Chapter 23 A New Start

Chapter 23

I do not own Marvel or Twilight.

“And do you Isabella Marie Swan take Robert Bruce Banner to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Bella smiled as she gazed into Bruce’s eyes.

“I do…”

Bruce nodded and placed the ring on her finger.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride Dr. Banner.”

She let out a small gasp as Bruce grabbed ahold of her and dipped her back. His lips locked with hers and everyone started clapping and cheering them on. The wedding was kept simple and small as they wanted. Tony naturally wasn’t happy with this. He’d tried over and over to get his foot in on this and make it a bigger ordeal than Bruce and Bella wanted. But they didn’t want a bunch of people they didn’t know at their wedding – just immediate family and friends. Charlie had given her away and instead of a maid of honor Peter stood in as her ‘man’ of honor. Which Tony had a field day with considering he was the best man. He even took it upon himself to escort Parker down the aisle when it came time.

As for Renee? She was living with another man and back in Arizona. Bella hadn’t met him and didn’t truly care to meet him. It was more than apparent her mother couldn’t survive without a man by her side. Leah, Sue, and Seth attended the wedding as well as all the Avengers. And as promised, Bruce paid to have Angela Webber flown in. The wedding itself was set up at a park Bruce had rented out for the day.

Bryan Adams ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You’ started to play and Tony motioned towards the dance floor area they’d set up. Bruce took Bella by the hand and led her in their first dance. Bella smiled and leaned against his shoulder as they danced. This felt surreal to someone like Bruce Banner. He truly expected to spend his entire existence alone. He never dreamed he’d actually take that plunge and have someone he could consider his equal. But that wasn’t the only thing that had him blown away. It was her love for him in return that he found baffling. It takes a woman of utmost love, trust, and bravery to be with someone like him and he knew that. And he’d spend the rest of his days proving just how truly grateful he was and how much he loved her in return.

He thought back to that shy girl he’d first met. And the connection he felt even then. No matter how wrong he knew it was. He couldn’t help the way he felt. It was damn near instant. And if anything that’d only grown over time. On these thoughts he leaned into her ear.

“I love you Mrs. Banner…”

She lifted her head off his shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

“I love you too… both of you…” she hinted seeing that familiar glow in his eyes as a reminder.

As for Dr. Stern? It was two days after being welcome to his new home – one of New York’s finest asylums. He died of a brain aneurism. The power became too great and it literally ate him alive.

The others soon joined in on the dancing. As Tony passed by with Pepper he nodded upon Bella.

“By the way you owe me a new Acura!”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Bruce chuckled on this.

“Sure you don’t…” Tony retorted.

She shrugged.

“You wrecked my favorite car and changed the color theme I had going for the Avengers…”
“I thought the roadster was your favorite?”

He looked to be in thought for a moment as he twirled Pepper about.

“That’s besides the point…”

“Tony…” Pepper called out.


“Just shut up and let them enjoy their wedding night.”
“But she…”

Bruce and Bella died in laughter as she covered his mouth and led him away like he was a misbehaving toddler.

“About time…” Bruce heard Bella murmur.

He looked over to see Peter dancing with Katherine aka Kitty.

“Does that mean he finally told her?” Bruce curiously asked.

“I hope so…”

They both reared back for a moment as the two locked lips.

“I’m going to go with a yes…” Bella stated behind a giggle.

“I see you got it fixed…” she said as she ran her fingers along the watch she’d given him.

He nodded and glanced towards Tony.

“Actually it was Tony’s doing.”

“So let me guess there’s some sort of hidden mechanism?”

Bruce chuckled on this.

“With Tony you never know…”

Three years later…

Bruce’s eyes widened as Bella had him by the tie and was dragging him into a room. Once inside- she pulled the door too and locked it. She pulled him in with an eager kiss. He scooped her up and sat her down at the examination table. He shook his head as he eyed her down and was rubbing himself against her.

“I’m so fired…” he murmured as he took her scrub shirt off and tossed it across the room.

Bella bit down on that lower lip of hers.

“Whatever for doctor? Giving a patient a thorough exam?” she teased.

He chuckled as he took her pants off and brought her back down. He twirled her about and bent her over. The doctor gave her a swift pop on the rear and whipped himself out.

“More like giving one of the nurses a thorough fucking…” he uttered behind a moan as he yanked her panties down and drove his full length in.

This wasn’t the first time they’d fucked on the job and it sure wouldn’t be the last. He tilted his head a bit as he watched his cock at work. Her sap ran down those sexy legs of hers as she came.

“Come for me again, Bella baby…” he whispered and observed as she came so hard she was literally squirting.

This often brought back memories of when he’d fuck her in the classroom. Wrong as it was that only got the doctor more riled up. Bella was a naughty little vixen and he loved every bit of it.

“I wanna come in that sweet mouth of yours…” he softly declared as he pulled out.

She smiled as he got her situated. His eyes shut and he threw his head back as her mouth worked it’s magic.

“Hmm good girl…” he murmured behind a purr as he filled that sexy mouth of hers and she gulped it down.

The nurse licked the doc clean and he tucked himself away. He gathered her top and tossed it over. She smiled as she placed it on.

“I take it you enjoyed your lunch?” He witted with the wiggling of brows.

She laughed and went and washed her mouth out at the sink. He handed her pants over and adjusted his tie.
“Are you picking up Max today?” she questioned as she stepped into her pants.

Bruce nodded and looked to the time.

“Yes, I should be getting off in time to do so.”

She nodded in return.

“Tell him I’ll help with his project after dinner tonight.”

The doctor nodded and pecked her on the forehead.

Max was a child they’d adopted overseas over a year and half ago now. He was turning six this weekend. The three of them had a bond no one could break. Or maybe it’s best to say the four… Hulk was rather smitten when it came to the boy as well. Though he didn’t quite understand the connection; he was just as protective of him as he was his Bell.

“I thought we could take him to the beach after Peter’s wedding this weekend.”

“Oh he’d love that.”

“If he’s not too broken up about Katherine…” Bruce hinted as to their son’s little crush on Parker’s fiancé.

Bella laughed.

“You’ll just have to give him the other fish in the sea speech.”
“Hmmm… I’ll leave that to Tony.”

“You’re going to let Tony give our son girl advice?”

“Right… I’ll leave it to Steve then.” He said with a nod and headed on out.

And as it was planned back then Steve had indeed trained Bella or aka the Avenger known as Sage now. The Avengers now consisted of Hulk, Sage, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.

“She’ll be home soon.”
“And she’ll help me then?”

Bruce smiled as he placed dinner on the table.

“That’s what mommy said.”

Max nodded and bit into his chicken. He smiled as he heard Bella’s car pull up. Bruce chuckled as Max shot up from the table and like usual ran up to greet her. Bella hugged him once she entered the door but was eyeing Bruce a certain way. He narrowed his eyes in wonder. She kissed the top of Max’s head.

“How was your day Max?”
“It was okay. But daddy burned the chicken.”
Bruce sighed on this and Bella softly giggled but still had this odd look about her.

“Go finish your supper and I’ll help with your assignment afterward.”

Bella joined them at the dinner table.

“Is something wrong?” Bruce inquired with concern.

His wife half laughed and looked upon Max.


“Yes mommy?”

“You remember when you said you wanted a little sister?”

He nodded. Her eyes locked with Bruce’s as she let out a rather nervous laugh.

“Looks like you’re getting your wish…”

Bruce reared back with a puzzled expression. He thought that maybe she was looking into adopting once again.

“How mommy?!” Max questioned excitably.

“Well Max. It seems as though I’m pregnant.”

Bruce’s eyes rather lit up with a familiar green flare.


(And that my friends – is the end. Hope you enjoyed. Like usual I like to know your thoughts. I will be finishing About Italy and Passing of the Torch soon as well. But do not have a set schedule or date as I have other works I need to send my betas first. Thanks for your patience!)


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34 thoughts on “Chapter 23 A New Start”

  1. So happy to read this though a little sad it’s over. It is a perfect ending though – Both Bruce and Hulk deserve a happily ever after type ending. I don’t even wanna imagine how overprotective they’d both be with preggar Bell, lol! Awesome story and so happy to have read it. Loved every minute of it ❤

  2. What an amazing end to a fantastic story! I loved it!! I am so glad they all had a happy ending! Bruce and Bella both deserved it! I have to admit I am a little sad to see it end. I’ve enjoyed this story so much! You did such and awesome job with it and I felt like I went on a little adventure with them! Well done, Kitten! Well done! ❤

  3. I absolutely love this story! It is my most favorite of your stories. I am sad that the story has to end (like all good stories) but i love that Bruce and Hulk actually get to be happy with a loving family. I can only imagine how protective Bruce and Hulk would be with a pregnant Bella. I hope you write more Bruce and Bella stories as i would love to read them. I know that this is a story i will read over and over again. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. i’m sad i wont get to read about bella in labor with bruce…it would have been so funny. love the story regardless! it just rocks D great 1st read in the morning made my day 😀

  5. This was an amazing story that I enjoyed very much. Sad to see it end, but end they must…thanks for sharing your talent with us…until next time…bigg huggs. Peggy

  6. This was an incredible story and I am so happy I got the chance to read it!!!!!
    I would love a sequel if you ever get an opportunity to make one 🙂

  7. I really loved this story, I’m saddened that it ended 😦
    I loved the ending but please say there will be a sequel:-)

  8. Im glad they got their happy ending althpugh I wasnt prepared for it to be over yet….hope you can give us a little sneak peak of their future, especially now that Bell’s preggo

  9. I think I’ve re read this story about 5 times but this is the first time I’ve read it and it was finished!!! I absolutely loved it. Such a cute family. Made me all sorts of happy to read about. Thanks for another amazing story. One to re read another now!!!!

  10. The story was Amazing!!! I really like the pairing of Hulk aka Bruce/Bella Its the first time I’ve read a story with them as a couple and I just loved it.

  11. I truly enjoyed the story. Where were Hawkeye & Black Widow during the last fight with the doctor? They hadn’t made an appearance in a while. I’ll admit, I would have loved a short interlude of finding out how the cullens dealt with the death of the volturi & Eddie. I would have Loved it if Jasper could have been at Bella’s wedding a well.

  12. I love this story, I like the dynamics between Bella, Bruce and the Hulk, I love that Bella joined the Avengers as Sage (Awesome name by the way), i like that Bella decided to be a nurse and really love Bella’s naughty side and I just overall love the story altogether

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