Chapter 14 Loose Ends

Chapter 14

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Bruce moaned out in his sleep. He’d been dreaming about Bella sucking him off during class, back in Forks. She was under his desk going to town on his cock, while he tried to teach class. He looked down to see her playing with her breasts as her blouse was unbuttoned. She hadn’t a bra on.

“Hmmm, that’s right Bella baby, keep sucking…” He grunted.

Bella rolled over as she heard this. She grinned as he was still out of it, but twitching around in his sleep. Not to mention, he had severe wood poking about the bed sheets. Bella lifted the sheets and her eyes widened a bit. He was so aroused by whatever he was dreaming about, precum was leaking out the tip of his dick. It also throbbed so intensely, it was bobbing about on its own. Bella decided to take matters into her own hands. She had to keep from laughing. The moment she wrapped her mouth around his cock, he thrust about.

“..fuck…” Bella heard him utter in his sleep.

Bruce’s shot awake to realize, he was no longer dreaming. He looked down to see Bella sucking him off. She licked up and down his shaft provocatively. Bruce let out a growling moan as she was bathing his cock with her tongue. He observed as she continued. She lifted her eyes towards him at one point what that sexy mischievous grin about her. He smirked somewhat on this and reached over pulling her into his lap. He positioned himself and Bella let out a noteworthy moan. He slammed her down on him. Bruce then vigorously moved her about him, giving her the hint. He wanted her to ride the hell out of his cock. Bruce was too far gone in lust. Once picked up the pace Bruce desired. He merely played with her tits and enjoyed the show.

Her hands were braced against his chest as she kept up the stride. He loved the way her breasts bounced around and how wild her hair was. She saturated his cock as she came. His teeth were gritted at the sensitivity.

“Faster…” He urged as he was almost there.

Bella suddenly arched back with this unbelievably sexy pose. She grabbed her breasts and was playing with them. He eyed her in sheer astonishment as she began to suck on one of them. He could see her tongue rolling along her nipple. Bruce had no more control. He couldn’t even speak he was in full on lust. Bella could feel that he was about to release. She rolled off him and swiftly took his cock into her mouth. The moment her mouth wrapped around his cock, he began to come. Bruce filled her mouth and she downed every drop. After she finished she licked her lips.

“Now, that’s one hell of a wakeup call.”

She softly laughed and lay on his chest. Bruce kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hmmm, I love you.”

“I love you too, Bruce.”

The both of them nevertheless looked around, remembering where they were now. They let out nervous laughs realizing Tony and Pepper probably heard them. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time Tony Stark has heard the two of them going at it. Bella blushed to herself in thought. She rose and Bruce chuckled at the rosy red hue she had to her cheeks. She darted for the bathroom connected to the guest room, they were staying in. Bruce stretched out and looked to the time.

When she was done, Bruce also hopped into the shower. After they finished getting ready, they made their way down the stairs. Pepper and Tony already had those “grins” about their faces. Tony cleared his throat as he sipped at his coffee.

“So I “heard” you two made up! You’re welcome by the way.”

“Tony…” Pepper warns.

Bruce sighs and pulls out a chair for Bella at the island.

“So, what are we going to do today?!” Tony questions eagerly.

“What?!” He questions, whilst eyeing them over the paper he was reading.

“What if they already have plans?!”

“Nah, they don’t have plans! Do you?”

Pepper cuts them an apologetic glance. They both shake their heads and look upon one another.

“Great! So, I say we meet for dinner at what?” Tony looks to his watch.

“Seven or so? Oh and Dr. Banner, keep it dressy!”

Bruce rolls his eyes.

“We didn’t pack anything dressy, Stark…”

“Huh… Well, I suppose you two have some shopping to do!”

Bruce shrugs and looks towards Bella.

“You want do a little sightseeing?”

“Sure, not real big on shopping but…”

Bruce laughs.

“Same here…”
“And that’s why they invented window shopping. I’m sure you two kiddos will figure it out.”

Pepper sits a couple of plates down. They were filled with eggs, bacon and biscuits.
“You really didn’t have to do that.”

Pepper smiled upon Bella.

“Nonsense, you’re our guests. Eat up…”

They ate their breakfast and Bella went to help Pepper with the dishes afterword, only she insisted otherwise. Tony already had the limo ready for them.

“Alright you two, have fun. We’ll meet you at the restaurant at 1900!”

“Did we just get kicked out?”

Bella questioned once they were on the elevator.

“I think so.”


Bruce grinned and took her hand as the door opened. They headed to one of the local malls first. It didn’t take long for Bruce to find a tux. Bella though grew frustrated looking for a dress. They were too sparkly and more like something you’d wear to a casino. Even Bruce didn’t care much for what they had. Bruce nonetheless caught wind of a dress off in a window from a distance. He led her that way and pointed it out. It had Bella written all over it. It was black, form fitting, and had a slit along the thigh area. The mere thought of seeing her in this dress had him roused.

“You like that one?” She quizzed.

He shrugged and cleared his throat.

“You should try it on.”

Bella nodded and headed inside. She found the dress in her size and went to try it on. Bruce sat down and was waiting for her. Once she stepped out, Bruce shot up from his seat. His jaw damn near dropped.


Bella blushed and twirled around giving him the full view.

“I’d say that’s the dress.” Bruce uttered in awe, whilst rubbing the back of his neck.

He shook his head in disbelief as she headed back into the dressing room. It still amazed him often enough that “she” was about to become his wife. Once Bella stepped back out, he took out his wallet. She cut him a look.
“I can pay, you know.”

“Bella… Don’t just let me do this, please. Besides, I’m the one that more or less picked it out.”

“Bruce, you don’t have to…”

He sighs.
“I know I don’t, but I want to. That’s just something you need to come into terms with. That and well…” He got this frisky smirk about him.
“Well what?”

“This is actually on Tony. So the way I see it, skies the limit.”

She broke into laughter as he winked and flashed her Tony Stark’s credit card.

“So I’d go with those shoes over there and that hair pin and…”

Bella grinned and shook her head as Bruce started pointing out things throughout the shop.

“So he likes his friends sponging off him?”
“Apparently it gives him great joy.”
“Well then, by all means… We better not disappoint.”

Bruce dies in laughter as she grabs the items, he suggested.


They froze hearing another woman calling to him. He recognized the voice all too well. Bruce turned that direction with complete bafflement. Bella raised her brows as a pretty dark haired woman ran over to him. They hugged and the woman kissed Bruce’s cheek.

“I can’t believe it’s you! I mean, wow… it’s been forever, it seems.”
Bruce cleared his throat and nodded. He dropped his arms and motioned towards Bella.

“Bella, this is Betty Ross.”

Bella smiled but felt a bit on edge. She politely offered her and with a warm smile.
Betty shook her hand, but with a bemused look to her face. Bruce could already see those gears of hers going. Before she had a chance to question it… He just spilled it out.

“Betty, this is Bella Swan, my fiancé.”

There was no hiding the look of absolute shock on Betty’s face.

“Oh… well… congratulations.”

Bruce nodded. The air around them was very uncomfortable. Bella took in a breath.

“Um, why don’t you two catch up? I was going to hit one of the book stores anyhow. It was really nice to meet you Betty.”

Bruce took Bella’s bags and pecked her on the lips, before she headed off. Bella forced that smile, but she was all nerves. Betty was a lot closer to his age and beautiful. Bella softly groaned to herself, but wanted to show Bruce she trusted him. She knew there was history there and at the moment, Bella was just the third wheel.

“So… you’re engaged.”
Bruce nods and leads Betty to a nearby bench.

“And how about you? What are you up to these days?”

Betty sort of laughs.

“Well, I was engaged…”


She nods.

“Didn’t pan out so well, seems I worked too much for his liking.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

The guilt in Bruce was overwhelming. He wasn’t sure how to act or what to say. He’d always love and care for Betty. But seeing her again only confirmed his feelings for Bella. Betty was now a part of his past. Something he never truly thought he’d be ok with, but things change and so do people. Betty once hung the moon and stars or so he thought. Then again, her father was always in the way. Their relationship was always unsteady and things never truly got sorted out.

“She’s gorgeous… younger than I’d imagine, but…”

Bruce raises his brows on this and sighs.

“That wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that. But that’s not why…”

Betty smiled and shook her head. She patted his hand with her own.

“She’s special. We both know that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be settling down. You look great! Happy even… That’s wonderful, Bruce. I’m happy for you!”
“Thank you and yes she is.”

Betty looks around and leans in closer.

“How’s… you know…?”

He nods at the hint.

“That’s going okay as well, surprisingly…”
“So, the Avengers…?”

She smiles again.
“You’ve come a long way. Both of you have. Speaking of which… May I ask how the other guy feels about all this?”

He grimaced a bit and leaned back.


“Right… Sorry, I was just…”

He sighs and they have a moment of uncomfortable silence.

“He’s good with her. It’s like he knows… He’s become somewhat protective of Bella and seems to show certain feelings.” He finally admits.

“And you two can…” She softly laughs.

“You know…” She hints with a blush.

He nods taking in a breath.

“Yes… It seems I’ve got that part under control now.”

“Great… wow, you really have come a long way. Seems she’s managed to work wonders, with you both. So what brings you to Malibu?” She inquired curiously.

He was actually wondering the same thing about her.

“We’re visiting Mr. Stark and his fiancé.”

“I’m here visiting a friend as well and I imagine that feels strange.”

Bruce chuckles.

“Eh, a little. He grows on you.”

“Never met the guy, but have seen a lot of him in the media.”

Bruce cleared his throat at this and rose.

“It was nice seeing you again, Betty.”

She nods and she too comes to her feet.

“You too, Bruce. Once again, congrats. When’s the big day?”

“It’ll be sometime in March.”

“Not too far away!”

“No, it isn’t.”

Betty hugs him before they parted ways and heads straight to the nearest restroom. She hadn’t even seen Bella as she was washing her hands. Bella flinched and her heart sank a little as she heard Betty breaking down in one of the stalls. Bella braced her hands on the counter and took in a breath. She glimpsed towards the stall Betty was in, once more before she left.

Bella headed to one of the vendors in the mall and bought a couple of bottled waters. She saw Bruce leaning against one of the fountains in the mall. She smiled as he was handing a little blonde haired boy (that looked no older than 6 or 7) a nickel to throw inside.

“Thank you.” Bruce acknowledged as Bella handed him one of the bottle of waters.

The little boy that had been talking to Bruce smiled towards Bella.

“You’re really pretty!”

Bella nearly choked back on her water and Bruce chuckled.

“She is. Isn’t she?”

The boy blushed and nodded.

“Well, thank you.”

The boy smiled and took off towards his father as he was being called. As soon as the boy was gone Bruce wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I can’t take you anywhere.” He teases and kisses her.

“Are you ok?” She hinted.

He nods.

“Everything’s just fine, Bella baby.”

She smiles. Bella hadn’t the heart to tell Bruce about Betty’s breakdown. It was just one of those things. After heading back to the limo they went out for ice cream and hit one of the museums.

Bruce waited in the living room as Bella got ready. Only to be caught flat footed as she stepped out. Her hair was beautifully pinned back and her long curls just naturally fell perfectly into place. He found himself conjecturing if she looked this breathtaking at prom. Who was he kidding of course she was?! When is she not? He kind of wanted to hit Jasper now. Lucky bastard he thought. Then again, he knew he was the lucky one. He came to his feet and straightened his tie.

Bella wasn’t used to wearing heels so she damn near fell on her face. Bruce hurriedly braced her against him. She had a full body blush.

“Sorry… heels… Not really my thing…”
He nods and swallowed back. There were no words. He could form words if he wanted to. Bruce caressed her cheek and kissed her. Only that kiss lingered and became more passionate. He wanted her in a bad way, but knew they hadn’t time and he didn’t want to mess up her dress. Bruce’s eyes widened as she dragged him into the elevator by the tie. He shook his head as the curve of her ass taunted him. He reached over and ran a hand long it. Bella turned back around with a giggle. Bruce wiggled his brows about.

He looked to his watch as if in suffering. Bruce came to a decision that took Bella by surprise. He hit the emergency stop button to the elevator. Bruce loosened his tie somewhat and backed Bella into the corner of the elevator.

“We’re going to be running late.”
She grinned as he ran a hand up the slit of her skirt. He tapered his eyes for a moment and lifted her dress. Bella was wearing a lacey black thong, something he’d never seen her in. Bruce instantly twirled her around taking it all in. Bella bit upon her lower lip as she suddenly felt his warm hands running along her bare cheeks. She felt him kissing along her neck as he pulled down her thong. The sound of a zipper was heard and before she could truly think. Bruce had her bent over and he was fucking her in the elevator. Bruce truly blew her away at times. He could be a complete gentlemen one moment and the next a sex craving beast. Bruce never held back when it came to what he wanted in that department. Something she found to be a massive turn on. Bella was so stimulated by his actions that it didn’t take her long. She came so hard it was running all down her legs. The minute Bruce felt her coming, he too came. He was too pent up to last any longer. He grabbed a kerchief from his suit afterword. Then wiped her clean and pulled her thong back up.

Bella twirled around and adjusted herself. She softly giggled and fixed his tie. He folded the kerchief about and tossed it into nearby bin on the way to the limo.

“You two are fashionably late.” Tony remarks as Bella and Bruce got to the table.

Bruce nodded and pulled out a chair for Bella. Bruce handed Tony his card back. Tony cocked a brow at this.
“Didn’t I give you this a couple weeks back?”
Bruce nods once again and unfolds his napkin, placing it in his lap.

“Thank you for the lovely dress, Mr. Stark.”
Tony chokes back on his wine. And Pepper had a huge grin on her face as Bella cut Tony a mischievous mien.

“Yes. Thank you, Tony.” Bruce added and raised his wine glass to him.

Tony sighs.


“Tony…” Pepper whispers hesitantly.

The four of them spent the rest of the night sharing stories. Stories, such as how they met their significant others and little adventures here and there. They actually got along rather perfectly. It also helped that Pepper and Bella seemed to naturally click. After they were done visiting, Tony cut Bruce a certain nod and took Pepper to the dance floor. Bella was still laughing about a pervious conversation they had. Bruce wiped his mouth clean and placed his napkin in his plate.

Bruce came to his feet and offered Bella a hand. He took this as a chance to make up for prom and everything else he’d missed during that year apart. That and well… for being a complete dick about the whole ordeal with the Hulk. He hadn’t quite forgiven himself for that. Truth of the matter, that only proved how truly remarkable Bella was. She had the patience of a saint and the heart of an angel. Through his sheer stupidity alone, he could have ran her off. Now that his head was clearer, he realized that if the roles were reversed. He too would have done what she had as well. That’s just what you do when you truly love someone, even more so when you’re going to spend the rest of your life with that one person.

He had one hand along the slope of her back. The other was holding her hand. Bella softly laughed after a couple of dances. He grinned already knowing.

“At least I’m not the only one with two left feet.”

“Watch it, Ms. Swan…” He whispered sternly using his “voice of authority” like he used to when he was her teacher and dipped her.

She giggled as he brought her back up against his chest. He shook his head with a smile and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you.” He heard her say as she was running a hand along his chest.

“Two left feet and all?”

She laughed again.

He takes back a breath as if relieved.

Couple days later back in Manhattan…

Fury and Romanoff glanced towards Bruce’s watch with slight alarm. It was beeping away. Bruce leaned back and shut his eyes. His hands were balled up and his teeth were gritted. They sat in utter silence, both looked as though they were about to shit their pants. They waited until Bruce gained the composure needed to calm down.

He continued to eye them as he spoke.

“If you ever try to come between Bella and I again. I will be gone and you won’t find me this time around. I can assure you. I do not care what worldly crisis comes up. You will ALL be on your own. That woman is to become my wife. And think me selfish, that’s fine. I don’t truly give a damn what you think of me. She will come first, always. I already lost her once. I won’t lose her again. Do I make myself clear, Colonel?”

Fury sighs.

“Then I can trust that you will never harass her again?!”

“You have our word.”
“I’m counting on it then. If I were you, I’d keep that word.”

Bruce marched out the office and slammed the door on the way out. Once he stepped out of S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters the entire Avenger team, stood outside waiting for him. Steve nodded towards him.

“Everyone of us has your back, Dr. Banner. We just wanted to let you know that. Your personal affairs shouldn’t be any business of S.H.I.E.L.D or anyone else for that matter.” Thor, Barton, and Stark each nodded in full agreement.

“I’ll personally be dealing with Agent Romanoff on this matter as well.” Barton adds.

Each of them shook his hand on this matter. He nodded in appreciation and they all began their meeting.

Visit to Forks…


Bella laughed as she stepped out of the cab. Seth ran right up to her and hugged her.

“Hey… wow you grew!”

She jostled with his hair some.

“Stop that…” He grumbled and Bella smiled.

Charlie and Sue stepped out of the house. Her father nodded towards her. Bruce got out of the cab and was grabbing their things from the trunk. Charlie cleared his throat and made his way over. He helped Bruce gather their things and place them inside. After he was done, Charlie grabbed ahold of Bella and hugged the daylights out of her.

“I really missed you, kiddo.”
“I missed you too, dad.”

After he releases her, he turned towards Bruce.

“Have a seat… So how’s New York treating you two?”
“Don’t have any complaints, sir.”
Charlie nods and sits in his recliner. Sue gathered Charlie and Bruce a beer.

“Thank you.” Bruce politely responded as she handed him the beer.

She smiled and sat on the armrest beside Charlie. Seth plopped down on the couch beside Bruce and Bella.

“Bruce this is Seth and his mother Sue, which is my stepmother now.”

Bruce shook their hands.

“A pleasure.”

“Anything new…?”
Bella shrugged.

“Not anything you don’t know about. Well other than we’ve finally come up with a wedding date.”

Sue smiled and Charlie raised his brows on this.

“Is that so?”
Bella nodded.

“March 14th, it’d be on a Saturday. We would leave for our honeymoon that night.”

Charlie looked to be in thought.

“So you two are really going through with this.”

“Charlie…” Sue voiced and nudged him.

“Don’t be rude.”

Charlie sighs and takes a plunge of his beer. Sue gazed upon the ring on Bella’s finger.

“Now that is gorgeous. Let me see that!”

Bella made her way over and showed her ring off to Sue. Charlie glanced it over as well and polished off his beer. He looked over to Bruce.

“You want another?”
“I’m good, sir. Thank you.

Charlie shrugged on this and headed to the kitchen. He grabbed another beer and tossed the lid into the trash, after he opened it.

“Have you called your mother yet?” He called from the kitchen.

Bella looked over to see her father leaning against one of the counters.

“She hasn’t returned my call.”

Seth sighs.

“That’d be my fault. Sorry… I forgot to tell you. She left a message saying she lost her phone and forgot your new cellphone number. She left a new number for you to reach her at.”
“Seth!” His mother scolds.

“Sorry…” He said with a grimace.

“I meant to tell you, honest!”

“It’s ok Seth. This isn’t really anything new, when it comes to my mother.” Bella took her cell out of her purse.

Charlie choked back on his beer, but nodded in agreement.

“What was the number?”
Seth goes in search for it and returns shortly with the number. Bella began to dial the number and headed outside.

Once she was out of the house, Charlie turned back to Bruce.

“How’s she really handling the big city life?”
Bruce shrugs.

“She’s adapting rather well to be honest, sir. Bella’s to start NYU here once the school year begins in the meantime; we’re staying at the old Stark Tower. That is until I find us a place of our own.”
Bruce turned as Seth tapped him on the shoulder.

“Are you really the Hulk?!” He said in a rather excited tone.

Bruce lifted his eyes towards the young boy curiously.

“Not at the moment, no, but he’s within me, yes.”

Sue smiled on this.

“That’s so cool! That’s way better than some stupid leech!”

“Seth Jonathan Clearwater!”
“Well, he is…”
“I’ve taught you better than that and you know it.”

“The boy has a point Sue.” Charlie admits to Bruce’s great surprise.
“Yeah! He’s an Avenger! I’ve seen you on TV!”
Bruce narrowed his eyes as Seth left the room for a moment. He turned with a magazine all about the Avengers. He had a magic marker in hand.

“Will you sign this for me? Please?! No one’s going to believe I know you, for reals!”
Bruce chuckled on this. Bella had just reentered the house. She had this rather melancholy look to her face. Nevertheless, Bella had overheard what Seth said. Bella broke into a smile at this and winked Bruce’s way. He’d never been asked for an autograph before.

“You alright?” Charlie called from the kitchen as he took notice of the look in his daughter’s face, when she first entered the house.

“Yep…” She said but with a slight quiver to her voice.

She swallowed back.

“Excuse me…” Bella damn near ran out of the room and headed to the upstairs bathroom.

They each looked to one another. But Charlie already knew…

“Dammit, Renee.”

“What?” Sue whispered.

Charlie sighed and shook his head.

“Fifty bucks says she’s not coming to the wedding. That Renee has other plans she can’t possibly break from. Ever since she married Phil…” Charlie stopped himself and tossed his empty beer into the trash.

He headed up the stairs. Bruce signed Seth’s magazine, but he too was concerned about Bella.

“Awesome! Thanks!”
Bruce genuinely smiled and handed Seth his magazine and marker back. Seth went back to his room and was putting his magazine away.

“He just can’t get over that we’re about to have an Avenger in the family.”

Bruce nods not sure what to say to that.

“Even I have to admit, it’s pretty cool.”
Bruce chuckled a bit at this. That soon faded however as they heard Bella breaking into sobs upstairs. Charlie was doing his best to calm her down.

“She says that she and Phil already have plans that week.”

They heard Bella’s voice echo.

“And she can’t possibly put those plans on hold?” Charlie’s echoed in return.

“Dad… She’s not even interested in coming. I mentioned something about changing the date so she could. She acted hesitant. Like no matter what, she just didn’t have the time.”
“Look, I’ll talk to her and…”
“No dad! Just don’t… please. If that’s truly how she feels. Then I don’t want my wedding tainted by her presence. She’s not even worth my time or energy. Hell, she barely made the time to even talk to me on the phone.”

“Dad… really, I’ll be fine.”

“Between you and I?”

Bruce lifted his eyes towards Sue.

“Renee never deserved either of them. If you ever meet Bella’s mother, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. She’s one of the most selfish people that’s ever walked the face of this earth… Like it wasn’t bad enough she walked out on Charlie. But Renee turned her back to her own daughter. I guess she figured Bella wouldn’t need her anymore. But even at 16, she was just a child. A teenage girl at that…” Sue sighs.

“She needed her mother… But once Renee remarried. They dropped Bella off like she was a stray dog. They hardly even took the time to say goodbye. Her mother hasn’t once made an attempt to visit her since.”

Bruce shook his head on this.

“She never deserved that. Bella…” Sue pinches her eyes shut for a moment.

“Forgive me…” She forces it back and quickly wipes a few tears away.

“You haven’t any idea just how thankful we are… That includes Charlie. What that vampire did to her…”

Bruce nodded in understanding.

“It got back to the pack pretty quick. Bella’s is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. But also one of the strongest…”
“I couldn’t agree more…” Bruce admits.

He reaches over and hands Sue a tissue. He gestured hintingly that Bella and Charlie were making their way back down the stairs. The minute Bella seated, Bruce wrapped his arm around her. Charlie looked to the time.

“Why don’t we hit the diner?”

“You just want the chicken fry that’s on special tonight.”
Charlie shrugged and grabbed his keys.

“Seth!” He called out.

Seth entered the room with a grin still planted on his face.

“Hey, guess what Charlie?!”
“What’s that, son?”

“Bruce signed that magazine you got me.”

Bella looked to her father in marvel.

“That’s pretty cool, Seth.” Charlie utters as if trying to be dismissive about it.

Bella broke into a smile. Her father caught this. He waited until Seth was outside.

“Don’t even Bells.”

“Don’t what?” She says innocently.

Charlie groans under his breath.


“Hm?” He hums, just waiting for it…

“Are you a closet Avenger fan?”
“Bells…” He warns.

Bruce had to keep from bursting in laughter.

“He wanted the damn magazine. So I got him the magazine.”

“Before or after, the Hulk…” Bella taunted in a whisper.

“Shut it, Bells.”

“Just admit it, dad!”

“I swear to God, kid!”

She giggled to herself and got into her old red Chevy truck. She could tell that her father had been keeping up with it. It was immaculate on the inside.

“You really love to give your father a hard time don’t you?” Bruce declared once they were in the truck and following her father to the diner.

She shrugs, but had a smile planted on her face still.

“So how cool was that? Even Seth knows a hero, when he sees one.”
“Don’t go getting all modest and humble on me now Bruce. We both know the truth.”
He sighs and leans back.

“So your mother…”

Bella wrinkled her nose a bit and shrugs.

“What about her?”
“Bella baby, I think we both know…”
“She won’t be attending the wedding. She’s got other arrangements. It happens…”
Bruce shakes his head on this. She hadn’t realized that he and Sue could hear her and Charlie. Bella forced that smile and was acting as if everything was perfectly fine now.

“So was that your first autograph?”

He cocks a brow at this.

“It was! Wasn’t it?!”

He shrugs.

“How awesome is that? Seth got your very first John Hancock! Oh, I bet he’s stoked! Hell, I’m your fiancé and haven’t even gotten your autograph!”

“Hmm… I could put one right…”

He puts a finger to the curve of her ass.

“Whatever suits you, Dr. Banner. I’d sure hate to make you angry.”

“Would you now?”

She nodded, with that playful smirk to her face. Still, the sadness remained in her eyes. He knew it wasn’t really something she wanted to discuss. Bruce understood that more than anyone. He never talked about his father. Just thinking about him, made Bruce sick to his stomach.

Bella parked beside her father and hopped out of the truck. Bruce took her hand as they headed into the diner. Irony have it, Angela, Mike, Eric, and Jessica were having dinner together as well. Bella was taken aback by this, considering she knew Angela had moved to Seattle and was going to college there. Jessica last she heard was in freaking Paris. She wasn’t really sure what Mike and Eric had been up to. Still, Bella found herself baffled that they’d all be in Forks at the same time.

“Bella?!” Angela was first to take notice of her.

She shot up from her seat and eagerly made her way over. Bruce dropped hold of her hand as Angela went to hug her.

“Wow, it seems like forever! How are you?!”

“I’m great, thanks and you?”
“The same.”

Eric also rose from his chair and hugged Bella. Mike and Jessica kept planted in their seats.

“It’s so good to see you and you look amazing!”

Eric clears his throat and Angela blushed towards him, gathering the hint.

“Eric and I are engaged now!”

“Oh wow… that’s terrific you guys. Congratulations.”

Charlie, Sue and Seth had already taken their seats. Bruce awkwardly stayed by Bella’s side knowing they were going to have some explaining to do.

“You’ll have to give us your new address so we can send you an invitation.”
“I’ll text it to you.”

Then there it was. They all looked to Bruce as though he were “one of those things that just didn’t belong here”. Jessica slanted her eyes and shook her head, piecing it together, before Bella even had the chance to say anything.

“Wait… you and Mr. Bixby?”

“That’s not Mr. Bixby.” Eric says.

They all look to him oddly.

“I mean he is, but he isn’t. He’s an Avenger. I’ve seen you on TV. I remembered thinking … Hey that’s our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Bixby. Only I soon learned your real name is Bruce Banner aka the Hulk. A fan by the way…”

“Um… thanks…” Bruce answered feeling rather odd, this was going to take some time to get used to.

He goes from running and hiding, to having fans? It felt unnatural to him. Bruce took back a breath.

“I apologize for misleading you all. At the time, when I was your teacher, it wasn’t safe for me to reveal my true identity.”
“Well of course!” Jessica says all chipper like.

“And yes we too are engaged.” Bella added feeling slightly on edge. But it wasn’t because she cared about what they thought of her. No, it had more to do with Bruce and what they thought of him. She knew how this looked and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bruce wasn’t like that. Then again, she knew they’d believe whatever they wanted.

Jessica had this smug I knew it look to her face. Mike looked downright pissed and didn’t comment. Angela covered her mouth in shock. Eric started to chuckle on this.

“Who’d have thought that Bella Swan would nail our teacher?!”

Bella’s eyes widened and Bruce sighed. Angela nudged Eric.


She cut him a look from hell. He laughed again.

“And I thought you were all innocent.” He adds again and Angela pinches the bridge of her nose, with a deep blush.

“Not so much…” Bella decides to play along, hoping to make things less awkward.

Angela burst into laughter. Bella smiles and nods towards her. Mike and Jessica shared the same unimpressed look. Meanwhile, Eric and Angela were just laughing it off and seemed okay with the situation.

“It was good seeing you guys again.” Bella says deciding to wrap things up before things led to a possible fight, or a certain someone losing his temper.

Once they made their way back to the table, Bruce pulled out a chair for her. They took their seats and ordered.


Jessica rolls her eyes towards Bella’s table.

“Well that certainly explains everything.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Angela questions.

“I always wondered how freaking Bella Swan had a higher GPA than mine!”

Angela shakes her head on this.
“Jess, you’re not seriously suggesting that…”
“Oh come on. The entire time, she was sucking face with Mr. Bixby!”
“Bruce Banner actually, he’s also a doctor you know!” Eric points out.

“I don’t care what he is! That’s just plain wrong and sick! And how dare she… Bella played us all!”

“Jess!” Angela’s face was vibrantly red.

“You honestly think she would? Could you imagine? Listen to yourself!”

“Oh come on, Angie. Bella was a little slut and we never even knew it.”

“Jessica!” Eric and Angela reprimanded.

“What exactly do you think went down during all those tutoring sessions of hers?!”

Mike rolls his eyes.

“She was innocent in all this. You want someone to blame.” Mike points to Bruce with a wrinkled nose.

“He took advantage of her. He knows damn well what he’s doing. He’s the one that needs to get his head examined. The bastard…”

“You’re defending her?!”
Mike shrugs.

“He was a grown ass man, Jess. So yeah… this looks bad on HIM! Not her.”

Angela shook her head and rose back from the table. Eric joined her and they both threw down their napkins.

“What is with you two?” Jessica scoffs.

“You… That’s what. I can’t believe I was ever friends with you. You’re nothing more than a back stabbing bitch!”

Bella, Charlie, Sue, Seth, and Bruce all glanced over, hearing this. Angela was pointing upon Jessica irately.

“You pretend to be someone’s friend, but the moment you get the chance you talk shit!”

Bella’s jaw dropped and her hand clamped over her mouth. Angela took her glass of tea and dumped it on Jessica.

“Oh and by the way…” Angela turns to Mike.

“Your little girlfriend, is nothing more than a hypocrite! She wants to talk crap, but the entire time you two were dating. She was screwing Mr. Alexander!”

Mike half laughed, but that laugh soon faded as he turned to see the look on Jessica’s face, realizing it was true.

“YOU PROMISED!” Jessica snaps.

“Yeah, well things change! And we’re not in high school anymore.”

Jessica rushes over the table and pops Angela in the face. Bella immediately scooted out of her chair and sprinted over.

“Dammit…” Bruce and Charlie chorused.

Seth died in laughter. Bella grabbed Jessica by her pretty blonde locks of hair. Bruce winced and hurriedly came to his feet. Bella was dragging Jessica outside. Charlie got up from the table and was also heading outside.

“Bella…” Bruce hurriedly wrapped his arms around Bella’s waist yanking her off Jessica.

She had her pinned up against the wall of the restaurant.

“Your eyes…” Jessica expressed in disbelief.

Bruce gritted his teeth finding himself actually struggling to keep her off Jessica.

“Calm down, baby.”

Charlie dashed over and stood before Bella as Bruce held her back.

“She’s not worth it, Bells. Just breathe…”

Jessica overheard Chief Swan and her jaw dropped.

“Mr. Swan!”

Charlie turned back and pointed upon Jessica.

“Oh, shut it… Or I’ll take you into custody for assault!”

Jessica’s eyes widened and she covered her face. She took off in tears and Charlie rolled his eyes.

“I never could stand that girl.” He muttered under his breath.

Bruce nodded in agreement.

Angela and Eric made their way over. Mike and Jessica were arguing in the parking lot.

“THE HELL WITH YOU JESS, WE’RE DONE!” Mike shouted and got in his car and left her ass stranded there.

Bruce dropped his hold and Bella walked over to Angela. She cupped her chin and checked her nose and lip over. She shook her head and took her hand. Bella led her to back into the diner and to the ladies room, where she helped Angela care for her busted nose and lip. Bella held a wet paper towel to her nose and lip doing her best to stop the bleeding.

“You could press charges…” Bella said with a playful grin.

Angela laughed..

“Ugh, she’s so not worth the paperwork or the time.”

“Right?” Bella sighs.

“I’m so sorry…”
“Bella…” Angela says with a sigh.

“I was the one intended to be at the receiving end of that hit. It’s been building between Jess and I for years. You just happened to be closer.”
Angela laughs again.

“Oh no… trust me … We’ve had our moment’s as well.”

“So she really slept with Mr. Alexander?”

Angela nodded.

“Man… so she cheated on Mike with our new Chemistry teacher?”

Angela nodded.

“Wonders never seize. I’d say I’m surprised, but…”

Once Bella gets Angela good and cleaned up they both lean against the counter. They giggle about the situation off and on.

“Why did we hang out with Jess again?” Bella pondered out loud.
“You know, I’ve been questioning that myself for the past few years.”
“I thought she was your friend…” They uttered at the same time and shared a glance upon one another.

“Wait… so this entire time we were only friends with her… for the other’s sake?”
“You got that right.” Angela says in agreement.
“Huh, how about that? Well, fuckity, fuck!”

Angela dies in laughter.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 14 Loose Ends”

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  2. OK I absolutely love how Eric is always a huge fan of whoever Bella is dating. Especially in you Deadpool /Bella story. So Happy Angela called Jess’s ass out such sweet justice.

  3. Well that’s a lovely way to wake up, lol… lucky Bruce! Only fair if he returns the favor later on though 😉 Loved Seth and Eric in this, they’re too cute, fanboying all over. And Angie stepping up was awesome. Great chapter sweets!

  4. Loved this chapter. It’s good Bella and Bruce got to enjoy their time in California. Running into Betty was a surprise. Too cute Seth and Charlie are fans and Eric too. Way to go Angela, put that bitch
    Jess into her place. I’ve no words for Renee.

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