Chapter 22 Personal

Chapter 22

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“So it’ll be the four of us verses whatever Dr. Stern has planned for us.” Spiderman stated during their meeting.

Each of them cringed in thought of going up against Iron Man, Captain America, and The Leader. Bella drew back a breath and leaned back in her seat.

“Maybe it’s time we start to think more along the lines of Dr. Stern.”
“How do you mean exactly?” Spiderman asked.

“Well we know his plans for Tony and Steve already. Not to mention whatever else he decides to throw in as well. Dr. Stern isn’t one to go about things lightly. Think of this as the final straw. He’s had enough. He wants to get his point across. Meaning overkill… much of it.”
“And what is it you’re suggesting?” Dr. Banner curiously inquired.

“That we start thinking more along the lines of an evil scientist,” she said with a shrug and they all laughed.

She sort of laughed as well but cleared her throat.

“I’m not really joking…”

Bella’s gaze met her fiancé’s.

“We all know you’re capable of what he is.”

He raised his brows on this.

“Are you suggesting I have the capability of being evil?”

She smiled on this.

Possibly… but no, that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m merely going for a fight fire with fire approach. What’s to say we can’t put our heads together on this and create something…”
“As in what exactly?” Thor questioned with narrowed eyes.

“Okay you got me there. I haven’t the faintest. That’s why we need him…” She pointed to Dr. Banner.

And she tilted her head upon Peter.

“And maybe you.”

“Yes you… Come on Peter. We both know what you’re capable of. Put that with the wits of Dr. Banner and I could only imagine…”
Bruce drew back a breath of unsureness.

“Bella, we haven’t a clue how much time we have. And we’re starting with nothing really to go on.”

She nodded but looked to be in thought.

“What if the two of you were set free in Tony’s garage?”
Peter and Bruce eyed one another in wonder.

“Think about it… sky’s the limit.”

“And how would we attempt such a thing?” Thor wondered out loud.
“I’d have to call Pepper of course. But I don’t see it being an issue once she learns of her man’s abduction.”

Before any of them could say another word on this Bella was dialing Pepper Potts.


The men heard Pepper shout on the other line. Bella sighed and did her best to explain the situation. And just as Bella had assumed Pepper was game. In fact she insisted they head over at once.

The moment Bella hung up she nodded towards the others. Meanwhile Bruce was thoroughly impressed. He thought about how calm and wise she could be in certain situations. And he’d over heard her teasing Spiderman on how he came about his name. Dr. Banner cleared his throat and with utmost randomness…


Everyone glanced his direction with puzzled looks about them.

“Sage?” Bella repeated in question.

He nodded. Bruce had stumbled about the last part of her conversation with her father. He had to keep from laughing at the Spider-girl part. Due to him not wanting her to believe he were eavesdropping he quickly exited the room after.

“If you’re to become one of us… then you need a name. That one seems to suit you.”

The other men nodded in agreement.

“I thought you didn’t want me joining you.”

“I didn’t… but even I can’t deny you seem to fit right in.”
“I happen to agree with that.” Spiderman threw out as well.

“Likewise… You fight with much courage – for someone that hasn’t any training.” Thor added.

“Um thanks…” she replied with a hint of a blush.

Pepper greeted them the moment they arrived. From there she led them right to the garage. As she punched in the security code she drew back the deepest of breaths.
“He’s going to throw one off of a fit when he finds out…”

Bella laughed.

“Well, just have his favorite bottle of bourbon ready and be wearing something slutty maybe in red and gold?”

Bruce choked back as this came from Bella’s mouth. She cut him an innocent look and winked. He sort of chuckled as they stepped inside.

“Is that your plans for when you push me past the limit?” He inquired flirtatiously.

“Now Dr. Banner we women never give out our secrets. That would defeat the purpose. And I have a sneaking suspicion your colors are more green and purple.”

He raised his brows on this.

Green purple and body paint considering how you have a pension for ripping off clothes.


“Times a factor Bruce…” she reminded tauntingly.

He sighed as he was suffering from a major hard on. What he wouldn’t give to see Bella in some naughty lingerie or even a little nurses outfit. Bruce rolled his eyes on his own ridiculous thoughts. He knew he was backed up when all he could think about was sex and in a situation like this? How much of a dick could he be? Thor and Bella shrugged upon one another as Peter and Bruce began their little discussions.

“And why are we here?” Thor whispered upon Bella.

“To make sure things don’t get out of hand.”

“This is quite boring…”

Bella laughed.

“Would you like a Caprisun and some animal cookies?”
Thor cocked a brow her way.

She nodded.

“What is that?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that? I am the eldest of this entire realm!”

“And it shows! And I’m so sorry would you like some prune juice and hard candy?” Bella further taunted.

“I get it.”
“Do you?”
He nodded.

“You – Midgardian woman are poking fun at me.”

She did a small golf clap and patted him on the back.

“Now you’re getting it. Time to keep up god of thunder.”


Each man looked over as Bella entered the room looking pissed.

“Yes my lady?” he called back but with a certain flare.

“Move your fucking hammer!”

He raised his brows on this and folded his arms about his chest.

“What if I like it where it is?”

“Okay fine, you asked for it.”

He shrugged.

“You cannot move Mjolnir… “he retorted rather cocky like.

“Oh I’m not going to move it…”

It took him a moment to gather the meaning behind that. His eyes widened and he took off after her.

“What was that about?” Peter asked Bruce as they were working.

Bruce shrugged but they soon had their answer.

“I cannot believe you would release your Midgardian fluids on Mjolnir!”

“Then you shouldn’t have left it on the toilet. You horse’s ass!”

Pepper was laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her face.

“You earthlings are quite disgusting!”

“And you Assgardians are soooo much better?”

“Dude, she really urinated on Thor’s hammer?”

Bruce wrinkled his nose on this.

“I don’t believe she truly would. He must be mistaken.”
“I don’t know… we both know her wrath…”
“I think that’s a bit far even for Bella.”

“Apple juice…”

They heard Pepper whisper. Peter chuckled on this.


Pepper nodded.

“She was asking for something to get him back with. The only thing I could find was a bottle of apple juice.”

“Awesome! Man, I bet he’s totally freaking.”

“From what we’ve all established, Dr. Stern cannot control mine or Bella’s minds. That leaves anyone that’s not gamma infected at risk. This device could not only prevent the control of others, but it will interfere with the control of Tony and Steve.”
“Um okay. And how does it work exactly?” Bella inquired.

Peter and Bruce looked upon one another and both let out a sigh.

“That doesn’t help with the vote of confidence…” she stated as Bruce was adjusting the device onto her head.

“You will have to outsmart Dr. Stern…”
“And how the hell do you expect me to do that?!”

“Just stay one step ahead of him. In order to do that… you must think as he would in every given situation. Before he acts you must.”
Bella shook her head and removed the head device.

“And we all know it needs to be either you or Peter wearing this. I haven’t the knowledge to…”

Bruce was quick to interrupt.

“Bella, it has to be you. I can’t for obvious reasons and Peter is prone to Dr. Sterns control methods.”
“Bruce, I haven’t the wits it takes in order to achieve this.”

“Please excuse us…” Bruce called out as his eyes were glued to hers.

The others nodded and quickly exited the garage.

“You had one of the highest ranking GPA’s back in Forks and you’re right up there with Peter at NYU. Don’t even begin to try and convince me you haven’t what it takes. It’s because of you we’re in this garage tinkering away at whatever comes to mind. You haven’t any idea what you’re truly capable of. If only you’d quit doubting yourself…”

Bella glanced over at the projectile weapons they’d made as well. She shook her head on this.

“I hadn’t anything to do with that… that was all you and Peter. There’s no way I could ever…”

Bruce shook his head and took out a yellow memo pad. She reared back at this.

“Look familiar?”

Her jaw dropped as she scanned over the handwriting.

“I believe these are your notes? And it’s because of these notes we were able to make this.”

“How’d you?”

“You left it setting out the other day on the coffee table. I couldn’t help myself… The theories you came up with when it comes to Dr. Stern are quite intriguing. And that is why this…” he tapped his fingers along the head device.

“Exist. Without your theories… there was no way this would’ve been a success. You see Bella we might’ve put it together. But it was you that came up with the idea. You just hadn’t realized it.”

“So it uses brain waves…”

He smiled.

“You would know. This is your baby.”

She ran her fingers along the device in disbelief. Bruce sat down and brought her into his lap.

He brushed her hair back and pressed his forehead against hers.

“Just do me a favor be careful when we’re out there. Performing heart surgery on my soon to be wife… not the fondest of memories.”

“Well which was worse? Getting beat up or preforming the surgery?”
Dr. Banner raised his brows on this and drew back a breath.

“I’d prefer it if we bypass both incidents as though they never happened.”

Bella softly laughed and ran a hand along his chest.

“You think they’re okay?” she hinted as to Tony and Steve.

Bruce nodded.

“They’re fine, I assure you. He’s not going to harm what’s presumed to be beneficial to him.”

He carefully unbuttoned her shirt to see how far she’d progressed in healing from her surgery. The doctor narrowed his eyes and ran his fingers along the area.

“Outstanding…” she heard him murmur as if in a state of shock.

This had her curiosity as she took looked down.

“It’s as if I performed the surgery weeks ago rather than a few hours. I’ve never witnessed anything like it. I’d even go as far as to say you won’t even scar from this. It’s remarkable!”

Bella laughed as something else was brought to her attention. He cleared his throat and hurriedly buttoned her shirt back up.

“Is something wrong doctor?” She taunted only adding to his ‘problem’.

“Behave Bella…” he murmured behind a grin.
“Do I have to?”

He slightly lifted off the chair as she was grinding against him.

“Now is not the time…” he sternly declared.

However, Bella stifled a laugh as he heatedly kissed her and rocked her about him at a faster pace.
“What the…” Bruce and Bella hollered out as they jumped out of the chair.

Dummy was wheeling off with a fire extinguisher in hand. Bruce reared back.

“There was a significant heat signature within the room. The matter has been taken care of.”

Bella’s jaw dropped at Jarvis’s words. Bruce rolled his eyes.

“Leave it to Tony to cock block me even when he’s miles away.”

“AWESOME!” Peter exclaimed as he tried out one of the projectile devices he and Bruce had made.

They were testing them out on one of Tony’s Mark V prototypes. Dummy made its way with the fire extinguisher and put the fire out. Once Dummy wheeled himself out of the way, Peter tried another round. He arched his wrist back like he would when firing off a web. He chuckled in amusement as another blaze of fire shot out from it. Bruce nodded in observation and was taking notes in everything he was witnessing.

“So this one’s mine, right?” Peter questioned rather childlike.
Bruce smiled.

“All yours.”


Thor and Bella laughed as Peter continued to show off. Bruce waved Bella over.

“I have something for you as well.”

“Awesome a stick?”

Bruce smiled as he handed it over.

“More like a staff… and not just any staff. Steve himself gathered the material that was made in order to make this. He wanted to present you with it himself when he went to train you. It’s vibranium and adamantium alloy  .”

Her jaw dropped.

“But that’s impossible. The only alloy  in existence was used to make his shield!”

“That’s what we thought. Apparently Steve has more connections than we ever realized. The material came from the ruler of Wakanda – T’Challa.”
“You’re talking Africa?! There’s virbranium/adamantium alloy in Africa?!”

“Apparently it’s not as rare as it once was. That’s not to say it’s any easier to come by. It’s about who you know.”
“Why would Steve do this?”

“He mentioned something about you being on more even terms. I do believe that was before he realized the true potential you possess. He might be somewhat reluctant now…” Bruce admitted with a chuckle. “No matter… He told me what he wanted for you. Peter and I unpredictably came up with an even better model of than what he’d mentioned before.”

He went over everything he could think of – when it came to the staff and how to use it along with her abilities. Peter continued in testing out the other devices. Through boredom alone Thor offered himself as a test dummy, which soon turned into sparring between Peter and Thor. Before long, Pepper called them up for supper.

For once silence had spread throughout the room as they ate the Chinese food Pepper had ordered. Not a one of them knew what to say exactly. And they each feared the same. It was nothing more than a waiting game now. Things didn’t quite feel the same without Steve and Tony. Halfway through their dinner Pepper rose and hurriedly dashed off. Bella swallowed back as she had caught the tears in her eyes before she exited the room.

“Excuse me…”

The others nodded as Bella made her way to the patio door where Pepper had gone.

“…hey…” Bella called out with a gentle hand along Peppers shoulder.

She was in literal sobs now.

“I just keep waiting for that day…” Pepper hinted.

Bella nodded in understanding.

“We’re going to get him back. I promise. If there’s one thing we all know is that your man is a pain in the ass. He’s not about to go down easily.”
“So many times I’ve nearly called it quits and for this very reason. I’m not so sure my heart can take it.”

“Comes with the territory – all the more reason he needs you in his corner. Part of his strength and determination comes from you. Even if he’d never admit it… even Tony Stark needs someone in his corner. And I’ve a feeling he’s your strength as well. At least that’s how I feel when it comes to Bruce. Something about him makes me feel like I can achieve damn near anything and face whatever comes my way. And because of whom he is in general… I find myself fighting that much harder. Not just for me but for him. It’s like this sense of pride. I want him to see me the way I see him.” Bella smiled and looked to the sky.

“He’s everything I ever hoped for in a man and more. He gets me and I get him. And I could never love anyone the way I love Bruce.”

Pepper snorted back through her tears.

“Not so sure I could say the same about Tony.”

This had Bella laughing as well.

“I believe you two get each other more than you realize. That’s why it works. There’s not a woman on this planet that could deal with his shit the way you do. And he knows that. Deep down so do you… You know that man inside out. And while the struggle is real… it only makes the two of you that much stronger. Imagine if you did give up on him. This situation right here only you had called it quits.”

Pepper cringed gathering the hint.

“See what I mean… No matter the situation you love him. It could be much worse. Breaking it off doesn’t fix yours and Tony’s issues. It only causes more. Because face it… The two of you are meant to be always have been.”
“And I thought we were supposed to be counseling you and Bruce…” Pepper teased.

“Pffft he’s the one that needs anger control. I’m perfectly fine!” Bella declared with a grin.

Pepper had a good laugh at this.

Bella however narrowed her eyes and was taking notice of something else. She reared back at what looked to be Iron Man hovering off to a distance. And it was as if he knew she was watching. He cranked his head her direction and Bella quickly gathered Pepper and was rushing her towards the patio door.
“What? What is it?” Pepper questioned as Bella hurriedly slid the door open and shoved her inside.

“Tony?” Pepper called out as Iron Man landed just before them.

“Step aside…” Iron Man warned.

Bella shook her head.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that…”

He reached over and picked her up by the collar of her shirt.

“I’m not to harm you, unless you persist on standing in my way.”

Just as Iron Man moved her aside, the other Avengers turned seeing the Mark l-V entering the room from the garage

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Spiderman remarked as they all took cautious step back.

Each of them had their repulsors aimed at the Avengers. Bruce inched his way towards Bella. Once he within the right proximity he grabbed ahold of her and placed her behind him. The green was already beginning to spread along his hands and was rising up his arms. His eyes were vibrantly glowing and he was trembling all over as he eyed the droids down.

“OH SHIT!” Spiderman shouted as Iron Man and his brainchildren began firing at them.

Thor quickly grabbed ahold of Pepper and dropped to the floor. Spiderman took cover off to a corner of the ceiling. Hulk made his appearance and he had Bella on the floor, bracing his body over hers protectively. “HULK!” She cried out as he dodged an attempted hit.

He growled out and slammed his fist into the floor. The furniture was being destroyed as they continued to take cover and debris was flying everywhere.

“EVERYONE STAY DOWN!” Thor warned as he hopped up twirling his hammer about.

Iron Man tilted his head upon Thor and just as he sent out one of his repulsor beams Thor’s direction. Thor sent his hammer twirling about it knocking them all down. Bella started to crawl out from under Hulk. He growled out and forced her back towards him.

“Hulk baby, I have to get to the garage.”

He shook his head in disagreement.

“I just need you to trust me.”

Spiderman webbed three of the Mark droids and sent them flying out of the window. Bella took this opportunity to sneak off and made her way to the garage. She hurriedly went and put the head piece on and grabbed the staff. Just as she was to step on out she felt the firmness of someone’s hand upon her shoulder. She nervously swallowed back.

“I’m going to need you to come with me.”

Bella half laughed.

“Well hello Captain!” She replied with a salute.

He nodded and immediately flipped her over his shoulder.

“Dammit Steve, now is not the time.”

He made no comment as he walked on out of the garage. She poked him in the butt with the staff.

“Stop that. Put me down!”

Hulk and the others were too busy dealing with Iron Man and the droids.

“Steve, I don’t want to hurt you. But I will stick this where the sun don’t shine if you don’t fucking put me down!”
“FUCK!” Bella shouted as he walked right out the door and took off running.

She took the staff across his back as hard as she could. He groaned out but his hold only got tighter. Bella shook her head doing her best to think. The young woman drew back the deepest of breaths and drove the staff into the ground. She gripped it firmly and managed to wrap her legs around Steve and flip herself over, breaking out of his hold. She swiftly pivoted around the staff and flung her legs out knocking him down as he was coming right for her. He was quick to his feet though as she jerked the staff out from the ground. She twirled it about aiming right for him. They were both sent flying back and at great distance as her staff hit his shield.

Bella grunted out as she rolled over, forcing herself back to her feet. The young woman knew she needed to focus, yet think fast. Not an easy task when you’re being attacked by America’s most beloved soldier.

So how does one enter another’s mind? That was the part she hadn’t quite figured out. She needed a way to put a stop to all this. If she could get Tony and Steve back they’d have this. She thought back to what Bruce had said earlier. About staying one step ahead of Dr. Stern – making a move before he had the chance. But where was he? She knew he couldn’t be far. Not only that, but this had become personal. He went out his way to track them down in California. But she wasn’t sure what his true agenda was. Had he truly meant to track them down or did it just happen to wind up this way? It was apparent he wanted Tony to gain control of his inventions. So was this just an expected bonus. Or was he truly watching their every move? All of these questions ran through her mind. Driving her insane as she knew she needed to be focusing on just the one thing at the moment.

She nodded amongst herself as he sent his shield flying right for her. Bella merely waited for that right moment. Just as it was about to hit her dead on, she leaped up and once again used it to bound off of. With gritted teeth, she sailed right for him. And with a nice thwack she got him across the face. She grimaced hating every moment of this.

“Steve… I really need you to…”

Within a beat he had her pinned down. Cars were swerving in order to keep from hitting them.

“I need you to come with me!” He demanded, with his entire weight over her.

Fuck… you’re heavy!”

“If you won’t come willingly. I’m to take whatever measures necessary. That isn’t something you want!”

“I never knew you could be so forceful.”

He narrowed his eyes on this and she swiftly reversed the hold. She gave him one hell of a headbutt and held the staff to his throat.
“LOOK AT ME STEVE! This isn’t you! You’re letting him control you! He’s in your head right now calling all the shots! You’re stronger than he is! PROVE IT!”

Her jaw dropped as he yet again reversed the pin and now the Captain had the staff at her throat. Her eyes began to water as she choked back against the pressure.

“…Steve…” she murmured as she tried to catch her breath.

“If you’re going to do this – you had better look me in the eyes.”

His eyes locked with hers and that’s when she realized she was in. Her heart raced in thought. But she knew she had to work fast.

“Dr. Stern is controlling you. You are Captain America aka Steve Rogers. You served for the United States. You fought for this country with pride, hell, you still do! Remember who you are! Dammit Captain, you’re an Avenger!”

He lifted the staff and that breath of relief soon turned into a panicked shriek. He drove the staff into the ground where her head had been. She rolled about the ground dodging his significant blows. Her head was killing her but she understood why now. It was working. Nevertheless, there was some sort of interference. Dr. Stern was even closer than she realized. So close in fact she could sense him. Stay one step ahead of him…

“Where is she?” Spiderman called out realizing Bella was nowhere to be found.

That, and Hulk was having one of his meltdowns. Therefore, he was currently taking it out on the Mark III and I. As he was slamming one up against the other over and over and over. Spiderman and Thor were dodging Iron Man and the Mark V and IV’s blows – whilst working together to not only keep Pepper Potts protected but to dismantle the Mark V and IV piece by piece.

“Why do I get the feeling this is personal?” Spiderman called out reiterating Bella’s exact thoughts.

There were no more hoverbots and nothing was sent out amongst the city itself. No. Everything was solely directed upon them. Spiderman sighed realizing they’d been hunted down. Dr. Stern planned to end them all!

At this thought he quickly webbed the refrigerator down and was using it to as a shield for him and Pepper.

Bella whimpered out as she took a good hit to the gut.


So she wants to continue this game of being difficult. Very well… if she won’t give in! END HER!

Steve… this isn’t you and you know it!

Rip her heart and hand it to me. It belongs to ME anyhow! An eye for an eye!

You’re a hero! An American soldier! Not a murderer. I know you can hear me! FIGHT HIM! Taking a life that isn’t something you can take back! STOP THIS PLEASE!

Her head felt as though it’d cave in and this wave of nausea came about the harder she fought The Leader off. The Captain blinked a couple of times and looked as though he were struggling internally. Sure Bella could’ve kept with the never ending fight between her and the Captain. But deep down she knew if she had she’d have never gotten through.

That’s right Captain… come back to me.

“NO!” Spiderman shouted as Iron Man had Pepper Potts up off the ground and in a chokehold.

Her feet dangled about as he held her off the floor. He tilted his head upon her as her hands wrapped around his wrists.

“Tony…” Pepper pleaded.

Each man looked to one another in a panic. Spiderman fired off a web in attempts of freeing her. Only to have Iron Man fire a blast his way. Thor swiftly shoved him out of the way of the hit causing the webslinger to land on his ass. But he gave Thor a thumbs up.

“Thanks buddy.”

Thor nodded but was doing his best to signal Hulk at the moment. Iron Man caught wind of this and sent a pulse strong enough to send the Hulk and Thor flying clear out of the building.

“Jesus!” Spiderman murmured.

The Captain reared back and dropped the staff.

Bella?!” he called out with utmost concern and puzzlement.

She drew back a breath of relief and nodded. He ran his fingers though his hair looking a mess as he took in the scene. He was still planted over her and the both of them banged up pretty good. She shut her eyes for a moment.

“Good to have you back Captain.”

He nodded but hadn’t a clue what took place. The patriot came to his feet and offered Bella a hand. Once she came to her feet, Bella dusted herself off. Captain America reared back in utter surprise as Bella picked up the staff and threw it like that of a spear. It went right through the window of nearby van. She strut right on up to the van if it nothing directly afterword. The Captain shrugged and followed. Bella punched through the glass, unlocked the door, and opened the driver’s side door. The driver went to take off only to have the Captain holding the car back with all his girth. She snatched the man at the wheel by the collar and hurled him across the street. She killed the engine and climbed in in.

She waved upon him as he struggled to remove the staff as it speared him right through the chest.

“You might as well relax, you’re not going anywhere anytime soon doctor.”

Bella ripped the staff out from his chest and swiftly used it to knock him out. She kicked the back doors to the van open and motioned the Captain over.

“Mind collecting the trash?”

“No…” Tony murmured with desperation

Tears were starting to form within those eyes of his as he went about reviving Pepper.

He hurriedly removed the gauntlets to his suit and threw them across the room.

“Come on Pep…” he pleaded as he pumped at her chest.

Every man looked on in silence. Hulk shook as head as Dr. Banner fought to take over. He whimpered out and punching at nearby walls. He hadn’t seen HIS Bell since she’d gone missing. Hulk was determined that Dr. Banner would make no appearance until he knew she was alright. The others were so focused on Tony and Pepper they hadn’t realized Bella had entered the room. Steve wasn’t far behind as he’d taken over handling Dr. Stern.

“What the…” Tony shouted as Bella randomly punctured a hole through Pepper’s throat – preforming an emergency tracheo-oesophageal  procedure.

Pepper shot up and the color returned to her face. Bella nodded, tossing aside the ice pick she’d used and hurriedly lowered her back down. Tony shut his eyes for a brief moment. Tears were running down his face.

“Thank you.”

Bella nodded but continued working on Pepper.

“How’d you know to do that?” Peter asked rather stunted.

“I could hear it… He wasn’t getting any air through. This was the only way.”

Pepper went to say something but Bella quickly covered her mouth.
“No talking I mean it. Just relax…”

Tony was already on the phone having an ambulance sent over. Just as the operator answered; the overwhelmed man pecked Bella on the forehead and came to his feet. Bella took Pepper’s hand once she was done.

“You’re going to be fine. And not to worry with the technology there is nowadays. That won’t be permanent…” she hinted as to the hole in her neck.

Bella helped the medics get Pepper situated and onto the ambulance. Tony hopped in as he was telling his story on how Bella saved his fiancé. Bella blushed as one of the medics nodded upon her.

“Looks like you know your stuff, plan on joining the field one day?”

She gave a simple nod and a hint of a smile as she shut the ambulance doors. But once they took off, Bella staggered back. That heart dropping feeling hit and her hands began to shake. A familiar warmth came about her shoulder, within a beat she turned and he pulled her in close. Bruce let her get it out. But he’d never felt a stronger sense of pride than he had at that very moment. He couldn’t believe the things this woman could do and when faced under pressure.

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  1. Ok! I loved this chapter!
    I really liked how it was a battle of wits and not just action packed. Though, I have to say when Bella was trying to bring the Cap outta the mind control Stern had over him had my heart a-thumpin’ Glad she was able to snap him out of it!
    I loved the conversation between her and Pepper…Very insightful on Bella’s part. Pepper needed to hear it.
    I loved it when Bella saved her near the end and how Bruce was so proud!
    Fantastic chapter and you never cease to amaze me with how you weave both the emotional aspects of the characters with the action that is taking place in the story!
    Awesome job, Kitten!!

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Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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