Chapter 10 Behind The Fortune

Chapter 10

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Bella couldn’t help but to feel rather bitter when she saw the new teacher. He wrote the name Mr. Alexander on the board. He was younger than Bruce. He’d blonde hair, blue eyes, and this perfect athletic build. The other girls in Bella’s class immediately started to whisper and giggle. Bella rolled her eyes. It was as if the guy knew he was hot too. He even turned towards them with this smug expression. He cleared his throat and straightened his tie. He was certainly no Mr. Bixby. He didn’t dress as nice. He didn’t talk with the same charisma. Mr. Alexander smelled like Old Spice. Mr. Bixby had this sexy natural scent to him that often enough Bella could pick up from across the room. It was a scent that often enough had Bella crossing her legs and biting upon her lower lip.

Angela entered the room and damn near tackled Bella. She was hugging the living hell out of her and began to cry. Mr. Alexander narrowed his eyes on this.

“Oh thank God. You had us so worried! What on earth happened to you and your father?”

Bella took in a deep breath.

“It’s a long story, but we’re alright.”

Jessica rolled her eyes as she came in not long after Angela.

“Oh look, she’s here and alive. Like I knew she would be.”

Bella shook her head on this. Angela cut her a certain glare.

“I’m just saying I knew nothing even happened. She’s just being Bella. Completely self-absorbed!”

Jessica though caught wind of the new teacher. She grinned upon him ear to ear. She did that annoying schoolgirl giggle and waved. He cocked a brow her direction but didn’t react.

“You’re one to talk.” Everyone froze realizing that came from none other than Mike Newton.

Jessica’s jaw dropped.

“Just sit down and shut up Jess.”

Bella looked upon Mike in shock. He leaned back and folded his arms about his chest.

“Did you just…”

“YES! Now sit!”

Angela covered her mouth in laughter. Bella turned back around wide eyed. She’d never heard Mike talk that way before, especially to Jessica. Eric mouthed the words “nice” to Mike and gave him a fist bump him when Jessica wasn’t looking. Mike nodded making it noted he was sick of his girl’s crap.

Mr. Alexander pulled out the top drawer. He narrowed his eyes seeing an envelope labeled Ms. Swan. He looked upon his attendance records to see she was in his class.

“Is there a Ms. Isabella Swan in this class?”

Bella lifted her eyes towards him. She timidly raised her hand. He nodded and rose from his chair. He made his way over and handed her the envelope. She looked upon him oddly until she recognized the handwriting. Her heart did that fluttery thing. Mr. Alexander sat back down as Bella opened her envelope. She was careful about making certain no one not even Angela could see what it was. She hadn’t a clue what she was about to unveil. Her jaw dropped seeing it was a scholarship to the University of Washington. Inside was a letter.

Ms. Swan,

I truly hope you don’t take offense. But considering recent events; I figured you’d wish to stay close to home. If there is somewhere else you’d like to go. Call this number at the bottom and it will be sorted out for you. This is by no means set in stone. This scholarship is to go towards the college of your choice. Not anyone else’s, congratulations Ms. Swan. You’ve earned it.


Mr. Bixby

Inside however was also a money order labeled “books and other expenses”. Her eyes widened seeing it was for six thousand eighty-one dollars and forty-three cents.

“Holy shit…” She muttered under her breath.

How expensive does he assume books are?! Little was she aware that five thousand of that came from the diamond Edward had given her, the other thousand came from Bruce himself. He tried his best to make it look as though it came along with the scholarship in which would pay for her tuition, room and board. The way Bruce set it up. Neither Bella nor Charlie would have to come up with a dime. That’s how he wanted it. If for some reason she didn’t qualify for the scholarship, he’d have paid for it himself. Bella leaned back in thought. A smile crossed her lips. She knew that the University of Washington was supposed to be one of the best in the medical fields. She felt as though she had her answer. By no means was Bruce trying to push her that direction. He truly was just trying to keep her close to Charlie as possible. He knew that’s what they both needed at the moment. Bella was merely going with what her gut was telling her.

Bruce sat his luggage down and looked around.

“Are you certain about this?”

Jasper nodded.

“Yep, feel free to stay as long as you need. The coven doesn’t hardly ever come here and no one else does. This is Esme’s very own private island; Carlisle gave her as a wedding gift. They only come here every few years or so. But they won’t be coming here for however long you need to stay. You have my word. This is probably one of the most peaceful and safest places you could hide.” Jasper says as he shows him around the house that was on the island.

“Pick whatever room you wish to stay in. The house is basically yours for now. Just try not to get… you know…”

Bruce raised his brows on this.
“Yeah. If you wouldn’t mind saving that for outside. I’d appreciate it. I don’t know how Esme would take it if her lovely island home was destroyed.”

“Dually noted.”

Jasper checks over everything before he goes. Once he’s certain everything’s good, he starts toward the door.

“Good luck. I truly hope you two figure this out. In the meantime. I’ll check in every once in a while and make certain she’s doing alright.”

Bruce nods and surprises Jasper by offering his hand.

“Thank you, for everything.”

“No problem. I only wish I could do more.”

Bruce watches as Jasper heads back to the boat. When the boat sets out to sea again, Bruce shuts the door. He gazes up on the house and shakes his head. Bruce then took out his wallet and pulled out Bella’s picture. In the picture she was smiling. Her hair was down and she was leaning against a tree, with her hands stuffed into her jacket. Snow was amongst the ground as well. Bruce walked over to the mantle of the fireplace and propped the picture up against a vase. That way he could see it every day. He then made his way over to the couch and sat down. He stared upon her picture from the couch. He took in a breath and miserably rubbed his face. Bruce hated breaking her heart like that. But she wasn’t alone his was damn near shattered. The only thing that kept him going was knowing she’d be waiting for him. At least he hoped… He had to take into account that she was young, beautiful, and intelligent, other men were sure to notice as well. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Bella. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was knowing this could take some time.

He looked upon her picture once more. She could be the one ending up with the husband, kids, and golden retriever. Bruce felt ill in thought, but knew he couldn’t blame her if that were the case. He forced himself up off that couch. He had to stop thinking like that and he knew it. Bella was a woman of her word. Still his mind couldn’t help but to wander. He felt as though they’d broken up. But that wasn’t the case. This was one of the worst scenarios there was to a long distance relationship. Normally, you call, write, email, or have some sort of contact. That wasn’t the case here. It was just a mutual understanding. One that would take a lot of patience, trust, understanding, and most of all love.

“You look beautiful, Bells.”

Bella forced a smile as she made her way down the stairs. Bella blushed as Charlie took a picture. Bella decided on a simple black dress for prom. She pinned her hair back and actually wore heels. Angela managed to talk her into them.

“Dad…” She blushed.

Charlie softly chuckled. He took her arm and personally escorted her to the limo that Bella and her friends had rented out. Charlie peeked inside after opening the door for Bella.

“No drinking… I mean it. I know each of your parents and…”

Charlie cleared his throat and looked upon her apologetically. She sighed and pinched her eyes shut.

“I’m just saying Bells.”
“Well don’t…” She hisses.

He grins and nods.

“Have fun!” He says and shuts the door.

Mike looks to Bella rather wide eyed.

“Your dad’s like…”

“A pain?”

“I was going with scary.” Kevin admits with the same expression Mike had.

She shrugs as he waves them off and the limo pulls out of the drive. Eric and Angela were holding hands. Bella couldn’t get over how damn cute they were. Jessica and Mike were rather standoffish with one another. They weren’t even sitting together.

“You look beautiful by the way.” Kevin said.

Bella smiled.

“Thank you Kevin. You look nice as well in fact you all look, like well… hot.”

They all laugh even Jessica surprisingly. Bella quickly looked out the window as she choked back a bit. Angela reached over and took her hand. At times Bella swore Angela knew. If she did though she never spoke of it. Her actions alone said enough.

“Hey you ok?” Kevin asked looking concerned.

Bella forced that smile.

“I’m fine.”

Bella only went in order to appease Bruce’s wishes. Deep down, it still felt wrong. She didn’t want to dance with anyone. She didn’t feel like socializing. But she knew that’s not what Bruce wanted for her. She understood what he was doing. He wanted her to keep distracted off the pain. He wanted her to keep busy with her friends and life in general so this wouldn’t eat her alive. Bella was going to do her best to honor Bruce and do as he wished. But deep down it wasn’t going to be easy by no means.

When they got there Kevin took it upon himself to escort her into the gym where the dance was being held. It was very cliché with the theme “Midnight In Paris.” So cliché Bella wrinkled her nose once she walked in. Was it really that hard to come up with something entirely different she found herself thinking. Music was going, students were already dancing, and gold shimmering lights were everywhere… Bella felt an anxiety attack coming along. She shut her eyes and tried to focus on breathing. She wanted to run out of there and go back home.

That’s when she felt a hand upon her shoulder. She slowly turned and without another thought she latched onto him and let it out.

“Shhh… it’s gonna be ok darlin’.”
Jasper swiftly led her to the dance floor. He remembered how she hated any sort of attention being on her publically. He made certain they blended in with everyone else. He swallowed back as her emotions were knocking him for a loop as well.
“He’s all set up…” He whispered.

She lifted her head off his shoulder and looked to Jasper confused. He nodded and twirled her about.

“He’s going to be ok Bella. I promise.”

He danced with her as he continued to talk.

“Thank you…”

He nodded and twirled her about once more.

“I can’t stay long. But I wanted to keep my word.”

“Your word?”

Jasper nodded.

“Bruce had plans for the two of you tonight. He wanted to surprise you, but as you know things didn’t go according to plan. So…” Jasper takes out a corsage with a red rose from his black tux and places it around Bella’s wrist.

“This is from Bruce and this…” Jasper cues to the DJ.

Bryan Adams Everything I Do, I Do It For You begins to play.

“Also his choosing…” Jasper whispers.

Jasper twirled her about toward the end.

“He made it clear, I was not to go to third base. Whatever that means…” Jasper teases.

Bella softly laughs behind tears. Jasper does a slight bow and kisses her hand.

“It’ll all work out in the end you’ll see.” He says as he vanishes amongst the other students.

Bella looked to the bracelet and flipped over the letters. She ran her fingers over Bruce’s name and nodded.

“Dad!” She holds up the ring.

His eyes widen.

“Don’t you need this?”

He shook his head and reached over and grabbed it.

“What would I do without you kid?”

Bella smiles as he pecked her on the cheek. They rushed out the door and got into the squad car. Bella laughed as Charlie illegally used his lights in order to get to the church faster. They were already a good five minutes late because Charlie couldn’t find his shoes. He was a mess and freaking out. Bella literally had to keep Charlie from falling apart. He was all nerves and forgetting things left and right.

Damn near everyone from Forks was attending this wedding. But it being Charlie and Sue everything was kept simple yet elegant enough. They didn’t have the typical husband and groom sides it was completely laid back. No bridesmaids or groomsmen. It was pretty much about their family and friends baring witness to them announcing their vows to one another.

It’d been four months since Bruce Banner left. Bella no longer bothered to hide the Bruce side of her bracelet, then again no one seemed to question it or truly take notice. It was towards the end of July and she’d be starting college in August. She had her good days and bad days. At times she feared he’d already given up, those were the days she’d get pissed with herself for even having such thoughts. She knew better! Other days she was able to wear a true smile on her face, telling herself over and over. He’ll be here before you know it. And the last thing she would want is for him to appear on one of her bad days. She wanted him to know she never gave up. She never moved on. Bella was waiting and she’d stand by her word no matter the conditions or how much time it took.

Bella smiled and clapped along with everyone else once they pronounced Sue Clearwater and Charlie Swan as husband and wife. That was another thing that was going to feel weird to Bella as well. Seth and Leah were now her stepbrother and sister. Leah however was now living out on her own. Seth and Sue would be moving in with Charlie once Bella went off to college, until they could find a bigger house. Charlie was taking into account that Bella would be home during the weekends and holidays at times. He didn’t want her having to sleep on the couch because of Seth taking her old room. So he was looking for at least a three to four bedroom house. Seth was in his last year of middle school and Bella made it clear to Charlie she hadn’t her feelings hurt at all about turning her old room into Seth’s. Charlie felt like a jackass for even asking, but something about him moving into Harry’s old house felt too bizarre for him.

Sue looked beautiful and her white sequin dress. She wore a turquoise trinket of some sort around her neck. Her hair was pinned up and parts of it dropped down in curls. Charlie wore the typical black tux, but for once the man had a genuine smile on his face. Bella took a picture when they went to kiss. There was food and dancing afterword. Bella sat at a corner table during the wedding party as she watched everyone dance. She thought about Bruce and wondered what he was doing and where he was. While saying a silent prayer in hopes that he was alright wherever he was.

“Would you like to dance Bella?!”

She smiled as Seth offered a hand.

“Why not…”

Seth grinned and took her hand leading her to the dance floor. Something she wouldn’t normally do, but Seth was too cute for words and she was still keeping her promise to Bruce. She also danced with Jake and her father before he and Sue went on their honeymoon.

Hurry up you big, green idiot…

7 months later…

“So you made it through your first year.”

Bella nods as she places the rolls on the table. Charlie shook his head as he looked upon her grades.
“She sure doesn’t get it from me…” He mutters towards Sue as he noticed she’d made straight A’s.

They were living in a house a couple of blocks away from the old one, a four bedroom and two baths. Seth and Bella had their own rooms. Bella was home for the summer, she’d only been home for a couple days. They all sat at the table and were passing the food around. The TV was playing in the background like usual. None of them were really paying attention to what was going on. Bella however froze as she was sipping at her tea. She narrowed her eyes hearing how New York was under a massive attack. That wasn’t what caught her attention the most though. It was the one name that made her snap her head that direction. Bella shot up from the table. Nearly knocking Seth’s plate down in the process. She spilled her tea all over the place.

“Jesus Bells!” Charlie scolded and hopped up about to clean up the mess. Nevertheless, he too froze as he took notice as well.

Bella rushed over and turned up the TV. Her hand went to her heart as she saw him. He’d just pulled up on a bike. The group they were referring to as the Avengers were walking right up to him.

“So this… all seems pretty horrible.” She heard him say.

The woman with the auburn hair smiled and nodded his way.

“Oh, I’ve seen much worse.”

He smiled.

“Um yeah, sorry about that!”
“We could use much worse actually.”

“Stark, we’ve got him. Just like you said, he actually came. Guess I owe you ten bucks.”

“That you do! Tell him to suit up. I’m bringing the party right to him!”

“Dr. Banner, now might be a great time to get really angry!”

Bruce laughed.

“That’s my secret Captain. I’m always angry and for a very good reason…”

Bella’s jaw dropped as he transformed right before them. She heard the newscast utter the name Hulk.

She hears the one they called Captain America start giving orders. He gets to Hulk last and Bella couldn’t help but to die in laughter. He pointed directly upon him and said…

“Hulk smash!”

“Hol…y… shit!” Bella uttered and staggered back as she heard Hulk call out her name as he punched at the enemy attacking New York.

Bella rushed up the stairs to her room and immediately started packing.


Charlie rushed up the stairs after her.

“What on earth are you doing?”
“Going to New York!” She said with a positive beam.

“Um no, you’re not kid. Remember he said he’d come and get you. When he was ready! That doesn’t look ready to me!”

Bella already had her mind set. She packed a couple of bags and grabbed her cellphone and purse. Charlie grabbed her by the arm on the way out.

“Bells hun, what are you doing?”

“I already said, I’m going to New York.”

“Just wait dammit!”

“If it was Sue would you wait?!”

“That’s different!”

“How so?”

Charlie sighs.

“Dammit, kid!”

Bella’s smile didn’t break.

“Dad, you heard it yourself. He no longer has to hide.”

Charlie pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“Do you have to do this?”

She nods and pecks him on the cheek.

“Yes.” She rushes back down the stairs and grabs her keys.

Bella hugs Sue and Seth before she goes to hug her father.

“Just be careful…” He says as if pleading.

“I will dad. I promise.”

He nods.

“You might have to stop in Pennsylvania or something. I’m sure all the flights around New York have been canceled.”

“I’ll find a way.”

“I know you will.” He says shaking his head.

The three of them watch as Bella tosses her bags into the back of her truck. She waves as she backs out of the driveway. Charlie damn near staggered back as he watched his daughter hit the road. Sue wrapped her arm around him and nuzzled against his shoulder.

“She’s going to be just fine.” Sue said with a beam.

Bruce lowered the terreract into the case. He nodded towards Thor as he and Loki grabbed ahold of it. Once Thor twisted the handle they each watched in amazement as the two gods disappeared.

“So, what’s your plan now?” Stark inquired curiously as Romanoff handed him his bag.

He was just about to answer that when he heard…

“You know Dr. Banner, I always knew you were big… But a hero…?”

He froze and shut his eyes to the wonderful familiar voice. After he opened them Stark was looking upon the person behind Bruce with his shades lowered. Bruce slowly turned towards the voice. Stark raised his brows upon the hot chick running right up to Banner and latching onto him like there was no tomorrow.

“I didn’t know Banner had a kid.” Barton said to Romanoff.

Both their eyes widened nevertheless as the two started kissing.


“Yeah, something tells me that’s not his kid.” Stark declares nodding towards Romanoff and Barton.

“I don’t think she’s adopted either.” Romanoff adds seeing as how Bruce had his hands along her ass.

“Well, I guess I can’t use old timer as an excuse anymore.” Rogers mutters under his breath.

Bruce lifted Bella off the ground and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Are you crazy?” He finally manages to spill out.

Bella merely shrugged.

“Over a year?! Really Bruce?!”

He flinches and sighs.

“Not by choice Bella. You know that.”

She took in a breath and buried her face into the crevice of his neck.

“I saw you…” She whispers.
“Saw me?”

She nods as he places her back down. Bruce caressed her cheek wiping away a tear as he did.

“On the news.”

He shakes his head in disbelief. Stark clears his throat.

“You wanna fill us in doctor?”

Bruce clears his throat and nods. He takes Bella’s hand.

“Bella, this is Tony Stark aka Iron Man, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye and you just barely missed Thor.”

He nods.
“Wait, was he the guy with the very pretty hair. Like by fair prettier than mine?!”

Stark has a good laugh at this.
“I like her already.”

“Everyone, this is Bella Swan, my very legal girlfriend.”

Bella’s jaw drops and she hits Bruce on the arm. Stark’s jaw dropped.

“She gets to hit you?! And you’re like… ok? …you know…”

Bruce narrows his eyes upon Stark and shakes his head.

“So you’re stealing him away from me?” Stark inquires seeing the rental car parked behind him.

Bella nods.

“You got a place to go?”

Bella looks to Bruce.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead.” She admits.

Stark nodded.

“Alright, you two follow me, we’ll get you sorted out.”

Bella grimaces upon the damage as Bruce led her up to the top floor of the Stark Tower.

“Man… I wonder what happened here…”

She looked upon the massive indention in the floor. It was cracked all to hell.

“Wait is that…” She noticed the shape looked that like a body had been slammed into the floor.

“Well butt cheeks!” She says noticing the markings within the area she was talking about.

Bruce raised his brows as she hunkered down.

“See, it’s an ass print!”

Bruce chuckles on this and shakes his head.

“Must’ve been one hell of a fight in here.”

He shrugs.

“Could’ve been.”

He reaches over and takes her hand. Bruce lifts her over the debris and leads her outside. They overlook the city. Bella couldn’t believe all the damage that was done. Bella ran her hands along the buttons of his yellow shirt.

“So you’re an Avenger now?”
Bruce nodded. Bella smiles and looked to be in disbelief about all of this.

“You no longer have to hide.”

“That’s right Bella…” He says with a certain tone.

He moved a strand of hair from her eyes as the wind was picking up a bit.

“I have something for you actually.”

“And that would be?”

He takes a fortune cookie out from his pocket and hands it to her.

“A cookie! What I always wanted!”

He laughs at her reaction. She eagerly takes it and breaks it open. Bella read the fortune inside and utter shock washed over her as she looked upon Bruce. He nodded and dropped down to one knee. Her hand clamped over her mouth in surprise.

“A year certainly gives you some time to think.”

He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a ring.

“So what do you say, Bella baby?”

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  1. So I love this story, think this is the 2nd or 3rd time reading it. Only reason I’m stopping here (For now) is cause I just found another story (Shield Mates) that I hadn’t read yet and have gone off to read that. But I thought I’d review first.
    So, I really like this pairing, they just seem to work so well. And is it bad that I like the danger (illegalness) of it all? I loved Aro’s ‘Oh Shit’ moment and how you portray Bella’s shield. Really great story, love the rest too!

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