Chapter 3 Chemistry

Chapter 3

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“What’s this?” Dr. Banner inquires as Bella slides a large yellow envelope along his desk.

He sipped at his coffee as he picked it up. She simply smiled and took her seat. He curiously opened the envelope. He pulled out a black photo frame inside was an X-ray image. He died in laughter. Bella said nothing.

Dr. Banner held it up and looked at it before the other students arrived.

“Well that’s one beautiful mind. I’m keeping this by the way.”
“It’s yours. I even put my John Hancock on it.”

“I can see that. I can also see that you’re surprisingly normal!”


He clears his throat before the other students make their way inside.

“Dr. Cullen?” He inquired curiously.
“No actually, took a friend’s advice. Thanks for the list by the way.” She says with a whisper. She’d braved up yesterday and sent him a text asking his opinion on who she should see in town.

He nodded in approval.

“Good deal.” He whispers and winks in return.

Bella blushed a bit. She got her book out from her bag.

Bella had changed doctors not long after Dr. Banner’s reply yesterday. Charlie tried to argue it at first, but once she got her point across he understood and didn’t fight it. She told him she felt it was a conflict of interest. Once she explained some of her issues to her new doctor he ran some test and the requested CT scan. He found nothing abnormal. He insisted she was perfectly healthy. He prescribed her some pills to help with her memory and headaches if they should ever come up again.

Once the bell rang he had them break off into their groups again. He was glad to see that Bella hadn’t let Edward’s comments change the way she wanted to dress. Selfishly, he loved seeing her in skirts. She had the perfect body for that. No matter how much of an ass he knew he was for even looking. Dr. Banner couldn’t help himself.

Bella and Jasper had nearly finished their entire project. Edward didn’t show up to class today. He wasn’t missed, by no means. Because of this, Bella had a much better day. She felt more at ease and didn’t concern herself on whether she was being watched or not.

Yet again she met Dr. Banner after class. He had her doing some basic spelling, math, history, and etc whatever he could think of. Right now he was more concerned with learning her weaknesses and strengths. He sat beside her this time and kept an eye on her off and on. If she seemed to be struggling with something, he’d step in. This continued throughout the rest of the week. A week, in which Edward remained a no show.

Come Friday, Bella seemed more confident in herself. She still had her moments, but nothing near as bad. She was finally getting the hang of it and her grades were improving throughout. They found themselves laughing like usual towards the end of Friday’s tutoring session. They often enough got through these sessions bantering with one another. At times both were blown away on how they perfectly meshed, personality wise. Once it came time to call to call it quits they both rose simultaneously. Bella stumbled forward a bit and Dr. Banner wrapped his arms around her breaking her fall. Before either of them could truly think about it they were kissing. They immediately stepped back afterword. Each shared the same look of utter shock about their faces. Dr. Banner shut his eyes with guilt overwhelming him. Not only was he her damn teacher…

Bella hadn’t a clue, who Mr. Bixby really was. Nevertheless, he just kissed her, granted she kissed him in return. That didn’t make the situation any better. Bella had her secrets as well. Not only did Bella fear getting hurt all over again, but she feared what Edward might do to Mr. Bixby, if he ever found out. That and besides the obvious. Bella knew he could get fired. Hell she could ruin this man’s entire life. She knew nothing about him was he married? Did he have children?! Bella quickly looked for a ring. He didn’t strike her as that type of man, but still she had to factor in all the possibilities. She wasn’t that kind of girl! She couldn’t be! But neither could deny seeing literal fireworks.

oh crap! Bella thinks she hurriedly grabs her backpack and takes off. As for Dr. Banner he put his fingers to his lips still stunned beyond belief. He too continued to argue with himself. Bella was too young. She was a student! She had enough going on in her life without him adding to the mix. She’d just gotten out of a horrible relationship. But the number one issue? It wasn’t the fact that he was her teacher that even bothered him the most. It was what she would think of the other guy and visa versa.

When Bella got home she went straight to her room. Charlie had to pull an all-nighter and wouldn’t be home until morning. Bella put on her headphones and had the music blaring trying to forget what just took place. But her body felt as though it were wired. Her lips still tingled as well as other places. She paced around in thought and ran her fingers through her hair. She decided to clean her truck hoping for that to be a good enough distraction. Bella found herself spending hours cleaning her truck inside out. Bella kept her music blaring.

Once she finished with her truck. Still, she felt amped up, so Bella went for a walk. She took one of her old routes. There was an old log cabin she used to walk to all the time. Only she hadn’t in quite some time, not since Edward had started his controlling ways. He’d made certain that nearly all her time was spent with him. If not she was at home. Bella breathed in the fresh air. No matter what she did or how much she tried. Mr. Bixby and that amazing kiss stayed on her mind. She’d never been kissed like that. Edward’s kisses felt so forced so cold and not just temperature wise. The two men couldn’t be more different. She’d dated Edward for damn near three years! Yet she swore she’d laughed with Mr. Bixby and smiled more than she ever had with Edward during those three years. Yet, she’d only known Mr. Bixby for a couple weeks. Only it didn’t feel that way. The way they connected she felt she’d known Mr. Bixby much longer than that. He was just so easy to be around. She never dreamed she could look forward to tutoring sessions, but that seemed to be the highlight of her day. Bella groaned to herself feeling awfully childish and silly. She’d heard of students crushing on their teachers, but this was ridiculous. But was it a crush or something deeper than that?

Bella laughed to herself in thought and covered her face miserably.

“It doesn’t matter. He’s off limits. You should know better!” She whispers to herself harshly.

“Is that so…?”

Bella uncovered her face and froze. A pair of crimson red eyes bared into hers. The young boy smiled upon her as he crouched before her. She swallowed back as he reached over and moved a strand of hair from her face. He leaned into her and breathed her in.

“Oh yeah… you’re the one. Someone wishes to see you.”

She never knew the boy personally, but knew who he was just by appearance alone. He was the senior that was missing from last year. He’d been all over the news. His parents were devastated and had a huge award out for his safe return. He’d been missing for nearly a year. His red eyes were a clear indication of what had become of him.

“Riley?” She inquired nervously.

He tilted his head upon her with confusion.

“How do you know that name?”

She swallowed back and came to her feet.

“You’ve got loved ones looking for you.”
“That’s enough! She said you’d try to talk your way out of this. I’m to bring you to her at once.”

Bella nods and starts to back up.

“To who?” She inquired, but was sure she already knew.

The pack had taken care of Laurent, but Victoria was still very much at large.

“Victoria.” He says with a genuine smile.

“Maybe now she will see, we’re meant to be.”

Bella nods as she tries to piece it together. She continued to back away from him as he menacingly smiled and inched his way over.

“Has she not told you about James?”

He narrows his eyes on this.

“James was her mate. Victoria’s one true love, Riley, she’s playing you. There’s no need for this. Just let her know that Edward and I are no longer together. So there is no need for this feud to continue. I do not wish to pay for the mistakes of someone else.”

Riley appears before her and presses her up against a tree. Bella gasps out as he grabs a lock full of her hair.

“Please Riley, don’t do this.”

He shouts, but looked conflicted.

Bella nods and her heart raced.

“Victoria will decide your fate!”

“Dammit Riley, she thinks Edward and I are still together. She wants him to watch while she tortures and kills me! Personally, I prefer NOT TO DIE, especially for fucking EDWARD CULLEN!”

Riley grits his teeth and wraps his hand around her throat. He lifts her off the ground and up higher against the tree. Her hands wrapped around his wrists.


Bella’s jaw dropped however as she saw what was directly behind Riley. The enormous beast grabbed Riley as though he were nothing more than a rag doll. He used his other hand to catch Bella breaking her fall. She looked down the massive hand that was wrapped around her. A pair of glowing green eyes locked with hers. The creature looked as though a man. He even had remains of clothing on his back and shredded pants. His entire body was vibrantly green his hair was pitch black. The creature’s entire body was ripped like one solid muscle. Bella screamed out as the beast crushed Riley in his hold. When he opened his hand it was as though dust landed on the ground beneath them. Riley’s head rolled around the aftermath. Bella covered her mouth in ultimate fear as he crushed Riley’s head with his foot. She squirmed about desperately fearing she was next.

The beast brought her closer to his face. Oh great, he’s going to eat me! I suppose it’s better than being tortured by fucking Victoria! Bella screamed out and shield her face as if that would make a difference. She felt her body being lowered back down. The creature released his hold on her. He tilted his head about as he looked upon her. Bella backed up against a nearby tree. She thought her heart would fly out of her chest it was racing so bad. The massive man nodded towards her. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming out again as he began to morph right before her. The remains of the creature’s clothes had fallen off in the process.

“No fucking way.” Bella uttered in shock.

“Mr. Bixby?”

He now stood before her completely naked. He nodded again and kept his eyes on hers.

Bella shook her head.

“Great, I’m having another one of my totally fucked up dreams.”
She points upon him as if accusingly.
“This is because I kissed you isn’t it?! So now I’m having dreams where you’re HUGE! AND GREEN?! WHY GREEN?!” She puts a hand to her heart and closes her eyes for a moment.

After a few more moments she opens them.

“And you’re still there and you’re totally naked. And hot! Dammit, can’t you be like hideous! Next time you enter one of my dreams try being more revolting! It would certainly help!”

Dr. Banner looks down and his eyes widen as he quickly covers himself.
Bella nervously begins to giggle.
“This is sooo not happening. So I’m going to wake up and go back to living my already awkward life where only vampires and shifters exist not massive green men. At least not a man that’s entirely off limits to me! I mean, I’m sure you’re married with like two kids and a golden lab or something! THIS IS BULLSHIT, YOU KNOW?!”

He clears his throat. He could tell she was going into a bit of shock and truly believed none of this is real. She starts walking away from him.


Bella ignores him and keeps walking.

“I’m such an idiot.” She groans to herself.

“So I turn into a savage beast and your concern goes to wondering if I’m married? And do you really think that low of me?!”

Bella freezes.

“You’re not real. None of this is. In fact I’m sure things between us are going to be pretty awkward come Monday morning Mr. Bixby. For whatever it’s worth… I’m sorry.”

“My name isn’t Mr. Bixby. Bella, we really need to talk.”

She turns around facing him. He approaches her and stands before her.

“My name is Bruce Banner.” He sighs.

“I’m not even a teacher. I mean I have a degree in teaching, but it’s not my actual profession. I’m a doctor and scientist.”

Bella nods still gazing upon him in disbelief.

“Look my cabin isn’t far from here. Do you mind if we go back there and talk? It’s a bit drafty.” He hints.

“I imagine so, Dr. Banner… right? Do you have any idea just how farfetched this is?”

“No more than you being associated with vampires and whatever the hell a shifter is.”

Bella’s eyes widen and she covers her mouth. She hadn’t realized what she’d done until now. She just exposed the Cullen’s and the Quileute’s secret.”

“Oh no…” She groans in misery.

He sighs with frustration. Bella let out a squealing gasp as he flipped her over his shoulder and carried her back to his cabin.



She sighs and looks down remembering he was still naked. His bare ass was right there. She starts giggling and Bruce cocks a brow, but doesn’t comment as he continues towards his cabin.

Once they’re inside he sits her down on his brown leather couch. Bruce grabs a pair of jeans from a recliner and places them on. Bella leaned back on the couch with her fingers tapping along the arm rest. Bruce zipped his pants and sat on the matching brown recliner only he pulled it closer and sat in front of her. She starts laughing again and shakes her head.

“I’m not waking up. Am I?”

He shakes his head.

“I’m afraid not, Bella.”

“So all that was…”
He nods.

“So you…”

He nods again.

“Well… huh…”

She looks to be in thought.

“How?” She whispers as if others were listening in.

“Gamma radiation blast, pretty bad one at that…



“You survived, but turn into…”
“A monster, beast… however you want to put it.”

“And when does this take place?”

“When I lose my temper.”
“So you were mad?”

He nods.

“He was hurting you… mad doesn’t quite sum it up.”

“Do you get mad a lot?”

He smirks a bit and shakes his head.

“Not like I used to.”

“That gives me nothing to go on.”
“Let’s just say, I hadn’t done that in a good 11 months or so.”

“So almost a year.”

“Yep gotta start all over again.”

Bella softly laughs again and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“So let me get this straight. My ex is a vampire. My best friend or was my best friend is a giant wolf. Now I find out my teacher is… Well what are you exactly?”
“Some referred to me as the Hulk.”

“The Hulk?”

He nods. Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“You’re shitting me.”

Bruce sighs.

“You’re not going to believe this.”

“Believe what?”

“I did a report on you my freshman year!”
He rears back.

“Oh yeah, you’re believed to be either dead or a mere myth. I made a damn C for lack of imagination on my theories.”

“That’s because you had the wrong teacher.”

Bella shakes her head and covers her mouth for a moment trying to take this all in.

“I remember reading about you during a dentist appointment. You could tell they were trying to keep everything under wraps and hush, hush. But some of your story leaked out and was printed out in Newsweekly, I think it was. I still have the old magazine with my essay. They had no other name to go on other than The Hulk. They tried to get a general to do an interview as he seemingly had close contact with you, but he wouldn’t do it. With no real proof your story became nothing more than a Grimm’s fairy tale or something.”
“What made you do a report on the Hulk?”

She shrugs.

“I remember how much the story intrigued me. That and well…”
“It was way better than the overdone President Lincoln or Martin Luther King.”

“Wait, what class was this assignment for again?”


He chuckles.

“No wonder you made a C.”
“Hey, that was a good damn paper!”

“I don’t doubt that. Still… history? That should have fallen along the lines of science.”

“Well it was history, if you really think about it.”

“OK now the Hulk isn’t that old.”
“Wanna bet?!”

He raises his brows on this.
“Sorry, this is just a lot to take in. I never thought I’d be doing a report for school only to end up meeting the real deal later on, much less him becoming my teacher and kissing him!”

“I can imagine that is a lot to take in. Believe it or not I’m dealing with same issues…”

She looks to him puzzled.

“Well for starters… Bella, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?”

“I haven’t a clue what you mean.”

“So vampires, wolves, and shifters whatever those are… That’s all completely normal?”

“In the life of Bella Swan?”

He nods.

“Perfectly normal, at least for the past 2 or 3 years.”
“So your ex is a vampire?”

She nods.
“That certainly explains things.”
They both sigh and lift their eyes towards one another.

“So about us…”

Bella lowers her head blushing a bit.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immensely enjoy that kiss. But there are other things that we both need to take into consideration. Such as the most blatant one, our age difference. I can honestly say I’ve never been with a woman damn near half my age before. I’m not so sure what to think of that to be honest. Then there are other factors to take into account. Such as you’ve now met the other guy. He tends to visit off and on especially when I’m pushed over the edge. I’m not so sure how you felt about him. It seems he was fond of you, seeing how you’re still alive.”

Bella’s eyes widened a bit.

“But Hulk also has enemies. That’s exactly why I went into hiding. Why I came to this small town in the first place and why I’ve been on the run for a few years. I can’t have my real name or rumors of the Hulk getting around or I’d have to up and leave again. Which to be honest might be in your best of interest. Bella, I’d really hate for you to get hurt; even more so at my own hands or his even. If other’s found out about my feelings for you they could very well use that against me.”

“Bruce, I have enemies as well. I got one mad ginger out to kill me any day now. That’s what that vampire was here for. He was going to take me to her. She wants me on display where she can torture and kill me in front of Edward. Because he killed her mate! And I doubt it ends there for me. I will always have enemies, because of my past and who I chose to associate with. Every damn day it seems I have death knocking at my door just waiting. So that’s nothing new.”
Bruce sighs in thought.

“We could just base our relationship on sex so there’s no pressure.” She teases hoping to break the tension.

He lifts his eyes toward her looking to be the one blushing now. Bruce shuts his eyes trying to gain composure. Three damn years was too long. It only added to his suffering to have a teenage girl fucking with his mind. He knew she was playing around trying to break the tension between the two of them. Still, he couldn’t think about anything else now. He wanted her in a bad way.

“Bella, I want you to really think about this. I don’t want you making any rash decisions. You’re young, smart, and beautiful you still have your whole life ahead of you. This has more to do with your wants and desires than that of my own.”
She clears her throat and grows serious.

“You want to know; what I want?”

He nods.

“I want to be free to follow my heart. To do what I deem is best for me not what everyone else assumes. I want to make my own decisions. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have something real.” She takes in a breath.

“I’ve been more alive during these two weeks than I ever was during those three years.”

Bruce takes her hand, still looking to be in thought.

“I wouldn’t be able to date you Bella. And I don’t mean in the sense of not wanting to. I mean, I can’t take you out or things of that nature. We couldn’t be seen together in an intimate setting ever. Our entire relationship would have to be kept under the table. At least until the year was over with. By then there wouldn’t be anything anyone could do other than frown upon us.

“I know.”

He reaches over and caresses her face.

“If we are to do this I’d want to be monogamous. You’re more than just some lay to me Bella and you need to know that.”

He grits his teeth and pinches the bridge of his nose.
“And I hate that I won’t be able to show you that to my fullest potential.”

His eyes shoot open as Bella was crawling into his lap. His hands went about her waist as she kissed him.

“I don’t need fancy dinners or anything like that.” She whispered in his ear.

He gripped her tighter as she rocked about him. The two of them heatedly kissed. Bella felt him swelling up below as he lifted up her skirt. Bruce lifted his hips off the recliner the more aroused he grew. He took her jacket off and tossed it about the living room. He then lifted off her blouse. He gently lowered the straps to her lacy white bra as he kissed along her shoulders.

His eyes got that green hue to them. Bella took notice and put a hand upon his cheek. Bruce put his forehead to hers for a moment and focused on breathing. It’d been so long everything about this was overly thrilling. The struggle was there to keep the other guy at bay, but not near as bad as he assumed it would be. Bella had a way of keeping him somewhat tame. He focused on the fact that he didn’t want to hurt her. So he took his time and was being careful.

He ran his fingers along a patch on her arm.

“Birth control?”

She nodded timidly.

“But it’s not what you think.”

He looks to her puzzled at first. She bit her lower lip at first and her fingers ran along his chest.

“I’ve never…”

His eyes widen in absolute surprise.


He scooted back feeling even more nervous now. He had no idea. Bruce assumed after three years that Edward and Bella had been sleeping together.

“Are you certain you want to do this then?”

“Bruce, I waited for damn near three years…”
“Wait what?!” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
“Are you saying you’ve been on birth control the entire relationship and nothing ever came of it…?” He hinted.

“I should have seen the signs a lot sooner right?”

“Ok I’m lost. What exactly are you telling me?” He felt bad all a sudden wondering if maybe she was the one that wanted to wait. But oh no it was much more confusing and worse than that.

“He didn’t want to have sex.” She said looking embarrassed.

“What the hell?”

“He said he was afraid of hurting me. But even something as simple as basic affection seemed to be a problem as well. All of his intimacy was done more for the public eye then there ever was behind closed doors. I just never truly saw the real picture until I ended the relationship.”

Bruce was baffled. The way Edward acted around Bella he was certain they were having sex. How could he stand it? Being near her for that long, and nothing?! Bruce would have climbed the damn walls. Bella was entirely too sexy for resisting. Though he understood about not wanting to hurt her, but he felt Edward had other agendas as to why. Considering the way he acted.

Nonetheless it was strange. Deep down it’s like Bruce knew he’d never hurt her. As to why no matter how much he wanted her right this minute. He was taking his time taking extra precaution. In a way Bruce felt like the virgin. He hadn’t had sex since the other guy had taken over. His last relationship was Betty Ross. With everything that happened with her father and the other guy taking over, their relationship didn’t pan out. Bruce found himself on the run and hadn’t seen or heard from Betty since. For a long time he thought he’d never get over Betty. But three years certainly gives you some time to think things over. In the long run he knew they were all better off. There was no future there. It always came down between Bruce or Betty’s father General Ross. General Ross wanted him either dead or experimented on. Bruce lifted his eyes towards Bella in thought. He knew her father would hate his living guts as well. It seemed to be a trait. In this instance though he had it coming and he knew it. Charlie would see a grown man that should know better; a man that was stealing his daughter’s virtue.

Bruce reached back and unclasps her bra. She had mouthwatering perky breasts. They were just the right size. It didn’t take him long to have his tongue running along them. He eagerly sucked on them. Bella found herself grinding against him again. She’d never had her breasts sucked on before. She never realized that just that could send her vibes below. Bruce would take his entire tongue along them then suck on them taking turns with both. It was maddening.

Bella lifted up enough to unfasten his jeans. He lifted up so she could pull them down enough to expose him. Her jaw nearly dropped. Apparently Hulk wasn’t the only thing big about Bruce Banner. In fact she felt rather intimidated. She took her hand to it curiously. His cock twitched at her touch. It was also very warm and stiff. She had no experience in this part whatsoever other than what she’d learned in sex education and that was years ago. Bruce closed his eyes momentarily as she curiously stroked him. It felt so good he had to focus on not coming.

He kissed her lips as he positioned her and managed to slip off her panties. He took a gander and moaned out at the view. It didn’t help that she was still stroking him. Bella had this sexy v shaped trail of hair, that was it. He gently moved her hand.

“You’re about to make a very big mess…” He warned as if out of breath.

She blushed. He took a moment to calm down by kissing along her neck and shoulders. Bella arched back as his hand ran along her sex. She was damn near hot to the touch and already wet. Two of his fingers slid right into her pussy. He wanted her prepared first. He curiously watched her reaction as he fingered her and moved about. He could feel his fingers becoming soaked. He took the lubricant she was leaving behind on his fingers and stroked himself with her juices. He was doing whatever he could think of to make this easier on her. Bella was going to be hurting enough as it was; once he busted her hymen.

“You go at your own pace, whenever you’re ready. I’ll help guide you along. If it becomes too much let me know. You don’t have to do anything you’re not ready to do.”

She nodded looking slightly fearful. He gave her an assuring wink and kissed her again. He felt Bella guiding his cock inside. He lifted off the recliner a bit helping to aide her. She clenched up once he was in all the way. He brought her against him and had her break for a moment. Bruce was in suffering desperate for release. But he knew she was in far more than he was. He pushed the selfish thoughts of wanting to literally fuck the hell out of her out of his head. That time would come later. He felt her rocking about him again. The urge grab her and take control was there, but he resisted letting her handle it to her comfort. She was incredibly tight and his cock was in agony. She felt too damn good. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest driving him even madder with lust. Bella began to rock herself about him again. He took in a breath of relief. Her pace picked up letting him know she wasn’t hurting as much now. In fact she was kissing along his neck and had her hands running along his chest.

Bella still felt the slight sting but the pain was starting to subside and it was feeling a little better now. That and she loved the feeling of being this close to him. He smelled and felt so good it was unreal. She could feel him swelling up even more inside her and this pulsating thing began. Bruce had her wrap his arms around his neck

“Hold on.” He warned.

He firmly gripped her hips and took three swift movements as his hips lifted off the recliner once again. Bruce significantly moaned out. Bella too cried out at this. His eyes widen in revelation that she too was about to climax which was rare for a first timer. He wasn’t about to leave her hanging. He quickly came to his feet with her still in his hold. He lay her down on the couch and kept going as he gripped the arm rest.

“It’s ok, let it go, Bella…” He encouraged knowing she was holding back.

“Your body knows what it wants.”

At this he felt her tension subside. His eyes rolled back as he felt her give in. It helped that he had the knowledge of how to go about these things. When it came to getting her off; he knew he’d never have an issue. He knew the anatomy of a woman like the back of his hand. He knew what buttons to push and that was just from reading and studying about the female body alone. At times it pays to be the quiet geek in the background. Bruce had learned things most men never know. Once he pulled out he reached over grabbing some tissues. He cleaned her up first both had come and traces of blood along them. He then cleaned himself off.

Afterword he lay beside her on the couch. Bruce propped his head upon one hand. He then pulled her up against him with the other. Bella smiled as he kissed along her shoulders.

“I’m so suing for statutory rape by the way.”

He grins and plays along.

“You’re what just a few days shy of turning 18? Besides, the legal age is 17 now. So like it or not you’re an adult under law now. Besides, I’d go to jail instead.”

“Ok fine, I’ll say you blackmailed me. That you said you’d flunk me if I didn’t give into your wants.”

“Very well, I suppose that means you can never leave.” He utters.

“And just how do you plan to keep me here?”
“Like I said the other guy seems fond of you as well. I’m sure together we can figure out something.”
“So we’re like King Kong and Ann.”

“That’s not really a fair analogy.”

“And why’s that?”
“You’re a lot prettier than King Kong.”

Bella’s jaw dropped and she elbowed him. Bruce died in laughter.

“You earned that one.”

Bella rolls over facing him. Both were running their hands along one another’s body.

“When do you have to be home?” He hinted about her father.

He returns in the morning he’s pulling a double.

“Where does he work?”

Bella sort of laughs and he looks to her curiously.

“He’s the chief of police.”

Bruce sighs.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope, have something against cops?”

“It’s more like the other way around. Like I said Bella not many people like the other guy.”

“Isn’t it funny, when you go out your way to help other’s they always seem to find a flaw somewhere in the system. The only flaw they saw in the Hulk is that he was a “potential” threat or danger to society. They chose to ignore everything else.”

He narrows his eyes upon her.

“I’m rather curious about that report you did.”

She smiles.

“Then perhaps Mr. Bixby will receive another gift.”

His eyes widen all a sudden as he looks over to a certain area. Bella noticed how strange he was acting all a sudden. She curiously rolled over to see what he was looking at. He immediately covered her eyes and rolled her over.

“Bruce…” He hopped up off the couch and nearly tripped over his coffee table trying to get to something.

Bella covered her mouth in laughter already seeing it before he could get it down. He had her framed brain over his desk in the living room.

“You really are a strange man.”

He sighed and pinched his eyes shut, but he had a grin on his face.

“You weren’t supposed to see that.”

Bella came to her feet and made her way over. She took it from his hand and hung it back up.

“So is that like porn for scientist?” She taunted.

“Did I not tell you that you had a beautiful mind?”

“I should be like creeped out. But that’s actually kind of cool.”

He looks to her in surprise.

“Unless, you really use it for self-gratification… Then that’s just…”

He covers her mouth.
“You didn’t note any stipulations on the gift when I received it.”

She mumbles against the palm of his hand.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t make that out.”

She moves his hand and he kisses her backing her up against his desk.

He lifted her up on the desk. He couldn’t count how many times he’d fantasized about having her up on his desk at school. He knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help himself. Yet again they get into intense make out session.

“So can you stay the night if I set my alarm?”
She nodded.

At this he carried her to the bedroom. Bruce’s cabin was just a one bedroom with all the essentials needed. He lay Bella down on his bed. His bed sheets were gray, but his comforter was black. The bedroom furniture was limited to a bed, chest with drawers, and a nightstand with a lamp.

“I thought this place was abandoned.”

He shakes his head.

“It came up for rent I suppose over the summer.”

“That’s so weird. I don’t live that far from here. In fact I used to walk here all the time. I crawled in through one of the window’s once to get cover from a storm.” She points to a wall by the bathroom.

“My initials are carved into that wall.”

Bruce looked to upon her rather intrigued by all this.

“Really?!” She nods and he makes his way to that area.

Sure enough he found B.M.S engraved into the wood of the cabin.

“Wonders never cease…” He uttered as he ran his finger along the initials.

“What’s the M stand for?”


“Robert only it’s Robert Bruce Banner. I preferred to go by Bruce.”

Bruce heads back to the bed and slides in next to her.

“What time do you need the alarm set?”

“About 6 to be safe he gets home at 7.”

He nods and reaches over setting the alarm. Bella lies against his chest and he pulls the covers up over them.

Bruce blindly and tiredly reaches over hitting the alarm. Bella was still passed out on his chest. He ran his hand along her back and shoulder. He hated to but Bruce gently shook her awake. She tiredly rolled over and stretched out. He loved that she had a genuine beam about her as she looked upon him. At least he knew she didn’t regret her decision. Bruce rolled over hovering over her as he kissed her. Her arms locked around him. He looked to the time once more.

He curiously ran his fingers along her pink slit.

“How’s that feeling?”

She moaned out as he placed a finger inside.

“Good enough answer for me.”

Bella’s mouth flew open in surprise as he placed himself inside. She couldn’t get over the difference. Bruce froze however as he focused. His eyes had that green tone again as he looked upon her. He stayed perfectly still for a moment. His eyes though Bella noticed stayed green as he went back to thrusting. She cupped his cheek and kissed him. Bruce stopped once more and looked directly upon her.

“He knows…”

She was confused by what he meant. Bruce broke into a smile and shook his head in marvel.


He took her by complete surprise as he picked up the pace and began to thrust even harder. For once Bruce found himself able to give his all. The Hulk wasn’t about to hurt Bella either. It was a strange feeling, but it was there and strong. Bella truly was safe he could give Bella everything. He just wished their relationship itself didn’t have to be kept secret. Her back arched off the bed.

“God, you feel so good.” Bella cooed in an incredibly sexy way.

Bruce wasn’t aware he could grow even harder than he was already. Bella was moaning, crying out his name, running her nails down his back, and ruining his bed sheets. He’d never been so turned on in his entire life. Bruce pulled out. Considering she was new to all this he felt the need to give her bit of a show. That and it was all a learning experience as well. He gently grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock. He hintingly motioned her hand about. He moaned out as she began to stroke him. Her jaw dropped as he began to come across her tits. Bella hadn’t ever seen that before.

“Keep going Bella.”

She watched with full on curiosity as he finished getting off. She smiled once he was done. She took her fingers to one of the drops.

“Chemistry teacher huh?” She mocks showing him the drop on her finger.

He chuckled.

“In more ways than one apparently.”

Bruce looked to the time once more.
“I better hurry and get you back.”

Bella nods and rushes off to the bedroom. She quickly rinses off and gets dressed. She places her jacket on as Bruce grabs his keys.

“I can walk.”
“We’re running late as it is. You also admitted yourself that someone’s still out there looking for you. I’m getting you as close as possible and will make certain you get there safe. You still have my number?”
She nods.

“Then use it. Just check in every once in a while so I know you’re ok. Remember if you need me for anything, I’m just a phone call away.”

They head on to his car that was parked behind the cabin. It was a simple black Nissan. Bruce parked one house down from hers out of precaution.

“He’s not home yet.”

He nodded and looked around cautiously before kissing her.

“Be safe, Bella.”

She smiled.

“I’ll see you Monday morning, Mr. Bixby.”

He grinned in return.

“With bells on… I should hope.”

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Chemistry”

  1. I read the rest of the chapters on my plane rides and was writing my thoughts as I went along so please forgive my ramblings on the rest of the chapters.

    Glad she went to see another doc. I wouldn’t want to see Carlisle under the circumstances either. aww first kiss. hmm now what was Mr B doing in the woods. LOL for naked man. Love her reaction to her finding out. She’s good with wierd. LOL for the quiet geeks.

  2. Just out of curiosity so my mind fills in the blanks better…which Actor are you using for Bruce? Ed Norton or Mark Ruffalo? Love the story by the way. =)

  3. First kiss was certainly passionate even if it both surprised them.
    Bella really is a danger magnet walking in woods at night with headphones on. Glad Hulk came to the rescue.
    Wow love their attraction to each other. Strong and explosive. It’s going to be hard to hide their relationship but love these two together.

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