Chapter 18 The Leader

Chapter 18

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He lifted his eyes upon her. His senses being the only reason he heard her, otherwise he wouldn’t have even known she was there.. He gave a weak nod. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes. There were chains coming from the ceiling, floor, and both sides of the cement room he was in. Chains, in which kept him bonded. His body had taken quite a beating as well. Bella banged her fists against the bulletproof glass, which separated them.

“Just hang on Peter. I’m getting you out!”

His eyes batted something fierce. Bella entered the lab and looked around with desperation. However, the more she searched for some sort of lever or key. That desperation swiftly turned into rage. She growled out as she continued to dig around the area, with no such luck. She turned back to see Peter’s eyes had come to a close. With growing fury she hurled a drawer to a filing cabinet; she had been digging through across the lab. Just as she was to rush back out she instantly came to a halt.

Just as she’d feared… It was the kerchief, Professor Stern had used on her busted nose and lip that stormy night. She swallowed back seeing as how he had some sort of lab already going on it. He had it hanging by a clothes pin and some sort of substances running along the kerchief. The ends of it dripped down into another tube. That tube that lead into several more. She shook her head and gritted her teeth as she rapidly gripped the table and flipped it over. Chemicals and shattered glass went everywhere. She stepped over them, and then made her way back to Peter.

With nothing else to go on, Bella banged on the glass, once again. She continued with more force than before with each attempt. She only managed to crack the glass in certain parts. So she went about it even harder, more urgently. Her flesh started to peel back and blood spattered about the glass the more she beat on the glass. All she managed to get was a fist size hole and that took some time to accomplish.

And that’s when it dawned on her. She knew someone that could get the job done a lot faster. Bella took her phone out and gazed upon her friend once again. She sighed in relief as Bruce tiredly answered the phone.

“Bella?” He answered sounding shocked that she wasn’t home.

“Bruce I need your help. It’s Peter…”

She gasped out as the phone was flung out of her hand. Bella’s entire body was slammed up against the glass.

“That’d be a foolish mistake Ms. Swan.”

She groaned out as her head was forced back.

“And to think I had plans for you! It didn’t have to be like this. All I needed from you, was a few times of intercourse. Pass it on such as he had you. It would have been the preferable much more suitable way of going about this. But I see you’ve destroyed what I had left. Meaning we have to go about this in a way that is sure to cause you great pain. You see Ms. Swan…”

He forced her back around. Her jaw dropped at the sight of him.

“I need more. It’s not near enough. The strand was too weak.” He demanded with urgency.

Professor Stern was covered in sweat. She swore his forehead had slightly swelled as well. He was a frantic mess. He reached over caressing her cheek.

“I do apologize for what I must do. But if you had done things my way, we wouldn’t be in this situation, now would we?!”

“And what’s this have to do with him?!” She pointed to Peter.

Dr. Stern nodded. .
“I admit at first I simply wanted him out of the way. But at the moment, he’s collateral.”

Bella broke out of his hold and shoved him back.

“Have you completely lost it?!”

“No. No I haven’t! Believe me.” He tapped his temple and half laughed.

“It all adds up. I’ve got it all in here. This is the start of something. Something… marvelous…”

Bella gave a simple nod and rushed at him like a bull. She slammed him right into another table of the lab. Bella then grabbed him by the collar and hurled him across the room. In return, the doctor threw whatever he could get his hands on. Bella dodged what she could but was hit with a chair as it struck her in the face. She took that same chair and bound off a nearby wall. Something she wasn’t even aware she could do. It just hit her instinctually. She sailed across and took the chair to his face. She did this over and over until she heard his jaw snap. The professor’s eyes rolled back and she took off running.

“Bruce if you can hear me, we’re at the school. There’s a secret compartment in the Professor’s closet.” She called out as she punched with everything she had.

Tears had made their appearance, as she fought to free her friend. She could only create one hole at a time.

“DAMMIT!” She shouted once she made her fifth hole.

Bella reached in and tried prying the glass back. She gasped out in agony as it cut into her hands. But she was able to snap off pieces of the bulletproof glass now. But she didn’t stop until she succeeded in making a space big enough for her to crawl through. She lifted herself up and made her way through. Once she was inside, she tugged at the metal chains. She cried out at the pain as they only drove deeper into her wounds the glass had caused her. One chain was successfully ripped out of the concrete wall. But she had seven more to go. With that in thought she staggered back and shook her head. Her eyes shut as she clenched her jaw and pried the other off. His left arm had been freed. At this, she made her way around and somehow gained the strength to break his right hand free as well. He still had chains from the ceiling however that were wrapped around his shoulders. And his feet were chained to the ground.

Her vision grew somewhat blurry as she fought to keep going. Her eyes locked onto the ceiling. She took a few steps back and nodded to herself. She knew this was going to suck. Bella gathered enough speed to leap up and cling onto the chain. The girl gave it all she had and the chains came down, but so did she.

As she landed Peter’s eyes locked with hers. Neither had time to react to the situation.

“…no….” Peter hoarsely called out as Bella’s body was suddenly levitating.

A menacing laugh followed, as her body floated back out of the crawl space she’d made.

“I was wrong… Something that happens to be a rarity.” Dr. Stern stood before her now. His skin had a light green hue to it. The doctor’s forehead had become even more pronounced. He had used some sort of telekinesis in order to gain control of her body.

“Your DNA must be far more potent than I ever imagined. All I needed was to amp up the radiation!”

“NO!” Bella shrieked out as he held out another hand and jerked Peter’s chained feet from the ground.

He too floated on out of the prison the professor had him in. Her friend gravitated towards them. Peter and Bella groaned out as they were hurled across the room. They both rolled about the ground as they took a rather hard landing. They crawled amongst the ground as Dr. Stern made his way over.

“You could have led with me. We could have reigned above them all! You and I make perfect sense!”

His hand motioned about once more. Her body was being pulled his direction. She drove her nails into the ground as she tried fighting against it. She and Peter reached out to one another with panic stricken faces. Peter fired off a web wrapping it around her wrist. That’s all he could manage at that moment he was so weak.

Her jaw dropped once she realized what he’d done and the truth behind it.


He nodded and tugged back with all he had. But it had become a game of tug-of-war, her body was being stretched out, between the two of them. And Peter let go, knowing if he didn’t she could lose her hand.

“How dare you! You not only humiliated me, but because of you. I became the laughing stock of the very hospital in which my legacy first began. You turned down my every advance! You and I… We had a connection. And you most of all Ms. Swan should understand. I mean honestly? What other reason would you have for being with HIM?! I doubt there’s any real chemistry.” He said with a mocking chuckle.

“You’re far too beautiful, smart, and young to be with that. As smart as he seems to be, he’s that stupid when he changes. Whereas, I am the best of both, smart and powerful, benevolent and dangerous. I am what is best for you! I AM THE LEADER!”

All three turned towards the sound of rumbling. It was followed by a loud BURST. The professor reared back as the enormous green beast before them soared cross the room. He swiftly shoved Dr. Stern back and took Bella from his hold.

MINE!” He barked and he pointed upon the man, causing his Bell harm.

The Hulk’s lip was curled and he growled out furiously. Yet he kept a gentle hold on Bella and nuzzled against her, lovingly. Bella wanted to respond in return but was starting to black out. The Hulk thoroughly examined her.
“Bell…” He whimpered with a painful expression.

She was covered in blood and her body had been put through the ringer.

“BELL HURT!” He roared wrathfully causing the professor’s hair to blow back.

Hulk carefully laid his mate down. Once he had, Peter scurried about the ground towards her.

Dr. Stern tried to use his newfound ability on the Hulk. Only it caused him physical pain. His nose bled and his head felt as though it’d cave into itself, the harder he tried. He could only lift the Hulk a couple feet off the ground. Hulk looked down, as he took notice. He curled his lip at this and broke through whatever the professor was doing. Hulk slammed his hands together this caused a sonic wave. This had the self–professed Leader flying back where he landed on his ass. Hulk went to charge after him only turned back hearing Peter.


The younger man’s hands were on his Bell. Peter’s eyes had shot Hulk’s direction.

“Oh no Buddy… I’m on your side.”

Hulk leaped over and picked him up tossing him aside as though he were a mere flea. Peter groaned out as he was flung against a wall. The envied beast scooped his mate up and breathed her in. He eyed Peter down, threateningly. Hulk had Bella against cradled his chest. The Leader had taken advantage of the situation and promptly made his escape.

Hulk growled under his breath once he’d taken notice of his absence. Hulk felt conflicted. He wanted to hunt the man down and end his very existence. But his concern for Bella was by far greater even though his rage. Hulk glanced upon her once more and had taken off, but not before muttering the words.. “Stupid Leader.”

He found a secluded area and did the only thing he knew how to do. He simply held her and rocked back and forth. When she wouldn’t wake Hulk with his childlike mind, had begun to cry. Tears of frustration trained down his face.

Bella whimpered and squirmed about. Hulk observed her every move as she came to. She narrowed her eyes in confusion as her eyes locked with his.


He nodded and caressed her cheek with his finger. Her bottom lip quivered and she found herself hugging the daylights out of him.

“I’m sorry…”

Hulk tilted his head about with confusion. He blew out a huff of air and held her up higher so he could get a better look. Her body had finally healed itself, but she was caked in dry blood. Bella gasped out as he reached over and shredded her clothes off. She quickly covered herself looking at Hulk wide-eyed. He cradled her against his chest and came to his feet. Hulk made his way to a nearby lake and eased on in. Once he was about waist high he came to a stop. He lowered her into the water and Bella shivered all over. She found herself amazed however, once she realized what he was doing. He gawked upon her as she started to bathe herself.

“Thank you…” She softly stated, whilst running her hands along her body.

Hulk tilted his head about once she got use to the water and dunked herself beneath. When she came back up Bella ran her hands along her hair. Her hands continued down along her body as she worked to rid of all the dry blood. Bella peered over to see Hulk touching himself like before. His eyes were glued to her, intensely. She smiled and reached out to him.

“You can touch, if you want.” Belle coyly offered.

He narrowed his eyes.

“It’s ok…” She encouraged.

She rose from the water, exposing herself even further. Beads of water were running down her neck, shoulders, and breasts. At this, Hulk picked her up. He curiously ran his hands along her breasts, rear, and sex. Bella used caution as she touched him in return. But she wanted Hulk to know what it was like… To experience what Bruce got to. Bruce knew her touch and what it meant to be loved. Hulk on the other hand hadn’t quite, at least not like this. She gazed into his eyes as she made her way further down. He growled out but not in a threatening way. No, it was more animalistic. Bella stroked the head of his cock. Hulk had other plans however. He scooped her up and carried her back out of the water. He laid her down in the grass and took it upon himself to spread her sex apart. Bella clamped her hand over her mouth as he took his finger along her pussy. It didn’t hurt by no means, she only covered her mouth to keep from moaning out. He tilted his head looking as though a curious child. Bella arched back as he placed his finger inside. He groped himself with the other hand and watched his finger work it’s way about her pussy. Something he had obviously found very stimulating.

It didn’t take long for Bella to gush at the mere sight of him stroking himself.

“Hulk baby…” She cried out as she soaked his finger.

Hulk’s eyes glowed brighter than usual as he picked up his mate’s scent. He closed his eyes for a moment and gritted his teeth. He removed his finger and took her by surprise all over again. Hulk braced his body over hers and rubbed himself against her. His dick ran along her pussy, torso and between her breasts. It didn’t take long for Bella to realize what he was doing. Something she happened to find rather erotic. Hulk pumped himself along her eyeing her body intensely. She could feel the heat coming right off his cock as it pulsated against her. He grunted out and picked up the pace. She was truly baffled. Dr. Stern couldn’t have been more wrong, when it came to the Hulk. This only further proved it.

He punched at the ground as he was near his climax. He didn’t lose stride or slow down, no he kept going. But the ground beneath her took a beating, the closer he came. His fingers dug into the earth as he gave two more strokes. When he came it shot along her chest, breasts, and neckline. There were a few drops along the grass and a nearby tree. Hulk was the one with the surprised look as he looked down to see Bella cleaning him off with her tongue. Her eyes were locked upon his as she did. He petted her head and encouraged her to keep going.

Bruce stretched his arms about as he came to the next morning. He rolled over seeing Bella lying beside him. She too, naked… He nodded to himself in realization. The doctor cleared his throat and rubbed his face as bits and pieces were coming back to him. These recollections had him reaching out to her. His hand ran along her body caressingly. Bella turned over and faced him. She had this look of guilt about her. Bruce could see it in her eyes. She expected him to bitch her out like last time. Only that was the farthest thing from Bruce’s mind.

His lips locked onto hers as a certain fire lit within him. Bruce pulled her into lap his hands were planted about her hips. He ground her about him. He did this until he had her so wet, he was able to slide on in.

“FUCK!” He called out and moved her about him even more intensely.

“Ride it , Bella baby.”

Bruce didn’t understand it by any means. Instead of feeling envy on what Bella had done for Hulk. He found himself incredibly turned on. He hadn’t a clue as to why. Bella was just as surprised by his behavior. However this smirk came about her.

“Doctor’s orders?”

His eyes widened and he swiftly flipped her over. Bruce was fucking her into oblivion. And every time she came, he’d demand another. And he knew just the spot to hit.

“Don’t stop.” He ordered as he drove himself even deeper.

“Harder!” She begged.

His eyes damn near rolled back as he gave into her wishes. She flooded his cock and he gave one last deep thrust.
“…fuck…”he uttered, feeling slightly dizzy.

A giggle left her lips as he pulled out, a string of cum followed. But that wasn’t what had her giggling. It was the hinting glance he had cut her. She rose and just as she had Hulk she licked him clean, proving she was all more than willing to take care of both her men.

He narrowed his eyes and caressed her cheek afterword.

“How the hell did I get so lucky… women like you… they just don’t exist.”

All the more reason he was determined to find Dr. Stern. The mad doc hadn’t a clue the war he started when he chose to come after the fiancé of Dr. Bruce Banner!

“I do believe it’s the other way around.” She said and snuggled up against his chest.

They froze however as they heard…

“Ewww mommy, they’re naked!”

Bruce and Bella had shot up with wide eyed expressions. They quickly concealed themselves. The mother abruptly covered the boy’s eyes.

“Honestly!” She hissed.

“You two should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Both had full body blushes going. Bruce cleared his throat.

“My apologies, mam.”

“What were you two thinking?! This is a public area!”

Bella chewed on her bottom lip something fierce. She found herself giggling uncontrollably.

Page break

Bella and Bruce shared the same exact sigh as the man before them twirled his keys about.

Bruce rolled his eyes.

“Just bail us out Tony…”

Tony had a never ending smirk.

“Will do, after you tell me how you two lovebirds ended up singing a chorus in Jailhouse Rock!”

“Tony…” Bruce grumbles.

“No, no… Now I paid for a show. And I’m not leaving until I get one.”
Bruce cocked his head about impatiently.

“I’m serious… I paid extra in order to take all the time I need.”

Bruce takes Bella’ by the hand and sighs with annoyance.

“…dammit…” He muttered under his breath.

Peter grunted out painfully as Bella hugged him.

“Peter… I’m so glad you’re alright!”

He nodded upon Bruce and Tony, uncomfortably, as Bella welcomed herself inside. Aunt May however latched onto Bella and broke into sobs.

“Peter told me you saved his life.”

Bella swallowed back on this and looked to Peter a certain way. He nodded her way and pulled the door to, once Bruce and Tony entered the apartment. After Aunt May dropped her hold, Bella had that look of absolute guilt about her.

“I’m sorry Peter…”
“For…?” He questioned, looking baffled.

“I believe we both know why.”

Peter shook his head in disbelief.

“Don’t you even apologize on that sick bastard’s behalf?!”

Aunt May gawked upon her nephew in surprise.

“Sorry Aunt May…” He softly said.

She smiled.

“Oh I agree… I’m just not so sure I ever heard you curse before.”

Everyone rather laughed on this.

“Please, have a seat. I’ll make some coffee, then stay of your hair. I’m sure you have a lot to discuss.”

Peter nodded towards his aunt. Once she exited the room they each exchanged looks. Bruce was the one cutting Peter the rather apologetic look this time.

“About last night…” Bruce hinted, remembering vaguely what the other guy had done.

Peter nervously chuckled on this.

“It’s cool.”
“Not really…” Bruce says with a grimace.

Bella had a puzzled look about her. Bruce sighed taking notice.

“What happened?”

“Eh nothing major. It’s all good. Just let the other guy know I’m not the enemy next time that’s all.”
“Oh no…” Bella uttered looking ill.

“What did he do?”
Tony was having a field day as he listened in.

“Yeah… What did he do?” Tony taunted as he peered over Bruce’s direction.

“Let’s just say he wasn’t too thrilled to see me around his girl.” Peter replied with a shrug.

Bruce winced and shook his head.

“Dammit Hulk!” Bella scolded and Bruce cocked a brow.

She grumbled under her breath and folded her arms about her chest, bitterly.

“Uh oh… Sounds like the big guy’s in trouble now…” Tony said behind laughter.

Bella and Bruce sighed in unison then glanced upon one another. From there they told their story about Professor Stern and his growing obsession with Bella. She took over once it got to the part about how she’d gone to get the kerchief from Dr. Stern, remembering how it had her DNA. Bruce interrupted her at that point.

“Speaking of which, why didn’t you wake me? I would have taken you myself…” He inquired, sounding slightly peeved.

Bella sighed.

“I honestly never dreamed it’d become what it had. I thought I’d be in and out and back in bed before you ever woke.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose on this.

“Bella baby… next time… Wake me up. I don’t care about the circumstances.”

She nodded in agreement and continued.

“Huh…” Tony called out once she finished.

“So that sounds neat!”

“Doesn’t it?” Peter smarted in reply.

Tony nodded with a chuckle.

“Oh absolutely… So we got some potentially dangerous guy with big head on his shoulders, pun fully intended, on the loose somewhere?”
“Potentially?” Peter repeats in a tsking matter.

“You did hear everything we said, right?”

Tony shrugs.
“I’ve seen worse.”

They each cut him a look of absolute hell. He laughed and crossed his legs about with a smirk.

“We got this. I’ll call the team together. It’ll be fun. Just like last time!”

“The planet was nearly destroyed last time!” Bruce reminds.

This had Peter with a look of astonishment now.

“Ummm what?!”

“Long story…”

Belle however shot to her feet in recall. Her eyes widened as she regarded Peter. He sighed.

“Yeah I suppose you and I need to talk.”

This had the other two’s attention as well.

“I should say so.”

Peter had a certain look about him as his eyes darted upon Bruce and Tony. He leaned over resting his elbows about his knees.

“So…”He stated with a whisper.

He glanced towards the stairs where his Aunt May was.

“I’m Spiderman…” He admitted, with a shrug.

Tony dies in laughter. Peter reared back, rather offended.

“Sorry kid. No way you’re that cool. That was pretty funny though, wasn’t it…?” Tony nudged Bruce on this.

Bella smiled.

“That’s like… freaking awesome!”

Bruce chuckled on the way she was acting.

“I can’t believe you’re…”

Peter put a finger to his lips and gazed towards the stairs once more.

“Oh…” She whispered taking the hint.

He cut her a wink.


“Don’t be… Just not ready for her to know, yet.”

“Gotcha…” She understood with a beam about her.

“Spiderman…” The astonished girl whispered ever so slightly.

“Hmmmm…” Tony hummed with a look of mistrust about him still.

Bruce wasn’t sure what to think. He was somewhat flabbergasted. But unlike Tony, he believed the boy.

“You two are seriously buying this? I mean have you seen Spiderman in action? He’s pretty outstanding… Sorry kid but you’re like… well…”
“Well?” Peter inquired bitterly.

“Kind of a dork…”

Peter nodded and reached out for his cup of coffee. Only as he did this, he purposely webbed Tony’s mouth shut. He then leaned back in sipped at his coffee.

“Coffee’s really good tonight. You should try some Mr. Stark!”

Bella and Bruce died in laughter. The doctor patted the well-known genius on the back.

“I do believe you owe Mr. Parker an apology of sorts!” Bruce declared, behind a chuckle.

“It seems your mouth ran away with you once again.” Dr. Banner added.

Bruce was first to enter the apartment. He narrowed his eyes and breathed in the smell of lemons and bleach. He then reached over and switched on the light. Bella and Bruce reared back in wonder. The entire apartment had been thoroughly cleaned and somethings had been moved around.

“What the….” Bella uttered as she looked around in observation.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”
There were fresh flowers in a vase, on the dining room table. They heard shower start and Bruce took off that direction. He slammed the bathroom door open, startling their intruder.

“MOM?!” Bella shouted in disbelief.

There her mother stood in the buff. Bruce quickly averted his eyes, looking to Bella apologetically. Her mother hurriedly grabbed a towel and covered herself.
“What the hell, mom?!”

Bruce shook his head and rushed on out of the bathroom. Bella grimaced at the embarrassed look on her fiancé’s face. Renee smiled and reached over hugging her daughter. Bella couldn’t even move she was so stunned.

“How’d…” Bella swallowed back, absolutely amazed by her mother’s behavior.
“I’m so glad you’re finally here. I’ve been wondering where you two went. Just let me finish my shower and we’ll get caught up.”
Bella ran her fingers through her hair as her mother hopped on into the shower and was actually singing. This had Bella laughing, in damn near hysterics. She shut the door and looked to her fiancée wide eyed.

“I’m so sorry… I…”
Bruce sighed and grabbed a beer from the fridge. He wished he could get drunk and un-see what he had just seen. He chugged the beer down then tossed it into the trash and grabbed another.

“How’d she get in here?” He asked as he popped the other one open and tossed the lid into the trash.
She pinched her eyes shut.

“I haven’t a clue.”

The couch they had in the living room was already made into a bed, with blankets and a pillow.

“This is not happening…” Bella groaned.

She started to laugh again and reached to her heart.

“Of all the things…” she uttered feeling as though she’d have a panic attack.

Bella darted out the patio door, needing fresh air. Dr. Banner sighed as he glanced towards the bathroom door once more. There wasn’t enough booze in the world to rid of that image. It had more to do with the fact that he’d just seen his fiancé’s mother naked, than it had to do with Renee’s body. She wasn’t hideous. But it grossed him out nevertheless.

Before long Renee stepped out, fully dressed. She welcomed herself to the couch and sat down.

“I can’t believe how you keep house! This is how it should look. You should take pride in…”
Bruce raised his brows on this and Bella’s teeth were grinding together.

“There is nothing wrong with how I keep this apartment.”

“There was an inch of dust on the bookcases and the bathroom… Don’t even get me started there.”

“How did you get in here?”
Renee leaned back and shrugged.

“I simply told the maintenance crew I’d been locked out. That I was your mother and you obviously forgot I was coming to visit today. It’d be wrong of you to expect me to wait outside all day. Especially as long as the two of you took to get home. Where have you been anyhow?”

Bella drew back a deep agonizing breath. Bruce patted Bella on the leg.

“You two get caught up. I’ll be right back.”

Bella cut him a desperate look. He simply winked her way and headed into their room. Bella groaned to herself. What she didn’t know was that Bruce was calling Charlie. He felt this was more along the lines of something he needed to handle. Not that he felt Renee was Charlie’s responsibility. No, but in the sense of a father and this being more of a family matter. That, and Bella had been through enough as it was. Not only did she have some crazy professor obsessed with her. But she almost lost her best friend in order to save him she had to risk her own life and almost died in return. And this stalker of hers was now a supervillain so to speak and on the loose. She was in no shape to deal with her somewhat unhinged mother.


“Chief Swan…”

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 18 The Leader”

  1. dude just fucking dude! dammit harley u left me speechless for a moment. i was shocked still when the whatever he wants to himself..i mean really the leader? cliche much and full of urself much? love it. truly i do. just wish hulk woulda smashed him and pulled another bam bam on him like he did loki…woulda been beautiful. excited for the next chapter. makes me anxious on what else ur brilliant mind will come up with. oh and if charlie doesn’t bust a vein over renee..i’m hiring a monkey to throw poo at her.

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  8. So he’s The Leader. Boy is he full of himself or what. I vaguely remember the Leader from the comics. Can’t wait for the Hulk to crush him.
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