Chapter 7 Another One Bites The Dust

Chapter 7

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Bella looks up from her desk as Tony sails back across the room. He was testing one of his suits. She leans back in her chair as he comes to his feet. He clears his throat and dusts himself off.

“Did you have a good trip?” Bella smarts.

Tony shakes his head and gets back on his platform.
“You know most women would have hopped up making sure their man was ok.”

“Huh… well, you ok…?”

“No, no just go back to what you were doing.”

“Ok.” Bella says with a smirk.

She finishes up for the day and starts logging out of everything. She looks over to see Tony trying whatever it was he was trying again with the unibeam in his chest. He braces himself and tries again with less of a kick behind it. Bella watches from a safe distance as Tony continues to run some tests. He takes off the helmet and growls out in frustration. He was covered in sweat. Bella watched as he had the suit taken off him. She tossed him a towel. Tony dried off his face.

“Everything alright?”

Tony nodded and went to his stool. He sat down and starting jotting down some notes. Bella made her way over and locked her arms around him. She pecked him on the cheek. He shut his eyes for a moment and reached back running his hands along her arms. She playfully roughed up his hair as she exited the garage. Tony watched as she headed back upstairs. He stretched out for a moment and tiredly rubbed his eyes.

Bella showered and started them some supper. Tony continued tinkering in the garage for another hour or so. Once supper was ready Bella placed it on the island. Bella looked out the window after word. She stared out into the ocean. She narrowed her eyes in memory of when she’d jumped of the cliffs in La Push. How she’d sworn she’d seen Victoria reaching out for her. Chills filled her spine as memories played out of all the times Victoria tormented her. She leaned against one of the pillars and rested her eyes for a moment.

Tony came up behind her and put a hand upon her shoulder. Bella jumped and quickly backed away from him. Tony raised his hands in the air.

“Easy… just me…”
She swallowed back and took in a breath. Bella ran her fingers through her hair.

“I must’ve spaced out or something.” She explains and looks back towards the window.

Tony wrapped his arms around her waist. Tony kissed along her neck. He breathed in the home cooked meal and turned towards the bar island.

“You cooked?!”

Bella nodded.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a home cooked meal.” Tony admitted.

He truly was trying to remember the last one. Pepper was never one to really cook or bake for that matter. If she did it was very rare. Tony sat down at the island and Bella poured them both some ice tea. Tony cocked his brow at the food at first. It was fried chicken, mash potatoes, gravy, rolls, and broccoli. He poked at the chicken with a fork at first. Bella took notice.

“Just eat it Tony.”

He watches her bite into her chicken. He leans back and sighs at first.

“It looks weird.” He says wondering if her cooking tastes as bad as her coffee.

Something she still hadn’t managed to get right, it was rancid every time he tried it. Yet she’d had no issue making his green shakes. Not that they tasted great to begin with.

“Tony, eat the damn chicken. Sorry, this isn’t one of your five star restaurants.”

He takes in a defeated breath and picks up one of the chicken breast. His eyes widen and his taste buds went into sensory overload. He reared back looking to the chicken as he chewed and swallowed. Bella softly laughed as he began to eat as though he were a starving man. It was easily one of the best meals he’d ever had in his entire life. Tony even had seconds. Bella covered her mouth trying not to laugh as she watched him eat. This was just something Tony was never used to even as a child. He couldn’t really remember having any home cooked meals. Hell they rarely ate together as a family. It just wasn’t something the Stark’s did.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tony inquires once he’s done and he wipes his mouth clean.

She looked to him oddly.

“Seriously, you’re hot, you cook, bake, put out, you even have a striking personality so what are you hiding?” Besides the fact that your coffee sucks ass, Tony thinks to himself.

“Poor romantic judgment?”

Tony tilts his head upon her.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Past romantic judgment?” She corrects with a grin.

Bella clears off the table and does the dishes. Tony watched in disbelief. He wasn’t used to something like that. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. Tony poured himself a drink before heading to the shower.

“Hey Bell…” Clint whispered over the cell.

“Sorry now’s not a good time.”
“Is everything ok?”

“Ok as in I’m currently aiming my arrow at some guy that thinks he’s from another planet? Just one of those missions Bell.”

“Sounds exciting.”
“You could say that. Look I’ll call you back hun ok.”
“Ok we’ll talk later, be safe Clint.”

“Love you.”
“Love you too.”

Tony had just stepped out at this point.

“Well that didn’t take long.”

“And what would that be?” Bella questions taking in his black tank top that revealed his muscle definition.

“You finding another boyfriend and all.”

“Damn you caught me.”
“Let me guess it’s the Captain?”

“Actually, this one’s from another planet!”
“Oh really?”
“Yep. You know the saying Tony if it’s not within the same country…” She taunts.
“Hmmm… I’ll have to remember that one next time I go to Rio or something.” He says wiggling his brows.

“Rio? As in Rio, Brazil?”

He shrugs.

“Or France, I’m sure to find a nude beach somewhere.”

Bella chucks one of the sofa pillows at him.

“Hey, you’re the one that stipulated the rules.”


Tony sits on the couch beside her and Bella lays her head in his lap. Tony turned on the news. He looked back to Bella with raised brows.

“Guess we’re officially out…”

Bella rises up from his lap and see’s that they were talking about Tony Stark’s new love interest.

“Ugh…” Bella groaned.

They had pictures of them at lunch today. It was their first official outing as a couple. They had pictures of them kissing and with Tony’s arms around her. That’s not what bothered Bella. Tony sighed already knowing what it was. He wasn’t too thrilled about it either in fact he was rather pissed. Their focus seemed to be going to criticizing her and questioning her motives, which also meant first time Bella had an outing outside of the house the media was sure to start stalking her wanting pictures, videos, or even interviews. He knew this was to come; still he didn’t like the idea of her having to deal with all that shit. Then issues were being discussed about how he’d made this very mistake with Pepper Potts and look where it led him. Will Tony Stark ever learn? Became a big discussion between newscasts. Then words like jail bait, midlife crisis, a cry for help. Tony died in laughter at some of the things that was being said.

“Well we had a good run while it lasted!” He retorted playfully.

However, part of Tony did fear this would run her off. This would be a real test on their relationship for certain. She merely laughs and lies back down in his lap. She buries her face into his stomach.

“You really should be ashamed of yourself. Using me for my money and dating someone that’s got one foot in the grave.”

“That’s right, I’ve been poisoning your food and drinks.”

“I thought I tasted arsenic.”

He runs his hand along her waist.

“Next time though I’d use a heavier if you want it to work right. You’re merely prolonging it.”

“Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind.”

He looks back towards the screen.

“I must admit you look great as my arm candy!”

She giggles against his chest. Tony grins.
“Hell I need to see if I can get some of those pictures off the press. They might already be online!” Tony raised his brows at some of the pictures of them together. Some of the pictures were stirring him awake below he slightly lifted off the couch at one point in a bucking motion. It was a picture of Bella’s arms wrapped around his neck kissing him. Her shirt was slightly raised during this showing off the sexy slope of her back and hint of waist. He couldn’t even explain it to himself. Seeing how they truly looked together, had him very riled up. They didn’t seem fake like most couples.

Bella felt Tony growing hard. She looked to him oddly. He wiggled his brows.

“Can’t control that, I’m digging the pictures.”

“They’re slamming us on live television, but you’re getting turned on?” She taunted as she ran her hand along his jeans.

He nodded and leaned back as she fondled him though his jeans. Bella undid his pants and Tony moaned out as she licked the tip of his dick. She gave him teasing licks here and there before she wrapped her entire mouth around his cock. Tony never thought he’d be so turned on by the news before, but the pictures of them kept popping up. It was crazy and he by no means could explain it, but it was as though he was watching porn. His favorite picture came up on the screen again. He swelled up even more in Bella’s mouth and was bucking away.

“Fuck! Suck me Wildcat, with those sweet lips of yours.”

He felt like a total perv as he froze the screen on that particular picture, but didn’t care at the moment. It was the way she was looking at him and holding him in that picture. He’d mount it on his fucking wall if he could ever get ahold of that one. He pulled out afraid he’d gag her he was damn near fucking her mouth. Tony quickly rose and bent her over the coffee table. He reached around and unbuttoning her jeans. He then yanked them down and plowed himself inside her tight mound as hard as he could. He watched himself gliding in and out of her. He looked back to the screen. Tony embarrassingly came sooner than he’d wanted. He’d come so hard and so much that when he pulled out puddles of it landed on the floor and ran down her legs. He was never one to leave a lady hanging though. If he was getting off she damn sure was. Bella felt his fingers enter her slit and he worked that clit of hers until she flooded his hand.

Tony helped her back up. Bella laughed once she saw the screen.

He shrugs.

“Can’t help it, I really like that one.”

Bella wraps her arms around him just like the picture.

“Like this?” She teased.

He nodded and kissed her lips. It wasn’t just the picture. She really did look upon him a certain way he wasn’t used to. Something in her eyes was completely different from anything he’d ever experienced. Tony fixed her pants and then his. Tony caressed her cheek.

“I love you Wildcat.” He said as though it came naturally now.

She smiled.

“I love you too.”

So far things seemed to be working out by running things the way they were. Tony was finally catching up thanks to Bella. In fact because of her he had begun working on another project. One that had him spending damn near all day in night in the garage. Bella didn’t harp on him she simply made certain he ate lunch and supper and would let him get back to it. She knew not to bother him when he had that determined look on his face. Tony was getting spoiled to her cooking and baking. Still she hadn’t grasped the concept of a simple cup of coffee. Tony also realized that by having her working alongside of him in the garage. They still made time for one another even when he was knee deep in a project. Something he hadn’t truly thought about before, but was glad it was working out that way after all, often enough Bella went to bed alone. But he was close to having a breakthrough and he couldn’t seem to break away. Jarvis reminded him that Bella’s birthday was next weekend. He was trying to come up with something to do, but hadn’t a clue what exactly.

Tony rolled his head around and decided to take a breather. He had Jarvis put on another ACDC song. He just wasn’t aware Bella had entered the garage at that point. She covered her mouth to keep from laughing as Tony was dancing to the Big Balls song by ACDC.

I’m rather upper class high society
God’s gift to ballroom notoriety
And I always fill my ballrooms
The event is never small
The social pages say I’ve got
The biggest balls of all

Tony was gyrating his hips around singing loudly and proudly. Bella discreetly began to record him with the phone Clint had given her.

I’ve got big balls
I’ve got big balls
They’re such big balls
And they’re fancy big balls
And he’s got big balls
And she’s got big balls
But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all

He was pointing to Dummy and a few of his suits as he continued to sing.

And my balls are always bouncing
My ballroom always full
And everybody Comes and comes again
If your name is on the guest list
No one can take you higher
Everybody says I’ve got
Great balls of fire!

Bella was trying so hard not to get caught, but the laughter was creeping up on her. His dance moves only got more pronounced. He walked up to one of his suits and started this grinding humping motion against it.

Some balls are held for charity
And some for fancy dress
But when they’re held for pleasure
They’re the balls that I like best
My balls are always bouncing
To the left and to the right
It’s my belief that my big balls
Should be held every night

She continued to record him shaking in laughter and tears were running down her face. Tony finally caught wind of her and his eyes widened. He put his hands upon his waist and shook his head eyeing her.

“Are you recording this?”

“Maybe…” She said with a shrug.

And I’m just itching to tell you about them (we’ve got big balls)
Oh we had such wonderful fun (we’ve got big balls)
Seafood cocktail, crabs, crayfish… (we’ve got biggest balls of them all)

Tony clears his throat and takes off his headgear and sits it down. Bella stuffs her phone into her back pocket. Tony makes his way over and pretends he’s going to kiss her only he takes her phone out of her pocket. She yanks it back and tries to make her escape.

“Tony!” She yells, but laughs as he’s tickling her trying to get her to drop the phone. Bella quickly stuffs it into her bra.

He raises his brows on this.

“You just gave me more incentive you know that?”

Bella backs up against the door. She quickly opens it and takes off running. Tony takes off after her. She laughs as she backs up against the living room wall.

“One more step and it gets leaked onto the internet.”

He shakes his head.

“You truly are evil incarnate.”

She bites upon her lower lip and shrugs.

Tony sighs.

“Very well I see what we have here…”

He heads back to the garage. Bella stuffs the phone back into her back pocket. However, the TV in the living room comes on and she hears Tony over the intercom.

“I believe I see you and raise you…”

Her jaw drops as a video of her dancing to Crazy by Aerosmith starts to play. She was in the living room jumping on the sofa and singing on top of her lungs. Even better she was in a gray tank top and black pair of panties. Bella’s entire face grew red. Tony was dying in laughter at her reaction.

“Stalker!” She sneers in disbelief.

“That I do not deny.” He utters with his arms folded about his chest.

“I’ve nothing better to do with my time than to obsessively watch your every move. It’s quite fascinating really. Wildcat on the prowl, what will she do next?! My favorite series so far!”

She flips him off.

“Awww, what’s wrong Bella honey? You don’t like the taste of your own medicine?”

“Fine! You delete that I’ll delete the other one.”

“Ah, a wise decision.”

However, both only pretended to delete theirs.

“All done.” Bella lied.

Tony had his fingers crossed behind his back.

“Touché salesman!”

“Only neither of us truly won.” She uttered.

Bella and Tony look upon one another as the limo pulled up to headquarters. The place was swarming in reporters and journalist.

“Stay close.” Tony says as Agent Coulson greeted them at the limo door.

He and Happy escorted Tony and Bella through the crowd. One of the women shoved a mic right in Tony’s face.

“Mr. Stark what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Wait mom is that you?” He smarts looking to see it was the blonde reporter he’d fucked before he was even with Pepper.

She rolls her eyes. Tony lowers his shades cutting her a menacing glare with his arm glued even tighter around Bella. Tony being Tony looks to Bella and stops just before the doors of the headquarters. He locks lips with her right before everyone. The media goes crazy with pictures and even more questions are being shouted out. Tony gives Bella a wink and leads her into the building.

“You will get calls about setting up a press conference, based on our relationship alone. We will not be answering any questions or bothering with any of such things. That’s our business no one else’s.” Tony says as they walk down the hall to a board meeting.
“This room is going to be tough enough.” He warns just before they step inside.

Sure enough everyone snaps Bella a look. Tony noticed this as well as he pulled out a chair for Bella. She set up her laptop and prepared for her usual notes. Tony straightened his tie and took off his shades before sitting down. One of the board members sighed with full on agitation.

“Is there a problem?” Tony inquired looking his way.

Each of them looks to Bella.

“No, no none of that now. I’m right here.” Tony says and motions for them to face him.

“Naturally, we have reasons to be concerned.” The man says.
Tony nods.

“Concerned huh?”
“Yes sir, Mr. Stark. As you remember things did not pan out so well between you and Ms. Potts. What makes this relationship any different? Isn’t it frowned upon greatly to date your employees?”

Tony rather sways his head about and presses his lips together.

“Is Ms. Potts returning sir? We’ve heard rumors that she’s come back.” Another questions.

“Hmmm. First things first, of course I remember I was the one in the relationship with Ms. Potts after all. As to mine and Ms. Swan’s relationship I don’t feel any need to have to defend my case here. Nor should she have to. This pertains to our private lives not Stark Industries.”

“But it reflects on Stark Industries sir. You and Ms. Potts were once the face of the company.”

“That’s just it… once… Past tense. Things tend to change. I’ve changed, the industry has changed, and things will only continue to change. It’s all part of the cycle of life. I will not sit here and go over mine and Ms. Swan’s relationship with any of you. You will believe whatever it is you wish. So you will just have to wait and see what happens from here. This is not what this board meeting is about.”

“How old are you Ms. Swan?” One of them asks.

Tony lifts his eyes towards the man. Bella goes to answer only Tony beats her to the punch.

“Ms. Swan turns 20 next weekend.”

Bella looked to him in surprise that he’d know that.

“And I’m 38 you do the math Mr. Harrison. Anymore questions? Or can we get started?”

One of the women clears her throat. Tony looks towards her. She was one of the board members that had been here since his father ran the company. It was no secret she couldn’t stand Tony and thought he was shit in comparison to his father.

“She was just a baby when you were 18! How can you possibly see anything in her?!”

Tony rolls his eyes and rests his head against the palm of his hand. He pretty much dismisses most of what she has to say. It was all directed at him and his unprofessionalism and how unfit of a man and person he was in general he was. Tony was growing with boredom as the woman continued her little rant.

“When are you going to see that this is just about sex Mr. Stark is that the image you want for this industry?”

Still he continues to let her bluster and is pretty dismissive. That is until she sees her attempts to get under his skin aren’t working. She turns to Bella.

“And you young lady. Have you no morals? No self-esteem? You’ve got so much life ahead of you. Why would you consider taking such a road?”

“My morals are what led me on my decision to be with Tony. As for my self-esteem… you truly believe I would be here if I hadn’t any? Doesn’t it take some to even work for this industry? And why? Well you can’t control your feelings when it comes to matters of the heart.” Bella softly declares.

Tony leaned back with a small grin.

The woman laughs.

“You truly expect any of us to believe you love this man? We know what this is… He’s just too close to the picture to see it. When you’re 30 he’ll be 48! When you’re 40 he’ll be 58! You honestly think we’re so blind that we do not see what it is you’re trying to pull?”

Bella shrugs.

“With all due respect, you know squat about me. If you didn’t you wouldn’t question my motives.”

The woman laughs again.
“What is it wrong sweetheart is someone having some daddy issues? Did you really need a replacement?!”

Bella winces as though the woman had slapped her. Tony slowly brought his hand down from resting his head on. He was so livid he was shaking inside. The entire room jumped as he slammed down a fist. He pushed a button that was under his table. Agent Coulson entered the room with another agent.

“Please escort Mrs. Pfluger out of the building. She no longer works here.”

Mrs. Pfluger’s jaw drops and the short petite woman with salt and pepper hair, had to literally be dragged out kicking and screaming. Bella shut her eyes for a moment feeling ill.

Tony came to a stand before the entire board. He gives each member a cold stare down.

“I maybe dating Ms. Swan, but she is also an employee of this industry. I will not have anyone badmouthing any employee here. Does anyone else have any issues with Ms. Swan or myself?!”

By the time the meeting was over Bella’s entire face with flushed with the looks she was getting. Tony shut the door once everyone left. He leaned against the table and twirled a pen around.

“Well, I think that went great!”

Bella took in a breath and saved the information on the laptop.

“So in the mood for a quickie?”

She laughs and leans back crossing her legs. Tony wanted to pull up that white skirt of hers and get her pussy a good licking. He swallowed back in thought. They turn to a knock at the door. Tony answered it and Happy stepped inside looking to his watch.

“We still on for lunch?”

Tony reared back.

“Lunch?” He inquired.

Happy nodded with a smug grin.
“You two sure are getting cozy…”

Bella gets a devious look on her face, “What can I say he is so cuddly!” sounding liked an airhead.

Tony shakes his head with raised brows. Happy merely smiles and escorts her out of the room.

“Great, my own driver is cockblocking me. And taking my girl to lunch? What the fuck?!’

After lunch Happy pulls up to one of the dealerships. Bella had already done some looking around online so she had a particular car in mind. She glided her hand along the silver Aston Martin Roadster with red leather throughout the inside. Happy laughed.
“So this is it?”

“Oh yeah…” She expressed taking it all in.

Something she never ever dreamed she’d be able to afford. It made her old truck back in Forks look like tin can. Though part of her missed that old truck, she just knew there was no way it’d ever make it to California. One of the sales associates comes out all smiles.

“May I help you?”

Happy takes it upon himself to ask all the questions and make certain that Bella didn’t get screwed. Once he thinks he’s got the car dealer where he wants him Happy asks Bella if she wants to take it for a test run.

She nods rather exuberantly. The man takes down their information and allows Bella and Happy to go test drive the car. Something they normally don’t allow unless they’re with you. Nevertheless, Happy and Bella were recognized to be associated with Tony Stark.

Bella gets inside and fixes the mirror and straps herself in. Happy hops on in the other side and puts on his seatbelt as well.
“I bet that feels weird huh?” Bella questioned Happy.

“Just a bit.” He admits about not being the one to drive.

Bella backs out and pulls out of the parking lot. Happy pointed out a good place to test run it. She took his word for it knowing he knew more about the city then she did. Happy tested everything he could think of. Once he approved he turned to her about ask how she felt about it. Bella however was looking into her rearview mirror. Happy noticed the look on her face.

“Hold on Happy.” She said softly and sped on through a red light.

“What the hell?” Happy looked upon her as if she’d lost her mind. Bella shifts gears.

“I’m so sorry Happy.” She says feeling horrible that he was caught up in this mess.

“Sorry?!” He questioned confused, but that’s when he saw her too.

“What in the hell?” He uttered looking into the side mirror.

“Victoria…” Bella says through gritted teeth.

Bella continues to try and speed throughout Malibu trying to get away from the vampire bitch that was keeping stride. She digs her phone out from her blazer.

“SHIT!” Happy shouts as Bella slams on the brakes to keep from hitting Victoria.

She instantly puts the car into reverse.

“Yes?” Tony answered all chipper.


Tony reared back hearing the sound of tires squealing.

“She’s too fast!” He hears Happy shout.

“I’m trying.” Bella replies.

“Um, what’s going on?” Tony says trying to get some sort of answer.

“DAMMIT! I dropped the fucking phone.” Bella hollers.

He continues to hear Happy and Bella, but can’t make out for certain what’s going on.

Bella gets onto the interstate and they both take in a breath of relief.

“Did we lose her?” Happy questioned.

“Yeah I think. Tony’s probably freaking I gotta…”


Tony’s heart sinks as he hears the commotion.

“ON MY WAY GUYS HOLD ON!” Tony shouts hoping they could hear him.

“Happy!” Bella screeched just as the man in the suit before them took one of his electric whips and sliced the car in half.

Both halves split and went flying opposite directions. Oncoming cars swerved around slamming into each other or the man would simply take out whatever got in his way. Happy groaned out and tried to knock himself out of his disorientated state. He unfastened his seatbelt and climbed out of the wreckage. His ears were ringing and he felt as though he were walking on an incline. He shook his head and desperately looked around for Bella. He turned just in time see Iron Man from a distance. But the sound of the explosion threw him off. Happy turned towards the area.

“NOOOO!” He shouted and darted that direction.

Iron Man had made out Happy from a distance as well and saw him running towards the fire. Happy moved pieces of hot metal around burning his fingers looking for Bella. His heart was racing and Happy began to call to Bella. Iron Man landed directly behind Happy. Happy turned to him in panic

“I can’t find her!”

“Don’t you tell me that Happy! Where the fuck is she?!” He shouts grabbing Happy roughly by the collar.

“DAMMIT!” Iron Man roars in his face.

“I don’t know!”

They both turn their attention back towards Whiplash and soon had their answer. Iron Man took off that direction.

Bella grunted out she’d unfastened her seat belt just before Whiplash hit the car. She was ejected out and had landed on top of another car. She rolled off it and stumbled around. She couldn’t hear anything. Her vision was blurry. Pain shot through her ribcage as she continued to make her way down the road.

“There you are…” Bella shut her eyes for a moment and turned to the familiar voice.

Bella’s jaw dropped however as Whiplash stood directly behind Victoria. He took his whip to Victoria. Bella staggered back as Victoria’s body collapsed and separated. Whiplash then sent his whip towards Bella. Bella jumped back barely missing the hit she took off running only to have him wrap one of the whips around her leg. She fell and he yanked her back dragging her against the asphalt. She growled out as the ground ripped at her flesh across her face, neck, arms, and chest.

Bella flipped herself onto her back.

“He will watch you die!” He made known in that thick accent of his.

He went to send his other whip at her. Iron Man appeared before her and wrapped the intended hit around his wrist. Whiplash jerked back on the other whip and sent Bella flying through the air. He went to whip her in midair. Iron Man leaped up and caught her. He took the hit across his back. Sparks flew about the area as Iron Man continued to take the hits meant for Bella.

“I’m gonna throw you.”
“Um what?”

“I need you to trust me.”

Bella gasped out as Tony hurled Bella towards Happy. “You complete me!” Iron Man called out. “You just wait until we get home!” Bella threatens as Happy catches her. Iron Man puts a hand to his heart. “Huh, she calls it home now. I think I kind of like that actually.” Happy caught her and Rhode had just appeared at the scene. They hurriedly got Bella out of harm’s way. Rhodes looks to Bella.

“I need you to get me into the house. Tony’s changed the codes.”

Bella looks to Happy in question.

“You can trust him.” Happy says and quickly hugs her.

“I’m glad you’re ok.”

She smiles.

“You too.”
Rhoyde takes her by the hand and heads to his car. Happy starts getting civilians away from the fight as Iron Man does his best to fight off Whiplash. He was in a knock off suit much like his only it was bulkier and gun metal gray.
“We haven’t formally been introduced. I’m James Rhodes. My friends call me Rhoyde. I’ve been friends with Tony for quite sometime now. Isabella Swan, go by Bella.” She calls out as he unlocks the doors and they speed back to the house.

Once they arrive Bella rushes them inside. She runs to the garage and enters the code. Rhoyde rushes into the War Machine suit.

“So you’re Tony’s new girl huh?”

Bella nods. He smiles and the helmet comes down.

“Nice to meet you Bella!” He calls out and flies on out of the garage.

“Oh hell no! You’re not leaving me behind!” She calls out as he’s long gone.


Bella looks to the silver gauntlets and boots to the new suit Tony was working on. Dummy goosed her again and she jumped backing into another table that had another arc reactor. A smile formed on her face as she brought up a chair and quickly began to come up with a makeshift half ass suit.

“Thank you, Dummy!”

“About time!” Iron Man called out as War Machine finally arrived.

“You changed the codes!”

“Eh… long story. Besides, it wasn’t that long ago, you stole from me! Remember?!”

“Haven’t I already explained that?” War Machine says as he fires a blast towards Whiplash.

Tony beneath that suit rolled his eyes. He was still pissed with his friend for pulling that shit.

“Seems we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Iron Man shrugs.

“You didn’t tell me she was your girl now. I had to learn it through the media and I thought we were tight Tony!”
“Are we really going to discuss who’s tight? Besides, it’s come to the point where I’m not so sure who I can trust anymore!” Iron Man wits as he’s being dragged by one of the electric whips towards Whiplash.

Agent Coulson had now arrived as well. He and Happy continued to clear out the area. Iron Man manages to feed off some of the energy Whiplash’s whips were giving even though he wasn’t to found of being slightly electrocuted during the process. He gritted his teeth. Once Whiplash realized what his charges were doing he took off. Both War Machine and Iron Man turned to one another. They gave a simple nod and took off after him. They hovered into the air chasing him throughout town. Out of desperation, Whiplash stops and turns back towards them. He sends out his whips one around Iron Man’s throat and one around War Machine’s. They both groan out in pain. Iron Man fired his stun darts from his shoulders upon Whiplash only they bounced right off. He rolls his eyes.

“Well, this is getting us nowhere fast!”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Whiplash growls out and his body starts jarring around. Both Iron Man and War Machine look to one another in confusion. Iron Man looks down to see Bella hovering a few feet off the ground in his silver gauntlets and boots. Nowhere near as high as her suit wasn’t completed. Several things went through Iron Man’s mind once he took notice. First one lust Second how’d she managed to pull off making that by herself? Third, she’s going to get herself killed! Forth back to lust. Fifth…
“Did you steal my stuff?!”

Sixth there is no sixth. Seven back to lust.

War Machine laughs.

“Why does everyone steal my stuff?! First you and now my girl? That’s it I’m getting new codes again.”

“I work for you!” Bella shouts out.

“Then you’re fired.”

“That makes three times now that you’ve fired me.”

“Fine, I’m making a mancave and no girls or military allowed.” He declares as each of them fires a beam upon Whiplash now.

“That’s enough of the He-man woman hater’s club.”
“Now I never said I hated you. I just think you need a good ass licking.”

“I really don’t need to hear what you two do during your off time.” War Machine scoffs.

“I’m going to make a fort with arc reactor pillows! So no one can touch my stuff!”

“God you really are a big baby!” Bella retorts as they each keep firing at Whiplash.

Bella looks to see Whiplash whipping his tendrils back and forth against both Iron Man and War Machine. She looks down to the arc reactor she was wearing in thought. She rips off the contraption and sends it sailing through the air. One of the whips hits it just right and it travels back through the whip that was targeted for Iron Man. It back feeds the electricity and the whips literally blow up in his holds.

“SHIT!” Iron Man calls out in disbelief.

“Nice!” War Machine says in awe.

“Did you come up with that all by yourself?” Iron Man asks as Whiplash’s body plummets to the ground.

Bella shrugs, but reaches to her rib cage. Now that the adrenaline was dying down she was feeling all kinds of pain. She swallowed back and tried her hardest to fight it off. War Machine looked to see who the man was behind the suit.

“Hey… you know this guy?” He calls out and Iron Man turns back towards War Machine as he was on his way towards Bella.

Iron Man lifts his own helmet and curses under his breath.

“I’ll take that as a yes?”

He shakes his head and hunker’s down checking for a pulse.

“Yeah he’s not waking up… seems he’s on permanent vacation.”

Tony’s eyes widen and he looks back towards Bella. She was leaning against a nearby building with her arms around her rib cage.

“I got this.” War Machine said noticing the look on Tony’s face. He looked damn near broken

“Hey… She’s alright you know. You two go on home. I can take over from here.”

Tony nods and takes off. Bella’s eyes were closed as he approached her.

“So you kind of kick ass…”

Bella opened her eyes and Tony moved her hands. He felt around her ribcage and she choked back in pain.

“We might want to check for broken ribs.”
Bella nods.

“Probably from when I was ejected out of the car.”

Bella starts laughing and reaches to her ribs again as it hurt just to laugh.

“Ummm ok, are you going into hysterics now?”

She shakes her head.

“The car I was driving was a brand new Aston Martin Roadster. I was test driving it.”

Tony raises his brows on this.

“They got insurance to cover that.”

She frowns.

“I wanted that car dammit.”

Tony couldn’t help, but to smile.

“So let me get this straight you and Happy almost get killed off by a couple of psychos. Yet you’re upset about the car?”

Bella shakes her head.

“I really loved that car Tony!”
He nodded, but he could see it in her eyes. It was a mask for how freaked the fuck out she was. She quickly wiped her eyes and cleared her throat. He gently grabbed hold of her and took off in flight. Bella winced as he set her down once they got back to the garage.

“Jarvis, we’re going to need to run a full body scan on Ms. Swan.”

“Yes sir.”

Tony lays Bella down at his work station as he merely shoves shit off the table onto the floor. While he positions Bella Jarvis begins to scan her over.

“It appears nothing is broken sir, just severe bruising.”
“Well that’s some good news…” Tony says with a wink.

“How is everything else Jarvis?”
“It seems Ms. Swan has a minor concussion.”
Tony sighs and checks her head over.

“So that means no going to sleep anytime soon.”

He feels around her head.

“Tony!” She smacks him on the arm as he makes his way to the knot on the back of her head.

He moves his hand and sees the goose egg on the back of her head.

“Ouch… You’re just all kinds of beat up.”

He helps Bella back up. Tony clears his throat.

“You know whenever you’re ready you can move in.”

She looks to him in surprise. He shrugs.

“Might as well you practically live here anyhow, so it’d seem rather silly going back to that small studio apartment.”

“Sir, it seems you’re in need of a cartridge change.”

Tony rolls his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Thank you, Jarvis.”

“You’re quite welcome, sir.”

Tony takes off the gauntlets and boots Bella was wearing. He then changes out his cartridge tossing the old one out.

“Guess I better get started on another arc reactor, since you had my spare destroyed and all, which I must say was pure genius. I personally, wouldn’t have thought of that. That took some quick thinking on your part.”

Bella nodded, but the tears hit and she covered her face. Tony instantaneously wrapped his arms around her. He was just waiting for it. He knew she couldn’t mask it much longer. She grabbed hold of him and cried into his shirt.

“So the bitch is really dead?” She cried harder.

Tony closed his eyes as his own knot formed within his throat.

“Yes Bella honey, the bitch is really gone. Rhoyde will make certain her remains become nothing more than ashes.”
“I wanted to do it myself! I wanted her tortured and humiliated like my father! I wanted her to really fucking PAY!”

He rocks her doing his best to console her. Honestly, though he wanted her to pay too. Her death just seemed too quick for his liking. But it was over and done. There was nothing either of them could do now. The only good thing was he no longer had to worry about Bella when it came to the bitch. Then again Tony was also mad at himself. He blamed himself for Whiplash going after Bella. He should have taken heed to the son of a bitch’s threat. But Tony ignored it. Because of him and Edward Bella got the double whammy of shit events today.

Tony thought back to the fire he’d witnessed and how he and Happy thought Bella was in there.

“Just so you know I can’t lose you. You know that right?” He cups her chin and wipes her eyes.

“I mean it. We made a deal… always keep that in mind. Just like we did today.”

She brings her hands down along his cheeks and kisses him.

“Hmmm, I believe I know just the thing.” He says thinking about her bruises.

On the way out of the garage though he checks in with Happy and Rhoyde and he gives them the status on Bella. He takes her outside to his pool. He hangs up and strips down to his briefs. He then gently undresses Bella.

“The pool is heated.” He hints and carefully leads her into the pool.

They both dunked under the water once they got to the deep end. From there they merely held one another, until the sunset.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. Wonder if lil Eddie found his legs yet? if he did will the lil dumb ass be coming back for more abuse from IronMan? good to see Vicky is gone,bet she didn’t see that coming at all.

  2. Tony afraid to eat the food that Bella did !!! hahahaha

    His reaction was funny !!!

    So … Just so you know, I’m from Rio de Janeiro !!!!!! Do I have chances with him ?? lol

    Jokes aside, I loved the fact that you have cited the Rio in your history. You know Brazil? Have you been here? If you do not come, I hope you have the opportunity to visit Brazil. It is a country full of wonderful places to visit. Beautiful beaches, beautiful forests and the people very friendly and nice. Be sure to come!

    Tony had this reaction to the pictures of him and Bella together? Wow! Imagine if they were videos instead of photos? WOW!

    Own !!! I love you too Tony! Oops !!!! haha Sorry about that! It was so much love, I got carried away! lol

    Bella looking after Tony !!! So cute!

    I wanted to see the video where Tony is dancing. Well, I think I’ll look for a video on Youtube. 😉

    I hope Bella and Tony are strong because they will still face a lot. This is just the beginning. I shudder to think what else can happen.

    Holy shit! Victoria again. That bitch must die !!!

    What a fright! I thought something had happened to Bella.

    Yes !!!!! Victoria is dead !!!! At least that such Whiplash served for something.

    Rhodes !!!! At last! I was wondering when he would appear in history.

    Bella is crazy !!!! Seriously !!! I do not know if I stay impressed or if I laugh. And that quick thinking huh !!! Tony found his soul mate!

  3. I’m VERY dubious at Bella’s sudden ability to put a makeshift suit together AND learn how to use it in such a short time. It took Tony a while to learn how to fly in his AND he’s a freakin’ genius engineer. I’m hoping this was a one off, but I was hoping she wouldn’t feel the need to become a damn superhero just because he’s one. She can be awesome w/out a suit. =(

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