Chapter 19 It’s Not Easy Being Green

Chapter 19

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“Mom you can’t do that.”
“Do what?”

“Invite yourself in like that. You really should have called.”

“Nonsense, I’m your mother. I shouldn’t have to call in order to visit my own daughter.”

There was a touch of misery behind Bella’s nervous laugh. So many things she wanted to say. But not around Bruce, she told herself. She didn’t want him seeing this side of her life. This alone was humiliating enough. And she couldn’t fathom the way her mother was acting. Putting on this spectacle, like all was right in the world and they were truly close-knit. It had Bella damn near nauseas. Bella pinched her eyes shut and took in the deepest of breaths.

“Look, let’s just call it a night. We can discuss this tomorrow morning.”

“I was just about to comment on how tired you look.”

“Gee, thanks mom!”
“Now I didn’t mean it like that.”

Bella came to her feet and drew back a breath of frustration.

“I’m going to shower and get to bed.”

Her mother narrowed her eyes.

“You’re not suggesting that you’re to bed with that man before you’re married?!”

And naturally that was the moment Bruce stepped back into the room.

“That ‘man’ is my fiancé and this is ‘our’ apartment!”

“Isabella! I taught you…”

ENOUGH!” Bella snapped causing Renee and Bruce to freeze in their tracks.

Bella hands balled up and she closed her eyes for a brief moment. It was taking everything within her not to say exactly what she wanted to say. She held up a single finger.

“I’m not doing this with you tonight. We’ve had a very long day. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

Her mother looked on in disbelief as Bella took Bruce by the hand. Renee jumped as she heard their bedroom door slam shut.

Bruce regarded Bella with concern. She sat at the edge of the bed and covered her face. He swallowed back rather thickly and sat beside her.

“I can’t apologize enough, Bruce,” with pure mortification to her voice.

“You haven’t anything to be sorry about baby.”

She sort of laughed and shook her head, not sure if she agreed or not.

“I didn’t even properly introduce you…” she said in realization. “Just a whole lot of crazy, I truly didn’t expect.”

He nodded and ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Why don’t you go run you a bath and try to relax a bit before bed?”


He chuckled and folded his arms about his chest.

“…right…” Bruce murmured as Bella lay back on the bed.

Before long they were both lying down, looking to the ceiling. Within the matter of minutes they were sawing logs.

Bruce was first to shower and dress that morning. He let Bella sleep in knowing they were in for another long day. When he entered the kitchen, Renee was fixing breakfast. She smiled and sat the table.

“I can’t believe she’s sleeping in,” she professed as she handed Bruce cup of coffee.

“A strong man like you needs a good breakfast!”

Bruce raised his brows on this but didn’t comment.

“Well, have a seat. I hope you like omelets! I’ll get her out of bed.”

“I’d prefer it if you let her sleep in. She had a bit of a rough day yesterday.”
“Oh she doesn’t even know the meaning of a rough day.”

The doctor drew back a rather impatient breath. His eyes darted towards the bathroom as he heard the shower starting.

“Oh good, sounds like she’s up already. You know I should make her a list.”

“A list?” He inquired curiously.

“You know, of wifely duties…” Bruce spit his coffee all over the table.

“Oh bless your heart. Was it too hot?” Renee rushed over, handing him a napkin.

She then cleaned up the mess.

“Mrs. Dwyer have you by chance been drinking?”

She laughed as if he was joking and Bruce merely sighed.

“I feel I must advice against causing Bella anymore stress. I mean no disrespect when I say you haven’t any idea what she’s dealt with as of late.”

“That’s right, you’re a doctor!”

He nodded with a cocked brow. Renee sat beside him with her plate of food.

“You haven’t even touched yours. Don’t be shy now doctor.”

“Not much of a breakfast person.”

“But you do realize it’s the most important meal of the day?”

“I’m quite aware.”

Renee took a bite of her omelet. Once she chewed and swallowed her bite of food. She pointed to Bruce with her fork.

“So besides my daughter’s lack in ability to keep a tidy house and cook you breakfast, how are things going?”

He takes another sip from his coffee, before answering.

“Things are going great! Your daughter is brilliantly excelling in all her classes. It won’t be long now before she’s able to work the field.”
“The field?”

He nodded with a look of pride about him.

“What do you mean by that exactly?”

Bruce cleared his throat.

“As a nurse rather than a student Mrs. Dwyer.”

“Nurse? Bella never told me she was going into nursing.”

The doctor said nothing on this. But knew she was mistaken. Meaning Renee wasn’t even listening to what Bella had to say on the rare occasions they did talk. Mrs. Dwyer struck Bruce as a very self-involved woman.

“She’s going to be rethinking that one over…”

Dr. Banner tilted his head on this.

“How so?”

She rather shrugged as she took another bite of food.

“I seriously doubt she can handle that sort of work. I know my daughter and the medical field? That just isn’t her.”

“Hmmm, from what I’ve seen she’s managed to do an exceptional job so far.”
“So far… that being the key word. She’ll get bored eventually or too grossed out.”

“Perhaps you don’t know your daughter as well as you thought,” he threw out there feeling somewhat peeved.

“Excuse me.”
“Do you even realize you’ve done nothing but criticize your daughter, since your arrival? You come into our home, uninvited nevertheless. You more than made yourself at home. And during this time you’ve made a mental list in which to find faults in. You continue to point out anything that comes to mind. Not once have you tried to carry on a decent conversation with your daughter.”
“I see I’ve touched a nerve!”

“That you have.”

They turn as there’s a knock at the door.

“Pardon…” Bruce said but in a snippy manner.

Once he opened the door, he looked on in relief.

“Please, come in…”

“Charlie?” Renee called out in unreserved surprise.

She pulled a certain face as Sue followed behind.

“Renee…” the chief greeted with a nod.

“Where is she?”

Bruce gestured towards the bathroom. Charlie nodded in return.

“What are you two doing here?” Renee asked rather rudely.

“Funny, I was just about to ask you that same thing.”
“Well, I’m here to visit of course!”

Charlie raised his brows on this as Bruce pulled the door to. He politely motioned for Sue to have a seat. The chief stood before his ex-wife with his hands planted about his hips.

“Visiting, huh? Is that why there’s a moving fan with all your crap in it parked outside this complex?”

Bella had just stopped out of the bathroom. She was fully dressed but her hair was still damp.


Charlie drew back a breath.
“Hey, kiddo.”

She nodded, looking disordered as ever.

“Mom… what the hell is going on?”
“Isabella!” Her mother scolded.

“No. Nope. You’re not doing this!”

Bella pointed upon her fumingly.

“I can’t believe you! You have the balls to call me with that pity party of yours and when I didn’t up and leave whatever life I have going for me, you decide to barge your way in. After telling me you couldn’t come to my wedding. You didn’t come to my graduation. You hardly acknowledged my birthdays. Yet you think you can pack up and move on in with me and Bruce.”

“Bella let me explain.”

Charlie, Sue, and Bruce flinched gathering the meaning.

“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Was it not you that walked out on dad? Then dumped me off like some stray dog so you could go enjoy your life, with your newly wedded husband?”

Charlie tilted his head about and Bruce winced.
“Bella…” Bruce softly stated and hurriedly made his way over.

Sue took notice as well and covered her mouth in shock.

“Mr. Swan, do you mind taking the women out to the patio, while Bella and I have a moment.”

Her father nodded but looked to his daughter stunned as her eyes were vibrantly glowing. Charlie ushered Sue and Renee out the patio door.

Once they were out of the apartment Bella staggered back against the wall.

This isn’t happening…”

There was another knock at the door and since she was closest, Bella answered it. Two men were at the door and boxes of her mother’s belongings were now in the hallway.

“Where would you like these Miss?”

She nodded and trudged on out the door she grabbed a couple of her mother’s things. Bruce reared back as she was heading outside with them. The two men and Bruce, curiously followed her out.

“….shit…” Bruce mumbled under his breath and rushed on over. Bella was taking everything they unloaded and literally hurling it back into the van.

“HEY!” The movers shouted at her.


“Bella baby… Your father and I will handle it from here.”
“She’s not your responsibility! She’s my crazy mother!” She shouted and continued to throw her mother’s stuff back in the van.

One of the movers made the mistake of manhandling Bella, in order to get her to stop. Bruce’s lip curled as the man’s arms were around her waist and he was dragging her back towards the apartment. Bruce reached over and pried Bella out from the man’s hold.

“Get your damn hands off my wife!” He snapped as he shoved the guy back.

Charlie sighed uncomfortably as Sue and Renee stared another down. He’d have come alone but it just wasn’t happening, the moment Seth heard the words New York, Bella, and Dr. Banner – he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“It really wasn’t necessary for you to come down. Both of you at that… This is between Bella and I.”

The chief shakes his head on this..

“Renee, just what in the hell are you thinking?”

“That’s what I’d like to know!” Sue pipes in as well.

Renee pointed upon Sue with hatred in her eyes.

“This is absolutely none of your business!”
“That’s where you’re wrong Renee.” Charlie defends.

“Sue has just as much say as either of us about this ridiculous situation.”

“I beg to differ! I could care less what your little Injun wife as to say.”

Charlie’s face lit up with rage.

“Dammit woman, you had better watch that mouth of yours!”

Renee’s jaw dropped.

“Don’t you go disrespecting my wife. It’s bad enough this shit you’re pulling with our daughter!”
“Charlie, I…”

“No… you had better hear me out! You’re going to leave New York and you had better find your own place. You will not bombard our daughter like this. She’s building a life here and I’ll be damned if I let you get in the way of that! So pack your stuff up and find a new place to call home.”
“I can’t!”

“And why the hell not?”

She covered her face and started to cry.

“I have nowhere else to go and I don’t even have the means of supporting myself.”
“Ever thought about getting a ‘job’?” Sue tossed out there.

Charlie snorted on this.
“Renee? Work? That’s a joke in itself!” He scoffed, with the rolling of the eyes.

“So what happened anyhow? Where’s Phil?”

Renee kept crying as she went on about how he left her for a younger woman and how that woman carried his child now.

“Karma… sucks doesn’t it?” Sue croons having no compassion whatsoever on Renee’s behalf.

Charlie drew back a breath on this.

“I’m sorry to hear that…”

Sue couldn’t believe her husband’s words.

“However, you knew the risk… Renee I wasn’t near the fool you think I was. Now I’d never say anything in front of Bells. But I knew you were running around on me.”

“Charlie! I never…”
“Oh save that phony act of yours. You sure as hell aren’t going to get me to fall for it. You haven’t changed at all, have you Renee? Damn, I can only imagine how our daughter must feel and I cringe in thought of what Dr. Banner thinks of you. Do you not see just how pathetic you’re coming across?”

“I hated that town and you know that! And I made it clear I wasn’t ready to have a child. I had to give up EVERYTHING because of Bella! The least she could do is help me!”

Renee gasped back as Sue slapped the shit out of her. The woman had tears in her eyes and went to say something on the matter as Renee held a hand to her cheek, with a look of absolute shock.

“Bells…” Charlie called out looking like he’d pass out as she and Bruce were standing outside the balcony door. Bella simply nodded and pivoted back around, reentering the apartment.

Bruce’s jaw clenched and flashes of his piece of shit father hit. He shook his head as he eyed Renee down.
“I want you out of this apartment. NOW! You got fifteen minutes to gather all your stuff or I’ll personally remove you. You’re not welcome back unless Bella states otherwise. Do we have an understanding?” Bruce then turned toward Charlie and Sue.

“My apologies… But I do believe enough is enough.”

They nodded in full agreement. Charlie took it upon himself to escort Renee out of the building. He also stood by and made certain the movers packed all her belongings and left the premises. They gave him shit at first until he flashed them that badge of his. Then they argued no further. In fact they damn near tripped over themselves they couldn’t pack up fast enough. Charlie gave Renee a list of places to go until she could find herself a job and make ends meet. And that was just the cop within doing that.

Sue knocked on the bedroom door, before entering. She drew back a compassionate breath as Bella was sitting on the edge of the bed, having herself a good cry. Her stepmother sat beside her, placing an arm around her shoulder. She swallowed back the knot within her throat as Bella hugged her and cried into her shoulder. Bruce gave Sue a simple nod as he peeked inside. She smiled upon him, when he pulled the door to, giving them their privacy. When it came to Bella, Sue knew just what to do. She could always tell when Bella wasn’t in the mood to talk. And that was one of those moments. Sue merely ran her fingers through her hair and hugged it out.

Bruce nodded upon Charlie once he reentered the apartment.

“I’d offer you a beer if it wasn’t ten in the morning.”

Charlie chuckled on this and sat on the couch. He miserably rubbed his face and leaned back.

“I apologize on getting you two involved… I…”
“Don’t be. I’m glad you let me know what was going on. Trust me, this was the only way of going about it. Renee’s just never one to take no for an answer. Hell and based on what I just witnessed. I’d even go as far as to say she needs a damn psych evaluation.”

“Oh trust me I was thinking the same thing within the first twenty seconds of meeting her.”

“Try being married to her.”

Both men shook their heads on this.

“I can’t even imagine.”

“Hard to believe Bella’s a product of such a vile….” Bruce stopped himself and cut Charlie an apologetic glance.

Charlie started laughing.

“Oh don’t stop on my account. I’m sure it’s nothing I hadn’t said myself or thought at least.”

“Well that being said. She’s lucky to have you and Sue.”

Bella’s father smiled.

“I’m far from perfect, but thank you.”

Bruce nodded and their attention shifted towards Bella and Sue as they entered the living area.

The doctor came to his feet.

“Would any of you like something to drink?” He offered.

They spent another hour getting caught up with one another. Naturally, Bella left out anything pertaining to The Leader and Spiderman. And like that of Bella, Bruce was on edge; knowing Professor Stern was still out there somewhere. Both currently wondered what he was up to.

“So your wedding is right around the corner.” Charlie pointed out and Bella smiled.

Bruce took Bella’s hand.

“That’s right.”

Sue smiled and Charlie had a look of approval about him. Bella’s stepmother held up a single finger as her cellphone sounded.

“Sorry, one second.”

Now’s not really a good time Seth.”

We’ll discuss this back at the hotel.”


Bella narrowed her eyes on this.
“Seth’s in town?”

“He’s back at the hotel,” her father said with a nod.

She smiled on this.

“Well he should come on over.”

Her father looked to be in thought.

“Well it’s almost noon don’t we all meet up somewhere?”

“Sounds good.”

He nodded at his daughter’s words. At this he and Sue came to their feet.
“Just send us a text on where and what time.”

Bella walked them to the door. Charlie hugged her before exiting the apartment.

“Love you kiddo.”

“I love you too dad.”

Sue cut her a wink and kissed her on the cheek.

Once Bella pushed the door to, she turned to Bruce with a sigh of exasperation. He motioned her over as he sat in his recliner. When she got there he pulled her into his lap.

“You sure you want to marry into all this mess?”

Bruce softly chuckled and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’d marry you now if we had the means,” he genuinely affirmed.

Bella had a certain beam about her as something else came to mind. She adjusted his collar “did you realize what you said when dealing with that idiot mover?” Bruce narrowed his eyes on this. “You referred to me as your wife.” Bruce traced back, realizing she was right. He smiled and shrugged.

“I suppose that’s where my heart is. It’s just how I see you.”

The doctor raised his brows as Bella praised him with a fiery kiss. One that had him bucking off his recliner. They continued their heated make out session until it came time to go. Just as they were leaving, Bruce leaned into her ear.

“To be continued…” he murmured in a seductive gist.

“Oh I’m counting on it doctor…” she taunted in return.

Bella stifled a giggle as Seth admirably stared at Bruce throughout most of their lunch. At one point he leaned over the table.

“Hey…” he whispered.

Bruce peered over as he sipped at his tea.



She covered her mouth as Bruce raised his brows upon Seth.

“So…” he repeated playfully.

Seth grinned and had this mischievous look about him.

“What’s it take to make you angry?”
“SETH!” His mother scolded.
“What?” He questioned putting on an innocent front.

Sue shook her head with a hint of a smirk about her.

“You wouldn’t want to make him angry.” Bella played along with a wink.

“But I wanna meet the Hulk!”

“What is it you expect that he’ll just “hulk” out right here?”

“Would you?”
“Seth…”Bella muttered behind a giggle.

Bruce shrugged and looked around the restaurant they were in. His hands balled up into fist and his eyes locked onto Seth’s as he began to shake all over. Seth’s eyes widened.

“Dude, not here! You could hurt someone! Let’s go outside!”

Everyone but Seth broke into laughter.

“Look, we’ll be in town for a couple more days if you need anything” Charlie alleged as Bruce hailed them a cab. “Sue and Seth have never been to New York, so thought we’d do some sightseeing.” Bella drew back an apprehensive breath on this. Bruce gathered the worried expression on her face as well. He cleared his throat on this. “I feel we should warn you that things aren’t as safe as they seem here. If you stay please take precaution.” His train of thought was interrupted by his cellphone ringing. Something he’d normally ignore but he knew the ringtone to be Tony’s (considering it was Black Sabbath’s Iron Man playing) and couldn’t take the risk of not answering.

“Pardon…” Bruce respectfully said as he held a finger up and answered.


“Hello gorgeous! You’re late…”

“Why yes we’re all here… Patiently awaiting your arrival.”
“On the contrary, you never stated an actual time. And we ran into a couple of obstacles that needed taking care of first.”

“Well doctor, I strongly advice you wrap those affairs of yours up and get over here. Oh and be a doll and bring that little sex kitten of yours along.”

Bruce sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Watch yourself… We’ll be there when we can,” at this he hung up and took notice of Bella waving her loved ones off.

“What’d they decide?”

“They’re going to head back in the morning.”

He nodded in understanding and felt relieved.

“They’re waiting for us back at headquarters.”


“The Avengers.”

She grinned ear to ear.

“I get to go too?”
The doctor chuckled on how childlike she sounded.

“Yes Bella baby, you can tag along,” he teased in return as they headed to his truck.


“Ah, there they are!” Tony exuberantly announced and swiftly rose from his seat.

He made his way over and took Bella’s hand, kissing it. Bruce rolled his eyes and Tony cut him a wink. “Good deal the gang’s all here!” The billionaire wrapped Bella’s hand around his arm and escorted her to the empty chair beside him. Bruce took the seat beside her. Bella covered her mouth as she looked to the person sitting directly in front of her.

“You’re here! That’s so awesome!”

He waved upon her. The man in red and blue put a finger to his lips however indicating that the other Avengers hadn’t a clue yet. She smiled and nodded in understanding.

“Does this mean Spiderman’s an Avenger too now?” She threw out there in marvel.

“Yes!” “Nope!” Tony and Spiderman chorused.

They reared back looking to one another.

“And why not?” Tony questioned.

Spiderman shrugged.

“Because I’m black!”

Tony raised his brows on this. Bruce resisted the urge to laugh, considering they knew the truth behind that.

“And Mr. Stark here is a racist,” Spiderman mocked.

“Wait, isn’t your best friend black?” Steve probed thinking about Rhodes.

“I’m only here to help you guys deal with The Leader. I work solo. That, and well, I was never asked if I would be joining. You called letting me know there was a meeting and well here I am!”

“Hmmm, I’ll win you over eventually. You’ll see.”
“I highly doubt that Mr. Stark.”

“So…. How’s that temperament of yours today?” Steve teased Bella with a smirk.

She softly laughed.

“Better than last… Besides, it’s not me you have to worry about.”

Bruce grinned on this and shook his head.

“Try saying that to Fury and Romanoff.” Tony added.

She gave a dismissive shrug. Spiderman however tilted his head wondering what the reference was about.

“Are you one of them?” The webslinger questioned curiously.
“YES!” “No!” Tony, Bella and Bruce chimed simultaneously.

“What?” Bella and Bruce spoke once again in unison.

Mr. Stark drew back a breath and folded his arms about his chest. He regarded Bella with a certain air about him. He then looked to Steve.

“You know, I bet you can train her.”

All the guys turned their heads and hissed on Steve’s behalf, remembering Bella’s anger. Steve looked to Bruce wide eyed and raised his hands, in defense.

“Hey now his words not mine and what?!”

“Just hear me out… whether or not she joins us or not. She needs to learn what she’s fully capable of. And you my friend are the perfect candidate.”

Bruce drew back an uneasy breath on this. He wanted to argue this but knew Stark had a point. He had to think like a doctor and Avenger rather than a boyfriend at the moment. And deep down he knew she’d be in better hands if she knew how to defend herself better. And he couldn’t quite teach her those things… Not as Bruce… and Hulk wasn’t stable enough to even attempt such an ordeal. Steve however was right up her alley. Even if he felt slightly envious at the thought, he had to push his personal feelings aside and think of what was best for her.
“What is it you want?” He asked meaningfully as he gazed upon his fiancé.

“Let’s just put it like this. This feels as though more my battle than any of yours. You ask me what it is I want… I want to help you take Professor Stern down and make certain he’s where he can never harm anyone else ever again.” As she said this, the young woman glanced Spiderman’s direction.

She thought back to that day and felt a lump forming within the back of her throat. Each of them nodded in understanding, even Dr. Banner and Spiderman.

“Fair enough…” Tony stated.

“If you wish to help you can start off by telling us everything you know. Such as how he came about these powers and what all he’s truly capable of. Things of that nature…”

She told them everything to the best of her knowledge. Bruce and Spiderman also added a few things here and there. Tony jotted everything down as the others listened. Towards the end of their meeting Thor slanted his head, as if in thought.

“Instead of waiting for him. Why don’t we lure him our way instead?”

“And just how do you suppose we go about that?”

“It seems power isn’t his only obsession…” the god motions towards Bella.

“Are you suggesting that we use Dr. Banner’s precious squeeze as bait?” Mr. Stark curiously queried.

Thor shrugged.

“It couldn’t hurt.”

Bruce’s teeth grinded together as he eyed Thor down.
“Not an option.”
The god sighed.

“We wouldn’t allow any harm to come of her. It is merely a way of drawing him in.”
“Well you can come up with a different plan. We’re not using Bella as a lure! And we’re not even sure it would work even if I hadn’t an issue with this. We haven’t a clue what he has up his sleeves now!”

“With all due respect you’re not thinking clearly! You’re letting your relationship get in the way. As to why her becoming one of us will never work!” Thor barks.

Bruce jumped to his feet and slammed his fist down on the table. Thor swallowed back thickly and the other men backed away from the table as they saw the green appearing in his eyes. He pointed upon Thor, irately.

“And if it were Ms. Foster?! Would you simply throw her into the ring of fire, in order to draw an enemy in?!”

Thor frowned in thought. The doctor nodded in return.

“That’s about what I thought. There will be no more talk of this. Not a one of you would put your significant other in the line of fire like that. HOW DARE YOU EVEN MENTION SUCH A PROPOSAL!”

“Bruce…” Bella softly called out.

“It’s ok… If that’s what they need… I’m more than willing to…”

Before she could even finish her words, Bruce stormed out of the room. Bella closed her eyes for a moment, before coming to her feet as well.

“Excuse me…”
As she passed by Thor reached out and gently tapped her on the arm, in order to get her attention.

“My apologies. I meant no disrespect towards either of you.”

“I know. He’s just very protective.”

Spiderman cleared his throat, before adding his two cents.

“I happen to agree with Dr. Banner on this. You all haven’t seen the depths this man has gone in order to win Bella’s affections. And when that didn’t work…”

Bella cringed on his words. Spiderman sighed.

“It’s just not a risk we can take. You all weren’t there to see what this guy is truly capable of. He nearly killed us both. If it hadn’t been for the Hulk, Bella and I would be six feet under. And like Dr. Banner was saying. We haven’t any idea what all Dr. Stern is up to. Sorry Bella but I stand by your man on this one. Using you as bait, not an option…”

“Agreed.” Steve confirmed with a nod.

Bella truly looked lost having no clue what to do.

“I just want to help. In whatever way I can.”
Spiderman nodded.

“I know and I get that. So does Dr. Banner. But that could prove more dangerous than good. Look at it like this… If we were to go with this plan… Just how do you think the other guy will take it? You see how Dr. Banner is reacting. It’ll only be triple of that.”

The others cringed in thought.

“So we’re all in agreement on that one. Hulk is certainly someone we don’t need on our bad side.”
“Exactly.” Spiderman stated, agreeing with Mr. Stark.

Thor chuckled with a hint of nerves behind it and shook his head.

“I must admit I wasn’t quite thinking of the beast!”

“Beast?” Bella uttered with a defensive tone.

Tony chuckled in amusement.

“Aren’t they just adorable?! And Thor buddy, you’re truly batting a thousand today!” Tony remarked with utmost sarcasm.

“Batting a thousand? A thousand of what?” Thor questioned, perplexed on the meaning.

Bella stepped out onto the balcony. Bruce was leaning over the rails, overlooking the city. He closed his eyes, once he felt her hand running along his back.

“I’m sorry…”

He shook his head and opened his eyes.

“No… I’m sorry. I just…” he took the deepest of breaths, before turning to face her.

She leaned into his hand as he caressed her cheek.

“Just too many close calls for my liking. And for Thor to even suggest…”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“And I didn’t help matters.”

He half smiled and shook his head.

“Precisely… I get that you want to help. But giving me a heart attack or upsetting the other guy isn’t going to help anyone. There has to be a more rational way of going about this.”

His arms wrapped around her. Just as he was about to kiss her, Bella’s cellphone sounded.

“Sorry…” Bella whispered as she answered, running a hand along his chest.



She reared back hearing the commotion in the background.

“Hey!” Bella called out with slight panic to her voice.

“… they’re collapsing… all over town…”

Bella narrowed her eyes in wonder.

“What’s collapsing? And you’re breaking up. I can barely hear you.”
Her heart hit the pit of her stomach as the ruckus in the background grew louder.


She heard Charlie and Sue holler.


Bella staggered back, realizing the line went dead.


“What is it baby?”

“You two might want to see this.” Tony called out as he poked his head out from the balcony door.

They headed back inside. Aside from Hawkeye and Black Widow who are currently on another mission, each of the Avengers and Spiderman stood before the TV watching in horror as every bridge around the Manhattan area was subsiding.

“Bruce… They never made it out of town…” Bella murmured with a look of fright.

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