Chapter 9 Coffee?

Chapter 9

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Bella smiles, but keeps her eyes shut. She lay on her side facing away from Tony. She could feel Tony kissing along her neck and shoulders. Before long, he lifted her leg and welcomed himself inside, making a first for this position. Bella loved waking up to this, she welcomed every part of it. His hands cupped her breast as he continued to pump himself within her. She nibbled upon her lip and softly cooed as he left warm and wet kisses along her body during. Tony moved one of his hands caressing her arm, waist, and thigh. He then got a firmer hold on her. Tony could feel her orgasm against him. She grew wetter and tighter. His cock pulsated and vibrated throughout her pussy as he grew harder. She was milking him for all he had. Bella bit into her pillow as she came yet again. Tony wasn’t far behind. Bella felt the heat from his release as he grunted out in a finish.

Tony didn’t move he merely wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her shoulder once more and ran his fingers along it.

“I don’t want you involved, when I start having to deal with this court crap.”

Bella rolls over and faces him. She looks to him with a muddled expression. Tony moved the loose strands of hair behind her ear.

“This is my mess. I need to clean it up on my own. I don’t want you having to deal with all this bullshit. You got plenty to deal with and I keep you busy enough.”
“Tony…” She goes to argue.

He places a finger along her lips.

“You just worry about the industry and pampering me.” He says with a wink.

“Let me handle everything else.”

She shakes her head. Bella didn’t feel right about making him face this alone.

“I’m here Tony…” She hints.

He nods.

“And believe me I’m thankful for that everyday. I could use you here though more than in the court room. That and well you’re rather restricted at the moment anyhow. Even if you weren’t this is my cross to bear. Not yours and I won’t stand for it. You’ve paid the price enough for my past.”
“And you haven’t for mine? That just comes with the territory.”

“Yeah, I like a good challenge!” He wits.

Bella half smiles and shakes her head.

“So that’s that, now go make me a batch of waffles, bacon, and one of those yogurt fruit cups you make!” He smacks her on the ass after he says this.

“Or I could just pop in a couple of EGGO waffles into the toaster and call it a day!”

He frowns.

“Those taste like cardboard drowned in syrup!”
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t drown them in syrup.”
She giggles and pecks him on the lips. Tony observes as she crawls out of bed and heads into the bathroom. They both begin to get ready for another day. As they sit at the table for breakfast, Bella chunks a grape at Tony.

“I saw that!”

“You just totally poured the coffee I made you out into the plant!”

He shrugs acting as if he hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. He pretends to sip from it.

“You’re imagining things, Bella honey.”

“No I’m not.”

She rose to her feet. Tony’s eyes widen and he hurriedly grabs the plant and hides it behind his back.



She reaches back and yanks the plant out of his hand. Coffee and soil go everywhere. He grimaces. She cuts him a sheer look of absolute hell. He covered his mouth trying to keep from laughing at the situation.

“Why is this plant drowning in coffee, Tony?”

He clears his throat and shrugs again.

“These waffles by the way are awesome sweetie!”

She nods and dumps the rest of the plant and it’s contents onto his lap. Tony disgruntledly sighed and scoots his chair back looking to the mess.
“This certainly explains why all our plants keep dying! Even back that the office in headquarters! Dammit, Tony you had me believing I couldn’t even keep a plant alive!”

“Nonsense, it’s just your coffee…”
“What about my coffee?”

He leans back in his seat and loosens his tie a bit.

“It kind of sucks…”

Her jaw drops

“I take that back. It really, really sucks!”

“My coffee so does not suck!”
“Bella honey, sweetheart, angel… Your coffee is the most terrible thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

“Excuse me?! AND HOW?! That makes no sense Tony I make it the way you instructed!”

“Curious… how is that again?”

“Don’t be a jerk!”

“Actually, I’m being serious. How exactly do you go about making my coffee?”
Bella practically stomps her feet in a hissy fit to the cabinet. Tony was dying he was trying not to lose it. Her reaction was killing him. He covered his mouth suppressing the urge to laugh. She places the ingredients she uses down.

“Sugar, crème, and coffee grounds of the particular expensive brand of coffee you prefer!”

He nods and opens the containers of each one and breathes them in. However he gets to the coffee grounds and his eyes widen and water as he takes a whiff. He coughs back.

“Um where exactly did you get this?”
“From the coffee shop that first day I ran the errands.”

Tony licks his finger and dabs it into the grounds and licks the contents. He wrinkles his nose and quickly spits it out into a napkin. Bella rolls her eyes.

“It’s what you wanted!”

“Um no, that is not. So this is the batch you’ve been using all along?”
She nods. He nods in return.

“So you bought it from the coffee shop your very first day of work. They made the first cup of coffee for you in the shop. Only since then you’ve been making it and with this very batch?”

She nods again. Tony pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Where was Happy during all of this?”

“What’s that have to do with anything?”

“Oh believe me, it has to do with everything. You and Happy my dear drink the same kind of coffee. I however am the only one that drinks this one. You see no one usually drinks what I do because it’s too strong. Mine’s more European style, You and Happy drink yours mild the American way! By God Watson, I believe I’ve solve the case!”

She raises her brows on this.

“I’m lost.”

“Of course you are!” Tony dabs a bit on his finger once again and makes his way over to her.

“Say ahhh… and then tell me what that taste like.”

Bella rolls her eyes and taste it. She starts choking and Tony pats her back and nods in conclusion.

“Oh my God, is that dirt?!”


“But how?!”

“You haven’t a clue what Happy Hogan is capable of… He’s been playing you from the beginning.”
Her jaw drops again.

“He wouldn’t?!”

“OH believe me, he would.”

“That jackass!”

“I thought he was your new BFF.” He says folding his arms about his chest.

“OH he’s so going to get it! But how did he set this up?”

“He’s been going to that shop for years. He knows everyone by name. All it took was one little phone call.”
“Oh pay back is such a bitch!”

Tony smirks in thought.

“Hmmm… To think this entire time I thought you just couldn’t fathom a simple cup of coffee. I was outright confused considering everything else you seem to excel in. How does one bake and cook such as you yet their coffee is the most…”
“Shut it Tony.”

He smiles, but makes a zipping motion with his fingers. She looks back to the mess in his lap and covers her mouth.

“Ugh, I’m so sorry…”

He shrugs and looks down as well.

“Why didn’t you tell me Tony? I mean from the beginning?”
He narrows his eyes.

“Do you not see the aftermath to this? I do believe this is pretty self-explanatory.”

However he was asking himself the same question. That was something entirely new to Tony, he usually had no shame or filter for that matter. So why hadn’t he let it be known from the beginning her coffee was terrible? Tony rose out of his chair and used his napkin to dust the coffee and plant soil off his suit.

“This was my favorite suit.” He lied trying to milk it.

“I hated that suit…”

He raises his brows towards her.
She nods fighting the smile that was trying to form on her face.


“You really should rethink the whole stripes thing.”

He licks the front of his teeth unamused.

“So you have a problem with stripes?”

“Only when you wear them.”
“And why’s that.”
“You put on those maroon colored UV shades with that suit because you think it looks good. But you look like a douche.”

Tony chokes back a bit. Bella covers her mouth in laughter. She could no longer control it. He sighs and shakes his head. He throws his napkin on the table. Tony heads to the sink and starts scrubbing himself down. Only once Bella isn’t looking he takes the spray nozzle from the sink and aims it right for her.


He laughs and continues to drench her from head to toe. Bella rushes over to him and starts to slip on the water on the floor. He throws down the nozzle and catches her. Bella starts laughing and wraps her arms around his neck.

“You really hate my suit?”

She nods and kisses him. He kisses her in return, but discreetly reaches out for the nozzle again. He lifts her skirt and sprays her panties.

“Well you can tell him I’m busy, Ms. Swan.”

Bella nods and leans back in Tony’s chair.

“So I’ll put you down for tomorrow morning.”

“You know damn well that is not what I said.”

Bella smiles seeing Captain America, her brother and Natasha in the background. She waves. Fury rolls his eyes and looks back towards them. They all had a smile on their face as well, but cleared their throats and their smiles faded.

“Hmmm… As I was saying I’m a very busy man. I don’t have time for any meeting with Mr. Stark.”

“But you have time to turn to him when you’re in bind. Let’s see just how willing he is to help you out next time you come a crawling. Do have a good day Colonel Fury.”

He sighs.

“Now hold on…”

Her smile returns. “No, no like you said you’re a very busy man these days. So is Tony. So chow!” Bella turns off the monitors and waits with a menacing grin. She sips from her coffee.

“Three, two…” He appears on the monitor again.

“Colonel Fury is online again Madam.”
“I can see that Jarvis, thank you.” Clint was covering his mouth in laughter. Bella spun around in Tony’s chair.

They both turned however and Bella raised her brows. Tony was already being escorted inside. He tilted his head towards the monitor.

“Who’s the hottie?” He uttered.

Clint rolled his eyes. Tony winked into the monitor.
“I got it from here Bella honey thank you!”

Tony turned back to Fury once Bella was offline.

“So we need to talk.”
“I get that, but I haven’t the time…”

“Huh, well what are you doing right now?”

“We’re about to…”
Tony sits down in Fury’s chair and makes himself comfy.

“I like this… it’s cozy!” He leans back and scoots himself around. He nods in satisfaction and leans his head back. Tony shuts his eyes for a moment.

Fury shakes his head.

“As I was saying we were just about to head out.”
“So whatcha doing?”

“That’s classified.”
“Oh is it now?”

Fury nods.
“Just like how you rigged my girlfriend’s apartment?”

Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D look to Stark cutting him a certain oh shit look. Tony nods.

“Yep that’s about what I figured. So what all systems of mine do you have rigged? I mean how far does this go?”

“I took whatever means necessary.”
“And for what exactly? To keep tabs on me or Bella or just whoever you fucking feel like? Newsflash I don’t work for you. I work for no one. My business is my business. ” Tony looks back to Captain America.

“I suppose I owe you one by the way. Thanks for getting to her in time, even if you couldn’t keep your grimy hands off her, still I suppose that’s not the point.”

Captain America gives him puzzled nod.

“The point is that she’s alive. That doesn’t make us buddies by no means though and it sure as hell doesn’t mean that S.H.I.E.L.D has the right to be in my private affairs. There are something’s you all need to know about me. No one touches my stuff that includes my girl. No one is going to keep tabs on me as if I’m some sort of unruly child needing to be dealt with. That’s what I hired Bella for. That’s her job. Not any of yours. I have an assistant for all that. So just how deep are we talking?”

“We did what we had to for the interest of others and for Barton’s sister.”

Tony nods with his lips pressed together.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

Fury sighs.

“Very well, any distress call you get from Stark Industries or Headquarters also sends a direct signal to us.”

Tony half laughs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“You see… that’s just not going to work for me.”
“You don’t have much choice Mr. Stark.”
“The hell I don’t! Last I checked I run Stark Industries NOT ANY OF YOU! Any inventions I’ve created belong to me, unless I stipulate otherwise. What goes on in Stark Industries is my business! What goes on in mine and Ms. Swan’s lives that is also our business!”

“And what would have you done if the circumstances were different?”

Tony looks to Fury in question.
“Let’s just say we hadn’t been keeping tabs on you. Let’s just say you came to Ms. Swan’s apartment to find that you were too late. Then what?”

Clint grimaced and looked ill in thought. Captain America shifted around uncomfortably in his seat.

“You truly expect me to believe that Barton’s sister is the only reason you’re doing this? I’m a genius Colonel Fury not an imbecile. I’ve reason to believe that you did this before she even came into the picture. You wanted to watch mine and Iron Man’s every move. You wanted that feeling of control. Over something that ISN’T YOURS to have control over! I work for no one! You’d do good to keep that in mind. You will drop this at once. If you do not, you can forget turning to me for anymore help. I’m sure boyscout over there and Robin Hood will be more than happy to pick up whatever slack might be caused from lack on my part. Its your choice and I have my ways of knowing.” Tony points to his temple.

“Believe me… I always know when someone’s trying to get me to drop the soap. I’m no one’s bitch, but I’ll be more than happy to make each of you mine!”

Tony rises from the chair.
“Do have a pleasant day.” He takes an apple from one of the other S.H.I.E.L.D members. He bites into it.

“Hmmm that is fresh. Let me guess farmers market?”

“Um no sir… I brought it from home.”

“Huh… Well it’s crisp!” He hands it back and exits the building.

Everyone looks to one another without words. Except for Fury who already knew how Stark was. He took in a breath.

“Back to work…” He bitterly commanded.

He grabbed his jacket and Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow followed him out.

“Let’s see what we can find out about these so called gods… And I want more information on this Jane Foster. She seems to have some data we need. I want whatever you can find. Call Agent Coulson as well we need him on this. Stark says he can handle things then we’ll put him at his word.”

“Could we wrap this up? I got a lot of work to do.”

The police officer sighs and follows Bella to the couch. She props up her ankle as he examines the bracelet.

“Jesus your hands are freezing.”

“Sorry…” The cop utters and quickly moves his hands.

Bella narrowed her eyes recognizing the voice. She took in a breath trying to see his face as he was knelt down.

“So… how long have you been working for the police department?”
“I’m new Ms. Swan.”

“Clearly… Officer McCarty. Or shall I say CULLEN!” She reaches over and jerks his hat off and tosses it across the room.

He shuts his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.
“What the fuck Emmett?!”

He winces and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Bella… I…”

He lifts his eyes towards her with a complete look of guilt.

“I just had to come see for myself. I had to make sure you were ok. I hadn’t any clue what to believe anymore.”

He looked as though a wounded pup.
“Um Em?”
He lifts his eyes up towards her again.

“What happened to the real police officer?”

“I have my ways Bella no one got hurt, I promise.”

Bella nodded, but came to her feet and backed away from Emmett. He lowered his brows.

“I’d never hurt you…” He whispers looking crushed.

“That’s what Edward said. Yet he and Alice went all nuts on me.”

Emmett closed his eyes for a few seconds. He truly looked as though he’d fall apart.

“What they did was wrong! They had no right!”

Bella jumped and continued to back up. Emmett nodded taking notice and backed away as well. He raised his hands in the air.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to frighten you. Damn… I never thought I’d see the day where you were frightened of me. Hell of any of us. You were the vampire girl. Look at what he’s done. I can’t believe this.”

Emmett leaned back against the wall.

“A lot has taken place since you left. Esme left Carlisle and we both left the coven. The others remain though Jasper and Carlisle take no sides. If they do it is not voiced. Alice and Edward naturally… They blame you. Even through their damn visions and mind reading! They still find a way to put this all on you. It’s sickening. What you did for my brother. Bella that was very brave. I don’t know of a single human that would do that. And the little bastard didn’t even deserve it! You should have left his ass to rot! I’m glad you didn’t… well I think…” Emmett shakes his head.

“He’s different… Like I don’t even know him anymore. They say it’s because you broke his heart! That since you didn’t take him back he’s become this. Alice truly believes if you’d just forgive him and reconcile that he’d be himself again. Esme and I agree, they are only thinking of Edward’s feelings. They seem to forget he walked out on you first. In fact we all did. Something I’ll never truly forgive myself for.” Emmett sinks down to the floor.

“About Charlie… That was our fault. Dammit Bella we left you both unprotected! We knew! Dammit, we knew Laurent and Victoria was still out there! Yet we still left you and Charlie defenseless! What we did was shitty as hell! IT was WRONG! So very, very wrong… I’ve never been so ashamed as I am at this very moment!”

Bella’s bottom lip quivered a bit.

“Bella babe, I don’t expect you to ever trust me. I just came here to let you know if you’re ever in need of anything. Esme and I will never turn our backs to you again. Esme wasn’t lying when she said she thought of you like a daughter. And you’re like the coolest sister I could ever possibly dream of having. Well if I could dream, that is.”
Emmett covered his face.

“Esme’s so ashamed. She won’t even show her face. I tried my best to encourage her to come along. She fears that you hate her. The funeral… That damn near killed us both. Seeing you like that, knowing it was our doing! We were so pissed off with Carlisle. That’s why Esme left him. He’s too fucking passive for his own good. He’s to be our leader! Our father figure. Yet often enough he lets Eddie boy call the shots like some spoiled brat. He always has gotten his way. Everyone always feels sorry for fucking Edward Cullen. Do you have any idea just how proud of you I am! You stuck to your guns! You let my sister, Edward and the Volturi have it. Now I wasn’t there to see it, but I heard stories.” Emmett half laughs.
“I always knew you had that fire within you. I could tell. I could see it Bella. Edward just kept pushing his luck with you. We all saw it even Alice. Hell we had a discussion about it as a coven once. Edward was pissed when he returned because he saw it all in our minds. But we all knew he was becoming too possessive and controlling. He even had the balls to give us rules when it came to you.”

Emmett starts laughing in misery.

“He deserved what your man did to him!”
Bella swallowed back and timidly approached Emmett.

“What my man did?”

Emmett nods. He holds up a single finger and puts it to his lips as his radio goes off. They were questioning him about her. He looked upon her with a nod.
“Yes she’s right here we were just going over certain procedures. I’ll be in shortly.”

“Wait, are you actually working for the department?”

He genuinely smiles.

“As I said before, we have our ways Bella. How do you think we were able to attend high school?”
She smiles in return, but looks to the floor. Emmett bravely lifts her chin with a single finger.

“I know you don’t trust me. I have to earn that trust. I will do my damnest to gain it back. If that’s even possible.”

“You say you and Esme left?”
He nods.

“What about Rosalie, Em?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that. I suppose in human standards we’re currently separated.”
Bella looked upon Emmett in full disbelief.

He shrugs.

“Just one of those things, we don’t exactly see eye to eye. Then again if I’m to be honest Bella this isn’t the first time for Rose and I. I’m not going to get into that right now though. I came here to make certain you were alright. That was it. I had to see for myself Alice and Edward…” He shakes his head and half laughs.

“Let’s just say they’ve both lost it. Alice’s visions are bouncing around all over the place. She’s acting as though she needs to be back in the looney bin or something. I feel for Jazz man. He’s loyal though. He’s not going to leave her side no matter how insane she sounds. He simply endures it. Edward… on the other hand… Bella… Babe you cannot trust him! I’m serious. Don’t ever be caught alone with him. I fear the worst if you do. He may not hurt you… But I wouldn’t put it past him to take off with you. He’s that desperate. Even after what your man did to him. He’s still plotting. He truly believes this guy isn’t good for you that he’s somehow stolen your virtue and has forced you into this relationship. He believes if he can get you away from him long enough that you’ll soon come to your senses. I mean it I wouldn’t trust Alice either. So I guess in a way I also came here to warn you.”

“Em they’ve tried that already.”
“Wait what?”

“You mean they didn’t tell you?”

He shakes his head.

“Yeah Em they already tried to kidnap me basically.”

“Jesus, they mentioned nothing about that! Just how much are they keeping from us?! Apparently, they only want us to know their side of the story. Now I haven’t a clue what to believe when it comes to them. Why would they keep that from us?”
“Wait if you didn’t know then what did you mean by what “my man” did to Edward? I thought that’s what you were referring to.”

They both turn as Tony enters the house. He had just tossed his keys about the counter. He saw Emmett’s hand along Bella’s shoulder as they were talking. He raised his brows on this.
“Mighty friendly aren’t we officer?”
Bella turns back to Emmett.
“Tell me Em…”

Emmett looks over to Tony.

“He took Eddie boys legs and damn near sent his ass off into space. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy. Alice saw the vision and came to help him find his legs out in the ocean. She helped mend him back together.”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she looked back to Tony.
“You did what?”
“Technically, it was Iron Man.”

He says with a nonchalant shrug.

“And you are?” Tony asks looking to Emmett.

“Wait, weren’t you one of the dead that were at the funeral?”

Emmett nods, without argument on the intended pun.

“Huh…” Tony starts towards the garage.

“Where you going?”
“To get something.”
“But don’t you want me to introduce you?”

“Tony…” Bella cuts Emmett an apologetic look.

Tony continues to walk away.

“Just give me a sec.”

Emmett nods and patiently waits. Bella catches up to Tony and clings onto his arm.


“Yes?” He enters the code and steps on inside.

“I see you’re behind on your work.”

“Um yeah…”

He nods looking to her desk.
“You’re mad…” She says seeing his face.

“Mad? No… No Bella hon… Mad doesn’t quite sum it up for me.”
She sighs.

“I didn’t know ok. He caught me off-guard.”
“Of course he did. Now I’m going to go handle the situation.”
“And just how are you going to do that?”
“Well he can still walk on out of here if I take his hands.”

He rolls up his sleeves.

“Tony please, just listen to me!”

Tony sits in his stool and twirls around facing her.

“I’m listening so who’s the dead guy?”

She looks to him puzzled.
“Dead guy?”
“Yep the one I’m going to kill.”

“Tony… I don’t think he means any harm. He actually came here to apologize on behalf of his family or coven whatever you wish to call it.”

“I’ve had a bad day and he’s made my day worse by existing.”
Bella sighs.

“You can’t kill him Tony.”
“Sure I can and I don’t even need to bring in Iron Man to do so. You know they’re not near as durable as you’d think. You’d be surprised on how easy your little ex snapped… literally speaking.”

“You know what I mean. And his name is Emmett he’s Edward’s brother, sort of… Like I said he came here to check on me and to explain a few things.”

“What do you expect me to think? This guy’s brother and sister tried to kidnap you! This entire family left you and your father in harms way! Do I even need to remind you of the outcome to all this! Yet I enter the damn house to see you letting him get close enough to touch you?! “

Bella takes in a quivery breath.

“NO what?”
“NO AS IN I don’t need your fucking reminder on what all took place!”

Bella grits her teeth and exits the garage. She makes her way back to the living room. Emmett sighed seeing the look on her face.

“I suppose I better go. I didn’t mean to stir up trouble.”
Meanwhile, Tony was watching everything on the monitors.

“Sorry Em, but yeah it might be best. He has his reasons as do I.”

“Trust me, I understand. If I were in his shoes I’d want to rip me a new one as well. Can’t blame the guy for hating our mere existence. I’m just glad you got someone that’s taking good care of you.”
Bella nods as they get to the door. She opens the door and Emmett places his hat back on.

“Good day Ms. Swan.” He says with a soft smile.

She returns the smile, but it was more forced.

“Take care Em.”
Emmett gives one last nod and wave as he exits the house. Once Bella pulls the door to and locks it. She leans against the door. Her eyes closed momentarily as she focused on breathing. Bella then makes her way to the sink and rinses of her face feeling overheated suddenly. She reached for a paper towel and dried her face. She leaned over the sink for a moment. A growl escaped her mouth as she began crying.
“FUCK!” She hissed at herself angrily.

She reached to her heart as it felt like it’d fly out of her chest. Heatedly she shook her head.

“You’re not fucking doing this.” She scolded herself.

She grabbed another towel and dried off her face yet again. She pushed it back and straightened up. Bella fixed one of the straps to her heels and headed back to the garage. Tony swallowed back with a hint of guilt as he’d witnessed her breakdown. Still she entered the room as if nothing had happened. She went to her desk and immediately got to work. She got on the phone and began to call back whoever had left messages. She began to set up meetings and appointments. She dealt with the press as they called as well. Still they were pushing for a conference on their relationship alone. Then ones about Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash. It seemed Tony was taking flak for that as well seeing as how the guy had the same design he was using as Iron Man. Even though that was Justin Hammer and Pepper Potts fault. Tony was in and out off and on today. He had a couple meetings thanks to Hammer now and he also had to take care of whatever Bella couldn’t outside the home now. Not that he blamed her, but it made things a bit more of a pain in the ass. That and he hated doing things like the dry cleaning, post office, grocery shopping, and other things of that nature that Bella had always taken care of. Sure he could rig the bracelet and take it off. But he figure it wasn’t worth her getting caught. Knowing his luck they’d catch her with it off and only add to her sentence or make it worse. He just hoped to hurry up and get this solved.

By the time Tony is done doing everything in town he gets in the door about 10 pm. He looks for Bella in the living room and in the bedroom. Only she’s nowhere to be found. He heads into the garage and sees her asleep at her desk, pen still in hand a stack of files beside her. Dummy was covering her up. But was covering her up like one of the cars her entire body. Tony sighs.

“Dummy!” He hisses harshly.

Dummy scoots back turning towards Tony. Tony sighs and gently kicks Dummy away from Bella. Tony carefully picks her up and carries her out of the garage and into the bedroom. He places her in bed and takes off her heels. She stretches out and rolls over.

“…Tony…” She uttered so softly he barely could make it out.


“Are we ok?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” He questions curiously.

“Because we fought…”
He narrows his eyes in wonder.

“It was bound to happen one day.” He says with a shrug.

“Just no leaving…”

What the fuck? Tony thought and reared back.

“Why the hell would I leave Bella honey?”

“Because everyone leaves me.”

Tony just sat on the edge of the bed in confusion. He wasn’t sure where this was going or why she would say such a thing.

“I tend to drive people away, drive them crazy, or drive them to their deathbed.”

He nods now realizing what was going on. She was referring to that fuckhead town the Cullens, her friends from school, Jacob Black, and her father. He hadn’t truly thought about it before until now.

“Bella, you’d have one hell of a hard time getting rid of me. And dying? Well that’s just not an option for me. And I think you and I have that fear in common. I’m not going anywhere. If something happens between us it’ll be because you left, not the other way around.” Tony thought about the irony. He lost his father (by death), Pepper (left him), and what he thought was a good friend Obidiah (Whom went crazy and turned on him and Pepper. Damn near killed them both.)

“I’m not going anywhere either.” She whispers as she curls up to her pillow.

Tony nods without words. Bella went back to sleep and Tony tucked her in.

They wake the next morning the doorbell ringing. Bella’s first to wake. She gets her robe on and heads to the door. Meanwhile, Tony was making mental plans to have it to where no one could come to the door. Like he used to have, he was beginning to realize he needed more security. With Bella living with him now he wanted the ease of knowing she was alright when he wasn’t here. He still didn’t like how that damn vampire was able to waltz right on in. He wanted it to where he had to page them in from now on. He’d half the mind to have Agent Coulson or Happy Hogan here watching after her when he wasn’t here. Then again he didn’t want to become that overbearing boyfriend. She’d had enough of that shit with Edward and her best friend Jake.

He rubbed his face as these thoughts coursed through his mind. He got on his robe as well and stepped into the living room. His hands became fists as it was that fucking vampire yet again. He had Bella on the couch and was taking off her ankle bracelet. He was explaining to her how Hammer had dropped the charges against her. Not Potts, no, it was Justin Hammer himself. Tony knew without a shadow of a doubt. It was just to make himself look good. This wouldn’t stop Tony from taking them to court by no means. He watched the vampire’s every move. Once Emmett was done he cleared his throat.

“Guess I’ll see you around.”

Tony raised his brows on this.

“Um yeah…” Bella replied with a shrug.

Emmett looked towards Tony.

“I know you don’t trust me. My family hasn’t given any reason for anyone to trust them. We’re nothing more than hypocrites. We lied to Bella and turned our backs when she needed us most. I just want to say thank you for watching after her. She seems happy and that’s all my mother and I ever wanted for her. Hopefully, one day we can prove ourselves to you both. Until then, you both just please take precaution. I’ve a feeling my brother is far from done. Don’t think even for a minute, now matter how much time goes by that she’s safe, because she’s not. I know my brother and when he gets his mind on something that’s that. There is no changing his mind.”
Tony nods.
“When that day comes I will not hesitate this time. Your brother will not live.”

Emmett nods.

“It’s no more than he deserves. Though I would hate to lose a brother. I’d much rather lose him than my sister…” He says looking towards Bella.
Bella grew a lump in her throat.

“I mean it Bella… As of now you mean more to me then that little shit. I wasn’t lying when I said I was ashamed. To be honest as of now, it’s more of a relief. I mean now that I’ve had sometime away from them. I’ve had a chance to clear my head. Bella, besides Esme and you no one’s ever thought to ask me where I came from. No one’s ever wondered about my story. I know you asked me once. I didn’t answer and I should have. I just was blown away that you’d even care enough to ask. I always regretted not telling you that day. I just wasn’t sure how. Hell, not even Rose ever asked me. At times I felt as though I was more her property then I was her man. It never quite felt equal. Perhaps, that is something I need to bring to her attention if we ever decide to try and make this work again. Anyways I’ll get out of your hair now. If you need anything, anything at all…” He hands Bella his cell number.

“No matter the time of day, just a phone call away.”

Bella nods and Tony escorts Emmett out of the house. Once they’re out of hearing range from Bella, Tony eyes Emmett.

“Quit showing up unannounced and we’ll see what happens. Go against me on this and I’ll bury you.”

Emmett takes in deep breath, but nods in agreement. Tony watches as he gets into the squad car and leaves.

Bella takes her usual notes during the press conference, which was being held at headquarters. Tony stood before the podium. While she was doing this however, one of the press turned to her and shoved a mic right in her face and started to question her about their relationship. Tony cocked a brow towards the woman. He clears his throat.

“I do believe that the conference is up here.”

“With all due respect sir you haven’t answered any questions about your relationship? Is it serious or is this merely based on sex?”

“She’s a valued Stark employee, as to anything personal that is our business. Now let’s move this along shall we?”

“With all due respect sir your personal lives happen to affect Stark Industries as you’ve once learned before. Have you not learned your lesson?”
“Oh I’ve learned. I’m just doing a much better job this time!” He declares rather chipper like.

Bella covers her mouth in laughter. The woman cuts her a dirty look. Bella leans back and continues to jot down notes however she whispers just so the woman can hear.

“Someone’s got her panties in a twist.”

The woman’s jaw drops.

“Honestly, you’re like a child!”

“Better a child than an old wench.”

“It will never work. You know that right? This is nothing more than a phase. With Ms. Potts back in the picture, he’s soon to realize just what a big mistake this all is.”

“You know opinions are like assholes everyone has one.”

Tony meanwhile was in the middle of his conference, but overheard what Bella said and started laughing. He pretends to cough and clear his throat when everyone looks to him oddly. Nevertheless the smirk never left his face. Before long he finished and was escorted out of the room. Bella rises and reaches over grabbing a tape recorder the woman had. The woman had been using it to record everything that was said between the two. She knew it would be used against her in whatever the woman wished. Something she learned to be very careful about. Bella opened the tape recorder and took out the miniature tape. The woman tried to take it from her hand. Bella shook her head and handed back the empty tape player. She then dropped the tape on the floor and stomped on it with the heel of her black pumps.

“HOW DARE YOU?! You had no right to do that!”

“And by law you’re to ask someone’s permission to record them.”
“I DID!”

“No mam, you might’ve asked Mr. Stark, but you never once asked me. So that tape belonged to me to do whatever I wanted with it. You see I don’t play games lady. I know damn well what you were up to. This isn’t my first rodeo. Now, would you look at the time? I’m sure you’ve got a book club or something to attend. Some children to frighten… Do have a wondrous day!”

Bella heads into the office and starts to log on to the system. She gasps out as Tony had come up behind her and goosed her.
“Tony…” She harshly whispered.

He winked.

“You really should behave during my conferences.”

“Why? You never do.”

“It’s my God given right to misbehave. Besides, I have to the cameras are on me.”

“And I wasn’t given the same rights?”

“If you ever become a Stark then we’ll talk about given rights.”

Bella’s eyes widen and she choked back a bit. Tony sat down and straightened his tie as if he hadn’t even heard his own words.

“You ok there?”

She nodded and quickly downed some water from a bottle. She placed it back down on the desk.

“Look I gotta get here soon. First court hearing is today.”

Bella lifted her eyes towards him.

“I won’t be back in time for lunch. So I guess you’ll be hanging with your BFF?”

“You know it.”
“I’d be jealous if I hadn’t a clue what he was in for.” Tony hints.

Bella smiles mischievously.
“It’s ok you can still be jealous.”
“Is that healthy?”
“Does it matter? I mean you do drink… It’s not like you truly care about what’s healthy.”

“You’re right. I forbid you to hang out with Happy, Phil, Rhoyde… In fact stay away from other women as well. I’ve seen how they look at you. You seem to attract both sides of the spectrum. So you’re not allowed to have any friends.”

“Huh… Dually noted. This seems like a very healthy relationship.”
“I couldn’t agree more. In fact I may never let you leave the house again. I just can’t take that risk. I might get you a dog though… If you’re good.”

Bella nods, but grabs her keys as Happy enters the room.

“Wait where are you going?”

“To an early lunch.”
“Did we not talk about this?”

“We sure did Tony.”
“Did I not make clear that I forbid this?”

“You sure did!”

She takes Happy by the arm and starts to exit the office.

“You’re terrible at this!”
“That’s not what you said this morning.”

Tony raises his brows. He looks to Agent Coulson who was a bit red in the face.
“She’s has a point… God I love that woman.”

Happy opens the door for Bella and they head on to one of their usual restaurants. Like usual Happy heads to the bathroom after they order their drinks and food. Bella hurriedly pours some tabasco sauce into Happy’s tea and puts some pepper. She then placed three teaspoons of salt into his mash potatoes and mixed it together so he wouldn’t notice. She put ranch in his gravy. Once he returns he puts some sweet and low in his drink and stirs it. Happy takes a big swig and chokes back in tears. Bella narrows her eyes and looks to him oddly.

“You ok?”

He shakes his head and hits his chest as he coughs into a napkin. He waves the waitress over.

“What is in this?!”

“Excuse me sir?”
“I ordered tea I haven’t a clue what you gave me, but this is not tea.”
“Sir, I gave you tea. But if you would like I can bring you another one.”

Happy sighs.

“Yes, please do that.”

The waitress nods. Bella kept in mind to leave a very good tip. She was about to put this poor waitress through hell in order to pay Happy back.

While he waits for his tea he placed a forkful of mash potatoes in his mouth. Bella ate her food as though everything was right in the world.

“What the hell?!” Happy damn near growled.

Bella narrows her eyes as she eats her pasta.

“What is with you today?”

He shakes his head and pours some gravy over his mash potatoes hoping to mask the over salted taste. He takes a bite and quickly spits it back into his napkin.

“Jesus Happy! That’s was disgusting.”

He blushed a bit and looked to his food confused.
“This tastes like shit!”

“Happy Hogan! Don’t be a jerk! Since when do you ever act like that it’s so rude? Quit complaining about everything and eat your food.”

Happy sighs and with a wrinkled nose and disgusted look on his face he forces a few more bites down his throat. He washes it down with the tea that is brought to him. Bella kept her composure and even paid for the meal. From there the game began…

“Easy killer…” Bella patted Happy’s back after he sipped from his coffee.

He looked to her oddly as she took her seat at the desk.

“Are you sure you gave me the right cup?”

Bella nodded and started to bring up the holographic images. She began a few downloads and was moving things to certain files and copying them to an F drive for the office back home.

“Are you sure this isn’t Tony’s?”
She lifted her eyes towards him.

“Nope, it’s yours just the way you like it. Why you ask?”

He shrugs, the moment she turns her back he pours it out with a disgusted look on his face. Bella looked out the window as everything was downloading. Tony entered the room not long after and was sipping from his coffee a look of content on his face. Happy looked on perplexed. He looked to the now empty cup Bella had given him.

“And how are you today Happy?”
“Ok sir, I suppose I can’t complain.”

Tony nods and makes his way over to Bella. He pecks her on the lips before taking his seat.

“I’m going to be in and out today. In fact Happy will be taking you home today. I need you to catch up on things around here. Might be a late day for us both, got a lot to catch up on.”

Bella nods and logs out of everything once she’s done moving everything over. The phone rings. Once her back is to Tony and Happy they nod to one another. Tony had yet another court day. So far they’d only had the hearing, which was done separately. Today he’d actually have to see and deal with Pepper, which had him in rather a rotten mood. He just hoped it didn’t run for very long today he had other plans tonight.

Bella and Tony worked in silence. When the time came Tony came to his feet. He gathered what he needed and headed on out. Happy drove him to the courthouse. Tony stepped out of the limo. The area was swamped with reporters. All the more reason he was glad he didn’t have Bella tagging along. After he was inside, Pepper had the balls to approach him. She took Tony by the arm and led him to a more secluded area of the court house. He rolled his eyes with annoyance, wondering what was going on in that head of hers now.

“Ok?” He inquires.
“Tony, let’s just cut to the chase, we both know what this is really about. I’m sorry I hurt you and lost your trust. But I think we can go about this like adults now and quit these childish games.”

Tony presses his lips together and fixes his tie.

“I was never the one playing the games.”
Pepper half laughs and shakes her head.

“Just how long are you going to fool yourself into thinking that this is all my fault?”

“I’m well aware it takes two to tango Ms. Potts. There are some things that I should have taken more initiative in. Things I should have said or done. I’ve learned from those mistakes though and am using those hard lessons to make my current relationship that much better.”

“You can’t be taking that girl serious!”

“Really? Do you want to go down this road with me again? I always pegged you for a strong woman. Only the more this continues the more you seem to show just how truly pathetic and desperate you can be. That’s not the Pepper Potts I know. I’d no idea you were so full of insecurities!”
“You left me for a younger woman!”


“I was your girl…”
“Was… past tense. “

“Tony…” She backs him up against the wall.

“Don’t even try to tell me you don’t feel anything. You’ve known her for just what a few months? She’s just a child. You need a woman Tony. One that’s been there for you since before you even owned the company. We were friends before we were ever lovers. Are you really willing to push away everything we once had away? We could have that all again.”

“They only thing I feel is revulsion.”

She brings her knee up and starts stroking him with her leg. Tony closes his eyes for a moment. Only she mistook it as him enjoying it. He was growing more and more irate the more she came onto him.

“POTTS!” He growled as he felt her lips on his. He stopped the kiss before it happened.

“HOSE HER THE FUCK DOWN!” He barked at Happy as he passed by.

“There will NEVER BE a you and I again. Now knock this doleful shit off before you end up screwing up everything I’ve got going for me! You think I’m to prideful to get a restraining order? Just keep testing me, see where it gets you. You thought Bella was a groupie when you first met her. Now look at yourself! Jesus Potts!”

Tony storms off and heads on into the court room. From there things get much more interesting. Both sides proved their sides of the case. Only once they’re done, Pepper shocks everyone in the room. She ends up blaming her current boss and the industry she’s working for by claiming she was blackmailed into betraying Stark Industries. Justin Hammer who was there in support of her and had even hired and paid for her lawyer in full. Rose to his feet furiously.
Pepper started this crying ordeal. Tony rolled his eyes as the security began to drag Justin Hammer out of the room. Tony had all the proof he needed of Pepper’s betrayal. The court and jury knew that too. However, after what Justin Hammer pulled Pepper began to get sympathy from the jury. They began to believe her story on being force into this and made to betray Stark Industries. Because of this Pepper’s potential prison time was dropped. They favored in her at the moment only banning her from this field of work for another three years. They also didn’t find her guilty when it came to Tony’s claims on insider trading and sedition. Tony grew ill in thought knowing each of them felt for Pepper Potts and truly believed her to be the victim in all this. Tony never wanted to backhand a woman so badly before. He knew if Bella was here she’d have done it for him! This was an outrage to him. Pepper Potts was no damn victim. She was smart, too smart. She used her wits to get herself out of this jam. Tony won the case, however he still felt as though he and the industry hadn’t been served proper justice. Pepper Potts ended up with nothing more than a slap on the fucking hand.

He kept his mouth shut knowing they’d hold his ass in contempt if not. Not tonight… If it were any other day he wouldn’t give a shit.

“Unbelievable…” Tony grumbles to himself as he heads back to the limo.

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  1. Screw Em and his mommy.if he really felt the way he said he would have stayed around to protect his “sister” no matter what his bitch wife or daddy had to say.don’t even get me started about that crazy make believe mommy that coven had.she should have smack the crap out of Carlisle for letting lil tell the family what to do.

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