Chapter 12 Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

Chapter 12

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Bella woke, to Bruce kissing along her back and shoulders. She was laying with her back to him and Bruce simply couldn’t resist. He ran his hands along her shapely figure in admiration. She smiled as he was hiking up her leg. His kisses moved up along her neck as he entered her. This was something Bella had missed. He used to wake her up like this often; when she did stay the night with him back in Forks. She couldn’t get over the way it felt. She’d wake up to this every morning if she had the option. He squeezed at her breasts and gently tweaked her nipples as he continued. Bruce let out this grunt like moan as she arched back even more against him. Her body molded perfectly against his.

Bruce found himself throwing off the covers, so he could get a better look. He loved the way her ass was pressed right up against him as he drove his cock into her. His hand ran along the curve of her rear. He gave her a slight pop on the rear and thrust even harder. Something he’d learned during their moments of sex in the classroom. Bella seemed to get off to being spanked from time to time. He wasn’t sure why, but even he found it a massive turn on as well. Especially with the way she’d moan directly after. That and there were times she’d become so wet it’d run down her legs, without penetration. So yes, Bella did seem to have somewhat of a naughty side to her. He loved that he was able to somehow bring that out in her. Bruce popped her once again and sure enough he could feel her release.

“Good girl. Keep coming, Bella baby…” He whispered in her ear.

He knew all her little perks now. Bruce paid close attention. He knew just what to say and do to and each time she’d soak his cock without fail. Often enough, he’d find himself treating her as a mere experiment. She had his full interest and he wanted to know her inside out. Bella moaned out his name and reached back running her hand along his neck. He kissed along her arm as she did this. He hiked her leg up even more and looked down to observe.
“Damn…” He grunted in disbelief on how sexy that was.

It’d been far too long for them. Just the littlest things now had them in overdrive. He kept watching with full on lust. He loved how his cock stretched out that little kitty of hers. He rubbed his fingers along her clit and she came yet again. Bruce sped up the friction he was giving her with his fingers and once again she saturated his fingers. At this, Bruce quickly pulled out and he marked his seed all along her pussy and ass.

“Did you just get me all dirty?”

He laughs at this hearing the playful tone in her voice.

“You weren’t already?” He fires back and rolls over.

He heard her laughing into her pillow.

“I do hope for your sake you mean in the perverted sense and not sanitary wise.”
He smirks and raises a brow on this as she rose out of bed. He points upon her.

“Well at the moment it’s a bit of both!”

She rolled her eyes but smiled as she headed off to the bathroom. Bruce stretched out once he heard the shower start. He too trolled out of the bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Bruce also headed to the bathroom as he really needed to go. He raised his brows hearing Bella singing to herself. Ironically, it was “their” song. She wasn’t even aware he was in there. That is until she heard him peeing. She stopped singing and peeked out of the curtain. He cut her this rather guilty expression. Bella shook her head.

“We’re not married yet, you know.” She said pretending to be appalled by this behavior.

“So is that a yes or no to flushing?”

“That depends, how good is Stark’s plumbing?”

He nods and decides to chance it. Her jaw dropped and she stepped back from the water. Bruce died in laughter at her reaction. She shrugged realizing it wasn’t affecting the water. Meanwhile, Bruce was had come into realization about something else. Bella was soaking wet, naked and for some reason that never truly occurred to him. He’d never seen her in the shower before. Bruce had never thought about it, until now. At the moment he felt as though he were staring at a goddess. He became immobile, silent, and was literally gawking upon her. In fact, he rather felt like that geeky kid he once was all over again; the one that NEVER got the girl. Only now, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Often enough, it still didn’t feel real to him. There was a time he’d given up. After all, how could he ever be with anyone?


He didn’t even react, because he hadn’t heard her at all.

“Um, earth to Dr. Banner?”

He lifted his eyes and nodded as if in a trance.

“You alright there?”

He nodded once again and decided to join her, also a first.

“Still not married.”

He shrugged.

“We could always change that. I’m sure there’s a J.P nearby somewhere.”
“I’m sure Charlie would love that.” She utters as she steps back under the water.

Bruce shook his head in disbelief. He hadn’t known it possible for her to be even sexier than she already was. He became stiff all over again as he watched the water running down her entire body. Her eyes were closed as she was rinsing her hair out.

He thought back to when he couldn’t even have sex. He’d tried it a couple of times with Betty after the incident. But the big guy wasn’t having it. That’s what was so strange about his relationship with Bella. Something within Bruce just knew… He never felt that way about anyone else. Once Bella was done rinsing her hair out; she stepped aside letting Bruce over. He cleared his throat trying to focus. He found himself staring at her as if he’d never laid eyes on a naked woman in his life.

“Do you have any idea just how beautiful you really are?”

She blushed somewhat as she was soaping down. After they finished Bella had opened the shower door. She’d bent over to grab them a couple of towels off a nearby counter. Bruce nonetheless could no longer resist the temptation. He took her by full surprise as he grabbed ahold of her and started fucking her right there. His teeth were gritted and he was gone. Bella hadn’t a single complaint. If he wanted to fuck her all day long, she was fine with that, even if she never walked again. After going an entire year without his touch she craved whatever she could get. That and well, Bruce might be somewhat reserved and polite in the public eye, but behind closed doors. He had a bit of a dominate edge to him. She figured it had to do with having to hold back for so long.

Bruce was straightening his collar as he made his way into the living area. He tilted his head about seeing not only Stark, but Colonel Fury and Captain Rogers about the room. They were deep into conversation about something. Tony looked up and nodded towards him as he had some sort of holographic image up and was going over it with the other two men.

Bella was also making her way down the stairs. She was putting her hair into a ponytail and froze halfway down.

“So… you two sounded as if you were having a great morning.”

Her jaw dropped at Tony’s comment. Steve actually looked to be slightly blushing. Fury cleared his throat.

“Never mind us, Ms. Swan. Just pretend as if we’re not even here.” Fury specified and went back to discussing whatever they were discussing.

Bruce looked upon her apologetically as she started them some coffee. Tony waved Bruce over eagerly. Bella took in a breath trying to be hospitable even if she wanted to smack Tony across the face. How long had they been here and what all did they hear? She thought to herself and found herself blushing again.

“Would any of you like a cup of coffee?” She offered.

“I’ll take one!” Tony eagerly replies.

“Very well, Mr. Stark, with or without the cyanide?”

“That’d be extra and hold the sugar.”

She nods at this and Bruce softly chuckled to himself.

“I think she likes me!” Tony whispered as he was showing Bruce his ideas for the Avengers Headquarters.

“Hm and what about you Captain or…”

“Colonel Fury…” The tall African American stated as he made his way over and properly introduced himself.

Bella nodded and shook his hand.

“And no need. I already had a cup before we arrived.”

Fury headed back towards the guys and they continued on with their conversation. Steve gestured towards her letting Bella know he was good too. So she made a cup for Bruce, Tony, and herself. She curiously watched as the men began working on their project. She couldn’t quite fathom that her soon to be husband was going to be a part of this group of heroes. It felt odd, yet she couldn’t help but to feel prideful and happy for Bruce. Though she’d never voice it; part of her was fearful too. She truly prayed he wouldn’t end up hurt in all this. She knew there was still the chance of “Hulk” having enemies. And now he was right in the spotlight. That had her somewhat on edge.

When the coffee was done brewing she handed them out, but quietly so not to interrupt what they were working on. She was about to head out to the top floor to give them their space. She thought about calling her mother and telling her she was getting married and about how she planned on moving to New York. That and she still needed to call Charlie and let him know what their plans were. She and Bruce needed to make plans on packing her things and moving them down here. She frowned in thought of the distance and how much of a pain that would be. She wondered if it would be somehow cheaper to have her things delivered.

“And what about you?”

She froze and turned towards Tony. He was twirling about in a chair and looking upon her a certain way.


He nodded towards her.

“How do you feel about all this?”

Bruce looked upon her as if he were curious about that as well.

“You want my opinion?” She questioned rather baffled.

Tony nodded.

“With all due respect, Mr. Stark, why would you care about my opinion?”

“It’s not so much that I care. You merely have me curious.”

Bella sips at her coffee as if in thought.

“And what exactly is it you want my opinion on?”

He waves her over. Once she makes her way there. He sends out his hands and the holographic image spreads across the room giving her the full view of what the headquarters would look like. She found herself amazed by the technology and how he was able to do that. She blinked a few times taking it all in. He began to move a few things around adjusting it somewhat. He even had images of the Avengers and was moving them around. Bruce was curiously watching her reaction. She nodded.

“Some nifty toys you got, Mr. Stark.”

He smirks egotistically. However she noticed he had Hulk standing outside while the other Avengers were sitting at the table he had in the middle of the room.

“May I?”

Tony looked upon her curiously and shrugged.

“Go for it.”

She nodded and brought Hulk inside and placed had Tony bowing before him. She then changed the color scheme of the Avengers symbol he had up. He had it in red and black. Bella put her own spin to it remembering how Bruce said he liked the color blue. So she covered up the red with blue instead and added a silver lining to the A and left the black instead the other letterings. Tony rather cocked a brow at this.

“That’s much better.” She says with a nod.

Bruce smirked and Steve and Fury broke into laughter. Tony sighed.


“Great job!” She pats Tony on the back and heads out of the room.

Steve had a huge grin on his face.

“She sure put you in your place pretty quick.” Steve looked to the letters again.
“I must admit I like her idea on the colors more. The red as a bit more…” Steve admits

“Iron Man…” Bruce states with agreement.

“He’s right.”
“And what’s wrong with that? Would you prefer green? Like your little darling fan girl?” Tony says hinting about the green strip in Bella’s hair.

Fury, Bruce, and Steve shook their heads on this. Tony shrugged. He put it back the way he originally had it.

Bella attempted to get ahold of her mother, but there was no answer. So she left a voice message for her to return her call. As she walked around the top floor she noticed that they were nearly done with the construction. She walked out to the rooftop area and overlooked the city. They still had a bit to go, but were almost there. She bravely called her father and began to discuss her and Bruce’s plans. Just as she and Bruce figured, Charlie wasn’t too thrilled, but he didn’t snap at her this time, just sounded rather disappointed. He asked if she’d told her mother yet and she let him know she couldn’t get ahold of her. They made plans to gather her things over the weekend.

When Bella reentered the room the guys had already begun setting up. Bella discreetly changed everything back to the way SHE had it. She then went and sat down at one of the recliners, then grabbed a magazine off the center table. Bruce was first to rise up from whatever they were doing. He lifted his eyes to the holographic image and chuckled to himself. He looked over to Bella and shook his head. She merely shrugged and went back to her magazine.

“Dr. Banner, if you’ll go ahead and exit out of that. I’ll have Jarvis set everything else up tonight. Just make sure to save it.”

Bruce clears his throat.

“As is?”

“Yep.” Tony remarked without even bothering to look up from what he was doing.

“Ok then.”

Bella covered her mouth to keep from laughing as Bruce did just that. He saved it with the blue, silver, and black that Bella had instead of the black and red that Tony wanted.

“All done!”

“Thanks!” Tony said with a thumbs up.

He was down on the floor checking over the wiring to a console that was already in the room.

Bruce made his way over to Bella. He placed his hands on the arm rest of the recliner and leaned into her ear.

“So what do you think he’ll do when he realizes you ruined his precious project?” He whispered.

She smiled, licked her finger, turned the page to her magazine, and shrugged.

“He’ll adapt.”

He nods and pecks her on the lips. Steve caught wind of this and couldn’t believe the night and day difference in the man they’d worked with, within the last couple weeks or so. He got rather moody towards the end, then Bella Swan comes along and BAM he’s literally smitten. He shook his head in slight bewilderment. That only added to the Captain’s curiosity about the two of them. For one thing, he’d never picture Dr. Banner with someone half his age. Nothing about the man even read that. Steve truly thought the guy was a loner. Not once did he mention having a girl or anything of the matter. But when he thought back to everything that they were facing, he realized Dr. Banner probably didn’t want to take that risk. One thing was certain; Dr. Banner had very good taste in women. Steve thought tilting his head about as she crossed her legs. She sure could fill out a skirt… Steve thought to himself in admiration. Bruce however turned just in time to see the Captain gawking at his fiancé. Steve quickly turned away and uncomfortably rubbed the back of his neck.

Bruce merely grinned to himself and shook his head. He wasn’t too surprised to see the Captain already stealing a glance. Bruce knew when it came to Bella he was going to have to learn to keep his jealous nature at bay, aka the Hulk. But still, it did cross his mind that the Captain “physically speaking” was closer to Bella’s age, that and by far better looking. And here she was about to start college again in a couple months. How would the other guy handle all of this testosterone surrounding his “Bell”? Bruce rather grimaced to himself in thought.

“You alright there?” Bella called out.

He lifted his eyes towards her and nodded.

“Alright not much more we can do today. I’ll get this all sorted out back at the house and go from there. I say we meet up next week sometime and get to cracking.”
Tony came back to his feet and was dusting his hands off.

“Is she going to be a problem?” Fury questioned and nodded towards Bella in a hinting matter.

Bella caught this and looked his direction.

“A problem?” She inquired.

“Well yes. I don’t know you from a stick in the mud. Yet you’re going to be calling the Avenger headquarters your home?”

Bruce sighed with frustration.

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“You don’t…” She says with indication.

“You’ll just have to see for yourself.”
“Eh, she’ll be fine. If Dr. Banner trusts her, then so do I.” Tony expresses with a wink her way.

Steve nods in agreement.
“I don’t think we have anything to worry about.”

“Colonel Fury, are you suggesting that I might be a spy? That I somehow knew this was to come? So, I seduced my way into Bruce’s life. That I’m possibly here to plot villainously against your precious team? If so, then yes you should be greatly concerned.” She taunts and goes back to her magazine.

“I KNEW IT!” Tony illuminates behind a smirk.

“It’s about time we have an adversary that’s not completely revolting. This could be fun!” Tony adds.

“None of you would stand a chance, just let it go.” She says and flips through another page.

Steve shrugs.

“Well, I for one believe her!”

Fury shakes his head upon the Captain. Steve softly laughed.

“Cute.” Fury scoffs towards Bella.

She sighs and puts down her magazine.

“It seems like you’re the only one with the issue. So what is it?”

Bruce raised his brows on this. It seemed Fury was hitting a nerve and Bruce could read it all over her face. He sighs looking over to Bruce.

“Are you certain you won’t just be in the way Ms. Swan?” Tony darted his eyes towards Fury as the Colonel spilled out the forbidden question.

Steve snapped a look of uneasiness towards Bruce. Fearful of the other guy’s answer.

“In the way?”

“Colonel Fury…” Steve warned seeing that Bruce’s eyes were glowing green and his jaw was tightly clenched.

“What I’m trying to say Ms. Swan is…. I’m not so sure you being around, is…”

“I do believe we were just about to head to lunch.” Tony intervenes and pretends to look to the time. He tosses Fury his jacket.

Fury goes to say something else and that’s when Steve gets his attention. He nods towards Bruce hintingly. Fury nodded in return. He said nothing as he placed his jacket on and headed out. Tony headed out along with Fury. Steve waited until they were gone.

“I apologize on his behalf, Ms. Swan.”

“Don’t… I can handle whatever’s dished my way. I’m not so naïve to believe I wouldn’t be facing some sort of negativity. It’s nothing new when it comes to mine and Bruce’s relationship. We’ve seen and heard just about all there is.”

Steve nods in understanding.

“You two try to enjoy the rest of your day.”

“You too, Captain.”

He also gets on the elevator; after he’s gone Bella makes her way over to Bruce. His hands firmly grasped the arm rests of the recliner he was in.

“Bruce…” She softly said and put a hand upon his cheek.

He shut his eyes for a moment. Bella’s eyes widened as she saw that he’d cracked the arm rests all to hell.

“It’s ok. I can handle this, Bruce.”

He shakes his head.

“You shouldn’t have to. That was completely uncalled for.”

She sits in his lap and kicks her feet over one of his arms, which were still about the arm rest.

Bruce had a million things he wanted to say to Fury. But he was too mad and all his focus had to go to calming down. Bella wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled up against him. He released the arm rests and placed his arms around her.

Bruce patiently waited as Bella finished signing her papers for one of her classes. She had a couple more professors to meet. He thought it was a bit odd that they offered Bella a private orientation the minute they arrived. Once she was done the dean of the college led her to another room. The dean knocked on the door before stepping in. The professor instantaneously straightened his tie and rose from his chair. He was dressed all in black, black dress shirt, blazer, tie, slacks, and even his shoes were black and shiny. He was certainly younger than Bruce but somewhat older than Bella. Bruce figured him to be around 28 or so. He’d slick auburn/blondish hair and hazel gray eyes. He offered his hand as if he’d been expecting her.

“You must be Ms. Swan.”

She nodded and he smiled as they shook hands.

“I’m Dr. Samuel Sterns. I hear you’ve already earned enough credits to work on the field?”
“Yes sir.”

He smiles.

“And only 19. That’s remarkable. Your GPA even more so!”

Bruce narrowed his eyes on this and cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry, but how is it you knew she was coming?” He inquired wondering what the hell was going on. They’d just popped in to get her registered, after he called the University back in Washington to have her transcripts faxed over. He didn’t get how they were already expecting her.

The professor looked to the dean in question. The dean nods.

“It was brought to our attention by Mr. Tony Stark.”

Bruce raised his brows on this.

“And when was this?”

“About an hour or so ago.” The dean admits.

Bruce laments not knowing how to feel about that. Tony must’ve overheard them talking about it this morning.

“Well, it seems you and I will be getting to know one another quite a bit, Ms. Swan. You and a handful of others will be working under my supervision during clinicals.”

“Please excuse me…” The dean stated as he stepped out to answer a call.

“And you must be quite proud of this one. Mr…”

“Banner…” The professor repeats with a nod as they shake hands.

“He’s also a doctor.” Bella puts out there.

“Is that so? Following your father’s footsteps?”

“My father’s a cop, Professor Stern, Dr. Banner is my fiancé.”

He looks upon the both of them with complete surprise.

“My apologies… I…”

Dr. Banner cocked a brow at this, but didn’t comment.

“Fiancé… huh, well how about that? I suppose we better take good care of you.” Bruce noticed the way he was looking at Bella as he said this. However, Bella was signing more papers Dr. Stern had handed her for this particular class. She didn’t catch the smug look on the professor’s face.

Bruce just shook his head on this and shoved all idiotic thoughts of his mind. Mainly, the one on how he had been her teacher when they first met. Bruce scolded himself for his sheer stupidity and wandering mind. He knew what he and Bella have, is genuine. Still, his thoughts loved to torture him.

Once Bella was finished she handed her papers over.

“Well, there we go. I’ll be seeing you in a couple months!”

Bella smiled.

“It was nice to meet you.”

As soon as Bella turned to walk out of the room both men nodded upon on another. That nod that men tend to do from time to time. One was saying game on. The other was pretty much saying fuck you.

The met her last professor and the dean apologized profusely for having to take the phone call. These people were literally kissing her ass. He knew this had Stark written all over it.

“So that guy was a creep.” Bruce utters as they were driving back home.

“Who? Professor Mayfield?” She inquired about the last one they’d met. He was a much older man and rather heavy set.

“No, that Stern guy.”

She shrugged looking to him oddly.

“You really thought he was a creep?”

Bruce shrugged in return.

“How so?”

“Just was…”

“Um ok…”

“So you’re all set. How do you feel about starting clinicals soon?”

She half laughs.

“Yeah, that parts a little unnerving I’ll admit.”
“I felt the same way at first. Once you get the hang of it though it’s not so bad. In fact you’ll probably enjoy getting out of the class from time to time. I imagine you’ll need at least 700 to 800 hours of clinical hours.”
“And what if I suck or get so flustered I can’t even get past the reading of the vitals.”

“Hm. Something tells me you’re going to do just fine. And as long as you don’t read the temp rectally you should get through the first steps just fine.”

Bella laughs.

“Could you imagine? I’m all putting on my gloves, while asking the patient to drop their pants. As soon as I grab that thermometer, they’re gone!”

Bruce dies in laughter.

“Well, when that day comes, I wish to hear all about it!”



He pulled into a deli parking lot so they could get something for lunch. He was borrowing one of Tony’s cars, for now. He’d been thinking about what to get. He figured he and Bella would be sharing a car for now, until they had everything figured out. He highly doubted her truck would make it here.

“Why would Tony be dealing with the school?”

He sighs on this.

“I’m not quite sure, to be honest. I’m sorry, Bella. I’ll talk to him about this once we get back.”

“That felt weird you know.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Yeah, it felt rather strange to me as well. I can only imagine how awkward you must’ve felt.”

Bruce steps out of the car and goes to open the door for her. He shakes his head with frustration. She’d already had the door open and was stepping out.

“What?” She questioned seeing the look on his face.

“Are you ever going to let me be a gentleman?”

She looked to him as if puzzled.

“Every time I go to open a door for you, you beat me to the punch.”

She laughs.

“It isn’t funny. It’s well…”


Her jaw drops.


Bruce breaks into a grin not able to hold it anymore.

“Ohhhh…” She groans and frowns upon him.

This only makes him burst into laughter.


“It really isn’t. Now, get back in the car.”

He motions towards the car by the waving of his fingers.

“Are you serious?”
He nods. She sighs and gets back into the car.

“Shut the door.” He calls out.

He raises his brows as she slams it shut. Tony would have conniption.

Bruce acts as if he’s about to open the door. He even smiles upon her. But he reaches into his pocket and takes out his cell phone He looks upon it then starts to text someone. Bella’s cell goes off and she takes it out of her purse.

Love you!

Bella looks upon him in disbelief.

Bruce baby, I love you too. Now open the damn door…

He nods as he reads her message. Once again he acts as if he’s about to open it. He shakes his head and text her again.

I can’t, you locked me out.

“Oh my God!” He hears her groan in the car. He chuckled to himself.


He pats down his pockets and nods as if in surprise. He shows her the keys by dangling them in front of the window. Bruce then pockets them and starts to walk away. Bella’s jaw dropped once again. She opened the door and he winces as he hears the door slam shut again.
“Did you seriously just…” She calls out in disbelief.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to, baby.”

She growls under her breath as she follows him to the deli.

“Are you hungry? I know I could eat!”

The moment they get to the door he stops her.

“Now… stay…” He says and opens the door for her.

She shakes her head but steps inside. After they order their sandwiches and drinks. Bruce hurries over and pulls out a chair for her, knowing she was about to beat him to the punch, again.

“You’re going to make me work for this, aren’t you?”

She half smiles and shakes her head.

“Just not something I’m used to.”

He nods and sit down as well.

“Because I never really got to take you out…” He says, but with seriousness and true disappointment.

“So can you… you know. Let me do these things?”

She sighs as if it really is a hassle, but had that playful smirk about her face.

“I suppose. If that’s what would make you happy.”

“That and a number of other things we can’t discuss in a public setting.”

“Oh so you have a list?”

“Would you like me to make one?”

“Will it be in alphabetized order?”

“I imagine I can arrange that.”

“Will it be properly notarized?”

“That could prove to be somewhat awkward, but I suppose that could be arranged.”

She raised her brows on this after biting into her sandwich.

“This wouldn’t happen to be of the sexual nature now would it? I mean are we talking Dear Penthouse or Fifty Shades?”

Bruce chokes back on his sandwich and Bella laughs.

“Issues, Dr. Banner?”

He hits at his chest a bit and sips from his drink. Bella merely smiles and finishes her sandwich. Bruce shook his head once he collected himself. He then looks upon her.

“I’m starting to believe you’re the only one that could kill me.”

Bruce sighs.


Tony shrugs as he and Bruce finish setting up the table and chairs.

“Well, why not?”

Bruce shakes his head.

“I thought you’d be all for helping your little love muffin.”

Bruce looks towards the stairs.

“What did you do Tony?”

“Just gave a little enticing offer that’s all.”

“And what sort of offer would this be?”

“A small donation, you know, get her foot in the door and…”
Bruce sighs again.

“Don’t… just… let me handle this ok.”

“Why too proud to take the help of a friend? Look at it like this Dr. Banner. Not only will she not have to stay at the dorms now. But they’re going to be catering to her every need. And you know how hard it would have been otherwise. They had their registration months ago. Despite her remarkable GPA, I figured they could use a bit more convincing.”
“You don’t know Bella the way I do. She’s very private, sovereign, and she’s not one that likes to be catered to. She takes pride in doing things on her own. I know you mean well. But Bella will only see this as a knock towards her. It’s as if you’re telling her she cannot succeed on her own.”
“That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“That’s just how she’ll see it. As to why often enough even I have a hard time doing things for her. Especially since…”


Bruce sits down with that disappointed look on his face.

“Since we’ve spent that entire year apart… She’s grown to be even more independent. Which is fine… it’s just…”

Bruce makes a certain face that says it all.
“You want to be able to do more for her. Only you’re not sure how without coming off as too possessive, coddling, and somewhat demeaning.”

Bruce nods in agreement and darts his eyes back towards the stairs, where she currently was.

“A year…” Tony utters in thought and spins around in his chair.

He then folds his arms about his chest.

“Pep and I went through something like this once before. And believe me when I say Pep is just as independent. It seems you and I have that in common, we like strong willed women. However I still manage to slip in something’s here and there. It’s about keeping up with the pursuit. Whether they like to admit it or not women always want to feel as though they are constantly being pursued. Look, I’m just going to put it out there. She obviously fell for you for a reason and I’m guessing back then you were doing things for her, here and there. And she either enjoyed it or at least appreciated it or else she wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as she has. So the best advice I could think to give you, is to keep being you. Considering the situation, I wouldn’t hold back by any means. I’d even go as far as to say that this time is crucial for you both. Just go with your gut. If you feel the need to spoil her, then do so. Maybe she needs some indulging. Every woman does from time to time, even the most stubborn ones. And you gotta take into consideration that during that year apart. Bella had to grow used to the idea of NOT having a man around. So she had to do everything on her own. Which is not a bad thing, but it puts you in a bit of a spot now that you’re together again. What I’m trying to say is you gotta tame the shrew.”
“Tame the shrew?” Bruce whispers in disbelief.

Tony has a good laugh at his reaction.

“Now Dr. Banner, I’m not so much calling your fiancé a shrew… well not really. What I mean is you need to get her used to the idea that you’re back in her life. That she no longer has to face everything on her own. That’s exactly what Pep and I went through when I returned from Afghanistan. Pep had a lot on her shoulders and with everyone assuming I was dead and all…” Tony sighs thinking back.

“Let’s just say, it took us sometime. But we managed to get back to where we were. Now did I ever imagine I’d be the one giving a doctor relationship advice? No…”

Bruce sort of rolls his eyes on this and shakes his head.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

“I’m not that type of doctor.”


They look over as they hear the elevator. The other Avengers and Colonel Fury were entering the room now. They were about to have their very first meeting as a group. Bruce noticed how Romanoff and Fury nodded towards one another. Fury looked upon Tony.

“Where’s Ms Swan?”

“She’s about here somewhere.”
“Well we have some papers she needs to sign.”

Tony narrows his eyes on this.

“Papers? What papers?”

“If she’s to be staying here at headquarters, there are legal documents she must sign first.” Romanoff added.

Bruce reached over and put on his glasses.

“Perhaps I should look over them first.”
“That won’t be necessary.” Fury sternly makes clear.

Bella was just coming down the stairs about to get her a bottle of water. She looked to everyone in surprise. The other Avengers nodded towards her. Bella made her way over.

Tony had to quickly cover his mouth and look away. Thor was already giving Bella the once over and he took no shame in it. Then again, he wasn’t aware that she was Dr. Banner’s girl yet.

“And you are…?” Thor questions with that certain charm about him.

“Bella Swan… you must be Thor… God of thunder I presume?”

“You’d be correct. And Bella? I’m guessing as in Isabella?” She nods.

“A great honor… you have earned this name, and well. Your name means beauty does it not?”

Bella looked upon Thor oddly.

“Um, I guess.”

“So you’re a beautiful swan!” He declares and kisses her hand.

She looks back to Bruce as if completely lost. He shrugs with slight aggravation to his face. Meanwhile, Tony was desperately trying not to lose it. He cleared his throat.

“Sit down, before you get hurt.” Tony warns Thor.

“And why would I get hurt?” Thor scoffs.

Romanoff nodded towards Bella.

“Follow me.”

Bruce tilted his head in wonder as Fury and Romanoff took Bella to one of the private offices of the area. He narrowed his eyes witnessing Fury pulling the door to.

“I suppose we don’t need them in order to start.”

Barton nodded in agreement as he too took a seat.

“Alright so let’s get started…” Tony says and begins their first Avenger meeting.

“Have a seat, Ms. Swan.”

Bella takes a seat as Romanoff pulled out a chair for her. Colonel Fury and Romanoff sat across from Bella.

“So where are these papers, I need to sign?”

Fury clears his throat and intertwines his fingers as he rests his hands about the table they were sitting at. Bella half laughs seeing the look on Romanoff’s face.

“There aren’t any papers are there?”

“No, but we needed to find a way to get you alone.”
“Why does that not surprise me?”

“Naturally, we have reason for concern.”

“And those are?”

“Well for one, we’re not so sure you sticking around New York is a good idea. “

“We? As in?”


Bella sighs.
“And what does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for exactly.”

“Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”

“Yeah you lost me at intervention… which I’m presuming this is?”

Romanoff clears her throat.

“It isn’t just about what’s best for the team in general Ms. Swan. It’s about what’s best for you as well.”

“And you would know what’s best for me… how?”

“I myself have seen what Dr. Banner is capable of. There is no control…” Romanoff hints.

“I’m not quite sure what went down between you and “Hulk”. But I’m not you and this is my life and I’m the only one that makes decisions in what to do with it. No one, not even a bunch of agents with badges and guns is going to sit here and try to talk me out of this. That man out there is my life now. You’re going to have to bring out the big guns; if you want to even try to pry us apart and even then, you won’t win.”
“With all due respect, Ms. Swan, I don’t truly believe you’ve seen him in action. You could get hurt or worse! He’s not good for you! Or anyone for that matter!”

Bella grits her teeth at Romanoff.

“I’d watch whatever you say next Agent Romanoff. Because it almost sounds as if you’re telling me that Dr. Banner is meant to die alone. That would be very stupid. Let’s not be stupid, you seem like a highly intelligent woman. If you’re working for this agency, you must be strong too. However, I’m not one to play games.”

“Now hold on… Just hear us out.” Fury sternly states.

“Our concerns when it comes to your relationship are… your safety- first and foremost. Then there’s the safety of others as well Ms. Swan. That and we feel he doesn’t need the distraction.”
Bella nods.

“Anything else?”

“We mean well by our intentions. I know how heartbreaking this must be. But you’d be doing the right thing by ending this now and going back home. He’s needed here. As I’m sure you’re aware he helped save many lives. It wouldn’t be right for you to hold him back and deep down you know that. For once, Dr. Banner has his life straightened out and he’s where he needs to be. He no longer has to hide.”

Bella looks upon Romanoff after Fury states this.

“Have you ever been in love Romanoff?”

Romanoff shrugs rather dismissively.

“I’ll take that as a no.”
“You’re still young. You have your entire life ahead of you. You will find someone. Someone, that can offer you more than what Dr. Banner can. There is no real future with this man. It’s time you came into terms with that. I’m truly sorry about all of this.”
Bella nods and looks back to Fury.

“Anything else you’d like to add to that?”

“However you end this Ms. Swan, it needs to be believable. You need to make certain he truly believes you don’t love him and that it’s truly over.”

“As to why we think it’d be best for you to do it now, while the team is here. Just in case…” Romanoff hints.

Bella nods again and comes to her feet.

The Avengers were in the middle of their meeting when they heard a commotion. They each turned that direction. Fury was laying out on the floor with the remains of a door behind his back. He groaned out and rolled over. Directly after they hear a woman scream out and Romanoff followed. Bella stepped out of the room and her eyes were glowing.

Tony smiled. Steve raised his brows. Thor had this smug expression on his face. Barton looked to be in shock. Bruce shot up from his chair wondering what the hell was going on. Bella grabbed Romanoff by the collar of her S.H.I.E.L.D suit.

“Don’t fuck with me…got it?”

She drops her where she stands and Bella looks to no one as she heads up stairs.

“Huh… well… that’s certainly different.” Tony remarks with full on curiosity in his eyes.

Thor couldn’t break the grin that was on his face.

“I think I like her.” He adds.

Steve shook his head looking to be in disbelief. Meanwhile, Barton was helping Fury and Romanoff to their feet.

“What happened?”

“I have noooo fucking idea…” Fury admits as he rubs the back of his neck.

Romanoff darts her eyes directly upon Bruce.

“What’s her deal? How’d she do that?!”
“What did you say to her?!”

He demands pointing upon the both of them. Fury and Romanoff exchange looks, but don’t comment. Everyone jumps as Bruce slams his hands on the table.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HER?!” He roars sending chills down Romanoff’s spine.

“Oh shit…” Tony utters.

Thor and Steve immediately hold Bruce back as he took on his transformation.

“Not here…” Tony damn near whimpers with a wince, looking to see how much clearing he had before he hit the ceiling.

Fury and Romanoff hold up their hands.

“Look now, we… SHIT!” Fury and Romanoff take off.

Hulk literally tosses Steve and Thor out of the window and he too takes off the direction Romanoff and Fury went. Tony sighs.

“So much for the repairs… Guess I better suit up. ” He groans.

Bella was rushing down the stairs.

“What was that?!”

“You might want to come with me.”

Bella’s eyes widened as she looked to the damage. Hulk had busted right through the elevator shaft and through the ceiling to the floor below them.

“…oh no…” She groans in the same look of misery he had.
“Yep. Let’s go cupcake!”

Tony reached under the table and grabbed this suitcase looking thing. He pushed a certain button and Bella’s jaw dropped. The case began to unfold itself and became the Iron Man suit. Once it completed around his body he grabbed ahold of her and took off.

“A little warning next time?!” Bella calls out as she and Iron Man were in the air, looking for Hulk.

“So there will be a next time?”

“Really? You think now’s a good time for that?”

She clung to him for dear life as they went even higher in to the air.

“There!” She calls out and points.

She grimaced as Thor, Barton, and Steve were doing their best to protect Fury and Romanoff.

“Hurry up will you, before he hurts someone?!”

“On it…”
He takes off that direction. Once they get there, he cautiously places her down.

“See, this exactly what I was referring to Ms. Swan!” Fury scoffs from a safe distance.

“Oh no buddy, I’m not taking the blame for this one. This… was all on you two. You should have known what was to come!”

“She has a point.” Iron Man agrees.

“Just get the two idiots out of here. I’ll handle…”

“NO!” Bella shouts as Hulk swung out his fist and sent Iron Man flying back against a car.

“STOP IT!” She scolded and waved her hands about, desperate to get his attention.

“FUCK!” Fury hollered in a panic as Hulk brought his hand back down towards Bella.

Thor sent out his hammer sending Hulk through a light post.

“STOP! JUST EVERYONE BACK THE FUCK UP! I GOT THIS, IF YOU’D JUST LET ME!” She scolded everyone there bitterly.

“And you… touch him again and I will deal with you PERSONALLY!” Bella shouts upon Thor irately.

He laughs in a scoffing matter.

“It’s too dangerous.” Steve calls out.

“If you all don’t back off, he’s only going to grow more agitated. Now Captain, please, back the fuck up!”

“I say we listen!” Iron Man sorely calls out.

His suit was shot all to hell and sending sparks everywhere. Everyone backed up. Hulk picked up a car and was about to throw it at Thor.

“NO HULK! Put the car down!”

Hulk froze and slowly he turned. She nodded towards him and held up a hand.

“It’s me… Hulk baby… now please, put down the car.”

They watched in complete astonishment. Fury and Romanoff exchanged wide eyed glances. As the Avengers protectively kept them covered.

“Bell…” He said softly and with this sadness to his voice.

She nods again.

“You don’t want to hurt people. That’s not who you are! Do you want to go back into hiding?!” She hated having to talk down to him like this. It killed her, but Hulk was like a child with a bad temper at times. It was the only way she knew to get through to him.

“Don’t screw this up! Now put the car down!”

He puts the car down, but punches Thor and sends him flying back once more.

He growls.

“Puny god.” He utters and walks up to Bella.

The ground beneath her shook. Romanoff and Fury took out their guns; the closer Hulk came towards Bella.

Bella angrily turned towards them.

“Put those away!”

“With all due respect, Ms. Swan. I call the shots.” Fury declares.

“Not right now, you don’t. Now lower the God damn weapon, Colonel, you too, Agent Romanoff!”

Iron Man was having a field day with this.

“I’d do what she says.” The Captain advices taking notice of the way Hulk was eyeing them and continued to pant with rage.

Hulk gritted his teeth. Bella bravely took a few steps towards him.

She closed her eyes as he gently placed his massive hand upon her cheek. She cupped his hand with her own and leaned into the palm of his hand. She gasped back in surprise as he picked her up. Barton rolled his eyes and reached over lowering Romanoff’s gun back down.

“He’s not going to hurt her.”

Romanoff narrowed her eyes.

“I don’t get it…” She mutters under her breath.

“Maybe, he just doesn’t like red heads.” Barton taunts.


“Are you jealous?” He taunts once more.

They watch in amazement as he started to walk away with her in his hold.

“What should we do?” Romanoff questions with alarm in her voice.

Fury shrugs looking baffled.

“She’ll be fine.” Iron Man calls out.

“Our new base for headquarters, not so much!”

Hulk stopped once they came up on a park. He sat down by a tree and placed Bella down in his lap. He continued to breath heavy and was scanning her over thoroughly once more.

“I’m ok…”

A puff of air escapes his lips. She smiles and hugs him.

“I missed you too.” She whispers against his chest.

Hulk narrowed his eyes and gently wrapped his arms around her.

“I hear you misbehaved though…”

He lets out this grunt like sigh and groans. Bella softly laughed to herself. She pulls back and looks him in the eyes.

“Hulk baby, we really got to be careful. Do you understand?”

He frowns and shakes his head. Bella looked upon him in thought.

“Hulk, you do realize you are Bruce Banner right?”

He looks down as if saddened by this. Bella swallowed back a knot that was forming heavily within the back of her throat.

“Bruce better…” He states.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment with that heart sinking feeling. She thought about the irony. She’d never state it, but she saw this same look on Bruce’s face when it came to Captain Steve Rogers and Thor. She could see the insecurities written all over her fiancé’s face. And to Hulk, Bruce Banner was the threat. That was his insecurity, even though they were the same person. That’s not how Hulk saw it.

“No Hulk… you’re the same. I love you both. You can’t have one without the other.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 12 Take Two And Call Me In The Morning”

  1. yummy way to wake up and yummy shower. Fury just had to push his luck. Investigate her if you must you moron. Hmm that school thing was disconcerting. noooooo, no 50 shades. ROFL for her taking out Fury and BW. Stupid move pissing off Bella & Bruce.

  2. Great chapter! Found it quite funny when Bella switched out Tony’s design to the other colors.
    It’s good she got into the new school but I’m with them I’d feel bad with how Tony greased some palms.
    And seriously what’s up with Fury and Natasha trying to come between Bruce and Bella?
    Poor Hulk is conflicted with his other half.

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