Chapter 2 Hot For Student?

Chapter 2

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Bella gasps out as she heard her window slide open. She couldn’t believe she forgot to lock it. Not that it would have mattered… Bella braced herself expecting someone else.

“Are you awake?” His thick southern drawl carried over and Bella took in a breath of relief.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s ok Jasper. I just thought it was him.”

Jasper nods and narrows his eyes as he makes his way over.

“I don’t have long. He believes I’m out hunting and it’s not always easy to keep him out of my head. I can only do it for so long.”

Bella nods in understanding as Jasper sits on the edge of her bed.

“First thing you need to know is you cannot trust Edward not even for a spilt second. Bella, he’s not the same. He’s… well he’s something else. His concern used to be all about your safety. Only after realizing how bad he fucked up and lost you. He decided to take matters into his own hands. You remember how Edward once told you that we draw you in?

She nods.
“Well there’s a bit more behind that. They’re going to hate me revealing this to you, but you have every right to know what’s been going on.” Jasper looked over to the mind control book on her nightstand.

He picks it up and nods flipping through it.

“I see you’re on fire… Not bad. You always were intuitive. However… nothing in here even comes close to what Edward is doing. He’s charming you Bella. Something we normally do just to attract our prey so we can feed. Only Edward’s taking it to a whole new level. He’s using it to control you. Through doing so he’s wiping away any bad memories you have of him. So you can remember back to when you once loved Edward. Every time parts of those bad memories come through and you start to remember. You break up with Edward all over again. Bella darlin’ you’ve dumped my brother at least a good 4 or 5 times now! Each time he manages to manipulate you through his charm. He’s sick Bella. Like mentally my brother has lost his fucking mind, he truly deems this to be ok. He ignores the headaches and confusion it causes you, because all his focus is going to merely making sure you stay. He does love you this is true. I can sense it and feel it. But that just makes him far more dangerous. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep you. He wants to marry you. And for once, he truly does wish to turn you. He’s become entirely selfish. All things that were not there once when it came to my brother are now chillingly there. He was against turning you out of concern for you and your soul. As time progresses though he becomes more possessive. Don’t be caught alone with him. Do whatever you can to be around others when he’s around. I will do my best to keep an eye on him as well. Bella to be honest you’d be better off if we left town. This has gotten entirely too out of hand and I’m so very sorry. This isn’t fair to you. You’ve been nothing, but kind and understanding when it comes to my family.

Look at me Bella.”

Bella locks eyes with Jasper. He gently cups her chin.

“You will start to remember everything little by little. Everything my brother has done. You will understand why my brother is NOT to be trusted and why you need to steer clear of him. Protect yourself Bella at all cost. You and Charlie’s lives mean more than ours. Now get some sleep. When you wake in the morning, I want you to focus on what makes you happy and what you really want.”

At this Jasper lays her back down. He takes her hand and squeezes it, before long Bella’s eyes close. Jasper however looked towards the window sensing him. He quickly shot up and rushed out. He slammed his brother back against the tree in Bella’s yard.

“Not this time Edward. You’re done. Time to move on and forget all about Bella Swan.”


“Dammit Edward! I mean it! If you truly love her than be done with this foolishness and realize it’s OVER! You fucked up! You made your fucking bed now sleep in it! You can’t force this! You’re going to be the death of her!”

“I’d never hurt her!”

“The hell you wouldn’t! What do you think you’ve been doing?! Wake up! Time to move on!”

“Dad seriously, I feel much better. I don’t need to see Dr. Cullen.”

“Bella, I’ve already set you up an appointment after school.”
“I can’t. I have tutorials today.”

“You?” Charlie looks to her oddly.

“Since when do you ever have to go to tutorials?”

She sighs looking embarrassed.

“I just need a little help that’s all.”

“Is everything alright? Do I need to set up a meeting with the school?”
“Dad please… I’m fine, just let me do this and I really don’t want to see Dr. Cullen. So would you cancel the appointment?”
“Um no. I’ll set it for later, but I will not cancel. Bella hun you’ve been dealing with these migraines for too long. I really think we need to have this looked at. It’s not something we should shrug off.”

“That’s just it dad I don’t even feel anything now. I feel great!”


“Dad, I promise. I’m really ok. If I start to get the headaches again I’ll see a doctor. Just not him.”

Charlie leans back peculiarly completely lost as to what’s going on.

“Are you and Edward having some issues? I mean what’s this about?”

“We’re not dating anymore if that’s what you mean.”

Charlie sighed as if in relief. Bella cut him a look.
“Sorry kid, but you already know how I felt about the guy. I think you’re better off. You just don’t see quite yourself around him. To be honest I don’t even know when the last time you really laughed or smiled around him was. You just… well honestly you seem like you’re in a damn trance around him! It’s damn near creepy. I don’t like it! Never have.”

Bella nodded.

“Well it’s over. So we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“I’m sorry kid. I know it’s gotta hurt just the same. You two have been together for quite sometime. I still can’t believe you were going to marry that little shit.”

“I’m just saying Bells hun you can do so much better than that Cullen boy.”

“I think I’m taking a break from the whole dating scene anyhow dad. I’ve had my fill.”

“You’ve only dated one guy Bells. Don’t go giving up just yet. Did I just seriously say that?” Charlie shuffles his paper about.
Bella softly laughed. Charlie looked to her in surprise. He hadn’t seen her laugh or smile at all in a while, not a true smile anyhow.

“I take it you dumped him. No woman I know is that happy after being the dumpee.”

“You really want to talk about this dad?”
“Not really… I don’t think so.”

Bella smiles.

“That’s about what I thought.”

“I just don’t want you to feel as though you’re alone in all this. I know I’m your old man and all, but I’m all ears even if I don’t always know what to say.”

“Thanks dad. I’m really ok though.”

He nods and Bella hugs him before she heads out the door.

“Have a good day.”
“You too dad!”

Bella rushes to her truck and heads on to school. After she exchanges her books from her locker she makes her way to class. Only she freezes seeing Edward at their usual table. Dr. Banner nods towards her. She reluctantly takes her seat. Dr. Banner couldn’t help the disconcerted face he was making taking notice of Edward literally breathing the poor girl in. It was more like she were something to eat rather than lovingly. Edward’s eyes even went cold and dark. Dr. Banner cleared his throat and began to write something on the board.

New seating arrangements

Angela, Bella

Mike, Jessica

Edward, Jasper

Emmett, George

Alice, Rosalie

Eric, Emmett

Josh, Tina

Bella mouthed the words thank you. When no one was looking he cut her a wink and sat down. Of course Edward automatically picked up on it. He hissed out and Jasper rolled his eyes.

“Oh knock it off.” Jasper harshly whispers.

Dr. Banner caught this as well and thought the boy to be very immature. Yeah he got that he was just 17, but Bella seemed far more advanced than the boy was. All the more reason the relationship didn’t pan out he assumed. Besides the fact it was clear as day the boy was very controlling and apparently had some anger issues. Not that Bruce Banner could talk. Then again he’d worked very hard to get himself under control. It’d been sometime since he revealed that side of him. However this kid seemed to be tugging at his strings as of late.

He couldn’t help, but to notice. Bella looked more relaxed. Her eyes weren’t blood shot today or sunken in. She was actually smiling off and on. Something Dr. Banner found himself fond of. She had a beautiful smile and he felt she should smile and laugh more often. Something about being in her presence oddly enough made him feel at peace. It was strange. Normally he fought to keep his anger at bay. It was a constant thing for him. He was always angry. One look at Bella and it’s like he could breathe. That odd sense of pressure was gone. He’d never felt such a thing. He just couldn’t peg what it was for sure. Was he using her as a distraction? He leaned back in thought. Once the bell rang he had them get with their partners and began their projects he’d assigned them yesterday.

He didn’t say much today. It was more about observing. Bella was so different today. Part of her had shined through at the library yesterday. Only that part seemed to show even more today. She laughed with Angela and Jasper. It seemed as though this Jasper guy was very protective of Bella. When Dr. Banner watched the two of them working together it was like brother and sister. Jasper seemed to get along with Bella more than that of his own siblings. Edward stayed pissed. His eyes stayed cold and dark. He cut Jasper, Bella, and Dr. Banner go to hell looks off and on throughout class. They all ignored it. That only angered him more.

The students were deep into their projects when Edward had everyone’s eyes on him.

“Would you stop that?!” He hissed at Mike.

Mike looked to him oddly.

“Just stop looking at her.”

Mike had been daydreaming about Bella in a rather sexual matter. One that had Edward all riled up.

Dr. Banner raised his brows on this and took off his glasses. He rubbed his tired eyes and put them back on. Bella was in a skirt for a change today. She was seemingly catching the attention of the boys in class. Dr. Banner hadn’t even noticed until he overheard the conversation. Edward leaned back and looked directly upon Bella.

“You shouldn’t wear that to school. It’s uncalled for and you’re just seeking attention!” He snapped.

Bella’s jaw dropped.
That was when Dr. Banner took notice of Bella’s low ankle gray converse shoes, her black shirt, and burgundy top. Even he found her very pleasing to the eyes. He’d been so focused on reading her face this morning he hadn’t even noticed what she was wearing. She looked stunning. There was nothing wrong with what she was wearing. It was appropriate under the school guidelines. Something also told Dr. Banner that Bella just wasn’t the type to be immodest. Edward’s true problem was that Bella was sexy and other guys most certainly took notice. Edward’s attention quickly snapped back to Dr. Banner.

If I was younger and not her teacher, I’d definitely make a pass. Not only is Bella Swan very intelligent she’s a knock out! Oh don’t even look at me you little shit. It’s no one’s fault but your own.

Edward sneered at him and Dr. Banner raised his brows on this.

“Do we have a problem, Mr. Cullen?”

“You knock it off as well!”

Jasper looked over wide eyed.

“Edward…” He hissed.

Edward’s other siblings looked up as well now.

“Excuse me?”

Edward reached to his temples in agony.

“How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?”

Edward gritted his teeth.


“Edward.” Alice and Jasper warned in unison.

Edward turned back to Bella.

“I want you to go home and change! NOW!”

“MR. CULLEN!” Dr. Banner shot up at this and slammed his hands down on his desk.

The students couldn’t see that he’d managed to crack it right down the middle. And he’d spilt parts of the desk around his hands. Bella could have sworn that the teacher’s eyes had flickered to that of a green hue. The entire class looked on and Bella swallowed back in disbelief. Dr. Banner shut his eyes fighting the rage he was feeling.

“You may excuse yourself from my class. You are to head to the principal’s office at once. I will not have you harassing anymore of my students nor will I have you interrupting my class. Now grab your backpack as well you will not be returning today. Believe me, it’s in your best interest.”

Edward bitterly came to his feet and grabbed his things. He stopped however once he got to Dr. Banner’s desk. He looked him dead in the eyes.

“You don’t want to do that. You’re going to let me stay in class.”

“Excuse me?!”

Edward’s jaw dropped and he looked to the teacher in surprise.

“Yeah that’s what I thought get the hell out of here.”

“You can’t talk to me like that.”

Edward stormed out of the class. Dr. Banner immediately took off. He had to get out of there and calm himself down before HE made a presence. He damn near fucked up and he knew it. He even saw his hands had begun to turn green. Once got his heart rate back down and he was somewhat more at peace he went back to the classroom. He thought of the irony once he looked towards Bella. She was what entered his mind when he pushed the raging monster aside. Just the thought of her seeing that side of him made him cringe.

Bella hid her face as she put her forehead to the palm of her hand. She went back to working on her notes. Jasper patted her back.
“I’m fine…” She uttered softly, but her voice quivered.

Jasper sighed and looked to the others shaking his head. Dr. Banner cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry…” Alice whispered as if she were starting to truly see what Jasper was.

“Please just…”

Bella looked up to see everyone looking at her.

“Can I be excused?” She asked with sheer desperation in her voice.

He nodded and Bella couldn’t get out of there fast enough. She rushed into the bathroom and focused on breathing. She felt a panic attack coming on. The way everyone looked at her! Like she was something to be pitied. Her hands balled up anger consumed her. She didn’t want anyone’s pity! She wanted to get on with her life! She wanted Edward to LEAVE HER ALONE! She’d only dressed up to feel better about herself! She wanted a change! She wanted to feel more confident. She didn’t dress up for anyone other than herself! Yet Edward acted as though she were selling herself. Bella thought she looked nice when she left for school. She hadn’t any idea that just wearing a skirt for a change could cause all this.

That’s when the flashes begin. One of them being when Edward had her break up her friendship with Jacob Black, her best friend. She gasps back in revelation. The way she humiliated Jake! It was all coming back. Bella staggered back and her heart raced. She remembered how the Quileute’s and Sam’s pack hated her! And it was all because of how she ripped Jake’s heart out in front of them all. It wasn’t even her doing! It never was what she wanted or what she thought. Edward had somehow made her say and do the things she did. At the time she thought she felt the way he’d feed her to believe. Bella picked up the trashcan and furiously threw it at the mirror. Her jaw dropped once she’d realized what she’d done. Glass was everywhere and she immediately shut her eyes and felt for the faucet. Glass had gotten into one of her eyes and it hurt like hell.

“Ms. Swan?”

Panic set in as she recognized the voice. He knocked before entering the bathroom. Once he entered he froze in a state of disbelief. He’d heard the glass shattering from the classroom, but didn’t expect to walk in on this.

“I’m sorry Mr. Bixby! I….”

Dr. Banner quickly locked the door and placed her up on the counter. He checked over her eye.

“Stay put. I’ll be right back.”

She nodded shamefully. Dr. Banner returned before long with a pair of tweezers and some sort of eye drops.

“I need you to stay still and keep that eye open.”

He placed the drops into her eye numbing it.

“It’s going to feel funny, but it won’t hurt.” He says and uses the tweezers to remove the small shard of glass.

“I’d give you a patch if I had one. Then I doubt you want to go all pirate either. Do you have any shades?”
Bella nods.

“I’d wear those for the rest of the day even indoors. That eye is going to water and be extremely sensitive. I’ll let your other teachers know so they won’t give you any trouble about wearing them in class today. Go on now. I got this.”

She looked to him oddly.

“Bella, it’s ok. Go on now. There’s no need for anything further on this. We both know why this happened. I think it was long since overdo. You needed an outlet.”

She starts to head out.

“By the way Ms. Swan.”

She freezes and turns to him.

“Don’t think of me as your teacher at the moment, but a friend when I say this… I wouldn’t let anything he says or does rain over your parade. You look stunning Bella and he knows it. So he feels threatened, as he should. If you allow him to feel as though what he says truly matters then he will only get worse. This stays between us. Now back to class.”

She nods looking to him in utter astonishment and awe.

A few teachers questioned Dr. Banner about what took place in the girl’s bathroom. He shrugged it off as some mere accident. Made it sound as though the mirror was cheaply made. By the time he was done explaining it they all seemed bored by it. He was beginning to see the women teachers around here were nothing more than gossiping hens. They talked about the student’s love lives, grades, and other personal information as if they knew more about the students then the students themselves. This turned Bruce Banner off to the thought of dating any of the faculty up here. Some of the students were more mature than the teachers. He didn’t hear Bella Swan go around bad mouthing other students or teachers. Now Jessica Stanley, that was another story, she was just as bad. In fact Bella didn’t seem to have a problem with anyone other than Edward.

By the time he had cleaned up Bella’s mess class was over. He returned to see that they’d all gone on to their next class. However he sat at his desk there was a yellow sticky note that on his attendance list that read Thank you- Bella. He narrowed his eyes and picked it up. He found himself pulling out the top drawer to his desk, where he placed the sticky note. Something he’d see now every time he dug into his desk.

Bella sat with her old group from sophomore year today. Each of them looked upon her rather oddly except for Angela who looked rather relieved to have her old friend back.

“So you’re good enough to sit with us again?” Jessica mouths off

“Jess…” Angela says shaking her head.

“I’m just saying she practically ignored us all year last year!”

“She didn’t ignore us Jess.”

“Um yeah sure, whatever.”
Angela cut Bella an apologetic glance. Bella nodded towards her, but kept her mouth shut. She wasn’t in the mood to argue.

“Well I for one am glad you’re back!” Eric said and pecked her on the forehead.

Bella half smiled.

“Um thanks Eric.”

Angela smiled as well. Kevin lifted his eyes towards Bella.

“Does this mean you’re on the market?!”

Mike rolled his eyes. Bella drank her tea so she wouldn’t have to answer him. Each Cullen except for Jasper glanced upon Bella every once in a while. Edward damn near stared the entire time. Anytime one of the guys even talked to Bella he’d make a hissing sound. Jasper rolled his eyes but didn’t comment. Dr. Banner was picking up bits and pieces of everything as well. The more he saw of Edward the more he felt Edward Cullen was nothing more than a spoiled brat.

Whereas Edward was making ugly faces and damn near stalking Bella. Bella kept to herself. She didn’t even look his direction. What he wouldn’t give to let the green guy after the little bastard. He had it coming! Ok so he was a just a kid, but he was still an ass. If nothing else he’d love to make the guy piss himself. That would be totally worth being run out of town, just seeing the look on the little bastard’s face. Edward randomly snapped a look his direction. He nodded towards him as if to say that’s right I’m thinking about ripping you apart. Edward hopped up and took off. Dr. Banner shrugged on this and went back to eating his crappy spaghetti. He kept in mind to pack his meals from now on instead. He’d forgotten just how bad cafeteria food was.

“So that’s it? She’s not going to be our sister after all?” Emmett whispered over the table looking down in the dumps.

Jasper nods.

“She’s better off. You really think she was going to be happy with Edward? Just think how she’d feel about us after he turned her and her memories returned. Knowing we each stood by and let this happen. There is no going back once you become one of us. We all know that. She would have never been happy with Edward. And he’d have been up shit creek once he turned her. He’d realize she has more free will then he’d ever dreamed of since she cannot be charmed as one of us.”

Emmett sighs.

“Damn. She was really cool too.”
Alice looked as though she wanted to cry. Jasper put an arm around her.

“I knew she was nothing but trouble!” Rosalie utters harshly.

She looked upon Bella with disgust.

“Rose!” Emmett scolds.

“Oh come on, she was so needy, so whinny, so…”
“Human?” Jasper fires bitterly.

“And you tell me out of the two who was more the bitch Bella or Edward? I think we’ve all seen the truth when it comes to our brother! He’s the handful, not Bella. And I don’t get where you see her as needy and whiny? Since when?”

Rosalie rolls her eyes.

“That’s right you can’t even think of a time can you?”

“Oh please she’s always needing to be saved.”

“Um hello? Again OUR faults… Think about it! Every life threatening event has been because we exist. Because she loved Edward and was willing to do anything to prove that. Think about everything she’s been through and then for him to turn his back to her afterword. You’re damn right she’s pissed and no longer shares the same feelings. He backed out when things got to be too much and now his way of handling things is to literally take control of the situation. And the situation being her… I joined this coven because you were not monsters. If we support Edward we all are no better than he. She’s always put the needs of others before her own. Even when she knew it was over between her and Edward she went to Italy knowing the risk. She didn’t have to do that! It was out of the kindness of her heart, because she cares about others more often than herself. Then you look at Edward, who left her when Laurent and Victoria were at large. You tell me who’s got more balls the needy and whiny human or our century old brother who should know better.”

“Oh please. She’s the one that got herself into this mess! Bella knew damn well what she was in for.”

Dr. Banner noticed that the Cullen’s looked to be arguing and deep into discussion about something. After the bell rang the students put up their trays and went on to class.

At the end of the day Dr. Banner graded some papers while he waited for Bella. He’d already made her some quizzes to try out and see where she stood exactly. He heard the creaking of the door and Bella stepped inside. He noticed that Alice and Jasper had personally escorted her to class. Jasper nodded towards Bella and she waved them off.

Dr. Banner rose to his feet as she took a seat. He handed her the quizzes. She looked upon him with alarm.

“You don’t have to finish those today. Those aren’t even for grading purposes. I just want to see what’s going on exactly. So take your time and answer whatever you can.”

She nodded and took out a pen and pencil.

“Holler out if you have any questions. All I’m doing is grading papers.”

Bella took in a breath and got started. She seemed to whiz through her English Literature. Once it got to the Biology she froze as if lost. She wasn’t aware that Dr. Banner had merely made copies of the same quizzes she took last year. He was going to use them to compare to her taking them now. He used nothing from the curriculum this year it was all from her junior year.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and looked to be frustrated.
“Need help on something?”

“I know this… I’ve heard it before. But I can’t remember what it is.”

“What would that be?”


He had to keep from rearing back at this. This was something you’d learn in elementary. Just like the 7 plus 8. He looked to her old biology paper and saw that she’d aced it. Photosynthesis wasn’t even the actual problem she had to figure out it was just one of the words in another issue she had to answer. Bella had forgotten what it even meant.

Dr. Banner made his way over and cleared his throat as he glanced upon her paper.

“Photosynthesis Bella… you remember what that is. Right?”

She looked to him confused and reached to her head. He points to a plant in one of the windows as a hint.

“What does that plant need in order to survive Bella?”

She blushed as if truly embarrassed.

“Sunlight, oxygen, and water.”
“What does the sunlight do for the plant?”

“It provides a chemical energy that can be stored in the form of glucose, which is how the plant feeds.” She explains.
He raised his brows as Bella even wrote down the formula for this.

6CO2 + 12H2O + light → C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

He taps on the formula with his finger.

“I think you know what photosynthesis is.”

She sighs with frustration.

“I don’t understand. What’s happening to me?”

He swallowed back wondering the same thing himself. There were lapses in her memory.

“Hold on. I’m curious about something.”

Dr. Banner went to the closet and pulled out a set of old flash cards. He also grabbed one of the harder algebra quizzes.
“Now remember this all stays between us. Don’ take offense. I’m not belittling you. I’m only trying to help.”

He opens the flash cards they were multiplication. Once again something elementary level.

She got 5 times 2, 3 times 6, and 6 times 7, but when it came to 8 times one, she argued with him insisting it was 9. She was adding instead of multiplying. Even when he pointed the fact out she didn’t get it.

“8 times 1 is 8, Bella.” He softly states. And sits the card down showing her the answer.

He slides over the quiz he’d grabbed and circled one of the problems he wanted her to solve. It was college level. Normally, a bonus question at the end of their usual quizzes. Bella answered it fluently, without struggle. Something was targeting her long term memory, but it seemed to be in patches.

“Well I believe I know what the problem is now. From there I think I can help.”

He leans back as he was sitting beside her.

“You need a reboot in some areas. Bella have you discussed these issues with your doctor?”

Bella looks to him and shakes her head.
“I think you should.”
“I can’t…”

He looked to her oddly.

“And why not?”

She sighs.

“He’s Edward’s father.”
Dr. Banner takes off his glasses.

“This family sure gets around now don’t they?”

“I just don’t want to see him. I’ll be ok.”

“Then perhaps you should get a new doctor.”

“My father won’t hear of it. He only wants the best and that would be Dr. Carlisle Cullen.”
“Carlisle Cullen huh?”

She shrugs.

“Well you’re 17 about to be 18 you have the right to decide that for yourself. I don’t mean I want to stir up trouble between you and your father, but you should run the show when it comes to your health. If you don’t want to see this doctor anymore, then find someone else. Someone, that makes you feel comfortable.”
Bella nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Bella, I know this is going to sound like a very bizarre question, but I have to ask. Do you believe the stress that Edward has caused you is a factor perhaps?”

She half laughs.

“I believe it’s a little deeper than that.”


He thinks back to the mind control book. To how Edward acts around her and everything else he can think of.

“How long has he controlled your life Bella?”

“It doesn’t matter now. It’s over and I’m handling it. I thank you for your help, but I don’t want to see any doctor.”
“Would you at least be willing to get a CT scan?”

“Why would I need that?”
“It’s just a safety precaution since this seems to be all neurological. I strongly advice you do this. Are you still getting headaches or nosebleeds?”

“No I’m fine and I don’t need a CT scan. I don’t have a tumor or whatever it is you’re thinking. I already know what’s wrong with me.”

“And what would that be?”
“I just need you to trust me Mr. Bixby. I’m going to be fine. Like I said I’m handling it.”

Dr. Banner sighs and he writes down his personal cell number.
“What’s this?”

“Personally, I just would feel better knowing you have it.”

“Um ok.”

“I know this is something typically frowned upon. Then again, I tend to do things the way I see fit. I don’t really care what other’s think. I want you to call me if you ever need anything even if it’s just to talk. If you change your mind about getting a new doctor, call. I’ll give you a list of some trusted ones within the area.”

“Call you?”

“Yes Bella, for whatever.”

Bella holds his number in her hand. She gets a playful smile to her face.

“What if I drunk text or call?!” She questions as if mortified.
“Well that depends, are you admitting to drinking underage Ms. Swan. And what exactly are you afraid of sending me?”

She softly laughs.

“So you don’t think I’m completely hopeless?”

“Far from it, I think you’re going to be fine. We just need to give your brain a bit of a kick start again that’s all. Honestly, I don’t believe you have anything to worry about. The CT scan I’ll admit is for my own peace of mind. I do wish you’d at least do it for yourself. I’d feel better about it.”

She sighs as if in defeat.

“Fine, I’ll have them take a picture of my brain.”

He chuckles.

“Be sure to have it framed.”
“Are you insinuating I need proof of having one?”

“I don’t need proof of that. You’re extremely intelligent.”

“Please, I can’t even answer the simplest of problems.”
He taps his finger on the formula she wrote down for photosynthesis.

“I didn’t ask you to do this. You just did it. Bella, you weren’t even looking at your paper when you wrote this down. You were still talking to me. It’s all in there. We just have to find it. So yes… I stand by my word. We’re going to do this. You’ll see!”

Dr. Banner looked over to the time.

“You might want to head home now. We went a couple minutes over.”

Bella grabbed her bag and rose from her seat. She passed by his desk on the way out. She turned to him with wide eyes, finally taking notice of the damage that was done to it.

“Anger issues?” She said in a teasing manner.

However he froze and lifted his eyes towards her. Bella was slightly bent over his desk running her fingers along the damage. Thoughts he knew he had NO right to be having ran through his mind. He quickly pinched his eyes shut feeling like a complete DICK! It didn’t help that his dick was being a literal dick. By deciding to “Hulk” out causing some serious bulge. He only prayed Bella didn’t take notice of her teacher being a perv.

He said nothing just sat there in a frozen state as if afraid to move or talk.

“You don’t strike me as the type.” He heard her whisper as she exited the class.

He shut his eyes and shook his head.
Great, since when does the teacher get the crush on the student?! How old am I again?! That’s right! You sick bastard! God she’s hot… DAMMIT!”

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Hot For Student?”

  1. I’m glad she’s seeing damage Eddie has done to her as hashis siblings. Rose should get off her high horse and be happy Bella dumped Edward.
    Loving Bruce by the way.

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