on the wall for this occasion. He merely waited and then followed her there keeping a safe distance, so she wouldn’t take notice of him.

Bella knocks on the office door.

“Open!” Mr. McDonald calls out.

Bella enters the room and stands before his desk. Mr. Mc Donald rises from his chair. He circles Bella like a vulture. He straightens his tie and leans into her ear.

“You obviously suck at your job… do you suck at other things as well?”

Her jaw dropped as he licked her earlobe. She swiftly turned around and dumped the entire contents of ice cold water on his crotch. Bella then balled up her hand and socked him across the face. She grabs him by the tie and grits her teeth. Something escapes her mouth that she never even knew existed within her.

“Let’s get one thing straight. For now on you’re MY BITCH! You just lost your man rights! If you so much as sneeze wrong. I’ll have you swimming in sexual harassment charges. I’ll fuck up whatever world you’ve created for yourself outside of this office. Do we have an understanding Bitch?!” Bella couldn’t believe her own words, but she was beyond humiliated.

The door opens at this point and Tony starts clapping. He discreetly takes the recorder back out from her pocket and tucks it under his sleeve.

“And there she is!” He winks at Bella.

“Greg please allow me to introduce you to my new assistant, Ms. Swan. Amazing isn’t she? Thank you Ms. Swan. I got it from here.”

Bella looks to Tony completely baffled. He smiles and motions her off.

“And please shut the door behind you.”

Bella nods and pulls the door shut on her way out. Tony takes the recorder out and places it on his desk and hits play. It replayed everything that was said. It even picked up Mr. McDonald’s little whisper.

“You set me up!”

“Correction you set yourself up. You made it so easy!” Tony pats him on the shoulder.

“I’m demoting you by the way.”

Tony picks up the picture of his kid again.

“This… this is what keeps you here. So if I were you I’d hug the daylights out of him and take him out for ice cream. However… fuck up again and even he can’t save you. Tony reaches over and rips the name plague off his desk. He then goes and pries the one off the door.”
“None of this would have happened if Ms. Potts was still here!”

Tony nods and turns to him.

“That’s very true. If she were here my coffee wouldn’t taste like shit, all my dry cleaning, paperwork and other errands would have already been done. I’d have time to breathe! But she’s not here! She turned her back to all of us! And how dare you go and take it out on Ms. Swan. You’re right she’s not Pep and thank God for that or she’d end up walking as well.”

Tony starts walking off and with his back turned to Mr. McDonald.

“Report to the mailroom, you’re already late for your new job.”

Happy drops her off once she’s done with the errands Tony had for her. He escorts her to her door.

“Thank you Happy.”

He simply nods and starts back towards the limo. He pauses though and pivots back around. Happy knew Bella had been hearing all day long how she wasn’t Pepper and everyone had been comparing the two of them. Agent Coulson and Happy had confided in one another during one of their breaks about all they’d heard and witnessed Bella dealing with. It didn’t stop at Mr. McDonald. Several others were more than willingly to give Bella literal hell. Happy wouldn’t dare say a world, but it was more than obvious Tony was falling for Bella and visa versa. He could only imagine how much it had to suck being compared throughout the day to the “ex”.

“You know… try not to listen to the ones that give you hell about how you’re not Pepper. Think about the ones that are giving you a chance. Try not to care so much what the others have to say or what they think.”

Bella smiles.

“I’ll see you in the morning Happy.”

“Until then…” He does a slight bow and heads back to the limo.

Bella steps inside and takes off her shoes. She then lies on the couch and shuts her eyes. A couple hours later Bella falls off the couch as there’s a knock at the door. She hurriedly scrambles to her feet, forgetting where she was. Bella nearly trips over the coffee table and her own shoes as she makes her way to the door.

Bella opens the door to seeing it was Tony. She leaves the door open and heads back to the living room, picking up a bit. Tony pulls the door shut and leans against the counter. Bella runs her fingers through her hair and looks back towards Tony.

“Having a little nap?”

She nods looking back towards the couch.

“I take it you’re not particularly fond of me at the moment?”

Bella shrugs, but doesn’t give him a direct answer. She sits down on the couch and rubs her eyes.

“You should know that Mr. McDonald has been demoted and written up for his behavior. It was by far unacceptable and it won’t be happening again. You have my word. After what Pepper pulled, I felt I needed to test you. I needed you to believe I was truly disappointed in your performance today. And that you were at fault for what took place with Mr. McDonald. Both those things couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

“So, you were only acting like a heartless bastard?”

“I wouldn’t say heartless, but bastard? Yeah a little bit.”

Bella tiredly laughs.

“You’re such a jerk you know that!”

Tony smiles and nods.

“Couple of things I needed to show you, then I’ll let you get some rest.”

Tony makes his way to the coffee table and flips it over. He shows her the black button beneath it.

“This…” He places it back down, then takes her hand and leads her to the kitchen.

“And this…” He has her hunker down to see another button by the sink.

“And…” He takes her to the bathroom and they step inside the closet. He shows her a lever inside behind a stack of towels.

Bella looks to Tony in disbelief as a secret department opens. Bella curiously steps inside seeing two monitors. Some sort of speaker box and a red emergency phone.

“This is a safe or panic room which ever you prefer to call it.”

He showed her where there was some water, a first aid kit, etc…

“If you’re ever in danger, you either hit one of those buttons or get your ass in here. Stark Industries, and I will be notified. Someone will get to you either way. I figured with certain vampires and a wolfboy on the lose you might need something you can turn to.”

Tony heads out of the safe room and closes it back up. Tony goes to leave and Bella walks him out. Before he leaves he places his hand along her cheek he gives it a small caress. Bella watches as he drives away in his silver Lamborghini.

Tony lifts his brows yet again as Bella walks into the office. This time she was in a form fitting red blouse that was tucked into a smoky gray skirt that stopped just above the knees. Tony half laughs to himself thinking this one was worse than yesterdays. Yet again she bent over to put her purse away. He leaned back in his chair and shook his head. Tony rubbed his face with both his hands. Then he folded his arms about his chest.

She brings him his coffee. He sips from it and yet again chokes back on it. She looks to him concerned.

“Something wrong?”

He shakes his head. Bella heads to the bathroom and Tony quickly pours the coffee out into the plant again. He wrinkles his nose and takes off the lid and sniffs the cup in wonder. He mouths the words what the fuck. Agent Coulson and Happy however were eating some baked cookies from a round Tupperware. Tony looks towards them.
“Are those homemade cookies?”

They both nod and Happy flips his over, looking upon it.
“Where did you get those from?”

“Ms. Swan.” Agent Coulson voiced between bites.

“And they’re good?”

“Awesome actually.” Happy says and grabs another one.

Tony makes his way over and grabs one of the cookies. He takes a bite and then looks to the cookie as if trying to figure out the piece to a missing puzzle.

“So she can bake, but can’t make a cup of coffee?” He whispers.

Happy laughs.

“I guess so.”

Tony grabs a couple more cookies and heads back to his desk. He sits down and Happy places the replacement coffee down.

“I don’t get it.” Tony says.

“These are like the best cookies I’ve ever had.”

Happy shrugs and on his way out he takes the entire container of cookies from Agent Coulson’s hold and heads out the door.

“Did he just steal our cookies?”

Agent Coulson sighs with true disappointment.
“Well you’re security aren’t you?”

Agent Coulson shrugs.

“Get our cookies back!”

Bella steps out of the bathroom and takes her seat beside Tony.

“So you can bake?”

Bella nods.

“Huh… well whattaya know…” He mumbles as he munches down on another cookie.

Agent Coulson shuts the door at Tony’s signal. Tony sides over a paper with a list of things.

“What’s this?”

“Just a guide in case you need it. It’s basically your life on a daily basis.”
Bella looks to the schedule.

“The phone rings and Tony answers before she can.”

She listens while he’s setting up a meeting over the phone. He jots it down on the calendar. After he’s done he turns to Bella.

“This is all yours today. I’ll be in and out of meetings and will come check on you. I have my cell on me if you need to call me.”

He takes out his cell.

“What’s your number?”

She gives him her number and he sends her a text, and then heads out of the office.

You’re mine for lunch Ms. Swan… see you then.

Bella nibbles on her lower lip in thought. The phone rings knocking her out of her trance.

“Stark Industries, Bella Swan, Stark’s assistant speaking…”

Bella finally began to get it down somewhat. She only fouled up a couple times by the extensions, but it was an easy fix once the call went back through to her. She apologized and fixed the issue immediately with no real issues. She set up a couple of meetings and one appointment. She then got a call to have some files faxed. Bella dragged Agent Coulson along with her by the sleeve of his arm. She had him show her how to work the damn machine. It was one of those that had the shredder, copier, scanner, and faxing all in one. He went about it as if it was nothing. She even had him show her a second time to make sure she got it down.

“I could so kiss you right now.”

Tony had just happened to walk by when he heard this. He stopped and peeked into the room. He shook his head at the huge smirk on Agent Coulson’s face. Tony cleared his throat and gave him the cut throat motion. He quickly walked away before Bella saw him. Agent Coulson rolled his eyes once Tony walked away. Once Bella was done she headed back to the office.

“Thank you Coulson!” She called out.

Tony was already in the chair waiting as she stepped inside.

“I see you’re getting the hang of things.” He mentioned looking to the calendar.

“Yes you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow after lunch. You have a meeting with another industry at 9 am Thursday. The name is on the calendar. Then some guy by the name of Ivan Vanko. He seemed pretty persistent. He actually wanted to talk to you tomorrow, but you have a press conference in the morning. I wasn’t sure how long those last.”

“Vanko?” Tony questions in thought.

“Yeah, says he’s got something to go over with you.”


Anyway I set that for Monday morning. Tony shrugs.

“Might be another one of those that thinks I have nothing better to do with my time. We tend to get those. Soon you’ll have a list of names of the crazies we avoid.”

Tony makes his way over to the office door. He closes it and locks it. He loosens his tie as he heads back over to Bella. He yanks the phone cord from the wall. Tony knocks whatever’s on the desk to the floor. He then picks Bella up whilst lifting her skirt in the process. He places her on the desk and nearly loses it as he looks down.


His fingers ran along her bare sex.

“Guess it’s time I had my lunch.” Tony looks towards the door.

“Just keep in mind where we are. As much as I fucking love to hear you scream and moan…” He hints in a whisper.

It wasn’t that he cared what anyone thought of him or his private life. He didn’t care if the entire world knew he was fucking Bella Swan. Why would he? He’s fucking Tony Stark he can do whatever the fuck he wants. It was more about protecting Bella and her name. He knew how the media and some people in the industry could be. He’d be damned if he made her look bad.

She smiles in thought and bites her bottom lip. Tony places a finger over his lips and winks as he undoes his belt and pants. He already had precum dripping out of him he was so riled up. He placed himself inside her wet slit. Tony then realized he had a problem. He himself wasn’t sure he could keep quiet. He froze trying to keep it together. Her pussy was so welcoming, so warm, so tight, and fucking wet he was losing his mind. Bella clamped both hands over her mouth. Tony shook his head with a smirk. They were both having hell keeping quiet. He decided to try something different. He moves her hands and starts keeping both their mouths busy as he fucks her on the desk. This seemed to do the trick. They moaned into each other’s mouths. He unbuttoned her blouse and fought to get her breasts out from her bra. His moans grew more significant as he played with her tits. He uttered her name into her mouth. Something Bella found sexy as hell. Tony leaned into her ear and huskily whispered.
“Come for me Wild Cat. Show me how I turn you on.” Within seconds he feels her grow even tighter. He looks down and watches his cock slamming into her. He spreads her pussy to get a better look. He motioned for her to look as well. He wiggles his brows and throbs even more inside her. He could tell the visual was stimulating her even more. She curiously ran her fingers along her pussy as she watched. Part of him rather liked the idea he was her first and that he was the one teaching her these things about her body and his. He found it an odd sort of turn on and prideful thing. Even he had been bad once about making virgin jokes. But he honestly he never dreamed he’d been in this situation.

Tony pulled out curious as to something else. He jerked himself off on her mound. Bella’s jaw dropped somewhat. Just by her reaction alone he could tell she’d never seen a man do that. Then she did something that floored Tony. She dipped her finger into one of the drops and licked it off. He raised his brows on this.

“That’s it I need to get you to myself for an entire weekend. Preferably out of the country! I can only imagine when I completely break that shell of yours.”

She smiles as he grabs some tissues and cleans the mess he’d left behind off. Her arms wrap around him as he kisses her.

“Would you consider going with me if I set it up?”

She runs her hand along his chest in thought. Bella too was starting to struggle with her own emotions to all this. But like Tony, she didn’t want to show it. They made a deal… that was that. This was purely business and pleasure ironically enough. Nothing more and nothing more could ever come of this. He was an older man for crying out loud. That and he was Tony Stark aka Iron Man. What future could she possibly have with him? Still her mind wandered. Little fantasies played out of what it’d truly be like to be Tony’s girl, rather than his fuck toy. Though, she’d nothing to complain about there. Bella swallowed back and took in a breath before she answered.


She nods. He pecks her on the lips again.

“Then I’ll let you know.”

Friday night…

“Later Happy!”

He smiled and waved her off as he headed back to the apartment. Bella dialed her brother on the way inside.

“About fucking time.”
Bella laughs.

“Well hello to you too Clint.”

He softly laughs on the other end.

“So how’s Cali treating you sis?”

“Hmmm not so sure how to answer that… it’s been a trying experience.”
“Oh has it now?”

Bella takes off her shoes and her blazer. She takes her hair down as she walks about her apartment. She tells Clint about work and a few things about California. She couldn’t tell him much considering she spent most of her time at work. He told her about work and how things were going in New York. After they were done catching up Bella hung up and started to get undressed as she headed to the bathroom.

Bella started her bath and poured some rose scented bubbles in. Bella washed her face in the sink and pinned her hair up to keep from getting it wet. She then entered the tub. She shut her eyes relaxing for a few moments. The warm water felt good against her body, mainly her sore feet. She took in a deep breath. She was glad it was the weekend she was ready to relax and get some much needed sleep.

Her arms and legs suddenly flared out as she was dunked under the water by force. Bella panicked as she was held under water. Her eyes shot open and all she could see was the foam from the bubbles. She did whatever she could to try and come up for air, but couldn’t. Whoever it was their hands were icy cold, even through the warm water she was immerged in. Bella knew she couldn’t hold her breath much longer. Her body began to give out. She fought to hold her breath, but it was a losing battle. She just knew this was going to be how she died. Bella went to suck back a breath only to be yanked out of the tub and tossed up against the wall. Bella sorely rolled over. She choked back on a bit of bath water she’d gotten in her lungs. She fought for air as she crawled about the cold ceramic tile.

Bella desperately headed for the panic room. She used the shelves about the room to climb up with, but her entire body was in agony. She found the lever blindly with her hand and lowered it. The room opened and she made her way inside as the doors quickly shut. Bella hit the red button in the room and everything came on. Alerts went out to not only Stark Industries and Tony, but S.H.I.E.L.D. Something Tony knew nothing about. Little was he aware that Fury had put out a signal for when Stark Industries got called out for an emergency so did S.H.I.E.L.D this was something Fury did behind his back.

Tony raises his glass in the air toasting to his guests. He was holding a charity event at his house. He’d spent the entire night wishing Bella was there, but the both had agreed it wouldn’t be a good idea. Tony for one knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off her. She was entirely too tempting and as time progressed he found himself growing more and more attached. Deep down he was trying to find a way to call off their deal. He was getting in too deep, but he knew he couldn’t work alongside of her and not want to fuck her constantly. He already had the taste. It only left him craving more. He’d been signing autographs and drinking all night. Women were throwing themselves at him. A bit of guilt that he didn’t truly understand washed over him. Chances were she was off drunk somewhere as well, enjoying her life and men were buying her drinks left and right. Only Tony was about to be proved quite wrong. He hadn’t heard Bella’s distress call because of his drunken and partying state. His friend Rhode whispered something in his ear about one of the monitors going off in the living room. Tony rushed in to see Bella on the screen.

His heart came to a complete stop. She was huddled into a corner of the panic room completely naked and soaked. She looked frightened out of her mind. Tony took off running to the garage after handing Rhode his drink.

Bella jumped as the door to the panic room was busted open.
“Are you alright Ms.?

Bella didn’t answer, she just sat there as if in a state of shock. The man slowly approached her and put away his shield.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to help. I was sent her by orders of Colonel Fury through SHIELD. My name is Steve Rogers you may know me better as Captain America.”

She blinks a few times as if confused.

“The frozen soldier that was on the news?”

He nods and offers a hand. Bella takes it and he helps her to her feet. On the way out he reaches over and grabs her robe. He does his best to respect her, though he couldn’t help, but to find her to be very attractive. It was clear she was beyond terrified. Bruises were already forming along her back, arms, and legs. Her legs trembled as he got her outside.

Bella nodded trying to stay strong, but her emotions got the best of her. Captain America wrapped his arms around her as he did his best to console her. Iron Man landed right before them. He took in the scene with a painful and pissed off expression under that iron mask of his. He’d never met the guy, but had heard about the famous soldier. He also knew that S.H.I.E.L.D had a hold of him. Then again he worked for S.H.I.E.L.D before they were even known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Both men eyed one another. Captain America went to place Bella behind him protectively. This only further pissed Iron Man off. He took a step towards her and Captain America held out a hand.

“Don’t come any closer!” He demands and starts to lead Bella away from Iron Man.

Bella looks over from the Captain’s chest and recognizes Iron Man. She pries out of the Captain’s hold and rushes over. The Captain looked upon her confused. He shook his head in disproval as Iron Man seized her and scanned her body over. Tony beneath that exterior gritted his teeth upon the beating her body had taken. He was so fucking pissed off with himself. He’d sobered up quick.

“You trust this … well whatever he is?”

“Watch it cub scout! Next time watch your hands! I’m pretty sure American heroes don’t perv on naked victims.”

Captain America looks Iron Man baffled.

“Tony…” Bella whispers in disbelief.

“He was only trying to help.”

“Yeah well, what I want to know is why. Why are you here? Who the fuck sent you?”
“I was given direct orders by Colonel Fury. I happened to be in the area. He mentioned there was some sort of distress call from Barton’s sister.”

“And how in the living FUCK would S.H.I.E.L.D get this sort of information?! I want answers and I want them now! There are only two places that call went out to!”

“Instead of worrying so much about why I’m here! You better be glad I arrived when I did! Whoever this was took off at the speed of light damn near. I’d never seen anything like it.”

Iron Man and Bella look to one another.

“Victoria…” Bella utters.
“Who?” The Captain questioned.

“So what exactly happened?” Iron Man questioned with his hand upon her cheek.

She shut her eyes for a moment and told him about her nearly drowning and being tossed across the room. How she saw no one. Without another world Iron Man takes off with her. Captain America sighs and goes to report back to Fury.

Bella holds on as he flies back to his place. Naturally, he’d forgotten all about his “event”. He sits her down and a few women run up to him.

“It’s Iron Man one of them yells.”

Bella secures her silk robe better and takes a few steps back. A couple of the women were running their hands along the suit and asking for autographs. Bella turned away from him and headed on inside. She pushed past the crowd, whilst shielding her face with her hand. She rushed up stairs to the guest room and shut the door behind her.

Iron Man took off his helmet. He signed a couple of autographs, but promptly rushed inside. He walked up to Rhode.

“Something’s come up can you…”
Rhode had seen the girl walk in earlier.

“Go on… I got this.”

Tony nods and heads into the garage. He hurriedly gets out of his suit and rushes back through his guests, up the stairs. A blonde woman stops him halfway up she grabs him by the tie. He gently takes his tie from her hand.

“Party’s down there tonight…” He does his best to hint and she cuts him a look of disappointment.

He watches as she heads back downstairs bitterly. A woman he’d normally couldn’t wait to have locked away in his bedroom for the rest of the night. He shakes his head on this and makes his way to the guest room. Tony knocks on the door, opens it, and then walks right on in.

Bella was on the bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. She lifted her eyes towards him.

“I don’t want to keep you from your guests. I know you’re busy.”

Tony ignores what she said and lays down beside her. He positions her right next to him and merely wraps his arm around her. Neither said a word the entire night. In fact they fell asleep in this position. Tony was first to wake the next morning. Her bruises were even more noticeable. He grimaced as he opened her robe and gazed her over. His fingers gently ran along the marks along her body. She whimpered out and jumped off and on in her sleep. It was time Iron Man dealt with the little ginger bitch vampire. He wouldn’t make it a quick death by no means, Tony wanted to rip the bitch apart. Part of him wanted to jack up Edward Cullen as well. After all this was his doing! He failed to clean up his mess and Bella was paying the price! Sometimes it takes a man to do a boy’s job. Tony thought to himself. Edward just wasn’t man enough to take care of his own responsibilities. Hell, he wasn’t’ even man enough to keep his lover pleased, much less by his side.

Bella curled up against his chest. Tony found himself holding her even tighter and kissing the top of his head. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. He was FUCKED. And he knew it big time.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Stars and Stripes”

  1. Poor Bella! It is all muddled. She let the nervousness get in her way. I have to say it’s very funny. I gave a good laugh with the situations where Bella got herself.

    And what’s with these idiots of the company, saying that Bella is not Pepper ? A bunch of assholes.

    Tony scared me for a moment! I really thought he was upset with Bella.

    Damn! Victoria appears again! That bitch! She should have died along with James.

    And Captain America comes to the rescue !

    Tony jealous ! How cute! Even being at the wrong time! And he should not get upset with himself! The charitable parties are a must for someone like him. And he had no way of knowing that Bella was in danger. It’s not his fault!

    I think now things between them will become more serious! I hope so! I’m loving this couple! They are a beautiful couple.

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