Chapter 13 Catch – 22

Chapter 13

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“Everything alright?”

Bella sighs into the receiver.

“Um yeah, thanks for accepting the call.” Bella says watching over Hulk from a distance.

“Look, Tony I gotta get him out of town. Somewhere a bit more secluded… you know, somewhere he vent…” She hints with a grimace.

“Having some issues?”

“You mean besides the fact that he now sees Dr. Bruce Banner as a threat?”

“Uh oh… talk about awkward…”

“Right? So… Tell the ignorant fools back at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. I said thanks! I owe them one.”
Tony has a good laugh at this.

“Will do, Cupcake!”

“I’m not sure how long this will take.”
“Where you taking the big fella?”

“I don’t know… Maybe Forest Park?”

“Hmmm, how about the Catskill Mountains instead? In fact, I know just the area you two could chill for a bit until he comes off his little high.”
“It’s hardly little, Tony.”

He smirks on the other end as he has Jarvis pinpoint the location she’s in by tracing the payphone she was on.

“I truly hope you’ve taken up yoga.”

“What’s that have to do with anything?!”

“Oh, I believe it has to do with a lot. You truly believe the big guy doesn’t have the same libido Dr. Banner does?”

Bella’s jaw drop.
“Mr. Stark!” She scolds and he dies in laughter.

“Oh, you’re too fun! Look, I’ll give you directions you can have him take you there. I’ll have some supplies airdropped for you. Only, I’m not so sure I have tent big enough for your big green raging loverman.”

“We’ll make do without one.”

“Yeah, I’m sure there will be some cuddling!”

“Ugh… you’re so…”
“Nevermind, look can you give me directions or not? He’s getting impatient.”

Bella says with a wince as he was punching down a few trees throughout the park.

“Will do!” Tony gives her the directions, Jarvis had mapped out.

“You two kids behave now!”


“I do try.”

At this Bella hangs up and rushes back over to Hulk. He was determined to uproot every damn tree in the park. Bella was thankful there were no small children about. There were just a few adults. Then there was the one couple that was walking their dog. The dog was pissing himself and staring at Hulk the entire time. Bella didn’t blame the dog one bit. She damn near pissed herself the first time she ever laid eyes on Hulk as well. Only now, she was awkwardly reaching up to him like a child would, ready to be scooped up. So they could head to this area, Tony referred them to.

Hulk picked her up and Bella began giving him directions. He only took out a couple of mailboxes, a motorcycle (thankfully there was no one on it), a bike rack, at least three more trees, and of course there were a few cracks within the asphalt where he’d stomped about. Considering what he was truly capable of. Bella let it go, figuring this was actually pretty tame. He was just going to piss off a lot of tax payers. She rode on his shoulders the entire time. He kept a protective hand along her legs as he trotted about.

Once they finally got to the area, Bella saw why Tony suggested this place instead. In fact, there was a trail, that lead off to a waterfall area that would be perfect for them both. It was isolated, spacious and surrounded by hills and trees.

“Right there, Hulk Baby. That’s where we’ll be staying.”

He lets out a grumpy breath and heads that direction. When they get there, he places her down. He punches at another tree and bitterly plops down.

“You done?”

He growls through gritted teeth. Bella sighs and sits across from him on a log. They merely stare upon one another for a few moments. Hulk continued to pant and have his hands balled up into fists. Bella looks up hearing the sound of a helicopter. Hulk immediately hopped up.
“NO!” She shouted as he was about to leap up and take out the copter.

He curled his lips and swatted at it.

“Shit!” Bella staggered back as he nearly took down the copter. The pilot looked upon her wide eyed.

“Hulk please, just sit back down. They’re not going to hurt us.”

“HULK MAD!” He shouts at her and even pointed upon her irately.

The pilot flew higher up as another man dropped down whatever Tony had for them. Bella waved them off after word.

“Big surprise…” She scoffs.

Hulk paced around a bit and trembled all over.

“So who are you mad at? Me?”

He shakes his head no, but keeps up the angry stride.

“At who, Hulk Baby?”


Her heart did that sinking to the pit of her stomach thing again. She nodded.

“So you’re mad at Bruce?

He nods.

“You think he’s a bad man?”

She winces as he punches at another tree, uprooting it. She figured that had to of been his 12th tree today.
“He’s not bad Hulk and neither are you.”

He snarls back at this. He slams his fist into the earth and the entire area shakes.

“BELL MINE!” He bellows furiously.

She nods at this.

“That’s right. I’m yours, Hulk Baby. But Bruce Banner is mine!” She says watching his reaction.

She was hoping he wouldn’t take offense and see it as though she were claiming ownership over Bruce. Rather than preferring Bruce over Hulk. He narrows his eyes upon her. She needed to make Hulk feel as though he were more superior and significant than Dr. Bruce Banner. She also needed to get her point across that she truly loved them both. She knew that was going to be a hard sell considering, she couldn’t do things she’d normally do with Bruce.

Bella gathered the crates that were dropped down from the helicopter. She looked to see a note attached to one of them. “May the odds be ever in your favor!” Stark Industries. Bella half smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Cute Tony… real cute.”

She opened the crate to see water, cheese, cubed ham, chocolate covered strawberries, and red wine. The other crate had a flashlight, first aid kit, blankets, a pillow, and yes… KY jelly and XXL condoms. She hissed Tony’s name under her breath.

“Still isn’t big enough….” She mutters under her breath.

Hulk was watching her every move intensely.

“Hungry?” She offered towards the food.

He shakes his head.

“Suit yourself.” She says and pops open the bottle of wine.

At this point, she needed something to settle her own nerves. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Still, his anger alone was enough to have even Bella somewhat on edge. She opened the strawberries and ate one of them. She then drank the wine straight from the bottle. She knew it was pointless though. There was no way she’d feel the effects. She laughed to herself imagining the look on Bruce’s face, if he saw her drinking wine straight from the bottle like that. Hulk sat back down. He started to pick up whatever rocks were around him and was crushing them with his bare hands. She figured that was by far better than uprooting trees.

Bella grabbed a strawberry and made her way over to Hulk.

“Try it!”

He curls his upper lip and leans down breathing the strawberry in. He shakes his head and gently knocks the strawberry out of her hand. She gasps back as he scoops her up and breathes her in. He then cradles her up against his chest.

What Bella didn’t know is that Hulk blamed Bruce Banner for leaving. In Hulk’s mind, what Bruce did, WAS VERY BAD! To Hulk, Bruce Banner failed when it came to watching over his “Bell”. He also forced Hulk into a decision he didn’t agree with! He growled in thought. To Hulk, Bella was HIS “BELL” she belonged to him and no one would convince him otherwise.

Hulk ran a finger along her cheek, neck, and along her torso. He lifted her shirt, only this time Bella didn’t fight it. That didn’t stop her from having that slight panicked feeling however. She focused on breathing and showing Hulk that she trusted him. He did that thing of checking her over thoroughly.

“That tickles!” She said behind a giggle as he was running a finger along her thigh now. He looked upon her with curiosity. He did it again and Bella giggled, but hurriedly pushed his finger away. He exhaled and reached over to do it again.


She squirmed out of reach and nearly fell out of his hold. He caught her and placed her back down. She nestles up in his lap facing the waterfall.

“So how do you feel about us getting married?”

He doesn’t answer, but something else was clearly noticeable. Her eyes widened in surprise and she lifted up. Hulk turned his head with shame.

“It’s ok…” She says and squeezes his hand.

“That’s just… well… it happens.” She felt herself blushing somewhat.

Hulk scooted away from her and looked to the ground. There was that childlike side peeking through again. He angrily pounded his fist against another rock. Bella took in the deepest of breaths. She couldn’t believe she was about to do. But she wanted to get her point across. So there was no way in HELL she and Hulk could have intercourse. It just wasn’t happening. So she did the next best thing. If she was going to marry Bruce Banner; she was marrying the big guy as well. It was time for her to show Hulk, that she respected him as a man also. She knew deep down it wasn’t fair. She was putting herself in Hulk’s shoes now. Bruce got to be with Bella at a more intimate level. He got more of her time, when Hulk’s, was very limited. He too had feelings, despite his rage. He was just as human as everyone else.

Bella pushed all her history with Edward aside. She shut her eyes and cleared her mind of everything from her past. When she opened them again, she began to strip down. Hulk tilted his head about observing her every move. Once she was down to her panties, she tossed them his way. He raised his brows and picked them up. He held them in the air with two fingers. Bella giggled to herself as he breathed them in. His eyes were glowing an even brighter green. The same green she saw in Bruce’s eyes when he was aroused.

But here was this massive temperamental beast and he looked downright frightened. Bella nodded towards him and headed towards the water. She eased her way into the freezing water and turned back towards Hulk as she swam back. Bella dunked herself under the water and came back up. She nodded in approval as he still had that innocent look about him. One she never dreamed she’d witness on the Hulk’s face. He was touching himself in a sensual matter as he gawked upon her.

“You’re not doing anything wrong…” She calls out encouragingly.

He gritted his teeth and shot up from the ground. Bella remained still and watched him in return. He paced about as if he were about to have a meltdown. Her heart raced with slight fear, that maybe she’d pushed him too far over the edge.

“…holy shit…” Bella uttered in sheer stupor.

Hulk ripped off whatever was left of his pants and gripped a nearby tree with one hand. With the other he was stroking the hell of his cock. Bella had this immense blush to her face. She looked around to make certain they had no spectators. Hulk was gone. His eyes were on her the entire time. He was growling and panting and pieces of bark were coming off the tree as he tightened his grip on it. She found herself turned on. It didn’t help that he was BIG everywhere. His dick alone easily made up one of her arms. Bella felt like a complete freak and perv herself. She was just as amazed by the show that he was putting on, as he was by her. Bella stepped out of the water a so he could get the full view. And yes he was definitely ALL GREEN! He stepped back a little, but continued to watch her and hit at the tree with his fist as he picked up the pace. This was something completely new to Hulk. He dropped to his knees as the tree began to tilt back. He let out a decent growl and Bella covered her mouth in shock as he came, like a literal fire hydrant. Talk about backed up… Some of it even landed on Bella.

Hulk bowed over once he was done. He was panting heavily and his fingers were digging deep into the earth beneath him. Bella carefully approached him. He lifted his eyes towards her as if he’d done something wrong. She took his hand and smiled. Hulk came back to his feet as she led him to the water. She continued towards the water fall. He recoiled at first.

“Come on, Hulk Baby.” She placed his hand under the water.

She then stepped into the fall. He let out a slight growl as he stepped under as well. She softly laughed at the expression on his face. His hair was in his face now and he looked miserable. Bella reached up in a hinting matter and he picked her up. Bella moved the hair away from his eyes and kissed him on the cheek. He cupped his hands together as he held her. His hands were filling up with water and Bella bravely splashed him in the face. He let out a low growl and shook his head.

He grunted with each step he took back out of the water. Hulk plopped back down on the ground with her still in his hold. She let him curiously touch her and look her over. She felt like a doll his clutch however. Bella reached over and caressed his cheek.

“I love you. You know that right?”

Hulk gently brought her up to his chest and she could hear this odd rumble like sound. It damn near sounded like purring only it was much deeper and guttural like.

Bruce stretched his arms about and rolled over, shielding the sun from his eyes. He narrowed his eyes in wonder as he felt a draft. He rose up and looked down with widened eyes.

“What the…” He uttered and turned to see Bella lying right beside him and she too was in the buff.

He reared back and ran his fingers through his hair as bits and pieces of yesterday played out. He reached over and shook Bella awake. She rolled over with a smile and she too stretched her body about.

“You’re back.”

He nods, but with a displeased look. Bella sat up taking notice of this.

“What’s wrong?”

“What the hell happened?” He hints.

She swallows back rather nervously seeing the pissed off look in his eyes.


He shakes his head and comes to his feet.

“What did you do, Bella?”

She took back a quivery breath. She never once thought that Bruce would take offense to this, but he had.


He shakes his head again.

“Did you…?” He hints and looks her over as if expecting her to be ripped from V to A or something.

“Of course not! That’s not even feasible doctor!”

He raises his brows on how she snapped at him. She quickly covered her mouth and she too shot to her feet.

“Then what did you do?!”

“You don’t remember?”

“Not exactly, NO!”

“Wait, are you jealous?”

“Jealous?” He says in a deriding matter.
“Last time I checked, you were MY fiancé! Not his! What went on between the two of you?!”

“Bruce… you’re the same person…”

He shakes his head.

“Come on Bruce, even you know that’s true. He’s just another side of you! The same goes with him! It’s like I told him! You can’t have one without the other. If I’m marrying you; I’m marrying him as well.”
“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” He shouts at her for the first time ever.

Bella shut her eyes and lowered her head.

“I just allowed him to relieve some pent up stress, that’s all. He was far too gone, Bruce. I had to do something to tame the beast so to speak.
“And by relieving some stress, you did what exactly?”

Bella felt her throat constrict as it knotted up. Tears began to stream down her face. She honestly hadn’t any idea, he’d take it like this. He acted as if she’d just cheated on him. With a quivery voice, she explains what took place. Once she’s done he merely nods. He paced around a tad without words. Then before long he was walking away.


He held up a warning hand as if telling her not to follow. Her jaw dropped and a wave of nausea hit. She never dreamed… Bella staggered back as a wave of shock hit. It was NEVER her intention to hurt Hulk or Bruce. Now she was even questioning what she was doing. In her heart, she felt she needed to keep them BOTH happy. She had to show both sides love and respect. Only it seemed by doing that, she was hurting one or the other. Bruce just didn’t seem to grasp how far gone Hulk was. He wasn’t about to let Bruce return, not until he had some sort of indication or satisfaction in knowing that Bella was a part of his life as well. She had to tame the beast so to speak. Hulk and Bruce didn’t understand one another. Bella truly believed they were the same. That the gamma radiation just brought out a side of Bruce that was always there, but he was always afraid to show it. Hulk was that side of him; the part that wanted to lash out at the world. Hulk was his way of dealing with his own insecurities and everything he faced as a child up. They both had that same look in their eyes when angered, hurt, or jealous. In fact, they shared a lot of similarities in facial expressions alone.

Dr. Banner was usually reserved and mannerly, even when faced with a lot of pressure. Hulk was manic and naive. They didn’t get one another… To Bella, it was plain as day though. Even if Bruce Banner had never been hit with the radiation, a part of Hulk would have existed within him. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind on that. He’d been through too much. She thought about his childhood and how he grew up. About his teenage years and how rough of a transition he had. Bruce Banner was the underdog and often enough very misunderstood. He didn’t fit in with the others. Truth of the matter was, he never would, no matter the gamma radiation or not. He was different plain and simple. But that’s what Bella loved about him. To Bella, even before the Avengers, he was a hero. Avenger or not… He had a heart of gold. And he’d overcome so much to get where he was today. If anything, he just had one hell of a success story. How many children raised in the home of an abusive, murderous, alcoholic, become doctors? Become actual heroes even? That right there was all BRUCE and his determination for a better way of life. He fought to overcome the odds. He could have given in. He had every right to feel sorry for himself and call it quits. He could have fallen into his father’s footsteps. Bruce could have winded up drinking at a young age. There were just so many other probabilities on how Bruce Banner could have turned out. But he chose to become someone with drive and purpose. He dedicated his life to helping others. That’s what she meant when she told Charlie that he always was a hero. Only now, Hulk finally got to share that spotlight and be looked upon as one as well. She sighed wishing she had told Hulk that as well. She should have. She felt he needed to hear those words. Hulk was the side of Bruce that he’d fought all these years. Hulk was the part of Bruce that was bullied and picked on throughout his childhood and teenage years. The part that suffered in silence and watched as his mother was murdered by his own father. The part that lived in constant fear, the part that was ready to lash out, but was too frightened and wasn’t sure how to express himself, but as the years progressed. That pent up anxiety and anger only continued to build. He continued to hold back. He stayed this well-mannered individual when deep down, he was in complete and utter suffering. That is until the gamma radiation hit. Hulk was released and BAM there was no more holding back.

Bella kicked at one of the crates and slightly pulled at her hair with frustration.

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose as he thought about everything Bella told him. She even explained her reasoning behind it. Yeah it made sense and part of him knew she was right. Still, he was human and a man and felt as though she’d cheated on him. That only made him feel worse about the situation. She wasn’t even like that and he knew it. He kept telling himself over and over that she did nothing wrong. However it didn’t feel that way to him. At the moment, he was furious with Hulk and Bella. He half laughed amongst himself at the irony. Can you really be jealous of yourself? Hulk was a part of him after all? Or were they two different men? At times he questioned the logic on this. Even as a doctor he found himself baffled when it came to Hulk. He was always learning something new or so it seemed. He wasn’t even aware that Hulk had a sex drive! He could only imagine how that must’ve went. Talk about some mad love or lust whatever you would call it. He shook his head on this. How does that work when you’re constantly livid? Furthermore, how did he keep from hurting Bella?

It wasn’t just about what they did. It was about his fears. If Hulk was showing lust for Bella now. What’s to say he’s not going to want more? And physically that would kill Bella. It’d kill any woman! But was Bella lusting for Hulk as well? This was all so confusing to Bruce. He didn’t know what to feel or how to think on the matter. Then the other thought came to play and he felt ill. She basically did for Hulk what Edward had forced upon her when they were dating. What’s to say that this won’t emotionally toy with her? Or bring back some of those dreadful memories or experiences. Now he wasn’t just thinking from a lover’s point of view but a doctor’s. Would this emotionally scar her? Was she even aware of what she was doing or the possible danger to not only herself but her psyche as well? Bruce looked down only to remember he was still naked as a jaybird. He knew they needed to head back. He just wasn’t sure how they were going to go about it. He couldn’t very well head into town like this.

He took in a breath and started back.

“And look at the damage he caused today. You can’t tell me this wasn’t her doing.”

“Um actually, yes I can.” Tony says rearing back a bit at Fury’s words.

“Oh really?” Fury scoffs.

“Yes… really! Was it or was it not you two, that decided to have a little intervention of your own with Ms. Swan? Let me guess, you were in their business, just like you are with everyone else’s. Tell me I’m wrong!”
“This is none of your business!”

“The hell it isn’t. The Avengers and anything related is my business. You messed with one of my own, therefore I’m going to raise some hell, until you get the point. Leave Dr. Banner and Ms. Swan alone!”

“I don’t believe you have the right to tell me what to do.”

Tony nods.

“Huh… well you remember that next time you come crawling to me, needing Iron Man in your corner Colonel. Have a wonderful day! Chow! And just so you know that man over there has been playing Angry Birds the entire time!” One of the agents’ looks upon him wide eyed.

“That’s right, you thought we wouldn’t notice… so what level are you on?” Tony inquires taking a gander.

“Well, you just keep paying your employees top dollar to play computer games. Meanwhile, I’m going to finish putting my team together and kindly tell you to fuck off.”

Steve nodded towards Tony as he exited S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters.

Once Tony left the building, Steve overheard Fury giving Romanoff orders. Orders indicating that she was to make certain Ms. Swan went back home, by whatever means necessary. Steve gritted his teeth at this. He made his way over, interrupting their conversation.

“You do that and it won’t just be Stark that has an issue. You’re about to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”
“Now Captain, you know we have our reasons.”

“Well, I for one don’t agree with your reasons.”
“You haven’t even heard what they are.”

“I don’t need to. I already know, I won’t agree. ”
Fury sighs with full on annoyance. Steve was thinking about Peggy. How to everyone else it was so long ago, when all this took place. But Steve just woke up to find his entire world flipped around. Peggy was now in a nursing home. She had married and had children. So Steve of all people knew how important it was to hold on to what you have, while you can. You never know when it’ll be ripped away. He wasn’t about to stand back and watch this take place. For once, he stood alongside of Stark about this situation. He too felt Bella was good for not only Bruce, but Hulk.

Bella was kicked back against a tree with her eyes closed. Everything was replaying over and over through her mind. She opened an eye though as she heard something coming from one of the crates. It was the one with the blankets and other embarrassing contents. She crawled towards the sound of ACDC’s – Shoot To Thrill playing. Bella quickly dug through the crate and found the source. It was a cell phone. She narrowed her eyes and answered.

“Hello?” She answered with the sound of confusion in her voice.

“So… how’d it go?” Tony questioned all chipper like.

Bella sighed and sunk back in defeat against the tree.

“That bad? Wait, don’t tell me he’s like big in every which way, but where it counts.”
“Tony…” She damn near pleads.

“Sorry bad pun… So what’s wrong, Beast Lover?”
She pinched her eyes shut.
“Tony, I really don’t wish to discuss this.”

“Are you two alright? Is he there or…”

“He’s gone. I’m not sure where he went.”
“Now which one are we talking about the big fella or the doctor?”
She sighs.

“Dr. Banner…”

“Hmmmm… want me to send someone after you?”

She sort of laughs.

“Hell, I don’t know Tony. I don’t even know if he’s coming back.”

Tony rather winced on the other line hearing the broken tone to her voice.

“Maybe Fury and Romanoff were right. Maybe I shouldn’t be here… What if I really am bad for Bruce or holding him back?”

Bruce had just walked up and overheard what she was saying to Tony.

Tony covered the receiver on his end and uttered the word dammit. Afterword, he cleared his throat.

“I think you more than proved them wrong. I for one think you’re rather remarkable! You’re the only one I’ve seen so far, that can somewhat tame the Hulk and believe me, we’ve all tried. We each failed, epically. Then you come along and damn. I gotta say, I’m rather impressed. In fact, that’s not even a strong enough word for it. I think you’re good for him, both of them.”

She sighs.

“Yeah well, Dr. Banner might argue that theory as of now.”

“What’s with the defeated attitude all a sudden? I don’t think I like this side of you, all mopey and whatnot. I must say it’s not very attractive.”

“For once, I’m not trying to be. You need to bring back that girl that handed Fury and Romanoff their asses, which is something you’re going to have to explain one day. She’s hot! This one, not so much.”
“And that’s my greatest concern Mr. Stark, whether or not I’m attractive, according to you.”
“It should be. Look, let me finish up what I got going here and I’ll gather you say in about 30 or so?”
“I think I should wait and see if he’s even coming back.”
“And why wouldn’t he?”

She sort of laughs in misery.
“You didn’t see the look on his face. Hell, Tony for all I know, he’s ready to call off the engagement.”

“I’m serious.”
“So am I. The guy is smitten, kitten!”

“I always was a fan of Dr. Suess.”
“Well, we’re not talking about Dr. Suess, now are we?”

“Hmmmm… I’ll be there in thirty!”

He hangs up and Bella sighs with irritation.

“Dammit… I swear the guy has ADHD!” She declares and tosses the phone down.

“I’ve been tempted to run some tests myself on this theory.”

She freezes to the sound of his voice chiming from behind.

“Is that so?” She questions, whilst trying to keep it together.

He nods and grabs one of the blankets. He ties it around himself and sits beside her.

“I’m sorry…” She says so softly he could barely hear her.

“I’d never…” She sighs and closes her eyes for an instant.

Bella felt she’d freak out and have a complete meltdown.

“I never wanted to hurt either of you. But what you both don’t seem to realize, is that you are the same man. I realize that you’re a doctor and ten times smarter than I could ever possibly imagine being. But it doesn’t take intelligence to see what I see. I see both sides of you in each persona. I know you Bruce. Just as I know Hulk. You both seem to have an issue with one another. He’s not a big fan of you either. In fact, he’s downright pissed at you, for whatever reason. And ironically you’re pissed with me. I suppose you feel as though I cheated on you with another man. For that, I’m sorry. I never saw it that way and I still don’t. But I can understand why you’d see it that way now. That side of you needs me just as much as this one does doctor. He too has feelings and is very much a man. No matter his rage and childish ways of thinking, he has feelings just as we do. He too went an entire year without seeing me. What you both need to realize… is I love you, in either shape or form. Whether you were to stay Bruce Banner the rest of your existence or Hulk, I will always love you. And I’m not going anywhere, unless you decide you’re done with me. In that case, then I understand.”

She comes to her feet after this and starts towards the woods.

“Tony will be here soon. Mother nature’s calling…” She hints and goes to find an area in which to pee.

Bruce shut his eyes once she was out of view. He felt confused. Part of Bruce was still very angry with Bella, he felt justified in that anger. He felt betrayed and cheated. He felt she could have at least discussed this with him, before taking matters into her own hands. The rational side of Bruce, however completely understood her reasoning, even agreed with her. He rolled his eyes and came back to his feet. He never realized that getting married would literally mean sharing his wife, with the other guy. He shook his head on this, feeling ill. Deep down, Bruce knew he was being illogical about this, but he couldn’t help himself. He was beginning to feel as though her father was right. Was he Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Was that what this was? Was he more of a monster than Hulk? He grimaced, realizing just how badly he’d hurt Bella’s feelings. Something he never dreamed he’d do. And the one thing he couldn’t stand, was the fact that he yelled at her like that. As if dealing with Bruce and Hulk isn’t enough. Add the stress of everything else around them and then he goes and accuses her of cheating basically. To make matters worse, as long as she was taking to return. He knew she was probably off crying somewhere, because that’s how she was. Bella hated to show any sort of weakness.

At this thought he began looking for her. He just wasn’t certain what to say or do. Sure enough, he was right on the money. She had climbed up one of the trees and was having herself a good cry. The words you bastard, jerk, and heartless asshole came to mind. He knew he should be thankful, that he even found some one that could love him for all that he is and whether he liked it or not. Hulk was a part of him. Just as Bella was trying to explain to him. He noticed that she had her engagement ring and was twirling it around amongst her fingers, gazing upon it. He went to say something, only that’s when they heard a helicopter. They looked up to see Tony lowering a ladder for them.

Bruce nor Bella talked the entire flight back. They hardly even looked upon one another. When they returned to headquarters, Bella headed upstairs and Bruce headed to the roof. Tony shrugged and poured himself a drink at the bar. Bella came back down the stairs with her purse and a bag packed.

“Whoa…” Tony hurriedly downed his drink.

He rushed over and stopped her before she could get on the elevator.

“Where you going?”

She sighs.
“To a hotel…”
“Um no… that’s not going to solve anything.”

“You honestly think he wants me here now?”

Tony narrowed his eyes in wonder.

“I thought you two never fought.”
“So did I.”

“So what happened? What’s all this about?”

The blush on Bella’s face said it all. Tony’s eyes widen.

“You did realize I sent those things as a gag. You weren’t really supposed to…”
“Tony…” She damn near pleads.

“So you didn’t…”
“Of course not! Jesus you and Bruce both, aren’t you supposed to be highly intelligent. Do I look like I echo when I fucking walk?!”

She goes to push past him, only he stopped her once again with a smirk on his face.

“Maybe I thought you were just really bendy.”

Of course, this is the moment Bruce decides to come back down. He heard what was said, but was looking to the bag in Bella’s hand.

“Not going anywhere, huh?” Bruce says with a bitter tone.

“It’s just for the night…”
Bruce shakes his head.

“And where do you plan on staying?”
“A hotel…”

Bruce sighs and pinches his eyes shut for a moment.

“Bella… I…”

Tony nods and places his arms around the both of them.

“Hmmm, how do you two feel about California?!”

They look upon Tony oddly. He grins and takes pushes the button to the blue tooth he was wearing.

“Pep, get the playroom set up. We’ve finally got a couple to play with!”

Bella’s eyes widened with a blush and Tony winked upon her. Bruce hadn’t clue as to the reference.

“Yes, I’ll remember to bring the cat-o-nine-tails.”

Bruce and Bella glance upon one another awkwardly as Tony pecked Pepper on the lips.

“Pep, these are our new playmates Bella and Bruce Banner.”

He glances back towards them.

“It does have a nice ring to it, or will anyhow! And guys this is Pepper my wonderful, amazing, remarkably-stunning fiancé. See, I too have one of those.”

“Thanks, Tony!”
He nods as Pepper offers her hand. Both Bruce and Bella shake it.

“Please, have a seat. Make yourselves at home.”

“Drinks anyone?” Tony offers.

Bella and Bruce shake their heads. Tony nods and heads to the bar as Pepper takes a seat across from Bella and Bruce on one of the recliners.

“Cute, aren’t they honey?”

“Tony…” Pep warns.

“I’m merely stating the obvious.”

Tony downs a couple of shots before making his way over. He lifts Pepper up momentarily, then sits down and places her in his lap.

“It seems our new friends here could use some therapeutic couples counseling! So get the long rubber gloves.”

“And let me guess we’re the counsel?”
Tony nods.

“I apologize ahead of time.” Pepper says.

“Ok, so this is what happened…” Tony begins as if he knows the actual story.

He points to Bella.

“Let me guess, you think you slept with him?” He points to Bruce.

“Only, he thinks you didn’t.” He points back to Bella.

“But she’s pretty certain she did!” He points back to Bruce.
“And you’re very upset about it!”

Pepper sighs and gets up. She makes her way to the bar and grabs a bottle of whiskey.
“I think I’m going to need this.”

Bella sinks into the couch with a disgruntled groan. Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I didn’t sleep with him…” Bella utters with a huge blush going across her cheeks.

Pepper shook her head upon Tony.

“Say what now…?”
Pepper smacks Tony in the back of the head.

“I’m so sorry. He’s…”

“An ass?” Bella adds and Pepper grins.

“Oh, I like her!”

Tony sighs.


“But you would have, if it were possible.” Bruce emits surprising them all.

Bella flinched at this and looked green.


He closes his eyes for a moment.

“You really don’t get it, do you?”
“Neither do you! I keep telling you! YOU’RE THE SAME MAN!”
“No… we… aren’t. If we were, I’d have remembered a bit more about last night!”

Bella flinched.

“Is that what you want? You want me to stay angry the rest of my life? You want the other guy?”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she looked as though he ripped her heart out. Pepper sighed and looked Bruce directly in the eyes.

“Tell me what would you do if someone murdered Bella?”

Tony and Bruce looked upon her oddly. Meanwhile, Bella hadn’t even heard her. She was literally broken.

“I’d kill them!”

Pepper nods.

“Sure sounds like Hulk to me.” She points out and Tony nods in approval.

“I agree, it does! A very Hulk like reaction.”

“So that’s all I’m good for? You, the Avengers, even the woman I love? Everyone wants the strong guy, who cares about what’s left?”

Bruce’s eyes were glowing green. His shirt was ripping at the sleeves and his belt snapped off his waist. Tony wished he had a full length mirror in this room, so Dr. Banner could see what they all did at this moment. As Bella ran to him to calm him down, it was the Hulk’s eyes looking at her. But it was Bruce’s tears pouring down his face.

“Do you not remember how I knew nothing of your secret, when we first met? Do you not realize I had already fallen for you BEFORE I even knew? It was you I first kissed and fell for. NOT HIM! And dammit Bruce, if you could only see yourself now, you’d realize what I’ve been saying all along is true! I’ve been making love to you and Hulk! It’s your body, but his eyes! EVERYTIME! I chose to love him, because he is a part of you. He is you and you are HIM!” She gasps back and reaches to her heart.

Pepper’s eyes widen and she nudges Tony on the shoulder. He nods taking notice as well. Bruce and Bella’s eyes were glowing with that same green hue.

“Tell me Dr. Banner, when you look into your fiancé’s eyes what do you see?” Tony utters with curiosity.

Bella looked to them confused.

“I see Bella, glowing or not, she’s the woman I want to be with.”

“Bella, what do you see when you look at him?”

“I see the MAN I fell in love with.”

“Well there you go…” Tony says and Pepper smiles taking Tony’s hand.

Bella closes her eyes and shakes her head.
“Excuse me…”She whispers and rushes out of the house, onto the deck.

Bruce comes to a stand and gradually follows. When he stepped out he saw Bella leaning against the railing. He swallowed back and soothingly ran a hand along her back. She instantly turned around and latched onto him.

“I’m sorry.”

He sighs.

“I’m sorry too, Bella baby.”

“So now what?”
He nods and steps back a bit. He lifts her chin with his fingers.

“What is it you want from him?”

She flinches.

“I didn’t mean that the way it sounded… I just…”
“Bruce, I did what I did for him more than anything. Hulk has his insecurities just as much as you do. All I was trying to get across to him, is that he too is loved and respected as a man. It was never about me. What you and I share is by far more intimate and always will be. Hulk will never experience that. That’s why I did what I could. I… Bruce, there is no one else for me and there never will be. It’s ironic… I fought with Hulk over this very thing. Only he couldn’t express himself the way you can. But now, I get it… You both see each other as separate beings. You both envy one another. You both are fighting over me, when there’s no need. My heart is by far bigger than what you realize. There’s plenty for the both of you.”
He nods and caresses her cheek.

“So what happens the next time he wants… you know…?”

“Whether it’s you or him, I’ll take care of the man I love. That’s really all we can ask out of each other.”

“…hmm. Fair enough, Bella. For whatever its worth, I love you too.”

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Catch – 22”

  1. Oooh interesting time at the waterfall. Uh Oh Jealous Bruce. Glad Tony stuck up for them and Steve too. Fury is being an idiot. Glad Tony talked her down. Hope Bruce understands where b is coming from. Glad Tony/Pepper are there for them.

    1. You aren’t the only one. I was in the middle of one of her stories on fanfiction and when I went to finish and all the stories were gone my heart literally dropped. I was heartbroken but I’m Happy again. I love all of her work.

  2. I know I reviewed this on before the Nazis took it down, but it bears repeating… Awesome, conflicting chapter. Bruce has a lot of insecurities that I’m sure he refuses to acknowledge. Glad they cleared the air a bit before Leader makes another appearance 😉

  3. I love your take here with both part of Bruce fighting over their love of Bella. The conflict was just so good. Fury and Natasha will have a fight on their hands real soon if they don’t back off.

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