Chapter 5 Deal Breaker

“Um what’s going on?” Bella questions as Tony places her bags on the bed.

“Did you pack my clothes?”

She raises up in the bed and opens one of the familiar bags.

“That I did.”

“Soooo you went to my apartment and took it upon yourself to go through my things and pack my clothes?”

“Amongst other things, by the way how come you never wear those thongs in your drawer?”

Bella’s jaw drops and she throws her pillow at him. He chuckles.

“Just saying why own them if you never wear them? Any who I took it upon myself to pack those as well.”

“What’s going on Tony?”

“We’re getting out of here for a few days and couple nights that’s what. Now get showered and hurry along.”


He heads out of the room with a smile, but says nothing. Bella enters the living room once she’s showered and dressed. Tony was in a Black Sabbath t-shirt and blue jeans. He already had his shades on. Bella had on a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans. She’d left her hair down. It felt nice to be in her Converses she thought to herself as she looked out the window. Tony approached her and flipped her over his shoulder. He grabbed their bags on the way out and headed to the jet.

Once they were inside the jet, he placed her in a seat. He put away their bags. Tony then sat down and strapped himself inside. Before Bella could truly think the jet began to take off. She looked to Tony.

“You know I hate surprises right?”

“Then you’re in the wrong field and hanging around the wrong man. I’m full of surprises!”

Bella sighs and leans back in her seat. It’s not until they land that Bella realizes where they are. She steps out of the jet at airport.


He shrugs and grabs their bags.

“We’re at the airport in freaking Paris, France?”

He nods and continues to walk.

She shakes her head taken back completely. She follows him to a limo he’d already waiting for them. Tony opens the door for her and she slides on in. Yet again she’s caught off guard as the limo stops at Hôtel de Crillon.

“Tony what’s going on?” She questions with a hint of nerves to her voice.

He says nothing.

“Stay put I’ll be right back.”

She looks to him oddly. Tony grabs their things and heads into Hôtel de Crillon Hotel. He returns empty handed and gets back inside the limo. The driver takes off again. Tony takes her hand and kisses it. Bella’s nerves were getting the best of her. She swallowed back and looked out the window. They stop at the Eiffel tower.

“Tony this feels a bit…”

“A bit…?” He utters with a small smirk.

He gets out and opens the door. Tony takes her hand and takes a few steps towards the tower.

“I want to end our deal. I’m done with it. It might piss you off and if so then I’m not sure where to take things from here. All I know is my feelings have changed. I’d like to see where things could go if we decide to give us a try. Seeing you wrapped in Captain America’s arms is what sent the message home. I wouldn’t get jealous of someone I was just having fun with. My feelings are deeper than that; I’m just hoping yours are the same…”

Bella stands before him utterly stunned. She knew her feelings had changed, but she hadn’t a clue his had. She truly thought it was just sex and business for him. Her heart was racing beyond belief.
“Tony… I…” She was trying to come up with the words, but couldn’t.

That hint of fear though also resided within her. She didn’t like seeing those women hanging all over him either. But knew it wasn’t her place to say anything as to why she simply walked away. Bella knew her feelings for Tony were strong as well. That’s the part that scared her the most. Edward had ripped her heart out when he turned his back to her. It was no secret how Tony Stark lived his life and that he could have damn near any woman he wanted. That’s the part that made her heart race. She was tired of playing it safe though. Sure she could easily lie and say she didn’t feel the same. Tell him she wanted to go back home. That was the safer way out. No risk of getting hurt again. That’s not the route she wanted to take. Bella never was one to take the easy way out. She’d see this through to the end not only out of her feelings for Tony, but her curiosity to see where things would lead.

She takes in a deep breath.



She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck having to tippy toe just to do so. Tony slightly lifted her off the ground and heatedly kissed her. Once they break apart both were practically panting. Tony’s hands ran along her ass.

“You know, you didn’t have to take me all the way to Paris to tell me how you felt.”

He shrugs.

“It’s fun though isn’t?” Bella laughs as Tony places her back down.

He twirls her around facing the tower.

“Just so you know Stark Tower is by far more impressive…” He whispers in her ear and wraps his arms around her waist.

Tony moved the hair away from her neck and kissed along it. He clears his throat and rests his head along her shoulder.

“I knew you couldn’t resist my charm.”

“Tony…” She articulated rolling her eyes, but with a smile.

“Admit it.”

“Hmmm…” He pops her on the rear.

“Let’s go eat.”

He took her to one of the nearby restaurants. That still overlooked the tower. The sun would set soon and he wanted her to see what it looked like at night. So he had the hostess take them to the seating outside.

“Aren’t we a bit underdressed?” Bella whispered as Tony pulled out a chair for her.

She noticed most of the customers were in suits or dresses. Tony looked around and shrugged.

“I don’t think so.” He lied knowing damn well they were, but he didn’t give a shit.

He ordered a bottle of wine for the table. A few people recognized Tony and asked for his autograph. He curiously looked towards Bella during those times. She didn’t really seem fazed. Bella just sipped from her wine and looked back towards the tower.

Visions of last night also kept replaying in her mind. She set her glass down as she remembered how she was drowning. Chills ran up her arms. Tony took notice and took her hand from across the table.

“Are you ok?”

Bella nodded and wiped her face with her cloth napkin.

“Yeah, just having a hard time getting over my near death experience out of my head, funny huh? I should be used to it by now. I should have died at least 6 possibly 7 times by now.”

“Hmmm guess that means you have about 3 lives left? Use them wisely. Preferably with me!”

Bella laughs.

“I’ll do my best.”

“Guess that means that’s just another thing we have in common.” He taps on his arc reactor.

Bella finishes her glass of wine and Tony pours her another.

“So how hard was it getting back into the grove of things? You know after.” She hints about what took place.

He takes a bite of his food and chews in thought before answering.

“Actually, it made me that much more determined.” He points to her with his fork.
“I don’t believe you’d have liked me very much before. I was a different person then.”

“Wait, you were more of an ass?” She taunts.

“Surprisingly, yes.”


“Only I’m much more handsome now believe it or not.”

Bella laughs.

“You and that ego, I don’t think anyone could ever get between the two of you.”

He cocks a brow at this.
“Now why would you want to do something like that? Maybe we should discuss some boundaries to this relationship.”

“Boundaries are meant to be crossed and certain deals are obviously meant to be broken. I think we both know better by now. You’re not fooling anyone Tony or at least you’re not fooling me.”

“I suppose I will have to try a lot harder.”

“Something tells me you’re not really one for dating fools.”

Tony laughs and toasts his glass in the air.

“Very true, unfortunately I do believe you and I have both had our share of fools.”
“Then it’s time to move on to bigger and brighter things.” Bella says raising her glass in the air as well.
They toast to that and sip from their wine. Bella looks back towards the tower as the sun sets. The lights to the Eiffel Tower come on and she shakes her head with a grin.

“Who’d have thought?” She expresses softly.
“And what would that be?”
“That you’ve got somewhat a romantic side to you, you know underneath all that iron armor of yours.”

Bella giggles as Tony had her pressed up against the corner of the elevator. He eagerly kissed her until they heard the elevator come to a stop. He didn’t break stride he simply backed up with her still in his hold. He headed towards their room. Tony kept one hand and his lips planted on her as he managed to get the door opened. Once they’re inside he pulls the door to.

He carefully raised her shirt and took it off. He continued to strip her down and backed her up against the bed with each article of clothing he managed to get off her. Tony pulled back the covers on the bed.

The room had a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The hotel room looked as if something from the Renaissance age. The room was beyond fancy and gorgeous. The sheets were white silk and the comforter was red. Art was literally painted into the walls. Bella had never seen such a place. She felt like she and Tony were staying in a museum rather than a hotel.

Tony crawled under the sheets once he had his clothes off. He looked her in the eyes as he ran a hand along her cheek, neck, breasts, and tummy. She gasped out softly as his hand made its way to her sex. He watched her reaction as he ran his hand along her. He swallowed hard feeling how wet she was becoming. This was slightly different though and Tony wanted to show her that now. There was a difference between fucking and what he was about to do now. This was no longer about just about getting laid. There was more behind it. Tony crawled over her and kissed along whatever part of her body he could reach.

Bella ran her hands along his chest and back. When Tony made his way back to her lips he felt her fondling his dick. The vibrations of his moans traveled through her mouth. He pulsated in her hand. Bella placed him into her hot slit. He went about it slower and gentler than usual. Bella licked along his chest and neck, causing his cock to ache in the home he’d made for it. That’s how it felt to him like he belonged right here. Nothing else entered his mind at the moment not Start Industries, not Iron Man, and especially not “her“. His entire focus went to Bella. Her fingers ran through his hair and her legs wrapped around him. At this he felt himself go even deeper into her tight pussy. Bella gasped out in climax as he hit that certain spot. Tony felt it and it only spurred him on. He began to thrust even harder desperate to feel her release again. He couldn’t describe how incredible it felt each time he got her off. He never wanted her to stop.

He gripped her pillow and used it for support remembering her bruises. After he felt her hit that peek once again, thick, white, hot come shot from his dick. He gave a few more strokes and softly nipped at her neck.

Not long after they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Bella was soon to learn she wasn’t the only one to have night terrors. Bella woke to Tony gasping for air and covered in sweat. He kept saying no over and over. He moved his body about as if he was being attacked.
“Tony…” She said softly and carefully reached out to him.

She put her hand upon his cheek. He’d been having nightmares about what had happened in Afghanistan, nightmares that used to include Pepper, although as of late she wasn’t even in his dreams. Still he kept reliving the hell he’d gone through. Often enough, it felt so real like he’d wake up and find himself there all over again.

“It’s just a dream Tony…”

“STOP!” Tony shouted and he shot up in the bed.

Bella quickly cut on the lamp and saw the blue veins around his arc reactor.

“Tony?” She ran her fingers along the veins.

“What’s happening?

He pointed to a bag.

“Can you get me that bag?” He said not wanting to alarm her.

He remembered how Pepper reacted. She nodded and rushed over and grabbed the bag. Bella opened it once she got on the bed.

“There are some cartridges in there.” He takes out the arc reactor and the old cartridge. He shows her what to look for.


He nods and takes out the old one. Bella raises her brows on this and hurriedly hands him the other one. She reaches over and grabs the old one without even being squeamish about it. Tony could barely move as he went to place the other one in. Bella sighed and took it from his hold. She straddled him and looked to the area curiously.

“Just place and snap right?”

He nodded his face was damn near blue. Bella hurriedly placed the cartridge in not stopping until she heard it snap. She then placed the arc reactor back in. He sucked back a breath.

“Were you about to have a heart attack?”

“Try cardiac arrest.”

She playfully smacks his cheek.

“Well don’t do that shit!” She scolds and takes the other cartridge and looks to him.

“What do I do with this?”

“It’s no good to me now. It’s burned out.” She nods and tosses it into the trash bin.

Bella then heads to the bathroom and washes her hands thoroughly.

Tony just lay there in a bit of astonishment. He couldn’t believe how well she handled that. He could see she was slightly freaked out, but handled it like a champ. He rose up in the bed to see it was 5 am. Bella returned and put the bag back up. She then handed Tony a glass of water and couple of Bayer aspirin. He looked to her in amazement.

“So you want to explain to me how that works exactly and why you hadn’t told me about that little issue before?”

He sighs and rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“Honesty, I was hoping you wouldn’t have to ever deal with that.” He admits.

“It’s not exactly a great date topic. By the way the very thing that saves my life, is the very thing that kills me.”

“Only we weren’t dating and I’m your assistant Tony. How am I supposed to properly assist you if you don’t tell me these things? If you weren’t able to talk to me, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do in order to help you. Understand where I’m coming from? You don’t have to hide these things from me.”

“Now I wouldn’t call it hiding it exactly. Just more like hoping I could deal with it so you didn’t have to.”

“So these things burn out and when they do you go into cardiac arrest?”
He nods.

“I’ve manage to keep the blood poisoning issue down, somewhat.”

Bella shakes her head and runs her fingers along the arc reactor.

“So if you don’t change this out often enough you not only can go into cardiac arrest… you’re poisoning yourself?”

Tony nods again.

“Is there not something you could create with that brilliant mind of yours to maybe NOT have these issues?”

Tony half laughs and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Believe me; I’ve put some thought into it.”

“Well try harder.”

“Hmmm…” He pops her on the rear.

“So no dying and stuff.”

“And stuff?”

She nods and pecks him on the lips.

“Ok so no dying and stuff. I think I can arrange that. However… you have to do the same. You see what we have here I another deal I’m afraid.”

Bella grins and shakes her head.

“I say we shake on it.”

“You do remember how our last deal went right?”
“I’m well aware. I will say this one’s the safer bet. You see we’re both just stubborn enough to make this one work.” He holds out his hand.

Bella shrugs and shakes it firmly. Tony pulls the covers back over them and wraps his arms around her.

The sound of Bella’s phone vibrating woke Tony. She was still straddled over him sleeping against his chest. He reached over and answered it.

“Bella’s phone, Tony speaking.”

He hears this odd hissing sound on the other end.

“Just give the phone to Bella!”

Tony raises his brows to the familiar voice and on his demand.

“Um no can do, she’s asleep.”

“It’s important.”

“Then you can tell me and I’ll relay the message Louis and how did you get this number?”

“Why are you answering her phone?”
“Hmmm a very good question… It seems Bella’s discovered she’s got a thing for older men. Well ones with a pulse anyhow.”

“You’re sick!”
“Am I now?”

Tony kisses the top of Bella’s head and runs his hand along her back.

“Ok, I admit it. I’m a very, very sick man. I thoroughly enjoy sleeping with your ex and proving what a pencil dicked loser you are.”

“That’s it; I’m coming to get her. She needs to realize, she’s making a big mistake.”
“Well we’re listed in the phone book. We’ll leave the light on for you. Goodbye now!” Tony says and hangs up.

Tony continues to hold her as she sleeps for about another half hour. Only he raises his brows, once she begins to stir awake. Bella was humping him like an animal in heat. His hands ran along her ass. She was so wet he was able to slide right on in.

“…fuck…” He moaned out at the sensation.

He felt Bella giggling against him. Tony smirked and firmly gripped her hips encouragingly. Bella rose up and Tony nearly lost his shit at the scene before him. Her hips were bucking away and her breasts were full of life.

“Holy shit…” Tony expressed knowing he wouldn’t last much longer, but he damn sure was trying.

She arched back in her peak. He took in a breath of relief. He didn’t want to get off before she did.

“FUCK!” He shouted and came hardcore.

Bella teasingly gave him a couple more strokes. He half growled and his hips slightly lifted off the bed.

Bella laughs and rolls off him.

“Where you off to?”
“Well if you must know I gotta pee.”
“You pee?”

“I know shocker right?”

“I’d have never known.”

Tony picks up Bella’s phone and looks to the number Edward called from. He sends JARVIS the number from his phone and starts a trace on it. He also has it set to where JARVIS will contact him in return once he finds out where Edward is. He sets Bella’s phone down afterword. He hears the shower start and Tony heads that way. He too decides to take a leak and joins Bella promptly after.

However, Tony just stood there mesmerized. He watched Bella soap down and wash her hair.

“Something wrong?”

“Just experiencing some minor heart complications that’s all.” He utters.

Bella lets Tony over so he can shower. After he’s done he grabs hold of her and pulls her under the water with him. Around Bella he felt like a teenager again. It wasn’t just about the lust he felt. It was something more. He felt this odd sense of relaxation even with the stresses of the industry and everything he was facing. Bella brought out a younger sense to him. He laughed more than he had in a long time, real laughter that is. Sure he’s put on a few acts to please people. Ones that usually annoy the hell out of him, around her, everything was very real. Truth of the matter was Tony was falling in love all over again. Pepper was the only woman he’d ever allowed himself to get this attached to. But with Bella, more and more every day, he began to realize a wonderful truth. With her he was free.

He took the Louvre Pyramid and Palace, which she seemed to love. Tony got a kick of how she reacted. It was more than obvious Bella hadn’t seen much outside of Italy and even that wasn’t truly an experience. Something he’d hoped to make up to her one day as well. He’d wished to show her the brighter sides to Italy one day as well. Though he knew several more trips to France were in the future. He wanted her to have the full experience. Three days was nowhere near enough time to experience all there was.

After that it was getting late and Tony decided to take her out to eat. They both went back to the hotel though and got ready. He wanted to make a night of it considering it was their last full day in Paris. He’d already called ahead and canceled all meetings for Monday and had them rescheduled for Tuesday. After Bella’s attack he felt she needed some time to heal not just physically, but emotionally.

Tony was adjusting his bowtie when Bella stepped out. He froze seeing her reflection in the mirror he was looking into.

“I still can’t believe you bought this. I don’t even want to know how expensive this was.”

He turns to find his breath was literally taken away. She was hopping around placing on the matching silver shoes. Her hair was pinned up. She looked as though a goddess.
“What?” She questioned as he continued to gawk.

He clears his throat trying to regain composure.

“What would have you done if I turned you down? You know after admitting your feelings for me?”

He made his way over and straightened the straps on the silver evening gown she was wearing. It was skin tight on top, with a hint of cleavage, flared out with a slit to show off her sexy legs down the side of her dress.

“I’d have fucked you till you agreed with me.”

“Wouldn’t that be considered rape?”
“You can’t rape the willing.”

“Who said I’d be willing?”

“The ridiculously moist white thong under that dress of yours, such sweet lies… I’d have proven in court how riled up I can make you. Before long, you’d be the one doing the raping.”

“You’re so full of yourself.”
“And you’d be climbing the walls to be full of me.” He seductively whispers, whilst running a hand along her waist.

“You look ravishing by the way.” He says and takes her hand spinning her around.

“I’d say something along the lines of how handsome you look, but we both know you don’t need a bigger head than the one you have already.”

“Your words melt my heart.”
Bella laughs, but runs her hands along the collar of his suit.

“Very well Mr. Stark, you’re quite fetching tonight.”
He smirks.

“I know, but thank you anyway.”

Bella punches him in the arm.

“See what?”


Tony starts humming to himself and takes her by the hand as he leads her out of the hotel. After taking her to one of the fanciest restaurants in town, tony decided to end the night by taking her dancing. She hadn’t a clue though once they stepped out of the limo.

When they entered the building and she realized where they were. She came to a complete halt and looked to Tony in damn near panic. She took a few steps back.
He looked upon her in wonder.

“Something wrong?”

“I don’t dance…” She whispers.

He starts laughing and gently pulls her back towards him.

“Come on now Wild Cat.”

“No you don’t get it. Like, I can’t…” She mentions in a hushing matter with a blush.

Tony shrugs and drags her along.

“Tony!” She pulls back.

He turns back towards her. Tony leans into her ear.

“You can do anything you set your mind to. Besides dancing can be considered a leap of faith, you gotta have trust in your partner. Just follow my lead and try not to worry so much. I got this.”

She thought about her last “dance partner” and frowned. He leads her to the dance floor. He gives her a wink as he gets them situated. He nods before starting. Bella blushes stepping on his feet a couple times. He stops and looks her in the eyes.

“Let me lead, you follow and have fun with it. You’re too tense.”

She takes in a breath and looks to the other couples dancing around them. They both ignore the people taking pictures of them and gossiping.

“Focus on my eyes.” He starts again.

He twirls her about then brings her back to his chest.

“You’re getting it.”
Bella smiles as he spins her around yet again. She starts laughing as he picks up the tempo. Tony passes by a particular table as they continue to dance. He grabs a red rose and places it in his mouth. He wiggles his brows then takes it out. He bows before her and hands her the rose. Bella takes it, but jumps as the crowd around them starts clapping. Tony takes off dancing with her again.

“Can’t dance huh?” He pulls her in closer to him.

“Dirty little liar…” He whispers.

He kisses her. They danced for another hour before stopping for a few drinks. No one dared questioned her age since she was with Tony. He ordered whatever they wanted and he’d hand her drink over. Once he got her good and buzzed he soon learned that Bella could be somewhat of a giggly drunk. He found it adorable actually, everything seemed to make her laugh. He led her back to the dance floor. With a few drinks in her she no longer cared about the others looking on. She continued to laugh off and on and towards the end. She was leaning against his chest. They kissed and softly talked to one another throughout the night as they danced. Nevertheless, Bella’s eyes were growing heavy he noticed as she leaned against him. He scooped her up in the middle of their last dance. He carried her out of the building and into the limo. They headed back to the hotel. The moment Tony laid her down on the bed she was out. He took off her shoes and unzipped her dress. He was careful not to wake her as he took off her dress. While she slept Tony lay beside her and ran his hand along her body every once in a while. He then smiled and reached over cutting off the lamp.

“Night Wild Cat…” He whispered.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Deal Breaker”

  1. Idiot Eddie has plans of never changing her,never having sex with her,but if a man does have sex with her and makes her happy he claims he is just using her.what a child.just kill him.

  2. Paris ? Wow ! So romantic !

    Own ! Tony increasingly cute !

    Bella proving that she is the right woman for Tony. I loved the way she handled the situation with the arc reactor.

    And I love how Tony is affected by Bella. “With her he was free.” I love it!

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