Chapter 17 Come Here Often?

Chapter 17

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“Just answer the question.”

Flash shrugs and takes a pull off his beer. His friends start laughing. Bella cuts them a sheer look of hell. Flash was already drunk off his ass.

(Flash Thompson)

“Have you seen Peter or not?!” She practically hisses.

“Look babe, why don’t you take a break? Join us. Have a few drinks on me.”

Bella wrinkles her nose in disgust. Flash scoots back in his chair and pats his leg.

“I even have a place for you to sit.” He cuts her a wink.

“I can’t believe MJ cheated on him with YOU!”

“Give me one night and I’ll have you singing another tune.”

Bella’s gritted her teeth.


He froze. And Bella rolled her eyes. She turned, to see Mary Jane.

(Mary Jane Watson)

“Ah, babe, I was just joking. ”

MJ shakes her head with tears in her eyes. Bella starts laughing.

“Oh, honestly! You two deserve each other!”

Bella grabs the pitcher of beer that was on the table.

“One more chance… Have you seen Peter or not?”

“I haven’t seen the little shit! Why don’t you go back home to that raging green beast of yours? That is unless you’re looking to get some “Peter” from Parker.”

MJ’s jaw dropped. Bella’s eyes flickered with that familiar green hue. She took the pitcher of beer and dumped the entire contents into his lap.

“YOU STUPID BITCH!” He shouted as he hopped up.

“NOOOO!” MJ shouted.

Flash’s friends jumped up as well and immediately shoved him away from Bella. “Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry!” Flash voiced sincerely. He seemed to sober up in realization. But it was too late… Flash had backhanded her, a good one too.

“Dude! What the hell Eugene?! Did you have to hit a chick?!” One of them called out seeing Bella’s busted nose and lip as she came to her feet.

“Shit man, her eyes!” Another called out.

Bella heard nothing. Her eyes were locked on Flash. She casually walked over. She jerked Flash out of his friends hold. Everyone in the bar looked upon her in disbelief. Bella had Flash by his blond locks and slammed his face into another table. Bella went to do it again. “STOP!” MJ screamed out. Bella stopped and turned back. She quickly dropped her hands, seeing everyone’s eyes were on her.
“Oh no…” Bella groaned, grasping just how bad the situation had gotten.

Bella grabbed her jacket and rushed out of the bar. She brought the hood to her jacket up and took off. She didn’t stop running, until she passed a coffee shop a couple blocks away from the bar. The sound of thunder caught her attention and she looked towards the sky.

“Miss. Swan?”

Bella narrowed her eyes and turned towards the familiar voice.

“Professor Stern…” She says caught off-guard.

(Professor  Samuel Stern)

He nods and tilts his head. His focus went directly to her eyes.

“Amazing…” She heard him whisper but was so flustered she wasn’t sure why.

Bella wasn’t aware that the contacts she’d been wearing had melted, during her confrontation with Flash Thompson.

Lightning strikes something nearby and it began to downpour. Professor Stern quickly brought out a black umbrella. He gently took her by the arm and brought her beneath it.

“Ummm, thanks…”

He smiled but that soon faded, once he took notice of her face. Professor Stern cupped her chin.

“Who’s responsible for such a cruel act?!” He questions looking irate.

He hurriedly took a kerchief from his pocket and put it to her lip. She flinched at first.

“My apologies…” He says as he gently dabs the kerchief along her lip and nose.

The professor shook his head.

“You’re going to need stitches.”

She swallowed back knowing that wasn’t true. She just needed time. But that’s when it occurred to her.

“Is something the matter?” He questioned as she recoiled from him.

Bella shook her head and stepped out from the umbrella. The ice cold rain hit, causing her to flinch. Professor Stern reached out.

“You really need to get that looked at.” He called over the thunder.

She wasn’t even sure what to say, knowing she would see him again in the morning and be perfectly fine. At this she took off once again. This time she didn’t stop until she got to the apartment.

Bruce shot up from the couch the moment she entered.

“Bella?” He questioned in alarm.

“I think I fucked up…” She declares with fear in her eyes.

Bruce rushed over. She was drenched from head to toe. He also noticed that her lip and nose were busted, but they were starting to heal.

“Did someone hit you?!”

She grimaced and closed her eyes for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Bruce. I…”

“Who did this?!”

“Bella baby, just tell me…”

She sighs.

“It was Flash.”
Bruce’s eyes get that glow and he reaches for his jacket behind her.

“No Bruce… Please, just hear me out.”

He stops reluctantly and listens as she tells him what happened. Her fears of him being angry soon subsided. Bruce caressed her cheek.

“Are you alright?” He softly asks.

Bella nodded but recoiled from his touch. She felt undeserving of his affections at the moment. She truly let things get out of hand. Doing exactly what he asked her NOT TO DO! Bruce looked on with concern and placed a couple fingers beneath her chin. He lifted her head, so their eyes met. ‘

“Let’s get you cleaned up…”
He took her hand and led her to the bathroom. Where he propped her up on the counter and used a warm wash cloth to wipe the blood from her face. Once he finished he ran her a bath.

“Please don’t…” She practically pleads, with a guilty mien to her.

Bruce sighs. He knew that look all too well.

“You defended yourself, as would anyone in that situation.”
She half laughs.

“By slamming his head into a table?”

Bruce rather shrugs.

“Maybe not to that degree…” Bruce says with a playful wink.

“However, I think it’s safe to say he had it coming.”

“But I went against your wishes… I … I mean, dammit Bruce, you should be furious with me?! Why aren’t you?”

“Yes and you’ll be spanked for that later, but that being said I think you feel guilty enough for the both of us. Right now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Bella manages to smile and shakes her head. Bruce kisses her forehead.

“You seem to forget, you’re dealing with the master of anger issues.”

He lifts her back down and pried her wet shirt off. The warmth of his hands was inviting amongst her freezing body. He unclasped her bra and Bella undid her pants, stepping out of her shoes, etc… He eased her on into the tub. Once she got situated. He too undressed, deciding to join her. Bella rested her head against his chest and his arms wrapped around her. Her eyes closed momentarily, as she allowed herself to relax and embrace the warmth and Bruce’s touch.

Today totaled five in which Peter Parker remained missing. Bella hadn’t a clue where to go from here. She wiped out all the sources she could think of. Aunt May had gone through the some process. Neither had any luck.

Bruce kissed along her neck, whilst running his hands along her breasts, beneath the water. She felt him stirring awake below. He firmly gripped her waist and ground her more against him.

“Hmmm…” He hummed along her neck as he continued his trail of kisses.

Bella softly giggled as he twirled her about, facing him. He took her hands and wrapped them around his neck.

“There are other means of relieving tension and stress…” He hints.

“Is that so, doctor?”
He nods and positions himself. Bella coos out, feeling him enter. Bruce moved her about, gathering the right tempo. Her tits were right in his face and that’s all he could focus on. He worshipped them thoroughly with his tongue. He had her riding his cock during this.

“Fuck…” He called out she was so tight and welcoming; he had to keep from coming within the first few strokes.

Bruce slowed it down, not wanting it to end, just yet. They simultaneously moaned out as she kissed him. Her tongue explored his driving him mad. Bella felt him throbbing within her and filling her up even more. Water was sloshing about but neither cared.

“I suppose I should “come” more often, Dr. Banner.” Bella whispers in his ear and licks his lobe seductively.

He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth. He drove her against him even harder. Those mere words sparked within him. He’d never been called that during sex. It seemed he’d discovered a new kink. One he wasn’t even aware existed within him. He couldn’t help himself.

“Call me that again.” He challenged, demandingly.

Bella got this smirk about her face.

“And what’s that, doctor?”
His eyes damn near rolled back as he was set afire within her. Bella gasped out feeling the damn near hot semen escaping him and filling her to the brim. She feverishly kissed him afterword. They continued to kiss and Bruce grunted out. He looked to Bella with full on lust. She looked to him in disbelief. Bruce was raging hard, once again. He grabbed her and rocked her about him. He growled out as she took over. It wasn’t long before he came once again. He chuckled, afterword.

“Nurse, huh?”

“Not yet…”

“Hmmm, well you succeeded in giving me the nourishment I needed.”

“Now doctor, I thought this was about my needs.”

He grins and kisses her once again. As he kisses her he pops her on the rear.


He smirks

“Now I did warn you. Did I not?”

Bella laughs and leans against his chest once again. Her eyes were growing heavy and by the steady pace of her breathing, Bruce knew she was about to fall asleep.

“Let’s get you to bed.”

Just as she assumed, Professor Stern cut Bella and odd gaze the moment she entered class. He reared back as if studying her. She pretended not to notice and took her seat. Bella sighed, as she regarded Peter’s empty seat. This made day six now. In fact she was entering her second week of clinicals. Like usual, before she left for her next class, Professor Stern reminded her about them. She nodded and was about to exit like usual.

“About last night…”
She cringed with her back towards him.
“Care to explain?”

“Explain?” She inquired in her best innocent mien.

“I believe we both know… I pay more attention than you think.”

“I’ve no idea what you’re referring to.” She hated this but knew in best case scenario. Denial was the best way to go. To merely pretend as if nothing had taken place.

“Do you mean to tell me, that my eyes have deceived me?”
“That all depends on what you think you saw.”

“Playing games are we, Miss. Swan?”

She closed her eyes for a moment, gripping the hell out the doorknob.

“It’s a shame about your friend.” He articulates in a rather odd tone, one she couldn’t quite detect.

She cut him a look of bewilderment and turned, facing him. He leans back in his seat and looks towards Peter’s usual desk.

“He’ll probably end up flunking the year out, due to his own negligence. I apologize on his behalf by the way. It seemed he left your team project for you to do solo. You did a magnificent job anyhow. I knew you would. You don’t need anyone, in order to succeed. No you will go far Miss. Swan. As for Mr. Parker he should’ve taken things a bit more seriously.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’ve offended you…” He says and quickly come to a stand.

He adjusts his tie as he makes his way over.

“Please… By no means was I…”

Bella shakes her head.

“If Peter isn’t here, it’s for a good reason, Professor.”

He half laughs, getting under her skin.

“You should make better friends, my dear. Mr. Parker is by far the most irresponsible person I’ve ever met! Which is a shame, truly. He has so much potential. But he’s managed to piss it all away. I doubt there is a future in video gaming and partying.”

Bella rears back.

He raises his brows.


“You know nothing of him! Why would you make such assumptions?!”

“I mean no disrespect. I simply call it the way I see it.”
“So you’re being judgmental.”

He half laughs at this.
“I see I’ve managed to strike quite a chord!”

She shakes her head on this.
“I better get to class. I’m already running late.”

“I’ll write you a pass.”
“Don’t bother.” She practically hissed and hurried off.

Flash Thompson stepped out of his apartment. Bruce nodded towards him as he was leaned against Flash’s car, his arms folded about his chest. The entire thing was folded in half like that of a phone book. He smirked at the black eye Bella had given him.

“Do we have an understanding, Mr. Thompson?!”

Flash nodded wide eyed and Bruce actually heard him gulp.

“Ye…yes sir!”

“Perfect! Do have yourself a splendid day!” Bruce called out with a nod.

Flash looked on, in a trance as Bruce got into his truck and drove away.

The professor came to his feet, once it was time for Bella to meet him for clinicals. She entered the room before long. But wouldn’t even make eye contact.

“Are you ready?”
Bella nodded and followed him on out the door. When they got in the car he glanced over.

“You needed stitches as I recall. However now…” He cups her chin and looks her over.


He tilts her head a bit.

“Not even a scratch!”

“Mind moving your hand now?”

He was so mesmerized, he hadn’t even heard her.

“Absolutely remarkable… Tell me, was it a simple exposure or did HE somehow transfer the radiation?!”
Bella slapped his hand away from her face. He looked upon her rather appalled.

“I asked you to move your hand.” She utters with a shrug and fastens her seatbelt.

He sighs with impatience.

“If you’d only allow me to help you…”
“I don’t need help, thank you. Now, could we please just go and get started. I have a lot of homework.”
“But of course…”

She takes in a breath of relief once he starts the car.

“Would you at least take me up on my offer of dinner afterword? I shall like to discuss somethings.”

Bella looked to him oddly.

“Can’t. Like I said, I have a lot of homework.”
“It’s a simple dinner. Bring your homework along!”

Part of her felt relieved seeing Bruce’s truck was still in the parking lot. The last couple times, he was gone by the time they arrived. They entered the hospital to see it was a complete mad house. Dr. Banner already looked frazzled.

“As you can see doctor… dinner just isn’t an option.”

He sighs with true disappointment.

“Well it’s a good thing we’ve got you squared away when it comes to paperwork!” Dr. Stern says with a chuckle.

“Looks like you’re getting your hands dirty today.”

Bella cut him a worrisome look. He winked her way and shrugged.

“Ah now, you’ll do just fine, Miss. Swan!”

He points to the board.

“Write our names beside the ones that aren’t taken yet.”

She nods and does as he wishes.

Bruce bumped into her as he went to scratch one off.

“Fancy meeting you here.” He said with a playful grin.

She giggled causing Dr. Stern frown.

“Likewise, Dr. Banner!”

“And how is your day going so far. ” He questioned.

She wondered how he managed to stay on his feet, he looked exhausted.

“Just eh?”

She nods.

“Well hopefully your night will get better.” He hints as he reaches over her and grabs a clipboard.

Dr. Stern rolled his eyes, seeing the grin on Bella’s face as she watched Dr. Banner head into an examination room.
“Hmmmm… He should learn to keep things more professional.” Bella heard Dr. Stern mutter.

Her eyes darted his way in disbelief.

“Surely, you two don’t plan on working at the same hospital.”

She couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. What business had he, getting into theirs?!

“I do not see why that would be an issue, if that were the case.”

He laughs in a scoffing manner.

“It’s just not what I’d consider very professional. Spouses or any sort of significant other haven’t any business working together, at least not in this field. That just leaves too much open…”

“Um, excuse me?!”

Another woman calls out overhearing this.

“Is there a problem, Margaret?”

The older Latino woman curls her lip at him.

“Don’t you even listen to him, sweetheart! My hubby and I have been working side by side for over a decade now! Haven’t had an issue, yet!”

“And that’s the keyword…. Notice how even she said ‘yet’.”

The woman’s jaw dropped. Bella cut the nurse an apologetic glance. The nurse nodded towards her respectfully.

“Well, we haven’t all day Miss. Swan. Let’s go check on our very first patient of the day. Shall we?”

She nods and follows him into one of the examination rooms.

“Hello, Mr. Michaels. I’m Dr. Sterns and this is my intern, Miss. Swan. Is it alright that she works with us today?”

The man was about their age. His hair was sandy blond there was an athletic build to him. He also had a pleasant smile as he glanced her way.

“Well, by all means… I could use some “nursing”.” He says with somewhat of a flirtatious tone.

One that had Dr. Stern seeing green. His smile faded.

“Do be more respectful.” He says causing Bella to blush and cut yet another apologetic look on Dr. Stern’s behalf.

“Excuse me?” The patient inquired, looking rightfully offended.

“I do not believe I stuttered. You will show Miss. Swan respect, when speaking with her.”

Bella’s jaw dropped.

“Dr. Stern. I do not believe he meant any disrespect.”

The patient smiled her way.
“It seems your adviser is suffering from a disease known as the green eyed monster.”

Dr. Stern slammed down his chart.

“Dr. Stern!” Bella says in absolute astonishment with a hint of a nervous laugh behind it.

“What the fuck is your deal?” The patient says as he hops off the examination table.

“You heard me! You find yourself another hospital!”

“You can’t do that!” Bella warns, knowing the law.

“The hell I can’t.” Dr. Stern declares as he opens the door.

Bella grimaced as the man had a piece of board stuck in his leg. He was limping as he headed out.

“Don’t go! Just please! You’re going to need surgery on that leg! It already looks infected!” She calls out and quickly covers her mouth as all eyes were on her.

Dr. Stern quickly grabs her by the forearm and drags her back into the room slamming the door.

“That is not your call!”
“But Professor Stern, his leg… it’s really bad. And what you did was against the law and you know that. You cannot turn a patient away! Especially one in that bad of condition.”

“And this is how you thank me for doing what I deemed best in your honor?!”

“My honor? And best?!” She says with a giggle.

“Oh please. So he was slightly flirtatious. There is no harm in that. I’m sure my fiancée deals with…”

They freeze as they hear one of the nurses holler out. Bella quickly opens the door to see their patient had passed out on the floor. Bella rushed over and quickly checked his vitals. Dr. Stern sighs.

“Allow me…”
Bella cuts him a look of disapproval.
“Don’t even touch him.” She sterns bitterly.

The staff around them covered their mouths in shock.

“Excuse me?”

“He’s in this situation because of you in the first place! Can I get another doctor, please?!” Bella called out as she rolled the man over and got him better situated.

Dr. Stern yanks the stethoscope from her hand. He starts to take over.

“I do believe it’s in the best interest of the patient if you step aside on this one doctor!”

“And you are just a student, are you not?!’

Bella nods and half laughs again.

“That’s right… What would I know?!” She throws her hands in the air and storms off.

Bella darts into the locker room and slams the door. She leans back and closes her eyes trying to gain some sort of composure. What she hadn’t realized is that Dr. Banner witnessed the entire episode. His blood was already boiling. He too fought to keep his equanimity as he made his way over.

“I got this…” Dr. Banner states.

Dr. Stern lifted his eyes Dr. Banner’s direction.

“He is my patient, Dr. Banner.”

“Was… You released him from your care. So I will take over from here.”

Dr. Banner points to one of the examination rooms, as the nurses got Mr. Michaels set up.

Dr. Banner takes the chart from Dr. Stern’s hand.
“I’ll be needing that.”

After Dr. Banner examines Mr. Michaels he approaches Dr. Stern.

“Why are you training her anyhow? Isn’t that the job of a RN?”

Dr. Stern narrows his eyes on this.
“We both know it’s not typical for a doctor to train a nursing student.”

“Why have mediocre training when you can have the best?!”

“That’s most certainly debatable. Your actions seem to prove otherwise today. I’ve my eye on you Dr. Stern. This might’ve been your hospital once upon a time. But as you can see we manage just fine without you. Now if you’ll excuse me. I’ve an incident to report.”

Dr. Stern gritted his teeth.
“There is no need for that.”

Dr. Banner whipped around with his index finger pointed directly at him.

“Let’s set aside my relationship with your student, Professor Stern. What you pulled today was beyond unprofessional! And you’ve a student under your wing. Miss. Swan learns through you! You’re putting her entire career on the line. She’s worked hard to get where she is. And I’ll be damned if you sabotage that! So you bet your ass I’m writing this up! Good day, doctor!”

The entire staff starts to clap, proving all too well what they truly thought of Dr. Samuel Stern.

“Everything alright?”

Her eyes shot open as Margaret stood before her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was in here.” Bella quickly stepped aside.

The nurse’s eyes were fixated on Bella’s however.

“Oh dear… I’ve seen that glow before. Rarely but I recognize it.”

She takes Bella’s hand and leads her to the sink. She cuts on the water and wets down a wash cloth. Bella looks to her oddly as she placed the cloth along the back of Bella’s neck.

“I wouldn’t take it personally. That’s just Dr. Stern for you. He’s one of the best. Even I can’t deny that. I do believe he’s read every medical book known to mankind. However he’s narcissistic and well obviously a fool, if I’m to be blunt.”

Bella looks to her oddly. The woman smiled. Bella thought the woman had a beautiful smile.

“I do believe Dr. Stern has himself a crush!”

Bella’s eyes nearly bulged out at her words.


“Oh hun. It’s so bluntly obvious…”


The woman nods.

“Oh yeah. I wonder how Dr. Banner feels about it.” The nurse says with a playful grin.

“Ugh…” Bella groans.

The nurse dies in laughter.

“Oh hun, I do believe you and I are going to get along great.”

The door to the locker room flies open. Dr. Stern steps in looking irate.

“Leave us.”

The nurse sighs and rolls her eyes as she exits the room.

His hands were folded into fist as he stared her down. He backed her up against a corner and rested his hand against it. Bella closed her eyes feeling it coming. She kept what happened with Flash in mind and was doing her best to keep that anger at bay. She wanted to beat the shit out of him. How dare he back her into a corner and get in her face! Her teeth ground together. She kept her eyes shut.

“You’re done for the day. You lost whatever clinical hours you had by the way. We will start over tomorrow.”
Her eyes shot open. He couldn’t control the smirk on his face.

“I knew it.”

He cupped her cheek once again.

“And that my dear was a test! I knew it wasn’t my imagination after all. There’ something about you? Isn’t there?”

His entire body was pressed against hers. Anger coursed through her veins. Memoirs of Edward Cullen hit.

“Get… off… me…” She said through gritted teeth.

He chuckles and takes a step back raising his hands in the air.

“Don’t you ever touch me again. As for my hours…. You will give me everything I’ve earned! From here on, you’re to stay professional with me. No more reading between the lines, as there is NOTHING TO READ! I’m engaged! I’m your student!”
“Funny, from what I hear you seem to enjoy a little student teacher action.”

Her jaw dropped as he cut her a wink.
“That’s right… I know all about you Miss. Swan. I too do my homework. And I knew there was something special about you from the beginning.”

He points to his head.

Bella nods.
“And we’re done here, professor. I will find someone else to mentor me now.”
“That would be a grave mistake!”

She snaps his direction once more as she was heading out.
“Is that a threat?”

He smiles and shrugs as he leans back, folding his arms about his chest.

“Take it however you want.”

She reaches for the door.

“I wonder how channel 9 would feel about doing an interview?” He cruelly hints.

“Right here at the hospital! All about the Hulk’s significant other, who’s somehow taken on some abilities of her own. Such as you miraculously healing, putting a dent in my doorknob, the way your eyes glow when you’re having some sort of emotional moment. And if I’m not mistaken. Gamma radiation I believe… must you both be so selfish? Think about it… Think about what this could mean!”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh I would! You see, I tried to go about this like a gentleman. But you’re…. well, you’re being difficult. Like I said, I’ve had my eye on you for sometime. At first, I’ll admit it was your fiancée that had my attention. But what can I say… Such the pretty little package you are…”

She closes her eyes, losing her cool big time.

“What is it you want?!”

“You already know what I want…” He says and goes in for a kiss.

His lips were just about to touch as she pushed him back against the lockers. She swung her fist only to have it stopped. Bella looked back with glowing eyes and rage spreading throughout her core.
“What are you doing?!”

“You’re not going to hit him.”

“Because I am!” Bruce gently moves her aside and punches the living shit out of Dr. Stern.

His hands were turning green and he trembled all over. His eyes shared the same hue. Bella’s eyes widened and she quickly took Bruce by the hand and rushed him out of there.

Bella tossed and turned all night long. Bruce had passed out after his long shift. But try as she might, Bella just couldn’t sleep. The day’s events kept replaying in her head. That and something else wasn’t setting right within her. She had a bad feeling. And before long it finally dawned on her. She thought back the other night with Flash Thompson and her run in with Professor Stern. Something she’d forgot to even mention to Bruce. All she’d told him about was the Flash incident in general. Her hand clamped over her mouth. She thought about Dr. Stern’s threat. She squirmed out of Bruce’s hold and hurriedly got dressed. She vaguely remembered Professor Stern’s lab, only by mention of course. He liked to brag about it from time to time. The issue?

She wasn’t quite sure where this lab of his was. Bella quietly dressed, before she left she kissed Bruce on the forehead. She grabbed her keys, jacket, and purse, before heading out. The only place she could truly think of? The university. If nothing else she hoped to find something that would lead her to this lab’s whereabouts. She figured she’d start with his desk. Meaning… She was going to have to pull a Stark and break in, somehow.

Bella parked a couple blocks away from the school, so not to raise any suspicion. From there, she walked. She was cautious of all surveillance, taking her time, even if she felt impatient at the moment. She used her strength to jam the doors open. And feeling as though a spy, she carefully made her way down the hall and to Professor Stern’s room.

Bella used the flashlight on her cellphone to see, as she dug her way through Professor Stern’s desk. She sighed in defeat, all she found was some sort of blue print She rolled her eyes in thought. However the light to her phone hit a certain area on that blue print. Her eyes darted towards a particular floor plan. Bella tapered her eyes. She’d used the elevators in this building before. She knew there wasn’t a button for anything below the first floor. Yet there was a basement, a pretty big one from the looks of things. She shrugged in thought and rolled the paper up and stuffed it back where he had it.

For her own peace of mind, Bella made her way to the elevator. She was thankful there wasn’t a camera within the elevator. She stepped inside and scanned the buttons over, just as she assumed, no button for the basement. She hit the first floor button anyhow and it stayed where it was. She nodded to herself and stepped back out.

Bella looked to the door with the stair area was. She’d used those stairs a million times. They only went up from here. She glanced back towards Professor Stern’s room. She hesitantly made her way back. Not even sure what for exactly… She began a thorough sweep of the room. Nothing. She sighed and was just about to exit the room once again. However she came to a halt and eyed the closet. She shrugged to herself and headed that way.

When she opened the door, she began her search for some sort of crawl space. That was all she could think of. But there was nothing there. Or so she thought… She narrowed her eyes upon a particular area. She crouched down and ran a single finger along it. Bella raised her brows seeing that it was a loose board. She lay her phone down and picked up the board.

“Bingo…” She whispered as it revealed a hatch.

She lifted the hatch and a square piece of the wooden floor rose along with it. She couldn’t contain her smile.

“Oh something tells me you’re in big trouble Professor…” She mutters under her breath.

Bella retrieves her phone and makes her way down the hidden staircase. The entire area she was in was cement. There was a chill within the area. It was a very long yet narrow pathway. She kept the flashlight to her phone going as she continued down the path. A solid minute passed before she finally arrived where it led.

“What the hell?”

Before her was a massive lab. She sucked back a breath. Something about it gave her chills. She could hear something going within the lab itself. Bella stepped towards the lab with the one goal in mind.

But something else caught her attention. The glass windows to the lab reflected something much more chilling. She dropped her phone and slowly turned.


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  6. Stern is a definite jackass. I’m so glad Bruce finally punched him. I’m curious to Stren’s fascination with Bella have some of the gamma in her system since he said he was going to go after Bruce first.
    So glad she found Peter! Wonder what happened.

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