Chapter 21 On The Otherside

Chapter 21

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. (Now I winged it with the containment area they have Bella in. I made up my own to be honest. It’s like a mixture of what they had for Hulk and Loki. I fused the two and have it held in the Avenger Headquarters. The beauty of fanfiction you can do what you want so there! HA! 😉 )

Bruce adjusted his glasses as he observed Bella within the containment facility they had her in. She was pacing back and forth and would growl out – pulling at her hair every once in a while. Thor drew back a breath as he caught wind of this as well. “You don’t think she can break through that, do you?” The god questioned as she started to hit at the glass.

“I don’t believe so.”

They both grimaced however as a small crack appeared.

“If she can do that, then how do they expect the room to contain the big guy?”

“If the other guy was to get out of control the room was to be ejected.”


Bruce nodded as he continued his observation.

“And where would it go?”

“Space…” he stated with a shrug.


“Theoretically, of course we have no way of knowing for certain as it’s never been tested.”

Thor raised his brows on this.

“Theoretically…” he murmured, shaking his head.

Blood soon dispersed along the glass as Bella punched at it so hard it was peeling back the flesh on her knuckles. And with each attempt to break free she let out this heart-wrenching cry, one that signified her being in great pain. She’d stagger back every once in a while, putting her hand to her heart. Before long, she’d return to pacing. Then the cycle would start all over again. Dr. Banner took notes on everything he witnessed but as he did his hand trembled with unease.

Thor however thought back to what he’d perceived, before knocking Bella out. He saw the green in Bruce’s eyes and just knew he was about to ‘Hulk out’.

“How’d you do it?”

“And what would that be?”

The doctor questioned as he continued on his notes.

“Resist the change?”

Bella had sent the doctor some pretty powerful hits. Yet the beast made no appearance. Dr. Banner regarded Thor with a disordered mien about him.


Thor folded his arms about his chest and he was the one doing the pacing now.

“You’re not even aware. Are you?”

Bruce sighed with slight frustration. He took his glasses off and rubbed his weary eyes.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to be more forthcoming. Seeing as how I haven’t the faintest what you’re referring to.”

“When that one…” he pointed to Bella “was letting you have it. I saw him in your eyes, yet, he kept at bay. How?”

“I’ve been wondering that myself to be honest. Hulk’s most certainly had his moments of throwing us all off as of late,” he glanced back towards Bella in thought.

“All in which started when she came into the picture. And Hulk isn’t the only one experiencing certain changes. I find myself in more control than I used to be. I suppose if I was to give an actual synopsis when it comes to Hulk…” they cranked their heads towards Bella once again, as she started swinging away at the glass again.

Bruce shook his head and reared back as another thought occurred to him.

“When it comes to the other guy we should think along the lines of a primate. They choose a mate based on genetics; at times those genetics being something as simple as scent. That scent will determine if they are compatible. Compatible, in the sense of a healthy and strong partner and one that has a lot of similarities to their genetic pool. Now, with someone like Hulk who’s never quite experienced anything of the sort, until recent. It seems he’s learning to adapt. Adapt in the sense of giving into his ‘mate’s’ needs rather than his own. It just goes to show that even someone as simpleminded as the Hulk gathers the importance and rarity of a true mate. He will do whatever it takes to protect Bella – at all cost. Even if that means benching himself; something I happen to find incredible.”

He thought back to Betty. And though there were times Hulk seemed to recognize her as Bruce’s lover. It was nowhere near the connection that he had with Bella.

The young woman sat up and looked around in misperception.


She looked over seeing Spiderman at her hospital bedside.

“Sp… Spiderman…?”

He nodded and came to a stand.

“How you holding up?”

The star-struck girl moved her body about and shrugged.

“I’m okay.”
“Good deal. So… Shadowcat, right?”

She nodded.

“Well listen, Shadowcat… I gotta get back out there. But I’ll come back and visit. Is there anyone I can call? Or anything you need before I go?”

She shook her head with this rather coy demeanor.

“Are you sure?”

“I’ll be fine. Thank you.”

Spiderman took her hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“You kick some major ass by the way!”

Shadowcat’s face flushed over.

“I could say the same about you.”

“Hmmm… Well Shadowcat… perhaps when I get back we could get to know each other a bit more. I just might sneak some burgers and fries in? Sound good?”

She grinned ear to ear.

“Sounds good!”

“Awesome. I’ll see ya around.”

She smiled as he waved her off and leaped out the window.

Bruce loaded up a medical bag with the things he figured he might need. Once he finished he turned to Thor.

“I’m gonna need you to keep an eye out.”


Bruce nodded hintingly towards Bella.

“I’m going in.”

Thor raised his brows on this seeing as how it wouldn’t be long before she managed to break out.

“Are you sure about this?”

“I’m bringing her back one way or another. I’m just not sure how,” he admitted.

“Maybe I should…” Thor started to hint as to him going instead.

“It has to be me. If Hulk can recognize Bella as his mate, then ‘that side’ of Bella should recognize him as well.”

“But it is different…”

Bruce shook his head in disagreement.

“I don’t believe so. No.”

“And if you’re wrong?”

The doctor sort of laughed.

“Well then I suppose we’re about to find out…”

Thor rather smiled on this and shook his head.

“Then good luck to you my friend.”

Bruce nodded and motioned for Thor to hit the control switch to the entryway. Once he did Bruce hurriedly entered the area and Thor swiftly locked it back up. Dr. Banner took precaution as Bella circled him first thing – like that of a scavenger and a cadaver. He stood perfectly still observing her every move. Bruce soon groaned out and Thor grimaced as Bella suddenly had Bruce up against the glass. She was panting and eyeing him down. “I’m not going to hurt you Bella… Let me help you…” he grunted out as her hand was forced up against his sternum. She snarled back at this. Thor tilted his head as both their eyes had that familiar shade to them now.

“So what’d I miss?”

Thor cranked his head around seeing as how Spiderman was standing beside him now.

“Well that doesn’t look good. Maybe we should do something.”

“He made it clear this was something he had to do.”

“Soooo we just stand here and watch as a domestic dispute unfolds?”

The god cut the webslinger an odd look.

“Ah, that’s right you’re not from around here. You’re like an alien or something, right?”

“I’m Thor, son of Odin and god of…”
“Yeah… yeah…that’s great do you beat your women too?” Spiderman patted him on the back.

“On the contrary!” Offended by this remark, Thor went to defend his people.

“Save the spiel, we’ve more important matters to tend to at the moment.” Spiderman said interrupting Thor’s train of thought.

Bruce could feel the Hulk dying to make an appearance. She was pushing him too far.

“I need you to remember who I am… Let me help you. I can make the pain go away. Just give me a chance.”

He shook all over as he struggled to keep the other guy away. Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“I DON’T KNOW YOU!” She roared.

“OH SHIT!” Spiderman shouted as she grabbed Dr. Banner by the collar of his shirt and hurled up across the room.

Thor and Spiderman looked on wide-eyed as the other guy showed up.

“That’s not good,” Thor remarked.

“You think?!” Spiderman countered.

Bella’s eyes widened and she backed away from Hulk as he furiously eyed her down.

Wait…” Spiderman said holding up a hand as Thor was about to unlock the door and head on in.

“Wait? For what?! He could harm her or worse!”

“He won’t… trust me…”

Thor shook his head as they gazed that direction. Hulk was inching his way over but panting and growling under his breath.

“I hope for her sake you’re right Arachnid-Man.”

Spiderman reared back at this.


Thor got this egotistical smirk about him and shrugged. Bella recoiled as Hulk reached out to her. He slammed his fist up against the wall and roared in right her face. She darted away from him in terror.

Please…” she held up her hands as she lost her footing and fell back.

Hulk shook his head and continued towards her.

“Stay back!” She warned looking petrified.

“BELL MINE!” He barked and the ground beneath Spiderman and Thor quaked as he punched at the floor.

Bella shrieked out as he scoped her up.

“I’m having King Kong flashbacks.” Spiderman smarted.


“I’ll explain when you’re older.”

They both reared back as Hulk burst right on through the room. He leaped out of the Avenger’s window with Bella in his hold.

Bella gasped out as Hulk ran throughout the city. He didn’t stop until he got to a nearby park. He raised her up in the air with a curled lip. Hulk pointed to himself.

“HULK!” He then pointed to her.

She whimpered out as he brought her right up against his nose and breathed her in.

“Bell MINE!”

The confused woman shook her head and reached to her temples. He let out another significant growl, baring his teeth. Out of fear she began to play along.

“Okay…” she softly said with a quivery voice.

“I’m Bell and yours…”

He nodded and plopped himself down on the ground. Hulk brought her into his lap and started this odd petting thing. He tilted his head about as he gently ran his fingers along her body. As a finger grazed her cheek, she found herself breathing him in as well. Her eyes momentarily closed and when she opened them they were gamma green. And like a bolt of lightning the memories came pouring in. She screamed out in agony and reaching to her head. Hulk looked on in wonder having no clue what to do. Within a beat this electric charge coursed throughout Bella’s entire body and she started to convulse. She cried out and her hand flew over the area of her heart. Hulk jumped up in alarm accidently dropping her as she passed out. He reached over and gently poked her with his finger.


He tried yet again.

“Bell…” He called out with impatience.

When she wouldn’t wake he tried slamming his fist into the ground. Nothing. He picked her up and tried shaking her awake. But she was limp in his hold.

Thor and Spiderman jumped as Hulk seemingly appeared from nowhere. He’d the appearance of a wounded pup as he handed Bella over to them. Hulk paced about as Thor and Spiderman looked to one another. Spiderman felt for a pulse and he quickly threw off his mask.

“No…” he uttered.
“What is it?”

“I don’t feel a pulse!”

The young man immediately started CPR. Hulk sneered once he saw Peter’s lips on his mate’s He started after him and Thor immediately acted.

“NO! He’s only trying to help.”
Hulk shouted so loud it shook the area around them. He socked Thor a good one and Thor flew right out the already busted window. Peter did his best to ignore the Hulk’s wrath as he continued with the chest compressions. Hulk started towards the webslinger once again.
“Not so fast…” Thor sent a charge Hulk’s way.

Hulk was sent flying back into a wall. Spiderman looked to Thor as an idea come to him.

“Hey just how small of a jolt can you give?”

Thor had this puzzled expression about him.

“She needs a jump. Think you could give her one and without frying her to a crisp?”

Just as Thor was to answer…

NO!” Spiderman shouted as Hulk had Thor by the throat.

“DO YOU WANT HER TO DIE?! IS THAT IT?” Spiderman frantically shouted.

Hulk’s lip curled and he looked upon Bella with that wounded look returning.

“That’s right buddy. She’s going to die if you don’t let us help! Now put him down!”

The massive green beast growled out and dropped Thor where he stood. He gave the god a swift kick towards Bella and Spiderman. The young man stopped the CPR compressions and stepped aside. He pointed towards the area of her heart. “Just a slight shock is all she needs no more than that.”

Thor nodded and Hulk let out a slight growl as the god put his hand on the area of Bella’s heart. He gave a slight jar but nothing.

“Again…” Peter said as he desperately ran his fingers through his hair.

The god nodded and tried yet again. When that didn’t work Hulk rushed over, he picked Thor up as though he were merely a flea and tossed him out the window once more. When the webslinger started towards her he met the same fate.

Hulk hollered out as his body began to morph back to that of Dr. Banner. The man had tears in his eyes as he hurriedly picked Bella up off the floor. He swept everything off a nearby table and laid her down. The doctor’s hands trembled as he ripped her shirt open. It was then he saw the mark along the area of her breast where Dr. Stern had drove the needle in. Dr. Banner wondered what it was and why it hadn’t healed. As he placed his bare hand on that area he jumped back as it actually shocked him.

“What the…”

Spiderman and Thor had made their way back inside but respectfully turned their heads once they realized Bella’s exposure.

“Sorry…” Peter remarked with a flushed face.

“Now isn’t the time… I could use your help.”

“Sure, whatever you need doc.”

Bruce dug through his things and took out a scalpel he wrapped a rubber glove around it.

“I need you to trust me and do whatever I say.”

“Sure thing…”

The doctor nodded and Peter’s jaw dropped as Bruce plunged the scalpel right into her flesh. The young man grimaced as Dr. Banner started to cut the area open.

“Shit, that’s a lot of blood!”
“She’ll heal… at least I hope.”

“What the fuck do you mean, and what the fuck is that?”

“Some sort of bug… I believe Dr. Stern injected Bella with this in hopes of somehow controlling her.” He continued to speak as he worked to remove the metal looking device it had a head the size of a pin drop but these long spider leg looking things were coming from it and were wrapped around her heart.

Bruce froze and even more alarm set in as once he touched the device the leg looking things constricted the area of her heart even more. Out of desperation he told Thor to do so again, “Zap her over her heart we have to stop it!”

“This could kill her!”

Bruce got behind, her holding her to his chest, his eyes glowing green.

“She’s already dying, do it!”

He held his hand over her chest, Thor raises Mjolnir to the sky and called forth the lightning. There was no going back….

“SHIT!” Peter shouted as the bolt shot Dr. Banner and Bella clear across the room.

He and Thor rushed over to check on them. But both drew back a breath of relief as Bruce and Bella let out a gasp. The doctor hurriedly rolled over her. Her jaw dropped as she looked down to see that her chest was cut open.


Every man within the room grimaced. Peter took off and started to grab whatever he figured Dr. Banner would need for surgery.


Easy? I can see my fucking insides!”

Bruce drew back a breath as her eyes rolled back and he caught her just as she passed out. There was a breath of relief however seeing as how she finally had a healthy heart rhythm going.

“You alright there?” Peter questioned once Bruce was done preforming the surgery.

Dr. Banner nodded and went to the sink where he scrubbed his hands. Peter thickly swallowed noticing how Bruce kept scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing – to the point he was drawing blood.

“…hey…” Peter softy called out and put a hand along the doc’s shoulder.

Bruce drew back the deepest of breaths. He then pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Her heart stopped. For however long… Bella was dead…”

Peter nodded.

“But she’s okay now…”

“But she wasn’t!” Bruce practically snapped.

The young man nervously stepped back seeing as how his eyes were glowing and the green was spreading along his hands and arms.

“I truly believe her body shut down in order to protect itself. The device around her heart… what if it was blocking the gamma gene? That cause her inability to heal. Think about it. If Bella’s heart had truly stopped, altogether, that device would’ve caused a blood clot killing her instantly; or at least it would a human. Dr. Banner, I’ve never seen anything like this. Her blood the way it was when you cut into her. Yes, she was bleeding out but it wasn’t anywhere near like that of any normal human anatomy. It was thicker somehow and parts of her were starting to heal even during.”

Bruce wasn’t even aware. During the procedure his only focus was on saving her.

“Thank you…” Bruce alleged as Peter handed him a cup of coffee.

Peter nodded and checked over Bella’s monitors.

“I don’t just mean for the coffee.”

Bruce gestured upon Thor as well.

“I owe you both…”
Thor and Peter shook their heads in disagreement.

“We didn’t do anything you wouldn’t have done for any of us.”

“Beefcakes over there is right…”

The god reared back at Peter’s words.

“What is this cake of beef you speak of? That sounds amazing!”

Bruce managed to get a smile out of that and shook his head.

You apparently…” Peter specified with a shrug.

“You mortal – make no sense. And I hadn’t any idea you were just a boy.”
“Just a boy, huh?”

Thor nodded.
“Puny little thing at that…”
“Forget that majestic hammer; it must get tiring carrying around that big head of yours.”

“Alright you two… don’t make me call a time out.”

The three of them looked down with utter liberation. Bruce immediately took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like my fiancé tried turning me into the bride of Frankenstein…”
Peter chuckled on this.
“What I wouldn’t give to have heard Dr. Banner shout ‘it’s alive’.”



“Shut up…”

“Well there you go. She’s herself again. Not so sure that’s a good thing.”

“I can still kick your ass you know.”

“And apparently just as sweet as ever!”

Bella tried rising but quickly groaned out. Bruce swiftly laid her back down.

“You need to worry about resting at the moment. I can try giving you something for the pain. I’m just not certain if it’ll work. The radiation might burn it out before it even hits your system.”

“I’ll be okay.”

Peter nodded towards Thor hintingly. After Thor got the hint they bugged off giving the two their privacy.

Bruce pulled the sheets he had over her back and checked the area once again. He nodded seeing as how it was looking better and better as the hours passed.

“All I remember was fighting…”

Bruce lowered the sheet back down and his gaze met hers.

“Fighting?” He inquired checking over her vitals as well.

She nodded in thought.

“Something was trying to take me over. It was so strong… And I remember thinking I have to push it out. Make it stop. Everything else was a blur. Still is…”

It made perfect sense to Dr. Banner now. She became so focused on fighting whatever Dr. Stern had done. Bella couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Her mind went into a bit of shock in attempts to process everything. All her body knew at that moment was fear, pain, and this desire to protect itself and in order to do that there was this undying rage. The rage is what kept Dr. Stern’s plans from working. Bella was able to fight against it. Even if that meant canceling out everything else around her. But that’s how much focus she needed. If she hadn’t of fought it… Bruce recoiled in thought. She’d have become nothing more than Dr. Stern’s marionette. He’d have controlled her every move. And Dr. Banner knew it would’ve gone much further than having her turn against her family and friends. He’d have taken control of every aspect of her life. On that knowledge alone Bruce wanted to unleash the other guy and let him have his way with the bastard. Now his concern was on Tony and Steve. There was no telling what his plans for those two were.

“So I’m guessing something went down… and you yet again saved my ass.”

He narrowed his eyes on the way she said this.

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me…”

“Kind of sucks being the damsel in distress off and on.”

Bruce chuckled on this.

“Bella… you’re the furthest thing from a damsel in distress. I believe you’ve proved that time and again.”

“Doesn’t feel that way.”
“I don’t believe a damsel in distress can kick her own fiancé’s ass much less others…”

She reared back at this, puzzled.

Bruce nodded with a hint of a laugh.

“Let’s just say you’re anything but…”

He cleared his throat.

“There was a moment I thought I lost you…” he admitted with a grim expression about him.

“My worst fears were came to play…”

He regarded her in a certain way.

“Bella… I don’t want to get married in March.”

“What do you mean?” She questioned with slight panic. Was he going to cancel their wedding?!

Dr. Banner drew back a breath.

“What I’m saying is once we deal with Dr. Stern and get Tony and Steve back. I want to go ahead and get married.”

Her jaw dropped in absolute amazement.

“Like as in now?”

He nodded.
“Well yes, I don’t see why we should wait. Naturally we can’t have our honeymoon until spring break. But I don’t see why we can’t just go ahead and take that leap. We’re living together as it is. With everything that’s happened… This is just something I really want – as soon as possible.”
“It’s not like you to be so spontaneous…” she declared.

He shrugged and cut her playful look.

“I have you know I’m plenty spontaneous,” he reminded in his Mr. Bixby voice of authority.

One that still sent Bella erotic chills to this day.

“So you’re sure about this? I mean it wasn’t long ago you mentioned not having the means.”

He nodded with utmost buoyancy.

“And we hadn’t then… “he wasn’t about to spill the beans on the amount of hours he’d poured into the hospital in order to achieve this. And he’d just received one hell of a check all in which he’d put into savings; along with everything else he’d been putting back for the wedding and honeymoon itself.

“Bella, you being my wife … I can’t think of anything I want more. As for your family and friends I’m more than willing to pay all means of them flying down even hotel expenses. I’ve saved more than enough money and we’ve already got everything else but the dress and tux. And we’ve already discussed how we never wanted a big wedding anyhow. We’ll just keep everything simple. All we need is each other, family, and friends. I’ll plan something special come March.”

“March isn’t that far away.”

He smiled on this.

“Yes, I know, call me impatient… So what do you say Bella baby? You wanna shake things up a bit and become Mrs. Banner?”

She had a true beam about her as she answered.

“I’ve been ready.”

“Just as promised…”

Shadowcat reared back in utter surprise as Spiderman was hanging from the ceiling with a bag of burgers and fries. She giggled as he handed it over.

“Um, thanks!”

He nodded as he lowered his webbing and brought himself down to the foot of her bed.

“So you feeling any better?” He asked as he slightly lifted his mask, just enough to reveal his mouth so he could eat.

“Yes actually. Thank you,” Shadowcat got herself situated. “So your friends… are they alright?”
“Some are… other’s not so much.” Spiderman replied.
The young woman gazed upon Spiderman in wonder. He chewed and swallowed before explaining further.

“Two of them are missing. We suspect The Leader has them.”

“So that’s what he calls himself? The Leader?”

Spiderman nodded as he popped a fry into his mouth.


He grinned on this.

“I know, right?”

“Look dad just stay put. No leaving the hotel and please just keep Seth in the line of sight.”
“You got it Bells…”
She drew back a breath of relief.

“So you’re an Avenger…” Charlie curiously threw out there.

Bella sort of laughed.

“Honestly dad, I haven’t a clue what I am at the moment. All I know is I gotta do whatever it takes to get the others back.”

“Then I believe you have your answer already…”
The young woman reared back at her father’s words.

“Dad… the other’s like Bruce… They’ve been doing this for a lot longer. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.”
“That’s not the way Seth put it. In fact I can’t tell who he’s more star-struck with at the moment. You or Hulk… And what would that make you exactly… I mean do we call you ‘She-Hulk’ now or something?”
“Ugh dad, how old are you again? Four? Who the hell would goes by She-Hulk? I believe I can find my own alias. That’s like getting bit by a spider and going by Spider-girl. No originality… see what I mean?”


(Alright… I know yell at me all you want. LOL – the battle is coming though. Promise. Please be a sport read/review/comment. Love Me Till It Hurts is about to be posted as well Sorry for the delays been busy around the home front. Thank you Bertie Bott and Mommy4Thomas they are amazing sound boards and helped throw in some ideas. You ladies are amazing as usual. Thank you Carb0408 for the banner!)

On another note: I’ve been getting emails about how my updates aren’t going through… for those that may not have gotten the notices. I updated A Webcatcher’s Dream and About Italy last week. Sorry to those that didn’t get the notices.

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