Chapter 20 Bell Smash!

Chapter 20

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. UNEDITED sorry it’s late, I’ve currently battling a stomach bug, and I’m tired (Brings out world’s smallest violin, cheese, and wine) but wanted to get this out to my readers will work on the editing tomorrow.

“Let’s go…” Steve called out.

Bruce and Bella eyed one another as the other Avengers hurried off. The doctor drew back a breath.
“I’ll find them. I promise.”

She narrowed her eyes on this.

“You do realize I’m going, right?”

He raised his brows.

“On the contrary, you’re going to stay right here.”
“Um no, I’m not.”
“Yes you are and that’s final.”
He shook his head and started towards the elevator.


The doctor stopped in his tracks and pinched his eyes shut for a brief moment. When he pivoted back around, she was already gone.

Bella darted down the staircase in hopes of beating Bruce out the door. Once she made her way out of headquarters, she looked around for Tony’s red Acura. Bella nodded to herself when she spotted it. She didn’t even bother to open the door, just leaped on in and placed the keys she’d swiped from Tony into the ignition. She peeled out and went to floor it, only to wind up gritting her teeth and slamming on the brakes.


He shook his head as he blocked her path. To her surprise he walked around and got in.

“Let’s go.”

She nodded at his words and hit the gas. The closer they came to the Manhattan bridge area, the thicker the traffic and more chaotic things were. Bruce and Bella locked eyes for a brief moment, before deciding to abandon Tony’s precious car. They hightailed it towards the bridge, with the same thoughts in mind. Both looked about the area, with desperation. Spiderman was already on the remains of the bridge doing his best to help whoever he could. Bruce and Bella hurriedly made their way over and helped as well.


Bella and Bruce snapped their heads towards the voice. A woman had a toddler in her arms and tears were running along her face.

“My son, please…”

Bella rushed over and began to examine the boy. Bruce was tending to a man’s leg that had a piece of metal pipe sticking out of it. She laid the boy on a flat surface and checked for a pulse. His lips were blue and his body was cold to the touch. Without another thought, she started CPR. The mother covered her mouth with a gasp as she observed. A sigh of relief came about them as the boy started to cough. Bella quickly rolled him over as he threw the water up from his lungs. She took her jacket off and placed it on the boy.” Keep him warm…” Bella warned, already seeing signs of hyperthermia. She zipped the jacket up, doing her best to shield him from the wind chill. She handed the toddler back to his mother. “Thank you!”

Bella nodded but a knot formed within the back of her throat as she looked around. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America were at the other bridges aiding other civilians. Before long, helicopters were hovering about. Ambulances, and police cruisers were forcing their way through the traffic and crowd. Bella, Bruce, and Spiderman continued to help as the AMT’s made their way over. As she made her rounds, Bella came to a halt. She’d caught a glimpse of something else. The young woman swallowed back and without another thought she dived into the water. Bella swam towards the area and sure enough it was Charlie, Sue and Seth. Charlie was paddling some sort of board. Sue and Seth were on top of that board and he was pushing it towards the surface. He turned back in surprise as he felt the load become lighter and moving slightly faster.


She cut him a small smile and nodded.

“Oh thank God kid.”
Bella helped get them to the surface. The moment they were on land she hugged each of them with tears in her eyes.

“I have to get you all out of here…” she said desperation as Bella was hugging her father.

She tore off a piece of her shirt and wrapped it around the gash on Seth’s arm.

“You need to get that disinfected and stitched up ASAP.”
He nodded and she placed his hand upon the area.

“Keep pressure on it.”
Each of them cranked their heads towards an odd sound. Bella tilted her head about and her eyes darted towards the bridge area.

“NO!” She shouted.

She pivoted back around.

“GO! Find shelter now!”


At this, she took off as fast as she could. She cringed as she heard the whistling of the bullets. Bella found herself bounding off a nearby car and into the air. Her eyes widened as she was sailing towards the area she was so desperate to get to. She landed in a crouching stance. A familiar pair of green eyes met hers. They nodded upon one another. He growled out however as another round of bullets were being fired. Hulk had a majority of the citizens behind him doing his best to guard them. He was swatting at the bullets like they were merely flies. A few of them ricocheted, hitting a few of the odd looking hoverbots on the other side of him was Spiderman, he’d created a massive web and it acted as a shield as well. So the civilians were covered front to back. These bots were no bigger than a helicopter but they were packed with some serious heat.

Spiderman was able to web a few of them down and Hulk smashed the ones that came in too close.

“Hulk baby, I’m gonna need you to stay right there.”

He narrowed his eyes and let out a confused growl. She cut him a wink and took off running right towards him. Another look of absolute amazement came over her as she was able to use his body to catapult into the air like she had that car earlier. Bella brought her hands together and smashed them through a couple of the flying mechanisms.
She called out in shock. Spiderman had taken notice of this well and gave her a thumbs up.

“Now where was that when we were dealing with Professor Stern?” He smarted and she flipped him off as she came back down.

Spiderman chuckled but he reared back as something… or more like someone had his attention. This woman was zipping through vehicles and fighting to make her way over.


Just as Bella was sailing for another row of hoverbots. This girl was heading that same direction.

“Uh oh…” Spiderman murmured seeing it coming.

He fired off his web and jerked Bella out of the way.

“HEY!” She yelled.

He nodded towards the odd woman that continued in taking these bots down.

“I think I’m in love…” Peter murmured upon Bella in awe.

“Good! Whatever it takes to forget a certain ginger.” Bella remarked teasingly.

They simultaneously whipped around though as this odd electrical sound was heard. “HULK!” Bella shouted as one of the bots had him down on his knees with one hell of a current going. Captain America had just made his way over and before he could even blink, Bella yanked the shield right out from his hand and sent it flying towards the bot responsible for hurting her Hulk. Captain America and Spiderman looked on in in utter disbelief as the shield returned to her and she handed it back like it were nothing. Bella rushed over and brought her hands along the Hulk’s face.

“Hulk baby?”
He lifted his eyes upon her as though a wounded child.

“Are you alright?”

Hulk nodded but she gasped out as he randomly scooped her up and tossed her into the air.


Her jaw dropped at Hulk’s words yet she brought her hands down and smashed another oncoming bot. Captain America couldn’t move at the moment as he observed this.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Spiderman stated and patted him on the back.

“Um yeah… I think…”

Hulk caught her as she came back down. He thoroughly checked her over and nuzzled her, lovingly. Bella smiled and kissed his cheek.

Bella had a kneejerk reaction at the voice. The boy’s eyes widened as she suddenly had him by the collar.


Another round of hoverbots was making their way. Bella heard the buzzing sound of shots being fired and she swiftly twirled about and grabbed ahold of Seth. She dived into the water doing her best to shield him. Seth’s eyes widened as her body jerked about and he saw a trail of blood in the water. He tried to get her attention by tapping her on the shoulder. With determination, she fought to get him to the surface. Once she got him there, she crawled out of the water.

“Bella!” The teenage boy cried out noticing the bullet wound in her abdomen. The bullet had penetrated right through her back.

Her eyes had that familiar green hue to them.

“Whoa…” Seth murmured in marvel.

“Go back right now!”

Bella scolded as she leaned against a rock.

“But you’re hurt.”
“I’ll be fine. NOW GO! We’ll discuss this later!”

She forced herself up putting on a brave front. Bella even took a few steps towards him. “See…? Now find Charlie and Sue and stay out of the way!”

“Bella I never meant to get you hurt. I just wanted to see him in action.”
The young woman forced a smile.

“I know Seth. But you can’t ever scare me like that again.”

He nodded looking as though a wounded pup and took off.

Once he was out sight, she started towards the battlefront. But came to a stop. She looked around in observation. She thought back to the bots and back to what Dr. Stern was capable of.

“Where are you…” She mumbled under her breath.

Bella flinched as her abdomen felt like it were on fire and every step she took only added to her agony. She had to keep going. She had to find Dr. Stern or there would be no end to this. So these things came to mind. If she were an egotistically-deranged-mad scientist that loved putting on a show; where would she hide? Or would she? She reared back realizing the helicopters that were hovering about were being ignored by the hoverbots. Why? Some looked to be rescue copters and they truly were going out their way to save whoever they could. However what Bella deemed to be media… She was beginning to wonder. The woman nodded amongst herself and took off as fast as her legs would carry her. Bella got the attention of the first Avenger she ran into.
“I need Tony like now!”

The Captain narrowed his eyes on this. He reached up catching his shield. They both looked around.

“Not sure where he is at the moment.”
“Ok Thor!”

He shook his head.

“Don’t know where he is either!”


“Um… okay…”
She growled out with frustration.

“There!” Bella pointed towards Iron Man as he zipped right by them.

“I need you to throw me that direction.”

Captain America came to a complete stop, once he regarded the blood on her blouse.

“Are you injured?!”

“I’m fine dammit, now THROW ME!”

“Sorry, no can do. You’re clearly hurt. Meaning you need to stand down now. Let us handle it from here.”

She shook her head and drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Very well, have it your way.”

He went to say something else as she acted like she was walking away. But the instant he went to shield himself from an attack she pivoted back around and took off like a bat out of hell.

“What the…” the patriot hollered out as Bella used his shield to propel herself into the air.

“Are you crazy?!” He hollered.

“Heads up!” Bella shouted as she was sailing right for Iron Man.

Iron Man was in the middle of firing off his repulsor beams, when he heard her call out.


He braced himself for impact and caught her.

“I’m not so sure how he’d feel about this.” He motioned toward the big green guy who was currently going into a frenzy, looking for his Bell.

They grimaced as he was furiously twirling about a hoverbot and sent it flying toward another set of them causing an explosion.

BELL!” He roared and stomped about looking for her.

“Why don’t we tame the beast by showing him that you’re alive and well?”

“Not just yet.”
Iron Man reared back but fired at another bot.

“As much as I enjoy our little one on ones, I’m not too fond of the idea of being on the receiving end to that, pumpkin.” He gestured towards Hulk once again.

“Tony, I’ve reason to believe that Dr. Stern is in one of these helicopters. And I’ve a feeling it’s one of the broadcasting ones.”

The man within the iron helmet was rather taken back as she hurriedly continued her theory on this.

“Huh… well I tell you what. Let’s get you back to ‘Hulk Daddy’ over there and I’ll look into this.”

She nodded and he zipped along dodging bullets as he personally handed her over. Hulk was breathing heavily and a literal mess.

“Bell…” he called out, checking her over like usual.

He tilted his head upon the blood on her shirt and slightly lifted it, revealing the wound. It’d already begun to clot over, so it wasn’t bleeding out near as bad now. But that wasn’t enough to appease the raging beast.

“No Hulk!” She hollered out as he shielded her body with his and took off running.

Bella hit against his chest.


His lip curled as he stopped in his tracks and stared her down. He reared back at the tears in her eyes.

“Hulk baby… this… it our job. We have to help them…” He glanced back and let out a puff of air.

“No more running. We don’t run. We stand and fight.”

He shook his head and brought a finger along her wound.

“I’m fine… I promise.”

He arched his brows a certain way and she swallowed back.

“You remember The Leader, right?”

Hulk growled out at this.

“Well he’s the reason behind all this. I’m certain. So let’s do what we do best. Hulk we’re going to SMASH the bastard!”

Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman and the strange woman all before one another.

“Where’s my favorite odd couple?” Iron Man questioned.

He tilted his head upon the stunning brunette he’d caught Spiderman gawking at.

“And you are?” Tony probed in wonder.


Spiderman offered a hand and the young lady blushed.

“Big fan by the way,” she admitted.


“Um, I’m all for introductions. But perhaps now isn’t the time.” Captain America threw out there.

Iron Man sighed.

“Such the party pooper.”

“You called this abrupt meeting for a reason I assume?”

“See what I mean” Iron Man taunted.

“And yes actually it seems Dr. Banner’s little love muffin was dead on. I spotted Dr. Stern in one of the helicopters. Now not everyone look at once but three o clock. And he’s got others inside and…” Iron Man started to hover about.

He reared back and looked to the others with slight alarm.

“Yeah, I’m not doing this…”

Captain America narrowed his eyes in wonder as he too was lifted into the air.

“SHIT!” Iron Man shouted as he and Captain America was jerked back at great force.

The others started involuntarily rising as well. Spiderman sighed.

“This again…” he murmured.

They were sent flying through several cars and buildings uncontrollably. Shadowcat was doing her best to transfer herself through each one but at the last time she didn’t make it in time and her body was slammed against the wall. Spiderman groaned out as he came to a crawl. He looked over to see the woman had been knocked out. He jumped to his feet and rushed over.

“Hey…” he called out as he checked for a pulse.

Bella looked about the area wondering where everyone went. Hulk was swatting at nearby hoverbots. Her body began to rise just as the others. She snapped her head back Hulk’s direction. Once he caught wind of this he leaped up reaching for her but she was already too far up. He slammed his fists around furiously as Hulk kept doing everything within him to get to her. Bella was brought into one of the helicopters. She looked over to see Tony and Steve with these blank expressions about them. Dr. Stern sat in the middle of them with his arms around their shoulders. He’d Iron Man’s helmet in his lap.

“Tony…?” she softly called out.

Dr. Stern moved to the seat beside her and placed the helmet beside Tony.

“Lights are on but nobody’s home.”

Chills ran down her spine.

“What did you do?!”

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders about.

“Let’s just say they’re under my influence. I might not be able to get into yours or Dr. Banner’s minds, but I most certainly can get in theirs.”

“NO! Leave them be!”

“Sorry, no can do. I have many plans for the three of you. You and I have a great future ahead of us and they will only add to that wondrous time.”

She sighed as if uninterested.

“Let me guess, you want to take over the world with that ridiculous swollen head of yours. And you assume I’ll give in and become your partner in crime?”
“Hmmm, my dear Miss. Swan, my plans for you… go beyond more than you could ever imagine.”

Bella gasped back as he randomly took a syringe and drove it into her heart. He smiled as he injected her. She shot up as her body began convulsing. Bella was staggering about during this. Dr. Stern noticed a couple drops of blood on his pants he narrowed his eyes and reached to his bloodied nose. He sighed and retrieved a kerchief from his pocket.  When he put it to his nose he sprang to his feet as Bella fell out of the helicopter. All the hoverbots started malfunctioning as well and they were falling from the sky in all directions.
“NO!” He shouted as he tried to use his telekinesis to lift her back up but he was too weak.

“No, you weren’t supposed to do that!” The professor yelled once again and pulled at his hair.

Bella plummeted into the ocean and her body began to sink. She reached out as the last image that came to mind was Bruce. Her eyes glowed brighter than ever and she let out a cry as this agonizing pain coursed throughout her entire body.

Hulk snapped his head the direction of Bella’s cry. Thor and the other’s looked on with concern as Hulk reached to his temples. He shook his head and paced about.

“What it is it, buddy?” Spiderman asked.

They looked to one another in wonder as Hulk took off.


Bella blinked as she came to. She regarded the green beast before her. The young woman quickly rolled out of his hold. She staggered back as if frightened. Hulk reached out to her and she shook her head, and continued to back away.

“Stay back!” She warned and continued to back away.

A car nearly slammed into her and she whipped around and stopped it with her bare hands. She tilted her head about as the driver looked upon her with fear in his eyes. Bella gritted her teeth and flipped the car onto its back.


Spiderman shouted in disbelief as he’d made his way there alongside of Thor. He hurriedly handed Shadowcat off to Thor and went to the driver’s aid. Bella covered her ears as she looked around. Everything was so loud. Her body ached all over and she couldn’t remember who anyone was. That, and hadn’t a clue who she was. All she knew was pain, anger, and fear. She quickly bolted as though a frightful child. Hulk took a few steps back and came down to all fours.

Spiderman managed to get the man out of his car and safely. He turned back to see Bruce eyeing the direction Bella had taken off. Both shared the same apprehensive expression.

“What the hell was that?” Spiderman asked.

Bruce shook his head.

“I don’t know… but we need to find her and now.”
“And what of Captain America and Iron Man?” Thor inquired.

“I’m afraid Dr. Stern has them.”

“What?” Dr. Banner inquired looking ill.

Spiderman drew back a breath.

“I’ve a feeling that his plans for the Cap and Iron Man are about the same as whatever he’s done to Bella. And was it just me or did she seem as if she hadn’t a clue who we were?”

Bruce grimaced and took off in search of Bella. Shadowcat whimpered out in Thor’s arms. Spiderman glanced that direction.

“You help Dr. Banner find Bella. I’ll get this one to the hospital.”

Thor nodded.

Bruce thickly swallowed back as he saw the flashing lights up ahead. The closer he came, he could hear the commotion. He cringed already knowing. And the nightmare before him began to unfold as he took notice of the police officers with guns and they were aimed at Bella. She paced around as though a caged animal as they had her blocked in.

“NOOOO!” He shouted and pushed his way through as one of them tased her.

They cranked their heads his direction.

“This isn’t your business. Stand aside!”

“I can help… just…”

His eyes widened as the man who tased her was suddenly hurled up against another car. Bruce rushed out and stood before her knowing they were about unload their guns on her. He raised his hands in the air.

“Let me handle this…”

One of the officers looked on in awareness.
“You’re him, aren’t you?”

Dr. Banner nodded.

“This isn’t her doing … she’d never hurt anyone. Lower your weapons.”

It felt odd to be on the other side of things. Bruce and the officers dodged parts of cars and whatever else Bella tossed their way. When he turned back around, she had an officer in a chokehold.

“No Bella…”

Tears were streaming down her face. Bruce put a hand along her shoulder and nervously gulped back. He knew damn well she could hand him his ass. But she didn’t need Hulk at the moment. She needed Dr. Banner.

“You don’t want to hurt anyone. Let him go…”

She was breathing heavily and her eyes were wild. The man before her was turning a nice bluish purple.

“If she doesn’t release him Dr. Banner we’ll have no choice!” The officer that had recognized him warned.

Bruce drew back a breath and gestured for the officers to fire in the air. He needed her startled. They cut him a confused glimpse but fired off their guns. Sure enough, she jumped and this caused her to drop her hold. Bruce instantly grabbed a hold of her and got her pinned down. That lasted briefly as she quickly reversed it.

“It’s me Bella baby. Come back to me…”
He could hear her teeth grinding together. He could tell by the look in her eyes. At that very moment, Bella Swan was long gone… His heart sank in knowledge. The doctor flinched as she started to waylay the living shit out of him. Before long, her eyes rolled back and she went limp in his hold.

“My apologies…” Thor said as he had to knock her out by taking his fist to the back of her head.

Bruce swiftly rolled her onto the pavement and checked her over. Once he knew she would be ok, he pressed his forehead against hers. Thor patted him on the back.

“She will be alright. I assure you.”

“I know she will… Thank you.” Bruce replied but looked absolutely destroyed.

He came to his feet and scooped her up. Dr. Banner handed her over to Thor.

“Please, get her back to headquarters,” he drew back an agonizing breath.

He reached over caressing her cheek. The doctor shut his eyes…

“Put her in the lockdown room meant for the other guy.”

Thor looked upon him rather baffled. Bruce pinched his eyes shut.

“We need her contained until I can find a way to bring her back.”
“And if you cannot?”
“That’s not an option. I’ll find a way.”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 20 Bell Smash!”

  1. Oh wow, this chapter was very good! It ended on a sad note but I know this is not the end for Bella and Bruce so I will wait and see what happens next! I cannot wait for Stern to get his, btw.

  2. What a great chapter! So much action and suspense! You had me reading as fast as I could from the very first word, anxiously reading the next sentence to see what would happen.

    I wanted to smack Seth silly for coming back to see the Hulk in action, though. The twit!! LOL

    I know they will all figure out a way to track down Stern and bring him down. He really is evil, crazy and delusional. A good whack with someone’s hammer sounds needed, IMO! 😉

    LOVED the introduction of Shadowcat! A Spidey/Shadowcat pairing should be fun!!

    I am so glad you updated twice in one day! Your stories truly, truly bring me a lot of joy, I needed the extra dose today! 🙂 Love you, Kitten!

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  5. This was an amazing chapter! I loved it…although i didn’t love the cliffhanger but that will keep me hanging on until you update. I hope Hulk smashes Stern and maybe a hit from Thors Hammer too. It couldn’t hurt..well at least not the good guys. 🙂 i hope that Bruce is able to bring Bella out of whatever Stern did to her soon.
    I don’t think Bruce or Hulk will do very well without Bella. I look forward to your next update and i will be anxiously waiting for the next update. I love your stories but i really love this story. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  6. fucking stern that lil bitch. ugh i just wanna freaking bitch slap him into submission or to dead. i mean seriously…how the fuck did he think that was gonna go..idiot! cannot wait until the next chapter. hopefully bella gets fixed then. and idk what she was stabbed with but she better snap outta it. 😀

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    And lolz – BELL SMASH!

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    What the heck did Stern inject into Bella? Will she be ok? Will she remember everything?

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