Chapter 26: Father Issues

Chapter 26

I do not own Twilight or Marvel. But I’m still semi-awesome. Alright this took me a bit to pan out. But here we go. Let’s get this show on the road! Enjoy my lovelies! (And yes the last chapter (ending) was just a dream. Something that I wanted to do just for fun for a manip Bertie Bott made me. Same thing with the ummm “cunt” cake! Cuinawen let me use) Like usual, I’m taking my own route with this. (Reads like a comic book folks. The pan outs and line breaks…)

“You’re late…” Happy says and Tony sighs.

“All the more reason now would be a good time to break some laws.” Tony hints.

Happy grins and nods as he opens the door for Tony.

Bella sighed as she looked to the time. Still Tony was a no show. She shook her head growing more cross.

“Mam? I’m sorry but if we don’t see you now. We’ll have to give your appointment to someone else.”

“Dammit Tony…” Bella mutters under her breath and comes to a stand.

The nurse leads her into the examination room, where she’ll have her first exam. On the way she sends Tony a text.

I sooooo hate you right now…

On my way… And love you too!

Dammit Tony, you promised and you’re too late you might as well just go on home!

I’ll make it. Save some KY for me xox’s!

Oh I’ll save some KY for you alright…

Bitch! Bella thought with a giggle as they entered the room. The nurse cut her an odd glance. Bella took notice but simply paid it no attention. She put her phone away as the nurse motioned for her to sit on the bed.

“And how are we today?”

“Well I’m going to kill my husband, but other than that I’m just peachy.”

The nurse softly laughs as she looks over Bella’s charts.

“We get that a lot. I’ll need you to put on this gown. No undergarments… The doctor will be here shortly to examine you. Then we’ll get you set up in another area for the sonogram. Do you have any questions or concerns?”

“Nope, none that I know of.”
“Any morning sickness?”

“Not yet…”

The nurse nods and exits the room.

“A little faster Happy. Or it’s gonna be Hells Bells time for sure!”

Happy chuckles and rushes on through a yellow light. They were a few blocks away from the doctor’s office.

Steve smiles as Angela came off the plane. He makes his way over and takes her bags. He then pecks her on the cheek.

“How was your flight?”

“Long but I’m here now…”

He nods “That you are!” and escorts her on out to the taxi he had waiting for them.

Clint paces the living room, glancing towards Natasha as she slept. He took the ring out from his pocket and ran his fingers through his hair. He mouthed the words he wanted to say over and over to himself but nothing seemed right. He sighs with frustration and stuffs the ring back into his pocket.

Renee had just sat the food down on the table. Phil turned on the TV like usual as they sat down for dinner.

Jane blinks her eyes a few times as she looks over and sees Darcy staring.

“Really Darcy?!”

Darcy shrugs. Jane was lying across Thor’s chest as they’d fallen asleep on the couch, both naked. Jane hurriedly reaches over grabbing an afghan to cover them up with.

“I live here too, you know… Not my fault you two decided to venture outside of the bedroom.” She utters whilst shoving a spoonful of Cheerios into her mouth.

Fury pulls up to the red light and tapered the brow to his good eye.

“What in the fuck is that…?” He utters looking off to the sky from a distance. Some sort of odd looking mass was heading right for the city.

Tony rushes out of the limo, once Happy pulls up to the building. Happy chuckles to himself. That was soon to fade however as the emergency broadcasting system sounded over the radio. He narrowed his eyes and turned up the radio, as he was waiting for Tony and Bella. The sirens within Malibu had also begun to sound.

Tony heard the sirens once he stopped onto the elevator. He shrugged it off thinking it was some sort of test. Maybe a minor storm or earthquake even? As soon as the elevator got to the floor he needed to be on. He sprinted towards the office Bella was in.

“Isabella Stark?” He inquired as he stepped up to the receptionist.

She nodded with a smile recognizing his face. She pushed the button to the door that lead to the room Bella was in.

“Room 3, Mr. Stark.”

He nodded and hurried on into the room. He froze as he entered the room. The first thing he saw was the nurse hugging Bella and they were both in tears.

“Bella honey?” He called out feeling ill.

“Is everything ok?”

He thought it had to do with the baby. Her head darted his direction.

“Tony!” She exclaimed and rushed over.

“Is something wrong… With the baby?” He whispered as he cupped her chin worriedly.

“No…” Bella said breaking into uncontrollable sobs.

The nurse screamed out and covered her mouth. Tony’s attention went to the live feed they had been watching. He blinked a few times in sheer disbelief. Bella turned her attention back towards the news as well.

“NOOO!” Bella shouted.

The entire Golden Gate Bridge collapsed and was under attack. A slew of AI’s remarkably like that of Ultron were firing away. Cars were plummeting on into the water. The cries of the civilians under attack could be heard over the news reporter in the helicopter hovering over the area. The woman doing the broadcast hollered out and before long everything went black. Bella turned to Tony with panic.

“Tony…” She uttered as the room felt like it were a cloud and it were spinning around on her.

Tony remained frozen.

“Tony we gotta do something!” He hadn’t even heard her.

Tony’s ears were ringing. His entire body felt as though it were heating over. His throat was dry and his heart was skyrocketing. He too felt as though the room they were in were spinning.

“TONY!” Bella shouted as she shook him, snapping him out of it.

“We gotta go!”

He nodded in understanding. He took her hand and they rushed out of the office. As they were taking off towards the elevator they heard one of the receptionists saying how New York was also under attack that the Statue of Liberty was no more.

“ Shit…” Fury uttered as AI’s swooped on down and began surrounding the entire area.

He hit his blue tooth.

“Are you seeing this?” He heard Esme on the other line.

“Oh yeah… by the way I might be running a tad late.”
“Nick!” She hollers out as she hears the sound bullets flying.

“Son of a motherfucking bitch!” Fury shouts as the AI’s were now attacking the area around him.

Thankfully the vehicle he was in was bulletproof. However others around him weren’t so lucky. He grimaced as he looked around. People were running out of their cars screaming, doing their best to take cover in nearby buildings or whatever they could find. The AI’s were merciless and out for blood.

“Where are you?!” Esme questions in horror.

Phil and Renee became immobile as they witnessed everything that was taking place on air. They were back home and watched in terror as California and New York were under attack.

“The kids!” Renee sputtered out as her hand clamped over her mouth.

Phil sighed with concern as well.

“It’s for you…” Darcy says handing the phone over.

Thor tiredly wipes his eyes and rises. He looks to the cellphone oddly. Darcy sighs as if annoyed.

“Put it to your ear and say hello beefcakes.”

He nods and clears his throat.


“There you go! That’s a good thunder god! Next week I’ll teach you how to turn on the TV!”

“Darcy…” Jane scolds but had a hint of a smile about her face.

“Hey where are you?”
Thor lifts his eyes toward Jane and Darcy.

“With Jane.”
“Good stay there. I’m coming to you.”

Thor shrugs and hands the phone back over. Darcy puts the phone back to her ear.

“Well that was short and sweet.”
“You and Jane need to seek shelter and now!”
“Well hello to you too. You know, you’re kind of a stiff.”

Steve sighs with full on agitation.
“I mean it! You haven’t any idea what’s going on, do you?”

“You mean besides Thor’s embarrassingly display of morning wood?” Darcy utters winking at Thor.

“Nice…” She says and gives him a thumbs up.

He grins rather smugly and Jane smacks him in the back of the head. Jane hurriedly covers him up.

“Angie!” Darcy hears Steve shout and the sound of an explosion.

“Um what was that?!”

“Turn on the news and you’ll see. I’ll be there soon.”

“I’m ok…” Angela says as Steve helps her to her feet.

“What are those things?!”

Steve rolls his eyes.

“Some sort of rogue androids! You can thank your friends the Starks for that one.”

She cuts him a puzzled look.


“I’ll explain later. This was something I KNEW was coming! Dammit, he just doesn’t listen! And I’m sorry to say but your friend Bella is an even bigger fool for supporting him during all this madness!”
“Excuse me?” Angela questioned with a flushed face of anger.

“You didn’t seriously just cut my friend down?!”

“Look around you Angie?!” He says as he hops on his bike and motions for her to hop on as well.
“You truly believe this is something they’d take part in?”

“Not directly, no… But it was Tony’s carelessness that started this all. Once again, one of his creations has gotten out of control! He never learns!”

“That’s hardly fair!” She says with anger rising within her.

“I call it like I see it. And is it fair to all these innocent people?!

“Maybe you should open your eyes more. You know this isn’t what they would want!”
“Are we really going to do this?”
“Do what?” She snaps as he dodges the attacks from the AI’s.

“Have our first fight? Right now?”
“Fine! It can wait!”

“YEP!” She sarcastically hollers out as he barely manages to miss a miniature missile.

Angie yelps out and holds on for dear life.

Steve grits his teeth with not much time to react. A light post landed right in his path. There was no way around it. They hit it dead on and Angie went flying off. Steve knew there was no way he could catch her in time but bounded off the bike in desperate attempts to anyhow.

“I gotcha!”

Steve reared back as he landed in a crouching stance. Angie looked to the man that had caught her rather star struck. Her face flushed over.

He nodded and quickly shields her from another oncoming light post. She thought she was star struck meeting Captain America. But this one had her in a full on body blush. She’d had a crush on Spiderman for a few years now.

“You alright?” He questioned once he got her out of harm’s way.

She nodded rather flabbergasted. Spiderman looks behind her and nods towards Steve. Steve nodded in return.

“So this is pretty bad.” Spiderman calls out recognizing the all American hero.

“That it is.”
“Why don’t we get your friend here to a safer place, and we collaborate? Quickly even?”

“I’ll meet you back here.”

Spiderman nods.

“Good deal. I’ll ummm… just keep them on their toes. It was nice meeting you by the way! Hope you fall into my arms again sometime!” He smarts as one of them fires a repulsor beam his way. He’d just shoved Angie towards the Captain and managed leaped out of the way.

Angie let out a bit of a giggle and the Captain looked upon her and shook his head with disapproval.

“Please tell me you’re joking?!” Tony says as Bella was just about to suit up as well.
She gives him a puzzled look. He shakes his head.

“Oh no… Not this time, Wildcat. You’re staying here and out of trouble!”


“I mean it. This time I’m putting my foot down. There is no way in HELL you’re going out there. Not in your condition.”
“My condition?” She says as if offended.

“I’m pregnant not dying!”

“Exactly you’re NOT dying. I won’t have you taking the risk.”
“Dammit Tony, you need me.”

“Not today, Bella honey. You’re going to stay here with Happy.” He nods towards Happy.

“Watch after my girl.”


“Um wrong try again.”

“Tony this is crazy and you know it. You have to let me go! I have to do something!”

“And you will… Stay here… protect yourself and our child.”

“You truly think our child has a future in this?! The odds are better if I’m out there with you!” She points at the monitors.

“You need every bit of help you can get. Now admit it.”

Tony slams his fists down on the console.




She shakes her head and starts putting on the suit Tony swiftly zips over and dismantles it before she can even get it on. He picks her up, places her in the chair by the console and cuffs her to it.



“Be mad! That’s ok. But I won’t argue this further. I’ve made up my mind.” His gaze goes to Happy.

“Watch after her… Keep her grounded, but most of all safe!” He says in a rather chipper like matter.

Happy nods.


He sighs.

“Bella, even if we weren’t expecting. You’d be sitting this one out. We’ve never encountered something to this magnitude. Now I’ve got to go! Love you, honey!” He places his helmet on and nods upon her.
“Don’t you dare!” She shouts and at that, he’s gone.

Clint’s heart sank to the pit of his stomach. To make matters worse.

“What’s with you? Since when do you concern yourself with such things? Besides we both discussed this just a few days ago, remember? I thought I made it pretty clear.”

He sighs and shakes his head.

“So you’re saying you’re nowhere near ready for that sort of commitment?”

She smiles and kisses his forehead.

“I think it’s safe to say that neither of us is. If anything Clint, I need to focus. I don’t need something like that weighing me down. After everything that happened with S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra and Fury trying to come up with something else. The last thing either of us should be thinking about. We need to be thinking of the bigger picture… marriage?” She laughs once again. “Not it.”

He nods looking ill.

“So you’re saying that marriage isn’t even in the deck of cards.”

“It’s so far out of range, it’s not even funny.” She rears back however catching a glimpse of something within his hand.

“What’s that?” She asks curiously.

His face actually flushed over and he tightened his grip around the “item”.

“It’s nothing…” He stuffs it back in his pocket and rises from the bed.

“Please tell me that wasn’t what I think it was.”
“And what do you think it was, Tesh?” He says with a broken tone as he slips a shirt on.

“Oh my god it was! Wasn’t it?!’
She hops out of the bed now as if furious. She starts to hurriedly get dressed.

“What the hell has come over you Barton?”

He snaps back her direction.

“You really want to know?!”

She nods looking flushed with anger still.

“Fine… Maybe I’ve come to realize that I’m only getting older. Maybe I’d like something to look forward to when I come home at night.”

“Such as?!”

He sighs.

“A family.”

“Are you kidding me? You once told me that it wasn’t fair to drag a wife and kids along, with the shit we face every day!”

“Yeah well… I’ve changed my mind. Jesus, Tesh, who’s to say we have to live a certain way? Hell or even die a certain way. I’d like another notch in my belt. One that doesn’t just read Hawkeye or Agent Barton. I want something more! Something I can be proud of.”

“And you wanted me as you Stepford wife?”

“Really Tesh? Is that what you think of me?”

“Well how else did you think this would go? That I’d say yes? Set up some sort of early retirement. Become a housewife and pop out a couple of kids?”

“What the fuck?”

“You got that right?! What the fuck! Took the words right out of my mouth! So what is this? Little sis decides to tie the knot and is about to punch out a kid. So you think you gotta cross that finish line as well?”

“Wow… unbelievable! You’re something else you know that!” He takes the ring back out of his pocket and throws it at her feet.

“I was thinking about how much I loved you! How much we’ve been through together. How I’d like to spend the rest of my life with the one woman that gets me most. But wow… I couldn’t have been more wrong. You don’t know shit about me! And you’ve got to be one of the cruelest people I’ve ever met. I suppose I see why they call you Black Widow now. You succeeded in biting my fucking head off and making me feel like an idiot. Like one of your damn interrogation victims. Don’t worry Romanoff, you’re off the hook. We’re done. You’re free to live your life. Free from the burden and weight I’ve been placing on you. Good luck, I truly hope you seek happiness and find whatever it is you’re looking for! Later!”

Her jaw drops as he exits the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

(Back in Cali)

Bruce tiredly answered the door. He’d been so out of it he hadn’t even heard the sirens. His hair was disheveled and signs of sleep were still in his eyes.

“Late night, gorgeous?” Tony smarted.

Bruce ran his fingers through his hair.

“What do you want Tony?” Bruce questioned with a yawn.

“Well you remember that one time you helped save New York and all?”

“Vaguely…” Bruce sarcastically replied.

“Yeah well… you know that raging green beast I’m fond of?”

He nods.

“Think you do that thing where you go… “That’s the secret I’m always angry.” And then unleash havoc against those that mean our city harm?!”

“Tony… where are you going with all of this? I mean, did you take your pills today?”

Bruce tilts his head ever so slightly as a couple of the AI’s zip right past them.

“I’m not dreaming am I?” Bruce said looking ill.

Tony nodded.

“Fraid not buddy. And it’s just you and I, from the looks of things. So let’s get this party started.”

“Never was a big fan of your parties.”

Tony smirks at this, but Bruce could see the sheer amount of panic within his eyes.

(Back in New York)

“Let’s go!” Steve says as Thor answers the door.

Thor didn’t even question it. He pecked Jane on the lips and started out the door. Steve went to kiss Angela but sighed as she recoiled. He shuts his eyes for a moment and gives a simple nod of irritation.

“Okay then…” He utters as she joined Darcy and Jane.

Darcy raised her brows on this.

“Oh someone’s in the doghouse.”

Steve rolled his eyes but didn’t comment. As they were on their way to meet Spiderman, Thor turned to Steve with a serious expression on his face.

“What is this doghouse you’re in? And why are you in it?”

“It means she’s offended by me just because I’m standing up to my beliefs. It’s not the first time, and since I come from a different era, I doubt it will be the last.”

“I see… I think…”


“There we go, buddy! SMASH AWAY!” Iron Man hollers out as they get to the battlefront. Hulk wasted no time he was already taking out whoever crossed his path.

Iron Man fired a beam at one of the AI’s but groans out as he takes a hit from the back and gets slammed into the pavement. He shakes it off as he comes to his feet. He and Hulk do their best to fight the multiple AI’s whilst getting nearby civilians out of the way. There were so many Tony didn’t even bother to count. He figured between the ones here and in New York there had to of been a ballpark figure of about 1000 or more. The mere thought had him cringing.

Iron Man sighs in relief as he sees Barton, Romanoff, Esme, and Fury joining in on the battle. He doesn’t have much time to react as he’s being shot at from multiple locations. His eyes widen as he heard the familiar whistle, that of a missile.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He uttered trying to pinpoint its location. Without Jarvis online it made things a bit harder. He’d been working on a new program but it was going to take some time. He was nowhere near done. Jarvis took him years to achieve and he was starting over now.

“FUCK!” He hollered out as he turned a certain direction.

He saw the red target on his suit and knew the missile was locked onto him. In fact he tested it once he was able to make it out. Everywhere he moved the damn thing followed.

“Huh…” He shook his head and was about to find a way to rid of it or knock it off course.

However the missile was faster than his train of thoughts. Iron Man grunted out as he felt something hard hit. He was diving down at great speed. He reared back seeing it was Emmett.

“HOLD ON!” Emmett hollered out.

Emmett literally heaved Iron Man across town, through a couple of buildings.

“SON OF A BITCH!” Tony yelled as his body continued to fly back at great speed.

He chuckled however once he realized the damn vampire just saved his ass. The red mark was off his body and he heard the missile hit something else instead. A parked van, thankfully no one was in it. Iron Man crawled out from the debris of the building. He nodded towards the employees still within the building. They nodded in return but each had that wide eyed look of shock about them.

“Everyone alright?” He called out.

They looked around nodding to one another and back to him. He gave them a thumbs up “good deal” he said and was about to exit the building.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” He shouted as two of the AI’s appeared. Iron Man shot off his repulsor beams as the AI’s shot off several rounds within the building.

Iron Man managed to take them both down but it was too late. Once he turned around there wasn’t a person left standing. He felt as though he were walking in sand now. He began to check over each body he came across. There wasn’t a single survivor. He turned towards one of the cubicles and saw an Iron Man action figure next to a picture of a little blonde haired boy. He had freckles and he was all smiles in the picture. Iron Man slammed his fist down on the Iron Man figure, smashing it to pieces. He staggered back feeling as though he’d pass out. He could see the AI’s hovering about. The sound of bullets, missiles going off, and people screaming for dear life. It made his ears ring once again. He gritted his teeth and took off his helmet. He fell to his knees and couldn’t breathe. Tony sucked back a breath fighting for air. He closed his eyes for a moment. He was doing everything within his power to force himself back out there. People were fucking dying for crying out loud. GET THE FUCK UP STARK! YOU’RE IRON MAN! IRON MAN DOESN’T FOLD LIKE SOME WORN OUT BITCH! EVERYONE’S COUNTING ON YOU AND YOUR TEAM! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He nodded and came back to his feet. Debris crunched beneath his iron boots as he made his way back out of the building. He placed his helmet back on and put on his game face.

(New York)

Thor grunted out as one of the AI’s hit him dead on with a beam.

“THOR!” Captain America called out trying to get to him, but was having to deal with his own battle at the moment.

Spiderman took notice of this as well. And he tightened the webbing he had around one of the AI’s throats. He yanked back as its head popped off and rolled onto the ground.

“I love it when they lose their heads like that!” Spiderman smarted.

He then zipped on over and slammed the AI’s that had ganged up on Thor back. He then grabbed Thor and shot off another web.

“You know you’re rather burly for a damsel in distress. But you have such gorgeous hair!”

Thor rolled his eyes.

“What? It’s not like I called you big boned!”

Thor shoved him back and propelled himself back towards the AI’s.

“Oh now don’t be like that. Was it something I said?”

Spiderman said as he fired off another web and used it to lasso one of the AI’s into another. With perfect timing too as Captain America and just sent one flying up into the air with a nice uppercut. Spiderman used the lassoed one to send that one flying into a slew of them heading right for them. They all went flying back.

“Awesome!” Spiderman called out with a thumbs up towards the Captain.

The Captain nodded and flung out his shield. He went back to taking out as many as possible.

“Oh snap…” They turned to see Spiderman being hurled through a high rise.

Captain America hurriedly took off that direction.

“Dammit…” He muttered under his breath as 4 AI’s landed before him, blocking his path to Spiderman.

He saw Thor get hit by one of his own voltages as one of the AI’s sent the intended hit back to his direction. His eyes lifted towards the sky as he saw even more AI’s making their way over. He gritted his teeth and took off running towards the AI’s directly in front of him. All four fired off a repulsor beams. He came down to one knee and hurriedly positioned his shield. The beams hit his shield dead on. He braced himself with everything he had. He could feel his body being shoved back by the impact. The shield however was deflecting the beams back towards the AI’s. The AI’s armor began to melt and began to malfunction, as the impact knocked them back through several cars and up against a nearby dumpster.

The Captain groaned out in a tuck and roll as bullets began to fly around the entire area. He took cover behind a nearby police cruiser. He sighed in relief seeing Spiderman and Thor back on their feet. But he shook his head. Deep down he knew between the three of them… They hadn’t a chance in hell. There were merely too many. People all around them were dying. He could hear their shrieks of terror. Car alarms were going off. Helicopters were flying about and being shot down by the AI’s. He felt a wave of nausea hit. This might be the one battle they cannot win. He pinched the bridge of his nose in thought. The three of them for now were simply taking cover. They looked upon one another as if sharing the same exact thought. What now?!

Iron Man punched through one of the AI’s and furiously began ripping out its wiring. He fired his laser up in the air as AI’s circled the entire area he was in. He twirled about decapitating each of them.

“WATCH OUT!” Hawkeye hollered out and dived down after Black Widow.

He managed a tuck and roll right under a nearby eight wheeler. There was a good 5 foot indention in the ground where she had been standing. She looked to Hawkeye wide eyed. The eight wheeler was lifted off them however and sent sailing through a nearby library. Hawkeye wrapped himself around Black Widow protectively and eyed the AI before them. Black Widow shut her eyes preparing for the worst. The AI disappeared however. Hawkeye reared back in wonder. He heard a familiar chuckle and saw Fury standing over them now.

“Off your asses! Barton! Romanoff! Let’s go!”

Hawkeye and Romanoff scrambled back to their feet. Only to see Esme dusting herself off. She’d just snapped the AI’s neck and tossed its lower half into a nearby dumpster.

“Um thanks?!” Hawkeye called out.

Esme gave a simple nod and was already taking another one on.

“Fuck…” Emmett groaned out as he took another hit to the face.

He’d dismantled 12 of these bastards already but the just kept coming back. He found himself somewhat distracted, thinking about Darcy back New York. He knew they were under attack as well. He prayed to God she was somewhere safe and sound. Emmett shook his head as he had AI’s coming from all directions now. They tilted their heads upon him menacingly. He swallowed back trying to think as he took a few steps back. He grimaced however feeling his body hit against something metal feeling. He swallowed back feeling a set of arms wrap around his neck. Two sets of hands grabbed his arms and he was forced to his knees. Emmett struggled, desperate to break free.

He narrowed his eyes as their heads randomly rolled onto the ground.

“Giving up that easily brother?”

He grinned ear to ear as Jasper nodded upon him and offered a hand.
“Get up Emmett you’re embarrassing all of us…”

Emmett chuckled.

“Hmmm… So what the hell are these exactly?” Jasper questioned as he helped Emmett back to his feet.

Iron Man froze as he hovered off the ground. He shook his head as the familiar AI made its self known. He let out a dark chuckle.

“See what you’ve done father…”

Tony raised his brows beneath that iron suit of his.

“Father?” He inquired with a mouth full of sarcasm.

“I’d hate to see the mother… Must’ve been one of those drunken nights… I certainly believe a paternity test is in order…” Tony uttered.

“You did this! You created this destruction! This havoc! You thought you could control me father! But I’m here to prove you wrong. I’m going to start with your precious hometown the very one you fought so hard to defend. Only this time there won’t be a speck of dust left, once I’m done! After that I’m going kill the “pretender”… Your so called other child! Do I mean so little to you?!”

Tony damn near choked in that suit of his.

“I wasn’t aware you were struggling from middle child syndrome. Perhaps some family counseling is needed?” But behind those words was utter fear.

Tony swallowed back and hard. It was Ultron, only now he referred to Tony as father. He was bulkier, more powerful, and somehow even more intimidating than before. Apparently Ultron had some serious upgrading. He seemingly called to the other AI’s they stopped what they were doing and began hovering around Ultron.
“I see you have your own groupies as well? I must say mine are much more appeasing to the eyes.”

Ultron gave a simple nod and took off. All the AI’s remaining followed him out of California.

“Where are they going?”
Iron Man turned to see Bruce. Iron Man nodded as he was in the buff.

“Huh… Not quite how I pictured it.”
“What’s that?”

“You in the buff and all… I thought you’d be more…”
“More what?”

“Hulk like…”

Bruce rolls his eyes.

“Dammit Happy! I swear to GOD I’m going to make your life complete HELL after this.”

Happy cocks a brow at this and leans back in her usual chair for when she’s working. She was currently cuffed to Tony’s.

“You haven’t been already?”

“Funny… Happy please.”

He sighs looking to the news on the monitors.

“You know they need me!”

“I’m sorry. I happen to agree with Tony on this one.”

Bella starts jerking around in attempts to get the cuffs off her.

“You’re going to hurt yourself.”
“Not anymore than I’m going to hurt you once I get out of this.”

Happy raises his brows as she actually managed to lift the chair using the cuffs.

“Looks painful. I doubt you wanna break your wrists.”
“Shut it, Harold!”

He chuckled but grimaced as she was taking the chair across the console in attempts to break free. He sighs and comes to his feet.


He swallowed back as she shot him a look but had tears running down her face.
“People are dying! I can’t be here! I have to be out there! By my husband’s side doing something about it!”

“And in order to do that. You’d be risking the life of your child.” Happy softly reminds.

“The suit would keep them protected! And besides they’re already at risk! What makes either of you think this is where it will end?! These things… they mean to wipe out the entire world! I saw what he was capable of himself! Dammit Happy, Ultron can duplicate himself over and over and over. Where the fuck do you think they all came from? He needs to be taken down! We have to focus on Ultron. We can kill AI’s all fucking day! They’re just the seeds, the minions, if you will! We have to take down their GOD!”

Happy and Bella snap their heads towards the garage door. Two AI’s had busted it down and had now entered the room. Happy looked to Bella in panic. They shoved him down as if he were merely a flea. Bella swallowed back as they stood before her now. She gasped out as they broke her free from the cuffs. They each grabbed an arm and were dragging her away.

“NO!” Happy took out a gun and was firing at them.

But they didn’t even react. Happy’s jaw dropped however as the AI’s randomly spilt into halves and landed on the garage floor. Bella swiftly turned back to him in wonder as if he somehow managed to pull it off himself. He shrugged but reared back as his eyes were now focused on something else. Bella narrowed hers, taking notice of the odd look he had about him. She slowly turned to see another entity standing before her now.

Happy rushed over and got a protective hold on her.

“Bella…” He whispered as he was in attempts to drag her away.

She tilted her head a certain way however and looked the entity in the eyes. His face was the color of a reddish auburn. His eyes were a light golden color. His face as though a man’s or so it seemed. The rest of him was like that of the Iron Man suits. He wore a green suit with a yellow diamond on his chiseled chest, a yellow cape, and yellow boots. He looked as though an alien.

“They will not care that she is with child. They will kill her all the same. We need everyone we can get. Mrs. Stark we need Iron Maiden’s help. We must stop them before it’s too late. Mr. Stark will just have to understand why you’ve defied his wishes on the matter. You must come with me at once.”
“And you are?” Happy scoffs.

“I’m The Vision, Mr. Hogan. I’m here in order to assure the future of Mr. Stark, his family, and inventions.”
“Jarvis?” Bella says hearing his voice within the entity.

The Vision slants his head to the side. She jumps at first as he reaches over and cups her chin.

“My apologies, madam. It seems Jarvis self-destructed in order for my existence to take its course. Jarvis was my creator. He saw this day forthcoming.”
“But Ultron…”

The Vision nods.

“He is nothing more than a virus. But you already knew that now didn’t you Mrs. Stark? And I apologize… Everything of Mr. Starks is in here.” He taps his forehead. “I can bring it all back. Everything but the original artificial intelligence. It was the only way. Everything is within me…”

She smiles and felt a lump within her throat. Jarvis might’ve just been an AI… but in a way he was family. He gave himself up in order to keep Tony Stark’s inventions and loved ones safe. The only way he knew to do that was to create something that could take on the virus known as Ultron.

“Suit up, Mrs. Stark.” The Vision says and waits for her outside.

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